Courtland Olds Diary, 1890


Courtland Olds Diary, 1890


Courtland C. Olds


Courtesy of Archives of Ontario




19th Century, Norfolk Country, Woodhouse Township, Ontario

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Courtland Olds Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript






January - Wednesday 1 - 1890

Rain has fallen heavily both last night and nearly the whole of to day. Have been comfortably situated at my sisters however. Enjoyed a special dinner at Mary Janes, a juicy turkey and other things to match being provided for us. Mr and Mrs Neese took dinner with us; so upon the whole we have had a pleasant New Years day notwithstanding the rain. Deilia and I were over to town this evening.

January - Thursday 2 - 1890

We have continued to enjoy our visit with my sister and her family until noon today. Left Dresden for Chatham by the noon train. My sister & Henry with Mr and Mrs Neese accompanied us to the station. Got to Chatham all right, & left the train at {Read street?} for Nellies house near by. Went with Maggie arround the town {illegible} this evening, and was surprised to find Chatham much larger than I expected.

January - Friday 3 - 1890

Stayed overnight with Nellie and her husband last night. Intended going to Delhi to day. But owing to misinformation as to the train connections did not get away. Had a pleasant and I trust profitable visit with these kind relatives besides having several interesting strolls arround the town of Chatham. Though still a town, the latter place is sufficiently large to become a city & I am told is only prevented from as doing by fear of a raise in taxes.

January - Saturday 4 - 1890

We left Chatham this morning for Delhi en-route for town. Succeeded in geting the train this time. Arrived in London for dinner. Called on Steven’s and Burn’s at their office. Settled a small toll still due on my note. Had a look through their establishment. Got to St. Thomas to find a train wrecked on our track. This prevented us getting home as we intended. Felt as well satisfied however as it gave us a chance to visit on Lynedock & Delhi before going home.


We have been congratulating ourselves to day, on our safe arrival at Mr. {barquero?}, My father in law last night. Rain has been falling in large quantities both last night and to day as that we have not even been to church. We have had a pleasant {illegible} proffitable time in the company of my wifes father and mother, besides {hading ?} of the word and the exercises.

January – Tuesday 7 - 1890

My wife started out this morning on a visiting expedition amongst her old friends. I joined her in a call at one place. After dinner we went with her father and mother over to Sarah’s, and shortly afterwards on to Delhi. Packed up and took her wedding presents from her sisters with us. Made a couple of short visits in Delhi with, Will and John Ferguson before starting home. Took the train for Jarvis at along five. Did not find our rig as we expected, so walked home. Fred had gone however, as all was well.

January – Wednesday 8 - 1890

Found on getting home last night that no threshing had been done except what rate Fred had threshed for the horses &c. Have been getting things righted up to day ready for work again. Found it necessary to make some changes and improvements for my bed-room in order to accomodate its new occupants which I have done today. There appears to be a permanant change in the weather lately, having below {illegible} cold.

January – Thursday 9 - 1890

Fred has been away helping his brother Elias to day. The latter has been sixck for a couple of months and not able to do anything. Felt much put out by a lot of young men last night. They had led us to an old fashioned shipene. The closeing up of the scene was much better than I expected however. Have been doing chores to day. William Watts came with his wife to day. The former has been a friend indeed to me.

January – Friday 10 - 1890

Have had Fred drawing out manure from the cow stables to day, while I had been to the other end of the township paying my taxes. Forgot to mention that W. H Watts kindly handed one a one-hundred dollar (B. note) last evening, saying as he did so, ‘go and pay your taxes or you will have trouble’, I gladly accepted and am to pay back as soon as possible out of {name of company?}. My wife has been quite sick to day with a {illegible} and accompanying fever.

January – Saturday 11 - 1890

Rain fell last night and most of the time to day. It has become quite warm again and the ice that formed during the first part of the rain has quickly disappeared. It seems likely heat mug will soon follow. Fred has been working arround the barn on account of the rain while I have not done very much to day. Have felt some symptoms of the influensa now preventing in some {practices?}.

January – Sunday 12 - 1890

Rain has been falling again to day. Went out to church however, taking Bertha with me. Our young minister preached and did very well. It fell to my lot to lead class after preaching. Had a very good time. Some of the dear sisters did me much good by their bright experiences. Felt that the leader was receiving more than he was able to import. Did not go to the little church on account of the rain & mud.


The weather continues {remarkable ?} for this time of year. of very heavy rain fall last night and yesterday which has well night created a {illegible} to day. Fred has been {driving} around to day. the weather being to windy to work out.

I went down to Jarvis this (morning?) on horseback after the balance of our cheese money. Had something like fifty dollars coming for the last two months cheese.

Some less than I expected.


Fred and I cut wood in the woods this afternoon. He has been puting up over {illegible} around the wheat {illegible} this afternoon. Have had our first {bald?} of visitor here to day. They were my uncles aunt & cousins.



My man and I have been cutting wood in the woods to day when not doing chores, Fred got up a couple of loads of wood this afternoon however. The weather has been quite warm and spring like- Not much prospect of threshing yet. The leord is good." and his mercy {incomplete}

January FRIDAY 17 1890

The threshers came last night. Got started at threshing clover seed to day. The machine is different from any that I ever had before, being a regular sawyer clover thresher. It seems to be doing a very good job although the seed does not turn out very well. The first days product is eight bags. Weather has been very favourable, but appears to be geting warme again this evening.

January SATURDAY 18 1890

The weather and every thing else have {illegible} favourable for our threshing; so we were enabled to finishe the cloverseed. Never had such a cleare, easy and rappid job of cloverseed threshing done in any life. The clover-huller beats everything. The seed burried deep about as I expected. Something less than half a crop of seed. Had starter fees. Jim and James chop and helping both to-day and yesterday.


My wife and I went out to {illegible} to church this morning for the first. Took my mother with us. The young preached, as is usual in the morning and did very well. Walked down to Mr Clarks this evening and found Laverie {last name?} there sick. He told me of his fathers poor health and mothers also. They went to be an affiliated family.


Rain fell down of air last night, contrary to our expectations. Did not {illegible} this forenoon as a consequence. This afternoon however we have got at it {illegible}.


January TUESDAY 21 1890

We finished threshing this forenoon oats seed all. Have one hundred and fifty one bushells of mixed oats & pease. One hundred and thirty bushells of oats besides eighteen baggs of cloverseed. Have been geting the ram cleaned up this afternoon and the chaff put away for future use. My wife and I went over to Fred Ritchers to spend the evening The wind is very strong & cold.

January WEDNESDAY 22 1890

Have paid at for puting in clover shaff & e to-day while I have been ont to Elora with a grist of chop. Had a number of other errends which took me to town. Recieved the congratulations of a large number of my past Elora friends to-day, which rather surprised me. Faced {see?} geting home that Harry Barret and Hubert with their {illegible} had been here to {licence?} to-day. Roads very rough.

January THURSDAY 23 1890

Fred has been choring arround the form most of the time to day. We have had visitors from Port Dover, including our minister Brs. S. and wife. N. J. Carpenter and wife, W. St. Watls wife and daughter. Expected to have had J. Eillis & wife but the latter failed to come. The weather is rather wintry, snow has been falling slowly althrough the day. Have enjoyed our friends visit very much.

January FRIDAY 24 1890

Fred and I have been cleaning up cloverseed to day. He brought up a couple loads of wood as well. Have had a visit from my old friend Laveme {Stortou?; last name} to day, which has taken some of my time {illegible} the visit of my friend however, which was {compensated?} {illegible} I suppose. The weather is still seasonable the ground being covered with snow. It seems likely now that Winter weather will prevail.

January SATURDAY 25 1890

Fred and I have been cleaning up cloverseed this forenoon; or rather most of the day. Was much surprised to find that our pile of cloverseed was fell much short of what we expected. Instead of thirty bushells there will not be more than fifteen. There will be some Tymothy-seed however to take its place. Went out to Elora this evening. While there paid my monthly insurance dues with the {Forniters?; likely a name}. Am much discouraged at the prevailing of finances {first?} now.

January SUNDAY 26 1890

A foggy misty day with some rain to night. Went out to church this morning taking Maggie with me. Bro. Saunders preching. It was quite a treat to hear him again. He was been absent several sundays. Had a good time in our class meeting. The good Lord being present to own and to Bless. Have been comforted to day by attending God's hourse. There was much deen for I have been much cast down of late

January MONDAY 27 1890

Have had Fred working around at sundy job to-day. Went to the Lymn Valley Mill with a grist of chop and from there to Simcoe with out little crop of cloverseed. Had only ten busshels to sell from the big eighteen acre field. It has turned us about a bushell to the acre. There was several bu. of Tymothy seed however. Sold the clover at $3.25 Per Bu. a lower price that for many years. Succeded in geting The needful {J. Y. S. H?} pay {N. H.?}

January TUESDAY 28 1890

Fred took home some twently bushells of oat borrowed of John Marr this morning, also twelve bushells borrowed of James Challaud. I went down to Wm Walkers this morning to take him then money so kindly lent me by him some time ago. We have beencuting wood this afternoon in the woods. Maggie and I went up to uncle John Matthers this evening. Found little Mable getting some better though still quite poorly with the influenza.

January WEDNESDAY 29 1890

Fred and I have been geting in straw for the horses this forenoon and this afternoon have been fixing up one appartment in the west shed for the small hoggs. Succeeded in geting them shut up this evening for the first. They have been a good deal of trouble to us running but as they have but it seems to aggree however. The weather has again become warm and the roads are fast becoming muddy & disagreeable

January THURSDAY 30 1890

Fred and I have been working at cuting wood in the woods to-day. The weather has been very warm for the time of year and quite foggy. The ground is about thawed deep again and mud very deep. Went up to the grange Hall this evening, but found us one there owing to the bad roads I suppose; and appearance of rain. As I had not been there for some four months they went to go even though it was muddy.

January FRIDAY, 31 1890

On account of rain we did not go up to the woods to day until near night. Had a go inside, however, which was about as important as cuting wood. Got the Tymothy seed cleaned up ready for market, or nearly as. Finsihed weighing out the cloverseed. Had sixteen bushells and a hald when cleaned up. Will likely have something over twelve bushels of Cloverseed Tymothy seed besides the clover from same field.

February SATURDAY 1 1890

I went out to Elora this forenoon to take out some butter & c. and to bring home some necessaries. Freds wife went out with me. The roads were very rough, so I got George sled and now I hope to get along better. I am so homesick. So says my Maggie and I want to take her home so bad, but so fat have been denied the privilege. The weather has become very cold & wintry and the roads rough and bad but expect them soon to get better.

February SUNDAY 2 1890

Took Maggie and the children , Bertha and Jim, with me to the addvent church this morning. Mr Eelard officiated and always says something good. It being sacriment sunday my wife and I partook with the friends & Brothers of the emblems. Have been reading sermons & c. The remainder of the day, not without some proffit, I hope. Aunt Lydia came down this afternoon to see how Ma was, and stayed a while with me.

February MONDAY 3 1890

Fred has been geting out manure to day from the cow stables. I have been geting ready for a couple of days advance this forenoon and this afternoon my dear wife and I started for a short visit at Lynedoch and at Wyecombe. Found the roads very bad but still we got along very well. Stopped in Simcoe a few minutes and arrived at Mr Fergesons at about six this evening. Took the dear old people by surprise.

February TUESDAY 4 1890

Maggie and I have been visiting with her father and mother most of the time to day. Made two of other short visits at the homes of near neighbours during the day. Started for home at about five o'clock this evening. When a mile or so on the road it began to rain, so we turned back, and to night we have be are again staying with the father & mother of my dear wife. Spent a couple of hours very pleasantly at Mr Oshanders this evening.

February WEDNESDAY 5 1890

My wife and I having stayed over night at her fathers last night left there this forenoon and took dinner with Mrs Sarah Crysthe, Maggies sister. At about four o'clock we started for home. The weather has been growing colder all day and the mud is fast freezing solid. Got all to Simcoe at about half past six. Called at Thomas Murphys to warm and, after a tedious ride arrived safely at home at ten. Found everything in good condition.

February THURSDAY 6 1890

Have had Fred at work trimming trees to day, while I have been off trying to do some collecting on account of bills service. Went to several places during the day and suceeded in collecting one dollar and a half only out of some twently four or five dollars {??} oweing. A change has taken place in the weather and are are likely to have a snow storm soon, I should think. The roads are very rough and would require a good deal of snow to make sleighing.

February FRIDAY 7 1890

The weather has at last become cold and wintry, Snow has been falling since the middle of the afternoon, and continues to come down in good old style. Have been killing out old beef cow to day. William Watts kindly assisted us and to night we enjoyed a nice piece of fresh beef for supper. Am still somewhat cast down at time, owing to the very uncomforable state of my finances at present.

February SATURDAY 8 1890

Sent Fred down to William Wattson this forenoon with a hind Quarter of beef. I spent the forenoon in shoveling roads, snow having fallen last night and yesterday in sufficient quantities to make very good sleighing. Fred as been geting up wood this afternoon also with the team sleighs. Had my first sleighride this afternoon. Maggie and I went to Elora & {illegible} there to W. J. Carpenters. Called at the Barretts while in Elora

February SUNDAY 9 1890

Took Maggie and Bertha with me to Elora this morning where we heard the young bro. Nickelson preach. Came home before class in order to get ma off to the little plank-wad church. She took Jim and my wife with her while I stayed at home to do the chores, Fred being awat to day. Have left much cast down to day, at times. Yet, God is a reffuge and strength and present help in trouble. O' my Lord, flee as a bird to your mountain.

February MONDAY 10 1890

Have had Fred at work at Sunday job to day. I went up to Lynn Valley mill with a grist of chop and on to Simcoe with some Tymothy seed for Chesters and Werrets. Several other matters of business were also attended to. An old frind and acquaintance, mifs Maggie Wyekoff was burried at {Mudhouse?} to day. She died from the disease as common now called La Grippe. Brought a new {illegible} mowing machine house with one.

February SUNDAY 11 1890

Fred and I have got to work geting up wood at last. The snow has been going off pretty fast but still the sleights run well to the woods. Got four loads up to day which is only a small beginning. TOok ma up to unckle Johns to day and went after her this evening. Was surprised to find that both unckle and Nora were in a very discouraging state of health from the La Grippe. There are several other perious cases in the neighbourhood Eva Marr for one.

February WEDNESDAY 12 1890

Fred and I got up one load of wood this forenoon only. We cut it first though. Nathaniel Parsons was here and I settled up with them for the thrashing this year. Felt well satisfied with the honourable way in which they have treated us. Concluded to have them again if our lives are spared. One threshine done for two crop per bu. all around for peas wheat oats and barley. Went down to W. Wattses for dinner to day takeing the folks with me.

February THURSDAY 13 1890

Fred and I have been working at the wood to day as usual. Got two more loads cut and drawn up to our pile. One of our two-year old heiffers had a horn knocked off to day {crossed out illegible text written above as cancelled addition}, which I have tried puting on, and in hopes that it may heal. Have had a visit from William and Nellie Watts with their friends {Nor?; name} Elaine of Hamilton and {illegible} Silver Thorne of Port Elora. Enjoy the evening visit from these friends very much.

February FRIDAY 14 1890

Rain has been falling about all day, so my man and I have had to quit work in the woods. He has been cuting wood in the woodhouse when not doing chores which I have been geting saws filed up ready for work. It has been rather warm to day, but the snow has disappeared quite slowly after all. Expected to leave had a visit from Emma Crysler to day, But owing to the rain I did not go after her to the stations as I expected.

February SATURDAY 15 1890

We have kept on at our work Fred and I. {L.?} {Cuting?} up wood as usual. The weather has been somewhat cold and wintry, the snow still conttinues in the rain, Have added three loads to our pile to day. Wy wifes sister, Sarah and Emms Crysler came this evening to cisit us for the first. Went to see my unckle John. He is slowly recovering. Heard that the Toronto University buildings were destroyed by fire last night.

February SUNDAY 16 1890

Went out to Elora this morning to hear Bishop Baldwin preach in the English Church. My mother and wife went with me as also Ms Sarah Crysler and Emma. The meeting lasted nearly or quite three hours., but I did not get tired our hungry. Has more than pleased with the Bishops talk. What he said was so good. It was no realy eloquent but satisfying to the soul.

