Roseltha Goble Diary & Transcription, 1895-1908


Roseltha Goble Diary & Transcription, 1895-1908

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Roseltha Goble Diary Collection


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{Front cover of Roseltha Wolverton Diary. The binding appears to be torn at the top, very worn on the spine.}

{Inside front cover is not written upon. Some discoloration and signs of wear. The first page of Roseltha Wolverton's diary. The first several pages afterwards on the binding are ripped out. There are two dots bearing resemblance to quotation marks in the upper right corner of the page.}

{Approximately first seven pages have been ripped out. }

Record of some events in connection with the Goble family


July 16 1895 Emma L. Goble was Married to Rev. S. Seldon. Mr. & Mrs. Seldon left for Denver, Colorado

Aug 1 1895 W. L. Goble died :3 funeral service held.

Aug 13 J.G. Goble and wife left home for Lakeville Conn. returned Aug. 31st

Dec. 4 1895 Dona Goble left home for Atlanta. Geo.

{First entry written horizontally at the top of the page.}

During the winter of 1896 the homestead at Gobles was sold to J.O. Troller and a farm in East Zorra was brough - & paid for J.G. Goble and son Fred went to the farm in May. Mrs. J.G. Goble went about the last of June and the whole family moved in Aug. after Grandma's death

Mar 12 1896 Mrs. W.L. Goble took to her bed sick Circle meeting at Mrs. J.G. Gobles Also a Bee drawing logs &c up the new farm.

Ap. 1. Dora came home having visited in Atlanta and gone from there to let Texas

The Trollers moved in the last weeks in March and the Goble family moved into the Vichert house then


First weeks in April 1896 Mrs. W.L. Goble carried over in her bed.

Aug 16 Mrs. W.L. Goble died on Sabbath evening Aug. 16

" 18 Funeral service conducted by Rev. C. Cook

P. Milmine . W.J. Goble : Frank Goble, and Fred Goble, the grandsons were the bearers.

19 P. Milmine came to the farm, all the family except Dora had dinner together.


July 17 Ground broken for the new house.

Frank Goble left for Texas

Dec. 18 Moved into new house. cold and stormy, high wind

25 A Quiet restful day at home. no company Good turkey.


Jan.1. George Parker and family ate dinner and spent the day with the Goble family. Mild weather, carried in the evening.

" 29 Frank broke his arm in Marshall Texas, was in the shop and got his arm caught in a belt.

Mar 22 Will left for Stouffville where he entered into business, market building insurance Agencies &c.

Apr 27 Aunt Eliza Dawson died


May 29 Clara Sale came home Weather cool. need a fire.

June 3 Frank came home from Texas

June 5 The Wolverton family came from Texas

9th Baptist Association held

10 + 11 Oxford St. Church

11 The Wolvertons left for Lindsay

12 Mrs Cowie went home after spending a few days here and took little Bill Wolverton with her.


May 29 Clara Sale come from weather cool. need a fire.

June 3 Frank came home from Texas

June 5 The Wolverton family came from Texas

9th Baptist association held

10 + 11 Oxford St. Church

11 The Wolvertons left for Lindsay

12 Mrs Courier went home after spending a few days home and works little Wolverton with her

{Several pages have been ripped from the binding before this entry}


July 1 Will came home for a visit

Aug 25 Geo. and Clara left for Connecticut

Sep 3 Minnie Bach came

Sep 30 Charley Milmines marriage

Oct 4 Fred went to Guelph to attend the agricultural College

5 Frank went to Toronto to attend McMaster University

Nov 25 Frank came for Thanks-giving. Rainy


Nov. 29 Frank returned to Toronto {"to" is added above Toronto - most likely missed the word when originally writing}

Dec. 22 Frank came home from Toronto & Fred from Guelph

20 Emma's baby was born (Harold Goble Seldon){"(Harold Goble Seldon)" is written below the entry}

25 A quiet restful Xmas day In the evening The Hatch's called selighing quite good .


Jan 4 Frank returned to Toronto.

" 11 Mr. Mrs. & Miss Dowling and Mrs. Landon & Lucy spent the day with us. Papa went for them and Fred took them all home in the evening. sleighing

" 18 Went to a birthday gathering Mrs. Bates 86 years old

17 Fred returned to Guelph.

20 Mr & Mrs. Kent, Mrs & Mrs. Weir and Mr. Waltes Karn had supper with us and spent the evening . A Rainy day.


Feb. 10 Mr & Mrs Hry Parker drove up. Had tea with us. Very, very cold

12 Mr & Mrs Nelms drove up. Took dinner with us Mr. Parkes & Henry called

14 Mrs & Mrs. Will Parker spent the afternoon and took tea

21 Drove out to Town a heavy fall of all of snow. stormy called at Mrs. Landon's found her ill in bed.


Feb 22 The Misses Walton, Ms Lockhart & Ms Goodger spent the evening here

23 Emma's birthday. Papa went to Gobles

24 Papa returned. Mr Nehus staid over night.

28 The Gobles S. S. came over for a sleigh ride and visit Three large loads, 60 in all. Games, music and Lunch a very pleasant afternoon.

Mar 2 Mr & Mrs. Gobles took tea here

3 Mr Thos.Muri, his son John and son-in-law R.L. Costen called ----


Mar 12 Will and Frank came home. Rainy, muddy, warm

" 13 No one went to church Water several feet deep in some of the low roads

14 Frank returned to Toronto

16 Will returned to Stouffville

19 J. Cowie called, returned and staid over night

20 Bright and warm . Muddy Warm since the month came in


Ap 2 Fred came home, not well.

