Stephen "Sylvester" Main Diary & Transcription, 1889


Stephen "Sylvester" Main Diary & Transcription, 1889


Stephen "Sylvester" Main


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19th Century, Wentworth County, Beverly Township, Ontario

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1889 Jan 1. Out to Destys all day with D.H. Burleys and Mirah 2. Skating all day with Cary Bond and some others 3. Skating with Ella and Cary Bond and Varley Bond Up to our place at night. 4 Skating with Gary & Ella Bond Shooting with Varley Bond in afternoon. 5 Tend to my chickens and down to Office. 6. To Free Methodist in aft. noon. Up to Methodist at night to hear Voden. 7 Not much. Down to shop 8 Feed my chickens, one of Truman's died. Desty and Cleavy {blank} out here. 9. Made a rat traps. Down to Uncle Daves cleaning oats. 10 Big wind storm shovelled snow out of hen roost fixed place for Trumans. 11. Albert Bond. Put a window in the hen roost got a letter for D.H. Burley 12. Helping Uncle Daves draw straw. Made a slat door for my hen roost. Truman Almira Maggie Steel D H Burley came home from Uncle Alex Wining. 13 D H Burley here. To church at night 14 Taffy off. D H. Burley here helping Uncle Dave clean up oats. To Free Methodist at night 15 David H Burley went home to-day Down to Free Methodist at night 16 Started to school, rained all afternoon. 17 To school all day. Tea meeting here tonight but not to it. 18 To school all day Social at night but not to it. To Free Methodist. 19 Fixing my gun. Shooting and skating in aft. 20 Reading. To Methodist church at night. 21 To school all day. Tacked some pictures up in my hen roost. 22 To school all day. J. Ricker V Bond S Jane Moore here at night. 23 To school all day donn to Free Methodist at night. 24 To school in the forenoon. Ear ache in afternoon to Free Methodist at night. 25 To school today organize the debate to lecture and Free Methodist at night. 26 Maggie Idia and Lorn out here this afternoon. Varley Bond and I shooting sparrows. Hens laid today for the first. 27. Snowing all day to Brethern church at night. 28 To school today 29 To school today 30 To school today. Truman to Hamilton with Albert Bond. 31 To school to day. Fixing my hand sleigh black rooster died.

Feb 1 Took two loads of wood to Galt for Albert Bond. 2 Fixing my squirrel cage. Over to Henry's cutting straw. Down to a show at night to the hotel the man had spotted rats wanted to trade me a pair for my flying squirrels. 3 John & Desty. Cleavy & Frank Bond here. To church at night. 4 Took a load of wood to Galt for Bond. Snowing hard. 5 To school to day. Fixing the carpet holder. Varley and I over to Sarah Moors. Sent some papers to Jacob Burley 6 To school to day got a pair of over shoes & felt stockings 7 To school today. Got my Morthern Messenger. 8 To school today. Dance in hall to night but not to it. 9. Fixed my Sunday shoes. Seth Aldredge came down to night. 10 To Church in morning Up to Methodist church at night. Started to shave 11 To school. Bought seven hens from Truman. Got a bag of oats from Henry. Church started in the U B church 12 To School. Down to Varley Bonds all night. All away but Varley & I put some shoes in Ella and Gennies bed. 13 To school - fixing my hen roost. 14 To school down at Bond's at night. 15 To school. Put a window in my hen roost. Paw sick tonight. 16 Bee today drawing wood. 17 To church morning & afternoon. At night to Brethern Church John & Desty out. 18 To school today. To church Brethern at night. 19 Home this forenoon to school this afternoon. 20 Back to the woods all day. Brought three logs home. 21 Uncle John & Beagle & I over to Henry's. Got him to come & fix sewing machine. no school to day. 22 Back to woods all day snowing & blowing. No school to day. 23 To woods all day sawing. - Cold below Zero. 24 In all day to church at night Mr Manard preached. 25 To school to day. sleigh riding at night (dog) beagle two years old 26 Back to the woods all day. Snowing this afternoon. 27 To school - a very nice day. Train run off the track at St. George 28 To school. John Ricker Elroy Kymers and myself back to Kirkwall to a lecture Chiniguy. Elroy Kymers horse & my cutter.

