Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1861-1863


Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1861-1863

Date Created

January 1, 1861

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Benjamin Reesor Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript


Private Journal in which I intend to record local Occurances daily occupation Markets State of the weather &c &c

Benjamin B Reesor

1861 January 1 Shot a large Owl. Good sleighing About home nearly all day received a short visit from Brother C Reesor & family, Weather mild Wheat $1.10 cts

2 Helped Brother Noah Reesor at Threshing in forenoon and C Reesor in the afternoon. Weather mild

3 Helped my Brother Simeon Reesor at threshing Weather Mild

4 Went to my brother in law M. Neighswanders on a visit today and to my Brother S Reesor this Evening. Weather Clear & Cold.

5 Went to Markham Village. Weather cold and a little snow

Sunday 6 At home all day. Weather Cloudy and Mild

7 Went to Municipal Election in Scarboro Ward No. 2 Voted for Mr Helliwell Weather, Cloudy and Snowed

8 Helped my Brother Simeon Reesor at threshing. Weather cloudy & mild

9 Went to School Meeting in Scarboro Section No. 4, A.M. threshed oats in afternoon, Weather, snowed in the mornning, cloudy and mild all day Brother Noah & family here this evening

10 Cleaned Oats in the Morning, made a Wooden fork. Weather, Snowed in the morning High wind through the day Calm and cold this evening

11 Went to Markham Village for a stove A.M. Took a load of straw to R. Money{?} B Smith PM. Weather very cold and snowed all day

Jan 1861

12 Helped my Brother C Reesor to kill a Cow A M threshed oats PM went to Singing School in * Hebron Chapel in the Evening, Weather Clear & very cold

Sunday 13 At home all day received a visit from C Burkholder and family. Weather Clear and a little warmer

14 Helped my Brother N Reesor to kill a pig AM choring around PM Weather Mild and a little snow

15 Drawed home a little wood & ground my axe, Today Mr Donald McKay was here taking the Census, Weather cloudy and mild, Wheat $1.10 @ {$1.14}

16 Worked in the Shop A.M. Went to Benjamin Lehman's Chopping Bee PM. Weather, rained AM. Cloudy P.M., Sleighing good yet

17 Went to R Moneys Smith shop A.M. and to T Woods store P.M. Weather Cloudy & mild

18 Went to my Brother N Reesor's in the morning worked about home through the day, Weather, Wind from the East Snowed all P.M.

19 Cleaned Oats A.M Went to Cedar Grove P.M. And to Singing School in the Evening, Weather Cloudy & a little Snow. Wheat $1.18 @ $1.22

Sunday 20 Went to Meeting at Hebron Chapel My Father Revd John Reesor made Introductory remarks Jacob Grove Preached a sermon on 2nd Cp St John My Brother & sister in law Simon & Elisabeth Hoover Michael Frets and wife were here after meeting. Weather Clear & Cold

{*} commonly called Reesor's Meeting house

Jan 1861

21 Helped Wm Morrison Clean peas in the morning Worked about home all day, Weather Clear and Cold

22 Went to Cedar Grove Mills AM and then went to Jacob Hoovers in Pickering on a visit in the Evening, Weather cold and Clear

23 Went to Major Mills AM, fixed Turnip pit PM, and went to my Uncle Dr J S Reesor's on a visit in the Evening, Weather Clear & cold

24 About the house all day, helped William Morrison Clean Peas in the Evening Weather, wind from the East, snowed all day

25 Drove John Burkholder to School in Scarboro AM Went to R Money's B Smith Shop PM weather Clear & mild

26 Worked in the barn A.M. went to Cedar Grove Mills PM. and went to Singing School in the Evening Weather Cloudy & mild

Sunday 27 Went to Meeting at Widemans Chapel Introductory remarks by Revd Henry Barkey Sermon on St John 3rd Chap by Rev'd Jacob Burkholder After meeting went to my father in laws John Hoover's, Weather, Clear AM at 3 oclock Snow P.M

28 Got ready with a load of wheat to go to Major Mills when we received a short visit from Samuel Doner & wife AM. then I took it in the afternoon and sold it at $1.15cts per Bus then we went to my Brother Simeon Reesors in the Evening. Weather Clear & mild

29 Took two loads of wheat to Major Mills at $1.15cts per Bus. Weather Cloudy & mild wind and snow from the north in the Evening

{at} a Meeting held by the members of the members of the Mennonist Church {upside down at the bottom of the page} Benjamin

at a Meeting held by the members of the Menonist Church held in the Meeting house {situate?} on Lot No. 1 - 11th Con of Markham for the on the 5th day of February 1861 for the purpose of appointing Trustees for the ensuing year John Reesor Chairman

Moved by Jacob Reesor seconded by Daniel Hoover that Samuel Reesor be Trustee Carried

Moved by Christian Burkholder seconded by Christian Reesor that Noah Reesor be Trustee Carried

Moved by Christian Burkholder seconded by Noah Reesor that Simeon Reesor be Trustee Carried

Feb 1861

Jan 30 Took a load of wheat to Major Mills at $1.15, AM. Sawed fire wood PM. Died, On Monday Last The Revd. Adam Wideman, Today he was buried on the 4th Con of Markham he was a minister in our Church nearly 25 years. {illegible] Weather, Windy, and a little snow from the north.

31 Went to John Hollinger's Chopping bee in Mr. C Burkholder's Bush, received a visit from Mr S G Reesor and family in the Evening. Weather Cloudy and mild

February 1 Went to J Woods Store AM. received a short visit from my Uncle Joseph Burkholder and wife PM. Weather mild and Cloudy AM. Snow & wind from the East PM

2 Grinding Axe and shoveling snow AM. Went to Cedar Grove PM. Weather mild & Cloudy a little sunshine at noon great snowstorm last night. snow two feet deep on the level, good sleighing Wheat $1.10 @ $1.18 cts went to Singing School in the Evening

Sunday 3 Went to my Brother S Reesor's on a visit his wife has been sick but she is on a fair way of recovery Weather, Clear and Cold

4 Idling around shot Chloe* AM Went to T Woods store & to Major Mills PM Received a visit from Peter John & Anne Hoover & Mrs Elisabeth Neighswander in the Evening Weather Clear & Mild

5 Helped my Brother C Reesor to draw a hay stack into the Barn. Weather Cloudy and mild

6 Helped my Brother C Reesor to finish drawing in the hay stack and grind his axe AM. Drawed home a load of wood went to my Brother S Reesors to B Lehmans & to Cedar Grove PO PM. Weather Cloudy & windy Some snow PM

{*} our little pet dog

Feb 1861

7 Sorted Apples, Weather, wind storm from the north some six inches of snow fell since last night, great drifts. very Cold

8 Threshed Oats A.M, I and John Burkholder Went along the Scarboro townline Beating roads some great drifts near the 11th Con of Markham PM. Weather, Clear and very Cold

9 Threshed Oats AM. Went to Cedar Grove Mills For a pig PM. and to Singing School in the Evening. Weather Cloudy and a little milder Commenced to rain about 9 Oclock this evening

Sunday 10 Went to my Uncle Christian Burkholders on a visit and Called at my Brother N Reesor's in the Evening. his little daughter Mary is very bad with the Croup, Weather, Clear sunshine and mild all day, thawing a little

11 Died, Last night my Brother N Reesor's Daughter Mary, then today I went up through Markham and to Whitchurch to Inform the friends about the funeral, Weather, rained all day, mild and foggy

12 Went to the Funeral at my Bro N Reesor's the little child was buried at Hebron Chapel Remarks By Revd H Barkey sermon on 1st St. Peter 1st Chapt 16 Ver by Revd J Grove after the Service We went to the house over for dinner, Weather, Mild & Clear, a little snow in the Evening

13 Went to Markham Village for my broken Cutter Drew home a load of wood in the evning and then went to my Br C Reesor's on {illegible] Weather, Mild & Clear