11 Fred returned to Guelph

May 6 Church meeting at Gobles

10 Dora went to Toronto to attend the Womans Missionary Convention

11 Little Harold Goble Seldon "went to sleep." aged 4m. 22d.

16 Dora and Frank came home Mrs. Sale Sen. come with them.

19 Mrs. Sale returned to Toronto.


May 18 J.G. Goble went to Hamilton to attend Baptist Convention

20 Returned

27 Emma came. Left Denver The evening of the 24th

June 15 Ms. S.S. Bates and Jenny McLaurins spent the afternoon

19 Attended a Circle meeting at Mrs. Bucks , Gobles

9 N. Wolverton & family came from Texas

15 Left for Lindsay


July 1 Will came home in the evening

2 Fred came home from Guelph. arrived about midnight .

4 Will returned to Stouffville

5 Harold left for Muskoka .

10 Dora , Emma, Frank and Fred drove down to Gobles to Church .

11 Fair hay weather .


July 14 Mrs. Reid and daughter came from Toledo

23 Mrs. Reid & child left

22 Frank left on a Bicycling trip .

Aug 6 Edwin Seldon Emma's husband came

12 Edwin & Emma left for Grimsly Parks

27 Emma returned and

29 Edwin came


Aug. 30 The Seldon's left for Denver reaching there Sep. 2nd

Sep. 10 Frank went to Toronto & on to Stouffville for Sunday returning to Toronto 13th

12 Dora and Miss Davidson went to Villa Nova, they wheeled there, returning the 16th It is 40 miles from here.

28 Fred went to Guelph to attend the agricultural college

30 Mrs. G.R. Welsh and brothers took dinner with us


Oct. 24 Went to attend anniversary service in the Gobles Church Staid over night at Mr. S. Kipp's

25 Called at Mrs. Jas. Kipps, Mr G. Parker's. Mrs Gage, had dinner at Mrs. Lehy's. Called on the Trotters or Trollers & Mrs.Shoultz. Went to see lunch {Lathrop?} Green. Called at Mrs. Hull's. Had tea at Mrs. Jas. Kipps drove home in the evening. A warm moonlight night.

26 First snow fall

27 Mrs. J.L. Bates and Mrs Thompson look tea & spent the evening


28 Attended a little entertainment given by Mr & Mrs Flelcher at the Refuge

Nov. 3 Ethel Topping buried today

" 23 Will, Frank and Fred all came home for Thanksgiving

24 Thanksgiving Day. All the boys home to dinner. In the afternoon attended meeting at the Church

26 Boys all home for the evening Mrs. Clark, daughter and niece spent the evening with us. Jolly time


Nov. 27 A beautiful bright cold day. All except Will went to Oxford St. Church. Frank left on an evening train for Toronto.

28 Will and Fred both left Will for Stouffville, and Fred for Guelph .

30 Mr & Mrs. Chane for tea and spent the evening - Snowing.


Dec. 4 A snow storm began which lasted off and on a whole week almost constant winds. Very little travel on this road

9 Newton Wolverton came, train two hours late on account of snow

11 N.W. preached at 1ast Church, went with big sleigh & farm horses some slipped at Oxford St. others went on to 1st Ch. Good sermon Miss.Hatch came home with us from Oxford St. The men had to shovel out the road in places. Moutains of snow. Went to Oxford St. in the evening


Dec 12 N. Wolverton left for Lindsay

23 Frank and Fred came. Xmas tree at Oxford St

26 Mr & Mrs. Roberts and children took xmas dinner with us. Pleasant day.

30 A fagot party in the evening guests - Misses Hatch B. Hatch Mr McNeal. Bert Wilson & sisrer W. McLay & sisters Miss Boyd Mr. & Mrs. Clark. May {Timpany?} Jenny McLaurin. Rev. Mr McKay A pleasant evening.


Jan 1 Cold. Sleighing poor. We all except Papa who was sick attended Church at Oxford ST. spent the evening at home.

2 Weather pleasant. Dora, Frank and Fred attend a party at Dr McLay's

3 Frank left for Toronto and Fred for Guelph

4 Rained all day.

5 Cold. drove to town in buggy.


Jan 18 Dora left for New York on a visit to the Milimines. Weather pleasant. No sleighing.

20 We went down to Ms Nelms' returning on Saturday. very stormy

24 Dora to Thamesford to attend the County S.S. Convention weather fine. Meeting great

26 Returned home. stormy in afternoon

{Small pen marks bottom left hand of the page}


Feb 4 Mrs. John Bates died 87 years old.

5 Attended memorial service for Mrs. Bates at 1st Church.

6 Attended funeral of Mrs. Bates from Mrs. J.L. Baker residence on Princess St.

9 very cold

10 Very cold 15 below zero at C.{P. - written above C., in darker ink}R Station in the morning water pump frozen in lavatory. Uncle Lathrop Green died at Princeton about 8 o'clock in the evening


11 Still very cold. Mr Werner the plumber here all day fixing water pipes. Jasper drove to Princeton in the evening, did not get word Uncles' death until about 4 o'clock P.M.

12 Jasper got home from Beachville about noon having come to Woodstock by train late in the evening from Princeton and drove to Beachville early in the morning. after dinner {this word was added later, with an arrow below "dinner"} and drove to Princeton, very cold. 16 below in the morning. Staid over night at Mrs. Swartz. very comfortable


Feb. 13 A funeral service at the house at 9 o'clock AM. after which the all that remainded here of Uncle Lathrop Green was taken to Ingersol for burial, 22 miles Jasper drove to Ingersol . I remainded with AuntKatie.

14 I came home by train. 19 1/2 below zero last night at the College Cistern pump frozen. weather moderating today. In the afternoon Edward Wolf came, took tea and spent the evening with us.


Feb. 19 Sunday attended a Memorial Service for Uncle Lathrop at the Gobles Church. Took dinner at J.A. Kipp's. fine day.

Mar 11 Geo. Sale came. spent the day, going to Toronto in the evening.

14 Returned in the evening

15 N. Wolverton came, left in the evening for Toronto

16 Geo. Sale left in the morning for Detriot.


Ap. 1 Will came. Walked out from town. Came from Stouffville the evening before.

