Matilda Hill Diary & Transcription, 1884-1885


Matilda Hill Diary & Transcription, 1884-1885


Matilda Hill


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Matilda Hill (1856-????)
1884-1885 Diary
Transcribed by Rural Diary Archive volunteers
Tillie Hill
Douglas Village 1884
This is my Mother's book. Jessie H. Simpson
"The Coming of the Silent Guest"
Lo! England sends him back to us, With sealed eyes and folded palms: He drifts across the
wintry sea, Which chants to him its thousand psalms. We proudly name and claim him ours;
We take him, England from thy breast; We open wide our doors to him Who cometh home a
silent guest. We lent him thee to teach thy sons The lesson of the Open Hand, Less
famished lips should bless them less than him, - the stranger in their land. We but live, living
unto thee, To be a solace to thy pair: But now we want his noble dust To consecrate it ours
again. England we take him from thine arms; We thank thee for thy reverent care; If thou and
we were ever friends, We should be so beside his bier. His memory should be a spell To
banish spleen and bitterness Have kindlier thoughts of us, - for he Was tender unto thy
distress, - As we have kindlier thought of thee Because of honor done to him; For, while we
weep, we turn to see That English eyes with tears are dim,,
40 Friday February 15th/84 Mrs Jupp died this afternoon, her end was peace. just two weeks
to day we buried Father what sore sad changes a few weeks can bring, death and Sickness
seem all round us like warning voices saying, "Be Ye also ready". God does not afflict
willingly but of necessity to bring more impressively to mind the lesson which is all important;
but hardest of all to learn to be "always ready"
Monday Feb 25th 1884 Uncle John came Saturday night. the train was very late on account
of the storm, they had to send a special, as the morning train ran off the track half way to
fergus some of the passengers were half famished for food. Uncle spoke twice yesterday I
think everyone seemed pleased with what he said, he stayed over and has organized the
Division tonight. R. Y Blythe, very unexpectedly, opposed it, for a few minutes he seemed
likely to carry the day but, George Martin, with some others thought the present time was
ours, the harvest time had come. If there was danger in delaying. So after taking the voice of
the meeting, which was in favour of no postponment Landsdown Division, Sons of
Temperance, was organized in the Village of Douglas Monday Feb 25th 1884- The officers
are C Jarrett {written over top: O.S.S.}, Mrs Mitchel {written over top: J.S.S.}, Lillie Currie
{written over top: A.C.}, Mr Taylor {written over top: Conductor}, Alex Currie {written over top:
R. S.}, Eunice Cause {written over top is: A. S.}, R Townsend {written over top: F. S.}, Mrs
Wray {written over top is: Treasurer}, Jolui Spence {written over top: P.M.P.}, Mr Wray
{written over top: {Celiaplin?}}, Mr Smith {written over top: W. P.}, then lastly, but, by no
means leastly myself {written over top: W. A.}. I gave R. Y. a slice of my mind for his
presumption, as I can call it nothing els. Uncle said, we were to forget all about it and pray for
him. Well, I don't say, I wont but at the present time I feel greatly relieved and think the
introductry part will do the prayer no harm to do Mr Blythe justice I must say; one redeeming
feature in his character is that he never keeps spite. We will be as good friends tomorrow as
if nothing had every happened {written vertically in left margin: Annie left for Nassagawago
last week with Jane & {Jim?} Campbell.}
Monday March 3rd, 1884
I believe this is the coldest weather we have had all winter. Still, I believe it is going to
moderate now. Last Thursday was a terrific day, Mary and I went down to order some
millinery and were nearly blown across the road, a fearful day for a fire, and yet - Mr. Black
was burned out, he lost all he had excepting a small part of his Library and a few articles of
furniture, the Insurance on the building and contents, each one thousand dollars. Mary
Rodgers walked home from Fergus and had both of her feet frozen the same day. The Dr. is
afraid she will loose part of them, it is a very sad case. Mary says she never saw such a
sight. Yesterday morning Mr. Mc Kay (the student) came for breakfast, the trains were all
blocked so they did not get through until Sunday morning. Our pump was frozen and when
the student presented himself for breakfast it left us in rather an awkward position, however
with the aid of friends we got something ready and he was in line to preach.
