Malcolm D. Geddes Diary & Transcription, 1899


Malcolm D. Geddes Diary & Transcription, 1899


Malcolm D. Geddes


Private Collection Courtesy of Gordon Darroch & Gail Benjafield


19th Century, Durham County, Whitby Township, Ontario

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Malcolm D. Geddes Diary Collection


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Malcolm Geddes (1866-1927)
1899 Diary
Transcribed by Rural Diary Archive volunteers
Thoughts and doings along with items of interest to the writer, M.D. Geddes during the year
Myrtle Ontario.
Jan 1st. Sunday. Went to morning service at Columbus with Miss Foster and Miss Jessie
Hudson. Mr. McLaren gave us a splendid new year sermon.
Jan 2nd Monday. Mr. J. Spencer from London, Miss M. Spencer and Miss L. Vernon from
Toronto had dinner with us. Worked as usual that day.
Jan 3rd Tuesday. E. Richardson came back from his holidays. I drove to Oshawa for a load
of bran with the wagon. Roads very good.
Jan 4th Wednesday. The Hudson family left for the city. It rained nearly all day.
Jan. 5th Thursday. Worked all day with Mr. Worden at Mr. Hudsons new horse stable.
Jan 6th Friday. Worked at stable.
Jan 7th Saturday. Ordinary chores and preparing for Sunday.
Jan. 8th Sunday. Got up at 7.20 took lunch immediately then chored until 11.30, had dinner
then did some writing until 3.15 then talked with Miss Foster about Mr. Hudson's peculiar
method of treating Ernest and also of how he was acting regarding Mr. Drummond until 3.45.
Went out then and helped E. with the evening chores.
Jan 9th Monday. Had quite a confidental chat with E. regarding a matter which lies near his
Jan 10th Tuesday. Posted letter to Miss Alexander which I wrote on Sunday. In the evening
drove to Brooklin for Dr. Staff for Mrs. W. Hudson.
Jan 11th Wednesday. Got up at 6.15 chored until 10.30 then had breakfast. Lunch at 4.15
and supper at 6.15.
Jan Monday. Were busy yesterday and had not time to go to Church. Got up at 6 a.m.
had breakfast at 10.15 and then chored again until 12.45 had lunch at 1.15 and again started
evening chores at 3.15. finished at 6.30. To-day Mr. Hudson came down and I had quite a
chat with him about E. and also about getting me into agricultural newspaper work. Mr. H.
made some very flattering remarks about about that humble individual yet I hope that what
we were talking about will come true. I was exceedingly well pleased at receiving a splendid
letter from Miss A. was sorry to see by it though that she
had been sick so for such a long time, must answer it soon.
Jan. 25. Wednesday. Received a letter from Dan on the 19th telling me of Mother's accident
which happened on the 11th.
Write Miss E. McA. on the 22 and posted it the next morning.
Was speaking with Mr. Hudson a few days ago about trying to get me a position in one of the
agricultural papers and he said he hopes to manage it soon.
Went to Oshawa today for a load of bran but came back empty as there was not any for us.
Jan 27. Friday. Was extremely cold. Cut hay yesterday and to-day.
Jan 28. Saturday. Had a very sore thumb for about
a week but I am glad to say it is better by this time.
We expected Miss Mary Foster to-day as her sister "Millie" has not been well but we were
disappointed. E. under difficulties drove to the G.T.R. but she did not arrive.
Mr. H. was here today and I gave him the letter I wrote about the lamb Mr. Honey sent us.
I was also very pleased to receive another (the second) letter from Miss E. M. A. it was very
good and she wrote it the day after receiving mine.
Wrote a part of a letter to-night to J.D. Wildfong and will finish it soon.
Have been wondering how Mother's ankle is progressing.
Jan 29 Sunday. Got up late and did not get through in time to go to morning service.
Went in the evening with Leonard to E.S. at Myrtle.
Finished Joe's letter and will post it to-morrow.
This afternoon while E.S.R, Miss F. and I were writing Miss F. suddenly stopped and said I
do not think I will write any more then E. said he would finish it if she would let him, she said