February MONDAY 17 1890

Ma and I went our to Elora this afternoon, to take a crock of butter for mifs Battersby & to do some tradeing & c. Worked in the woods this forenoon. Worked in the woods this forenoon Fred and I. Got some pine timber cut for kindling. The weather has turned warm again and roads are becoming muddy. Rain is falling to night, with every indication of an early spring time. "The Lord is my shepherd, I shal; not want. He makethe me to lie down in green pastures" & e.

February TUESDAY 18 1890

Fred and I have been cuting up an old pineer stub, or rather part of one, that has been laying down for some time. This afternoon we have been working arround the barn, & Fred has been triming some apple trees. Took Maggie and Mifs Emma Crysler with me up to Mr Gidson Crysler to spend the evening. Emma did not come bome with us, but returns to-morrow. Had a very pleasant evening with these kind friends.

February WEDNESDAY 19 1890

Got in a couple loads of straws for the horses this forenoon, also a load of wood cut and drawn up for {Lords?}. Went out to Elora towards night taking Ms Maggie and Mifs Emma Crysler with me. I had to walk out myself however. Spend the evening very pleasantly at at Mrs Silverthorns when a nice little party of friends had assembled. Came come through quite a rain-storm which was very disagreeable.

February THURSDAY 20 1890

Fred has been working at sundry jobs to day such as repairing bob-sleighs and making an axe handle & c. I have also made an axe handle, besides doing some other work, chores & c. Have felt anything but well owing to the several nights spent out late foane visiting. The weather has been cold and very blistery with occasional snow-flurries. Very much like March weather usualy is. At home to night.

February FRIDAY 21 1890

Fred and I ahve at least got to work cuting and hauling wood from the wood s again. Have got up a couple of loads to day besides doing some other work. Took man and Maggie with Mifs Crysler with me down to William Wattse this evening. Spent a very pleasant evening with these friends. Learned that the Haldimand election had gone against Mr Colter by over a hundred majority. Rather unexpected to a good many.

February SATURDAY 22 1890

Have been cuting wood with Freds help to day and geting it up from the woods. Two more loads have been added to our pile. Went out to Dover this evening to take out Bertha mostly. She has gone to visit siste her sisters and brothers, for a day or so. The weather continues to be rather cold and blustery. There are some indications of a thaw, and perhaps a general break up very soon.

February SUNDAY 23 1980

Took mifs Emma Crysler and my wife, out to church in Port Dover, with me this forenoon. Bro. John Saunders praeched. Was glad to hear him again. His text was, I was glad when they said unto the house of the Lord. Enjoyed the discourse very much. A love feast and sacriment followed which was also a season of proffit. I rejoyce to think or to know that God is with us. Both in our houses & on the Sanctuary.

February MONDAY 24 1890

After being hindered some this morening by one of our sows which by the way had apparantly lost her piggs from being confined in to close a sleeping place with the two others. I started out again to do some Collecting, succeeded in geting one dollar. Went out to Dover this evening after Bertha. Paid my {illegible} dues for comeing month. The thaw that seemed to be coming has arrived and the snow is going fast.

February TUSSDAY 25 1890

Fred has been trimming trees in the orchart to day when not doing chores. I have been in the house most of the time entertaining visitors Capt. Wesley Haren and Mrs Sovereign being here from Dover. Rain fell last night and part of to day, so we could not have done much out any way. Mud has become the order of the day again. everything seems to indicate a very early spring.

February WEDNESDAY 1890

Rain fell again last night leaving it quite soft and muddy to day, the frost being nearly all out. Fred has been trimming apple trees when not doing chores. Cap. Haren and Ms Sovereign left us this forenoon. A Mr Stalwood from near London Fred's brother-in-law called here a while to day. He is quite an intelegent farmer. All went over to Johns Marrs for dinner; but owing the bad roads did not go out to Dover as intended.

February THURSDAY 1890

Forgot to mention that yesterday was my natal day. Still I can say truly "Hitherto God hath helped me". Am more decided than ever it that be possible, to live to thine". Have been over to John Marrs for dinner all of us to day, or rather, yesterday. Fred has been trimming trees in the orchard. I have been out to Doiver, to take Mifs Emma Crysler ot the train, Maggie went along. Had dinner at Mr Barrets. Called at Mrs Sawson's.

February FRIDAY 28 1890

Fred and I have been cuting wood in the woods to day, when not doing chores. The weather still keeps rainy and the ground is about {settled?} frost being out nearly. It looks life cod weather now however. I notice that seperate schools are likely to be abolished in Manitoba. A strong feeling is being {exhitited?} amongst Roman catholicks throughout Canada, as well as in Manitoba, the dual language system is also a thing of the past, then.

February SATURDAY 29 1890

{blank page}

March SUNDAY 2 1890

On account of the very rough state of the roads we did not go out to church this morning; but, have spend the Sabbath home. Feel sometimes that to remain at home on a Sunday occasionaly from going to church is not pleasant but proffitable, So it has been to day. Went up to unckle Johns this evening to see how they were geting along from their late illness.

March MONDAY 3 1890

Spent most of the forenoon in geting a cross-cut saw ready for work, having broken the one used for ten or twelve years. Borrowed one of John Marr, but finaly filed up our old saw, bought over twenty years ago. Fred got up a couple of loads of wood with the waggon this afternoon, the remainder of the time we have been cuting wood and doing chores. The weather is quite cold and wintry.

March TUESDAY 4 1890

On account of a a blinding snow storm this forenoon Fred and I came up from the woods soon after going out. Went over to Mr Chaffeys after coal oil & c, and had quite a talk with him about the post office and other matters. He is still in a very unsettled state owing to the want of a written affreement respecting the store and Post Office. Hope we will be able to keep him however. Fred and I have been working in the woods this afternoon the storm {raining?} ceased.

March WEDNESDAY 5 1890

Though best to make the most of the little snow that has fallen of late, in geting up what wood we have cut. Fred has been drawing to day, He has succeeded in geting up about all that was ready. Had Mr and Mrs. Chaffey here to dinner with us and Fred's also, to day. The weather has been quite cold and very windy with much appearance of snow.

March THUSDAY 6 1890

Remained at home to day in order to go to the Grange Hall to night. Fred and I have been cuting wood in the woods most of the time through the day. Drove up to the Hall over the very rough roads. Found but two members present, Mr Isaac Austin, the Master and Mathias Shields. Had a very pleasant bout but failed open the grange meeting. Have been talking some about taking some about taking my with me, for company mostly.

March FRIDAY 7 1890

Have had Fred at work trimming some fallen trees in the woods to day, when not doing chores. Went out to Dover with a grist of peas and oats for chop. Got along very well, the roads being much improved of late. The weather has been very cold however, and wintry. Am dreading the time when Maggie shall be away, It is intended for her to stay two weeks with her people at Lynedoch.

March SATURDAY 8 1890

Have had Fred at work cuting wood in the woods this forenoon, and this aftternoon he has been trimming apple-trees. Went to take my wife away to Simcoe, on her road house. Ma went along as far as Port Dover, where she stayed until I came back. Left Maggie at G. W. Lennons who promised to see her sefely on the 9 o'clock P.M. train for Delhi. Felt somewhat sad at our first parting, though only for two weeks.

March SUNDAY 9 1890

Did not go out to meeting this forenoon, thought best to go this evening when the Rev Mr Robertson Presbyterian minister stationed in Dover preached in our church. Had a very good sermon from this brother. Addam Rose came iun fore a while this afternoon, he being home for a short stay. He seemed quite disappointed at not seeing Maggie. Feels quite lonely without her myself.

March MONDAY 10 1890

Fred worked in the woods this forenoon and this afternoon at trimming trees in the orchard. Started out collecting this morning and was unusualy sucessful, recieving over seven dollars in one place. This afternoon have been working arround the house and barn. Our lambs are comeing now and I amd having very poor success with them. Never saw lambs so weak. Believe it is owing to a lack of strong foud for the ewes.

March TUESDAY 11 1890

Rain has been falling most of the time to day, but in very moderate quantities. Fred has been spliting wood in woodhouse while I have been helping do chores & some odd jobs. Am reading Ben-Hurr just now and have become greatly interested. Find it hard to stop reading when I get at it. Felt much disappointed that I did not hear from my wife to day, Expecting a letter.

March WEDNESDAY 12 1890

Have been in readiness all day to got to Simcoe by way of Lynn Valley mill, but rain has been falling at times throuhgout the day. Have had to put off until to morrow again. Fred and I have done but little except chores. He has trimmed a few apple trees while I have been reading Ben-Hurr when not doing something else. It is a most interesting book. Can scarcely leave off reading.

March THURSDAY 13 1890

Started at about nine o'clock this morning with a grist for Lynne Valley mill, thence to Simcoe. The roads were frightfuly bad and the poor horses had has a deadful tugg of it, both going and comeing. Bought a new crosscut saw, of Brooklyn make to take the place of the old broken one. Had my first letter from my precious wife this evening. Some compensation at least for her absence.

March FRIDAY 14 1890

Fred trimmed apple trees in the orchard this forenoon, this afternoon we have been cuting wood with the new saw which I spent the forenoon in sharpening. It went very well excepting that it had rather too much set. Shall have another seige of fixing soon. Have written my first letter to wife this evening an experience which she passed through before me. Shall be glad to see her home again.

March SATURDAY 15 1890

Cut wood in the woods this forenoon, Fred & I when not doing chores. I went over to the cheese factory this afternoon to attend a meeting of Patrons. The meeting came off this forenoon, so I missed it, being misinformed as to the time. Went over William Wattses to see about anise seed, remained to tea, with them. Have been arranging a list of varieties of apple trees for home planting, this spring to send to Mr McKay.

March SUNDAY 16 1890

On account of the almost impassible state of the roads we did not get out to Church to day. The weather has been exceedingly unpleasant as well, a violent wind has been blowing from the northwest which was very cold. Have improved as well as possible the moment of the percious day and evening. The good Lord has been present with me in my feeble effort read, mark, learn, and to inwardly digest his {fife?} precious truth.

March MONDAY 17 1890

Got Fred started at sowing grass seed to day, on the ten-acre field. I went down to Smiths to see about geting his grass-seed sower, but faild on account of their A not having finished sowing themselves. Fred and I have cuting wood in the woods this afternoon. Have got my new saw so that it cuts very well after all. Have had some trouble geting it there though. The weather keeps blustery and quite cold.

March TUESDAY 18 1890

When not doing chores to day we have been cuting wood in the woods, Fred and I. Tapped some trees for Fred's wife to tend, Did not think our time sufficient to undertake this work myself. The weather is still cold nights and rather warm day-times. Heard from my wife again this evening and am glad to find that she will soon be with us again. Have felt so lost without her.

March WEDNESDAY 19 1890

My man and I have continued to work away in the woods to day as usual. We are makeing very good headway with out new saw since geting it to run right. Expect to get our wood cuting done now directly. The weather keeps much the same. Wheat and new meadows are becomeing much injured. It seems likely that the present weather will continue for some time.

March THURSDAY 20 1890

Have kept on at our wood-cuting, Fred and I. We are making very good progress since we got the new saw, it works so well. Our old sow brough us six little live pigs and four dead ones las night. Am in hopes that she will raise the six at least. It is expected that duties will be charged on our eggs going into the United states of 6 {illegible; currency?} per Doz. which will about kill the egg trade for us here.

March WEDNESDAY 21 1890

Fred and I cut wood in the woods this forenoon. This afternoon I went out to Dover took three bushells of cloverseed to Mr Silverthorn in payment of diference between his bull and mine which we traded. The roads are exceeding bad just now. Got along with my load all right with Georges aid. Am glad to think that my dear wife returns to morrow. Have felt so lost without her since she went away.

March SATURDAY 22 1890

Have had Fred trimming trees in the orchard to day when not doing chores. I went up to Simcoe starting at about nine The roads were in a fearful state, but got there at noon. Took dinner at Florences, went to the {illegible} Seine station afterwards after Maggie but found that she had gone to the Dover station. Went there in time to see her start for Port Dover in the train. Had to go alone, and found her after some searching at Bro. John Saunders.

March SUNDAY 23 1890

The roads being almost impassable we could not well get out to church in Dover to day. My Dear wife and I went over to the Messiah church which we felt was much better than not to attend the worship of the most high at all. It don't seem to matter very much after all, where or with whom we worship; but only to please God by comeing into His prescence in his own appointed way with broken and contrite hearts which He will not despair.

March MONDAY 24 1890

Fred sowed Cloverseed again this morning and has trimmed apple trees part of the day besides. I went down to William Wattses this morning to see about seeding away our order for onion-seed. Have order five pounds this year. The largest quantity we have even sown. Have worked at sundry jobs since, such as sharpening the corss-cut saw & c. We all went over to Freds this evening they {illegible} off for us and we enjoyed the evening together very much.

March TUESDAY 25 1890

Rain fell this forenoon, but not until after Fred and I had finished sowing the remaining portion of the new ground field to grass seed. This afternoon we have been working in the woods again when not doing chores. It takes a good share of the time to attend to the latter duties however. Had unckle John Mattheres here to dinner to day. The first time since his recovery from late illness. Weather very warm.

March WEDNESDAY 26 1890

Fred and I cut wood again to day in the woods; or rather this forenoon for this afternoon I went down to L. J. {Beirk?} with the Hack saw to {bour?}. It has been exceedingly windy to day with occasional squals of snow and rain. My wife heard from her mother last night, that she was quite ill. As a consequence am likely lose her company again soon, unless she should get better.

March THURSDAY 27 1890

Fred and I cut wood in the woods this forenoon and part of the afternoon. I tapped a half doz maple trees this afternoon, to have a little for sugaring off occasionally. Ma and I went out to Dover after four o'clock. Found the roads very bad. Met my wife on the way home, started for Lynedock, but brought her back with me. Started from home at about nine o'clocl this evening, Maggies mother being very sick.

March FRIDAY 28 1890

Maggie and I had quite an eventful drive last night from our own home to that of her fathers. It began to snow shortly before we got to Simcoe, Soon after a violent wind began to blow from the N. E. or E. accompanied by a heavy snow fall with sharp lightning and thunder like Summer. Got through safely however at about three o'clock A.M. when we found Mrs Ferguson still alive and very pleased to see us. We did not get to bed until about five this morning.

March SATURDAY 29 1890

Spent the forenoon at my father-in-law with my wife and she other members of the family. Sarah made us a pot of pea soup for dinner; which was quite a treat. Started for home at about one o'clock. Did not get along very fast owing to the impassible state of the roads. Got home at about eight o'clock however, and found everything all right. One of the cows had been sick with bloat but was recovering

March SUNDAY 30 1890

On account of the almost impassible state of the roads we did not go anywhere to meeting again to day. Have enjoyed the Sabbath in a quiet and I trust proffitable way at home. Am reading the life of Christ by Fleetwood just now, for the third time I think The blessed jesus was never more than now the one altogather lovely to my soul. To follow in the wat of his commandment is my Chief desire, and prayer to Him.

March MONDAY 31 1890

Fred has been geting up wood on the sleighs this forenoon There is plenty of snow on the ground for good sleighing, but owing of to the mud underneath is very poor. Have been cuting in the woods this afternoon. Wiliam Watts and wife with Nellie came to spend the evening with us. They were evidently disappointed at the absence of my wife. Feel quite lost without her myself, and am not lifely to see her very soon either.

April TUESDAY 1 1890

Fred and I have been working away at wood cuting again to day as usual. It takes a good share of our time to do other necessary work takeing care of stock & c, so we dont make much headway, Had a letter from my wife this evening giving some encouragement with regard to the recovery of her dear mother. Her suffering has been considerable, particularly at times. Snow is fast disappearing, and mud is takeing its place.

April WEDNESDAY 2 1890

Have been working away in the woods as usual, Fred and I. The weather is becomeing much warmer and snow is going very fast. It is more than likely to be the order of the day. Sap runs well. Am writing to my dear wife this evening. Feel quite anxious about the recovery of her mother Maggie would feel her loss so much. Am satisfied however that Mrs Fergeson is a good woman & well prepared to pass this Jordan into the promised land

April THURSDAY 8 1890

We have continued to work in the woods to day. Fred and I. Rather this forenoon for this afternoon as soon as we could get ready ma and I went out of Dover. Found the roads much better than we anticipated, though still very bad. Failed to hear from my dear wife to day which gave me some anxiety, I could not help remembering however that "{no?} news is good news". Tarrif charges have taken place which will almost completely break up trade between the United States and Canada. Greaty to the injury of the latter no doubt.

