David Martin Diary, 1876-1882


David Martin Diary, 1876-1882

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June 12, 1876

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David Martin Diary Collection


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Extract from Mr. McKenzie's speech at Toronto June 1878

Let me say this what I have stated at almost every meeting I have attended that the only accusation ^that they can bring against the present admi^nistration is one simply of want of prudence in purchasing rails in advance of the time when they were required. Now {illegible} I dont believe that we purchased too soon; but I say now as I have said on other occasions that all the rails we bought we bought by open tender, where {illegible} themselves to whom they paid a commission of two & one half per cent and who cheated the government of Canada by charging them $20000 that we know of, more than he paid the manufacturer; and ^same this person got his two and a half per cent even upon that: upon a light {illegible} that was purchased we found the amount paid this same person was more by $3000 or $4000 than was paid by him to the builder. We {illegible} have the judgement of the court for that. Then at the very time that we were buying rails by public competition cut $54.60 delivered in Canada we were receiving deliveries at #83- of rails bought by them. Now with regard to the {Neebing?} Hotel the price paid for the famous hotelry was about 5300 if I recollect {aright?}; and all the charge is that the valuators of the government valued at too high Well I don't know whether whether they did or not; but if they did the government is not to blame. We appointed a conservative as one of the valuators joining with him one of our own friends; these gentlemen valued the structure; and yet this is one of the great issues that the Tory party have to go to elections on - that, 200 or 300 too much was paid for the Nebing Hotel (cheers & laughter) - We found on the other hand that the leader of the opposition gave to one of his friends $2500 for nothing out of the public purse and we have never got anything for it up to the present time, and yet have the {effrontery?} to come forward and say that we paid too much though our valuators by $200 or $300 for this Hotel, We do not hear these gentlemen say that we kept the secret service money fund in our posses-sion we never defrauded the government out of money that over due to the country by a railway corporation which was controlled by a political ring and yet these people attempt to make a cry out of such matters as I have referred to; why {illegible} ^it is the {merest?} trifling with the workman

June 12th 1878


Dear 1876


Very cold Hector brings {from?} {Plough?} ^Pays Mrs. {Leung?} the Globe #175 for ~77 from {Helchrist's?} and some herring from Guelph Gets #4 from May Smith part of #7 adam borrowed last summer, To get the rest soon? ^6 18

Sa 2

Still coldish smore not {thawing?} but not {illegible} {illegible} Sleighing Roads very rough, May gets a pair of {illegible} shoes-price #1.40 20 26

Su 3

All at Church but {Alick?} Mr Campbell preaches - very {olle?} 23 28

M 4

Men choring, I not doing much clear sunny 26 28

Tu 5

Hector at Deckers threshing in foreman, goes to {Cruel?} in afternoon after a pair of Boots, smore buying but no sleighing 22 30

W 6

Hector at Forest Mill with {grist?} of {loheat?} & {Age?} Alick choring 26 34

Th 4

Men choring Donald Paterson & wife from California here with {Tom?} Grey & wife Milder {illegible} clay but fairly {winter?} 26 32

F 8

Men choring hauling ^old rails to Boiling place cold {?} 22 26

Sa 9

A very cold stormy day drifting and snowing some but not enough for Sleighing yet men choring 3 3 10

Su 10

All at Church but May & me {illegible} {illegible} 6 14

M 11

Men choring Culling stuff in afternoon snowing a little every day but not enough to make sleighing 8 18

T 12

Men cleans some wheat to take to Galt Ed Chambers here 16 32

W 13

Hector & Jean at Galt with wheat and Turkey's thawing all day 36 {42?}

Th 14

Hector at {Wes?} Robson's threshing till noon, thawing a little 24 36

F 15

Hector at {Wes?} Robson's threshing all day, stormy snowing & drifting in ^afternoon 14 16

Sa 16

Very stormy snowing & drifting, Hector went to {Wes?} Robson's to thresh {illegible} was so stormy they did not begin, Very cold Hector got his ^finger froze 2 6

Su 17

All at Church but Tilly No Sermons Mr Campbell gone to Toronto for what nobody knows & made no provision here cold 3 8

M 18

Hector at Robson's threshing finishes at noon, a good deal more snow last night Plenty of snow now for sleighing 4 10

T 19

Hector at Galt for Bran and about a paper he got about his land in {keppel?} The Presbytery meets to day and will decide whether Mr Campbell will continue our minister 10 16