MAR. 1 Back to woods all day. Snowing to-night. 2 Very warm - cleaning out my hen roost got a new thought. 3 Very warm. Sun shinning all day. to church at night. 4 Back to the woods. Thawing a lot.

1889 MAR 5 To school to-day. very nice day thawing a lot 6 To school. traded a brown leg horne rooster for a white leg horn rooster & a plymouth rock hen with John Wedge 7 To school. Very nice day 8 To school & thawing a lot to day 9 To the woods all day cold Jirden & I drawing out wood - got my Farm & Home. 10 John Desty and Cleary out here. Desty gave me her cap for this winter. To church at night. 11 To school. Started to make an incubator. Gave 25 cents - Missionary. 12 Drawing wood, William Coverdale and I from the woods along by the school house. got a catalogue 13 To school. Sent for catalogues and a letter to Hannal Woltzen 14 To school. skating tonight. A new shoemaker came t Sheffield to-day 15 Home this forenoon to school this afternoon. One of my hens died. Got a catalogue. 16 Skating this forenoon put a patch on each side of my boot. Bought a basket with a lid on. 17 Around home. Over to th woods to see how the sap run. To Methodist church at night. 18 To school. fixed my basket. Got a poultry catalogue. 19 To school. Got an incubator catalogue and a letter from some place. 20 Home this forenoon. To a bee at Bond's this aft. Oyster supper at night. Got two poultry catalogues 21 To school. fixed my climbing spurs. 22 Chisling out posts for the barn a very nice day. 23. Varley Bond and I up to Auldon Hammills this afternoon. 24 Varley Bond & I over to woods for a walk. To church at night. 25. Took two loads of wood to Galt for Bonds. 26 Around home. Started to make an incubator. 27 Took a load of wood to Galt for Bond's. Raising our barn this afternoon. I was helping set a hen to-night. 28 To Hamilton all day and colder. 30 Helping scafling lumber. Made a nest for my hens 31. In all day. To church at night snowing a lot - about a foot deep.

Apr. 1 Took a load of wood to Galt for Bond's on sleigh. 2 Help put the roof on the barn - up to loom shop making hen roost. 3 Finished cutting wood till three o'clock. To Methodist church. 5 Not much of any thing. snowing 6 Helping draw stones for the barn. Got some of our own hay down to Joseph Ricker. Took horses over to Henry's help Mr Ricker carry his syrup. Got my supper over there. Henry came out to Sheffield at night. Broke two cans - a two quart and a one quart, lost the syrup. over to the creek shooting pike. I shot one forteen and a half inches long. First fish I ever shot. 9 Laying floor in the barn all day. 10 Went up to Freeport to lead Mr Mott's cow down. Walked all the way. He moved down to Sheffield. 11 To Mr Laing's all day circle sawing wood. 12 Sawing wood down to cheese factory in the morning down to Mr Mott's 13 Put a nest in my hen roost shingle some on the hen roost. 14 Varley Bond and I up to Auldon Hammills for a walk. To church at night 15 Went out to Destemony's for a selling of duck eggs set them under a hen. Took them under my hens up to the other place. Got a bag of oats from Henry 16 Hired to Peter Humphrey for a month for $13 a month. Started work to day harrowing all day. 17 Harrowing till half past four o'clock, cultivating the rest of the day. 18 Dragging all day. Hen came out with 12 chickens out of 13 eggs. 19 gang ploughing and harrowing all day. rain to night. 20 Fixing fence this forenoon dragging this afternoon. 21. In all day - seven eggs. To church at night. 22 Picking stones till eleven o'clock. Drawed a load of pine roots for thrashing. Dragging till noon. rolling till four o'clock. Ella Bond and Elusci Gerrard ridding with me gang ploughing the rest of the day. 23 Gang ploughing till 10 o'clock dragging till noon, rolling this afternoon 24 rolling till half past eleven. Dragging till noon. gang ploughing till rain. Went up to Elroy Hyman Till half past four. Went around the outside fence. 25. Digging a drain by the house. Peter Humphrey layed the tile at noon. covered it up in the afternoon. 26 Gang ploughing till half past eleven. Dragging till noon. dragging all the afternoon.

