Clara Philp Diary & Transcription, 1904


Clara Philp Diary & Transcription, 1904


Clara Philp


Courtesy of Private Donor


20th Century, Wellington County, Maryborough Township, Ontario

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Philp Family Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript & Typed Transcription



This has been a very severe winter. Almost every day stormy and very cold. Thermometer been all way from zero to 36 degrees below. Saturday Feb 27 through the night was very heavy thunder and lightning and some rain. The following Sunday was quite soft. There was has been the greatest depth of snow this winter that had been known for years.

The roads are as high as the fences and the snow is very deep in the fields.There is a good road on the river. Monday March 7 was the first mail from the south for about a week. There was scarce;y any traffic on the railroad the week before the seventh.

July 1904 . Harry Lowes passed from first form to second with honors, at Arthur. Etta failed. Fred Gillie failed. Harry ranked third.

Mr. Burrows put in 650 grafts for us this spring @ 3c a graft. He has had $10.00 and only 15 grafts are growing.

January NEW YEAR'S DAY (Dominion) FRIDAY, 1 1904

Will and Da done up chores then Da took Will Walker home and then went up to see Uncle Richd. Ma and we children at Grandpa's for dinner Uncle Jim home. Ma took him down to the 4.44 train. very stormy foremoon quite fine afternoon. Trains all very late now on account of storms


Da choring and cleaning pens all day. We thee children up to Grandpa Philp's in afternoon. very cold wind and little stormy this forenoon. Sharp and frosty.

Sunday, 8

Brock and I at Grandma's in afternoon. very stormy day, sharp cold wind, snowing hard at night.

January MONDAY, 4 (4-362) 1904

Robt choring forenoon Clara & I washing fore, afternoon Robt took Clara to Drayton very bright day but cold thermometer 28 below zero

TUESDAY, 5 (5-361)

Robt choring all day a little milder everything frosted over. I moping floor fore. Sarah Burrows here aft. little stormy at night

Epiphany (Quebec) WEDNESDAY, 6 (6-360)

Robt choring all day and up to Richds evening with white {sow?) I churning,, some baking, and Ironing very fine day

January THURSDAY, 7 1904

Robt choring all day I drove to Drayton aft. with 24lbs of butter @17c Harry & Roy here for straw aft. rather fine forenoon, drifting and a little stormy


Robt. choring all day very heavy fall of soft snow Brock & Celia at school I busy darning Clara came home with Burrows about six.


Da choring and cleaning out pig pens. very fine bright day. The snow is very deep on the roads and every where. Olive and I at Grandpa's at night.

January SUNDAY, 10 1904

Da and Ma went down to Tom Hendersons for dinner. Home again about five. Then went to Rothsay to see May Gordon. Very fine day. not very cold. May had blood poisoning in her legs


Da choring in forenoon, then took Clara to Drayton in afternoon beautiful day.


Choring in forenoon, then cleaned out hen pens. some snow falling.

January WEDNESDAY, 13 1904

Choring in forenoon and then drawing out manure in afternoon. Soft snow falling all day.


Choring in forenoon then taking snow off sheep. house and barn, snow very deep on roof. terrible stormy day. Da to Drayton with Mr. Henry.


Choring in forenoon, then drawing out manure in afternoon and cleaning out pig pens. snowing all day. Nellie McKay died

January SATURDAY, 16 1904

Choring in forenoon, then drawing out manure and cleaning pig pens and horse stable. Da went to Drayton in afternoon for Clara roads terrible bad. terrible stormy. Wm Gillrie died.


We children at grandma's for supper. At home rest of day. bright day, but sharp


Da choring in morning, Clara got ride to Drayton with Chess Walker. Ma and Da at Nellie McKay's funeral, then at Grandpa's Philp, brought Violet home with them also cutter. beautiful day.

January TUESDAY, 19 1904

Choring in morning, then drew out load of manure in afternoon and came up for we children to school. Strong last wind snowing. Violet here


Da choring in morning then ploughed road from sideroad in townline Mr. McEwing helped him and cleaning out horse. stable. soft snow falling all day. Violet here.


Da chorming in morning. Grandma walked up in morning and ma drove her home. She took worse through the night and ma went down about three. Da went for the doctor about five. Some better after that.

January FRIDAY, 22 1904

Da choring in morning then he and Violet to Drayton in afternoon, and brought Clara home. Grandma some better. Soft, but rained steady from four to seven.


Da choring in morning then drawing out manure in afternoon. Ma went down to Grandma's in morning, then again in afternoon Grandma a little worse. Uncle Sam sent word to Uncle Jim. Mild in morning soft snow in eve.


Ma stayed Sat. night at grandma's and all day Sunday. Uncle Jim didn't come. Grandma not any better. Violet here. terrible stormy day. Da at Grandma's to night for a while. Mr. Lowry buried.

January MONDAY, 23 1904

Uncle Jim drove up Sunday Da choring in morning then took Uncle Jim to station. Ma stayed at Grandma's last night and all day to day. Violet and Clara here. Very sharp but bright.


Da choring all day. Ma at Grandma's Clara and Violet baked bread and made butter. very stormy all day.


Da choring in the morning In the afternoon drew out manure and took a jag of straw to Grandpa's. Ma there all day. Grandma some better. Beef ring supper at Tom Brett's. Some of us there. We are out of the Beef ring now. Beautiful day but sharp.

January THURSDAY, 28 1904

Da choring in the morning. Clara and Violet at Drayton. In the afternoon. Da over to Mr. McLavish to help raise the home. Grandma much better. Ma there all day. Beautiful day.


Da choring in morning then took load of chop to Drayton in afternoon, Clara took Violet to Grandpa Philp's. Mable here for tea. Ma at grandma's some of the time to day then stayed all night.


Da choring in morning, then took load out a load of chop in afternoon. Horses crowded, and up set load of chop. Brock and I to Drayton in aft noon. roads rather bad. Grandma a great deal better ma at home all day but went to grandma's in evening. Soft snow falling all afternoon. Da lost blanket and went as far as snow fence but did not get it. Uncle Willie came on night train.

January SUNDAY, 31 1904

Clara and I at grandma's for dinner. Uncle Willie here {drawn circle with x through it} in afternoon and a while in the eve. At home rest of day. Soft snow falling all day but finer to wards evening.

February MONDAY, 1

Da choring in morning then took Clara back to Drayton in afternoon. very bright day but sharp.


Da choring all day and cleaning out pens. Herb Benson here for a while this evening. Uncle Willie here for an hour or so. Mr. North here for dinner. U. Willie at Drayton in evening to Masonic lodge. Very stormy in morning milder in aft.noon wo terrible stormy at night.

February WEDNESDAY, 3 1904

Da choring all day. Uncle Willie here in afternoon. Brock and I down at grandma's for supper. terible stormy day


Da choring all day. Ma and Uncle Willie at Drayton in afternoon. Uncle Willie here in evening. Very stormy day.

Friday, 5

Da choring all day. I went to grandma's to help her get supper. Mr. Maxwell's there. Uncle Willie here in evening. Soft snow falling

February SATURDAY, 6 1904

Da choring then went to Drayton in afternoon for Clara. Uncle Willie, Brock, and I at Drayton also. Trains blocked. Very soft day, raining in morning and very thick fog in afternoon.

Sunday, 7

Uncle Willie here for dinner. Ma and Brock down to grandma's in afternoon. Very mild and soft in forenoon but turned very stormy to-wards night. Olive 14 years old.


Da choring and cleaning out hen pens and pig pens. Clara at home. Ma at grandma's in evening. Bright but very sharp.

February TUESDAY, 9 1904

Da choring, then in afternoon took Clara to Drayton and Uncle Willie to station. Brought Jim Lowes back with him he stayed all night. Ma and Da and Jim Lowes over to Craigs at night. Bright but sharp little wind.


Da choring. Jim Lowes here for dinner Da gave him Dick and the cutter. He went up to Gasses. bright but very sharp. Mr. Honor's sale.


Da choring and taking seeds out of the barn and burning them. Ma up to grandpa Philps in aft.noon Da at Drayton at night. Ma down to grandma's. beautiful day but sharp.

February FRIDAY, 12 1904

Da choring and drawing out manure. jim Lowes came home with horses. Stayed all night. Brock and I went to carnival with Mr. MacDonalds got home about 12 o'clock. rather fine but cold.


Da took Jim Lowes to station. Choring and went for Clara in evening. Da 41 years of age. Uncle Jim 31. strong east wind and cold.


Brock, Clara, and I at grandma's for dinner and supper. rather fine in morning but turned stormy at night.

February MONDAY, 15 1904

Da choring all day. Clara at home terrible stormy and cold.


Da choring in morning, then took Clara to Dayton in afternoon. very stormy, and cold.


Da choring and cleaning out pig pens. bright but very sharp

February THURSDAY, 18 1904

Da choring and cleaning up grain, Willie Walkers here in afternoon helping.Watt drawing out chop for us. Ma at Drayton in afternoon. east wind snow falling at night.


Da choring and cleaning up grain. Watt drawing out chop for us. lovely day


Da choring and cleaning up again. Watt drawing chop. Violet walked down to our place. Brock, Violet and I went down to Drayton in afternoon for Clara. beautiful day. sun shining lovely

February SUNDAY,21 1904

Brock, Clara, and I at grandma's in afternoon. soft day. raining off and on all day.


Da drove us to school in morning, came after us at night choring. terrible stormy day.


Da took us up to school in morning Ma took Clara to Drayton in afternoon, Da drawing out manure. storming in morning but calmed down some in afternoon. Da sold pigs.

February WEDNESDAY, 24

Da choring and drawing out manure Ma at grandma's in aft. very stormy day.


Choring and drawing out manure. Da at Drayton at night to lodge. rather fine day Jim Bready here {letter scribbled out} also


Choring and drawing out manure rather fine day Jim Bready here {scribbles out letter} also Stanton.

February SATURDAY, 27 1904

Choring and drawing out manure. Cleaned hen and pig pens. Ma, Brock and I went to Drayton for Clara. Mrs. Gordon stopped sewing for a while. Fine in forenoon, colder at night. Mr. and Miss Duncan here.


Ma and Miss Duncan stayed at Grandma's for tea. {large space between end of sentence and beginning of new} Rest of us at home. very heavy thunder and lightening with quite a bit of rain in night. very foggy this morning quite soft all day


Da and Wat took our eight pigs to Drayton this forenoon. Had to change sides with horses, forcrowding. Ma done chores this afternoon. Storm from the east all day. very fine hand particles of snow and blowing in every hole. quite sharp lightening and one heavy clap of thunder tonight. not a cold day, but very disagreeable day.

March TUESDAY, 1 1904

Da did some of the chores then went to help Mr. Henry load some of his furniture finished his chores when he came home. I took Miss Duncan home about four o'clock. Dad and Wat took 2 bags of turnips to Drayton at night. stormy in forenoon, but turned out quite fine in afternoon.

Wednesday, 2

Da choring and cleaning out pig pens in afternoon. Mr. Corbitt the assessor here in afternoon.Grandma up here for first time since she was sick. very fine forenoon, but duller and a raw windthis afternoon. heavy thunder and lightening with some rain through the night.


Da took children up to school and doing the chores. Terrible stormy day. The snow blows into every crevice High wind. Very hard on our barn roof. getting colder towards night

March FRIDAY, 4 1904

Da done the chores. Then he and Wat. wired the rafters on to the 'plate' of the barn. Then Da drew some manure. Lizzie Hilborn here for tea. very nice fine day. very bright at times.


