James Bowman Diary, 1896


James Bowman Diary, 1896

Date Created

January 1, 1896

Is Part Of

James Bowman Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript


{The book is a bound ledger with 2 columns for money entries (spent and received) on the right side of page.} {Only the diary part has been transcribed, not the numbers in the columns.}

Wednesday Jan 1st 1896 fine == === 219 =

both teams hauling grain in morning and 1 in afternoon I was getting lumber ready Took Kyma Liverdhill to OAC Bull Lord Aberdeen 2nd Thursday 2nd fine Two teams hauling grain in morning and One in Afternoon We finished hauling grain today I worked around yard postage for Mina {aud?} C 9 c Friday 3rd cold We worked at yard all day Mr Tuck here since two oclock, S. Slates came for bal of his wages 2.00 Saturday 4th cold We worked at yard all day, Mr Tuck was here 1.00 went to Town in evening sold Butter $1.36 paid Dr {R.....?} bill $6.50 Sunday 5th cold Father Mary and I went to Church heard Dr Henderson {...?} a New Year sermon Mina & I went to Dr. S. Monday 6th cold Went to town in morning got harness fixed {25c?} sold sheep skins $1.90 bgt Flour horses shod polled my vote a {plumber?} Joe Hales and the old {Rube?} and {illegible} exchanged gobblies with Crosbys

== Tuesday 7th Jan 1896 == fair Manure I went to Town for stables with R. Mc. {Rar?} {aug?} started him hauling Manure then I took a load of straw to Kelchar & Hurly they owe us now twenty four three loads of manure, Mc {5 - in margin of page} hauled 5 loads today I went up to Jim's in afternoon for potatoes and turnips go bag potatoes and a load of Turnips, I give Mr McRae 40 c a day Wednesday 8th fair I went to town in morning with a box of straw to {seroggir?} got Nell shod on hind feet bgt. harness $12.25 to be paid next June, trace chains $1.30 hammer 50 c got a load of Manure at Seroggir's {5 in margin of page} Mc Hauled {5?} loads today from Hurly's. I worked at yard since in afternoon Thursday 9th fine Mc Rae, Hauling manure {4 in margin of page} four loads from Hurleys and one from Sleemans I went to town bgt old Iron 10 c {?}, got Maud shod, 20 {?} {between lines on right - 12 ft. 6x4 in got a piece of timber for Bunks to be paid back out of logs

{221 - number on top right hand corner of page}

Friday Jan 10th 1896 fine

Father and Mc went for four loads of Turnips I did the chores and fixed up around barn arranged with Mr {Hawer?} to give him hay for manure 50 c per load for manure and $15.50 per ton for hay

Saturday 11th fine

Father and Mc went up to other place for four loads of Turnips Mary & I went to town after dinner bgt book for Mina 75c {sticking?} plaster 25

Sunday 12th Stormy

Father Mina and Charlie went to Church. We stayed at home the rest of the day.

Monday 13th Stormy

Father & Mc went for Tur- -nips in morning I went to Town sold what we had to spare to M Shultz @ 10c per bush. if they {rise?} we are to get the raise took a {a} load in 40 50 - 1490 == Tuesday 14th fair == Father & Mc hauling Turnips two loads to Town and two home 4920 - 1470. 2nd 5120 - 1340 & fixed {mets?}, in her house

{Page number 222 in top left corner}

Wednesday Jan 15th 1896 fine

Father and Mc Hauling Turnips Mr Tuck was out to see about fixing barn he offers to Jack barn up 4 ft clear put on 20 ft of a lean to this side fix {D?} shed and root house put in all the doors that is necessary for $50 I have to find all material Friday Thursday 16th 17th 1896 {f...? above} Mr Tuck and I went up to see Mr Reynolds barn near Elora, we have arranged to let Mr Tuck have the Job of raising and from 7 to ten ft at the price we have mentioned $50 paid R Mc {left margin} bgt bull rings 40c 1 for W Belsy {Rar.?} $2.00 need $24.70 Mr Shultz for Turnips got 1 load of manure from {illegible} paid for 3 1.50 also for 9 from {illegible} .75 Thursday 16th June Father & Mc finished Turnips in morning in I finished fixing fence in yard in- afternoon I took a grist of Chop 5.00 to mill Mc got two loads of manure from Hewer's Examination paper for Mina 16 {in left column} {Chop 80 and flour 175 {Sled?} from Shultz} Sat Friday 18th fair put dip on the Cattle in Mor- -ning went to town at eleven Oclock bgt apples 90 c, Flax 75c pd Taylors account 75c pd Stewarts $5.11 pd {T?} Goetz $ 1.85 pd. his son 65,

== 223 == {page in journal}

Jan 1896

Sat 18th fair

pd Mc Williams 3.00 bgt {bought} overshoes for Father, 1.20 for Mina 50c Socks for Self 45 Shoes for Charlie $1.00 stamps 09c

Sunday 19th fair

C, Father and I went to Church heard Dr Tovell preach a missionary sermon it was very good, Mina C & I went to {s.S.?}

Monday 20th fair

Father and I chopping for a while in morning W. Tuck, came and he and I marked trees for the Enlarging of barn, and fixed stairs in cellar and I paid him $3.00 for helping me with yard.