Monday March 10th 1884
Mary Douglas was married on Wednesday 5th, were all invited but did not feel like going,
may her future life be as sunny and bright as the day she left her girl-hoods home. I often
think how little a girl know what is before her as she bids farewell to the old house. She
leaves the love well tried and true. And ventures on love untried and new. A social was held
at Peter Gerrie's on Friday 7th. Proceeds to buy books for Mr. Black, it was quite a success,
they made nearly thirty dollars Mr. Hall preached yesterday
{Written vertically in left margin: Mrs. Beck had a little Daughter on the 26th of Feb. She is
calling her for Aggie.}
Monday March 16th 1884
We went to Fergus last Thursday to have babies Picture taken, but we just came home as
we went for the artist was of the donkey persuasion and I feel like telling him what I think of
him even yet. A second social was held at Peter {Girres?} which was as successful as the
first. Gorge Martin went to Nassagaweya, Wednesday 12th for the lumber to fix the hall. We
had a letter from Annie, who is there. She has been bad with ague. Mrs. Jeff Dobbie was in
church last night. She is just starting for {dakalay?}. There were eleven joined the Division
tonight. Mrs. Fleming Kitchen is altogether to Swall. Mr. Greasley thinks the hall will be ready
for next Monday evening.
Monday March 24th 1884
Jim Goodall left for Oregon last Wednesday. I think he disappointed his friends for they did
not think he would go until they saw him on the train. He seemed quite pleased to go. I hope
he may do well, and whether prosperity or adversity await him may he have the blessing. If
he should never return he left me Baby & Harry for my own. Willie Simpson & Lillie Currie
were in the store and we had some fun about the Bribery Case. I cut all the badges and my
fingers were blistered. It is going to take over fifty yds of cotton before we get them finished.
The Lodge is progressing rapidly.
{Written vertically in left margin: I think we are going to have spring, the roads are breaking
up. I was sitting out on the verandah Saturday 22nd, sewing}
Saturday March 29, 1884
Had a good meeting at the Lodge on Monday and it was very crowded. I hope we will be in
our own hall by next meeting. The ice went down while we were at the Division. It is about
three weeks earlier than last year. The Bible Society meeting was held on Tuesday night in
Mr. William's Church. It was a very rough night raining & blowing and very muddy roads. I
went up to see the hall on Friday it looks much better & larger than I expected. I think it will
be a grand palace when we get it finshed. Had a letter from Noble. It was really laughable.
April Saturday 5th 1884
We were in our new hall on Monday for the first time. It was the election of officers, so there
was some fun. The Prayer meeting was here on Wed-nesday evening. Charlie Bick has sold
out to Will Taylor. I do not known when he is going yet. Mrs Thorn & Lizze Marshall called
this evening. I could not help feeling sorry for Mrs. Thorn. She appeared so sad: it matters
little what we have here if we have not health to enjoy it. Mr. Lightbody's people moved over
on Thursday. Had a letter from Jim Goodall, he arrived safely. I think he feels lonesome by
his letter.
