William Sunter Diary, 1895


William Sunter Diary, 1895

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January 1, 1895

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William Sunter Diary Collection


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Dec 31 Monday

Fine day , but very cold. Johny and Robert Morton went together to the nomination. Johny thought perhaps I might have gone to the nomination but I did not care to go. I have been doing up some fixing round the Stables to keep the cold out. boarded up where the water trough stood.

2 1 Tuesday

A little squally to day and some snow showers. Johny helped me with the laying of the blocks in the stable this afternoon, we had quite a job in levelling up the ground, as it is frozen. Maggie drove down to Rockwood to meet her mother this afternoon, {who?} went down to Georgetown a week ago yesterday. I was kept late at the chores this evg on account of working at the stables. {in margin} laying the blocks in stable this afternoon

3 2 Wednesday

Continues wintry. I shifted the pea straw in the bay mow so as to bare the barley straw for use for the Cattle. I was anxious to get the stable done but so much other choring prevents me, Johnny has been at Mutries today threshing. {in margin} changing straw in Mow to day. Johnny at Mutries threshing

4 3 Thursday

Raw, cold south wind to day – we have just heard about Bella being laid up with a sore throat and Mother and I drove down to see her to day. we found her in bed and not much better the doctor say it is Tonsilitis I did all the cleaning out and feeding before going away and – Maggie had most of the work done at night. {in margin} Margaret and I drove down to McKenzies - Bella laid up

3 4 Friday

A very cold day. I hustled up with the work this forenoon and attended the funeral of Jessie Duff . which was to leave the house at 1 oclock for Acton . it was past 2 however before they started, and I returned home without going any further. I wedged up the greater part of the blocking in stalls after returning. James Clark died this morning {in margin}Funeral of Jessie Duff. James Clark died this A.M.

6 5 Saturday

Another very cold day. I was early astir this morning and cleaned out all the stables and fed up. so as to get off to Guelph in fair time. I took 14 lbs butter to Fieldings got 16 cts per lb for it, got 2 lbs broken {biscuits?}. 10 cts a dollar in Cash and Credit on the account for $1.14. I got a pair of shirts $1.{00?} Bird Seed, 25 cts. Saw Mr. Hobson, made arrangments for renewal of papers. and the interest to be reduced to 5 per cent after June . { in margin} Guelph business bought this Diary for 10 ct to day.

7 6 Sunday

Quite a Mild Change of weather . Some Snow fell last night but it has greatly gone to day. Maggie went twice to Everton to day . Colin McMillan came with her Johnny attended the Funeral of James Clark this P.M it has taken up quite a large share of my time to do the chores to day . got word of Maggie Robertson's death {at?} Oakville last night. {in margin} James Clarks funeral. Maggie Robertson died last night.

JANUARY 1894 5

8 7 Monday

Slight frost again last night and the roads are rather icy. Johny and I prepared a small load of cedar 2 foot wood for the school. Just as I was going to start I lost my balance by sitting on a bunch of hay on a rounded load and falling on my head was considerably hurt. I drove across from the school to the centre and paid the taxes. I borrowed ten dollars from Hugh Black for this week. Willie loaned us 20 dollars. he is away to Guelph to day. quite an excitment over the election , I did not go, Johny went. {in margin} took a small load of cedar to the school about a cord 12 feet long 2 1/2 feet high or a little more - borrowed for the taxes

9 8 Tuesday

A very nice winter's day . windy I helped Johny this afternoon to cut straw and had the team there . as we worked a little late it kept me very busy to work up my chores at night . Robert Morton and Johny Burnett were also helping. {in margin} cutting straw at Johny's

10 9 Wednesday

A beautiful day. Willie called to day while on his way to Guelph. he is about starting business in Guelph and intends soon to move his things. Maggie and Minnie went down to McKenzie's with Fred and Cutter. and staying all night. Joseph Holmes Came along this afternoon and I sold the steer to him for $44.00. he paid me $2.00 on him and I have to deliver him tomorrow {in margin} Sold steer to Holmes for $44.00

1111 Friday

Another very fine day. I have been quite busy choring and cleaning up the stables I also repaired a boot for Johny, patched both upper & sole. Bella Hindley was awhile here she had a horse & cutter . I drove over to Samuel Tovells on business, paid 22 dollars on note. {in margin} Friday 11th. these days {illegible}according to the dates in the margin.

12 10 Thursday

Rather stormy to day. The wind has been blowing from the east, and considerable snow has fallen. Johny and I took the steer down to Acton.I led him down about 1/2 a mile below No 5 side road and Johny got up to me with his mare and Cutter, and I then drove over to see about the horse and afterwards to Acton. we had our dinner at Agnews after delivering the steer. great fire again at Toronto to night. the girls came home to night from Eden {in margin}Thusday 10th wrong. transcribed

13 12 Saturday

A very fine day. John McKenzie drove up with his team & a cutter and took home his sleigh and cutter , he loaded both Cutters on the sleigh, his rack also being here, Margaret went to Guelph to day along with Lizzie they went with {Nettis?}& cutter , Robert Jestin took a load of house effects for Willie to Guelph. it took up all my time attending to these outside folks & my chores. I drove over to S. Tovells paid 22 dollars to him. Thos. Tolton & the girls paid us a visit this evening along with Mr McQueen of Peel {T.qa?}

14 13 Sunday

Very stormy to day, a good deal of snow has fallen and it has drifted considerably - Maggie did not venture to Everton and Minnie has to stay at home these whate'r befalls. the sore on her foot gives her a good deal of pain and discomfort. Thos. Tolton & the girls I have had a busy day choring

JANUARY 1894 5

15 14 Monday

A very wintry day, there was a good deal of snow fell last night. and the wind to day has been drifting it up considerably. it has also been rather cold - Willie was down awhile today packing and fixing up some of his effects. I have not been able to do much more than attend to the chores to day. hitched up the horses to get sand but failed, got a double stall ready. {in margin} Sanded a double stall for the cattle - Willie is fixing up for moving

16 15 Tuesday

Quite a snowy, wintry day. the frost has slackend off some. I dredged up and sanded the 2nd double stall in stable. this forenoon. and drove up to McWilliams gravel pit and shovelled off about a wheelbarrow load of sand from the side of the bank and finish up the other stall with it , Colin McMillan paid us a visit to day. took back a boring bit to Robt. McWilliams and paid him $ 10.00 on the note he holds against me {in margin}Minnie's foot continues sore - paid $10.00 to Robert McWilliams on note.

