James Bowman Diary & Transcription, 1897


James Bowman Diary & Transcription, 1897

Date Created

January 1, 1897

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James Bowman Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript & Typed Transcription


James Bowman Diary 1897

Transcribed by Rural Diary Volunteers

fair & warm Friday Jan 1st 1894

We were cutting peas all day with Baleys Machine started about 9 a m quit at 11.00 a m started about 2:30 P.M quit at 5:15 P.M Saturday 2nd soft & dull we were cutting all day finished the peas an Sunday 3rd fair & warm Father & I went to church we had a very good service both in class & congregation Mina went to R.S.

Monday 4th {fa?ness} I went to the mill this morning with ten bags oats to chop 60¢ P. in afternoon I went to vote at York road school I voted for Barber, Hales, & North. bgt Charlie a pair of shoes. 123. stamps for C 12¢ Father Sam & Co worked in barn all day School bags underwear for Mina 1:00

Tuesday 5th colder with little snow Sam & Father working around barn I went to Mrs Hugh McDougalls funeral, as I came back called at Aunt Jane's for dinner, bgt barrel salt: 110, leather, 25, wax & buckles 05, hemp 10 stamp for M 12. spool 04

Wensday Jan 6th 1897 cold We chored in morning at getting up wood and preparing for cutting straw. We cut in afternoon Envelopes, 05

Thursday 7th fair

Sam and I cleaned up barn floor in morning Father went to town for 5" salts for bull, sam dug post holes for sheep Yard in afternoon & I chored. Father cutting brush in grounds

Friday, 8th fine Sam & I made yard for sheep. Father underbrushing along the creek.

Saturday 9th fair Sam Father & C underbrushing I went to town, bgt beef $3.00 Salts 50¢ Groceries at serogges np. eggs, .18 I gave bull medicine have given him three doses of salts, 2" on Thersday 3" on Friday and . 4½ on Saturday and still he is only slightly physiced. I exercised him along with it today gave him an injection last night

Sunday. 10th fair Mina, Father & C went it to Church, Sam went home I stayed at home all day

Monday Jan 11th 1896

Father and Sam underbrushing I chored in morning went with Jas. Sharp through Guelph with a cow Lady Kyma. Came home. Ireland the vet. Surgeon came out to see the bull. C. Ritchie from Lucknow, Miss R. Shortreed and Mary Nisbet came this afternoon. Received a letter from Will with ten dollars enclosed

Tuesday, 12th fine & cold Sam and Father, underbrushing I went to a meeting that was held before the Committee on Tariff reform. It was very interesting. All asked for free corn, many for reduced tariff on Agricultural Implements also on coal oil, wire fence ect I did not do any particular business. Scribbler, & exercise book for C 10¢

Wensday, 13th fine Father Sam and I worked at wood all day. did rather a small days work. stamp 3¢

Thursday 14th fine Father & Sam cutting wood I went to town with grist of chop. 15 bags, did not get it back. bgt 500" of flour & 45 oatmeal flour @ $12.06 I paid 10.00 scribbler for Mina & stamp 08 stamp for self .08

Friday 15th Jan 1897 fine

Sam & Father working at wood all day. I went to town for chop in morning. paid .90¢ got 100 ft lumber planed. 50¢ paid D. Baley for cutting peas & oat straw $9.00 3 door fastenings .40¢ got in order for $2.00 in favor of H. Wade to register 2 Dorset sheep & 1 bull calf.

Saturday 16th Dull Father, Sam, C & I worked all day cleaning up the trees and wood around the grounds. R. Cunningham came to see about insurance this afternoon. we did not make any arrangements

Sunday 17th wet Father, C & I went to Church in morning heard Rev. Scott preach, it we were at class also. Mina & C went to S.S.

  • Lady had bull calf today

Monday 18th I went to see about insurance in the morning to G. B. Hood's also went to some of the old neighbors to see about potatoes, did not do any business. went to town in afternoon paid McKenzies horse shoeing bill $4.90. borrowed 50¢ from him. Insured contents of barn $1000 extra. paid $2.50

M Tuesday. Jan 19th 1897

Father and Sam choring and cleaning up underbrush Wm, Tuck & I putting door in house, putting latches on barn & stable doors & putting in a ventilator.

Monday 20th Dull Sam and father cleaning up brush, I worked in henhouse and did chores Rose had heifer calf today

Thursday 21st Dull quite a snow storm last night. Sam hauling up wood. Father and I fixing sheep pen

Friday 22nd Dull & stormy Father & I worked at sheep pen. Sam finished hauling up wood and chopped a little then worked at sheep pen. put Heather Bell to Kyma's Heir.

Saturday 23rd. Stormy Father and Sam and Charlie cleaning peas. I went to town in morning bgt. C. oil and glass. 65¢ Envelopes 12¢ stamp 01¢. suet. 10¢ Mr and Mrs P. B. Kelly came today Father went to Soeby's with him I Took him to Whitelaws he bgt two bulls there

Sunday Jan 24th, 1897 Stormy & Cold

Father, Mina & C went to Church in morning Father and I in evening heard Rev Dr. Parker preach a missionary sermon. It was full of strong arguments.

Monday 25th Stormy Father and Sam cleaning up grain. I chored. M. P Doyle came to see the Cattle and Scroggie's Man for straw.

Mina & C's fees. $4.00

Tuesday 26th Stormy Father and Sam cleaning oats. I worked at sheep pen John Barber came with a cow this afternoon he also paid me for last years cows. 3.00 I sent $10.50 to Hamilton for Will & he sent me $10.00 bal n owes me 50

Wensday 27th cold Sam & I fixing sheep pen Father choring. stamps 09

Thursday 28th fair Father choring. Sam & I getting overlays for sheep pen Kyma 2nd had heifer calf today

Friday 29th fair We put sheep overlays over sheep pen and laid floor fixed ladder ect. and cut a little wood.

== 300 == Saturday Jan 30th 1897 fine Sam Cutting wood in fallow Father, hauling dry wood into wood shed, C. Choring & helping Sam I went to town bgt 13 bags potatoes, @25{uncertain text} 1/4 beef, @ 5 1/8 = 15-' = $7 65 putty 05,

Sunday Jan 31st 97 fine

Father. C. & I went to Church heard Paisley sheet minister preach on "How old art Thou" which question Pharaoh asked Jacob when he was introduced by Joseph. I took aunt Jane to see. Andy Nisbet this afternoon he is at St.Joseph's Hospital. Mina & C went to S.S

Monday 1st Feb 1897 fine

Father Choring, .Sam & I cutting wood & saw logs in morning in afternoon I went to town bgt Bran & mids $ 2 55, Sam hauling wood in afternoon

Tuesday 2nd fair

we took two loads of logs to mill. I took Kyma 4th to Bruders bull prince of Thomdale.

Wensday 3rd fine

We took a load of logs to mill. I chored in morning Father working at wood S & I cutting logs in afternoon we got home a load of Lumber in morning.


Thursday 4th Feb 1897 fine

I hauled two loads of logs to mill. Sam & father cut two loads and also cut wood at the house while I was away I brought a load of Lumber home axe ground 15c 15

returned the 15c saw to G B. Morris, but Lady to Kymas Hur, & K. {illegible} to Lord Aberdeen 3rd

Friday 5th fine

I hauled logs to mill

Father and Same cut two loads and cut wood while I was at town

Paid 100c {illegible} 50c 50

Look Sales Kyma {illegible} to O.A L Bull.

Saturday 6th Sloppy

I hauled two logs of logs to

mill brought home. 660 ft {illegible}

plank. paid taxes $35 38 {38 cents, underlined and in superscript } 35.38

Borrowed 4500 {00 cents, underlined and in superscript} Bank Commerce


For 4 months, @ 4%. paid Mrs Nisbet $1.55 sold butter $1.96 price above butter} & eggs. 47 196 155

Sunday 4th Sloppy

Father, Mina C & Sam all

went to Church I stayed

at home with Mary and Did the chores, Father {illegible}

went on evening, heard a good sermon on, Davids

good control of himself in trying times


Monday Feb 8th 1897 fair

I took a grist of chop to mill 15 bags 90P in afternoon took a load of logs to Mill. father and Sam Chopping wood. part of timer got sleigh fixed. 50¢

tuesday 9th fair

I went to mill with logs and brought home lumber 600 feet. Elm plank Sam cutting wood in brush and Father at house. Sam & I cutting wood in afternoon. bgt writing paper 35¢

Wensday 10th fair

took a load of heading bolts to town. 1 1/4 cords 280/@ 225 Mr Robertson brought 35 bags seed potatoes. @ 875/25I paid Mr Foster dentist $1 50 Paid W. Cowan for bull servic $1 00 Sam Chopping all day. Father Choring Father hauled up two loads of wood, in afternoon

Thursday 11th Dull

I went to town in morning sold Butter & eggs. @ 14 each tried to sell Lumber. Stewart offered me $22 00 per Mr for 1.293 Cherry. Went to Bedford in afternoon got six sleepers @ $1 75/30 each Sam & Father Father @ fair cutting wood all day


Friday Feb 12th 1897 fair stormy

Father and sam cleaned Pats in morning. finished the seed oats and we all cut wood in afternoon

Saturday 13th faie

Mary woke me about 1.30 A.M. to send for Dr. Savage and Mrs Gibson as she was not U feeling well. SThey arrived between 3 & 4 and baby was born about four P.M. It is a little Girl. Mary is quite cheerful and baby well I went to town for some things this evening bgt bed pan 1 00 Groceries 40¢ at Seroggies nP. we are feeling very thankful to God for His goodness to us.