W 20

Cutting stuff in forever In afternoon Hector goes to {illegible} to {illegible} but not begin because the threshers did not come above Hears to day that Mr Campbell is not coming back to our kirk is vacant We have had nothing but vexation with the father The Presbytery dont like him he is a fool

Dear 1876

Th 21

Hector at {illegible} threshing Alick fixing chores Milder today 10 20

F 22

Hector Jean & May away at {illegible} {sledder?} ^did not {see?} him with Mr {Stalker's?} daughter {illegible} {illegible} not well {illegible} time, not bad sleighing now 14 28

Sa 23

Hector at J Cowe's threshing finishes him moderate day 14 22

Su 24

All at Church but Alick Mr Crystel Preacher, very cold 4 20

M 25

Christmas day all our people away at Mr Donald's but me {illegible} {illegible} left to keep house {illegible} cloudy but rather mild 10 20

Tu 26

Collecting for seat rents Men choring cloudy mildish ^{heaps?} {illegible} {illegible} he is marked got #54 20 28

W 27

Hector Jean May & {Lilly?} at {Donybrook?} Alick & I keeping house ^clear 18 22

Th 28

I collecting seat rents Alick takes me with {Culle?} Hector choring & hauling {illegible} cloudy dull 14 26

F 29

{Very?} stormy snowing & drifting all day I take to Mr {McQueen?} #138 16 24

Sa 30

A great deal more snow last night & drifting the road is now badly blocked up and Hector & Alick has been breaking up hard ^weather 13 22

Su 31

Mr McMillan brought Mr Frazer the minister here last night he Preached here to day & {stopped?} with us all night liked him well 14 22


{originally wrote 1867 but crossed out the 6 and wrote a 7 over top}

M 1

New years day, Rob & McQueen takes Mr Frazer away to {Galt?} to meet the {Train?} at 10 oclock, The McDonalds here eating Turkey & A real {cointer?} time now, good sleighing, but rather {blocked?} {off?} with snow drafts in some places O dear how old I am, born 1800: 13 24

Tu 2

Hector at Forest Mill with chopping stuff Jean goes with him to see ^{illegible} 12 26

W 3

Cuts stuff in foreman Hector hauls some firewood. Clear calm smell {port?} ^above 3 10

Th 4

Hector Jean May & I on a visit to John {Connstrong?} fine sleighing {Mr?} Telfer sent here #8 seat rent for 2 members, but as there is 3 members he owes #4 {get?} 12 20

F 5

Hector Alick & I at Galt I get coupons cashed #60 & Interest on deposits {#1750?} leaves #50 in Merchant Bank Pays Blackwood & Chamber #650 buy two {illegible} Pays {Refemer?} #2 buys a {Drier?} in #2 an {Alinanack?} & {illegible} ^{illegible} 14 24

Sa 6

Hector hauling firewood all day very fine day and mild 16 34

Su 7

All at Church but May & Hector Mr {illegible} preaches, mild day 18 34

M 8

Hector & Alick hauling firewood all day mild but getting colder ^{Stalker?} & Rob cuts {illegible} our only Pine for {illegible} logs 16.20.10

Tu 9

Hector & Alick hauling firewood all day Stalker & Rob getting firewood ^above 6 12

W 10

Men at Logs for Sawmill & firewood Walter {Connstrong?} {illegible} me 16 24

Th 11

A good deal of snow again snow getting deep men choring {illegible} ^{illegible} 20 30

F 12

Very hard frost las night & all day Hector hauling {sawlogs?} to sawmill in little more {illegible} to day below 11 {illegible} 2

1877 Jan {7?}

Sa 13

Hector hauling sawmill in forenoon culling stuff in afternoon ^above 6 14

Su 14

No {tesmon?} {le?} {da?} the minister expected did not come snow deep here{below} 16 22

M 15

Hector hauling sawlogs to mill Alick goes to school in Armstrong 14 24

Tu 16

A great deal of ^snow again last night it is now at least 15 inches deep on the level, but a good deal drifted in the open Kills a steer in afternoon {illegible} {Thas?} & John McDonald helps us ^clear sunny 16 22

W 17

{Stalker?} & Rob cutting firewood Hector choring fine sunny day calm ^below -4{degree symbol} 20

Th 18

Hector at Galt with steer skin and to get {Brants?} Armstrong goes away 16 28

F 19

Hector hauling sawlogs to mill Stalker choring Snow now ^deep on level about 15 inches 22 32

Sa 20

{A?} {thaw?} las night & this morning but soon cleared up & set in a hard frost Hector hauling sawlogs to mill, snow won't drift after the wee thaw 36 18

