Ellamanda Krauter Maurer Diary, 1919


Ellamanda Krauter Maurer Diary, 1919

Date Created

January 1, 1919

Is Part Of

Ellamanda Krauter Maurer Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript


Ella Maurer

Elmira, Ont.

For the year 1919

Memorandum from 191291209

January Mon phased D. H. D m. new moon - 7528

January Wednesday 1 1913

Walter, Clarence, Lizzie and Vernon went down to Grandpa Maurer's for turkey dinner. Arletta sent it from Alberta. Ella was at Hilliard's. Mrs. Hilliard went down in the morning to see Mr. Hilliard

January Sunday 5, 1919

Ella and the girls, playing games and read all day. Pearl and Bert went to Conestoga church in the afternoon. Oliver took a stroll over to Charlie's.

Monday 6

Election day. Sol Koch was elected Reeve. Woolwich Twp. Charlie fetched Peter Sherer and Walter took Lizzie home to Glen-allans.

Tuesday 7

Charlie was clerk at Albert Knarr's sale. Walter and Vernon had dinner and supper at Isaac Holle's and came over to Hilliard's for the night.

Wednesday 8

Walter, Ella and Vernon left for home in the morning and arrived home at 11:30. Father brought Viola Braendle for a few weeks Ella felt rotten after the trip. Lizzie Fleet and Emerson Gowing were married by Rev P. Webster

January Thursday 9 1919

Terrible precipitation We all hugged the stove trying to keep warm Father intended to go home but had to stay on the account of the stoem. Ella wrote an essay for Pearl.

Friday 10

Still raining Mr. & Mrs. Lincoln Edlers were here and we butchered two pigs for them. Walter felt sick in the evening.

Saturday 11

Lovely day. Roads are badly drifted. Father left for home and Clarence and Walter went Elmira in the afternoon.

January Sunday 12 1919

Fine day. No service in Woolwich on account of the flu Annie and Irwin Smith were over here for the afternoon we all played dominoes

Monday 13

Elmira Monthly Fair, Walter took some pigs down and sold them and killed a beef when he got home.

Tuesday 14

Walter helped to wash in the morning and took the beef to Elmira in the afternoon

Wednesday 15

Viola did the ironing and Ella was crocheting all day.

January Thursday 16 1919

Beautiful day. About 28 farmers gathered here this afternoon and held a fundraising meeting. Jacob King was over here for a few hours after supper. Viola and Clarence were playing dominoes and getting better acquainted.

Friday 17

Lovely mild day. We butchered a big 600 lb. pig for Alfred Shantz today. Enoch Snider helped to kill her in the morning. Born to Mr. & Mrs. Allen Snyder McBrides, Michigan a son Royal Allen.

Saturday 18

Quite mild. Walter and Enoch Snider went Alma in the morning and Walter and Clarence went to Elmira in the afternoon. Bert, Pearl and Beulah Hilliard came up here for supper.

January Sunday 19 1919

Beautiful day. Emerson came up in the morning and Alice Hoffercame over after dinner. In the afternoon the young people went out for a drive in three cutters and they were making merry here until a late hour.

Monday 20

Bert, Pearl and Beulah went home this morning. Mrs. Louis Miller spent the afternoon here. Walter killed a beef.

Tuesday 21

Very foggy all day. Walter went to Conestoga to Mrs. Walton Scheifele's sale.

Wednesday 22

Very foggy. Walter helped to butcher pigs at Sam Birds' and Clarence was helping to thresh at Addison Reists' in the afternoon. Jno. Wagner of Wallace died of the flu and pneumonia and was buried today at the Woolwich Cemetery.

January Thursday 23 1919

Rained all day. Turned to snow about 4 in the afternoon. Walter lawnmowed around all day. Clarence greased Enoch Snyder's windmill.

Friday 24

Cold and stormy. Sam Bird brought the scalding trough and spent the forenoon with Walter. Walter went to Floradale after dinner to get some chopping done. Annie Snider was operated on for appendicitis.

Saturday 25

Cold and raw. Walter went to Elmira in the afternoon. Emerson came up after supper to fetch Viola home. Annie Snider is quite sick.