1889 April 27 Cleaning out colts stable cleaning out the stalls, over to the house. P. Humphrey got four pigs from Henry. Him & I went over after them. Took 1 {we} back to McMillins to the bore! 28 Up to organize S.S. to the Medots Church at night 29 P Humphrey and I building fence all day 30 Drawing dirt this forenoon. Drawing apple limbs this afternoon. Drawed a load of hay on the wagon for Galt. May 1 Carring brush and digging out post holes till ten o clock. dragging till noon. 2 Cleaning up the garden & digging some. Cleaning up oats this afternoon. 3 Digging garden this forenoon, plowing summer fallow this afternoon. 4 Plowing all day Beagle (my dog) and I killed a ground hog. Beagle got it up a fence stake. 5 Sunday School. Went out to Desties. Home at night to church. 6 Cultivating till three dragging till five rolling till night. 7 Rolling till eight, gang plowing till night. Set my hen on seventeen eggs. 8 Dragging this forenoon rolling till half past three dragging till night 9 Plowing all day in the summer fallow 10 Plowing till ten rain till noon. Plowing all afternoon wth Peter Humphrey. 11 Peter Humphrey and I finished the summer fallow at five o'clock came up to the barn. Dragging till night. 12 To S.S. in morning to church at night 13 gang plowing till ten o'clock. dragging and rolling till noon. Drawing out manure in afternoon. Hen had nine ducks. 14 Fixed a fence for the hens. Peter & I drawing out manure. Planting potatoes this afternoon. 15. plowing and dragging till noon, rolling and planting corn this afternoon. Time out to Peter Humphrey. 16 Fixed a pen for my ducks. Down to Elroy Hymers, set two hens for Mr Mott. 17 Went over to Henry's for horses to plow lots. Paw & I plowed them. 18 Dragged the other lot twice. Took horses over to Henry's. Made a pen for my ducks. Marked out rows up to the other lot. 19 To S.S. in morning To church at night M. Plowman preached. 20 Planting corn and potatoes all day. up to other lot. 21 Down to Smith Willards Albert McCormack and I planted potatoes & covering them. Got a poultry book 22 Cutting some burdocks up to the other lot. One of my little ducks died. 23 Cutting down burdocks. over to Henry's to get the horse but did not. 24 Varley Bond & James Main and I shooting this forenoon. shooting in Bond's lane this aft. 25 Almira and I to Galt Ella and Olive Humphrey up playing crockey 26 To S.S. Desty & John out to Methodist church at night. 