Mary Elizabeth "Minnie" Baker Diary & Transcription, 1914-1918


Mary Elizabeth "Minnie" Baker Diary & Transcription, 1914-1918


Mary Elizabeth "Minnie" Baker


Courtesy of Elgin County Archives




20th Century, Elgin County, Yarmouth Township, Ontario

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Is Part Of

Mary Elizabeth "Minnie" Baker Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript & Typed Transcription


{Watercolour cover}

Diary 1914. Jn. 21. Rather cloudy day. Ten cent tea for {illegible} of elijah.

22. Warmer but cloudy.

23 Fine. Cora and I called after tea on Mr. & Mrs. Emerson Brown. League.

24. Fine.

25 Rainy in morning. Clearing about noon. Downpour and severe electrical storm about 4 to 5 P.M. Stayed here all day.

26. Cloudy with misty rain in morning. Clearning & fine. Old men's choir from Aylmer at high's Church full.

27. Cloudy in morning but clearing. Walker to Miss Shiphman's

28. Fine. Real warm.

29. Rainy on mist. Walked to Miss {Iullfords?}

30. Colder. Cloudy. Went to Mrs. Churchhill's to a trustee meeting. {Illegible} for 1914-1915 for $650.

May 1. Fine day. Cleaned up yard and school house in afternoon. Choir practice after which I went to Mrs. Whites with Lorne.

May 2. Fine warm day. Took, developed and printerd pictures all afternoon and evening at Mrs. White's.

3. Fine and warm, S.S. church in morning and at night, Little rain in evening.

4. Severe electrical storm about 6.30am

5. Rained nearly all day.

6. Fine with rain about 6 P.M. Went for last time to Miss Shipman Came home with Mrs. Royle. Duke of Connaught and Princes Patricia in St. Thomas.

7. Rainy. league at night time. H.V.S.

8. Rainy Choir Practice.

9. Lovely day. Walked to Miss Fufford's & went to town with Mrs. G. Gillott.

10. Fine day although rainy in morning Cora and I went to Mr. Parker's woods for white lilies for mother's day. Decorated the church. S.S. & church twice.

11. Rainy forenoon and evening. Planted garden between showers

12. Very heavy cold rain. Cold N.C. wind.

13 Clearning but cool.

14. Fine cool. League at night H.V.S.

15. Fine quite cold. Choir practice.

16 Fine and warmer. Took music lesson and practiced at church for Children's day.

17. Fine and warm. Church and S.S. twice. Went to see Mrs. Elkworths tiny baby and then to Edna's for tea.

18 Very hot time.

19 " " "

20 " " " Went to Miso Fice for a walk.

21 Fine and hot League at night. I took topic on Paul.

22. Much cooler. Some rain during forenoon. Choir practice.

23 Cold north wind. Five Children and I had practice and decorated the church for Sunday Children's Day.

24. Fine day. Good service

for Children's Day. Mr. Blake spoke. S.S. + Church in afternoon, and church at night Went home with M. & Mrs. Gillott.

May 25. Fine and hot. Spent holiday at Mrs. Gillot Went to Mrs. Whites at night and went fishing in a boat.

26. Fine and hot. Quite severe electrical storm in morning and at night.

27. Downpour of rain during forenoon. Harvey, Cecil, Cora and I went to S.S. conventiion at Summer Corners.

28. Fine. Norman Chalk Flossie and I went to Bayham S.S. Con. at Calton.

29 Fine and quite windy Home all day. Roy Mable and I went to town at night

31. Dad, Louie and I went to church. Dad brought me down in afternoon

June 1. Church at night. Cool Fine but cool

" 2 " and ".

" 3. " " ".

" 4. " " ". League.

" 5 " Choir practice.

" 6. " Took a music lesson Hazel and I went to see Mrs. Kent.

" 7. Fine and very warm. S.S & church in Union church. Mrs. & Mrs. Baxter and son and Mrs. Pineo here. Very hot.

" 8. Very hot

" 9. " " Cora and I went to Mrs. Ms. Nights for a little in evening

" 10 Very hot. Went to Mrs. Emerson Ms. Laggaret for tea all night

" 11. Hot. League

" 12 Much cooler. Cold north wind. Went to Mrs. Roberto for tea and then choir practice

" 13 Cool but fine. Mr. Ms. Laffarett, Frank VanSlyke Cora Hazel Stella, Alice, Gertis Lola, Glen John and I motored to Port Bruce and spent the afternoon and evening

" 14 Quite cool. L. Laiming class behun. S.S. & church twice. Mrs. L Whites for tea

June 15. Very cool. Went to Mrs. John Welters to tea and allnight.

   "    16. Cold N.W. wind
   "    17. Cool but fine.  Garden party at Mars. Thayerisz
   "    18. Cool and rainy.  League finished reading Corparal Cameron. 
   "    19. Heavy rain.  Went with Lorne and Sela to Mrs.E. McTaggarets
              So cold the garden party was held in the house.  Then went to 
              Mrs. White.
     "   20. Fine and cool.  Went to Port Bruce on Saturday afternoon
              Rowed out to pond nets.  Went after tea to Mrs. Gillotts.  Cool.
      "  21. Rainy. Came to S.S.
               S.S & church in afternoon and church at night.
      "  22.  Very hot. Went to Mrs. Chases and stayed all night.
      "  23.  Little rainy.  Hot
     "  24.  Garden party at Meth. Church.  Nice evening.  Mr. Heipley.
    "   25.  Fine and hot. Cora and I went with Mr. C. Lice to Port Bruce 
              to  the Union
              S.S. picnic.  Had dinner down there.  Bernice, Lorne and I 
             east on the lake in a row boat.  Returned about 7. p.m.  Tired
    " 26.  Cloudy.  Little cooler.  Father came for me about 5. p.m.  Had 
              tea and left about 6 for home. Rainy.  George here.
  "   27.  Rainy all day. No one went to town Quite severe electrical 
            at night. 
  "   28.  Much cooler & windy. Mable, dad and I went to church.  Louie 
             John and I at night.  Cold .
"     29.  Cloudy and cool.  Dad and I went to town in afternoon.  Rainy.
 "    30.  Fine day and warm.

July 1. Cloudy, Little rain

 "     2.  Fine and warm
 "    3.     "      "      "
"     4.      "    "       "  Father  Mable and I went to townin evening.
 "  5. Fine and very warm.  Father,  Willie and I to church in morning. 
         George Mable and I at night.
 "  6.  Hot and Dry.  Started haying.

July 7. Hot + Dry Haying

" 8 " " Little cloudy

" 9 " " Haying

" 10 " " "

" 11 " " Bob came on his motorcycle.

" 12. Very hot in forenoon. Rainy in afternoon. {Earnent?} Baker and Miss Relly here. Bob and O stanled on motor cycle and were ditched by {Miss?} Henniss. Roy Bob and I weren't with Uncle {Benis?} at night.

" 19. Very heavy rain in morning. Roy Bob, {Maliel?} and I went to town. {Maliel?} and I helped at church to {senue?} arrangements dinner and {bupper?}. Bella came about {oix?} and we went to Alma College to attend Summer School. Heavy rain in afternoon and {electreial otorm at} night.

" 14. Rainy day

" 15 Fine, Attended Mrs. Pansons {fernnal?}.

{new page}

July 16. Fine and hot. Summer school crowd went to Port and out on state of Ohio for lake ride.

" 17. Fine and hot. Went to Mr. {Clogood's} but he wasn'l home. Bella went home and {Leola?} came.

" 18. Fine and hot. {Concert?} given in {Machlachil?} Hall.

" 19. Very cool. Ainsley, Mr. {Otteinoon?} Leold and I came to {Kace?} CHurch in morning. Ainsley Mr. Lyon, Dola and I at night.

" 20. Fine and quite hot. Ray came in for Leola and I after evening meeting.

" 21. Hot and dry. {Woaked}.

" 22. Maliel and I went after {Lersis?} and woxed in afternoon.

" 23. Rainy forenoon

" 24. Hot.

" 25 Very hot. Louis, Uillie and I went to town.

" 26. Very hot and dry. {Louie?} Father and I went to church in morning and GeorgeMaliel and I at night Ray event to {Lamebeth?}

July 27. Cloudy in morning. Cleaning Bad {noir?} hail wind and electrical storm went north and east. Maliel and I went to town. Hot.

" 28 Cooler. Louie, Maliel and Willie went to Portin afternoon.

2.9. Cool {strong?}/ N. U. wind Very dry.

" 30 Cool. dry. Maliel Louie and I called on Mrs. {Albiit?} and Mrs. Allen Campbell. John Louie and I went {ulr?} to school to see new {aideiualkr?}.

31. Fine. Father Maliel and I go to town in forenoon.

{horizontal writing across text "Rainy in morning"} Aug. 1. {Leaue?} at 7.20 for Yuelph to attend 1st Rural Teacher's Conference. Louie took me to the station. Leola and Jessie Kutcher go too. Had dinner in Yalt and arrived at Yuelph about 2. P.M. Went to Miss Stevens, " {Ylasgow St.?} To board Informal reception. at Macdonald Hall.

Aug. 2. Fine forenoon. Warm All went to Pres. Church. Rained in afternoon Meth. Church at night.

" 3. Fine and hot. Attending all sessions at {O.A.E?}

" 4 Hot.

" 5. Hot At Home at Mac Hall.

" 6 Hot.

" 7. Hot and dry. Went to visit the {Rhisomharme?}

" 8. Hot. Went up town in forenoon Went through the armory. Came honie getting to St. Thomas at 8.30 Roy came to meet me.

" 9. Very hot Leo Baker and Willie Bleuett here. Rainy in evening Father and I went to church in the morning.

" 10. Very heavy rain during night. Hot.

11. Fine but much cooler N.W. wind. Father Maliel and I to town in afternoon. Took painting lesson.

" 12 Time and hot. Louie took Mrs. Coleman and children to yarmouth Heighto George Maliel and I to M. L. R. {picnic at Pinafore?}

" 13. Rainy. Cool.