Feb Mar 1861

Cleaning and drawing

27 Finished Cleaning and drawing in Barley Weather, Clear & mild. Sold a sheep to Sparta Billy at $4.75 cts

28 Went to the Funeral of R Money's Child AM. and went to J Wood's store PM Weather, Mild and Cloudy, a little rain PM

March 1 Went to J Watts to buy seed Oats but he was not at home, AM. Cored & pared Apples PM. Weather, Mild & Cloudy a little rain in the Evening Went to singing school at Hebron Chapel in the Evening

2 drawed Hedgeings for ovenwood AM. sold 16 Bus Barley to Andrew Lapp and 10 Bus to W Mollinger @ 55cts per Bus & drawed a load of edgings PM Weather, Mild a little rain and fog

3 We all went to my Bro C Reesor's on a visit Weather Mild & Cloudy, a little rain PM

4 Hitched to the Sleigh to go to Mr Snowball's Brick & Tile yard 7th Con Markham when Mrs J Laughlin Came and bought 24 Bus Barley @ 55cts per Bus. Hitched again in the afternoon and went as far as Sparta when it commenced to storm and so we turned and went home and hung the meat into the smokehouse. Weather Clear & mild strong West wind, a little snow PM

5 I and John went to Mr Snowball's Brick & Tile yard and brought 700 Bricks @ 45cts per hundred AM Went to R Moneys B.S. Shop PM. Weather Cold Wind from the west, a little snow

6 I and John went to Mr Snowball's and brought one thousand 2 in pipe {illegible, page torn} @ $6 per thousand AM {remainder of page illegible due to torn edge}

March 1861

7 Went to Mr Snowballs and brought 500 tiles AM Then we all went over to my father's to a quilting PM, Weather Clear and Cold one ewe lambed yesterday afternoon and one last night

8 Went to R Moneys BS Shop AM, Then went to John Young's sale on Lot 33 4th Con Pickering PM, and to singing School in the Evening Weather, Cloudy & cold a little rain PM

9 Threshed Oats AM Cleaned And took them to Cedar Grove Mills to get them Chopped PM. Weather Clear & mild

Sunday 10 Went to Old Dan Hoover's on a visit Weather Clear & Cold wind from the south

11 Went to my Father in law John Hoover's on a visit. Weather Clear & pretty Cold

12 Took a Sheep to Sparta for the Butcher AM. I & John Chopped Cordwood for {Chas?} Burkholder PM Weather Clear & Cold Commenced to Snow from the East in the evening received a visit from Br S Reesor & family & Jacob Reesor & wife in the evening

13 I & John Chopped Cordwood for C Burkholder AM Went to R Money's BSS & threshed Oats and went to Cedar Grove PM Weather Clear & Cold wind from the {illegible}

14 Threshed Oats Received a visit from Mr Samuel Hoover & family, of Pickering PM. Went to my Br C Reesors in the evening Weather Clear & Mild

15 Threshed Oats. Nancy went to singing school in the evening. Weather Clear & mild

16 I & John helped my father to draw wood AM Went to R Moneys BSS, made some {spiles?} PM. Received a visit from Uncle D Burkholder {remainder of page illegible due to torn edge}

March April 1861

Re Received a visit from John Reesor {illegible Lualeus Mau Bfufa}

Easter Sunday 31 Received a visit from my Br S Reesor & family Weather. Clear & mild

Easter Monday April 1 Received a visit from my father & mother Br N Reesor & family, Weather, Great snow storm from the East. Br Noah's came in the buggy started to go home about 2 o'clock couldnt get down the lane, hitched to my sleigh him and John went down and done his chores, came back in the Evening, got stuck in the lane, unhitched, had to stay all night, great uproar, dont feel well, eat too many eggs, got belly ache, children crying, and so on. guess we wont foget the first of April for a week.

2 Got up in the morning, tore down the fences helped Noah's out through the field, then I went to my Br Simeons and hired Miss Louis Moyer @ $2.75 cts per month, then I & John Cleaned the snow out of the sap buckets AM. Gathered the sap PM Weather, mild,

3 Boiled sugar. Weather Clear & mild

4 Boiled sugar Went to BSS in the morning {Wm? Mr? Mrs?} Brown Died last night @ 10 oClock Weather Mild & Clear

5 Boiled sugar. Weather Clear & mild

6 Boiled sugar. Weather Clear & mild we have made one pound of sugar to each tree tapped, in one week's time. I dont recollect of ever having done so before

7 Went to my Br C Reesors on a visit, Weather mild & Clear

8 I & John Helped P Hoover & S Shank to dig a grave for {AB?} Lehman's Child (at Hebron Chapel) attended funeral AM. killed a calf for my Father. Dug a drain from Turnip pit PM. {remainder of page illegible due to torn edge}

April 1861

{Re We Chopped ... illegible from...}

9 I & John Chopped Cordwood in the markham bush. Weather Clear, East wind Calm in the Evening

10 Boiled Bollases, AM. I & Nancy went to Jesse Reesor's on a visit. and I went to Markham Village. PM. Weather warm & Clear

11 Today sowed grass seed into that small field of fall wheat opposite C Burkholders & went to singing school in the Evening Weather, warm & Clear

12 I & John Helped the neighbours to scrub Hebron Chapel AM Chopped Cordwood in the Markham bush PM. Weather Warm & Cloudy

13 Went to R Money's BSS & made a pair of whipple trees AM. Went to Cedar Grove Mills for some Chop stuff PM

Sunday 14 Went to meeting at Hebron Chapel. Remarks & sermon on St. John 10th Chap 12 Verse to end of Chapt by Revt John Reesor Visitors after service. Simon & Samuel Hoover Weather, Mild & Cloudy, a little snow in the Evening

15 I & John made a pig trough AM. I went to my Br Noah's to get a cross cut saw came home & sold 16 Bus Barley to Alex Morris @ 50cts per Bus, PM Weather. Mild & Cloudy

16 Went to my Br Simeon's Bush and got 9 maple trees and 1 beech and set them out in the dooryard, AM. went to BSS & John Cut down a large willow tree behind the {illegible driving?} PM Weather. mild & Clear

2 Suckers Caught yesterday at S Reesors Saw mill.

April 1861

17 I & John Commenced to boil sugar in the morning, then I & Nancy went to T Wood's store AM. Split rails PM. Weather. Clear. Wind from the north

18 Ploughed sod south of the front garden Weather cloudy and mild. snow PM

19 Ploughed. Received a visit from my father & motherinlaw this PM. Weather. Clear & windy

20 Boiled sugar. John finished ploughing west of the Creek. I went to BSS in the Evening Weather. Clear & windy PM Calm this Evening

Sunday 21 Went to the funeral of John Lehman at Wideman's Chapel Sermon by Revd G Troyer on 2nd Cor 5th Chap 1&2 Verses and Revd J Macklin on Revs. 14 chap & 13 verse. after service went to my Br law J H Ramer's for dinner. Weather Clear & mild

22 Went to my Br S Reesor's S Mill. got my Br C to draw 4 sawlogs on the rollway, then I helped him to dig 16 young maple trees AM I & John Br N & his hired man J McNair Went to J {Peirces?) fields and fished upstream Weather Clear & warm some thunder in the evening

23 I & Nancy went to Fatherinlaw's for Plum trees John Plowed, Weather. Warm, some rain PM heavy rain last night

24 Sowed grass seed. Went to Sawmill to pile lumber made fence. Weather Cloudy AM. Clear & windy PM Sold 10 Bus Barley to {H? W?} Peters 9 to J Peters & 4 to K {Parker?} @ 55 ct per Bus

25 Drawed lumber AM Choring around PM Sold 14 Bus Barley to W Lapp & 14 to S Hollinger Went fishing in the millrace in the Evening got 4 suckers about 800 suckers caught at S Reesor's mill since yesterday @55 {illegible} Weather Clear & mild

