Courtland Olds Diary & Transcription, 1889


Courtland Olds Diary & Transcription, 1889

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Having enjoyed my hollowday eve Christmas, I had give way and let Joe take his leave to day. So I have been working away at {illegible} & C as {oll?} other days.

The weather still keeps C mild, but, has been quite windy to day. Thomas Jacksons boy Colbert {illegible} after some split peas to use as pig - fea feed, Let him take a couple of baggs.

He told me {Neat?} {illegible} {did need?} {illegible} friends Mr and Ms. Horton were at Jack

{continued on a new line} son's, & would soon be done.

January Wednesday 2 1889

Albert M {Hade?} has been working in my place today. While I went up Suellaus Mill after a {gist?} of {illegible} for {her?} {illegible} and for {geerselaes?}. Took few plock of dried apples and {illegible} {illegible} at {HNC?}- heeu for severely each Jew theer. Shorer Jay, look peveu {illegible} of galice offeres in {E.H?} because was {small?} {Causee?} house by hlause and {Brocylin?} house a quarter of beef poire {Hanare?}. I fee massble a lout otee {illegible} ice nee {sicelcae?} {M?} Cluiddols ohit Cocchicces and {illegible} Bikey I do as indefenitely.

January Thursday 3 1889

Joe and I look alot a {pit?} of {fes?}- {Jataes?} {neis?} {gore?}-moose, the weather being warm auq {illegible} look {newue?} jeet to woueu {this?} effeucooce and unloaded at Cluie Nanecco groory, market had beef anade new before-haud for new at haeuly give caub peu {illegible}, shore pay. there is july alow and there and opening eaew like glicis {illegible} present plasae. the crop having deen are very abundant. The quality for ea hieg is also very excellent, {illegible} {whole?} day + good {illegible}

January FRIDAY 4 1889

Joe has {Texan?} hauking come in {nee?} table to day. I drove down to Caukes {tais?}{illegible} wing to see Mr and Mrs A.N. Hostoie also had {illegible} come ohere Jones Polhaw. Broughlet Mrs Holron {were?} with mee. {Llee?} mers members of the gauvily careers over to {illegible} {nee?} eve, {ming?} write us which Mrs and Mr. H. are staying with us over night. Have been searing {dowee?} my hq calf stable to day where working, {illegible} beeweed {alvent?} a wreak. hekuq rebuilding some.

January SATURDAY 5 1889

Spent most of {illegible} {foreusvee?} {ine?} uisitereq with Geu precdp Mr and Mrs Hootou {Wtoo?} reueaiued{d is written with a very long tail that curves left} {spent?} night with us. Look there down to Mrs. Clarlees again this {illegible}. Did most feel at all satisfied with their visit, it reeally so short. Joe and I get a load of wood in ulces woods he is {foreesoce?} and got it up {illegible}. The wealice has {carliceed?} {warces?} and Alice has {deew?} falling ive good earnent nint of {illegible} day.

January SUNDAY 6 1889

Rain has been falling last night loud to day. {illegible} as consequence we could not {weel?} get to {town?} as is dew {custtoue?}. Neut ree to heau {illegible} rew. Mr Elauq Eoueuce. Ramew {eyoyeq?} {illegible} service I am glad to say, the services was very good and {illegible} she - Vincent of Glees U {illegible} supper followeq. It is gooq to price the people of Eloq of {wledfeued?} {illegible} age new precedes. Sabbath day to nron ship. The {jerayeu?} of {she?} broken and {cocehits} heart is still heard. Raiss {illegible}.

January MONDAY 7 1889

Have lead Joe at work lisking corns to day when wot doing chores. Neut {illegible} to Ueuokle Johns to bake deie neu with there and Mr. Hortias, the lallee and Mrs Clorke being there. This was jere last visit with {illegible} I suppose as okay talk of going {disay?} in {rice?} {illegible}, {pone?} Mrs Claikes. The evads a u iu a fearful elate at present, are {illegible} of {illegible} {array?} {Vork?} of {illegible} a ce so deep as {illegible} he going almost {imposible?}

January TUESDAY 8 1889

Joe and I have been laying {jeen?} best to {illegible} {illegible} pile of unfusked cone {deucaouing?} in {illegible} varns to day. The usult is satisfactory Heather is very warm and favorable for {jeen?} work. Ne seeue to be for {illegible} is {civis?} respect aftee all. There are many who are not as {gorkwak?} brueuee. Parkeucarly nee {name?} {beruew?} {whes?} Earne quit work and give leave for want of sudes and cold weather. The present mild weather seems to be quick general.

January WEDNESDAY 9 1889

The past has been all {uncesudly?} stormy day. Rain befail falling at at are early how this morning and did not stop until early night. Something like a hurricane set in about the middle of the {ofleruouce?} {& symbol?} is still blowing fiercely. It has been a good day for busking come inside, however. Joe and I have have lineparked {illegible} chause as bent we could. Our bare - jlnor begins to look mable improved, we have notice {illegible} to {cool?} for {there?} work ever before.

January THURSDAY 10 1889

The terrible snow and wind storms of of everyday and last night have {eaulined?} most of to day. One side roads, some of them are completely blocked by snow backs is places and {illegible} {eauce?} as well. Joe and I have been husking corn most of the time to day. Notice by the {hail?} neat great damage has been done by yesterdays wind storm East of Toronto. {Tind?} in looking arround that we have {nest?} {altoyallee?} {leaped?}. Mauy Earle bees have been hacked down in the woods {last word cut off of page}.

January FRIDAY 11 1889

One word - pile being about exhausted Joe and I have been laying do re pleasisle to day. The roads are in an almost impossible state however. {H?} seems strange and yet it is a fact, that {been?} sleep were fed to night for the pirot since this Hickee. The weather has been more like Spring or {illegible} {Heau?} {illegible} so far. We were {illegible} in having corn to husk for this has gives us work corn{illegible} or places.

January SATURDAY 12 1889

Have had Joe husking corn most of the time {afaiu?} to day. It {reauile?} a causiderable {niece?} to take corn of stock however neut {beet?} to {illegible} this afternoon, hoeud the roads in an almost impossible state. Seut away for the Christians{illegible} and Malhdiet Maj asine to day. {illegible} dered as prenueues puushsees deekeres + Semusees+ {illegible} of Mr. + Mrs Edward peksses of {town?}. Have alds arade an {illegible} for the country jeufleceuace again {illegible} L.C. Morfau

January SUNDAY 13 1889

One account of the very rough stable of the roads we did not allowd any chuck served to day. Have speut the juice proffilably and well I {illegible}. Have caulnued to giud the service of God as {illegible} service, and my soul is satisfied with the jeust of good {illegible} he has provided. Hau Huely is {illegible} Sauioces provise {cornfeed?} by me if any man eufeu is {the?} stall go in feed {illegible} {I?} and {illegible} pastime. He has made maple {illegible} uiseice for the {illegible} steac of {illegible}.

January MONDAY 14 1889

Joe and I have been drawing sat {sat is written above drawing and with a ^ sign underneath it} straw to the horse stable for feed to day. God {illegible} barn - yard cleared up {goars?} straw at last. Had a short visit from Mr Robert Ivey to day. He told me how to sharpen the knives of the {ouking?} hot in suck a way that they would keep sharp a long liuce. It is by making a part of cycle edge by filing {wilex?} the corner of the {fels?}. He assured me that his would cut all day {aillegut?} that {peuing?} when {illegible} in this way.

January TUESDAY 15 1889

Joe has been helping me at {illegible}{this?} to day. Finished husking corn in the cow stable to day. This afternoon we have been cutting wood in the woods for present use. The weather{seems?} to the {peting?} warm and to look like a rain or snow storm.It has been my privelege to {illegible}. God to be very {illegible} {whuy?}. Calling up ou hire to day. How {illegible} how he {couce?} in to us and keep with us and we with {Harris?}.

January WEDNESDAY 16 1889

Have been as being as we could well be to day but, after all have not accomplished a great deal. The weather has moderated, and this afternoon it has been raining and still rains. Mr Reid was here for dinner and, told me that he had sold out the Victor store to a Mr. {Coleaffy?} of Belleville. {Mee?} {Couliueq?} to enjoy precious {crunue?} {alides?} with the {kiuise?} and infinite loyaly, with the {ceremony?} we forget are {illegible} and care {+e?}.

January THURSDAY 17 1889

Joe and I have been cuting woodin the woods most of the time to day. Got {illegible} {souce?} irou wood poles for more power {armes?} this afternoon. Coffee tea I went up to the Gauge Hall to being the might of {illegible} regular mouth of meeting. The roads were very bad, the late rains and warm weather farming done their work.{illegible} {peeking?} this evening however. At {illegible} was parry reducing the funitation {illegible} of and {illegible} poem thace to {illegible}dollar deadies grow {illegible} to {illegible} each poufais

January FRIDAY 18 1889

Neut {svee?} to Robert Marris this morning to see {illegible} geting his son Allie Marris to clean our Gauge {illegible}. {Hiuisioce?} Gauge is expected to be feeld in our sall see Tuesday next and it was {Mougfet?} {Leius?} able to have the {ogau?} ready for service. Selled up with Reid this afternoon and was glad to {illegible} that they were in my deft {really?} six dollars. Selled up with John Hewson {illegible} gained that I was {dwing?} still {nisly?} nine dollars for which I had to give him ony note for 11 macro.

January SATURDAY 19 1889

Joe and I worked at grinding our axes this {illegible}. He also got a quiet of mixed peas and got ready to take to the mill this afternoon. Got it growed at Crokes and called in {name?} see the way {out?} and back. The weather has become very cold and windy which state of things has dove away at last while the mud. The roads are good excepting {main street?} {illegible}. Have enjoyed pre-{illegible} {illegible} with my {God?} and {illegible} {this day?}.

January SUNDAY 20 1889

One account of the very stormy weather we did not go the to church to day. Snow has been falling in quite {long?} {quantities?} which we were glad to see. Have been reading with much pleasure and profit the memories of the late Edward and Mrs Jacksow of {town?} They were really bright has and {illegible} {illegible} reflecting heat nicely the {puding?} {illegible} the caulal source of all light and liberty. Mr Jacksons and was a rifling sequence of such a reacteau life.

January MONDAY 21 1889

Snow having fallen at last. Joe and I have been {geking?} up wood this {time of day?} in night good earnest. Slew {gaw?} roads and out {swart?} of tice. Sleighing is very good and the snow seems likely to stay with us for a while this times. Started {illegible} first {illegible} {illegible} the big straw stack to day I have here geting in a lot for feed. Thomas Jacksons boy Albert was here and got two and a hay {barnbells?} {corn?} of split peas.

January TUESDAY 22 1889

Got to work this forenoon fair at making my horse power {?}. Joe has been spliting wood in the woodhouse. Mr John Meucke{?} came before - {?} dinner with us and afterwards we went together to see Division Grange{?} at our hall. The attend. ence was not alrge but we had a pleasant time. I was appointed Auditor of New Division Grange{?} Books for new come. ing year.

January WEDNESDAY 23 1889

Had to send Joe to help Thomas Jacksons thresh{?} to day. Next my-self also after geting Rye wood chore done; and helped them until night. {?} air Wesley Ha-fere a cut also with me and visited at Walter's{?} awhile I was helping thresh. The weather is quite over{?} affair and the season just dis-appearing. Had a short visit to our Mr J. CS. Mc{?} of Seard{?} after dinner. He asured me that the new cutters Joe{?} would work all night.

January THURSDAY 24 1889

Worked away at the horse-power arms awhile this forenoon; and a short time this afternoon. Have got them all done but fitting to their respective places. Had William Watts and family, to dinner with us to day so I have been visiting with them some of the time. Lewis came, and has taken two loads of his furniture & c from our tennant house. He says that he has rented a farm accross the road from his father in law Wesby Matthews.

January FRIDAY 25 1889

Joe and have got a load of oats off to day. Cleaned it up this forenoon and this afternoon took it to the Edmunds mill. The thirty baggs weighed sixty two bushells and twenty pounds. Found the roads rather heavy there being no track made in the snow for the waggon wheels part of the way. The weather keeps remarkably warm and to day has beens much more like April than January.

January SATURDAY 26 1889

Joe helped me clean up a load of oats this forenoon; and this afternoon I took it up to the oatmeal mill. Found on comeing home that Joe had not done anything but chores. Felt quite put out for we have so much corn to husk and other work to do. Ma and Bertha went out to town this afternoon. Marian went away also which, I suppose was the cause of for doing so little.

January SUNDAY 27 1889

A driving snow storm from the North East, which began this forenoon has been in progress all day. We could not get to meeting anywhere as a consequence, of course, Joe was also away which was another hindering cause. Everything seems to require special care, on stormy days in particular. Lost my old false front teeth, made a good many ago by Mr. Lyman Wells of Simcoe, while feeding the sheep, failed to find them.

January MONDAY 28 1889

Joe did not get until about the middle of this afternoon, he haveing went home yesterday morning. Have not felt very well on account of billiousness and a bad cold, but have got the chores done all night. Snow has been faling for some time latily and more than a foot has come this time. It is turning out quite cold since. Got another load of oats partly cleaned up this evening to take out to morrow.

January TUESDAY 29 1889

Got another load of oats cleaned up this forenoon. Took it up to the mill after dinner. Brought home another load of oat-dust with me. This load will make about one ton and a quarter, that I have purchased, at five dollars per ton. Sleighing is very good now, I might say for the firsy time this Winter. A great many people are on the roads trying it at present. The Thermometer stood at zero this morning.

January WEDNESDAY 30 1889

Took up to the oat-meal-mill my last load of oats to day. Or I might say, the last that we could safely spare at present. Paid the aunt of takes for the year bis. Seventy four dollars and thirty five cents. Had only a small balance left after pay this sum. Settled up with Lewis this morning; but not without a good many unpleasant words. Found him unwilling to do what seemed fair and reasonable in some particular.

January THURSDAY 31 1889

Went out to Dover this afternoon takeing ma with me. Snow had fallen this forenoon covering the bare spots in the roads so sleighing was quite good. A report has just come, that Mr. J. B. Carpententer was dead. He was a man of many good qualities. He has always been a liberal. Contributor in sustaining not only the Methodist Church in Simcoe; but, to every good cause that came along. The Lord had blessed him.

February FRIDAY 1 1889

Have had Joe at work to day as usual. He has been boss and all hands while ma and I went up to Simcoe. We had a pretty cold ride both up and back; but the sleighing is excellent. Took dinner at Thomas Murpheys, Mr John Murphy was there and was still very much exercised over the loss his wife who died about a month ago. This seems all the more strange, for Mrs Murphy could not have been the most pleasant of women to live with.

February SATURDAY 2 1889

Joe has been away to day geting a load of wood house to his father who lives near port Dover. Let him have the team this afternoon to take it out. Have been engaged arround the barn at doing chores & c through the day. Succeeded in geting the horse-power arms in place after a long time. Hope now to get to work soon at cuting feed. The weather has become quite mild again, some prospects of a thaw.

February SUNDAY 3 1889

Took ma with me and went out to Dover this morning to our Quarterly meeting service. Enjoyed the privelege of worship with our Port Dover brethren very much. Felt encouraged at seeing the house of God well attended. Had dinner with Mifs Giles and afterwards attended Baptist meeting in the town hall. Rev. Mr Newton of Vittord preached. In his discourse he showed the similarity of the exactly between a sinner who is delivered from the bondage of satan and sin and the deliverance of the children of Israel from the bondage of Egypt.

February MONDAY 4 1889

Joe and I worked in the woods this forenoon at cuting wood. This afternoon I went out to Dover to attend the Quarterly official board meeting of our church. One of the particular moves made was to have the salary of ten minister reduced from seven hundred dollars to six. The change to take place at the close of the present year. Sleighing is being reinforced with more snow from time to time. Winter reigns supreme.

February TUESDAY 5 1889

A very sudden change in the temperature of the weather took place to day. From being warm enough to rain and thaw this morning it has percieved Zero weather other evening. Joe got up a couple of loads of wood this forenoon. This afternoon we have been cuting and spliting at the wood-house when not doing chores. Have just been reading of a great fire in Buffalo which turned up more than two million dollars worth of property.

February WEDNESDAY 6 1889

It seems now that the last part of Winter will be as severe as the first was mild. Judging from the course it has been takeing for a fiew days. A very disagreeable storm of wind and snow has been in progress for some hours. Joe and I have been cuting wood when not doing chores. Worked win the wood this afternoon. Can easily fancy what a North West Blizzard must be that is several degrees colder than our present storm.

February THURSDAY 7 1889

The very cold weather of yesterday has moderated considerably, Joe and I found it necessary to cut wood in the woods this forenoon however, This afternoon we have drawing ashes arround our apple trees in the orchard besides some other jobs. Never felt more determined to fight the good fight of faith, and never felt better satisfied with the way of the righteous. Surely it is a way of joy and peace.

February FRIDAY 8 1889

Joe and I finished drawing and spreading ashes from our old ash-house arround apple trees in the orchard. I have since been tearing down and the old house and rebuilding. Got done towards night. The weather has greatly moderated within the last fiew hours. It seems now as though we were on the eve of a thaw. Have been reading with great pleasure and proffit. Punsheons lecture on John Wesley & his times.

