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The Eliza Bellamy Diary
This account of daily life from October 17, 1854
through December 18, 1855 was written by Eliza Bellamy,
the second wife of Samuel Bellamy, mill owner and farmer
at North Augusta, Grenville County.

The original diary

is owned by Mrs. King Whitney, Glen Lawrence, Kingston,

Mrs. Bellamy was the grandmother of Mrs. Whitney's

grandmother, Emily Helen Wright MyIks.
The following short family history was written by
Mrs. MyIks.
"My grandfather's name was James Forbes Keays.
He was born in King's County, Ireland. He was
the second son and the law at that time was the
eldest son inherited the estates. He was bought
a Commission in the army and when quite a young
man came to Canada. He was appointed by the
government to the Commissariat department while
the Lachine canal was being built in Quebec. He
was highly educated, understood French, etc."
My grandmother was born in the city of Waterford
Ireland. Her name was Eliza Amelia Gift. She
too was educated at a boarding school in her
native city [.] when she was quite a young child
she lost her mother. her Father married again
She was the only child of the first marriage.
When she was about eighteen she came to Canada
with some cousins by the name Link, it was a new
country then, it taking about six weeks to cross
the Atlantic. After she was here she met my
Grandfather and they were married. They first
lived in Quebec at the Ile of Nois. There was
-where my mother was born. later on he was moved
to Bytown which is Ottawa now where there were
more public works carried on. From little
souvenirs I have seen there was high life for
those days.
"When quite a young man 45 years of age he was
stricken with Dropsy and passed away leaving my
Grandmother with her little family alone in a new
country my mother aged about ten and a son William
between named James Forbes, after his Father. but
my Grandmother was a strong minded woman and they
had a government grant of 200 acres of land situated




n ea r N ort h A ugusta . S h e c am e t o t h e w ood s
b ringin g h e r o l d s ervan t m a n a n d h i s w if e w it h
h er . t her e she m ad e a l ivin g a n d f ace d t h e
c hang e o f c ircumstance s b ravely , a fte r b ein g a
w ido w a bou t five y ear s s h e m arrie d S amue l J . B ellam y
q uit e a w ealth y m a n a w idowe r w it h f iv e c hildre n
a fte r w hic h h e r t rouble s o f g ettin g o n w er e a t a n
e nd . T h e t wo f amilie s o f c hildre n g re w u p t ogether .
it w a s s ai d a s trange r w oul d s carcel y k no w t h e
d ividin g l in e (of c ours e b ringin g h e r t w o a long )

b y h e r o w n M othe r w hic h as l on g a s s h e l ive d
t her e w a s a d ividen d c am e t o h e r b u t a t h e r d eat h
it c eased .
I r emembe r m y g randmothe r q uit e w e l l as I w a s a bou t
f ourtee n y ear s o f a g e a t t h e t im e o f h e r d eath . S h e
w a s a v er y fine g entl e l ad y h e r a dvantage s w er e b ette r
t ha n m y o w n m othe r as s h e g re w u p i n a n e w c ountr y
W illia m h e r s o n w a s q uit e w e l l e ducated . T h e m one y
t ha t c am e t o h e r e ver y y ea r s h e s pen t b y s endin g h i m
to T oront o t o s chool . H i s f amil y a r e l ivin g i n t h e
U .S . T h e d aughter , a M rs . C arpenter , a t J amestown ,
N .Y .
E mil y -Wright M ylk s
T her e a r e t wo s on s R eginal d H orto n & W illia m
T h e 1 85 1 c ensu s f o r G renvill e C ount y p rovide s t h e f ollowin g
i nformatio n a bou t t h e B ellamy s o f A ugust a T wp . [ Pro m D istric t 2 ,
p .113 ]
N o . 43

S amue l I. B ellamy . F arme r & M ille r
B or n i n U nite d S tates . A C ongregationalis t
A g e (next b irthday) : 64
S ton e h ouse , lh s tory .
1 F in e C hurc h o f s tone . S ea t 5 0 0 p erson s
1 F lourin g M il l w rough t b y w ater , 2 r un s o f s tone .
M anufacture d 3 0,10 0 b u .
2 e mployees . G ris t M i l l m ostl y f o r c usto m w ork .
1 S a w M il l r u n b y w ate r 1 s a w

N o . 44

E liz a B ellamy . B or n i n I reland .
C hurc h o f E ngland . A g e (next b irthday) : 55

N o . 45

L uthe r H . B ellamy . C lerk . B or n i n U ppe r C anada .
C ongregationalist . A g e (next b irthday) : 20

N o . 46

M ar y A n n B ellamy . B or n i n U ppe r C anada .
C ongregationalist . A g e (next b irthday) :

. .3




No. 47

Wm. Sharp (?). Labourer. Born in Ireland.
Roman Catholic. Age (next birthday): 22

No. 48

Margaret Greer.
Free Church.

Born in Ireland.
Age (next birthday): 25

The next household listed was that of John B. Bellamy, one of
Samuel's sons.
No. 49

John B. Bellamy. Clothier. Born in Upper Canada.
E. Methodist. Age (next birthday): 29 Frame house,
11/2story (2 families occupying) . Clothing Mill by
water and Carding Machine by [water]. 6000 yds.
manufactured. 20,000 lb. wool carded. 4 employees

No. 50 Margaret Bellamy (wife of John B.). Born in Upper
Canada. E. Methodist. Age (next birthday): 24.
Another of Samuel's sons was listed on page 189.
No. 49

Archibald Bellamy. Clothier. Born in Upper Canada.
No Church. Age (next birthday): 22
Log house, lh story.

No. 50

Nancy (wife of Archibald). Born in Upper Canada.
No Church. Age (next birthday): 20

Eliza's daughter had married Isaiah Wright.

They also lived in

Augusta Twp. and were listed in Enumeration District 2.
Isaiah Wright. Farmer. Born in Upper Canada.
Age (next birthday): 33
Eliza A. Wright. Born in "L. Canada".
Age (next birthday): 26

W. Methodist.

Church of England.

Eliza Bellamy was much concerned with Eliza Wright's health.
It is reassuring to find Eliza Wright in the 1861 Census.


entry there shows her place of birth as Upper Canada and her religion
as W. Methodist.

The Wrights lived in a 11/2story frame house as in

Daughters Florence and Emily, going on 14 and 12 respectively,

attended school.

There was a third daughter, Isabella, who would

be 4 on her next birthday.





The 1861 Census shows a few changes in the household
of Samuel and Eliza Bellamy.

[Enumeration Dist. 8, p. 98.]

Included in the household is Luther Haskins, to be 12 years
old at next birthday; he is shown to be a member of the family.
Also listed as a member of the family is a widow Pamela Smith,
an "old lady", 65 yrs. old on next birthday.
Luther H. Bellamy had been married during the year, and he and
his wife Marian were in Samuel's household.