April 1861 May

{Went to P M?}

26 Went to R Money's BSS in the morning and bought a new wooden plough for $18 cash. Ploughed a piece of sod south of the graveyard Weather, warm & Clear

27 Sowed oats in the field south of the Front garden in the evening Weather. Warm, some rain at noon & thunder & rain in the evening

Sunday 28 Went to my Br N Reesors on a visit. Weather. Cool. heavy rain last night

29 Got up at 2 oclock AM I & my father & George Davidson (Br C's man) went to Br S's mill to fish but found that the water was too high. then we went to a small creek 1/2 mile west of the mill and caught a few suckers. then I helped Br N to roll out pine stumps on the Townline at Morrisons planted trees PM. Weather Clear warm. Cloudy PM Sold 10 Bus Barley to D Burkholder @ 55cts

30 Plowed North of the Barn AM rather wet Nailed Batting on Board fence on Pickering Townline PM. Weather Clear & warm, some Cloudy

May 1 Sorted Apples AM. Spread dung in the Orchard planted some potatoes in the back garden PM Weather Clear & cool ice froze last night ground white with snow this morning

2 Made Fence north of the dam. Weather cool {illegible half inch?}

3 Finished plowing north of the barn. Weather Clear, mild, frost last night

4 I sowed 2 acres Barley in the field north of the barn John Harrowed & plowed in the field near hoovers Weather Clear & warm a little frost last night

Sunday 5 Went to Mannasseh Fretz's on a visit. Weather Clear & Cool a little frost last night

6 I & John Plowed in the field near Hoovers. Weather. rained some This morning at 6 oclock I took my father my sister & Barbara Barkey to Dunbarton Station on the GTRR they are going to the falls

7 Went BSS AM I & John went to S mill for a load of Oven wood PM. Weather. Heavy rain last night showers through the day. High water.

8 Planted some plum trees and six Apple treas that I bought of {Mr? MB?} Buell agent to Mr Bless of Rochester AM. Trimed orchard PM my father & sister and Barbara Barkey Came home about 2 oclock PM Weather Clearing up some sign of settled weather.

May 1861


Ascension Day May 9 Went to my Br S Reesor's on a visit. Weather. Clear

10 Fixed fences round the barnyard & Hung a new gate at the water trough AM plowed PM Weather Cloudy. Commenced to rain at 5 PM

11 Choring around put new {illegible} into gate by willow tree. Went to T Woods store planted potatoes in the Evening. Weather rained last night Clear today

12 Went to Meeting at Hebron Chapel Sermon by J E Reesor On St Mark 16th Chapt 14 Verse to end of Chapt Visitors after service & H Ramer's & family Br CR & family Weather Clear

13 Plowed, Weather. Cloudy AM. Drisly rain PM

14 Went to BSS to get the new Plow share fixed AM made & drawed out a new water trough & drawed home a new pig trough. Weather Cloudy

15 Sowed Barley in west half of the field near hoovers AM didn't do much PM. got a Boil on {lip?} John harrowed in the Barley. Weather Clear shower in the Evening. Sow got 16 pigs

16 Sowed 8 acres of peas north of the barn. Weather Clear

17 Cultivated East of field near Hoover's John plowed ground where the old fence stood at Pickering Townline Weather. Clear. Cold wind from the north.

18 Sowed Oats in East half of field near Hoover's Weather. Clear.

Whit Sunday 19 At home all day Nancy went to meeting at Wideman's WSM AM to E Taylor's store PM & to C Burkholder's in the Evening Weather. Clear. Boil very sore

21 Idling round nursing sore Boil John Plowed for C Burkholder Received a visit from Uncle Joseph Burkholder & family Weather Clear

22 John Plowed in field south of the lane I was Idling. Boil very sore. Weather Clear

23 Went to Cedar Grove AM Rolled oats PM. Weather Clear

Queen's Birthday 24 Planted Corn south of the lane AM Sowed Carrots same place PM Received short visit from Fatherinlbaws PM. Weather Clear light showers AM

{In margin: Chopped cordwood in ... Levi Reesor}

May June 1861

25 I & John Br C's man Br N & his man Went down the {illegible roughe? rouge?} to Gibsons Old S Mill to fish for Mullets, there were none up so after Cacthing {Catching} a pike & a sucker we Came home again washed the sheep at Br Simeons PM. Weather. Clear

Sunday 26 Went to Meeting at Altona. Remarks & Sermon on St Luke 10 Chapter 30 vers to end of Chapt by Revd H Barkey. Went to M Neighswanders Senior after Service Weather warm & clear. a little rain in the evening

27 Went to Mr J Scotts, & took in a pit of potatoes AM Went to BSS, & cut seed potatoes PM. Bob Haig Clipped the Sheep today @ 5 cts apiece. Weather Cool some rain high wind

28 I & John Plowed fallow East of the dam Weather cool & windy high wind last night Calm in the evening

29 Took our wool to E {Cliffs?} Carding Mill at Altona Then we went to M Neighswander's for dinner Weather, Clear & Cool.

30 Had Br N. to help pull Pidgeon weed in the large Wheat field. AM I & John Ploughed fallow PM. Weather Clear & warm

31 Went to A. Grove's {illegible Senk?} to see Barbara about spinning our wool. Plowed PM. Weather Clear & warm

June 1 Planted Potatoes & a few Carrots in the field south of the lane Took oat & Barley chop to Cedar Grove mills in the evening Weather Clear & warm

Sunday 2 Went to meeting at Wideman's Chapel Remarks by Revd J Burkholder Sermon on Luke 16 Chap 19 ver to end of Chap By Rev J Reesor. Went to Fatherinlaws after service Weather Clear, rain in the evening

June 1861

{illegible wlene AM H?}

3 Pulled Pidgeon weed AM. Helped Br C to Plant Potatoes PM Weather Windy Cloudy a little rain

4 Pulled Pidgeon weed AM. Ploughed PM. Weather clear

5 Plowed AM. Sorted Potatoes. Went to SSM fishing after supper. Caught 37 of all kinds & 1 trout Weather Cloudy, rain PM

6 I & John took 2 year old colt to pasture at M Neighswanders Junr Planted & hoed some potatoes after supper Weather Clear Went fishing this morning at Buttonwood hole got 2 suckers

7 Had Br C's man to help to pull Pidgeon weed Weather clear

8 Went to Frenchman's Bay for a {BU? Bll? Bushel or barrel?} of Plaster & a {BU? Bll? Bushel or barrel?} of salt AM Ploughed turnip land PM W Morrison com digging drain Weather warm & clear

Sunday 9 Went to Meeting at Hebron Chapel Remarks by Revd J Reesor Sermon on St John 8 Chap by Revd H Barkey. Visitors after Service Abraham & Menno Burkholder & Solomon Burkholder, Simon Samuel Elisabeth & Fanny Hoover {Rosa?} Moyer B Lehman & Family for supper Weather Clear Warmest day this season

10 Harrowed Summer Fallow near the Dam AM John went to W Bell's raising 3rd Con Pickering PM

11 I & Father Br C & his man made Board Fence on Front of our Lot in Markham Village John & J Purdy hauled {dung?} into the fallow behind the Cider house Weather very warm

12 Hauled dung. Weather Clear a little rain last night cooler today

June 1861

13 Dug in garden John hoed corn AM Both Plowed in Fallow behind cider house PM Weather. Cool. Comfortable. fine Breesee sold two pigs to M Neighswander

14 Plowed. Weather. Cool Slight shower PM sold a pig to my Father & one to J Walkey @ $ each

15 Went to Cedar Grove Mills with a grist of 10 Bus T {Treadwell?} wheat AM Spread dung & hoed potatoes PM John Plowed Sold two pigs @ $1 apiece Heavy rain last night Weather warm Cloudy at times High wind this evening

Sunday 16 Went to meeting at Wideman's Chapel I & Nancy were Called into the Vestry Where we were Catechised, after service. Voices were taken for a new Minister. Abraham Hoover Casper Wideman Jacob Wideman & Abraham Wideman were nominated, in two weeks from today lots will be Cast to decide which of them will be Chosen.