Su 21

A May Jean Lilly & I at Church Hector & Alick at home attending a sick Cow who is swelled in the {womb?} Mr. Russel Preacher and a poor stick he is 4 20

M 22

Hector takes the last sawlog to mill a fine day of sort calm clear & {mild?} 16 26

Tu 23

{Mene?} cutting stuff in forenoon Threshing oats in afternoon, clear ^cold 12 16

W 24

Men threshing oats with flail & choring cold and clear {illegible} we {picked?} ^fall snow 12 14

Th 25

Men cleaning wheat choring & {c?} cold, a little snow last night which drifted 12 18

F 26

Hector at Galt with a {loud?} of wheat Stalker choring, milder to day, clear 18 32

Sa 27

All at Church but Alick Mr Waite & Mr Crystel officiates I give McQueen #12 seat rents mild day good winter weather 26 33

Su 28

{Aux?} Sacrament all at it but Lilly, Hears my old friend Alex {Innes?} Culross died last Monday I feel his death leaves a sad blank to me. He was three years younger than me! 18 32

M 29

A thaw, with a clear sunny sky strange weather Hector choring 14 40!

Tu 30

A mild thaw all day cloudy but no rain our annual meeting Mr Fletcher of Hamilton & Mr Crystel officiates, after paying all our floating debts & #400 to Tom Jamieson we have left #80 but firewood is still to {bye?} which perhaps may be #20 33 34

W 31

Hector at {Reelton?} Mill with chopping stuff Stalker choring still a thaw & a mild one {more?} cloudy but clearing now 24 38

Feb 7

Th 1

Men cutting stuff in forenoon Thawing all day & all last night but no rain. the mildest of thaws {this?} cloudy 36 42 40

F 2

Hector at Forest Mill with {Grist?} at Galt Jean went with him, thaw this is one of the mildest thaws the ground is a good deal spotted here the snow has drifted off but there is not much snow gone 28 40

{Feby?} 1877

Sa 3

At the funeral of Mr Falconer's child Hector & I still a mild and thaw {34?} 40

Su 4

All at Church but Alick Mr Fletcher a young new licenced Preaches 28 40

M 5

Hector & Stalker at J {Coise's?} sawing wood Alick choring, now thaw 18 30

Tu 6

Hector at Forest Mill for Hector Pays me #12 Interest on note 20 34 {{so?} #42 interest from Hector written above}

W 7

Men cutting Peas with J {Coise's?} cutting machine it cuts & threshes at at the same time or rather the cutting threshes the Peas I do not help them Mrs Moffat & Mrs {Harbottla?} here mild thawing 34 38 hears our old neighbour Peggy {Fengland?} died this morning!

Th 8

Cutting Peas in afternoon very {stoorie?} I helping, gets a letter from Mr Armstrong telling of the death of Banatino {Poet?} 20 32

F 9

Hector & I at the funeral of Peggy {Fengland?} another old settler aged 77 Just about my own age, I must go soon! 12 34

Sa 10

Hector Jean May & I at John Malcom's visting, Stalker Bob & Alick cleaning Peas very mild & Thawing Sleighing bad 26 44

Su 11

All at Church but Tilly young Mr. Fletcher Preaches able 20 38

M 12

Hector choring thawing a little at night Getting colder all day 34 28 18

t 13

Hector choring Stalker absent I met frost last Sleighing gone 12 28

W 14

Cutting Peas in forenoon till a cog wheel failed and Hector went in the afternoon to Galt with it {Stalks?} shifts firewood, melt frost ^above 6 30

Th 15

Hector at a Bee at Stalkers having house boys milder 28 35

F 16

Cuts the last of the Peas at new Barn & Takes the cutter {Cowes?} where they saw some cedar {benches?} long for Pavent for Stable 22 40 30

Sa 17

Hector & Alick clean up the last of the Peas in New Barn {Total?} about 70 Bushels cold & frosty all day & cloudy 22 28 22

Su 18

All at Church but Alick Mr Haigh Preaches & very able snowing ^a little all day 18 28

M 19

Hector choring more snow last night pretty cold clear ^above 8 22

Tu 20

Hector brings 18 bunches of shingles from Tenants Sawmill made from his {own?} logs, cutting straw afterwards George Nichol and Wife here visiting, clear sunny, good sleighing 12 30

W 21

Stalker & A {McGrurie?} sawing firewood in {Lugar?} Busk Hector choring Rev Mr Haigh & J Dickson here visiting. Sun thawing ^strong 20 42

