File #29622: "Gertrude Brown Hood Diary, 1929_071.pdf"


=== Saturday, May 4 === Weather, cold north west winds. Market day - Produce. Cream 30 pts eggs - 106 doz apples 3 bags potatoes 1 bag norman + Garfield fixed fences in forenoon and raked front lawn in afternoon. Gertie attended annual meeting of the W. I. meeting at Mrs {Waltres?}. Douglas brought home a lovely {illegible} for my birthday. Jack, mauguerite + Daven came down to - night. Lana made {Sac + Dress?} to-day === Sunday, May 5 === Weather - Cool, but light Douglas + Maiguerite attended church Jack went up to celebrate but got back in time for dinner, I stayed home and kept the baby. John + the grile came up in afternoon and brought Father and Mother who stayed for tea also. Jack's went home after tea Douglas + I took Father + Mother home then went on to {Grent?} Ellen's for the next of evening.

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