17 Plowed Fallow hoed corn after supper Weather clear

18 Went to Cedar Grove Mills AM. Laid tiles PM Weather Clear AM Cloudy PM Traded two pigs to W Morrison for filling all the new drain

June 1861

19 Worked on the road with John & the team Weather Clear AM small shower some thunder PM

20 Worked Seven hours on the road with John and the team which finished my time in Markham Weather warm & Clear

21 Went to T Woods store AM Laid tiles PM Weather Fine Shower early this morning Cloudy all day

22 Sowed Turnips south of the lane. Weather warm Clear

Sunday 23 Went to J H Ramer's on a visit. He was riding in his Buggy last Monday when the Horse took a fright and ran away Mr Ramer jumped out and fractured his right leg below the knee he is kep in his bed but is doing as well as could be expected. Weather warm Clear little rain this morning

24 Harrowed fallows. Weather. Clear & cool

25 Harrowed fallow John not well. lame limbs John Stover hoed carrots corn & potatoes piled dung behind the barn. Weather warm & Clear

26 I & John Stover Hauled dung into north Fallow John not quite well yet Weather warm slight shower AM

June July July 1861

27 I & John Stover Hauled dung John not well But he pulled weeds this PM in the field opposite Burkholders Weather. Cloudy at times But no rain

28 Finished drawing dung. except a wet spot in the yard which we will leave until it gets dry Weather cooler and Clear

29 Plowed in Fallow East of the dam AM I Went to Cedar Grove Mills with 20 Bus of oat & Barley chop John went to W Lapps raising PM. Weather Clear. not very warm

30 Went to meeting at Widemans Chapel J Burkholder on St Mat 5C 1st to 12v no Minister appointed today on account of some difficulty between Rev J Burkholder & Casper Wideman. went to fatherinlaws after service Weather. Warm. Fine shower about 2 oclock at Finlaw's but none at home

July 1 Plowed. Weather Cloudy, slight shower PM

2 Plowed. Wore drill smock & full Cloth vest all all day very cool Norwest wind. Cloudy all day

3 Finished Plowing AM Plowed & hoed corn PM Weather Clear & warm

4 Helped C Burkholder at logging & spread dung for Br C Weather. Warm & Clear

July 1861

5 Helped W Morrison at logging John Finished hoeing the Corn Weather. Warm

6 Went to BSS to get Dick shod. AM & {illegible} new hog trough into the lane AM. Went to {illegible Markham Village?} for a new Scythe & John Cut thistles in the oats & we both went to SM to Bathe after supper in the evening we had a call by the {illegible, ink blot} J Grove who Catechised us. Weather warm {illegible}

Sunday 7 Went to Meeting at Hebron Chapel. Sermon by Revd J Grove on St Mat 5C 20v to end of C Visitors after service. D Burkholders & J Stovers. Weather. very warm. Oats in head below the garden

8 Commenced to Cut hay. W Morrison Commenced to work for me today. Weather very warm today strong west wind. Fine shower this evening. cooler now. Had new potatoes & green peas for dinner

9 Went to Weaver Lawrie on the 7th Con Markham with some yarn AM mowed PM Weather. Cloudy at times warm

July 1861

10 took muly cow to Bull Mowed until 10 AM raked & cocked hay the rest of the day. Weather Clear. some Cloudy & windy

11 Went to T Woods store & plaster on turnips AM mowed PM. Weather soaking rain last night drisled at times today cloudy cool

12 Cultivated Fallow by Cider House until 9 oclock while John ridged the potatoes raked hay till supper drawed in 2 loads after supper Weather. cool windy

13 Mowed in the morning then raked & drawed in 2 loads of hay in the evening. Weather pretty warm cloudy at times

Sunday 14 Went to Meeting at Widemans Chapel. Remarks by Revd J Reesor Sermon on {blank space} by Revd J Grove. Today Jacob Wideman was appointed to the Ministry * Weather Clear went to Uncle D Burkholders after service

15 Mowed. Shower AM & PM

16 Mowed. Weather Cloudy slight shower PM

17 Cultivated Behind Cider house & John harrowed until 10 spread grass & thinned carrots till noon Drew three loads of hay PM Weather Cloudy at times pretty warm

* Abraham Wideman was rejected at his own request

July 1861

July 18 I went to T woods store in the Morning Spread raked & cocked hay all day Weather. warm Thunder showers in the distance a little rain PM

19 Finished raking & cocking hay in the large meadow. Spread raked & cocked in the Orchard Thunder & a fine shower in the evening

20 Mowed swale near Hebron Chapel raked & cocked the last of the hay in the Orchard. Fished at SM in the evening John went to G Mill Weather Clear & cool all day This is my son Levis 1st Birthday

Sunday 21 Received a visit from Br N and Family I, Br N & his son Peter went Picking Berries on Br S's Farm this PM Weather Clear, warm This is my only son Levi's first Birthday

22 Hoed turnips in the morning. Drew in hay & raked some in swale after supper Weather, Clear & Comfortable

23 Scuffled & hoed turnips & Drew in two loads of hay. Weather. Clear pretty warm at noon

July Aug 1861

30 Commenced Wheat south of the orchard today Drew two loads of hay out of the big meadow swale after supper Weather Clear & warm

31 Hoed Carrots AM Cut roads round the large wheat field PM Weather Cloudy & showry AM Clear PM Heavy rain & thunder last night

August 1 Cut rix acres of wheat with reaper for C Burkholder until about 3 oclock worked in our own big field until night Weather. very warm

2 Cut wheat in our own big field Weather. vrey warm some thunde{r} passed over. few drops of rain this evening

3 Finished Cutting wheat in big field Weather Clear very warm

Sunday 4 Went to meeting at Hebron Chapel where I & Nancy were Baptized to the Menonite faith Sermon by Br Revd J Grove on St John 1 Ch 1 to 35 ver

July 1861

July 24 Helped Br C at logging. John mowed swale in meadow & hoed turnips. Weather Clear & warm

25 Mowed swale swale in Meadow. AM Cultivated fallow behind Cider house & John finished mowing & hoed turnips PM Weather Clear & warm

26 Finished hoeing turnips & spread grass AM raked till supper when a slight shower stopped us. looks like more rain

27 Cultivated fallow Behind Cider house John Harrowed the fallow Behind Cider house near the dam drew home two loads of Chips from Br C's new land after supper. Weather Clear & warm fine shower last night

Sunday 28 We went to C Burkholders on a visit. Weather Long heavy rain. Cloudy all day

29 Had W Morrison again today dug six fine stumps in fallow Behind Cider house turned some winnows & grass in swale in Big meadow. Weather Cloudy some showers clear in the evening.