Th 22

Hector hauling firewood Men sawing in bush strong thaw clear 32 46

F 23

Hector choring {McGrurie?} threshing Oats with {flail?} thawing 36 40

Sa 24

Hector at J Cowe's getting out Logs Archie threashing oats A strong thaw again Sleighing all gone, In all the thaws we have 36 42 had there has not been a drop of rain only high temperature

{Feby?} 1877

Su 25

All at Church but May & Lilly Mr. Thyne Preaches very able 32 38

M 26

Hector at Galt for Bran Stalker & McGrurie sawing firewood 28 34

tu 27

Men sawing firewood in Bush Hector galt ^ {hears?} a crow sells fat cow to {illegible} Wallace for #40 he takes her away, Hector goes to Harveys to Pay horse 28 38

W 28

Men sawing firewood Hector choring, Lees {for?} summer Birds but too distant to tell their species, Very fine clear & the sun thawing strong fields black except snow banks and this thaw has been without a drop of rain Our house {illegible} is dry ^since a week 28 38


Th 1

Hector at Forest Mill with chopping stuff ^Men at Bush sawing Very fine suny thawing 20 40

F 2

Rained a good deal last night and nearly all day the first rain since some time in {Jany?} & little then McGrurie threshing oats Donald McPherson aged 28 buried today in Puslinch - killed last Tuesday by the {couping?} of a load of lumber on him: 34 44

Sa 3

Hector at J.Cowe's hauling logs with oxen for building McGrurie threshing oats Mild thawing but snowing now 6PM and like to be more Very {illegible} the weather Prophet say we shall have ^3 feet yet 30 40

Su 4

All at Church but Alick Mr McKay Preaches very able, some sleighing ^again 24 30

M 5

Stalker has a Bee {sawing?} logs for new house Hector hauling firewood May & Jean away in {sitter?} visiting at Archie {Steiourts?}, cold 18 24

Tu 6

Hector hauling wood no one else here cold snowing in afternoon {illegible} tapped for Sugar last thursday the trees {summing?} pretty will, Indeed I believe the trees would run almost all {Feby?} and some of {Jany?} the glass was often high enough, but now it is ^winter again ^zero 0 24

W 7

Hector hauls 4 logs to Stalker McGrurie threshing Oats in afternoon we go to Church Mr McKay Preaches and very able & earnest 16 24

Th 8

{illegible} ice all day and sticking to the trees McGrurie goes away having finished threshing all the oats Hector choring none else here 26 32

F 9

Been raining ice all night the trees loaded & many branches with the weight of ice on them, ^{illegible} Stormy & {illegible} to day Hector choring 16 26 22

Sa 10

Hector takes log to sawmill for Stone boat Trees loaden with ice yet 8 20

Su 11

All at Church but Lilly Mr McKay Preaches very able strong {crust?} on ^snow 16 24

M 12

Hector & Stalker ridding up the Barn about 2 inches of snow last night, cloudy, trees loaden still with ice, good sleighing again 26 30

{numbers at the end of each entry are suspected to be the high and low temperatures of the day}

March 1877

Tu 13

{illegible} afternoon all at Congregation meeting to call a Minister an {unanimous?} Call given to Mr {Robt?} Thyne from London Township Hears our old neighbour George Grey died about 3 PM to day he was over 80 the old pioneers is wearing away my turn will ^come! soon 22 32

W 14

Hector choring mild this morning but colder in afternoon & windy the trees get clear of their load of ice, more snow ^{ought?} last 34 37 ^6pm 20

Th 15

At the funeral of George Grey aged 82 my old friend and hears George Tennant died yesterday: how the old pioneers is dying out Mr {illegible} Peggy {Fengland?} Mr Grey & now George Tenant all in little more than a month my turn must be soon; cold 16 28

Th F 16

Hector & I at the funderal of George Tenant from Moriston to {Kirkwill?} aged 63 another old neighbour laid by Drizzling smal snow 8 26

Sa 17

{illegible} {trick?} day our Putunia blooms Men cutting stuff in forenoon choring afterwards smell frost last night clear ^below zero 3 20 ^6PM 14

Su 18

All at Church buy May & I, I have a bad cold Mr {Harg?} preaches ^above 10 26

M 19

Hector choring & hauling firewood Alick leaves school. I taking ^{plysic?} ^above 3 24

