Ellamanda Krauter Maurer Diary, 1922


Ellamanda Krauter Maurer Diary, 1922


Ellamanda Krauter Maurer


Courtesy of Archival and Special Collections, University of Guelph




20th Century, Waterloo North County, Woolwich Township, Ontario

Date Created


Is Part Of

Ellamanda Krauter Maurer Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript


Diary {Embossed in gold cursive}

Maurer (repeated)

Ella Maurer For the year 1922







Calendar for 1918


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Sun. Tues 1 Very cold. Walter

road this morning.

Church and Sunday

Mon. Wed 2 Very cold. Ella

was on the road nearly

tonight. Ausley Laukin

Kruig was here for supper.

Irvin Snider visited Vernon

Tues. Thur 3 Beautiful day with

was butchering at

Henry Shedewitz and

Wed. Fri 4 Snowed this morn-

noon. Walter went to

killed a beef at Noah

Miller called on Walter.

Thur. Sat 5 Cold & stormy.

Elmira for the first time

His callers were - Jus.


was busy opening the

We went to Woolwich

school this afternoon.

did her washing. Walter

all day and killed a beef

called on him and Elmo

Norman Henderson and

this afternoon.

lovely sunshine. Walter

Koepke's today. Callers were -

Geo Schwindt.

ing. Rained hard all after-

Creekbank this morning and

Miller's this afternoon. {Ditto?}

Walter shipped pigs from

today and got home at 2 p.m.

Staugey and Jack Harrington

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Fri. Sun 6 Snowing. Walter

this afternoon. Lincoln

Weaver were here for the

callers were - Joe Hall

Sat. Mon 7 Beautiful, perfect

to Borovay's sale this

visited Vernon today

and Alberta Allgeier.

Sun. Tues 8 Changeable weather

for dinner and had

Mr. & Mrs. Jus. Maurer,

Ezra Maurer, Mr. & Mrs.

Mon. Wed 9 Fair. Walter

ing and returned at

and Charlie Miller

ing at Floradale.

Tues. Thur 10 Perfect sunshiny

today at Jus Maurer's.

Wed. Fri 11 Fair. Cold east wind

father's place and took it

came up and stayed for

Louis Miller Enoch Snider,

Lizzie Koepke

Thur. Sat 12 Clear and cold.

for Elmira at 7 oclock.

Snider when he got back

Edmund Schwindt and


called at his father's place.

Edua, Willard and Mildred

afternoon and supper. Other

and Annie Snider.

day. Walter went to Alma

afternoon. Emerson Staugey

Other callers - {Gus.?} Snider

We had Arletta's turkey

the following company -

{Muism?} Maurer, Mr. & Mrs.

Jno. Staugey and Emerson.

went to Elmira this morn-

6.30 p.m. Callers were - Louis

Wm. Ritter died this morn-

day. Walter was butchering

Ella did her washing

Walter killed a beef at his

to Elora. Charles Hilliard

the night. Other callers -

Mr. Grasser, Annie Snider &

Walter and Charlie left

Walter killed a beef for Enoch

also fetched some pigs at

Hy. Shedewitz.


Fri. Sun 13 Fair. Some snow

Geo Snider's pig here

and was here for din-

called on Walter.

Sat. Mon 14 Very cold and

up the 8th of Peel this

before supper. Geo Snider

and Harvey and Lorue

Sun. Tues 15 Very stormy.

Enoch Snider's in the

Henry Gross died at

Mon. Wed 16 Walter butchered

Reist's today. Our

Walter Fulton.

Tues. Thur 17 Water went to

this morning and to

this afternoon. Two men

with a truck in the snow

Wed Fri 18 Snowing. Walter

Snider's today. Irvin

and they were there for

Thurs. Sat 19 Raw and cold.

Elmira today and took

Jno Staugey called on

Stormy their afternoon


flurries. We butchered

today. Enoch Snider helped

her too. Aaron Martin

stormy. Walter took a drive

forenoon and up to Creekbank

visited him this afternoon

Resit visited Vernon.

We drove to church with

big sleigh this afternoon

Floradale today.

two pigs at Addison

callers - Nick Hoffer and

Floradale with chopping

Elmira for a ton of corn

from Kitchener got stuck

and were here for dinner.

butchered three pigs at Enoch

fetched Ella and Vernon

supper too. Caller - Geo. {Nooran?}

Walter shipped pigs at

some pig up to {Lankin's?}

Walter this afternoon

and evening 3{page number of book}


Fri. Sun 20 Fair and cold.

this morning and

this afternoon. Ella went

Vernon came there after

supper there. Harvey

Sat. Mon 21 Fine day and

fetched the steer at

I took eight quarters of

was here for dinner

Nick Hoffers & Edmund

Sun. Tues 22 Very stormy.

of snow and dirt

services in Woolwich.

Mon. Wed 23 Fair and very

remarkable day

Maurer's. Walter

and had no visitors.

Tues. Thur 24 Clear and

washing. Walter &

2 loads of turnips to

Walter went to Ed.

Wed. Fri 25 Clear and very cold

to Alma this morning

this afternoon. Callers

Snider, Margaret Beuder

E.N.Beau was here for

Thur. Sat 26 Cold east wind

hog at Elmira today

with him and hand dinner

here for supper. Walter


Walter butchered a beef

went to Ausley Lankin's? sale

along and stayed at Lincoln's

school and we all had

Schmindt called on Walter

somewhat mild. Walter

Lankin's, {illeligble} it &

beed to Elora. Elmo King

Callers - Louis Miller,

Schmindt & Enoch Snider.

It is blowing a mixture

today. No church

on account of the storm

cold. This has been a

in the history of the

was at home all day

very cold. Ella did her

Jack Harrington took

Alma this morning and

{Hobberthen's?} sale after dinner.

Walter took a load of turnips

and went to Rube Elry's sale

were - Lizzie Koepke Annie

and Wilkie Campbell. Rev.


blowing Walter was shipping

Annie Snider went down

here. Norman King was

killed a beef for him.


Fri. Sun 27 Very cold.

Edmund Schwindt's

Sat Mon 28 Lovely day.

has a bad cold. He's

Bob and Ben Conrad {illelligible}

Schwindt, Venon and Keneth


Sun. Tues 29 Beautiful day.

Enoch's in the sleigh.

State preached today,

Mon. Wed 30 Beautiful sunny

Brubachen's today to fetch

Noah Miller

Tues. Thur 31 Another perfect

sale at {Goldetore?} this

Mrs. Jno.N.Miller and


tonight. We were

pork roast this

Born - Jo Mr. & Mrs.

Thurs Sat 2 Snowing & blowing.

hogs from Elmira, went

and returned at 2 p.m.


Walter butchered at


Somewhat milder. Walter

callers - {Wilhere?} Campbell

Irvin & Eva Snider, Edmund

Vernon visited {Krig's?} this

We drove to church with

Rev. Crawford of New York

day. Walter went to {Isiah?}

some piyo. Walter's caller.

day. Walter went to Kopas

afternoon. Callers were -

Edmund Schwindt.

Cloudy and mild. Rained

up to Geo. Snider for a


Noah Miller a daughter

Orpha Alberta

Walter was shipping

to St. Jacobs with the train


Fri. Sun 3 Snowing and

Walter went down

and got Polly shod.

Sat. Mon 4 Snowflurries.

chopping to Floradale

spent the afternoon

{Edlev?} was here for

Sun. Tues 5 Fair. Mr & Mrs,

cisited us today and

Mon Wed 6 Cold. Walter's

Louis and Charlie

Tue. Thur 7 Cold and windy.

for Louis Miller's.

and Joe Lawson.

Wed. Fri 8 Fair. Some snow-

ing today. Walter

Alma today.

Thurs. Sat 9 Beautiful spring -

hog from Elmira today.

{Elvho?} King was here for

Craig and Julia visited


blowing all day.

to Waelfle's this afternoon

Walter took a load of

this afternoon. Vernon

Addison Reist's. Lin {illeligible}


Otto Miller, Laura & Norman

were here for dinner & supper.

callers were - Nick Hoffer


Walter butchered a pig

Callers were - Cecil Jackson

flurries. Ella did her wash

took two loads of turnips to

like day. Walter slipped

and got home after 6 p.m.

supper and Mr. & Mrs.

us after supper.


Fri. Sun 10 Mild. Lincoln

came down and we

made sausage for

Born - 20 Mr & Mrs.

Sat. Mon 11 Cold & windy.

stables nearly all day

to Creekbank this after

Sun. Tues 12 Cold. Very cold

Waler & Vernon went

Sunday school this

a I {illeligible} speaker,

Mon. Wed 13 Cold. Snowflurrie's

The Fair and sold

Callers were - E.Bell,

Tues. Thur 14 Fair and cold.

2 pigs here for Pete

Mr. Whitlaw.

Wed. Fri 15 Fair and cold.

her washing today.

at E.Bell's . Callers


Thur Sat 16 Very cold. Walter was



Eden Willard & Mildred

butchered a pig and

them today.

Jacob Gord, St. Jacobs, a son.

Harnold Wayxe.

Walter worked in the

and he and Vernon went


piercing east wind blowing

to Woolwich church and afternoon. Mr. Buchanaw


Walter took five pigs to

them, also shipped his hide.

Pete and Gordon Roy.

Snowflurries. We butchered

Roy. Walter's caller was -

Snowflurries. Ella did

Walter butchered 2 pigs.

were - Pete Roy & Noah Shoe -

Clear and windy.

shipping pigs today from


Fri Sun 17 Very cold.

blowing. Walter

went to Creekbank

Sat. Mon 18 Lovely, spring-

load of chopping to

along Cyril Briston

Sun. Tues 19 Misty & dreamy,

ing and to Lincoln's

and came home in a

lightning and hail

Mon. Wed 20 Fair and cold.

Miller's and our Lord

reclined at ease on the

Tues. Thur 21 Lovely day. Ella

was chopping today,

Ziegler and Enoch

Wed. Fri 22 Thunder and light-

sleet all day.

Hedrick's sale near

blink thoughtout the

Thurs. Sat 23 Rain and sleet all

icy. Walter shipped

large flock of crows today.


Very cold east wind

worked in the stables and

this afternoon.