January Sunday 26 1919

Cold and raw. Walter spent the afternoon at King's and after supper he tramped up to Enoch Snider. Exercise - to take up the plane. Real Reason - to see the nurse. Ella & Clarence read & slept all day (Clarence also {cooked})

Monday 27

Cold, cloudy and raw. Walter fetched the sleigh at Enoch Sniders and took a load of chopping over to Sam Bird's. Mrs. Jno Miller spent the after noon with Ella. Elmer {Braendle} brought Viola back for another two weeks. Mr. & Mrs. Nick Hoffers paid us a visit after supper.

Tuesday 28

Elmer went home this morning and Walter went down to his father's place to help butcher 5 pigs. Mrs. Allgeier was operated on for gallstones. The doctor removed 2171 stones. Mrs. Byron Shwartz was buried and Mrs. Saltler at Heidelberg died today.

Wednesday 29

Snowing. Walter was entertaining two of his Hebrew friends in the morning. Walter and Enoch Schneider made a business trip to Alma went to see Alex Bonovoy, killed a horse for Norman King and got {continued on pg. 25: some coaloil at Kings'} Pet ran away while Walter was unhitching her.

January Thursday 30 1919

Cold and windy. Walter left after breakfast and called at about a dozen places. Business is brisk. At 9.p.m. 2 {family} of motorists got struck in the snow at the bridge and Walter hitched up Arch. & Jess and dragged them out.

Friday 31

Beautiful sunny morning. Started to snow and storm at noon. Walter spent the day at home for a change. Carnival in Elmira. Clarence and Viola intended to go but couldn't.

February Saturday 1

Lovely day although cold. Walter, Clarence and Enoch went up to Alma in the morning. Walter & Clarence went over to Floradale, took Sukey down to Henry Ziegler's and brought a sow home.


{continuation of line from pg. 24} some coaloil at Kings'

February Sunday 2 1919

Lovely cold day. Walter Clarance and Viola went to Woolwich church in the morning. There was a temperance speaker from Toronto there. Mr & Mrs. Enoch Snider called in the afternoon.

Monday 3

Lovely day. Clarence Viola did the washing this morning. Mr. & Mrs. N. Hoffer were over in the forenoon and Walter butchered a cow for them. He delivered the meat in the afternoon. Father & Emerson came up for supper and the night.

Tuesday 4

Rain & mist. Father & Emerson went home this morning. Enoch Snider came over for the bread. Walter and Clarence went over to Alma to Alex Bonovoy's sale. Turned colder towards the evening.

Wednesday 5

Storming all day. Walter butchered a beef in the morn-ing and took the meat to Elmira & Floradale. When he got home he killed another beef and two pigs. We had two Elmira guys here for supper. One was a very good-looking Austrian and Viola was making eyes at him all evening.

February Thursday 6 1919

Snowed all day. Walter took the beef and pork to Elmira got home in the afternoon Enoch Snider brought Walter and wheat from Alma and Walter paid them a visit.

Friday 7

Snowing fair at times. Walter killed a beef for Enoch Snider in the morning and took Josephine down to Josiah Brubacher's. He sold her for $125. He and Enoch went up to Alma in the afternoon. Clarence and Viola spent the evening at Nick Hoffer's.

Saturday 8

Beautiful day. Started to snow and storm in the afternoon. Clarence went down to Jno. Maurer's in the morning and got the butter. Walter went up to Dorking with Josiah Brubacher Louis Stahlbaum of Elmira was here for dinner.


February 5th was Ella's birthday and she is 28 years old. She didn't get here ears pulled and she didn't get a solitary birthday present.

February Sunday 9 1919

Perfect day. Elmer Braendle and Emerson came up after dinner and took Viola home with them after supper. Walter went to Woolwich church in the afternoon.

Monday 10

Lovely day. Walter down to Elmira Monthly Fair and Creamery meeting with Nick. Hoffer and got home at nearly 4 oclock and took a load of chopping over to Sam Bird's.

Tuesday 11

Cold and raw Jno. Stange spent the forenoon with Walter who killed a beef. In the afternoon Walter & Enoch went to Alma and to Edler's. Mrs. King spent the afternoon with Ella.