Da choring and drawing out manure all day. At home all day. now east wind blowing, but quite bright.


Olive and I at Grandma's in afternoon. kind of rain and sleet sometimes soft snow east wind.

March, MONDAY, 7 1904

Da choring and cleaning out pens all day. little fall of rain this morning. got very foggy after dinner. quite soft, but turned colder towards night. Da and Ma married 22 years to-day.


Da done up chores then helped Wat. take two head of fat cattle to Drayton. Ma went down after dinner and gave him a ride home. Quite a stormy wind, but very bright at times. rather stormy at night.


Da choring in forenoon then took Red Polly over to Isaah Mitchells in afternoon. very blustry at times, but quite bright. drifting a little to-day.

March THURSDAY, 10 1904

Da choring in forenoon and took black sow up to Uncle Richds in afternoon. Ma up to Grandpa Philp's in forenoon. lot of snow fall and very stormy all day


Da choring and cleaning out pens and drew out some manure. cold east wind. stormy this forenoon, but quite fine this afternoon. no trains moving to-day.


Da choring and drawing out manure. Olive and I took uo two bags chop to Grandpa Philp's in forenoon. We three children at Drayton in afternoon. Cold wind, but very bright.

March SUNDAY, 13 1904

I drove Grandma up to church. Bob Gass and Maggie here for dinner and all afternoon lovely sunshine day. rather cold north wind.

MONDAY, 14 1904

Da done up chores then took team up to Uncle Richds new home to thresh with herse power. cold bleak east wind and after dinner a terrible a blinding storm of snow.

TUESDAY, 14 1904

Da got up about four o'clock this morning and done up the chores. then took team and went to thresh. Wat. done the chores at noon. gentle fall of snow this forenoon. quite fine this afternoon, but little colder.

March WEDNESDAY, 16 1904

Da choring, cleaning pens and drawing out some manure. Mrs. Drury here in afternoon to see about hay. quite windy, but very bright.

St. Patrick's Day TUESDAY, 17

Da choring in forenoon, drawing out manure in afternoon. Ma at Drayton in afternoon. very fine day, till five o'clock, then a thick soft snow fell all night. not very cold. Daisy calved this morning heifer


Da done up chores in forenoon drawing out manure in afternoon drifting a little all day. not very cold. wind seems to be rising to-night.

March SATURDAY, 19 1904

Da choring, cleaning pens and drawing out some manure. Ma and I finished Olive's red dress. Had been making it over. very foggy morning. started to snow and storm in forenoon. stormed nearly all afternoon. rather now cold wind.


Willie Fair and Norman Binning here in afternoon for tea. Olive and I at Grandma's for dinner. lovely bright day. rather sharp wind.


Da choring in forenoon and over to H. Hilborn's in afternoon very nasty day. very stormy at times. not cold. rather like sleet in afternoon. Don Henderson's father buried to-day

March TUESDAY, 22 1904

Da choring in forenoon and cleaning out pens and drawing out manure in afternoon. very foggy all day, but cleared off toward evening. wind went from east to west and it is getting colder. little rain in afternoon. very heavy thunder and lightening with rain in night. Clara 19 years old.


Da choring in forenoon and took out a couple of loads of manure before dinner, then drew out some after dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Lowed here in afternoon and for tea. Will Walker and Herb Page here in evening for their money. Willie got $8.00 Herb $4 for a week. beautiful day very bright and thawing quite a bit. roads getting pretty soft. Ad. Flath's sale.


Da done up the chores and finished drawing out manure, also cleaned out pens. He left here about five and walked to town for Brock's boot. Home about half past seven. fine all day, but pretty dull towards evening roads very soft. punched full of holes and cut off badly. Grandpa's cow calved. Eli Mitchell finished drawing Grandpa's 12 cords wood.

March FRIDAY, 25 1904

Da choring in the morning. Then in afternoon took Clara back to sew with Mrs. Gordon. Roads bad. Heavy mist all day and rained quite hard to-wards evening.


Da choring all day. In afternoon took over big board to make ladder to Mrs. Burrows. Blustry and windy. Charlie Hilborn here in evening. gave him $10.


I walked up to Grandpa Philp's in the after. noon, and rode back with Uncle Richard. At home rest of day. Brock at grandpa for supper. Squalls off and on all day. Clara did not come home.

March MONDAY, 28 1904

Da choring in forenoon, then took grandpa a stoneboat load of straw. Brock and I up to Mrs. Hilborn's field to skate at night. very fine day.


Da choring and drawing out manure in after-noon. Emptied manure house cleaned out pens Soft snow falling in forenoon but cleaned up some in after.noon.


Da choring in forenoon, and shovelling snow away from the door in after.noon. Ma at Drayton in forenoon. Clara sick with the cold. fine day- Roads bad.

March THURSDAY, 31 1904

Da choring in morning, then killed two of our pigs, also two of Mr. Burrows at their place.Henry Hazeltine here for dinner. Foggyall day. Roads very bad. Miss Green left.

April GOOD FRIDAY (Dominion) FRIDAY, 1

Da choring in forenoon, and cutting up pigs. Salted meat and packed it away in afternoon Over to Frank Page's for sausage machine in evening. Raining in forenoon, foggy and dull all afternoon.


Da choring in the morning and cleaned out pig-pens. Then at Drayton in afternoon. Ma at grandma's in evening . Strong west wind and very blustry.

April SUNDAY, 3 1904

Ma, Brock, and I up to Grandpa Philp's in after. noon. Da over to Mr. Burrows. very bright, but strong north wind. Eleanor Walker home for Easter Holiday roads bare in some places.


Da choring, and drew out two loads of manure in forenoon, then drawing out rest of manure in afternoon. beautiful day, but rather windy.


Da choring in forenoon, then tapped six trees and shovelling snow at back door in aft. noon Ma and Brock at Drayton in forenoon, I up at Frank Page's in afternoon. Beautiful day. roads bad.

April WEDNESDAY, 6 1904

Da choring in morning, and put on Grandpa's clock cords. Cleaned out pig-pens in afternoon rather fine but spitting rain in evening Set out Dahlias, pansys, asters in boxes.


Da choring in morning and shovelling snow in afternoon. I walked to Drayton in morning stayed at Mrs. Henderson's for dinner, came home in afternoon with grandpa. Very foggy in morning, cleared up in aft. noon


Da choring, and shovelling snow off bank in morning. Then took jersey to Drayton in afternoon. strong east wind dull in morning. Rained very hard about five.

April SATURDAY, 9 1904

Da choring in morning and salted meat. Went to Drayton in afternoon for Clara. Brought calf home from grandpa's. rather fine in morning, thunder shower at noon, dull at times in afternoon.


Da up to grandpa's in afternoon with cart. Ma and Brock at grandpa's in afternoon. soft snow falling all day.


Da choring in morning then took Clara back to Drayton. got home about one. Went up to Rothsay in afternoon. got 50 lbs Milverton flour, in to see grandpa Philp. grandma up here all day working at "Comferter." Miss Smilie teacher. Soft snow fell through night. Dull all day. Raining at night

April TUESDAY, 12 1904

Da choring and cleaning pns all day Grandma here working and "Comferter" Cold wind all day. snowing some.


Da choring in morning, Went to drayton in afternoon with cart. Grandma here working at "Comferter". Dull at times, flurries of snow. Charlie Hilborn here are night


Da choring in morning then took over chop to Mr. Hirborns, Ma and Da at Mr. Duncan's at night. grandma here working at "Comferter". Snowing in morning, but cleared up in afternoon bright. Heavy frost.

April FRIDAY, 15 1904

Da choring in the morning. Mr. Henry here for seed oats. Gone to Hilborns for chop and took more over. Grandma up in afternoon. finished "Comferters." Very stormy day. snowing. East wind.


Da choring in morning. Mr. Corbett here for dinner. Da took over chop to Mr. Hilborns. Ma, Brock and I at Drayton in afternoon. Brought Clara home. Brock walked home. Brock and Clara at grandpa's at night. Roads rather bad. Bright but very cold wind.


Clara, Brock, and I at grandma's this afternoon. Clara, and I stayed for supper. nice day, but not very warm.

April MONDAY, 18

Da choring in morning. Da and Clara went to Drayton in afternoon with team. Got horses show shod. Wilmott brought over bags of oats. fine day.


Da choring in morning. Then at Drayton show in afternoon, got "Mark" shod. terrible cold stormy day.


Da took over Grace, Bute, and heifer over to moore-field. Watt helped. Harry and Charlie took Danie over. Da choring in the afternoon. Annie and Willie over in evening. very stormy in morning, but cleared up to-wards noon.

April THURSDAY, 21 1904

Da choring all day. hung up meat. beautiful day.


Da choring in morning, and chopping ice in front of door. Ma at Mr. J Riches in afternoon. east wind, but fine.


Da choring in morning. Fanned up Timothy, and seed oats, in afternoon. fine day.

April SUNDAY, 24 1904

Ma and Brock at grandma's for supper. I down in afternoon. Raining off and on all day. Heavy fog at night.


Da choring in morning. Went to Drayton in afternoon, got Dick shod and got clover seed from J. Riches. Paid Mr. Fisher for Dick. rather cold and raw but dry.


Da choring and filling up drain. fine day.

April WEDNESDAY, 27 1904

Da done up chores in morning then took over three pigs to Moorefield. Ma went to Grandpa Philp's for dinner and also down to see Nell Gordon. Da cleaned up oats in aft. noon over to R. Lowes for goosewheat. Isiah Mitchell here fore white pig. Jas Tucker married. fine day- east wind


Da choring in morning. Ma at Drayton in afternoon. Da down with the waggon. Enpressed oats to Joe McCulley. Da down at Drayton at night. Nell Gordon married to Andy Anderson. Little showers of rain off and on all day. dull and rather cold.


Da choring yester in morning. Took up load of shingles from Drayton to grandpa Philp's in afternoon. rather dull. raining off and on

April SATURDAY, 30 1904

Da done up chores, then helped Watt take down two head of cattle in morning. Brock and I down in afternoon for Clara. Her last day at sewing. Da went to meet Uncle Jim at night. Showers now and then. Clara got new hat $1.35


Jack Allen walked out for breakfast, had dinner and went up to Rothsay and back with Da Uncle Jim here for dinner. We at Grandma's for tea. Ma up to Uncle Richds in evening very fine afternoon. a little misty in forenoon. had strawberries for tea. Grandpa Philps cow very sick.


Da started to work on land. cultivated and sowed wheat above Poplars on turnip ground. Da and Ma up to Grandpa Philp's after tea. Their cow no better. Mr. Pickel in to see "Carrie" at noon. very fine day. quite warm in afternoon. Ma and Brock did chores in afternoon.

May TUESDAY, 3 1904

Da harrowed wheat, then cultivating field over from house (for barley). Da went up to help fan up barley at Uncle Rich's at night. very hot Dr. Pickel up to see Grandpa's cow.


Ma done the chores then went up for barley and sowed it also harrowed it. I at Drayton in forenoon. Violet here for tea, then Olive and I drove her home. Grandpa Philp's cow died to-day. very warm all day. (hot for this time.) "Elsie" colt 2 years old to-day.


Da went back on other place to cultivate. Ground none to fit. Jim Bready here for dinner on his first round. Travelling, {large space between words} this year. terrible hot day. not {arrow up- writer forgot word} much wind to-day. looking like rain.