Finally there

were a man and a woman as servants.

A Genealogical Note
Mrs. Norma Whitney, owner of the diary, is the daughter of
Leonard E. Mylks, M.D.

He was the younger son of Emily Helen

Wright Mylks, the second daughter of Eliza Keays Wright.

O ctobe r 1854

17th O ct r 1 85 4 T uesday )

I saia h f amil y

h ere , to d inne r last T hursda y
h ere .

L idd y h er e and H ira m B ' y

M rs . B urwas h h a d a d aughte r the 7th

P rotracte d m eetin g s til l c ontinues .

I w en t

l as t n igh t w it h the g irls , h ear d a g oo d s ermo n
S atturda y e venin g
P reache d o n

R ev d M r . Boyd c am e


few in the C hurc h

w en t h om e after d inner .
B ellam y C am e from the
c old .

Y esterda y E dwar d

S tates .

m orning s

m e n p utin g u p a C istern .

F rida y 20th

y esterda y m ad e a C heese , o nl y the s econ d this
y ear .

m ad e T omat o C atsu p

very d ul l westher.

F lurrie s of s now , y esterda y the f irs t
l as t S unda y letter from W illia m and Jeremiah.
W m w antin g J . to g o t o G oderich .
M onda y 2 3rd ) m uc h to w rit e a bout .
w en t w it h H ira m B ellam y t o E liza' ,

F rida y
t he y h a d

j us t r eturne d from H arie t W right ' wedding,
t ha t n igh t had a C ha t w it h I saia h
a bou t G oderich .
d ay .
c ame .

F athe r c am e for m e n ex t

s am e e vening .

a ls o L iddy , and H . B ellam y h ere .

a t h om e u nti l after
J oh n

E . B ellam y w if e a n d C hil d

B ellamy' .

h i s w if e h ome .

d inner .

took tea at

w hil e t her e W alke r b rough t
I read t h e w or d w he n I

c oul d t hi s m ornin g

C all' d w it h the v isitor s

t o A . P ardee s after w hic h they left h er e
o n t hei r w a y h ome .
y esterda y

S unda y

U ncl e C haunc y h er e


October-November 1854

Saturday 2[8]th

weather this week has been

delightful, no water for the Mills. time
passing away rappidly, two cheese made
this week, on Wednesday

I went with

Hiram Bellamy to Brockvill.

went to

see Jeremiah family before they left for

staid at Griffins until next

made sum purchaces.

after dinner

took a final leave of Jeremiah' family.
went to Revd Mr. Smarts,

Call'd for me, returned home

had a very plesant
as usual.

staid to tea


found all

Father reading, had tea

Chated read and went to bed

first returning thanks to my Heavenly
Father for all his mercies.

Yesterday Call'd

on Mrs Burwash, spent the evening at
I. Bellamy's

Father and others there. this

morning makeing Apple Jelly
Thursday Nov'r 2nd

Fine morning.

Last Sat'y

rec'd a letter informing us of the death of
Susan Wallace and her daughter by

her Sister Liddy was here

went home next day.


Miss Beaty with others were here to

past a pleasant evening.


November 1854

Isaiah call'd this weeke.

had a Letter from

all busy here sending off Lumber this

evening had a letter form Jeremiah who this
morning started for Goderich.

Satturday 4th

very hard frost last night. very high wind
thursday night, Hiram Bellamyhere.finished
my Plaid dress yesterday. very cold

(Sabbath 5th) we all went to Church

which was Crowded Orangmen being

a Sermon preached to them.

read the word.

I hope to improvement

in the evening went to Advent Meeting
Monday 6th/ Orangmen paraded the
Streets, druming away their time.
Tuesday 7th/ Snow last night.
and Luther gon to Brockvill
mending Father' Coat.



Mrs. and Mr.

Burwash here in the afternoon to
tea Father and Luther home while
at tea. Wednesday 8th) very Cold
and very busy arranging tea Sugar
and nice honey which I just
got, with many other fixings


Cuting up a Cow in cellar, a Musiceon
playing at the door,

sat down

read the word and now write.
Oclock AM.


Friday 10th) fine Clear day

Father and John gon to Brockvill
last night Isaiah here

rec'd a letter


November 1854

from Wm.

Maryan went to Brockvill

with Hiram Bellamy yesterday.
Tuesday 14th) nothing remarkable occur'd
since I last wrote, has had a Man working
in the kitchen at the water Conveyance
Father went to Prescott last Friday. every
place dry except the roads. Sabbath. staid
at home, reading most of the day.
Maryan home. busy with her Cloak &
dress. (Thursday 16th) flurries of snow

Eliza and Isaiah took dinner

short will be the time

shall have the satisfaction of haveing
one Child of mine to come to

see me.

Ohi I cannot hear the thought

neither can I write it.
here today.


(Tuesday 21st) fine morning

snow on the ground roads rough
yesterday morning at 5 Oclock 20th Novr
William Burwash departed this life
after an illness of a few days.

I have

spent much time there. Yesterday serving
reed a Letter from my son last

Funeral this day.


22nd) Snowing. yesterday went to the
Funeral, after which with Maryan went
to Bleak' to see the scalded child whose
mother also very ill.

When going to tea Mrs.

Gammel, with John Bellamy' family


November 1854

Came to tea.

past an agreeable evening

time passes rappidly with our varied employments.
may we feel the necesity
of a due preparation for the time which
never ends.

Thursday Isaiah with

his little Girls came in the Sleigh
for me

went home with them and staid

until Satturday.

went home in

the buggy with Isaiah
Friday night.

heavy rain

Sunday went to Church

in the buggy with Father and Maryan,
a Funeral sermon preached for .
Mr. Burwash' child.

This day Monday

28th) Some snow on the ground
Luther fixing the old school house
for a tennant.

Hiram Bellamy

puting up a wood house at his intended
Letter to William.

just finished a


December 1854

2nd Decr/54)

this week made a pair of full

cloth trousers for Father.


visited Mrs. Burwash the last time in this

Hiram Bellamy busy fixing the
the house Burwash has been liveing

intending to move into it when they

Mrs. Smith returned from the states

last Thursday.


December 1854

6th Deer 1854 Wednesday
My book which I wrote in has been

I now write from recolection

last week made a pair of full cloth
trousers for Father. had a variety
of employments. paid my last visit
to Mrs. Burwash who moves away
next weeke.

buried her little Willy

last month.

Mrs. Smith home from

the States last Wednesday intense
cold weather since last Saturday
with wind and and snow. hired
Girl away. wrote to Jerermiah last

(Saturday 9th) last Wednesday

Revd Mr. Chambers came here yet. Thursday
Cold and stormy.

Father and I went

to the Funeral of Saml Percivals Daughter,
who was buried in the Church of
England burying ground in the afternoon.
Isaiah and Eliza came.
Eliza' health is still poor.
little does she know.