Wednesday 12

Mild & misty. Fisher was sick and Walter had Eph. Reist up to tend to him. Ed Ziegler and Jno. Horst's hired man were here in the afternoon.

February Thursday 13 1919

Misty and dreary. Rain cast wind blowing. Ella was at a quilting at Sam Bird's. It was pouring rain when Walter fetched her after supper. Mrs. Ziegler and M. Brubacher were here in the afternoon.

Friday 14

Mist & rain. St. Valentine's Day. After dinner Walter & Albert first went to McCloud's sale on the 8th of Peel above Stirton.

Saturday 15

Cold. Walter & Clarence went to Elmira in the after-noon. Clarence got a new suit. Walter bought 3 pigs from Mr. Good.

February Sunday 16 1919

Cold and stormy.

Walter went to Woolwich church in the morning. We had no company and the day seemed hours longer than usual.

Monday 17

Mild. Snowing. Walter & Ella had the washing done by 9:30 and Walter went down to Good's and fetched the pigs he bought on Saturday and dressed them in the afternoon. He brought a cow from his father.

Tuesday 18

Beautiful day with occasional snowstorms. Walter left at 7am took the pork to Elmira, went to Conestoga, had dinner at Hilliard and brought his sleigh home on wing at about 10 p.m. He brought a dress for Ella that Ida made and a bunch of valentines for Vernon.

Wednesday 19

Lovely and cold. Walter fetched a hayrack at Enoch Snider's in the morning and after dinner he had Clarence went down to Henry Ziegler's for a load of hay. Mrs. Lincoln Edler died at 3 o'clock this afternoon.

February Thursday 20 1919

Clear and cold. Walter fetched a load of moving from near Hawkesville for Josiah Brubacker. Mrs. Jno. Stange spent the afternoon with Ella. Mrs. Lincoln Edler was buried this afternoon.

Friday 21

Misty in the forenoon. Snowed some in the afternoon. Quite mild. Walter & Clarence fetched a load of hay at Henry Zieglers and in the afternoon Walter got one alone. Clarence took a load of chopping over to Sam Bird's.

Saturday 22

Foggy. Cold rain east wind blowing. In the morning Walter fetched a load of hay at Ziegler's and Clarence got the chop at Bird's. After dinner Walter got another load of hay and Clarence took Ella and Vernon over to Floradale to do more shopping.

February Sunday 23 1919

Another dreary, dismal, lonesome Sunday Very stormy.

Walter went to church in the afternoon with Enoch Snider.

Monday 24

Beautiful day. Walter & Ella were mending grainbags all forenoon and after dinner Walter took a load of chopping over to Sam Bird's. When he got back he took Enoch's sleigh home.

Tuesday 25

Raw & cold. Started to snow in the afternoon Walter & Clarence went over to Floradale and down to Jno. Maurer's and brought home Beauty, the cow that Walter brought Mr. & Mrs. Enoch Snider went out to her folks near Shakespeare and Walter is doing the chores.

Wednesday 26

Stormy and cold. Walter did Enoch's chores both morning and evening and they arrived home at about 9 oclock. The roads are badly drifted but the mail-man got through.

February Thursday 27 1919

Very cold. Father and mother Krauter came up this morning. Walter & Clarence fetched a load of straw at Kravitz's.

Friday 28

Mild Father went home after dinner. Walter went up to Glenallan with Albert Reist to R. Badley's sale and bought a cow. Thunder and rain storms in the evening.

March Saturday 1

Cold and stormy. Walter & Enoch Snider went to Floradale in the afternoon. Clarence went to Elmira with Elmo King after supper.

March Sunday 2 1919

Beautiful day. Mother, Walter, Vernon, Clarence & Ella all went to church in the morning. After dinner we went down to Louis Miller and stayed for supper.

Monday 3

Lovely day. Walter went to Floradale and fetched the cattle he brought on Friday. Clarence went down to Wagner's and paid the rent. Sam Bird's and Albert Reist called on Walter.

Tuesday 4

Beautiful mild weather. Father came up in the forenoon and Walter killed a beef. In the afternoon they cut up one quarter for summer sausage.

Wednesday 5

Snowing. Walter went down to Albert Reist this morning, helped to butcher a pig and brought half of it home. Walter took two quarters of beef and some pork to Elmira. Rendered the lard & tallow and made liver sausage.