We went to church this morn-

for a while this afternoon.

shower of rain, thunder,

this afternoon.

Walter was butchering at Noah

Cyril did the chores and

couch the rest of the time.

did her washing Walter

His callers were - Henry


-ing last night. Rain and

Walter went to Henry

Elmira. Telephones on the

whole of Ontario

day. Colder tonight. Very

pigs today. Ella saw a


Fri Sun 24 Lovely day. Cold

went to Floradale

this afternoon.

Sat Mon 25 Lovely day. Clear

day gallivanting

had his dinner at

for supper at 7.30p.m.

Sun. Tues 26 Lovely day. Clear

Vernon went to Wool-


Mon. Wed 27 Cloudy. Some

her washing. Walter

Vernon felt ill so he

spent the most of the

Lincoln Weaver a

Tues. Thur 28 Very cold & stormy.

wine and we {case?} {illeligible}

Walter went to Martin's

Wed Fri 1 MARCH Cloudy

Kavanagli's this morning

Callers - Mrs. Kello and

Thur. Sat 2 Lovely sunshiny

at Elmira today and

Father Krautur home



and clear. Walter & Cyril

with a load of chopping

and cold. Walter spent the

around the country. He

Lincoln Weavers {aid?} got home

and cold. Walter, Ella &

{wich?} church & S.S, this after-

snow flurries. Ella did

spent the day on the road.

stayed home from school and

day in bed. {Borje?} - Jo Mr {illelligible}

daughter {illeligible} Lauriree Nellie

Walter connected some of the

with some of the neighbours again

Bowman's sale.

raw and cold. Walter went to

and to Woelfle's this afternoon.

Pete Roy.

day. Walter shipped hogs

got back at 7 p.m. and brought

with him and took on {quilt?} by

MARCH, 1918

Fri. Sun 3 Lovely sunshiny

of corn at Elmira this

for us this afternoon.

Sat. Mon 4 Lovely spring-like

turnips down to Elmira

to Clement's after supper

Sun. Tues 5 Lovely spring-like

this morning and

for the afternoon and

went up to Lincoln's

Mon. Wed 6 Fair. Ella did

today. Walter took a

morning and {one?} up

Cyril went to {Emerpon?}

trial and stayed to-

Tues. Thur 7 Somewhat colder.

out looking for

did the chores this

passing motorist,

here from Lincoln's and

Wed. Fri 8 Clear, cold and windy,

sale this afternoon.

this aft evening.

Thur. Sat 9 Fine spring-like

from Elmira today and

as far as Elmira.

gingham dress for a

school again this


day. Walter fetched a load

morning and butchered a pig

Arthur Cragg was our caller.

day. Walter took a load of

this afternoon and went

day. We went to church

went to Lincoln Weaver's

for supper. Father Krauter

this morning.

her washing & {illeligible}

load of turnips to Elmira this

to Lincolns this afternoon.

Grose's tonight for a week on

days. (Gord {Riddyuce?}).

Snowflurries. Walter was

horses this morning and

afternoon also helped a

Father Krauter came {illelligible}

Jno. Schwindt visited Walter

Walter went to Becker's

Noah Miller visited us

day. Walter shipped pigs

took Father Krauter along.

Ida spent me a pretty

present. Vernon started to


MARCH, 1918

Fri Sun 10 Lovely spring day

day looking for a


Sat Mon 11 Fine weather.

and bought a bay

Vernon called at


Sun. Tues 12 Lovely day. We

and Sunday School

Mon. Wed 13 Fair and mild.

today. Walter went to

Callers were - Ms. Fairweather

Beuder, Jno and

Tues. Thur 14 Fair and mild.

Jno. Stanger here today.

for dinner and Isaac

callers - Jacob King,

Saw song sparrows

Wed. Fri 15 Clear, cold and

Kavauagh's this

Stauger and and Jno.N.

Thur Sat 16 Very cold & windy

hogs from Elmira today,

was here and bought 3

visited us afrter supper.


Walter was away all

horse. Geo. Snider went

Walter went up to {Mehlonald?}

mare named Uora .

Kinig's and Geo. Snider's

went to Woolwick church

this afternoon.

Ella did her washing

Elmira Monthly Fair today

Geo. Schwindt, Solomon

Emerson Staugey.

We butchered a pig for

Aubrey Lawson was here

Martin for supper. Other

Geo. Snider and Jno. Staugey.

and blackbirds today.

windy. Walter visited the

afternoon. Callers were - Jno


Snowflurries. Walter shipped

Mr. Widerman of Balsam Grove

{heifus?} from him. Geo. Edler

MARCH, 1918

Fri. Sun 17 Very cold. Walter's

Maurer. Annie & Eva

Sat Mon 18 Very cold. Walter,

took three head of

Walter went to a


Sun. Tues 19. Cold, Raw east

rain this afternoon.

at home.

Mon. Wed 20 Nasty. gloomy day.

Walter went to

and butchered 2 pigs

Vernon saw a kilders

Norman King a

Tues. Thur 21 Snowing and blowing

Floradale this morn-

Alma in the afternoon.

today. Vernon is ill

in bed.

Wed. Fri 22 Clear and very

at home. This callers

Hartwing, Norman

Thur Sat 23 Fine day. Milder

Elmira today, took a

and brought home a

and {illeligible}. James



callers were Geo. & Charlie

Snider visited Ella.

Vernon and Charlie Miller

cattle down to Balsam Grove.

sale at Alma this after-

wind blowing. Started to

Maurer's spent the day

Started to snow this evening.

Creekbank this morning

for Louis Miller's this afternoon

today. Born - Jo Mr, & Mrs.

day after - Violet Loraine

Very cold. Walter went to

ing and to Miller's sale at

Walter had eleven callers

again and spent the day

cold. Walter spent the day

were - Nick Hoffer, Christ,

Martin and Loui's Miller.

Walter shipped hogs at

heifer to Elmira for {illeligible}

horse. Ella did her washing

Kravaugh called on

MARCH, 1918

Fri. Sun 24 Fine day.

sow for Ellen's today

{Mt?}. Henry Geisel

the {Uora?} maze from

Sat. Mon 25 Fair and mild.

Louis Miller's to make

and stayed for dinner.

Geisel's. Herbic Miller

Sun Tues 26 Fair. We saw

Ella and Vernon

Weaver's Jno. Staugey

on Walter this after-

four years ago.

Mon Wed 27 Miserable day.

traipsing around

horses. The callers

Geo. Snider.

Tues. Thur 28 Gloomy day.

Ella was {quiltese?} today

Jno. Staugey helped.

this morning. They

Wed Fri 29 Colder. Walter

Matthew's safe and

helped me finished

here for supper. Born

Reist a daughter

Thurs Sat 30 Snowflurries &

Walter shipped

Callers were - Henry

and Geo. Edler.


We butchered an old

and she was one tough

was here and bought


Walter & Vernon went to

the summer sausages

Walter took Uora down to

spent the afternoon here

some meadowlakes today

spent the day at Lincoln

and Jacob Kuig called

noon. We moved here

Raining. Walter was

all day looking for

were.- Joe Lawson and

Started to rain this evening

and Mrs. Hoffer and Mrs

Walter went to Creekbank

saw two robins today

and Ezra wenrt to Em

Bent trayed here and

the quilt and they were

Jo Mr & Mrs. Addison

Alma Reist.

sleet all day. Nasty weather

hogs from Elmira. today

Kliuck, Mr. Henderson

MARCH, 1918

Fri. Sun 31 Rain and sleet.

the barn today,

school and called

had a surprise

didn't go.

Sat Mon 1 APRIL Cold.

with ice. The telephone is

Walter took a load

this afternoon

Sun. Tues 2 Fine day. We went

this morning, to

and to Jno. Maurer's

roast goose for

Mon. Wed 3 Fair. Ella did

cleaned Aubrey's room.

our new hired {mane?}

Maurer were here

Tues. Thur 4 Misty & dreary.

to Bery. Lichty's sale

bought a corn

Wed. Fri 5 Dreary misty day.

today on the 16th.

Mr. Archibald.

Thur Sat 6 Suite nice day.

with Walter and had

We had our dinner

We saw some blue -


Walter worked around

fetched Vernon home from

at the store. The neighbours

party for Bete Roy's {hit?} we

Everything is {cooered?}

is on the {bum?} again.

of chopping to Floradale

to Woolwich church & S.S.

Ezra Maurer's for dinner

for supper. They had a


her washing today and

Aubrey Lawson, of {Winfield?}

arrived today. Jno & Ezra

for dinner.

Walter & Aubrey went

this afternoon and Walter


Walter was butchering

of Peel for Mr. {Uarson?} and

Ella went to Elmira today

here teeth filled at Ur Hilli's

at Ant. Kleiuck's.

birds today.

APRIL, 1918

Fri Sun 7 Mild. Thunder-

Aubrey took a load

and Walter went

Sat Mon 8 Grand warm

ing stones into the lane

noon at Addison Reists.

Cragg's and Clement's

frogs for the first

Sun. Tues 9 Beautiful spring

went to Woodwich church

Willard Mildred and

tea. Aubrey went to

Mon Wed 10 Beautiful mild

Monthly fair today.

with him and was

did her washing.

Tues Thurs 11 Heavy downpour

today. The men were

callers - Alonzo & Clayton

Wed. Fri 12 Colder. Windy

men were cleaning

callers were - Christian

Thur. Sat 13 Dreary. Raw

shipped pigs from

was drawing gravel


storms, rain and hail.

of chopping to Floradale

to Wollfle's & {illeligible} Millers.

day. The men were haul-

Vernon spent the after-

Walter & Ella went up to

this afternoon. He and the

twice tonight.

day. Walter, Ella & Vernon

this afternoon. Lincoln, Edna,

Doris Weaver were here for

Winfield this evening

day. Walter went to the

Mr.Geo {illeligible} came up

here for dinner. Ella

of rain last night. Showery

cleaning seed grain. His

Miller, and Mr. Riff.

with snowflurries. The

seed grain. Walter's

Clements and Enoch Snider

and cold. Walter

Elmira today and Aubrey

into the lane.

APRIL, 1918

Fri. Sun 14 Good Friday. Lovely

Walter was pruning

drawing gravel.