April FRIDAY 9 1890

Fred split and piled wood in the woods this forenoon, while I worked at sundry job to numerous to mention. We both started work in the woods this afternoon; bet were soon driven home again by an April Shower. We have been working about to house since. He at spliting wood and I at trimming trees & c. Have had some dark seasons again of late. Sometimes the Sun is hidden by clouds so with the Sun of righteousness.

April SATURDAY 5 1890

I went up to Simcoe this forenoon to attend to a matter of business with H. G. This afternoon I have been helping Fred in the woods. We hvae something over twenty cords of stove-wood out and put up in the woods about ready to burn. We would I went down to W. Wattses this evening to take a letter from Maule about potatoes 'William is about sending for a barrel of Rurals New Yorker No 2 Potatoes to plant'

April SUNDAY 6 1890

The roads still being in a very impassible state we did not go out to meeting, this morning, though we desire to have done so very much. It has been a blessed day however even though the published worship of the Sactuary was denied us. Have never felt more benefit from reading the precious word of God, together with Fleetwods life of Christ, in which the several incidents recorded of the life of our Saviour and beautifuly woven together, as a continued story

April MONDAY 7 1890

Fred has been fixing up some fence arround the house to day & c. I have been engaged at triming trees, cuting blackknot out of cheery-trees, besides sundry other jobs to numberous to mention. A heavy rain fell last night which has made water rather plentiful; but, it has rather benifited the roads by settling them. Have been somewhat anxious of late about another hand. Have feld that a good strong boy might do us this summer.

April TUESDAY 8 1890

It has rained by spells to day and a heavy shower last night. Fred has been working away at sundry jobs. th triming apple trees, and making a stone boat & c, I have been cuting black know out of cherry trees, planting Goose berry cuting &c & c, Had Ed. Watts. here to day, after a job of work. Offered him twelve dollars per mo. for {seven?} months, he did not accept. Went down to William Watts this evening on horse-back to ask his advice about the lad. Brought back a favourable {suport?}.

April WEDNESDAY 9 1890

Fred worked in the garden most of the forenoon, cuting out old canes from the raspberries & c. I worked in the cherries trees at same time, triming and cuting out plack knot. Fred went after his family with the waggon this afternoon to Mr Doulegs. He brought home a bag of mumy peas & a bag of a new kinf of oats for seed, from Lias Kitchen, swapped one over for them & went to give some difference. Ed. Watts came this afternoon to say that he would take my offer of 12$ per mo. for seven mos. Commencing work to-morrow or Monday.

April THURSDAY 10 1890

Fred and I worked back of the ten-acre field to day. The weather was so cold and windy that we were only too glad to get to the woods. Cut down an elm tree in the edge of the field and have been preparring for wood. Mud in fast disappearing as one result of at least of the heavy cold wind of to day. Had a letter from my old friend George Butcher this evening. He has put in a sick winter at Bay City

April FRIDAY 11 1890

Fred and I finished sowing cloverseed this forenoon. We have since been working in the garden cleaning out the raspberry bushells and at cleaning black knot from cherry trees & c. Have had Florence Harris and Horah Rose with Eva Mare here to visit us to day. The weather is very warm and beautiful again A slight frost last night. Fell so much the absence of my dear wife. If I only knew when to look for would not care so much.

April SATURDAY 12 1890

As soon as I could get ready this morning started for the grist mill at Dover. Hoped to have returned early as well but found the roads so bad that it was night before I could get home. Fred has been working in the garden besides spliting wood at the woodhouse. Me out old minister Rev. D. Chalmers on the street to day. Was greatly disappointing in not geting a letter from my dear wife, Have lived without her long enough.

April SUNDAY 18 1890

Desiring to go out to meeting this evening, in order to have Rev David Chalmers out old Pastor, we did not go this morning. The roads are far from being good however, especialy in places. Had a very interesting sermon from our old brother which by the way was intended as an an d educational discourse. The Presbyterian friends withdrew their service so out church was crowded. Text this evening. I can do all things through Christ that strngtheneth me.

April MONDAY 19 1890

The Watts boy; Ed. disappointed me bu not comeing to fulfill his engagement. Missed hiring once of the Aitkins boys on his account this morning. Two or three other have been here to hire as well that were turned away on his account. Went down to W. Watts this afternoon to set a few grafts for Mrs Watts, of Mr Todd's fall apples. Mr. W. told me some things about Ed. Watts that made me feel thankful that he did not come for the seven mos. as promised.

April TUESDAY 15 1890

I went down to {farreis} with a plough and some harrows & plough irons for sharpening. The Walpole Township {strow?} of Stallions & kulls came off to day as I have a chance to see a lot of nice horses. Mr Miller got the irons sharpened for me to bring home in the mean time. Fred and I got home a couple of loads of hay from the Big plot towards night. Was greatly disappointed in not hearing from my wife to night. Feel almost sure that something must be wrong.

April WEDNESDAY 16 1890

Fred has been working on the eleven acre field back of the barn to day. The comencement of our Spring seeding. Spend the forenoon mostly in looking arround for a man to help. Could not make a bargain with Bob McBride, not with Ross Lamptein as they both wanted too big wages, 18 per mo. for 7 mos. While we were at dinner a young man came whose name is Hall from near Cheapside. Made a bargain with him for 7 mos. at 15 per mo.

April THURSDAY 17 1890

Fred has been working away in the eleven acre field to day. I helped with the other fiew this afternoon. Grafted some this forenoon. Set a fiew sheep-nose apple graft & some plum & pear graft as well. The man failed to put in an appearance to day that I hired yesterday. Begin to think that our chance is good to be fooled again. Failed to hear from my wife again to day. Have about made up my mind that she is sick & unable to write me.

April FRIDAY 18 1890

Have continued to work at our eleven acre field to day wiht both teams. Our new man Linas Hall came about nince this morning to and has been driving the team in my place since. I have been fixing fences arround the hilly field by the drive-barn where we are to plough for peas and oats. Mr. James Allan of Port Dover came this afternoon to see about geting some oak for fixing his vessel, promised a couple of trees at 8$ per thousand ft.

April SATURDAY 19 1890

Fred and Linas have been working at the oats seeding to day, Got the drill started this afternoon. I havebeen doing a number of odd jobs such as filling the leech & c. Mr Barret and Hubert came this afternoon, after a number of little seedling hard-wood trees, The intend sending to Harry in B. C. Spilmadian {B. C.?}. I started for Mr Furgesons at Wycombe at half past six this evening. After a long tedious drive, arrived safely at nearly eleven. Found Maggie quite {illegible} but her mother was much better.

April SUNDAY 20 1890

Have been spending the day with my wife at her fathers. She has been poorly as not to be able to go th to Church so I though best to keep her company what little time I had to stay. Started for home at about half past five without the company of my dear wife, so I had a long tedious ride. Did not get home until nearly eleven o'clock. My heart is fixed trusting in the Lord "He is my help & my shield"

April MONDAY 21 1890

Fred finished drilling the eleven acre field with oats to day. He has done some harrowing besides. Linas has been harrowing in the field back of the barn where we intend to sow peas, as soon as ready. Have been cleaning the celler besides planting most of our vegetable seeds in the garden. Was out this forenoon looking for a drill for sowing onion seeds. Went to L. Bints first but did not find it their. It looks very much like day weather just now.

April TUESDAY 22 1890

Fred finished harrowing the drilled oat field with smoothing harrow to day. We afterwards got it hall furrowed out. Linas has continued to work in the field back of the barn where we intend to sow peas. It takes a great deal of work the ground being exceedingly hard in places. I have been puting in garden seeds most of the day. Have just about finished for the present. Am expecting to leave home for tree delivery at almost any time.

April WEDNESDAY 23 1890

Finished planting garden seeds this morning. Have since been ditching in the eleven acre field. The men have been working in the field back of the barn most of the time, geting it ready to sow with peas. Fred started drilling "Mumey" peas on the back side of the field this evening. There has been some appearance of rain nearly all day. But little water has fallen however. There is much kneed of of rain for the ground being very dry.

April THURSDAY 24 1890

Fred has been puting in the onion seed to day with Ben. Laide's drill. Has sown two pounds also two pounds of Mangel seed as well. I have been drilling peas in the field back of barn. Linas has been cultivating in same field. It has taken a great deal of work to get the ground ready for sowing. The mild wet winter has been very unfavourable for the spacing work, it being {sun?} togather and baked with dry weather.

April FRIDAY 25 1890

Worked away at ditching this forenoon excepting when runing ditches back of the barn in pea field.Linas has been ploughing in the hilly field next to the creek where we intend to sow peas & oat mixed, for feed. Went out to Dover this afternoon to take ma mostly. Found that our delivery of trees had just come. This means that I must drop my work and tend to something else for a time. Weather very cool. An East wind blowing for three days.

April SATURDAY 26 1890

Fred and Linas continued to plough this forenoon in the hilly field by drive-barn. Fred has harrowed some this afternoon however. I have been shoveling out ditches from early in this morning completed the job in oats field and have cleaned out principal water courses in pea field back of barn. It has been raining heavily during the latter part of the afternoon, The ground was very dry, however and rain will do great good.

April SUNDAY 27 1890

Rain continued to fall most of last night of of to day. It has cleared off since noon however. Were not able to go to church on account of the rain, The men have both been away besides so I have had to do all the chores. Shall be glad when the time comes that we can get to church regular again. it seems so long in comeing. Have been somewhat cast down to day; but, found Him near when engaged at my regular devotions to own & to bless.

April MONDAY 28 1890

On account of rain H had to leave off ploughing in the hilly field and go to the Big Flat where we inted to plant corn. George Lemon came just before noon, and I got started at deliverying trees {illegible} after dinner. Traveled as far East in Walpole as Peacock's point and returned after some meanderings. Rode on horse-back. Found the roads rather roagh and bad. Enjoyed my trip amongst the farmers very much as I always do.

April TUESDAY 29 1890

The men have kept on ploughing to day most of the time. Rain fell again however. Have been delivering fruit tree notices and makeing sundry preperations for to-morrows delivery in port Dover. Got pretty wet in my trip West to day but, found occasional shelter. Took dinner at W. J. Carpenters and had a pleasant time all arround. I am sure my presence home would be worth something but still I appreciate the privilege of geting out once in a while.

April WEDNESDAY 30 1890

Have been delivering trees in Port Dover to day. Got out in good time this morning and took the trees out alone. Succeeded in geting ready for business before anyone came for their order. George got there at about eleven or thereabout. Our delivery was quite a success considering the two large, orders called bad which we had to contend with. Sold them off pretty well however, but reserved a portion to dispose of in Simcoe. Brought our trees home to night.

May THURSDAY 1 1890

I have had the men drawing up hay from the Big Flat to day. it being rather weat for ploughing. Have been engaged at seting out peaches pears and apple trees bought of Lemon a year ago nearly. Night found me on the road for Simcoe, in order to be there in the morning for delivering trees. It was rather cool riding, but got there all right. Found George in quite a state of despondency on account of bad orders.

May FRIDAY 2 1890

Have been delivering trees in Simcoe to day with G. W. Lemons assistance, for Mr. Mackay of St. {illegible}. Have had a rather unpleasant job owing to the large number who could not pay money for their orders and gave notes instead. After closeing business this evening I went up to Mr. Fergusons to get my wife. Came back to Mrs Sarah Crysler's before I found her. Stayed with her there over ball of the night, for it was after twelve when I arrived.

May SATURDAY 3 1890

Started from Mrs Sarah Cryslers at about half past nine this morning for home. Expected to have brought my dear wife with me but have been again disappointed. It was a great treat to have her company again. Am in hopes that her recovery will soon enable her to return. Feel so lost without her. Came home by Simcoe and Port Dover in order to get some necessaries. Heeled in the apple trees ofter comeing home this evening.

May SUNDAY 4 1890

Our regular Quarterly meeting came off in Port Dover to day. It was our blessed privelege to attend. Felt much benefitted by the hallowed services of the hour. Had dinner with mifs Giles after services. My desire has gone out exceedingly after God to day and indeed for many days of late. Have felt that by his help alone could that deliverance come, which I have so earnestly longed for, these many years. Surely He is my deliver.

May MONDAY 5 1890

Have been working away at seting out apple trees to day with all my might. Rain fell after-noon for a while and hindered me some. Got all planted except forty five this evening. The men have been ploughing away a good part of the time in the hilly field to day. Find it rather tiresome work seting out apple trees. There is nothing that I enjoy move, however, than seting out trees that will bear fruit and taking care of them.

May TUESDAY 6 1890

Got to work this morning again in good time at seting out apple trees. Have been at it steady all day & what is better made an end to the job for the present. Had only places for three more trees after geting the whole one hundred out. Had a letter from my dear wife this evening telling me that she would be in Simcoe on Friday next all being well. The men have been ploughing most of the time to day in the hilly field.

May WEDNESDAY 7 1890

Our Quarterly meeting came off this afternoon at the old Woodhouse chappel. I took ma with me and, we went for a visit at out old friend John Gilberts. Had dinner there. The meeting came off all right notwithstanding the mixed multitude. Took tea also with Mr Gilbert. Forgot to mention that Mr. Elgin Harly a young married brother was recomended for the ministry to conference, also invited to our own circuit.

May THURSDAY 8 {in handwriting; "Friday 9th"} 1890

Went out to Dover this morning after plaster and a barrel of salt. Brought home one ton, eight hundred and ten pounds for which I paid $4.25 per ton. For the barrel of salt $1.40. Brought home the empty fruit tree boxes also. Had some difficulty in geting up the hill by the house with my big load. Have been off to Simcoe this afternoon after my dear wife. Was successful this time in bringing her home with me.

May FRIDAY 9 {in handwriting; "Thursday 8th"} 1890

The men have continued to work away at sowing and harrowing in the field by drive barn where we are puting in oats & peas mixed. I went out to Dover this morning with a case of eggs which was consigned to the Grange W. P. Co. This is our first venture at sending away our egg produce. Came home by {Gundy's?} and brought a fiew Cuthbert raspberry bushes with me. Have been working in garden this afternoon.

May SATURDAY 10 1890

Rain has been falling nearly all day. Of course we have done our best to improve the time as well as possible. Found several little jobs arround the barn, that wanted attending to. Am delighted to have my wife with me again, She has been away full six weeks this time; and it has seemed more than two months. Her health is far from being good at present however the fever being still apparant in its effects.

May SUNDAY 11 1890

Went out to Church this morning taking Bertha with me. Had the young minister to peach to us. He seems to be improving somewhat, but I am inclined to think that his preaching power will never be very great. Had a very good time at out after service or class, the Good Sheppard being present with us. Out friend and Bro John Sanders is at present disabled from preaching, but, it is hoped only temporarily.

May MONDAY 12 1890

Linas has been ploughing on the Big Flat where we intend to plant corn. The recent heavu rains have thoroughly saturated the ground. I have been up to Lymn Mill with a grist of wheat and some corn for house-use. Left the team at the mill and walked to SImcoe where I had some business to attend to. On the way home stoped at the oat meal mill and bought four hundred of oat, bran for house feed, our oats being gone.

May TUESDAY 18 1890

Both the men have been ploughing on the Big Flat where we intend to plant corn, to day. Notwithstanding the very wet weather the Flat Ploughs nicely. I went out to Dover to day to collect up some Small ballances due to Mr. Mackey &c &c. Brought home a new milk can from calvers. Was agreeably surprised to night, at recieving the two dollar prize given by the Practical Farmer Co of Philadelphia for second best Postal Card published in current number.

May WEDNESDAY 19 1890

On account of rain we did not do much this forenoon It cleared off toward noon however, so that this afternoon both teams have been ploughing on the big flat. I have been planting some early potatoes in the garden to day besides takeing out a pit of potatoes. Did not get either job done however. The ground is very wet just not. Farming work is almost at a standstill as a causequence {causequence = consequence}.