Sunday 14th fair

I stayed at home all day. Father, Mina, C & S went to church. the Dr Cawe out in morning, Mary and baby are both doing well

Monday 15th fair

Sam & Father chopping wood hauling rails and getting up logs, I went for. Mary Nisbet in morning, bgt cup & heater 11¢ put notier of birth in paper + sent away some papers & letters 47¢ 5¢ for paper for C

Tuesday 16th

Cut posts for stable stalls and took them to mill to get cut


Wenesday 17th 1897

Father & sam working at wood and we also hewed the sleeper for horse stable and did the chores

Thursday 18th

We put dip on the cattle in morning & Father and Sam worked at wood in afternoon I took posts in to get grooved took butter & eggs to Seroggie's butter 42¢ eggs 49. groceries 54

Friday 19th faie

I took load of logs to mill in morning. and went to Jackson's Sale in afternoon bgt binder $20 00 on time Sam & Father hauling stone up logs & wood.

Saturday 20th

I took load of logs & mill aand brought home some pine lumber. Sam & Father hauling stones. I choring C & I went for binder & Father & sam cut down Chery tree & did chores sold theee chickens to Mr Simpson for s1 00 to be taken in groceries

Sunday 21st fair

Father, C & I went to Church in morning. heard Dr Searle of New. York. Preach on All are Yours You are Christs' Christ in God's" it was good Mina & C went to s.S. Church of {knight?}


Monday, Feb 22nd 1897 Dull

we put binder away in morning and. Sam made harrow double tree, Father & Sa Cleaned Cattle and put d soil on their backs {Kymayth?} to Kyma's Heir

Tuesday Feb 23rd Stormy

Father and Sam cut a load of logs in morning I chored all day. am not feeling well. Jim & Katie were here today, paid fees today. V stamp. 03.

Wensday, 24th fair & Cold

I took towo loads of logs to mill Sam & Father cut two x loads and chopped wood put rose to Aberdeen 3rd x Lady to Kyma's Laddie

Thursday 25th fine

Sam took a load of logs to mill in morning I took call to station Sent it to Joe Mountain got kettle mended 10¢ V pair socks for Charlie, 25 sold. 472 feet baswood to stewart @ 13 = $6.13¢ 281 ft Cherry @ 22

Friday 26th fair snowy

Father & Sam working at wood & choring. I went to town with grist of Chop. 10 bags, 60 {illegible} paid 55 bal on oatmeal, 50¢ for bran read. $4.25 an Lumber I sold to stewart 725 got store back at Rudds' 50 np Nails 30¢


Saturday Feb 27th 1897 cold

Father was not well. n Sam Charlie & I hauled Turnips from pit. 8 loads, Willie feadley was out today,

Sunday 28th fine

I stayed home, & Father Mina I & S. went to Church Mr Glasford preached, Mina & C went to S.S. & S went to Church in morning ac

Monday 29t march snowy

I went to town in morning bgt geo, 75np, bgt 25 bag for Mr Kelly for $4 85, shaf took in 53 bush of peas to Mr Kelly, he is to sea mc the pay as soon as he sells them about 1st of May, at 60¢ per bush Mr Alderson & a Nephew cawe to see our stock in afternoon, Mr returned 15¢ to Mr kelly ant of the me {illegible} five dollars he gave me to buy bags

Tuesday 2nd fair

We hauled the bal of turnips from the pit six loads and two loads of stone to hen house, sent Dorset Ram's pedigree to Alie Fisher Trues N.S. Bowman's no/-508- ear Log V postage and paper for Mina

Wensday 3rd rough

Father and sam hauling Stone and I went out to Burts, to use his Stock did not do any business lost string of bells


Thursday 4th March 1897 fair

Father Sam & I hauled stones & Chored. mina V bgt a phisics book 30¢

Friday 5th soft

Sam & I cut heading bolts and Father turned turnips in afternoon I went to town bgt Groceries ect, sold heading 2 1/4 Cords @ 5.056/2.25 to go on our sawing account brought home a load of Saw dust Coal oil. 60¢ Sam & Father hauling wood in afternoon

Saturday 6th fair

I took Father to Station in the morning bgt his ticket Sam went for load of manure and got saw I horses shod I went for a load of Sawdust in afternoon, 50np

Sunday 7th fine

C & I went to Church in the morning. Heard the Rev Scott preach on "Just Men" it was extra good. M & C went to S.S. Mr Wesley Kelly & Mr Harrington were buried today

Monday 8th fine

Sam Hauled two loads of Saw dust & free 1 Pay Dr Savage came to See Mary in afternnon. she has to go to bed again for a while. bgt a breast pump 50 Lemons. 05. borrowed 2 00 from Seroggei S took a box of Straw to Seroggies


Tuesday 9th Mar 1897 soft

Sam & I cutting wood all day the Doctor came to see mary this afternoon and lanced her breast

Wensday 10th fine

Sam and I cutting wood all day.

Thursday 11th fine

Sam & I cutting wood all day. Dr came tonight will have to lance Marys other V breast tomorrow pen points for C 2¢

Friday 12th Snowy, Misty, Windy, Stormy

Sam & I cutting wood and choring paid Mina & C's fee 4 00 Glass 07 V stamp 03.

Saturday 13th fine & cold

Sam Cutting wood, I went to town in forenoon, bgt Sugar at Simpson's 25¢, did no other business

Sunday 14th Stormy

Mina. C & S went to Church in Morning I went in evening heard Rev. S. CSellery on 'Jeramiah & the Potter."

Monday 15th. fair

Sam to Eleven bags ^peas & oats to mill to be .Chopped. 55¢ Charlie & I chored in morning went to town in afternoon V bgt a suit for C, $11 hat $1, to be V paid in July, Drugs ect, 15¢ overalls for C 60¢


Tuesday. Mar. 16th 1897

Sam & I cutting wood all day when I had any spare time. Dr Came this forenoon

Wensday 17th

I took sick this afternoon and did not help with the chores

Thursday 18th f.

Sam Choring & splitting wood, I in bed sick all day

Friday 19th fine

Sam Choring & splitting wood, I sick all day

Saturday 20th fair

C & S Choring & sawing wood I still sick.

Sunday 21st fine

We all stayed at home all day

Monday 22nd fine

Sam Choring & splitting wood, I still in house sick

Tuesday 23rd stormy

sam Choring & splitting wood I am still in house. Paper ^Laces ect for Mina 15¢

Wensday 24th sloppy

Sam took 16 bags chop mill oats 80¢ au in morning and turned turnips in Afternoon I went to Town and sacs the Doctor. got Medicine for Mary sold. butter & Eggs, 2.26. Gro 45 butter print ect. 40¢ drugs. 20¢ Fogs ect. 12¢


Thursday 25th March 1897

Sam Turning Turnips in root house all day I helped with Chores. Mrs Gibson sick

Friday 26th fine & Cool

sam working at Turnips all day. I went. to Mc Craes for our Harrows and Harness look Douglas for Exercise in afternoon and. did chores Mina got a pair of rubbers 35¢ V stamps, 09

Saturday 27th fine

Sam finished turning turnips C & I went to town and got his Suit. also a hat for myself barley $1.39. Oil cake, 1 10 at Hewer's bran, 55¢, paid R Mc Rae 55¢ V Tia for Charlie, 15¢

Sunday 28th fine

Mina .C & Sam went to Church in morning T Mina & C to S.S. I went to Church in Evening heard Rev Scott on, The prodigal sow, it was a good Exhortation to a noble true life.

Monday 29th fine

Sam & I sawed wood all V day, Mina & C got scribblers 10¢

Tuesday 30th fine & warm

we finished sawing wood in morning ^Mary &^ I went to town sold eggs, & Butter, $1 34 paid Seroggie, $1 87, p.Co 02 Saw mr Luck he is coming on Thursday Sam working at wood


Wensday, 31st March, 1897

Sam & I started to take Old slatts ect out of Horse Stable and I went to J. D. Hobson's Sale in afternoon

Thursday 1st April

Sam & I working at Stable in morning and I in went to town in afternoon, bgt {short for "bought"} hardware of 272np Blacksmithing 10¢ paid $25 00 to Louis Bruder through. G. B. Morris. to be paid on Sat, I received $60 from Will yeseterday 60 00 to apply on his account.

Friday 2nd fine

Mr Tuck Sam & I working at Stable all day. Charlie got order Cashed. 5 00 paid for Leonie 10¢ 500 Seroggie's 13¢,

Saturday 3rd fine

I took seed oats & peas to Station 6 bagsl to {letter}T Martin Arthur, 2 1/c bu bag to J Loggins Palmerston, 2 1/2 bu oats to O J Ewing did not send the bush to Hayden ^Indiana as there was 31¢ Entry Charge at Customs Office, bg got lumber sawn 40¢, drug 20, P, Cards. 06.

Sunday 4th fine

C & I went to Church in morning heard Rev. Scott preach on the rules of the Methodist Church, M & C went to S. S. {Sunday school}

Monday 5th Dull & warm

Mr Luck, S & I working at Stable I Took Mary to Do after dinner I bgt hinges ect, 45¢, at Jaw's I am 34 Years old today


Tuesday Apr 6th 1897 Dull & mild

We worked around stable in morning & got implements ready. sam plowed Sod in no 2 in afternoon. I filled furrows in no 4 & cultivated garden, put ring in Kyma's Laddie.

Weneday 4th Dull

Sam plowing in no 2 all day I cultivated in new sod in morning took Mary to the Dr ang got Blacksmithing done 25 arranged to get Harness fixed $3 00, np bgt grass seed, & Clover $22 00 np at Jackson & Son's, Hardware. 87¢ returned, rake hooks 30¢ $1.38

Thursday 8th fine

Sam Plowing in Morning, I Cultivated a little on Turnip ground. Sowed two bags ^& oats in afternoon. S. Harr owing & Cultivating.