17 16 Wednesday

Another wintry day, the snow has been deepening this last day or two. I put in a stansill for the new cow. our heifer calved this morning. Willie took another load away, or at least John Campbell did for him, Willie {took?} in Jeeni and Miss McDougal this morning, I hauled up 4 loads of stove wood . 1 before dinner and 3 afternoon. Sent a card to Alex McGregor . and a letter to Ewart. {in margin}heifer calved this morning - drawing stove wood.

18 17 Thursday

Continues Wintry , but only moderately Cold . the snow is keeping and a little additional Comes at times. I have been very busy to day. did up all my chores and drew up 4 loads of wood from the bush. finishing up all the circular cut wood. I paid Johny $1.64 to day which settles for my share of the taxes. which amounts to each of us $18.36. Webbs girls & Geo. Abbott paid us a visit this evening {in margin}Settled with Johny for my share of taxes. finished drawing wood from Bush.

19 18 Friday

Quite a heavy snow storm. I have spent what time I had over my chores fixing up the cattle stables and got them tied up - Margaret helped me put in the stanchions & c. I drove down our sleigh to Webbs and borrowed theirs for the wood drawing. I took the 50 lb borrowed Salt also 87 lbs coal. I owed them 300.

20 19 Saturday

Finer to day but the roads heavy from the heavy fall of snow , Dr Dryden says there were nine inches fell. I have had quite a busy day choring & fixing up preparatory to wood drawing next week, I drove down to McKenzies and got their Charlie horse. took "King" down to Abbotts and got him sharped all round, one new shoe. had all the 3 home in coming back. Fred in Cutter ,& Charlie and King.

21 0 Sunday

Some more signs of snow again. or it may be thaw, there is quite a heavy covering of snow on the ground now. Maggie drove to meeting this forenoon but did not go in the evening - I have been busy at my Chores and had to move some turnips as I found them heating

JANUARY 1894 5

22 21 Monday

A very wet day. The rain fell almost incessantly all day . I repaired a boot for Johny and also my own , taking off the heel and putting on a new piece of upper on the back , Maggie and her mother had all the chores mostly done by the time I returned home ,

23 22 Tuesday

A very blow and stormy day. I drove to Guelph however with my first load of wood to Goudys , I met with Willie at Guelph and he prevailed on me to go to his place to feed my horse and get dinner

24 23 Wednesday

Continues stormy and Cold , the wind blows so hard that the track fills up some and makes it hard travelling for the horses . I took my second load of wood to Goudys , they complain of the quality of the wood and he docked me because of it , I think he docked me the full amount of the defective wood , and got that for nothing. {in margin} 5 cuts of defective wood is made much of by Goudy

24 25 Thursday

Cold, but finer weather .the roads got filled in so last night that I was afraid to venture to Guelph, I spent much of the day fixing up the chores and fixings so as to be easier for the women folks , I loaded up my load ready for Guelph drove down for the mail this afternoon taking Minnie with me .

25 26 Friday

Much finer to day, a good deal of fresh snow is on the roads but there been a great traffick on them to day which has beaten the tracks up good . I took the last of the hardwood to day. I had a few words again with Goudy re the quality of the wood . got dinner again at Willies . Johny took in a load of wood for him , R.J. Kerr took a load of hay for him {in margin} paid Willie 20 dollars for Johny - also five dollars to get me a quarter of Beef, and 24 dollars to lift the note for dead mare

26 27 Saturday

An awfuly stormy day. The wind has piled up the snow in big drifts and those who ventured out on the roads with loads had to unload and return. Willie came out last night to take his organ to Guelph but had to go home without it . I fixed up things so as to feed the pigs in the Cattle shed , and took out the pump to fix it .

27 28 Sunday

A Continuation of this terrible weather , The Snow is piled up in high unsightly heaps , no one here has ventured out, I have had to spend a good deal of time in trying to make the animals comfortable, heaps of snow everywhere abound to make things uncomfortable .


29 28 Monday

Moderately cold to day , the Sun has been bright and the day fine . the roads are completely blocked and every body most that can handle a shovel is out Shovelling snow , it is seldom that the town line has been so badly blocked , I help shovel along with the rest and the road is now open although heavy

29 30 Tuesday

Weather moderate. I thought of trying to take a load of cedar to Guelph to day but feared to face the heavy roads , the McWilliams took in two ventured it but the work for the horses was hard , took a load of Cedar wood down as far as Heffernan's and unloaded it , and 3 bags chop . got a bag of shorts . paid 85 cts for all. {in margin} 3 bags chop & 1 bag shorts 85 cts p'd

30 31 Wednesday

Cold to day , I took in a load of cedar wood to Goudy's . taking about 1/2 of what was at Heffernan's , Johny helped me unload my load at the yard , the roads were a little heavy . and it was rather a cold job teaming . the women did up all the chores nicely , I had my dinner, as usual, at Willies ,

31 Feb. 1 Thursday

Continues cold, I drove another load of cedar wood to Guelph to day taking away the balance of what was left at Heffernan's , there is a great amount of wood going into Guelph these days , and the pitch holes that are being worked out makes it hard work for the teams and hard on the sleighs

Feb. 1 2 Friday

Cold increasing. this has been a very cold day. if it was not that the seat was on the side of the load providing shelter for the driver it would have been hard to bear. the work at home was nocely done up while I was away. the team works first rate. the horses agreeing and working together finely {in margin} Willie took in his organ today. he came out last night

2 3 Saturday

A very cold day. I went however to Guelph again. I am anxious to get done with the wood drawing. this is the last load but one. and I am very well {illegible } to get through with it. I had dinner as usual at Willies and had a very cold drive home - John McKenzie drove up Bella & children this afternoon. Bella is staying awhile

{in margin} got a small 1/4 of Beef costing $2.48 - Willie got it for us and it is good

3 4 Sunday

Finer today. but continues very cold. Bella and the 2 girls drove the cutter to Everton meeting this forenoon. the girls went again in the evening. Walter McWilliams driving them down. it has taken up a good deal of my time making the stock comfortable at home.