May THURSDAY 15 1890

Have been busily engaged at sundry jobs to day. The men have been harrowing & {sobling?} the cornground geting it ready for planting. Took ma with me this afternoon and then on to W. J. Carpenters where we spent the evening very pleasantly. A party was given my wife and I in honour of our marriage. Maggie was not able to go however which was quite a disappointment all arround. Took out two {whik?} sows away to boar to day

May FRIDAY 16 1890

Owing to the heavy rains the ground is too-wet for working. The men have been drawing up corn-stalks from the little barn to day and geting up some pea straw for beding and for feed. I have been picking over a pit of potatoes &c. This evening I have been trying to get by returns made out to send to Mr Mackat. Succeeded in geting the Port Dover papers ready to night. Took out two whik sows to L. J. Bint yesterday, brought out {illegible} this morning.

May SATURDAY 17 1890

Lenas went down into Walpoole after his trunk last night, and reports the roads being very bad. He & Fred have since been working on the corn-ground geting it ready to plant. Blossoms of all kinds are comeing out beautiful. Never saw a finer promise of fruit. There are some indications of frost to night however. Turned out our {miletis?} cows this afternoon to pasture for the first this spring.

May SUNDAY 18 1890

Took my wife and Bertha with me out to Church this morning. Had an interesting discourse from our young bro. Elgin Wooley on, they that will do His Will shall know of the doctrine. Bro. Wooley is quite gifted and apparantly well filled for the ministry. His being a married man is a great hinderance, but our Qarterly board have commended his case to conference and it may be that he will get out in the works yet. My class was quite small in size. There being only four of us.

May MONDAY 19 1890

I have been off to mickle John Matthews this forenoon geting seed corn for planting the Big Flat brought home four bushells. Went up to Ben Laides after his seed drill also but, as it was not home came without it. The men have been working on the Big Flat where we intend to plant corn. G. W. Lemon came this evening, and we have been setling up our tree Business for current year. Rain has come again this evening.

May TUESDAY 20 1890

A heavy rain fell last night which keept us from our corn-ground to day. The men worked arround the barn this forenoon and this afternoon we a geting seed corn shelled and ready for planting. This afternoon Lenas and I went down to Mr. Nelsons after some maple trees for filling up vacancies arround the road. Brought home to twenty five hard maple trees. Fred has finished puting in tragel seed to day, in both gardens.

May WEDNESDAY 21 1890

Linas and I set out maple trees this forenoon, filling up vacancies arround the farm by the road-side. Have only had to plant out twenty five for that purpose this time. The men have been working on the corn-ground since I went out to town this afternoon after some necissaries Brought home our empty egg crate the second time. Saw Thos. England about geting a bonus for highway planted trees.

May THURSDAY 22 1890

On accound of rain last night the men did not get to work on the corn ground until nearly noon. It has been in good order since, however. I have been working in the garden and in the straw berry batch, most of the day. It has cleared off beautiful and warm. Everything is growing so nicely. Pear trees are now comeing out on blossom and present a beautiful night. So also do the plum and cherry trees. Have been spraying {trees?}.

May FRIDAY 23 1890

On account of a very heavy rain last night, out work on corn-ground has ceased entirely. Have been fixing up fence arround each side of the lam back of barn. I have also planted some garden seeds & e. We put out Early Mastodon corn to soak in copperas water last night & on account of the heavy rain have made a mistake. Intended going going to the Torreters to night; but gave it up on account of the bad roads for night driving.

May SATURDAY 24 1890

Fred worked this forenoon at marking corn-ground on Big Flat, the ground being rather wet we stopped th at noone and both men have been away this afternoon enjoying a hollowday of rather haft halowday {holow/hollowday = holiday}. I went out to Dover this forenoon to take a case of eggs & c Took Bertha also and left her there for a visit and hollowday. Have been warking around the barn this afternoon fixing up calf-stables for rearing summer {calf?}

May SUNDAY 25 1890

Went out to church this morning takeing my dear wife with me, Bertha was there and came home with me. Had our superintendent Bro. Saunders with us. His health is far from being good but his sermon to day was excellent. A stupid sleepy feeling which comes from the change of the busy week day to the quiet sabbath. Am often troubled with it and prevented from enjoying the Sermons & other exercises & of Gods house. Here caught in the rain comeing home so stayed & had dinner at Ms Rosies.

May MONDAY 26 1890

We were not able to work on the corn ground to day owing to its not being sufficiently dry. The men have been geting out manure for the fodder corn ground. I have been doing sundry jobs, but most of the time digging arround the grape vines and trimming them & c. The female portion of our household have commenced cleaning house to day, for the first. Weather prospects very fine, likely some to get at corn-planting.

May TUESDAY 27 1890

The men continued to draw manure to the fodder corn ground this forenoon. This afternoon they have got started again on the Big Flat, geting it harrowed and cultivated down for planting to corn. It has only just got harrowed dry since the heavy rain of last week. I have been engaged at sundry jobs as usual. Went over Freds this evening and partly settled up with him for the past year.

May WEDNESDAY 28 1890

Fred and Linas have been preparing the Big Flat for planting to corn. I have been working at the strawberry's and at mulching young pear and peach trees with chip manure. Weather continues fine, There was some appearance of rain this afternoon, but it passed of towards sun-down. The frost of a year ago last night has not yet been repeated, hence fruit prospects continue unusualy good.

May THURSDAY 29 1890

Lenes finished cultivating the Big Flat this forenoon and this afternoon had finished harrowing Fred has been marking most of the day. I finished barning much in front of the house thisforenoon, also hoeing strawberries. Went up to the Grange Hall this evening and had a very pleasant time with my Grange brothers. Eighteen names were preposed for membership and balloted for.

May FRIDAY 30 1890

Fred got done marking corn ground about the middle of the afternoon and afterwards has been helping Lenas and I plant. The latter and I have been planting most of the day, or when not doing chores. Found our Early Mastodore and corn partly sprouted, So we thought best to plant with the hoes and by hand. Found {Encore?} and Hill, Wattses there this evening when I came home.

May SATURDAY 31 1890

Have been planting born on the Big Flat with all our might, to day. There is something less than half of the field to plant yet. We are being blessed with beautiful weather for our work and I am thankful. Housecleaning is in full blast at our house, just now, with plenty to do. There is at least one consolation {& is ?}, it will in time come to an end like every other evil.

June SUNDAY 1 1890

Being quite unwell to day from a tooth ache and swelled face, beside some other aches. So I didn't go out to Church as is my want. Sent a buggy full however in my wife and Bertha, and were thereby separated. Have put in a rather uncomfortable day, in a bodily way. But the best of all is God is with us, which is a cause of rejoicing constantly. O that His Law might be my constant guide. Amen.

June MONDAY 2 1890

Linas and Fred got done planting corn on the Big Flat to day, or, about four o'clock this afternoon. I have been fixing up some fence and this afternoon have been takeing out a pit of potatoes. Found them well kept and not sprouted of any account, even at this late date. The weather continues very beautiful, and all nature has on her best moods. Sad to think that changes must so soon take place. But mostly the fruit instead of the flower.

June TUESDAY 3 1890

The men finished geting out manure on the fodder corn-ground this forenoon. Lenas has been ploughing at it, this afternoon while I have been takeing out some potatoes and Fred has been planting on the Big Flat. Took Maggie and ma down to Wattses, for tea and went on to Dover myself. Brought home the bag of sugar lately ordered of G.W.S & empty egg crate & c. Got caught in the rain comeing home.

June WEDNESDAY 4 1890

On account of the tremendous rain last night and this forenoon we have been nearly out of work to day, so we have been fixing the roof of the house. besites the veranda, and some other things that were out of order. The freshet caused by last nights rain has exceeded any before for some twenty thirty eight-so James McBride says, and he lives right on the creek. About ten acres of our corn has been overflowed, on Big Flat.

June THURSDAY 5 1890

Fred, Lenas and I have been working this forenoon at mending up the fence next to brigge by Mr J McBrides, lately taken away by the flood. This afternoon Fred and I have been away casting our votes for a member of Ontario Local Parliament. There seemed to be quite an interest taken in the election by all parties. Candidates Mr. Morgan & Mr West Clearlton the {illegible} of Lynedoch.

June FRIDAY 6 1890

Fred has been hoeing amongst the mangels to day. Linas has been ploughing ground for fodder corn in the hilly field while I have been working in the garden and doing some other jobs. I Had a visit from our old friend, John Gilbert and wife to day, Uncle John Matthews & aunt Lydia also were here. Enjoyed their visit very much. Maggie and I went up to Wycombe this evening arriving there at about twelve o'clock.

June SATURDAY 7 1890

Maggie and I did not feel much like early rising this morening after our night journey. Seven o'clock found us up however & the forenoon was spent in visiting with my wife's father and mother as well as at packing her goods for our home going this afternoon. Started after dinner and called at Sarah Cryslers on the way. Arrived safely at home after a call in Simcoe at about seven o'clock. Found all {right?}.

June SUNDAY 8 1890

There being no service in our church on account of conference which is now going on in Hamilton, we did not go out to church as is our custom to day. Have enjoyed the day at home, however, very much. My wife and I took a short walk to the woods, where nearly a year ago we went for the first time with memorable results. An attachment seemed to be begun then that gave me my loved companion & help. must Praise God.

June MONDAY 9 1890

Got started at cleaning out our small patch of onions to day. Linas has been geting a small patch of ground ready for fodder corn in the hilly field. I went to jarvis this afternoon takeing my wife with me. Brought home some seed corn and a job of blacksmithing from L. Millers. Had a matter to attend to at Sill and Jom's which seemed satisfying for the time being Weather continues to fine & dry.

June TUESDAY 10 1890

Washed sheep this forenoon, the latest I think for a long time. Fred has been hoeing and weeding onions and Mangels, while I have been busily engaged at sundry jobs as usual. Linas has been ploughing in the orchard this afternoon where we intend to plant some potatoes and to sow some peas for house use & c. Recd. my pa delivery papers for explanations from Mr Mackay this evening. The first time I think ever returned.

June WEDNESDAY 11 1890

Rain came again to day puting us back some in our work but doing good otherways us doubt. Fred has been working in the onions and mangels most of the time or, except when helping me drop potatoes in the orchard & fix fence along the pasture field & c. House cleaning is still in progress and likely to continue for some time to come. Have felt much cast down to day, but, Sorrow may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning.

June THURSDAY 12 1890

The ground was rather wet for working to day, so Linas has been geting up wood & c. Fred and I have been working in the garden most of the time. Had a short visit from A. G. {Rae?} this evening. He has just come for a short visit home from the other side. Returns on Saturday, He appears to have come to a crisis in his business, having struck for higher wages, or 25$ more per mo. than he has been geting = 18 00 per year.

June FRIDAY 13 1890

Linas has been working away with the team to day. Have drilled in some peas for house use mostly in the orchard. This afternoon he has been harrowing on the fodder-corn-ground. Have had a serious time geting it in order on account of lumpy places. Fred and I have been hoeing in the onion patch most of the day. There appears to be a change takeing place in the weather, It seems likely now that we are to have fair weather, awhile.

June SATURDAY 14 1890

The men have been engaged to day mach as usual. Freed took Mr. Miseuers hog house this forenoon. The latter having kindrly given us the loan of a fine boar pig, for a couple of weeks. Fred and Linas have been hoeing onions and mangels the remander of the day. I have been doing chores & c. This evening however I went out to Dover takeing ma with me. While there called at our ministers and had tea there, contrary to our wish howvever.

June SUNDAY 15 1890

Took my mother and Bertha with me to church this morning. Had a very excellent discourse from our dear Bro. Saunders. Did not from some cause enjoy the class-meeting as much as I often do. There is such variations in the joys of Salvation. Caused often no doubt to by the engrossing cares of life which occupy the mind so incessantly through the week. But the grace of God is sufficient.

June MONDAY 16 1890

The men have been cultivating potatoes and corn to day for the first. THe corn crop looks much better than I thought it possible could. I have been very buisy fixing fence and trying to make a changen out hog arrangements. Maggie and I have also been makeing preperations for a trip for fishing and recreations to the point tomorrow. Having had an invitation to accompany a party of friends from Simcoe & Dover & surrounding county.

June TUESDAY 17 1890

{incomplete transcription}

June WEDNESDAY 18 1890

The men have been cultivating corn on the Big Flat to day. The report the corn crop there in a healthy condition. Ground geting hard in places. It is remarkable that the corn had done so well considering the great flood that came after planting. I have been engaged at my usual occupation of chores and sundry jobs of work, as they are made necessary. Weather still dry and beautiful.

June THURSDAY 19 1890

The men have continued to cultivate corn to day as usual. They have been over the field twice or once each way and have been cultivating the corn angling this afternoon. They report this as being the most beneficial of any. I went out to Dover this morning after sundry matters. Brouhgt home some flour for Fred from the mill. Found Mr. John straw in the mill. He has lately taken possesion and has been a leading miller for years

June FRIDAY 20 1890

Fred has been working at the mangels to day. Linas helped him part of the time; but most of the day he has been helping me shear sheep. We did not get along very fast for we only got eleven done this afternoon both of us. Had some other work that had to be done however. There is some appearance now of a dry spell, The weather is beautifuly cool and pleasant. Sun not in middle of day however.

June SATURDAY 21 1890

Were blessed with a beautiful rain last night and this forenoon, which was much needed. The men did not do very much until this afternoon where they worked at weeding mangels. I worked on my delivery papers this forenoon, Am pleased to have them in pretty good shape or at least so I think. Have been plastering in the kitchen this afternoon, or repairing broken places in the walls. It has cleared off {illegible}.

June SUNDAY 22 1890

Went out to Dover this morning to church as usual. Took Bertha as usual. Took Bertha and grim with me. Ma and Maggie being unable to go from various reasons. Had Bro. Saunders to minister to us of holy things. It was good to be there. The weather was rainy and but fiew out; but the good Lord was there in our midst however, to own and to bless. My dear wife is quite unwell from a sort of periodic kidney affection. Charley Webb was buried to day. We lived with us over three years once.

June MONDAY 23 1890

Comenced our road work to day. We have twelve day and Fred has two makeing fourteen, but we expect to get all done in three days. Got five of them done to day at any rate. Have felt much discouraged about my dear wife's health, she has been so poorly lately. The weather is very warm at last. Nearly always cool before. Found it rather warm work on the roads. Our wheat crop has make considerable improvement.

June TUESDAY 24 1890

The men have been working on the side-road again to day with both teams. I did not go on to day, on account of home duties. This afternoon I went down to jarvis takeing ma with me. Mailed my delivery papers to Mr. Mackay having made explanations which I trust will be satisfactory. Took some cultivator teeth to jarvis for sharpening. Weather very warm. Have been told that the thermometer stood at 90 degrees {degree symbol used in place of word "degrees"} in the shade to day.

June WEDNESDAY 25 1890

Fred was laid up to day, from having taken too much cold water when on the road yesterday. Linas has been on with his team and I have also been helping. We have comparted our twelve days, so excepting Fred's two days we are done for this year, for which I am thankful. Weather continues warm. Rather disagreeable working. Clinse Warren's man took his second lamb this afternoon and another calf. His fourth I think, may be five however.

June THURSDAY 26 1890

We have all been working at hoeing popotatoes in the garden and at drressing out the various garden vegetables & c. Got started this evening at the mangels in the back garden patch. I went up to the Grange lodge this evening. There was several new members added to the institution. It is expected that a larger member will soon be added brought in to our Grange. Maggie has been making preperations for a tr an aniversary trip to Fishers to morrow.

June FRIDAY 27 1890

{incomplete transcription}

June SATURDAY 28 1890

Were blessed with a beautiful rain this forenoon, which came very seasonable. Everything looks very much refreshed. Weather very warm as well as showery. The men worked at sundry jobs this forenoon arround the barn. This afternoon they have been puting in the remaining portion of our corn fodder. The rain was very beneficial to the work. I have been as buisy as I could possibly be at various kinds of work. My wife & Bertha went to Simcoe this afternoon.

June SUNDAY 29 1890

Took Maggie and little Jim with me to church this morning. Had our young minister Bro. Calvert for the first time. He is a very small man in stature, but rather the opposite in intellect and in talking abilities. The subject of his discourse was his own christian experience since seting out in the christian life. He has some fifteen relatives already in the ministry of the Congregational Church from whence he also came himself.

June MONDAY 30 1890

Linas and Fred have both been cultivating corn to day on the Big Flat, while I have been hoeing potatoes in the same field. Weather very warm almost sultry. Corn growing splendidly. Out prospect of a crop seems very good at present. Other crops are also drawing near maturity in a very prosperous way. Feel very anxious about the present state of our work. Flure seems to be a near {approcee?} of harvest, while haying is here and we are not ready.