My dear

Oh how

Waht anxious

thoughts I have about her.

This week

the weather has been very severe,
day Hogs killd.
and tired.


I now sit down sick

(Monday 11th)


December 1854

Gloomy day.

yesterday went to the Presbyterian

Mr. Chambers preached, he is here

at three o'clock went with Maryan

and Mr. Chambers to church.

Arch' family

in the evening. thawing. busy trying fat
fixing for mince pies, force meat & c.
Tuesday 12th Dec r) very busy.
Bellamy call'd.


in the afternoon a Party at J. Bellamy's

went there. after tea went home with Mrs.

Rec'd a Letter from William, all

well (Wednesday 13th) went to Eliza', found
her only midling.

brought Letters with me

to Isaiah. everything as we wanted it.
Doctor'd Eliza, and next morning Jim
came for me, before I was out of bed.


breakfast, Eliza children and I bundeled
into the cutter and home. in the evening
Mrs. Burwash and others here to tea.


came for his Family. pleasant weather
Friday 15th) fine morning making mince pies
Sabbath 17th) no meeting except Advent
meeting. did not go.
word most of the day.

Friends calld.

Monday 18) much as usual. bitter Cold
Called to see Whealy who is very sick Dr
Church there

Calld at Johns,

Burwash goodbye.

bid Mrs

Choping sausage


December 1854

Tuesday 19th)

this morning Burwash

Family,took a final leave of our Villia[ge]
bitter cold.

John Blanchard and Miss

Hulbert calld to warm. last night sent
two papers to Wm (Friday 22nd) winter
has set in with the greatest violence. never have
I experienced such a continuance of bitter cold
weather as we have had all this month.
Wednesday Eliza with Isaiah calld did not

feels far from well.

I cannot express

what I feel about my dear Child


may she be spared to her dear Children

finish'd my Sausage meat some

in bags, more laid down, had two geese
killed, with a variety of other things made
a large Christmas cake, and in the after
=noon at


oclock Hiram H. Bellamy

Wife and wifes Sister arrived. had tea with

after which left for their new home

if possible, this day is the coldest we have had
26th Dec-r) roads bad.
went to Church.

Thawing. Sabbath

Hired girl away.


day none but our own Family until we sat
down to dinner, when Isaiah and the two
Children came. immediately after dinner
Isaiah left for home taking Maryann
and leaveing Emily. at three Oclock went
to Church.

The Sacrament administered to a


December 1854

large number, after which returned in
the cutter.

The roads covered with water

it has been a dull Christmas, yet I
found consolation in the house of God.
busy today.

Ramsey Hiram, and two
to dinner.

3 Oclock PM I sit

down to write and rest. rec-d a letter
from Jeremiah as did Isaiah last week
Maryan not home yet.
Saturday 29th)

Another year nearly Closed.

we should ask ourselves have we
been more faithful to our Heavenly Father
than we have been, in those years
which have pass'd away for ever time
with us will be short. oh! may we
endeavour to improve it.
Much to do this week


kill'd six geese and two turkeys
we have had heavy rain this weeke
now Cold again. roads nearly bear
Benj'm James died 27th of this month
on Wednesday night with others
I joined the _an_.

very busy


January 1855

2 Jan ry 1855) we have commenced another

Oh! may we have a closer walk

yesterday we had our usual company.
Children and childrens Children.
also Hiram Bellamy, wife and little


the day passed off delightfully

with the children.

Father Walker and

the Schoolmaster went to Town Meeting
home after we had dined. our Party
broke up at 9 oclock.

very fine night

scarcely any snow on the ground.


retired to bed pretty tired after all left.
6th Saturday.
Mr. Smart here.

Cold no Sleighing last Wednes'y
Misionary meeting. not

many there. bad Sleighing
to Eliza.

Thursday went

Maryan with me, staid till next

Came home with Isaiah bare ground

he had a Letter from Wm who has been
to Chicago. found Father very sick not
very well yet.

(Tuesday 9th) Clear fine

last sabbath rain.

Staid at

home all day, reading the word. yesterday
very fine day.

warm enough for Spring

good waggoning. no snow. nothing
remarkable occuring

I have much anxiety

about my dear Eliza, whose health
is so bad.

sometimes I fear to think


January 1855

but I look to Him from whence
cometh help.

Thursday 11th)

weather fine, cold and dry.

no snow.

waggons rolling along like distant thunder.
made a few Calls on Tuesday Mrs.
Hiram Bellamy one.

last night Isaiah

Eliza better. her Girl here. on her

way there.

Father and his Sister went

to the Division last night.

I staid at

home, Maryan sick. no Letter from

I wrote last Thursday

Saturday 13th)

Stormy day.

Father and John

rain and

gon to Brockvill

Hiram and wife call'd this weeke. yesterday
wrote two Letters. one to J. Link
the other to Jeremiah no sleighing yet
Maryan sick, and teeth ach.
just after fixing a goose for tomorows

(Wednesday 17th)


good Sleighing.

have had a fall of snow. not heavy
Sabbath day Father and I went to Church
spent most of the day reading.

Hired Girl

wash'd early and left here for her Aunts

the Boy with her

I doing the work.

Maryan and

Mrs. Smyth just as

last Saturday Father, brought


January 1855

home two Mettle Tea pots, some t
-___ . not very well myself up too

yesterday Eliza and Isaiah

here to dinner, did not stay long. last

Singing School commenc'd

H. Brown teacher.

Isaiah rec'd a Letter

from Jeremiah last night.

Thursday 18th.

Beautiful morning. last night Isaiah
and Eliza Came with an intention of
going to the division.

Father with


Maryan Eliza and I staid at


enjoyed ourselves chating till

the return of the folks.

Hired Girl

back yesterday. read the word and
-_____ thanks to my Heavenly Father for
all His mercies.

(Saturday 20th) fine morning.

yesterday very sick and alone all day
Father and Maryan

gon to Prescott

Aunt working for Nancy. some better
this morning.

Thursday Dowling here


January 1855

also three misses Calld.


Logo and Tomson from Brockvill
last night Father brought home Oisters
eat some raw, felt better after.

fresh fish

for dinner today bought in Prescott
Monday 23d) Storming all day Yesterday and

rain snow and wind, very bad roads

at home all Sabbath.

Cooked dinner

Girl away. read most of the day.
duties as usual.

(Thursday 25th) fine Mo'ing

nothing remarkable on Tuesday

this morn


Yesterday went with Luther to

Letters from Wm.

Isaiah in Brock'1

returned in the afternoon with L. Mrs.
Lyman and Walker call'd for us to go
to the division.