45 Monday

Another cold day. I attended the first meeting of the Board of Health for the year. Minnie accompanied me over to see the Doctor. he found her lung congested and said she should not have been out. I hurried home again and loaded up for Guelph tomorrow. putting on a row of stove wood for Willie {in margin} took the sow from the young pigs. they are over 6 weeks old. "Board of Health"

5 6 Tuesday

The cold has been intense to day. I took the last of the Cedar wood to Goudys - it measures, I think, nearly 8 cords, but Mr Goudy is bound to dock it on account of quality to seven cords. I was awfully cold in driving home. I bought the Coal for Webbs that I owed them. 215 lbs got over weight

6 7 Wednesday

Another terribly cold day - the frost is about as severe as yesterday. I hear it has been 33 degrees below zero. the coldest for many years. I took home Webbs sleigh and the Coal I owed him. it is now all paid up . I then drove down to McKenzies with the horse. was very cold in returning home. got some medicine for Minnie at the doctors

7 8 Thursday

Cold to day about as great as ever. Johny took in 3 fat hogs to Guelph he sold to Simpson. they weighed 660 lbs. at 4 c per lb - I had quite a job with the well and cistern pumps. the lean holes got frozen and I had to chop and clear off the plat forms to get at them. had a busy day fixing it up and it has been terribly cold. Minnie is some better {in margin} Johny paid me 20 dollars back that I paid Willie for him. taxes

8 9 Friday

One of the stormiest days I ever experienced. the wind has blown a hurricane and the cold very great. the snow is drifting up and blocking the lanes &c. from the paper we find this terrible cold snap is very general. at Toronto 21 below zero is registered and as low as 33 in other parts of Ontario - I got the pump at the Barn going again. Walter McWilliams helped me with it. it has kept me busy keeping stock &c right

9 10 Saturday

Continues stormy. the wind has been very strong and has drifted up the snow as to block up the surroundings very inconveniently. I have not been able to attend to much more than to keep the stock right and make them as comfortable as possible. the extreme cold has in some degree given way to day, I may say, for the first for quite a long time

10 1, Sunday

High wind yet drifting the snow into inconvenient piles. our land is completely blocked up. the cold has moderated quite perceptebly. the turnips are somewhat frozen in the house and we are looking for moderate weather to make things right again.


12 11 Monday

A cold day, although when it is compare with some of last weeks weather it seems moderate - I got so much out of patience with the water trough being out at the house pump that I moved it into the shed - to day we fixed the pump so well that it works fine, no thanks to Grant for it. he has put us to lots of trouble promising to come and fix it, but never doing it. helped Johny overwith 2 loads of pea straw-{in margin}Walter McWilliams at the mill and got 2 bags chopped for us. borrowed our sleigh

12 13 Tuesday

Another cold day, but a great improvement on last week. I went down to Rockwood this afternoon. got some more medicine for Minnie. Called to see the Stewart Boys. they are improving. got 36 lbs of good brown sugar at Passmores for a dollar, also some oatmeal, and a lb of cheese 14 c and lost it out of the cutter on coming home. the stage came from Guelph today. first since Friday last - {in margin}Willie came out from Guelph to day. he stayed here all night - Letter from Holyoke - all well and doing well.

1314 Wednesday

Weather moderating although to day has been raw and cold. I attended McDermotts sale this afternoon. bought nothing. bid on a cultivator. Cattle sold very cheap. Mr Dunbar gave us a flying visit this morning. he got his paper in the interest of taxing for road making instead of statute labour. I feel the change of water trough a great accomodation. hear of damage done to patatoes from frost. our seem right -

14 15 Thursday

Weather improved. the cold has moderated so that it is now quite pleasant. I hurried up with the chores and get things fixed up so as not to be bothered when our company gathers tonight. I drove down to Everton for the mail and met Joe McIntosh coming up. there was quite a company at night and Joe was the soul of it. it was 2 in the morning before it btoke up. Joe sang a lot of songs. there were the Webbs, Mortons, both McWilliams, Geo Abott, Johny & Lizzie -

1516 Friday

A very fine day. Clear Sunshine and moderately cold. I hitched up the cutter and drove Bella out to Willie Suttons, and drive round by Ospringe. we had dinner and soon afterwards came away home again, calling at Uncle Duncans where we took up Joe again who had gone there on a visit while we were at Suttons.

1617 Saturday

Another very fine day, although the air is cold the sun has had great influence. Johny & Lizzie were at Guelph in the cutter. he brought back with him two dollars worth of sugar. 72 lbs, same as I got the other day. we had quite a party at Webbs this ev'g. I drove the double team down to Guelph road to give Minne an airing, and left her at Webbs and brought her home at night - {in margin}Johny at Guelph I fed up his stock. Bella & her children away home - got 2 dollars worth sugar.

1718 Sunday

Fine weather. Clear Sunshine and not very cold. Joe McIntosh and Maggie wwent to Everton meeting this forenoon. they intended going again in the evening but did not go. I did not go off the place - the chores kept me busy a good part of the day. Minnie has to keep close to the house.


1819 Monday

Temperature quite moderate. inclined to blow this afternoon. had a blizzard of snow & wind toward evening, but it soon calmed down again. I helped Johny with team to cut straw. Joe took my place to drive after the first run. he drove down to David Robertsons this evening. I got every thing well attended to as he took my place while I did it. Minnie is not quite so well - {in margin}Cutting straw at Johny's - Blizzard - Joe McIntosh down at D. Robertson

1920 Tuesday

A moderately fine day - Joe took the horse and Cutter to David Robertsons last night and just returned this evening - I intended going to the doctors to day but could not as the horse and cutter was away. I have been choring & splitting wood &c.