July TUESDAY 1 1890

Linas comenced cuting hay in the front field to day. He has been useing the new Toronto Mower for the first time; and it goes finely. Had our dear minister and part of his family to take dinner with us to day. Fred has been cultivating potatoes and mangels. He has about finished for the first time I have been hoeing in the garden and in the onion patch part of the time to day.

July WEDNESDAY 2 1890

The men have been hoeing mangels this forenoon, While I went up to Simcoe with the wool. Sold the latter to Brooks as usual for twenty cents per pound. This afternoon the men got started at rakeing and cocking up hay this afternoon. Rain came at about four o'clock however and put a stop to haying opperations. We sowed part of our mangel ground with turnips this evening. Have been much cast down of late, on account of debt & c.

July THURSDAY 3 1890

Linas has been cuting this afternoon in the front field. Fred has been hoeing mangels and this afternoon we have been puting up hay in the front field Went out to mill this morning and on to Dover afterwards to get the barrel of sugar ordered some time ago. Came home by the cheese factory afterwards & brought a pince of new cheese. Our factory is now turning out about thirteen cheeses per day.

July FRIDAY 4 1890

Linas has finished cuting the front field this to day. Rain fell this morning, so we sowed a patch of buckwheat in the orchard, which we have been puting off until the ground should get moistened up a bit. Fred has been working in the mangel patch, while I have been doing some work arround the house and this afternoon have been puting pan's green on the potatoes in the garden. Had a visit from Mifs Barrett & the young {illegible}.

July SATURDAY 5 1890

Fred and I hoed in the garden this forenoon. Linas has been mowing arround the fence in corners in front field. This afternoon, we have been rakeing and cocking up hay in the front field by the church. Got it mostly up in cock. Find the hay, much heavier than we expected, especialy in the north side of the field. Had quite a time with Fred this evening about small fruits. He claimed that I promised him a share of & I claimed that I didn't.

July SUNDAY 6 1890

Took ma and Bertha with me to church this morning. Our young brother Calvert, the young minister officiated, and got along very well. Did not enjoy the service as much as I could wish on account of the difficulty I experienced in keeping awake. Had a very proffitable waiting upon God in the fellow-ship meeting which followed. Have been greatly drawn out after God in prayer of late. He is indeed my hope for years to come.

July MONDAY 7 1890

It threatened rain last this morning but passed off towards ten o'clock. Succeeded in geting in eight loads from the field by the church. Weather very warm but fine for changing. Had a visit from uncle Holmes Matthews and his wife this afternoon, but, could not spend much time with them myself. Our red healt cherries are ready for use and the others nearly ripe. Wheat turning and will soon be ready for harvesting.

July TUESDAY 8 1890

Have succeeded in geting in eight loads of hay, more from the field by the church to day. Rain came this evening however just as we were geting in our last load, a very heavy thunder shower with violent wind. Grain crops have been badly leveled, Wheat was so near ripe however as to be past injury, I think. Had a price list of oil cake meal from J. & J. Livingston of Baden Ont, much lower than I am used to buying him.

July WEDNESDAY 9 1890

Rain last night prevented us from drawing to day; so, both men cultivated corn this forenoon while I was buisy at repairing roofs. This afternoon Linas has been cuting in our back hay-field and Fred has been into the corn until this evening. I shook out the hay still in the front field this afternoon, expecting to draw to-morrow. Took a short tour throug the wheat, oats and pea fields this evening. They all look promising.

July THURSDAY 10 1890

We have finished geting in hay from the field by the church to day. Drew six loads more to day makeing twenty two from about nine acres besides rakeings. Got to work cuting and raking in the back field again this afternoon. The latter field does not appear so heacy as the field by the church. Weather very fine since the rain, so cool and pleasant. Warmer weather is again comeing apparantly by degrees.

July FRIDAY 11 1890

Linas has been cuting this forenoon in the back hay field. This afternoon we have been rakeing and cocking up. Got all up in good shape and the load of {skeings?} in all from the front field which finishes that part of the job. Am expecting all our family and men also to leave me to morrow for Port Dover where the Grangemen celebrate the Battle of the Boyne. Weather very fine for haying just now.

July SATURDAY 12 1890

Our whole family together with Fred and his family went to town to day, it being Grange celebration there. I remained at home all alone. Had the worst of it this evening when milking time came however, as Fred not Linas do not return to night. With Maggies and Berthas draw help have got through. Some of our cows are very hard to milk and it takes time as well as muscle. It seems as though a weeding out was necessary before long.

July SUNDAY 13 1890

Went out to Dover this morning to church. My D dear wife went with me and Ma being there we all had the privilege of the house of God, Bro. John Saunders our Senion minister officiated. Enjoyed the service very much throughout more especialy the class meeting. The master fulfilled his promise and made one in our midst. Had dinner at home as usual. Afterwards Maggie and I spend a couple of house in the woods reading & c.

July MONDAY 14 1890

My men and I have been drawing in hay from the back field to day. Got in seven loads from the field west of the woods. There are still two or three loads out ready to draw. Have been puting paris green on the potatoes along the side road between times of helping to unload hay. Weather very warm, even sultry. Feel it very much when moving away, in the sheds and drivehouse. God is my reffuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

July TUESDAY 15 1890

Continued to get no hay until near noon to day. Linas went to cuting this afternoon again. Feel somewhat uneasy about our haying lasting so long. Harvest is apparantly very near at hand. It likely, I am affraid to interfere some with haying. Maggie and I went out to Dover this afternoon, called at the cheese-factory on the way. Got some cheese for our minister. Had a pleasant drive along the lakeshore. Sent an order awat for Flax twine to G. W. Co. Toronto.

July WEDNESDAY 16 1890

Linas finished cuting the field West of woods this forenoon. This afternoon we have been rakeing and cocking up hay in same field. Got it all raked and mostly put up to night. One of our cows was in great danger from calveing to day. Feared serious trouble from the long time it took her to come in. The calf was dead when it came which was, I think, the principal cause. Went over to hear a friend of John Hartinan this evening at the church.

July THURSDAY 17 1890

Have been drawing in hay from the field west of the woods to day. Got in five lopads only, a showe of rain which came at about noon prevented us from work a while. Put in the lost time very welll however at hoeing brans & c. Have been working in the garden myself when not helping unload hay. Cool weather has apparantly come again. Wheat harvest is here, Some of the {neighbours?} having begun.

July FRIDAY 18 1890

Finished geting in the hay from the field west of the woods to day, & rakeings and all. Have had twenty one loads from this field and twenty three from the other, makeing forty four in all so far. Have been cuting the {potato?} north of drive barn this evening. Was surprised to find that our wheat was ready to go into at once, concluded to make a start to morrow, all being well in N. E. Corner field.

July SATURDAY 19 1890

Linas finished cuting the patch of hay back of drive barn this morning. Afterwards I helped him to get the binder ready for work and this afternoon he has been cuting in the north east corner field. Fred & I have been cuting arround fences & puting up the hay. I went out to Dover this evening. Had our old friend Rev Jogn Hearyman & his friend Rec. Mr. Vanhurst to take dinner with us to day.

July SUNDAY 20 1890

Instead of going out to our own church in Port Dover this morning we thought best to remain at home and hear Bro. John Heartman in the Advent church. He certainly gave us a powerful discourse on heart purity & c. Felt much proffited by the service, It was thoroughly Methodistic, especialy in its earnestness & spiritual power, comeing from the presence of the Holy Ghost. Wentover this evening also & hear, Bro. Van, somthing do not remember, Had also a proffitable season.

July MONDAY 21 1890

Linas worked away in the N. E. Corner wheat field to day, as usual. I think he has the field about to thirds cut. I went down to Jarvis this forenoon after doing chores & c. Sent away money for sugar; also an order for oil cake meal to J.J. Livingston of Baden. Fred has been hoeing potatoes in the orchard most of the day, while I have been seting up wheat sheaves this afternoon. Weather very fine for harvesting just now.

July TUESDAY 22 1890

Linas has been working with the binder in the N. E. Corner field again to day. Did not get it cut as I expected; but an acre or more still remain to finish. Fred and I have been shocking up in same field and left it all shocked up this evening, expecting but a fiew sheaves. Am confirmed in my estimate of crop by going through the field. Manure shows itself remarkably; both in the wheat and new seeding to grass.

July WEDNESDAY 23 1890

Linas finsihed cuting the N. E. Corner field this forenoon and got started in the new ground field just before noon. He continued to cut this afternoon as usual. Fred has been hopeing potatoes in the orchard most of the time. This afternoon however we got in three loads of hay from back the drivebarn, Makeing forty seven loads in all for this year. Our old friend Mr. M Noll and his wife came this afternoon to visit us.

July THURSDAY 24 1890

Have kept the binder going most of the day. Rain came about ten o'clock, a light shower, but enough to put I a stop to harvesting opperations. Spent most of the forenoon visiting with my friend Mr. Noll who has resided in Michigan these twenty two years. Before that he lived as a near neighbour to us. They left us just after dinner. Was surprised to hear that Mr. Noll was seventy six years of age. He is quite an interesting gentleman.

July FRIDAY 25 1890

Linas has finished cuting the new ground field this forenoon. He has also go the ten acre field half done. Hope to finish cuting wheat to morrow. Fred has been sering up sheaves most of the time, I have been engaged at hoeing turnips and my wife has kindly turned in to help at weeding and {thinning?}. It is a quite serious job the weeds having got quite such as start. Ma and Maggie have been down to Mrs Clarkes this afternoon on a visit.

July SATURDAY 26 1890

Linas has continued to cut wheat in the ten-acre-field to day. Succeeded in geting all cut this evening, and up in shock. I helped Fred stup sheaves this forenoon, but this afternoon have been puting Paris Green on potatoes and hoeing turnips in the garden. Went out to the port this evening after Oil Cake meal ordered lately from J. & J. Livingston of Baden Ont. Found it at the station already. Paid Forresters dues to J. Varey & returned home

July SUNDAY 27 1890

Took ma and Maggie with me to church this morning. Did not go to our own church, but to hear our old bot Larry Skey at the English church. He did remarkable well and will, I believe, with God's blessing he will make a useful man in the Church of England. Have been telling ma that he would become a bishop get it spared. His sermon about prayer was truly excellent, much beyond the ordinary.

July MONDAY 28 1890

Got to work in very good time this morning at our wheat drawing. Robert McBride has been helping us through the day and George McBride about half the day. Met with a missfortune, firsy load after dinner when a waggon tyre ran off and the waggon wheel broke completely down. This prevented us drawing with two teams longer So I took the broken wheels to Dover for repairs. My unckle George {lent?} me a truck to use until the mending was done.

July TUESDAY 29 1890

We have been geting in wheat again to day. after geting started this morning which took us some little time. Bob and George McBride have been helping us through the day. Drew in fourteen loads yesterday and fifteen to day from the N. E. Corner field makeing twenty nine so far. Ma went out to Dover this evening after Mrs Platt and Mrs James Riddell, the former being from Horeseheads N. Y. Some prospects of {rain?}.

July WEDNESDAY 30 1890

We got started at drawing wheat this morning again. Worked until half past eleven when it began to rain. Bob McBride alone helped us to day, Rather this forenoon for this afternoon we cut thistles in the orchard, it being too wet to draw wheat. Got in six loads this forenoon and two more this evening makeing thirsty seven in all so far. Had thirty good loads from the N. E. Corner field besides the new wheat (surprise) Ma took Mrs Platt and Mrs Riddell home this evening.

July THURSDAY 31 1890

Got to work at wheat hauling this morning again. Bob McBride has been helping us through the day. Safely housed twelve loads more from the new ground field, Four loads of these were from the ten-acre-field however. The latter is rather poorer than I thought, there being so much shrunken wheat. Thomas Jackson came up this evening Could not go to the grange to night owing to pressure of harvest work.

August {in handwriting: H. G.} FRIDAY 1 {In handwriting: D. to day} 1890

Draw in our last load of wheat after dinner except rakeings. Bob helped us this aft forenoon, to get in all but the last load. Had ten nine loads on the ten-acre-field & fifteen on Newground & thirty three on N. E. Corner field. Fifty seven loads in all without rakeings. Found the wheat both very poor and very good. The ten acre-field in particular was very poor, both in quality and in quantity. Being very much shrunken.

August SATURDAY 2 1890

Have been extremely buisy to day working in the garden and at sundry other jobs, geting ready for going to Lynedoch & c. The men pulled peas with the house rake this forenoon and this afternoon have been working in the mangels & turnips. Maggie and I started for Lynedoch at about half past four P. M. Called for a short time in Simcoe & got to Mrs Cryslers at about half past eight. Saw a bush fire on the way, a fine sight.

August SUNDAY 3 1890

My wife and I stayed all night at her sisters. Mrs Sarah Cryslers and to day attended quarterly meeting at the Lynedoch methodist church. Had a very excellent discourse from the pastor Rev Mr Collomore. Went to Maggies father's after service where we remained until evening. Had some interesting conversations with my father-in law respecting religious matters. Drove home by way of Delhi stopping there a fiew minutes with my new relations.

August MONDAY 4 1890

Having arrived home rather late night, from or rather this morning from Lynedoch, did not feel much like business to day. Fred and Linas have pulling peas with the horse-rake this forenoon and this afternoon have been cuting a patch of oats, two bushells sowing, of a new variety. Got into a {serape?} with Linas this evening mostly on account of other peoples talk, and tales.

August TUESDAY 5 1890

Were blessed with a delightful rain shower this forenoon, so did not do much. This afternoon the men have been pulling peas and I have been rakeing wheat sturble in the N. E. Corner field. Was off this forenoon and for a while this afternoon after a machine to thresh but our pea crop. Think I have succeeded in geting the stringer machine to come to morrow afternoon, if it dont rain.

August WEDNESDAY 6 1890

The men finished pulling peas this forenoon & afterwards got up some wood, from for threshing & c. I started off in search for helping and had to go all arround before I could find enough. Had dinner at Jacksons. The threshers came about the middle of the afternoon. Succeeded in geting more than half of the peas drawn and threshed by 6.30 o'clock. George McBride, James {Home?}, Thomas Jackson, & W Watts have been helping.

August THURSDAY 7 1890

Finished threshing our peas at about two o'clock this forenoon. The same hands helped us this forenoon as yesterday. Had one hundred and forty bushells from the machine, which is much less than the field promised to yield. Fred and Linas got started at drawing manure from the barn-yard to day rather this afternoon I have been rakeing the new ground wheat stubble this afternoon. Mrs Cryslers bgys boys Charly and James came to visit us to day.

August FRIDAY 8 1890

Linas has been cuting oats and peas in the hilly field by drive-barn, with the mowing machine. The crop is a very poor one and yet it was well put in, and on very good ground. The men have been geting out manure again this afternoon. I worked this forenoon at rakeing stubble. Finished this job for this year. Have been hoeing turnips in the garden this afternoon. Weather very warm.

August SATURDAY 9 1890

Fred has been helping Walter Austin thresh to day. Linas has been cuting peas and oats this forenoon while this afternoon he has been drawing manure. I have been busily engage as usual, this forenoon at rakeing peas and oats with horse rake. This afternoon have been hoeing turnips in the garden. Weather still warm and dry. Every prospect of a continued drought.

August SUNDAY 10 1890

Wend out to Quarterly meeting to day takeing ma and Maggie with me. A large congregation was present and the meeting very good notwithstanding its length - for it was nearly four hours in duration. Had dinner at Mr Silverthorns who lives on the old Soverign place. It seemed tather late to come home when the meeting was out being three oclock and then our appetites were pretty keen.

August MONDAY 11 1890

Fred went to pull peas for his father-in-law Mr Douley to day, the old jentleman being sick and he not able to get any one to take care of them for him. Linas finished cuting the oats & peas this forenoon. This afternoon he peas been cuting oats with the binder in the eleven acre field. I have been hoeing turnips in the garden most of the time and my wife has been weeding for me

August TUESDAY 12 1890

Fred has been helping Walter Austin thresh for me to day. They got done this evening, for the present. Lines has continued to cut & bind the eleven acre field of wheat oats. I have been variously engaged. Part of the time however I have been hoeing turnips in the garden. Mifs Jones and Daisey left us to day after make us quite a visit Weather still keep dry and rather warm

August WEDNESDAY 13 1890

Fred has been helping James Challand thresh to day for me. Linas has been seting up sheave in the oat-field and cuting with the binder & c. I went down to Jarvis after some binding twine to finish out oat cuting and binding. Was fortinate enough to get a ball for it seems to be all sold off from the stores. Recieved a months cheese money which came to forty two dollars and twenty two cents. Rather more than I expected.