2 Easter Sunday, cold, snow and wind. Drove out to S.S. in the afternoon. Will left for Toronto on an evening train.

17 Fred came home from Guelph. not very well

25 Nelly Hatch "fell on sleep."

May 5 Harold Wolverton came for a visit


May 1 Fred went to Mr Nelms' to work

24 Fred home for the day

25 Will home for a few hours

28 N. Wolverton came, left for Wolverton Monday morning 29th

June 7 Emma & Ted came I went to Ass. at Mr. Elgin

14 Frank came from Toronto

15 Will up fron Stouffville on business. returned same day.


17 Frank left early in morning for Toronto and boat in afternoon {this entry was written in a smaller font, above another entry}

17 Fred came, late at night

19 he went to Guelph

19 Mrs. D.K. Clark and mrs Stewart to tea

20 Rev. R.R. McKay to tea .

Aug 4 Dora came home from Connecticut

18 Clara came home from Atlanta

18 Will came home from Stouffville

23 Will left for Stouffville and Fred came home from Mr. Nelms'


Aug 23 Annie Hatch was married we all went over to speed them away.

26 Frank came home in the evening

Sep 4 Dora left for New York and on to Lakeview Conn.

6 Clara left for Toronto where she intends remaining a week and then go South.


Sep 15 {15 was originally written as 14 and then corrected} Went to Villa Nova , drove there. Took dinner at Princeton at Mr Vicherts. Reached home John Gobles about 8 o'clock in the evening. quite cool.

16 Uncle John and Aunt Emily celebrated their "Golden Wedding" A large company assembled to do them honor. Weather beautiful.

17 Attended Church at Villa Nova

18 Returned home. Took dinner at Mr Cook's, Scotland {Scotland is heavily bolded} reached home about 8 o'clock

20 Fred's 21st birthday. Cloudy by not cold. $40000 comes to Fred today in Wolverton {Milling?}


8 o'clock {or Stock?}and notes. John Vichert married today at

Sep 20 Plattsville

26 Frank went to Toronto

Oct 2 Fred went to Guelph

18 Frank came home from Toronto

19 Thanksgiving . Meeting at Church

22 Frank returned to Toronto

Nov 2 George Milmine and Jo Parsons came from New York has a pleasant visit with them

4 They left for New York in afternoon


Nov 25 Fred and his room-mate came from Guelph Rev. Mr Webb here

27 Fred, Mr McIntyre and Mr Wedd left on morning train.

28 Mr & Mrs J.A. Kiepp to dinner Geo. Sale came in evening .

29 Mrs. DK. Clark to dinner a pleasant day

30 Geo. Sale left for Toronto on morning train


Dec 1 Planted a tree for Dora's birth day which was Nov. 26 "Salsibura "Maiden hair fern"

22 Franka and Fred both came home

25 A pleasant day at home Em & Ted, Frank and Fred a merry time hunting presents after breakfast In the afternoon part of the family went out to the Hatches

26 Fred returned to Guelph


Jan 3 Frank returned to Toronto

19 Entertained the choir and young people of Oxford St. Church. about 50 present music , games , & refreshments spent a very pleasant evening Mr G.R. Welch came up from Toronto

21 Mr Welch preaches morning and evening at Oxford St.

22 Mr Welch returned to Toronto A bright moderately cold day no sleighing.


Jan 25 Mr. & Mr. Ges Parker spent the evening with us. Wrote to Mrs. McNeil 1531 College Ave{illegible}Kansas

26 {illegible} cold.{illegible} Goble went to {illegible} to a S.S. Convention.

27 Mr. & Mrs. Hutchinson to dinner

Feb 15 Edwin Seldom left for Emporia Kansas.

24 {illegible} came home from {illegible} not well. stormy & cold. Four boys from the college came out to stay over night

25 A {illegible} storm{illegible} all day. No one went to church. The bous all had to stay.

26 Still cold and stormy. Some of the roads blacked with snow. The College boys went back.

Mar 2 Attended a tea meeting at the 1st Church. Jenny McLaurier came home with us.

4 Rev. J. Roberts preached at {illegible} St.Church during the following week {illegible} left for the Grand Rapids Mich. his news {illegible}{illegible}


Mar 10 Blanch {illegible} and Ada Parker came{illegible}. Stayed overnight and went with us to Church Sunday Morning

11 Rev. Mr Best preached and came home with us to dinner also Mr & Mrs. Richardson Lome and Cora Parker came from Church here {illegible} {illegible} with Mr Best in the evening.

12 Drove out to {illegible}in the afternoon. Called at Mrs.{illegible}and the Hatch's.{illegible}{illegible}

Mar 13 Emma left for Emporia Kan. The house seemed empty without her.

15 Attended today the funeral of Dr.Dadeon. He died in Montreal after a long illness and was brought here for burial. The funeral service was held in the 1st Ch. and was very lovely attended many Baptist Ministers {illegible}{illegible}from Montreal,Toronto,Hamilton {one?} from New York and various other places. The services throughout were most impressive

Mar 23 Will left for Toronto

29 Mr & Mrs {uncertain name}{uncertain name} to dinner

31 Will came home

April 12 Fred came home. We all attended a social at Mrs {Urthaow's}. Cold and muddy.

13 Attended an evening party at Mrs.Gray's at the College {uncertain name} came home for Easter

14 Fred sick

Note Mrs. Jane Lathrop Stanford widow of Senator Leland Stanford of California. A direct descendant of the Rev. John Lathrop, the first clergyman at Scituate. Mass. who accepted that pastorate in 1632.

16 Frank went back to Toronto Fred to Guelph towards evening. Better but not very strong. damp weather


April 27 Will went to Milton

May 5 Mrs. Vzchert drove out and spent a few hours with us I went to Toronto towards evening. Frank met me at the station. I went to Miss Belea Moyle's 84 Bedford Road.

   6 Went to Bloor St. Ch. in the Morning. Dr Mc Laurin preached the Annual Fyfe Miss. Sermon. In the afternoon to Walmer Road Prof Kirstead of Acadia preachedthe McMaster Bacca Laureate Sermon. The students attended


in a body both these services In the evening Frank and I went to Jarvis St. Church.

   7 Attended Home & Forign Mission Board Meetings all day. Went out to Rosedale to Mr. Julian Salis to dinner in the evening
  8 Was at the Collation at Walmer Road. In the evening there was a confering of Degrees and speaches and McMaster Commencement exercises closed Frank got B.A. added to his name.


May 9 Eva came to see me.