Tu 20

Hector breaking in Colts & choring fine day Sun thawing a ^little ^below 2 32

W 21

A great deal more snow last night Mild & sunny to day Hector & Alick creiching horse grath I still bad with a cold 26 34

Th 22

Hector at Galt for {illegible}, Thawing mild Alick choring 28 38

F 23

Hector at Freelton with chopping stuff Alick choring, thawing ^clear 38 38 ^6PM 34

Sa 24

Hector breaking Colt Mr Frazer comes, Not thawing much 24 34

Su 25

{illegible} one at Home Mr Frazer Preaches {this entry is squished in between the Saturday and Monday entries, no numbers at end of entry}

M 26

Hector choring raining gently almost all day creek {comeing?} down 36 38

Tu 27

Hector choring thawing & creek down but over the road 36 38 32

W 28

Hector choring, Cold & Blowing Mr Frazer was going away, but is too cold 24 30

Th 29

Mr Frazer goes away Hector takes up to Galt Alick choring I am {illegible} {illegible}, 24 34

F 30

Men choring in forenoon Takes half of the trees in afternoon I too poorly to help them Same summer birds come Blue {Lentees?} 26 14

Sa 31

{Teips?} 16 more trees Gathers & boils tp syrup 20 pails gathers 5 pails more & leaves them in the Pots Hector goes to {Gilchrists?} & to see about spring wheat drizzling {ruin?} trees not raining much {32?} 36


Su 1

All at church but Lilly & I, great sunny thaw ^saw a {illegible} Mr Fletcher preaches 36 58!


Our folks gathered 28 pails of sap to day cold no {rain?}

{numbers at the end of each entry are suspected to be the high and low temperatures of the day}

April 1877

Tu 3

No sap to day Boiled all they had 33 pails into {illegible}, ^men choring cold frosty 23 32 {illgible} my {nephew's?} wife Mary {illegible} {large blank space but underline still visible} the {field?} {illegible} {aha?};

W 4

gathered 20 Pails this forenoon & kindled the fire for afternoon Hector at {Waller?} {Turn?} bull raising a Barn Trees running well afternoon 30 42 gathered 16 more pailfuls in afternoon in all there is 36 pailful to Boil

Th 5

gets 47 pails sap syrops off 73 pails full and leaves 10 pails in Pots last night some chaps at our Bush making Taffy but did no mischief 36 42

F 6

Got 44 Pails of sap a good run clear suny Men choring 30 44

Sa 7

Got 38 Pails sap & 8 pails in Pots = 46 which they {dryroff?} in afternoon got 20 pails more = 58 leaves the 20 pails in the Pots 30 46

Su 8

All at Church but May & I Mr Frazer preaches, Sap {rumming?} 30 44

M 9

Got 33 pails sap Syrops 5-0 and leaves 3 pails in Pots 30 44

Tu 10

got 12 pails sap Syroped off 14 left one in Pots poor run warm 30 54

W 11

{illegible?} to day Hector at Galt {sold?} fur & Forest Mill warm no frost last ^night 34 58

Th 12

Got 414 Pails sap poor run ^Syroped it off Richards on comes to Dig garden Hector begins to plough for corn at {Nimmo?} bush Mr {Nimmo?} here hears Mr Thyne is coming to be our Minister 34 50

F 13

Got 25 pails sap & Syroped it gathered 3 pails more & ^{Pats?} left in Last night heart frogs for first time & they are quite busy to day but some say they heard them on Monday the 9th 30 46

Sa 14

Got 23 Pails and Syroped them leaving 3 pails Men Ploughing for ^Spring wheat 32 34

Su 15

All at Church but Lilly Mr Frazer Preaches pleases well ^Mr {illegible} showed me a grasshopper 32 36

M 16

Got 25 pails sap & Syroped off 28 Pails there being 3 left in Pots on ^Saturday going to make no more sugar so this last 28 goes for molasses we have made 107 tts sugar out of 265 pails sap a very good yeild. Men Ploughing for Spring wheat. So sap to day. No frost 38 46

Tu 17

Men finishes Ploughing for Spring wheat in 16 acre field gathers no no sap to day though the trees ran a little Jean & Lilly goes to {illegible} {Pentland?} to stop Roosters & get Bramah eggs to set, warm & looking like {thunder?} 40 60

W 18

Men Ploughing in forenoon Raining in afternoon Men cuts stuff Got 10 Pails sap this forenoon & Syropped it into Molases 38 46