{Written vertically in left margin: Mrs. {Meurin?} had a little boy Monday morning. Three
weddings are on Wednesday. Snow, Mann & Clarke.}
April Saturday 12th 1884
Was rather early for Lodge and called on Mrs McGregor, our Deputy Grand overthrew part of
the election, there is a little hard feeling but I think it will all come right. Prayer & Business
meeting held in the church on Wednesday evening. The later was the most orderly we have
had for some time. Mr. Black is thinking of taking up the Fergus Station. I called to see Lizzie
Marshall on Thursday evening and was almost sorry I went. Annie came home tonight, just
eight weeks since she left. Cousin John's hand is keeping better, we sat talking until after
Saturday April 19th 1884
I was at Sunday School on Sunday morning. I think the school is growing - was at Lodge and
came home quite disappointed I hope it is the last time we will have such confusion. Mr
Black came but could not get in Wm Millican called while we were away, Annie did the
honours, which was a great relief, he is very mannerly tries his prettiest not to appear
awkward, and make believe his long extremities are part of himself. Prayer meeting at Mr
Lightbodys. busy sewing for Mrs Beck. The first church refuse to let Mr Black go Had letters
from our Jim and James Miller to day. James says his hand is not mending very fast I hope
Mary will find the five dollar Bill
Written vertically in left margin: Mr and Mrs Staler were at church on Sunday morning, I
suppose they looked nice, newly married people always do, they say.}
April Saturday 27th 1884
Nothing very particular this week I went to Fergus this morning and had Garbutt's picture
taken. We were late for the train thanks to Spence he ran the engine of the track
May Saturday 3rd 1884
Mrs Hannah and I walked over to see Lizzie Johnstone April 27th Andrew and I went over to
Miss Martins School. I thought I would not care to be a teacher for she seemed to have
rather a loneseome time of it. Miss Martin came with us for tea and then they brought us all
home in the evening We papered the hall on tuesday We got babys pictures to day they are
not good at all
Saturday May 24th 1884
John and Roy came on the wood train, looked like rain all day. Annie & Lizzie Lightbody went
to the forks to meet Mr Brillau, {Can-?} John {Juir?} and a number of others played
{Croque?} all day. We excluded going to Orangeville but did not marriage {in?}
Tuesday May 27th
Andrew Johnstone wants to Favorite he {intrudes?} taking a {leriu} at the {that?} haud-school
Thursday 29th
Mr Brillau left for New York
{Written vertically in left margin: Wrote to Sev about an instructor}
Tuesday June, 17th 1884
Mary left this afternoon for Markdale. She is going to take a qarter of music lessons.
Saturday June, 21st 1884
Our picinic came off this afternoon, it was a grand success as far as money was concerned,
but oh, dear the rain came on, and such a rain. I never witnessed, it just poured down in
bucketfulls, muslins and crimps, together with all connected with the millinery line, could have
been bought up at a large discount, the water ran in streams from the gentlemen's coat-tails
and oozed out of their Boot tops. My head ached as though it were being torn from my
shoulders. but after all we made the money and that is the main thing, our hall is nearly clear
of debt, hurrah for temperance, cold water inside or outside.
Tuesday, July 1st, 1884
Anne and Rob. went to Little Toronto. Our boys played a Base ball match with the Toronto
fellows and came off victorious. I went to Mrs. Lindsay, got a hen and set her, the first Start.
Thursday 17th July 1884 Jim came up from Nassagaweya with my incubator.
Wednesday July 23rd Set the incubator, got it going splendid. Prayer meeting at Mrs.
{Written vertically in left margin: Mr. Lightbody went up to fish and thereby hangs a tale. Sat.
Excursion to Owen Sound. Sent the saddle with Mr. Cause}
"If happiness be not the seat and centre of the breast We may be rich, or wise, or great, but
never can be blessed" (Burns)
Wednesday August 6th 1884
Doctor {Faeublyer?} was married to day. I watched the train as it bore them away, and oh,
how many thoughts flitted through my mind. God forbid that young hopes should be blighted,
tender affections crushed e'er they have scarcely bloomed. Oh that cruel monster drink what
homes it as robbed of its brightest and best
My incubator is doing {in-anly?} (Greville, Hill & Co.)
{Written vertically in left margin: The piano in Sargents bush a failure}
Monday Aug 18th 1884
The first egg chipped this morning, I could hardly believe my eyes
Mrs. Bellamy died this morning
Saturday Aug 23rd 1884
What a week I have had, nothing but chickens wherever I turn, I am nearly mad had grand
success nearly a hundred chickens
Thursday 4th Friday 5th September /84
Sunday School convention in Fergus I enjoyed the meetings very much, was at Mrs. Mullans
for tea, & flower show in the evening
Sat. 6th. Came home in the afternoon, missed the morning train, I felt so sorry for Mrs.