Aug 14. Fine and cool

" 15. " " hot Louie and went to town in forenoon. Helped finish hawweet in afternoon. WIlliam Henry Baker & wife came from London Sat. night.

" 16. Father {oW. Hs wife?} went church. George Maliel and L at night. Rainy at noon.

" 17. I took W. H. wife out to Uncle Johnny, Paulina, Maliel and I went to ball game. Fine and cool.

" 18. Heavy rain and some thunder & lightning during forenoon. Maliel and I to town Finished my second lecture at {Mr. Aogoode?}.

" 19. Rainy again in forenoon and at noon. Ray went to Port to Scotchman's picnic.

" 20. Heavy rain early all forenoon. Father Louie & Maliel {to?} town. Fine in afternoon.

" 21. Fine.

" 22. Fine and warm. Maliel and I went to London and met Aunt Maggie. Maggie {"Maliel" written on top} got her bedding hat and suit. Came home about 6. 30. Went to Uncle Ren's and Ray came for us.

Aug. 23. Father Louie Uiellie & Aunt Maggie to church. George Maliel and I at night. {Hawinpown?} of main all evening.

" 24. Fine. Father Aunt Maggie & Maliel to town. Went to park & cemetery.

" 25. Fine, Louie and I {U?} dentist. Brought home my second pciture.

" 26. Baker {pcimei?} at Port. Ray. Willie & I went on 9.30 a.m. car. Father, Aunt Maggie & Louie on 11.30. Maliel and George at night and I {dame horns?} with them. Good time about 90 there. Fine day.

" 27. Fine. Maliel and Aunt Maggie to town Uncle John's for dinner and Florence came out.

" 28. Fine. Mrs. Churchill {faint arrow pointing down and a pen line made diagonally crossed throughout} and Paulina AUnt Jenny and Violet cmae out to tea. Mrs. Churchill, Paulina, and Ida Jomeo camy in evening.

Aug 28. Fine. Mrs. Churchill and Paulina, Pearl and Thelma Dennis called in afternoon. Louie and father went to Mr. & Mrs. Burrett's golden wedding. Put Mabel's wedding cake in boxes.

29. Poured rain nearly all forenoon. Father and Louie went to market. Aunt Maggie went home. Ray, Louie, Mabel and Florence went to town at night and Louie and Mabel stayed till Sunday night at Jack McBains.

30. Fine and cool. Father and I to church in morning. Ethel Davies and Carie Hare called in afternoon. Wille and I went to Mrs. Churchills in the afternoon. Ray and I to church at night. Girls came home.

Aug 31. Fine day. We washed Mabel and I went to town.

Sept 1. Poured rain nearly all day.

Sept. 2. Fine and cool. Mabel and George were marreid at 3 p.m. at Grace church parsonage. We all went in an auto. Mr. & Mrs. Cross and Mrs. Martin were there. Came home and father brought me to Dunbayne.

Sept. 3. Fine and cool. School began with eighteen pupils.Cora and I went up to Mrs.John McNights in evening.

4. Cold north wind but fine. Went to Alymer with Bernice White and went up on the train. Roy met us.

5. Fine and warmer. Father, Bernice and I went to market and stayed to a committee meeting at Gundy's at 1 p.m. to arrange program for 1914 Teacher 's Association. George & Mabel came home from honeymoon.

6. Heavy rain during forenoon. Father, Louie and Bernice went to church.

6. All went at night. M & G went to Union.

7. Labor Day. Bernice and I came to Dunbayne in afternoon. Fine but cool.

8. Fine but very cool. Choir practice.

9. Fine and very cool. Cora and I went to Mrs. McKnights for tea.

10. Fine cool. League.

11. " Choir practice.

12. " Saw an areoplane last night.

13. Went to Alymer with Mr. G. Gillott. Went to bed sick with a cold.

14. Fine day. Choir practice

15. Fine and warm.

16. " " Went to Mrs. Roberts and stayed all night.

17. Fine and hot. Corn roast in Mr. Kents' flats at the League.

18. Fine & hot. Went to Fern's for tea and then choir practice.

19. Fine. Mable and George called on their way to Mrs. Bloor's {illegible} church for Harvest Home. Went to town at night with Mr. & Mrs. McKnight.

20. Fine and very warm. Church in morning. Grant Van Slyke preached. Went to Bernice Whites for dinner. Church at 2.30. Mr. Miles preached. Mrs. Emerson Brown's for tea. Church 7.30. Mr. Daniels preached.

21. Fine. Tea meeting at night. Splendid crowds and good time. Made about $44.

22. Fine and very hot. Rain and thunderstorms at night.

23. Rainy much cooler. Rain at night.

24. Clearing. Quite cool.

25. Fine and cool. Choir practice.

26. Fine. cool. Went to Mrs. Gordon Gillotts at noon.

27. Rainy forenoon but clearing. Went to Mrs. Whites in afternoon for a little while. Mr. Gillott brought me to church at night. Very cool. Quite heavy frost.

28. Fine & cold. Gets warmer.

29. Fine and much warmer.

30. Fine and warm. Went

to Aylmer with the mail man and stayed at Mrs. Turrills.

Oct. 1. Teacher's Association. Leola and I stayed at Mrs. Turrills. Grand fall weather.

" 2. Grand fall day. Real warm. Gave my report of Rural Teacher's Conference at Teacher's Assoc. Went out to Little Aylmer and went to St. Thomas by M.C.R. Went Zella and Leola took me home. Roy met Mabel in town too.

" 3. Father, Louie and I went to the market Grand Mabel home all day.

" 4. Grand day. Father Louie and I to church. George came. Mabel went home in afternoon. Louie and John went to Littlewood anniversary. Our church anniversary. Mr. Gundy Toronto preached.

" 5. Father brought me down in morning. Fine day. Hot in evening.

" 6. Fine and warm.

" 7. " " "

" 8. " " " League.I took the topic.

Oct. 9. Rainy. Very heavy downpour of rain at night.

" 10. Cloudy. Went to Aylmer with Mr. Gillott. Went up on train and got $10 worth of school books. Went home with father. Heavy rain in afternoon.

" 11. Fine but cooler. Father not feeling well. Louie and I to church. Louie John and I to town met Mable and John George.Went up through Southwold to see George's cattle. To Mabel's for tea and Union to church.

" 12. Fine day. Thanksgiving. Cooler. Spent day at Mabel's. George and she brought me to Dunboyne at night. Rainy.

" 13. Very cold and rainy. {windy written above text}

" 14. Finer and little milder. {windy written above text}

" 15. Cora's birthday. League.

" 16. Rainy all day. Heavy rain at night.

" 17. Fine. Lovely fall day. Roads real muddy. Went to Aylmer with Mr. Gillott. Bot coat.

" 18. Fine day. Quite warm. Teacher training class in morning. S.S. and

church at both churches. Mrs. Van Slykes for tea.

Oct. 19. Fine day.

" 20. " "

" 21. " " School fair at Luton. Went with Mrs. Churchill and Cora and I came home in Harvey's car. Good weather and crowd. Real warm.

" 22. Fine day. League

" 23. " " Colder. Choir practice.

" 24. Much colder. Rainy. Went with Mr. & Mrs. Van Slyke {above: & Harvey} motoring. they posting up sale bills. Went to Jaffa called at Mabel, Union, Sparta, Jamestown. Cleared but windy.

" 25. Cold but fine. T. {T?} class, S.S. & church in both. Mrs. J. McNights for tea. Windy.

`26. Very cold & windy. {above, to the side and below "windy": Everything was frozen stiff yet {did or didn't?} melt all day.}

" 27. Everything in nature spoilt. Little warmer.

" 28 Windy. Cora and I went with Mr. & Mrs. C. Mc Taggaret & Clark in their car to St. Thomas to see "Mutt and Jeff in Mexico" played.

" 28. Windy but fine.

Oct. 29. Warmer and rainy.

" 30 Fine. Went up to Mrs. Mc Nights after school to get her pattern for crocheting underwaist tops. Choir practice.

" 31. Fine. Went to Aylmer with Mr. & Mrs. White. Cora and I went again at night with Mr. & Mrs. J. Mc Night.

Nov. 1. Grand fall day. T. Train. SS. and church in Union. Cora and I to Anna Mc Taggaret's for tea.

" 2. Misty rain. Mild.

" 3. Poured rain in morning clearing about eleven. Grand fall day in afternoon.

" 4. Fine day. Little windy. Anna {above: Mc Taggaret} and I went out to Aylmer after school. Then to Mr. Van Slyke's to {sale?} but all was over with when we got there.

" 5. Little misty in morning. Fine and quite cold.

" 6. Fine. Misty morning {?} Basil and Albert Harvey Cora and I went to Copenhagen to a concert at re-opening of the hall.

" 7. Fine fall day. Choir practice. Went with

Lorne to Mrs. Whites.

Nov. 7. Grand day. Lela Annabell Roberts and I went in afternoon to Copenhagan hall evaporator and store to visit.

" 8. Rainy all forenoon. Clearing in afternoon. Much colder. Went to Copenhagen S.S. with Lorne and Lela. Dunboyne church at night. Cold.

" 9. Ground almost white with snow in morning. Cold. First practice for play.

" 10. Cold. Rainy windy.

" 11. Little occassional rain or snow. Went to Mrs. Churchill's to tea. {scribble} Ladies Union there. Practice for entertainment.

" 12. Fine. Intended going to Mt. Salem League but rain at night stopped us.

" 13. Colder. Occassional rain. Practice for Xmas.

" 14. Fine day. Warmer. Intended going home but couldn't get to train. Went to Aylmer with Mr. and Mrs. G. McKay.

" 15. Rained heavily all day. No services in Union church. Church in Meth. Miss Cora Tufford's father buried here. Cora and I went thro' rain to Mrs. J. McNight's to tea. Colder.

Nov. 16. Very cold and windy. Freezing quite hard. Practice. Snow flurries.

" 17. Cold. Little snow. Went with Mr. + Mrs. McNight to Guy Bros. Minstrels in Aylmer opera house.