Friday 9th Snowy

I took a load of Turnips to town in morning, sold them for $2 50 weigh bill 10¢ 25 np. Went out to O. A. C. in Afternoon bgt 5 bush mandschueri Barley from Mr Rennie. for $3 00 paid 2.95 had quite a chat with Mr TDavitz. he gave me 4 pounds oats,

Saturday 10th fine

Sam Splitting wood I went to town. bgt. potatoes 25 Oat $5 43/@ 20{1/2?} Flour $4 00 Chopping 40¢, Apples to McDawson, 15¢ Paid Goldie's bill $13 52 paid C, Mc Dougall for harvest work $11 00


Contd Sat 10th Apr 1897

Coal oil. 60. Nails 30¢

Sunday 11th fine

Mina. S. & Charlie went to Church I stayed at home with Mary all day, Douglas got to the Oat bin and took too many Oats, I gave him a dose of Salts 2 " and some got into his leungs and I had to send for Dr Reed he blistered his throat and sides behind his front legs, and gave him a purging ball, and saltpetre powders,

Monday 12th fine

Sam & I plowing sod most of the day. Dr Reed came and left another package of powder for Douglas Mc Dougall's heifer came back to Kyma's Laddie today

Tuesday 13th wet

Sam finished plowing sod and then we tidied things up around the barn and started to put floor in stable behind horses. I took Mrs Gibson home. bgt labels 05 stamps 06. sent sample of grain to Geo. Mc/" Kerrow Madison Wisconsin

Wensday 14th wet

Sam & I worked at Stable all day, got the floor in


Thursday, apr 15th 1897 fine

Sam & I picked stones off Corn ground in morning and put on a load of turnips, in Afternoon I took turnips to town & had to bring them back. Sam Cultivating near Hales, Exchanged 3 bags peas with Mr Morrisdeslies Corners, 409." I gave 4300, sold four hens to Mr Webber for $1 75 recd $2 00 for 5 bush Oats Charlie bgt collar 08

Good - Friday 16th fine Showery

Sam Cultivating and harrowing Charlie rolling w harrowing I Chored & clipped ram H. Laudley and tow of his sisters Came out today.

Saturday 17th Dull

Puae chored a while in morning I clipped a Ewe, then as weather looked better we went to sow oats, sowed the rest of the day Paid Sam $1 00 tonight

Sunday 18th fine

Charlie & I went to Church heard Rev. Mr Scott, preach on The, Resurrection showing the reality of it, It was a good Easter, Sermon,

Monday 19th Cold & Blustery

I clipped Sheep. sam hauled stones off Corn patch.

Tuesday 20th fine & Cool

Shipped 3 bush S oats to W.J.{word covered with a stain} Devereux Ridge Town


Tuesday Contd. Apr 20 1897

.Sold. 67 lbs Wool, to here {LI written on top} Jen for, 48 1/2for. 14¢ 18 1/2 for 13¢ = 9.19 sheep Skin 85¢ rings & Saw set 15¢ stamps ect, 02, sold hen 42 paid Insurance 5 00 hardware, screws 15¢ np

Wensday 21st fine

Sam. C. & I. picked roots off new land, ni Morning in Afternoon, M & C. went to Armshaws, Sam Cultivated & I. Sowed. finished the field near Hales,

Thursday 22, fine

We sowed no 4 ^with Oats and sam Started to Cultivate no 3, I got woed to take in the Bulls tomorrow Morning, I sold Fen bush of Oats to F. Wagg, Little Current, ManItoulin Island. sold nettie 2nd to W. R. Stewart Mc Cloud N. W. I, recd, $10 00

Friday 23rd

Took bulls in to Station this morning, Feed $2 37 got peas & Oats Chopped 65¢ Shipped Oats to Wagg, gave pedigree and Transfers to Mr Mc Crae to take along to Toronto.

316 Saturday Apr 24th 1897

sam & I cultivated in new land in morning and Bultivated and sowed Oats, in no 3 in afternoon, went to town in evening. sold 12 " @ 14 = butter $1 68, bgt Groceries 1 48, paid, 2 00 to Church, Mr Metcaff for harness, $3 45 V stamps, 04¢, Shoes for C yesterday, 1 35

Sunday 25th Showery

I was not well and stayed at home all day. Mina & C went to Church in morning.

Monday 26th Showery

I finished Cultivating sowing Oats in no 3 and went up to Jim's to see about seed peas. We cultivated with both teams in afternoon on new land gave C two cents for hustling at his chores.

Tuesday 27th fine

I went to town, got meat from Hales 21 " bal due nu 40th V got pail fixed, 05, stamp for m stamp for self, 03 card 01

Wensday 28th fine

We Sam & I got up about 4 A. M. and sowed two bushels of Orchard grass on high land of no 3, then Sam finished harrowing new land first time & I cultivated in no 3 & rolled high part V gave mina 4 00 to pay fees sent 50¢ to H. Wade for certificate & Transfer of Nettie 2nd

Thursday 29th April 1897

Sam Harrowed Sod in no 2 and I sowed oats and mixed stuff for Green feed in no 3 & also about 4 bush of Mandeschuri barley finished our seeding for this year, that is sowing grass seed, Took nettie 2nd in to Mr Stewart. recd bal of purchase money 55 00 55 00 harness mended. as s Lucerne seed, 85¢. sowed a small patch of Lucerne for cutting green

Friday. 30th apr Dull tad wind

We sowed 5 bags & a peck of peas in no 2g did not finish rolling, Sam Cultivating, ni Afternoon in new land paid Sam $15 00 * stamp 03 Kyma 3rd had heifer Calf

Saturday 1 May 1897 showery

Sam & C Choring in Morning I went to town with ten bags oats to Chop chopping 50¢, Baby Carriage 1 00 recd 1 00 frm Mr Friendship Cultivator teeth, $ 1 50 np bolts of 05 np returned 2 bags to Hewer & paid for two others, 05 10¢ stamp 13 p, Cs 02 spending money for C 05¢

Sunday May 2 nd 97 Dull & wet

C & I went to Church in the morning. Stayed for Sacrament Mina & C went to S.S.


Monday May 3rd 1897 Dull

Sam Cultivating & Harrowing I took Mary To town bgt Mina's dress, goods. 6.73. hat 40. Chifon 20 hat for Charlie. 25¢ Dr Savages Dr Bill $1 45 bgt hat for self. 25¢ got horse shod 25np

Tuesday 4th fair

I finished sowing peas and went into town for two bags "Great divide" potatoes, and. 1 bag of "Silver Mine" oats, paid for 1 bag potatoes. {circle with a cross drawn through it}1 70 100 " Bran 55¢, stamp 03

Wensday 5th fine

I finished sowing peas * on new land this is the last of our grain seeding Sam Cultivating mangel ground in morning and picked stones, roots & stumps in afternoon I finished rolling peas in no 1 and Started at new land stamp 03

Thursday 6th Dull

Sam pulling out stumps & stones all day. I finished rolling new land & started to Cultivate por potatoes & corn Sold. John Crosby 12 bu Oats @ 30 Paid Mrs Gibson $10 00 on Ac paid sam 10¢ 5¢ for {botbh?} 5¢ int

Friday 7th fine

Sam & I worked on potato & Corn ground in morning & S in afternoon, I went to O.A.C. to see hurdle paid Mr Rennie 5¢


Saturday May 8th 1897

Sam & I fixing fence all day. C. plowed in Manure for Mangels. Wilbert Nisbet came this evening to let us know Cindy was dying I went to Hospital with him Andy was dead before we got there. We went down to see about Coffin ect the whole of undertakers bill is to be $41 00 28 for Coffin 6 hearse. 3 shell. 4 for shroud I bgt two waists for mina. 18¢/39 bananas 10. paid seroggie 1 00 recd $3 60 from John Crosby for Oats shower at night

Sunday 9th fine

I. Mina. C & S went to Church in morning. Mary & I went to. Nisbets in afternoon to see Andy, and I went to Church in Evening,

Monday, 10th fine

I went to town in morning got plow & harrow fixed 75¢ paid. Jacksons for seed $22 00, bgt seed ect from 2.35 Hewer Hardware, $1 36 at Morris np, I went to Andy Nisbets' funeral this Afternoon Sam went for two loads of sawdust. Sundries for Mina 34¢.

Tuesday. 11th fine

bgt 6 bags 30¢ I took. Kyma 4th to Bruders Bull. Prince of Thorndale 18861 got a load of hay from sowed Mangels and carrots


Wensday May 12th 1897

I went to town in morning with 7 15" @ 65 = 7 69 sent them to Hector RLae. Galt went down town got H 1/3 " Meat * at Hales: In Afternoon Mr Flick Sam & I worked at fence paid Mr F 40¢ for Afternoon

Thursday 13th Showery

Sam and I put dip on Cattle and sheep in Morning & worked at fence and in afternoon worked at fence

Friday 14th Showery

Sam & I worked at fence all day, except about an hour in the morning, that we were Cleaning out sheep pen.