Sat Mon 15 Cold & windy.

today and Walter

Walter, Ella & Vernon

Sun. Tues 16 Clear, cold & windy.

this morning. Easter

at Geo. Schwindt's and

Edna had Doris to church

Mon. Wed 17 Thunderstorms &

up after dinner. Ella

pa Krauter's this after-

Mill burned down

Tues Thur 18 Very windy. Shower

& Vernon spent the

Walter was mending

was drawing

Wed. Fri 19 Clear and windy.

today at about 11.30 a.m.

this afternoon and

Started to snow

went to Lincoln

Thur. Sat 20 Fierce snow -

started for Elmira

in the snowbank, and

Aubrey helped {Elmo?}

grain this afternoon


morning. Cloudy afternoon.

fruit trees and Aubrey was

It started to rain tonight.

Aubrey had a holiday

was hauling gravel.

went to Creekbank tonight.

We went to Woolwich church

Sunday. We spent the day

Sam Reid's were also there.

for the first timme today.

rain this forenoon. Cleaned

& Vernon drove up to the Grand-

noon. The St. Jacobs {Hour?}


and snowflurries. Ella

day at Grandpa's

grain bags and Aubrey


Ella & Vernon got home

. We did the washing

planted some shrubs.

tonight. Walter

Eden's sale today.

storm today. Walter

this morning, got stuck

went back home.

{king?} cleaning seed.

APRIL, 1918

Fri. Sun 21 Clear and cold

with the sleigh for a while

Walter went to Creekbank

and Aubrey was haul-

Sat. Mon 22 Cloudy and raw.

was hauling gravel.

Elmira this afternoon.

Sun. Tues 23 Raw cold wind

Miriam were here for

We went up to

little while after

Mon.Wed 24 Beautiful day.

the upstairs today.

were driving around

Grandpa Krauter

Tues. Thur 25 Lovely day.

this morning and

planted the sweet peas

went up to Lincoln's this

was here for dinner.

Wed. Fri 26 Cloudy. A few

a pig for Cragg's this

this afternoon. Aubrey

funeral this afternoon.

home today

Thur. Sat 27 Clear! Cold north

spent the day in Elmira



the men hauled home wood

this morning. After dinner

and Alma with Jno. Staugey

ing gravel.

Snowflurries. Aubrey

Walter & Ella went to

blowing. Ezra, Best and

awhile this afternoon.

Lincoln Weaver's for a


Ella finished cleaning

Walter & Jno. Stauey

the country this afternoon

came up here this afternoon

Ella did her washing

cleaned the yard and

this afternoon. Grandpa

afternoon. Josiah Brubacher

showers. Walter butchered

morning and hauled gravel

attended Helma {Aylestack's?}

Father Krauter went

wind blowing. Walter

Aubrey was hauling

APRIL, 1918

Fri. Sun 28 Clear and

were plowing. Jerome

for supper.

Sat. Mon 29 Clear and

were plowing this

load of chopping to

put the fence around

went to kavanagh! tonight

Sun Tues 30 Lovely day,

church & S.School this

of Kitchener preached.

Lincoln Weaver's and

Mon. Wed 1 MAY Lovely

and Aubrey was

digging in the garden

Charlie & Schaefer was

Tues Thur 2 Lovely warm day.

and Walter planted

made her flower


Wed Fri 3 Cloudy. Shower

The men were

Ella did her

Thurs Sat 4 Fair and warm.

All day. Walter was

Ella was working in

finished the digging


windy. Walter & Aubrey

Kavauagh was here

windy. Walter & Aubrey

forenoon. Aubrey took a

Floradale and Walter

the yard. W & Jus. Staugey

and Aubrey & Vernon to Creekbank

We went to Woolwich

morning. Rev. J.P Houch

We had company for dinner

family and Geo. Edler,

day. Walter was plowing

cultivating. Ella was

and sowed some seeds

here for dinner.

Aubrey was cultivating

seeding at noon. Ella

beds and sewed her

of rain after supper.

working on the land.

washing today.

Aubrey was harrowing

shipped pigs from Elmira

the garden and Walter

for her when he got back

MAY, 1918

Fri. Sun 5 The men were

onions, peas beans

School. Ella

first time today.

Sat. Mon 6 Thunderstorms

The men were seeding.

the gladiolus bulbs

went to Creekbank

Sun Tues 7 Windy, cold

day. We intended

but had to stay home

Mon. Wed 8 Lovely day. Ella

took 10 little pigs to the

{Kuhan?} for $55. Aubrey

father came here to

and was here for

Tues Thur Very windy.

Ella cleaned the

Wed. Fri 10 Lovely warm day.

today. Ella cleaned

Lincoln brought Mother

and she is staying for

Thur Sat 11 Warm & Windy.

to St. Jacobs this morning.

today, also varnished the

harrowing and Walter


seeding. Ella planted

today. Arbor Day at

mowed the lawn for the

and showers this afternoon

Ella & Vernon planted

today. Walter & Aubrey

after supper.

and drizzly. Miserable

going to Holland's today

on account of the weather

did her washing. Walter

Fair and cold them to {illeligible}

was cultivating, Walter's

fetch some seed grain


The men were seeding

parlor today.

The men finished seeding

the dining room today

Krauter here this afternoon

the night.

Walter took Mother down

Ella planted the dahlias

binoleum. Aubrey was

was rolling.

MAY, 1918

Fri. Sun 12 Lovely day. The

this morning and Ella

They plowed the orchard

Dohmer, Mr. & Mrs.


Sat. Mon 13 Beautiful day

and Walter was

for the week and

and Vernon went to

Sun. Tues 14 Lovely day. We left

{Glennie's?} and all

their car. We

church this afternoon

business section

Mon Wed 15 Lovely day, Ella

planted corn, melons,

The men were

Tues. Thur 16 Lovely day.

stones. Ella did her

King's and up to

Wed. Fri 17 Fair. Some

picking stones and

came up here today

Other callers - Elmo

Thurs Sat 18 Dreary & drizzly

this morning.

and the callers today.

this afternoon.


men plowed the garden

planted the early potatoes.

this afternoon. Mr. {Meuno?}

Geo. Glennie were here for

Aubrey sowed the orchard

making {feuce?}. Aubrey left

this evening, Walter, Ella

Creekbank after supper

this morning called at Geo.

went down to Hilliard's in

went to Conestogs Methodist

Big Fire in Elmira. Part of

burned down

did her washing and

beans and pumpkins

picking stones

The men were picking

ironing. We went over to

Creekbank after supper

showers. The men were

chopping. {Chosle?} Hilliard

and stayed for supper.

Knig and Annie Lauder

Walter went to Elmira

Ella cleaned rhe dairy

John Fanncombe died

MAY, 1918

Fri. Sun 19 Dreary & drizzly.

up to Creekbank this

hauling {mamure?}

this afternoon and

Sat Mon 20 drizzly & miserable

to Elmira this morning

to Creekbank this after-

Winfield tonight.

Sun. Tues 21 Fine weather.

family along and

We attended Mrs. {Hy?}

afternoon at Heidelbery.

Mon. Wed 22 Beautiful day. Ella

ing and we went to

Mrs Hilliard came up

me some clothes

{ilelligible}. We had

Tues Thur 23 Fine day.

hauling {ilelligible}.

and Ida was sew-

Wed Fri 24 Lovely day. Walter

pigs. Vernon went

Ella planted some

and cucumbers today

Thurs Sat 25 Rained today.

today and Ida went

spent the afternoon in


The men took 1 load of hay

morning Aubrey was

Walter went to Kitchener

had his supper at Hilliard!

Walter Ella & Vernon went

and Walter & Vernon went

noon. Aubrey went to

We took Lincoln's and

went up to Grandpa Krauter's

{Huchin's?} funeral

did her washing this morn-

Kitchener this afternoon.

with us and is making

Aubrey was hauling

our supper at Ediths

Walter & Aubrey were

Ella did her {illeligible}


was out all day buying

fishing this afternoon.

more beets, peas, beans

Walter went to Elmira

town with him. Aubrey


MAY, 1918

Fri. Sun 26 Fair. Walter

to Elmira this morn-


Sat. Mon 27 Lovely day.

for dinner. Walter,

Creekbank after supper

Sun. Tues 28 Glorious day.

and church this

went to Alma with

and Emerson Staugey

Mon. Wed 29 Perfect day.

Ella did her

Walter Bott & Joe

the cattle out to -

Tues Thur 30 Lovely day.

This afternoon Wal

at Alma. Jno. Schm

Other callers - Dave

Wed. Fri 31 Windy & hot.

and drinking

maker & little myra


Thurs. Sat 1 JUNE

the day in Elmira.

the cornfield. Wesley

here and helped to


took a fat heifer (Stella)

ing. Aubrey was hauling

Father Krauter was here

Ella & Vernon went to

We went to Woolwich S.B.

morning. Walter & Vernon

Jno. Staugey this afternoon

was here for tea.

The men were plowing

washing. Walter's callers -

Boegel. We put some of


The men were plowing

ter went to Borovay's sale

idt was here for supper

Frey & Hy Hedrich.

The men were plowing

Mr. & Mrs. {Frvin?} Shoe -

paid us a visit after

Lovely day. Walter spent

Aubrey was working in

Edler spent the evening

shell corn.

JUNE, 1918

Fri Sun 2 Cloudy & windy.

this afternoon. Ella

planting. Callers -

Lynch, and Ally.

Sat. Mon 3 Cloudy & warm.

potatoes this morning.

after supper

Sun. Tues 4 Lovely day.

church & S.School

was here for supper.

Mrs. Platt and Annie


Mon. Wed 5 Warm, & few

did her washing.

Walter helped all

Krauter and {Abner?}

for dinner.

Tues Thur 6 Hot. Walter

of the day. Aubrey was

of Lebanon was

Woelfle called on

had a rather stormy

Wed Fri 7 Hot. Walter

and Aubrey was

came down here

and the night.

Thurs Sat 8 Hot. Walter

got this steel for the barn

Martin, Sam Levitzer,

Martin put in the


Walter sowed his corn

cut the potatoes for

Noah Miller, Francis


the men planted the

Walter went to Creekbank

We went to Woolwich

this afternoon. Joe {Lawson?}

Mr. & Mrs. Jacob King

were our visitors after

sprinkle of rain. Ella

Aubrey was plowing

day at Lincoln's. Emerson

{Brubacher?} were here

helped at Lincoln's part

plowing. Thomas Jackson

here for dinner. Jno.