February SATURDAY 9 1889

Joe and I got in a load of rats straw for the horses this morning. We afterwards drew up a couple of loads of wood. This afternoon I went down to the cheese factory meeting; but, the number there was so small that the meeting had to be postponed, It was appointed for three weeks from to day at one o'clock P.M. Drive on to Dover this afternoon. Made a sale of our old sow at 8 cts per pound dressed weight & c & c.

February SUNDAY 10 1889

The past has been a delightful day, so mild and bright. Took Ma and Jim with me to him Bro. Jackson at the plank Noad Church this afternoon. The latter went to church to day for the first time. He behaved remarkably well however, for a four year old. The Good Lord has been with me, and Is how insignifficant all earthly {illegible} have seemed when compared with the presence and favour of God Almighty.

February MONDAY 11 1889

Joe and I have been working at sundry jobs to day in right good earnest. Have been cuting wood most of the time. The weather has been quite stormy but not cold. Snow has again fallen, and prospects are good for a continuance of Winter weather for some time to come. Have been much interested in reading Harpers Magazine this evening, which, by the way we recieved a fiew days ago. The only draw-back is feeling so tired after the days work is done.

February TUESDAY 12 1889

Ma and Mariam went up to Simcoe to day, on some of their own business. Joe and I have been working at the wood business as usual. Got up three loads more part of which we cut before drawing. The weather has been very cold; and a North West wind has been flowing. Snow has drifted considerably, and we find it hard to keep our track open to the woods. Heard to day that Joseph Jackson out late M. P. had failed in business.

February WEDNESDAY 13 1889

Joe and I have been cuting wood in the woods to day, the weather being fine but rather cold. Thomas Jackson came this afternoon this afternoon at about four o'clock to help us kill the old Sow. Had a very serious time, on account of the great size and weight of the old beast. George Lemon came in to lend us a helping hand however which came very acceptable. Got done all right at last.

February THURSDAY 14 1889

I went out to Dover this forenoon to take the old Sow, killed yesterday evening. I went out to Dover this forenoon to take the old Sow, killed yesterday evening. I was surprised to find that she weighed over four hundred pounds. Sold to Chin Warren at & c. Had dinner at unckle John Matthews, it being his Sixty second birthday. Came home to do chores & took tea with their this evening. Went to our Grange meeting afterwards Arrangements were made to have an entertainment in a couple of weeks.


My man and I have been working in the woods again to day, AboUt Compledid Nu horse power arms after dinner and have got it ready now to {Wich?} the horses are. H seems to bad Neat we could seod have used it before, but, on account {unclear} the {unhwoked?} Corn on nu barn floor we have {unclear} so far been able to find george to work; The Grew New heifer cold and kas now Nu appearance of snow.


Joe and I got the horse-power and Curling-box started this forenoon. It went off first Class: but, the rain Neat befare falling. about Near Irine sloped further work outside, Isave been doing Nue work {unclear}. I went out to town this evening to get a bills money promised by Chim {letter}tarren. Was successful in geting most of {wheat?} was required Rain Peas coulit {ned?} to fall {unclear} to ang ht, God is still any help.

February SUNDAY 17 1889

Went our to Dover to church this morning takeing little Jim and Bertha with me. Jim went for the first time to church in Dover. Bro. Goodwin preached as usual, Remained to the fellowship afterwards and enjoyed the whole service very much. Took ma after dinner to the little plank road church. The minister Bro. Hamilton did not come so we had a prayer and fellowship meeting. Our meeting was not large; but the Good Lord was present.

February MONDAY 18 1889

The weather berather mild to day Joe and I have been husking corn from the barn floor. I went to Mr. Hamiltons funeral after dinner. Only went to the house however. The old jentleman had been unwell for some years, his mind being addected. Was brought home from the Asylum to dayie recently. Went up to Shands this evening to meet our Grange committe about the entertainment. Concluded to venture another trial on Tuesday evening next.

February TUESDAY 19 1889

The wind and snow storm that has been in progress since yesterday morning, most of the time has left the snow in great piles and the side roads badly drifted Had Mr. and Mrs. Blackhere to dinner and to spend the afternoon with us. The day has been a very stormy one, just about right for visiting friends. I took tea over at Rids this evening accidantaly. I understand that they are likely to leave us soon.

February WEDNESDAY 20 1889

Joe and I got to work geting in straw for cuting this forenoon after shoveling out the lane. Wellington carpenter and wife came soon afterwards however and I had to stop work. Their visits were are so fiew and far between however that they are highly appreciated. Thomas Jackson came & helped us start the cuting box. It took a considerable fixing up before we got to work, Got a nice lot cut however

February THURSDAY 21 1889

Had Joe at work geting in wheat straw this forenoon for cuting. This afternoon he has been geting up wood. I got the working horses shod this forenoon, and have been doing sundry other kinds of work this afternoon, mostly chores. Went down to William Wattses this evening, partly to see the girls about helping in our entertainment on Tuesday evening next. Did not get their assistance however.

February FRIDAY 22 1889

Joe got up a load of wood this morning and we afterwards cut a load and brought it home before noon. This afternoon after doing our noon chores we went down towards the school house to help open the side road. Succeedidd in geting a road through. Snow has been falling and driftinf withthe strong North West winds to day. There is every appearance of a continuance of Winter weather.

February SATURDAY 28 1889

Worked at the wood to day, Joe and I. We cut in the woods this forenoon. The weather was so cold that we could not well do anything else. THis afternoon we have been drawing in sled lengths. I went out to Dover this evening partly to get the doctor for Mrs Eland, who has lately been confined and seemed not to be doing well. The weather has been extremely cold to day.

February SUNDAY 24 1889

Did not go th to church this morning; but this afternoon instead. Rev. Mr. Crews peached a missionary semon in our little church. His subject was the "pearl of great price", mentioned in Matthews 25. Some very good points were made. One of which I would like to remember. {Vis.?} The gift of the soul of God for man's salvation has brough to us an a pearl not quly of great price, to use, but of {immesurable} value to us.

February MONDAY 25 1889

Joe and I got in another load of straw for the horses this morning, our last this Winter, I think Thomas Jackson and his boy Albert came before we got dones and we went to work geting the cutting box ready for work. Have prepared a nice lot of feed for the cattle, enough to last more than two weeks I am sure. The three horses we had on the pwer did not seem to be sufficient to do the work easily.

February TUESDAY 26 1889

My man and I continued to work away at geting up wood to Ray as usual. Got up three loads, in sled lengths besides cuting. Went this evening up to the Grange Hall to attend the entertainment. Took Ella Ryerse and my cousin Nora, both of whom took part of the performance. It was a success in every way notwithstanding the stormy night. {Proceed?} about sixteen dollars.

February WEDNESDAY 27 1889

Yesterday was my birthday and ma had some of my unckles, and aunts and cousins to take dinner with us to day. Samantha Kitchen came also with he brother Elias and sister Ruth, so we had quite a gathering. Joe went to help Thomas Jackson get up wood to day, with the team & sleigh. The weather is becoming quite warm and very much like a thaw. I rejoice in God my Saviour, He is my help & my shield.

February THURSDAY 28 1889

Have been at work to day as usual, at geting up wood, and at doing chores. Joe and I got up a load of wood this forenoona dn one this afternoon. We, ma and I went to the Jarvis mifsionary meeting this evening, Took tea at Bro. Joseph Jacque's on the way down. Heard the Resident of Niagara Conference Rev. Mr Maxwell, His speech was a very good one though some lacking in ferverance of appeal.

March FRIDAY 1 1889

I went down to Jarvis this forenoon after geting dones with the chores, Wanted to get some money to pay Lewis the amt. of wages still due him, he having agreed to wait until the first of March. Made the necessary arrangement, but did not get the money. Found Mifs Jules and Mrs Pess here when I came home home also Thomas jackson. The latter said that My special friend A. would be up form Pilhane in a week or so.

March SATURDAY 2 1889

Drove down to Jarvis this forenoon to complete a matter of business began yesterday. Brough an essex centre plough of Mr William Jacques also a set of double harness, the whole for twenle dollars. Went out to Dover this afternoon and stopped to at the cheese factory meeting on the way. The latter was satisfactoty. The sleighing is quite poor in places. March has come in like a lamb this time at least.

March SUNDAY 8 1889

Went out to Dover alone this morning to attend our church service. Bro. Goodwin preached from Sick {ye?} first the kingdom of God and this righteousness and all other things shall be added unto thee. Protracted meetings have been in progress through the past with enouraging success. Several have found place in believeing. Took ma down to our little church on the plank this afternoon, where we heard our Bro. Hamilton, Called at Mr. Blacks to see Mr and Mrs coffee Mrs B. father and mother

March MONDAY 4 1889

I went up to Simcoe this forenoon on horseback, the roads being bad for either the runners or wheels. Took the money up to the bank for Lewis being ballance due. Settled up with H. Croff also and gave a note for the ballance for three months This will fall due on the twenty fifth of May next. Got home in time get a small load of potatoes ready, and to take them out to Dover. Took them to Clinn Warren at 20 cts per Bu. store pay.

March TUESDAY 5 1889

Was bothered a good deal this forenoon in one way and another. Doctored a sick cow part of the time. The Township assessor came in the mean-time, so I did not get started to the Lunn Vallet Mill until after dinner. Took a grist of chop mostly. Had a serious time the roads being very bad. Have had Joe at work geting in straw to cut when we get done at Thomas Jacksons, where we expect to go to morrow.

March WEDNESDAY 6 1889

Sent Joe over to Thomas Jacksons this morning after geting chores done, to help cut feed. He took the team along. I went over after dinner & helped this afternoon. Found James Holcount there, Had not seen him for some months. Had Hamilton Olds here to dinner, He is still trying to sell the Cortyn Dise Harrow. The weather continues warm and the roads are geting very bad.

March THURSDAY 7 1889

Joe and I started to husk corn after geting done with our chores this morning. Thomas Jackson came to help cut feed soon after so we left off and have been cuting feed the remainder of the day. We did some further fixing to the box and power which have been made a still further improvement in its workings. Had two teams and a half on the power which quite sufficient to drive it.

March FRIDAY 8 1889

Joe and I have been at work in the woods to day. Did not get home but one load however. The weather has been quite cold and wintry, with occasional snow flurries. Have almost concluded to keep Joe for comeing season of seven months beginning with the first of April. Made him a conditional promise to that effect this forenoon, Wages sixteen dollars per mo.

March SATURDAY 9 1889

We got three loads of wood cut and drawn this forenoon, Joe and I. Sleighing is rather poor excepting in the lane when we have not too much snow. I went up to Simcoe this afternoon and brough Leilia my neice and Mifs Annie Culver back with me. Had quite a disagreeable drive owing to the very rough roads and cold N. W. Wind which almost froze us up on the way. My trust is still in "Him".

March SUNDAY 10 1889

Have been down to church on the plank road this afternoon. Bro. Jackson preached it being his turn. Thomas Bosefields Convention seems to have been productive of good as there was a church full of people to day. One lad stood up for prayers besides there were many bright testimonies. The weather has been extremely cold and windy. Jesus is very precious, O what a friend.

March MONDAY 11 1889

We have been working away at geting up woood this forenoon, & most of the afternoon Joe and I. Succeeded in adding five more loads to our pile. Snow has continued to go quite fast, although cold winds prevail. We all went down to William Wattses this evening, Ma and I with Leilia and Annie. Found the Watts girls home and spent a very pleasant evening with them and their parents. Weather much like March, Cold & windy.

March TUESDAY 12 1889

Joe and I have been trying to get up wood this forenoon, Lost the saw accidentaly & succeeded in geting only one load, I went up to Simcoe this afternoon to take Leilia and mifs Annie Culver who have been visiting us since last Saturday. Had a rather disagreeable time of it owing to heavy state of the roads. It took nearly three hours to go to Simcoe, and about the same for me to come home.

March WEDNESDAY 13 1889

Joe got up a couple more loads of wood this forenoon on the sleighs about the last for a while probaby as the snow has about gone. Went down to Mrs Clarkes this morning to see about geting Dexter Holemb from the station, he having written to me. Thomas has gone to Pelham however on Saturday last. I went out to Dover also before noon, Took Marian with me. This being the day of her unckle funeral The weather continued warm and the roads bad.

March THURSDAY 14 1889

We got up a couple of loads of fodder corn from the little barn in the ten-acre-field this forenoon. This after noon Joe has been cuting and spliting wood at the woodhouse. Had a visit from Mr. Fredenburgh. Met with a very serious loss in a fine colt from Mr Fredenburgs horse the D. F. which died to day. The loss seemed all the more serious on account of our lack of horses. Went up to the grange this evening.

March FRIDAY 15 1889

We got up another load of corn stalks this morning, Joe and I preparitory to cuting. Find that our fodder corn is quite wet but still in good order in other ways. Have had Joe at work husking corn and spliting wood while I have been puting up our old calf stable in a new place & have got it ready for occupation at last through late. The weather continues quite warm and spring-like with consequent mud & bad roads.

March SATURDAY 16 1889

Joe and I worked at cuting wood in the woods this forenoon. This afternoon after doing chores we worked at grinding one of the cuting box knives. These knives are so very hard that it takes a long time to grind them when dull. Am more than satisfied however that it pays well to cut feed especialy for cattle. So far out cattle have been gaining slowly instead of falling away since last Fall.

March SUNDAY 17 1889

Went over to hear Mr. Eland this morning, the roads being too bad to. go to Dover. Still find it good to join God's people of whatever name in their worship of Him. Cannot feel anything but love for them even though they do not agree with me in their views of the meaning different passsages in God's word. Went to the plank road church this afternoon takeing ma and little Jim with me. It was good for my poor soul to mingle in Christians fellowship there also.

March MONDAY 18 1889

Have been cuting wood in the wood this forenoon with Joe's help. This afternoon we have been grinding one of our cuting box knives, besides geting in some wheat straw ready for cuting in a day or two. The new store keeper came to day with his family and goods. Joe and I with the team helped get one of their loads out of the mud in the kemlocks to night. Do not see how they could come so far with such loads.

March TUESDAY 19 1889

Worked in the barn this forenoon, Joe and I. Finished geting straw and cornstalks ready for cuting; also in ge got the cuting box knives sharpened an syckled ready for work. We have been at work in the woods this afternoon geting wood prepared for next Winters use. Went down to Jackson this evening on horse-back, the roads being very bad to see him about helping cut feed to morrow. Saw Dexter Holcomb & his wife there.

March WEDNESDAY 20 1889

Joe and I got started at cuting feed with the two teams, this morning, Thomas did not come until nearly noon, so Joe and I worked alones for quite a while. Dexter Holcomb came with Thomas and has been helping as well. Our track has been very bad which made it hard work for the horses. The Good Lord has been graciously pleased to help me on in my way to day. My peace has flown like a river, indeed.

March THURSDAY 21 1889

Have had Joe at work cuting and spliting wood to at the woodhouse to day when not doing chores. I went out to Dover to see about geting some but & other matters, this forenoon. Sent money away for Grange Bulletin subscribers. Brought home a fine quarter of beef from C. Warrens & c. Emma Watts came with me to her fathers where I stoped for dinner. Saw old Mrs. Watts who was visiting there. There weather still keeps warm, & spring-like.

March FRIDAY 22 1889

Have had my man at work on the wood-pile again to day, while I have helped him this afternoon. This forenoon however I have been puting boxes & c for the hens to lay eggs in, arround the barn. George W. Lemon stayed over night with us last night and went away again this morning, Let him have five bushells and a half of peas & oats mixed. The weather still keeps warm, & looks like seeding very soon.

March SATURDAY 23 1889

We kept on at our wood cuting and spliting this forenoon Joe and I. He has kept on this afternoon while I went out to Dover, takeing ma with me. After geting our business done we went to tea with Mr and Mrs. Peter Lawson. Spent a very pleasant evening with them comeing home by ten-o'clock. It is remarkable how warm the weather still keeps. It scarcely even freezes nights for some time back.

March SUNDAY 24 1889

Took Bertha and little Jim with me to the plankload church this afternoon. Could not get out to Dover very well on account of Joe being away. Bro. Jackson gave us a very good sermon about "Ye must be born again" The usual fellowship followed. Ma and I went down to Mrs. Clarkes this evening to see Deck Holcombs who were to have gone home to morrow. Found that they were away to Waterford however.

March MONDAY 25 1889

Joe commenced work on his oven Mrs at $16 to day {???}. Joe and I have been working at cuting and spliting wood to day as usual. Have had visitors myself however, James Holcomb and Thomas Jackson being here a good part of the time. A change has taken place in the weather at last; and while it still keeps dry it has become quite cold James and little Day are staying over night with us to night. Am enjoying in a gracious manner the communion of the Divine & Infinite.

March TUESDAY 26 1889

James Holcomb and little Day left us this forenoon for home. The family is expecting to move again shortly, the twentieth time I believe since they began to keep house. Joe and I have kept buisy at cuting and spliting wood at the woodhouse to day as usual. Had a letter from Walter H. this evening rather unexpectedly. He tells me of Spring having come even in Monteal, Mud is plentiful there & about dried up here.