May FRIDAY, 6 1904

Da finished cultivating first field on other place and worked up some ground in little patch in front for potatoes. Ma and Brock over to Graveyard in evening very warm day. ground works hard. Ma 41 years old. Da put young cattle out to brush this morning.


Da sowed the barley on other place (14 acres) and planted a few potatoes. Mr. Pickel here in evening to see "Mollie." Olive and Brock at Frayton in afternoon. quite warm and looking like rain.


Olive, Brock and I at bush for flowers in afternoon. Mr. Craig here for dinner. quite fine till about four o'clock then nice little shower. cloudy with little rain in evening.

May MONDAY, 9 1904

Da harrowed what he sowed on Saturday. Then after dinner went to back field to cultivate quite showery this forenoon, but colder this afternoon, and quite fine. frost at night.


Da cultivating on back field this forenoon, sowing oats, and barley (mixed) in afternoon. Mr. J. Henderson and Janet here for a while in afternoon. Cloudy all day. little splatter of rain at times. quite cool towards evening.


Da cultivating in forenoon, sowing in afternoon Finished sowing the 14 acres to-night. rather dull this forenoon. quite bright in afternoon, cool. strong breeze. fine day for horses. cows went to grass.

May ASCENSION DAY (Quebec) THURSDAY, 12 1904

Da went back and harrowed what he sowed yesterday. Came up and went back back behind Poplars to cultivate. Over to Mr. Shorts in evening. Jim Bready here. Ma, Brock and Grandma at Drayton in afternoon Fine day. good breeze. looking like rain.


Da cultivating this forenoon and sowing pease this afternoon. Harrowed it before he came up. Da has about 49 acres in to-night. Olive, Brock, and I up to Grandma Philp's in after-noon. quite heavy shower about five o'clock little showers on in evening. very warm at times. good breeze in afternoon.


Da ploughed what he didn't get done in fall in field back of Polpars also sowed and harrowed it. Ma and Olive at Drayton in afternoon. Drizzling rain all forenoon. fine in afternoon. quite cool.

May SUNDAY, 15 1904

Ma and we children at Grandma's this afternoon. cloudy all day and quite cold.


Da plowing sod behind Poplars, all day. Jim Kitley's oldest boy (8 yrs) got killed with Quinns roller. J. Craig here in evening for four bags barley. very fine day for plowing. quite cold. misting at times. Milk waggon started this morning. going every other day. very heavy frost.


Da plowing sod all day. Bill Barry came here to build line-fence between Mr. Ewing and us. Mr. Burrows here grafting in afternoon. We cleaned two bed-rooms to-day. quite fine all day. very warm at times. Bill cutting and sharpening stakes.

May WEDNESDAY, 18 1904

Da plowed till about ten o'clock, then came in tagged sheep in afternoon. and cleaned pens. raining all day. heavier at night. Da drove Bill home about five o'clock and brought 50 lbs. of Wilverton. Bill was cutting stakes till rain came on.


Da went back to bush and raised some Maple trees, before dinner. After dinner brought them up and filled in gaps along road. Jim Bready here. Da brought cow "Fancy" up from bush she calved there. misty, foggy, forenoon, clearer in afternoon Da planted some trees to-night. but very dull.


Da went back to bush and raised some little trees and planted them in afternoon. Mr. Burrows here grafting in afternoon. very windy. quite fine.

May SATURDAY, 21 1904

Da finished plowing back of Poplars. Dove to Drayton at eight, Bill Barry here at fence to-day. Mr. Burrows grafting in afternoon. Ma, Brock, and Olive at Drayton in afternoon. Old Mr. Ridd buried. very fine day. quite hot.


Da walked over to track in forenoon. Olive and I up to see Mabel in afternoon. threatening rain all forenoon, quite heavy showers in afternoon. very heavy rain at night; with heavy thunder and lightening.


Da picking stones off meadow on other place. Mr. Burrows here grafting. little shower at noon. good strong wind. quite hot in afternoon.


Da went back and disced his seven acres back of Poplars. Bill Barry came to build fence. Da harrowed, the sod. Olive and I drove to Drayton and stayed with Maude Pallock over night. and went to hear 'The Finger of Scorn. quite bright. all day, nice breeze duller towards evening. We papered kitchen. 


Da finished seeding to-day and harrowed it over. Bill Barry driving stakes. hot-day. very sultry at night. very strong breeze. A young Workman drowned at Riverbank.


Da cultivating the corn patch and the little patch on other place. Jim Bready here. Bill Barry here fencing. very hot about middle of day. threatening rain all day. very bright heavy rain came on about five o'clock raining steady all evening.

May, FRIDAY, 27 1904

Da and Bill sharpening stakes in the chip yard this forenoon. Bill working on line in afternoon. Ma at Drayton in afternoon. Da drawing brush out of orchard and piling it up in afternoon. fine and bright, but cold. little showers at tea-time.


Da picking stone off the meadow behind the Poplars. Bill building fine fence. Ma and Brock over to Grave-yard in afternoon Da went to Drayton after tea with team for a barrel of salt and cool oil. strong wind, hot day.


Da and Ma up to see Grandpa Philp in evening. Ma & we girls up to church in morning. Mr. E.H. Webber and Mark here for dinner. looked like rain in morning but Grandpa Philp not well. cleared off and was a lovely day. Miss Duncan and her father called in this morning

May MONDAY, 30 1904

Da drawing out manure in forenoon on to little patch in front: plowed it and harrowed it this afternoon and evening. Bill finished fine fence and started fence between two fields below orchard. fine all day but looked like rain this morning. Johnny Griffin died. rather cold.


Da took heifer down to Char. Stephenson's in morning. Then working at little patch and other patch on other place. Sowed mangels here in front; Went up to see Grandpa Philp and Bill went home. Bill working at fence. very cold strong wind all day. quite heavy rain all evening. Grandpa Philp not feeling well.


Da cleaned up a grist of chop and took it to Drayton in afternoon. showery forenoon. brighter in afternoon but very dull and wet.

June THURSDAY, 2 1904

Da choring round all day. Jim Bready here. Ma up to see Grandpa Philp. He is very weak.. dull all day. very heavy rain after dinner. showery in forenoon.


Old Mr. McNab buried to-day. Da drew out some manure out of the barn yard. getting ready for the wind-mill pipes to be run. Will Barry came after dinner to fence. Da up to see Grandpa Philp.very dull all forenoon. cleared at noon and came out very hot.


Da and Bill gettting somemore stakes for fence. Bill finished that fence between the two fields. Ma & Brock up to see Grandpa and took Bill home. Da drawing out manure out root ground up clay to pot under big tank. Olive & I at Drayton in afternoon. Da at Drayton at night for wire. very dull morning. finer afternoon quite sultry.

June SUNDAY, 5 1904

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Henderson came out for dinner. Da and Tom up to Grandpa Philps in afternoon. Da and Ma up at night. Uncle Willie 36 yrs. old. very sultry but quite a breeze. Grandpa very weak. Takes scarcely any nourishment shaking of his feet stopped.


Da drawing out manure on to root ground in forenoon. plowing some for potatoes in afternoon. scuffled the early potatoes in evening. Bill Barry and Hank McLaughlan here building fence on other place. Da gone up to help put Grandpa to bed. Mrs. Burrows and I up to see him this afternoon. sultry forenoon. cooler and not so bright after dinner. Gavin Montgomery here in evening.


Da harrowed the potato ground. Then drawing out manure on to root ground. Da & Herb fencing all day. stayed all night Da gone to Grandpa Philp's to-night. rather dull all day. quite cloudy.


Da cleaning up old barn bottom for boys to run the fence. Bill & Herb worked till noon. then went home after dinner. Da went to town in forenoon for some piping for wind mill. Over to H. Hilborn's in afternoon helping move old log house. heavy rain just at noon sort of a drizzle-drazzle day. Up to see Grandpa. He not nearly {finishes sentence on bottom line, and proceeds to make small reference to weather at end of line} cool evening as well as the night before


Henry Heseltine here all day diggin for the windmill pipes but Weber never came Bill & Herb finished fencing on other place to-night Built {large space between words} rods with what he done on this place. Mr. Bready here for dinner. Andrew Matchett here for led and took a pig to Rothsay for Henry from here quite fine at times. misty at times. Da up to Grandpa Philps at night (Roy Green) Leo Greens son buried. age 14. appendicitis.


Da went over to H. Hilborn's in morning to help move house. May Gordon came for him about {indecipherable} thought. Grandpa was sinking but he rallied. Ma & Aunt Emma went up about eleven o'clock. Came home after dinner. Da went to Drayton for a water trough. Every one of us up to Rothsay at-night to see Aunt Eleanor. She drived on night train. Da stayed all night. We came home about ten. very fine day, cool wind. Grandpa very weak but can hear {abbreviation to missing word} well and speak a little.

June SATURDAY, 11 1904

Da came home from Rothsay before breakfast. Worked the potato ground over again in forenoon. Ma and he cut the potatoes after dinner and we all helped to plant them. Had 10 rows and a piece. Da sowed a few turnips after supper then brought "Maud" of other place and went up to Rothsay. Ma, Olive, & Brock at town after tea. Ms. Webber & his father-in-lae here laying pipes in afternoon. very hot day.


Da came home about eleven this morning. Grandpa just about the same. Wad Gordon & Mrs. in for a while this forenoon. Mr. Duncan here in evening Da & Ma went to Rothsay after tea. very hot day.


Da made trellis for wild cucumbers, then went over to spring {looth?} corn ground. Washed sheep in afternoon then hoed sow. thistle till milking time. I at Drayton in morning for wind mill supplies. Jack Allen here for dinner. very hot day. very heavy rain just after milking time with quite bit of hail. Da stayed all night at Rothsay.

June TUESDAY, 14 1904

Da spreading pile of manure in turnip field till noon. Mr. Job Roger came at noon to finish windmill. got along very well, laying pipes & fitting taps. Ma helping. Up to Rothsay till twelve o'clock (night) very heavy rain at noon. cleared up and was bright, hot afternoon

Wednesday, 15

Da helping Mr. Roger set up the tank and filling in drains in afternoon with Motor. and went up again at night. very fine day. good wind. Wind mill filled tank full. Started to pump about eleven o'clock.


Da took me to station. gone to O.A. College on excursion had a nice time. Jim Bready herer. Da drawing out manure after he came home. on to turnip ground. Ma up to see Grandpa Philp in afternoon. Olive and Brock met me at station at night. Ma stayed up at Rothsay all night. very fine day.

June FRIDAY, 17 1904

Da drawing out manure all day on to turnip ground. Fixed check valve on pipe at noon, where engine draws water. Olive and I up to Rothsay after supper. Grandpa not out of bed till about seven at night and much weaker. Da did not go up tonight. Wilmot Drewery blasting some stone on other place at night. very warm day.


Da doing Grandpa Philps roadwork. He and Henry Heseltine sheared the sheep after tea. Ma, Olive and Brock at Drayton in afternoon. very hot day. Da did not go to Rothsay at night.


O.B. Henry & Leo Fisher herre to see leaking trough. Ma & Brock up to Rothsay in afternoon. Da stayed up all night. S. Burrows here in evening. very warm day. automobile came from 10th con, and went up the {concession?} road. first I ever saw.

May MONDAY, 20 1904

Da plowing on root ground till about four o'clock, then went to Drayton to see about trough and got Dick shod on front feet. Went up to Rothsay at night. very warm till noon then little shower but came on quite heavily about three o'clock very sultry.