Walter tonight and they

session at the gate

was drawing gravel

plowing. Mother Krauter

from Lincoln's for tea

shipped hogs today. Aubrey

{ilelligible} at Elmira. {ilelligible}

Harry afareeman and Eli

cement barn floor today

JUNE, 1918

Fri. Sun 16 Thunderstorms

all day at Lincoln's

Very severe

around 1 oclock.

Sat. Mon 17 Cloudy &

Vernon were up at

at the barn raising

{Ou?} were married

Sun. Tues 18 Cloudy & cool.

and Ella were here

up to Duncan Wordin's

Mon. Wed 19 Fair/

hay at Jno. Staugey's

today. Ella picked


Tues. Thur 20 Fair & warm.

ing hay here this

men for dinner.

clover this afternoon

Wed. Fri 21 Clear & windy.

Walter was cutting

was hauling wood

Thurs. Sat 22 Lovely breezy

of buckwheat to Elmira

Krauter brought us

Annie Snider spent the

Aubrey worked on


and showers. Ella helped

preparing for the raising

thunderstorm tonight

sultry. Walter, Ella &

Lincoln Weaver's all day

Earl Miller and Ella


Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hilliard

for the day. We took a drive

near Arthur this afternoon.

Walter helped to press

and at Jno. N. Miller's

some berries in Schwindt's

Mr. Fairweather was press-

forenoon and we had nine

Walter cut some sweet

and Aubrey sowed buckwheat

Ella did her washing today

sweet clovery and Aubrey

home from the field.

day. Walter took a load

and shipped pifs. Fautrer

some cherries & strawberries

afternoon with Ella

the road all day.

JUNE, 1918

Fri. Sun 23 Fair & warm

for me in Schwindt's

cultivating corn

sweet clover. Geo.


Sat. Mon 24 Very warm.

Walter finished

some of the sweet

Ella and Vernon


Sun. Tues 25 Cloudy and

nmorning, took Father

along and went to

Aunt Polly and Fred

Mon. Wed 26 Lovely day-

also picked some

in 7 loads of sweet

Shoemaker visited

Tues Thur 27 Cloudy this

afternoon. The men

sweet clover

Wed. Fri 28 Cloudy & dull.

wood all day at his

worked on the road

Thurs. Sat 29 Lovely day.

this morning and

came up with him to


Father picked some berries

bush. Walter was

and Aubrey was raking

Snider visited us after

Father went home today

the corn and they put

clover on {cails?}. Walter

went to Creekbank after

cold. We left early this

and Mother Krauter

Wartbruig and visited

Dills and got home at 10.20 pm

Ella did her washing

cherries. The men put

clover today. {illegible}

Walter tonight.

morning. Showers this

put in 4 loads of

Walter was sawing

Father's place. Aubrey

all day.

Walter went to Elmira

Joe Stump of St. Clements

make the chimneys

JUNE, 1918

Fri. Sun 30 Very warm. Joe

chimney by 9 a.m.

to Elmira and they

clover today. Started

Saturd. Mon 1 JULY Rained

Cloudy and miserable

with his varion called

down at his father's

afternoon. We went

Sun. Tues 2 Boegel's butcher

slips were burned out

Lonely day Our visitors

and Mrs. Colson Jefferson

Nellie Gallagher of

Mon. Wed 3 Cloudy & cool.

all day. Walter was

ing wood. Aubrey

Wagner took us on

to Guelph Hospital and

Tues. Thur 4 Lovely day.

Walter hauled the

Miller helped and was

Lorne Reist spent the

Wed. Fri 5 Perfect day. The

sweet clover, and

piece of grass.

Thurs Sat 6 Fair. Walter

Elmira today

Ella went to choir


{Stumpf?} finished the

and Walter took him back

put in 1 load of sweet

to rain around 9 p.m.

all {illegible} night

all day. Walter talked

all {missing?} and was

place doing nothing all

to Creekbank after supper

shop and Schwint baker

last night in Elmira.

Mr. & Mrs. Ezra Naurer Mr.

and Roy of Kitchener and


Ella was canning cherries

at his father's all day {illegible}

was plowing. Mrs. John

Saturday and they took her

operated on her tonight.

Ella did her washing

baled hay to Alma. Charlie

here for dinner. Harvey &

afternoon with Vernon,

men brought in 5 loads of

Walter cut another

shipped hog from

Aubrey was plowing

practice tonight

July, 1918

Fri. Sun 7 Terrible wind

supper time. The

loads of hay.

Sat. Mon 8 Fair and

plowing. They

raking today. We


Sun. Tues 9 Fine. We

and Sunday school,

visited Nick Heffer's


Mon. Wed 10 Walter

Elmira. Aubrey

raising. Showers

Tues. Thur 11 Very warm,

tonight. We went

today. Johan Miller

dinner at Charlie

at Edith's.

Wed. Fri 12 Very warm.

There was two men

the house. Aubrey

Thurs. Sat 13 Lovely day.

The men finished

Mrs. Norman King,

here for tea and also


Cash Account

blowing. Showers at

men brought in 3

warm. Aubrey was

brought in a load of

spent the evening at

went to Woolwich church

this morning. We

today and stayed for

spent the day at

was at {Sims?} Weaver's

of rain tonight.

Rhins and wind stormy

to the circus at Kitchener

was with us. We had run

Hilland's and supper

Thunderstorms tonight

here putting the roof on

was hoeing turnips.

Ella did her washing

putting on the roof.

Blanche & Phyllis were

got some gooseberries and

JULY, 1918

Fri. Sun 14 Lovely warm

seuffling work and

was here and got

cherries The


Sat. Mon 15 Fair & warm

of hay today.

Sun. Tues 16 Fair & warm

Aubrey and Job

had dinner at,

at Cecil Jackson's.

Mon. Wed 17 Thundersto

Walter helped Ella

Hilliard came up

stayed for the

and barns were

Tues. Thur 18 Fair. Charlie

and Vernon went

some more grass.

Wed. Fri 19 Beautiful day.

grass today and

Thurs. Sat 20 Walter went

Vernon came home

and Grace Findlay. They

We went to Creekbank


day. The men were

turnips. Mrs. Jacob King

some gooseberries and

men put in 1 load of

The men put in 1 load

Walter, Vernon,

went to Lebanon today

Aylerstock's and supper

rms and rain all day

do the washing. Charles

here for supper and

night. Several houses

wrecked by a cyclone.

left after breakfast

with him. Walter cut

They brought in 1 load

Walter finished cutting

they brought in 4 loads.

to Elmira this morning.

with him also Ella Helliard

put in 4 loads of hay.

after supper.

JULY, 1918

Fri. Sun 21 Beautiful day.

for breakfast. The

hay this morning and

Miller this afternoon.

Sat. Mon 22 Hot Started

men put in the last

morning and took two

Winfield in the afternoon


Sun. Tues 23 Fair. We

church this morning

Lincoln Weaver

and Doris were

C. Clements brought

Mon. Wed 24 Lovely day.

the washing and

beans. The men

and Aubrey took a

We went to Stirton

Tues. Thurs 25 Lovely day.

seuffling corn

Ella {Grace?} and

Haffer's this

fetched the mare

Wed. Fri 26 Lovely day.

Laura and

Homer Somerville


Thurs. Sat 27 Walter went

They were plowing


{Floeich?} Lawson was here

men put in 3 loads of hay.

Walter helped Charlie

to rain at noon. The

load of raking. this

loads from Mogld us to

We all went to Creekbank

went to Woolwich

and Mr. & Mrs.

Williard Mildred

here for dinner & supper

us a feed of ice creams.

Ella and the girls did

picked the berries and

finished hoeing turnips.

load of hay to Winfield

Drayton & Creekbank tonight

The men were

and turnip today

Vernon went over to

afternoon. Coalters Aubrey

at Stinton.

The men were plowing

Norman Miller and

visited this

to Elmira this morning.


JULY, 1918

Fri. Sun 28 Lovely day.

and harrowing.

sweet lover

Sat Mon 29 Fine day.

porch and Aubrey

Aylestock and Lloyd

mare and colt. were

We went to Creekbank

Sun Tues 30 Fair and hot

Mr. Aylestock & Lloyd

Our visitors - Mr. & Mrs

Sonny & Betty, Mr. & Mrs.

Harold Hebel, Dorothy

Mon Wed 31 Cloudy & very

Ella did the was to

in on his way home

for dinner. Other

and Audrey Groff

Tues Thur 1 == AUGUST ==

all day. The men were

was hit by a fence

cuts in his forehead.

Millie the holstein

Wed. Fri 2 Thunderstorms

Walter spent the after-

was splitting wood.

Thurs. Sat 3 Lovely day.

with Walter and left

was hoeing turnips.

for tea. We went to


Aubrey was rolling

Walter sowed some

and today.

Walter put the roof on the

was cultivating. Mr

of Lebanon brought the

here for tea and the night

after supper.

left after breakfast.

Flauk Hamel, Morgant

Colson Jefferson & Roy, Mr & Mrs.

{Pepin} and Mr. {Haelfiyard}.

showery. Walter and

ing. Bert Hilliard called

from Durham and stopped

callers - Hossie Lawson

Thunderstorms and rain

making fence. Vernon

rail and has two nasty

Audrey Groff fetched

cow tonight.

and rain all day.

noon at King's. Aubrey

Ella & Grace went to Elmira

for home from there. Aubrey

Rev. E.H. Bean was here

chair practice tonight.

AUGUST, 1918

Fri. Sun 4 Lovely day.

the turnips and potatoes

Mr & Mrs. Earl Miller

Sat. Mon 5 Fair. Aubrey

marning. They were

born today. They

after supper

Sun. Tues 6 Fair in the

all afternoon. We

ing and to Leon Wagner's

The Children's Day

account of the rain.

Mon. Wed 7 Showery all

binder ready.

this forenoon.