Aug 1861

5 Cradled a piece of fall wheat south of Hebron Chapel Commenced in the piece of new land opposite C Burkholders Weather. warm. Cooler this evening

6 Finished Cutting fall wheat. Weather. Clear, pretty warm

7 Shocked new land before breakfast. Drew in 3 loads of wheat AM. Dug out turnip cellar under the new addition on west side of the barn PM went to T Woods store after supper. Weather soaking rain PM Cloudy all day. Cooler

8 Cut weeds in new land till about 10 AM Cut barley with Cradle rest of the day in field behind the barn. Weather. Cool

9 Choring around worked at vinegar AM I & John went to M Neighswanders for my Colt PM. Weather Heavy rain last night showery this AM Cloudy PM

10 Cut Barley in field Behind barn AM Commenced in field near Hoovers PM had Br S & his man to help Weather pretty warm Cool this evening

August 1861

Sunday 11 Went to Meeting at Widemans Chapel remarks by Rev H Barkey Sermon on St Luke 18C 31st v to end of Chap by Rev J Grove Went to Fatherinlaws after Service Weather Clear Comfortable

12 Drew in 8 loads of fall wheat AM Soaking Cold rain PM raining this evening Went to burying of J Milroy's little daughter at 3 oclock PM at Zion Church

13 Cut Barley in field near Hoovers John didnt feel well PM Weather cool AM Warmer PM. Clear

14 Cut Barley AM Drew in 8 loads of Wheat PM Weather Comfortable & Clear

15 Drew in 11 loads of wheat. Dr Mcausland was attending John this Morning he had a severe attack of Bowel Complaint is in a fair way this evening. Weather Clear, Comfortable

16 Finished Drawing wheat AM Drew in 5 loads Barley PM Weather Clear, warm

Aug 1861

17 Drew in 3 loads Barley AM Mowed Barley PM, Weather Clear, warm

Sunday 18 At home all day George Davidson Jr was here I had an attack of Bowel Complaint this PM feel better this evening. Weather Clear. Cloudy this evening

19 Didnt feel well AM Went to J Woods store. Went to BSS PM Commenced to Ridge up Fallow for Wheat. Weather Clear. Cloudy this evening

20 Drew in 7 loads of loose barley had J Stover to help Brother C Drove J's team ridging up Weather Clear

21 I Drew off Stone In Fallow behind till 10 oclock then plowed till supper John plowed till supper then we Drew in Barley Rakings for Father's Fowls. Brought 3 pigs off R Money @ $1.00 per pig. Weather warm Thunder in the north PM

Aug 1861

22 Helped C Burkholder at threshing from 9 AM till 4 {1/2} PM Ribbed Barley stubble in field near Hoover's till night. John ridged up AM Ribbed PM Weather heavy rain last night a little this morning Clear today. north wind Went for Dr Mc for Br C's Returned from 9 to 12 PM

23 Went to Funeral of B Lehmans little Daughter at Hebron Chapel AM Ribbed Barley stubble PM Weather clear

24 Ribbed Barley Stubble. Weather Clear

Sunday 25 Went to Br S's on a visit. Weather clear

26 Finished ribbing barley stubbles AM. Cradled Oats below garden PM. Weather Clear AM slight shower PM thunder at a distance

27 Helped Br C at threshing AM & Helped Br N PM. W. Clear all day thunder shower in the evening

28 Asked hands to thresh and got barn ready AM had W Burkholder's machine Treshed 125 Bus Barley & 35 Fall Wheat PM Weather Clear Slight Shower PM

29 Threshed 22 Bus wheat in the morning bound oats south of the house till noon then cut oats with reaper in field near hoover's PM Weather clear, heavy shower 5 minutes PM

Aug 1861

30 Finished Cutting Oats & then bound Went to Br N binding Bee in the evening Weather Clear

31 Ridged up. Father & J Stover drew in Five loads of peas & John Stover bound oats south of the house had a binding bee in field near hoovers. Weather Clear

Sunday September 1 Went to meeting at Hebron Chapel Remarks & Sermon t on St Mat 18 C by Revd J Reesor visitors after service C G Reesor & wife Simon Elisabeth & Fanny Hoover & John & Abraham Hoover Samuel Hoover & K Wheeler were here for tea. Weather Clear today Cloudy this evening

2 Ridged up John Helped from 10 AM till night & stood it well Weather Clear some thunder and a slight shower this evening

3 Sowed Fallow behind Cider house Weather Clear, pretty warm

4 Finished harrowing & Plowed in north fallow Drew home my Fathers spring wheat from Purdys after supper Weather Clear & cool

5 Ridged up had Br N & CB's team to help Weather. Clear & cool

6 Ridged up AM Sowed 10 Bus Wheat into north Fallow PM had Br C's team today Weather Clear & cool

Sept 1861

7 Sowed 5 1/2 bus into north fallow & Finished harrowing AM Drew in 3 loads of Oats South of the house PM Weather Cloudy this morning Clear today

Sunday 8 Went to BR Noah's on a visit Weath Clear

9 Drew in 14 loads of Peas & 9 loads of Oats Had John Hoover to help today Weath Cloudy this morning. Clear PM

10 Ridged up Barley Stubble Had Br N & Br C's teams to help Weather Cloudy commencing to rain 1/2 past 7 o'C PM half killed a coon this evening

11 Didn't do much AM finished ridging barley stubble PM Weather rain and cloudy PM Cleared up this evening

12 Sowed Barley Stubble Weather Clear

13 Went to M Neighswanders Jnr on a visit weather clear

14 Harrowed 1 1/2 acres new land Wheat for my Father at Purdy's Weather Clear showers at noon

15 Went to my Fatherinlaws on a visit found nobody at home stayed from 11 till 4 oc then Came home Weather Cloudy at times

Sept 1861

16 Helped my Br S at ridging pea land Weather Cloudy John Commenced fall Plowing below the house

17 Bound up a few oats and drew them in AM had CB's man to build 3 loads of peas into a stack after dinner then I helped him in the fallow till night Weather Cloudy AM Clear PM

18 Fall Plowed Weather warm & Clear Went to Taylors store in the evening

19 Helped Br N Drag newland at W Morrisons Weather warm Cloudy at times

20 Cleaned up some wheat & chored round Went to BSS AM Pumped the Cistern Dry PM Weather Rainy & cloudy all day This is my Daughter Adeline's 3rd Birthday

21 Went to Meeting at Hebron Remarks by Revd Moses Erb from Berlin C W {Canada West?} Sermon on St John 19 C 1st to 30 vr by Rev David Sherrick from {blank space} Visitors after Service Fatherinlaws J H R & family J Stovers {illegible son? send?} Weather Heavy rain last Rainy AM Cloudy & cool PM

Sept 1861 Oct

Sunday 22 At Home all day Received a visit from Br S & family Weather Clear & warm frost last night

23 Helped B N to Drag fallow Weather Clear Cool

24 Helped C Burkholder to drag fallow Received a call from Elias Eby & wife from Berlin. this Evening. Weather Clear

25 Took 28 1/2 Bushels of fall Wheat to Major Mills AM & 8 Bus PM @ $1.3 per Weather Clear Pleasant

26 I & John Mowed second crop of Clover at Purdy's Weather Clear AM Cloudy PM rain @ 8 PM

27 Went to E Taylors store & Drew home a load of old rails for firewood AM Threshed oats with horses PM. Weather cloudy AM rain PM raining yet 8 oC This is my 25th Birthday

28 Drew home a load of edgings AM Got dick Shod BM John finished Plowing below the garden Weather Cloudy squally & sunshine

Sunday 29 at home AM Went to Br C's PM Weather Cloudy Cool

30 Went to Fatherinlaws for Miss Elisabeth Hoover to Work Susan Moyer's time is up to day Weather Cool Cloudy

October 1 Took a load of Barley to Whitby Sold @ 49cts per bus Weather Clear Some Cloudy this evening

Oct 1861

2 Helped D Hoover at threshing Weather Clear

3 Cleaned A a load of barley & brought home a load of hay. from Purdy's. Dogs killed a skunk weather Clear

4 worked in Cellar made apple Shelves & laid brick AM made large bench for verandah PM Weather Cloudy, Drissly rain

5 went to T Woods store AM Threshed a few {illegible bus?} PM weather. Drissly. Cloudy. Close

Sunday 6 At home all day Miss Maria Shirk was here for Supper Weather Cloudy, Drissly rainy

7 I & John Ribbed wheat stubble in large field Weather Clear

8 Ribbed wheat stubble Weather fine & Clear

9 Ribbed wheat stubble & Drew in a load of Corn tops this evening. Eat an apple of 1860 today. Weather Clear & warm

10 Drew home two loads of wood & 1 load of Pumpkins & 1 of Corn AM Finished Drawing Corn PM Weather warm & Clear

11 Finished Ribbing AM John went to P Scots Sale & I Gathered in Apples & husked Corn PM weather Cloudy

12 Husked Corn. Gathered wild grapes in Lapps flats Weather Cloudy, rainy

Oct 1861

Sunday 13 At home AM I went to Br Ss PM his wife is sick but is getting better Weather Cool & Clear