Saturday 15th fine & Cool

A little frost last night, I took a grist to mill, 10 bags, @ 5 = 50np borrowed $3 from Seroggie, paid Cooling. $12 for hay, bgt hat 13 " + for Charlie, 20¢ meat at hales 13 " Sam & @ Cultivating potato ground and working at fence

Sunday 16th Dull

C & I went to Church in Morning, Mina & C to S.S. + heard Rev. Mr Scott our no 2 ewe Lambed 2 ewes 1 ram today

Monday 17th fine

Sam and I worked at fence F 1/2 day 15¢ all day. Fred Mc Rae was + here in afteroon,, Our 3 shear dorset ewe had 3 lambs last wensday


Tuesday May 18 fine

Sam & I worked at Fence all day. Our two Shear Model Farm Dorset ewe had two ram lamb tonight

Wensday. 19th fine

Sam & I put up fence on South side of no 2,

Thursday 20th wet

I went to Bruder's with Kyma 2nd Sam Cultivating & cleaning out sheep pen in afternoon I took off storm windows put on screen door fixed harness hooks in stable & cut some potatoes,. Willie Leadley out today,.

Friday 21st fine & Cool

I shipped 10 bush of Siberian oat to S. Rowe Bruce mines did not receive pay yet, at Hewers * bgt four bags @ 20/5 10 11 Cake 18¢ 10 " G Flax 70 at Goldies 9" + 9 pounds meat at hales. 25 " Germ 63¢

Saturday 22nd

We Finished the fence around pasture over by Hales, I went to warm the hands for roadwork. Went to the farm to see, the weeders work. I rather Prefer the american Machine, Went down town borrowed,. $10 int 25, recd $9 75 paid $5 00 for Mina to try Examination. paid Wakefield bill 30¢ V bgt seed Corn at Hewers 80¢ np hat for C,


May 1897 Sunday 23rd fin Wet.

C & I went to Church in Morning. Mina & C went to S.S. .

Monday 24 th

Sam away all day. I went to Station to meet, Uncle R. Aunt M, & Mother they all paid us a pleasant visit

Tuesday 25th

Set Aunt M off on early train and mother off on a latey one,.

Wensday 26 th fine

Sam Finished plowing & Harrowed field for soiling, & hauled, load stones I sowed corn in morning and went to town in Afternoon bought a weeder, $10 00 to be paid in winter 8bu & 9 " of peas $3 66. Cucumber^s 05 Crimson Clover $2 94 buck wheat, ¢ bu 2 00/@50

Thursday 27th fine & warm

Sam picking Stones and raising drills for potatoes. I went to town to get pump sucker fixed 45¢ paid Seroggie 3 00 I had borrowed 13 " got 13 " of meat at Hales Mone paid Miss Stronic for DMinas dress V making, 3.93. Fees, $4 00

Friday 28th Dull

Sam raised drills in morning for potatoes & I finished No 2.. we cut potatoes in afternoon


Saturday May 29th 1897 fine & Cool

Planted potatoes most of the day, 2 bags Greeat Divide 5 bags. Rose of Erin. and bal Empire State, I went to town borrowed, $140 for three for four Months, @ 7% recd $136 60 sent $200 00 to Blake Lash & Cassels to pay intrest on Mortgage, on their place "Elm park". recd a check from. Will for $60 00 also recd $31 65 from Mr Kelly last week Tuesday stamp ect 08

Sunday 30th fine

Father C & I went to Church I went to the Army Service did not enjoy it much, M & C. went to S.S.. Father & I took a walk in evening.

Monday 31st fine

Father, Sam and I working at potatoes all day.

fine & cool Tuesday 1st June 1897

Father took Kyma 3rd up to Bruders Bull. I worked at potatoes. Sam went for a load of manure got horses shod, 50¢, Bran 125 " 70¢ at Ryuns bgt a load of manure, 50

Wensday, 2nd fine

We finished Planting potatoes salt today. recd. $7.70¢ from. H.W. Lee for blue peas, sent $6 00 to Bryant press. Mr Harcourt Called today, and took some notes on our stock, Mr Grasse, Looked at farm about buying it


June, 1897 Thursday, 3rd Showery

We hauled Manure today for Turnips and got things ready for Father to start pointing stamps. 06

Friday 4th fair

Sam & I hauling manure for turnips in morning Father went to see about stone & lime. Father & I plowed in afternoon and Sam spread manure.

Saturday, 5th fine

sam & C plowing all day in no.5, Father. pointing stable. I went to town in Morning. Sold butter 80¢ bgt geo 90 bal due at Seroggies 10¢ 11 " got {&?} 11 pounds meat at Hales. 5 " Nails at Morris', 15¢ np recd $68 62 from J. D: 68 62 Mc Gregor for bulls feed, on May 31st left a check in Bank to pay my two notes due on 9th for 85 00 recd $6 from Sleeman. 15 from w sleeman

Sunday 6th fine 6 75

Father Mina, C & S went to Church in morning and Father & I in evening.

Monday, 7th Showery

S.plowing all day Father pointing I went to town with grist of Chop ten bags oats, bgt 254 " Corn @ 34¢ per bush. = $1 50, paid for Chopping $1 10 10¢ for M for stamps, and {checkmark} 25¢ for pair socks for c


1897 Tuesday, June 9th fair

Sam & I plowing all day in no. 5. Father pointing Stable

Wensday ,9th fine

Sam finished plowing & narrowed potatoes & corn I rolled in no 5 in morning & Father finished in afternoon. Johnston & Flick came to help me in afternoon with road along ridge to make a short road to draw ground to road.

Thursday 10th fine & Warm

R Mc here working with me on the road I put in the day with team. R has to be paid $4¢ Sam Harrowed Turnip field and. harrowed corn got Friendship's gravel box to do statute Labor with,

Friday 11th fine

We did road work today had. 3 shovelers in pit 3 spreader, one. grading with shovel & hose for two two teams three wagons, had Douglas scraping and harrowing two hrs

Saturday 12th fine

We worked on road today Paid R Mc for Two days & 3 hrs 1 75 paid Johnston for 4 hrs with team had two men in pit in morning we rake 1 spreader two trains. Sam put in his day today. recd $2.25 Bupu, Quirk & Brandon 2 25/75 each


June 1897 Sunday 14th fine

Father and I went to Church. heard. Mr Scott. Preach, M & C. went to S.S. Sam away all day.

Monday 14th fine

I went to town got mower fixed $.1 00 1 00 started to cut rye broke it again and went back. at Algies cost 50¢ bgt 50¢ worth of cut hay, Sam plowing for Turnips all day Father fixing stone

Tuesday 15th fine & hot

We cut hay rye in morning & kiled some in afternoon, Sam finished getting turnips growed ready to drill. Mr Blight Came to see us tonight we were real pleased to see him

Wensday 16th Co warm

R.I R Mc raising drills for Turnips all day. I sowed about 3 acres, had mitchells drill Sam kiling rye, Father working around barn I went to town in Morning bgt tin pail 25¢ np at Rudds Tseed Ewe weighed 85" 60¢. Potatoes, 35¢, Wheat Germ. 60np 12 " {" = pounds} Meat 12 pounds. Ewe weighed 85" Took Mr B. to Station in evening

Thursday 17th Cloudy

R.I. R Mc Making drills all day. Sam. C Blackleys. & I hurled five loads Rye, & kiled up the rest C paid fees. Yesterday I borrowed it from him and have to return it with intrest


Friday. June 18th 1897 fine Cloudy

We. Scuffed mangels in morning, Sam. Mowed R1 fence corners. R, Mc raised drills in morning and helped us to haul in rye in Afternoon, 8 loads today Mr Mitchells boy here & Father there

Saturday. 19th fine

Father still at Mitchells & his boy here,. I finished Cutting rye for hay S Gang plowed in Morning & got in hay & kiled rye in Afternoon,. C. B. & I pulled mustard, I pulled 4 000 in about two hours,

Sunday 20th fine

Father M & C went to Church in morning, Fa M & C to S, S.. And Father & I to Church in evening

Monday 21st fine

We hauled in four loads of rye. Mitchell's boy here I went to town bgt Turnip & rape seed. 2 00 beans 05 P. Green. 7" 1 05 brush at Morris for Cattle 20 ribbon for C, 05. Flag. 08 recd from Mr German $185 24 185 24 Paid Algie Tuesday for Blacksmithing. 70¢ ace suit in full

Tuesday 22 fine

"Diamond Jubilee" day, We hauled out Manure for Turnips and Plowed drilled part of it RI paid him 2 00. in. R Mc here all day R/Paid him 2 00


Wensday June. 23/rd 1897 fine

we worked at Turnips all day. R. Mc here all day. R 1 8" I went to {Threes?} town in 8" meat at Hales Morning got meat 8 " bgt a pair shoes for C $1 65 Groceries. 70¢np at Seroggies

Thursday 24th fine

R 1 We worked at Turnips all paid him 2 00 day, R Mc here all day I paid him 2 00,

Friday 25th fine

We worked at Rape all R 1 day, John & Jennie came about noon and left after dinner, Father went with them to the farm.

Saturday 26th fine

R 1 We worked at Rape all day R making drills Sam, hauling manure till 3 Oclock, then he went to Mitchell's raising, Fatha went to Station at noon and. I went to telephone for Mr Batty to O.A.C, he C ame this evening and brought his daugher Maggie

Sunday 27th fine

Mr Batty. Maggie and I also Father & Charlie, Mr B C & I to S.S. And maggie Mina and C to Church in evening


Monday June 28th 1897

R1 Mr Batty, C & I went to Whitlaw's to see their sheep then to Sorby's then to Stones. Sorbys horses look very good. Mr B was pleased with his visit, Went into town bgt P $2 00 potatoes 30¢, P, paid Sam $2 00. letter card 3¢ C bgt hat 10¢

Tuesday. 29th Wet

We had quite a few showers today, IWe chored all day had no men here,

Wensday 30th fine

I harrowed potatoes & corn Father pointed cellar & spread R.1 manure, R hauled manure six loads

Thursday, 1st July 1897

R1/2 We worked at roots in Morning &. rum this weeder over the cow patch. hoed some mangels sowed. some, rape & finished scuffling mangels & carrots in Afternoon. Mina .C & Maggie Batty went to picnic in afternoon

Friday, July, 2/97

R.1. Father & C hoeing in Morning and. pulling mustard in afternoon, W. Leadley here in afternoon, I went to town in Morning took Maggie Batty to Station, Went to see H. Leadley


Friday July 2nd. 97 fine

about the bop. Henry is to have every Tuesday afternoon if possible to shoot at the range, np bgt 4 sheres at penfolds $1 30 hoe, 30 Oil can,, 15. oil, 3{2?} at Morris 9 " meat 9 " Meat at Hales, paid note at Bank $1{unclear}7. 53 paid. Account at G.B. Ryans $7 33 paid " {ditto account} at R.E. Websons $13 00

Saturday. 3rd fine very warn

R.1 Henry, Willie. C & I hoeing Mangels, Father Cutting Stone R. hauled one load manure & finished raising drills.