2021 Wednesday

Although Clear, it yet has been rather raw and cold. I was up early and did up my chores before breakfast and accompanied Johny to Robert Morton's straw cutting. we got along well and did a good day's work, and brought back the horse back home to Johny's. Our women folk and Joe did up the chores this ev'g -

2122 Thursday

A very stormy day. the roads are filling up badly again. the stage ran through tp Guelph and back. I did not expext that it could have done so. Joe and I have been fixing up the stables some, and doing up the chores. this is really terrible weather & it is most difficult to drive about as the lanes &c are filed up -

2223 Friday

Weather better again, but the roads are badly blocked up. I accompanied the gang of neighbors down to Heffernans Corner. we shovelled the drifts on the town line and drove through Robert Talbot's fields to Heffernans Corner. the gravel road is now so badly blocked that the fields have to be taken for the most part. we got the mail this forenoon - {in margin}Drove to Rockwood this P.M. for medicine for Minnie - the roads are terrible - We notice Peter Mahan has met a serious accident -

2324 Saturday

A tolerably fine day. Geo McWilliams took a load of stove wood to Willie at Guelph to day. Walter took a load of wood to Geo. Marshall. Johny took a load of cedar to Gowdys, they found the roads very heavy. Johny upset once - Joe drove down to Everton this P.M. he helped me fix up around the stable & the chores this A.M. I half soled a boot for Johny Burnett to day. Colin McMillan is ill at present -

2425 Sunday

A fine day, but frosty and rather cold this forenoon. Margaret & I drove down to Heffernan this forenoon to see Colin McMillan who is very sick. after coming back Maggie and her Mother drove up to see the Duffields as some of them were complaining. I wrote a letter to Meaford - Maggie & her Uncle Joe drove to Everton. {in margin}we hear that Peter Mahan is dead -


2526 Monday

A fine day but rather cold. the Sun is beginning to have more effect. I have had allthe chores on my hands to day, as Joe has been enjoying himself over at Johnys &c. Margaret and I drove down to see Colin this evening. he is a very sick man. Johny Campbell came to day and is nursing him. they had to turn out and shovel the roads again to day.

2627 Tuesday

A beautiful day, but cold frosty air - Joe rode down to Acton with Walter McWilliams and went to Georgetown. I did up my chores early and prepared to clean up our wheat, but just as we were at it, Samuel Tovel came along and spent several hours with us. So we quite it. he had dinner with us. the girls drove to the Corner this P.M. Colin is not so well. Alice & Ada Webb visited us - {in margin}young light roan heifer to Johny's bull to day -

2728 Wednesday

A very fine day. much milder and this afternoon the snow started to thaw off rather rapidly. Margaret & I cleaned up the wheat this A.M. and I intended bagging some for chop but having lost time hunting more bags &c I gave up the idea and instead we cleaned up the flax. Johny drove a load of cedar to Guelph. Colin McWilliam still keeps very poorly. not any better -

Feb 28 March 1 Thursday

Continues to thaw rapidly - the snow has gone very fast and the roads where the snow is deep is very bad to travel on as the horses break through - I took the wheat grist to the mill and also 3 bags of barley chop. they desired me to leave the wheat grist till tomorrow - Colin McWilliam is a little better this evening.

March 2 1 Friday

Continued soft last nightand up till noon to day. the snow has gone a great deal during the thaw. this afternoon it has turned colder and hard frost evening. I drove down to the mill for the grist. the 6 bags wheat weighed 14 bushels & 20 lbs. they changed 7 bushels of fall wheat for the wild goose charging a quarter extra. there was 485 lbs flour outcome. they kept 100 out I owed. so that I had 385 home, 3 bags short 2 bran. paid $1.65 for grist - {in margin}Colin McWilliam is some better - I paid him the full balance of his wages to day. $6.50 -

23 Saturday

The frost has dried up the ground again and it is very icy, but better getting about. Margaret helped me to clean up the peas to day, and I put them in the hogshead 19 1/2 Bushels by measure. there were also over two bushels split peas for grinding. I threshed the flax tailings and cleaned all of it up. there will, I think be about 2 bushels of it. {in margin}"old white sow at Robt. McWillaims Berkshire Pig"

34 Sunday

Softer in the early part of the day but got up colder later on. I have been pretty close at home, only going down to Mortons with young sow - Maggie went to meeting this forenoon. and we had a visit of Mr & Mrs Webb this afternoon. Maggie went home with them going down and intended going again to Meeting with the young folks. Minnie fever is high to day. Mother is not well to day. {in margin} "young white sow taken to Mortons to day."

MARCH 1894 5

45 Monday

A very stormy & cold day - the wind has blown the falling snow into all the Cranies - the Toltons have chopped for McWilliams and they borrow our "King" horse for the occasion. I helped Johny clean up 7 bags of grain for chopping. we afterwards cleaned up 40 Bushels of our black oats and put them in the granary -

56 Tuesday

Very frosty and cold. this morning the thermometer, I heard, registered 11 below zero. I wrote a letter for Holyoke and Johny mailed it this morning when he went to Everton with his chop. I drove to Rockwood and sent the doctor, who was coming up to see Mrs Jonathan Lovel, to see Minnie. I then drove down and had tea at McKenzies. Minnie is not yet over the effects of conjestion - {in margin}Willie drove out from Guelph to day. I sent the money to pay the Forester note. Southdown ewe had a lamb -

67 Wednesday

A very fine day. milder and, with the exception of a few blustery snow clouds, it was a nice clear day. I have been clearing out the upper cattle stable for the sheep. the little Southdown had a lamb the other day, and the rest I bought with her from Henry Duffield may all soon be lambing. I was rather sick last night but some better to day -