Da finished plowing the root ground tonight. I up to Rothsay in morning. Grandpa put in bad night, nearly gone a couple of times. Da gone up to stay tonight: little shower this morning and very sultry. good breeze and bright afternoon. heavy rain at milking time. storm mud. have been very heavy down south.


Da turned furrow on tile at road then plowed and harrowed rape patch. Sowed the rape and harrowed it then harrowed turnip patch. Gone up to Grandpa's to stay up all night. very fine day, cool wind looking like frost. Orton's birthday. would have been 8 yrs. old.

June THURSDAY, 23 {drawn star beside date} 1904

Grandpa Philp died about half past five this morning. Da had stayed up all night and was gone half an hour when he died. Da went up after breakfast to help lay him out then he and Uncle Richd went to Drayton. Da down town for funeral cards at night and went up to stay all night. Ma, Olive, & I up to Rathsay in afternoon. Violet came home with us. very fine day. strong wind and hot. Jim Bready there.


Da choring and 'dipped' the little white pigs. Went to Drayton after tea, then Ma, Violet, and he went up to Rothsay. very warm day. few drops rain at night. Ma and Brock at Drayton in morning.


Grandpa Philp buried today. Went to E. Church then on to Victoria Cemetry between 70 and eighty rigs followed corpse. little shower this forenoon but turned out fine. Da up to hear Grandpa's Will read after the funeral.

June SUNDAY, 26 1904

At home all day. rather misty and foggy. cool. in morning, but cleared off and was bright. strong breeze.


Da and Roy working on turnip ground all day. Da ridged up about thirty drills and sowed them after tea. Ma, Olive, and I up to Miss Stone's in evening. very fine day.


I went to town for turnip seed. Da finished ridging up turnips and sowed the turnips and the rape below thje turnips next to ditch. Aunt Catty and Violet went back to Island F. again. Da warned out hands to do road work at noon. very fine day, but looking like rain.

June WEDNESDAY, 29 1904

Da cleaned out pens and loaded up water trough. Taking it down to get lined. Went to Drayton after dinner to get the team shod. Also took the wool with him. Settled up some of Grandpa Philp's business. Went up to Uncle Richd for gravel box. rather dull forenoon. little shower in afternoon, and another about milking time.


Started roadwork to-day. Percy McEwring here for dinner. Jim Bready here. Da up to Rothsay at night. fine afternoon very heavy rain with hail, thunder and lightening after dinner. little cooler.

July DOMINION DAY (Dominion) FRIDAY, 1

Da doing road work all day. Percy McEwring driving our team. He and Bill Barry and Jimmie Anderson here for dinner. Very heavy rain this afternoon colder and misty Old Burrows got our horse and buggy to go to Raymond's for bees.

July SATURDAY, 2 1904

Da finished doing road-work. Drawing clay from Hilborn's hill and widening road in hallow. Ma and Olive at Drayton in afternoon. Miss Duncan came over after tea. Brock and I cleaned out one hen house. fine, bright day, but cool wind. Percy McEwring 21 years old.


Ma Miss Duncan, Olive, and I up to church in forenoon. At Grandma's in evening. very bright day, but cool wind.


Da hoeing all day in those turnips in front of house. Ma up to Miss Stone's for Aunt Eleanor then they took Miss Duncan home after tea. little shower at noon. heavy rain at milking time. sultry in afternoon.

July TUESAY, 5 1904

Da cleaned up a grist of chop and took it to Drayton before dinner. Then Da scuffled the potatoes and what turnips are up. Da hoed garden potatoes and beans. Went to mill for grist after tea, then leveling some sods in front of the place. Ma Aunt Eleanor and Brock at town in afternoon. got crate straw berries $1.7. very fine day and pretty hot.


Da went to Drayton for the water. trough which was being lined. Filling in drains round the barn in afternoon. Aunt Eleanor and I up to Miss Stones and round by Rothsay this evening. quite heavy rain in morning looking like rain at night. very hot and sultry. Da and Ma over to see Hilda Lowes in evening. Mrs. Flath & Morrow of Arthur operated for appendicitis. She came through operation all right.


Da working on summer fallow (on other place) all day. Ma and Aunt Eleanor over at Burrows in afternoon. Jim Bready here. Olive and I over to see how Hilda is She died at 20 minutes past eleven o'clock this morning. They could get no passage through her bowels. She was 9 years 8 months old. Aunt Emma and Mabel here in evening very fine day: quite hot.

July, FRIDAY, 8 1904

Da working on summer fallow, in forenoon. Ma and Aunt Eleanor went to Drayton this forenoon to see Maria Flath and to get horse shod. Da Hoeing and scuffling turnips in afternoon. very fine day strong breeze. Da and Ma over to Dick Lowes in evening.


Da hoed five rows of turnips At Hilda Lowes funeral in afternoon. Olive, Brock, and I over in morning. I stayed and minded children while they went to funeral (Brett H) Ma came for me after tea. We called to hear how Elsie Ward came through operation. very heavy rain on about ten o'clock. rained very hard in afternoon.


Sarah Burrows here for dinner. Mr. Craig here in afternoon. Olive and I took Aunt Eleanor up to Uncle Rich'ds after tea fine all day, but rather damp air.

July MONDAY, 11 1904

Da moving round little trees all day. afternoon Olive and I at Drayton in afternoon. Finished hoeing turnips in forenoon. very fine day. We washed big washing.


Da finished mowing round little trees and cut with the old mower the grass in front. Aunt Eleanor, Aunt Emma, and Mary here after tea. Will and Annie Craig here in evening terrible rain this morning till nine o'clock. fair the rest of the day. quite a lot cooler.


Da mowing grass in orchard and put it up in cock this afternoon and evening. Brock at Drayton in forenoon. Olive and I over to see Miss Duncan and team this afternoon. Miss Duncan sent word away accepting a school at Madoc very fine day, but cool in evening.

July THURSDAY, 14 1904

Da and Uncle Richard moved Grandma Philp's body from the Old English Cemetry down to Victoria. E. E. Dales helped them. Got through about three o'clock Da mowing in the orchard all evening Mr Bready here for dinner. hot forenoon. little mist of rain in afternoon and spitting in evening. Heard Old Mr. Wm Allen was dead.


Da finished mowing orchard with scythe the then cut little piece below orchard and calf pasture with old mower. Ma and I went from here about half past nine, over to see Mrs. Charlie Woody and then round by Dick Lowes for dinner. Home about four o'clock. Da up to Uncle Rich'ds with pig very fine day with very high wind. looked like rain in morning. Olive baking for Mrs. Burrows this afternoon.


Da and Bill Barry drawing in the little bits of hay that had been out. Ma and Brock drove Bill as far as Miss Stone's in evening. Ma went to Drayton for a new Deering Mower, and brought a hundred of flour also. Caught a stray swarm of bees in afternoon. Hived them into a box and turned it up side down in a board. very fine day. good strong wind. Heard Johnny Craig fell from an elevator at Regina and got hurt!

July SUNDAY, 17 1904

Brock 11 years old. {written slanted on left side of page} At home all day till evening then Da and Ma down to see Mr. and Mrs. John Walker. At six o'clock tonight the thermometer stood at 100. It was a very good wind but very hot and sultry. good breeze sprang up about nine to-night.


Da and Bill putting new mower together. Art Chapman and Wad Gordon helping. Started to cut in field next to J. Walker raked and put up what was cut before dinner. Mr. R. J. Kemp called this evening Da and Will went to Drayton at night New mower went fine. very hot day. Thermometer stood at 102 at six o'clock to-night Olive not feeling very well.


Da finished cutting that field and raked it before dinner. He and Bill finished putting it up this afternoon and evening. quite warm forenoon, but quite a bit cooler to-night. Jack Allen went out west {side thought using { symbol} Brock at Drayton this forenoon.

July WEDNESDAY, 20 1904

Da and Bill drawing hay all day. Brock drove horse to draw off. I went up for Miss Stone this morning then Ma, Olive, and her at Drayton in afternoon. Olive drove her home Brock went to Drayton for new hay fork rope. Men had big trouble with new rope twisting. very fine day. with good breeze cool evening.


Da and Bill filled driving-house loft. then drawing into farm. Jim Bready here on his last round. little sprinkle of rain this morning, but turned out quite fine. Had raspberries for first time.


Finished drawing hay out of field next to Walker then started to cut back of Poplars. Bill mowing fence corners. Raked some after dinnr and put up what was raked. Ma took Olive to station this morning She gone to Guelph. quite fine all day. but looking like rain in evening. Bibbie Wilson here for straw for C. Stephenson

July SATURDAY, 23 1904

Da cleaned out pens then scuffled a few turnips. He and Brock hoeing. Da banked up the potatoes after tea. Roy oiled the wind mills to-night. little rain falling almost all day, but not enough to stop work. dull and cool.


Ma, Brock, and I up to church in morning Uncle Benson here for tea. quite cool in morning. rather cloudy looking like rain in evening. hot in afternoon.


Da, Bill {^ sign} Barry and Brock hoeing turnips till noon then cutting and putting up hay back of Poplars. I went up to Miss Stones for Goose. berries. Mr. Craig here in evening for grain. very nice day rather cloudy at times. little rain in the night. very still day wind mills barely moved.

July TUESDAY, 26 1904

Bill and Brock worked {^ sign} till noon at turnips Da worked till about nine o'clock then went out and finished cutting and raked up what hay was down Then he and Bill put it all up this afternoon. very fine day with little more breeze than yesterday.


Da, Bill hoeing till nine o'clock then went over on other place and cut hay till noon. Raking and putting it up till about five o'clock. Came on a little rain, but a big storm went round. Hoeing after tea. Brock at Drayton in morning. Got terrible black about half. past seven. Very fine lightening, but not much thunder. Quite a big rain. It was a very wild looking night for a while.


Bill went home with Johnny Brooks this morning. Da cleaned out pens then hoeing turnips till milking time. Finished the turnips. He and Ma paris greened the field potatoes after tea. Dave Corbett called in to see hogs. Dull forenoon, but cleared off in afternoon. Thundered quite heavily all night, raining when we got up this morning.

July FRIDAY, 29 1904

Da went out and finished cutting on other place, this forenoon. Bill came and they were raking and putting it up all afternoon, and evening. I drove Mrs. Bill Barry and Hattee Holmes home after tea. They had been here berry picking. Ma went down to meet Olive She came home from Guelph. Had a fine time. very fine day. quite cool, but bright.


Percy and Ross McEwing and their team here drawing hay off other place and staking it between house and barn. Bill Barry drove our team. Ma and Isaac Hilborn on stack. Left about a couple of loads in field. Ma and Brock left Bill part way home. Sandy Loan here at noon. Ma and Uncle Rich'd went to Drayton at night about Grandpa Philp's business. very fine all day, but looking like rain on in afternoon. Mr. Worth called in for a few minutes.


Da and Ma up to Miss Stone's after tea Olive and I at Grandma's for dinner. She has a very sore eye. a couple of little showers this forenoon, but good wind this afternoon dried it off.

August MONDAY, 1 1904

We finished haying to-day. Mr McEwings team and three men helping also Mr. Jack Walker this afternoon. Bill Barry here. Mrs. Walker and Alvin here this evening. We built two stacks in yard to day, and put the last two loads in the barn. very fine day, good breeze.