" 18. Cold and windy. Cyril came to Dunboyne after four but I was helping clean stovepipes at school so didn't see him till after five. He arrived in St. Thomas Sat. the 14. We went to Mrs Gillotts in evening.

" 19. Very cold. Some snow. Practiced at Meth. church for girls to sing at the honey social.

" 20. Cold Practice in Meth. church. Went to Bernice Whites to tea and then to practice for Christmas tree. Little snow.

" 21. Cold. Pearl Brown takes me to station. Met Louie Willie and dad in St. Thomas. Get home about 430. Cyril comes in evening

Nov 22. Fine but cold and windy. Louie and dad go to church. George Mabel and April come to dinner. April and I leave about 3:30 for {Hamburg?}.Go to church and call on Kate and Emerson.

"" 23. Cold and windy. Practice at church.

"" 24. Milder. Rainy in afternoon. Practice at Meth church after school. Go home with Pearl Brown and stay all night.

"" 25: Indian Summer. Road thawing.

"" 26. Fine. Mild. Practice 2 after school at Meth Church. Mrs. E. Johnson and little girl here.

"" 27. Fine. Mild. Honey social in Meth Church.

""28.Grand day. Went to town in afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. McNight.

""29. Fine. S.S. and church both churches. Went with Miss McNight to Ferns to tea. Little rain in evening.

"' 30. Rainy nearly all day. Misty at night. Practice for play.

Dec 1. Very mild but foggy.

" 2. Went with Kate McNight and Anna McLaggaret at {Grovesend? Lovesend?}.

" 3. Fine. League. Rev. M. Reyeraft of Springfield spoke at Missions. Colder.

"4. Windy. Much colder.

"5. Cold, cloudy, windy. Went to town in afternoon with Kate and Anna, Went home with Gillots in their car.

"6. Now east wind. Gordon Gillot brought me to S.S. Church. S.S at Meth. Bernie's to tea. Church at night. Little rain.

"7. Cold windy day. Practice.


"9. Milder. Some snow. Ladies Union began at Mrs. Churchill's to make quilts for Belgians. Practice.

"10. Quite cold. Snow flurries.

"11. Milder. Practice for {illegible}

"12. Fine. Milder. Harvey and Mrs.Van Styke took Cora and I in the car to Alymer. We got books, candy, oranges for {Thomas's?} tree. Soldiers in training came to Alymer. Snowy in evening.

Dec 13. Snowed nearly all day. Cold S.E. wind. S.S. in morning. Church in afternoon no church at night. Harvey here all day.

"14. Fine but cold. windy. Some sleighing. Tremendous cold night. Practice.

"15. Cold and windy. Practice.

"16. Little milder. Sleighing. Christmas entertainment. Good crowd. Splendid programme. Proceeds # 30.

"17. Milder a little fine. {Illegible} meeting here.

"18. Much milder. Novelty shower for Flossie Liddle at Mrs. Churchills. About 35 there. Good time.

"19. Snowy and windy. Mild. Kate McNight and I planned to go to St.Thomas and Mabels but storm prevented. Cleared up in afternoon.

"20. Fine day. S.S on morning. S.S church in afternoon.Pearl Browns {illegible} church at night.

"21. Cold windy day. Mr. John McNight took a small sleigh load to Jaffa to Christmas entertainment at Jaffa Bapistchurch.

"22. Cold windy day.

Dec. 23. Fine but cold. Went to Alymer with Gordon Gillott. Upon train. Met Louie and Ray. Got home about p.m. Cyril.

" 24. Fine cold, Busy all day. preparing for Christmas.

" 25. Very cold but fine. Mabel, George and John to dinner, John to tea. Cyril at night. 32 degrees below zero at night.

"26. Cold. Father Louie and Willie went to town.

"27. Little milder, Fine. Cyril took Willie and I down to Mabel to tea and evening.

"28.Quite cold. snowy and rainy. Fine. George took us down to Mr. and Mrs. Crossin afternoon.

"29. Milder but snowy and sleety.

"30. Fine day. Cyril came to dinner and tea. Took Willie and I home. Met Leola at train in St.Thomas. Cold but clear.

"31. Fine. Louie Willie and I went up to Annie Fishback to dinner and called at Cousin Johnnys and Bassette in afternoon.

Jan 1. Fine but cold. Us All alone for New Years.

"2. Terrible blizzardy day. Cold, windy and snowy.

"3. Cold but fine. Cyril and I came to {illegible} to Eliza Gillott's to tea.

Jan 4. Began school. 1915. Milder fine. Good sleighing.

"5 Foggy in morning. Fine.

"6 " " " Pained nearly all day. Sewing in Union church for Belgians.

"7. Very windy. Sewed in afternoon for Belgians. League at night.

"8 Fine. Poor sleighing. Choir practice at M. Liddles. Mr. King took Fern, Cora and D.

"9. Fine. Went to town in afternoon with Mrs. and Pearl Brown. Went at night with Mr and Mrs McNight. Went to rink to see Miss D'Vorak fancy skater. Skateed a little.

"10.Fine day. Milder. Church and SS. morning and afternoon. Went to Mrs McNights for tea and spent evening.

"11. Fine. Mild. Snowed tiny little in afternoon.

"12 Mild. Went to Fern's to tea to fill out form for her application to Victoria hospital. Choir practice at night,

"13. Mild.

"14. Mild. League. Skated at school.

"15. Mild. Choir practice. Called to see Hazel Churchill who was sick. Harvey here to tea to get help with his homework.

Jan 16. Mild. Went to Mrs. VanSlyke's to help Harvey with school work. Stayed to tea and all night.

"17. Heavy rain during night. Forenoon mild and sunny like sugar making day. Colder in evening. Anniversary services. {Rev's Mager, Hurant} and Charleton. Mr and Mrs. Norman Chalk, Mrs and Miss Hangerfield and Mrs. McKay here to tea.

"18.Colder. Little snow. Good crowds at tea. Meeting. Proceeds 50 cents. Snowing.

"19. Good sleighing again. Revival meeting again.

"20. Quite cold. Revival meetings.

"21. Cold. Foggy early in morning. Revival meeting. Terribly cold.

"22. Cold. Blustry wind and snow. Revival meeting. Milder.

"23. Little milder. Fine. Mr and Mrs Johnson here.

"24. Fine. Cold. SS and church {illegible}. Fern. Kings to dinner. Basil and Albert Harvey here to tea and church .

"25. Heavy fall of snow during night. Very cold. Revival meetings.

"26. Cold. Fine. Went to Mrs. Gillotts after school. Church with them and Mr. McNights after church.

"27. Fine. Cold. Church at night.

Jan.28. Fine. Church. Harvey boys here after church.

"29. Cold. Church.

"30. Very cold. Went to town in afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. McNight. Went with Thayer's in load to Alymer to patriotic concert at Mrs. Chambers.

"31. Stormy from east. Milded. No S.S. and church in Union. {both at ?}

Feb. 1. Terrible stormy day. Rain, snow, sleet and wind from N.E. Tea meeting and Eng. dinner at Meth. Church and [sat here?}.

"2. Roads blocked. Terrible blizzard no school. Cold N.E. storm.

"3. Cold but fine. All scholars and myself went to Meth church to dinner.

"4. Fine. Went to Mrs. McKnights to tea. Then leagues and Meth choir practice.

"5. Rainy all day. Valentines box at school. Poured rain at night. Lorne came up and took me to Mrs. Holditches.

"6. Terrible windy snowy day. Went w {with?} load to Alymer to rink. Herb's house ran away no one hunt. {Daring?} man at skate at rink.

"7. Sacrament at Meth Church. Snowed nearly all day. Mild. Went to Mrs. Ellsworth to dinner & Mrs. F. White to tea. Bernie and Harley bring me home. No union service.

"8. Snowing. Mild.

"9. Mild. Snow in forenoon. Went to Mrs. McNight to tea to make box for box social. N.W. wind.

"10. Snowed some. Snow very deep. Went to Mrs Hayes with N.W. wind 11. Very mild Cora about 9 a.m. to help she and Mrs. Doo little make box for box social.

"11. Mild. Almost rain.

"12. Mild. Roads slushy. Box social at Mr. Mike McNights for Ladies Institute of {?}. Went in Mr. John McNight's load. Splendid time.

"13. Went to Alymer with Gordon Gillott. Up on train. Met Louie, Mabel, dad and Cousin Bob. Louie and I went home with John C. Mild but fine. Cyril at night.

"14. Rainy. Very mild. George and Mabel to dinner. Cyril to tea. We left for {?} about 7 p.m. Heavy rain and very poor sleighing on Tabbot St.

"15. Cloudy and Mild. N.W. wind.

"16. Snowing very little. Mild. Went up to Mrs. McNight's and Mr. McConnell's on

errands after school.

Feb. 17. Fine and Mild. League and Meth choir practice.

" 18. Fine. Mild snow going. 19 Copenhagen and Dunboyne young people rent Aylmer roller rink. About 50. Splendid crowd.

" 19. Fine. Surprize party for Harvey Van Slyke at Mr. J. Kings. About 50. Good time.

" 20. Mild. Sleighing gone. Uncle John Baker's wife buried.

21. Fine. Springlike. S.S. church in Union. Church in Meth. Mamie Parker's to dinner. Mamie, Anna, Basil here {John?}.

" 22. Cloudy. Very mild. No sleighing.

" 23. Rainy nearly all day.

" 24. Still cloudy. Card party at Mrs. Ellsworth's. About 35 there. Good time till 2:30 am.

" 25. Snowing. Windy. No League.

" 26. N.W. blustry wind. Cora and I went to Mc McConnell's to tea and evening.

" 27. Town with G. Gillott. Dr. McLay said ligiments of 4th dorsal bone were strained. Stayed with Mrs. J. McNight to Mrs. Lindsay's to tea. Went to rink. Very small crowd.

" 28. Fine. S.S. once & church twice.

" Mar. 1. Fine. N.W. wind.

" Mar. 2. Fine. Cold. Cora and I went to Mrs. J. McNight's to tea and evening.

" 3. Cold but bright. Windy.