I did not go. Saturday

27th) Tremendous snow Storm. yesterday
very bad with inflamation in my eyes

E. Whealy spent the afternoon here.


January-February 1855

Yesterday with much difficulty wrote a
Letter to William. (Tuesday 20th Jan'y/55
Sabbath at home. reading all day my
eyes are a little better,. much anxiety of
mind about different things, none immediately
belonging to myself.

Maryan fixing

to get married, the last of our Girls
my Children likely to be far away from

All those things are against me.

however, I am determind, God being my
helper, to submit with resignation to
His devine will, all things. this is and
has been the most remarkable winter I
ever remember.

Yesterday all kinds of

weather, with thunder and lightning
today wind and snow.

My employment

varied as usual. at present makeing flannel Shirts for Father.

Satturday a paper

from Jerry (Friday 2 Nov'r [sic] gloomy, yesterday
Isaiah's family here to dinner

Came with

an intention of visiting at Johns. but went

Company there. others here to dinner

I had the work pretty much to do.


11 Oclock AM after making pies & c.

and Cakes.

Maryan busy quilting.

Mrs. Sham

helping her. (Monday 5th) bitter Cold weath'r
watter freezing as I wash in the bedroom
Satturday Luther went to Wellington.

February 1855

home yesterday noon Roda Bellamy with them
did not go to Church

so very Cold.

John Blandchard, wife and daughter
with Arch'd Bellamy here to dinner
read some, but not as much as I wish
another weeke is gon.

Time seems to

our cares and anxiety's are as

absorbing now as they ever ware. why
will we so strongly attach ourselves
to the things of this life when we know
it is not our home, our abiding place.
Wednesday 7th) bright morning.

Cold intense.

every thing frozen in the house that could be
Roda very sick with cold

up late last night

pareing apples for pies.

Isaiah call'd. Eliza &

children visiting at J. Bellamys. in the
evening went to the division room . I did not
go. (Thursday 8th) Father, Maryan, and Roda
went to Brockvill this morning. flurries
of snow.

Returned in the evening with

several articles.
the great Move.

Maryan busy fixing for

Dowling here today.

Friday 9th) making cakes and pies mixed
more mince meat.

Satturday 10th) Cold.

Wednesday 14th) raining. very busy fixing
for the wedding. last week had a letter
from William.

Satturday night Eliza


February 1855

Roda, and I went to singing School
no time to write much.

Satturday 17th/55

Gloomy, have had a very busy weeke. have
had a bad cold myself.

E. Whealy, M. Bellamy

N. Walker here different days this weeke.
Wednesday night Isaiah call'd.


me a butter cooler purchased at S. Gammel

I have nothing interesting to wright

about, next weeke the wedding.
Thursday 22nd Feb'y/55) plesant weather
Tuesday 20th Maryan Bellamy has married to
James Dowling in the presence of her nearest
connection by the Rev'd R. Boyd of

our Company number'd about 50

every thing pass'd off well. at 12 Oclock
prayer and the company dispersed. next
morning, felt very tired, however much
was to be done. after breakfast and
worship Mr. and Mrs. Boyd returned
to Prescott.

after dinner at which was

was a number, Bride and bridegroom
went to her Grandfathers. this Morn'g
Charlott and Edward Bellamy left
for home. (Satturday 24th) very fine

very Cold last Thursday


February-March 1855

Maryann took a final leave of us
went with her Husband to reside in

day after Luther went to

Prescott with Dowling Sen'r.
Rhoda is here. yesterday wrote to
Wm. Eliza' Girl call'd all well.

27th) fine day. cold

and going.
to Church,

constant coming

Sabbath Rhoda and I went

the coldest day I was ever out

yesterday whilst I was cooking dinner Aunt
Hanah Bellamy, daughter, and Mrs. Lake
with another, were here to dinner,
evening to tea also.
Rhoda here yet.

in the

J. Bellamys family

I am now after makeing

intend going to Eliza' to-day.

(Satturday 3rd March/55) last Wednesday
went with Hiram Bellamy to Eliza'
Isaiah gon to Perth. returned Wednes'y.
help'd Eliza to make a quilt. her health
not much better.

Friday after makeing

pies, visited with Rhoda at E. Whealys.
Margrett Bellamy there. before X went to
bed set spring for buns.

This morning

baked them. have a variety of works.
Aunt and Rhoda visiting at Pardees.


March 1855

Counted and paid for the Spining of the

gave Miss Oxby 2-6 for the

Church society.

March 6.)

fine day windy. rain last night. Sabbath
went to church.

Lords Supper administer'd

Whealy came for me to go to his house
went there in the afternoon.
family Came to tea.
with Dr. Brouse.


Eliza had been

after tea they went

I went to Whealys. women there

Eliza Whealy had a Daughter born at
half past two Oclock AM. 5 March/55.
I returned home at 5 AM.
here since yesterday.
fixt the baby.

Dowling Sen'r

I went last night and

Satturday. 10.


went to Isaiah' all better in health
staid till next day.

brought Eliza

left the Children at School


E. did not go home but went to

Singing school with Rhoda and

this morning fine busy

makeing cakes and pies.



March 1855

came for Eliza

staid to dinner. had a

pleasant time.

Aunt chating while I


two Oclock

Monday 12th) fine.
to Brockvill.

Eliza gon home.
Father and Luther gon

a strange Girl working in

place of Mary.


help'd to get dinner.

reading all day

A. Pardee call'd

talked of his visit to ramsey.

a letter

to Isaiah from Wm. I dont like how
things go on.

I pray that all may be well

sent a paper today. went to see E. whealy.
Wednesday 14th.

heavy snow storm. commenc'd

whilst Rhoda and I were visiting
at H. Bellamy's.

Dr. Aimes


Hiram brought us home in the cutter
Isaiah down did not meet him. very

Ramsey Hiram here yesterday and

day before. makeing Shirts for L. Haskin
I now read the word, and so pass on
from day to day till I shall be no more
Satturday 17th fine morning now Storm


M arc h

1 85 5

Roda went home this morning with Luther
I shall mis her company.
of visitors.

Yesterday a host

Mrs. Chambers and Son with

Miss Hulbert and I Blandchard to dinner,
afternoon Isaiah, Eliza and Emily
Dr. Scofield, wife, and Mrs. Gammel
Isaiah did not stop to tea.

Isaiah has

decided on not moveing to Goderich at
which I rejoice, as I do hope it will
be all for the best. this afternoon went to
Walkers with Mrs. Chambers

staid to tea

home with J. and Margrett.

Sabbath did

not go to Church.

Father and I went to

they had been to Prescott with the

Doctor saw Maryan, took tea and home
Monday 19th.

Cook today. wrote to Jerry

markeing my plaid dress.
to Brockvill.

Father gon

Satturday 24th past a busy

Wednesday Jim and Mary gon

to a Funerall.

had to get dinner.