Tues. Thur 8 Lovely day. Very

cutting grain today

ing. Ella did her

Wed. Fri 9 Lovely, cool day

and Aubrey was

Thurs Sat 10 Lovely day.

and Aubrey was

at {illegible} and got


The men finished hauling

Mr. & Mrs. Ben Miller &

called on us this evening

went to Duaryton this

working around the

went up to Creekbank.

morning. Rained haed

went to church in the morn-

for dinner and supper.

Service was postponed on

day. The men got the

Ezra & Bert visited us

cool. Walter started

and Aubrey was stook-


Walter was cutting


Walter was cutting

stooking. Ella called

the {brutters?}

AUGUST, 1918

Fri Sun 11 Fair & warm.

and Aubrey was

Sat Mon 12 Quite hot.

and Aubrey was

and Vernon went

Sun Tues 13 Clear & hot.

Mr. & Mrs Charles J.

Musselman, Laura

to Children's Day

Mon Wed 14 Clear and hot

Monthly Fair and

afternoon they drew

Tues Thur 15 Clear and

did the washing.

load of grain this

Walter finished

was stooking.

Wed. Fri 16 Very hot.

in all day and

Thurs. Sat 17 Very hot.

this morning and

This afternoon they

of grain


Walter was cutting


Walter was cutting

stooking. Walter, Ella

to Creekbank tonight.

Our visitors today were

Hilliard Mr & Mrs. Peter

and Arthur. They went

Service tonight with us.

Walter went to Elmira

cold 3 little pigs. This

in 5 loads of grain.

very hot. Ella & Vernon

The men brought in 5

morning. This afternoon

cutting grain & Aubrey

The men were drawing.

put in 8 loads.

Walter went to Elmira

Aubrey was stooking,

brought in 5 loads

AUGUST, 1918

Fri Sun 18 Very hot this

noon. The men

grain today.

Sat Mon 19 Lovely cool

brought in 9 loads

Sun Tues 20 Beautiful day.

were Father & Mother

Addie and Marie.

Weavers for tea.

Mon. Wed 21 Grand weather.

The men brought

Annie and Eva

noon with Ella.

Tues Thur 22 Clear and hot.

loads of grain today

Wed. Fri 23 Cloudy & sultry.

finished harvest-

in loads. They

this afternoon.

Thurs Sat 24 Sultry. Ella &

with Walter this morn

This afternoon they


forenoon. Burned coal at

brought in 5 loads of

breezy day. The men

of grain today.

Our visitors for dinner

Krauter. Emerson,

We were at {Sun?}.

Ella did her washing

in 7 loads of grain today

Snider spent the after-

The men brought in 8

Thunderstorms. The men

in today They brought

were cutting bunfocks

Vernon went to Elmira

ing. Aubrey was raking

finished the bundocks.

AUGUST, 1918

Fri Sun 25 Thunderstorms

windy this afternoon

plowing all day.

Sat Mon 26 Clear & cool.

plowing all day.

Maurer's after

to Creekbank,

Walter and bough

Sun Tues 26 Perfect day.

church and Sun

Our vistors - Mr. &

Lincoln Weaver, Willa

Murray Marshall & Alice

Mon Wed 28 Lovely day.

at Louis Miller's this

Staugey's this after-

were {gaug?} plowing

Tues Thur 29 Fair. The men

day. Ella did her

and Miriam were

got some plums

Wed. Fri 30 Lovely day. The

this morning. Maurer's

Help - Charlie Miller Ezra

Enoch Snider & Addison

Murray Marshall

Thurs Sat 31 Clear & warm.

Elmira today & got

his dinner at Geo

and Aubrey were


this morning. Clear &

The men were going -

The men were going -

We called at Ezra

supper also went up

Harry Klick visited

t a {illegible} from

We went to Woolwich

day school this afternoon

Mrs. John Maurer Mr.& Mrs

rd Mildred and Doris.

Hoffer were here after tea.

Walter helped to thresh

morning and at John

noon. Aubrey & Vernon

were {illegible} plowing all

ironing. Ezra, Bert

here after supper and

men were {illegible} plowing

threshing this afternoon.

Miller, Wesley Miller

Reist I Alice Hoffer &

were married today.

Walter shipped pigs at

home at 2 p.m. He had

father's place. Vernon

{illegible} plowing.


Fri Sun 1 Cloudy and dull

to Hy. Klinck and

Aubrey was {illegible}

Sat. Mon 2 Cloudy and hot.

chopping to Floradale.

at Noah Miller's this

Stewart on the road in the

and Wilma Collington

Sun. Tues 3 Beautiful day.

Weaver's today

Mon Wed 4 Lovely day.

and went to {illegible}

Re-Union at Heidel

very good time


Tues Thur 5 Very hot.

and Walter was

day of school after

Maurer were here

Josiah Brubacher

Wed Fri 6 Cloudy & hot.

at Elmo {Kuig's?} today

and {gorg?} plowing

Thurs Sat 7 Clear and warm

from Elmira today.

came up with him

all day at Enoch

cutting buckwheat


Walter & Vernon went

to Elmira this morning

plowing & harrowing

Walter took a load of

Aubrey helped to thresh

morning and helped Mr.

afternoon. Bert Hilliard

of Durham were here for tea

We were at Lincoln

We took Lincoln's along

Hahn The Hahn

rrg where we had a

and met many old

Aubrey was harrowing

pulling mustard. First

holidays. Bert & Mirriam

for tea. Other callers -

Emerson {Sterkury?} & V. {Mobrull?}

Walter helped to {illegible}

Aubrey was harrowing

Walter shipped pigs

and Beulah Hilliard

Aubrey helped to thresh

Snider's. Walter started


Fri. Sun 8 Very hot.

cutting the

helped to thresh

Sat Mon 9 Very hot.

helped at Snider's

Walter, Ella, Beul

to Creekbank toni

Sun. Tues 10 Very hot Hear

Ella, Beulah & Vern

and as it was

stayed for the

Mon. Wed 11 Shivery. We

and arrived home

gang plowing.

Tues. Thur 12 Lovely day.

The men were gang

Zanders were here

Grandma Krauter

family called a

Wed Fri 13 Showery & cloudy.

plowing. Aubrey

Enoch Snider's this

Krauter came here

Thurs Sat 14 Beastly wet

at Elmira. Father &

home this afternoon.

Fair at Creekbank

and 2nd for beets.

came up here for tea


Walter finished

buckwheat Aubrey

at Enoch Snider's

Showery. Aubrey

up till 3 oclock.

ah and Vernon went

ght. also Beryl {illegible}

ry rained tonight. Walter

on went down to Hilliard


stayed at Hilliard.

at 5 p.m. Aubrey was

Ella did her washing

plowing. Mr. & Mrs.

for tea. Grandpa &

and Lincoln Weaver &

fter tea and got some plums

The men were gang-

helped to saw wood at

afternoon. Father & Mother

thus afternoon.

day. Walter shipped hogs

Mother Krauter left for

We went to the School

Vernon got 1st for writing

Charlies & Bert Hilliard

and the night.


Fri. Sun 15 Lovely clear

for home this after

and Walter was

the community.

Sat. Mon 16 Clear & cool

Vernon went to

Sun. Tues 17 Clear & cool.

Peppler, Lloyd,

Waterloo visited

Mon. Wed 18 Cloudy & cold

washing. Aubrer

Tues. Thur 19 Dreary day.

The men started


Wed. Fri 20 Lovely day.

Aubrey was haul-

Thurs Sat 21 Lovely warm day

at Elmira today

the corn with the

Aubrey was hauling


day. Charlie & Bert left

noon. Aubrey was plowing

gallivanting around

day. Walter, Ella &

the Elmira Fair today

Mr. & Mrs. Milton

Early & Betty of

us today.

& windy. Ella did her

was drawing manure

Rained all forenoon

fall plowing this after

Walter was plowing and

ing manure

Walter shipped pigs

and started cutting

binder this afternoon


{Read in conjunction with PDF 91}

SEPTEMBER, 1918 {Using a 1918 diary; however, this is September 1922} Fri. Sun 15 Lovely clear day. Charlie & Bert left

for home this afternoon. Aubrey was plowing

and Walter was gallivanting around

the country.

Sat. Mon 16 Clear & cool day. Walter, Ella &

Vernon went to the Elmira Fair today.

Sun. Tue 17 Clear & cool. Mr. & Mrs. Milton

Peppler, Lloyd, Earl & Betty

Waterloo visited us today.

Mon. Wed 18 Cloudy & cold & windy. Ella did her

washing. Aubrey was {drawing?} manure.

Tues. Thurs 19 Dreary day. Rained all forenoon.

The men started fall plowing this after


Wed. Fri 20 Lovely day. Walter was plowing and

Aubrey was hauling manure.

Thurs. Sat 21 Lovely warm day Walter {chipped?} pigs

at Elmira today and started cutting

The corn with the binder this afternoon.

Aubrey was hauling manure.

{Read in conjunction with PDF 90}

Cash Account

== SEPTEMBER, 1918 == {Using a 1918 diary; however, this is September 1922} Fri. Sun 15 Lovely clear day. Charlie & Bert left

for home this afternoon. Aubrey was plowing

and Walter was gallivanting around

the country.

Sat. Mon 16 Clear & cool day. Walter, Ella &

Vernon went to the Elmira Fair today.

Sun. Tue 17 Clear & cool. Mr. & Mrs. Milton

Peppler, Lloyd, Earl & Betty

Waterloo visited us today.

Mon. Wed 18 Cloudy & cold & windy. Ella did her

washing. Aubrey was {drawing?} manure.

Tues. Thurs 19 Dreary day. Rained all forenoon.

The men started fall plowing this after


Wed. Fri 20 Lovely day. Walter was plowing and

Aubrey was hauling manure.

Thurs. Sat 21 Lovely warm day Walter {chipped?} pigs

at Elmira today and started cutting

The corn with the binder this afternoon.

Aubrey was hauling manure.

{See PDF 90; duplicate}

{See PDF 91; duplicate}


Fri. Sun 22 Beautiful day

when he wasn't

binder and Aubrey

Sat. Mon 23 Quite warm.

the corn and Aubrey

and Werner Pommer

binder and were here

Sun Tues 24 Clear, cold

a bad cold and

and Vernon went

S. School and to

Mon. Wed 25 Lovely day.