27 Out to Desty's all day. Set a hen on light brahma eggs. Mr Mott brought the eggs from Port Colborn. He gave me the hen to set them under. Set another plymouth rock hen on thirteen eggs. 28 Made a nest box. Started to fix my shoes. snowed some today. 29 White hen came off this morning with sixteen chicks out of seventeen eggs. Went back to John Wedge after setting hen but did not get any. Heavy frost last night 30 Finished fixing my shoe. Made a chicken catcher. 31. Down to Brice Culhams to see about a pig. Got my Farm and Home paper. June 1 Elroy Nymers & I back to John Wedge. I tried to get a setting hen 2 S.S. in morning to Brethern church at night, 3 up to other place digging - put in some beans. John Wedge fetched me out a setting hen. Set her. 4 Walked out to meet Desty but she came in the buggy. Went over to Henry's got the horse 5. Almira and Maw away. Rosa & I home. Made a cart. 6 Put Dexter on my cart - took two bags of rags up to the other lot. Took Dexter over to Henry's. 7 Uncle Thomas and Aunt Melvina down here. Elroy Hymers and I back to John Wedge. I got some scunk went Elroy got some turnips. We carried them home. 8 Elroy Hymers and I to Galt. Elroy took up some iron and oats. 9 S.S. in the morning to church (Methodist) at night. 10 Bought a pig from Elroy Hymers. Him and I up to Watty Barns for a setting of hen eggs. Got a setting hen from Moffats. 11 Down to Old David Mains got a setting hen. Got a setting of turkey eggs from Kent Sager. 12 Set my turkey eggs under plymouth rock hen. Got a Post Card. 13. Made a pig pen up to the other place - over to Henry's 14 Almira and I and {George} up to Galt - got my eggs. 15 Over to Mr Rickers hoeing corn & potatoes all day. Desty has been out here four days. 16 S.S. in morning Church at night. 17 Elroy Hymers and I back for a swim. Went back to salt two colts in the afternoon. Ram chased us. 18 Took two hens up to other place. On the roads this afternoon on the sixth concession 19 Set a brown leghorn on hoden eggs 20 for a bath down to the mill pond. Albert got his bicycle. 21 My pig died. Not much of anything. Caught a rat last night. Got two more chickens. 22 Put a screen door on the front on the bie. 23 To S.S. in morning To Methodist Church at night. 24 Cultivating both lots of potatoes. Hoeing corn this afternoon. 25 hoeing corn and potatoes till near night Went out to Destys stayed all night 26 Came from Destys this morning found a snapping turtle. To Peter Humphreys pulling building fence. 27 Working on the roads all day.