78 Thursday

A little raw and cold to day but not an unpleasant day. Johny & I brought over our 4 sheep (Duffield purchase) and put them in the upper Cattle stable - Johny also helped me to clean up the balance of the black oats making 96 bushels in all. put in the bin on granary. the tail ends after, cleaned up 4 bags more. I drove down to see the doctor this afternoon. Minnie's temperature is hight 104. the doctor thinks he may have to see her if not better -

89 Friday

Milder to day, but inclined to snow some. became colder in the evening. at times it was quite stormy through the day. Jeseph McIntosh came along again this morning. he was all night at Uncle Duncan. he helped me fix up the railroad door and started the other oat pile cleaning, put through 25 bushels. Minnie, we think, is a little better. went down to see Johny Currie about helping us prepare fire wood. he says he will do what he can - {in margin}another Duffied ewe had a lamb this morning -

910 Saturday

A very fine forenoon and we expected a fine day all through - in this we were dissapointed as it blew up very rough afternoon. a good deal of snow fell and was drifted about. I attended the funeral of Old Mr Sharp. he was buried at Everton. the funeral was largely attended. Joe and I cleaned throgh 120 bushels of oats and put them in a granary bin. there is yet some to clean. Johny & Lizzie are at Guelph today. Minnie not much better - {in margin}Old Mr Sharp buried to day. Cleaned up 120 Bushels "Banner " oats -

1011 Sunday

A fine day. Sunshine and cold moderate. John McKenzie & Bella & Bella Webb paid us a visit to day. Willie and Jennie took a run out from Guelph. they drove up to Mimosa and called here on their way back - they drove home during the time of the total eclipse of the moon - Joe and Maggie drove down to night meeting at Everton.{in margin}John McKenzie paid me $12.00 - $6.00 for self to pay A.O.U.W. and the other 6 to pay note off A. McGregor -

MARCH 1894 5

1112 Monday

Temperature moderate,and fairly fine. John McKenzie, Bella & the family with Bella Webb paid us a visit today. he paid me money as I have it recorded yesterday. Joe is sharpening the crosscut saw to day. Louis Black & Mrs McKennon drove up to day to see Minnie. Mrs Webb also was up the greater part of the afternoon -

1213 Tuesday

A very fine day. John Currie has helped me saw up timber in the woods to day for firewood - Joe was out with us this afternoon. we cut up some beeches and 4 basswood saw logs. & 2 hemlocks- we took the team down this afternoon to break the roads. it has kept us busy to attend the stock and work in the Bush. Joe went to Everton this P.M.

1314 Wednesday

Fine day although frosty & cold. John Currie is laid up unwell to day. John Smallhorn Came on at noon to day to work at the wood - John has made arrangements with his brother, Richard, to work in his time with me for the rent of $12.00. Joe & John Smallhorn cut in the woods together this P.M. while I took a grist of chop to Everton - 8 bags oats, and 4 bags mixed grain (Barley peas & oats for Cattle & hogs -

1415 Thursday

Continues fair weather. Cold and frosty at nights. John Smallhorn and I have been cutting up a large beech, while John Currie drew up 3 or 4 loads of log lengths and placed them on a skid way-

1516 Friday

Very cold last night. the frost is very kean this morning. but it has been a very fine pleasant day. John Currie & John Smallhorn with myself were at the wood this forenoon. they cut at Jestin's this afternoon for Smallhorn. I drove up to Scotts and paid the note for the harrows $4.75. we had quite a lot of visitors, Uncle Duncan, Jamie Abbott, Mary & George - Misses Tovell and others.

1617 Saturday

Another cold day, but very pleasant - we are having a wonderful cold time for such a late time of the year. I drove to Guelph to day. got the loan of 30 dollars from Willie. I paid him the 35cts he gave to the Bank Manager. got a pair over shoes $1.00. Willie bought me an axe & handle 85c - sold turnips to Shultz 11c - Currie & Smallhorn working in Bush. brought up 2 loads logs. Dr up to see Minnie - Willie Abbott removed shoe, paid 10c. Sent 6 dollars to A. McGregor interest for Jno McKenzie - {in margin}Guelph. 30 dollars from Willie - new axe & handle - got things at Willies {illegible} 1/2 lbs {illegible} 10c stove Black matches. {excitement?} over the {2 illegible words}

1718 Sunday

A fine day. a little cold as usual. Maggie drove to meeting this forenoon. Grace Nelson accompanied her home and Maggie drove her back again at night - Joe went down to Everton last night and is visiting Blacks this afternoon. I have been kept pretty close at work to day fixing up the stock. visitors to day -

MARCH 18945

1819 Monday

Fine day. John Currie and John Smallhorn have been helping at the bush. Joe also helped us, we Cut down a Couple of Cedar trees to make school wood. one was lodged against another tree but we cut it and hauled it down with the team. the road to the bush is getting bare in the fields -

1920 Tuesday

Fine day. I drove over to Erin this forenoon and paid Gib McArthur for the horse $41.00. After returning I hitched up Fred and drove to Rockwood for Auntie Kate, "Frank" took sick after I returned with him from Erin and I gave him a doze of Salt and Soda, also afterwards a doze of Saltpetre & turpentine. he got better - Joe has been at Robt. McWIlliams Sawing for me -

2021 Wednesday

Another fine day. I took down a Cord of Cedar wood to the school to day, and hurried back to take Kate Moore and Joe McIntosh to the 6 oclock train. we made it by hard scratching -

2122 Thursday

Very fine day. Sun has been very hot and burnt my face rather badly. John Smallhorn and I prepared 2 loads of turnips this A.M. Charlie Duffield also brought his team and worked at them from about ten oclock afterwards in the afternoon. Walter McWilliamand Johny helped us prepare other 2 loads. So we started off with our 4 loads making 142 Bushels. the roads were very bad. we got them off shortly after 6 oclock - {in margin}Dr Dreyden up to see Minnie to day,

2223 Friday

Continues hot in the sun - I took down another load of turnips this forenoon - John Smallhorn helped me root them and then rode down home. Casino made the mistake of not giving me a proper ticket for the weights and I had to go back again with it before the 6 oclock train. I had in all 169 1/2 Bushels -

2324 Saturday

A little bit colder to day but the snow has melted very much for all. I drove to Guelph to see about the business with Mr Hobson, but he was at Toronto. fixed it so that it can be done in a week. I settled with D. L. Shultz, he gave me a check for $18.60. 11c per bushel. had dinner at Willie's - his business seems increasing. the roads are very bad and near the city very bare. the snow banks in {may?} place are as high as ever.