" 4. Fine. Went to League. Was to take topic of Health but few came so no service.

" 5. Mild. Heavy snow fall. Went to Pearl Brown's after school. Learned to play Euchre, Poker and Five Hundred.

" 6. Snowy all day. Quite good sleighing. Stayed at Pearl's all day. Hugh took me home after tea. Roll McLennan and Pearl took me to rink at night.

" 7. Snowing in forenoon and afternoon. Fine at night. Cutter ride. S.S. & church 3 times. Went to Mrs. McNight's to tea. Mr. and Mrs. Boxall there too.

" 8. Fine. Cold. N. wind.

" 9. " Mild. Springlike.

" 10. " " " Cora and I to tea at Mr. McConnells. Edna Lee, Harry, Norman Kent, Mr. and Mrs. J. McNight, Grace Jones and Cora & I played 500.

" 11. Fine. Windy. League.

" 12. Fine. Father came for me. Visited Dr. McLay again for goitre. Cyril, Zell and Leola

Duncan Kate and their man at our place.

Mar. 13. Fine & mild. Father & I to town. Brought Mabel home with us.

" 14. Grand & springlike. Dad Mabel & I to church. George to dinner. Cyril and I come to Dunboyne Here to tea, church and Mr. McConnell's after church.

" 15. Grand day

" 16. " Went to Mrs. 17 Boxalls after. N. wind Went tea. Mr. & Mrs. J. McNighs Grace Jones, Lorne, Gordon and Lela White there too. Colder.

" 17. Fine. N. wind. Went Mrs. Roberts for tea and all night.

" 18. Fine. Warmer.

" 19. " " Kate McNight and I drove to Mabel's after school.

" 20. Grand day. N.W. wind. Went to town on traction car from Mabel's. Back here again Cyril at night.

" 21. Fine. Colder. Kate Mabel and I drove to St. Thomas to Grace church. Left Dunboyne about 3.30. Went to Mr. McConnell's to tea. Came here about 9 {am?}. Snowing in afternoon.

Mar. 22. Snowing. Quite cold.

" 23. Mild. Fine.

" 24. " " Sugar social in Meth. church.

" 25. Rainly nearly all day.

" 26. Very cold. N.W. wind. Snow. Went to Mr. McConnell's to tea.

" 27. Fine Cold. Went to town with 28 Kate McNight and Miss Edna McConnell. Mr. McC to tea and evening.

" 28. S.S. in morning. Gordon Gillotts all day, evening. Very stormy, at night. Wind, snow etc.

" 29. Fine and blizzardly in spells. Cold. Little snow.

" 30. Fine but cold.

" 31. Fine. Went to Bernice Whites for tea and all night.

Apr. 1. Fine. Roy came for me. Called at Dr. McLay's in Aylmer. Eva to our place. Cyril at night.

" 2. Fine. Eva and I went down to Mabel's. Roy took us to town went on 11.30 am. Came to town at night at 6.10. Went to Knox at night to hear Dr. Gordon. Roy came for us.

" 3. Fine. Father Eva & I to town.

"4. Fine. Father Louie and I to church. Roy went to hear Dr. Gordon in afternoon. Cyril took me to church & evening.

Arpil 5. Louie went to bed with grip. Rainy. Roy and I "6 went to hear Dr. Gordon.

" 6. Uncle Johnny came out to put in new kitchen floor. Cyril & I at night to hear Dr. Gordon.

" 7. Men working at floor. Cloudy at times. Very warm.

" 8. Grand spring day. Louie better and up. Cyril and I to Adanac concert at First Meth. Church.

" 9. Rainy. Mabel and George home in afternoon. Louie to hear Dr. Gordon.

" 10. Cloudy. Father and I to town. Take Uncle Johnny home.

" 11. Father and I to church. Cyril & I come to Dunboyne. Call at Dr. McLay's to Mr McConnell's to tea and evening. Poured rain and wind on way down.

" 12. Cloudy. Colder. N.W. wind.

" 13. Grand spring day. Went with Anna McTaggart and Mr. McConnell to a farewell and surpize party to Pearl Brown.

" 14. Grand.

" 15. Fine. League at night.

" 16. Fine. warm.

" 17. Grand. Went to Gordon Gillott's with him.

" 18. Fine. little windy. S.S. & church but no church at night because of small pox at Mt. Salem. Called at Mr. McConnell's in afternoon for book. Kate, Art and I for drive at night.

" 19. Cloudy. High wind. {Clearing?}

" 20. Fine. Went to Pearl Brown's and stayed all night.

" 21. Colder. East wind. Fine.

" 22. Fine. Rainy at night. League.

" 23. Fine. Very warm.

" 24. Fine. hot. Went to Dr. McLay again. Went to town with Mrs. Roberts.

" 25. Very hot. S.S. & church twice. Cora and I here alone all day. Taught Meth S.S. class.

" 26. Very hot over 80°F in sun. Mr. Small Field agent at school. Have a cold.

" 27. Little cooler. Little rain last night but did no good.

{In crosshatch over April 21st to April 27th} Very hot for this time of year

" 28. Cooler wind. Very dry.

" 29. Quite cool. Read topic at League.

" 30. " Father came for me. Called on Dr. McLay. Cyril at night.

May 1. Fine but colder. Father & I went to town. Papered ceiling of Louie's bedroom in afternoon.

" 2. Fine. Father, Louie & I to church. Zella's to dinner. Cyril and I came to Dun

boyne getting here about 730 p.m. To tea. Called at Dr. McLay's. Church at night. Quite cold.

May 3. Quite fine in morning. Heavy rain in afternoon.

" 4. Colder. Heavy rain all afternoon & evening.

" 5. Cool. Heavy rain.

" 6. Fine and warmer.

" 7. Rained heavily nearly all day.

" 8. Fine. Cool wind. Went to town with G. Gillott. Dr. McLay pronounced me to have neuritis. Raining evening.

" 9. Cloudy. Cool. S.S. & church. Went to Mrs. Whites from S.S. Basil Wardle took us to Port Bruce in car. Mr. W. Stephens preached for first time. Lorne and Lela brought me to church.

" 10. Fine. warm.

" 11. " " Planted school garden.

" 12. Fine. Hot.

" 13. Went to Kate's to tea Then League & choir practice. Quite cool.

" 14. Fine. Cool. Choir practice.

" 15. Fine. Warmer. To town with Gordon & Eliza. Mrs. Turrills to dinner. Dr. McLay. Went home with Gillott's.

" 16. Rainy all day. Stayed at Elizas all day. Went at 2.30 to Copenhagen to Mother's Day service. Church at night. Colder.

" 17. Fine but colder. Went {illegible, above line and in margin}

" 18. " " " Went to Mrs. Brown's for a few minutes after tea.

" 19. Cold. Annual church & Ladies Union meeting.

" 20. Rainy. Cold. League.

" 21. Poured rain in forenoon. Clearing & turning warmer in afternoon. Anna took Kate & me to Aylmer. Went by bus to M.C.R. station to St. Thomas. T.O. McKnight met us went to his boarding house to tea. Went through new Y.M.C.A. Met Cyril and then to P.M. station for Glanworth. Went to Mrs. Cliff. Van Slykes.

" 22. Fine. Mrs. Van Slyke, {above} Harold Van Kate & I go to London by P.M.R. See Aunt Maggie & have lunch with her. Go to bed real early as limbs gave out.

" 23. Fine. Take long walk west to Eng. church before dinner. Drive towards London in afternoon. Cyril came for me about 130. Spent evening and then home.

May 24. Fine. Mabel home for dinner. Cyril brings me to Dunboyne after tea. Called at Miss Shipman's.

" 25. Fine Colder. Practice at church for Children's Day.

" 26. Rainy in morning. Colder. N.W. wind.

" 27. Grand day. Malahide S.S. convention here in both churches. Great crowds & success. Fine.

" 28. Fine. Anna took me to Miss Shipman's.

" 29. Fine. Hazel took me to town. Dr. McLay. Suprize birthday party for Hazel Sat. afternoon.

" 30. Fine. Fern and Gertie King and I go to Mrs. N. Chalk's Sunday to dinner then back to Mrs. King's to tea. Church at night.

" 31. Fine. Dry. Cora, Mrs. J. McKnight and I went to Mrs. Parkers to see the little boy who was bitten by a hog.

June 1. Fine. Hot. Dry. Anna took me to Miss Shipmans.

" 2. Cloudy. Cooler. Rainy. Went to Mr. McConnell's to tea. He and Kate took me to Miss Shipman. Mrs. Cliff Van Slyke and son visiting there. Rainy.

June 3. Rainy in morning. Cleared off. League.

" 4. Fine. Hot. Father came for me. Called at Miss Shipman's for blue silk dress etc. Paid $3.50 to get dress waists and voile dress fixed over. Cyril at night.

" 5. Fine. Father & I to town. Down to Mabel's, {above: on car} to dinner. Went to Union in afternoon with George and Mabel. To town with them at night. Met Cyril and then out home.

" 6. Grand day. Cyril & I left home about 8.30 for Dunboyne. Came to S.S. and church in morning. Called at school and then to Mrs. Gillotts for dinner and tea. Mr. & Mrs. Gillott, Mamie Turrill Cyril & I drove to Port Bruce in afternoon. Came back to Dunboyne about 10 p.m.

" 7. Fine day in forenoon. Poured rain in afternoon with wind electrical storm & little hail.

" 8. Cooler. Fine.

" 9. Cool. Fine. Went to Mrs. {Irvine?} McTaggart's to tea and all night. Mortored to Bruce and called on Mr. & Mrs. Burt Langs.

June 10. Fine. Cool. Went to Mrs. J. McNights to a pattern to crochet a centrepiece. Rained to no league.

"11. Cool. Little rain. Practice for children's day. Choir practice. Mr. Steven here to tea.

"12. Fine. Cora, the children and I decorated church for Children's day. Practiced.

"13. Rainy early in morning. Fine. Children's Day a success. Went to {Lady?} Thayer's to dinner and tea. Meth church in afternoon. Union at night.

"14. Fine. Cecil {?} here to paint pictures in evening.