1889 28 On the roads this forenoon to Peter Humphrey building fence and cocking hay. 29 Cutting thistles this forenoon cocking up hay. Drawed in two loads 30. S.S. in the morning. John & Desty out but no church at night - Mr Mott away. July 1 To Galt all day 2 hoeing corn and potatoes awile this morning. chock up some hay. Drawing in this afternoon. 3 Peter Humphrey and I hoeing potatoes in morning. Shock out some hay. Drawed in this afternoon. 4 Sick all day laying in. Rosy & Elmira & Cleavy went to Galt. 5 Laying around this forenoon. To Peter Humphries - horse raking and cocking up drawed in one load. 6 Drawing in hay. Paris greened the potatoes at noon. Horse raked till supper time drawed in two loads. 7 S.S. in morning & church at night. 8 gang plowing this forenoon, drawing in hay this afternoon horse raking a little. 9 Gang plowing this forenoon drawing in and horse raking. 10 Gang plowing this forenoon and turning some hay. horse raking & cocking. Drawed in one load. 11. dragging this forenoon. shock out some hay drawing in this afternoon. 12 dragging and drawing in one load this forenoon horse raking and drawing in 13 horse raking fetched in the rakings. horse raking and cocking up. 14. S.S. in the morning S.S. convension to church at night. 15 Gang plowing this forenoon. Simon and I drawing in horse raking a little. 16 Drawing and horse raking. Simon McGanzie helping us started to make a stack. 17 Horse raking M.F. Cochern helping cocking up. 18 Cocking up and horse raking. 19 Picking berries this forenoon - not much of anything. 20 gang plowing and horse raking drawing in and horse raking 21. to S.S. in morning to Methodist Church at night 22 Picking berries this forenoon to Humphries drawing in. 23 Horse raking for ourselves in Mr Keachies field cocking it up. 24 Picking berries Destimony out Cleavy home. 26 Drawed in some hay for ourselves. Made a net to put on the horse 27. Almira and I to Galt this forenoon. Down to see them play bassball. 28 To S.S. in morning to quarterly up to the Methodist. To the Brethern church at night 29. Picking berries this forenoon. Took a ride on the Bicycle. 20 Charles Laing and I to Hamilton today Took a load of cheese down brought a small load back. 31 Cleaned out Mr. Mott's sistern. Helped Mr Humphrey load a load of hay. Aug 1 Took a load of cheese to Galt for Mr Laing. Helped Mr Humphrey load a load of hay - pulling peas 2 Fixed the fence up to the other lot. Loaded a load of hay. Pulling peas fr Mr Humphrey. 3 Cleaning out my turkey pen. Loaded a load of hay. Pulling peas 4 S.S. in morning to free Methodist in the afternoon to Methodist church at night 5 Picking berries this forenoon. Pitched on a load of hay. pulling peas. 6 hoeing weeds out of my potatoes pitched on a load of hay pulling peas 7 Hoeing weeds out of my potatoes. Pitched on a load of hay pulling peas 8 taking the weeds off my potatoes. Drawing in some hay. Cultivating my potatoes. 9 shocking up oats all day. Smith Willard cutting them. 10 To Galt this forenoon. Cultivating father's potatoes billing them up. 11 To S.S. Truman & I out to Desty's on the bicycle. To church at night. 12 Cutting thistles on the sixth concession. Picked up some wood on the road. Washed the buggy. 13 Drawing in peas all day. 14 Drawing in peas this forenoon, riding on the bicycle. 15. drawed in two loads of peas and two of oats this forenoon. Shocking up this afternoon. Smith Willard cutting. 16 shocking up oats all day alone. keep up to the binder Smith Willard cutting. 17 To Galt this forenoon. Took up some chickens and ducks - sold them all. To Branchton this aft. on the bicycle to a picnic. 18 S.S. in morning. Church at night 19 To Peter Humphrey's drawing in oats all day 20. Helped John Steel set four tires. Drawing in oats picked up a load of hay 21. Took hen up to the other place. Drawed in two loads of oats, loaded a load of hay. 22 loaded a load of hay this forenoon and out to Branchton. Drawed in oats. Pitched on a load of hay. 23 gang ploughing till near night. pitched on a load of hay. 24. Went out to the Branchton at daylight Destamona & I went to Galt with ducks. Came home as soon as I got back pitched one load of hay drawed a barrel of water. 25. S.S. in morning church at night. 26. Took Albert & Almira out near Branchton for the station. Gangplowing till near night. Pitched on a load of hay 27 Gang plowing this forenoon pitched on a load of hay at noon gang plowing this afternoon. 28. Pitched on a load of hay. Helped John Steel set four tires this afternoon forenoon thrashing at Robert Hatricks for Peter Humphrey this aft. 29 Thrashing at Robert Hatricks till near night Thrashing at Henry after supper. 30 Thrashing over at Henry's this forenoon to Peter Humphreys thrashing this afternoon.