Sunday 4th very warm

Father, Mina & I went to Church & Mina & C to S.S.

Monday 5th very warm

R1/2 Mind {straight line} trying her Exam, 10¢ Father Cutting stone, R helping Father in afternoon I cut hay in morning and got Mower fixed 75¢np Henry.W. & C, hoeing Mangels & carrots

R.1 Tuesday 6th fine

I mowed Clover a while in morning and, scuffled corn boys . hoeing and finishing Carrots. R & Father working at stone bridge. I took grist of Chop to Mill also part of Mower to be fixed. 11¢, Clevis 10¢ Chopping 95¢ paid sam six ^ five cents ¢ dollars^ 5 cents on winters Wages.


Wensday 7th July 1897 fine

R1 paid him 5 00 Father working around barn. R at Mc Dougall's raising till 4 P.M. then Father & he worked at bridge Henry & Willie scuffling in morning & Charlie helping Father. we hauled 3 loads of hay and kiled what I Cut this morning.

Thursday 8th fine

R1 I went to town in Morning got. P. Green Can, 40¢, Linseed oil. 35 np at Morris 11 " strawberries 10¢ meat, 11 " Mutton 2 1/2 Steak 2 1/2. R & Father, working at bridge. sam putting P Green on potatoes, boys hoeing & , helping Me to haul in hay & kile up in evening ,

Friday. 9th fine & hot

Father & R, working R.'1 at bridge , Sam Finished putting P green on potatoes Henry, runming weeder in Afternoon. C & W Finished hoeing weeds out of potatoe & corn. C. scuffled in Morn after tea. I went to town in morning. bgb bgt, bag potatoes at Hewers 30¢np, returned Can to Morris. we^n t to Goldies for 100 flour charged at Seroggies 25¢P Oatmeal got Mower fixed 25¢


Saturday 10th July, 1897. fine & hot

Father & Sam at bridge in Morning. I spread 50 Yds gravel on w.e. road, C Scuffling potatoes. Henry took Mary to town. she bgt shoes $1 10 Waist. 50. hat. 25, stockings spool 5¢. rbbon & belt 35 fo Jennie, bonnet 50 got. Basting for Scuffler.

Sunday 11th fine Dull sligt Shower

Father. M & C. went to Church in Morning, M. & C. to S.S. Mary & I to Church in Evening heard The Rev Mr Scott preach on. Eliga the Prophet and his Fortitude,

Monday 12th fair shower in evening

Father & Sam at bridge in Morning Henry & C. finished with weeder & scuffler for first time after that he hoed with Willie & C, took Sam's Job & Sam. mowed beaver grass on flat & I mowed Orchard, I went, to town got pitman rod of mower fixed 25. duster 75. Whip 25¢ at Metcaffs

Tuesday. 13th Showery

In morning Father finished building bridge. I plowed in rye stubble with gang plow Henry & Willie away to picnic Mr Leadley Came out to spend the day. Charlie & I went to the O.A.C in Afternoon took a look around stock & Experimental.


Tuesday, July 13th 1897 Showery

plots, Sam Cutting grass on flat south west of house got Mower fixed at Algies 25¢ np.

Wensday 14th Showery

Sam. Mowing along creek C, Gang plowing. Henry &, Willie hoeing Mangels I took Father to Station bgt his ticket and Licorice 25 in Afternoon I went to see about bridge timber. & Scraper boys. choring around barn in Evening.

Thursday 15th fine

Henry & W Henry & Willie hauled Stones to bridge,, Sam finished Mowing. C Gang plowing H & W runming Weeder in afternoon & we put up hay in Orchard Sam plowing in afternoon

Friday 16th fine

Sam. plowing. C plowing. H C scuffling corn. I sowed rape in Corn grd, Henry runming weeder Willie hoeing. W & I turned hay. we hauled in two Jags &. kiled the balance of hay

Saturday 17th fine

I finished plowing rye grd. Henry runming weeder. sam putting Paris Green on potatoes C scuffling. W hoeing. boys hoeing till teal time : I went to town bgt. twine. 50@ 6 3/4 y 3 38 p Green & whiffletree end, 25¢, @ penfolds shoes at neil's, $1 25 for Willie


Sat. July. 17th 1897

We hauled in bal of hay in evening 2 loads.

Sunday 18th Dull & Warm

Mina & I went to Church in the morning. M & C to S.S. we all stayed home in evening I wenti to Mr G.

Monday 19th Showery

I got binder knives sharpened in morning S. putting paris green on potatoes... H & W hoeing C. helping me, In afternoon. I broke binder. A went to town to get it fixed. 50¢ at penfolds N.P.. potatoe & rape seed at Hewers. 90¢ boys. hoeing turnips s C & I sowed buck wheat after tea.

Tuesday 20th Showery

We all hoed turnips in morning. and in afternoon Henry went to Shoot. the rest to hoe turnips. I starteddey to cut. fall wheat did not do much as rain came on.

Wensday 21st Showery

hoeing turnips in Morning fo Sam putting on paris Green in Afternoon. I cut patch of wheat near Fords. boys hoeing. Charlie went for P Green. $1 00 at. Penfolds


July 1897 Thursday 22nd fine

.H & W & C. hoeing & scuffling till tea time, then. C Shocked wheat. I Cut wheat behind bush from 3 P.M. Sam Finished p. Greening potatoes and started to cut wheat around and stumps, I went to town in Morning.. took H bags oats to presents, Mill. to chop bgt 1500 bran at Goldies.. at 9 per ton, = 6 75 100 of flour @ $200. 200" mids. @ 1.20/13 oilcake 1 60, Corn & barley $1.48 at Hewers Nails at Morris. 15¢

Friday. 23rd Showery

I went to town for Chop. 14 bags 70np 13 1/2" Meat went up town bgt meat 13 1/2" Groceries, gt, rod fixed at Algies 10 boys all hoeing but Charlie & he scuffled all day

Saturday, 24th fair

H & W, hoeing till 2p.M. Sam till ten C scuffling all day Sam putting on P. Green in Afternoon. I hoed till ten then get binder ready & finished cutting. wheat & Started at rye & Cut the Dunbenny oats. we have 24 sheaves from 4" seed

Sunday. 25th Dull but dry

Mina & C went to Church in morning also to S.S. Mary & I went to Chalmers Church in Evening to hear Rerr McWillow


Monday. 26th Dull & Damp east wind

Sam & H shocked wheat in Morning.. Charlie. scuffled potatoes till teatime. All hoed in afternoon I went to town in morning bgt potatoes. 17¢ Sythe & snath 15" $1 40np at Morris. 15" Meat @ Hales got. Letter Card. & p.cards. {playing cards} 8¢

Tuesday, 27th wet.

Sam plowed buckwheat in morning C & I scraped hill making new road Henry & W helped us, in Afternoon we all chored around barn, as it was too wet to Work Paid MrR.M.c Rae, $3 75 bring bal due to him

Wensday, 28th Wet drizzly

Henry W & I wor h^oed turnips Till teatime then H. set up sheaves that were down and Chored. Sam plowing buckwheat down all day, C scuffling Mina & I went to love feast Paid H $1 00 in evening, Paid Henry 1 00

Thursday 29th. fair & Dull

Henry away shooting Sam Plowing. W.C & I ht turnips in Morning &. at. Rye & Oats in afternoon. ncsold a ram to a Colorado Man for $10 00 recd 7 60 check for gravel from Council,

Friday 30th Showery

I Cut oats and barley from ten till 4 Pm. Sam plowing till noon then put P. Green on potatoes. boys Shocking & hoeing turnips


Sat JucqJuly 31st 1897, fine

I went to town. in morning bgt bolts, 15. @. 3/4 Each = 12.25 @ 1¢ = 25 35" binder twine @. 6 3/4 = $2 37 fixtures for rack. 50¢. rivets @ Penfolds 02¢ Oatmeal & 90 rape seed 30¢ @ Hewers 9" meat 9" Meat at Hales, old iron. 10¢ horse Shod. 25¢ at Mc Kenzies paid Seroggie's for flour, $1 95 Sam finished plowind down buckwheat boys finished hoeing turnips first time,. C scuffling. till noon, in Afternoon we opened out Wheat and hauled in field near Fords five loads & shocked up the balance. that we had cut

Sunday Aug 1st 1897

Mina & I went to Church in morning.. took Sacrament C & M to P.S. Mary & I went to Church in Evening: Heard a good Sermon on, Judging others when we have not been in their Circumstances

Monday 2nd fine

had Mr Flick &. Johnstons team $1 50 to be paid about the end of the Month, we got fall wheat in and part of rye,

Tuesday 3rd fine

Sam & boys. hauled in bal of rye and. I finished Cutting field of oats.. & and started at rye,


Wensday 4th Showery

Sam left this Morning sick I ground binder knife and finished cutting rye & hauled in one load of rye then we washed cattle.