"15.Fine. Rainy forenoon. Mr McConnel, Kate and I went to his other place to salt cattle and get ferno.

"16. Fine. Went to Mrs. Browns to tea and all night Great Lord Picnic at Port {Bruce?} and Baker picnic at Pinafore Park.

"17. Fine. Went to league but no service.

"18. Fine. Basil Wardell, Hugh Brown, Glayer Thayer and I motored to London to see Pearl Brown nurse in training at Victoria Hospital. Poured rain nearly all the time. Took some fruit to Carling Heights to soldiers.

June 19. Fine. Cooler. Went to town in afternoon with Gillotts and at night with J. McKnights.

"20. Fine. S.S. and church twice to Bernice White's to tea.

"21. Fine. Enhance Exam began. Went to Mrs. Emerson {McLaggart?} and stayed all night. Heavy electrical storm and rain.

"22. Fine but windy. At Mrs. Robert's all night. Colder.

"23. Very cold and windy. Cyril came to school about 3.30 here to tea and to strawberry social in Meth church. Cold.

"24. Warmer. Fine. Went to Mrs. Chase's to tea and then to League.

"25. Fine. Meth. Union and day school. S.S. picnic at Port Bruce. Good time. Bernice and I went home with Mr. C. McLaggart to tea and then came to choir practice.

"26. Fine. Hazel, Stella, Edna, Cora and I to town in morning to get candy, lemons etc for school fair. Packed my trunk in afternoon. To town at night with Cecil and Miss {Teie?}.

"27. Grand. Hot. Church and S.S. twice. Mrs. Churchill's to tea and here to tea.

"28. Grand day. School, picnic. About 15 there. Baseball.

races & lunch. Scholars gave me Bible, rose basket and roses. Went up to Mr. McConnells at night for few minutes.

June 29 Hot. Closed school. Social at Mrs. Thayers. Rather rainy.

" 30. Rainy morning. Cleared. Father came about 10 a.m. for me. Had dinner at Mrs. Churchills. Home about 5.30. Cyril & I went to garden party at Aucklands at night.

July 1. Spent most of day in bed resting. Louie & Willie leave 5.30 for Mabel's to get strawberries.

" 2. Fine. Basset Bluvelt & 2 children here to tea. Louie & Willie come home about 5 .Pm. Cyril brings Camera Club book.

" 3. Rainy. Father & I to town in the morning. Father & Roy go to Mabel's after tea to get blocks. Doing up cherries and strawberries. Hot.

" 4. Fine. Father Louie & I to church in morning. Rev. McMillson, first Sunday. Cyril & John to tea. All to church. Meet George & Mabel after church. Went home with them. Poured rain.

July 5. Fine in forenoon. Rained occassionally in afternoon. Picked 1/2 crate berries. Went up on {&?} p.m. car. Met Louie and came home.

" 6. Fine. Cool. Ironed and cut lawn.

" 7. Fine until evening afternoon. Heavy rain. Cyril & John here.

" 8. Fine.

" 9. " Soldiers from London marched to Pinafore Park. {in left margin: {Mon?} started haying} Louie, Willie & I went to town about noon. Out to park to see soldiers. Came home at four & Cyril & I went back after tea.

" 10. Fine hot. Stayed home all day.

" 11. Poured rain nearly all day. Cyril & John here to tea. No one went to church.

" 12. Heavy downpour of rain during night. Cleared in afternoon. Uncle Ben & Aunt Jennnie here to tea. Roy took Louie to Alma College.

" 13. Very hot. Cyril & I to summer school at night.

" 14. Hot.

" 15. Very hot. Cyril & I to summer school again.

" 16. Hot. Heavy downpour of rain. Thunder & lightning.

" 17. Hot. Father & Roy to town in forenoon. Al, Violet and Will Jackson come out in evening.

July 18. Willie, Father and I to church. Willie goes with his mother. Cyril, Bob and Will here to tea. Rainy evening.

"19. Much cooler. Lorrie comes home from Summer School.

"20. Cool and cloudy. Rainy.

"21. Rainy about noon. Cyril and I go to Springbanks Park London to League picnic. {Gon?} on the new electrified {O.M?}. Good time.

"22. Fine. Cool. Mabel here to dinner and afternoon.

"23. Fine. Men begin to cut wheat.

"24. "." finish wheat. Father and Louie to town. Take Willie's things out. Louie and John goat {illegible?}.

"25. Father, Louie and I to church. Ray came and He and I go to Mabel's to dinner. Rainy. Home to tea and church Cyril.

"26. Poured in afternoon, Severe damage {?} slate, Belmont etc with wind. Hail.

"27. Finer.

"28. Poured rain in forenoon. Ray and Louie to town. Rake Mr. Page home. Cyril at night.

"29. Fine. Hot. Me and Mrs Jack Facey and Mrs. Vandelinder here in evening.

"30. Fine. Hot. John here to help {dryers} in hay.

31. Rainy forenoon I went to town to get Bernice and Lela. All went again at night. Cyril here.

August 1. Bernice. Father and I to church. Louie, Lela and I around block in afternoon. All at church at night. Very hot. Cyril.

"2. Fine. Rain during day.

"3. Rainy.

"4. " forenoon. Bernice, Lela and I to Park Cemetery and around town. Cyril here. {Crosshatch: illegible}

"5. Rainy.

"6. " "

"7. Louie took girls to train. Rainy.

"8. Bad downpour and rain in forenoon. Father to church. Mr. and Mrs. Gillot and baby. Cyril here to dinner and tea.

"9. Fine. Finished drawing wheat.

"10. Fine. Started to cut barley.

"11. " . Cyril here.

"12. Poured rain. Mabel and George here to dinner.

"13. Rained.

"14. Father and I to town. Rained.

"15. Rainy morning. Cleared. Ray and I go to Mrs. Gillotts to dinner and Bernice to tea. Called on Mrs. Norman . Went to Alymer in 59 min. and to Mrs. Gillotts in 1 hr 45 min.

"16. Fine morning. Severe electrical storm and downpour in afternoon.

"17. Fine. Cooler.

"18. ". Go to Mabels.

{Crosshatch: Very wet}

Aug. 19. Fine. Come home in afternoon.

"20. ". Finish drawing barley.

"21. Rain. I go to town for Curtis and Neva. Get eyes tested and order glasses.

"22. Rainy. Louie Curtis and Father to church. Cyril. John here to tea. Church.

"23. Fine. Mrs. Churchill and Paulina here.

"24.Tremendous downpour of rain and electrical storm.

"25. Cooler. Fine. Curtis and Neva and I go to Mrs. Paddons to dinner and George Westlake to tea. Cyril here.

"26. Fine. Cool. Curtis Neva and I call at Mrs. Jim Westlakes and Mrs. {Lisdak?}. Then to town and get glasses.

"27. Fine. Louie takes Curtis and Neva to town. Cyril here.

"28. Fine. Hot. Father and I to market. Get glasses again fitted. Go to London and to Hyde Park to Margaret Armstrongs.

"29. Fine. Cool. Go to Hyde Park church. Then in Mr. Halls car to Mr. Halls to tea.

"30. Cloudy and very cool. Back to London and {illegible} home. Cyril met me at the station and home.

{Crosshatch: Frost} 31. Fine. Little warmer. Took Louie to town to go to Aunr Maggies.

Sept. 1. Fine. Warmer. Went with Eva {Hemris?} to London to get boarding place. Mabel and George here to dinner and tea.

{Crosshatch: Finished Harvest} "2. Mabel and George here to dinner and wedding anniversary. Cyril here at night. Fine.

"3. Fine.

"4. Fine. Father to town, Louie home from Aunt Maggies.

"5. Rainy. Mrs. U.M and Mr and Mrs Tom Baker and Ainley here to dinner and tea. Cyril. Rained at night.

"6. Fine. Howard born at 7.15 a.m. Father took me to Mabels in forenoon. Rainy.

"7. Mabel and baby fine. Fine.

"8. Fine in afternoon. Washed.

"9. Fine. Very hot.

"10. Fine. Very hot.

"11. " ". Louie and 12 father come down in {morning?}.

"12. Fine Cyril came after tea.

"13. Fine. Hot.

"14. ". Hot. Mr and Mrs. Cross go to London Fair.

"15. Fine. Hot.

"16. Little cooler. Ray and Bernice Cyril and I go to London Fair. Rained at night.

"17.Fine. Ray and Bernice here & dinner.

"18. Rained in afternoon. Went to town on car.

Sept.19. Grand day. Cyril an I go to Talbotville anniversary afternoon and evening. {Stilloo?} and {Oxfords?} to tea.

"20. Fine. Cloudy towards night. Cyril and I go to Dunboyne to concert in Union church. To Cora's for all night. Heavy downpour 10. P.M.

"21. Cold N.W wind. Go up to call on Mr. Comrells and Mr..Knights in forenoon.To school in afternoon, Eliza came for me about 4.30. There all night.

"22. Grand. Go with Eliza to School Fair at Mt. Salem. Then to Mrs. Whites to tea and all night. Jeff and {Broin's?} there.

"23. Fine. Mr, White took me to station. St. Thomas and to Mabel's. Louie and Mrs. Berrett here.

"24. Fine.

"25. Fine. Real autumn like.

"26. Rainy all forenoon. Clearing. Cold N.W. wind. Cyril here to tea. Go to church. Great celebration in cities of great success of allies.

"27. Fine.

"28. Grand. Went to town on car.

"29. Grand.

Sept.30. Grand. George took me to St. Thomas to go on Wabash to Alymer to Leacher {Passe.?} in Alymer. Went to Brown Horse with Lawyer Miller.

Oct 1. Rained nearly all day. Leola and I come to St. Thomas. Cyril takes me home.

"2. Cooler. Ray, Louie and I to town. I come down here.

"3. Fine. Father here to dinner. Mrs. Hunt, Mr. and Mrs. Preffer Mr. and Mrs. Belore and boys here in afternoon. Cyril to tea and Louie and John in evening.

"4. Cloudy morning. Clearing. Colder. Heavy rain at 6.P.M.