Tuesday 21st

McCrae came today Father & he cut wood and I went for rafters down to Bedford's he agrees to give me the six 6 - 20 foot sticks for 30c {above line} 10 {illegible} small {illegible} each, 3 - 17 ft sticks 10 at small end for 25c, 20 - 10 ft @ 15c 2.8 ft square 8 in at 15c

Wednesday 22nd

in morning Mc and I cut wood and Father hauled in afternoon I went to Dawsons sale,

== 224 == {Journal page number}

Wednesday Jan 22nd, 1896

bgt, {bought} old Implements and small truck, & $6.09 poultry, 4:15 recd {received} 6.00 from Wal Dawson for horse service

Thursday 23rd Dull & wet

We all worked at wood until about 3 PM. then Mc Went to make an axe handle and some whiffle trees and Father and I did other odd chores fixing cellar, We had a talk about hiring Mc for a year he wants $225.00 and board himself or, $160.00 and board with us, we have agreed to take him if he will let Wilfred help through the summer, hoeing Turnips pulling Mustard and other small jobs that a boy can help at

Friday 24th Stormy

Father and I chored all day I went up for a few bags of potatoes and had a talk with Jim about paying what he owes Mc, he wanted twenty dollars more than I think he has a right to

Saturday 25th

hauled up a load of wood in the morning then went to town, Paid R. Shortreed $3.84 bal of Dawsons account and $1.42 for lumber I got from him Paid S. Aitcheson for Thrashing. 2.00

== 225 == {Journal page number}

Jan 1896

Sunday 26th fair

Father, Mina & Charlie went to Church in morning, Mina. C. & I to Sunday School

Monday 27th fine

Chored in morning G.B. Hood came along and examined the buildings regarding insuring them seemed satisfied, went up to Jim's in afternoon received $25 from in Cash and a note for $54.25 due on 15th of March

Tuesday 28th fine

I hauled manure from Hurleys in morning and Mc hauled two in afternoon he has started his 4 year this afternoon he is to receive $160.00 for his pay at the end the year he got 74 lds {loads?} @ {16?} = {58 or 68?} last night

Wednesday 29th fine

Mc & Fred & I hauled home four loads of hay. sold 80 {ditto loads} to him @ $ 16 = 64 {$}

Thursday 30th fair

we put off hay and made crate for bull in morning in afternoon Mc hauled wood and I went to Town need $8.00 from M Jackson owing to Insurance being refused

226 page number in journal

Thursday Dec == Friday Jan 31st == Paid Jas Algie $1.10 for Blacksmithing paid Metcaff on Harness stirrups for Mina 2, bggs 13 Lantern glass 10c, candies 02

Saturday Feb 1st 1896

Father Mc & I cutting wood in morning and They in afternoon I took 17 bags of oats to be chopped 85c, paid Taxes on Simpson farm for the year 1895, 21.08c bgt {bought} dry goods $2.73 Mc got 80 {notation above line - loads?} of hay

Sunday 2nd fair

Father, Mary and I went to Church, heard Dr Henderson on the Sacrament, we stayed to sacrament there was a greater number than usual. Mina. C & I went to SS {Sunday School?}

Monday 3rd Stormy

Father Mc and I chopping wood all day in bush

Tuesday 4th Stormy

Mc Hauling wood in morning Father and I chopping. I went in Morning and Father and Mc in afternoon. I went to town go Jim's note discounted {sred?} for it $53.85, Paid W.G. Smith, $25.65 for Cement paid W Metcaff bal on Harness 7.00. bgt {bought} a {Jib?} 15c paid Mc $2.46 being the bal due him for January paid H.S. Fees for Mina

Feb 1896 == == 227

== Wednesday 5th == fine Father & I Hauled up wood for to saw. Mc did not come today. Mr Nesbits, I Dyson came and I let a Job to him to cut do all our logs and timbers at 4 c {cents} a stick and to cut up the tops into wood at 50 c {cents} per cord and board himself

== Thursday 6th == Stormy I hauled a load of manure from the stables in morning then got ready and went to Davis sale did not buy anythin on my way home bot {bought} an old sleigh and a box from Mr Baley for $7.00

== Friday 7th == fair Father and I made bunks for the long sleigh in morning and I hauled a load of logs to mill in afternoon got sleigh fixed in afternoon {15 cents} Dyson & Gould were cutting logs today

== Saturday 8th == fine Hauled a load of logs to mill in morning bgt {bought} truss for Charlie 2.50 Father & Mc hauled two loads to mill in afternoon & load of lumber home, bgt {bought} beef in afternoon at $5.00 per 100 " {lbs} hind quarter got shoe mended 30 c {cents} {illegible?} fixed 35 {cts?} Mr Osborn & Mrs Trimbel came today

== Sunday Feb 9th 1896 == == 228 == Storm Father, Mina, G. Osborn Mrs Trimble & I went to Church heard Dr Henderson on the result of constant Prayer it was very good, we all stayed home the rest of the day.