14 Cleaned Cider house & gathered apples AM Brought home grinders of Cider Mill from the spring near Br S's SMill where we keep them to preserve them from the frost & drouth PM Weather Clear & Comfortable

15 Drew in the Peastack AM Cleaned a load of Barley PM Weather Clear. John traded horses with Bob Haig

16 I gathered Apples. John & Father took two loads of Barley to Whitby sold at 40cts weather clear

17 Dug Potatoes & gathered apples in the evening. Weather Cloudy this morning Clear today rainy a little at 8 PM

18 Finished husking Corn & Gathered Apples Weather. Cloudy. heavy rain last night

19 Cleaned Barley {Top?} threshed 5 doz oats Sheaves Weather Cloudy some rain. Clear tonight

Sunday 20 At home all day. Weather Cool Clear. Went for Doctor McCausland at 8 PM

21 Around the house all day Nancy gave birth to a daughter at 4 PM Weather. Cool Clear

Oct Nov 1861

22 Went to Abraham Grove's for Miss Barbara to do house work. Weather Cloudy some rain in the evening

23 Dug potatoes Weather Cloudy some rain

24 Dug potatoes. Weather Clear some snow on the ground this morning

25 Finished digging Potatoes AM I went to P Mc{illegible} sale PM Weather Cool Clear ground frose last night

26 Choring round the garden Fatherinlaws were here today Robert Wallace was here PM Weather Cloudy

Sunday 27 At home all day Received a visit from M Neighswanders Jnr & family John Reesors {Sen?} & wife S Hoover Snr & wife Mrs. B Lehman C Burkholder & family Weather Clear

28 Took cart to T Brown to get it fixed AM gathered apples PM John Commenced ploughing in field near Hoovers weather clear

29 Went to Major Mills AM John Plowed AM worked in garden and fixed Turnip pit under back part of barn PM Weather Cloudy Clear

30 Worked at turnip pit AM Plowed PM Weather Cloudy & Clear

31 Boiled Pumpkin sauce at Brother Cs Weather Cloudy Wm Hagerman died today

Novr 1 Drew in 7 loads of Turnips Weather Cloudy Bought young ram of W Bell for 6 dollars today

Nov 2 1861

Chored {around?} finished Chest for Indian Corn Buckwheat meal & hulled barley Weather heavy storm & rain from the east all day

Sunday 3

At home all day I went to CBs a while PM weather Clear A.M Cloudt PM raining this evening

{Night late?} 4

{"bridges & Mill dome carried away" written in margins} Sorted sheep in the morning helped BC to bring over seven of his {cows?} JL John started at 11 o c on a shooting excursion down to the big swamp and the flats of the litle {rouge?} shot a few {birdy?} seen there fine partriges Weather Cloudy & Clear


I went to J {Dunneas?} for a meattub & P {Gathered?} apples killed a pig PM Weath Clear


Sorted & Drew potatoes into the cellar they are badly rotted this year. Weather Clear


Drew in 7 loads of turnips Weather Clear (squally some)


Drew in 3 loads of turnips which finished the AM I went to {Major? Mayor?} Mills with 18 bunches Chop * John plowed PM Weather Cloudy


Plowed. Weather fine. Clear.

Sunday 10

At home all day Recieved a visit from {B.N?} & family & my father & mother. Nancy complained of sore throat on friday evening still got worse.

Sunday 10 Nov 1861

So this morning John & my sister Susanna were talking how Miss {Barbane?} {Snorer?} I told them to {illegible} Dr {illegible} he came this evening & pronounced it Diptheria on Putrid sore throat He prescribed for it {illegible} she seems to do very well {illegible} Weather wind from the east


Nancy not much better this morning so I went to Markham to Dr Mc he came this evening but found her much better than she was this morning Weather squally & cool. windy


Went to Markham to tell Doctor that Nancy was better Left Measure for a suit for John {purchased?} sheep pen PM Weather. Clear {illegible}


Finished plowing in field near {illegible} Weather Cloudy Plowed below the garden John plowed north windy this evening


of B.C. house Weather Cloudy pleasant north cold this PM


Plowed south of the garden Weather Clear & Cloudy


Drew home 3 loads of edgings high wind last night & today hard frost last night

Sunday 17

Started at 6 oc this morning for Dr Mc My Father was taken sick last night with pain in the bowles & vomiting Dr came at noon & prescribed he is better this evening. Weather clear some wind I found the roads as Dry as in {pinly?} D Hoover & wife were here a little while AM but were called home they had some visitors {pacot?} Reesor was here over dinner


Went to Markham village to tell Dr that Father was better AM worked at sheep pm PM J Ploghed for BC PM Weather Clear Beautiful day warm PM


I went Down to Shlimack plains on little rouge for the young cattle John Commenced to plow in the old meadow but found it frosty they winworked at sheep pen till noon Drew rails from 11th con {concession} PM Weather Clear warm

November 20, 1861

Borded Pumpkin {illegible} Weather Cloudy rather warm


Went to ask M Morrison to thrash peas tomorrow AM went to took for thrashing Machine PM Weather Cloudy


Ribbed Turnip potatoe & Corn land I got Dick Shody AM Weather Cloudy wind from East


Brought home a load of slates & fixed hogs mat John went to {Major? Mayor?} Mills with grist of corn & Rye & barley shop Weather snow squals not very cold

Sunday 24

We all went to Meeting at Hebron Chapel {illegible} by Rev P Reesor sermon on St John {illegible} by Rev H {Barthen?} visitors often service B {illegible} AH {Ramon?} & family Father in laws a few {illegible} this evening Weather about 2 in of snow last night mild today


Took John Cutten to J Iverson to get at {painted?} AM Helped BC to under brush PM Weather Clear Thawing


Fixed barn ready for thrashing AM went to sale at W {Hagemani?} PM Weather Clear some Cloud bought a grain Cradle & part of another @ 81.25


Had thrashing Machine Thrashed about 160 {Bones?} of fall Wheat Weather Clear AM soft snow PM Thawing


J & John & CB went to T Woods store where I bought a pair of Coarse boots for myself & a pair for John then we went to G Taits farm & brought home CB Colt from pasture weather cloudy pretty cold thawing PM


Helped BS at Butchering John & my Father sold 17 of fall wheat at Major Mills @ 81.3 {John Bins?} Weather 2 in snow last night all thawed today


Cleaned J John took at to M Mill About 12 o noon JS family started to my Fa inlaws {snowed?} all night went to {muting?} at {illegible} Chapel


today remark for R {Plymore?} sermon on St {Mil?} 22 by {illegible} snowed all the way home about 3 in on the grand this evening

Dec 2 {illegible} last night

Helped Robert Wallace to kill his hogs Weather pretty {sharp?} rough sleighing light & {illegible}


Helped BrC to kill his hogs Weather Cold Clear


John helped BrN to kill his hogs I made ready to kill ours tomorrow Weather pretty cold cloudy


killed our 6 hogs Brothers all helped Weather Clear {illegible} thawing


salted meat. {ham?} kid turnip cellar with {deny?} drew nails for straw stack fence Weather fine warm


Made fence around straw stack AM went to J Woods PM weath warm cloudy commenced to {rain?} at {dusk?}

Sunday 8

We all went to BrD on a visit in the lumber waggon roads very muddy. Weather like April warm some cloudy shower at dark


Helped my Father to kill his hogs Weather cloudy foggy {was?}


got Tom shod new shoes {illegible} feet {K? C?} M took grist {illegible} to Major Mills PM roads treacherous bad weather cloudy wet windy this evening


Turned water from large tile drain behind barn & thrashed oats with flail AM I went to M Mills for grist PM Weather heavy wind from north last night some wind today calm this evening frose last night & today


Burried Cedar rollers AM cleaned oats & finished sheep pen roof PM Weather Clear sharp thawed a little