{Gerrie?} what a checkered life she has had, Oh: what a fearful curse drink is! Mrs. Hannah's
{sixth?} son was born this morning
{Written vertically in left margin: Sept 11th John Campbell came home with his bride they
drove through the village like John white gloves and all. Friday 12th I had an interview with
Jim, I felt sorry for him but I suppose it is all for the better, whatever comes or goes I wish
him well for we have spent many happy hours together.}
Friday Sept. 12th
Cleaned the church to day; I am so tired I do not feel like sleeping. I wonder what Mr. Ward
will say. I think Marjory Blythe and I had better take a trip to Flanders until he cools off, If I
had a man like Ward I would lie awake alnight before I would't have some plan invented
whereby his lower extremities might move a little faster, if all els failed I would try Bill
Rodgers receipt that he had for Lightbodys Old cuddy.
Monday Sep. 22nd 1884
Just got home from Scarboro. what changes a week can bring poor Cousin Jimmie, who was
so well only a few days ago, is done with earth & earthly things but his friends Sorrow not as
those who have us hope, for although young, with everything bright & promising before him
he had not forgotten that he was not to young to die, and had saught to remember the one
thing needful. Johnie, Jane & I went in to the Exhibition, met Aunt Lizzie who showed herself
off in her true colors. Andrew Johnson came out to Uncles on Saturday evening. Jim and
Aunt Tillie went to the station in full dress to meet him. We made a pot of taffy and had quite
a nice time. Andrew Uncle & I came into the city on the morning train. What a trial we had
searching for tickets, Uncle lost two, one after the other, but we got to the city alright. It
rained all day. We had to stay at Mr Taylors until noon, so we had quit
{The following is a loose-leaf memorandum kept within the journal}
FROM Benegough's Shorthand Antheneum and Type-Writing HEADQUARTERS 29
King St. West, Toronto
88 Maitland St, Toronto: Feb 5, '83
My dear Friend Tillie,
I snatched a moment in an interval between classes to express my sympathy with you and
your afflicted mother and family in this sad trial you are called upon to endure. I heard about
it yesterday by a letter from home. So sudden, it must have been a tremendous blow: it
would have been hard enough in ordinary circumstances. One satisfaction to me in writing
you is that I know you take the affliction wisely, as from the hand of one who is as kind as He
is wise, and who can never do anything wrong. "I was dumb" said David. "I opened not my
mouth, because thou didst it" What can we say in such a case? M would not find fault with
Infinite widsom and Love. And I know God will comfort you, for "He is the Father of Mercies
and the God of all Consolation." It is He who wipes away all tears from our eyes.
{End of memorandum}
a talk about the Scott Act Mrs Taylor is greatly in favour of it, she was telling me that Jake
Alpaugh was to be married in a few weeks. After dinner we took the street cars down and
went to see Mr Barker, he was teaching a class in short hand and was so pleased to see me.
I had a nice talk with him, by what he says I don't think Andrew will make much at short
hand, he is so far behind in other things that Mr. Barker thinks he will never be able to take a
Aunt Tillie came in on the afternoon train and braught baby. Jim came with me as far as
Shutsville. I could not help admiring him he was so kind and thoughtful, I hope he may be
kept from all temptation such as is common to youth, and have wisdom granted him to seek
first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and then he will be usefull in whatever
sphere he may be placed. I met Sara Campbell at Shutsville so had company all the way
home. Mrs. Mitchell met us at the station, and then we finished up the day by going to a
temperance lecture in the church which was indeed well worth hearing, it was given by Han.
Ansley Grey the temperance people have engaged him for fifteen lectures, so we expect to
hear him again before he leaves our country. Sara Campbell says all the Fergus girls are
crazy about him. If he gets that string of old maids after him he will have enough to do
Tuesday Oct 14th 1884
We have just got the show safely over. We had a splendid day at the Division, did not make
so much money but cleared all expenses, had a taffy off in the evening I think everyone
enjoyed themselves It was very cold in the evening Nellie Cassidys concert was a complete
failure. Mr & Mrs Clyne came out on the morning train Will Taylor is to be married to-morrow.
Jupp asked me to go for a drive was there ever anything worse, I did not know what to say I
was so astonished, I think all these old roosters ought to be shot off.
