Clara & Olive Philp Diary & Transcription, 1914


Clara & Olive Philp Diary & Transcription, 1914


Clara Philp & Olive Philp


Courtesy of Private Donor


20th Century, Wellington County, Mayborough Township, Ontario

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Philp Family Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript and Typed Transcription

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Clara Philp (1885-????) & Olive Philp (1890-1978)
1914 Diary
Transcribed by Rural Diary Archive volunteers
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Thursday January 1, 1914
Men done chores. Doc and they dehorned 16 cattle in morning. Brock took cream can to
town and brought mother home in afternoon. Dull, raw east wind. Trees covered with hoar-
Friday January 2
Men done chores. Brock took gate back to Pattersons and brought pump from station. Fixing
hydrant by goose house in afternoon. Melville and I went to Hilborn's for dinner. We called
for Olive and went to Grandma's for tea. Doc stayed in town overnight and went home in
morning. Dull and rather cold, came a kiss of snow in afternoon. Tom Miller here, also J.
Noble driving a council man.
Saturday January 3
Men done chores, cleaning pens. Oakley Flath called in this afternoon. Going back to Dental
College in Chicago. Seven years since he left here. Storming all day, from east.
Sunday January 4
Olive, Brock and I went to church in town at night. Dull all day, quite sharp. Very good
Monday January 5
Men done chores. Brock over to E. Osby's with pig. Father went to vote after dinner round by
Rothsay and to school meeting after tea. A beautiful sunny day, very calm. Geo. Dickson,
reeve. Love, Parkhill, Brandon and Laughrin, councillors.
Tuesday January 6
Men done chores. Brock went to town to get teeth filled in forenoon. Choring round in
afternoon. We three went up to Roy's after tea. Rather cold wind, getting milder towards
evening when it sleeted.
Wednesday January 7 Men done chores. N. F. Perkin came out and helped put in pump in
well in afternoon. Geo. Tucker here for dinner. Olive and I at town in forenoon. A little snowy
in forenoon. Not very cold. Fine afternoon.
Thursday January 8 Father done chores. Brock took out grist chop brought can coal oil in
forenoon. Drawing out manure to little orchard in afternoon. Father up to Roy's after tea.
Very dull and quite calm all day. Misting some times.
Friday January 9 Men done chores and Harry came down and they killed a beef in afternoon.
We three went to town in evening. Olive and I went to Henderson's, called up to see Mrs.
Wismer's bake "Albert Irvine". Rather mild day. Got quite bit colder at night. Hockey match
Drayton vs. Palmerston 5-3 in favor Drayton.
Saturday January 10 Father done chores. Brock helped Harry take cattle down to station.
Father cut up beef and then they working at wind-mill pump. Has not worked since Roy &
Harry fixed it. Tank is empty, but it pumped a little during evening. Mother and I at town in
afternoon. Brought Grace Brett out with us. A Lovely sunny afternoon.
Sunday January 11 Brock took Grace Brett to town after tea. Snowing in forenoon, but got
rather stormy in afternoon. Little colder.
Monday January 12 Men done chores. A very stormy day. Getting very cold towards night.
Tuesday January 13 Thermometer 14 degrees below zero this a.m. Men done chores.
Father took beef hide to town. A very bright, sunny day. Exceedingly cold 10 degrees below
zero at 5 p.m. An exceptionally cold spell.
Wednesday January 14 Men done chores. Brock took mother to town after dinner and
brought Fred Brian, Kingston out. He came up at noon and had dinner with Uncle Will and
Grandma. 20 degrees below zero this a.m. got quite stormy.
Thursday January 15 Men done chores. Got grist-chop ready and Brock took it out in
afternoon. Did not get it home. Olive, Fred and I drove round by Rothsay and Gass'. Fred
came back with us. Will Walker and Harry Philp came down and spent evening. Very much
milder today. Dull.
Friday January 16
Father done chores. Brock went for his chop. Fred and I went down town for mother and in
afternoon Olive and I left him up to Bob Gass'. Brock took out another load of chop. Dull
quiet morning, came on a soft snow at noon and continued for a while this afternoon. Very
Saturday January 17 Father done chores. Brock went for chop. Father sifting ashes. Bill
Gass brought Fred Brian here about 5 a.m. and stayed for tea. Brock, Tabby and Olive went
to town after tea. A pretty cold night. Rather a stormy day - cold.
Sunday January 18 Home all day. Lovely sunny day, not too cold.
Monday January 19
Men done chores and filled up load chop. Brock took it to town in afternoon, father sifted
ashes. Olive, Fred, Brock and I drove in to T. Henderson's and spent evening. Inclined to be
mild, a bit of soft snow falling in evening.
Tuesday January 20
Men done chores. Norm Perkin came out in afternoon and fixed windmill pump. Olive and I
took Fred to 1.37 train. Enjoyed his visit very much. Rather dull all day. Became quite stormy
in afternoon, almost sleet at night.
Wednesday January 21
Men done chores. Started to cut wood in bush in afternoon. Inclined to be stormy. Cold. Mr.
J.T. White called to see logs. $8.75 per cwt.
Thursday January 22
Men done chores. Brock took out cream can. Both cutting wood in bush in afternoon. Olive
and Will Philp here in evening. Quite a cold day. Little snow falling.
Friday January 23
Men doing chores and cutting wood in bush. Mr. and Mrs. I. MacIsaac here in evening. Very
mild all day. Raining after tea. A January thaw.
Saturday January 24
Men done chores in forenoon and washed little pigs, cutting wood in bush, afternoon. I took
mother to town, met noon train and got Melville. Brock went to town at night and mother
came home with him. Not too cold. Got little breezy at night.
Sunday January 25
Olive, Melville and I drove to Mr. J. Campbell's in Minto in afternoon. A rather nice day.
Stormed at little at night.
Monday January 26
Men done chores and drawing manure. Melville went to town on business. Rather dull all
day. Rained during night.
Tuesday January 27
Men done chores. Cutting wood in bush. Olive, Brock, Melville and I went to hockey match in
town. Wingham-Drayton, 4-1, in favor Wingham. Olive and Melville took cream can out in
morning. Very mild. Raining a little at night.
Wednesday January 28
Men done chores and cutting wood. Olive and I took Melville to 4.32 train. Very mild day. Got
quite foggy toward evening. A great thaw on.
Thursday January 29
Men done chores and cutting wood in bush. Olive and mother picked over apples. A sunny
forenooon, thawing a lot. Dull afternoon, got very foggy. Misting and raining after tea. Rather
Friday January 30
Men done chores, cleaned pens, sifted ashes. Cutting wood in afternoon. Got colder during
night. Ground frozen hard this morning. A few flurries of snow. Quite mild again tonight.
Saturday January 31
Men done chores. Father went over to Ike MacIsaac's. He and Ike went to town to see Miss
Duncan on business. A fierce gale blowing. Quite stormy in afternoon. Stanley Mills died.
Sunday February 1
Home all day. I walked out to Grandma's in morning. Very windy, because very blustery and
Monday February 2
Men Father done chores and Brock took out load chop. Men cutting wood in afternoon.
Retta, Charlie and Mrs.Charlie came here in afternoon, stayed for tea, took Olive and went to
McEwing's. Brock went to hockey match. Harriston won 2-1. I came home with Brock. Quite
fine day. East wind at night.
Tuesday February 3
Men done chores. Cutting wood in bush in afternoon. Rather sunny at times. Stanley Mills
Wednesday February 4
Men done chores. Cutting wood in afternoon,. Brock took us over to Hillborn's and went on to
town. Came back that way. A little snow falling all day.
Thursday February 5
Loaded eleven hogs and Brock took them to town. 2700 lbs @ 9 cents. $243.00. Father
done chores. Cleaning pens and choring in afternoon also repotting fern and bergonias.
Father took $200 up to Henry Heseltine after tea. Brock gone to carnival at night. Very nice
sunny day. Beautiful moonlight now. Roads in bad condition scarcely enough snow for
sleighing on concession lines.
Friday February 6
Men choring. Brock took mother to town in afternoon. Got Billy's shoes sharpened. Mr
Cutting stayed here all night. Very dull and dark all forenoon. Came up a big snowstorm from
east in afternoon. Went down at night.
Saturday February 7
Men choring and flailing timothy seed all day. Stormed continually all day. Olive 24 years old.
Sunday February 8
A terrible dense storm all day from west. House cold with such a wind.
Monday February 9
Men doing chores, greasing harness and threshing flax. A terribly stormy day. Seems to be
going down slightly at night.
Tuesday February 10
Men done chores. Brock took out cream can in forenoon. Father threshing flax with flale.
Brock cleaning harness. Brock down to hockey match in evening. Mt. Forest-Drayton 5-3 for
Drayton. Rather dull. Pretty sharp night.
Wednesday February 11
Men done chores and fanning up flax seed. Olive and I went to town in afternoon. Herb
Benson came home with us. A beautiful sunny day but pretty sharp. 4 degrees below zero at
5 p.m.
Thursday February 12
Men choring. Father threshing flax. A very sunny day but very cold. Thermometer 20 below
zero this a.m., 10 below zero this evening. Herb Benson walked to Mr. Warkman's this
forenoon. Brock has a bad cold.
Friday February 13
Robt. choring fore- Brock took Clara and Olive to train this morning. Gone to Toronto to
shop. Very cold forenoon. Robt flailing flax afternoon at 58 years of age. Jim 41 years of age.
Brock choring. Very stormy. East wind.
Saturday February 14
Robt & Brock choring forenoon. Sun very bright but cold wind in the north all day. Robt
flailing flax and Brock putting harness together and painting harness and sifting ashes.
Sunday February 15
At home all day. Very bright but cold at night. Brock went to church Zion. Mrs. P. Pollock
operated on by Dr. Lucy Y + M.
Monday February 16
Men choring and Robt flailed flax. Very bright fore. I washed and hung them out. Terrible
stormy afternoon and quite cold.
Tuesday February 17
Men choring and finished flax fanning it up. Brock took me to town fore and came for me at
five. Much milder.
Wednesday February 18
Jack MacIsaac and Lucy Corbitt married. Men choring. Robt took bid to Wooddsee and
Brock took cream can to town forenoon. Aft finished the rakings and fanned them up. Very
fine mild day.
Thursday February 19
Men choring and drawing out manure. Bright but cold north wind. Willa Fair buried. Aunt
Emma and Mabel here all aft.