Thursday, 5th fine

C & I put in rape in morning & C till evening I went to town after dinner had a chat with H. Leadley and then got 100" flour. 1 1/2 gal molasses @ 53¢/35 3 qt scrap.. 345¢. Lard 25 all at Seroggies. Clip at penfolds. 15¢, borrowed $10 00 from G. B. Morris till. Saturday Bgt. 10" Beef. 80¢, 6 Mutton 5. 30¢ hired a man tonight. for tomorrow 1 00 bgt ticket for Mother & Inez $2 20

Friday 6th fine

We had. Penfolds out to fix Binder in Morning. their time cost, $1 25. had Wm Farnell working all day @ 1 00 per day Mr Flick 1/2 day @ 1 00 Mr Benson Came along in evening. & arranged for us to thrash boo tomorrow afternoon I went to ask. hands in evening

Saturday. 7th fine

We hauled. 2 loads. of barley &. 2 loads of oats last night 2 loads oats & 1 load rye rakings lomg. today Wm here all day , 1 00 Sent entries of Stock to Toronto $12 00. bgt crockery, $1 75 np nptwine. 16 1/2" Twine. at Penfold's we thrashed this afternoon,


Sunday 8th Aug 1897 Showery

Mina & C went to Church in Morning, & also to S.S. in evening I went alone to Church,

Monday 9th Showery

We finished thrashing at noon & I went to town W Farnell Plowed, & P. Fitzgerald. gang plowed & pulled peas, around field,, I paid Neil for Shoes $1 25 repairing for C. 20¢ recd $10 00 from s McCraefor ram 10 00

Tuesday 10th wet

P1 Pat here all day. Wm Farnell - left this morning I paid him $2 60, Pat is to get 50¢ per day. we Chored all day cleaning grain fixing bridge ect C. plowing the corner field Mr Ness of Quebec & Mr Sorty Came to see our stock & invite us to Montreal Exhibition

Wensday. 11th fair

P.1. P & C worked at bridge till noon. H Choring & I started to cut oats, Cutting all. afternoon

Thursday 12th fine

P.1. I took 12 bags Chop to Mill. 2 bgs wheat, got Tory shod 13¢ harness mended 55¢ at Metcaffs in Afternoon I cut oats,


Friday 13th Aug 1897 fine

P.1. pd him 50¢ We Finished cutting oats and stored the Binder away for the winter, Started at peas. got along fairly well. paid pat 50¢

Saturday. 14th fine till evening

IWe fixed road in morning then Cput peas with harvester till noon. hauled in 8 P.1. pd him $1 00 loads oats in afternoon I went to town at noon borrowed $100 00 for 4 mos: pd Morris $10 00 that I had borrowed. from him Mr F 1/3 day had Mr Flick from 3 P.M. Mrs Gay & Ethel went home today

Sunday 15th Showery

C went to Church in Morning C & I to s.S. & Mary & I to Church in evening,

Monday 16th Dull.

Henry & I Chored in morning I took home Mitchells Turnip sower. got grist oats ready & went to mill,, got black sumthing done; 10¢ paid algie's account, 25¢,. Mr {illegible} & W Benningfield are coming out tomorrow

Tuesday. 17th fine

We pulled Peas all day had. Pat. Fitzgerald, W.B. & Mr Denyes, expenses of today Charlie scuffling. Henry away shooting in Afternoon


Wensday 18th Showery in afternoon

Mr D. Pat. w B & I Mr D 3/4 pulled peas till noon then P1 we. hauled four loads of W.B.1 10¢ Oats. paid w.B. 10¢ Paid Mr Flick 50¢

Thursday 19th Dull

we cleaned rye & set up the down sheaves. in WB.1 morning & C cultivated, Mr D 1/2 H. shooting rest of us pulling Peas.

Friday 20th fine

J.D.1 we pulled peas in morning PF 1/2 and. hauled in 8 loads in after W.B.1 noon got fork fixed at Algies 15¢

Saturday. 21.st fine

J.D.1 We Finished P pulled peas W.B.1 till dew was off then started to haul,. hauled 13 loads Paid Denyes. 4 00 Pat. 2. 00

Sunday 22nd fine

C went to Church in Morning. C & I to S.S. Mary & I to Church in Evening. heard Mr Scott

Monday 23rd fine

WB1 W.B, Henry, C & I hauled oats 8 loads. finished

W.J.1 Tuesday 24th fine

W.B.1 We hauled twelve loads till six peas and have about one load out, yet gave 1 bush wheat to S. Army.


Wensday, 25th aug 1897 fine

we finished pulling peas & hauled bal {short for balance} in. 2 loads Two teams plowing in afternoon & one in morning W.B.1 I went to town in afternoon. paid S. Slater, $51 00 bring wage due him, bgt shoes for Mina $1 10 hardware $1 20 np at Morris groceries.

Thursday 26th fine

W.B W & C Plowing all day I went to town in morning 12 1/2" @ 5¢ Meat.. groceries 50¢. hardware 27¢. Flour $2 65 np. harness fixed 15¢ pads. 75¢, at metcaffs. Met Maggie at station & two Children, they are qute well. I went to town after dinner bgt clothes. $1.73¢ paid Sam Slater bal of wages, $3 62 paid mPresent the miller his account, 50¢. Canvas 10¢ sho pail mended. 08

Friday. 27th fine

wB.1 W & Charlie working at rye ground all day. it is about Two thirds sown. ga I went to town, to get bolt cutter to cut Bulls ring then. bgt dry goods. $9 45 recd an order for $7 00 pay for seven bushels of wheat to be sent to John Powel Norwood, Station C.P.R.


August Saturday 28th fine

we finished sowing rye today. & Cleaned up seed wheat. recd {short for received}an order for four bushels wheat 400 paid Henry. $3 00 Thompson Porter {&?} Bauda P.O. DGlencairn Station G.L.R.

Sunday 29th Dull & Shower at night

M & C Leale went to Church in morning and. M & C to S,S. Maggie & I to Church at night.

Monday 30th fine

C gang Plowing, W & Henry, Choring. I went to Town shipped 7 bushels of Wheat to Mr powelNorwood po 4 bush to Mr porter. Bauda po took 3 1/2 bags chop to mill 15" got 15" Meat at Hales. got a load of saw dust 25¢ to Tomatoes, 25.¢ bags 60¢ Lantren. & c oil. 60¢. 85.¢ @ np penfolds Ticking $1 73, paid Mr Flick $1 50 boys & I pulled. ragweed & Mustard out of rape, got Mangels & Corn ready

{Handwriting changes} Tuesday 31st.

Mr Flick Started to shows. Mr Flick - day helping. Sorby's took Douglas

Wed. 1st: Sept.

C. plowing. Order for wheat $2.


Thursday 2nd Sept 1897.

C. plowing in forenoon, rain in afternoon.

Friday Sept. 3rd

C. plowing all day. Barber's threshing without a man from here.

Sat. Sept 4th.

C. at Friendship's threshing Mutton 8lbs. Meal- Lucy. Jean & Willie came today. Charlie's socks 25¢.

Sunday Sept 5th.

Mina & Lucy. went to church in morning & M. to S.S. in afternoon.

Monday Sept. 6th

dy C. Mr. Flick 1 plowing to-day. Children started to school. Mr Flick at McDougall's threshing.

Tuesday Sept 7th:

" "{ditto Mr Flick} 1 Ch. & Mr Flick at Mitchells threshing.

Wed. Sept 8th-

J. Barber & C. McDougall started to work at fall-wheat, working all day. Ch, choring around barn.

Thursday Sept, 9th.

J. Barber, working all day & C. McDougall took wheat 3 to station in morning & worked all day. 45¢, freight charges. 12 lbs. Beef. Groceries 50¢.


Friday Sept 10th 1897

C. McD. & J. Barber working all day. Ch. choring around. Tork load to station at night. Got 6 bay chopped 36¢.

Sat, Sept. 11th,

C. gang-plowing in forenoon. C. Mc & J.B. plowing in afternoon. Sugar 50¢.

Sunday Sept. 12th;

Mina & Jean to church in morn. " & Ch. " S.S. in afternoon Ch. & Mary " Ch. at night.

Monday Sept. 13th.

C. McD. & J. Barber plowing all day. Ch. choring. 10¢ for baby's ring. 10 lbs. Beef.

Tuesday. Sept. 14

J. Barber working all day. C. McD. " until about 4 P.M, Ch. choring in general.

Wed. Sept. 15

J. Barber working all day started sowing. Ch. harrowing. Bot. 92¢, for baby & myself.

Thursday Sept 16

Guelph Show. Nothing done on farm.

Friday Sept. 17th.

C. Mc & J. Barber finished fall-wheat to-day. Ch & C. Mc took load of feed in, at night.

Sat Sept. 18lh.

Jim & Henry came from London flour & C.G. went with J. to Ottawa 10 lbs mutton


Sunday Sept. 19, 1897

Mina & Willie to church in morning & Mina to S.S. in afternoon.

Monday Sept. 20.

C. McDougall plowing all day. Henry choring. hmina's books $4.95 Groceries $2.47 Dry Goods 884. Mina's fees. 2.00

Tuesday Sept 21st.

C. Mc Dougall plowing all day Henry choring in general.

Wed. Sept. 22nd.

C. Mc plowing all day Paid mr Johnson $1.50 Carbolic acid. 10 Fly. paper.. 05

Thursday Sept. 23rd.