Monday Oct. 27th
Mr. & Mrs. McGregor, Rev Mr Smith & Beattie together with Mr. Graul all came for tea They
went in the evening to Mimosa, all started off smoking cigars and such is life, ministers, I
suppose, are only mortal like ourselves.
Oct 28th drove over to see Mr. Black, such a fraud, some men are confirmed humbugs.
Oct 29th Mr. Grant's teameeting at the upper church. public opinion is of little worth, how
soon the tide turns Highlanders with all their policy, and pretty sayings, get into trouble like
other people.
I hope the Collage Boys enjoyed their cake
{Written vertically in left margin: Thursday, Oct 30st Spent the day at Misses Black and
Simpsons It was a long day for the time of year Enjoyed the drive in the very much The
Yankees came on the noon train}
Thursday Nov, 20th 1884
Mrs. Wray died this morning, what a beautiful, long-to-be remembered death bed it will be to
may we hear of them again, how sadly she will be missed, what great Blanks & sore places
death makes, but as she told me once, and I have often thought so since, that death was
sweet compared to what God in His wise Provdence, sometimes called His children to pass
Wednesday Nov. 19th 1884
Mrs Currie flew of the handle, this morning and took me to task over about a tub of butter, oh
Well, "tis a long lane that has no turn" I did not mean to do Ms Currie a wrong in the
transaction and my conscience is perfectly easy, so I know it will all come right
Friday Dec 5th 184
Sold all the hens to {Juie?} Bellamy came to about twenty dollars so that was not so bad
after all of the contracts ever I had anything to do with the cleaning of that hen house I think,
was really the worst, Mrs. Mitchel whit washed it and it looks very nice, Went to hear the
Jubilee Fisk Singers in Fergus, the singing was beautiful to grand for me to appreciate it was
raining nearly all day but cleared up nicely in the evening - we have been busy sewing for
Aunt Mattie Uncle & Lizzie Lightbody and all who ever in the world ever dreamed that Lizzie
Lightbody would need a wedding dress
Friday 19th Dec. 184
Our friends left for Nassagaweeya this morning Uncle brought up a covered sleigh, so they
were all packed in little-boy big-boy Carpet sack o & Bundles
{Written vertically in left margin and into the page:
Presented Lizzie May with a Locket & chain, such a night I never put in I was ashamed of our
Dec. Thursday 11th
Had an entertainment in the Hall, it was rather a rough affair John {?}allry & Melin sang very
Dec. 17th Lizzie Lightbody was married this afternoon, everything passed off very well the
Boys were a little noisy at night Mother & I went to the chruch meeting Mr. Black spoke very
disrespectfully not at all befitting a gentleman much less a Minister Maggie Esson was
married in the forenoon
Dec. 25th Went over to Mr. Blacks Church to a social, it was very cold. I think Maggie
Lightbody and cook are fair crazy}
Thursday Jan. 1st 1885
Have got the teameeting safely over and I hope it will be the last we will ever have, The Boys
behaved so shamefully Mr. Rea tried to keep order but it was of no avail, Mr. Clarke declares
he will never come back to be abused in such a manner, Mr. Crane & Clark got quite hot
over it, the singing was a successs, I do wish Will Lightbody could stay here all the time, he
is just simply grand. Our oyster supper came off real {nice?} everything was just splendid,
Emma Cause came and acted so nice, soap bubble blowing was something quite new I wish
Smart had waited until warmer weather before he gave us so much fresh air, I hope Will
Taylors prizes will come in useful. After closing with Singing & prayer we wished one another
a happy New Year, and then all went to their respective houses. Sleighing all gone what a
change from Christmas
Saturday night Jan. 3rd
Social over and everything cleaned up. the {christmas?} tree looked very nice, but the noise
was dreadful
Wednesday April 22nd/85
Mrs. Lightbody died this afternoon, she was very nice and did not appear to be suffering any
pain, just {slipped?} quietly away. Mr. Millican came in and had a nice prayer Mrs. Hannah
and I went to see about the shroud, they will miss her very much but I think she was a good
woman with all her short comings.