March WEDNESDAY 27 1889

The remarkably warm weather still continues. There is every appearance of an early spring. I have been had Joe working at spliting and cuting wood at the house as usual. I have been helping part of the time and doing some ditching when the chance came. We have had a Mrs Watts and old Mrs. Watts visiting with us this afternoon. The latter is staying over night with us. Took the former home this evening.

March THURSDAY 28 1889

Have been buisily engaged on our wood pile to day, Joe and I stoped for a while to husk corn however, to get feed for the piggs. Had a short visit from the two Watts girls who came after their grand-mama. They are two interesting, fine looking girls. The weather is quite cold at last and Winter in a mild form will reign doubtless, for a time at least. It has been pouring all day.

March FRIDAY 29 1889

Our work to day has continued the same as yesterday, with an occasional variation to some temporary job. Snow has been falling in light quantities nearly all day. The ground has remained frozen. James Holcomb left us this morning for his farm again. He has been bothered to get his rent & will likely take his place back. He told me of a new invention to drive away cut feed frod the cutting-box by means of the wind.

March SATURDAY 30 1889

Joe and I got up three loads of corn fodder more from the little barn to cut on Monday or Tuesday next. We drew a load of pea straw for the sheep as well. This afternoon I went our to Dover to see about certain matters. Called at Wattses on the way home. Am enjoying in a gracious manner the presence and blessing of the Most High. Surely his promising are yes and amen to those that believe.

March SUNDAY 31 1889

On account of rain and sleet which has fallen nearly all day we did not get to church this morning. Got started this afternoon but it rained so hard that we turned back. It has been a day of blessing to my soul however, The promises of God Almighty have again presented themselves. Surely they are exceedingly great and precious. O, that I might be kept faithful, and perfect before Him

April MONDAY 1 1889

We have been working away with all our might Joe and I; but and accident has happened this afternoon which will make another job for me in spite of anything. Our smoke-house took fire and was nearly burned up before discovery. The meat was also considerable damaged. Have been tappin a fiew more maple threes this afternoon. He have now thirty four tapped in all. The snow that fell last night is fast disappearing.

April TUESDAY 2 1889

The snow is fast disappearing in fact to night it has gone. Lewis came and took away his last load to day. After all his good qualities I was very glad to see him away for good. Thomas Jackson came before noon to help cut feed, so notwithstanding our bad track we have got a week or soo feed cut. Dexter Holcomb came with Thomas with his wife & children. Have not had much time to visit with them however, Sap has been running nicely to day.

April WEDNESDAY 3 1889

The past has been another one of my very buisy days. Have had Joe at work at sundry jobs while I have been working most of the time in the sugar bush sap. The supply was considerable &, it took me until about half past ten this evening to get through with this batch. I have thought a great deal of other days, so as I have been working, So many circumstances comence with sugar makeing large in my memory.

April THURSDAY 4 1889

Have had Joe at work as usual at sundry jobs, Mostly at cuting wood however. I have been geting more trees tapped until now we have something like seventy five. DO not intend tapping any more however, this year. Sap continues to run pretty well and quite a gathering has been made to day. There is much excitement in the country at present over the Jesuit Estates Bill lately passed by the legislature of Quebec.

April FRIDAY 5 1889

Have had quite a large quantity of maple sap to boil down, which has kept me moving. The past has been a splendid sap day. Joe has been husking corn. inside, The weather being rather stormy and disagreeable out. Willie Holcomb came this evening with a heifer and a two-year-old Bull, The latter I am to pay sixteen dollars for when I can. The former, is to beleft here until James goes back on his farm, and is to be milked & kept as our own.

April SATURDAY 6 1889

Have continued to work at sugar or rather molasses makeing. There was quite a fall of snow last night; there is not a vestige to be seen. Sap has continued to run slowly all day. This kind of weather seems likely to continue as it is freezing to night. Have had Joe at work in the barn at husking corn most of the time. Did not get done boiling down to night until after eleven o'clock.

April SUNDAY 7 1889

Went out to Dover this morning for the first time in more then a month. Bro. Thomas Calling an old College friend and Companion preached both morning and evening. Was much pleased and I trust proffited by his two discourses. This brother has been passing through a severe season of trial since comeing to Simecoe. The congregation hacing partly rebelled and left the place of worship because the Stationing {Comittee?} would not send the man asked for

April MONDAY 8 1889

Gathered sap this morningand had a fine lot. Went down to Wattses and to Jacksons afterwards, preparitory to Cuting feed this afternoon. Failed to get Thomas to help however so Joe and I have been obliged to cut all alone. _______ nicely however considering our terrible track for the horses. Boiled down sap this evening and to night, did not get done until nearly midnight, Have had Joe working at sundry jobs to day. Weather very fine.

April TUESDAY 9 1889

Ma and I went up to Simcoe to day, on business mostly. Our Insurance had run out and it became necessary to renew. Made arrangements with T. J. Nelles to Insure in the Bullish American. The rates are apparantly of a satisfactory nature. Took dinner with Mrs Fanny Olds and tea with Mrs Harris. Felt much like comeing home after business was transacted but, Ma would not allow of such a thing.

April WEDNESDAY 10 1889

The weather has become very warm and Spring like. Sap has run some to day, ENough for the Watts girls to boil down this afternoon. They seemed to enjoy it highly. Joe and I had to cut feed again to day, our supply having give out. An hour or so has given us three or four days feed. Out old black cow byan to give milk to day. She has a fine calf. I got a couple of bushells of spring wheat for seed of Walter Austin this morning.

April THURSDAY 11 1889

Got my applications papers ready this forenoon for a renewal of Insurance on all buildings except the little house with ordinaty contents thereof. This afternoon I went up to the Grange Hall, Mr Glarebroke being there to tell us about the Grange salt works which has lately gone into the Salt ring for raising the price of salt. The price of the latter has arrisen since from 90 c to $1.60. Had a pleasant Grange meeting after wards.

April FRIDAY 12 1889

It has rained almost incessantly to day from morning until almost night. Joe and I have consequently had another apportunity to husk corn. We must still have one hundred shock to husk yet. It still keeps warm and grass is starting nicely. Had Uncle John and Aunt Lydia here to eat sugar with us this evening. The weather keeps so very warm that we scarcely expect to sugar off again this spring.

April SATURDAY 13 1889

Joe and I had to cut feed alone this forenoon again happened however that Sam. McBride came and helped us awhile. Our track was in very bad condition so we could only work an hour or so. I went out to Dover this afternoon with a grist of chop and of wheat. Anderson Ball has lately taken posession of the mill with Mr Guy for miller and we are likely to get satistfied at last. The roads are quite bad.

April SUNDAY 14 1889

This being Joe's Sunday to go to church, I have been doing chores. Went down to the plank Road church this afternoon, takeing Ma and little Jim with me. A young minister from Hagersville, Mr McDonal preached very acceptably about temptation. Mc & Mrs Reed were here an on this account partly we did not stay to the after-service at the little church. My soul is still resting sweetly on the pressious savious bosom.

April MONDAY 15 1889

Have been extremely buisy to day at a thousand and jobs. Found to quite a gathering of sap this morning. TOok a load of moveables out to Dover for Reids this afternoon andbrought a grist of chop home from the mill. Called on the way home at Thomas Jacksons to get some peas for seed. Brought home six and a half baggs. Sent away some money for seeds for ma to Jogn Lewis Lahilds this afternoon.

April TUESDAY 16 1889

Tried to get a teem started at seeding to day but failed, owing to other jobs and the lack of one man. Exchanged some While Russian oats with Mr. WIlliam Hemmings for the Wilcome, the latter being very early is much better adapted for sowing with peas. Fred Kitchen cam to day with three loads of moveables. I have boiled down another batch of sap this evening which is probably our last as the weather is very warm.

April WEDNESDAY 17 1889

Have been trying to get something done to day, but as usual have not seemed to make much headway. Joe has made out to get the Spring wheat sown next to Jim Challands barn. There is about an acre upon which we have some two bushells. We have cut feed this afternoon about one hour, One of our cows got down in the mire this afternoon and we have had quite a time geting her out.

April THURSDAY 18 1889

Got to work with both teems to day for the first. Fred Kitchen comenced worked on his year, according to engagement. Got the springwheat all finished up ditched and all. The men have got the orchard about ready to sow as well. Have been planting onion seed to day besides do a great many other jobs. The weather continues extremely warm and everything is already becomeing much advanced.

April FRIDAY 19 1889

The men have finished seeding in the orchard to oats to day, where we have sown Welcome oats. I have been extremely occupied at sundry jobs to day. It being Good Friday, we have had quite a lot of company from town. Jack Harris & wife togather with Leilia and a Mr Graves of Lynedock with a number of others. The wather has been extremely wam and to night we are haveing an old fashioned thunder shower.

April SATURDAY 20 1889

The heavy rain that fell last night, has stopped our work at seeding for a time. We cut some more fodder this morning, afterwards I went out to Dover with a grist of corn and oats, to be used as horse-feed. Could not get the grist until night so I went to W. J. Carpenters, when waiting. Brough home, not only the grist but the sugar & c sent for a fiew days ago. Am likely to loose part of the money paid Reid as such for Daily Mail for one year.

April SUNDAY 21 1889

On account of suclement weather and back roads we did not drive out to Dover this morning. Went this afternoon however to the little plank road church where our old minister Rev David Chalmers preached. The congregation was quite large, & the meeting edifying, especialy the latter portion. We had Freds wife with us and she seemed to enjot the service as well as out selves. Surely the Lords of Hosts is with us the God of Jacob is our suffrage.

April MONDAY 22 1889

Joe and Fred have been working on the field back of the barn to day most of the time. Shortly afternoon George Lenon came to tell me that the front trees had arrived from Waterloo Nurseries and would have to be delivered on Wednesday and Thursday next. George started this afternoon delivering on trees notices for Simcoe while I have at work geting ready for the Port Dover delivery. Got all the notices ready delivered in Pt. Dover to night.

April TUESDAY 23 1889

This has been one of my busiest days. Set out this morning to deliver fruit tree notices & got done about four o'clock this afternoon. Tried to get some feed cut this evening but owing to the horrible state of our track we had to give it up. Went up to Simoe this evening in order to be there in the morning for the tree delivery. Am stay over night at George Lenons when I arrived at about ten.

April WEDNESDAY 24 1889

Got to work at our delivery in Simcoe in good time to day or rather this morning. Owing to a heavy thunder shower that passed over about the middle of the afternoon, many were prevented from comeing after their trees and we had quite a number on hand to night when we closed up. Came to Dover in order to be here inthe morning early, ready for business. Had to work at it all alone until nearly noon.

April THURSDAY 25 1889

Am puting up at the Dominion Hotil for the first time in my life. It is very seldom indeed that I got into a Hotel in Port Dover. Got along very well at delivering to day. There being a large number who came this morning, The ground being so wet that they could do nothing else. Got nearly every order off and the money sent away to night. G Arrived home at about ten and found Mrs Clarke & Thomas Jackson here.

April FRIDAY 26 1889

The men and I worked in the garden this forenoon, Joe at ploughing and harrowing while Fred and I have been setings out Gooseberry and loads currant bushes bouy of the Waterloo Nuseries. This afternoon I went with Johnny Mc Bride to see a mare owned by a Mr. Prince in North East Townsend. I finaly brought the mare which was by the way in foal to Loch Fergns for one hundred and fifty dollars, He agreed to take my note for a tune, as pay.

April SATURDAY 27 1889

Rain has been falling nearly the whole of the time to day, but only in a moderate way. Those that have finished their seeding will soon have the pleasure of seeing it up & growing. Have been working in the barn at husking corn and at cuting feed by hand for the cottle. Set out a dozen cherry trees and our Russian Apricotall brought of Lemon "Put most of them in garden our home plot being full"

April SUNDAY 28 1889

Rain has continued to fall almost incesantly through the past day as well as yesterday. We did not get to church as a consequence. The rains are bringing our vegetation on at a rapid rate. Have spent the sabbath as proffitably as seemed possible. The Good Lord being graciously near when in my devotional exercise as well as when reading the previous word. The enemies of my soul have been scattered and God has gather for me the victory again.

April MONDAY 29 1889

Owing to the long continued rains we have not done much work of importance to day. Joe has got in a pit of turnips however, while I took Fred out to Dover this forenoon to the doctor. He has been unable to work to day on account of not feeling well. The doctor told him that he would be all right in a fiew days however. The weather has been become quite cool and continues to be stormy.

April TUESDAY 30 1889

My men and I got the horse power moved this morning, and the cuting box re-arranged for work, when who should come but James Holcomb and Thomas Jackson with their help. We have got a fine pile of feed cut, and ready for use. Out new track has worked very well indeed, so now we will likely have no further trouble. Wattses came this evening, & William says that my new mare is just the right kind for breeding.

May WEDNESDAY 1 1880

Rain has fallen a portion of the time to day. We are fortunate however in having plenty of inside work for rainey weather. Fred has been puting in tight bottoms in the house mangels in order to feed the horses cut feed. Our hay being about gone. I have been cuting black knot out of the cherry tree besides doing sundry other jobs. Our cows are coming in now for milking. Six calves have come already in a fiew days.

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May THURSDAY 2 1889

Have had Joe at work fixing up fence most of the time to day. It rained awhile this afternoon however where they both husked corn. I went down to John Wattses this forenoon after some more straw berry plants. Got the sharpless and Manchester, enough to plant two rows of each in front of the house. George Lemon came this evening, and we worked awhile after tea at our delivery papers. Am anxious to have them come out right.

May FRIDAY 3 1889

My men have been working in the garden to day. Joe has manured & plough a part of it while Fred, and I have been planting out straw berries & c. Have also planted ands transplanted some cherry and plum trees as well and walnut trees. George Lemon left us this morning. Am in hopes that our fruit tree deliveries will come out right in the final reckoning up this year. The weather is still fine.

May SATURDAY 4 1889

Fred and I workedin the garden this forenoon at seting out raspberry plants besides cleaning up and burning brush & c. Have had one teem ploughing all day, in the ten acre field. Joe and got out several loads of manure from an old pea stock in the same field. The ground still keeps we and almost until for work, except ploughing. The weather keeps remarkably warm and forward.

May SUNDAY 5 1889

Ma and I went out to Dover this morning to Quarterly meeting. The attendence was rather small but upon the whole we were blessed with a precious waiting upon God. Went up to W. J. Carpenters for dimes, where we lingered for a while before comeing house. Was very glad to find this brother so deeply interested in matters pertaining to the church. A great change has taken place in him within a fiew years back.

May MONDAY 6 1889

I have been very buisy this forenoon geting things prepared for work, the cultivator and one plough, The former was broken. Joe has been cultivating in the new ground field when we intend sowing oats and peas mixed. Fred has been rather unwell but he has tried to work some. I went out to the Quarterly business meeting in our port Dover church this afternoon. Rode out with Capt. McFell, our own horses being at work.

May TUESDAY 7 1889

Have been extremely buisy to day at sundry jobs. Joe has harrowing on the new ground field when we intend to sow peas and oats mixed. Fred has been working with the harrow and plough in the ten-acre field. Joe and I left home this evening at about sun-down with the old Martin bull. Got as far as Willie and David Smith's when we are staying all night. Have to deliver the bull in Simcoe to morrow morning.

May WEDNESDAY 8 1889

Joe and I got up at four this morning at Willie and David Smiths where we have been staying over night. Got to Simcoe with the old bull at about eight o'clock. Delivered him to Mr. Featherson at the Air-line station. Was somewhat disappointed in the animals weight. He which was eighteen instead of twenty hundred which I thought he could have weighed. SOld at 3 1/2 cts per pound live weight, with five per cent off for shrinkage.

May THURSDAY 9 1889

Have been working away to day at sundry jobs as usual. Got Joe to drilling the new-ground field with mixed oats & peas this evening. Fred has kept on ploughing in the ten-acre-field. G. W. Lemon turned up this evening and has got started canvassing for next spring delivery of nursery stick. Have given him an order already for a hundred apple trees to fill out our orchard, mostly Mann apples.

May FRIDAY 10 1889

George Lemon left us again this morning, and started on his way Eastward. Joe got the mixed pea and oats field more than half drilled in this forenoon when a heavy thunder shower came over. The weather keeps exceedingly warm withal, more like June than May. The boys have been ploughing in the ten-acre-field this afternoon. I have been off after maple trees this afternoon. Succeeded in geting them of Nelson again

May SATURDAY 11 1889

Spent a good share of this forenoon in makeing out a statement of the Simcoe delivery. This afternoon ma and I went up to Simcoe, and I took the delivery papers to George Lemon. The men ploughed this forenoon in the ten-acre-field. This afternoon Joe has finished drilling the new ground field with mixed peas and oats. Sent away to day for seed corn for corn fodder, to Mr. Remin.

May SUNDAY 12 1889

Went out to church in Dover this morning takeing Bertha with me. Bro. Goodwine again preached to us in his dry way, but of course I always try to listen and to get all the good I can from his discourses. Our congregations are running down apparantly, especialy in the morning, there being not over forty with us this morning. Many precious thoughts of God & of His precious gift to man have gone through my mind to day.