Aug 31. Thrashing till near noon. drawed a load of hay out of the stack. Drawing in oats this afternoon. Sept. 1. To S.S. in morning to Methodist Church at night 2 Drawing in oats till near night. pitched on a load of hay. 3. To Branchton after elderberries got a basket full. Pitched on a load of hay. 4 George Steel and I out shooting till near night. Pitched on a load of hay. 5. To Mr. Hymers thrashing for Peter Humphrey this forenoon. Dug a bag of potatoes up to the other lot 6 To Mr Hymers thrashing till near noon. Picking chickens Got the lend of a democrat for market day 7 To Galt Market with chickens this forenoon Drawed a barrell of water took the horse to pasture. 8. S.S. To Brethern Church at night 9 Dug a row of potatoes. Help Mr Humphrey pitch on a load of hay. Help butchering pigs to the factory. 10 Dug a row of potatoes up to the other place digging potatoes up to Uncle John's. Went over to Henry to fix my hen roost window. 11. Went over to Henry's to get the match plains for Jirden. To Albert Bond's digging potatoes this afternoon. 12 To Albert Bond's digging potatoes this forenoon. fixed a place for my Wyandotts 13 Picking chickens for market. Went down for the horse. 14 Almira and I to Galt with chickens Out to Branchton on the bicycle this afternoon Rose brought a pair of banties from London 15 S.S. in morning Downey preached. to the Methodist Church at night. 16 Fixed a place for my chickens up to the other place. Down to the picnic at Aaron Main's 17. Took some chickens up to the other lot. 18 Helped John Steel set tires this forenoon Helped butchering to Laings this aft. 19 Took Alberts Bicycle over to shop, dug a row of potatoes. cut some corn. 20. Not much of anything this forenoon cut the rest of my corn. 21 Digging potatoes this forenoon got a new cooking stove. Drawed down two bags of my potatoes. Shooting till night. 22 S.S. in the morning John & Desty out to Methodist church at night. 23. Went down to Bond's in the middle of the forenoon. Butchering pigs till near night. Went over to Henry's got horse went out to John's got his buggy. 24 Out to Desty's - my birthday today. had duck for dinner. Seventeen years old. My weight 135 pounds 5 feet 8 inches tall. 25 To Hamilton show all day. John & Desty down to ___ Branchton all night 26 In the cheese factory all day in Henry Laing's place. 27 Picking my beans - up to the other lot. Took a little bicycle ride. 28. Out to John's to get Jirdens horse shod and the axle on the buggy fixed 29 S.S. in morning to Methodist Church at night. 30 Fixed a box down cellar for my potatoes, fixed the floor in the woodshed. Put new sleepers in. Oct 1. Started to paint doors and windows of the barn, some of them painted - rained. 2 finished painting barn, put up stove. Up to the other place help killing pigs. To the factory 3 Killed a pig for Smith Willard this forenoon digging some potatoes this aft. 4 To Galt this forenoon. Digging potatoes this aft. 5. Not much this forenoon. Albert & I shooting. I shot a Kingfisher on the fly. Jirden & I skinned it. 6 S.S. in morning to Brethern Church at night. 7 Scraping the meat off Kingfisher hide. Over to Henry's took the gun. Killing pigs. to the factory. 8 To Rickers thrashing all day for Mr. Ricker. 9 To Rickers thrashing all day. 10 THRASHING all day at Rickers got done. 11 At Smith Willards thrashing all day. 12 To Smith Willards thrashing till three o'clock. Jirden and I stuffed our bird. 13 S.S. in morning to Methodist Church at night. 14 To Galt in the morning with Henry. Over to Henry's after the horse. Got his Black Spanish Rooster. 15 To Rockton Show all day. Took down a pair of Games and Black Spanish. Got first on them. Both pair. Got nine prizes all together four firsts and five seconds. 16 To Smith Willards thrashing all day 17 Almira, Rosa, Maggie Steel and I back to Freelton show all day. Bought me a watch. 18 Down t Smith Willards all day picking up potatoes. 19 To Smith Willards digging potatoes this forenoon digging and picking up this afternoon. 20 S.S. in morning to Methodist S.S. in aft. To Brethern church at night. 21 To Smith Willards digging potatoes this forenoon. to Mr laing killing pigs. 22 Over to Henry's trying to put a different gun barrel on my stock. 23 Carried some water to clean the church. Over to Henry's got the lend of his gun. 24 Down to Rockton got Jirden's horse. Shooting this aft. 25. Took Hymers cultivator home bought three barrels from Elroy fetched them home. Got a barrell of road dust. 26. Took Jirden's horse to Rockton waked home. Digging some out from under the wood shed. 27 To SS in aft. To church at night 28. To Mr Rickers pulling turnips this forenoon. To the factory butchering this afternoon. To Church at night. 29 Pulling turnips at Rickers this forenoon. Help on loading this afternoon to church at night. 30 To Henrys plowing all day to church at night. 31 To Aunt Elizies - made a cupboard and lathed some. To church at night Nov 1 to Henry's plowing this forenoon rain this aft. To Church at night.