2425 Sunday

Very soft. the snow is going fast to day. John McKenzie and Bella drove up to see Minnie. poor Minnie does not seem to get over better. the fever keeps up very high at times which show the disease is still there. have had to attend closely to home and outside wants -


2526 Monday

Very soft - the snow has melted very much today. I have had a busy day - uncovering potatoes. and doing up the chores - also half soled a pair of Boots for Isaac Theaker's boy. Minnie is much about the same - had a good many visitors to see her today.

2627 Tuesday

Frozen up last night and to day. I have had a very busy day, doing up the chores, and split up a load of cedar stove wood for the school, and took it down. after returning home I split up and loaded the most of another load.

2728 Wednesday

Very stormy to day. quite a snowsorm in the afternoon. I was up early and did up the chores and helped Johny at the sawing machine. he got along very well. Had 11 hands all told. Robt. Jestin, Coffee, McWilliams (Geo.) Robt. McWilliams, John Burnett, Robt Morton, Jamie Duffield, Isaac Theaker, Geo Abbott.

2829 Thursday

A fine day but very wintery for So late a day of the year. I hurried up this morning and finished up the splitting of the cedar wood for the school and drew it down to the school house. there is fully more than the 4 Cords in all. this P.M. I bagged up 8 bags mixed grain. 1/2 bushel peas, 3 barley & over 1 oats. got them home with me. bought a ton of Chopped wheat 20 dollars a ton. get a week to take it home -

2930 Friday

Wintry & cold to day but not unpleasant - I have been very busy to day. Cleaning out table &c - 1/2 soled a boot for Johny Burnett, and took over 10 9 bags of chop to the pig house. I had to dig my way into the house through the high snow drifts - Dr Dryden came to see Minnie to day. he says she is some better. had a good many visitors to day - {in margin}shoe mending - chopped stuff for the pigs - Dr Dryden visits Minnie -

30 31 Saturday

Continues Cold & wintry although very pleasant. Johny & Lizzie drove to Guelph Market to day with the democrat. I accompanied them. Robt Morton also took the wagon. they are the first wheels that we know of, on the town line since the sleighing. Johny got $1.50 a bag for 3 bags apples (nor. spys) 75cts for bag of potatoes. 15c for eggs, 16cts for Butter. Willie got 6 lbs - I had transferred mortgage to day to Elizabeth Loghrin. McLean's Bill is $9.05. the roads are bad for the wheels on account of the deep drifts. {in margin} Guelph Market. Business - bad roads - Johny sold Bull to Alex. White {illegible} and the rest -

31April 1 Sunday

Fine day. but keeps up wintry - I have been about home all day, with the exception that Mother and I drove the cutter up to Duffields to see Mary who has lately been taken down quite sick. Maggie went to Everton meeting at night. Walter McWilliams drove the horse & cutter.

APRIL 1894 5

12 Monday

Rain and ice storm to day, or at least last night. Johny and I each took a team this afternoon and loaded up the 6 small logs (4 Bass and 2 hemlock) Johny took his to Everton, but I had to stay and clean up the oats for Len Avrey. he got 17 Bushels and he brought 6 Bushels "Lanefield peas. 75c per Bushel. he paid me $2.50 between the lots. the season keeps remarkably late -

23 Tuesday

Quite a glit of ice on the ground this morning. I took the logs to Everton, and brought home 1,595 lbs of ground wheat, paying ten dollars on it. Cleaned up the Barley and bagged it and emptied the meal into the bin the barley was in.{in margin}Horton paid me for the cedar wood $5.00 - Cleaned Barley -

34 Wednesday

Continues cold, the snow however is slowly going. the late ice storm has left some shreds of it yet. have been looking up a man to day. Geo. Duffield and Geo. Anderson did not deal with either. was over at Ospringe to see Anderson - may yet deal with Duffield.

45 Thursday

Fine day. we filled 4 bed ticks today with oat straw. Colin McWilliam paid us a visit to day. I hitched up the horse to Johny's buggie this afternoon and drove down to Rockwood to see the doctor and I waited at Stewarts till he returned from Guelph at 7 oclock. being a little late when I went back {to?} the doctors, he had just gone again. I was displeased & dissapointed -

56 Friday

Another fine day but threatening rain. we drew over the horse power so{?}s to cut straw - soon Johny took over the fanning mill. I bagged up 3 bags of Northern Spy apples and 3 bags potatoes for Guelph tomorrow. Mr & Mrs John Webb paid us a visit this afternoon.

67 Saturday

a very wet night and the first half of this forenoon. I made ready to go to Guelph but on account of the rain abandoned the idea. we could have gone however after all as it ceased raining about nine oclock.

78 Sunday

Continues murky and unpleasant. very damp and foggy. we all kept the house pretty closely to day. I have been kept busy trying to make all the animals comfortable.

APRIL 1894 5

89 Monday

Weather becoming less wintery and the indications are favorable for the early opening up of spring, it would not be early - however even if it was now upon is, I have not yet secured my help for the summer and I am negotiating and looking out. it is a great matter of concern to me now that I am alone.

910 Tuesday

Weather taking up again and getting more pleasant. Minnie does not improve as we would like and the doctor displeased me by not staying till he saw me last Thursday. Doctors, like every other class of people get careless at times when it is of the greatest importance that they should be attentive & careful.

1011 Wednesday

A fine day. John Smallhorn came to help us and I set him to sort the turnips and throw them back from the potatoe pile. Margaret and I drove to Guelph today. 3 bags apples (Nor. Spys) and 4 bags potatoes $1.75 for the apples - 70cts for potatoes. Butter 16cts - Eggs 14cts.