The men brought

today. Alonzo

here tonight

Tues Thur 26 Lovely day. We

those men were here-

Wesley Miller, Allen Wagu

Charlie Maurer, Clayton

Annie Snider helped

Wed. Fri 27 Lovely day. They

9.15 a.m. here and move

box broke. Jno. Maurer

and Walter brought in 4

went to Drayton Show and

Thurs. Sat 28 Lovely day. The men

buckwheat 4 loads this

corn at Noah Miller's this


Walter was cutting corn

fixing around the

was plowing

Walter finished cutting

was plowing. Jno. Schwindt

came up to fix the corn

for dinner

and windy. Ella has

feels miserable. Walter

to Woolwich church &

Ezra Maurer's for tea.

First front last night

in 6 loads of buckwheat

Miller moved his engine

were cutting corn today and

Otto, Charlie, Alonzo, Ezra &

Melvin Allegeier, Jno. Maurer,

Fleet and Enoch Snider


finished cutting corn at

to Noah Miller's. The cutting

was here for dinner and he

loads of buckwheat, Aubrey

Ella went to the Concert with King's

brought in the rest of the

morning and helped to cut



Fri Sun 29 Perfect day. Aubrey

Walter, Ella & Vernon

Weissenburg and took

Sat Mon 30 Fair and warm.

{illegible} all day.

up the potatoes. Ella

Sun. Tues 1 Grand OCTOBER Perfect

and went to Grandpa

roast. Vic & Hosold,

there too and we had

Mon. Wed 2 Very hot. Walter

was hauliong manure.

Tues. Thur 3 Fair and warm

to help move Christ.

and didn't get home

hauling manure.

Wed. Fri 4 Fair and warm.

this morning and

manure. This afternoon

at Elmo King's.

New Orleans. Five tours &

Thur. Sat 5 Lovely day. Very

the manure. Walter

Elmira and Kitchener

for Vernon. We had


was hauling manure.

went to the School Fair at

Mr. & Mrs. Jno. Maurer along

Aubrey was hauling

Walter & Vernon took

helped in the afternoon,

day. We took Lin Coln's along

Krauter's. They had a goose

Colson, Edith and Roy were

a very good time.

was plowing and Aubrey

Ella did her washing.

Walter left this morning

Clement over to Floradale

till 10.30 p.m. Aubrey was

Walter was plowing

Aubrey was hauling

They helped to cut corn

Terrible forest fire in

villages wiped out entirely.

warm. Aubrey finished

Ella & Vernon went to

today and got a new suit

dinner & supper at Hilliard's


Fri. Sun 6 Very smokey.

to cut corn at Leon

and plowed for


Sat. Mon 7 Rained all

splitting wood and

the barn.

Sun. Tues 8 Cold & drizzly. We

and had dinner at

Edith's. We had a

right in Elmira where

and did some damage

Mon Wed 9 Cold & cloudy.

this morning and

helping to cut corn

supper. Edna, Willard

were here while the men

Tues Thur 10 Cloudy, cold &

Ella did her washing.

Bank of Nova Scotia at

of Kitchener were

Wed. Fri 11 Cloudy cold &

plowing all day.

Thur Sat 12 Cold & showery.

after breakfast and

Aubrey was plowing


Walter & Aubrey helped

Wagner's visited 3 oclock,

awhile when they got

day. Aubrey was

Walter worked around

took Grandpa Maurer's along

Vic's and supper at

collission - on our way home

we ran into Charlie Miller

to his fender.

Walter went to Alma

this afternoon they are

at Jno. Maurer's, After

Mildred, Doris and Rachel

went to Alma.

drizzly. The men were plowing

Mr. Eidt Mauager of the

Elmira and Mr. {Missuer?}

here for tea.

drizzly. The men were

Walter left for Elmira

got home at 6.30 p.m.


Fri, Sun 13 Clear, cold &

ing this morning

afternoon. Aubrey

chopping this morning

Sat. Mon 14 Fair & warmer.

and brought in the

up her dahlia roots

Sun. Tues 15 Cloudy & drizzly

Mr. & Mrs. Oliver

of Conestogo. Isaac


Mon. Wed 16 Fine day. Aubrey

was plowing this morn-

and Ella picked over the

cellar. C. Clements was

Tues. Thur 17 Cold & very windy

Floradale this morn

apples butter made.

at Elmo King's this

plowing the rest of

Wed Fri 18 Cold & windy.

Aubrey were plowing

Alma after stepped

Ella started cleaning

Thurs. Sat 19 Very cold &

hogs from Elmira

plowing. They fetche

supper. Ella

store room today


windy. Walter was plow-

and picking apples this

went to Floradale with

and got back at 4 p.m.

The men & Vernon picked

apples today. Ella took


Our visitors today were

Scheifele and Audrey

Holle's called in after

was plowing all day. Walter

ing and this afternoon, he

potatoes and puts them into the

here for dinner

Showers. Walter went to

ing and got cider and

Aubrey helped to thresh

afternoon. They were

the day.

Snowflurries. Walter &

today. Aubrey went to

to get a cider barrel.

the store room today

cloudy. Walter shipped

today, Aubrey was

the {heifer?} at {Faulder's?} before

finished cleaning the


Fri Sun 20 Clear & cold.

this morning and

turnips this afternoon.

the upstairs today.

Sat. Mon 21 Lonely hazy day

this morning and

this afternoon. Aubrey

end. Charles Hilliard &

and Walter went with them

Sun. Tues 22 Lovely day

before dinner. Mr & Mrs.

of Lebanon were here for

Vernon went up to

after supper.

Mon. Wed 23 Cold & showery.

morning and brought

afternoon. Charles and

before supper and

are going to take home

Tues. Thur 24 Cold & cloudy.

for breakfast and

in 3 loads of turnips

to H.Bankwell's sale and

Wed. Fri 25 Cold & windy.

turnips today and

Ella went to Alma

Thurs. Sat 26 Cold & windy

from Elmira. Aubrey


The men were plowing

brought in 3 loads of

Ella finished cleaning

The men were plowing

brought in 4 loads of turnips

went to Winfield over the week

Oliver Scheifele came up tonight

and they got to bed at 4.a.m.

Charlie & Oliver left shortly

Cecil Jackson & Wm. {Auplstock?}

dinner. Walter, Ella &

Lincoln Weaver's for a while

The men were plowing this

in 6 loads of turnips this

Bert Hilliard came up here

stayed for the night. They

the threshing machine.

Charlie and Bert were here

dinner. The men brought

this morning. Walter went

Aubrey was plowing this p.m.

The men finished the

borught in 11 loads.

this afternoon with Mrs. King

Walter shipped pigs

was plowing


Fri. Sun 27 Fair. The men

wood in the bush

helped to thresh at

noon. Irvin Hoffer was


Sat. Mon 28 Lovely day.

thresh at Noah

Mrs. Sim. Weaver

the afternoon.

Sun. Tues 29 Lovely day

church this morning

Art. Craig's this after

Mon. Wed 30 Perfect day.

this morning.

Tues. Thur 31 Another perfect

thresh at Jno. Nn

was plowing.

is 10 {illegible} old.


were plowing. Our

Geo. Snider and Mauric

day. He is 38 years

Thurs. Sat 2 Gloomy & drizzly.

Mr. {Moldenhaur?} was

Annie Snider spent the

Mrs. John Wagner


were making threshing

this morning Aubrey

Noah Miller's this after-

here and fixed the wind

The men both helped to

Miller's till 10.30 a.m.

was here for dinner and

We went to Woolwich

and over to Fergus to visit


Ella did her washing

The men were plowing

day. Aubrey helped to

Miller's today. Walter

Vernon's birthday. He

Beautiful day. The men

callers - Enoch Snider

Downey. Walter's birth -


Walter shipped pigs at Elmira

here and fixed the porch.

afternoon with Ella.

died tonight.


Fri. Sun 3 Dreary and mild

Ella helped to

at Jno. Wagner's.

Sat. Mon 4 Dreary & mild

chopping to Floradale

Aubrey was plowing.

spent the afternoon with

Sun. Tues 5 Lovely day.

came up here

staying over

Mon Wed 6 Thanksgiving Day

Walter & Colson were

day. Edith and Ella

funeral with King's

Tues Thur 7 Fair. Colson

home after breakfast.

meeting and {illegible}

a hilarious time

Wed. Fri 8 Colder. Showery

all day.

Thurs. Sat 9 Cold & windy.

today. The men

We had two visitors

Snider and Addison


The men were plowing

prepare for the funeral

Walter took a load of

and stayed nearly all day

Harvey and Lordne Reist


Colson, Edith and Roy

before dinner and are


Foggy, Miserable weather

{illegible} around the car all

went to Mrs. Jno. Wagner's

this afternoon.

Edith and Roy left for

We had the beef {illegible}

supper tonight and had

The men were plowing

Ella did her washing

were plowing all day.

after supper - Enoch



Fri. Sun 10 Cloudy & milder

today had his dinner

Edith's and stayed

Audrey was plow-

Sat. Mon 11 Cloudy & showery.

5.30 p.m. Aubrey

Sun. Tues 12 Cloudy

church and S. School

company for tea -

Hilliard and Viola

Mon. Wed 13 Perfect day.

Father & Mother

this afternoon. Walter

pigs to the Elmira Fair

Tues. Thur 14 Foggy & mild.

loads of wash today.

pain of mitts for

Wed. Fri 15 Cold & windy.

Mother Krauter

noon Aubrey was

Jno. Staugey's all

moved here tonight

Thur. Sat 16 Cloudy & cold.

day These men helped

Melvin Allgeier, Clayton

Jno. Staugey. Mrs.


Walter went to Kitchener

at Hillaird's, supper at

at Hilliard's for the night


Walter got home at

was plowing all day

We went to Woolwich

this morning. We had

Bert, Beulah and Vera

and Lauretta {Broludle?}

Ella did her washing

Krauter came up here

took a load of small

today, Aubrey was plowing

The men sawed a few

Mother is knitting a


Snowflurries. Father &

left for home this after

helping to {illegible} at

day. The threshing machine

We were threshing all

Wesley Miller, Charlie Miller

Fleet Addison Reist and

Enoch Snider visited Ella


Fri. Sun 10 Cloudy & milder

today had his dinner

Edith's and stayed

Aubrey was plow-

Sat. Mon 11 Cloudy & showery

5.30 p.m. Aubrey

Sun. Tues 12 Cloudy

church and S.School

company for tea -

Hilliard and Viola

Mon. Wed 13 Perfect day.