March Thursday 6 1919

Lovely day. We made new summer sausage this morning. Father & Mother went home after dinner and Clarence and Walter took some chopping over to Bird's.

Friday 7

Beautiful day. Walter was gadding all day, down to his father and several other places in the morning and to a sale on the 8th of Peel in the afternoon.

Saturday 8

Lovely in the morning. Turned cloudy after dinner and started to rain and storm in the evening. Clarence was hauling manure and Walter was at home all day for a big wonder. Clarence went to Elmira in the evening.

March Sunday 9 1919

Rain, snow & storm all day. Clarence, Ella and Vernon went over to King's in the afternoon and stayed for supper. Walter did the chores.

Monday 10

Snowed all day. Walter left early this morning for Elmira and took down chickens, egg and liver sausage. He got home at 3 p.m. and went over to Floradale to get his sugar. Enoch and Irwin were here after supper.

Tuesday 11

Snowing in forenoon. Lovely afternoon. Walter took the summer sausage down to J. Brubacher's and after dinner he went to Emerson Grose's sale. Ella and Vernon went up to Enoch Snider's and Walter came there for supper too.

Wednesday 12

Beautiful day. Walter went to Elmira in the morning and took down the beef. Enoch Snider and George Maurer and two other ginks called on him in the after-noon. Walter & Louis Miller went to the Farmer's Club at Floradale in the evening by the moonlight.

March Thursday 13 1913

Very cold with strong wind blowing. Father Krauter & Menno Brubacker were here for dinner. They are looking for horses. Walter spent the day on his estate.

Friday 14

Very cold and windy. Albert Reist fetched the scalding trough in the morning and brought it back in the afternoon. Mrs. Kravitz was here for the eggs.

Saturday 15

Very cold and windy. Beef had a little calf this morning. Started to rain at 11 a.m. and continued all day. Walter went to Elmira and to Wilken's sale and brought Mr. King home with him for supper.


Born - On Wednesday Mar. 12 to Mr. & Mrs. Norman King, a daughter Olive Phyllis.

March Sunday 16 1919

Mild & misty Rained nearly all day. Ella went over to Norman King's with Mr. Jacob King and stayed for the afternoon and evening. Elmo King spent the day with Walter and Clarence. Bess's colt died today.

Monday 17

Mist & rained all day. Walter & Albert Reist went to Elmira to fetch his sheep. Clarence helped Ella with the washing. Saw two robins today. Mr. Zelgler fetched the cow he bought from Walter for $75.

Tuesday 18

Cold & stormy Walter left in the morning bought 4 head of cattle from Schedewitz and a hog from Edmund Schwindt. In the afternoon they made a pen for the sheep.

Wednesday 19

Beautiful spring day. Saw some blackbirds and a kildeer today. Walter & Clarence fetched the cattle at Schedewitz. Walter went to the Farmer's Club at Floradale in the evening.

March Thursday 20 1919

Lovely day. Clarence helped to cut wood at Louis Miller's and Walter did the chores. After supper Walter & Enoch Snider went to Winfield to see about a chopping outfit.

Friday 21

Colder. Clarence helped to cut wood at Louis Miller's. Walter took a load of chopping over to Sam Bird's.

Saturday 22

Beautiful day. Clarence helped to thresh at Addison Reist's all day. Walter & Vernon were over to Enoch Snider's in the afternoon. They moved the chopping outfit here in the evening.

March Sunday 23 1919

Beautiful day. Clarence and Walter went to church this afternoon. Mr & Mrs. N. Hoffer and Howard and Arthur were here for tea.

Monday 24

Lovely day. Charlie and Alonzo Miller are cutting wood and Gingrich is chopping for us. Chris Hartwig came at noon and helped in the bush. Heard a song sparrow this morning.

Tuesday 25

Perfect day. Charlie and Alonzo Miller Chris Hartwig and Phily Bonn helped to cut wood all day.

Wednesday 26

Cloudy & mild Alonzo Miller, C. Hartwig and P. Bonn helped till noon and after dinner Walter, Clarence & Vic went back to the bush alone. Alice Hoffer spent the after noon with Ella. Walter & Clarence went to Floradale Farmer's Club.