10 I came home tired and ill had taken cold

10 Margaret {unknown name} Sale came to Atlanta a wee welcome little girl.

16 Mr Welch came. had a welcome for him at the church he is to stay with us Will left for Milton and went to Toronto

17 Mr Somers {unknown name} and his Bro James spent the day with us. In the evening the McKay young people came over & spent the evening.


   19 Emma {Layonds?} to tea with us.
  20 Mr {Welch's?} first Sunday at Oxford St. good beginings.
  18 Frank came home from Toronto
  19 Fred came home from Guelph
  24 Frank went to New York
  26 G. R. {Welch?} pastor of Oxford St. Ch. was ordained. Uncle {Lon?}, AUnt Helen & {Lora?} drove over from Wolverton
  27 they returned home Raining.


July 18 Dora came home from New York.

20 Gev.Clara and baby Margaret Sale came home from Atlanta Geo. All well including baby.

29 Will came home from Toronto

30 left on the 5.20 am train to his business in Toronto.

30 Geo.Sale left in afternoon for Toronto.


Aug 2 Fred and G.R. Welch started for a few weeks outing in Muskoka

18 Fred returned home.

28 Dora and Clara went to Toronto. 4

29th Dora left then for Lakeville, Conn.

Sep 4 Geo.Clara, and Margaret came from Toronto

13 Geo. Clara and Margaret left for Atlanta Georgia


Nov 13 I went to Brantford attended Board meetings afternoon and evening

14 Convention, womens Home & Foreign Missionary.{illegible} Foreign Day Meetings {illegible}

15 Home

16 Returned home. Cold

Dec 21 Frank came home

22 Frank left for Chicago

25 Frank returned from Chicago. Miss Landon and Mr & Mrs. Chs Hatch and four children to dinner. Day cold but no sleighing


Dec 25 Frank left for New York in the evening.

27 Will came home in the evening

31 Will left for Stouffville. Papa went to Hamilton and came home in the evening

1901 Jan 11 Edward Wolf here to dinner Papa went to Gofler returning Saturday 12th

18 E. Wolf here again. expected to leave for New York next day.


Mar 7 Will came home

8 Went to Pocantico. N.Y.

Ap 8 Frank went from Pocantico N.Y. to Cleveland, Ohio

June 1 Clara and Margaret came

6 Geo. Sale Came

19 Nellie {Wolverton} married. Clara went the day before Geo. Fred and I drove over the morning of the wedding. All went off pleasantly.


June 20 Erma and baby Richard came. Clara returned from Wolverton.

Mr. Welch married to Miss Steward in Rockester N.Y.

28 A reception for Mr & Mrs. Welch at Mrs. {Withrow's}. Weather every thing that could be desired This gathering a pleasant one.

29 Mr Y Mrs. Buck came and

30 went home after CHurch on Sunday

July 1 Woodstock inaugerated a City


July 20 Dora came home from Lakeville Conneticut.

Aug 7 Mrs. Furth came

8 Dora and I spent the day at Wolverton. Weather fine.

26 George left for the south

28 Frank came home Nellie Greens wedding day

30 Frank went to Toronto

31 Frank returned. Norah Sale came with him


Sep 1 Sunday Will came on an early train walked from station. Rained all home togther. Dora Clara, Emma, Will, Frank & Fred. All went to church

2 Will left for Toronto at noon Frank for Chicago towards evening and Norah for Toronto. Mr & Mrs Welch and J Steward came out for the afternoon. Geo Parker called in evening.

3 Dora left for New York May those who go and those who stay and those who stay have Divine guidance


Sep 20 Jasper left for New York and from there to Lakiville Comm to visit the {uncertain name} and Dora.

26 Clara, Emma and the two babies Margaret & Richard left for there respective homes in Atlanta Geo. and Emphoria Kansas. They went to together until reaching Detroit when Em would go west and Clara south

28 Clara Fitch Gates came and

29 left for New York.


Oct 3 James Goble came from Michigan visiting his Canadian relatives, he left

4 for Dorchester to visit his bro. Daniel. First heavy frost the night of the 3rd

11 Jaslur came home after spending over two weeks in Conn. a few days at the Pan American in Buffalo, and a day & night at St. Catharines.

Dec 9 Fred went to Guelph to attend the "{illegible} Union" and fat {stovels} show


Dec. 14 A telegram today saying Emma {Milmim} "passed away early this morning. Funeral tomorrow afternoon".

{Jaspur} decided to go to New York, but after starting for the train, returned home not feeling strong enough to undertake the journey.

14 Fred came home from Guelph

22 Will came home from Chicago


Dec 24 Will left for Stouffville

25 Rev. G. R. Welch Mrs. Welch Miss Welch and Miss Landon took Xmas. dinner with us. Pleasant day. fine sleighing.

31 Newton Wolverton came in the evening from Brandon Man. He stopped on his way in Chicago and saw Frank.


Jan 1 Newton left on the 5 19 train for New York.


Feb 12 {Jaspur} and I left home for a visit to Dora and Geo {Milmin} in New York on account of a wrecked train on the road did not reach N.Y. until late in the afternoon of Thursday 13th found Geo. and Dora waiting for us at the 23rd St. Station

During our stay in the City of nearly six weeks we had a very pleasant restful time and came home in March I reached

home Tuesday 25th and {Jaspur} Wed. 26th having stopped a few hours at the Falls to see Ellen Redpath also in Hamilton to buy a few things, coming to Lynden and spending the night at Mrs. {Hoose's}, next day to Princeton, Gobles and home in the evening.

{Lee or Les} Wolverton kept house while we were away. Dora and her Uncle left N.Y. for Savannah the 24th the same day we left for home.

July 1st the Wolverton Miles burned


June 13 Dora came home.

July 2 Dora went to Chicago

10 & returned 10th

Visited Emma. Will and Frank and left Them all well

15 Mrs. M. Fitch my only sister came. She has spent Seven years in Guatamala as a missionary and had come to the home land for a visit.


July 17 The Oxfors St Mission Circle was held here, about 40 Ladies present. Miss Hatch Lately returned from India spoke of her work in that heathen land and Mrs. Fitch talked about Mission work in Central America.