Friday February 20
Got weighed in Toronto - Clara 119 lbs, Olive 109 lbs. Men choring and drawing out manure.
Finished. Bright for a while in the middle of day. John McKay buried.
Saturday February 21
Men choring, sorting litter pigs, cleaning hen pens and pig pens and choring in general. Cold
but bright. Robt up to Wooddsee with Colly.
Sunday February 22
The three of us at home all day. Very blustery at times and cold. Robt up to Wooddsee with
Monday February 23
Men choring and filled up chop. Brock met us at evening train. We home from Toronto.
Father has a very sore boil on back of neck. A very bright sunny day but very cold - 10
degrees below zero. Will Walker here in afternoon.
Tuesday February 24
Men done chores. Brock took out grist of chop in afternoon. A very bright sunny day but quite
Wednesday February 25
Men done chores. Went to bush in afternoon. Uncle Richard here in afternoon and for tea. A
very fine sunny day, but quite sharp moderating a little towards night.
Thursday February 26
Men done chores. Father took mother to Grandma's in afternoon and came round by Adam
Flath's. Cutting wood in bush in afternoon. Brock went for mother after tea,. A beautiful
sunny day. Getting milder towards night.
Friday February 27
Men done chores and drawing out manure. Geo Tucker called this forenoon. Bought two fat
cows. Olive and I went down to see Gussie Noecker in afternoon. A beautiful sunny day.
Quite mild - thawing.
Saturday February 28
Men done chores and delivered two fat cows to Tucker - $125.00. Father went to town on
business for Duncan Estate. We three went down after tea. A beautiful sunny day, quite mild,
getting colder at night. Mr. Thomas Hambly 95 years old. Got cwt Purity Flour from
Noecker's - $2.80
Sunday March 1
Home. Very stormy and windy all day and blew all night. Very cold.
Monday March 2
Men choring and took cow to Wooddisses' after dinner. Brock helped Ike MacIsaac take out
15 head of fat cattle this forenoon. A terribly stormy day. Very strong north wind. Thnigs
badly frozen up in kitchen and washroom. Storm cleared at night and moderated some.
Tuesday March 3
Men done chores. Cutting wood in afternoon. Mother and I went to town in afternoon. A
beautiful sunny day but quite cold wind. Olive baking our wedding cake.
Wednesday March 4
Men done chores. Father took some oats to Tom Henderson in forenoon. Cutting wood in
afternoon. We three over to a linen shower for Retta Hilborn in evening. Rather dull, snowing
a little at night. Olive making bottom story of cake.
Thursday March 5
Men done chores. Brock took flax up to Ray's with colt. Cutting wood in bush in afternoon.
Quite a fine day. Wind gone round to east. A fine snow falling. I hemming towels and sheets.
Olive making leather cushion.
Friday March 6
Men done chores. Brock took cream can down town. Cutting wood in afternoon. A fine snow
falling today, other wise quite fine.
Saturday March 7
Men done chores and drew out manure. Cleaned hen pens. We three went to town after tea.
Quite a fine day. Snowing a little at night. Father and Mother 32 years married.
Sunday March 8
Olive and I went up to English Church in forenoon. Quite a fine sunny morning but became
stormy in afternoon. Got 32 eggs today.
Monday March 9
Men done chores. Brock gave Wyly a drive to Rothsay. Father piled saw. Cutting wood in
afternoon. I. MacIsaac called to say a party at Jack's. Mr. MacDonald called. We keep
machine - $30.00. A beautiful sunny forenoon started to snow at noon and was a very stormy
Tuesday March 10
Men done chores. Father sifted ashes and Brock went to town with colt. She going fine.
Cutting wood in afternoon. Will Walker and Cecil called to say good-bye. Stormy all day. Not
much wind but lot of snow falling. Snow rather soft. We over to I. MacIsaac's in evening.
Wednesday March 11 *
Brock done chores. Father in bed almost all day with cold, Olive, Brock and I went to station
to see Retta Hilborn and Will Walker start for west. They were married at noon. Cecil went
away with them. A perfect sunny winter day. Pretty sharp wind.
Thursday March 12
Brock done chores. Took bolster to Mike Norris', Goldstone, to be fixed in afternoon. Father
feeling some better today. A beautiful sunny day. Very heavy-hoar frost on trees in morning.
A trifle windy this afternoon.
Friday March 13
Men done chores. Brock took mother to town and went for her after tea. Cutting wood in
bush in afternoon. Seth Hilborn called for "pick". A beautiful sunny day. Not too cold.
Saturday March 14
Men done chores and drew out manure. Olive and I went to town in afternoon. A beautiful
sunny day, warm. Thawing. Roy called with flax seed at night.
Sunday March 15
Brock, Olive and I down to Meth. Church in evening. A beautiful sunny day. Snow going fast.
Got first goose egg.
Monday March 16
Father done chores. Brock took a grist of chop to town in forenoon. Cutting wood in
afternoon. A very sunny day. Warm. Thawing a lot.
Tuesday March 17
St. Patrick's Day. Men done chores. Father took cream can to town and Brock went up to
Will Philp's. Cutting wood in bush in afternoon. Quite a sunny day. Thawing. Roads in bad
condition (bare in some places). Very heavy fall of soft snow after tea. Mr. Morrison here at
noon. Some wheels out today.
Wednesday March 18
Men done chores. Father sifted ashes till noon. Brock took colt for drive. Cutting wood in
bush in afternoon. Got quite windy and was rather stormy this afternoon.
Thursday March 19
Men done chores and filled up chop. Brock took it to town in afternoon. Quite a stormy cold
day. Received word of Roxy Bready's death on March 18 in her 19th year. Mr. Morrison here
at noon.
Friday March 20
Men done chores. Brock took father to noon train. He gone to Palmerston to Roxy Bready's
funeral. Brock brought our mirror from T. Henderson's. Very bright day but pretty cold.
Saturday March 21
Men done chores. Brock took cow up to Wooddisses' in forenoon. Went to town after tea.
Drew out manure in afternoon. Mother went to town this forenoon. Olive and I met Melville on
evening train. Brock went to town at night to skate, and fell and sprained right wrist. Rather
fine day. Roads in poor shape. Neither sleighing nor wheeling.
Sunday March 22
Quite snowy at times during day. Brock's wrist pretty sore. Melville and I went down to
station to look for my rose beads which I lost last night. Did not find them. Clara's birthday
aged 29 years.
Monday March 23
Robt & Brock choring forenoon and sifting ashes. Dr. went to town. Took Olive and left her at
mother's home for dinner then went home on the 1/2 past 1. Brock took him to the train.
Clara went along and staid to sew. Robt choring and Brock went down to see Seth Hilborn.
Fell and hurt back. a Little better.
Tuesday March 24
Men done chores. Da started to trim spruce trees after dinner. Fine bright day, got cloudy
towards evening. Da up to Harry's in evening to see his new cow. Paid $80 for her.
Wednesday March 25
Men done chores. Da trimming spruce trees. Mr. Morrison here after tea for Wm. Philps' will.
Misty dull day. Raining at times in afternoon.
Thursday March 26
Men done chores in morning. Da finished trimming spruce trees. Took cream can to town in
buggy. I came home with him. Dull day and raining a little in afternoon. Thunder and
lightening at night. Snow going very quickly. Brock over to Watts' after tea.
Friday March 27
Men done chores in morning then cleaning up seed grain. Dull day. Raining quite hard at
times all day.
Saturday March 28
Men done chores and cleared up some more grain. Then Brock to town with team after
dinner for two boxes for Clara. Da down with buggy for Clara. Over to Morrisons' after tea
about mortgage. Roy and Georgie here in evening. Lovely bright warm day.
Sunday March 29
Father down to see Seth Hilborn after tea. A dull day. Inclined to be windy.
Monday March 30
Men done chores. Uncle Rich'd (Richard) came here in forenoon. He and father went to town
in afternoon (Morrison mortgage). Dull all day. Melville opened a butcher shop at 788
Lansdowne Ave, Toronto.
Tuesday March 31
Father done chores. Brock took mother to town. Ross McEwing came with phone message
that she was sick - a weak spell. Brock at Tom Brett's sale in afternoon. Father fixing up in
yard and trimming spruce trees. A beautiful sunny day. Paper hangers on at Grandma's.
Heard frogs in afternoon. Hens selling for $1.05 a piece, cows - 113 to $150 each.
Wednesday April 1
Men done chores. Father went to town on Morrison business. Cleaning up grain afternoon. A
very dull dark day. Rained a lot at times during day. Melville sent up two new egg cases but
only one has arrived. Old Mr. Hambly dies - 95 years old.
Thursday April 2
Men done chores, helped load hogs and butchered a pig for us in forenoon. Choring round in
afternoon. Olive and I went to town in afternoon. Rev Ketterson called, we away. A dirty
disagreeable day. Ground white with snow. Snowing again this afternoon, freezing a little at
night: roads very muddy.
Friday April 3
Men done chores. Cut up pork. Father went to old Mr. Hambly's funeral in afternoon. Mother
came home with him. A bright day but cold wind.
Saturday April 4
Men done chores and salted pork. Made sausage. Cleaning grain in afternoon. We three
went to town in evening. Got my hat from Irvine's. Heavy snow falls at times.
Sunday April 5
Olive, Brock and I drove up to Palmerston to Rube Treleaven's for dinner. Called down to
see Lillie Corbitt. A cold morning. A few heavy snow flurries during day.
Monday April 6
Men done chores and cleaning up grain. Snowed heavily all day, a soft snow.
Tuesday April 7
Men done chores and filled up chop. Brock took it to town in afternoon. Father cleaning pens.
Rather mild day. Foggy. Quite muddy- roads soft. Henry Heseltine here in afternoon. Hunting
a pig to buy. We cleaning washroom, washed ceiling, walls and wood work.
Wednesday April 8
Men done chores. Brock greased shoes. Father cut up and cleaned head and legs. Splitting
wood in bush afternoon. A dull cold day. Freezing all day. Olive and mother cleaning kitchen.
Clara weighs 111 lbs; Olive 101 lbs
Thursday April 9
Men done chores. Cutting splitting wood in bush in forenoon at Horse Show in afternoon.
Olive and I went to town in forenoon. Very cold wind. Heavy flurries of snow at times all day.
Friday April 10
Men done chores. Cleaned up grist chop. Packed a box of fruit for me and a box of bedding.
Quite a fine day - wind rather cold. Thawing.