Nov. 2 Painted my cage. brought down my Brahma chickens from the other lot. 3. Dressed up this forenoon. To SS this afternoon to church at night. (Methodist) 4 To Henry's plowing this forenoon to the factory kiling pigs. To Church at night 5 Shot a hen hawk this morning. Painted a cane and fixed my boots. To church at night 6 To Smith Willards helping with the turnips all day. To church at night. 7 To Smith Willards drawing in turnips this forenoon. Shooting this afternoon - out to Branchton 8. Butchering at the factory this forenoon. To Hymers Sale this aft. 9 To Galt this forenoon. Shooting down the creek this afternoon. 10. S.S. in afternoon to Methodist church at night. 11 Up to Uncle John blasting out a cellar. Set some traps down the creek. 12 Albert & I killed a pig this morning. Up to Uncle John blasting out the cellar 13 To Ben Hammils thrashing for Smith Willard. All day conference started to-night 14 To Hammills thrashing for Smith Willard got through to conference at night. 15 Took Dr Booth over to Harrisburg Station. Caught two musk rats. To conference at night. 16 Over to see my traps. Down to the blacksmith shop. Help fix Albert's bicycle. To conference at night. 17 Sunday. To conference this morning to S.S. convension. To conference at night 18 Fixed my braces this forenoon. Put a post in under the woodshed for to fix my hen roost. 19 Over to Henry's this forenoon. Put a post in my hen roost. 20 Fixing in my hen roost till near night. Down to see my traps. 21 Made a window frame for a my hen roost. Down to my traps. 22 Tore the wall down for a door made a door frame. Put the window and door frame in. 23 Building the wall up in my hen roost. 24 To S.S. in the aft. To Methodist church at night. 25 Went over to Henry's got the horse took Desty home. killing pigs this afternoon. 26 Up to Uncle Johns helping building wall. Down t see my traps. 27. Went down to Cuerdale to thrash but did not. The factory got on fire. Down there till middle of the afternoon. 28. To William Coverdales thrashing all day. 29. Not much. Jirden & I to Galt this afternoon bought some lumber. 30 Fixing a feed box in my hen roost. Down to Uncle Daves drawing straw. Dec 1. To S.S. in aft. to Brethern church at night 2. Fixing my hen roost. Put the door on. 3. fixing at my hen roost boarding up and belting. To church at night. 4 Tinkering around cleaned out my gun. bought an overcoat. To church at night. 5 Sold my hens and chickens to Sam Hammill. Almira & I making sausage all afternoon. To church at night. 6 Went down to Jerme Cornels to thrash but did not. Came home fixed my braces. Went down at noon but did not. fixing my feed box. To church at night. 7 Took Jirdens horse out to Branchton to get shod. Made soap for Destamona. Came home at noon. Went down to Mr Mott cutting wood. Went back to Harvies after Jirden 8 To S.S. in afternoon To church at night 9. Put hinges on my feed box and the clasp for a lock. To Mr Motts sawing wood this afternoon. To Church at night. 10 Put boards through my feed box. Put part of my door frame on my hen roost and a clasp. To church at night. 11 Fixing a place for my hens that I bring down from the other place. 12 Drawing straw from Uncle Daves up home. Put a half sole on my boot. Went up to Aunt Minrums To church at night. 13 Fetched my chickens down from the other place. To examination this afternoon. 14 Made a window sash put it in not much of anything 15 To S.S. in morning to Free Methodist this aft. To Brethern church at night. 16 fixed some fence up to the other lot where shop was moved. Moved my chickens box for fixing it. 17 Fixed around my chicken coop. Shooting with Jirden's rifle at a target. 18 Went down to Siles Cornells sale. Helped George Johnson drive some pigs part of the way home from the sale. 19 Took my Market over to George Johnson's to sell. Down in bush with John Steel shooting at a mark this afternoon. 20 Help Albert clean and paint his bicycle. Sold a pair of chickens. Truman and I went out to Branchton to Charley Laing. Took our guns. 22 To S.S. in morning and church. To Methodist Church. Got converted. 23. Wheeled down some stones from Uncle Johns - put in the lane. cleaned out my gun. Albert & I went shooting away down south all the afternoon. 24 Not much of anything this forenoon. Went over to George Johnson to see him. He was away. Started to make a little bureau. 25 Put a bottom in a four quart measure. Working at a bureau. Playing around - had a Christmas tree. John MacDonald and his family. Mr Mott and family. Henry and family was here. 26. Working at bureau all day. 27 Working at a little bureau this forenoon. Fixing a slat potition in my hen roost 28 Made a dust box for my chickens this forenoon. Went over to Johnson's fixed a box for to put mounted birds in. 29 To S.S. in the morning and church. To the W.B church at night. 30. Went back north asking for Mr Motts bee. Went over to Henry's after oats with Jirdins horse 31. Skating with Carry Bond this afternoon forenoon sewing Destimona slipper this afternoon. To prayer meeting at night.

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