Helped CrB to kill his hogs & a sheep. Weather Clear thawing John Helped raise {Jamie Milroy?} stables


J & {illegible} sawed Cedar on road beside By swamp Weather frost last night thawing today

Sunday 15

went to BrN on a visit in Buggy roads very rough Weather Clear thawing today


This morning J & My Father started from Port Union on the cars & arrived at Berlin at about 2.30 PM stayed all night called on several {friends?} came down to the grande river on business {rent?} day stayed


in Preston tonight

Monday December 16 1861

This morning J & my father left home at 5 o clock & walked to Port Union took the Cars & arrived at Berlin at 2.30PM then we went to Mr {J?} {Brubakins?} stayed a little while then went to Mr Joseph Sniders {new?} Berlin & took supper there called on the Red M {Cah?} there returned to MrB & staid all night


stayed for the grand river this morning called at Issac {Hagys?} & at the Chickapee Woolen Mills also a few minutes with Old samuel Bricker & arrived at the R {illegible} Hageys at noon spent a few hours very {agnesably?} then went down to Preston to M Jacob Hageys & staid all night


saw a team Ploughing near Dundas today {written in margins} Took the Cars at 8.30 this morning & came by {Harrisons?} Burlington Junction to Toronto at noon took the Rouge stage at 3.30 PM & got home at about 9. PM Had fine weather on out travels


Dug out a lime stone in the lane north of our farm AM split wood PM Weather Clear


Thrashed oats with flail Weather Clear banked turnip Cellar with dung & Mended barn


roof AM John went to Port Office {JS?} went to BrS to order a new pair of bobsleighs PM Weather {illegible} cold windy

Sunday 22

went to {mistry?} at Hebron remarks & sermon by Rev P Reesor on St John 1st Chap visitors after service Jesse Reesor & family Weather Cloudy


Cleaned Weat AM John went to Markham & J brought home his cutten from Iversons where he got it painted PM Weather snowed last night & nearly all day sleighing rough Cold north wind


Cleaned & {blend?} wheat into the granary Weather cold windy Calm this evening

Christmas day 25

We all went to a feast at my Fathers BrJ. N. & C were there with their families. Weather cold cloudy strong East wind this evening.

26 Dec 1861

Cleaned & Drew in wheat thrasher some oats with flail. Weather soft some rain PM


Sawed old pine for kindling wood on townline AM split wood & plaided oats PM Weather north wind snowed through the middle of the day calmey this evening


Took 10 {Bus?} 7 Wheat to R Wallace at $1.00 her {Bus?} AM chored around PM John G of Bob {shaped shod?} Weather pretty cold cloudy coach any sleighing


Went to C.B.'s in a mist Weather Nite about 1 in snow last night P & Susan started to go to {Muting?} at {Midenans?} but had to turn back the road were to bare


I & P cut down three pine trees in scarboro bush Weather mild & clear


Helped B C to kill a cow AM Took crossent to Blehman to get filed PM I cut cordwood in old bust. Weather mild clear

January 1 1862

Had a quilting party this PM boys & girls some playing in the evening Weather cloudy am very light wind has evening from the north pretty cold


I & P helped B N at thrashing Weather clear pretty cold


Helped W Morrison clean peas AM P flailed some oats & I got cross cut saw piled at Blehmans PM Weather coldest this season


killed out own beef had B S & C to help AM helping B S to kill his one PM Weather cold & clear

Sunday 5

B S & N & Families were here today & helped to dispatch a roasted beef heart Weather Mildes


B C & family were here PM got dick shod all round AM Went to Port Union station PM for Benjamin {Boubeker?} & his sister Tammy & Miss Tammy C by all from Berlin C W Weather a little snow fell this morning pretty mild


weather mild & clear Went to {Brotherenlane?} P N {Reness?} on a visit John & susanne went visiting with the Waterloo people

{roads very (illegible) for this time of year}

8 Jan 1862

Went to school meeting in section N 4 scarboro


AM cut up beef PM Weather cloudy little snow cut sawlogs opposite CB Weather this evening snowy mild & cloudy


chored around AM cut sawlogs PM Weather rainy AM Cloudy PM windy tonight


cut sawlogs AM went to PO PM Weather cold cloudy AM commenced to snow about noon snowy {yet?} 8 oclock PM

Sunday 12

At home all day Weather mild cloudy a little disley about 5 in snow tolerable sleighing


I & Nancy went to see Mr C G Reesor who is very sick we found him in a hopeless state AM Helped B C to thresh PM Weather very cold


Helped Br C at threshing Weather very cold last night {illegible} coldest this season


{illegible} AM went to Br S for my cutter & P thrashed oats with horses PM Weather snow from the east about 6 in fell since last night quit about noon. Mild today


went to Whitby with P {uclkey?} to order a pair of Bobsleighs at Donovan Walkey & Co's Weather Clar mild pretty cold this evening


Cleaned oats AM threshed oats with horses PM Weather mild a little snow


Threshed oats with horses AM Went to cedar grove to get a {Buneen?} for John paid $6 for it PM Weather snow AM mild

Sunday 19

{Ressor sick last night}

Went to meeting at Nebron {illegible} Rev B Ressor sermon on St. John 2 C1-11 by {illegible} Wilderness Rev P Wedeman & wife called PM Weather mild {illeible} snow this morning sleighing good


threshed oats AM cleaned PM Weather snowed AM Cloudy PM Mild snow a foot deep


Went to C Reesor funeral sermon by Rev P Reesorand S Holden went to {?} after service Weather mild cloudy


Took 36 Bu fall wheat to Major Mills @ $1.00 chored around PM Went to Br S on a visit in the evening Weather mild & cloudy

Nancy Tlouse R R B R R

May every honest man turn out a rogue {reapeated 17 times}

May the sword of justice be swayed by the hand of mercy {repeated 15 times}

Jan 23 1862

{illegible} CB at {illegible}


took {illegible} to {illegible} AM cut some logs PM Weather Clear Mild


Went to W Bilts {illegible} Weather {illegible} all day from {illegible} R.W. cut logs

Sunday 26

Went to {illegible} for a visit Weather clear Strong wind from the North East


Drew 4 logs to {illegible} Mill had Br C {illegible} & himself all day & C B & his oxen PM to draw the logs ready to load Weather Beautiful


Chored around Drew oats with the horses {illegible} Went to Reesor {Preach Minister of?} {illegible} in the evening Weather Strong wind from the East slat snow & rain in the evening


Drew logs John went with CB to see his father but did not find him {illegible}


Drew logs had CB Oxen to draw {illeible} Clear


{illegible} AM Took a load of {illegible} wood to {illegible} for AM {illegible} Weather

February 1

Drew logs had CB Oxen a while AM Weather clear mild


home all day took dinner with my mother (my father was in Vaughan} BS & I & families were there Weather mild & clear {illegible}


Drew 2 logs Went to Election of {illegible} at Nebron Chapel at 10 AM Appointed C {illegible} B {Schnai?} & {illegible} Trusted for the Consent PM mild Weather snowed {illegible}


D & P helped {illegible} at threshing Weather


Drew logs John went to school Weather mild wind from east this evening


Drew logs Went to B.S. Weather soft rain & snow


Went to Major Mills with a grist for {illegible} & one for CB school some {illegible} a log for {illegible} want PM went to {illegible} with CB in the evening Weather {illegible} AM clear PM cleared {illegible}


{illegible} Weather Clear {illegible}

Sunday 9

Went to {illegible} at Wilderness Chapel {Pemont?} by Rev P Reesor sermon on St. Luke 16 C19 {illegible} of C by Rev P {illegible} went to {illegible} after sermon Weather squalls of snow


Took a load of {Peas? Pause?} to Pickering Harbor @48.00 per {illegible} {Tatherinlaws?} were here this evening Weather mild clear


Ashed hands to thresh worked in the barn Weather mild a few inches of snow fell PM soft {illegible}