Saturday April 11
Men done chores. Brock went for roller and took a few bags chop, then he took Olive and I to
town in afternoon. Olive went to Elora on 4.32 train. Father and mother swept cellar and
upstairs. Father up to Joe MacDonald's in evening. Quite fine day at times. Quite a snow
storm before dinner - cold.
Sunday April 12
Brock over to Zion church in afternoon. A sunny day, very windy and quite cold.
Monday April 13
Men done chores. Brock went for few bags chop. Got bbl. salt and cwt. flour. Men in bush in
afternoon. We cleaned stove pipes and polished stove. A very fine sunny day, very calm,
much warmer today, freezing at night.
Tuesday April 14
Men done chores, straightening up orchard fence, measuring field back of poplars. Brock
took case of eggs to town after dinner. Mr. Ketterson here for dinner. He baptized me. A
beautiful warm sunny day.
Wednesday April 15
Men done chores and laying over bush fence. I met Olive at noon train. She and I up to
Roy's after tea. Got 1/2 gal. maple syrup. Beautiful day, quite like spring. Booth's boys here
for rooster.
Thursday April 16
Men choring and fencing round bush. Mother went to town and Miss Duncan came out with
her. A beautiful sunny day. Warm. Olive & I cleaned dining room.
Friday April 17
Men choring and finished fence round bush. Mother and Miss Duncan over to MacIsaac's in
forenoon. I took Miss. Duncan to town after dinner. Lizzie Hilborn here. Joe McDonald crated
machine. A beautiful warm day.
Saturday April 18
Men done chores and finished fixing fence round the bush. Father at town in afternoon. Got
Paddy shod. Olive and Brock went to town after tea. Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Thomson came up in
car and took my cake down to ice it. A beautiful warm day. Few drops of rain in forenoon.
Dan Mitchell called. Brock driving colt.
Sunday April 19
Home all day. Quite a shower of rain during forenoon. Heavy gusts of wind in afternoon. Had
to tie windmill wheel as a rod was bent. Dull and dark all day.
Monday April 20
Father went for Roy to fix windmill. Done chores. Brock went for chairs in afternoon. I went
for Melville at evening train. Father plants onions and done other odd jobs. Not a very bright
day. Little frost at night.
Tuesday April 21
Men done chores, cleaning pens and hen house. Father went to town after tea for my
flowers. Mother went down for Grandma in forenoon. Melville went over to Hilborn's in
forenoon. Walt and Maria here in evening. Dull and dark. Started to rain at night. Got a
present from Mary, Betty, Cara White and Walt.
Wednesday April 22
Men done chores. Da took Clara's trunk to station and brought out Joe Chambers. Brock
down to meet Miss Duncan. Clara married at 1.15. Livery rigs brought out people from noon
train and took them back to four train. Forty four here. Nice bright day but rather cool wind
towards evening. Joe and Sarah took Paddy and went over to Uncle Sam's. Wm.
Brimblesaub buried - 83 years old.
Thursday April 23
Men done chores. Then Brock and Da took down 3 boxes for Clara also 1 bbl potatoes and
her sewing machine. Joe and Sarah came back for dinner. Brock took down cream can and
chairs after dinner. Da choring and took Joe and Sarah down to seven train. Sarah 8 yrs. old.
Lovely bright day.
Friday April 24
Da choring and taking out fence posts in cow lane. Brock rolled 6 ac of new seeds back of
poplars and rolling on other place after dinner. Da down to Drayton in afternoon with egg
case and took dishes back to Lunz's. I up to Roy's with knives. Fine warm day but a little
windy. On the land for the first.
Saturday April 25
Da and Brock done chores in morning. Brock to town after dinner with chop. Da taking out
the old fence posts in cow lane. Then Da down to town at night to pay Dane Johnston and
see if there was any letter from Clara.
Sunday April 26
Alone all day. Brock and I went for a drive after tea. Dull day but not cold.
Monday April 27
Done chores. Brock rolling in corner field. Da taking down old fence in cow lane. Da to
Drayton at night. Paid Mr. Johnston $9.00 for livery rigs. Fine day. Weigh 100 lbs.
Tuesday April 28
Da choring in forenoon and fixed box stall for calves. Dug over garden patch at house and
planted dahlias in afternoon. Brock rolled first field and the one at windmill on other place. He
and I to town at night for Clara's letter. Very hot day. Thunder and lightening after tea and
rained off and on through night.
Wednesday April 29
Da and Brock done chores. Digging post holes in afternoon. Dull day. Very heavy mist and
raining at times. Da to town in forenoon to get crowbar welded.
Thursday April 30
Men done chores and setting posts. Hookie over for wire to put in silo. Ma down for dinner
with Grandma. Jimmy Ritch very sick. I over to Hilborn's after tea with some wedding cake.
Fine day but cool wind. Heavy frost at night. Brock up to Harry's in evg.
Friday May 1
Men done chores. Da shaving off posts and filling around them. Back to town in morning with
team for wire for fence. After dinner building rail fence from gate down to corner of barn.
Lovely bright day but cool wind.
Saturday May 2
Men done chores. Drawing some rails from bush and built fence at fast of orchard. Brock and
I to town at night. Lovely warm bright day.
Sunday May 3
At home all day. Fine but dull at times.
Monday May 4
Men done chores in morning. Then Da discing and Brock cultivating on other side of orchard.
A dull morning, cleared a little but came on rain about four in afternoon. Some thunder but
didn't rain much. Da filled post holes after supper. Vey backward for seeding but a good
Tuesday May 5
Da done chores. Brock took case of eggs down to town. Da discing on sod back of poplars
and Brock cultivating on flax ground. Jimmy Ritch died this morning. Ma and Da down in
evening to Ritchs'
Wednesday May 6
Done chores. Then Brock harrowing and Da showing on the other side of orchard. Brock
cultivating on sod until dinner. Looking like rain so he harrowed what was sown after dinner.
Da disced calf pasture, sowed & harrowed it. Then working on ground back of poplars,
sowing and discing. Very dull at times with a sprinkle of rain. A little shower about seven.
Heavy dew.
Thursday May 7
Done chores. Finished sowing and harrowing sod back of poplrs. Then working field on other
place at road. Discing and cultivating. Had Martha hitched up for first this afternoon. Mr.
Brandon here with trees and currant bushes. Harry here for seed barley. Ma and I went to
town in forenoon and at Jimmy Ritch's funeral after dinner. Fine day. Cloudy at times and
Friday May 8
Men done chores. Brock finished cultivating and harrowed field on other place. Da sowed it.
Then cultivated and sowed field back of driving house. Worked three horses on cultivator.
Fine day but not very night. Joe, Cecil and Russel Booth here at night for three settings of
Saturday May 9
Da done chores and Brock harrowed field behind driving house on the other place. Then
both back working back in third field. Brock cultivating and harrowing. Da discing and sowing.
Brock and I to town in evening. Fine day, bright and warm.
Sunday May 10
Brock and I to church at Drayton in evening. Dull day. A few drops of rain in afternoon.
Monday May 11
Done chores. Working on other place, finished sowing and harrowing third field then Da went
back and started to disc in 14 ac field. Fine day but cold wind.
Tuesday May 12
Done chores. Cultivating and discing in back 14 ac field in forenoon. Picking over potatoes in
root house in afternoon. Dull forenoon came on a drizzling rain about eleven. Rained hard in
afternoon a little hail also. Cleared up in evening.
Wednesday May 13
Da done chores and discing in back 14 ac. Brock went to town with chop and got team shod
in front. He cultivating in afternoon in 14 acs. Fine day but cool and not very bright.
Thursday May 14
Done chores. Da sowed 14 ac field on other place and Brock harrowed it twice. Fine cool
day. Ma down to Grandma's for dinner.
Friday May 15
Done chores. Working on flax and root ground cultivating and sowing. Fine cool day with
frosts at night. Uncle Rich’d called in at noon.
Saturday May 16
Done chores. Cultivating and sowing on flax ground also harrowing. Sowed and harrowed
patch back of driving house. Elwin got a load of hay. Brock and I to town at night. Fine day.
Sunday May 17
Brock and I to church at Drayton in evening. Da took a walk up to Harry's in afternoon. Put
young cattle in bush.
Monday May 18
Done chores, discing and cultivating on root ground next Jack's. Roy and Elwin here in
afternoon helping draw out manure on barley ground. Da planted early potatoes after tea. Ma
took down cream can and egg case and brought Grandma out. Lovely warm day.
Tuesday May 19
Done chores. Then working next ditch. Cultivating and harrowing and sowed barley. After
dinner fixing fence on other place. Mr. Chasenberg here in evening. Men put up wire fence in
cow lane. Fine warm day.
Wednesday May 20
Done chores. Da working on mangel ground next Jack's. Brock rolling on other place. Ma
and Grandma at cemetry in forenoon and took her home after dinner. Put milking cows out to
grass at noon for the first. Very hot day. 90 degrees in shade at noon.
Thursday May 21
Done chores. Da working on mangel ground and sowed them after dinner. Brock rolling on
other place. Fine warm day.
Friday May 22
Done chores. Brock rolling on other place and started to roll patch behind driving house but
came on rain about 10 o'clock. Da ploughing for turnips until rain started. Brock met Clara
and Melville at noon train. Quite a heavy rain but cleared up in afternoon. Cool in evening.
Saturday May 23
Done chores and working on turnip ground. Melville over at Hilborns for dinner. Then we
three to town in afternoon. Brock to town at night. Planted some garden stuff after supper.
Fine day. Cloudy at times and a little dull.
Sunday may 24
Brock and Melville down to Will Lowes to see their horses in morning. Home the rest of day.
Dull day and started to rain about five o'clock.
Monday May 25
Done chores. Da down to Mossers in morning for cabbage plants, after dinner planted rest of
garden and brought a load of poles from bush. Dr. Clara and I to town in morning. Brock and
we three down after dinner to sports and concert. Rained very hard in morning,. Cleared
about ten and was quite hot.
Tuesday May 26
Done chores. Brock rolling back of poplars. Da getting ground ready for potatoes. Planting
them after dinner. Dr. to town in morning. Fine day but very hot looking like thunder storm
Wednesday May 27
Men drawing out manure for turnips. Doc to town in morning. Brock took Clara and he to
1.30 train after dinner. Put little calves out in orchard after supper. Thunder storm about 10
o'clock, then cleared off but quite warm.