"5. Fine. Mabel goes to town.

"6. Ella Baker married. {Illegible writing due to a newspaper print covering the writing} All of unmarried cousins. Married at 6.30. {Illegible} 7 to 9. Left about 10.30 for London {for Ottawa?}.

"7. Fine. Cool. Stayed home all day. Cyril brought me to Mabels at night.

"8. Cool. Cloudy. Fine. Windy night.

"9. Cool. Rainy.

"10. Grand fall day. George and I go to Grace Church.

{The following is the text from the newspaper clipping}


A pretty wedding was solemnized at the home of Mrs. William Baker. Gore Road, Westminster, October 6. {Text cut off}. When her youngest daughter, Ella Elizabeth was married to Harry Marshall Allen of Delaware. The ceremony was performed by Rev. R. L. Wilson of Westminister. The bride who was attended by Miss Irene Eedy of St. Marys and little niece Ruby Hamlyn of Belmont, as flower girl, {Text cut off} was given away by her brother, Harold. The groom was supported by his brother, Russell Allen. The wedding march was played by Miss Gladys Walden of Denfield, a cousin of the bride. Mr. and Mrs. Allen left for Ottawa for a honeymoon trip.

{incomplete newspaper clipping about WW1 in between pages}

Sept. 19. Grand day. Cyril & I go to Talbotville anniversary afternoon & evening. Stellas Anfords to tea.

" 20. Fine. Cloudy towards night. Cyril & I go to Dunboyne to concert in Union church to Cora's for all night. Heavy downpour 10 p.m.

" 21. Cold N.W. wind. Go up to call on McConnells & McKnights in forenoon. To school in afternoon. Eliza came for me about 4.30. There all night.

" 22. Grand. Go with Eliza to School Fair at Mt. Salem. Then to Mrs. Whites to tea and all night. Jeff & Browns there.

" 23. Fine. Mr. White took me to station, St. Thomas & to Mabel's Louie & Mrs. Burrett here.

" 24. Fine.

" 25. Fine. Real Autumn like.

" 26. Rainy all forenoon. Clearing. Cold N.W. wind. Cyril here to tea. Go to church. Great celebration in cities because of great success of allies.

" 27. Fine.

" 28. Grand. Went to town on car.

" 29. Grand.

Sept. 30. Grand. George took me to St. Thomas to go on Wabash to Aylmer to Teachers Assoc. in Aylmer. Went to Brown House with Lawyer Miller

Oct. 1. Rained nearly all day. Leola & I come to St. Thomas Cyril takes us home.

" 2. Cooler. Roy, Louie & I to town. I come down here.

" 3. Fine. Father here to dinner. Mrs. Hunt, Mr. & Mrs. Preffer Mr. & Mrs. Belore & boys here in afternoon. Cyril to tea & Louie & John in evening.

" 4. Cloudy morning. Clearing. Colder. Heavy rain at 6. pm.

" 5. Fine. Mabel goes to town.

" 6. Ella Baker married. Fine. Went to town on car met Dad home to dinner & Roy, Louie & I left about 4 p.m. for Littlewood. Put horse at Freds. Then to Ella's. About 60 there. All of unmarried cousins. Married at 6.30. {Dinner?} 7 to 9. Left about 10.30 for London for Ottawa.

" 7. Fine. Cool. Stayed home all day. Cyril brought me to Mabel's at night.

" 8. Cool. Cloudy. Fine. {illegible in margin}

" 9. Cool. Rainy.

" 10. Grand fall day. George and I go to Grace Church

to Anniversary service. Go home. Cyril & John to tea. Church at night & down here.

Oct 11. {Above first line of entry: Thanksgiving} Grand day. To {rip?} on car meet Cyril & go to tea meeting.

" 12. Fine. Silo fillers come about 4 p.m. Stay all night.

" 13. Fine. Cooler. Silo Fillers leave about 10:15 a.m.

" 14. Fine. Rainy all day.

" 15. Rainy.

" 16. Grand fall day. Went up on car to town. Met Leola & went to Rural Teacher's Club's & meeting in Public Library. Mrs. U.F. Smith here.

" 17. Grand day. George Mabel and Howard go out home. I go to church & then out to Cyril's to dinner & tea. Van Velzor's there too. Go to Central Meth. at night.

" 18. Rainy.

" 19. Cloudy but clearing. Gordon & Belle Dinner. Zella, Leola, Cyril & I motor to Sparta tea & meeting.

" 20. Misty but clearing.

" 21. Grand fall day. Mabel Howard & I go to Mrs. Hunts.

" 22. Fine. Cyril here in evening.

" 23. Grand autumn day.

" 24. Fine. Mr. Dunnings here. Cyril at night & I go home.

" 25. Fine. Threshers came at 4 p.m.

Sept. Oct. 26. Fine. Windy. Finished threshing about 4 p.m. Cyril at night.

" 27. Fine. Father brings me back to Mabels to dinner.

" 28. Fine.

" 29. Fine.

" 30. Fine. George Mabel & I go to town in afternoon.

" 31. Fine. George Mabel & I go to Mrs. Martins to dinner. Roy & Harold call in afternoon. Cyril here to tea.

Nov. 1. Fine.

" 2. Cloudy. Cold N.W. wind.

" 3. Rainy in morning.

" 4. Fine.

" 5. Fine. Father here to dinner. He George & I go to Mrs. Thomas Oldes funeral.

" 6. Fine. Quite cold.

" 7. " George Mabel & I & baby to Mrs. Crone to dinner. Cyril at night then to our church and home to stay.

" 8. Rainy. George & Mabel come to dinner. Mabel & Baby stay.

" 9. Fine. Mrs. Taylor called to see Mabel in afternoon. Paulina Will & Clarence in evening.

" 10. Fine. Louie & I go to town. Cyril.

" 11. Fine. Rainy.

" 12. R Fine. I take Louie Mabel and baby down to Mabels.

" 13. Fine. Windy. Father to town.

" 14. Fine. S.S. anniversary. Cyril to tea. Church at night.

{In between pages is a newspaper clipping about the McIntyre-Chant wedding, partially cut off. The part that is legible reads: "Two popular young peole of the city joined hands at the matrimonial altar at 7 o'clock Tuesday evening, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sperrin Chant, 19 Balaclava street, when Miss Evaline Berryman Chant, their eldest daughter, became the bride of Alfred Merlin McIntyre, 37 Inkerman street.

The ceremony was solemised by Rev. W.E. Millson and Rev. W.A. Bremner, and the bride was given away by her father. The bride was attended by her sister, Miss Oleavia H. Chant, and the groom by his brother, Wm. McIntyre. The wedding march was rendered by Miss Sanders. Miss Grace Sutherland acted as flower girl, and Miss Ila Shaw, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Shaw, acted as maid in attendance.

The bride was most becoming gowned in white duchess silk and silk embroidered chiffon rose trimming, and carried a shower bouquet of bride roses and lily of the valley.

The bridesmaid was very pretty in pink duchess silk and white marabout, and carried a bouquet of pink roses."}

Nov. 15. Very blustry. Cyril & I go to S.S. {Ent?}.

" 16. Cold. Snowy.

" 17. Fine. Dad goes after Louie.

" 18. Milder. Cyril & I print picture. Poured rain heavy all night.

" 19. Cloudy. Mild. Windy.

" 20. Windy. Snowy. Cora Wilson came home from town with dad & I.

" 21. Very windy. Dad Cora and I to church League Anniversary. John & Cyril to tea.

" 22. Quite fine. Louie took Cora to town.

" 23. Fine. Milder.

" 24. Cloudy. Cyril at night.

" 25. Fine. Indian Summer.

" 26. " " Mr. Hutton here.

" 27. Rainy. Dad & I to market. Attend Teacher's meeting. Alice Auckland & I go down to Mabel's.

" 28. Colder Fine. Mr. Mrs. Martin at Mabels. Alice went home.

" 29. Cold. Stormy. George & Mabel go to town.

" 30. Snow. Cold.

Dec. 1. Milder. Snowy. Came to town on car. Met Louie & Roy. She and I came home with Paulina. Cyril at night.

" 2. More snow about 1". Fine. Applied for Frome school.

" 3. Fine cold. Went to up to visit Leola's school.

" 4. Partly snowy. Dad & I to town I stay take my first china painting lesson meet Frome trustees and come home with Louie & John. Cold.

Dec. 5. Fine. Dad & I to church. Mabel George & baby here Cyril too. Roy to Dunboyne.

" 6. Stormy. Dad to town.

" 7. Dad & I go to Frome I hire for 1 yr. at $6.50, board at $4. Albert Miller found dead.

" 8. Stormy. Louie to town & I go to Delia Games Cyril, Roy {illegible}

" 9. Fine but cold. Snowy. Go to Emerys

" 10. Fine. Albert Miller buried. Louie Dad to funeral. Cold. Snow. Had 1st cutter ride with mailman.

" 11. Very cold. Some cutters Dad & I to town. Took china painting lesson. Roy home from Toronto.

" 12. Fine. Snowy at night. Tena & John here. Roy & I go to Bernices. Go to Union church at night.

" 13. Fine. Cold. Pearl & I to Mrs. King's in afternoon then Bernice & I to school. Go to practice at church at night.

" 14. Tremendously cold N.W. wind. Ride with Mrs. King up to Mr. McConnells there to dinner. John McKnight's in afternoon. Mrs. Nomans to tea. Mrs. Churchills in evening & Mrs. Nomans all night. Cold.

" 15. Go with Cora & Gordon Gillott to town to get books for S.S. scholars

Nov. 15. Very blustry. Cyril & I go to S.S. {Ent?}.

" 16. Cold. Snowy.

" 17. Fine. Dad goes after Louie.

" 18. Milder. Cyril & I print picture. Poured rain heavy all night.

" 19. Cloudy. Mild. Windy.

" 20. Windy. Snowy. Cora Wilson came home from town with dad & I.

" 21. Very windy. Dad Cora and I to church League Anniversary. John & Cyril to tea.

" 22. Quite fine. Louie took Cora to town.