Chauncy and Son here. afternoon
Mrs. Chambers and Son called.


and the little Girls, all to tea.
call'd to see E. Whealy.


this weeke arrangeing

with Hiram. made a lot


March 1855

of Pies this morning,

not very well

Friday after makeing cake

call'd to Nancy Walkers at 11 AM
and at two PM her fourth Boy was

staid until nine Oclock came

home up to my nees in snow. had
stormed all day.

John Haskins and

Mr. Sileck chating with Father
left them there went to bed tired.
This morning bright and very cold
Haskins gon home

heavy roads

Wednesday 28th) Cold, last Sabbath went
to Church not many there cold and windy
Monday much as, usual comers and
goers all the time.

Mr. and Mrs. Dowling

came on Satturday.

Mr. D. returned Sabbath

Maryan here busy fixing fore home.
Call'd to see Nancy.

Yesterday made Cake

before finished Haskins & Selic came


to get breakfast for them, tryed to finish
my dress, but did not. want to go see
Eliza but cannot, as usual no way
to go.

Mrs. Chambers here on Sunday

Satturday 31st) fine, but bad roads. Wednesday
night after Isaiah left the Division.
I went home with him, on the way the


March 1855

roads w er e so badly drifted that w e could
with great difficulty got along wind blowing

I w ish' d to see how Eliza wa s getting

on sinc e She commenced takeing b rous 1
m edicine .

I found her as w el l as I expected.

staid till next day.
Sam G ammel .

Came h om e with

snow had drifted so much

w e had to go through the


at home visitors,

Mrs. W heal y and Margrett B ellamy .
M arya n to bind h e r quilt.
arranging all the things
at the A uction.
Aunt and Self.

Friday busy morn
Father bought

Cut a dress off for Maryan
T hi s morning more

yesterday afternoon Maryan and I
w en t to J oh n B ellamy' s immediately after

Hiram Bellam y from Ramsey drove

to the door for M arya n and I to g o

his w if e and her Sister b ein g at

our h ouse , w e did so.

I helped the girl

to get tea, after which the young folks
w en t to the Singing


after they

returned the Sand and played till
I w a s tired and w en t to bed.

The news

of y esterday , M rs . H. Bellamy had a
D aughter .

I help'd

Thursda y night, 29th March/55

I am now alone, all my visitors gon


April 1855

they had dinner here which I helped to
get and made the last of my mince pies
3rd April/54 [sic] )

fine morning.


took her final Departure this morn'g
Luther going with her.
before she left,

we had a

a family concern

Satturday Isaiah call'd gave him
the gingham I bought. visitors of
one sort or another.



and I went to Church. turned very

at night blew a perfect gale.

water in our bedroom frozen solid
in the afternoon, went to Hiram
Bellamy's to see the Babby, all well
passed a pleasant afternoon, after
which home. nothing worth write-ing, tho' much said read and talked
Mrs. Wright, Hiram' Mother in law at his
house an agreeable person, should have
said so before.

Satturday 7th.

fine day

bad roads. this weeke had a letter from

This weeke has pass'd much as


John Haskins has been here


April 1855

a few others also. busy sewing
Thursday made pies and cakes. the
Same today
Wednesday 11 April/55
Flurries of snow. no sugar yet.


Father went to Merricksvill


Sunday afternoon

I went to

Church sacrament administered
whilst at Church Isaiah' family came
had tea and home. yesterday Isaiah
pileing boards.

Wrote to Wiliam

last Monday. makeing my Orleans

Monday 16th) fine weather all
last weeke three men here working

in the saw mill night and day
family now

a large

Mrs. Chambers and Son

here since Satturday.

last Friday went

with others to visit at Mr. Pardees. day
before Father went to Merricksvill
staid at home all Sabbath reading
the word.

I trust to profit. this morning

has most of the work to do.

Wednesday 18th) gloomy, yesterday rain
water high. just now parted Mrs
Chambers, who is gon to her friend
last Monday wrote to Jeremiah
Isaiah called this week all pretty


April-May 1855

Cut and fixt Shirts for Luther
Mrs. Shambeau makeing them.

I am

makeing Coarse Shirts for Father.
at present much trouble with H.
Bellamys concern.

Pigs killing

yesterday Prayers in the

Church with fasting for the success

British Army

Thursday, heavy rain.

20th April.

Many occurances,

prevented me from writeing.
weather has been fine.

Father and

Luther went to Prescott and Ogdensburg
on Tuesday,

yesterday Mrs. Dowlings

furniture went to her.

on Monday Aunt

and I went to the Funeral of

A. McCulas

in the evening call'd to see Margrett

who is sick also E. whealy.

last Tuesday

rec'd a Letter from Wm. all well

Father took me to
roads pretty good. day fine in

the evening home with Isaiah


all pretty well. brought home a rose
bush. This morning put the Stove up
in the Shed.




fine weather. busy in the garden. Luther
fixing a flower knot near the summer house
last Thursday while spending the evening
with Margrett Bellamy, a Boy riding in


May 1855

haste, delivered a Letter from J. Dowling
desiring some of us to come to Prescott

Maryann was dangerously ill

Father and I started immediately, left
home at 6 AM night Cold.

I staid until

last Tuesday. returned home with Father
leaving Mary'n much better.

I was surprised

to get home, being very tired.


sent several numbers of the Illustrated
news, and an interesting Letter. all well
Wm. gon to Detroit. have not heard from
Isaiah' family since I was there.
Monday 7th May/55,

the ist of May I

was in Prescott with Mrs. Dowling
Cold dry weather. nothing remarkable
occured since I last wrote.

Mrs. Pardee

visited here last Thursday.

Isaiah call'd

looking to hire a Girl. a few seeds has
been put in the garden.

Yesterday went to

I should have mentioned my

haveing been at Mr. Boyds Church. also
the Episcopal Church in the evening
went in the morning with Boyd. in the
evening with Miss M'Elmiles.

good singing

and good sermon at the Ep'l Church
this day work just as usual.


May 1855

10th May/55. Thursday. this morning

hard frost last night. water low

not well myself, could not get up to

Mary washing bedcloths

Mrs. Smyth with Margrett Bellamy help-ing to quilt all this week. we have
six men in the kitchen.
with pain in Shoulder.

Father troubled
I have sowed

flower seeds at the summer house. all
other seeds in.
11th Friday,

wrote to Wm. last Monday.

felt much better, but weak

wanted to go to Eliza', haveing no way
of going I started on foot.

The morning

was plesant, and I got there without
being much tired.

found no one in the

walk'd over to the Old Folks.

not long there when Eliza and the
Children came. had been up to the Store
found all pretty well.

Spent a comfortable

after tea Father came for me.

Satturday 12th.

avocations as usual.

just at tea time Rev'd Mr.

Throop, a misionary came.