May MONDAY 13 1889

Joe and Fred have been working in the ten-acre-field to day. They have finished ploughing and got started at harrowing & rolling. I have been ditching in the new ground field, doing my utmost to finish to day but failed. Had a short visit from Addam Nose, who is still traveling for the Pullman Pallace Car Company. He reports having been in the City of Mixico recently, but is not likely to become a Mixican

May TUESDAY 14 1889

On account of a heavy rain that fell last night we have had to quit working the ground. I have been nearly all day geting some maple trees for replacing those lost from last year seting. We have got twenty five this time. Wrotea letter to Mr. Barker this the P.O. Inspector this morning with reffirence to the appointment of Mr. Chaffery as post Master. He has so far only been assistant.

May WEDNESDAY 15 1889

I have been planting out the maple and other trees brought up from the woods yesterday, It took until about three this afternoon to complete this years jobs. Have set out about thirty trees along the highways including Maple elm, ash hemlock pine and hickory trees. My man has been entirely laid up to day with chill or bullions fever. Sent to Simcoe after the Doctor this evening.

May THURSDAY 16 1889

On acccount of the rain that fell last night we were not able to keep on working our pea ground, So I went out with a grist of oats and corn to get chopped for the horses & bulls. Recieved a letter from the P. C. Inspector respecting the appointment of Mr. Chaffey as post master instead of Reid. Saw Thomas England respecting a bonus for trees planted by the highway. He said that, as yet, no application had been mad to our council.

May FRIDAY 17 1889

Have had Sam. McBride driving the team to day in the ten-acre-field. It is now pretty well under way for drilling to-morrow if the weather keeps fine. Fred has been laid up to day still although he has helped me some about cleaning up seed peas this afternoon. Had Thomas Jackson here to settle up for some small matters brought of the G. W. S. It has continued quite warm to day.

May SATURDAY 18 1889

Joe has been drilling peas in the ten-acre field to day. He has failed to get quite done however, there being six or seven lands left, Fred has also been working with the teem to day. I went out to Dover this afternoon takeing ma and Bertha with me. Sent away the money due for began & c to the G. W. S. and have also been looking after some other small matters. It continues very warm.

May SUNDAY 19 1889

Took Bertha and little Jim with me to church in Dover this morning. Our Bro. Goodwin occupied the pulpit it seems for nearly the last time. He felt thinks himself unable to stay longer on account of his feeble health or to go to another charge. We also went down to the plank Road church this afternoon. Were disappointed in not having Bro. Jackson with us which we fully expected. He is also nearing his removal from us.

May MONDAY 20 1889

Joe finished drilling peas in the ten-acre field this forenoon while this afternoon he and I got the ditches sun & he has got to ploughing the corn ground at last, Both Joe and Fred. The latter has finished harrowing after the drill with the smoothing harrow in the ten acre field. Had a Mr Dean with us for dinner a Colporteur of the bible society. Bought a bible of him for family worships & c. of coase print.

May TUESDAY 21 1889

Both man and ht the two teems have been ploughing in the North East corner field to day for corn. I have been ditching this afternoon in the Ten-acre field while this forenoon I worked in the garden some. The wonderful growing weather still continues, quite continues, quite a rain having fallen last night. It has turned off cool this time however. Had Emma Watts and her father here to tea this evening.

May WEDNESDAY 22 1889

Joe has been harrowing and rolling where we want to plant corn, while Fred has been ploughing to day. I have been ditching most of the time in the ten-acre-field. Finished the job this evening. Sold six calves averaging three weeks old, this afternoon to a Mr Adge this af for seventeen dollars. Have to deliver in Jarvis in the bargain. Weather very cool to day and to night.

May THURSDAY 23 1889

Joe and Fred have been working on the corn ground with the two teams to day. They have got along nicely and I hope before long to see the field planted. Fred is unwell again to night, with symptoms of Billions fever again. I have been fixing a portion of line fence next to Mr Horns and working in the garden. The cool weather has quickly changed & danger of frost gone.

May FRIDAY 24 1889

Fred having been entirely laid up to day and Joe away celebrating Queens Birthday I have been all alone. Have been working with the teem when not doing chores on the corn-ground. Our Mare Katie brought us a fine Mare colt to day. Jim though he had found a great prize, and he says that colt is his. The weather continue cool though danger of frost seems tohave past away.

May SATURDAY 25 1889

I went down to Jarvis this forenoon to take six calves which I had sold some time ago to a Mr. Hodge. Took a couple for W. Wilkinson also Went out to Dover this afternoon after a new milk can & to do some other business. While there I settled up with Mr Abel on Moore and Crinkshanks of e & c. Fred has helped arround some this to day though not at all well. Am affraid that something serious is hanging about him.

May SUNDAY 26 1889

Went out to Dover this morning takeing Mariam with me, Heard Bro Goodwin for the last time before conference I suppose. His health is very feeble and general break down seems to have taken place. Took ma with me down to the little church this afternoon where we heard Bro. Hamilton. The congregations both there and in Dover seem to have dwindled away of late, I suppose that people forget in a measure, at this buisy season of the year the worship of God's house

May MONDAY 27 1889

Joe has continued to plough in the N-East Corner field to day, for corn. I have been harrowing this afternoon, but this forenoon worked in the garden most of the time. Fred has not worked to day, on account of continued illness. He went to the Doctor for consultation & medicine again to day. The weather has been quite unpleasant to day, both cold, rainy and windy. William Watts & wife were here for tea.

May TUESDAY 28 1889

Joe has completed the job of ploughing corn ground to day. He comenced to roll and harrow this afternoon. I have been harrowing all day about. Our friends from Dover, The two Mifs Barretts & Hubert, with Larry Skiy were here to dinner to day. They found our house in a great mess from house cleaning. Had a nice visit from however. The weather is very cold for this time of year.

May WEDNESDAY 29 1889

Joe and I continued to drive teems to day, at preparing the corn ground. He finished rolling the last time this afternoon and afterwards we got the furrows run out ready for rain which by the way appears to be soon comeing. William Watts was here after some potatoes this afternoon. Was sorry to find them badly saved in the two pits, They have been left in the holes to long.

May THURSDAY 30 1889

The heavy rain that fell last night has continued to fall at intervals through the day, so that ground has become thoroughly saturated with moisture. Joe finished husking corn in the barn to day, and we have afterwards been cuting some feed for the two bulls and the horses. Fred has continued to be laid up though he appears to be on the mend.

May FRIDAY 31 1889

Joe and I worked at geting in some potatoes this forenoon. He has continued at the same work this afternoon while I went out to Dover to Got our old milk can mended amongst other things. Noticed on the roat that some wheat had fallen Flat by the late storm. Much damage appears to have been done to small fruits by the frost on Tuesday night last. John Watts claims to have lost a thousand dollars by it.

June SATURDAY 1 1889

Have had Joe at work geting in ballance of potatoes, & this afternoon he has been fixing fence between the two fields by Jim. Challands. Ma and I have been up to Simcoe to attend to some matters of business. Was surprised to see when on the way that the Lynn Valley mill had been destroyed by fire, Cause of fire unknown, Loss covered by insurance. Withdrew my order for twine from Ellis & gave one to Tho Johny McBride for a three ply flax twice at 12 1/2 cts per pound.

June SUNDAY 2 1889

There being no meeting in Dover this forenoon on account of painting the church of course we did not go. Went down to the plank road church this afternoon however, where Bro Hamilton preached. We had a very precious season of waiting before the Lord; He being in our very midst. Have been buisy a good share of the time doing chores, Joe being away and Fred being still somehat unwell.

June MONDAY 3 1889

Fred Comenced working again to day. We have been planting potatoes in the garden. Joe has been working a teem all day, preparing the ground for potatoes. I went up to Mr. Edmonds oatmeal mill this afternoon after a load of oat bran for feeding the cows that are giving milk. Am trying an experiment in this direction, The bran costs ten dollars per hundred ton or 50 cts per one hundred pounds

June TUESDAY 4 1889

Joe has been ploughing and geting ready for planting, another small potatoe patch. Fred has been planting potatoes about all day, while I have been working at sundry jobs. Unckle Holmes Matthews and wife, were here to dinner & tea so I had to visit some with him. Ma and I went dow to W. Watts this evening, Dr Caugble and a minister friend being there. Enjoyed out visit very much

June WEDNESDAY 5 1889

Fred has been helping to day as usual, So also has Joe. The latter has finished manuering our first patch for fodder corn, North of drive barn. Had Mr. J. M. Kimbal to stay over night with us last night. I went down to Jarvis this forenoon to {settle?} a matter at the bank. Went to are a horse also but failed, Loch Ferguson. Am wanting to use him this Spring. The weather is again cool.

June THURSDAY 6 1889

We all ment to went to work out the road to day takeing out two teams with us, So we have done five days in one. Mr. Riff Pierce was here and served the old, fay mare with his Stallion. He said for the last time. Mr Ewikshanks was also here and took a calf away for Clinn Warren. This relieves us of another cow, or, rather calf. Went to the Grage Hall to night but, to no purpose, so it was the wrong night.

June FRIDAY 7 1889

The men and I with the two teems have been working on the roads to day again, Have put in our allotted time lacking about two hours. So the Road boss said. Walter Austin. Had twelve days work this year. Two days were done last fall however. Rain comenced falling at about five this evening and interfered with compliting our work. Have not felt overly well to day, billions symptoms seem to be showing themselves.

June SATURDAY 8 1889

Rain continued to fall in light shower last night, to day, and even this evening. The roads are becomeing quite muddy again as a consequence. Fred has been working in the garden to day & Joe has been ploughing some ground for fodder corn. Ma and I went out to Dover this afternoon. The Good Lord has heard my player & delivered me again in a matter of business. Surely He will deliver in time of trouble.

June SUNDAY 9 1889

Have enjoyed the favour of God to day, Not only in, the quiet of home with its reading of the word and meditation, but; in the service of the sunctuary. Heard the Rev. Mr. Toge of Burker Fall's preach at the plank road church this afternoon. He and Dr Cangble of same place have lately been visiting at William Wattses. We had them with us to tea this evening. They are both very interesting christian jentlemen.

June MONDAY 10 1889

The men and I have been fixing fence this afternoon making a culvert over the swale ins the cane next to the woods. The ground is still so wet from recent rains that we could not do much else. Had a short visit from Mr. John Menck, this afternoon. He came for potatoes, but I could not spare any. The ground has been drying off nicely to day & have some hopes of planting corn yet.

June TUESDAY 11 1889

Fred and Joe have been making and filling in a Culvert this side of the woods in the lane to day. I took ma to Simcoe and from there to John Gilberts to attend the Golden Wedding Aniversary of Mr & Mrs Gilbert. A large number of people were in attendance. No pains had been spared by the children of Mr. Gilbert to make the occasion an enjoyable and interesting one. Felt proud of the boys, on account of their respect for father and mother.

June WEDNESDAY 12 1889

Joe and Fred worked at puting in some fodder corn this forenoon. This afternoon Joe has been cultivating the corn ground in big N. E. Corner field. While I have been helping plant corn for fodder north of drive barn. I went this forenoon with the big Chesmet mare "Sally" to Jarvis this forenoon to have her served by the horse {Lochbergers?}. Followed him to Dockstadter's Hotel on the stage road. The manager promised to insure a foal for ten dollars instead of twelve dollars.

June THURSDAY 13 1889

The men and I recieved washed the sheep this forenoon, They have since then been cultivating and harrowing in the corn field, Our ground work up quite hard. I have been planting corn for fodder North of Drive barn most of the time. Ma and Nellie Watts went up to Lynndock to see Leilia this afternoon. Had a call from John Heartman & wife this evening. He cooks quite natural and has been preaching since he was with me.

June FRIDAY 14 1889

Joe and Fred have been working on the corn ground again to day as usual. Joe has begun marking and we hope to plant to morrow. I have been planting corn for fodder myself, North of drive barn besides doing some other jobs. Examined the orchard this evening to see what the prospect for apples were, and found that there were scarcely any good apples on the trees, nearly every one being killed by the late frost.

June SATURDAY 15 1889

The men and I have been as buisy as possible to day at planting corn on the North end of the N. E. Corner field. Had the ground ready more than two weeks ago but owing to rain could not get it planted sooner. My friend G. W. Lemon is here laid up with a lame back. He came yesterday afternoon. Feel much relieved to think that the corn is planted even at this late date.

June SUNDAY 16 1889

We have not had meeting in Dover to day on account of the church being in a state of repair, Attended at the plank road church however, where Bro. T. W. Jackson preached. This was his farewell sermon and a Bro. E. Morrow is to follow. Was told that my old friend John Saunders had been appointed to Port Dover with a young man; the Woodhouse and {Walter?} appointments being added besides a couple of others.

June MONDAY 17 1889

We have all been extremely buisy to day. This forenoon at fixing fence and thi afternoon Joe and I have been filling in the culvert back of the little house, in the lane. Got our job done all night. The Good Lord is giving us beautiful weather - so, warm and such frequent showers. Am rejoicing in God my Saviour, and oh, his wonderful promises. What a glorious heritage has the Christian

June TUESDAY 18 1889

Fred and Joe have got to drawing manure at last. They have been manuring ground for corn fodder, in the big N. E. Corner field. I have been engaged at sundry jobs this afternoon however I have been hoeing in the garden. Am much encouraged by the Goodness of God to me. Surely his goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and forever.

June WEDNESDAY 19 1889

On account of rain last night we could not draw manure this forenoon. So Joe has been ploughing and geting ready another small potatoe patch. Fred has been cuting thistles in the cloverseed field & c. I went out to Dover this afternoon for different errands. Took a crock of butter to Bro. Goodwin's who is about removeing to Grimsby as a superannuated minister. Sold a calf skin at four cents per pound the lowest price that I remember of.

June THURSDAY 20 1889

The heavy rain of last evening was too much for our work of manure hauling so we had to do other work most of the time to day. Have been working roads or rather in our lane to the road as well as back most of the time. Sold or rather bargained away a black knifer for beef to John Cruckshanks this afternoon. Am to have twenty three dollars for her and {keep?} for two or three weeks yet.

June FRIDAY 21 1889

The rainy weather still continues & as a consequence we have done but little besides fix fences and some other such jobs. Got a grist ready for the mill this afternoon. Sucessant rains have fallen in several countries of late doing much damage, This appears to be especialy the case in Germany and several of the United States. While the ground is very wet, the weather is warm so that vegetation is advancing rapidly.

June SATURDAY 22 1889

Joe and Fred planted a small patch of potatoes in S. West. Corner of N. E. Corner field, or about three bushells of seed. Have planted them late my way of experiment, having been told that the buggs would not trouble them that they were a much surer crop, than when planted earlier. Took a grist of Wheat corn, and oats to Andrew Balls mill to day. Was pleased to find, that the mill was being well patronized under the new management.

June SUNDAY 23 1889

Took Berha and Freds little girl Dora with me to church this morning. The church not being quite dry from recent painting Servvice was held in the town hall. Bro. James Goodwin preached us his farewell discourse which was quite affecting in many ways. It was probably his last Sermon as pastor of a church as he now assumes the superanuated relation. Went to church on the plank road this afternoon. A local preacher from {cheap?} side preached to us, God was with us.

June MONDAY 24 1889

My men have been drawing manure to the South end of the N. E. Corner field with both teems to day. They got out twenty four loads. I have been sheering Sheep most of the time. Could never learn to get along fast with this work and have only sheared ten since eleven o'clock. Have been reminded of the exceeding great and precious promises, some of them to day. How soon they turn sad, degected hearts to joy and gladness. Glory to God in the Highest.

June TUESDAY 25 1889

Joe and Fred have kept on drawing manure to the big N. E. Corner field to day. The weather has been very fine and quite cool. I finished sheering the sheep this forenoon and this afternoon have been hoeing in the garden. Leilia came before dinner. Young Willie Greaves having brought her down from Lynndock. Sold a couple more lambs to day to Mr. Todd-receiving the usual three dollars, per head. Feel quite sore after sheep sheering as usual.

June WEDNESDAY 26 1889

Ma and I went to the funeral of our the late Mrs. Smith, wife of Mr. C. W. Smith, to day We afterwards went up to Fishers Glen, where we had a very pleasant time. Leilia's friends from Lynndock & Nellie Watts were there. Met with a young lady Mifs Maggie Fergeson, whose company was very interesting to me. We fortunately were able to get her to come home with us. She remains with us until to morrow with her friend Wilb. Greaves.

June THURSDAY 27 1889

Enjoyed the company of my new found friend Mifs Ferguson this forenoon. She however left us about two o'clock this afternoon. Am deeply impressed that, it is from the Lord that we should then be brought togather. Our natures seem so Congenial to each other, or, so do we mutualy feel obliged to confess. Leilia and I drove out to town this evening. Found that a heavy shower of rain had fallen there while we had only had a sprinkle here.