Father & Mother

this afternoon. Walter

pigs to the Elmira Fair

Tues. Thur 14 Foggy & mild.

loads of wood today.

pain of mitts {fri?}

Wed. Fri 15 Cold & windy.

Mother Krauter

Noon Aubrey was

Jno. Staugey's all

moved here tonight.

Thurs. Sat 16 Cloudy & cold.

day These men hlped

Melvin Allgeier, Clayton

Jno. Staugey. Mrs.


Walter went to Kitchener

at Hilliard's, supper at

at Hilliard's for the night


Walter got home at

was plowing all day

We went to Woolwich

this morning. We had

Bert, Reulah and Vera

and Lauretta {Bralendle?}

Ella did her washing

Krauter came up here

took a load of small

today. Aubrey was plowing

The men sawed a few

Mother is knitting a


Snowflurries. Father &

left for home this after

helping to thresh at

day. The threshing machine

We were threshing all

Weslet Miller, Charlie Miller

Fleet, Addison Reist and

Enoch Snider visited Ella.


Fri. Sun 17 Fair and milder

by noon and Walter

at Geo. Snider's this

Sat. Mon 18 Drizzly & dreary.

wood this forenoon

and Enoch Snider

spent the afternoon

Sun. Tues 19 Cloudy & drizzly

a goose roast today

there too. We stayed

Mon. Wed 20 Cold & windy.

to Kitchener this morning

and we got home at

plowing this afternoon

the {sauerkraut?}

Tues. Thur 21 Cloudy & cold.

The men were plow-

the ground is frozen

called on Walter.

Wed. Fri 22 Fair & milder. The

today. The men

Henry Ziegler was

from Walter.

Thurs. Sat 23 Cloudy & raw.

shipped pigs from

with him and they

Klunck's. Aubrey


We finished threshing

& Aubrey both helped


Alonzo Miller sawed our

and he and Orton Miller

were here for dinner. Walter

at Enoch's.

We went to Hilliard's for

Edith, Colson & Roy were

for the night.

Snowflurries. We went down

and Ella got a new coat

11.30 a.m. They were

Ella & Vernon made

Ella did her washing.

ing all day although

quite hard. Henry Ziegler

ground is covered with snow

were plowing all day.

here and bought 2 sows

Snowflurries. Walter

Elmira. Ella went down

had their dinner at Art

was plowing all day.


Fri. Sun 24 Snowing & storm-

putting the wood in

some of the implements

Sat. Mon 25 Cold. Snowing.

storm windows today

Miller, Charlie miller

Reist , Hawey & Lorne.

Sun. Tues 26 Not quite so cold

day at home as Vernon

Maurer and Clayton


Mon. Wed 27 Snowed all day

pig at Enoch Snider's

around the stables.

and Ed. Bolender.

Tues. Thur 28 Lovely day.

butchered a pig

Flossie Lawson of

tea. Louis Miller


Wed. Fri 29 Beautiful sunny

a pig for Louis

sold Sukey one of our

Other callers - Solomon

and Flossie Lawson

Thurs. Sat 30 Dreary & mild.

Elmira today and

Klivek's. Aubrey was

Louis Miller's. Walter


ing. The men finished

the woodshed and put

under cover.

Walter put on the

Our callers were - Louis

Wesley Miller, Addison

Snowing. We spent the

has the {jaudice?}. Miriam

Miller called in this

Walter butchered a

todau. Aubrey worked

Callers were - Jno. Stangey

Clear and cold. Walter

for Jno. Gingerch.

Winfield was here for

visited Walter after

day. Walter butchered

Miller's today. Walter

cows to Sidney. Lichty.

Lichy. Charlie Miller

Walter shipped hogs from

had his dinner at Art.

helping to thresh all day at

& Ella went to choir practice


Fri. Sun 1 The snow is all

Aubrey took a load

this afternoon.

Groff today

Sat. Mon 2 Fair and clear

Aubrey's time is

Winfield tonight

Sun. Tues 3 Lovely day.

church and Sunday

Father & Mother

a few minutes on

Mon. Wed 4 Fair. Cloudy

did her washing.

this morning and

Walter. Noah Miller

manure on the garden.

Tues. Thur 5 Snowing & storm

for dinner and

Wed. Fri 6 Fair. Ezra &

dinner and supper

went to Dave Temple

Thurs. Sat 7 Cold & snowing.

from Elmira today.

called on him tonight


gone away. Clear & windy

of chopping to Floradale

Walter on Andrew

The men were chopping

in and he left for

with bag and baggage.

We went to Woolwich

school this afternoon

Krauter called in for

their way to Lincoln's.

towards evening. Ella

Jno. Gingerich was here

bought two calves from

also called. Walter put

ing. Ezra & Bert were here

the afternoon.

Bert were here for

and Walter & Ezra

sale this afternoon.

Walter shupped hogs

George Bolinder {Jr.}


Fri. Sun 8 Raining.

Walter had a bad

visited Walter.

Miller's and at

Sat. Mon 9 Snowing.

were here for dinner

this afternoon. Mr. &

and Pearl came up


Sun. Tues 10 Fine day.

Pearl were here all

tonight after supper

Mon. Wed 11 Fair. Walter

Vernon has a bad

from school.

Tues. Thur 12 Cold & stormny.

washing today.

{illegible} Louis Miller

Norman King called on

Thurs. Sat 14 Walter & Vernon

today. Walter &

tonight. Nick,


Colder towards evening

cold. Louis Miller

Walter called at Louis


Addison & Harvey Reist

Aubrey visited Walter

Mrs. Charles Hilliard

here for supper and the

Charlie, Ida and

day and went home

spent the day in Elmira

cold and stayed home

Ella spent the most of

Walter went up to

noon. Addison Reist

Ella & Vernon did the

Walter called at Tom

and Rob. Marshall's today


went to Elmira & Floradale

Ella went to practice

Hoffer called on us.


Fri. Sun 15 Fair. Snow-

Staugey and Leon

Hereford sale at Guelph

Callers - Maurine Downey

Sat. Mon 16 Fine and cold.

at Addison Reist's up

"Canadian Belle" the

afternoon. Irvin

Sun. Tues 16 Cold & snowing

church and Sunday

Mon. Wed 18 Very cold.

washing. Walter

Philip {Boon's?}. Callers

Dutzenroth. Nick Hoofer

Tues. Thur 19 Very cold &

pig today for Mr.

was here and

brought us a {illegible}

Wed. Fri 20 Cold & raw.

Mr. Knox today.

and helped. Walter

steer this afternoon

with the pork & sausage

Thurs. Sat 21 Cold. Snowing.

from Elmira today.

school concert tonight


flurries. Walter, Jno

Wagner went to the

and Walter bought a cow.

Walter helped to thresh

till noon and fetched

new cow at Alma this

Snider was out caller,

We went to Woolwich

school this afternoon

Snowing. Ella did her

butchered 2 pigs at

were - Mr. Knox, Mr. L.

and Howard.

clear. We butchered a

Dotzenroth. Ezra Maurer

helped Walter. Geo. Snider

tree today.

We butchered a pig for

Ezra Maurer was here

killed the Kavanagh

and went to Alma tonight

Walter shipped hogs

We went to the Creekbank

and it was very good.


Fri. Sun 22 Snowing. We

this forenoon and

{illegible} cookies. This

Downey called this

Sat. Mon 23 Milder. Snowing

the stables today. Geo.

this afternoon. Annie


Sun. Tues 24 Mild & drizzly.

to S.School and

Edna, Lincoln, Willard

were here for dinner

Mon. Wed 25 Christmas Day.

Krauter's today with

was mild, the

goose delicious.

Tues. Thur 26 Mild. Walter

the road all day.

forenoon. Ella & Vernon

morning. Christmas


Wed. Fri 27 Colder. We butche

Ezra, Bert & Miriam

Ella Hilliard came

Thurs. Sat 28 Cold & stormy.

at Oct. Miller's today

played games and


went over to Floradale

Ella & Vernon baked the

afternoon. Maurice


Walter worked around

Snider visited him

Irvin and Eva also called

Walter & Vernon went

church this morning and

Mildred and Doris Weaver

and the afternoon

We drove up to Grandpa

the cutter The weather

sleighing lovely and the

was traipsing around on

Ella was at practice this

did the washing this

entertainment at Woolwich

red 2 pigs for Ezra today

were here. Beulah and

up here before dinner.

Walter butchered 2 pigs

Vernon, Ella & the girls

had a good time generally


Fri. Sun 29 Lovely day.

Walter butchered 2 pigs

at Noah Miller's. Beulah

& Ella left for home at 4 p.m.

Vernon had dinner at Geo Snider

Sat Mon 30 Fair. Walter took

a load of chopping to Flora -

dale. Emerson Staugey &

Irvin Snider visited Vernon.

Addison & Harvey Reist & Herb, {Weichel?}

Sun. Tues 31 were here for supper {continued from previous day}

Rained all day.