April 23rd - went to Division, Mr Smith was bringing the law down very pointedly. So we
dismissed and came home - April 24th Mrs. Lightbody was buried this afternoon, Will came
by the noon train, Mr. Blacks part in the ceremony was very cold and and unchristian-like the
boys were so tender about their Mother & it seemed as if they could hardly tolerate him. Mr.
Campbell called and had worship, he appears to be very nice
27th Mattie & Mr. Grant came this afternoon
May 24th/85 very quite {quiet} in the village, Annie & Mary spent the day at Mr. {Louthts?}. I
went for a drive in the evening, we are getting along real well with the sewing. I think we will
be done in about three weeks.
{Written vertically in the left margin: May 13th Mattie went home yesterday we got all her
sewing done.}
Thursday July 2nd 1885
Well, Well Old Diary - Wonders will never cease, I think we have given the village gossips
material enough to work on for the next ten weeks to come, such a day in Douglas as the
30th of June will be long remembered. I do not Know when I ever felt so sad it seemed as if
the sun would never shine again, when Annie told me that she could not marry Willie Brittain,
that she would rather die than take him, for the first instant I thought my heart would burst its
prison wall to be free. I cannot enter into details and tell you everything, but after we had
raised all the sleeping ones, and told them the strange news, John went for Willie Brittain. He
acted very gentlemanly all through, but all his persuasions were in vain Annie still said she
could not go, then W. H. Clarke came and he gave us such a lecture all round, but still it
made no difference, things were all at a standstill, the neighbours all left their work, and
stood in groups at every corner, K.Y.B. near{l}y spoiled his batch of bread. After diner we all
went to class and left them, I was so glad to get away, not for the sake of enjoying myself but
I felt I could hardly live if I did not get out someplace,
Aunt had everything just beautiful, she was very kind and said not to be too much cast down
as there was always a silver Lining to every cloud and relief was sure to come, perhaps not
in just the way we looked for it, but it would surely come, so we started home and
{continued from previous page} I wondered where that relief would ever come from. Aunt
sent a story of the cake and I wished it would only fall out of the buggie on the way home for I
did not Know what to do with it, but the relief was nearer than I imagined for when we got
home Mother told me that Annie was married and away, what a great burden had rolled
away, the very air seemed to be free and I thought I could breath easier, I went to bed but
was so overjoyed I could not sleep, Bert & John came up from Toronto
Aunt Tellie left for home this morning, what a strange ending after so much preparation
Bert & Kay went home after breakfast, she is in a great state about his face, she send if John
had brought him to Toronto she would have sent them both to a hotel and not answered
either of them.
Monday July 6th
Had a letter from Annie, they arrived safely and got through the custom house Officers
{Hand?} without any trouble, she said she was as happy as she could be, just fancy, after all
the headaches, heartaches and every other Kind of ache that mortal man or woman is
subject, getting a letter like that.
I went to church last night, and could not listen to sermon for thinking every person was
looking at me and saying; what fools Hills have made of themselves. Our house seemed so
dull Yesterday, Bert & John & Willie & Willie Simpson came for tea
{Written vertically in the margin: Marjory Blythe Yesterday and broke down the morning}
Friday July 10th/85
Mary came home from Nass.{Nassagawago} with her new teeth, they look just splendid
better that ever expected, I picked ten qts of strawberries this afternoon, and put them down,
I had no idea the little patch would do so well, sat up last night with Mrs McGregors Babies,
twins, I think one of the little things will hardly live, John Hannah is real sick I am afraid Mrs.
Hannah be worn out waiting on him, I am afraid the neighbours are not doing their duty. Mary
had letter from Brittain. I think By the tone of it that he thinks I persuaded Anne not to go with
him, I feel real hurt about it for I am sure I never said one word against him, but perhaps it
will all come right sometime and if it never does I need not mind for God knows all things
even the very inner most thoughts of our hearts - I went for a drive in the evening it was quite
chilly. I don't think I was very good company, I felt so dull and my thoughts seemed so
Sat. July 11th/85
Miss Emma Martin was married this afternoon, under an apple tree in the Orchard, we got a
peep of them when they came to the station with the aid of the telescope
Tuesday July 14th/85
Our S.S. {Sunday School} Scholars had their picnic in Mr. Rodgrs bush, the day was not
every promising but it turned out real nice, Mary said it was the first Picnic she has been at
for a long time. Emma & Mr. Campell walked home together, I suppose the gossips have
them married next week.