Ross came up after his waggon and helped unload the two loads in the barn. Ma and Bill raked down the hay stacks and fixing round them. Then took some straw up to Miss Stone's and over to Rothsay with Bill in afternoon. I went up for Miss Stone this forenoon and she and Ma at Drayton in afternoon. Ma & Uncle Rich'd at Drayton in after evening. Ma round by Mr. Duncans. Dull forenoon bright afternoon. Aunt Eleanor and May Gordon gone to Leland F.

Wednesday, 3

Da brought hay rake off other place, then helping Mat. at the hay all day.

August THURSDAY, 4 (214-149) 1904

Da over helping Mat finish haying this forenoon. Then Bill Barry came over and they filled up some chop and went to Drayton with it in afternoon. Brock drove Bill part way home after tea. very fine day. quite a good breeze

FRIDAY, 5 (218-148)

Da scuffling turnips and hoeing some all day. Olive and I picking berries this forenoon. Ma paris-greening field potatoes. very fine day. good breeze. quite warm. Ma went back for Bid.{^ sign} afternoon. She calved on other place

SATURDAY, 6 (219-147)

Da and Brock hoeing turnips all day Olive and I at Drayton in afternoon. Da at Drayton in afternoon. Da at Drayton at night for twine. very fine day. cool wind.

August SUNDAY, 7 (220-146) 1904

Ma Olive and I up to English Church this morning. At home rest of day. quite fine forenoon, but cool wind. heavy rain this afternoon.

MONDAY, 8 (221-145)

Da and Brock took "Femie" fat cow, over to Moorefield, then got out binder before dinner Started to cut barley next to sideroad. shocked barley after tea. Olive and I down to see Winnie after tea. very fine day. good breeze. at Berry Bush in afternoon.

TUESDAY, 9 (222-144)

Da chored round for an hour then went out and shocked up barley, then finished cutting the barley. Put it all up this afternoon and evening. Olive and I at Drayton this morning. Mary Philp here this afternoon. frost last in night. quite fine day, but looking a little rain. Dick Henderson and Polly Oxby married at the farm, at three o'clock.

August WEDNESDAY, 10 (223-143) 1904

Da single ploughed the summer fallow on other place to-day. Da rode "Mollie" over to Javier Montgomerys after tea. Olive up to see Minnie Walker this afternoon big thunder storm and rain came on about ten o'clock forenoon little rain in afternoon.

THURSDAY, 11 (224-142)

Da hoeing turnips and sow thistle patches all day. Ma, Olive and I at Berry bush in afternoon. Brock and Grandpa over at Uncle Benson all day. I went to Drayton after tea for Maude and Beckie Pallock dull misty forenoon, but turned out very fine in afternoon.

FRIDAY, 12 (225-141)

Da and Brock drawing over rails and trash from fence {^ sign} on other place all day. Olive, Beckie , Maude and I up to Rothsay in afteroon Then took the girls home after tea. very fine day, but looking rain at night. quite hot.

August SATURDAY, 13 (226-140) 1904

Da cleaned pens and trimming spruce trees, between the rains. Had quite heavy shower at breakfast, and a very heavy rain after dinner. terrible heavy thunder and very sharp lightening , rumblings of thunder all day Uncle Jim came to-night.

SUNDAY, 14 (227-139)

Uncle Jim here for dinner At home all day. very foggy morning, but cleared off and was very fine. rather cool wind.

MONDAY 15 (228-138)

Da over helping Bensons boys build raise their barn. Ma, Olive and Brock at Drayton in afternoon. Marie Black came here after tea, to stay all night looking like rain and thundering. It rained through the night. very hot day.

August TUESDAY, 16 (229-137) 1904

Da gone over to Bensons again to-day. John Walker went with him. Olive and I took Marie home after tea. Heavy rain about milking time this morning. Quite a shower his afternoon , with heavy thuner and lightening. quite foggy at night and cooler.

WEDNESDAY, 17 (230-136)

John Walker came up for some oats. then Da cleaned out the pens. Drawing rails up to the house in afternoon. A.S. Loan called this afternoon. Da went to Drayton to-night. very fine day.

THURSDAY, 18 (231-135)

Percy, Ross and team here till noon drawing barley. Ma and Mr. McEwing finished drawing it at milking time then down helping McEwing shock barley. John Walker here till noon. Mrs. Bill Pallock and Mrs. Logie here all day. very fine day. Barley in good shape.

August FRIDAY, 19 (232-134) 1904

Da drawing rails to house till milk-ing time, then helping John Walker draw his barley. Ma and Grandma over to Mr. McLennans for dinner. quite fine forenoon, but turned very dull with rain east wind. Started to rain after milking. I picked wild plums to-day.

SATURDAY, 20 (233-133)

Da up to Uncle Richds with Old Jam. Sow in forenoon. Threshing at Isaac Hilborns all afternoon. Down to Drayton at night. very dull forenoon. misting at times. very heavy rain through night and this morning about milking time. Cleared off this afternoon.

SUNDAY, 21 (234-132)

Will Walker came down about ten o'clock, stayed for dinner and till three o'clock. Mr. F. Page amd Mr. I. Craig here for tea. Ma, Brock and I up to Uncle Rich'ds for an hour or so. very fine day, quite hot.

August MONDAY, 22 (235-131) 1904

Da loaded 8 {forgotten number placed above line a bit} hogs and took them over to Moorefield this forenoon. Took grist of chop to Drayton in afternoon. George brought Miss Duncan over here to-night. terrible heavy rain about milking time this morning. very fine rest of day. quite a frost through the night.

TUESDAY, 23 (236-130)

Da drawing rails from other place in forenoon. Cutting Spring wheat in afternoon Has to cut it all one way. Miss North came here about eleven o'clock stayed for dinner and went up to Dave Corbett's with Ma and Miss Duncan this afternoon. Mr. North here for tea. Olive and I drove Miss Duncan home to-night. very fine day. quite hot in middle of day. Will Walker started for Carberry, Man. On an excursion.

WEDNESDAY, 24 (237-129)

Da and Bill Barry shocked at the wheat till the dew went off, them Da finished cutting it at noon. Shocked the rest after dinner, then went to cut oats in summer fallow field. very fine day, but looking a little like rain.

August THURSDAY, 25 (238-128) 1904

Da cutting oats till noon. Quite a shower at dinner time. Went out about three this afternoon and cut till seven o'clock. Bill shocking it. Da and Bill gone over to a flax bee at Mr. Craig's after tea. Tea. man, Mr. Fielding called here to night. very dull forenoon. very strong wind all afternoon and evening. quite cool.

FRIDAY, 26 (226-127)

Da cutting oats in back field on other place. Bill shocking. Ma at Drayton in forenoon. Aunt Eleanor came here to-night. very fine day. quite strong wind and quite cool.

SATURDAY, 27 (240-126)

Da finished cutting on other place at noon then went back and he and Bill shocked up what was down. Then they went back and started to cut oats back of Poplars. Ma, Aunt Eleanor and Brock at Drayton this afternoon. Mad Gordon here for dinner. Mrs.Coulter (Joe Gordon) died this morning. very fine day rather cool breeze. not looking so fine to night.

August SUNDAY, 28 (241-125) 1904

Ma and Aunt Eleanor went to the grave-yard this forenoon. Johnny Wells here for dinner. Minnie Noecker and her mother here to see Auntie for a while this afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rich here this afternoon and for tea. Ma and Auntie over to Mr. Craig's this evening with Willie's Kodak very fine day. strong wind, but looking like rain to-night.

MONDAY, 29 (242-124)

Da and Bill cutting and stooking oats behing Poplars till noon. Then drew Loose wheat and one load of oats off other place. Da over to Drewry's , but didn't see any men. Ma Aunt Eleanor and I drove to Mrs. Wm. Coulter's funeral off noon train/ Auntie went home with Aunt Emma. very fine day , but cool breeze. Fine harvest day.

TUESDAY, 30 (243-123)

Mr. McEwing came up after breakfast and Da and Bill took team and went to help draw his barley. Aunt Eleanor started for Los Angeles via, London. Uncle Richd took her to station. very fine day , but looking like rain. beautiful day for harvesting

August WEDNESDAY, 31 (244-122) 1904

Mr. McEwing and Ross here with their team also Lony Lunz, and drew the first oat field off other place. Drew four loads out of field next to bush back field after tea {"back field after tea" written ontop of scribbled out line} Came in with last load about nine o'clock. very dull for a while this forenoon, but cleared off and turned out a very fine day. looking like rain to-night.

September THURSDAY, 1 (245-121)

Da and Bill down to Mr. McEwing's threshing till about three o'clock then Da took team to Drayton to get them shod. just got three shoes on Carrie, Mr. Jarneau very busy. Bill went with Da to Drayton and went home from there. very sultry day. foggy all day and very dull. enough rain early in morning to stop Mr. Webber called in evening. ( harvesting.

FRIDAY, 2 (246-120)

Da cleaned out pens and straightened up drivinghouse in forenoon. Drawing clay from Hilborn's Hill and putting it in front of 16' space doors. Young Waters here in evening for Spavin Cure. very sultry day, thundering at noon, breeze sprang up was very hot till milking time, Quite a little shower then very foggy forenoon.

September SATURDAY, 3 (247-119) 1904

Da and Percy cutting with two binders, back of Polpars. finished at noon. Ross and Bill Barry stooking after dinner , Da and Bill and team drawing in at McEwing's. Olive & Ma drove Bill part way home. Olive and I at Drayton in afternoon. very fine day, but very windy in afternoon.

SUNDAY, 4 (248-118)

Da and Ma up to Bob. Gass's this afternoon. very fine day . a little dull in morning.

LABOR DAY (Dominion) MONDAY, 5 (249-117)

Da and Bill Barry drawing in all day at Mr. McEwing's . I went to Drayton to meet noon train. Got word from Mr. Bready for Ma to go to Toronto. dull in morning, but turned out very fine. Mr. Craig here for bag of oats.

September TUESDAY, 6 (250-116) 1904

Da and Bill drawing in at Mr. McEwing's all day. I took Ma to station this morning. She gone to Toronto Exhibition, and staying at Jim Bready's. Had company down with Annie Craig. very fine day. quite cool in morning. very warm for spells this afternoon. finished harvest

WEDNESDAY, 7 (151-115)

Mr McEwing's three men and two teams here to-day. Also Jack Walker and Wat Burrows and our team and Bill barry. finished drawing oats off other place and finished oats back Poplars about five o'clock. Little shower then. Had tea, then Da did chores. Mrs. J Walker stayed with me to-day. Bill Barry went home. quite sultry in afternoon.

THURSDAY, 8 (252-114)

Da drawing clay from Hilborn's Hill, all day, and filling it in round big tank and in 16 ft. space. I at Drayton in afternoon. very dull all day.

September FRIDAY, 9 (253-113) 1904

Da brought up a load of clay, then at Mr. McEwings till noon. Da and I up to Old Mr. John Corbett's funeral. Home about three o'clock, then Da at McEwing's till about nine o'clock. McEwing's finished harvest to-day. very fine bright day.flies bad on horses.

SATURDAY, 10 (254-112)

Ma and we children taking up the field potatoes in forenoon. Da picked them over out of waggon and put them into roothouse. Where the tops of potatoes were dead. there was a terrible lot rotten. Ma came home at noon. Mr. McEwing drove her out from Drayton. Had a fine time. Da at Drayton at night. very fine from about eleven o'clock. very foggy for a while in morn.