Aug 3 Will came from Chicago

4 Dora left for Lakeville, Com.

6 Will left for Toronto and Stouffville.


Aug 6 I went with my sister Mrs. M Fitch to Wolverton

8 I returned from Wolverton Melissa will stay there a few weeks.

Sept 20 Frank came home from Chicago

23 Frank went to Toronto

24 Fred and I went to Toronto to attend the wedding of Frank and Norah Sale. {Jasper} was not well. did not go.


We met Dora at the station. Had lunch at the Queen's hotel. drove out to Rosedale towards evening. The marriage took place at 7 o'clock. Rev. G. R. Welch the officiating minister. It was a very pretty wedding. The bride looked sweet and pretty in white with veil & orange blossoms Fred was the best man. six brides Maids in dainty costumes and a pretty little flower girl making a pretty picture. The house was profusely decorated with


palms and flowers.

Refreshments were served on small tables scattered about in dining room, Hall, and drawing room.

At half-past 9 oclock M-V Mrs. Frank Goth left for Montreal and thence to Boston where Frank expects to spend a year at Harvard. in Study. Dora and I stayed at Mrs. Sales all night. Dora leaving

25th next morning for Conneticut and I spending the afternoon and evening at Mrs Davis


20 Elm Avenue and returning home the morning of the 26th. Weather rainy but not cold. no hard frost yet.

Oct 9 A heavy frost killing all the dahlias, tomatos, and {illegible, however appears to be the word Roses but too smudged to tell}.

13 Melissa came from Wolverton to spend a few weeks.

18 19 Newton came on a Sunday train meeting us at the Church door

20 Newton left on a morning train for Toronto.


Nov. 11 I went to Hamilton to attend the Woman's Home and Foreign Missionary Convention. The meetings were very good. Reports most encouraging. I staid at a Miss Strong's boarding house at 163 King St West.

14 Returned home. Jasper met me at the Station Mr. & Mrs. Welch came home with us. Mr. W. going away Sat. 15th and Mrs.W. remaining until Tuesday 18th


Nov 27 Fred left in the evening for Chicago to help Will in his work there. Where he arrived safety the next morning.

28 Joseph went to Wolverton returning Sat. 29th

Dec 13 Clara Felch Gates came

15 Left for Chicago & the west

19 Fred returned home from Chicago D. McPhail spent a few days with us.


Dec 25 A very quiet Christmas in the evening Rev. J.J. Baker came and stayed over night

26 Melissa went to London

31 Frank and Nora came by evening train from Toronto


Jan 1 Will came from Chicago Mr. & Mrs. D.K. Clark and Lucy London came to dinner. We had a very pleasant jolly day. Sleighing good. and day fine.


Jan 3. {2 was written first and than 3 overtop} Frank and Norah left for the East and Will for the West in the evening. Rainy.

5 Mininie came from Toronto

7 Mrs. Welch spent the day with us. Snowing all day.

Feb 28 Left for New York on the evening train weather cold and rainy. Jasper not well. reached N.Y. Saturday morning 29. Dora and Lester met us at 23 rd St. Ferry.


Mar 28 Will and I reached home from New York Will had been in the city a few days and we left N.Y. the evening of the 27th Jasper did not feel strong enough to come at that time.

Ap 10 Jasper came home by the way of Hamilton feeling stronger in health

13 Minnie went home to Toronto to help her mother


May 9 I think Will left for New York and from there to Philadelphia on the evening of the 9th

June 3 Emma and Rich and arrive, heaving left Atlanta Ga. on the 1st after spending the winter in that city

24 Dora came home from Lakeville Conn.

July 7 Alie Baker came to spend a few weeks and help in the house.

July 10 Emma and Richard left for Chicago and then on to Denver to meet Ted.

10 Bell Wolverton came to spend a few weeks

7/Alice Baker came from Lindon to spend a few weeks.

22 Miss Hatch & Mrs. Hall spent the day with us. Miss Hatch spoke at a Missionary Meeting in the evening at Oxford St.


July 28 Eva Rose York came from Toronto, brought May Miller a young girl to help in the kitchen with her

29 Eva left for London. Alice Baker went with her.

29 A letter from Mrs. Mrs. Sale announcing the birth of a son to Frank and Norah. born Monday night July 27th at Rosedale, Toronto


Aug 4 Dora went to Toronto

5 Returned

10 Dora left for New York on the 5,19 train G.L.R

Sep 16 Mrs. Sale, Norah and baby Julian Frank came on the evening train

19 All returned to Toronto

Oct 3 May Miller went to Toronto in charge of Conductor C.P.R.

19 Will came in the evening

20 Left in the evening to New York


20 Jasper went to Owen Sound to attend Baptist Convention

24 Returned

26 First snow of the season

Nov. 1 Mr. Welch preached farewell sermons. Morning & evening to crowded houses

2 A farewell meeting in the evening. A satisfactory gathering

4 Mr & Mrs Welch and baby Beatrice left Woodstock. Mr. Welch goes to Lindsay we will miss them very much


Nov 10 I attended the Women's Home and Foreign Miss. Convention at Aylmer. going on Tuesday 10th and returning Friday 13th I had a very pleasant home at Mrs. Augustins'. Meetings well attended and very good.

22 Dr. Farmer preached anniversary sermons at Oxford St.

Dec 6 Mr. Proctor began his pastorate at Oxford St. His call to the Church was most unanimous


Dec 9 Mrs Stamp came home with us from prayer Meeting. We took tea a Wm. Parkers.'

" 16 Open meeting of the Mission Circle in the evening. Mrs. Cowsert of Brantford spoke on Missions, very cold & snowy. We went out early and had tea at Mrs. Chave's.