August THURSDAY 14 1890

Linas finished cuting the oats this forenoon. He had a considerable trouble with the binder towards the east. We will be obliged to take it to the blacksmith shop for repairs before another harvest it all is well. We have got in four loads of oats this afternoon, for the first. Have had indications of rain but all has passed off and a continued drought seems in order. Ma went up to Simcoe & to Hugh Culvers day.

August FRIDAY 15 1890

The men and I have been drawing oats and peas to day from the hilly field. Have drawn six loads and sticked them back of the barn. My old friend W. J. Carpenter and wife came to visit us this forenoon. Have not been able to spend much time with him on account of my work. Went out to Dover this evening, Attended the Forresters meeting for the first time since my inniciation. Paid my dues also.

August SATURDAY 16 1890

Fred and Lines have been geting in oats and peas most of the time to day. I went up to Simcoe this morning on some matters of business at the bank & c. Got back by noon & have been helping the men get in the last of the oats and peas this afternoon. My father-in-law Mr. James Ferguson came to make my wife and I his first visit since our marriage nearly a year ago, or last Christmas.

August SUNDAY 17 1890

Went out to meeting this forenon takeing Maggie with her father and Sister with me. Did not enjoy the service as much as I should have liked owing to being tired and sleepy. Did not remain to class - on account our relatives who wished to depart soon after dinner for home. The Good Lord has sent us a beautiful rain to day. Not enough to soften the ground but sufficient to help young clover, corn & peas {illegible}

August MONDAY 18 1890

The men have been geting out manure from the barn-yard to the field back of the barn to day. I have been engaged at sundry jobs, during the day. Had a short visit from A. G. Rose this afternoon. He is at present, on account of ill health compelled to be laid asside from work. The Pullman company have given him a four months leave of asbesce to recruit up. Have never seen him look so much under the weather.

August TUESDAY 19 1890

The men and I worked at geting in ballance of oat crop to day. There was six loads besides four already drawn, makeing ten. Rain came this afternoon and interfered some with our work but will do great good. It has only fallen in moderate quantities however & will scarcely benefit the ploughing. Heard from my old friend Mr. W. H. Ardley this evening. He still reports the usual heavy work, with continued health

August WEDNESDAY 20 1890

Fred and Linas have been drawing out manure from the barnyard to the field back of the barn as usual. I have been as buisily engaged as ever at sundry jobs. This afternoon I have raked the oat field however, consisting of eleven acres. The rain yesterday has greatly benefited the growing plants especialy yound clover & c. It has cleared off beautifyly to day.

August THURSDAY 21 1890

A very heavy rain storm came to day, It finished up with a heavy wind, which blew down out corn for certain. Fred and Lines got to work at the manure hauling again this after noon. Have been working at repairing the barbed wire fence on North end of Big Flat for the purpose of keeping piggs out of the corn & c. The rain of to day has left everything in fine shape. Ploughing will be done easily now.

August FRIDAY 22 1890

The men have been geting out manure again to day. I have been trying to shut the hogs out of the corn field. Have been at it more than a day and a half. Found to my disappointment that my work was after all a failure, for they nearly as got in again before I had finished my work. Ma and Maggie went up to Clarkes this afternoon for a visit. Our neighbour Mrs Richard McBride died this morning at Lyne Vally.

August SATURDAY 23 1890

Lines went away to day, to Port Dover there being a Railway excursion there. Fred has been geting out manure alone this forenoon but, this afternoon he has had Bob McBride helping. I have been working arround as usual. This afternoon with the help of my dear wife and Bertha we have finished weeding out and thinning out turnips in the garden & c. Have been buisy almost night and day of late. Hope to rest soon.

August SUNDAY 24 1890

On account of the funeral of the late Mrs Maggie, McBride wife of out near neighbout Richard McBride which took place to day, we did not find it possible to attend our own church in the Port. My wife and I went with the procession to the cemetery. {Hulte?} a large number of people were in attendance as is usualy the case when a funeral accurs on the Sabbath day. The good Lord has been with me to day as my joy and my song.

August MONDAY 25 1890

The men have been working to day as usual. Fred has finished covering the field back of the barn with manure. THis has taken all of the manure in the farm yard. Linas has got started ploughing in the hilly field at last. I have been helping Mr. James McBride thresh. My work was, to build the straw stack. Had a short call this evening from Ed. Henry of Oshiwa this evening. Am always interested with his company.

August TUESDAY 26 1890

Fred has been away to day, on business of this own up in Townsend. Lines has been ploughing as usual and I have has Bob McBride working in Fred's place. I have been spreading manure before the plough in field back of barn. There has been some appearance of rain this afternoon and to night it is falling slowly. We as usual, are exceedingly buisy and have no time for {usuals?}

August WEDNESDAY 27 1890

Linas has continued to plough in field by drive barn to day. Fred has also been ploughing, but in the field back of barn. Would have both teams ploughing in same field, but do not find it possible to spread manure as fast as two teams can plough. Spent nearly the whole forenoon in churning, I being customary to make butter of Saturday night and Saturda Sunday morning milk.

August THURSDAY 28 1890

Expected to have had threshers to day; but were disappointed. Got word this evening however saying that they world not likely be here until Saturday. Both the men have been ploughing and I have been spreading manure when not doing other work or chores. The ground is becomeing rather hard and dry, so that ploughing does not improve. Weather is rather cool as well as dry.

August FRIDAY 29 1890

Fred and Lines have continued to plough again to day. The one in field back of the barn where I have been spreading manure and the {other?} in the hilly field north of Drive barn. Ma went out to Dover this afternoon with Bertha. While she was gone Addam and Nora came, with Mrs Harris. Soon after the Watts girls and a friend from Buffalo, mifs McMichael, So Maggie had her hands full for a while entertaining company & c.

August SATURDAY 30 1890

The men have continued to plough to day as usual. I have been working at sundry jobs. This afternoon have been away amongst the neighbours for hands to thresh on Monday next. Think that I have succeeded in geting enough help. The weather still keeps remarkably cool and boisterous with the cold North Wind. Find that the Smut nose corn is geting nearly ripe, but the other is quite backward.

August SUNDAY 31 1890

Went out to church as usual takeing ma and Bertha with me Had a quite interesting discourse from our young minister, Bro. Calbert. Had a blessed time in our class-meeting; our communion together being exceedingly precious. Have enjoyed the remaining portion of the day at home very much. O, how preciours are these earthly Sabbaths. We are so benefitted thereby.

September MONDAY 1 1890

The threshing machine having come last week was ready for work and started opperations this morning. Have been threshing all day and are about half done to night. James McBride has been helping also James Challands mans, Walter Austins man, James Stom. & Bob & George McBride & A. Marrs man part of the afternoon. The wheat has turned out as well as I expected out is somewhat full of small grains.

September TUESDAY 2 1890

We have been threshing again to day. Did not get done until this evening, after which we had to help move the machine out to Dover. Lines drove the teams. The same hands that helped us yesterday have been with us to day except James McBride this afternoon and Alexander Marr's man who helped an hour or so this morning. Had 551 Bu wheat from the machine. 202 of Oats and 69 of oats & peas mixed.

September WEDNESDAY 3 1890

Both men have got to ploughing again to day. Fred in the oats stubble and Linas in the hilly field by drive barn. I went our to the Port Dover mill with a small grist of new wheat, out flour being gone. Found the younger members of the Barrett family here with Mrs Scott of Toronto to visit us. C Enjoyed their company until the evening very much. Found myself in a disagreeable position this evening. J. Norm and L. Jackson both wanting to thresh to morrow.

September THURSDAY 4 1890

Have been helping James Hone thresh to day. George McBride has also been helping him for me, not wanting to stop a team from seeding. His grain turned out about the same as out own. Fred and Lines have been ploughing in their respective fields as usual. Have just heard of the illness of our near neightbour John Marr. He seems to have been failing for some months and I fear is on the verge of a long and tedious illness

September FRIDAY 5 1890

Fred and Lines have both been ploughing again to day. The former in the oats subble and the latter in the hilly field buy drive-barn. I went down to Jacksons after geting my chores done to see weather he had indeed got his threshing done yesterday. Was sorry to find that he had threshed without my help, which by the way he had been promised. The agreement was that the whistle should be blown, this had been done but I had failed to hear it.

September SATURDAY 6 1890

Fred has been ploughing and rolling in the second field back of the barn. Lines has been at the same work in the other, or hilly field N. of of drive-barn He has just about finished ploughing this field. I went out to Dover this forenoon. Took ma along and left her to visit until to morrow, when we expect to meet at church. My wife has just heard from her friend IdaL. She is married & living in Toronto.

September SUNDAY 7 1890

Went out to the Port this morning as usual, to attend church. Bro. John Saunders preached it being his {sunday?} The subject of this discourse was; the necessity of being baptised with the Holy Ghost in order to usefulness, in my walk of life. Also a desertation with refference to the personality of the Holy Spirit. Had a very precious season in the fellowship meeting afterwars. The Blessed Spirit was present to own & to bless.

September MONDAY 8 1890

The men have been ploughing in the second field behind the barn most of the time to day. Linas finished the hilly field field this morning, So we have now some six or seven acres altogether to plough before seeding. I have been spreading manure when I could get a chance but this was scarcely half of the time. It takes me so long now to do chores and to run to the blacksmith-shop for shear-sharpening & c

September TUESDAY 9 1890

Both Lines and Fred have been ploughing to day as usual. Fred rolled most of the forenoon however I have been spreading manure when not otherwise engaged. Do not seem to make much headway; there being so many other things to attend to. Our ground is fine order for seeding being quite crumbly and mellow. Our young visitors Olive & Maggie Fergeson are still with us but, are to go to morrow.

September WEDNESDAY 10 1890

Our ploughing and rolling still hold out. Fred has been harrowing part of the time however on the field back of the barn, Am not able to keep manure spread as fast as one team can plough & this gives Fred a chance to harrow part of the time. There are some five lands yeat on which the manure is not spread. Have done my utmost to get along to day but, to no great purpose

September THURSDAY 11 1890

Rain began falling last night from the North East and has continued at intervals through the day. Clearing weather has not yet come but I fancy the rain is over for this time. A de good deal of water has fallen and will be a great help to seeding, I am sure. We have been doing small jobs arround the barn most of the time. William Watts came this afternoon & I settled up with him giving note for {ball?} due him.

September FRIDAY 12 1890

The men worked most of the forenoon at spreading manure in the field back of barn. This afternoon they have been ploughing. The rain of yesterday has made the plough run easy and the land must certainly work much better for seeding than before. I went out to Dover this evening took three baggs of apples but had some difficuly in desposing of them. Borrowed some money of Mr. Ainsley for Lines who gets married to morrow.

September SATURDAY 13 1890

Lines went away to day to get married I suppose. At any rate I had to get Bob McBride to drive a team in his place. Fred has been ploughing ball. of field back of barn and harrowing after geting done in same field. I have been buisily engaged at sundry jobs, one of which was the spreading of manure in field back of barn. The late rain has been drying off fast to day & is a great help to our seeding.

September SUNDAY 14 1890

Went out to church this morning as usual takeing Bertha with me. Had a very interesting discourse from our seniour minister from a portion of Jobe, "Therefore they will not listen to the voice of the Almighty" & c. The Good Lord was also with us in our class meeting though our members were fiew. Had much liberty in discharging my duty as Leader and felt my heart strongely warmed while talking to others of the precious way.

September MONDAY 15 1890

Comenced sowing wheat to day for the first. Were ready about the tenth but owing to a heavy rain that fell about that time could not do anything sooner with sowing. The field back of the barn is our first. Lines has also been working with the team geting the second field back of the barn ready to drill. I have been engaged much as usual. Went down to William Wattses & helped thresh this afternoon.

September TUESDAY 16 1890

Fred finished drilling the field back of the barn this forenoon, He worked with the smoothing Harrows until the rain which came early this afternoon makeing it impossible for us to do further work in our seeding. We have been all of us engaged this afternoon at sundry jobs such as geting up wood, puting awat implements churning & c, & c. Both men haveing been at work as usual.

September WEDNESDAY 17 1890

The men got to work this forenoon in the field north of Drive barn, that being the only place dry enough to work. They succeeded in geting it drilled mostly by noon, that is the North piece next to the lane where we sowed three bushells of suprise wheat. This makes eighteen bu. sown. Have been engaged much as usual myself. The cows got in the corn this morning and I had a terrible time geting them out. I let Mr Donley have some 5 bu. of wheat {illegible}. Am this evening

September THURSDAY 18 1890

Fred has finished harrowing and furrowing out the field back of the barn to day, also the back portion West of gully in field North of drive-barn Lines has been harrowing in the eleven acre, or second field North of barn. He has got it about ready to drill. My work of cleaning ditches as at last comenced. expect to be very buisy now until it is completed again.

September FRIDAY 19 1890

Fred has been drilling the field second field back of barn until this afternoon about four o'clock when a shower of rain came up and stoped further work for to day. I have been cleaning ditches in the field back of the barn. Do not get along nearly as fast as I would like, on account of my many other duties which so often intervere.

September SATURDAY 20 1890

We have succeeded in gt geting the eleven acre field sown to day and furrowed out. It was night before we got it done. I have been cleaning out furrows in the field back of the barn and just got done in time to help run curss-furrows in the other field. Our wheat ground is in very good condition considering that it is stubble ground and good for a fan average of wheat next fall.

September SUNDAY 21 1890

I went out to church alone this morning there being a lack of interest in church some-how in our family. Our young minister Bro. Calvent officiated. Felt it good to be there, more from a sense of duty however, than from any particular happiness. The fact of haveing done ones duty alone brings great satistfaction and peace of mind. More than compensates for the {suthay?} of effort required often.

September MONDAY 22 1890

Fred and Lines have been harrowing the East part of field North of drive-barn to day, geting it ready for the drill. It has been ploughing some time and is working up nicely. I have been cleaning ditches in the second field North of drive barn or the eleven acre field myself. Have been hindered a good deal however by different causes. Mrs George Riddells & Mifs Erie Steward were here visiting us to day.

September TUESDAY 23 1890

The men continued to prepare the East side of the hilly field for seed this forenoon. This afternoon Fred has been drilling, and has got more than half of then peice sown. Lines has commenced this afternoon to plough the fodder corn patch. I have been cleaning furrows and digging ditches in the eleven acre field with all my might, being anxious to get done. Have made some headway, but are still behind.

September WEDNESDAY 24 1890

The field North of Drive barn is all sown to night except about an acre where the fodder corn grew. The men have been geting ball. of it off to day and geting The ground ploughing ready to sow. John McBride came to day to settle up for the mowing machine bough of him last Fall. He tells me that a promotion has been tending to him and accepted with the Massey company.

September THURSDAY 25 1890

The men completed our last seeding this forenoon, geting furrows run and all. They cut corn this afternoon for the first. Frost has fortuneatley kept off until nowe and the smutnose corn is quite ripe. The Early Mastidon is not so far along however, and I fear will be mostly soft corn. I finished cleaning furrows in the second fieldNorth of barn to day. Have the hilly field left yet.

September FRIDAY 26 1890

Rain has been falling very moderately to day. Just enough to keep us from work and to start the wheat lately sown. The men have beeb cleaning up a load of wheat for the mill; besides doing some other jobs. I have been as buisy as ever notwithstanding the rain. Am so thankful that our seeding was completed yesterday, just in time for this beautiful warm rain.

September SATURDAY 27 1890

The men have been cuting corn to day on the Big Flat, while I have been out to Dover with a small load of wheat. Went to the Mill first, but did not sell there went down town to Mc. Ainsley and sold for seventy five cents per bushell, the wheat being a poor quality owing to rust and Winter-killing, The price of good wheat is now about ninety cents per Bu. My wifes father & mother came this evening to stay over Sunday with us.

September SUNDAY 28 1890

Did not get our work done in time this morning for church. Was quite disappointed as both Mr and Mrs Fergeson would have been pleased to have gone with us. The former went with me to hear Mr. Eeland however who gave a farewell address this forenoon. His sermon was about the Holy City, the New Jerusalem comeone down from God out of heaven & c. Felt much comfort at the blessed promises of God Almighty to the faithful ones.