== Monday 10th == fair I hauled the bal {balance} of rafters five fence posts and, one ten foot post, Mc took in 2 loads of logs to mill and brought home 1 load of timbers, we hauled up three loads of wood,

== Tuesday 11th == Stormy Mc hauled two loads of logs to mill. I fixed pen for Lambing ewes and chored till noon then father & I cleaned up Siberian oats, a grade Shrop {Shropshire breed} ewe had a pair of lambs tonight

== Wednesday 12th == fair Took a load of logs to mill and brought home a load of timber. then got thing ready and shipped the Polled Angus Bull Bonnie Lad. to Herbert Stairs Hillaton Nova Scotia

== Thursday 13th == Stormy I hauled up wood and Mc hauled two loads of logs to mill G. Osborn and {Wm ?} Trimble came back today

Friday 14th Feb, 1896 == == 229

I hauled up wood and Mc hauled three loads of logs to mill. Put Kyma 2nd to Lord Aberdeen 3rd

Saturday 15th

Mc hauled two loads of logs to mill I hauled two loads of wood to house and skidded the bal of logs that were to go to mill, then hauled home these overlays, 7 flat. Went to to town saw Mr {Luak?}, and also Mr Aitcheson about sawing and cutting. saw Mr Bedford about cedar, read a letter from Mr Cochrane about Men. Stamps for Mc {83 cents} paid for apples {75 cents}

== Sunday 16th == Cold & Clear Father Mary and I {illegible?} {@,?} went to Church, Mina & I went to S S {Sunday School}

== Monday 17th == very cold Mc hauled two loads of logs and 1 load of chop to mill. 12 bags @ 5 60 {5 cents equals 60 cents} I hauled two loads of Cedar from Bedfords, 3-20 ft 1-12 ft 12-10 ft 1-8 ft

== Tuesday 18th == cold I went over to {W McRae's?} in morning to get him to come to cut on Thursday. Mc hauled three

Tuesday. Feb 18th 1896 == === 230 {page number in top left corner} =

I hauled two loads of wood in morning from bush and a load of cedar from Brd. fords in afternoon. paid $1 fees for Mina pants for Charlie 60 {60 cents} Under clothing for Mina 55 {55 cents}

== Wensday {Wednesday} Feb, 19th == stormy I finished hauling cedar from Bedfords and Mc hauled a load of logs to mill, Simon & Andrea Aitcheson came to saw wood this afternoon had I. Dipson and P. Gould was helping us also, 40c

== Thursday 20th == cold had W McCrae and S. Aitcheson helping us to {cut ?} {paid?} also I Dyson, & P. Gould 80c np {a piece?}

== Friday 21st == cold Mc hauled two loads of logs to mill & I hauled one we brought home ten sticks of timber, bgt hardware. 85 {cents} paid Mc $1.00 yesterday

== Saturday 22nd == fair we cut in morning after 9 am. till noon thru set machine and sawed in afternoon I owe Simon Aitcheson 7.00, Dyson and Gould 40c np {a piece?} recd {received} $52.50 from Mr Geo Johnston

Sunday 23rd Soft == === 231 page number in top right corner =

Father, Mina & C. went to Church, Mina, C. & I went to S.S., Mary & I went to hear conductor Snyder in the evening at Dublin St he was quite interesting

Monday 24th colder

I chored in forenoon took home McCrea's cutting box I owe him $1.50, Mc hauled two loads Logs to Mill, I drove over to Sharp's got Maud shod, 25c Monday 25th Tuesday paid McKenzie's bill 75 {cents} paid $10.00 on account to G. B. Morris recd {received} 100.00 from Herbert Stairs Nova Scotia

Tuesday 25th fine & cold

I had a talk with Mr Sarp about the cattle and then started to Burt's had dinner there and got his prices and came home.

Wednesday 26th fair

Mc took a load of logs to mill and brought home some lumber. I took 10 bags oats to chop, 60c {cents} bgt {bought} curry comb, 15c {cents}, paid Johnston $1.50

Thursday 27th fair

went to Town in morning paid. F. W. Hodson $1.00 being member's fee for Cattle Breeders Association for Jas Sharp, paid bal {balance} of rent to K. {McLean?} 75.00 paid A.R. Dimpson's note $30.30 paid W. Wakefield $7.00 stamp 09c {cents}

Thursday 27 Febr, 1896 == === 232 page number in top left corner =

{illegible initial?} Weld came with Mr Colyer to see about polled Angus Cattle, did not mak a deal, expect to hear tomorrow, Mc Hauled 4 loads of logs to mill I hauled one Dyson finished his job today paid Tuck for mending gate {75 cents in column}

  "  for {illegible} $1.00

Friday 28th fair & soft

we hauled in two loads of logs in morning and hauled up three sleepers and a load of wood paid I Dyson $6.00 on account, bgt {bought} slippers for Father, 25c {cents} went up to old place for two loads of Implements in afternoon.