1112 Thursday

A very fine day, but threatened rain - the frozen potatoes, the South West end of the turnip house is not well protected outside and quite a thickness of the pile is lost. I have been round asking a few hands for sawing tomorrow - found the Toltons sawing for themselves with the machine -

1213 Friday

Fine this forenoon, but came on rain between 3 & 4 oclock. we had 3 saws going pretty steady until 5 oclock. the last 2 hours we sawed at the bush. we had Robt Morton, Johny Burnett, Geo. Abbott, Walter MCWilliams, John Coffey, Geo. Duffield, John Smallhorn, Johny Sunter & myself. the work went on well and it was a pity the rain Came to stop us. I hired Geo. Duffield for 7 months at 16 dollars per month, gets his washing done here, he gets every other Sunday -

1314 Saturday

A fine day after the rain of yesterday - David Tolton came to day to help us cut wood. John Smallhorn and I sawed mostly together and David split it i[. they finished up a number of logs at the last and let me do up the chores. I drove Smallhorn home this evening - Geo. Loree gave up the keys of Mrs Peavoys house to day.

1415 Sunday

Fine this morning but got up cold and not very pleasant as the day wore on. Maggie drove alone to Everton meeting and Colin McMillan came back with her. the doctor got a call to James Douglas to see one of their children and he called to see Minnie - he says she is improving but very slowly.

APRIL 1894 5

1516 Monday

Weather cool and fine/ Geo. Duffield started to work this morning. he split up the balance of the unsplit wood in the woodhouse and made a start on the outside pile. {in margin}Geo. Duffield started to work this morning -

1617 Tuesday

The weather is improving and things now look as spring may at last come upon us. John Smallhorn was clearing up the last of the frozen potatoes, and piled the stove wood for George as he split it.

1718 Wednesday

The weather has turned fine. a little frost at night. John Smallhorn helped me this forenoon to load up 12 bags of black Joanatte oats for chopping. And he went home with me when I drove to the mill. George has been splitting up the stove wood. George took a load of turnips to the pig house. I took over there more than a load. I pulp and boil them & mix meal in them.{in margin}Sold the pigs to Henry Duffield for 5 cents per lb and the rest likely to go in about a month.

1819 Thursday

A very fine day. the ground is drying up very fast. George finished the splitting of the stove wood this evening. he had to work very steady at it in order to get it done. I piled the most of it & unloaded ther chop stuff and took home the bags after shaking them. we loaded up the balance of the Mangolds - the wagon in the Barn. went for Smallhorse this evening. {in margin}Wm McCullough has started this P.M. to prune the orchard - he works till Saturday night for $2.00.

1920 Friday

A very fine, warm & sunshiny day. Geroge started the plow this morning and it has gone well. George had to stop about 3 oclock P.M. and, with Johny, attended John McTavish's barn raising. I sold the "George" horse to James Ramshaw backed by Wm Anderson, John Smallhorn and I have been cutting some cedar culls into stove wood. unloaded the Mangolds this morning at pig pen - {in margin}Sold the Geroge horse. Barn raising John McTavish -

2021 Saturday

Weather quite warm and the sun out clear & fine. Geroge has plowed all day at the sod. John Smallhorn & I have been sawing up some summer wood. I drove to Rockwood to see the doctor and gave Wm McCullough a ride home. Minnie not been so well this week and we wished the dostor to know it. he thinks she has the Grippe and gave me more medicine. John Smallhorn went home -

2122 Sunday

A very fine day. George and Maggie attended the meeting twice to day. Willie drove out from Guelph to see Minnie. he has a new top buggie - Johny Currie & wife and others have been visiting - I walked down to Webbs in the evening and got caught in a heavy rain that came in -

APRIL 1894 5

2223 Monday

A fine day after the rain of last night. Johny had to go to Guelph to day to be a witnes against Thorp for Contravention of the By Laws governing the Sales (Market) of the City. I plowed with his team in the sod along with George. I gave up the keys of Mrs Peavoys house to Fred Peavoy and stipulated that it was rented only by the quarter (3 months) - he to pay the taxes and do the road work - {in margin} rented Mrs Peavoys house for 2 dollars per month taxes to be paid and road work done. Geo. Duffield witnesed the agreement. Wm Loree secured the rent.

2324 Tuesday

Another very fine day. George has, with "King" cleared off the stones from the 2 fields to the west, behind the orchard. took over turnips to boil and other chores. I have plowed all day at the sod with "Frank & Fred". I have to boil turnips for the pigs &also pulp them. it makes a lot of work, but we think it will pay.

2425 Wednesday

Another beautiful day, threatened rain but did not come. Mary Stewart & her mother drove up from Rockwood to see Minnie. I finished the sod field my noon to day. George finished up the stoning with "King" and manured and gang plowed the onion bed by noon. afternoon he Cultivated with the new Cultivator, the wheat land in front field - we also took in a load of turnips for the pigs.

2526 Thursday

Continues fine weather for seeding. Johny has had the use of "Fred" to help his team to cultivate - he finds the new Cultivator to make rather heavy work for his team on his hard land. George sowed the wheat and harrowed it after the drill. Eddie and Netty Abbott came up on a visit to day. I drove to Everton for the mail in the evening taking them home. Johny got done early wirth "Fred" . so I took him home -

2627 Friday

Beautiful weather. Some indications of change but they always wear off without result. George rolled and Cultivated the Sod for the peas this forenoon. Sowed them this afternoon. I have on hand the boiling every day of pulped turnips with the meal for the pigs. have been very unwell for Some days, having much inward pain. have taken some pills (Morrisons) to try and remove it.

2728 Saturday

Splendid weather for seeding, cool and drying. George has harrowed the pea land after the Seeder and partly rolled it before dinner. he cultivated the back field opposite in the afternoon. he worked fred at it. Johny also worked him a while this forenoon.