"alright" and he said "its a go" so the upshot was that he finished the letter which was to her
sister Miss Annie. Then I suggested that he also finish another which Miss F. has started
sometime previous but she said that it was left expressly for me So of course I said I would
be delighted. to write it and would do so soon.
Jan. 30 Monday. Wrote the letter I promised Miss F. It is to a Miss Kate Palmer of Grimsby.
Will post it to-morrow. Wonder if I
shall receive an answer. Miss F. says she is a very nice and jolly girl. Had a look at her photo
and like the appearance. Read the letter she wrote Miss F. and thought it good yet short.
Received a letter from Father to-day and was glad to see by it that Mother is improving as
well as could be expected.
Jan 31. Tuesday. Was cutting hay all day. We expected Miss Mary Foster again to-day but
were disappointed. Forgot to mention the other day that Miss K. P.s birthday is on the 3rd.
Feb. 1st. Wednesday. Cutting hay all day. Miss Laura Foster came walking in quite
unexpected as it was her sister that we expected. No one went to meet her as we scarce
though she would be until the next day.
Miss L. Foster accompanied me to the "Ball" event at Myrtle. the The singing, gramophone
and Lime light views were all good. I enjoyed the evening very much. Received a card from
Father telling me that Dr. Campbell was again down attending Mother's ankle and that he
removed the splints which gave her ease. (Forgot to mention that on the evening of the 31 I
wrote father, Katie and Mrs. M. Park.) Ernest did not help any to-day except morning chores.
Feb. 2nd. Thursday. E. did not feel like getting up in the morning so I advised him to remain
in bed which he did. He helped a very little in the morning and he also helped with the
evening chores. Tom Biggs went for load of saw-dust from near Wier. He took the wagon but
broke the tongue in a heavy drift near Manchester.
Feb. 23. Thursday. Went with Tom after load. Met Mr. Hudson and he told us of Mr.
Drummond's coming.
Feb. 24 Friday. Mr. Drummond's herdsman came with 6 cows and balance of car filled with
household furniture. Mr. Hudson asked me if I would manage the farm for a short time until
Mr. D. came. Mr. H. and I have been drawing Mr. D.'s stuff from Myrtle station all day.
Feb.25. Saturday. Mr. H. & I finished drawing Mr. D.'s furniture today.
Feb 5th Sunday. Got up at 5 a.m. got chores done in good time. Then the two Miss F's E & I
went to church at Columbus. Sermon was about Queen Ester.
Feb. 6th Monday. Started Ice this afternoon. Posted letter to Miss E.M.A. this morning.
Received letter from Ben today, it was very good.
Feb. 12th Sunday. E. and both Miss Fosters went to Whitby today Miss Foster and E. Got
back about 12. Miss Laura stayed over night.
Feb 14th. 14 Tuesday. Miss Laura came back from Whitby today.
Feb. 16th Thursday. Miss Laura and I went to Whitby today She to do some shopping and I
to get a tooth filled. I posted a letter to Miss E.M.A. Did not get back from Whitby until 10.10
Feb 17th Finished the ice to-day. On Wednesday the 15th Feb the creek was froze so thick
that the end of the water pipe was froze solid and so far we have not had any water since
through it. We have to require draw what we require.
Feb. 19th Sunday. Both Miss Foster's and I went to Church at Columbus. Met Miss Purvis at
the door and spoke for a few moments. Went alone to endeavor in the evening was a few
minutes late. Spoke to Mr. McLaren about joining with them and to Mr. Ratcliffe about
Sunday School & endeavor. Overtook Miss Sadler on my way home. She apparently was
willing to have company so we went to-gether.
Feb 20. Monday. E.L.R. both Miss F's and my self went out for an evening stroll. The moon
shone clear and the evening was mild. E. wore a straw hat. We came very near making
a cla call but though it better not to do so as we were dressed. (illegible word) Very
Feb 21 Tuesday. Miss Foster drove her sister Laura to the G.T.R. station at Myrtle. She left