March Thursday 27 1919

Cold and stormy Walter took 2 drives around the country in the forenoon and they weighed the cattle in the afternoon.

Friday 28

Very cold and windy. Walter & Vernon went down to Josiah Brubacher's in the morning to get the sausages. After dinner Walter took a load of chopping to Floradale. Enoch Snider was here after supper.

Saturday 29

Very cold and windy. Walter went to Elmira in the afternoon. Fisher is sick again.

Walter bought a pig from Mr. Good.


We moved up here a year ago Mar. 26th

March Sunday 30 1919

Cold. Fisher was worse this morning so Walter called for Eph Reist and he had breakfast here. J. King was over here in the morning. Eph. Reist was here again after supper also Enoch Snider and Jacob King.

Monday 31

Cold & windy. George Snider, Mr. Stange and Will King called on Walter. Clarence fetched the pig at Good's and they butchered her in the afternoon.

April Tuesday 1

Cold and windy. Walter helped Ella do the washing in the forenoon and after dinner Walter walked all over the neighbor-hood, mainly endeavoring to find somebody at home. Ha! Ha!

Wednesday 2

Not quite as cold. Walter brought six pigs from Jacob King. Louis Miller was here and borrowed the carriage. After dinner Walter & Clarence went to the bush to cut wood. Walter went to Floradale Farmer's Club after supper.

April Thursday 3 1919

Walter sold the black cow to Ernest Darlington and took her over this morning. They cleaned grain in the afternoon. Eph. Reist was here and Fisher's chances for recovery are slim.

Friday 4

Misty Fisher died at night and the men skinned him this morning. Enoch Snider, Geo. Snider, Abe Weaver called on Walter. Josiah Martin got 8 little pigs that he bought from Walter. Clarence was draw-ing manure all afternoon.

Saturday 5

Cloudy and mild. Walter spent the whole day with Enoch Snider. They took Geo. Snider's baby beeves to Alma in the morning Pet has a little colt. Nick Hoffer fixed the pony at one barn. Clarence went to Elmira with Charlie Miller.

April Sunday 6 1919

Rained in the morning. Cleaned up at noon. No church service at Woolwich. Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Spies and daughter Irene were here for supper . Irwin Snider spent the afternoon with Vernon.

Monday 7

Very mild. Walter & Clarence went to Elmira with 19 pigs and sold them all so the market was good. Walter got back at 6 oclock.

Tuesday 8

Drizzly and cold Walter went up to Kings and bought 6 pigs, came home and went up to Rob Atknison's After dinner he and Enoch drove all over Pilkington. After supper we were all over at King's for a feast of taffy.

Wednesday 9

Misty & cold. Will King and Louis Miller called on Walter. After dinner Walter and Enoch Snider went to Elmira. Walter went to Floradale Farmer's Club. There were several thunderstorms during the night.

April Thursday 10 1919

Thunderstorms and rain. Cleared up after dinner. Ella & Vernon spent the afternoon at Louis Miller's and stayed for supper. Walter went down to his father's place. Rained after supper.

Friday 11

Cloudy & cool. Walter & Ella washed this morning. Joshiah Brubacher brought a calf that Walter got for $20. After dinner Walter went to Elmira. Ernest Harlington was here and bought 6 pigs from Walter.

Saturday 12

Rain & cold Walter bought a horse (Twig) from Enoch Snider. Clarence helped to cut wood at Louis Miller's till noon and cut wood in our bush in the afternoon. Walter walked over to King's for a little visit.

April Sunday 13 1919

Clear and windy. Walter went to Woolwich church this morning. Mr. & Mrs. Jacob King, Mrs. Norman King and two children were here for tea. Beauty has a little calf.

Monday 11

Mild & lovely Walter went down to Elmira and took down a Holstein steer. Ella cleared the spare bedroom. Walter took the pig over to Ernest Harlington.

Tuesday 15

Cold and windy. Walter & Clarence are hauling the wood together in the bush. Ella & Vernon cleaned the storeroom. Started to snow and storm something fierce around six oclock.

Wednesday 16

Cold rain & windy all day. Walter & Clarence were working in the barn all day, cleaning seed grains, etc. Ernest Harlington and Haines paid Walter a visit and bought a cow (Fanny) and a pig from him.