June FRIDAY 28 1889

Joe has drilled in our last piece of corn for fodder to day. F. Fred has been mowing most of the tieme in the field by the drive barn. The weather is apparantly becomeing settled and fine although very hot. I have been hoeing strawberries in front of the house. My neighbour George Ryerse, still keeps very low, but symptoms of recovery are beginning to manifest themselves. His recovery is therefore hoped for now.

June SATURDAY 29 1889

My men have been geting out manure again to day. We are now manuring the hill - sides in the N. E. Corner field where we inted to sow backwheat. We reaked and cock up our first cuting of hay this evening. It has cured very fast to day, the weather being both hot and dry. Ma and Leilia went out to Dover this morning and met with a collision another buggy running into them, Not much damage though.

June SUNDAY 30 1889

Went out to Dover to church this morning it being the first time servive has been held in the church since re-filling. Bro John Saunders who has now become our minister preached, for the first time as our pastor. That the word of the Lord may have free course and be glorified was his text. We also heard Rev. Edward Thorrow, at the R. R. church, who by the way is they new Superintendent of the Jarvis circuit.

July MONDAY 1 1889

This being Dominion day, Joe has been off to the Port where, no doubt, a great crowd has been gathered. Fred and I have been gathered. Fred and I have been working however. He at the manure while I have been working in the garden most of the time. It has been exceedingly warm to day In fact the hottest day of the season. Have been looking for my friend Maggie, all day, but, disappointment has been my lot.

July TUESDAY 2 1889

Have all been buisy to day as usual The loads of have this afternoon. It started to take Leilia up to Vittoria this afternoon, she having had the promise this some time. It turned out however that her friend young Mr. Greaves overtook us on the way & Leilia went with him instead. We have all been puting up hay this evening. Sent away my first letter to Maggie to day.

July WEDNESDAY 3 1889

Leilias found W. H. Greaves of Lynedoch left us this forenoon. Joe and Fred finished drawing manure on the South part of N. E. Corner field, including the hillsides this forenoon. Hoe has since been ploughing for buck-wheat, on same ground. Fred and I have been working at the hay most of the time. Had out first visit from our now minister, Rev John Saunders and his wife to day. They took dinner with us.

July THURSDAY 4 1889

All hands of us have been working at the West Shed most of the forenoon, Geting the East plate back to its place, Two of the posts having rotted off at the top. Our neighbour Mr James McBride helped us for about three hours The men have since been working at sundry other jobs while I have been geting the west shed righted up again Heard from my friend Mr Ardley this evening, Shall expect him soon for his vacation.

July FRIDAY 5 1889

Fred went up to Simcoe this forenoon to see about some business of his own We have succeeded in geting the hay raked up and cocked ready for drawing to morrow. Went out to Dover this evening to attend a garden party at Mr Ellias. Had a very pleasant time, The attendence was also quite large. We glad to find that our people in Dover were favourably impressed with Bro John Saunders as a minister.

July SATURDAY 6 1889

We have got to drawing in hay, again the men and I. Our complement for to day has been seven loads, six of which we have put into the sheep shed. This makes nine loads in all so far. Went out this evening after Mr. Ardlet He having come on the afternoon train. We expect him to stay with us for a couple of weeks this time. The weather continues very fine for haying.

July SUNDAY 7 1889

Took Bertha and little Jim with me to church this morning. The young man appointed as assistant to the Port Dover Circuit was present with us. He seems to be quite inexperienced as a preacher. But, I should take him to be be a young man of some considerable ability. On account of the great heat to day we did not get to out afternoon appointment at the little plank road church.

July MONDAY 8 1889

Finished geting in the hay from field by drive-barn that was ready for drawing this forenoon. There was three loads which makes twelve in all, drawn so far. We have got to work at cuting again this afternoon, also at ploughing for buck-wheat with the other team I am or rather have been puting this afternoon. Potatoes bug have got quite numerous.

July TUESDAY 9 1889

The very warm weather still continues, Thermoneter at go to day. We have been working at our haying most of the time. The weather is very favourble to our work. Heard from my friend Maggie to day, which pleased me much. Am glad to have invitation from her to pay her a visit at her house. Mr. Ardley is still with us and his company as agreeable as ever.

July WEDNESDAY 10 1889

We have all been working at the hay again to day. Succeeded in geting the hillside next the creek raked and up in cock. The weather is still very warm but a change is takeing place apparently Thunder showers have been going arround us all the afternoon. Had a short visit from Emma Watts and her father this evening. An invitation was give to Mr Ardley and I to go to a picknic at FIshers to-morrow.

July THURSDAY 11 1889

We have been ll all day drawing in hay from the field by the drive-barn. Got in seven loads which makes nineteen in all. The weather is somewhat cooler, but still sufficiently warm to make me sweat profousely. Went up to the Grange hall this evening; but was so late in geting there that all were gone away. Saw the secretary however and got some books of him. Sent a letter away to my Maggie to day. Would like to see here very much.

July FRIDAY 12 1889

We finished geting in hay from the field by the drive barn this morning all but some rakeings Have now twenty loads safely inside Joe got started at cuting the Big Flat to day. My Iron-clad-mowing-machine seems about played out as we are having some considerable trouble it. Had a visit from the watts girls and a friend of theirs a Mids Lowin of Trouts. Mr Ardley and I enjoyed a walk home with them very much, this eve.

July SATURDAY 13 1889

Have had Joe at work mowing on the Big Flat to day. Got Fred started at cultivating corn this forenoon for the first. Both Fred and I have been rakeing a puting up hay this afternoon. Ma and I went out to Dover this morning to look after some small matters of business. Rain fell this afternoon at about four, which put a stop to our hay business. We still had plenty of work however.

July SUNDAY 14 1889

Took Mr. Ardley with me this morning when I went to church. Bro. John Saunders preached and gave us an excellent discourse on Sabbath observance. The Good Lord was present with us as we worshiped, so gloriously present. Our hearts were touched as we contemplated his great goodness. On account of rain we failed to get to our afternoon service in the little church.

July MONDAY 15 1889

The men have been working on the buck-wheat ground in the big field this forenoon, but, this afternoon Joe has been mowing on the big Flat. I went up to Simcoe this forenoon on a numbaer of errends, Mostly to take the wool to market & to get binding trim and seed-buck-wheat. Mr. Ardly went with me and seems to enjoy the trip, though I didn't expect he would.

July TUESDAY 16 1889

Joe has been cuting hay on the big Flat to day, and got done this afternoon. Fred has been sowing and harrowing in tuck wheat in the big N. E. Corner field. I have been rakeing hat on the big Flat and have nearly finished. The weather has been delightfuly cool and nice. This has enabled us to make good progress with our work, for which I am thankful.

July WEDNESDAY 17 1889

I continued to rake up hay this forenoon, and the men to cock up. this forenoon. This afternoon we have been drawing in with two teems, from the big Flat to the barn. Sam and George McBride have been helping. Got in Six loads makeing twenty six in all. Went odwn to Watts after Mr Adrly to night and spent a very pleasant hour with the girls and some of their friends.

July THURSDAY 18 1889

Have had George and Sam McBride helping us to draw hay to day. Got in six loads this forenoon and eight this afternoon. makeing forty loads in all so far. Have found it necessary to build some stacks of hay the barns all being full. Heard from my friend Maggie this evening and was pleased to find that Friday had been appointed for a meeting at the Glen. Have wanted to take Walter there all along.

July FRIDAY 19 1889

Finished our stack on the Big Flat this forenoon there being nearly ten loads of hay into it It kept looking like rain all the forenoon. Took Walter H. with me up to the Glen this afternoon Met my lady-love there and enjoyed her company as I always do. Maggie had a family picknick in honour of her cousin a Mifs Fergersson of Winepy now visiting her. Was very glad to have the honor of an invitation

July SATURDAY 20 1889

The men have been geting in hay to day. Mostly rakeings from the big-Flit Thay They got in the last to night. We hope to begin harvest on Monday. I took Mr W. H. Ardley down to Jarvis this afternoon morning rather, on his way to his home in Montreal. Ma and I went out to Diver this evening. Came accross Jerome Platt and his wife at Mr Riddels they being there on a visit.

July SUNDAY 21 1889

Went out to Dover, this morning as usual. Took ma and little Jim with me. Our young minister bro. Nicholson preached. Had a grand time throughout the service. The Good lord being preciously near, even in out midst. After dinner We attended the afternoon service in the little church where, the Jarvis young man preached. Take him to be a wife-awake young man, of good abilities & very promising.

July MONDAY 22 1889

Got our brides ready for work and Tradle as well by ten this forenoon. Have been cuting the remainder of the day in the field by Challands. Find it very stout and thick on the ground. Have some difficulty in cuting on some of the side hills on account of its being down. Had Willie McWade to see us this afternoon. He has become a pullman carr conductor in the United States and is home on a visit.

July TUESDAY 23 1889

Joe finished up cuting the field next Challands this afternoon. Got started in the field West of the woods this evening. Fred has also been helping at shocking up & c. My nephew G. Cunningham came to day & was quite unexpected. He took ma & Bertha to the garden partly down at, or near the little church. Felt to tired to go myself. The weather keeps quite cool.

July WEDNESDAY 24 1889

Joe has been cuting with the binder in the field West of the woods to day. He broke out the tounge this afternoon however, & this put a stop to our progress. I have been shocking up sheaves and Fred also. Mr Cruckshanks came after the black huffer brought for Warren some time ago at twenty three dollars. James Holcomb was also here after his bull, so rather mine for I considered that he was bought.

July THURSDAY 25 1889

We have been hard at work in the field West of the woods to day. Got it all cut and nearly up in shock. Removed to another field this evening. The only one remaining. Heard from my friend Walter H. this evening and was sorry to find that he had been sick on his way home, and was still unwell. It still keeps dry adn rather warm, excepting evening which are cool.

July FRIDAY 26 1889

Joe and I got started cuting in the field by the store & church this morning. Have done very well upon the whole, To night it is mostly up in shock. Drove out to Dover this evening with ma for several errends, Were caught in a shower of rain comeing home and but, not a very heavy one however. Saw a number of people geting in wheat when on the road. Expect to be drawing our own soon.

July SATURDAY 27 1889

Finished cuting and shocking up wheat about noon to day. This afternoon the men have been geting things in readiness for drawing in wheat on Monday next. I started for Lunndock at about four o'clock this afternoon. Arrived at Mr Greaves at about half past seven. Took team with them, and afterwards drove over to Mr. Fergusons. Found them just going to bed, but recieved a pleasant reception.

July SUNDAY 28 1889

Have been blessed with My friend Maggie company most of the time to day. We stayed at home to get dinner while her father and mother went to church. This afternoon We took our turn & went to Bethel church near by. Had a proffitable waiting upon God & saw Mr Alfred Alway. Took tea with Maggie's Sisten Mrs E. Chryslter & afterwards we went to Lynedock Methodist church. Got caught in the rain when going home to Mrs G's, From the latters place we again returned to Maggies home. Wen on the way, proposed to my dear friendand was accepted. Not however without much difficult on my part.

July MONDAY 29 1889

Did not sleep much last night, the wonderful occurrence being too much for me. Never had the privelege of hearing a sweet young lady like Maggie say yes to my proposal of Companionship before. The dear girl seems to to me the most congenial, interesting, and desirable young lady that I ever met. Enjoyed her company nearly all the time to day which I felt to be a most precious privelege. Took dinner at Mrs Chrystlers & afterwards went to Delhi and to Mr. Kimbals & back togather. Was loathe to leave her but did & got home safely at about ten.

July TUESDAY 30 1889

The men have been cultivating corn to day in the big N. E. Corner field. Have about decided however, to Make fallow or wheat field of this field of this field. This corn & c being of so little account We will pasture down and plough again. before sowing. I went to Jarvis this morning after some factory money & c Sent {$6.00?} to F. Slevenson on a/c. Cannot help offering praise and thanks giving to Almighty God who has so {Signaly?} answered my prayers in directing me to dear Maggie Ferguson.

July WEDNESDAY 31 1889

George and Sam McBride have been helping us draw in wheat to day from the field west of words. Got in twenty loads leaving one more load in the field. The wheat seemed much heavier than I expected, when handling. My heard still swells with gatitude to my God for the wonderful manifestation of his faithfulness in answering prayer lately manifested seen. Surely his way is the mes way, though we do not see it at the time.

August THURSDAY 1 1889

We have continued to draw wheat to day. Sam. and George have been helping as usual. Finished drawing our first field this morning and have draw sixteen loads from the field by Challands besides. Out old servant girl Sarah Walsh came this afternoon to tell ma that she would like to come back when her time at A. W. Ainsleys is out. This will be more than a month from hence however. We are glad of this chance however.

August FRIDAY 2 1889

Have had George and Sam McBride helping draw in whear from the front-field to day also my nephew. Went out to Dover this morning according to the agreement with my friend Maggie. Was delighten to find that She and Mifs Chrysler has come with the excursion from Delhi. Had the pleasure of bringing them home with me and after a visit of two of two or three hours of takeing them back to Dover again. Enjoyed the company of my lady - love, as I alway do. Was loathe to part with her.

August SATURDAY 3 1889

Got in the ballance of wheat still out this forenoon. Had sixty two loads in all. Joe and I have been cuting the spring wheat this afternoon with the binder. GOt it up in shock this evening. Paid off my two men, George and Sam. McBride this morning. They have helped drawn in wheat for three days and a half. paid them four dollars each. The weather continues fine though dry.

August SUNDAY 4 1889

Went out to the Quarterly meeting to day, takeing ma and George with me. Bro. John Saunders preached and conducted the services throughout. Had a very precious waiting upon God. He being in our midst to own and to bless. Did not have such a freedom from of speech in relating my own experience as I could wish, But, God knows the motives of the heart, and the desires thereoff. Many blessed estimates were given.

August MONDAY 5 1889

I went down to jarvis this forenoon after a casting for the binder Got Joe started at drawing manure this forenoon while Fred has been cuting oats in the orchard. They have been cuting with the binder this afternoon. I went with ma to My friend W. J. Carpenters for dinner and from there we attended the Quarterly business meeting of our church at Woodhouse chappel. It was the first meeting since the change of appointment.

August TUESDAY 6 1889

Have helped James Challand thresh about three quarters of the day to day. Got in our crop of spring wheat and a couple of loads of rakeings besides. Fred and Joe have finished cuting the oats in the orchard besides doing some other work. George has been helping me some at sundry jobs He is such a good handy boy that it comes good to have him arround.

August WEDNESDAY 7 1889

Got Joe started teaping the field of peas and oats mixed this forenoon. Fred and I togather have helped James Horn thresh for about three quarters of the day. Fred Helped this forenoon & I the ball. {ball. = balance, often spelt "ballance"} of the time. Sold a couple more lambs to Mr. Todd this evening. There are only the more left now. The weather keeps very dry and warm excepting nights which are cool.

August THURSDAY 8 1889

Joe finished cuting the field of mixed oats & peas to day noon. Bothe he and Fred have been geting out manure to the big N.E. Corner field the remainder of the time. George and I have been cleaning out the garden and onion patch. I went up to the Grange this evening. There was several there but no meeting organized. After a pleasant visit with the brethren we exchanged periodicals & c & went home.

August FRIDAY 9 1889

The men have been geting out manure most of the time to day. A fiew light showers of rain this afternoon interfered somewhat with outside work. George and I have been cuting thistles part of the time. I have been puting in some turnip seed since the rain, this being a good at time to have them start growing. Took a good look at the field of Cloverseed to day. Believe it will turn 3 Bu per acre after all.

August SATURDAY 10 1889

I went out to Dover this forenoon and this afternoon have been choreing arround. The men have continued to drawing manure from the yard to the Big N. E. Corner field. George, has been cuting thistles arround fences & c also. Recieved a letter from my friend Maggie containing some rather grave confessions, rather unfavourable to ultimate unions, Am resolved to meet them as from the Lord.

August SUNDAY 11 1889

The past has been a day of blessing. To begin with, our young brother Nicholson preached us a very good discourse comparing the circumstances of the Children of Israel's departure from the bondage of Egypt & entrance into the promised land with every Christians experience through life. Had a good time in our class meeting, The Good Lord being powerfuly with us. to own & to bless. Enjoyed the meeting at the littles church this afternoon also.

August MONDAY 12 1889

We have all of us worked at cleaning the manure out of the barn yard to day. Made out to get the job finished to night, and the manure all on the field. Part of the threshing machine came to day, so we will likely be able to thresh at the appointed time, on Wednesday next. The weather keeps cool for the time of year and very dry. Rather against late oats and peas.

August TUESDAY 13 1889

Have been buisy engaged all of us to day at get things in readiness for the threshers to morrow. Got in seven loads of oats from the orchard and two loads from the new-ground of mixed peas and oats. Joe and I have also been leveling up the barn - yard with the plough and scraper. The threshers came this evening and are staying over night us. N. Parsons is our thresher this year.

August WEDNESDAY 14 1889

Got started at threshing this morning in good time. On account of some heavy showers of rain through the day we were hindered a good deal, Got pretty well along however with the job. Have had help from the following vis. John Heming, James Horn, Walter Austin James Challand and Alexander Marr. Thos. Jackson helped us some over a hald day as well. Our grain does not turn out as well so last year quite.