19 Mrs Stamp went home

25 Christmas. Father, Fred and I only to dinner. beautiful day good sleighing. Letters & Gifts from each absent one


Dec 26 Hallie Wright came out to spend a few days

27 Very cold and much snow only Hattie and Fred went to Church in rhe morning Roads badly filled up with snow

29 Father drove into town and Hattie went home.

31 Fred drove to the Station for Geo. Sale, train 2 hours late cold and stormy. Geo. had been in Toronto attending his Mother's funeral


Jan 1 Day pleasant, but roads bad so much snow. Geo and Will Parker and their wives and Mr. Proctor came to dinner. They had a hard time getting out, the men having to walk part of the way. We had a good dinner and spent a very pleasant day. Father took Geo to the station in the evening to leave on the 7.06 train to Atlanta Ga. It was very pleasant to have him here to spend New Years with us


Jan 2 Father drove out to town and took cold

3 Sunday, very cold. 15 below zero in the morning. Roads not good. Fred only went to Church. Father very sick sent for Dr. Sinclair in afternoon he administered medicine that relieved the pain somewhat.

4 Father still in bed

5 Last night very cold 20 below zero at the College. very cold all day.

6 Weather more moderate. Roger Clark came out {"Roger Clark came out" written in smaller font, below the first entry.}

7 A little warmer, but chilling winds Father improving but still in bed.


Feb. 3 Fred left for New York on a visit to Dora, trains late did not reach 29 East 80th St. until after dark. R.R. traffic blocked by snow. So far a very cold, stormy, snowy winter.

25 Fred returned home having spent a few days in Guelph

Mar 22 Father and I left for New York reaching 23rd St about half past nine next morning. Dora and {Lucie} met us with a carriage


We had a very pleasant visit in New York. Saw Will, Frank and Norah frequently. Was several times over to Astoria. Was there at Easter time heard Stainer's Crucifixion sang at St. James Church on Good Friday. The flower decorations in the Churches on Easter Sunday was were very fine. Attended 5th Ave. Baptist Ch. in the morning of that day and St. James in evening.


Ap 11 Left New York in the evening and reached Woodstock in the forenoon of next

12 day in the midst of a snow storm. Cold. Father staid over at Hamilton and came home in the evening.

13 Oxford St. Ch. Meeting Annual business meeting. Reports of the various departments of Ch. work encouraging. Cold.


May 11 Ellen Wood came from the Stratford home to stay

14 Donald Perkins Seldon was born at 67 Grant Ave. Denver, Colorado at 9 oclock P.M. weighed nine lbs.

31 Norah, Julian and Miss Marion Sale came from Toronto, raining.

4 Norah Julian and Marion left for Toronto, damp


dull weather, has rained all the week except part of Friday 3rd

June 23 Mrs. Herser came Thursday evening 23rd to stay a while.

June 30 Dora came home having been present at Will's wedding the 29th

29 Will was married to Theresa Foley at Bryan house

July 4 Mrs. Herser went home


July 8 Dora left for a visit with the Laycocks in Chicago

16 Dora returned, Washington came with her.

13 Clara and Margaret came from Toronto

17 Very warm indeed

18 Warm

19 Still very warm

29 George Sale came


30 W. Laycock went to the hospital with typhoid fever

30 Very early in the morning Cousin Mary Hyde came from Atchinson Kansas.

Aug 3 {Lee?} Wolverton was married to Mr Darach of Brantford Geo. Clara, Dora, Cousin Mary father and I went by train, returning the same evening except Cousin Mary who remained A very pleasant day.


Aug Sep 8 Ray Baker came down to help Fred on the farm.

9 Mable came to work

23 Alice Baker came over from Wolverton

27 Ida came down from London

30 Ida returned home

31 Mrs. Templer came


Sep 1 A Circle Meeting in the afternoon. Mrs. Templer gave an address Clara left for Lakeville Conn. Also Alice and Ray went home.

2 Mrs. Templer gave a lecture at Oxford St. on her visit to the Holy Land so Rainy we did not go

3 Mrs Templer and Miss Midgely here to dinner Mrs. T went home with Miss. M.


Sep 19 Dora and Margaret left for Lakeville Conn.

19 W.Laycock left to go to his brother's Alfred's. he had been here since Sep. 9 when the Dr permitted him to leave the hospital

Oct 17 Jasper went out to town in the evening staid at W.Parker's and went to Toronto the morning of the 18th to attend the Baptist Convention during the week.


Oct. 20 Mable left

22 She came for her things

22 Jasper returned from Toronto

24 Fanny Wolverton came

25 She left in the evening.

Nov 8 I went to Toronto to attend the "Women's Baptist Home & Foreign Missionary Convention". Which was to be held in Walmer Road Ch. got down in time for the foreign Mission Board Meeting at 3, o'clock in the afternoon, after which I


went to Mrs. Fox's 9 Walmer Road where I was invited to stay during the Convention; and where I had a most delightful home.

9 Foreign Mission. Mrs. Bookers presided. The sessions were well attended from the very first The meetings were good and helpful. Prayer and giving being much emphasised I went home with Mrs. S.S. Bates for tea and spent a pleasant hour before evening Meeting

10 Home Mission day. Mrs


Holman presiding with much ability and grace. Mrs. Peer, Mrs. Masse and Mr Harkeness spoke of the needs of the various fields they represented. New Ontario, Grande Ligne, and the North West.

Nov. 11 Friday morning I attended a foreign M.B. Meeting and in the afternoon returned home. I met Mrs. Welch, Mrs. Riley, Mrs. Davies, Miss Meryle and many ladies I knew, and had a most pleasant time from first to last.


Nov 17 Thanksgiving Day. attended members meeting at Oxford St. Church.

20 Jasper and I drove down to Gobles to attend Anniversary service in the Church. Mr. Baker an old pastor preached morning and evening, earnest helpful sermons. We staid over night at James Kiepers. I came

21 home in the morning and Jasper stayed for a tea meeting Monday night which was an easeful Weather must delightful.Indian summer


Nov 23 My birthday 69 years old weather, warm and bright.

25 Jasper's birth day. 70 yrs. old

26 Dora's birth day 45 yrs. old

28 Alice Baker came down from London to stay a few days on weeks. not very well.

Dec 2 Attended a Missionary meeting at Mrs. Hanter's 88 Wellington St.