April Thursday 17 1919

Cloudy & cool & rain & snow. Clarence helped to cut wood all day at Louis Miller's. Walter went to Elora Horse Show with Enoch Snider. Rained after supper. Clarence stayed at Miller's for the night.

Friday 18

Good Friday. Cold & clear. The following people called in Walter - Enoch & Irwin Snider, Geo. Edler, Joe Lawson and Billy Winfield.

Saturday 19

Clear and windy. Walter took a load of chopping over to Floradale in the morning. Clarence, Ella and Vernon went to Elmira in time for Clarence to get the 1.50 train. Walter rode down with the mail man and we had tea at Art. Klinck's. Geo. Haynes fetched Fanny this morning.

April Sunday 20 1919

Easter Sunday. Rained in the morning. Mr & Mrs. Jno. Maurer, {Miriam} and Victoria Maurer and Harold Hebel were here for tea. Mr & Mrs Howard Schmidt and daughter Glady spent the evening with us.

Monday 21

Beautiful weather. Walter & Ella washed this morning and after dinner Walter went down to Kyhl's Sale and Vernon walked over to King's. Ella finished Cleaning the upstairs. Jess has a little colt.

Tuesday 22

Beautiful day. Ella did her ironing. Father & Mother Krauter came up before dinner and Mother boiled the soap in the afternoon. Walt see & Enoch Snider spent the day in Kitchener. Clarence came home after dinner.

Wednesday 23

Cloudy & windy. We dug a bed in the garden and Ella planted onions, lettuce, radishes & carrots. Father & Mother went home after dinner. Walter started plowing and Clarence was cultivating. Started to rain after supper.

April Thursday 24

Cold with fierce wind and snowstorm. Walter called at King's and Enoch Snider's in the forenoon.

Friday 25

Very cold. Fierce snowstorm blowing. Walter took a load of chopping to Floradale in the morning. Mr. & Mrs. Louis Miller spent the afternoon here.

Saturday 26

Milder. Very windy. The ground was covered with snow this morning. Nick Hoffer fixed the pump and was here for dinner. Walter went to Elmira in the afternoon. Clarence went to Elmira after supper with Elmo King and Frank Ford.

April Sunday 27 1919

Beautiful day.

We were at home all

day. Weaver's & Halle's

said they were coming up but they disappointed us.

Monday 28

Rained all forenoon, Cloudy all day. Walter took Vernon to school this morning and made two trips down to Harvey Schmidt's and bought two cows from him. Art. Klinck was here this morning. Vernon's first day at school.

Tuesday 29

Beautiful day. Ella did her washing this morning. Walter was plowing and Clarence was drawing manure all day.

Wednesday 30

Windy & cloudy. Walter was plowing in the morning and sowed the spring wheat in the afternoon. Faith came up before dinner and brought some strawberry plants and Ella dug a piece in the garden and plants them.

May Thursday 1 1919

Rained all day. Walter went to Floradale in the morning and Father went home in the afternoon. Mrs. A. L. Shanty of Kitchener died today.

Friday 2

Walter took Vernon to school this morning and after dinner he and Clarence took some oats down to his father's place and brought home some buckwheat.

Saturday 3

Cloudy. Started to rain in the afternoon. Josia Brubacher was here this morning. Walter, Ella and Vernon left at about 4 o'clock had supper at Isaac Holle's and went over to Hilliand's for the night.


Vernon L'.C. Maurer started to a school at Creekbank April 28. 1919. We got a letter from Fayie who has escaped from the Hamilton Asyluml and is working for a farmer near Paris.

May Sunday 4 1919

Misty in the morning. Rained heavily nearly all afternoon and evening. Charlie Ida {...} Walter and Ella alter {...} the funeral of Mrs. A. L. Shauty at Kitchener. After supper we called on Clayton Schifele's.

Monday 5

Lovely & cold. We left Charlie's in the morning and went up to Krauter's for dinner and arrived home at 7 oclock.

Tuesday 6

Clear & windy. Walter & Clarence were plowing all day. Ella dug the two flower bed and sowed asters & candytufts.