Chilly even'g

Sent by Revd

pass'd an agreeable evening

prayers offer'd by Mr. Throop, with

lots of


May 1855


reverence, in which I trust we all took
an interest. (13th Sabbath all went at 11 AM
to the Presbyterian Church.


at 3 Oclock went with Father to

the Episcopal Church. returned home spent
the evening reading. worship at 1 Oclock
Monday 14th) rain last night which
was much wanting. every thing looks
lovely this morning.
veal for dinner.

a Calf was killed had

Cook'd made pies &

jony cake for supper. pretty tired sat
on the door step talking with Father
and the Minister. tea over. going to
hunt up a Girl for Eliza

15th Tuesday

fine growing weather. after tea yesterday
evening, went to P. Capes. engaged his
Girl for Eliza. she went there this morn.
call'd at Mrs. Murphys who gave me
Some Irish flower seeds which I sew'd
this morning.

also a few Cucumber seeds

Uncle Chauncy and the Minister here.
also A. Merrick and E. Burritt, trying
to value the Property. they were here to
dinner and tea.

others in the evening

Wednesday 16th.

fine day, pretty tired


May 1855

Father much troubled with pain in
his Shoulder. busy sewing. Minister gon
Thursday 17th.

morning work (dusting

helping to wash dishes & c. (done. read
morning worship. then to sewing made
a Cape for my drab dress. after which
mending Shirts for Luther. help'd
him to put the ist young Chickens &
hen in the coop. sometimes chaced the
hens out of the garden.

Mrs. Burwash

in Town.) Friday 18th warm.
grain. made

mending Shirts.

Satturday 19th.

call'd on Mrs. Burwash.
looked ill.

Father sowing

Indian pudding and potpie
Margrett there

after a while went to Walker's

spent the evening there, with others.


20th went to the Presbyterian Church. no
Minister there.

Father and I were going

to see Eliza, but were prevented by
Arch' family comeing.

They staid to tea

Monday 21st. done the work in the forenoon.

in the afternoon went with

Mrs. Burwash to A rch . very cold
comeing home. same evening Maryan


May 1855

came with Luther from Prescott next
Tuesday 22nd.

made Cakes & c. Mrs. Burw'sh

and several others to tea.

Wednesday 23rd.

very tired at

Maryan left

Eliza and her two little Girls

came in their Buggy.

I was rejoiced

to see them, but how soon was that
damped by Eliza, telling me of the
State of her health.
write it.


I fear to

May her Heavenly Father

look on her with pitty and spear [sic]
her to her dear Children.


Green, Bible Agent, came at tea

my dear Child left me with

a heavy heart.

Mr. G. went to Meeting

but they had no worship and to bed.
Thursday 24th.
with rain.

last night thunder lightning
Mr. Green gon.


turned upside down, whitewashing &

Margrett Bellamy in poor

John Whealy has been very ill

call'd in.

Dr. Brouse.

Tuesday 29th/55

Much has been done since I last wrote
the whole house cleaned and
I got finish'd Satturday evening.


May 1855

Sunday morning my Husband started
off to Old Mr. Blandchards with
his Son John, leaving me to my
Cogitations. while siting in my room
I heard a buggy stop. when on going to
the door to my great joy

I met my

Son William accompanied by Wm.

we had a very agreeable time

several friends. and in the afternoon
Isaiahs Family. my dear Eliza is in poor

Father did not come home until


Sat up till a late hour.


very busy. in the afternoon went with

Son to his Sisters. had as agreeable

visit as the State of her health would


returned home after tea

our young men here chating till bed
time. all up early this morning prepareing
William and Luther.

The latter

going with my son as far as Prescott
Wm. left here after saying goodby to

Thursday, 31st May/55

Yesterday company to dinner. Hiram Blanc'd
wife, and Sister.

J. Blanchard and wife

from the States. every day brings something
new. went in the afternoon to John

after which call'd to Pardees


June 1855

This morning.

the strangers started

on their way home
to Prescott.

others going took them

once more, a little time to my-

Aunt keeping house for Walker

2nd June/55.


rain which is much

busy this morning. made cakes

and pies. done some mending and prepared
to go to Eliza

who is not getting

surely there is nothing in this

life worth liveing for, when we think
we are within reach of the object


most wished to obtain, a blight comes
and all is gon. Oh! May we so live that
when the dread summons comes, we
shall have nothing to do, but, obey
Thursday 7th.

Cool gloomy weather.

rain every day.
to Eliza.


last Satturday Father look

Much trouble there.

She had

been with Doctor Edmonds on who operated
on her throat, where the cause
of her complaint was, and which would
end fatal, if not immediately attended

I pass'd a lonesome Sabbath.


and Eliza went to the Dr in Brockvill
has to go every second day.

I read the

word with the dear Children, they reading


June 1855

Mrs. Wright came for me to
to dinner, but did not.


I remained

there, assisting until Tuesday evening.
when just after they returned
from Brockvill

Father came for me

bringing with him a hired Girl.

I came

commiting my Child to her

Heavenly Father.

Yesterday made a

pair of trousers for L. Haskins.
morning, makeing pies.)


Tuesday 12th.

Cloudy heavy showers. there has been
much rain.

last weeke made a suit

of cloths for L. Haskins on Satturday
Made a cheese. had a note from Eliza
the Doctor has given her hopes of
getting well.


may it prove so

Sunday had a bad head ach.


Morrice preach'd in the E. Church
of which two persons sent me word
did not feel able to go.

rain'd all

Monday made another cheese

after which cut the sheeting 3 pr
for Maryan and two for the
house, made nearly 1 pr.


had been to Brockvill in


June 1855

The forenoon with Eliza

Doctor said

she need not go again for some time
she being much bette.,

this morning


Mary Whitewashing the Milk


Satturday 16th)

I now sit down

tired 1 Oclock busy all the morning, makeing
Cakes and pies.

Since I last wrote, clean'd

the flower beds, has had the cellar all
cleaned so I feel a little better in that respect
had a Letter from Wm. as also had Isaiah
sent a note to Eliza to have her come
and stop here a few days, hopeing it
would cheer her under her present
affliction, which I trust may be a trial
of her faith in Him, who doeth all
Things well.

Isaiah and Mrs. Wright

call'd today, going with their wool.
Thursday 21st)

Yesterday evening returned

home with Isaiah. went to see Eliza, even
ing before. found her much better than I

Mr. Bissell haveing told me she


very ill, staid that night. this morning

makeing pies.

Mrs. Walker here to

a Man makeing Steps for the

hall door.

Margrett gon to the Doctor

Friday heavy rain thunder last night


June 1855

mending Fathers old coat. (Tuesday_
fine morning. have had much rain.


things has pass'd since I last wrote. duties
as usual.

Eliza' health improving some

may her Heavenly Father perfect the
Cure if He sees fit.