Saturday 29th fine

Mc Hauled three loads of manure, Charlie and I hauled two loads of potatoes from old place, I went to town in evening bgt. {bought} bread 15c {cents}

Sunday 1st Mch {March} 1896

Father Mary & I went to Church in morning. heard {Miss?} McDonald preach. she is very earnest, H. Leadley came out and went with us to S. S. he acted as Superintendent

Monday 2nd stormy

Mc & I hauled four loads of manure I hauled 4 loads of lumber paid W. {McCrae?} 1.50

== Tuesday 3rd Mch 1896 == == 233 Page Number in top right corner} Father and Mc went up to old place for two loads of potatoes. I chored and went to Station to meet Simon Blight the trains are blocked and he did not arrive. got my mits {mitts} 35c {cents}, stamps 06, in afternoon I took Kyma Tweedhill to O.A.C. Bull

Thursday Wensday {Wednesday} 4th Thursday fine went up to old place for bal {balance} of potatoes, and some other things got two loads in afternoon I took a load of chop to mill 10 bags. bgt {bought} 60 C. {can?} Oil. 77. brush, 23. lock. 50 plaster 30, horses shod. 50 c {cents} bgt. 250 " {pounds?} flour from Scroggie $5.00 I owe Mr Blight 90c

Thursday 5th Wensday {Wednesday} 4th Mc & I hauled two loads potatoes in morning and he & Father got one in afternoon. I hauled up some wood.

Friday 6th Dull & wet Mc and I started for Egremont this morning arrived there about five P.M. got our loads , our Dog was sick and tired. Found all real well.

Saturday, 7th March 1896 == == 234 page number upper left corner

Mc & Tom started off with their loads this morning. I followed them to town. bgt {bought} a quart of raw Linseed oil & some Ginger 28 c {cents} and 25 c {cents} worth of brace in afternoon P Harper and I took out two loads of Lumber to be ready to start on Monday Morning. {Candie?} {ect?} 10 c {cents} Chain mended, 10 c {cents}

== Sunday 8th == stormy We stayed at home Morning Mother and I went to woodland in afternoon Col. 05. We spent the Evening at Will's

Monday 9th

Will and I took stock of his things and I got ready to start for home

== Tuesday 10th == fair Started for home about six am, had dinner at Arthur. 25, whip 10 c {...an?} at Fergus 15 c supper at Ennotville 25 got home about two Oclock Tom got one load home today Tom's expenses $2.00

March Wensday {Wednesday} 11th stormy 1896

235 page number upper right corner

I got up about ten this morning Tom started for home about noon paid him for sleigh 3.00 piled lumber in afternoon

Thursday 12th cold stormy

I went to town in morning got Fathers tools fixed. 30 c some other tools 50 c paid my bill at Algies 20 c got brush at Morris 10 meat, 57, c in afternoon I went to Mr Friday 13th Sandilands bgt {bought} a door. it is to be $2.00, bgt 30 brick 40 c 1/2 bu {lime?} 10 c, two thimbels {thimbles} for pipes 25 c Friday 13 Saturday Friday 13th I chored all day went to town for plaster Paris and 15 c Mc went to town {Curnnock?} for a load of lumber, Expenses on road, 50 c

Saturday 14th fine

Mother & W. {ill - above line} {Carrer?} last night and W & I went to see about selling a horse did not make a deal we had a runaway expenses of mending {B. ?} well Sold Maud in afternoon and I went to see about door Francis, W went home

236 (left side of page)

Sunday 15th March, 1896 fine

Mr. B. Father, Mother Mary and I went to Church. Heard Rev. Dr Hannan preach on, I was glad when they said unto me let us go up to the house of the Lord. Mina C. and I went to S.S. in afternoon.

Monday 16th fine

I chored for a while and then went to town with a grist 12 bags. 7.2 bgt germ 56,Bran 56 hardware 22c, paid S. Aitcheson for cutting and sawing $7.00 Meat, 65c Mr. Paso came to see about papering and painting he agrees to paint the face board and eave trough all arounf house for 2.00 and front door for 1.25 & papering and painting room for 5.00 Hales had two cows to bull. Recd $50 from Mrs. McC? paper and Envelopes 15c

Tuesday 17th fine

I chored a while in the morning. went to mill for 2 loads of sawdust. Carpenters put in door frames today.

Wensday 18th fine

I chored in morning went down to brewery stables paid Kelsher $5.00 for 6 loads of manure.bal coming to me 50c, had Mc in afternoon he hauled two loads of manure bought wall paper $2.60

237 (right side of page)

Thursday 19th Mch 1896 Stormy

Mc and I hauled two loads of manure in the morning and aload of wood, Mc here 1/2 day. I put dip on cattle and horses in afternoon. Mina paid fees on Tuesday, 2.00. Minas shoe mended 10c. Foolscap paper,10

Friday 20th Stormy

Trains all blocked, no trains passed today. I went to town in morning bought hardware $1.10, oil cake 1.00 salt 15c, shoes mended 30cstamps &laces for Mina & C 16c

Saturday 22nd fine & cold

Mc Hauled 3 loads of saw logs and Father one & I one, in all 16 logs. left $8.67 at Wilom's for T. Bedford paid w Wakefield $2.00 Meat 50c

Tuesday 24th fine

We cut three basswood trees and took in the logs they came to three dollars, hauled home two loads of lumber Mc here 1/2 day

238 (left top of page)

                                            Mch 1896
                                           Tuesday 24th fine
 Went to Slater's sale in afternoon bgt. small things $1.65 also wagon $30 F mill. 9. plow 6 bgt a pup from R. Shortreed $1.00
                                           Wensday 25th soft
 W. Tuck was here all day hewing timber for barn. Mc here all day. we did most of (?). W. Pass & son here
                                           Thursday 26 Dull

We hewed a while in morning then I went to town for a load of lumber, went to S. Lovells sale in afternoon bgt chain 50c hay fork track $3.50 and democrat $2.00. Calf $6.75 int off 15. bal I owe $12.15 Ladder .15 12.15

                                           Friday 27th fine

killed the calf I bought yesterday and did chores in morning. in afternoon went up to Slater's for wagon ect, Mrs.J. Saudilaud called this evening.