2829 Sunday

Weather continues dry & cool. just the kind of weather we are now in need of. Willie & wife & Colin Campbell drove out from Guelph . they called as they returned from Mimosa. Willie also called as he drove past in the morning - George & Maggie frove twice to Everton to day. I did up the chores. Minnie kept her bed to day. {in margin}light roan heifer to Bull to night -

APRIL - MAY 1894 5

2930 Monday

Beautiful day. warmer this afternoon than has been prevailing. the grass is growing greener on account of the heat. A cool wind, however, generally prevails. George has sowed the west 1/2 of the back field to the north this A.M. Afternoon he harrowed & rolled it all to about 1/2 an hours work - I have boiled 2 batched for the pigs. I took out the partition giving them all the room. the 2 Mrs Abbotts paid uf a visit this P.M. {in margin} I sent a card each to Bella and Auntie Kate. a letter each to Bro. Alex - to Alex. Holyoke and $5.00 to {Erin?} A.O.U.W.

30 MAY 1 Tuesday

Rather hotter today than usual. things are beginning to be rather dry. George took out some manure to the Rhubarb bed and dug it in. I rolled the wheat land the while and he & I spent afterwards until dinner time on the pea land rolling & picking stones. I boiled a pot of feed for the pigs afternoon and raked up the yard. George cultivated the 5 1/2 acre field to the left of the lane. Women folks cleaning up the cellar. I took Minnie again for a drive. {in margin}a travelling man fixed our clock to day -

12 Wednesday

Much cooler to day, and continues dry. George has cultivated the back field but one on the south side of lane and sowed and harrowed it in. we put in "Banner oats". I laid off the Kitchen garden by shovelling out the 2 long walks. Maggie & her mother sowed quite a few onions. I filled up a load of turnip and George drew them to the pig house. took straw also. we turned out last years calves yesterday.

23 Thursday

Warmer to day. in fact a little too warm for comfort. George cultivated and sowed the remainder of the back north of lane field to Joanette oats. the east end and the old boggy bit in the middle were rather wet, but not so bad onthe whole. I drove Minnie down as far as Uncle Duncan's to day.

34 Friday

Another very warm day. I have been choring around this forenoon, boiling pig feed &c. fished about a Couple of hours and got 5 nice fish for Minnie. 3 trouts. I harrowed this afternoon what George sowed yesterday - George Cultivated the north front field this A.M. we cleaned up 5 bags Bavarien oats and then he went off to Hugh Black's Barn raising. Dr. Dreyden called to see Minnie to day. he says she is much better - {in margin}Minnie walked down to McWilliams to day. got Fred shod all round ({reset?}) by Wm Abbott. pd {illegible} -

45 Saturday

An extremely hot day. Margaret & I have been to Guelph to day with Fred & Buggy. we had 40 doz. eggs, and 22 lbs, 30 doz at 9c - 10 doz 10c. Butter at 15cts. we were at Willie's to dinner - there are fears we have seen the highest market for potatos. 60cts was paid to day. George finished sowing & harrowing the front north field. took afterwards 2 loads of pruned stuff out of orchard yet another load to take away before we plow the orchard - {in margin}horses very warm to day - hottest day of the season -

56 Sunday

Another hot day. Sunshine and splendid growing weather, but rain would now be very acceptable. the trees are leafing out extremely fast since yesterday morning. we have been at home all day - Maggie & George have both been twice at Everton. Tina McKinnon is again very sick. poor girl, she is very delicate -

MAY 1894 5

67 Monday

Another extremely hot day until about 3 P.M. when the air became cooler. it was thought local thunder showers was the Cause. I have had a busy choring day. George took the last load of prunings to the back of the place, and we took a load of straw for the pigs. George afterwards plowed about 2/3 of the orchard. George Williams paid us a visit to day. he is very poorly. Tina McKinnon is also very poorly. Minnie improves very slowly -

78 Tuesday

Continues hot. A little rain fell from the thunder clouds wheich are passing around. George plowed the balance of the orchard and harrowed and partly rolled it. we wish to make a fine seed bed for for the barley. I drove to Everton this afternoon and Minnie accompanied me, on account of the appearance of rain I drove rather fast and she felt wearied. Thos. Tolton & Hanah Called awhile this evening - {in margin}keep fishing about every morning for Minnie - Johny got 3 Bushels peas for seed -

89 Wednesday

Another hot day. George finished up the sowing to day. the barley in the orchard. I prepared a floor in the turnip house and pulled down the potatoe pile. they are growing badly. the market for them has gone badly back and left us. as well as many others, in a bad plight. they were 70cts a bag a couple of weeks ago, and now down to 40cts.

910 Thursday

Terribly hot to day in the sun. George has been rolling to day and sowed the barley yesterday - Charles Socket came along for us to sign the note for the Cultivator $33.00 payable on the 1st April 1897. I dug the flower bed this fornoon in garden, boiling pig feed. George helped a while at sprouting the potatoes, and hauled over a load of turnips to the pig house. I threw them out at the window of turnip house -

1011 Friday

Another steaming hot day. vegitation has made wonderful progress up to this time. the leaf is out in full bloom - plum & apple blossom coming out. George has been helping Johny to plow up the far end of the corner field that missed the seeding down -

1112 Saturday

The long, hot & dry spell has been broken to day. this morning a heavy thunder cloud passed over us and heavy rain fell again in the afternoon - Another also came and the temperature fell very low. I drove to Guelph for the 1/4 {Bbl?} beer for Minnie but failed to get it. got 2 bottles till the other can be had in a few days. Johny delivered his bull in Rockwood - he weighed 1680 lbs. at 4c & 2 dollars over $69.20. I had a very cold ride home from Guelph. Minnie is rather poorly.{in margin}Johny got 212 lbs oats for seed.

1213 Sunday

A great change in the temperature. quite a freeze last night. I am afraid damage will result to the tender grain and fruit blossoms. it has been quite Cold all day. Maggie and George have been twice at Everton meeting to day. John Webb paid us quite a long visit this afternoon.

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“William Sunter Diary, 1895,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed January 18, 2018, https://ruraldiaries.lib.uoguelph.ca/transcribe/items/show/128.