Paid F. Barber 60¢. C. M c Dougall plowing till noon, & cutting corn afternoon. Henry away at shooting-match. Mutton,

Friday Sept. 24th:

C. Mc. & Henry cutting corn, all day.

{Handwriting returns to normal} Saturday 25th

H Finished Corn and chored C & I Came from Coteau to Toronto bgt 1 loaf bread 0.7 {James' trip explains appearance of new handwriting}


Sunday. Sep 26th fine

We arrived this morning about 7 A.M. and got stock and things home. Henry went home

Monday 27th fine

We bound & hauled in corn C Mc Dougall in afternoon paid. C. Mc Dougall

Tuesday 28th fine

I went to Mont Forest C Mc went to Mc Crae's to fill silo.

Wensday, 29th Fine

I found all the folks well and preparing for the wedding. We went to the wedding. then sam Bride & Groom off after dinner and. we all went home, had quite a chat with

Thursday. 30th fine

I waited till noon for Will to come home with Harry then came back home to Guelph We had quite a talk about future arrangements but nothing is decided yet,. I called at, R. Jackson's on way home

Friday 3d Oct 1st fine

I paid Father 1 00 Hannah, 25,¢ Tom 5 00 loaned Tom 2 00,

Friday Oct 1st 1897

paid Mr Flick. 3 00. we chored most of day, Tom & ^Emma started for Hamilton,

Sat, 2nd fine

Taking up G. Divide potatoes W.Walker Called, bgt shoes for Inez $1.28 & Jean 45. & Charlie 1 50


Sunday Oct 3rd 1897

Mina & I went to Church in Morning. Heard Mr Scott M, & C to S.S. Mary & I to Church in Evening Mr S Preached on the 3 Hebrew Children

Monday 4th fine

I paid C McDougall for working while I was at shows $12 paid sresent for Chopping. 18¢ bgt. nails at penfolds. 12" 36¢

Tuesday 5th fine

WB1 pd 10¢ W Benning ton here today we Worked at Potatoes all day. paid W 10¢. I am to give him 30¢ per day

Wensday 6th fair

W.B.1 We worked at potatoes all day.

Thursday 7th Dull

C & I worked at potatoes in morning went to town in afternoon. paid for grist 68¢, Paid D.r Savage $30 00 Sugar $1 00 Candies 0.8.

Friday 8th Dull

Tom & Emma came last night, and went away today. C & I working at potatoes between times. Mysie had twin heifer Calves, last night

Sat. 9th fine & Cool

We worked all day at potatoes bgt. shoes for Jeane. 60¢ Inez shoes 1 10 Willie shoes 125 Suit for W. 2 90 2 75 1 45 ford & J paid w Bennington 50¢ salts. 25¢.


Oct 1897 Sunday 10th/11 fair

Mina, C. Inez, Jean, & Wiilli went to Church & S.S. Mary & I went in evening heard rev Mr Scott on the sort of reading to avoid it was, very approprate

Monday 11th fair Dull

n1 We picked potatoes all day, had Lev. Doyle @ 40¢ &. N. Kennedy at 50¢

Tuesday. 12th fair

C & I put dip on Cattle in N 1/2 morning and killed a lamb in afternoon boys came & we worked at potatoes stanPs sent, $1 50 to Bryant Press

Wensday. 13th fine

We picked potatoes in morning N 1/2 and went to O.A.C. Sale in Afternoon, did not do any buying. gave C 10¢ boys here 1/2 day

Thursday 14th fine

N1 N here all day Leo 1/2 I paid L 1/2 Leo for what he had done 1 00 Paid L 1 00 we almost finished the potatoes.

Friday 15th fine

we finished potatoes & hauled Cow home; then got barn ready for thrashing. went to see Mr Benson. we are to thrash. tomorrow afternoon paid Mrs Gibson 10 00 bgt Oat meal 85¢, borrowed 125" oat chop,


Sat. 16th fine

we prepared for thrashing in morning. thrashed oats in afternoon, Mrs Ford 1 hand. Porters 1. McCrae 1. Bye 1. Mitchell 1. Barber 1. Mc Dougall 2. Mr Johnston, 1. our oats only turned out fairly. about seven N.1. hundred bushels. had. N. Kennedy all day

Sunday 17th fine

Mina, Children & I went to Church, in morning and Mina C. & Children to s.S. Mary., C C to to Church at Night.

Monday 18th fine

N.1. We Cleaned up barn floor in morning and grist of Chop, 14 bags ^ boys went to pull Mangels and took, chop to mill. Paid. Jas Ryan $2 75 for manure, paid O.A.C, Note, 36 oc paid for Chopping 70¢

Tuesday 19th fine

N.1. we worked at Mangels all day. Mr Burt & Mr {Corsan?} called this morning to see stock Minas Fees for oct 2 00 Making dress. $2 30 postage 06

Wensday 20th Dull

N.1. we finished the mangles we have, about 500 bushels. got one load Carrots.


1897 Thursday. Oct. 21st Dull & damp

N.1. 50¢ Nicholas & Charlie working at roots. I went to town tinsmithing done 10¢ drugs. at morris for J Batty 25¢ hardware, 05.P wire. 85¢ stamps ect, 18¢, sent. $1 to F.W. Hodson Toronto Members fee for John Sibbald went to saver to see about line fence front half is his he has 360 feet in front of barn and we have 444 behind

Friday. 22nd fair

We. Finished Carrots and N1 started at Turnips

Saturday 23rd fair

n.1. we worked at turnips all day. Bruder called to sell his bull. Scribbler for Inez, 05¢

Sunday 24th fair

Mina.C. & Children went to Church in the morning and S.S. Mary & I went Church in evening

Monday 25th fine

N1 We worked at turnips f. 1/2 all day..

Tuesday 26th fine

N.1 We-worked at Turnips all J.1 day we finished pulling Greystones & hauled 5 loads Soap & ointment for Mina 35¢ Postcards 02


Wensday, Oct, 27th 1896 R P

N.I.40¢ We worked at turnips boys J.I.32¢ Pulling at 4¢ per row I went to Parson's sale in afternoon. bgt. hoes 45¢ chain 25¢, bedstead, $1 25, Milk pans 20

Thursday Oct 28th fair

N.I.. 346 We worked at turnips all J.I.36 day, hauled in 19 loads in afternoon

Friday 29th cool. & Clear

N 08¢ we worked at Turnips all day J. 08¢ N & J, left after they had pulled two rows, C & I pulled {11?} rows in morning & I He in Afternoon we hauled four loads in

Saturday 30th fair & Cold

C & I worked at turnips + Heather Bell calved today by L.A-3rd {Lord Aberdeen 3rd, name of cow} in morning. and children helped us in afternoon

Sunday 31st Dull.

Mary Inez & I went to Church in morning. Mina C & Children to S.S.

Monday 1st nov 1897 Dull

C & I pulled turnips all all day. Paid nicko Joe Doyle $1.35.

Tuesday 2nd Wet

we chored & pulled a few turnips. I arranged to take sleemans rotten grain & hops for manure at 40¢ per Cuad and sell him straw at 3 10 to start as soon as plow stops

Wensday 3rd

We worked at turnips all day


Thursday, Nov 4th 1897 fine

We Finished taking in Turnips and. hauled ther loads of Cabbage. Paid nicholas Kennedy $6 30 for helping with potatoes & Turnips,

Friday 5th Dull

we. Took some Cabbage to. Barbers and Friendships, were pleased to have something to give them in return for what they given us since we came here, abov we put about 1 30cabbage in eellar and 1.00 in pit, and still have some to spare

Saturday 6th Dull & Cold

C & I pulled Stumps in morning and C Plowed in afternoon Maggie came today, we went in to town and . bgt shoes for Inez P. Cards. 05

Sunday 7th fine

Mary:C, & Children went to Church & S.S. Maggie. & I went to Church in evening heard. Rev, Mills on whatsoever thy hand find{loop of M partially filled in}th to do do it with thy, Might

Monday 8th Dull

C & I plowed all day behind bush, I sold sheep to Hales in morning {1 or 7}2 11 to be credited on my account

Tuesday 9th Stormy

C & I fixed Turnips in & Potatoes ni: Cellars.


nov, 1897 Wensday 10th/" fine

I went up to Bruders this morning to see about bull he looks well, in Afternoon I went to town with 6 bags chop 30,¢. took 5 bags Turnips, 1 bag Cabbage save Mangels. total. $1.10.. 21" lamb. 1 1/2 $1 57 to Leadleys. 6 Cabbage. & 1 bush 25¢

Thursday 11th

10" Lamb to W. Tuck @ 8c80

Thursday 11th Wet.

We chored &. went to town in forenoon in afternoon we plowed centre ^ field behind bush in morning bgt shoes, for self .$1 50 sold L Skin 80¢ stamp 03 Lime 15¢

Friday 12th Windy & Cool

C & I Plowing all day with both teams,

Saturday 13th fair & cool

C & I Plowed most of day I went to town at noon mr Barber brought cow to bull in afternoon

Sunday 14th Dull

Maggie Children & I went to Church in morning heard rev. Dr. Griffin. preach we promised 50¢ to. Superanuated fund, Children all went to S.S.

Monday 15th Misty

C & I finished plowing behind bush.