Yesterday Isaiah

said Emily was very sick. last

Satturday went to the Funeral of John
Hills child a fine Boy who died of the
ScarIt fever. many Children have it
Satturday 30th) weather hot.


night heavy rain and thunder. was at
Isaiah' where I had been since Tuesday
attending Emily who was dangerously
ill with Inflamation on the brain.
her Father had Doctor Edmondson
to see her.

I remained there under much

anxiety, being doubtful of the Childs
health, however it has pleased God to
spare her to her afflicted Parents
Yesterday she was able to be up when
I returned home with my Husband
who was kind and attentive.


had a Letter from Jeremiah all m
Mrs. Williams was here while I was

call'd on my way home to see

Mrs. Bissell who had broke her arm.


July 1855

Wednesday 4 July/55.

Cloudy have had

very warm days, now cool.


night at 10 Oclock, James and Maryan
arrived, had supper, up till a late hour
Sunday, Father and I went to Church
not pleased with the Minister. in the
afternoon went to Johns, where was
most of our family, also Isaiah'.
looking very delicate.

Monday duties

as usual. wrote to Wm.
Isaiah and Eliza call'd.
and Antha.


Yesterday evening
also Nancy

every morning Skim Milk

and work butter, if any is to be done
also cakes and pies when wanted.
sewing in the afternoon.
Satturday 14th some time and much
trouble has pass'd over me since I last
pen'd a few lines here.

My Grand Child

Emily Wright was a second time attack'd
with inflamation on the brain which was
more severe than the first.

I have been

there with others attending day and
night a weeke

her poor Mother constant and

little less her Father. few expected she
would be spared but God in His wisdom
has raised her.

I came home Yesterday

evening with My Husband who was Kind and


July-August 1855

and attentive.

Call'd to see Mrs. Bissel

who is confined to her bed.

fine rain

every where You turn you see

nature in luxurious beauty. on the
12th The Orangemen passed through our

at an early hour bands placing

Banners waveing to the glorious

Wife had a Son.

same day Thomson
Cut a fine Cheese

this week. first rasberries today.
whilst at Eliza made a pair of trousers
for L. Haskins. 3rd August/55,


from Prescott 25 of last month haveing
been with Maryann Dowling 10 days
who was dangerously ill.

Father came

for me, bringing Aunt Smith whome he
left and I returned home. I was not well
not ever since.

Many things has occured

which I cannot now write. last Satturday
wrote to V?m. and Jerry.

Yesterday Isaiah'

Family had their likeness taken by a Man
set up in the division room. an immense
number of Persons has been there. had
a Letter from Wm. informing me
of a certain event to take place


August 1855


(Tuesday 7th August,

much trouble just now.

Luther very

ill, walking, with Crutches.

I have

not much time to myself. makeing
currant wine, and other thins,


a Letter to Wm. last Satturday. evening
before was in Humphries garden
which is fine.

Friday 17 August/55.

Luther very ill with Rheumatism no
use of his limbs. much to write but no

last Sunday J. Dowling and wife


Maryann remains here, not well

wrote to Wm. Thursdays Mail.


Eliza and Children drove herer [sic] alone
Dr. Edmondson has been here three times
was yesterday.

Burwash call'd this

Maryann and I went to toll
M. haveing a dress makeing there

went from there to Isaiah'.
home at 11 Oclock AM.

all well


here makeing a dress for Maryann
day changed. high wind and rain.
busy with berries & c. & c.

Monday 20th.

fine day. worked hard yesterday. Company

Isaiah family with others


August 1855

Luther contined very ill.
home today.

Girl went

Cooking bottleing currant

wine, makeing rasberry vinegar with
many other things.

last month

Dr. Horton died in Qebec on his
way home.

Satturday evening Revd

Macdonnel here

Preached in the

Presbyterian Church.

Wednesday 22nd.

very busy every where. had a letter

from William.

Maryann here yet. not

much improvement in Luthers health
Margrett Bellamy not well.

My poor

Eliza far from well. such are the trials
of life


may we submit with pati-

-ence to the Divine will.

Wednesday 29th Aug't

much has transpired since I last wrote.
last Sunday 26th morning Mr. Thomas Hill
departed this life, in the hope of a Blessed

Sunday J. Dowling Came for

his Wife. left here in the evening. several
here to dinner

Dowling has had an auction

those last 3 days.
funeral on Monday.
confined to the bed.

Father went to the

Luther no better
Eliza & Isaiah went

to the Auction Monday evening. had tea at


August-September 1855

Isaiah had a letter from William.
Yesterday old Mr. and Mrs. Blandchard
and Mrs. Blandchard and child were
here to dinner with N. Walker in the

John' family. after doing many

things for poor Luther, poulticing his
legs & c.

went to bed very tired. this

I thank my Heavenly Father I feel
much better. frost last night and
night before. fine days


2nd Septr 1855 -

Doctor Edmondson has been

here three times during the past week


Lanc'd or cut open Luther legs, from
which an immense quantity of Matter

the opperation was severe both

to the patient and those who assisted
I was the prenciple help. it was a trial
Luther is very feeble yet, not able to be

last sabbath Isaiah and Eliza call'd

with several others.

fine days

Cold nights

Isaiah was to meet William in Brock

I have been quite unwell myself

but am constantly busy.
much attention.

Luther requires

Monday 10 Septr /55-

This morning my son left here at 8 Oclock
on his way to St. Andrews to be married
on Wednesday.

I shall say nothing of my



September 1855

feelings at parting with him.

I may never

see him More on earth. none can
tell what a Mother feels when oblidg'd
to part with her her Children. there
is some talk Isaiah' Family moveing

they were here yesterday with others

to dinner. last Satturday I went with
William to Isaiah' took dinner there
home to tea. in the evening P. Hough
delivered a lecture, subject War.
every day Father rides out with Luther
my time passes away without any
earthly enjoyment.

I did not go to the

lecture nor have I been in any place
of worship those 7 Sundays.


Smyth is fixing for her s[t]ates journy.
She takes her ease but others pay
for it.

Thursday 13th Septr

fine day rain

last night. fine day yesterday, on which
day my son William was to be married.
Tuesday evening went with Father to
Isaiah' staid till yesterday evening came
home with Isaiah who is determined
to sell and go to Goderich if possible
fine weather.

Thursday 20 Septr frost

every night this weeke but one.
and thunder, fine days.

that night rain

Satturday Revd


September-October 1855

Mr. Smith came.
but me.

Sabbath all went to Church

Girl gon

I cookd dinner.

Mr. S.

left after.


the Doctor.

Mary James Came to see me


Luther to Brockvill to

I wrote two letters to Chicago

for Mary James.

Westerday [sic]she and

I went to Eliza, had a good visit. dont
think they will move off.

Mrs. Smith fixing all the time

for the States.

this morning

Tuesday. 25.

gloomy morning.

rain last

Mrs. Smith has

just started for the States. yesterday
Catherine Gammel, Olive Carpenter &
others started for the West. Isaiah' family
here on Sunday

Father and Luther brought

Emily down with them in the morning
went to Church. every thing much as

last Thursday Mary James left


Yesterday a new Covered Carriage


Monday. 1st Octr/55.