We went to a duck

raost at Jake Knig's

tonight and watched

the old year out and

the new year in


Number of eggs

Jan 1 2 F ebruary
Jan 2 1 1 8
Jan 3 3 2 4
Jan 4 2 3 9
Jan 5 2 4 6
Jan 6 2 5 10
Jan 7 2 6 10
Jan 8 5 7 8
Jan 9 2 8 6
Jan 10 3 9 8
Jan 11 4 10 9
Jan 12 4 11 10
Jan 13 3 12 11
Jan 14 6 13 11
15 4 14 8
16 5 15 12
17 5 16 7
18 5 17 10
19 9 18 9
20 5 19 10
21 9 20 8
22 6 21 10
23 13 22 11
24 7 23 9
25 7 24 9
26 8 25 14
27 7 26 13
28 3 27 10
29 7 28 14
30 3 264
31 9
Total 151

Number of eggs


March April {On opposite ends of page}

1 10 1 16

2 13 2 13

3 12 3 19

4 12 4 19

5 8 5 15

6 16 6 19

7 13 7 14

8 12 8 15

9 13 9 23

10 17 10 17

11 13 11 19

12 16 12 18

13 19 13 17

14 15 14 17

15 17 15 22

16 16 16 19

17 26 17 29

18 16 18 20

19 18 19 17

20 19 20 15

21 19 21 18

22 16 22 15

23 27 23 20

24 20 24 16

25 12 25 15

26 19 26 19

27 17 27 18

28 12 28 19

29 19 29 17

20 18 30 18

{---- divider in April's table}

31 15 Total --- 432

Total 495 April --- eggs



1 17 egg 1 21 egg
2 19 2 15
3 17 3 14
4 18 4 12
5 23 5 18
6 24 6 17
7 18 7 17
8 17 8 15
9 16 9 12
10 16 10 13
11 16 11 18
12 17 12 13
13 19 13 12
14 18 14 12
15 18 15 12
16 17 16 10
17 22 17 10
18 21 18 11
19 16 19 11
20 23 20 7
21 19 21 9
22 20 22 10
23 20 23 24
24 20 24 12
25 21 25 9
26 40 26 10
27 20 27 6
28 22 28 11
29 20 29 8
30 20 30 12
31 19 381 egg.
613 egg.


July August
1 11 eggs. 1 19
2 20 eggs. 2 12
3 9 eggs. 3 12
4 12 eggs. 4 9
5 8 5 10
6 15 6 8
7 19 7 9
8 13 8 14
9 7 9 13
10 8 10 6
11 10 11 11
12 11 12 10
13 8 13 11
14 6 14 10
15 9 15 29
16 5 16 10
17 9 17 10
18 5 18 9
19 25 19 23
20 12 20 11
21 5 21 12
22 5 22 9
23 9 23 4
24 10 24 11
25 10 25 11
26 11 26 6
27 11 27 6
28 7 28 6
29 5 29 13
30 36 30 28
31 1 31 14
342 eggs 356
Total for July Total for August


September October
1 9 egg 1 5 eggs.
2 10 2 10
3 16 3 6
4 14 4 6
5 9 5 5
6 11 6 6
7 8 7 7
8 8 8 8
9 8 9 9
10 5 10 11
11 5 11 4
12 16 12 4
13 8 13 2
14 9 14 4
15 11 15 2
16 10 16 2
17 9 17 3
18 4 18 2
19 7 19 3
20 9 20 0
21 6 21 2
22 6 22 4
23 6 23 2
24 19 24 2
25 12 25 2
26 5 26 0
27 5 27 13
28 12 28 2
29 8 29 1
30 8 30 1
31 1
Total for September 271 Total for October 117


November December
1 0 1 0
2 0 2 0
3 2 3 0
4 0 4 0
5 1 5 0
6 1 6 0
7 0 7 0
8 1 8 0
9 0 9 0
10 1 10 0
11 0 11 0
12 1 12 0
13 0 13 0
14 0 14 0
15 1 15 0
16 0 16 0
17 0 17 0
18 0 18 1
19 0 19 0
20 0 20 2
21 0 21 0
22 0 22 2
23 0 23 1
24 0 24 2
25 0 25 0
26 0 26 1
27 0 27 2
28 0 28 1
29 0 29 2
30 30 3
31 2.
8 egg. 19 egg


Eggs sold in 1922.

Jan. 14 2 1/2 doz. 35 .88
Jan. 21 2 1/2 doz. 40 1.00
Total for Jan. $1.88
Feb. 4 4 doz. 40 1.60
Feb 11 5 doz. 37 1.11
Feb. 17 4 doz. 38 1.52
Feb. 25 3 1/2 doz. 35 1 22
Total for Feb. 5.45
March 4. 4 1/2 doz. 25 1.13
March 11 5 doz. 24 1.20
March 18 7 doz. 24 1.68
March 25 9 doz. 24 2.16
Total for March 6.17
April 8. 10 doz. 25 2.50
April 15. 6 doz. 25 1.50
April 21 8 doz. 25 2.00
April 28 7 1/2 doz 26 1.95
Total for April 7.95
May 6. 7 doz. 26 1.82
May 13 6 doz. 27 1.62
May 20 7 doz. 28 1.96
May 27 9 doz. 26 2.34
Total for May 7.94
June 2. 8 1/2 doz. 26 2.21
June 10 4 doz. 22 88
June 17 6 doz. 23 1.38
June 24 5 doz. 23 1.15
Total for June 5.62

Eggs sold in 1922


July 1 3 1/2 doz.25' .87 July8 6 1/2 doz.25 1.62 July 20 4 doz. 25 1.00 July29. 4 doz.424 .96 Total for July 4.45

Aug 5 4 doz. 2.20 80 Aug 12 2 1/2 0.20 50 Aug 19 5 1/2 0.21 115 Aug 26 4 1/2 0.24 1.08 Total for Aug. 3.53

Sept. 23 4 1/2 0.32 1.44 Sept 30 4 0.35 1.40 Total for Sept. 2.84

Oct. 26 4doz. 0.40 1.60 Total for Oct 1.60


Jan 5 doz. 1.88 Feb 14 1/2 545 Mar 25 12 6.17 Apr 31 1/2 795 May 29 274 June 23 1/2 562 July 18 445 August 16 1/2 353 Sept 8 1/2 284 Oct 4 160

   176doz          47.23

January 151

February 264

March 498

April 432

May 613

June 381

July 342

August 386

September 271

October 117

Novermber 8

December 19

123449egg 287 eggs

sold 176

wood 111 dozen

{"Maurer" repeatedly written in various orientations}


mre waeter mrs nv water macassers wannes mrs. waanawers

{green book cover}

Transcription Progress



XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_001.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_002.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_003.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_004.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_005.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_006.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_007.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_008.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_009.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_010.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_011.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_012.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_013.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_014.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_015.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_016.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_017.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_018.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_019.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_020.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_021.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_022.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_023.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_024.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_025.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_026.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_027.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_028.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_029.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_030.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_031.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_032.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_033.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_034.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_035.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_036.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_037.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_038.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_039.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_040.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_041.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_042.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_043.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_044.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_045.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_046.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_047.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_048.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_049.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_050.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_051.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_052.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_053.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_054.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_055.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_056.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_057.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_058.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_059.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_060.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_061.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_062.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_063.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_064.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_065.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_066.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_067.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_068.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_069.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_070.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_071.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_072.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_073.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_074.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_075.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_076.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_077.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_078.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_079.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_080.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_081.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_082.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_083.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_084.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_085.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_086.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_087.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_088.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_089.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_090.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_091.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_092.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_093.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_094.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_095.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_096.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_097.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_098.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_099.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_100.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_101.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_102.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_103.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_104.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_105.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_106.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_107.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_108.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_109.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_110.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_111.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_112.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_113.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_114.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_115.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_116.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_117.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_118.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_119.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_120.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_121.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_122.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_123.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_124.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_125.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_126.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_127.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_128.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_129.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_130.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_131.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_132.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_133.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_134.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_135.pdf
XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_136.pdf


Ellamanda Krauter Maurer, “Ellamanda Krauter Maurer Diary, 1922,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed October 1, 2022, https://ruraldiaries.lib.uoguelph.ca/transcribe/items/show/300.

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  1. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_001.pdf
  2. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_002.pdf
  3. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_003.pdf
  4. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_004.pdf
  5. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_005.pdf
  6. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_006.pdf
  7. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_007.pdf
  8. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_008.pdf
  9. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_009.pdf
  10. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_010.pdf
  11. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_011.pdf
  12. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_012.pdf
  13. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_013.pdf
  14. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_014.pdf
  15. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_015.pdf
  16. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_016.pdf
  17. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_017.pdf
  18. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_018.pdf
  19. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_019.pdf
  20. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_020.pdf
  21. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_021.pdf
  22. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_022.pdf
  23. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_023.pdf
  24. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_024.pdf
  25. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_025.pdf
  26. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_026.pdf
  27. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_027.pdf
  28. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_028.pdf
  29. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_029.pdf
  30. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_030.pdf
  31. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_031.pdf
  32. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_032.pdf
  33. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_033.pdf
  34. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_034.pdf
  35. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_035.pdf
  36. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_036.pdf
  37. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_037.pdf
  38. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_038.pdf
  39. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_039.pdf
  40. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_040.pdf
  41. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_041.pdf
  42. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_042.pdf
  43. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_043.pdf
  44. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_044.pdf
  45. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_045.pdf
  46. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_046.pdf
  47. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_047.pdf
  48. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_048.pdf
  49. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_049.pdf
  50. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_050.pdf
  51. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_051.pdf
  52. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_052.pdf
  53. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_053.pdf
  54. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_054.pdf
  55. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_055.pdf
  56. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_056.pdf
  57. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_057.pdf
  58. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_058.pdf
  59. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_059.pdf
  60. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_060.pdf
  61. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_061.pdf
  62. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_062.pdf
  63. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_063.pdf
  64. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_064.pdf
  65. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_065.pdf
  66. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_066.pdf
  67. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_067.pdf
  68. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_068.pdf
  69. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_069.pdf
  70. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_070.pdf
  71. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_071.pdf
  72. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_072.pdf
  73. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_073.pdf
  74. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_074.pdf
  75. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_075.pdf
  76. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_076.pdf
  77. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_077.pdf
  78. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_078.pdf
  79. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_079.pdf
  80. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_080.pdf
  81. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_081.pdf
  82. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_082.pdf
  83. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_083.pdf
  84. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_084.pdf
  85. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_085.pdf
  86. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_086.pdf
  87. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_087.pdf
  88. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_088.pdf
  89. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_089.pdf
  90. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_090.pdf
  91. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_091.pdf
  92. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_092.pdf
  93. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_093.pdf
  94. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_094.pdf
  95. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_095.pdf
  96. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_096.pdf
  97. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_097.pdf
  98. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_098.pdf
  99. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_099.pdf
  100. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_100.pdf
  101. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_101.pdf
  102. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_102.pdf
  103. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_103.pdf
  104. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_104.pdf
  105. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_105.pdf
  106. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_106.pdf
  107. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_107.pdf
  108. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_108.pdf
  109. XA1MSA249_1-5_EllaMaurerFarmDiaryJan1-Dec31, 1922_109.pdf
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