Tu Tuesday 16th chilly

we picked stones off Corn patch & Started to plow


November 1897 Wensday 17th cold

we plowed .corn patch & manured it c hauled two loads on to the corner patch near Fords, I went to town, bgt bread 10 2¢

Thursday. 18th fair

I took 8 bush & 5" of wheat to Mill @ 10¢. recd 36" flour to bush took a grist of chop. 8 bags 40 paid for the oat chop I borrowed Stamps for. M for self 70¢ 1 load manure from Ryans Stockings. 65. Ammunition 28¢ got horses shod $1 50

Friday. 19th Dull

C brought 1 load of Manure from J Ryan's & we changed a box of straw to Kenney. for some manure got harness mended $1 10 we hauled one load from Yard

Saturday 20th fine

We took some wood into wood_shed in morning and picked stones in afternoon C hauled a load of manure from Seroggies in morning & took in a box full of straw

Sunday 21st fine

Mary. C. M & Children went to Church.. M, C, & Children to S.S. Maggie Jean & I to Church in evening heard a thanksgiving sermon by Mr Scott

Monday .22nd fine snow in eve

I went to Me Crae's in morning to sell sheep did not sell. C & I hauled manure on cor{unclear}n field


Tuesday 23rd Nov 1897

4 we hauled 4 loads of manure from sleemans C & I hauled manure to corner field. Shoes for I & Jean 2.80

Wensday 24th Dull

I took M To station then bgt. L. glasses. 25¢.

Thursday 25th Damp

Went to Meet, Jennie & Joe and Looked around parm with Mr + - Blight in afternoon Bowmans no 1 had heifer calf by Lord Aberdeen 3rd

Friday 26th Wet

C at Porter's thrashing and I took Mr Blight & Joe to see O.A.C, Stones & McCrae's

Saturday 27th fair

took grist to Mill 50¢ & then took Mr Blight & Joe to Sorby's stamp 03. things for Jennie. 54¢ Change for mina, 07

Sunday 28th fine

Inez, Jean & I went to Church in Morning, and .. Children all to S.S. W. W. and Mr Blight to Church in evening

Monday, 29th fiStormy

we chored around Barn 1 C hauled 1 load of rotten grains to finish field near Fords. we worked around barn in Afternoon W. & Addie left for home today Maggie came from Hamilton 2 ewe Lambs our {Linp?} dorset Ewe had two ewe Lambs today


Tuesday 30th Nov 1897

I chored & went to town bgt. Groceries, and got Maggies trunk at Station C hauled three loads of grai 3 hop Manure from Sleemans

Wensday 1st Dec 1897

I chored most of the day went to town in morning bgt gr broom. 30% stamp 04 C hauled three loads of manure 3 from Sleeman

Thursday 2nd fine

I chored & went to town borrowed $100 00 for to bis $21.80 give gave my note for 3 months Mina Money to go away with, Paid 40 65, Cash to buy Trunk valise. & clothes. 28 00$65 65 MP ticket $41.90. gave

Friday 3rd fair

C & I chored all day around stables & peas Preparing for Fat stock Show ect, & getting ready for Maggies departure. Cash for Mina 6 75 " " "{ditto 'cash for mina'} 5 00 gave M 1 00 for travelling expenses

Saturday, 4th Misty

we took Maggie & Children & Mina to Station on their way to Edmonton, mina Carelessly missed the train and I had to buy her a ticket on G.T.R to Toronto 1 50 diary for mina $1 20 sent $73 43 to Jennie, Mary, 25¢


Sunday 5th Dec 1897

mr Blight. Inez Jean & C went to Church. and all but Mr B, to S.S.

Monday 6th Dull

We Started off to Branlford Fat Stock Show at 5 A.M. arrived there, at 8.50. got things into shape paid Entries 12 00 dinner 25¢. tea, at mrs Knowles Street Car fare, 10¢, went to. Cattle breeder association Meeting Mr Hobson gave a good adress, Also D, Mc Crae, Officers for 1898 were elected. Arthur Johnston Greenwood for Shorthorns, Albin Rawlings for Herefords, Jas Bowman for Polled Angus D Mc Crae for Galloways and Young Butler for Gurnseys Richard Gibson for Jerseys,

Tuesday 7th Dull & Wet

we took care of Cattle, went to Mrs Knowles for breakfast dinner & supper and spent the night there, milk 05, Car fare 30¢, breakfast, 25. no Judging done today,

Wensday 8th fine

did Chores got ready for the ring, our cattle were Judged in afternoon, we got 2nd for two year old steer, 2nd & 3rd for heifer calf, 1st 2nd 3rd for cows 2nd for Grade heifer, S.C. fare 10 brush & comb, 30¢ smock $1 25


Thursday 9th Dec 1897 fair

we attended cattle & looked around the other Stock. sC fare, 25¢ Milk. 20¢

Friday 10th fine

we got Cattle on car last night and I went to Mrs Knowles for breakfast, s.cf 10 got Check for prize money 90, s Check for M $48 75 48 75 90 00 got home about 4 P.M.

Saturday. 11th fair & Soft

Went to town with lamb for C.{M.?} Gris St Jacobs I sold it to him and am to get it back in a year if I want it, at Same price 7 00 7 00 arranged to get Manure from Fat stock Show, free of charge bgt bag of apples 75¢ & kl eat, 84¢

Sunday 12th fair

Mr Blight Jen{ia?} & I went to Church in morning Charlie & Jean & Willie to S.S. Mary & Charlie to Church in evening

Monday 13th fair

C & I hauled two loads of Straw to Sleemans 7 00/&3.50 hauled back two loads 2 of horse manure,

Tuesday, 14th wet

We chored around barn most of the day. I sent members fee of $20 00 to Aberdeen leagues Association, also ^Entry fees for three Calves, $41 50/$1.50, Stamps & order 21¢


Monday. Dec. 15th 1897

I went to Will with grid 11 bags @ 5 = 55. last weeks chop. 309. stump 03. coil60¢ {side notes with random numbers: '05', '30', '03', '60', '350'} I took a load of straw to Sleemans

Thursday 16th fair I went to town in morning bgt {possible shorthand for 'bought'} saw 35¢ thimble 15¢ buck 15¢ in afternoon. C gang plowed in little corner field & I worked around barn Mr. Blight left for Chingaeowsay,

Friday 17th Snowy {side note: '3'} C & I did chores & hauled 3 loads of horse manure from Sleemans.

Saturday 18th Snowy I fixed hen house in morning C put in some wood and then I went to town bgt stove for Charlie $1^90 sold wool. 13 pounds @ 21 bgt yarn. 53¢, got hats for Inez & Jean $1^00 smock for c50¢ Hat for c 25¢ Shoes in Oct for C. 1^50 and pants, 1^00 & Overcoat 8^00 pair of socks for Willie 25c

Sunday 19th fair Mary, Charlie + Jean went to Church in morning. C & Inez {swirl drawn on 'I'} & Jean to S.S. I went to Church ni {spelling error with 'in'} evening

Monday 20th Dull

we Chored and fixed up things around barn


Tuesday 21st fine

I took load of straw to Ryans and C hauled away a load of manure I went to town bg st Stamps 06 hardware 25.. knifeyesterday, 36

Wensday 22nd Snowy

C hauled some rails. to pile near barn bgt grains 25¢ one load of manure from Sleemans, and did the Chores

Thursday 23rd Stormy

We hauled two loads of manure from Hughes @100/50¢

Friday 24th fine & Cold

I hauled one load of manure from Hughes and in afternoon I went to town, borrowed one Hundred dollars paid Henry Leadley $10 25 paid Jas Hewer $10 00 on account bgt rubbers for Children & Mary $1.45 for xmas Jonathan sent this for them Pair shoes for Willie $1.10 bgt meat, 05.

Saturday 25 fine xmas

we were alone all day I was in bed in Afternoon sick with a cold Charlie went to Barbers to shoot

Sunday 26th fair

Inez. Jean & I went to Church in morning all Children went to S.S. and Mary & Charlie to Church in Evening. Paid $1 to Mr Ranton


Monday Dec 27th faire

I took Children to see Morket, bgt. Paid Hales account 2 80 in full $3 65 _ 1 00 for Bullservice $2 68 C went to Hughes for a load of Manure, and got stuck and we had to go back for load after dinner,

Tuesday 28th fine

4 I hauled four loads of manure from Sleemans C did Chores pair Overshoes for mary $1 25 x Yuung Dorset ewe had Pair ewe lambs yesterday.

Wensday 29th Stormy

I chored & went to school meeting in morning MrA McIntosh was reelected trustee, I went for 5 bush grains after dinner & then took grist of chop to Mill 10 bags mixed oats & wheat. and 5 bags wheat for grist our wheat turned out 40" of flour to bushel. Paid Jackson & Sonk account H$2 90 Paid Gowdy's account, $1 25, called at McKenzies for account, C did chores.

Thursday 30th Snowy

We hauled four loads of/ 4 manure from Sleemans & went for grist, paid $1 45 bgt meat, 98¢ got Williis Shoes mended. 20

==363== Friday 31st Dec 1897

We did chores and hauled 4 four loads of Manure from Olewaus went to town after dinner paid G.B. {scribble} $5.00 on account. paid. S.C Renfold $10.00 on their account paid Wm Queko Account $6.20

Saturday. 1st Jan 1898 C+ I chored in morning and I took Kyma 3rd to Louis Brudes Bull Pruiee in afternoon.

Sunday 2nd cold Mary @. N.+q went to church in morning {illegible} Ivez x {illegible} in evening I.J went to 8.S.

Monday 3rd cold We hauled two loads of Manure from Olewaus I went to town in morning. paid Jaekeon account got {illegible} tongue {fried?} 30 c, paid J. Hughes for four loads of Manure $2.00 received $70 from M Guman.

Tuesday 4th fine I hauled three loads of manure from Olewaus got grains at 1 p.m.

Wensday 5th fine I went into town in morning paid Galdis account, $14.83. Paid J Benson $5 m thrashing paid Henry {illegible} 4.00. In Account 4.00 {illegible} 25c paid M. Rudd $1.30

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