                                           Saturday 28th fine

1 Mc hauled stones all day Father and Henry took a grist to mill 10 bags 60c. I went to market sold hide $1.15 1.15 beef 2.02 hind quarter 52" @6= #3.12 3.12

              & front quarter to Mc Nar                                                                                       2.02
            borrowed $45 out of bank for four months @ 7%   ( ? ) 43.90
            paid Mr. Slater $44.40                                                                                            44.30
             "   Herbert Wright  4.00 for bull service                                                                         4.00

239 (top right of page)

                                           Sunday 29th 1896 fine

Father, Mary & Charlie went to church. Mina, C. &I went to S.S. Mr. Glasford was out to take the services it was very good.

                                           Monday 30th fine

W. Luck came this morning and finished thehewing before dinner in Afternoon we split wood & chored Mc here all day. recd $77 from Will being the balance of intrest due to me.

                                           Tuesday 31st fine

I did chores then went to town, paid Wideman and Clemens $.00 for fixing door frame, paid note in Bank $44.15 paid Scroggin $5.00 paid 3.95 for music R Mcrae, $7.32

                                          Wensday 1st April

R. Mcrae & I went to chop wood he cut his foot about two oclock,& went home Jas Clark came this morning to try the job for a while I took home Baley's Lucks& brought home our democrat and hay fork, also 6 windows from school for which I have to pay 60c

                                         Thursday 2nd

I morning I went for hay fork track, & ladder. paid $8.65 to Miss Ford for S. Lovell. Split wood in afternoon

240 (top left of page)

                                           Friday April 3rd 1896 Stormy

Father mary and I went to Church in the morning at Dublin St. in afternoon Mr Sharp and I looked around stock & farm. had a talk about Bull.

                                           Saturday 4th Cold

Mr. Sharp went up town in morning and I took a load of logs to mill &went in afternoon (?) Mr. Sharp & I took a look around the stock, he offers me a young cow for our young bull calf

                                          Sunday 5th fine

Mina Father & C went to Church. Mina C7 I went to S.S. Mary and I went to Church in evening.

R. Mc 1 day Monday 6th dull

we finished splitting wood todayand fixed floor over cistern. Mc started today @ 50c per day.

                                          Tuesday 7th dull

1 day we chored in forenoon and in afternoon and in afternoon I took grist of chop to mill. 10 bags @6.60 105 " bran@60 $1.17 bal 12 got chain fixed 10c postage for Mary fat 20c got watch ring .25

241 (upper right side of page)

                                       Wensday April 8th 1896 fine
        Father Mc and I working at stones all day Mc hauling rails in morningand stones in afternoon

Mc 1

                                       Thursday 9th fair
  1        We all worked at stones all day.stamp 03 1 for M 03                               03                                      
                                       Friday 10th fair & warm
  1         we finished getting stone out of the old house foundation and I went to Mr Hakins sale in afternoon bgt. rollers 20.00
            small things $3.30 paid 2.00 gave a note for 21.30 2shirts for Charlie $1.48                                      2.00
                                       Saturday 11th Dull & damp
           Boys cleared Baumer Oats in morning Mary and I went to town, bgt shoes for Mina 1.10 2 pair for C $1.85 1 for      1.85
           self $1.35 smock for self $1.24, hardware .40                                                                      1.10
           I received $40.00 from (?) in winter 40.00

                                     Sunday 12th fine
           Father Mary & I went in to Church in the morning heard Conductor Sinder preach on Faith, it was very good. 
           Mina C. & I went to S.S. in afternoon
                                     Monday 13th fine
           we started to cultivate field No 2 today i flled up furrows in 2, 4 and 5. We also plowed some sod

242 (top left of page)

                                         Tuesday 14th April 1896 fine
                  had a little rain in morning I went to Baleys for scraper then cultivated till noon went over to Mc Rae's and hired Fred  
    F 1/2         for a month at $6 per month. he was here 1/2 day Mc is sick today
                                         Wensday 15th
    R.1           Mc cultivating I harrowing & sowing siberian oats in no.3
                                         Thursday 16th fine
    R.1           Mc cultivated, I sowed Fred harrowed. had his horse all day
    F 1
                                         Friday 17th fine
    R 1
    F 1            A shower this evening with hail, Mc cultivated. I sowed and Fred harrowed, till 5.20 p.m.
                   almost finished sowing No 5
                                         Saturday 18th fine
    R 1            I went to town in morning took ten bags of oats to mill to chop 60c, 2 bags 10 clover            60
                   Timothy seed 7.00 orchard grass 1.75 R Mc plowing sod all day oilcake                            10
                                         Sunday 19th fine cooler
                   Father Mina and CCharlie went to Church. Mina, C & I went to S.S.
                   Mary and I went over to Busby's in evening