Th 19

Raining all day less or more nothing but choring doing 38 44

F 20

Men Ploughing sod for green feed emptied the troughs of rain {fine?} 37 45

Sa 21

Hector at Galt for a ton of Salt to sow on Spring wheat Alick Ploughing some talk of war being proclaimed to day between {Russia?} & Turkey: if so when or what will the end be God only knows

{numbers at the end of each entry are suspected to be the high and low temperatures of the day}

April 1877

Su 22

All at Church but Alick Mr Robertson from St Catharines Preaches ^very able 38 68

M 23

Hector & Alick Ploughing ^gave {illegible} Queen #4 from {Mr?} {Telfer?} for {seat?} rent Stalker

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“David Martin Diary, 1876-1882,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed October 30, 2020, https://ruraldiaries.lib.uoguelph.ca/transcribe/items/show/212.

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  17. David Martin_1876-1882_17.pdf
  18. David Martin_1876-1882_18.pdf
  19. David Martin_1876-1882_19.pdf
  20. David Martin_1876-1882_20.pdf
  21. David Martin_1876-1882_21.pdf
  22. David Martin_1876-1882_22.pdf
  23. David Martin_1876-1882_23.pdf
  24. David Martin_1876-1882_24.pdf
  25. David Martin_1876-1882_25.pdf
  26. David Martin_1876-1882_26.pdf
  27. David Martin_1876-1882_27.pdf
  28. David Martin_1876-1882_28.pdf
  29. David Martin_1876-1882_29.pdf
  30. David Martin_1876-1882_30.pdf
  31. David Martin_1876-1882_31.pdf
  32. David Martin_1876-1882_32.pdf
  33. David Martin_1876-1882_33.pdf
  34. David Martin_1876-1882_34.pdf
  35. David Martin_1876-1882_35.pdf
  36. David Martin_1876-1882_36.pdf
  37. David Martin_1876-1882_37.pdf
  38. David Martin_1876-1882_38.pdf
  39. David Martin_1876-1882_39.pdf
  40. David Martin_1876-1882_40.pdf
  41. David Martin_1876-1882_41.pdf
  42. David Martin_1876-1882_42.pdf
  43. David Martin_1876-1882_43.pdf
  44. David Martin_1876-1882_44.pdf
  45. David Martin_1876-1882_45.pdf
  46. David Martin_1876-1882_46.pdf
  47. David Martin_1876-1882_47.pdf
  48. David Martin_1876-1882_48.pdf
  49. David Martin_1876-1882_49.pdf
  50. David Martin_1876-1882_50.pdf
  51. David Martin_1876-1882_51.pdf
  52. David Martin_1876-1882_52.pdf
  53. David Martin_1876-1882_53.pdf
  54. David Martin_1876-1882_54.pdf
  55. David Martin_1876-1882_55.pdf
  56. David Martin_1876-1882_56.pdf
  57. David Martin_1876-1882_57.pdf
  58. David Martin_1876-1882_58.pdf
  59. David Martin_1876-1882_59.pdf
  60. David Martin_1876-1882_60.pdf
  61. David Martin_1876-1882_61.pdf
  62. David Martin_1876-1882_62.pdf
  63. David Martin_1876-1882_63.pdf
  64. David Martin_1876-1882_64.pdf
  65. David Martin_1876-1882_65.pdf
  66. David Martin_1876-1882_66.pdf
  67. David Martin_1876-1882_67.pdf
  68. David Martin_1876-1882_68.pdf
  69. David Martin_1876-1882_69.pdf
  70. David Martin_1876-1882_70.pdf
  71. David Martin_1876-1882_71.pdf
  72. David Martin_1876-1882_72.pdf
  73. David Martin_1876-1882_73.pdf
  74. David Martin_1876-1882_74.pdf
  75. David Martin_1876-1882_75.pdf
  76. David Martin_1876-1882_76.pdf
  77. David Martin_1876-1882_77.pdf
  78. David Martin_1876-1882_78.pdf
  79. David Martin_1876-1882_79.pdf
  80. David Martin_1876-1882_80.pdf
  81. David Martin_1876-1882_81.pdf
  82. David Martin_1876-1882_82.pdf
  83. David Martin_1876-1882_83.pdf
  84. David Martin_1876-1882_84.pdf
  85. David Martin_1876-1882_85.pdf
  86. David Martin_1876-1882_86.pdf
  87. David Martin_1876-1882_87.pdf
  88. David Martin_1876-1882_88.pdf
  89. David Martin_1876-1882_89.pdf
  90. David Martin_1876-1882_90.pdf