Monday July 20th/85
Mrs. Simpson died this morning, something about the news, I cannot tell, why, but I felt so
sad Mrs. Lindsay's Baby was buried this forenoon Mr. Black made quite an address,
Frank Martin came home on this evenings train
Thursday 23rd July
Mrs Slater {added above the line: from Hamilton} called in the evening, she appears to be a
very nice person, I did not go to the Division. Willie is so sorry about his Mothers death, How
nice to know they sorrow not as those who have no hope. She knew in whom she trusted, in
her Redeemer she looked for strength
Monday July 27th/85
Bert & John moved to Hillsburgh Mary went down to help them to fix up things generally Mr.
Campbell & I walked over to Mr Martins, played a few games of Croquet and had a nice dish
of strawberries & cream, just got home in time to miss a good drive I felt provoked all the rest
of the walk. Jamie Bradley says Sheppard is to be married tomorrow, he and Lillie have
fallen out, and he has made friends with his old girl in Elora and are going to be married right
off, but someway I don't think it's true, but we will see
Thursday Aug 6th/85
Excursion to Toronto, Barrie Orilia Mary & Burt intended going, But Roy was sick, so Mary &
Garbutt spent the day at John's
Friday Aug 7th - I walked down to see Mrs. Quarrie this-afternoon. we had quite a long talk
about Dr. Tamblyn, how strange things turn round, she is fretting every day about Cassie and
could only wish she had her back again. Mr Quarrie drove me home in the evening and we
met Mrs Tamblyn, with her {written vertically in the margin: baby at the station she looks real
nice and her baby is just a beauty, she says she is just calling him Jim}
Sat. Aug 8th/85 - Had a letter from Annie Not at all a promising morning for a pleasure trip
still it did not rain, so me down to Elora, and spent the afternoon among the rocks, if we go
again, I think we will invite some others to go along, and I am sure we would have a grand
time. the rain Kept off all day, the drive home was pleasant - And so it is in every thing there
is a change - I think Willie is a real Christian, of course, there are short comings, but when is
there who has not it is strange how the wheels of time turn, and bring about things we never
dreamed of - Carriage wheels even change their places and thereby hangs a tale
Monday 10th
Fixed Grivelle's quilt, Mr. Campbell called, & Sarah Campbell in the afternoon, so we had
some fun
Thursday Aug 13th/85
Had a despatch from Stayner Aunt Ann died this morning. Mother intended going but could
not make the connection, we have no idea what could have been wrong, as we had not
heard of her being ill. was just starting for the Division when the rain came an so did not go
Aug 19th Mrs. Tamblyn & her Mother called, I think they are going to Mr Millicans for tea, I
was over seeing Mrs. Marshall, she does not look so poorly as I expected to find, she has
her hair all cut off and I rather like her apperance I believe it improves her
{Written vertically in the left margin: Ellen Russel was married on the 22nd of June and no
one knew anything of it until the 2nd week in Aug. I don't think she has gained very much in
doing things that style, nor yet in getting the man she has either, I feel thankful I escaped}
Friday 21st Aug -
Mr. Campbell called for me to go with him to see Mrs. Marshal if he intends anything beyond
friendship with Emma Cause, he is a deceitful man.
Emma was fixed in great style to receive him, I am sure she was looking for him we did not
stay long, I told Mr Campbell I did not wish to take him away so after we got out he said it is
better this way you know - I packed for a while & then went for a drive, Willie brought a
beautiful bunch of roses in full bloom at this time of the year just fancy
Sat 22nd The Boys behaved really to bad to night I don't believe I ever knew boys so
ignorant in all my life I was so annoyed I gave one of them a bath of cold water for his
Mrs Taylor had a little girl
Thursday Aug. 27th Excursion to Elora from Sheetsville
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Matilda Hill Diary, 1884-1885.pdf
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