243 (top right of page)

                            Monday 20th April 1896 fine

R.1 F.1

           Mc Fred and I worked at seeding all day. Finished sowing at this side of bush. sowed grass seed on 8 acres today    3.25
           hat for Mina $3.25 Fees for April 2.00 Coat for C .50                                                               2.00
                            Tuesday 21st fair

R.1 I went for roller to Mc Hawkins Mc cultivated. F. harrowed Father picking up roots I sent Fred to town for grass .57

           seed, 57c as Hannah is not well


R.1 Wensday 22nd fine F.1

           Finished sowing oats today Mc plowing sod part of the day sowed some grass seed & rolled for an hour or two in evening 
           S. Book for Mina                                                                                                       60c
                               Thursday 23rd fair

R.1 F.1 R. plowed sod F rolled and I sowed grass seed & chored bgt. bolts, .06 Shipped oats to Will, .06

           4.45 lb peas to Tom 1.10"  Barber has got 3 lots of oats,64 cts  lb.  695 lb. and one bad that I don't know about

R.1/2 Friday 24th Dull F.1

           I chored a while in morning& Fred sorted root Mc plowing in afternoon & F. harrowing

244 (upper left page)

                                        Friday April 24th 1896  Dul
                     Mary and I went to town bgt windo screens & door 3.00 bgt curtain polesect, $2.00         3.00
                     pipe hole stoppers, 25c roller Tongue $1.25                                                 25
                                        Saturday 25th

R.1 F.1 paid Mc 5.00 Mc and I plowing most of the day we finished the sod, and did a 5.00 pd. $5.00 little harrowing. Charlie & Fred piling wood

                                        Sunday 26th fine
                    Mary and I went to Church in morning, & Mina and C to S.S.Ms R Briton and Mary
                    Nisbet were here in afternoon.
                                        Monday 27th Dull
                    I went to town in morning got things at Penfold's 35c hardware 15c,harness mended            35
                    50. pads 75.                                                                                 15
                                        Tuesday 28th fine


                    F. harrowing & I sowing & rolling. I sowed peas behind bush.
                                        Wensday 29th fine                                                        10.80
F.1                 finished seeding  F. rolling % I sowing, went to town in evening. got 13 1/2 bags chopped       05
                    80c 5.00 flour flour $10.00, went to Sabbath observance meeting in evening 05,                  05
                    scribbler for Mary 05

245 (top right corner)

                                            Thursday 30th April 1896
R.1/2                     I fixed wagon in morning. F. rolling all day. R. hauling manure in afternoon
F.1                       We have made arrangements with Keleher to take what manure he has at thirteen
                          loads and have it away in one week, we can take any size of load we like to make 
                          it easier to haul
                                            Friday 1st May 1896
F.1                       We hauled five loads of manure from Hales @ $1 per load $1 load from a woman near             5.00
                          Hales for straw that we took there, Fred finished rolling and started to cultivate
                          root ground
                                            Saturday 2nd May
R.1                        We finished hauling pig dung from Hales, six loads today We chored in evening,                    60
F.1                        went to town in evening bgt meat 60c shoes for Mina $1.15 ( B ?) .05                            1.15
                                            Sunday 3rd fine
                           Mary, Mina and Charlie went to Church, Mary, Mina & I went to Sunday School.
                           leaves are coming out on most all of the trees now.

R.1/2 Monday 4th fine F.1

                           I began hauling manure from the Brewery five loads I worked around orchard in
                           morning. Charles got tooth pulled 50c                                                             50c

246 (top left of page)

                                              Tuesday May 5th 1896
      R.1            R hauling manure all day. Fred going plowing in morning & piling wood in afternoon. I went        .50
      F.1            to town; got screen doors and horse shod .50& bgt collar for (?). $2.00 R. got 1 1/2 bush oats   2.00
      oats  50c
                                              Wensday 6th fine
     R.1                R. hauling manure all day from Keleher's and Hetly. I went to Mount Forest for a load of lumber, 3.55  4.00
     F.1                 arrived there about six P.M. found all well Hannah better than I expected. sold w box to Tom for       1.00
                     6.50 to be paid any time through the year, paid Tom for his trip $4.00, rec'd from Tom 20c for          .20
                     bags 2.30 for oats $1.00 for peas paid Tom $1.00 on Shaw account & got  (?) shoes removed 20            .10
                     chair fixed 10 Fruit 15c                                                                                .15
                                             Thursday 7th fine
     F. 1/2 for T.    Father & I came down home today arrived here about 4 a.m. Friday I am to pay Will $4.00 for
        1/2 for me    fixing Tom's fences and picking stones got wagon fixed 75c. R. hauling manure in morming &
                      plowing for Mangels in afternoon, F. helping Luck in a.m. and me in afternoon.