" 23. Fine. Milder.

" 24. Cloudy. Cyril at night.

" 25. Fine. Indian Summer.

" 26. " " Mr. Hutton here.

" 27. Rainy. Dad & I to market. Attend Teacher's meeting. Alice Auckland & I go down to Mabel's.

" 28. Colder Fine. Mr. Mrs. Martin at Mabels. Alice went home.

" 29. Cold. Stormy. George & Mabel go to town.

" 30. Snow. Cold.

Dec. 1. Milder. Snowy. Came to town on car. Met Louie & Roy. She and I came home with Paulina. Cyril at night.

" 2. More snow about 1". Fine. Applied for Frome school.

" 3. Fine cold. Went to up to visit Leola's school.

" 4. Partly snowy. Dad & I to town I stay take my first china painting lesson meet Frome trustees and come home with Louie & John. Cold.

Dec. 5. Fine. Dad & I to church. Mabel George & baby here Cyril too. Roy to Dunboyne.

" 6. Stormy. Dad to town.

" 7. Dad & I go to Frome I hire for 1 yr. at $6.50, board at $4. Albert Miller found dead.

" 8. Stormy. Louie to town & I go to Delia Games Cyril, Roy {illegible}

" 9. Fine but cold. Snowy. Go to Emerys

" 10. Fine. Albert Miller buried. Louie Dad to funeral. Cold. Snow. Had 1st cutter ride with mailman.

" 11. Very cold. Some cutters Dad & I to town. Took china painting lesson. Roy home from Toronto.

" 12. Fine. Snowy at night. Tena & John here. Roy & I go to Bernices. Go to Union church at night.

" 13. Fine. Cold. Pearl & I to Mrs. King's in afternoon then Bernice & I to school. Go to practice at church at night.

" 14. Tremendously cold N.W. wind. Ride with Mrs. King up to Mr. McConnells there to dinner. John McKnight's in afternoon. Mrs. Nomans to tea. Mrs. Churchills in evening & Mrs. Nomans all night. Cold.

" 15. Go with Cora & Gordon Gillott to town to get books for S.S. scholars

Dec 15. To Perry's to dinner. Then to Mrs. Crosby to practice and tea. Then to church and go home with Lela. Cold.

"16. At Lela's until after tea Lorne takes me to Mrs. Gillots. Sleighing fun. Cold.

"17. Eliza and I go over to see Hazel Gillott. Rained nearly all day. Gordon Ella and I go to practice.

"18. Snowy. Eliza, Nora, Gordon and I go to town. Up on train meet Lorne and dad. Then home. Cold.

"19. Dad and I go church. John here. Cold and windy.

"20. Fine. Cold. Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. Gillott lead Cyril {here? home?}.

"21. Fine. Cold. Little sleighing.

"22. Snowy. Milder. Louie and dad go to market. Then Louie and Ray to Mrs. {Illegible. The photocopy is blurred}.

"23. Milder. Rainy. Louie and I go to entertainment at {Illegible}.

"24. Fine. Not very cold. Roy in town.

"25. Rainy and snowy all forenoon. George Mabel Howard John and Cyril here to Christmas dinner. John and Cyril to tea. Mild.

"26.Louie dad and I to church in morning. Roy to Bernices. Cyril and I to church at night.

"27. Fine. Mild.

"28. " "

"29. High east wind. Blustry. {Illegible script at the bottom}.


Dec 30. Good. Sleighing. Cold. Bob Gunn here to dinner.

"31. Fine. Cold. Cyril and John here. Jan.1. Roy goes to Uncle Bens and gets Clarance Jackson.

Jan 1. Mild. Rainy. All go to Mabel's to dinner. Aunt Maggie comes home with us.

"2. Louie Aunt Maggie and dad to church. Cyril and John in afternoon. Stormy.

"3. Blusttry day. Dad brings me to Frome. I begin with Mrs. Mayer to board.

"4. Mild day. 1st day in Frome school.

"5. Rainy all day.

"6. Fine. Colder.

"7. Cold. Went to Mr R. Leeson's to tea and signed agreement.

"8. Cold day. Went with Mr. Waite and Mrs. Mayer to town. Took lesson and came back here. Went to call on Mrs. Height and then skating.

"9. S.S. and church in morning and church at night. Cold.

"10. Rainy.

"11. Mild and rainy.

"12. Cloudy. Mild.

"13. Colder.

"14. Fine. Cold. Father came for me. Cyril and I to oyster supper in new school at the street. Cold.

"15. Cold and stormy. Dad and I to town. Took painting lesson. Cyril at night.

"16. Very cold and blustry. Cyril to tea and we come to Frome at night. Very cold and windy.

Jan.17. Bitter cold.

"18. Bitter cold.

"19. Cold.

"20. Rain and sleet. Milder.

"21. Mild.

"22. Springlike. Went to town. Took painting lesson.

"23. Cold but fine. {Day?} church here. Mrs. R. Leeson's to dinner and tea. Called at Leeson's.

"24. Mild.

"25. Mild. Went to Mrs. E. Leesons to Mission circle. Stayed to tea.

"26. Mild. Went to Mrs. E. A. {Silvers?} to {illegible} meeting to tea.

"27. Mild. Road very muddy. Trustee meeting here. I see about school garden. Poured rain at night.

"28. Colder. Roads freeze up. Mr. Waite takes me to Talbotville to car. Go to Mabels.

"29. Cold and windy. Go to town on car. Meet Louie and dad. Bob comes out at night.

"30. Rained nearly all day. Cyril to dinner and tea. Bob and Roy go to Uncle John's to tea.

"31. Father brings me back to Frome in morning. Mild and rainy.

Feb.1. Colder.

"2. Fine and cold. Go to shower at church and prayer meeting.

Feb.3. Cold. Go to Mrs. Edgeworth's to tea. Mr. Walkers and Mr. Leeson's there.

"4. Very cold. Fine.

"5. Snowy. Go to town. Take lesson.

"6. S.S. and church twice. Fine day. Cyril at Mrs. Moyer's to tea.

"7. Blustry cold day.

"8. Cold. Snowy.

"9. Little milder.

"10. Quite mild. Snow.

"11. Colder. Sleighing.

"12. Cold. Gord sleighing. Went to town. Dinner at Mrs. Myers. Lesson.

"13. Very cold. 27 degrees below in St. Thomas. Church and S.S. (twice church).

"14. Cold. Valentine box at school.

"15. Cold. Box social in hall here at Frome. Eat tea with Mr. S. Gunning. Circle Clyb give {pwgs?}

"16. Milder. Rain at night.

"17. Foggy. Sleighing gone.

"18. Regular blizzard. Cold snow. Intended going home but didn't.

"19. Cold but bright. Went to town. Took lesson back here again.

"20. Fine but cold towards night. Cyril here to tea.S.S. and church twice.

"21. Fine. Mr. and Mrs. Myers come here.

"22. Fine. Sleighing gone again.

"23. Sick in bed all day with diarhora. No school. I midday go to Mrs C. Heights to tea.

"24. Bright. Windy. Go to school again.

"25. Mild turning to cold and wind at night. Mr. Waite takes me to car. Roy meets me both go to see Dr. Campbell. He advises us to go to hospital. Mabel and Howard

out home. Louie {Luella, sister} & Mrs. Churchill went after them. Cyril at night.

26. Regular blizzard all day. Roy goes to Tremblay's store & night back. Clarence and Paulina here in evening.

" 27. Blizzard yet. No one to church. Cyril & I to Frome. Terrible time getting through snow drifts. Stop at Talbotville to phone & get warm. Upset, go thro fields, climb fences, walk, horse fell down, etc. Mr. Waite here alone. Cyril stays all night. Cold.

" 28. Fine. Roads are opened. Cyril leaves here about 1.30 Mrs Moyer arrives about {3.30?}

" 29. Fine. Little warmer.

Mar. 1 Fine. Cold.

{Newsprint transfers from clippings obscures the next date, but her style indicates this is a new day, Mar. 2} Cold. Went to Mission Church to Mrs. Walker's. Spent evening.

" 3. Fine.

" 4. Cold wind. Went to town Attended Teacher's meeting. Sleighing quite good.

" 5. Fine Cold. SS. & church here. Go to Shedden for a drive with Mrs. Moyer & Mr. Waite. Cold.

" 6. Windy, blizzard turning to ice storm & rain. Heavy thunder & lightning at night.

" 7. Fine, warm, windy in morning. Went west for a walk. Mild.

" 8 Very stormy day. Prohibition petition presented in Toronto.

Mar. 9. Fine until about 1/4 to 4. Then began a tremendous blizzard. Went to Mrs. N. Mc Gugan to Ladies Aid. He brought us home.

" 10. Blustry all day. Mr. Waite took me to car. Dad met me in town. Cyril at night.

" 11. Grand day. Roy Louie & I to town. Take lesson. We go to Churchill's in evening Mild.

" 12. Almost raining. Dad & I go to church then to Mabel's to dinner. Mr. & Mrs. J Tracey at our place to tea. Cyril too. We come to Frome. Mild.

" 13. Fine day. Colder. Mr. C. Churchill's loading their goods for North West.

" 14. Cold. Blustry at times.

" 15. Cold. Go to Mrs. C. McLean's to tea. Then to prayer meeting.

" 16. Fine. Milder. Mr. & Mrs. T Baker call at school.

" 17. Fine but cold. Went to Mrs. P. Silion's to choir practice.

" 18. Very cold & blizzardy. Go to town. Take lesson. Call in at Mrs. A McLean's in evening.

" 19. Fine but cold. SS & church twice. Go to Mrs. R. Leeson's to dinner & tea.

" 20. Fine turning to blizzard. Cold.

" 21. Fine. Mild. Snowing in evening.

" 22. Blizzardy. More snow. Cold. Received $165 in {above line: paid} payment of salary and paid $40 board.

" 23. Cold. Went to Mrs. Walkers to Ladies Aid.

{text obscured by newsprint that reads: "of Rev. Dr. Gundy", likely an obituary} die.