Wednesday 7

Very misty in the morning. Clear and windy after dinner. Walter spent the forenoon at Jno. Stange's and after dinner he was sowing and Clarence was cultivating. Ella dug a piece in the garden and planted musk melons, peas and beans.

May Thursday 8 1919

Windy and cool. Clarence was cultivating all day and Walter was pruning apple trees. Ella did her washing.

Friday 9

Cloudy and cool. Clarence was cultivating and Walter sowed the field behind the back orchard.

Saturday 10

Rained all day. Walter took a load of chopping over to Floradale. Clarence fetched the hams at Josiah Brubacher's and Vernon went with him. Clarence and Charlie Miller went to Elmira after supper.


Born on May 4 to Mr. & Mrs. Lincoln Koch near Conestoga, a son. Died about two weeks later.

May Sunday 11 1919

Cloudy. Sprinkled all day. Mr & Mrs. Isaac Holle and children Allison, Percy & Mrs. Henry Holle and Gladys Holle paid us a visit today.

Monday 12

Cloudy. Walter & Ella went to Elmira this morning to the fair. Ella had dinner at Art. Klinck's. Walter & Clarence went down to Louis Miller's after supper.

Tuesday 13

Beautiful day. Very warm. Walter & Clarence were drawing straw from the stacks to the barn in the morning. After dinner they were seeding. Walter hung on the line fence for two houses and a half talking to Sam Bird.

Wednesday 14

Lovely day. Warm. Clarence and Walter were working in the field all day. After supper Walter went to the Floradale Farmer club and Clarence fetched a cultivator at Maurer's.

May Thursday 15 1919

Rained in the morning. Fair. Walter & Clarence were cultivating & seeding all day. Elmo King spent the evening over here.

Friday 16

Misty & rainy. Walter was sowing all forenoon. It started to rain in earnest in the afternoon.

Saturday 17

Rain. Walter & Clarence hauled manure on the raspberry patch and did odd jobs around the house & garden.


Born on Monday May 12 to Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Scheifele at Conestoga. a son. Robert Bruce

May Sunday 18 1919

Clear and windy. Walter, Ella and Vernon Mr. & Mrs. Louis Miller went up to Krauter's and spent the day there. Ernest {Bows} and Freddie came up here and had dinner with Clarence.

Monday 19

Lovely day. Walter helped Ella with the washing in the morning and was seeding in the afternoon. Clarence was cultivating. After supper Aaron Guigerick & Mr. Maurer were here. Strawberry is sick. Eph. Reist was here in the morning.

Tuesday 20

Raining. Cold & nasty. Walter took two head of cattle to Elmira in the morning and Clarence went up to Sim. Weaver's.

Wednesday 21

Rained nearly all day. Mrs. Sim Weaver came here in the morning and {sketched} Walter papered the kitchen and bedroom. Eph. Reist was here to tend to Strawberry.

May Thursday 22 1919

Rain. Walter sheared the sheep today. Walter's callers were - Geo Snider, Elmo King, Jno Horst and Aaron K. Snyder.

Friday 23

Changeably. Walter has bought Jim, Charlie Hereford and he went down there this morning and ... and Charlie brought him up and Charlie stayed for the night.

Saturday 24

Lovely day. Walter, Charlie and Clarence took two pigs over to Alma. Charlie went home in the afternoon. Laura & Hilda Reist called on us and Hug. Ziegler paid Walter a friendly visit. Vernon went fishing with Emerson Stange and Albert Reist.


Born on Monday May 19 to Mr. & Mrs. Sam Bird a daughter. Died two days later.

May Sunday 25

Beautiful day. We all went to Woolwich church in the morning. Walter, Ella and Vernon spent the afternoon at Sam Bird's and Clarence was visiting at Jno. Maurer's.

Monday 26

Lovely day. Walter & Ella washing in the morning and after dinner Clarence was cultivating and Walter was seeding.

Tuesday 27

Grand day. Walter finished seeding today and started making fence along the pasture field. Clarence was hammering. Ella cleaned the parts & dining room. Norman King was here after supper and got two bags of potatoes.

Wednesday 28

Lovely weather. Walter & Clarence plowed the garden today. Walter was making fence and Clarence was cultivating. Walter & Clarence went to Floradale Farmer's Club and arrived home at 2.45. a.m.

