Annie Rothwell Diary, 1894-1895


Annie Rothwell Diary, 1894-1895

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January 1, 1894

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Annie Rothwell Diary Collection


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Diary 1894

Jan 1st Monday. Monther and Father went to Mr. Whitelock's for dinner and to uncle John's for tea. Visited Mrs. Huff, who is ill, Miss McLeod and Miss Coombs called in the afternoon. Ida & Ed went skating in the afternoon on the lake. Rebie went to Mary Edith's for dinner. Libbie and I called on Mrs. Bennett in the evening and then went to Miss McLed's party. Formed many good resolutions which I hope to keep. Charlie Deering, Frank Whitelock Libbie & I Grace Alice & Earnest & Jonathan were at this party.

Jan 2nd Came to Bradford with Father and Annie Nesbitt. Settled down.

Jan 3rd School opened in true form, all the teachers present namely Mr. Waugh, Miss Potts, and Mr. McLean. Five new scholars - Mr. Wilson, Mr. Houston, Miss Beatty and Miss Grace Rogerson, also Miss Longheed.

Jan 4th Arose this morning at break of day. Went to school and was well satisfied with the lessons. Took tea with Mrs. Hill. After tea had some music and then came to my room and studied.

Jan 5th School, lessons in very good shape especially the classical geography. Went down street after four to look at some books for the Sunday School library. Read the Forty Thieves.

Jan 6th Read "Triumphs of Architecture" and studied. At 8 p.m. went to rink and thence to store then returned and studied the Conference of Pillnitz.

Jan 7th Went to C.M. Church in the morning and heard a sermon given by Mr. Ferguson. Went to Mrs. Kneeshaw's for dinner with Louisa Driffil. Went to Sunday School in the afternoon. After Sunday School went to Mr. E. Coombs'

Mrs. D. McLeod was there also Mr. Martin. In the evening heard Mr. Chillcott preach from the 3rd chapt. of St. John. After I came home conversed for a short time and spent the rest of the evening singing.

Jan 8th. School, new pupils Miss Jean Ferguson, Miss King, Mr. Henry and Mr. Thompson.

Jan 9th. School, more new scholars Miss Brawley, R Kneeshaw, and Miss Simpson.

Jan 10th. School, wrote a synopsis of the III canto of the Lady of the Lake. Heard of Mrs. Short's sudden death with La Grippe had a short talk with Mrs. Kneeshaw.

Jan 10th. Came from school studied a short time and then called on Mr + Mrs. W. Goodfellow and then proceeded to the carnival + spent a very enjoyable time. Uncle Sam was my escort. Death of Mrs. Bannerman.

Jan. 11th. School. Mr. Waugh read to us about Cato. Walked home with Miss M Beath, a part of the way.

Jan. 12th. School. Geography of Sicily, Euclid dividing a line into medial section. Read the Diamonds and Loads also Alladin's Lamp.

Jan 13th. Studied the most of the day. Went to Uncle King's in the evening. Dinner I heart with D's.

Jan 14th. Sunday. Came to Bradford in the evening heard Rev. Mr. Bedford preach

Jan. 15th. Exam on Ancient History went to E.L in the evening Mr. Martin conducted the meeting. Subject - Thoughts for the New Year

Jan. 16. School. Went to store and seen about library.

Jan 17. New scholar. Miss Jo Grose. A talk with Florence on books.

N.V. On Jan 12 th. Florence, Eva and Louisa came to room and presented candies and boxes.

Jan. 18. School.

Jan 19. School. Went home Friday evening with father. Pleased to see all.

Jan 20. Saturday - Did a bit of work, called on Mrs. Maggee, Mrs. Mattenley and Mrs. Whitelock. May Kearns and Baby Leslie at "Grandpa" Mattenley's Vera Leslie at Mrs. Magee's. In the evening took tea with Mrs. Bennett. Libbie and Maggie McLeod were there too. Pleasant evening and a good discussion of the "Lady of the Lake"

Jan 21th. Went to Churchill in the morning Mrs. Ross preached and taught the Bible Class. Drove home with uncle Sam and took dinner at Uncle Eben's, went to see uncle Joe's and took tea with them. Went to Gilford church services conducted by Rev. R Foye then went to see J. McLeod who felt some better. Considered the day a very profitable and beneficial one.

Jan 22 st. Rose before six o'clock a.m. and got a hustle on to come to Bradford. A fine morning and a fine drive with pa. School exam on grammar and rhetoric. In the afternoon Rev. Mr. Jennings a missionary from British Columbia addressed the school. In the evening went to missionary meeting where addresses were delivered by Mr. Jennings Hart a missionary from China and Mr. Jennings a missionary from B.C.

Jan 23nd. School. Miss Dack a new pupil. Mr. Waugh read to us of Julius Caesar.

Jan 24th School. Mr. Waugh read to us of Rome.

" 24 " In the evening attended Conformation services.

Jan 25 " Thursday - School. A cold but very bright morning. God along well to-day for I know my history. Lessons on Mithradates, King of Pontus.

Jan 26. School. Mr + Mrs. Wilson's marriage party. a good time spent with about twenty-five guests.

Jan 27. Saturday - Study. In the afternoon went to see the new Presbyterian church. Tea with Mrs. Driffil.

Jan 28. Sunday, Service in the new Presbyterian Church conducted by Rev. Dr. McClaren. of Toronto. Libbie and Maggie McLeod came down to the afternoon service which was conducted by Rev. Ferguson. The evening service conducted by Rev. Dr. McClaren. A very large attendance. Was out to uncle King's.

Jan 39th. Monday - Mr. Maudson, the new teacher taught the chemistry.

Jan 30th. Tuesday morning, a fresh lot of snow. School - Emma Longheed here for tea.

Jan 31st. A fine morning. Rose at 7 a.m. Mr. Maudson took charge of the physics. In the evening studying. A foot ball match to describe in rhetoric.

March 26th

Ed went to Ebenezer with Tom.

Monday--washed went to Doolittle's.

Tuesday--Mrs. Neilly helped with rug.

Wednesday--a rag bee at uncle Jo's party at night--good fun a boisterous time. stayed all night.

Thursday--Went to lodge with Maggie in the evening--Harry Coulson and Bella were initiated. Reading of teh Expositor.

" 30th at home--Went to Mrs. Bennetts for tea. Libbie making a print dress for Lena

" 31st. Saturday. Mr. Sanderson preached Mrs. Huff's funeral sermon. Went to see Mrs. and Albert Gibbons who were both poorly.

Feb. 21st 1895.

Going to H.S. after spending a term at model. Miss Joe Grose is rooming with me also my brother Ed. Had a very severe storm and very cold weather

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“Annie Rothwell Diary, 1894-1895,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed January 16, 2019,

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