September MONDAY 29 1890

Mr & Mrs J. W. Furgesons & wife, my father-in-law & his lady left us this forenoon at about nine o'clock. The men helped me get a load of apples ready for Simcoe this forenoon. They have since been cuting corn on the Flat. Took the apples up this afternoon and sold some thirty two and a half bushells from the three old sour-trees at thirty cents per bushell. It came to a little over ten dollars.

September TUESDAY 30 1890

I took my mother out to the Port this morning. She wanted to take the train there for a visit with my sister and family at Dresden and Chatham. We had the ill fortune to see the train staring off just as we were crossing the swingbridhe, so she came home with me to try another morning. Took a load of wheat out to the Port and sold to Ainsley for g {88 c?} per bu.

October WEDNESDAY 1 1890

Took ma to the Port Dover station this morning, enroute for Chatham and Dresden. The succeeded in geting the train all right. I have been drawing away wheat to market. Took two loads to Jarvis instead of Dover and sold for two cents above the port Dover price, or ninety cents. It never seems to turn out money very fast when below a dollar and on this account it seems rather discouraging to me.

October THURSDAY 2 1890

I have taken two loads more of wheat to Jarvis to day. Did not get started with my first load until after ten o'clock, having to do some extra work before going such as churning & c. The men have been cleaning up wheat and digging potatoes in the garden & c. It is very warm and a beautiful summer-like shower is falling this evening. Corn still unhurt & Early Mastidon safe.

October FRIDAY 3 1890

There was quite a heavy fall of rain last night whis has effectualy stopped drawing grain to market. I went down to Jarvis this morning however, to collect money for grain receipt, and to send money off to take up the work for old Sally & Colt & c. Fell in with a mr Alexander Flett who rode from Buffalo to Jarvis yesterday on a bycicle. He came home with me and after dinner we went out to Dover where he is to visit the A{illegible}ens & others

October SATURDAY 4 1890

I went out to Dover this forenoon with a grist to the mill. Stored twenty bushells for Fred in Shaws Mill at Ninety cents per bushell also fifteen for ourselves. The men have been picking apples most of the time to day. While in Dover I settled up with Petrae the tailor who had an account of Lerys. Paid J. Varey amt due and George Mallburs five dollars besides ten to Mr Chaffery. The weather is remarkably warm and fine.

October SUNDAY 5 1890

Went out to church this morning as usual. Took Bertha and Jim with me. Did not enjoy the service as much I I usually do, feeling so tired and so sleepy all through. Shortly after dinner was over my wife's sister Sarah came, with her daughter and son, Maud and Gideon. It was a complete surprise to Maggie, as they came altogether unexpected. Weather fine and warm.

October MONDAY 6 1890

Rain began falling last night in large quantities and has continued through the day, almost incessantly. Fred has been threshing out some peas in the barn. I have been doing some extra jobs of work through the day. Lines has not been home to day, but has been down to his father-inlaws sick with a cold, so we heard this evening.

October TUESDAY 7 1890

Rain is still the order of the day. It has not rained so hard as to day as yesterday, but it has been very wet all day. Fred and I have been choring arround and doing our best to make good use of our time. Mrs Cryslet is with us, togather with her little boy Gideon. She is talking strongly about going to Toronto to live before long. She expects to keep boarders.

October WEDNESDAY 8 1890

On account of the weat weather we did not do a great deal, out of doors this forenoon. This afternoon however we have been picking apples, Fred and J. Sarah left us for home at about eleven o'clock this forenoon. The heavy rain is likely to clear off warm, which is rather remarkable for this time of year. Lines is still away and report says he will not return.

October THURSDAY 9 1890

Fred has been picking apples to day when not doing chores. I went down to Jarvis this forenoon to see about the wheat market and to get a wheat reciept cashed. Sent five dollars away for Fred's insurance while there. Went out to our Woodhouse Township show this afternoon takeing my wife with me. There was a fine display of horses and of almost every-thing. The day was very fine.

October FRIDAY 10 1890

Got a load of wheat cleaned up for market this forenoon, Fred and I. It rained quite a heavy shower about noon however so I did not take the wheat after all. Have been hucking corn this afternoon on the big Flat for the first. The yield does not seem very good, especialy on the flat, where I it was coverd with water after planting last spring. Weather still very warm & rainy.

October SATURDAY 11 1890

Linas came back this morning, having been away all the week, and has been working today. We have all of us, been picking apples. Got this spin all in and greenings also. Felt thankful that the opportunity came to day of selling the hoggs ready for market. There are nine in all. Am to get {4.14?} dollars per hundred for them, live weight. This will relieve us considerably. There are still plenty to th take their places, however.

October SUNDAY 12 1890

It has been raining as usual since last night. Did not go out to church as a consequence. Have been endeavoring to spend the time proffitably to day. Feel that the Lord has been very good to me in many ways. Am endeavoring still to glorify Him in my body and spirit which are His. Am reminded of the necessity of being always ready for departure. Our neighbour Mc. Anderson died suddenly & was buried to day.

October MONDAY 13 1890

The men have been cuting the Early Mastodon corn for the first to day. Frost has not killed it notwithstanding lateness of the season. Am sorry however that the corn is not earlier in ripening. Think however that we will be able to get enough ripe for seed next year, as I would like to try another year and plant earlier if possible. I have been gathering apples most of the day.

October TUESDAY 14 1890

It was somewhat rainy to day, but the men have been cuting corn most of the time. There is now some appearance of fine weather however. I have gathering apples when not otherwise engaged. Have been much cast down at times of late, owing to the uncomfortable of state of my business. Am still expecting deliverance at the hands of my Heavenly Father for Christs sake.

October WEDNESDAY 15 1890

Took fifteen baggs of wheat to the Lynn Valley mill to day. The miller was away so I had simply to leave it there in the baggs. Went on to Simcoe for the Ag. Show. The day was very fine and the attendence was consequently very large. Exhibits were also first class. Had little Jim with me to the Show for the first time in his life. He did not seem to be much interested in what he saw so I don't think he will want to go again very soon.

October THURSDAY 16 1890

The men have been working inside most of the time to day at puting up a stancheon for calves Rain has prevented out od doorwork. They cut corn for a while in the forenoon however. I went up to Lynn Valley mill after the grist taken yesterday. Had to go and come partly in the ram. Walked from the mill to Simcoe and back, mostly to get Maggie a pair of shoes.

October FRIDAY 17 1890

Lines and Fred have been cuting corn again to day, on the Big Flat. They have nearly finished to night. I have been gathering apple nearly the whole time. Went out to Dover this evening to attend the Forresters Lodge. There was but a small assemblege of brother Forresters present But, the meeting passed off quite harmoniously and well.

October SATURDAY 18 1890

Fred and Lines finished cuting the Clarkes Early Mastidon corn this forenoon. They report having {16 - 18?} shocks of this variety on about half of the Big Flat. I gathered Talman sweet apples this forenoon and this afternoon brought home a load of barrells from the Dogs Nest, & a load of husked corn from the Big Flat as well. Rain is falling again to night.

October SUNDAY 19 1890

Rain came last night in large quantities and has continued to fall through the day at intervals indeed, it is an exceedingly rainy time and, quite warm withal. Did not get out to church as a consequence. and Mr Fredenbugghs Son preached over in the Advent church this morning but did not know of it until it was too late. Have enjoyed the quiet {illegible} of the day very much. God is with us.

October MONDAY 20 1890

Notwithstanding the heavy rains of late the men go to husking corn again to day. I have been engaged at gathering apples when not doing chores. Do not seem to make much headway alone however. Got the Talman sweets put away to day. It keeps quite warm after the rains, with every appearance of continued warm weather.

October TUESDAY 21 1890

Then men have continued to work at corn husking to day as usual. I gathered apples when not doing chores this forenoon, This afternoon went down to Thomas Jacksons after his waggon bax and stock rack to use in takeing the hoggs lately sold to Jarvis to morrow. Did not get home again until time for chores. Purchased a buck lamb at $6.00 to be paid Jan 1st

October WEDNESDAY 22 1890

Got our hogs loaded this morning first thing I took them to Jarvis afterwards and sold or rather delivered them at D. Hills for the 4.25 agreed upon. The roads were very bad, and it don't seem likely that they are going to be any better for a while. Our nine hoggs wighed exactly {$16.00 lbs?} This at $4.25 makes $65.85 less 15 cts for wighing Had an evenings visit from unckle John and Aunt Lydia this evening.

October THURSDAY 23 1890

Lines put in a half days work drawing gravel on the old plank road between the Dog's Nest and Port Dover, to do this forenoon. It has rained this afternoon so as to hinder out-of door work entirely. William Watts and his men were here puting up apples this afternoon. They only made out fourteen barrells from our crop besides culls. Have felt much cast down of late.

October FRIDAY 24 1890

The men have been husking corn to day notwithstanding the extremely wet shocks and ground. from the recent rain. I have been engaged as usual. This forenoon at righting up and puting away aplles, after the packers & c. This afternoon I have been geting up a load of corn from the field. Found it rather wet however. A severe conflict is still in progress in my heart with ref. to help in my present {mens?}

October SATURDAY 25 1890

The men have kept on husking corn to day the weather being fine. I got up another load of corn this forenoon, and this afternoon went out with eight barrells of apples for Watts. Have seven to take yet & find it no mean job with the roads as at present. Have been laying to get some money to meet notes due this Fall but have failed so far.

October SUNDAY 26 1890

Our church in Port Dover is undergoing repairs and no service was held to day, so I did not go of coarse. Have been much cast down of late on account of my debts. Am so anxious to owe no man nothing at all, but to love one another. This has been my hearts desire and prayer for many a year. And yet the desire of my {hearts?} seems further away this fall, then ever

October MONDAY 27 1890

The men got the potatoes on the big Flat all day this forenoon This afternoon Fred went out to Dover withhis wife to do some shopping & c. I got home another load, of corn this forenoon. This afternoon went out to town with the remaining portion of Wattses apples to six Bbls. to day besides on for Mr. Ardly. Took out one old sheettron stove for repairs to the tin shop & c & c.

October TUESDAY 28 1890

Fred has been diging potatoes in the orchard most of the time to day. Lines got up potatoes from the Big Flat and ball of A corn husked. They have also brought a load of corn stalks from same field. Lines finished my promised days work hauling gravel on old plank road this afternoon. Were favoured with a visit from Mrs Catherine Berry and Aunt Lydia to day. Have been gathering apples most of the time myself.

October WEDNESDAY 29 1890

We cleaned up a load of wheat this morning, but appearance of rain prevented takeing it to market until this afternoon. Had exactly thirty six bushells on my load which I sold as usual at 90 cts per Bu. to Allen & Svey of Jarvis. Went out to Dover this evening after my mother. Found her at this station as I expected, She is just returning from a visit to my sisters in Dresden.

October THURSDAY 30 1890

Lines and Fred have been digging ballance of potatoes in the orchard to day when not help-ing clean up wheat for market or doing chores.

Went down to Jarvis with mother load of wheat which thirty six bushells and five poungs. Sold at ninety cents as before. Took a bag of onions down to Jone's & co sold at 80 cts per bushell

Weather to day has been very cold and blistery with snow flurries.

October FRIDAY 31 1890

Fred and Lines helped me this forenoon to get off with my last load of wheat for the market. Sold it in Port Dover with to Mr. Ainsley at usual price, 90 cts per bu.

Took some onions out also and sold nearly all for eighty cents per Bu. Weather still fine with some appearance of rain.

Am somewhat anxious about my wifes health, there being some unfavourable symptoms manifesting themselves occasionaly.

November SATURDAY 1 1890

Left the men alone today. They have been working at corn-husking & drawing. I drove up to Simcoe and paid int. on Mortgage, up to a year ago. Leaving this years still unpaid. Drove up to Delhi afterwards and found Mt brotherinlaw W. A. Ferguson in the canning factory. Spent the afternoon and evening with him on account of rain am staying over night with him. There are indications of the Divine favour in delivering me from being sued & otherwise distressed

November SUNDAY 2 1890

{Irving?} stayed all night with W. A. Furguson last night on account of rain. I could not get started home until afternoon when the storm ceased. Came arround by Port Dover that I might consult the doctor respecting my wife who has been somewhat unwell of late. The Doctor spoke rather encouragingly of her. Found the roads rather sloppy and bad. The Good Lord has blessed me in a good degree with his presence to day.

November MONDAY 3 1890

The men have been gathering & pilling mangels to day. We killed a hog this evening however. I went out to Dover this morning, having a number of errends to attend to. came home by the cheese factory and brought home a cheese for Winter use. The roads are rather bad from recent rains; but, the weather seems settled again and very fine, but cold and wintry

November TUESDAY 4 1890

On account of the heavy rains lately fallen we which closed up with a snow storm last night we have been working indoors to day, fixing up stancheons for the calvers. The men have been helping. Winter weather seems to be the order of the day, and yet it is quite moderate this evening. God is my helper, and Oh what could we do without Him nothing, nothing, nothing.

November WEDNESDAY 5 1890

We all worked at corn husking this forenoon, and at sundry other jobs the remainder of the day. Had to kill one of our little piggs in order to please my mother, to day. She was bound to have a roaster. The weather has been exceptionaly fine to day. More like summer than winter, which it has been of late. The Good Lord has been exceedingly gracious to me of late. O that I might praise Him more & server Him better.

November THURSDAY 6 1890

This day was set apart by the Governor General as general thanksgiving day for the blessings of the year. Fred and I have been digging and pilling mangels. Our crop is rather a poor one; but, with gathering. Had a roast pig for our thanksgiving dinner. Expected unckle John but they did not come until this evening. Did ample justice to the roaster however. The day has been a delightful one.

November FRIDAY 7 1890

Lines and Fred have been geting cornstalks and corn home from the Big Flat to day. They have just finished geting in the smut-nose corn & stalks. We are now ready for the other. I went down to Jarvis this forenoon to get some groceries from Morrow on our onions succeeded in geting what we wanted for present use. The beautiful weather us still with us for which we are thankful.

November SATURDAY 8 1890

The men have been drawing in cornstalks and corn from the Big Flat to day, mostly. I have been plastering up holes in the walls of our old house in various places. This is a common employment in both Spring and Fall at housecleaning time. The walls seem to loose their plaster so easily. We are into our Mangel harvest just now, when ay liberty from other causes.

November SUNDAY 9 1890

Rain fell last night in large quantities, and has not ceased falling until until this afternoon. Have spent the day at home in a quiet way. It seems a long time since we had fine weather on Sunday. As a consequence it is on a long time since we were able to go to church. Have not felt as well spiritualy of late as I could wish. A dark cloud seems to be hanging over me.

November MONDAY 10 1890

The men and I have been pulling topping and pilting mangels {wursels?} and turnips to day. Got our one patch by the temant house all in the pits and covered up. This leaves the garden patch still to do at some other time. The heavy rain of night before last and yesterday has left us with lots of mud again. Have been much cast down of late particularly to day. Am so glad that such seasons dont last always.

November TUESDAY 11 1890

The men have been husking corn on the flat to day. I did something to day that I never did before, {vit?} help wash clothes. Bertha and I turned off a large two or three weeks job. Ma told me that every man that gets married must expect wash sometime. My turn seems to have come at least. Had a letter from my friend Walter Horace Ridly this evening stating his intention to be married to 10th of next month.

November WEDNESDAY 12 1890

We have been geting up cornstalks from the big Flat to day, three loads this forenoon and one this afternoon, all of the Mamoth early Mastidon corn. I went out to Dover this afternoon takeing ma with me. Took a crock of butter with me to Mifs Batersby our first for the season, containing 43 1/4 lbs. of & Ordered the mail, the Daily and paid for it for a year out of our first butter proceeds. Weather very beautiful at present.

November THURSDAY 13 1890

The men and I have been working at the turnip harvest to day, Found many more than we expected although small in size. There seems to be a prospect of at least three hundred bushells. The weather still keeps beautiful and warm almost like summer. Winter seems a long way off though realy nigh at hand. We are enjoying such a nice season for our turnip harvest.