SUNDAY, 11 (255-111)

Olive, Brock and I up to see Miss Stone this afternoon. Strong wind, quite sultry started to rain about six o'clock. rained quite a shower in night.

September MONDAY, 12 (256-110) 1904

Da gang {dot in middle} plowing all day in first field on other place. Used three horses. Ma at Drayton in afternoon. very fine day. Ma called to see Mrs. Burrows. She fell getting off train last Friday night.

TUESDAY, 13 (257-109)

Da gang. plowing all day. very fine day, strong east wind. Old Mr. Tom Mitchell {^ sign} is very sick. little frost this morning

WEDNESDAY, 14 (158-108)

Da cleaned up barn floor then cleaned up a grist of chop and went to Drayton, got Wallie and Dick shod. Brought home 3 baskets Tomatoes, 3g Peaches and 2g Plums, which came from Guelph. very dull cold day. rained steadily from six oclock in morning till ten. Lot word Joe Chambers and Rachel Longmine were to be married to-day.

September THURSDAY, 15 (259-107) 1904

Da over to H. Hilborn's this morning then gang. plowing till noon. Charlie came over after dinner and saved up all olf rails and old timbers. finished about five. Hosheal Hilborn, Wat, and Mr. McEwing helping. very fine day. cold morning Da piling wood in wood house at night.

FRIDAY, 16 (260-106)

Da gang {dot in middle} all day on other place Piling wood after supper, into wood shed. Dave Corbett here to see lambs and hogs. Ma presering peaches. {starts on new line} quite fine day till about five then got quite dull and looking like rain. {new line, starts sentence halfway through page} very riany day.

SATURDAY, 17 (261-105

Da finished gang {dot in middle} plowing at noon then harrowed it over in afternoon. Brock at Drayton this forenoon for coal oil. Ma and Olive at Drayton this afternoon. Mrs. Jack Walker here this evening asking me to help her get ready to thresh. beautiful day. quite hot this forenoon and this bad on horses. good breeze this afternoon. Mrs. Leo Bell died in Rothsay.

September SUNDAY, 18 (262-104) 1904

We at Grandma's this afternoon. Hewrb Page here. {starts new line} very dull rather misty towards evening.

WEDNESDAY, 19 (263-103)

Da took four hogs and some lambs over to Moorefield in forenoon. He and Ma at Mrs. Leo Bell's funeral in afternoon. Bill Barry came here to stay all night. {large space between end of sentence and beginning of next} I down helping Mrs. J. Walker bake for a threshing. {starts new line middle of page} very fine day.

TUESDAY, 20 (264-102)

Da started to gang- plow back of Polpars Bill Barry at John Walker's threshing till about four o'clock then started to work on fence from house up to side road. along the sideroad I helping Mrs. Walker all day. very misty and foggy but came on a heavy rain in forenoon. cleared off this afternoon and turned very cool. looking like {finishing sentence below "like"} frost.

September WEDNESDAY, 21 (265-101) 1904

Da gang plowing all day. {start sentence next line}. Bill wokring at fence till noon then went home. very fine day. bright but cold wind. very hard frost last night. freezing good to to-night.

THURSDAY, 22 (266-100)

Da gang {dot in middle} plowing till about three o'clock. Bill working at fence, then both at Mr. McEwing's threshing. I at Drayton this afternoon. Sara Burrows rode with me. Mr. Mason came here at noon and took photos of the old house and barn. {start sentence next line halfway through the page} very fine bright day. hard frost last night.

FRIDAY, 23 (267-99)

Da finished gang. plowing and harrowed over the field once .Harrowed it again in afternoon. Bill working at fence all day. Ma and I raised garden potatoes and picked the green potatoes tomatoes {written darkly "bold like"} Ma gone to WorkmanLodge at night. {double space} quite fine but got cloudy in afternoon

September SATURDAY, 24 (268-98) 1904

Da and Bill cleaned out pens in forenoon. {double space} cutting stakes on other place till about four oclock , then came on a heavy rain. heavy rain in morning and again at night. Ma and Olive at Drayton in afternoon. Ma drove Bill home after tea. {indented space} not a cold day , but very strong wind and quite dull.

SUNDAY, 25 (269-97)

Olive at church with Grandpa's {double space} Ma and Brock up to see Miss Stone {double space} in afternoon. Da up to Uncle Richds {double space} rather dull at times , quite foggy {double space} in morning.

MONDAY, 26 (270-96)

Da started to {^ sign} simple plow in second field on other place. He and Bill went to Drayton after dinner to get plow coulter sharpened and Bill got a tooth pulled. Bill building fence. {starts sentence on new line- halfway through page} very fine nice day.

September TUESDAY, 27 (271-95) 1904

Da plowing all day. Bill at Mr. Morrisons {double space} threshing all day. Ma and I at Drayton {double space} in afternoon. I ordered a hat and brought home a couple of coats from Irvine's {starts sentence new line mid page} very fine day. {double space} Mr. Tom Mitchell died this morning {start sentence new line right hand corner} Age 67 years.

WEDNESDAY, 28 (272-94)

Da plowing all day on other place. {double space} Bill working at fence till half past {double space} three then gone to Mosser's threshng {double space} very fine day , but looking like {double space} {sentence next line mid page} rain to-night.

THURSDAY, 29 (273-93)

Da plowed till eleven o'clock, then came in {double space} wet through. Some very heavy rains this forenoon. Bill at Mr. Walker's threshing till noon then went to funeral. Da at the threshing till four o'clock, then plowing. Ma and I at Mr. Tom Mitchell's funeral. very large funeral. {large indent} quite fine {double space} afternoon. strong wind. very sultry day.

September FRIDAY, 30 (274-92) 1904

Da plowing all day. I went to Drayton this {double space} morning and took back other coat to Irvine's and paid for one I kept. $10.00. I brought Janet Henderson home with me. {start sentence new line with indent} terrible windy day. nice and {finish sentence new line, under "nice and"} bright. {new sentence on new line} Mr. Lanton here for Da to see his horse. Page's here asking hands to thresh to-morrow.

October SATURDAY, 1 (275-91)

Da plowing all day. Bill working at fence all day. Page's not threshing. Olive went down for Mr. and Mrs. Henderson this morning. Brock went away after breakfast for Bill but met him coming. {start sentence new line} terrible wind all day and all night but it has stopped to-night. Mr. Henderson went from here over to Mick Lowes this forenoon, came {^ sign} back about three.

SUNDAY, 2 (176-90)

Mr.s and Mrs. Lowes came here from church {double space} for dinner. Uncle Willie here for dinner He came up last night and rode home with Mr. McEwing. Brock bro drove Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hernderson home after tea. {start sentence new line with indent} very windy cold day.

October MONDAY, 3 (277-89) 1904

Da plowing all day. Bill Barry at {double space} Page's threshing till about three o'clock, {double space} then finished side road fence up to back of Poplars. Uncle Willie and I at Drayton this afternoon. misty in forenoon, {indent} quite fine at times. cold wind rather {finish sentence underneath last two words} dreary

TUESDAY, 4 (278-88)

Da finished plowing sod field all but headlands. Ma, Olive and Brock down to Show in afternoon. I couldn't go , my eyes were sore. Olive and Ma had tea with Mrs. Gordon , and went to Concert. Uncle Willie and I went to concert at night. dull all day. misty in forenoon quite cold afternoon. {start sentence after double space} Harold Jarvis, Cameron, Mrs. McIvon. Craig & M. Buchlen {finish sentence underneath} artists at concert.

WEDNESDAY, 5 (279-87)

Da plowed headlands in forenoon. {double space} cleaned up grist of chop and took it to Drayton in afternoon. Uncle Willie went to Guelph on the 4.44 train. quite heavy shower in forenoon {double space} misty at times and cold wind {double space and indent} blowing. {indented space} very dull and dreary

October THURSDAY, 6 (280- 86) 1904

Da discing all day on summer. fallow. {double space} Mr. R. R. Hambly and Mr. Hamilton here {double space} for tea. Mr. Hamilton is a Life Assurance Agent. Know Uncle Jim well. {start sentence on new line} Had our first fall of snow this afternoon very cold and dreary. Bill Barry got "Dick" to drive to Arthur Show. cows in all night {finish sentence underneath} for first time.

FRIDAY, 7 (281-85)

Da finished discing and started to harrow {double space} the summer fallow. Bill brought horse back this morning. very hard frost last {double space} night. cold day , but quite bright.

7 SATURDAY, 8 (282- 84)

Da harrowing sod in forenoon Mr. North came in after dinner and waited till rain was over. Quite a heavy rain after dinner. Olive and Brock at town in afternoon. Da couldn't harrow , so rode Wollie over to Hugh Montgomery's. {start sentence new line with indent} Roy here and oiled windmill. {start sentence new line with indent} very sultry at times and quite {finish sentence new line mid page} foggy.

October SUNDAY, 9 (283-83) 1904

{double space and large indent} At home all day {double space and large indent} very foggy. dull day. started to {double space with indent} rain about five o'clock. Had a heavy rain {double space} rather raw east wind.

MONDAY, 10 (284-82)

Da drawing rails from round line {double space} fence {^ sign} on other place an round cross fences till about four o'clock , then started to plow behind Grandpa's driving. house sunshine at times. little showers in afternoon. Very heavy rain at six o'clock very sharp lightening. {double space} very sultry.

TUESDAY, 11 (285-81)

Da plowing sod all day. I up to Miss Stone's and Aunty Jass's in forenoon. {double space} dull all day. {large indent} rather cold wind. {double space} I took Miss Stone up 4 doz. Eggs, but could {double space} not get any crab-apples at Aunty Jass's.

October WEDNESDAY, 12 (286-80) 1904

Da choring round in forenoon. He and {double space} Ross measuring the pasture field next {double space} to Walker. Too wet to plow. Mr. Craig here also Mr. Loan, called in afternoon. steady rain all night and on into the forenoon. very dull all day.

THURSDAY, 13 (287-79)

Da plowing sod all day. I at Drayton {double space} in afternoon. I got proofs of our pictures {indent} from Mr. Mason. (house and barn {written ontop of "good"} very good. {start sentence middle of page} dull forenoon , but turned {double space with large indent} out very fine day in afternoon. {double space and start sentence mid page} quite warm.

FRIDAY, 14 (288-78)

Da finished plowing behind driving house and started to plow in the little field over this way. {new line} Rev. Naftel and his sister called {new line and indent} this afternoon {new line and indent} beautiful fine day , lovely and {finish sentence under last words} bright.

October SATURDAY, 15 (289-77) 1904

Da plowing sod all day. Brock took plow-coulter to get sharpened, in morning. Olive and I up to Charlie Walkers for crab-apples in forenoon. Olive and I at Drayton in afternoon. Got Work shod. Round by Mr. Duncan's with books. {new line with indent} beautiful sunshiney day. raised out Dahlias. {start sentence new line with large indent} quite warm frost at night.

SUNDAY, 16 (290-76)

Ma and we children up to church in {double space} forenoon. Winnie, Ross and I went over {double space} to Lion , but there was no church, so we {double space} went up to Rothsay. beautiful day and {double space and large indent} lovely moonlight night.