5 Fred went to Guelph to attend fat stock show.


Dec 9 Fred came home

14 lice went home

17 A little daughter was born to Frank and Norah Marion Rose Goble

24 Harold came from Guelph

26 We had a very quiet Christmas dinner Father. Fred, Harold and J. after which had a Gift distraction and Jared well. Loving reminders came from each of our dear absent ones


Jan 9 Mrs. Mary Stamp died at her daughter Florence's home in Michigan, was buried from the home of her son Maitland in Woodstock on

12 Thursday 12th. A cold day.

Mar 10 I left in the evening for New York and arrived safely at 23rd St. Sat. morning about 9 o'clock when Dora met me. I had a very pleasant visit of nearly six weeks met Will and Theresa


and Frank, Nora and the children Julian & Marion Rose several times, I spent on Sabbath at Richmond Hill with the boys and their wives and {illegible} was over on day to lunch. Had pleasant visit with Rose, Jo and several members of the Parson's family, and {illegible} the had a most restful after him. Left for home on the evening of Ap. 20 and

Ap 21 Reached Woodstock on the morning of the 21st when Jasper met us in the rain.

== 1905 == {Heading written in a bolder ink}

June 22 Dora reaches home at midnight having been detained thirteen hours over time on account of Washouts on the Lehigh Valley RR. and a week on the G.J.R., well but tired

July 6 Clara and Margaret came Geo sailed for England June 17th

31 Nellie Wood returned to the Home at Stratford


Aug 7 Dora left for New York and Lakeville Conn when she arrived on the 8th and found Uncle George very ill

13 George Milnnie died early Sunday morning and waid laid in Woodlawn Cemetery on Tuesday the 15th He rested & to at last at home.

Aug 6 Many weeks came from the Stratford Home.


Aug 21 George Sale came from Hamilton today.

Sep 7 Clara Margaret and I left for Lakeville Conn. We went to Hamilton and from there went by C.P.R. to New York. Nrs. Sycamore met us in Hamilton and pilled us from G.L.R. Slaton to the C.P.R. It was most kind of her. We had a very comfortable journey to N.Y. when George met us. Will came in while we were at breakfast


and before we left for Lakeville Frank put in a appearance. It was lovely to see them all. George went with us to Lakeville

Sep 8 When we arrived in time for lunch Geo. Clara & M. going to Greenwold with Rose and I to Urldwood with Cora

12 Father and Fred came in the evening

13 Dora's wedding day a beautiful day and

everything went off most beautifully. just the close friends of bride & groom were present. Charly & Char-lotte. Rose and for. Father Fred and I from out home Geo. Clara & Margaret. Mrs. Laycock Hartly and wide Mr. & Mrs Richie. Emily, Frank & Norah. Will & Theresa Lucile and Ethel. Gail and Louise Parsons, and Miss Whitbush. Geo officiated and the service was very impressive and beautiful


Ethel was maid of honor and Fred best man. The house was fairly decorated with plants and flowers a delicious lunch was served and soon after Mr & Mrs Laycock left on their bridal trip to N.Y. Lakes George and Champlain, months and reached Penhurst

Sep 20. Father and I staid at Wildwood until Sat.

Sep 16 When we went to Richmond Hill and had


a pleasant visit with the boys and their wives Norah and Theresa

Sep 21 We left in the morning & had a delightful day on the Hudson, reaches Albany in the evening the

22 Left next morning and arrived home in the evening Dora and Washington staid until Thursday

28 Leaving in the morning & reaching Chicago in the evening of the same day. {this entry had faded ink on some words}


Sep 30 Minnie Bach and her sister Laura came for a two weeks visit

Oct 16 They left for their home

18 Father went to London to the General Baptist Convention

20 Father came home & Mr Welch came with him

22 Mr Welch preaches anniversary sermons at Oxford St. Good meeting.


Nov 7 I went to Waterford to the women's Miss. Convention attended a Board meeting in the evening

8 Home Mission day the sessions were all good the afternoon meeting was one of the great spiritual power.

9 Foreign Missions all the meetings well attended & good. I staid at Aunt Emily Goble's. Took tea one evening at Jane Staffords

10 Came home Friday. Father and Fred drove to Wolverton in the afternoon


Nov 30 Hellen Wolverton came we went to a union Circle Meeting in the afternoon at Mrs. {uncertain name} A good Meeting - very cold

Dec 1 We went in the afternoon to a Bible reading at {illegible} St. conducted by Mrs. Gordon after which Hellen went home by train.

6 A beautifull day drove into the city and made several calls beautiful weather


6 Nellie Neave's baby died in the evening I staid all night

7 Mr Nelson spent the day with us.

8 I went to London to see Alice Baker. She has been sick a long time and cannot live long. She is a dear patient sweet girl

10 Alice died about 3 o,'clock

11 We received the word

12 Jasper went to the funeral mild pleasant weather.


Dec 11 Fred went to Guelph to the fat {stock?} shows.

25 Father Fred and I at home for Xmas dinner

26 Jesse Davidson married to {illegible} Nelmes

26 Harlod came from Wolverton

27 Frank came from Toronto 28 he went back to

28 Dora came from Chicago

29 Father, Dora, Harold & I


Dec 30 Went to Guelph. Fred went in the morning, we in the evening A stormy day rain & snows. Father and I staid all night at Mrs. Darson's. Harold went to the College and Dora and Fred went to the hotel, when Saturday Morning Will and Theresa, Frank & Norah joined them, all coming to Mrs. Darson's where at half after twelve o clock Fred was married to Eva Walters. Miss Anna Walters was maid of honor and Mr


McPhail was best man. Rev Mr Thomas officiated and everything went off in nice order as planned. The bridal party left soon after a nice luncheon for Sarnia and places West. We came home the same evening, Will and Theresa coming with us.

31 Father, Dora, Will & Theresa went to Church I went to S.S. in afternoon

1906 Jan 1 Father, Dora, Will, Theresa & I ate New Year's dinner together

3 Dora Will and Tessa went to Wolverton & spent the day

4 Will & Tessa left to New York A very stormy day

4 Mrs Field and Mrs. Milnor spent the afternoon with us in the evening Fred and Eva came, the carriage that brought them out took Mrs Field annd Mrs. Milner back to the city.