for home on the 8.20 a.m. train. Just before dinner Mr. Cassidy, the man who came from
Toronto to fix the wind-mill arrived. He did not finish to-night.
Feb 22. Wednesday. Finished wind mill repairs today.
Feb 26th Sunday Did not get chores through in time to go to Church in the morning. It rained
in the forenoon. Went to C.E. at night. Leonard went with me, subject was Palm tree
Christians. Mr. (illegible name) led the meeting. After meeting Miss Purvis came
over and shook hands and chatted for a few moments. While driving home overtook the two
Miss Sadlers they came with us. Gave Leonard an introduction to both Miss P. & Miss S.
Feb 27. Monday Miss Foster & Harry both laid up with the grippe. E. worked indoors and
helped with milking. Leonard & I did balance of chores and cut hay.
Feb. 28 Tuesday. Harry some better was out helping today. Moss Foster slightly better, was
able to get up. I went to Cairn's for a load of sawdust.
March 1st Wed. Went for load of sawdust to Boyer's with wagon. F.W. was down but I did not
see him. Went with Miss Foster and E.L.R. to "Whyte Bro's" concert at Brooklin. Enjoyed it
very much.
March 2.nd Thur. Another load of sawdust from Boyer's Received card from Katie telling me
she was sick and would not be able to come.
March 3rd Friday Drove little Chief (the Ayrshire calf to the G.T.R. at Myrtle to catch the 7.30
a.m. train, then along with E. took the 5 pig in the sleigh (mainly by ditch, snow being scarce)
to catch the 1.5 p.m. at Myrtle came back had dinner and then took a load of corn over to
Plowrights. It started to rain about 5 p.m. Miss F. and E. have gone over to spend the
evening with Spencer's It is raining steadily.
March 4th Saturday. Went to Boyer's for load of sawdust. Left for Toronto by 5.50 train
Arrived at Aunties about 7.45 Spent evening there Miss Smith and Miss Lily (last name
illegible) were with them. Miss J. sang some fine songs. I saw her home and promised to call
sometime when in the city. 'Twas a stormy night snow & sleet.
March 5th, Sunday. Talked with Katie in the morning. At 5 p.m. went to Dr. Harringtons and
had one half of a troublesome tooth filled. Went from there to Prof (name illegible), stayed
and chatted until 4:30 and went from there to Mr. R.G. (last name illegible) for tea. Met Walt
and Katie while on the street and promised them to do so. Met Jack Nasmith there and
promised to call on him next time. Went from there to my aunts and spent the evening
March 6th Monday. Left Toronto at 9. a.m. got back to Myrtle and to drudgery before dinner.
March 7 Tuesday. Mr. H. came from Toronto and E. & him left by the 1. p.m. train at
Brooklin, leaving me in charge until Mr. D. comes.
March 9. Thursday. Miss F. Jane & I went out with Frank intending to visit Mrs. Wil(rest of
last name illegible). Frank acted so ugly that he scared the girls so I took him back and
fetched up Tom.
March 10 Friday. Mr. H. came late to-night He and I went out to have a look around. He said
he never saw things looking better and wished I had been with him earlier then he would
never have required to engage Mr. D. or rather let the place or shares to Mr. D.
Mar. 13. Monday Mr. and Mrs. D. came this evening I met them at the C.P.R. station .
Mar.19. Miss F. Miss (name illegible) and myself went to Church (morning service) Miss F.
stayed and with Mrs. (name illegible) I went to Endeavors at night and took her home.
March 21. Miss F. left this morning with Mr. Hudson
Mr. Hudson rode down from Toronto yesterday with a grey mare he bought for us. He told
me I could have the use of the bicycle which belongs to him here for the Summer.
Mar. 26 Sunday. Miss D. and I went to morning service. I also went to the C.E. at night I led
the meeting. The turnout was good. J. Ratcliffe drove me part of the way home.
Mar.24. Monday. Leonard broke rig in snow drift this morning so was late this morning with
the cream. Mr. & Mrs. D. went to Whitby this afternoon.
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