November FRIDAY 14 1890

The men have been takeing care of the remaining portion of our turnip crop to day. Find that we have about three hundred and twenty bushells of turnips and mangels togather. A great deal of interest is being manifested in Burchell who was lately tried in Woodstock and found guilty of death of murder. He was hung to day I suppose, in Woodstock at the hour of nine o'clock or therabout.

November SATURDAY 15 1890

We all worked in the corn to day when not doing chores. I went out to Dover this afternoon however, takeing Maggie with me to Unckle John's and calling for her when on the way home. Was compelled to stop with them to tea however. The weather has been somewhat rainy to day at times; but, little water has fallen however, there is some prospect of a rainy Sunday however.

November SUNDAY 16 1890

Were able to go out to church this morning - the first time in five or six weeks. It has been rainy for the Sundays during the time mentioned. Our young minister officiated, He complained also of haveing been away for five weeks. Had a very good time throughout the service, the Good Lord being with us to own and to bless.

November MONDAY 17 1890

Rain began falling last night about midnight and has continued throughout the day almost incessently. A considerable flood of water has been one result, and out corn ground in partialy covered. We have been working inside at corn-husking and repairing calf stables & c. Have about finished the stancheons for calves and got four of them fastened therein.

November TUESDAY 18 1890

Found to day that the high water has carried off a fiew shocks of corn away. There has not been as much damage done to the corn as I expected however. Have been doing sundry jobs to day, the men also. Went down to William Wattses takeing ma on and my wife with me to dinner. Saw Alan Marr there. It was Nellies birth day & Mr & Mrs Wattses wedding day.

November WEDNESDAY 19 1890

The men have been husking corn to day on the Big Flat. I helped them this afternoon. We are finding some very fine, along the side road where. The weather is very cool & disagreeable for husking corn. We are working at it when possible however. Have some hopes of geting done yet before Winter sets in for good.

November THURSDAY 20 1890

It being rather cool this forenoon for husking corn we have been cuting and geting up wood from the woods. Got at it again this afternoon however. We are finding a rather fine show of corn in the Early Mastidon. There are but fiew unripe ears. Have been husking corn out of doors this afternoon. Do not find the corn much of a crop.

November FRIDAY 21 1890

Have been buisy as usual to day trying to get our work in shape for Winter. We have been cuting and geting up wood. This forenoon; or rather we have been seting the horse power and geting it ready to cut feed to morrow. This afternoon have all been husking and geting up corn from the Big Flat. I went out to the Forrester's lodge this evening found the roads rather bad.

November SATURDAY 22 1890

The men got up three loads more of corn-stalks this forenoon from the Big Flat. This afternoon we have been trying to cut feed for the cattle. Thomas Jackson was here to help but owing to one of the tumbling-rod knuckles being lost of broken we had to get another which took some time. We only cut about an hour, Find that the Big stocks are all right for cuting, they will surely make fine feed.

November SUNDAY 28 1890

Did not get to church to day, mostly on account of roads and not geting chores done in time. The roads were somewhat frozen & hard traveling for unshod horses. Have enjoyed the day as well as possible under the circumstances. It seems so much more appropriate to got to the House of worship on the holy day. Am spiritiualy, in the enjoyment of The Spirits presence.

November MONDAY 29 1890

The men Lines and Fred have been husking corn on Big Flat ro day as usual. I have been helping them part of the time. My chores take so much time just now that I find it hard to do much else. Weather keeps remarkably warm for the time of year. My hands have become quite quite chapped already fo from husking corn mostly. Shall be very glad when we get through.

November TUESDAY 25 1890

The men have been husking corn to day, on the Big Flat, the weather being fine. Helped my wife and Bertha wash this forenoon after geting my chores done. This afternoon I have been helping the men husk corn. Am not sorry that we an so near done for my hand sore from this and other rough kinds of work. A snow equall this evening.

November WEDNESDAY 26 1890

Was awakened to find that my dear wife was entering in her confinement, this morning. Sent immediately for Dr Nairie of Pt. Dover and for Aunt Lydia. Maggie had a very serious time of it. The child not being born until 4 o'clock this afternoon a confinement of labour of twelve hours. Our child weighed nine pounds and proved to be a little girl baby. It is a strange coindidence that we men on 26th, we married on 26th, & our first child born on the 26th.

November THURSDAY 27 1890

Lines Hall put in the last of his time to day; and, this evening we settled up Owed him some thirty four dollars. Fred and Lines got up another load of corn this forenoon, also another load of stalks. We have been cuting feed this afternoon with Thomas Jacksons help. Our little daughter and the mother are still doing well, so far as we can see.

November FRIDAY 28 1890

Fred has been working at geting up corn to day when not doing chores. I did what I could this forenoon at sundry preperations for the Winter. This afternoon I started for Lynedoch after my wifes sister. called at Simcoe on the way, also at Delhi where I took tea. Went from there to Sarahs and on to Mr. Fergeson's Wycombe, where I am staying over night. Found the roads very good; but the weather is cold.

November SATURDAY 29 1890

Left Mr. Fergusons at about seven this morning, Go for home came by Mrs. Sarahs Cryslers and brought her along with me. She is to stay a week or so with Maggie. Called at Simcoe on the way. Got home at about one o'clock this afternoon. Found things all right. Fred has finished geting in the corn to day. Have still several loads of stalks to get home. Weather quite cold & Wintry.

November SUNDAY 30 1890

Bertha and I went out to Dover this morning, to church, The young minister preached and the usual class meeting followed. Never feld more reluctance in staying to and in loading the class after preaching. It is wonderful how the ever blessed Saviour comes to over help at such times of weakness. It was, after all a blessed day. to my poor soul. Had to see the doctor on the way home for my dear wife.

December MONDAY 1 1890

Fred and I got home three loads of corn-stalks to day from the Falt. We have found it necessary to get up in the stables most of the stalks stock remaining out. Weather is cold want Wintry, Snow has falled, makeing it necessary to put things inside. Have got caught with out onions which are already somewhat loose & I am affraid injured for keeping. Winter has come in earnest.

December TUESDAY 2 1890

Fred and I have been engaged as usual at makeing preperations for Winter, takeing care of stack & c & c. Went out to Dover this afternoon to take three crocks of butter lately filled, also to bring home a stove. Did not get the latter however. Saw George Gutchen who has lately arrived from West Saginaw or Bay City, He tells of a sickly season & of being at deaths door. Weather very cold.

December WEDNESDAY 3 1890

A heavy snow storm came last night and to day. Weather has somewhat moderated since. I went up to Simcoe to see about a note there, also to see about selling the ball. of out apples not kneeded. Came home by Jacksons. Had a very disagreeable ride on horse-back through the snow. Lost are iron stirrups from the saddle and could not find again on the way, Makeing my ride harder

December THURSDAY 4 1890

Worked away at sundry hobs as usual this forenoon. This afternoon we have been cuting feed. Thomas Jackson has been helping with his team. Sam. McBride has also been helping. George Gutchen came this morning, Frank Marr having brought him out. He brought my wife and I a beautiful family Bible. As a sort of wedding present I suppose. If so it is by far the most valuable of any recieved.

December FRIDAY 5 1890

Went out to Dover this afternoon to bring home the stove. Found that Calver had not completed the repais thereon, however, So could not bring it. Took Bertha out with me to get measured for a pair of shoes from McGilvery. The snow is quite a help to the reads. There being quite good sleighing. My wifes Sister still remains with usl but is likely soon to go home.

December SATURDAY 6 1890

Have been very buisily engaged at a number of jobs to day. The assorting and puting away of apples for winter has taken up a considerable portion of my time. COld frosty weather has burried up these jobs somewhat. We are still far from being ready for winter. Prospects are that we will fail to get out hog pen ready for use during the present winter at least.

December SUNDAY 7 1890

Weather very cold. Took Mr Gutchen with me this morning out to church. Out own minister or rather our superintendent preached and administered Sacrement. Had a proffitable waiting upon the Lord He being in our midst. My wife still continued to improve, for which I am thankful to my Heavenly Father. So also is it with the daughter so graciously given.

December MONDAY 8 1890

Fred has been geting up and cuting wood to day, while I have been to Jarvis with my wifes sister who has been spending a week or so with my wife mostly for the sake of helping takeing care of her during her confinement. THis is my first night for staying at home to take care of Maggie & the baby. There is not much pleasure in being brope pr broke of ones rest almost continualy during {sentence left incomplete}

December TUESDAY 9 1890

We are trying to get in a better shape for Winter as we get opportunity. But, it takes so much of our time to do chores that we don't have much time to do anything else. Have been very desirous of enchsing the remaining portion of the West shed for a hog pen, but it realy seems now that we will not be able to get the job done for this Winter.

December WEDNESDAY 10 1890

Got up some wood this forenoon and afterwards have been geting our hoggs killed. Mr James McBride has been helping. Had four hoggs to butcher this time. It has so happened that we have had a fine mild day. There has been some appearance of a thaw but we are hopeing that it will not come. Had a lot of men shooting sparrows arround the place to day; but without much execution.

December THURSDAY 11 1890

Fred got up some wood this forenoon while I have been cuting up pork. This afternoon we have been cuting feed again. James McBride has been helping. Geoge Gutchen also in place of T. Jackson. Mr. McBride has been driving out horses for us & he has beaten all his predecessors in managing ald Sally. Got a fine lot cut ready for use. It takes us almost a half day to cut a weeks feed. Weather moderate

December FRIDAY 12 1890

Fred has been cuting wood to day at out wood house. This afternoon hwoever, he went out to Dover on busineess of his own, takeing his wife with him. I went out this forenoon, to takeing out some butter in crocks to customers. Geo. Gutchen who has been with us for a fiew days went with me. Brought home out old sheed-iron stove which we have had made over new.

December SATURDAY 13 1890

Fred and I got the onions ready for takeing to Jarvis this forenoon besides doing our chores. This afternoon we have been fixing up the cow stable doors makeing a new one for the calf stable & c & c. The weather is evidently changeing. There seems strong probability of a warm spell. Have been rejoicing in God of late, He is truely my help and my shield. I am so glad that he is on my side.

December SUNDAY 14 1890

Did not got out to Church this morning it b D on account of Freds wanting to go to see their mother Mrs Douley who is unwell. The day has been a beautiful one too; but, it seems as though we cannot both of us go away even on Sunday. Have been reading the new family bible when not foing chores. Find it to be a trasure of precious things indeed. The good Lord has not tak His precence away from me as yet.

December MONDAY 15 1890

Fred and I went down to Jarvis this forenoon with out onions. Thought we had them sold to Mr Morrow but as he was away to Hamilton we failed to connect. WE left enough there to pay up out bills and sold a fiew besides, Brought home more than half however, Out sleighing has become rather poor; but I it seems to me that snow is not very far off.

December TUESDAY 16 1890

Fred has been geting up wood and cuting it in the woodhouse to day. I have been engaged much as usual always buisy but, never apparently accomplishing anything much. Am trying now to get quarters in better shape for wintering hogs. Will have something over thirty to carry over to spring. Have been expecting some oney of late rather anxiously, with which to pay some dilt & c.

December WEDNESDAY 17 1890

My man has been working with the team to day. He got a pit of turnips and one of mangels into the celler and some sand for Fredds celler to tank up & c. Have been working arround the barn most of the time. Aunt Lydia and Sam came this afternoon to name the baby. It so to be called Ives Mildred Olds. We have been makeing most of our side-meat into sausage this evening.

December THURSDAY 18 1890

Fred has been cuting and geting up wood alone to day which is rather slow work. Had to go to Simcoe this morning to do some business at the bank of It. Since comeing home this afternoon I have been fixing up arround the barn for Winter. Went down to Thomas Jackson's after tea to see about geting him to help cut feed to morrow. Winter weather still continues & sleighing is not bad for the little snow on the ground

December FRDIAY 19 1890

Have been cuting feed again to day. Started this morning at about nine and quit at about five o'clock. Sam McBride has been helping us, he being our driver. Got a fine large pile cut up ready for use. Find that three hands instead of four can do about as much cuting as the greater number. Weather stilll keeps cold and wintry. Good prospects for Chestmans.

December SATURDAY 20 1890

Fred has been suting wood and doing some other necessary chores to day. I went out to Dover myself takeing ma with me. Had several matters requireing attention. Took some Sausage out to trade for groceries & c. Have felt much dissappointment at the long delay in geting money from my brother in law. W. A. H. T. There are so many waiting on my motion. Feel more than even the pinch of hard times for money.

December SUNDAY 21 1890

Went out to Dover this morning to church takeing Bertha and little Jim with me. Our young minister Bro. Calvert officiated. His sermon was intended for the children of the congregation, Text-Watch. Each word or rather, letter of this word was made to do duty in representing the great moral victorious conflict. The Good Lord was with us in out class meeting. Surely His presence makes out paradise and where His is is heaven. Amen.

December MONDAY 22 1890

We have been into butchering to day at a great rate killed our beef this afternoon with unckle John Matthews help. I have killed one surplus stock of turkeys and geese. Seven of the latter and four of the former. The weather is rather mild and sleighing about gone. Am writing another postal card for the Practical Farmer competition. Do not feel so though my effort was going to be a success this time. But, will try and be satistied.

December TUESDAY 23 1890

We have been working at sundry jobs to day, Fred and I. This evening ma and I went out to Dover. Took out our small stock of Turkeys and geese & dispose of them as well as we could. Remained to the jubilee sign in our church. The {Dlanyan?} troupe. They sang nicely. Quite a crowd of people were gathered together. And a putty cold ride out and back from Dover.

December WEDNESDAY 24 1890

Have had Fred geting up wood to day besides doing other chores. My mother and I went up to Simcoe. Wantid to see Dr. Wadsworth about a matter connected with our mortgage. My interview with him was satisfactory. Food dinner at Mrs Walter Olds in Simcoe. Her son Walter is just home from Old Vic. for hollowdays. He is puting in his Senior year and expect to graduate next spring.

December THURSDAY 25 1890

Fred and his family have been takeing their Christmas dinner with Mr Douley in Townsend. We have all beens up to unckle Johns for ours. Even Maggie and the baby went along, The first time the baby has been away from home. The weather has been very cold and wintry, quite like snow. Feel quite anxious about our Post Office. The P.O. Inspecter haveing ordered it closed.

December FRIDAY 26 1890

Went out to Dover this morning to see about what could be done to keep out victor Post Office from being closed. Saw A. W. Ainsley and had a consultation with him. Feel hopeful that our combined efforts will be crowned with success. Had an evening visit from Mrs Chaffey. This is the first aniversary of our wedding. a year ago. Sent away some letter to day respecting of our P. Office & c & c.

December SATURDAY 27 1890

Fred worked at geting up wood & c this forenoon. This afternoon we have been cuting feed again Sam McBride has been helping us. A severe snow storm has been falling this evening. Tidings have come as to severe storm of snows yesterday throughout the middle and eastern states doing a great deal of damage to telegraph wire & c. Snow is comeing gradualy.

December SUNDAY 28 1890

Did not get out to Church at Port Dover this morning as usual. Went over to the church near by. It seems as though the Messiahs are going to turn into Baptists for a Baptist minister Rev Mr Ring has become a regular supply. He is quite a young man & quite a preacher. My wifes sister & Emma Crysler happened in this afternoon. Weather quite stormy and every appearance of a snow storm.

December MONDAY 29 1890

Fred has been cuting wood at the woodhouse to day, besides doing chores. Started for Jarvis this forenoon after the Sep. & Oct. cheese money. takeing Mr Gutchen with me. Met William Watts one the way, who happened to have the desired amt. Was rather agreeably disappointed in geting more money than I expected. Sold four little piggs to Mrs Crysler & got a dollar for each. She and Emma left us for home this afternoon.

December TUESDAY 30 1890

Went up to Mr Camtrshaucks to day to pay my tax for the year. Did not find him at home however so could not pay. Fred has been buisy to day as usual at sundry jobs. Have had a couple of rather disappointing letters from W. A. Ferguson & the Canana Per. but am trying to look to God for deliverance. Have always longed to owe no man anything but to love one another. To this end have I tried to work for many years.

December WEDNESDAY 31 1890

Drove out to Dover this morning in time to mail a couple of letters on the A. & N. W. morning train. We went over to Mr Chaffeys for diner Maggie, ma and I. Found quite a company there Unckle John and John Marris besides ourselves. Fred has been geting up wood alone as usual. The day has been a mild on with rain occasionaly. Out old teacher John Martin came with as far as John Marrs this forenoon.


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