Thursday Mat 28
Finished drawing out manure in forenoon. Then ploughing it in this afternoon for turnips. Jack
Walker here in evening. Fine bright day, warm.
Friday May 29
Working on turnip ground, ploughing and harrowing. Ma took down egg case and a cream
can. Had dinner with grandma. Fellow here inspecting bees. Fine day but very warm. Came
up a thunder storm about eight - high wind but not a great deal of wind.
Saturday May 30
Da disced rape ground this forenoon. Brock took out a load of chop. Washed sheep after
dinner and Da sowed corn before supper. Brock to town at night. A lovely day. Not too hot.
Sunday May 31
Home all day. Mr. Brady here for dinner and tea. Fine day but cloudy at times.
Monday June 1
Da discing and Brock cultivating on rape ground this forenoon on other place. Brock
cultivating after dinner and Da and Ike McIsaac over to see about line fence on the Duncan
estate. Cecil and Joe Booth over for more eggs. Lovely bright, cool day. I weigh 98 lbs.
Wednesday Tuesday June 2
Da went over to see about the Duncan line fence. Ike could not go. Brock took down eight
bags of potatoes got $1.25 per bag at D. Pollacks. In afternoon cut lawn and raked up grass.
Da over after tea to set up stakes for fence. Raymond boys building it. Fine day.
Tuesday Wednesday June 3
Da and Brock working on rape ground on the other place morning, and on the turnip ground
in afternoon. Fine day with cool breeze.
Thursday June 4
Men choring and cleaning hen pens in forenoon. After dinner sharpening stakes in old
orchard. Mr. Riddals here also Jack Raymond about line fence. Da over at night to measure
it again. Brock to town to see if buggy shaft came. Rained through night and some in
forenoon. Cleared after dinner. Lily has twin calves.
Friday June 5
Men cutting stakes in old orchard. Ma to Drayton in forenoon. Fine day. Cool at night.
Saturday June 6
Brock working on turnip ground. Da sheared 21 sheep. Brock and I to town at night. Fine
warm day.
Sunday June 7
Ma and Da at Mrs. Thompson Walton's funeral. She was buried from Ike Walton's. Very
warm, some heavy thunder storms going around, We had very little rain.
Monday June 8
Da over seeing about line fence between Duncan and Riddals in forenoon. Brock burning
worms' nests in orchard and choring around. After dinner working in old orchard on other
place. Georgie and Mary here for a little while in afternoon. A terrible hot day.
Tuesday June 9
Clearing and picking up round old house and orchard. Brock took down cream can and egg
case this forenoon. A very warm day but more breeze than yesterday. Brock down to Jack
Walkers in evening. Ross is having a well drilled.
Wednesday June 10
Working in old orchard on other place taking down old house. Brock to town at night. Very
warm day.
Thursday June 11
Taking out lilacs and levelling foundation of old house. Ma at Grandma's for dinner. Jack
Raymond here in evg. Warm day, looking like rain.
Friday June 12
Brock took down wool to Noecker Bros. Got 25 cents lb. It came to $37.50. Da ploughing
turnip ground. Both ploughing after dinner,. Misty in morning but cleared up by noon.
Saturday June 13
Finished ploughing and rolled turnip ground. Da scuffled mangals after dinner and dipped
lambs. Brock and I to train at night. Clara came up on night train. Did not know she was
coming. Fine day and warm.
Sunday June 14
Brock, Clara and I down to Methodist church in evening. Fine cool day.
Monday June 15
Sharpening stakes in old orchard. Fixing fence on other place in afternoon. Clara and I to
town. Fine day but cool wind. Got cloudy in evening and we had a little hail. Ross Walker and
Elwin here to see about hay.
Tuesday June 16
Fixing fences on other place. Clara, Brock and I down to Mr. Henderson's in evening. Fine
day but cool wind. Frost at night.
Wednesday June 17
Da and Brock ploughing on summer fallow on other place. Elwin and Roy here in forenoon
for a load of hay. Fine day, cool breeze.
Thursday June 18
Da and Brock working on summer fallow on other place. Ma to Drayton in forenoon. Clara
and I over to Hilborns after tea. Had drove us home. Harry here in evening. Warm day
looking like rain.
Friday June 19
Da and Brock went back to plough but came on rain about nine. Rained hard until noon.
Cleared up and was cool. Da & Brock back ploughing after dinner.
Saturday June 20
Brock to town with chop in forenoon. Da setting up turnip drills. Sowing them after dinner.
Brock brought over a load of light wood from old orchard and choring. We three to town at
night. Fine day. Very heavy frost last night. Everything frozen. Planted some more gardens
seeds this afternoon. Came on rain about nine o'clock,. Raining off and on all night.
Sunday June 21
Brock over to Zion in afternoon. Dull day, misting and raining.
Monday June 22
Men choring and Brock took down cream can in morning. After dinner Da down to
nomination and got Carrie shod. Brock and I took Clara to 4.30 train. Misty morning but came
out warm after dinner.
Tuesday June 23
Men started to do roadwork. Put on two teams. Elmer Morrison driving in afternoon. Brock
and I down for mail in evg. Very warm day looking like rain.
Wednesday June 24
Men doing roadwork. Elmer driving team and Da in pit. Elwin here in evening to get Brock to
help him cement stables on Friday. Chester Walker and Minnie Christian married.
Thunderstorm in the night and a severe one this forenoon. Very windy in afternoon. Cooler at
Thursday June 25
Da and Brock finished the roadwork and brought home one load of gravel, and cut the lawn
in forenoon. Hoeing mangals in afternoon. Ma down and had dinner with Grandma. Fine day
and lovely night.
Friday June 26 Da shovelling gravel for Harry's beat. Brock helping Elwin cement his stables
Fine day but not very bright.
Saturday June 27
Da shovelling gravel for Harry's beat. Brock hoeing mangals. Heavy shower at noon. Very
cloudy and dark like rain strong east wind. Thunder and lightening after tea and some rain
about nine. Brock and I to town at night.
Sunday June 28
Home all day. Cloudy and showers of rain at times.
Monday June 29
Beautiful fine day. Misty and rain off & on all day. Robt went over to vote and got tomatoe
plants at Roys. Brock choring round all day and went down town to hear the returns of
election. Whitney Government returned by big majority. Chambers (con) elected over
McEwing by 153.
Tuesday June 30
Beautiful bright day. Brock took Olive to train to go to Toronto to Clara's for 8 or ten days.
Robt. & Brock working at roots hoeing and scuffling corn, potatoes and mangals all day. I
went down for Mother aft five.
Wednesday July 1
Bright morning but got dull and misty at evening. Brock went to Alma garden party. Robt. &
Brock working among corn & potatoes all day.
Thursday July 2
Robt took can of cream down town and cutting thistles forenoon. Brock cultivating on
summer fallow all day. Robt cutting thistles aft five.
Friday July 3
Fine day. Robt & Brock cutting thistles all day on other place. Hived a swarm of bees at
Saturday July 4
Very fine day. Robt & Brock finished cutting thistles on the other place. Hived a swarm of
bees at noon. I took Mother home forenoon.
Sunday July 5
Brock to church at Drayton in evening. Da over at Wm. Lowery's and Arthur Booth and
Maggie here. Fine day.
Monday July 6
Da choring and cleaning pens. Brock down with chop in forenoon and got horses shod.
Changing bees into new hives. Very hot day.
Tuesday July 7
Choring and extracting honey and melting wax. Very hot day. Brock at Methodist garden
party at E.G Henry's. Nice shower in night,
Wednesday July 8
Brock cultivating on rape ground. Da cutting thistles and took cream can down about eleven.
Brought home cherries. 4 bxs for us and 2 for Mc Issacs. Brock to town for rape seed. Fine
day. Nice breeze.
Thursday July 9
Brock working on rape ground Da helping with cherries. Ma and Da to Drayton in evening.
Friday July 10
Brock rolling rape ground and Da sowing it. Finished after dinner and harrowed it. Brock cut
lawn and brought two loads of wood from old orchard. I came home from Toronto. Bob Watt
brought Hazel and I up in car and had tea. Fine warm day.
Saturday July 11
Da and Brock hoeing mangals and Da scuffling corn after dinner. Brock cleaning pens after
noon. Fine day but warm. Brock and I to town at night.
Sunday July 12
Brock and I took Hazel down to Hambly's after tea. Quite a shower after dinner. Cleared up
after tea.
Monday July 13
Da scuffling corn and turnips in forenoon, came on a shower in morning. Finished scuffling
and hoeing in afternoon. Celebration in Arthur. Roy here in evg. Cleared up in afternoon but
looking like rain at night.
Tuesday July 14
Da to town with cream can. Brock helping Elwin and Roy cement. Hoeing turnips in
afternoon. Hot day came on a very heavy splash of rain at milking time.
Wednesday July 15
Da and Brock hoeing and scuffling turnips. Harry got seed drill to sow rape. Ma at Grandma's
for dinner. A very hot day.
Thursday July 16
Da scuffling mangals and turnips in morning and Brock to town with hogs. Both hoeing
afternoon. I down at Ross McEwing's for tea. Brock drove down after. Da to Drayton at
night. Very hot.
Friday July 17
Finished hoeing roots in morning. Brock took cream can to town. Put paris green on potatoes
and hoed them in afternoon. Mr. Fielding called. Da to Rothsay at night for mower knife.
Warm in morning but got cloudy and a little shower. Much cooler after dinner with a nice
breeze. Brock 21 yrs old. Got deed of Marshall place from Da and Ma.
Saturday July 18
Started haying, cutting little patches of hay and raking & putting it up. Brock and I to town at
night. Much cooler and cloudy. Came on a little shower of rain about five.
Sunday July 19
Mr. Bready here for dinner and tea. Mr. and Mrs. Henderson brought J.J. Davis and Mr. and
Mrs. Aitcheson out after tea. J.J. Davis moved to Alma and up to Drayton for over Sunday.
Lovely cool day. Brock to church at night.
Monday July 20
Brock cutting hay in field back of little orchard. Da scuffled potatoes, corn and turnips in
morning,. Raking and putting up hay afternoon and evening. Fine day.
Tuesday July 21
Brock cut field back of poplars in morning. Da raking and putting up on other place. Raking
and both putting up what Brock cut in afternoon and evening. Ma took cream can and had
dinner with Grandma, Fine day. Quite a breeze all day.
Wednesday July 22
Men drew in hay from other place. Mrs. Bready and Mrs. McConnell here for dinner. Da to
town at night for fruit and to get mower knives mended. Very hot day - looking like rain.