MONDAY, 17 (291-75)

Da plowing sod on other place all day. Brock up to Bob Jass's for some wheat after school. {new line} beautiful day. quite hot, but looking like rian. hazy round bush Burrows old mare "Nell" was in our place this morning , so Da took her over home. Wat gave her to Jack Irvine a year ago, and

October TUESDAY, 18 (292-74) 1904

Da finished plowing in that little {double space} field about three o'clock , then went back next to line fence , one home place to plow pea-ground. Ma at Drayton in forenoon. {double space} Beautiful day. hot in middle of day. {double space} Joe Davidson's sale this afternoon.

WEDNESDAY, 19 (293-73)

Da plowing all day. Ma up to Miss {double space} Stones in forenoon. { start sentence after double space and large indent} very hot day. rather cloudy {double space and large indent} about sunset.

THURSDAY, 20 (294-72)

{large indent} Da plowing all day {double space with indent} Ma and I baking. {double space and indent} fine all day but not so bright {double space and indent} as day before. few drops rain {finish sentence on line below directly underneath} at noon. turned cooler at night.

October FRIDAY, 21 (295-71) 1904

Da finished plowing back by line fence about half-past ten this {smudged "t"} morning. Cleaned up some grist and took it to Drayton this afteroon. I baking for Mrs. Burrows this afternoon. fine forenoon. quite a heavy shower at milking time. not nauch rain here in afternoon, but Ma got wet going to town. {town written directly under last two words}

SATURDAY, 22 (296-70)

Da drawing out manure from yard {double space} down next to bush. Ma and Brock cleaned {double space} out hen houses.raw and cold with {double space} scuds? of snow and rain. {start sentence new line} Uncle John brought a marble slab which Mr. Kemp left in Rothsay for us. {start sentence new line} Old Mrs. Tucker died yesterday.

SUNDAY, 21 (297-69)

{double space} at home all day. {double space and start new line with indent} Da up to se Bill Barry {double space and start new line with indent} at night. {indent} cold all day {double space and new line} with flurries of snow.

October MONDAY, 24 (298-68) 1904

Da topped the few mangolds and turnips in front. Then harrowed them out. He and Bill Barry drew in two loads before dinner. Da and Ma at Mrs. Tuckers funeral in afternoon Very large funeral. Bill drew in the turnips and took Grandpa down a load. {start sentence new line} cold, hard frost in night drizzling and raining about noon. quite fine afternoon. {large indent} raining again to night.

TUESDAY, 25 (199-67)

Da and Bill topping, harrowing out, and drawing in the turnips all day. {large space} Brock at {new line} Drayton in morning for beef.Miss SMillie and Lizzie Hilborn here for tea. {start new line} very fine day for taking up roots. very strong wind this forenoon and quite cold. {double space and start new line} Tax collector left Tax Receipts $83.64. {cent sign}

WEDNESDAY, 26 (200-66)

Da and bill toppping turnips all forenoon.Da harrowed them out and drew in one load this afternoon. Bill went away about three o-clock with Dick and buggy for a stove at J. Dowlings. {indent} Winnie Walker here this afternoon. {indent} Heavy snow storm flury of snow in forenoon also one at milking time. very sloppy under foot. quite cold. Put little claves in to-night.

October THURSDAY, 27 (301-65) 1904

Da cleaned out pig-pens, then went out and started to get turnips into rows, but soon came in again, as it was to wet and muddy. Bill went home this morning. Da harvested the sun flowers this afternoon dull day. rather bright in forenoon but did not dry up any. There was quite a fall of snow in the night and it didn't melt away much.

FRIDAY, 28 (302-64)

Da and Bill Barry working at the turnips {double space} all day, drawing in. Mr. J. Henderson left {double space} Janet here on his way to Teviotdale and called {double space} for her in the afternoon. very fine bright {double space} day. looking rather cloudy in west {finished sentence directly underneath and write new sentence continued on following line} to-night. Annie Craig's Concert.

SATURDAY, 29 (303-63

Da and Bill finished turnips in afternoon then helped Mr. Burrows take in a couple of their loads. They finished theirs. Brock and Bill brought in cabbages and carrots while we milked. Olive and I at Drayton in afternoon. fine bright day but cold wind. (Mrs. Woody Carrie Gordon) {Carrie Gordon written directly under Mrs. Woody} died at yesterday Friday.

October SUNDAY, 30 (304-62) 1904

Olive, Brock and I went over to Zion {double space} Church, in morning and went to Dick {double space} Lowes for dinner and afternon. {double space and start new line} very beautiful day. quite cold morning.

"Hallowe'en" MONDAY, 31 (305-61)

Da drawing out manure all day. {double space} Ma and I went {^ sign} down to grave-yard to Mrs. Woody's {double space} funeral, were also down town. {double space and start new line} very fine bright day , but cold wind. {double space} Pretty ahrd frost this morning.

November ALL SAINTS DAY (Quebec) TUESDAY, 1 (306-60)

Da at Isaac Hilborn's threshing all day. {double space} Bill Barry drawing out manure until {double space} half-past five then went home to go to Orange Supper. {new line} foggy and misty in moning , but {double space} turned out very fine and quite warm. Old white sow has 8 little pigs in Polpar Bushes.

November WEDNESDAY, 2 (307-59) 1904

Da at Mr. Hilborns threshing till {double space} about eleven o'clock. then cleaned out stable. Drawing manure in afternoon. Bill Barry at Uncle Richds threshing all day. Da and Ma went to a Tory meeting in Drayton to-night.. {start new line} beautiful day. quite hazy and warm like Indian Summer.

Election Day THURSDAY, 3 (308-58)

Da drawing out manure in forenoon. At Mr. McJavish's threshing and over to votre in afternoon. Jim Bready here for dinner. Grandma and I at Mrs. Gordons all day, getting her waist into shape. rather foggy morning but cleared off and was lovely day. Da gone to Drayton to hear returns of Election. Bill fivis. hed {^ sign} threshing at Uncle Richds about two o'clock. {start on new line with indent} The Laurier Government was sustained with big majority Mc. Towen defeated. Martin elected. {elected written directed under Martin}

FRIDAY, 4 (309-57)

Da finished drawing out manure from manure house , and started to draw out of shed. Bill at Charlie Walkers threshing and Wilmot Drery to. day. stayed over night. I over looking for Mrs. Burrows this afternoon. very fine day. quite smoky. misting at night and very dark. {start new line} Milk drawing stopped for this year. Will Walker 20 years old to-day.

November SATURDAY, 5 (310-56) 1904

Da drawing out manure all day. Finished taking it out of shed , except about one load. Bill at Henry Hilborn's threshing all day. Brock took down a couple bags choip and plow coulter in morning. Went after coulter in afternoon. Annie Craig here for tea. quite fine day. rather dull at times. little skiff of snow. cold wind.

SUNDAY, 6 (311-55)

We children up to English Church to {double space} hear Orange Sermon. Went to Miss {double space} Stone's for dinner. {double space new line} lovely day. cold north wind.

MONDAY, 7 (312-54)

Da finished a piece of plowing back of Polpars, in forenoon. {large space} Started to plow sod in field next to road, below over orchard fence. {large space} I working at Grandma's waist. {new line and double space} lovely bright day. hard frost {double space} this morning.

November TUESDAY, 8 (313-53) 1904

Da took a grist of chop to Draytons in {double space} morning. Plowing sod in afternoon. {double space} Annie Craig gave Olive and I music- lessons this morning. She stayed for dinner. Just a beautiful day. So bright and clear.

WEDNESDAY, 9 (314-52)

Da and Wat killed little pig this forenoon. Wat here for dinner. Frozen too hard to plow this forenoon. Da plowing in afternoon. {new line} Cut up the park after supper and salted what there was. {new line} I finished Grandma's waist. {new line with indent} beautiful bright clear day. {start sentence new line in middle of page} hard frosts at night.

THURSDAY, 10 (315-51)

Da cleaned out pig-pens and centre cow. {double space} Stable, also took last load out of sheep. {double space} house , in forenoon. Burned big bush pile and tried to plow , but it as froze too hard. {new line} beautiful clear day. thawing very slowly. rather cold wind.

November FRIDAY, 11 (316-50) 1904

Da done up chores. Brought five heifers {double space} from other place and put them in stable. {double space} John Walker came for his black calf. Da fixing chech value at the duck trough, so it cannot freeze. beautiful day. a little cloudy at times, cold wind. Roads in fine shape. so hard and dry. Bill Barry at Page's threshing all day.

SATURDAY, 12 (317-49)

Da choring in forenoon and cleaned out hen pens in afternoon, then went up to Mr. Walkers for a box of sand for hens. May Gordon brought Eleanor Walker here this morning, then Olive and I wlaked up to Uncle Richds with her after supper. Brock over to see Charlie Wallis in Moorefield all forenoon and for dinner. very Strong wind rather searching, but beautiful bright day. Bill Barry at F. Page's {large indent} threshing till noon. They finished.


Henry Hesel time's oldest boy died from appenditices about 4.O.W. Da and Ma over to Bob Mitchell's {double space} this afternoon. Sarah and Mrs. Burrows {double space} here in evening. very windy and got colder towards night. flurries of snow through night and this afternoon. {afternoon written directly underneath last two words}

November MODNAY, 14 (319-47) 1904

Da choring in forenoon and drawing up {double space} wood from bush in afternoon. I went to Drayton this forenoon to get seats for concert. Olive and I up to Miss Stone's to a quilting. Home about eight o'clock. rather dull forenoon, but turned out fine in afternoon. rather sharp wind. Put in little calves and tied them up.

TUESDAY, 25 (320-46)

Da finished drawing out up wood {double space} from bush, in forenoon. Plowing sod in afternoon. Annie Craig gave us a lesson and had dinner. Ma and I up to Wilfred Heseltine's funeral. {double space} beautiful bright clear day. rather {double space and start setence halfway through page} cold wind.

WEDNESDAY, 16 (321-45)

Da did the chores and plowing sod {double space} all day. Ma at Drayton in afternoon. {double space} very foggy morning, but cleared off {double space} and sun came out bright. very fine. {double space}freezing hard at night.

November Thanksgiving THURSDAY, 17 Day (322-44) 1904

Da choring round, clean and packing sawdust round water. pipes. couldn't plow {finished sentence directly underneath} frozen too hard. Mr. McEwing here asking hands to thresh. {double space} fine bright day, but cold, raw, east- wind {writes wind directly under east}

FRIDAY, 18 (323-43)

Da at Mr. McEwing's threshing all day. {double space} Ma, Olive and I down to Drayton at {double space} night to hear the Scotch Company. Jessie MacLaughlan, Young and McLinden over day; hazy ; few drops of rain in morning. lovely night. not so cold as yesterday. Concert was good.

SATURDAY, 19 (324-42)

Da at Mr. McEwing's threshing till about half-past three, then came home and plowed sod. Ma and Brock at Drayton in forenoon. Finished at McEwings. Did fine threshing. very smoky all day. warm. thunder looking like rain. {new line} Brock got pair of shoes at Hefkey's

November SUNDAY, 20 (325-41) 1904

{skips first two lines} At home all day {double space new line} very dull day. smoky, but mild. {double space} few drops of rain in morning. got colder towards and raining {new line directly below last tww words} after supper.

MONDAY, 21 (326-40)

Da plwoing sod all day and done {double space}the chores. fine at times and then {double space} rather dull. ground is very dry. {double space} harry Philp and Johnny Benson gone to London this morning. Both starting to work in freight- sheds. $1.35 per day.