May Thursday 29 1919

Beautiful day. We put the young cattle out today. Walter & Clarence were plowing the root field. Ella stretched her curtains Mr. & Mrs. Louis Miller were here after supper.

Friday 30

Very warm. Clarence and Walter were working the root fields. The orchards are in bloom.

Saturday 31

Very hot. Walter went to Elmira in the morning and Clarence went down to Jno Horst and got two bag of Delaware potatoes. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hilliard, Vera and Ella came up here in the afternoon.


Irwin Snider was operated on for appendicitis on Saturday night between 12 and 10 oclock Dr. Lucy & Dr. McDrilbton.

June Sunday 1 1919

Very hot. Hilliard's were here all day and we were trying hard to keep cool. Mr. Moogk came back to his little farm today.

Monday 2

Very hot. Ella cut the potatoes and Clarence and Walter planted them. In the afternoon they were drawing manure. After supper Walter went up to Edler's to help skin a horse that died for them.

Tuesday 3

Hot. Peter Schmehl was visiting Walter all forenoon. After dinner Walter took some Chopping to Floradale and Clarence and I worked in the garden. Ed. Ziegler was here after supper.

Wednesday 4

Hot. Ella did her washing. Clarence & Walter were plowing the cow field.

June Thursday 5 1919

Hot & close in the morning. Terrific thunder, wind, rain and hail storm in the afternoon. The telephone is on the blink. Several culverts on the Elmira road are washed away.

Friday 6

Rain and thunderstorm in the evening. Walter took a pig and some potatoes to Elmira in the morning and butchered a steer for the beef ring after supper.

Saturday 7

Lovely day. We left after dinner went down to Waterloo, had supper at Charlie's and on the way home we stopped at Elmira and Ezra and Bert came up with us. Clarence went to Elmira after supper.


Liddy kicked Sport and broke his leg last Monday.

June Sunday 8 1919

Changeable weather. Father, Mother, ???, Edna, Willard, Milliard and Mabel Sha??? was here today for dinner and supper. Clarence took Ezra and Bert home after supper.

Monday 9

Lovely day. Walter & Geo Mogk went to Elmira Monthly Fair. Clarence was plowing. Walter has a bare ???. It is swollen shut.

Tuesday 10

Nice weather. Walter & Clarence were plowing all day. Ella got her corn and cucumber planted at last.

Wednesday 11

Beautiful day. Ella did her washing today. Walter was plowing and Clarence was disking. Walter went to Floradale Farmer's Club in the evening.

June Thursday 12 1919

Lovely. Irwin Giligirick planted our corn today. Clarence & Walter were harvesting and notting. After supper Clarence, Walter, Vernon, Harvey Schmidt, Jno. Maurer and Ella went to the Farmer's Mass Meeting at Conestogo.

Friday 13

Very hot. Thunderstorms and a few drops of rain in the afternoon. Clarence was disking the root field and Walter was making fence and killed a beef in the evening.

Saturday 14

Hot. Clarence was working in the root field. Charles J. Hilliard, Vera and Ella came up here today and stayed for dinner and supper. Ella had a headache.

June Sunday 15 1919

Very warm. Walter & Clarence went to Woolwich church in the afternoon. Ella feels somewhat better than yesterday.

Monday 16

Lovely weather. Walter and Clarence were working up the turip field. Edmund Schmidt was here in the evening. Ella wrote a letter for Geo. Mogk.

Tuesday 17

Very hot. Walter took a load of chopping to Floradale and spent the day there. Loon, Wagner and Onlan Bowman were here in the morning. Clarence Adolph Huir and Joe Lason were here in the evening.

Wednesday 18

Very hot. Walter sold a heifer to Jno. Miller and Ed. Render. Walter sowed his turnips. Ella was over at King's in the afternoon to get some turnip seed. Mr. & Mr.s Norman King, Mr. Jacob King were here after supper.

June Thursday 19 1919

Intensely hot. Clarence was cutting thistle all day. Walter

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“Ellamanda Krauter Maurer Diary, 1919,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed October 28, 2020, https://ruraldiaries.lib.uoguelph.ca/transcribe/items/show/258.

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