247 (top right of page)

                                           Saturday 9th fine & warm
      F.1             R. working at Mangel ground all day. F helping Father with fence and choring. H Leadly & C         13
      paid Mrs 3.00   piling wood. I went to town in morning paid Mrs. McRae 3.00, bgt hrdware 1 pole for Charlie        10
                      paid for Mangel & Carrot seed 93c bgt 5 bags, Burpees & early potatoes @2.00, bags oilcake        1.00
                      , 1.00  paid for fixing harrow. 30c wheat germ 62c Sowed mangels & carrots and washed sheep       2.00 
                      recd $8 from Mrs Randeland                                                                          62
                                          Sunday 10th fine
                     Father, Mina & I went to Church and Mina C, & I to S.S. Mary C & I to Church in evening.We heard
                     two grand sermons today by Rev. Johnston of the Epworth League.
                                          Monday 11th fine
      R.1            Father & I working at fence all day. R. hauling manure  & F. going plowing and cultivating.
                                          Tuesday 12th fine
      R.1            R. hauling manure all day on to no.3. Wilfred going plowing & harrowing in morning. Father & I
      F.1            fixing fence & cutting potatoes.

248 (top left of page)

                                            May 1896
                                            Wensday 13th fair
        R.1         R. Father & Wilfred planting potatoes in morning. I cultivated manured patch near the house
        F.1         & rolled mangel drills around potatoes. I plowed in afternoon. Maura paid fees yesterday 2.00        2.00
                                            Thursday 14th fine
         R.1        Father & R. scraping all day. I rolled & plowed & chored. bgt meat 22" @ 5= $1.10 paid 1.00.         1.00
                    Dooley was here putting up fences this afternoon.                                                     .10
                                            Friday 15th fine
      R.1           Father & R scraping all day. I plowed all day on turnip land w. Luck finished framing the timber
      Tobacco 10c           today.
                                            Saturday 16th fine
       R.1          Father and R.scraping all day. Charlie plowing and I choring Tobacco for R. yesterday 10c
                                            Sunday 17th fine
                    Father Mary and C went to Church.Mina C & I went to S.S.
                                            Monday 18th fine
                    got horses shod .50  (?) 84c R & I scraping in afternoon, Father plowing all day                       .84

249 (top right of page)

                                             May 1896
                                        Tuesday 19th fine
   F.1                    Father and R. scraping all day. I clipped sheep and chored. Fred cultivated turnip
                           and potato ground 
   R.1                                  Wensday 20th fine 
                           Father cutting stone. R. F and I hauling gravel out of foundation after 9 a.m. we 
                           brought 1 load of manure from brewery stables
                                        Thursday 21st fine
   R.1                     Father cutting stone R. F. & I cleaning out the earth from foundation. Henry & 
   F.1                     Willie Leadlay came out today.
                                        Friday 22nd fine                                                            5.00
     F.1                   Father, R. and Fred worked at the foundation all day I went to town in afternoon
                           I borrowed $75.00 from Bank of Commerce for 4 mos. @7%, paid Mc 5.00 Fred 6.25
  Pd R. 5.00                         bgt hardware for Mary 60c Nails NP. $1.20 D Morris bgt track for hay fork 45c
  F. 6.25                          Corn & paid Hewer's bill , 2.50 Corn 05 Salt,05 , bananas 10c                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
                                       Saturday 23rd fine
     F.1                      R, raising drills in morning. F. cultivating and harrowing. Henry C & I cutting       7.00
                           logs and potatoes. Paid Mina's Ex. fees $7.00 We planted potatoes and sowed corn         1.00
                           in afternoon. paid H. Leadlay $1.00

250 (top left of page)

                                                  Sunday 24th fine
                       Mary, Father & I went to Church. Mina, C. & I to S.S.
                                                  Monday 25th fine & heavy showers at night
                       We cut potatoes and planted ten rows & did chores
                                                  Tuesday 26th fine
      R. 1/4           hauled two loads of logs to mill and one load of lumber home. Meat $1.30                     1.30
                                                  Wensday 27th
      R.1              Went to town in morning paid Scrogger $4.00 that I had borrowed. Went to                     4.00
      W.1              see Savage about the fence that was burned by the railway. Went out to                       1.00
                       Jim's and fixed up the things that were out of repair and paid him $1.00
                       instead of doing the work R. Father & W. planting potatoes in morning & I
                       W. in afternoon Father & R. started to build
                                                  Thursday, 28th Dull & showery
                       Father & R. working at foundation all day. I went to town in morning bgt                      .25
                       knife 25c  feed 10c sent $33.33 to Blake Lash & Cassels, bring int from                       .10
                       April 1st to june 1st cost of sending 18c                                                   33.48

251 (upper right side of page)