TUESDAY, 22 (327-39)

D doing chores and plowing sod all day. {double space} Miss Craig came this morning and gave {double space} Olive a lesson. I too sick to take one. She {double space} didn't stay for dinner. rather dull {double space} in forenoon, but fine afternoon. {finish sentence on new line about halfway through page} strong wind.

November WEDNESDAY, 23 (328-38) 1904

Da doing chores and plowing all day. {double space} Bill Walker and Aunt Emma in this {double space} evening to say their mother was dead. {double space} rather dull day. slight bit of rain at {double space} night. looking like a storm all day.

THURSDAY, 24 (329-37)

Da finished {^ sign} plowing the sod except the head {double space} lands. Ma and I over to Mrs. Henry Walker's funeral and down to Drayton from cemetry. {start sentene new line} very disagreeable day. rainy with scuds of snow in forenoon. runing colder after dinner with snow flurries. quite a fall of snow through the night.

FRIDAY, 25 (330-36)

Da cleaned up a grist of chop and did chores in forenoon. plowed the sod headland. brought young cattle off other palc and brought up harrow in afternoon. I over to H. Hilborn's in afternoon. bright forenoon. dull and dark in afternoon cold wind. warmer at night.

November SATURDAY, 26 (331-35) 1904

Da choring in forenoon, took {double space} grist to Drayton in afternoon. {double space} very heavy falls of snow at times {double space} all day. very stormy wintry night. {double space} Uncle Jim came up.

SUNDAY, 27 (332-34)

Uncle Jim here for dinner. Ma and {double space} we children at Grandma's for tea. {double space} beautiful & bright all day. {double space and start new sentence under "all day"} zero at night.

MONDAY, 28 (333-33)

Da choring in forenoon. Da and Ma at Drayton in afternoon. Da at Conservative Convention in afternoon. J.P. Downey spoke. Jim Tucker recieved nominaiton.Da rode home with Jim Mitchell. quite a fine day. raw east wind {thick smudge through "wind"} blowing at night.

November TUESDAY, 29 (334-32) 1904

Da choring in forenoon, then he, Wat, and {double space} Percy killed old black sow in afternoon. {double space} Miss Craig gave us our lesson and stayed {double space} for dinner. dull soft day. ssnow melted quite a lot. misting and rainy about {finish sentence under last two words} dark.

WEDNESDAY, 30 (335-31)

Da cut up pork and did chores in forenoon. Uncle Richard and he at Drayton in afternoon about Grandpa Philp's business. Mr. Loan not here sewing up lining for fur coat {finish sentence on next line} turned cold through night. snowed a little off and on to-day. Roads slippery.

WEDNESDAY, 30 (335-31)

Da cleaning pens and doing chores in forenoon. cleaned piog's head and tied up young cattle for first time to-night. churned over two hours at butter this forenoon. {indent} rather stormy at times but not so very cold. {double space} 38 head of cattle to start winter with.

December FRIDAY, 2 (337-29) 1904

Da choring in forenoon and at the {double space} bush in afternoon, chopping wood. {Start new line, and double space} Mr. North called this afternoon. {start new line and double space} beautiful clear day, but quite sharp.

SATURDAY, 3 (338-28)

Da choring in forenoon, at Ezra Duckerings funeral in afternoon and round by Willie Wilson's for cheese cheques. Mr. Trelevean brought down our cheese this forenoon. a colored, 79lbs. Herb Page brought our milk tank up from Drayton to-night. Brock took Mark to Drayton to get shod this morning. beautiful fine day. {start on new line in centre of page} quite frosty. {start on new line} Had a churning to-day, we couldn't churn.

SUNDAY, 4 (339-27)

Ma and we children up to see {double space} Miss Stone in afternoon. {start on new line and double space} snowed heavily for a while {double space} morning,then was quite bright for a while, snowed again in afternoon. {start new line, approximately 3/4 through page} cold wind.

December, MONDAY, 5 (340-26) 1904

Da choring in forenoon drawing up {double space} wood to thresh in afternoon with {double space} sleighs. rather mild in forenoon, turned colder and quite a heavy snow storm about milking time. {new line, start about halfway through page} colder towards night.

TUESDAY, 6 (341-25)

Miss Craig didn't come {written from bottom of page to top vertically} Da choring and cutting up some wood {double space} to thresh. Norman Bimming and a Mr. Moffatt here in forenoon. Moffatt hunting a farm to buy. We churned all day to-day. Butter must have been too hot. Ma put in cold water and leaving it stand over {written boldly} night. Isaac Hilborn here this forenoon. fine bright day, but looking like a storm to-night. stiff wind this forenoon Will Walker arrived home from West at noon.

WEDNESDAY, 7 (342-24)

Da choring in forenoon, brought a load {double space} of rails from sideroad fence for wood for engine. at Drayton in afternoon. very blustry and stormy in forenoon. nice afternoon. quite mild but turn-ing colder towards night.

December CONCEPTION DAY (Quebec) THURSDAY, 8 (343-23) 1904

Bill Barry at Mr. Burrows threshing {double space} all day. Da choring in forenoon and at {double space} threshing in afternoon. very stormy {double space} all day. Fierce wind and snpowing quite {double space and finish sentence directly under last two words} heavily.

FRIDAY, 9 (244-22)

CharlieHilborn moved machine here about nine o'clock. Threshed all day. Children didn't go to school. Bill Jass and Herb. Brian came here for tea and stayed till about twelve o'clock. We had about twenty two men for meals. {start sentence on new line and large indent} Beautiful all day, but quite {new line large idnent} Sharp and cold.

SATURDAY, 10 (345-21)

Finished threshing about two o'clock. Charlie left machine here. Bill Barry went home. Will Walker stayed and help do the chores and for tea. We cleaned floor and straightened up in afternoon. Beautiful, bright, clear day. But cold and frosty all day.

December SUNDAY, 11 (346-20) 1904

{double space} At home all day {start on new line and double space} snowing all day not so very cold.

Monday, 12 (347-19)

Will Walker here all day. Charlie and {double space} Hosheal here for dinner. Chopping grain {double space} all afternoon. Wat helping. {new line double space} snowing a little all day. rather cold wind. Mr. Craig here in afternoon. got red pig and then feed.

TUESDAY, 13 (348-18)

Da choring in forenoon, cleaning out pens in afternoon. Up to Uncle Rich'ds for ram lamb and brought down Uncle Rich'ds churn, but it no better than our own. Can't churn the cream. Miss Craig here and for dinner. Charlie here for breakfast and moved engine to Jim Cowans. cold day, snowing a little all day. {start new line and in middle of page} moderated towards evening.

December WEDNESDAY, 14 (349-17) 1904

Da choring in forenoon. He and Uncle Richd at Drayton in afternoon. Took down 17 chickens alive to H. Irvine. 6 {cent sign} cash 7 {cent sign} trade. {start on new line} mild day {^ sign} light soft, snow falling all {double space} day. Paid taxes $83.t {double space} Mrs. Burrows gave me 1/2 dz teaspoons.

THURSDAY, 15 (350-16)

Will Walker came down this morning. Da {double space} and he choring and drawing out mannure {double space} on to other place. beautiful fine day {double space} trees covered with hoar frost. {new line about middle of page} quite sharp.

FRIDAY, 16 (351-15)

Da and Will choring and drawing out manure all day. Da took home Uncle Richds churn and took up a crock of our cream to Aunt Emma beautiful bright clear day.

December SATURDAY, 17 (352-14) 1904

Will and Da finished the manure about four o'clock then straightening up round stables and putting away waggons. Olive and Brock at Drayton with cutter in afternoon beautiful clear day. rather raw last wind. Will went home {start on new line at end of page} to-night. Our young pullets laying now. {start on new line} Have had about a dozen eggs now.

SUNDAY, 18 (353-13)

{double space} At Grandma's in afternoon {double space and indent} rather raw cold day, but getting {double space and indent} windy in afternoon. {new line and double space} sleighing scratchy.

MONDAY, 19 (354-12)

Da choring in forenoon, drawing away rail fence between orchard and sod field in afternoon. Olive and I over to Willie Craig's school entertainment in afternoon. Had tea at Mr. Craig's. {new line} Stormy at times in forenoon, very stomy, snowy aftrernoon, but not very cold. clear night. Leo Waters and Rose Riddols married, tomorrow.

December TUESDAY, 20 (355-11) 1904

Da choring in forenoon, finished {double space} drawing away fene in afternoon. {double space} very snowy till about four o'clock then it stopped snowing but drifting some. not cold.

WEDNESDAY, 21 (356-10)

Da choring in forenoon. Helping {double space} John Walker cut wood in afternoon. Uncle Benson and Maggie here for a while in afternoon and for tea. very fine day. not bright, but scarcely any snow falling. rather sharp. Rio Walter marred to Hughie Willer.

THURSDAY, 22 (357-9)

Da choring all day. Ma and I at {double space} Drayton in afternoon. {new line and double space} quite a fine day. rather raw wind but soft. School stopped for {finish sentence mid-way through page} Christmas Holidays.

December FRIDAY, 23 (358-8) 1904

Da choring in forenoon, cleaned pens and drew in some hay from the stack. Sam, Maggie, and Jack Benson in this afternoon. Left their cutter and took our cart home. Turned soft in the night and stayed soft all day. Roads just bare. Snow nearly all gone. Turned cold and freezing to-night. quite a wind.

SATURDAY, 24 (359-7)

Da choring all day. Up to Uncle Richds in afternoon. Olive and Brock at Drayton in afternoon. Mr. Craig brought over a piece of Beef in afternoon. Da walked to Drayton after supper. very raw east wind and cold. Da heard Charlie Wallis died this morning in Moorefield from "galloping Consumptions."

ChristmasDay. SUNDAY, 25 (360-6)

At home all day. Olive and I at {double space} Grandma's in afternoon. terrible stormy forenoon and very cold east wind all day

December CHRISTMAS DAY (Dominion) Dec. 25 falling this year on a Sunday.) MONDAY, 26 (361-5) 1904

Da choring all day. Wat. over here {double space} at night {new line and indent} very dull day. raw east wind. very foggy all day. sleeting at night {large indent} very disagreeable day. Charlie Wallis buried to-day from Leo Bells Old Mrs. Digby buried also.

TUESDAY, 27 (362-4)

Da choring round all day. Took "Dicks" {double space} shoes off. Ice Storm through night. Every thing cold coated with ice. Kept up a drizzling rain almost all day. Ice fell off the trees by noon. Road are glare ice. very slippery.

WEDNESDAY, 28 (363-3)

Da choring all day. {new line and double space} Terrible stormy, windy day. not so very bad in forenoon but got worse after dinner. {new line and in middle of page} very bad night. {new line} Sarah Hilborn married to {new line 2/3 in page} Leo Reilly.

December THURSDAY, 29 (364-2) 1904

Da choring all day. {new line and double space} very Stormy all day, but {double space and indent} calmed down at night. {new line and double space} not so very cold.

FRIDAY, 30 (365-1)

Da choring and shoveled snow away from {double space} pig. pen doors, then cleaned out pens. {double space} Uncle Willie arrived from Windsor on noon train. Here in afternoon for a while. very nice day. looking rather soft {start middle of new line} at night. Breeze balmy.

SATURDAY, 31 (366)

Da choring in forenoon, cleaned hen pens {double space} in afternoon. We three down to skate in afternoon. Uncle Willie up a while in afternoon. Uncle Jim came up to-night. soft day. sleighing about done on this line. Mr. North came to fix pump. Here for dinner. Didn't fix it on account of wind mill pump leaking water into the well

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