August THURSDAY 15 1889

Continued to thresh this forenoon and got done by eleven o'clock. Had four hundred and thirty seven bushells of wheat from the machine off of twenty five acres of ground. The Fergusson or Chrysler wheat was a fine sample & turned out fairly well while the Hybrid wheat has done very badly both as to yield and quality. Had the same men as yesterday excepting James Challand who went home. Got our straw stack well finished up.

August FRIDAY 16 1889

Fred and George were pulling peas this forenoon with the horse-rake in the ten-acre field. This afternoon we have all been geting the mixed crop of oats & peas drawn in. Got four loads safely housed. Joe has been ploughing in the big north East corner field for wheat. The weather is very favourable for work since the rain, being cool and very drying.

August SATURDAY 17 1889

Joe has continued to plough in the ten acre or rather N. E. Corner field to day. Fred and I with George's help have been drawing in peas and oatsfrom the new ground field. Got in six loads, which with the six drawn before makes twelve. Took Bertha and Daisy out to DOver with me to night. REcieved a letter from my Maggie this evening containing some very gratifying intelegence. Feel that the Good Lord has been loading me on in these things.

August SUNDAY 18 1889

Not feeling well to day I have remained at home and given the other members of the family a chance to go to the house of Worship. Have not been without comfort if I have been confined to home. The good Lord has been graciously near to own & to bless. Am especialy thankful for the faithfulness of God as manifested in the matter of my dearest friend M.-. Our meeting was certainly from the Lord as well as our subsequent experiences.

August MONDAY 19 1889

Have had Joe ploughing in the N. E. Corner field to day where we intend to put wheat. The other two men and myself finished geting in the field of mixed peas and oats from the New Ground field. Had thirteen loads rakeings and all besides the two loads threshed the other day. Feed & I have also pulled some peas this afternoon. Our old friend G. W. Lemon came this evening and is stoping over night with us.

August TUESDAY 20 1889

Fred and George have finished pulling peas in the ten-acre field to day. Joe has been cuting oats with the binder back of the barn, and I have been seting up sheaves. This afternoon I have been helping Walter Austin thresh since about three o'clock this afternoon. Did not care to take the men away from their work. Sent my letter away to M.- to day as usual on on Tuesdays.

August WEDNESDAY 21 1889

Joe finished cuting oats with the binder this forenoon, in the field back of the barn. We afterwards put the machine away for Winter. Joe has been ploughing since in the big N. E. Corner field, where we intend to sow wheat. Fred has been geting the peas in ten-acre-field ready for threshing, I went off after a machine this afternoon for threshing the peas & c. Took ma and George down to William Watts this evening.

August THURSDAY 22 1889

Have had Joe ploughing in the N. E. Corner again to day. He has got along well & is more than half done. Fred & J finished shakeing out and turning the peas for threshing to morrow, this forenoon. This afternoon we have been shocking up oats and geting some other work done in preperation for threshing. It keeps very dry but is rather cool and pleasant.

August FRIDAY 23 1889

The threshing machine, Mr R. Long's came this morning and to day we have threshed out the ten-acre field of peas. Had one hundred and fifty bushells or fifteen bushells per acre from the machine. The following were our helpers requiring to be paid buck vis-; Walter Austin, W. Watts man. The others were out own men except Sam McBride & Roy Matthews. It only took us one hour over a half day to do the threshing.

August SATURDAY 24 1889

Joe comenced cuting cloverseed in the big field next McBrides to day. I have been hoeing in the garden while Fred has been spreading manure in the big N. E. Corner field. Ma went to Dover take the children for their Pholographs. I started for Lynedoch at about Six o'clock this evening. Arrived at Mr. Fergusons at ten. Found the light in the window for me. Maggie was waiting to receive me. Spent some time in her company after tea.

August SUNDAY 25 1889

Did not go to church to day. But Maggie and I thought best to make the most of the time while togather. I felt sure that what we would say to each other when togather would be well pleasing in the sight of our God. We spent the time mostly in a beautiful shady quiet nook along a {illegible} little crook that runs through the back part of the {father?} palace. It has been to me a most memorable and enjoyable day throughout.

August MONDAY 26 1889

Joe has kept on cuting cloverseed to day as usual. Fred has been ploughing in the big field most of the day. Went down to help WIlliam Watts thresh this morning and have paid back for the help given me. Cannot help thinking of my delightful visit to Maggie. Out engagement seems as far to progress favourably. Gave her an engagement ring on Saturday evening last which was graciosly accepted.

August TUESDAY 27 1889

Joe broke down to day when cuting cloverseed and had to stop for me to fix up the reaper when done threshing which I hope will be soon. Got in four loads of oats this forenoon from the field back of the barn. Both teems have been ploughing this afternoon. I have been helping Thomas Jackson {illegible} this afternoon. Expect to have another {surge?} of it to morrow. The dirt was {rest of text illegible}.

August WEDNESDAY 28 1889

I helped Thomas Jackson finish threshing this forenoon. This afternoon we have been drawing in {illegible}. Got in two loads more makeing six altogather. Joe has been ploughing in the N. E. Corner field all day. The boys have got it well nigh done. The weather continues to be very draw and warm in the day time but cool nights. Neighbout Horn kindly lent me his reaper to finish the cloverseed cuting. Our own being broken.

August THURSDAY 29 1889

Finished geting our oats to day, had ten loads from the field back of the barn. Joe has been reaping cloverseed with James Horns Reaper. He has got all done but about an acre, thanks to Myblom Horn. I have been helping at the oats this forenoon and this afternoon went to {illegible} & from there to Port Dover Having business at both places. Rain still holds off.

August FRIDAY 30 1889

Both Joe and Fred have been ploughing to day in the big N. E. Corner field. Joe finished cuting cloverseed this afternoon however. There being about an acre left from yesterday. George and I went up to Simcoe this forenoon. Had our dinner at my friend Mr. J. B. Carpenters. Had my upper teeth all drawn excepting one this afternoon by Smith the dentist. He also took an impression for a set of upper teeth. He agreed to make them all satisfactory for ten dollars.

August SATURDAY 31 1889

The men have been ploughing this forenoon in the big field as usual. I went to see after a girl beforenoon near the dogs nest. Did not succeed however. Went to Dover also to see about sundry matters. Came home by Jackson's Was surprised to find Mrs Lavenee Hortons wife and childrens there. Brought litle Dee home with me and the other folks came afterwards. Had a letter from Maggie this evening as usual quite {illegible}.

September SUNDAY 1 1889

Did not feel any well this morning but went out to meeting in Port Dover, takeing George with me, as usual. The young minister preached, but, on accound of my stupid drowsy feeling I failed to be proffited as I should have been. Found Jack & Florence here to dinner when we got home, so did not get out to the afternoon service in the Plank Road church, as we would have liked.

September MONDAY 2 1889

Have had Joe ploughing in the big N. E. Corner field to day. He has just finished it to night. Fred and I with the other teem & George's help have been geting in cloverseed from the field by McBrides to day. Got in six loads which make nine loads so far in all. Our neighbouts Mr. Chaffeys have been raising a barn this afternoon which makes quite a show in the village of Victor.

September TUEDAY 8 1889

Joe comenced ploughing in the new-ground field to day. The weather continues very warm and dry. We are able to plough yet however. Fred and I with the teem & George's help have been drawing cloverseed as usual. Succeeded in geting in six loads more makeing fifteen in all so far. Find it very hot moving away the cloverseed. Had a short visit from Nora & her husband this evening, he being home for a hollowday.

September WEDNESDAY 4 1889

Have had Joe ploughing again to day in the new ground field. Fred and I with George's help and other teem have been geting in cloverseed as usual. Finished up to night and had twenty loads altogather. We were fortunate enough to get out last load in the barn just in time before a heavy shower of rain, which then comenced falling. Rain comes very acceptable the ground being very dry.

September THURSDAY 5 1889

The men have been working both teems to day. Fred at harrowing in the big N. E. Corner field and Joe has been ploughing in the new ground field. I have been doing chores & c most of the times through the day. Have felt pretty well used up after our hard work geting in cloverseed. Am very glad to think that it is all in the barn however since it is raining beautifuly to night

September FRIDAY 6 1889

The rain last night and yesterday has done wonders in helping us along with our seeding. The ground both ploughs better and harrows as well. Joe has been ploughing and Fred has been harrowing to day. George and I were buisy this forenoon at repairing {Rothe?} & fixing fences & c. I went up to Simcoe this afternoon, partly to get a new set of upper {illegible} ordered of A, W, Smith L. S. J. some Sundays.

September SATURDAY 7 1889

Joe ploughed in the new-ground field this forenoon This afternoon he has been nothing ploughed ground and helping Fred prepare the N. E. Corner field field for sowing. George and I worked at digging stumps this forenoon & this afternoon I had W. J. Carpenter and Thomas Bowlby here after seed wheat. The former took 16 Bu & 42 lbs. The latter & 28 Bu. Agreed to take what I sold my wheat for this Fall for the wheat. It was cleanerd better than for market however.

September SUNDAY 8 1889

Went out to Dover this morning as usual takeing Bertha & Jim with me. Bro. John. Saunders preached in his usual may. Alwats ful edified by his discourses. The congregation was small however. Had a very good time in our class meeting afterwards the good Lord being with us. Called to see Bro. Aaron String who is sick. Believe him to be ready for the change that may await him {illegible} much & distracted with pain at time.

September MONDAY 9 1889

Joe and Fred have been are{?}-rring{?} ground for atleast{?} in the N. E. Corner field. This afternoon Joe has been drilling for ice first. I ahve been airing{?} seed wheat cleared up for sowing, and this afternoon have been digging sh{?} in the new flower{?} field George went off on a visit to see Aunt Webber's{?} to buy, and prom{?}-ised to chore{?} with new horse and buggy to morrow.

September TUESDAY 10 1889

Fred went to away this mor-ning, to find{?} Leau-dow{?} Fair. Ex-pert{?} here to be away for the trest of the month {season?} Joe and I have been working at seeding alone. Got the {?} a portion of the girls N.E. Corner field source{?}. There were some parts quite lumpy and did not cover well. It will take some time to complete hte lot after all. Reed a letter from Mr. M{?} evening{?} It did not {?} at the appearance of {illegible}

September WEDNESDAY 11 1889

Have had for ploughing to day in the new ground field. George has been rolling the wheat ground in N. E. Corner field some yesterday. Thought to roll and harrow in order to cover the wheat ground in N. E. Corner field sown yesterday. Thought to roll and harrow in order to cover the wheat better. I have been digging stumps in the new ground field most of the time myself. There have been several in this field that have been greatly in our way for some time. They are geting {illegible} out now though.

September THURSDAY 12 1889

George has been driving Freds teem to day. the latters being away to London fare. We found that rolling after the drill and followed by smothing harrow is too much ofre the lumps. The wheat is also well covered as the a result. Joe has continued to plough in the new ground field while I have been digging stumps & snaggs. The Haldimand elections trial has again unseated Mr Colter.

September FRIDAY 13 1889

Have had Joe ploughing in the new ground field to day. George has been harrowing and rolling in same field. I went out to Dover after the doctor for Fred who came home from the London Fare sick last night. He has not been able to work to day. I have been chaning ditches in the big N. E. Corner field this afternoon. There is every appearance of rain to night though it may not come.

September SATURDAY 14 1889

Fred brought home the bag of Surprise wheat ordered lately of Wm Rennie this morning. This afternoon Joe drilled it in the sourth end of N. E. Corner field. Finished sowing the remaining portion of the field as well. Fred has not been able to work at all this week excepting on Monday last. George has to some extent taken his place. I have been cleaning ditches in the big field to day whenever I could get a chance.

September SUNDAY 15 1889

Took George and my mother with me this morning to our church in Port Dover. Bro. J. Saunders preached and gave us an interesting discourse. After dinner which by the way we took at home, drove down to the little plank road church. The young minister Bro. Meath officiated there; but, his discourese was rather of a gloomy kind. It did not suit me very well under the circumstances, for I have been passing under a cloud of late.

September MONDAY 16 1889

Rain fell in considerable quantities last night, so that to dat I have been doing odd jobs. Joe has been ploughing this afternoon however in the new ground field while I went out to the grist mill at the port. Got home with my grist just in time for I it rained soon after. My man Fred is still quite unwell and appears to be in a bad way.

September TUESDAY 17 1889

Have had Joe ploughing this forenoon while I chored arround mostly at geting ready for going to Toronto to-morrow. Went out to Dover this afternoon takeing G. Gutem and my nephew with me, the latter is wanting me to get him a {suit?} of clothes as renumberations for his services during his visit. Could not satisfy him however, so far. Rain has continued to fall occasionaly to day.

September WEDNESDAY 18 1889

My nephew George Cunningham volunteered to help with seeding in my absence in my place. Fred being sick. So I took the train this morning in Port Dover. Gutchen takeing me out. The fare to Toronto and return was only one dollar & eighty cents from Dover. Got there all right and succeeded in finding Charley Wilsons residence just before dark. He lives at No. 7 Southern Avenue. which is a long way from the railway station

Septmeber THURSDAY 19 1889

Had dinner at Mr. C. & A. Wilsons & afterwards the latter kindly took me up to the Fare ground. Spent the afternoon there very pleasantly. It began to rain towards night however which made it disagreeable on the Fare grounds besides puting a stop to the fireworks. Saw a good portion of the show however, & walked most of the way back to Charley Wilsons for the night. The show was a very good one.

September FRIDAY 20 1889

{ilegible text} and this forenoon have been arround {illegible text} Charley drove me down to the office of my old {illegible} mate and older frield W. H. {illegible} Found him {illegible} and heartly. His occupation is a dealer in coal and wood. {illegible} & {illegible}. Went home with him to dinner. His wife was a mifs {illegibel; wife's name} or Welland at some time {rest of text unreadable}

September SATURDAY 21 1889

Have been basking at the sights of Toronto again to day. Charley Wilson drove me to the cemetery near Rosedale, through the latter suberb, and to the city Reservoir near by. Came home by the Sherburne Street church - a large well proportioned, substantial look-ing free stone structure lately built. Called arround at Franks office this evening, felt somewhat disappointed that he did not invite me to go home with him.

September SUNDAY 22 1889

Went with {illegibe; given name} Giles to the Spadina Avenue, Methodist church this morning. It is also called the Broadway Tabernach. Rev. Mr. Parker preached. Attended the Salvation Army meeting in the afternoon in their temple. This evening I Took Ma with Rev James Gray our old pastor & family Afterwards went to the Sherbourne Street Methodist church. Heard the Rev Mr. Statford {illegible name} {prayers.} Have enjoyed the services of the day very much.

September MONDAY 23 1889

{illegible} forenoon and part of the afternoon in trying to {illegible} up some more of my Toronto friends. Failed to find the residence of Mr. John Scott. Found James Scotts office which was on Bay Street but he happened to be out. Took dinner at Mr. Rev Thomas Woulseys where I spent a very pleasant hour or two. Left Toronto by the five o'clock train and got in Dover about ten. Found the horse & buggy there, George having come for me.

September TUEsDAY 24 1889

Fred and Joe have been working, I was on the Eastern portion of the ten-acre-field to day, geting it ready to drill. They finished geting it ready ro night. I went up to W. J. Carpenters & to Thomas Bowleys tha to day takeing ma with me. Succeeded in geting some money with which to pay my nepher for his assistance during harvest {rest of text illegible}

September WEDNESDAY 25 1889

Joe finished drilling wheat in the west or rather eastern portion of ten ten-acre-field this forenoon and this afternoon he has been ploughing again in the West end of the field & so has Fred. I took George Cunningham up to R. Fongers at the five bridges this afternoon. He is to remain there for a short time & then to go to Dresden. Came home by simcoe & took tea at Mr Hugh Culvers on the way.

September THURSDAY 26 1889

{page illegible}

September FRIDAY 27 1889

The men and teems have been working at seeding again to day as usual. Succeeded in geting the last of our wheat in the ground this evening. There is something like thirty acres now sown. The three back fields alongside each other. We have only to run and clean out the furrows before the job is done. The weather is quite unsettled and changeable. Part of the time it is very cold & part quite moderate.

September SATURDAY 28 1889

Got our seeding completed to day, for the fall, finished sowing yesterday, however. Fred finished cuting our crop of corn fodder this afternoon, while I have been digging potatoes & c. Ma went up to the Woodhouse church to unckle Holmes Matthews takeing Bertha and little Jim wafe an, to see their mothers grave. The weather to moderating mostly and is very fine just now.

September SUNDAY 29 1889

Took Bertha and little Jim with me to church at Dover this morning. Our young minister tried to preach to us, but did not seem to make out much. Had a very good time in our class-meeting afterwards. Had dinner home and afterwards wents went down to the little church. A local preacher from near Burley ton Bro. Peart preached a very acceptable discorse. The congregation there seems to have diclined somewhat.

September MONDAY 30 1889

On account of rain the men and I worked in the drive - barn this forenoon. They cleaning it out & puting away implements while I washed the buggy & c. & c. This afternoon they have been digging potatoes while I have been ditching in the ten-acre-field. Had a short visit this evening from Mr. Alexander Edmond saw, The weather has become more settled and looks like fair weather.