I went with Luther in the Cover'd

Carriage to Eliza, eat apples and home.
Friday Eliza and Children Came.
Arch'd to tea

Went to

home in the Covered Carriage and


Isaiah has sold his Cows, prepareing to


Satturday evening went to hear a Jew



October 1855

Sabbath, went to Hills Church.
in Carriage

rained home

The Jew preach'd in the evening

went to hear him.

dark and muddy.

a number

there slept here,

dont shave or cut his hair

Satturday had a plesant Letter from William
Jeremiah' wife has a daughter this day
Isaiah here. wrote to McMartin.
all the time.


fixing to paper the kitchen

makeing Pumpkin pies.

Wednesday 10th

fine day folks busy fixing for the
Soiree tomorrow.

last Thursday 4th

Antha had a daughter.

Friday went

to Eliza in the evening.
this weeke.
mad pies

Second time

came home Satturday

here all day



Call'd to see John who

was sick. with sorrow

I write it

Isaiahs family moves to Goderich we
was here on Monday. we wrote to
William this morning.
and Beaty call'd.
way to Goderich.
house but myself.
set the tables.


The former on his
no one in the
Girl helping to

Monday 15th. with a

troubled mind, I write my dear
children are about to be separated from
me in this world. they are packing their


October-November 1855

things to go to Goderich.


how shall I part

last Thursday I went with Father

to the soiree

My heart was heavy whe n

I thought I must so soon part with my Children
all pass'd off well.
to Isaiah
for me

next day went with Luther

staid till Sunday.

Father came

they had almost given up going

this morning

received a letter from my

dear Eliza, saying they had decided on going.
to thee my Heavenly Father I


- Father gon to Prescott
on Dowlings business.

Tuesday 23rd.

since I last wrote I have had much trouble.
Isaiah' family made preparations to
go to Goderich, much against the wishes of
their best


however it now broke up

and they remain. Eliza and Children were
from Satturday till Monday here Satturday evening,
w e were at Johns.

Friday went to a sewing

bee at Whealy'. last Wednesday A. Bellamy
house was burnt. so they had to quit. their
family are here until they get a place. there
is meeting in the division every night.


Cook, the speaker, twice last Sabbath. weather Cold
and gloomy. this morning made a Cheese and

Satturday 27th.

fallen this weeke.

1 foot of snow has

very bad roads.

Dr. Scofield

has been here all this weeke, left here this Morning
advent Meeting every night.

Isaiah call'd

made a cheese yesterday. all Arch' family


N ovembe r 1855

h er e y et .

M os t fortunate

I h op e it ha s

b een , that I saiah ' family did not Start for Goderich.
the w eathe r has b ee n so severe.
Cold and w indy .

T uesda y 30th

Yesterday Father went to P rescot t

m ad e a C hees e y esterda y w it h other


to hear Cook Sabbath day


not many

w en t
b a d roads

Wednesday 31st. w en t to Isaiah'. fine d ay .


all well. p leas' d they did not go to G oderic h
staid till next evening.

T uesday. M argret t

Bellamy and H irams ' W if e spent the after
noon here.

Satturday 3rd N ovr/55 .

fine d ays .


h i s way to buy C ows .

every night

family h ere .

Isaiah on

I h av e a bad Cold b u t

I thank m y H eavenly F athe r for all his mercies.
I am y e t spared w hil e many are
call'd from time to e ternity .

m akein g

Shirts for L . Haskin s y esterda y m ad e the 5th

Thursday 8th N ovr/55 .

since I last

w rot e h ere , I h av e b een very ill w it h a b a d

far from w el l y et , but thankful for the

m ercie s v ouchsafe d to m e .

I feel that I h av e

b ee n an object of care to m y Heavenly F athe r
else I would not now b e b lesse d wit h so many
p rivileges .


for a closer w al k with God.

last Satturday rec'd a letter from My Son
in the m ids t o f h i s h appines s does not
forget his M other .
w eeke .

Isaiah b ough t cows this

A rch ' family h er e y et . also hired m e n

w eathe r fine for the
saw Mil l going.


rain last n igh t


N ovembe r 1855

- N ovr/55 .

M onda y

going on.

raining different w ork s

F ather , p ai n in h is knee, y esterday .
H ire d Girls away had to do all t h e w or k

Isaiah family h er e w en t to m eeting .
w en t h ome .

I read


A fte r diner

could not m uc h n ois e

all the t ime .


13th T uesday .

John B ellamy s family m ovin g

up to the S hop .

family not moved y et .

fine d ay .

My Son, and N ephe w


Yesterday w rot e to

Wednesday fine

great family.

all noise and bustle .

hangs on y et .

Tuesday 20th last w eek e s now

some on the g roun d yet h ar d
a F ai r t oday .




My cold

p lesan t

Father gon to Brockvill w it h
noise and confusion all the

My h ea d ach

no u s e complaining

last Sabbath all at
m os t of the d ay .


I read the w or d

I h op e to proffit.

makeing a p urpl e print dress today
Thursday, 29th Novr) since I last w rot e
every thing p ass' d off as usual.

I h av e b ee n

m uc h afflicted with inflamation in my
Gums, w hic h m ad e me feel very unwell
last Monday , A rch ' family m ove d in their


w e have yet a pretty large

family m e n w orkin g night and day.
calld this w eeke .

then a l l w er e



night D owlin g call'd and this morning A un t
Smith in P rescot t
L. H askins.

I am m akein g trousers for

Yesterday E . W heal y visited h ere .


December 1855

(December 4th Tuesday/55.
last Sabbath dry roads


fine Clear day

Father and

I went to Church. reading the word the
most of the day.

weather has been very

fine with sprinkling of snow. last

got a new carpet for the palour.

Yesterday Isaiah' family here,


Florence, to go to school. works going
on night and day.

(Monday 10th)


with light snow. had a toilsom weeke
Mrs. Shambeau and I makeing the Carpet

My health not good, distressing

pain in my head last night. went

no place of worship yesterday. very
Father and John gon to Brockvill

Mrs. Smith returned from the States
this morning, Isaiah brought Florence
to go to School. took her home Satturday
(Thursday 13th) Cold no Sleighing verious

fix'd my winter bonnet.

beau here serving for L. Haskins.


Rhoda P

visited here yesterday evening. pretty large
family all the time.

I am much in the

dont feel well but I thank my Heavenly

Father for all His mercies that
I am yet blessed with many priveleges
18th Deer) Tuesday.

Cold but bright and lovely

Sun Set bright and glorious -

no snow on the ground. last Sabbath
raining most of the day.

different times.


Garvey and wife
Isaiah' family here to

Florence went home