Thursday July 23
Drew in one load hay before rain came on. Rained quite hard in morning. Brock took chop
after dinner and brought berries. Da ploughed calf pasture and sowed and harrowed it after
tea. Brock up to Will Philps. Cleaned up in afternoon but hot and close.
Friday July 24
Men choring and grinding mower knives in morning. Fixing fence on other place in afternoon.
Brock up to W. Philps after tea with cow. Dull misty day. Came out hot in afternoon but not
drying much. We did 2 crates of berries and 1 basket of cherries.
Saturday July 25
Brock cutting in corner field. Then drawing in hay back of poplars. Raked and put up what
Brock had cut in morning. Brock and I to town at night. Fine warm day.
Sunday July 26
Dr. McGregor here for dinner and tea. Brock and Ma down to Grandma's in evening. Fine
day, quite windy in afternoon.
Monday July 27
Brock cut some more in corner field. Raked and put it up. They drew in what was cut on
Saturday in morning, put it in driving house. Dull in morning and a very little sprinkle of rain.
Tuesday July 28
Started to cut in corner field and knife broke. Brock took them down also pitman to get fixed.
Then finished cutting field after dinner and cut piece back of poplars. Da raking and putting
up. Fine cool day.
Wednesday July 29
Put up corner field, raked and put up piece back of poplars. Da down to get Mr. Mosser to
help tomorrow. Ed. English & Mrs. English, Wilmott and Mrs, Drewry here in evening with
car. Ed. drove it all the way from Brandon. Ma down and had dinner with Grandma. Fine day.
Thursday July 30
Drawing in corner field. Mr.Mosser helping. Then Ike McIssac and his man over helping in
afternoon. Finished haying. Drew in from back of poplars also. Fine day.
Friday July 31
Da and Brock fixing fence to let cows into corner field. Brock cut lawn and Da greened
potatoes in afternoon. Fine day and warm.
Saturday August 1
Brock to town for barrel of sugar. $5 cwt in forenoon. Da scuffled turnips. Choring in
afternoon. Brock met Clara and Melville on night train. He down in evening again. Fine warm
Sunday August 2
Clara, Melville and I over to Hilborns in afternoon. Little shower of rain round noon, cleared
up and was nice night.
Monday August 3
Da and Brock cleaned out well back at bush in forenoon. Da greened potatoes in afternoon.
Brock, Melville, Clara and I at town. (Civic holiday) Da and Ike to town at night to see Miss
Duncan. Mrs. McIssac stayed here. Fine day.
Tuesday August 4
Da and Brock hoeing corn. Clara took Melville to station. He gone to Chatsworth to look at
business. Miss Duncan, Mr. Henderson & Janet here for dinner.
Wednesday August 5
Men finished hoeing corn and started turnips. Clara and I to town in afternoon with eggs and
cream can. Fine day but very hot.
Thursday August 6
Hoeing turnips. Melville came home on morning train. Ma down for dinner with grandma.
Brock and I over to concert in Arthur at night. Fine but very hot.
Friday August 7
Finished hoeing turnips this morning. Brock down helping Issac Hilborn raise shed after
dinner. Da took Melville and Clara to 1.30 train. Then hoeing mangals. Fine day but very hot.
Saturday August 8
Men choring, sharpened binder knives and cleaned up chop. Brock down afternoon with
grist. Got 60 lbs twine. Brock down at night again. Da brought young cattle up from bush and
gave them drink in shed. Very hot and dry.
Sunday August 9
Brock and I to church in Drayton at night. Terrible hot day.
Monday August 10
Very dull looking like rain. Men went for binder but rain came on then about 3 o/c went for
binder and cut a few rounds of barley. (Started harvest) A little rain at milking time. Sarah
Hilborn here for tea. Brock & Olive took her home and Olive was talking to Clara over phone
about packing up for Chatsworth.
Tuesday August 11
Brock took Olive to train for Toronto and he got Bill shod - home about ten and finished
barley and went back behind poplars and started to cut there. Robt. shocking all day one of
his toes very sore. Very fine day.
Wednesday August 12
Brock cutting grain all day behind the poplars finished up at milking time. Robt. shocking up
all day. Both very sore.Brock and I went to town at night. Beautiful day. I washed.
Thursday August 13
Robt. & Brock finished shocking barley & oats behind the poplars. & Brock went down and
fixed the low windmill. Then hitched to the binder and went to cut oats out by the roots & was
chased in with a heavy shower at noon. Both wet through. Afternoon choring and grinding
the binder knife. Robt at town at night.
Friday August 14
Brock cutting oats by the roots forenoon finished the oats and went over on the other place
to cut oats cutting all afternoon. Breezy and fine. Robt. shocking.
Saturday August 15
Brock cutting oats on the other place. Da shocking. Brock met Clara and I at night train. Then
he went back to town.. Ma down in afternoon. Fine day.
Sunday August 16
Home all day. Gerald here in afternoon and for tea. Dull day. Very heavy rain in afternoon.
Monday August 17
Brock cutting on other place. Da shocking all day and after supper. Clara and I to town in
morning. Warm day, looking like rain at night.
Tuesday August 18
Fixed up gap and picked wild plums. Da up to Uncle Rich’d about cheque for Aunt Catty then
on to Drayton. Brock cleaning pens and choring. Thunder and lightening in night and heavy
shower towards morning. Dull day with little showers at times. Warm & close.
Wednesday August 19
Men choring and knocked down stone wall in shed and boarding it up.Uncle Will and
Grandma here for dinner. Clara took them home after dinner. Brock to town at night. Little
shower about noon came out very hot in afternoon.
Thursday August 20
Men choring. Da to town afternoon. A very heavy train. Rained all forenoon and until about
two o'clock, then cleared up towards evening.
Friday August 21
Brock and Da finished boarding up shed in forenoon. Then cutting oats on other place and
shocking after dinner. Fine day. Rather cool and cloudy. Heavy thunder in night.
Saturday August 22
Da and Brock finished cutting and shocking oats on other place and put away binder in
forenoon. Drew in the 2 ac. of barley beside driving house in afternoon. Ma down for dinner
with grandma. We three to town at night. Fine day but hot.
Sunday August 23
C.H. Thompson and family here in afternoon and for tea. Issac McIssac called in to say
some one had been tampering with line fence between Riddals' and Duncan's. Brock to
church in Drayton. Fine day, warm and high wind in afternoon.
Monday August 24
Da and Brock drawing in oats from other place. Lovely day - fine and cool.
Tuesday August 25
Drawing in all day from the other place. Clara to town in morning. Mrs. Henderson, Mrs.
Gaynor and Rex here in afternoon and for tea. Mr. Henderson came after them. Very fine
Wednesday August 26
Drawing in all day from other place. Fine day. Elwin in to pay for hay $20.00
Thursday August 27
Drew in rest of oats from other place. Then drawing in barley back of poplars. Ike McIssac
and his man helping in afternoon. Clara and I to town in morning. Fine day a little cloudy at
Friday August 28
Finished harvest about thee o'clock. Roy, Elwin, Gerald and Harry here helping. Brock took
home Ike's wagon and Da pulled peas. Drew them in after tea. Ma to town in afternoon.
Clara and I over to Hilborns in evening. She talking to Melville over phone. Fine day but
looking like rain.
Saturday August 29
Men choring and cleaning pens. Brock took down a grist in afternoon and got horses shod.
Da choring and fixing gaps in afternoon. Very misty and raining at times all morning. Little
shower after dinner. Brock to town at night.
Sunday August 30
Clara, Brock and I up to Uncle Rich’d in afternoon, at Rothsay church at night. Brock at
Harry's in forenoon. Fine day, rather cool and cloudy. Da to McIssac's in forenoon with car.
Monday August 31
Da left this morning about twenty minutes to nine to take "Billy" to Chatsworth 50 mls. Drove
him in cart. Brock to town in morning for wire and fixing line fence after dinner. Clara and I
over to Elwin's for crab apples in aft. Fine in morning, a little shower about two o'clock. Very
heavy storms went round between four and six.
Tuesday September 1
Brock went back to fix line fence in morning but came on rain about ten so came up choring
and cleaning pens. Brock to town at night for mail. Clara & I over to Hilborns. She talking to
Melville. Da got to Chatsworth this morning about ten o'clock. A terrible rainy day. Cleared
about four.
Wednesday September 2
Brock back fixing line fence. Ma took Clara and I to train. Going to Chatsworth. Brock
working at fence afternoon,. Robert came home on the four. Fine afternoon.
Thursday September 3
Robt. & Brock fixing fence on the other place all day. One heavy shower aft.
Friday September 4
Robt & Brock back on the other place filling up an old well. Then choring round in the
evening. Showery. I went to town with Clara and washed for Mother.
Saturday September 5
Robt & Brock drawing up wood from the bush to fill the wood house all day, Very fine.
Sunday September 6
At home all day. Old Mrs. Samis & Myrtle & baby and Maria here for an hour. Brock went to
church at Drayton. Rain and cool.
Monday September 7
Robt & Brock drawing up wood all day. Misting and very cloudy.
Tuesday September 8
Robt & Brock finished drawing wood, filled wood house and two loads over. Then drew up
some threshing wood. Cloudy but bright at times.
Wednesday September 9
Robt & Brock at Jack's threshing forenoon. Both men started to cut corn. Brock working till
three then went to Jas Morrison to thresh. Fine day.
Thursday September 10
Brock at Morrisons threshing till eleven then went out to cut corn till noon. Robt cutting all
day. Brock gone. I Hilborns to thresh afternoon. Took Lilly.
Friday September 11
Robt & Brock finished cutting corn. Cutting all day. Looking like rain.
Saturday September 12
Robt & Brock drawing up threshing wood forenoon and in the aft drawing the saw log
together in the bush and cleaning up calf and pig pens. I went down town aft. Beautiful day.
Sunday September 13
Beautiful day. Mr. and Mrs Jack Ritch here for dinner & tea. All at home all day. Brock's cold
some better.
Monday September 14
Beautiful day. Men started to plough this side of the roots. Brock took c-can to town
forenoon. Ploughing aft.
Tuesday September 15
Da and Brock ploughing on other place next on alfalfa ground. I came home from Chatsworth
on 4.30 train and walked out. Fine day but warm.
Wednesday September 16
Da and Brock ploughing on other place. Brock and I to town at night. Ma has very bad cold.