October TUESDAY 1 1889

The men and I have been digging potaotoes back of the drive-barn to day, Finished that patch about four this afternoon. Went out to town afterwards, after some supplies in the way of frsh meat. Sold the Holcomb hull to day to Mr. Featherson at fiften dollars or one dollar less than I was to give for time. Had a letter also from Maggie this evening, containing good news of course.

October WEDNESDAY 2 1889

I started for Lynedoch this morning at about eight. Arrived at Mr Ferguson at noon. Found there all away from home, Fortunately the house was not locked so I got my own dinner and fed the horse. Afterwards went to the North Walsingham Show at Langston, where I found my friend Maggie. Had the pleasure of her company home but was somewhat hindered in the evening by Mifs Emma Crysler from private talking with M.

October THURSDAY 3 1889

It rained quite heavy this forenoon. SO I concluded not to go home to day as I had yesterday. Maggie and I took Emma home this evening and had tea with Mrs. Crystler. We afterwards went back home and found that the old folks had retured in our favour. THis just gave us the opportunitywe wanted. Was overjoyed to find that my preparationary season had home to an end and I was fully accepted by the girl of my choice.

October FRIDAY 4 1889

Shall not soon forget my visit to my Maggie which closed this morning. Find at its close that I am in a much better position than I had dared to expect. Was delighted with the companionship of my sweet heart as indeed I have alwats been since we became acquainted. Got home just after noon and found that everything was all right. Joe had only returned this morning have been away for two days to the Rose{river?} Fare at the coemal trove.

October SATURDAY 5 1889

Joe and Fred got started at drawing manure to day, from below the drive-barn. I have been working arround this forenoon, and; this afternoon went out to Dover after our old stove, that was taken out last Winter for repairs. Got home all right with it and just escaped quite a heavy rain which fell while I was in Dover. Forgot to mention that Mr C. W. S. and I settlet up last night. Was owing him an considerable.

October SUNDAY 6 1889

Took Bertha and little Jim with me to chuch this morning. The weather was very disagreeable however. being both cold and windy and the roads muddy. Bro. John Saunders preached to us in his usual interesting and {inspirational?} way. Fellowship meeting followed which was also a season of profit. Were so cold on arriving home that we just thought best not to attend afternoon service, at the P. D. Church.

October MONDAY 7 1889

I went up to take a lamb brought down by Mr. Lodds in exchanged for a lamb of ours & not satisfactory. To see about geting some money for William Watts. Failed in the latter however. Saw T. Nelles about some matters of finance. Our positions this year is a very trying our crops & c. Will not be able to pay anything scarcely - haveing nothing of any account to sell.

October TUESDAY 8 1889

The men have been drawing manure from below the drivebarn to day, puting it in the orchard. I have been doing some chores such as puting up stoves and fixing up the hog pen & c & c. The weather is again moderateing somewhat, and the past day has been beautiful as well as pleasant. Was surprised to find that I had forgotten to credit M. Williams with the ball. from last year $22.77

October WEDNESDAY 9 1889

Forgot to mention that on Monday last Joe helped Jim Challand thresh also to-day. Fred has been geting out the ball of manure from below the drive barn, which I have been fixing up a fence on the West side of the barn yard. Geting ready to shit up out fatting hoggs. Have been puting up stoves and in other ways ready for Winter. The stormy cold weather has apparently passed for a time.

October THURSDAY 10 1889

Joe has continued to help Jim Calland thresh to day. Fred has been geting out manure and has got started ploughing this afternoon I went out to Dover this afternoon to the Ag. Show Took Gutchen with me. Stayed to the special services this evening. Had a letter from Maggie this evening which was gladly recieved. She has agreed to meet me in Simcoe on Wednesday next. Took the Holcomb bull down to Jarvis this forenoon.

October FRIDAY 11 1889

Both Joe and Fred have been helping James Challand thresh this forenoon, while I went to jarves to see about arranging a note due, then a day or so ago. Out short crops & c make it almost impossible to pay debt this Fall. I have not given up my hold on the promises of my God as yet. Am looking for a glorious deliverance {en long?}. Wrote to Maggie again this morning. SHe is at Delhi now.

October SATURDAY 12 1889

The men have been ploughing in the orchard this forenoon. This afternoon we got in a big load of corn fodder from the garden which finishes our harvesting, for this year at least. I have been makeing a couple of hog-troughs, one out of plank and the other out of a log. Have also been gathering in our onion crop. The fine weather is on the {illegible} a cold East storm is brewing.

October SUNDAY 18 1889

Owing to a cold East wind that has been blowing to day we did not go out to church this morning. Went down to the little plank road Church this afternoon however. Bro. John Laycock of Waterfor preached us a very interesting discourse about the prodigal son. It is something wonderful how the old gospel story never loses it attractiveness. Surely this proves its divine origin and its adaptability to man, his laments & c.

October MONDAY 19 1889

Joe got started ploughing in the two-year-old sod field north of the tennant house, to day. Fred has been harrowing down the orchard and geting it ready for spring ploughing preparitory to planting apple trees next Spring. Took my mother and Bertha down to Hanticoke to night in order to attend the protracted meeting service then in our church. Met with an accident when going with the buggy near my church school.

October TUESDAY 15 1889

The men have both been ploughing in the {serd?} field north of the tennant house to day for the first. I have been engaged at sundry jobs, mostly at digging potatoes fixed the buggy top on however. Took Bertha with me to the the protracted meeting in Port DOver this evening. THe Rev Mr. Jackson, new Minister in Simcoe preached in out church, and gave us a powerful discourse.

October WEDNESDAY 16 1889

Joe and Fred ploughed to day while I went to the Simcoe Ag. Show. The dat has been a delightful one and the show a great success, Porticularly in the number of people in attendance which was very large. After a long look I found my friend Maggie and afterwards enjoyed the privelege of her company. Had also the pleasure of bringing her home with me to night.

October THURSDAY 17 1889

Fred and Joe are still ploughing in the sod field back of Freds. The dry weather has made the ground very hard, so that plouyghing is a slow process. I spend part of the time in digging potatoes to day. This afternoon however I went out to W. J. Carpenters takeing ma and Mifs. Ferguson with me. Had tea at Willingtons and afterwards went to the protracted meeting in out church, Mr. {Pugdy?} officiating.

October FRIDAY 18 1889

The men have continued to plough away in the eleven acre field back of the tennant house. It is a two year old sod and being very dry ploughs quite hard. Have been digging potatoes most of the time myself. Had to spend some of the time with my friend Maggie. This evening we went down to {Nanticike?} togather to attend revival services being held there by bro. Morrow and Meath. Enjoyed our ride very much.

October SATURDAY 19 1889

Both Fred and Joe have been ploughing in the same field as before. They report much difficulty in doing the work in places. Fred has given up ploughing with his teem, for the present. I have been working at digging potatoes when I could through the day. Several friends came this afternoon which prevented me from doing much work. G. W. Lemon & wife are with us staying over night. Mrs Barret & Hubert have also been here.

October SUNDAY 20 1889

Went out to Dover this morning takeing Bertha and Maggie with me. The young minister preached and did very well. Enjoyed the class with M., for the first time. Took her down to the P. R. Church this afternoon with my mather. Went down to Jarvis this evening with Maggie and had a very enjoyable time with her as indeed always do when we are alone. We are also one in our appreciation of the house of God.

October MONDAY 21 1889

Fred has been helping me pent away potatoes & garden staff to dya, or; rather until about the middle of the afternoon when & c went over to help Richard Lampkin thresh. Joe has been ploughing as usual. I took Maggie home this afternoon, Called at Simcoe on the way for an hour or so. Had a delightful time together, as indeed we always do. Found her folds partly in bed; but this did not hinder us from enjoying each others company.

October TUESDAY 22 1889

Joe ploughed this forenoon; but this afternoon he has been helping Walter Austin thresh. Fred has been all day helping Richard Lampkin at the same work. Passed safely through the ordeal of asking for the hand of my lady love this morning. This with other favourable curcumstances seems to make it quite probable that my long continued reproach will be speedily taken away. Parted from mifs Maggie at about ten this forenoon. Got home {text illegible}.

October WEDNESDAY 23 1889

Fred has been. helping Walter Austin thresh this forenoon, while Joe has been ploughing most of the time. I went out to Dover with a grist of chop. Took dinner at Mr. Barrets and did some {running?} arround afterwards. Made a bargain with Mr. Joseph Silverthorn for an exchange of bulls His being a through bred Darham two years old & mine a {yeatheing?} grade. Differece ten dollars on the trade, in his favour.

October THURSDAY 24 1889

I intended to have gone out with a load of wheat this afternoon, but, on account of Fred being away helping Walter Austin thresh until noon, though best to put off going until to-morrow. Got the load cleaned up this afternoon & some repairs partly made on our old waggon box. Joe has been ploughing in the eleven acre field all day but has not been able to get over much ground on account of the dry weather

October FRIDAY 25 1889

It took Fred & I about all the forenoon to get the waggon box repaired up for service. So this afternoon I went out with a load of wheat to market. Sold to Mr. Ainsley for eighty one cents per Bu. Had some trouble in geting out with our load. The tyre came of from one of the wheels and broke down the fellow so we had to borrow another waggon before we could get unloaded. Joe brought home the dilvuthorn bull to night

October SATURDAY 26 1889

Had Joe {illegible} this forenoon, this being his last day. He helped fred and I after and {ring?} one little piggs eighteen in all after dinner. I settled up with him after that & gave him my note in part payment for fifty dollars due in twelve months from to day with in at 1 per cent. Paid the ballance in money. Fed and I have been cleaning up wheat most of the time to day. Got a couple of loads ready for marketing.

October SUNDAY 27 1889

Got all ready to go to church this morning; but owing to the disagreeable weather, and having to go alone I gave it up after all. Took the children with me to the little P. Road church this afternoon however. Felt amply repaid for going in the mud and cold Wast wind. Have been reading one of Dr. Falmages sermons on the choice of a wife this evening. Have, in the main followed the directions given. God is alone an infalliable guide, to his people, in this matter

October MONDAY 28 1889

Took mother load of wheat out this forenoon which I sold at same price as before, 81 cts per ten. Went out with another load this afternoon also. Sold both loads to Mr. Ainsley. Had a short visit from James Holcomb to day. Settled up with him about his cow keep & for the Bull. Am to give him ten dollars for the same in wheat delivered at the mill. The weather has been rather disagreeable to day, cold & sundry.

October TUESDAY 29 1889

Fred and I have working this forenoon at cleaning up wheat and this afternoon, he has been ploughing while I went out to Dover with my fourth load of wheat. Met our minister Bro. John Saunders on the way, and recieved the usual castigation for nonattendance at the protracted meeting, at present going on in Dover. He also ungently reccomended me to go on a missionary tour arround the village & surrounding country in search of the members of my class.

October WEDNESDAY 30 1889

Ma man and I cleaned up another load of wheat this forenoon. Took the black Son down to L. J. Buits {loan?} this forenoon also. Fred has been ploughing this afternoon most of the time. Took out another load of Wheat myslef and sold to Ben. Williams at the same price as before. Sent away the amt. necessary to pay my drill not at Oshawa. paid some small accounts beisdes. Find it almost impossible to pay all however.

October THURSDAY 31 1889

It has been raining moderately nearly all the time to day. Fred and I have been working in the barn, cleaning up wheat for on years bread and some for market as well. Found that when our bread was taken out of the wheat that remained; but a small ballance was left. We are keeping forty bushells, for two families. Heard from my dear fried Maggie this evening. Everything still favourable.

November FRIDAY 1 1889

It rained moderately at times all day. Fred and I finished cleaning up the wheat this forenoon while I went to Dover and to mill this af with a grist. Had a rather disagreeable time of it on account of the rain. Left some wheat at the mill for James Holcomb, in payment of a small debt. Took home ten Bu. of peas borrowed from my neightbour James Hom. last Spring. Fred has been ploughing this afternoon.

{duplicate, same as last}

November SATURDAY 2 1889

The weather has become very warm and showery. Fred has been ploughing part of the time while I went up to Simcoe to pay some interest. Paid also the amt of insurance premmine for three years dateing from April last. Am constrained still to say "hitherto God has blessed me or rather helped me". A very visible case has just happened to day, in the matter of Dr. Woodsworth. Surely He is a very present help in trouble.

November SUNDAY 3 1889

My mother and I went to the Quarterly meeting ar Woodhouse Chappel to day. Bro. John Saunders preached and we had a good time in Christian fellowship togather. "And if our fellowship below in Jesus be so sweet. What hights of rappure Shall we know, When round his throne we must" Took dinner with Bro. James Berry and on the way home stoped in Dover for evening Worship. The meeting there is still in progress though no many conversions am takeing place so far.

November MONDAY 4 1889

Took ma and Bertha with me to Dover this forenoon. Left them there and went on to the Quarterly business meeting at Woodhouse chappel. Stopped at my friend's. W. J Carpenter's for dinner expecting recording to previous arrangement to have him to go with me. Were disappointed in the latter however. Had a very pleasant and proffitable meeting together with the brethren from Walsh and {Normandab?} including our own from Port Dover and Woodhouse Congregation.

November TUESDAY 5 1889

Fred has been ploughing again to day as usual. I have been engaged at sundry jobs as usual, when at home. Went to Jarvis this forenoon however, to take a plough to L. Miller, left it with him to sell, not having any use for it myself. Saw Hairy {Jvey?} also and gave him my note at six per cent per {annum?} for twelve dollars & forty six cents. This was to pay for a plough and harness bought of W. Jarves last spring.

November WEDNESDAY 6 1889

My man has been ploughing in the field back of the barn to day, while I have been cuting and geting up wood for ourselves & Fred's. Our pile has disappeared entirely. Ma and I went out to Dover last night to attend meeting, Had a pretty cold ride both there and back. Heard the Delhi Minister Bro. Trimble, He is a very good preacher. Both earnest and eloquent.

November THURSDAY 7 1889

We have still the one plough going most of the time, in the field back of the barn. I have been engaged much as usual, at sundry jobs until about the middle, of the afternoon when ma and I went out to Dover I took tea at Bro. Ellis and recieved his promise to help me as far as he was able for which I feel thankful. We attended service in the church this evening. Bro. Morrow of Jarvis preached.

November FRIDAY 8 1889

Our man continues to plough in the field back of the barn as usual, when not doing chores. I have been engaged at sundry jobs to day. Went out to Dover this evening takeing ma with me to attend the last of our revival services. The Rev Mr Jackson from Simcoe conducted the meeting. The results of the six weeks meeting seems rather meagre, there buisy only three conversions so far as known.

November SATURDAY 9 1889

Fred has continued to plough in the field back of the barn. He has about finished this field. I went up to see about geting some money from the bank. Found Mr Cowdry away & had to put it off until Tuesday next. Have been trying to lay my burden upon God who has so graciously promised to carry them for us. Feel that they are more than I can bear; and my back is so weak.

November SUNDAY 10 1889

Took little Jim and one of Fred's children with me to church this morning. Our young minister preached in his usual way. After preaching had our class as usual. Did not have a very good time of it when trying to discharge my duty as leader. Have been going astray of late, carrying so many burdens, when God has promised to carry not only us but our burden. O. that I might more perfectly love thee & worthily magnify Thy Holy Name. Went to plank Road church this afternoon with ma.

November MONDAY 11 1889

Fred has been ploughing to day and drawing manure on the onion patch. I drove down to Jarvis to see about the matter at the bank. Find it impossible to pay my debts this fall except a very small part of them. This gives me much trouble of mind at times. Have been trying to look away to God as my helper but, my faith seems so weak. We all went up to unckle John's this evening, for a visit.

November TUESDAY 12 1889

Our man has continued to work at geting out manure on the onion patch and at geting it ploughed. Have spent the day in trying to borrow some money to pat a note in jarvis. Have not succeeded so fat though I have a faint hope that it may come from a man in Simcoe. Have been deeply impressed with the promise Call upon Me in the day of trouble & I will deliver you, and thou shalt glorify me Lord give me faith.

November WEDNESDAY 18 1889

Fred finished geting manure on the onion patch this morning. Afterwards we got the cross-furrows run out in the field back of this barn. He has since been ploughing in the back garden plat, while I have been cleaning out ditches most of the time. Had Hamilton Olds to see us to to day for a short time, about noon takeing dinner with us. He is still traveling as on implement agent, for Maxwells of St Mary.

November THURSDAY 14 1889

Fred has been ploughing most of the time to day. I spent the forenoon in cleaning ditches. Got the first field done, the orchard. I went out to Dover this afternoon to take a crock of butter for N. {Colver?}. Brought home a number of crocks to fill for other people. Our cows are a great help to us just now, Money is so very close owing to the failure in crops. Sent an application for membership in J. C. Toronto for a 2000$ {illegible}.