Jan 8 I went to a McAll Mission Meeting at Mrs. McLeods

9 Dora left for her home in Chicago

10 Father went to Wolverton

Mar 13 I went to Chicago. Dora and Washington met me on my arrival I spent three very pleasant weeks and came home

Ap 5 Thursday Ap. 5


May 28 George Sale came

30 George went to town Mrs Craig spent the afternoon

31 Closing at Woodstock College Eva Wolverton went with us to the College. It was George's class he session Jasper and I staid at the class banquet. had a pleasant time.

Jan 1 Morning for Chicago Fred had a Bee in the afternoon pulling down stone wall of the barn.


June Frank and Norah came Saturday evening. Norah returned to Toronto on Sunday evening and Frank staid until the following Thursday. He was not very well.

22 Emma and her boys Richard & Donald came from Denver. They spent a few days in Chicago with Dora and then came home.

26 The barn was raised.

{The page appears to be tinted a yellow colour, while the other pages are white}


July 20 Dora came from Chicago

" 23 Eva went to Guelph Returned Aug. 17 {"Returned Aug. 17" is written in a smaller font}

28 Geo, Clara & Margaret came from Atlanta

Aug 2 Dora went home to Chicago

4 Ted came from Denver

11 Minnie Bach came from Toronto

20 Returned to Toronto


Aug 27 Ted left for Chicago and Denver arriving at The Latter Place Sep. 1.

31 George and Margaret went to Toronto, from there Geo went to New York Margaret staying at her aunts in Toronto

Sep 4 Father went to the Fair

6 at Toronto and returned

12 Clara left for Toronto

21 She and Margaret left


On an evening Train for Chicago to visit Dora

25 Emma, Richard & Donald left on an evening train for Chicago. The house is very quiet and empty without Emma & the children Gladys Johnson went home she has been helping us since Aug 1st, a good little girl

24 A letter from Will telling of the birth and death of a little girl baby.


Dec 25 We were alone just Fred, Eva father and I. a quiet day. I went to bed ill in the afternoon

1907 Jan 4 {1907 written in smaller font above Jan 4} Dora Lorene Gobble came to the home, a wee healthy baby. Mrs Waters here. I was still in bed

Feb 11 I went with Dora to Chicago, not very well. Dora had spent a month in New York and stayed over a week at Pennhurst.

Mar 2 Dora sailed from New York for a trip abroad with Rose Milinie Parsons.


Feb. 25 Elizabeth Homby Sale {illegible} at Spelman Seminary Atlanta Ga.

Feb. 11 A little girl came to Frank's home at White Plains New York May Goble

June 1 Dora arrived at her home in Chicago after her wanderings in foreign lands

" 4 I came home from Chicago I had stayed in Dora's home during her absence, father being there past of the time.


Oct. 16 The Baptist Convention was held in Woodstock during a week, also the College Jubilee was celebrated. during this time Newton & Fnny and their children Harold, Jasper and Bessie spent some days with us. Dora had made us a visit previously.

30 I went to Toronto to visit my sister Melissa who was lying very ill at 54 Augusta Ave. Card for her daughters Ida & Eva

Nov 2 I returned home


Nov 20 Eva & little Dora went to Guelph.

Dec. 8 Melissa Wolverton Feich died in Toronto and was brought to Wolverton for burial.

10 She was laid to rest in the Cemetery on the hill.

28 A little son was born to Fred and Eva at Guelph

25 Xmas day, very stormy. Miss. Stone Lucy Landon, Harold Wolverton to dinner with father Fred and myself. A pleasant day together. {This entry was written in a smaller font}.


May 11 I moderated the RDA booth at the RWSA conference today!

{The entry has faded ink}


Jan 4 The little Dora's birthday

26 Aunt Ann Wolverton died in her home Lexington Kenticky in the 92nd year. Rose Van. Peltwoole almost her last days.

28 She was Laid away

Feb 10 Eva, her mothers Mrs. Water and the two babies came home. The weather which had been very cold and stormy had moderated

11 One year ago I went to Chicago

1908 Mar 2 I left {unknown name} for Chicago train did not arrive at C, until the morning of Mar 3. Washington met me found Dora well.

10 Dora left for Savannah {illegible}{unknown name}, Atlanta and returned home to chicago April 11

11 I stand until may leaving the evening of may 6 and

May 7 arriving home the 9th

9 Annie McNeil came staid overnight with us.


May 15 A little girl was born to Will and Theresa in New York.

Aug 7 Dora came from Chicago

Sep. 2 Will Theresa and baby Beatrice came from N.Y.

6 W.Laycock came from Chicago

10 Clara Margaret and Elizabeth came

12 George Sale came from N.Y.


12 Emma Seldon and two boys Richard & Donald came from Denver

14 Frank, Norah. Julian, and Marion Rose of White Plains New York and May Sale of Toronto came.

15 Charly, Charlotte, Rose and Joe came from New York

15 Our Golden Wedding a beautiful day in every way.


Sep. 16 Will Theresa and baby Beatrice left for New York

16 May Sale returned to Toronto

18 Dora and Washington left for Chicago

18 also Frank. Norah Julian and Marion Rose went to Toronto

19 Minnie Bach went home to Toronto

21 George, Clara, Margaret and


Sep. 21 Elizabeth left for their winter home at Atlanta, Georgia

22 Emma, Richard & Donald started on their journey home to Denver, Colorado

26 Fred began to fill his silo

29 Completed filling silo

28 Rain which was much needed came and weather cooler.

Oct 3 The first frost of the season came last night

{written in pencil where previous pages were in pen}

{Napier?} or (K) 72" 1.35 27" 55 ¢ 18"35 ¢

Calcutta 72" 1.35 27" 52 4 18"34

Rubber binding {?}

{Inside 1st page from back cover, blank page with Memorandum pages (2) stapled in which the top one reads as follows:}


Width of Iles 3. ft

" seats apart 2 - 7 1/2


11 long at the top

6-9 in at Bottom

3 ft wide

{Legible from underneath said Memorandum paper}



3ft deep

{Well worn back cover, much more so than the front, not surprisingly.}

Transcription Progress



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“Roseltha Goble Diary & Transcription, 1895-1908,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed June 1, 2023,