Very warm day and flies bad on horses, little frost at night.
Thursday September 17
Da and Brock ploughing on other place. Da finished in afternoon and Brock took down a load
of chop. Terrible hot day and very calm. Flies bad on horses.
Friday September 18
Da and Brock ploughing back of low driving house. Very warm calm day. Brock and I down
to concert in aid of relief fund given by Women's Institute.
Saturday September 19
Finished ploughing back of driving house about eleven. Brock took down cream can and Da
back to see if cattle had water. Fixing horses' stalls in afternoon. I up to Uncle Rich’d for
Rosalie. Brock and Ma to town at night. Very hot weather and so calm. Windmill hasn't
pumped for three days.
Sunday September 20
Rosalie and I to church in Rothsay in morning. Brock to church in Drayton at night. Very
warm but breeze enough to run windmill. Carried water for horses and pigs this morning
Monday September 21
Da and Brock fixing horse stalls. Rosalie and I over to Hilborns in evening. Hot day but a little
Tuesday September 22
Da discing and Brock harrowing alfalfa ground. Then Da discing on other side of orchard on
this place after dinner. Ma to Drayton in morning. Willie Elliott buried this afternoon, Rosalie
and I at McEwings in evening. Very warm day. Came up terrible wind storm about five. Also
thunder & lightening and a little rain.
Wednesday September 23
Men choring, cleaning pens and Da flailing peas. Fanned up peas after dinner. Raining in
morning but cleared towards noon, but very dull and cooler at night. Rosalie & I up to
Chester Walkers' and at school. Mr. and Mrs. Hambly and Tess Wallace here for tea and
until about nine o'clock.
Thursday September 24
Da discing and Brock finished harrowing in field on other side of orchard, then went back to
plough on other place before dinner. Ploughing in afternoon. Rosalie and I to town in
afternoon and we three up to Roy's at night. Quite bright at times but cool.
Friday September 25
Brock went down for Jack Duckering in morning with team. Fixing windmill pumps all day. Da
took him home at night. I took Rosalie to morning train and brought Grandma out. Dull and
real cold wind. Will freeze tonight. Brock down to town in afternoon for check value.
Saturday September 26
Da ploughing on other place. Brock took pig up to Ike Walton's and brought in a load of corn
then went back to plough. Ploughing in afternoon. Ma took Grandma home after dinner.
Rather dull at times. Quite cool wind. Frost last night. Da saw flock of snowbirds today. Brock
to town at night.
Sunday September 27
Da over to Wilmott's in afternoon. Fine cool and a little cloudy. Heavy frost tonight.
Monday September 28
Da ploughing on other place all day. Brock cultivating alfalfa ground and behind old driving
house. Took Lily after supper. Lovely day quite warm.
Tuesday September 29
Da ploughing on other place. Brock harrowed alfalfa ground and behind old driving house in
forenoon.Cultivated ground other side of orchard after dinner. Ma to Drayton in afternoon.
Divided sheep at noon. Fine day but looking like rain. Harry Jones here for on hour in
Wednesday September 30
Brock harrowed piece on other side of orchard. Da ploughing all day on other place. Brock
and I to Drayton show in afternoon and to concert at night. Put sheep over on other place on
rape. Cloudy in morning but brightened up and was a lovely day. Frost at night.
Thursday October 1
Brock took down a few bags of chop and one pig to ship in forenoon. Da ploughing all day on
other place and also Brock in afternoon. Lovely bright day. Paid O.B. Henry for twine, oc
Friday October 2
Da and Brock finished ploughing in back field on other place. Very fine day. Warm and calm,
flies bad on horses.
Saturday October 3
Ploughed out potatoes and picked them up. Good crop and large ones. Brock and I to town
at night. A beautiful day. Very warm and calm.
Sunday October 4
Brock to church in Drayton at night. Da up to Harry's. Beautiful day warm and a little breeze
about noon. Had to carry water for horses and pigs. Was so calm mill would not pump.
Monday October 5
Brock picked snow apples in forenoon. Got 2 bbls off tree at old house. Da opened out alfalfa
ground and harrowed potatoes. After dinner Brock & he bagged up 5 sacs potatoes for
Giffens, finished picked up potatoes and apples and burned roots. A lovely day and warm. A
little breeze in night.
Tuesday October 6
Da and Brock ploughing on alfalfa ground. Da brought Mary and her calf from the other place
after supper. Fine day but not so bright - warm and a little breeze.
Wednesday October 7
Da and Brock finished ploughing alfalfa ground about three, then topping mangels until
milking time. Ma and I to town in afternoon. She stayed all night with Grandma. Fine day and
very warm. Mamie Maxwell married today.
Thursday October 8
Da and Brock topping and drawing in mangels, eleven loads. I went to town in afternoon for
Ma. Very warm day. Heavy showers going round in afternoon. A few drops here after supper.
Friday October 9
Da and Brock drawing mangels in forenoon and got one load after dinner. Then came on a
heavy shower. Cleaning pens and throwing back mangels rest of afternoon. Drew 5 loads.
Misty morning and showery in afternoon.
Saturday October 10
Da & Brock choring. Da lifted dahlias and cleaned up little patch in forenoon. Brock took Ma
to noon train. She gone to Chatsworth. Da topping mangels after dinner and when Brock
came back about three drew in the last two loads. Just finished when a very heavy rain came
on. Rained hard in night and misty in morning. 18 loads mangels. Brock to town at night.
Sunday October 11
Da up to Harry's in forenoon. Harry came back with him for dinner. Rained hard at times in
night. Dull and a cool wind. Brightened a little towards evening.
Monday October 12
(Thanksgiving Day) Da and Brock ploughing in field behind old driving house. Cool and
rather dull at times. Da over to Rhomes after supper to see about threshing.
Tuesday October 13
Da and Brock ploughing behind old driving house. Da finished after dinner. Ploughed the
headlands. Brock took 5 sacs (700 lbs) of potatoes to station to send to Giffens. Da went to
Ike's threshing about three o'clock. Dull and cold east wind.
Wednesday October 14
Da getting ready to thresh and to town for meat. Brock at Ike's threshing. Got home about
five. Machine came here about six (Jack Burtt and Floyd). Georgie here helping me as we
expected them for supper. Brock and Floyd to town at night for belt lacing. Dull day but mild.
Thursday October 15
Started to thresh this morning but broke a concane so did not do much before ten. Then after
dinner broke crank shaft of separator about four so had to shut down. Expect it on night train.
Dull and misty but warm.
Friday October 16
Brock took out a load of chop in morning. Da dug over tulip bed, cleaned pens and choring.
Shaft for separator came at noon, threshing in afternoon. Brock to town at night for meat.
Dull day, very heavy mist in morning, almost rain in afternoon. Georgie here in afternoon.
Joe McDonald and Jim McKay looking oats for army horses. Da gave 25 bu.
Saturday October 17
Threshing in forenoon finished about 2.30. Then went to Roy's. Brock went to Mosser's
threshing about ten. I up to help Georgie with the supper. Nice bright day.
Sunday October 18
Brock at church at night. Da walked across fields for mail. Heard John Tindall was found
dead in Elora. Fine warm day.
Monday October 19
Da at Roy's threshing in forenoon and went to Elwin's after dinner. Brock at Mossers' for an
hour or so in morning then at Wilmott's and Watt's for supper. I helping Georgie with dinner
and supper.Misty in morning but a nice bright day.
Tuesday October 20
Da at Elwin's threshing until noon, Then to town afternoon getting out sale bills. Brock at
Burrows threshing. I helping Georgie. Rained some in night, misty morning but a lovely day.
John Tindall buried today.
Wednesday October 21
Brock to town in morning with chop. Da back opening out at line fence. Both ploughing after
dinner. Fine day.
Thursday October 22
Da and Brock at Harry's threshing finished about two o'clock. Then drawing in corn. Brock
took me to town after tea to a card party at Fox's. Stayed with Grandma. Lovely day and very
Friday October 23
Brock took cream can down and brought me home. Then drawing in corn, finished after
dinner and went back to plough. Lovely warm day.
Saturday October 24
Brock took 25 bu. of oats to Moorefield this forenoon for War fund. Da ploughing back at line
fence and both ploughing in afternoon. Brock and I to town at night. A little rain in morning
but turned colder with frost at night.
Sunday October 25
Brock to church at night. Home rest of day. Dull at times and cold wind.
Monday October 26
Da and Brock finished ploughing back at line fence piling up mangels in root house. Then
choring and at Jack's threshing in afternoon. I went to meet Ma on four train. She came from
Hanover. Went there on Saturday from Joe's. Flurries of snow and very cold wind. Rained
this night.
Tuesday October 27
Both down to Jack's threshing for a couple of hours in morning. Then drawing out manure.
Flurries of snow and real cold. Very heavy frost last night.
Wednesday October 28
Drawing out manure all day. Ma to town and had dinner with Grandma. Uncle Rich’d here
after dinner. A cold wind with flurries of snow.
Thursday October 29
Finished drawing out manure at noon. Cleaning hen house and pens after dinner. A very
dirty day. Raining in forenoon and turned to soft snow in afternoon, finer towards night.
Friday October 30
Brock took out a load of chop in morning and Da went over to get Ike McIssac to clip Paddy.
Both ploughing by line fence after dinner. Rainy at times in morning but finer in afternoon.
Rather cold and dirty under foot.
Saturday October 31
Topping and drawing in turnips. Got in 24 rows. Brock to town at night. White frost last night.
Fine day and quite sunny.
Sunday November 1
Brock and I up to English church to hear the new rector, Revd Bough. Brock to church at
night in Drayton. Bright morning but started to thunder about noon and got very black. Heavy
rain, thunder and lightening also hail in afternoon. Cleared and was rather a fine night.
Monday November 2
Men topping and drawing turnips. Very dull day but nothing falling.
Tuesday November 3
Topping turnips in morning and drawing after dinner. Ma and Da to town at night. Very heavy
mist and a little rain in morning but wind got up after dinner and it was quite warm and bright.
Wednesday November 4
Our Sale. Da and Brock getting cattle and sheep in. Ike McIssac came over about eleven to
help. Very high wind in morning and towards noon a splash of rain but fine after dinner but
windy. Sale amounted to $1134.00. R.R. Hambly and T.B. Farrell auctioneers. Had 21 for
Thursday November 5
Finished drawing turnips had one load after dinner. Then went back to plough next line
fence. Mr. Arbuckle here for sheep and Jack Calwell for bees. John McKee called with
cheque for cow. Very soft snow falls at times all day.