November FRIDAY 15 1889

Our man has been ploughing the strip of hard ground left in the field back of Tennant house to day. I have been working away in the field back of the barn cleaning ditches. Do not seem to make much headway as so many other things require to be looked after at the same time. The weather has changed and cecome quite cool. Much as being said in the papers just now about the {text illegible}

November SATURDAY 16 1889

Our man has been ploughing in the sod field back of the tennant house to day. I have been geting things in readiness for my departure up to Lynedock. Started soon after dinner and arrived at the home of my intended wife at about dark Found here expecting my arrival. Spent the evening very pleasantly talking over the the approaching event of our lives. Found that Maggie and Mrs Chrysler had already arranged a sensible programme.

November SUNDAY 17 1889

Maggie and I have not attended church to day excepting this evening, when we went to the Lynedock Methodist church. Had tea with Maggies Sister Mr Chrysler and went from there to church takeing Mifs E. Crysler with us. Mr Gideon Crystler was at Mrs C's when we were there this evening. Had to endure the scrutinising gaze of an, apparantly interested crowd of of people in the church to night. I could not help feeling a little akward.

November MONDAY 18 1889

Got my horse up this morning ready to go home, but, on a account of a cold beating storm from the East I gave up going until after the rain at least should cease falling. It continued to fall until nearly night however, so I concluded to remain over another night. Have enjoyed the time spent with my dear friend very much. The whole family have apparantly accepted the matter as a thing of course.

November TUESDAY 19 1889

We all got up in good time this morning and Maggie and I got started for Delhi soon after day light. The roads had become quite slopy from the recent rains but we had a pleasnt ride togather over the village. Felt rather linesome from there however as Maggie had to remain there, & I was alone afterwards. Got to Simcoe all right and had dinner at G. W. Lemon's. Had to come from Simcoe in the rain. Attained means to pay my note in Jarvis to day.

November WEDNESDAY 20 1889

Fred has been ploughing most of the time to day in the sod field north of the tennant house. I went down to Jarvis this forenoon to take up a note at the bank there. This afternoon I went out to Dover to take a crock of butter to Mids Jiles and to attend to some other small matters. The rain has not ceased as yet. Passed an examination for life insurance with the forresters this afternoon.

November THURSDAY 21 1889

Have had Fred at work cleaning ditches in the field back of time barn to day. He finished ploughing the sa field back of the little house first. Ma and I went up to Simcoe this forenoon. Had dinner at our old friends Thomas Murphys. Looked arround some afterwards to see what I could do for the comeing marriage by way of preperation. Had a letter from Mrs. {Depew?} this evening. She says that her father died on the third of April last

November FRIDAY 22 1889

A very moderate but continuous rain has been falling to day. Fred has been repairing fence and gate along the lane by the woodhouse. I have been very buisy engaged at sundry jobs as usual. Have been cuting wood at the wood house, washing the buggy & c. Th e weather is very mild for this time of year & does not promise to be {illegible} for a while yet at least.

November SATURDAY 23 1889

Fred & I got to work cuting wood in the woods this forenoon. This afternoon he has been geting up a couple of loads, while I took our old Sow over to Thomas Stringers. Had quite a time geting her there. Received a letter from my friend Maggie this evening in which she seemed quite despondent. This does not given me much encouragement. Have had the blues myself somewhat to day, over other matters.

November SUNDAY 24 1889

On account of a shower of rain that fell about the time of our starting for church we did not get out this morning. This afternoon just as were ready for starting to the little church William Watts and his f wife came so we failed to get out this afternoon also. Enjoyed a most precious season of prayer this afternoon, when my soul was drawn out exceedingly after God, with heartfelt desire & precious assurance.

November MONDAY 25 1889

Fred {text illegible} in N. E. field back of the barn this forenoon while I went out to Dover. Took a crock of butter out to Mrs. Ross which came to four dollars and eighty one cts. This afternoon Fred and I have been gathering up wood for threshing, which we expect to do soon. Have been much cast down of late owing to the {illegible} impossibility of paying debt this Fall. There is nothing high sacrifice more to do this.

November TUESDAY 26 1889

Fred has been on {illegible} {crushing?} wood most of the time to day while I have been doing some fixing up arround the barn. We run out some furrows in the field back of the tennant house however, this after noon. There was quite a frost last night but the weather has greatly moderated to day. Have felt much cas down to day. When I have thought of my position. I am so anxious to do to my nieghbour so I would have him do to me

November WEDNESDAY 27 1889

On account of rain which has been falling nearly all day we have been doing some beside work repairing & c by the drive barn. Snow fell last night so that this morning the ground was white for the first time for the Winter. The warm that has come since has taken it off however. Have fust read a very touching story in Harpers {illegible} a {Gospel?} {illegible} a Christian's {worth?}.

November THURSDAY 28 1889

Some very heacy rain fell last night so that now there is plenty of water in the creeks and in the cisterns not to speak of much. Fred and I have been cuting wood for threshing to day when not doing chores. The weather is so very warm for our time of year. Had a letter from my friend Maggie this evening. Always feel better after hearing from her from various reasons.

November FRIDAY 29 1889

Fred has been cleaning ditches this forenoon when not doing chores. I helped him this forenoon. Went out to Dover this afternoon with a grist of wheat to Bath Mill. Brought home six hundred pounds of chop for which I promised to pay in kind after we get out oats and peas threshed. The weather has become quite cool and the ground frozen. Worked at to {illegible} father & kind her for ballance due her forwork

November SATURDAY 30 1889

Fred finished cleaning ditches in the field back of the little house this forenoon. This afternoon he and I have cuting and geting up a couple of loads of wood. One for ourselves and the other for Freds. We just started to clean our two colts this evening. They {have?} become fine {strong?} colts, especialy the big mare Sally's, which is {longer?} now than some {illegible text}

December SUNDAY 1 1889

On account of bad rain roads we did not go out to Dover this morning. The children and I went over to the Advent church however in the morning and I went over again this evening. Rather enjoyed the meetings both morning and evening. Was tather surprised to see my friend A. G. Rose. at the church this morning. He has just happened home to stay over Sundays & to return tomorrow.

December MONDAY 2 1889

Fred and I killed a sheep this morning that had been laying on its back for some time until it limbs had become somewhat parylized. It seemed all right other ways however so we dressed it as mutton. Have been cleaning or rather drawing chips front of woodhouse since James Holcomb came after his young cow this morning. Was glad to have him take her away on account of her being ugly to others.

December TUESDAY 3 1889

We have {spent?} most of the time to day drawing chips out of the wood-house. I went our to Dover this after noon however. mostly to take a crock of butter to Mrs Phipps and some fowl besides other things. Succeeded in geting about eight dollars in money which was much needed. The weather has become very cold and winter-life. Had a very tedious rigde home to night home over the rough roads.

December WEDNESDAY 4 1889

We have continued to work away at our chip manure hauling to day as usual. Have been puting arround apple trees in the orchard. Had a call from John Hewson to day. Had to give him a not a year age for some thirty odd dollars. He agrees to wait until next Fall and to keep the note in his own hands. Talks some of going to the North West soon to toy his fortune. It is still very cold and wintry. Looks like continued Winter weather.

December THURSDAY 5 1889

Fred has been working at geting out chip manure most of the time to day. It has rained part of the time however so that we could not work out of doors. Intended to have gone up to the Grange this evening but owing to the bad roads and constant appearance of rain did not go. Recieved a letter from my Maggie this evening which was a great comfort to me.

December FRIDAY 6 1889

Had James H. Brides bay Saw to help us kill hoggs to day. Started as soon as we could get the water hot and finished killing the three hogs about two o'clock. Went out to Dover this evening to attend the Forrester's meeting where I was made to ride the goat with a vengence. Have Insuref got two thousand dollars for which I have to pay $20 {cents??} per mo. Heard to night that Aaron Stringe had died and was buried yesterday.

Docember SATURDAY 7 1889

Fred & I cut up and salted the hoggs killed yesterday this morning. We afterwards got up a load of wood & since then have been doing sundry jobs arround the house and barn. Heard to night that the friends at the Grange Hall had got up a basket Social which came off last night {and?} {all?} without my knowing it. It seems that the entertainment was quite a success

December SUNDAY 8 1889

On account of rain which has continued to fall nearly all day we did not go anywhere to church. Have enjoyed precious hours of the blessed Sabbath at home however. The Good Lord has blessed while reading the blessed Precious book as well as in other exercises of worship which we may enjoy ever at home. Am exceedingly desirous that my remaining days may increasingly employed in his prais & worship.

December MONDAY 9 1889

Went up to Simcoe this forenoon. Found the roads very bad. Got along all right however. Succeeded in geting the money necessary to pay cutting box & town note of 45# due in London of Wednesday. Mr Werret gave me 50$ on my clover crop. After geting business done drove on to Lynedoch. Found Maggie at home. Her father was having Stumpers so felt rather out of place. Got along nicely however and, had a very pleasant evening with my intended bride.

December TUESDAY 10 1889

Did not have much time to visit my lady love this morning, before my departure. She is extremely buisy geting her clothers reading for our approaching event. Only a little more than two weeks remain for our preperation to be completed. Took dinner with George Lemon and while in Simcoe left my measure with Frand Stevenson for my wedding sent. He has promised to have them ready for me by the time specified.

December WEDNESDAY 11 1889

Fred has finished drawing out chip manure from the yard, in front of woodhouse to day. Must have had betwixt thirty and forty loads. I went out to Dover after dinner. Took a crock of butter to our ministers which contained twenty fice and a half pounds. The road are pretty muddy after the heavy rain of yesterday and last night. It has cleared of nicely however and bids fair to dry up soon again

December THURSDAY 12 1889

Have been cuting wood in the woods my man and I when not chores. Heard that the cheese of our factory had been sold at ten and a half cents per pound. A cent and a half less than last year for the last two months make. Ma and I went down to William Wattses this evening for a short visit. The weather is very warm - more like Spring than Winter.

December FRIDAY 13 1889

Fred got up some wood this forenoon while I went down below Nanticoke to see Nat. Parsons about the threshing. Found the roads very bad; but as I went on horese-back got along very well. Am in hopes that the threshing will soon be here. This afternoon we have been cuting wood in the woods as usual of late. A cold change appears pending. {illegible line} already to have comenced.

December SATURDAY 14 1889

Rain fell this forenoon, and fell froze as it came. So Fred and I have been working in the woodhouse and in the barn. This afternoon I we have been cuting wood in the woods as usual. Had William Wattses here this evening excepting nell Emma who had to stay home. Recieved a letter from Maggie this evening containing encouraging news. There seems to be no likelihood so far of having to change our appointed time for geting married.

December SUNDAY 15 1889

The roads were very rough and icy this morning, but still we managed to get out to meeting at Dover. Took little Jim with me. The young minister officiated, with the usual class afterwards. Enjoyed the lattter service and felt strengthened. It does seem so benefial to the soul to compare notes with the brethren as to our experience weather it be dark & gloomy or joyous & heavenly. There they that feared the Lord {spatue?} after one to another & c.

December MONDAY 16 1889

Got to work in the woods again to day Fred and I. Rather expected threshers; but, for some reasaon or other they have not come. Rain has been falling part of the time this afternoon. Wrote to my dear friend Maggie this evening. Am in hopes that our corresponce will soon be uinnecessary. Have been thinking of the remarkable way we first met; and of how we became attached to each other at once.

December TUESDAY 17 1889

Fred and I have been cuting wood in the woods to day when not doing chores. The warm Springlike weather still continues, and rain has been falling-at intervals since yesterday noon. Have been anxiously waiting for the threshers of late, but this warm damp weather is very unfavourable for threshing cloverseed so we are trying to be patient in waiting for a change in the weather.

December WEDNESDAY 18 1889

Worked in the woods this forenoon with Fred. This afternoon we have been working arround the barn at sundry. Got the whole of our cattle up this evening for the first. Went out to Dover this evening for the forresters tea meeting. The {roads/loads?} were very bad and rain falling so the croud was moderate. Passed a very enjoyable evening however with the brethren. Proceeds $20 & over.

December THURSDAY 19 1889

Have been working in the woods with Fred again to day. There is not so very much time for work however, after doing chores, the days being so very short just now. Went up to unckle Johns to ask them to my wedding, this afternoon, There are so many hindrances possible that I scarcely dare look with confidence towards the consumation of that auspicious event. Of course, if God is favourable {nothing?} will hinder.

December FRIDAY 20 1889

Rain has been falling nearly the whole time to day. And in large quantities. Fred and I have buisied ourselves in makeing some repairs to the hog pen and to the wood-house. Started boarding up the large east door, intending to put in a much smaller one. Have also been puting time on the {treat?} The warm weather having rendered it necessary.

December SATURDAY 21 1889

Have finished puting {illegible text} the field to day {illegible} when not doing chores & c. I went out to Dover this evening mostly to take out butter and other provisions to some of out customers. Called at Mr Barretts this evening and saw Harry. Took tea with them also. Harry has just returned from a couple of years so journ in Brittish Collumbia. His long absence has improved his looks very much.

December SUNDAY 22 1889

Rainy weather still continues & last night it was a heavy thunder storm followed by strong S. W. Winds to days. As yet no immediate prospect of colder weather. Have not heen to meeting to day at all; but thought to remain at home. It has been a good day in my experience having enjoyed much power in my devotional exercises. Feel that it is good to serve, him To follow on to know the Lord whom to know {onright?} is life eternal.

December MONDAY 23 1889

Fred has been doing sundry jobs to day. I have been up to Simcoe. Found the roads very bed. Went on horse-back however. About completed preperations for the important occasion soon to take place. Everything continues to work favourably for the consumation of our union. Surely the Lord is in this matter. Have felt that it was from him all along. So many remarkable circumstances have occurred since we first met.

December TUESDAY 24 1889

Fred has been {illegible text} all time, Fred has been threshing out some oats with the Flail. in {rain?} to get some seed for the horses. I went down to Mr. Walter Parsons this forenoon to see about geting some money for {defaaying?} expenses connected with geting a wife. Succeeded all right. Got $25 which I fancy will be sufficient. Went out to Dover this evening, to see about the minister & c. Recieved my marriage offrance from friend Wilson of Port {Dope?}

December WEDNESDAY 25 1889

Fred and his family have been off spending Christmass at Mr Dowlys Anni's father to day. I have been at home doing chores and geting ready for D my departure to Lynedoch to morrow. Ma and I with the children Bertha and Jim have take our ma dinner at home. Had a call from A. G. Rose and Family towards night. After geting chores done Fred took me one to Dover, and left me at Bro John Saunders where I expect to see main over night for to morrow.

December THURSDAY 26 1889

Started from Dover by train this morning. Expected to have Bro gone bro. S. to have go gone with me, but owing to the high winds failed to connect. Got to Simcoe all right found clothes all ready. Went to Delhi, had dinner there hired a livery from Mr Kemp for Lynedoch. Found the folks makeing preperations at Mrs. Chrysler, soon joined in same business. Our wedding came off without anything serious happening, in Methodist church Lynedoch - Rev O. G. Collorane officiating. A complete succiss. Pridesmaid Mifs Emma Crysler Groovesman. W. R. {Nadiday?}. Left Lynedoch for Delhi after ka or supper at Mrs Cryslies, We were {text continues on Friday 27}

December FRIDAY 27 1889

{text continued from Thursday 26} honoured by a plentiful shower of rice from the boys of Delhi at the Station before going on train for St. Thomas. Arrived at the latter place at about ten 'o clock. Put up at the Hulchison house for the night. Felt so thankful that Maggie and I had at last become one. The necessity for our frequent sepperations had a laugh passed away. Left St. Thomas at about noon. Arrived in Challan at four o'clock. Found R. J. Winters residence & we are spending the evening & night with them. Plenty of mud in chatham just now. {Written vertically on left side of page: "Were the recipients of a beautiful bible in Lynedoch last night from church tresters, being first meaning"}

December SATURDAY 28 1889

Spent the day very pleasantly at Nellies house. Have been arround through the twon with Ramsome.Had some difficulty in geting think over from G. T. R. Station to Erin & Auron, on account of muddy roads. Left Chattam for Dresden at about four. Arrived in Dresden before Sundown. Found them well but not expecting us very much. There were disappointed at our not comeing before. Have spent a pleasant time a far even in Dresden.

December SUNDAY 29 1889

My wife and I are still enjoying our honey moon season. Just now in Dresden with my sister & her family. Have been to church a couple of times to day in the town. Heard Mr Ward and Mr cocal preacher & a Mr. Little hill, R. Presbyterian minister of Manitoba morning and evening. The day has been fine but very windy. Heavy showers fell last night. Roads are simply terrible here just now. Saw several former acquaintances, who had greatly changed.

December MONDAY 30 1889

Have been spending the day at my sisters in Dresden, Maggie and I, pleasantly, of course. Called on our friends Mr and Mrs Wees. The years since we last met have not changed them much. Cannot say the same of my sister, although her husband looks much do of old. Some considerable change for the better has taken place in the town of Dresden, still it cannot be called a growing town. It is still much behind Chattam, its neigbour, & is not likely to catch up therewith.

December TUESDAY 31 1889

Have been spending the day very pleasantly at my sisters. Rain has been falling most of the time however and we have scarcely left the house. Took Leilia and Maggie to shorty {rapher?} for some pictures. Got a couple of sunbeens and gave one to Leilia to remember the occasion. The continued rains have made the roads about Dresden very bad. Felt is remarkably warm for this time of year.

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