                                       Friday 29th cool & clear
   R.1                 I was sick all day Father & R. working at foundation all day.
   Curb. 1/2
                                       Saturday 30th fair
    R.1                Father & John working at foundation all day John turning manure at Hales.                      8.00
    J.1                Charlie plowing I chored went to town in morning sent $8.00 to Will.                            .18
                       writing paper 18c
                                       Sunday 31st fine
                       Father, Mina & C. went to Church in morning Mina, C. & I went to S.S.
                                       Monday 1st June 1896 fine
    R.1                I plowed all day. Father & R. worked at foundation John finished turning
    J.1                manure and fixed fences.
                                       Tuesday 2nd fine
    R.1                Father, R & I working at foundation. John plowing all day.
                                       Wensday 3rd fine
    J.1                Father R & I working at foundation all day. R. got saw from me for 75c
    saw 75c            John plowing & cultivating
                                       Thursday 4th fine
    R.1                Father & T working at foundation, J cultivating. W. Luck fixing fork truck $1.00.         Total meat 
    J.1                I bgt hrdware 20c. Meat (1.30) 10.60.45)                                                     2.95

252 (top left of page)

                                            Friday June 5th 1896
     R.1              Father R and I working at foundation all day. I helped W. Luck to fix moulding in room,                     .50
     J.1              his wages for it 50. W Leadley came out last night and we had a long talk about Charlie
                      & his teacher, and a note which I have received from the teacher
                                           Saturday 6th fine & showery
     R.1               Father & I working at foundation set the frames John hauling sand in morning W Leadley
     J.1               & Willie hoeing thistles out of corn & pulling mustard Charlie bathing Nell's leg. John
    1 bag              all the boys pulling mustard in afternoon, they did extra well. H. Leadley pulled 3718
   potatoes 20c        stalks this afternoon R got 1 bag potatoes 20c
                                           Sunday 7th showery & warm
                       Mary Uncle, R & I stayed home all day except me going to S.S. rest went to Church. Mina, 
                       C& I to SS
                                           Monday 8th Showery
      R.1              Father, R & I worked at stone work. John mowed grassin morning and pulled mustard in afternoon
      J.1              Uncle, R, went home this morning

253 (right side of page)

                                               Tuesday 9th dull and damp
       J.1               I took grist of chop to mill 17 bags @6= $1.02 R & Father working at foundation. John           1.02
      1 bag potatoes     mowing grounds around house. R. hauling sand in afternoon John labouring to Father & I
                                               Wensday 10th fine & cool
       R.1               Father & I building J. labouring. R. hauling manure.
                                               Thursday 11th fine & cool
       J.1               Father J. & I working at foundation R plowing for rape  we finished the building today
                         ready for the timber, Father started to point
                                               Friday 12th fine
       R.1               Father & John pointing roothouse I chored R plowing rape ground Dooley put up fence by
       J.1               orchard this afternoon
                                               Saturday 13th fine
      R.1                Father & I working at foundation. R. plowing for rape. I chored and went to town.                2.00
      J.1                Borrowed fifty dollars from Bank of Commerce. 4 mos time paid 2.00 to Mary. 5.00                 5.00
      Paid R. 5.00       to R. McRae

254 (top left side of page)

                                        Sunday, 14th June 1896
                 Father Mary & I went to Church & Class. an armenian preached he is attending College in Canada. Mina,
                 C & I went to S.S.
    R.1                                    Monday 15th fair
                 Father & John building horse stable R & I working at rape & turnip ground
                                           Tuesday 16th fair
    J.1          R plowing all day I went to town in morning bgt meat, 65c pd Hales meat bill, $2.95, bgt shoes at penfelds      .80
                 .80 Maud shod, 25c, buggy fixed 50. I scuffled mangels & plowed in afternoon Father $ John working at           .25 
                 stone work all day.                                                                                      50.
  (R. to get
   63c for today)                          Wensday 17th Showery & hot
   J.1           R & I plowing in the morning. Father & John building. W. Luck working at barn. I helped him in afternoon.
                 I putting on some (?). R. plowing
    R.1                                       Friday 19th fine                                                                2.85
    J.1                                                                                                                          .53
                 Father and John building R. raising drills. I went to town bgt seed, $2.85 wheat germ, 53c paid bill at       11.82
                 Goldies, $11.82 deposited $121.59 in bank. bgt meat 75c used 136.59 from Mr German less 30c for to collect      .75

255 (upper right side) In wrong place I missed it last night

                                      Thursday 18th June 1896
   J.1                 R&I finished plowing and R. started to raise drills about 10 a.m. I harrowed and sowed till night.
                                      Saturday 20th fine
   R had a horse       We had a shower & very warm weather. Henry Bradley here today. I called to see Herbert yesterday
   putting in          and offered $10. for the holidays We had most of the mangels and harrowed rape land sowed & 
   turnip R got        finished sowing turnips Father and John building all day.
   1 bag potatoes 20c
                                     Sunday 21st dull & showery
                       Father, Mina & C went to Church Mina C & I to S.S. Mary Father & I went to No 6 in evening
    R.1                                  Monday 22 fine
                       Father $ John building. R. raising drills for rape. W.Luck preparing to raise barn. I chored
                                        Tuesday 23rd fine                                                                3.25
    J.paid                   I finished asking hands Went for shingles got 22 bunches voted for. Innes at Marden got 4    .67
    $1.00                   Jacks from Bruce & 2 from Cowan. Got 50 bolts for spicing barn posts @ 61/2, hangers for      1.00
                            hay fork, 40c Meat at Wakefields 67c

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