Friday November 6
Ploughing back at line fence. Da went to town with cream can about eleven. Finished back
there about half past four. Then came up and started on other side of orchard. Cold wind and
rather fine. Paid for roller and R.R. Hambly $10 for conducting sale.
Saturday November 7
Ploughing on other side of orchard all day. Brock and I to town at night. I stayed with Madge.
Fine day, frost at night.
Sunday November 8
Brock came down to English church at night and I came home with him. Dull day and rather
Monday November 9
Took Ebony and Lily this morning ploughing on other side of orchard and on the corn ground.
Quite bright at times and cool.
Tuesday November 10
Brock took down grist of chop in morning and got horses shod. Da choring and cleaning
seeds that were on the barn floor. Drove me up to Roy's about three o'clock then Brock and
he brought up young cattle from other place. Very heavy falls of soft snow at times all day.
Dirty under foot.
Wednesday November 11
Da and Brock killed pig this morning. Brock choring after dinner and Da went to Kennedy's
sale and over to Chas. Ager's. Bought a ram lamb and brought it home. Paid $10.00 for it.
Heavy falls of soft snow but not very cold. Geo. Short came after his cattle this a.m.
Thursday November 12
Da cut up pig in morning. Brock choring. Finished ploughing corn ground in afternoon,. I took
Ma down to Grandma's this morning. Dull but cool wind.
Friday November 13
Men choring. Da to town in afternoon. Heavy thunder and lightening about six this morning,
heavy rain in forenoon. then colder after dinner with flurries of snow.
Saturday November 14
Da and Brock ploughing in low orchard. I went to town in afternoon for Ma. Rather bright but
strong east wind towards night.
Sunday November 15
Home all day. Rained all day.
Monday November 16
Da and Brock finished ploughing in low orchard, came up and ploughed calf pasture before
dinner. Then ploughing on other place below rape ground. Cold wind with falls of snow
stormy night, Seth asking hands to thresh.
Tuesday November 17
Men choring, put in window in root house and nailed up door in shed. A terrible stormy day.
Blew all day from the west. Couldn't see the road at times.
Wednesday November 18
Brock at Issac Hilborn's threshing. Joe Arbuckle came in morning for his heifer. Da choring
and planted tulips in afternoon. I to Drayton in forenoon. Fine day, wind in east, a little stormy
towards evening.
Thursday November 19
Brock at Hilborn's threshing finished about 4 p.m. Da choring and up to Woodissee's in
afternoon for some sacs for oats for Doc. Will Philp here in morning about his lamb. Snow
falls at times all day.
Friday November 20
Men choring and filling up chop forenoon. Will Philp here for his lamb. Is to pay $12 for him.
Brock went with chop afternoon. I took Olive to Drayton. Going from there to Elora for a few
days. Clear but cool. Old Mrs. Dowling dead.
Saturday November 21
Robt at Old Mrs. Dowling's funeral forenoon. Brock choring and over to McIssac's with Mary.
Sifting ashes and choring. Snowing.
Sunday November 22
All at home. Brock drove up to see Elwin's fattening cattle. Brock down to church at night.
Snowing hard at times.
Monday November 23
Men drawing out manure over to the other place all day. Beautiful day. I washed.
Tuesday November 24
Robt choring forenoon. Brock took lambs to Drayton. Sold them to Tucker brought eighty
dollars. Robt at Old Mrs. McTavish's funeral buried at Victoria. Brock drawing out manure
turning very soft.
Wednesday November 25
Robt & Brock choring and finished drawing out manure. Very fine day. I ironed. Snow all
going. Brock went to town at night got letter from Clara.
Thursday November 26
Robt & Brock choring and started to fan up oats for Doc.Very fine. Snow going, balmy wind. I
went to town afternoon.Mr. G. Dickson here and told us to let the dogs loose. Bought a
gander @ $8.00
Friday November 27
Da and Brock left about 9.30 a.m. for Arthur. Took over oats and potatoes to send to Doc.
Got back about 5.30 p.m. Ma met me at noon train. I came home from Elora. Fine bright day
but cool wind.
Saturday November 28
Choring and Brock up to Walton's in forenoon with a pig. Put on storm doors after dinner.
Went back to plough on other place but it was frozen too hard.Da to town for mail at night.
Fine day.
Sunday November 29
Home all day. Fine and quite mild looking like rain towards evening.
Monday November 30
Choring in forenoon. Then ploughing below rape on other place. Very heavy mist almost rain
all day. Calm and very damp & close.
Tuesday December 1
Brock took out a load of chop and cream can in morning. Da ploughing. Both ploughing
afternoon. Very dull close misty day.
Wednesday December 2
Ploughing on other place all day. Brock and I to town at night. Dull and misty almost rain at
times. Very warm close weather.
Thursday December 3
Finished ploughing on other place about eleven. Brock for a load of coal in afternoon and Da
ploughing down y poplars. Mr. Floth sent a boy over to tell us coal was there. Cooler and no
Friday December 4
Da ploughing down by poplars. Brock to town in morning and again in afternoon for a load of
coal. Ma down to get her teeth and had dinner with grandma. Frozen quite hard and an east
Saturday December 5
Da finished at poplars about eleven. Choring and cleaning pens. Brock up to Woodissee's for
some sand for hens. Brock and I to town at night. Rather dull, frozen hard and strong east
Sunday December 6
Brock to church in Drayton at night. East wind and cold.
Monday December 7
Done chores. Then Brock and Da went back to measure for a line fence between Roy and
us. Ma to town in afternoon to see about her teeth. They were hurting. Strong cold east wind,
roads frozen hard and are dusty.
Tuesday December 8
Done chores then clearing a way for fence through the bush. I to town in afternoon to write
invitations for Mrs. Henderson. Cold east wind.
Wednesday December 9
Done chores. Da and Brock working at fence in bush. Brock to town at night. Snowing all day
and quite cold.
Thursday December 10
Brock took down a load of hogs in ($81.00) morning and a load of chop after dinner. Da
working at fence. Mr. Henderson came out for me to help Mrs. Henderson. Bob Gass and Bill
Brian came here about four o'clock and stayed for tea. Snowy at times but rather mild.
Friday December 11
Da working at fence. Brock choring. Bill Gass and Bill Brian here for dinner. Brock drove Bill
Brian to 1.30 train. Then down to Henderson's card party at night and I came home with him.
Lovely day.
Saturday December 12
Da and Brock working at fence and finished about three. Then Da sifted ashes and Brock
choring. He and I down to town at night for Tabby but he was not there. Missed the train in
Toronto so came on a freight to Elora and drove up. Got here about 10.45 p.m. Rather mild
and soft looking.
Sunday December 13
Home all day. Fred here. Mild and a fine snow falling all day.
Monday December 14
Men choring. Brock and Tabby up to Rothsay to pay taxes and over to Gass's. A terrible
stormy cold day.
Tuesday December 15
Men choring, Brock, Tabby and I to town in afternoon with Buddy. Quite stormy and roads
filling up with snow.
Wednesday December 16
Men choring and cleaned hen house. Brock took Tabby to 1.30 train. Much colder. Storming
some in morning and roads getting heavy.
Thursday December 17
Brock choring and Da to town in morning and up to see Uncle Richard and Wendy. Hazeltine
in afternoon. Stormy and cold.
Friday December 18
Men choring and drawing out manure on rape ground on other place. A little stormy and a
real cold wind.
Saturday December 19
Men choring and finished drawing out manure about three o'clock. Jim Kirkpatrick here for
gander in forenoon. $2.00 Ma and I to town after dinner. She stayed with Grandma. Brock
down at night. Nasty soft snow in morning, stormy at times in afternoon but not very cold.
Sunday December 20
Brock went to town for Ma after supper. Lovely bright day.
Monday December 21
Brock choring and cleaned up some chop. We picked 10 geese. A terrible stormy day but not
very frosty. Roads filling up.
Tuesday December 22
Men choring. Brock hitched up team and took over a goose to Ike McIssac, but too stormy to
go to town. Ike over in afternoon. Uncle Richd and Gerald here also. Terrible stormy day.
Only a couple of cutters on the road. Sideroad full. Colder. Started to take off plaster in old
Wednesday December 23
Brock took down a load fo chop and the geese in morning. Took geese to Lunz $9.02 also
took cream can. Da sifted ashes in afternoon and Jack McIssac brought a quarter of beef
$12.50. Harry here in the evening. Fine in morning but very stormy in afternoon and cold.
Thursday December 24
Men done chores. Then Da went to town and got home about 2 o'clock. Ma, Brock and I
down in afternoon. Da and Brock down at night to meet Clara and Doc. Train about an hour
late. Fine day and not too cold but much colder after supper.
Friday December 25
Clara and Melville drove down in morning to see Grandma. Harry here in evening. A
beautiful day.
Saturday December 26
Da and Brock took Clara and Doc to 9.45 a.m. train. Then done chores. Da sifted ashes and
cut up beef after dinner. Robt Lawless called. Brock and I down to skate at night. Quite frosty
but fine.
Sunday December 27
Home all day. Not very bright and drifting.
Monday December 28
Men done chores. Brock took down cream can. Da sifted ashes after dinner. Milder and not
very bright.
Tuesday December 29
Men done chores then taking off plaster in old house. Brock and I down to R.R. Hambly's in
evening to card party. Stormy at times. Milder towards evening and raining after tea but
turning colder again. Brock took down a load of chop after dinner. Horses crowded.
Wednesday December 30
Men done chores and taking off plaster. Brock took Ma down to Grandma's in afternoon.
Heard Alva Armstrong died in the west last night - pneumonia. Very stormy at times all day,
fine night.
Thursday December 31
Men done chores. Taking off plaster in old house. Milton Hambly and Tess Wallace out for
tea. Fine day and a beautiful moonlight night.