Went to PH {Remens?} to a quilting helped to Dispatch a fine fat Gobler BrCs M Neighowood's & Father were there Weather fine Mild good sleighing


Went to CBs {illegible} bee Went to BrNs in the evening. Weather snow from east nearly all day

{I went to DMc for had cold}


Had threshing Machine Threshed 83 {Bores?} Barley & 160 ofwheat Weather pretty cold


Chored around Br S & family were here this evening Weather Cold Clear

Sunday 16

Went to Meeting at Nebron Chapel {illegible} P Reesor {Jenson?} {illegible} by Rev P Grow Visitors after service D G {Hanson?} & wife M {Brilligan?} & family Samuel & Abraham {Butholden?} Br C & family this evening Weather Clear and cold


Went to Markham to get advice from Dr Mc for {illegible} he had symptoms of Croup last night is some better this evening Weather Mild Stormy east wind


Went to W Morisons in the morning M Neighswanden {illegible} were here today Weather mild {thawny?}


Chored around AM Went to Johnstons Sale PM Weather Cloudy East wind Snow this evening


Had R Wallace to help to clear Barley Johnson not able to work yet Weather clear today {illegible} 4 or 5 in snow last night


J & Br D N & C Drew wood from {Pundys?} for my father Weather pretty cold clear


Had R Wallace to help to clear wheat John took a grist of Chop to Cedar Goose Mills Weather Clear Mild


At home all day Weather Mild {illegible}


Cleaned some Wheat started for D Mc about 10 a.m. BrC {Elisctesh?} is sick Weather terrible snow & wind from the north

Feb 25 1862

{roads drifted} Started about 6 at {illegible} to see {Sm went to Father {illegible} for Miss Tammy to work for BrC & W clear


Drew in wheat Weather Mild & little snow


Went to BSS & W Bolls AM Hitched up my young Mare Fly PM she went very quick Samon Horse was here a while this evening Weather north wind pretty cold heavy wind tonight


{Roads Drifted} About the house all day very Cold Strong north wind BrC Elisabeth getting letter with {unpleasant?} she was very sad

March 1

I went to BrN AM his wife & John went to T woods store PM brought home new {bots? bots?} Weather Clear Cold strong wind from north

Sunday 2

J & A {leline?} took Hannah Stores home & Called at BrS to inform them that III {Neighrwander?} Sew had his thigh joint dislocated on Friday while he was turning his house & Cutten S & Nancy went to B N PM Weather Clear Mild


Went to Old S Hoovers for {Basbunce?} Barker to work for me AM filled boys with barley PM Weather rain & slat from East strong wind

{Trus covered with ice}


Hung own pork to smoke Weather mild snowed {illegible} to C 13 in the evening about 5 in last night trees {love?} down with ice


I & P took 2 loads Barley to Liverpool harbor @ 53 cts per lbs. Weather Clear Mild Snow 2 feet deep on the level roads very rough & heavy. bad tuning out thawed a little


Went to Father in laws on a visit Weah Mild


{Ice fell off the treu today}

Went to Markham with my father AM Went to BSS PM & to B Lihmans in the evening Weath Mild thawing a little today


Took Nancy to Dr Mc to get a few teeth entracted Dr was not at home. AM Chored around PM W. Mild & Clear

Sunday 9

at home all day Weather Mild Clear a little rain


Chored around AM Helped CB kill a pig Will Dousby rain nearly all day Clear this evening getting Cold Snow {gone past?}

March 11, 1862

Went to sale of the property of the late CG Reesor bought wheel barrow @ $3 3 pigs $1 a piece 2 pails & tea pots 35 cts Weather Clear Mild beautiful {deep?} thawing


brought home the things that I bought at the sale sold two of the pegs to my father A.M. settled with P walking p.m. whether mile a slight {illegible}


Went to BRC bush to look for a tree to make snap through AM cut maple sawlogs PM Weath Cold


Took Nancy to Dr. Mc got two teeth extracted AM cleaned oats PM and {illegible}


Oiled single & doubles Harness Weather rain from the east all day Trus loaded with ice

Sunday 16

Went to meeting at Habron {Nemark?} by Rev P Reesor Sermon on Saint Luke 10 C 23 to and I’ll chop by rev H {Barkey?}Weather Snow AM I & Nancy went to BrN a while this eveining snowed about 4 in last night


Took 50 bus oats to Markham @ 34 cts Weather Clear Mild Cool wind from the north


Went to B Lehmans AM. I went to P {illegible} PM to see how they were with the Measles they are all up again Return {illegible} very {houses?} Then we went to Pae Reesors in the evening Weather warm & Clear


Went to Michael Frets on a visit Sleighing good rather slushy this evening Weath warm Clear


John helped BrC {illegible} I chored around AM Commenced to make {sap to go?} in BrC bush PM Weath Clear Mild Wind


Cleaned Oats AM Chored round PM Weath Mild Great Snowstorm from the East about 15 in Snow fell since last night lane blocked


Shoveled the lane open from end to end AM Drew in Oats PM BrC were here this evening Weather mild

Sunday 23

Went to BrS on a visit Weath Mild Snow thawed


Cut Maple logs & 2 rail cut in Scarboro bush BrN were here this evening Weath Mild Clear


Went to Markham bought grass seed {illegible} @ $3.00 per Bus Clower @ $4.50 per Bus P {illegible} were here today W Cool north wind clear

{first Weekly market day in Markham}

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Reesor Diary 1861-1863-23.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-24.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-25.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-26.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-27.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-28.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-29.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-30.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-31.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-32.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-33.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-34.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-35.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-36.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-37.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-38.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-39.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-40.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-41.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-42.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-43.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-44.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-45.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-46.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-47.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-48.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-49.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-50.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-51.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-52.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-53.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-54.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-55.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-56.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-57.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-58.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-59.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-60.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-61.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-62.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-63.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-64.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-65.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-66.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-67.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-68.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-69.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-70.pdf
Reesor Diary 1861-1863-71.pdf


“Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1861-1863,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed July 15, 2019,

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  1. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-0.pdf
  2. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-1.pdf
  3. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-2.pdf
  4. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-3.pdf
  5. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-4.pdf
  6. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-5.pdf
  7. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-6.pdf
  8. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-7.pdf
  9. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-8.pdf
  10. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-9.pdf
  11. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-10.pdf
  12. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-11.pdf
  13. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-12.pdf
  14. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-13.pdf
  15. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-14.pdf
  16. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-15.pdf
  17. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-16.pdf
  18. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-17.pdf
  19. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-18.pdf
  20. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-19.pdf
  21. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-20.pdf
  22. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-21.pdf
  23. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-22.pdf
  24. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-23.pdf
  25. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-24.pdf
  26. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-25.pdf
  27. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-26.pdf
  28. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-27.pdf
  29. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-28.pdf
  30. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-29.pdf
  31. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-30.pdf
  32. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-31.pdf
  33. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-32.pdf
  34. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-33.pdf
  35. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-34.pdf
  36. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-35.pdf
  37. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-36.pdf
  38. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-37.pdf
  39. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-38.pdf
  40. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-39.pdf
  41. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-40.pdf
  42. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-41.pdf
  43. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-42.pdf
  44. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-43.pdf
  45. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-44.pdf
  46. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-45.pdf
  47. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-46.pdf
  48. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-47.pdf
  49. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-48.pdf
  50. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-49.pdf
  51. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-50.pdf
  52. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-51.pdf
  53. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-52.pdf
  54. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-53.pdf
  55. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-54.pdf
  56. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-55.pdf
  57. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-56.pdf
  58. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-57.pdf
  59. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-58.pdf
  60. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-59.pdf
  61. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-60.pdf
  62. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-61.pdf
  63. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-62.pdf
  64. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-63.pdf
  65. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-64.pdf
  66. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-65.pdf
  67. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-66.pdf
  68. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-67.pdf
  69. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-68.pdf
  70. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-69.pdf
  71. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-70.pdf
  72. Reesor Diary 1861-1863-71.pdf