Rec’d Paid
Jan. 13 Beef hide to Cummings 5.10
“ 13 1 cwt Five Roses flours. Gibs. 2.85
“ 22 1 pr. rubbers, long tops from Hephey (to pay) 4.00
Feb. 5 11 hogs to Tucker, 2700 lbs @ $9.00 a cut 243.00
“ “ Gave H. Heseltine $200.00 + $30.00
Feb. 28 Sold 2 cows $1.25, Deposited $100.xx for me. 125.00
“ “ 1 cwt. Purity flour from Noeckers 2.80
Mar. 3 Paid $11.00 to Wooddisse Bros. 11.00
“ 9 Bot sewing-machine from J. MacDonald
Raymond chain-lift round-corners 80.00
" 17 Paid $8.00 to Will Philp 8.00
Apr. 4 My hat from Irvine’s $6.75 + $2.00 6.75
“ “ Wedding invitations and printing (Mr.Carane) 4.15
“ “ “ “ “ “ 4.15 4.15
“ “ Paid Irvine for millinery 8.50 8.50
“ “ " for suit 21.50 21.50
“ “ Father paid for sewing machine 30.00 30.00
“ “ Subscription to Nuuos 1.40
“ 13 1 bbl. salt from Gibs 1.35
“ 13 1 cwt flour Five Roses 3.10
“ 21 Fruit from Benson Bros 4.05
Flowers 3.00
Livery 9.00
June 12 Got bag of flour at Noeckers $2.90
July 16 Sold 7 pigs weight 1720 lbs @ $8.40
“ 23 Got 2 bags of flour at Noeckers - $2.85
“ 1 bg. Salt
Aug. 1 “ 1 bbl. sugar $5.cwt
Dec. 10 5 hogs 6.90 cwt. $81.00
Paid taxes 100.28
“ coal 6 tons 130 lbs @ $7.00 42.46
Date Cash Account - January Rec’d Paid
Cream to Palm. Creamery Palmerston.
Jan. 3 1 can cream 80 lbs test 33 7.92
“ 7 1 “ 81 lbs “ 32 7.77
“ 13 1 “ 79 “ “ 33 8.08
“ 22 1 “ 81 “ “ 32 8.03 P.
“ 27 1 “ 79 “ “ 29 7.10 P.
Feb. 10 1 “ 81 “ “ 33 8.55 P.
Feb. 20 1 “ 81 “ “ 33 8.55 P.
Mar. 6 1 “ 79 “ “ 31 7.89 P.
" 17 1 “ 80 “ “ 29 7.42 P.
“ 27 1 “ 80 “ “ 31 7.94 P.
Apr. 23 1 “ 79 “ “ 34 6.98 P.
May 1 1 “ 79 “ “ 35
“ 7 1 “ 77 “ " 34
" 15 1 “ 79 “ “ 30 17.82 P.
“ 18 1 “ 80 “ “ 31
“ 22 1 “ 78 “ “ 31
“ 25 1 “ 79 “ “ 35
" 29 1 “ 80 “ “ 34 23.36
June 3 1 “ 80 “ “ 32
" 5 1 “ 81 “ “ 32
" 9 1 “ 81 “ “ 32
" 11 1 “ 79 “ “ 31 24.46
" 15 1 “ 80 “ “ 31
“ 18 1 “ 79 “ “ 32
" 22 1 “ 78 “ “ 37
" 25 1 “ 81 “ “ 35 24.67
July 2 1 “ 80 “ “ 38
July 4 1 “ 79 “ “ 36
“ 8 1 “ 81 “ “ 38
" 14 1 “ 80 “ “ 36 26.64
“ 17 1 “ 80 “ “ 36
" 20 1 “ 79 “ “ 34
July 28 1 “ 79 “ “ 35 19.99 P.
Aug. 1 1 “ 79 “ “ 33
“ 5 1 “ 78 “ “ 32
“ 11 1 “ 80 “ “ 33 20.90 P.
“ 22 1 “ 76 “ “ 32
“ 29 1 “ 84 “ “ 32 14.34 P.
Sep. 4 1 “ 60 “ “ 32
Sept. 14 1 “ 80 “ “ 33 15.08 P.
" 19 1 “ 82 “ “ 32
“ 25 1 “ 79 “ “ 33 14.38 P.
Oct. 7 1 “ 79 “ “ 32
" 14 1 “ 75 “ “ 35 14.16 P.
" 22 1 “ 78 “ “ 34
“ 30 1 “ 80 “ “ 36 15.20
Nov. 6 1 “
“ 10 1 “ 80 “ “ 34 7.89
" 18 1 “ 79 “ “ 37
“ 27 1 “ 81 “ “ 39 17.63
Dec. 1 1 “ 80 “ “ 37 8.87
" 23 1 “ 79 “ “ 36
" 28 1 “ 78 “ “ 39 17.65
Date Cash Account - July Rec’d Paid
Eggs sold - 1914
Mar 23 To M. Giffen 30 doz. @ 20¢ 6.00
Apr. 6 “ “ “ “ 30 “ “ 20¢ 6.00
“ 14 “ “ “ “ 30 “ “ 20¢ 6.00
“ 24 “ “ “ “ 30 “ “ 20¢ 6.00 PD
May 5 “ “ “ “ 30 “ “ 20¢ 6.00 “
" 13 “ “ “ “ 30 “ “ 20¢ 6.00 PD
“ 18 “ “ “ “ 30 “ “ 20 6.00 PD
“ 26 “ “ “ “ 30 “ “ 20 6.00 “
“ 29 “ Mt. Forest Produce 30 “ “ 21 6.30 “
June 9 “ M. Giffen 30 doz. @ 20¢ 6.00
“ 18 “ “ “ “ 30 “ “ 20 6.00
“ 29 “ Mt. Forest Produce 30 “ 5.90 PD
July 15 “ Mt. Forest Produce @ 22¢ “
“ 29 “ M. Giffen 30 doz PD
Aug. 5 “ Mt. Forest Produce Co. @ 23¢ 6.50 PD
“ 25 “ “ “ “ “ 24 6.80
“ 13 “ Mrs. Cassidy 15 doz @ 22¢ 3.30
July 8 “ M. Giffen 12 doz —
“ Grandma 10 “ 94.70
“ Ourselves 22 “
Oct. 18 “ M. Giffen 12 doz.
Date Bills Payable - January $ ¢
Oct. 13 — 5 gals. coal oil 75
Nov. 20 — “ “ “ “ “
At Clara & Melville Giffen Golden Wedding Anniversary, April 25, 1964 at
Mr. + Mrs. A. M. Sullivan (Joyce Giffen)
Miss Jennie Giffen
Miss Olive Philp
Mr. + Mrs. Brock Philp
Mr. + Mrs. Ronald Philp
Mr. + Mrs. Gerald Dunbar
Miss Marion White
Miss Janette White
Mr. + Mrs. Dalton White
Miss Heather White
Mrs. J.R. Chambers + Mrs. Sarah Davidson
Mr. + Mrs. Graham Chambers
Mrs. Allan Findlay
Mr. + Mrs. Gordon Findlay
Mr. + Mrs. A.E. Theaker
Mr. + Mrs. Hunter Macdonald
Mrs. J. Douglas Brown
Mrs. Waddell + Miss Janet Garvie
Miss Elaine Waddell
Miss Ann Anderson
Mr. + Mrs. C.J. Plas
Mr. + Mrs. Mel McEwen
Mr. + Mrs. Jack Curtis
Mr. + Mrs. Lorne Dennison + J.A. Cowie
Melville gave me a beautiful gold ring set with three peridots.
We received a framed “Certificate of Citizenship” from the Ontario Government +
Prime Minister of Ontario Hon. John Robarts. Signed by John Yarento,
Provincial Minister of Citizenship.
Flowers presented to Clara + Melville
Olive Philp, Joyce + Art Sullivan
Brock + Florence Philp
Miss Janet Garvie, Mrs. Waddell + Elaine.
Presbyterian Church
Village of Chatsworth
Lois Cahill + Maurice, Red Roses
Harry + Yvonne Bateman
McKennitt Family (Ana, Reg, Ott + Alma)
The Lindhout Family
Mr. W.P. Telford Pot of mums.
Miss Ana Anderson
Mr. + Mrs. C.J. Plas
Jennie Giffen + the White Family
Sterling coffee spoons (Denmark)
Florence Brown Gold cup + saucer
Mrs. Findlay Gordon + Norma Gold comport
Mrs. Chas. McCallum — golden glass comport for candy.
From friends + neighbours — a lovely table, lamp, end table and a perpetual
bouquet, a lovely card with 46 signatures.
From Brock, Florence, Reita, Ronald Philp, a Golden Wedding Anniversary
record book and Golden Pencil.
From Joyce and Art, Golden Wedding Anniversary Guest Book 107 signatures.
Record Book 17 signatures.
Received 97 Beautiful cards thru mail.
Date Bills Payable - October $ ¢
Fruit for 1914
From E.D. Smith,
2 bxs. white cherries @ .85 1 70
2 “ Black “ @ 1.50 3 0
1 crates “ Raspberries @ 2.30 2 30
1 “ Red “ @ 2.50 2 50
1 bx. dark red cherries @ 1.30 1 30
Express on some 39
2 bxs. Pears
6 “ Tomatoes
Express on some 80
At Clara’s Wedding
Miss Jennie Giffen
Mr. and Mrs. G.A. White, two chairs
Hugh Hunter, Biscuit jar and Bon bon dish
Janet Hunter Chocolate pot
John McLeod $10.00
Miss Agnes Giffen $5.00
Mr. and Mrs. Will Hunter, Silver dish with handle.
Mr. Alex Hunter
Mrs. Armstrong 1/2 doz silver tea spoons.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. A. Benson + Lillian (set of dishes, Biscuit jar)
Mr. C. Benson card received, cheque for $10
Mrs. Jas. Benson, vase
Mr. + Mrs. R. R. Hambly $5.00
Mr. + Mrs. T. Henderson 1 doz tea spoons
Grace Brett
Miss Duncan 1 doz coffee spoons
Jac and Sarah sugar bowl
Mr. + Mrs. Rich Philp $5.00
Mr. + Mrs. Ray Philp 1/2 doz individual Butter knives
Elaine Philp silver bread tray
Will Philp Fruit fish + servers
Olive A. Philps
Mr. + Mrs. Geo. Thompson, clock
Mr. C.H. Thompson
Mr. + Miss Campbell, Salad Bowl
Rev. Ketterson
Jas. Gilchrist, table cloth napkins
Flora Gilchrist, tea set.
Mary Hunter — $20.00
Venie, Amanda, Dougal + Janet — $50.00
Mrs. Wismer — a jelly spoon
Sara Jones — cushion tap.
Terrible war in Europe.
Germany and Great Britain
Germany declared war Aug. 3.
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Clara & Olive Philp Diary, 1914.pdf
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Clara Philp & Olive Philp, “Clara & Olive Philp Diary & Transcription, 1914,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed October 3, 2023,