Mar. 24. Fine. Mild. Father comes for me. Sleighing about gone

25. Very mild. East wind. Dad Louie & I to town. Take lesson. Cyril at night.

" 26. Mild. Dad, Louie & I go to Dr. Gundy's memorial service in our church. Cyril at night. Rain.

{vertically in margin: Spring}

" 27. Fine. No sleighing. Roy, Louie & I go to Mr. Atkin's funeral. Roy brings me to Frome.

28 Mild Mrs. Moyer & I call in at Mrs. A McLeans in evening of Mar. 27.

28. Mild. Go to Stars and Diggers concert. Good.

29. Mild. Go to see Clarence Ashbury after tea.

30. Mild. Go to Mrs. C McLeans to Mission Circle. Then to Mrs. P. Silion's to choir practice.

31. Mild.

April 1. Go to town. To teachers meeting. Only Mr. {Prast?} & I there. Brid house exhibit. Rains heavily. Road bad.

" 2. Fine. Church & S.S. twice. {arrow from "S.S." to right after "Fine", indicating it should come before church}

" 3. Colder. Fine.

" 4. Fine.

" 5. Fine. Go to prayer meeting & call at {Al Silion?}

" 6. Blizzardy. Ladies Aid here. Choir Practice at Mrs. {illegible}

" 7. Fine. Mr. Waite takes me to car Go home. Cyril there. Snowy

" 8. Quite stormy. Dad, Louie & I to town. Take last china painting lesson

Apr. 9. Fine. Dad & I to church. Cyril & John to tea. Go to our church at night & then to Frome.

" 10. Fine day.

" 11. Rains heavily. Thunder. Convention meets here. Go to church at night.

" 12. Cloudy little rain. Church at night. Poured after church.

" 13. Cloudy. Warm. Rain at night.

" 14. Rain. Went to Roy Leeson's to a sugar off.

" 15. Fine. Went to town. Attended a Teacher's Meeting Choir practice at Mrs. P. Silion's

" 16. Fine turning to severe electrical storm & rain at night. Mrs. D. Leeson's to dinner & tea. S.S. & church twice.

" 17. Rainy.

" 18. Fine. Go into Mrs. A McLean's in evening.

" 19. Rainy afternoon. Ladies' Aid at Mrs. Ashbury's. Stay for evening and meet Mr. {Thorne?}.

" 20. Fine till evening. Father came for me. Poured rain on the way home. Cryil at night.

" 21. Fine. Roy takes me to train. Paulina & I go to Aylmer to Churchill's to sugar social & then to Gillotts'.

" 22. Cloudy, little rain. Call at Mr. McConnells, Churchills and Mrs. Normans. Back to Elizas at night.

April 23. {above line: Easter Sunday} Cloudy but no rain. Go up to Union S S Meth. {Methodist} church Go to Bernice's to dinner and tea. Go to see gas well. Come home with Roy.

" 24. Cloudy. Little rain Cyril came at night.

" 25. Rainy.

" 26. " " Roy & I go to Mabel's He to go fishing. I to stay.

" 27. Fine forenoon. Downpour in afternoon. Come up to town on car. Roy comes to meet me. Cyril at night.

" 28. Fine day.

" 29. Fine. Louie, dad & I to town Get paper for dinning room.

" 30. Louie, dad & I to church. Cyril & I to Uncle Ben's to dinner & tea. Call on {Ins Scott?}. Come to Frome after tea.

May 1. Cloudy. Mission Circle at Mrs. {Downs?}

" 2. Rained. Went to Mr. Leesons to see about getting garden worked.

" 3. Rained.

" 4. Fine.

" 5. Rain. Choir practice at Mrs. Silions.

" 6. Go to town. Meet Paulina

" 7. Glorious spring day. Church & S.S. Mrs. Moyer & I drive to town in afternoon. Go to cemetery.

" 8. Fine. Mr. & Mrs. Taylor come to school. Stays till 3. Then I go with them to Shedden.

" 9. Fine. Colder. Planted School Garden

" 10. Rained. Colder.

" 11. Cold. N.W. wind. Fine.

May 12. Rainy morning. Go to take car. Go to Mabel's with Paulina.

" 13. Grand. Mabel, Paulina & I go to town on car with Howard.

" 14. Rainy nearly all day Roy comes after me in the afternoon. Cyril comes after tea and we come to Frome.

" 15. Rain downpour during night. Fine day.

" 16. Rainy all day nearly.

" 17. Colder. Cloudy.

" 18. Rainy.

" 19. Rainy.

" 20. Grand. Went to Alice Auklands to dinner Went to town in afternoon and to visit Tempo school at night after tea.

" 21. Fine. S.S. Anniversary at Talbotville. Visited Talb school at night in afternoo Alice & Morley Thomas bring me to Frome.

" 22. Rains nearly all day.

" 23. Warm. Fine Go up to Leeson's for a little in eveing.

" 24. Hot. Go to town with Mrs. Moyer & Mr. Waite to Otto's to dinner. Meet Paulina & Alice & go to the park to see soldiers. Otto's to tea & home about 8 p.m. Fine.

" 25. Fine & hot.

" 26. " " Mrs. Moyer takes me to car. Dad meets me in town. Cyril at night.

May 27. Rainy. Help Louie at home all day.

" 28. Grand. Dad & I to church go to Mabels to dinner. Home to tea. Cyril & I come to Frome after church tea

" 29. Fine till rain in afternoon.

" 30. " played ball.

" 31. " Party at Muriel {Slyles or Dyles?}

June 1. Fine. Replanted school garden.

" 2. Rained. Dad comes for me. Stayed here to tea. Cyril.

" 3. Fine. Go to town in afternoon.

" 4. Rained in afternoon hail thunder & severe lightning. Fine morning. Go to church George, Mabel & baby and Cyril to dinner. Cyril at night but too rainy to go to Frome

" 5. Fine. Dad brings me in the morning. Go to Shedden with Elmer Berdan's at night.

" 6. High cold wind. Fine.

" 7. Rained about all day.

" 8 Fine. Go to Ladies' Aid at Mrs. E.A. Silion's.

" 9. Fine. To Mrs. C.P. Silion's to tea and choir practice.

" 10. Fine School in forenoon and to town in afternoon.

" 11. Fine. Mabel George & baby here to dinner and until about 3 P.M. S.S & church.

" 12. Fine

"13. Fine.

" 14. Downpour in afternoon Cyril at night.

June 15. Fine. Played ball.

" 16. Heavy rain in afternoon.

" 17. Colder. Little rain. School till about 3 P.M.

" 18. Cloudy morning. M. Waite Mrs. Moyer & I to town. I go to church and home. Cyril brings me back at night.

" 19. Rainy at times. Cool.

" 20. Fine. Played ball.

" 21. Rainy morning. School in forenoon. Mrs. Moyer takes me to Baker picnic at Pinafore Park. About 100 there. Good time Cool.

" 22. Fine. Cool. To R. Leeson's to tea.

" 23. Fine. Played ball & choir practice Went to Fingal school with Mr. Elmer Berdan to see Entrance pupils. Little Rain at night.

" 24. Fine. Go to town. Rain in afternoon.

" 25. Grand. SS. & church. Cyril in afternoon drive to Shedden & Fingal. Church at night.

" 26. Fine. Played ball. Hot

" 27. Fine. Go to Aukland's to see about going to Port Alice & Mr. Thomas call in evening.

" 28. Fine. Paid board {&47.00?} Recieved from Mr. Leeson #170

" 29. Fine. Let school out 2 P.M. Father comes for me. Holidays begin. Cyril at night.

" 30. Grand day Hot. Alice, Cyril & I go to Port to Southwolds S.S. picnic. Come up 9 P.M. to St. Thomas with Stella & Ainley

July 1. Fine. Hot.

" 2. " Little rain in morning.

" 3. Fine. Louie & I go to Mabel's for berries. Dennis girls here in evening.

" 4. Hot. Fine. Began haying. Dad & I take Paulina to station when she leaves for Northwest.

" 5. Hot dry. Aunt Jennie {Al?} Violet & babe here to tea. Cyril at night.

" 6. Hot dry.

" 7. " "

{In crosshatch from the 8th to the 11th it reads: Very hot dry}

" 8. " " Louie & I to town in afternoon.

" 9. Church with dad in morning. Mr. & Mrs. James here to dinner. Cyril to tea. Fine hot.

" 10. Fine, hot. Cyril & I go to Summer School at night.

" 11. Fine hot, dry. Mesdames Hepburn here in afternoon. Louie & I go to Mrs. Dennis' in evening.

" 12. Fine hot dry. Cyril & I go Summer School at night.

" 13. Fine hot dry.

" 14. " " Louie & I go to Frome to see the school garden. Cyril & I at summer school at night.

" 15. Fine dry Hot.

" 16. Fine dry. Cyril & I to church at night.

" 17. Fine dry.

July 18. Fine dry. Cyril & I go to Frome at night to a garden party.

" 19. Fine dry Hot. Rain at night.

" 20. " " "

" 21. " " " Father & I go to Mabel's in evening.

" 22. Fine. Louie & I to town in afternoon.

" 23. " To church in morning. Cyril & I drive to Mapleton & Kingsmill, take lunch and get home after dark.

" 24. Fine hot.

" 25. Dry. Little rain in afternoon.

" 26. Fine hot. Cyril at night. 27 Bert Davis comes out in 28 afternoon & to tea.

27. Fine hot dry.

" 28. " " " Cyril & I go to town at night.

" 30. Tremendously hot. Roy & I go to Bernice's to dinner to Lela's to tea & to Port Bruce in evening in David Marshall's car.

" 31. Cooler breeze. Still hot & dry. {Above line: Cyril here}

Aug. 1. Quite cool. Dry.

" 2. Fine. Go with Cyril to Springbank to choir picnic. Good time.

" 3. Fine Hot.

" 4. " "

" 5. " " Louie & dad to town.

" 6. " Very Hot. Gordon, Eliza, Nora Gillott, George, Mabel & Howard & Cyril here to dinner & all but Mabel's to tea.

" 7. Fine & Tremendously hot.

Aug. 8. Fine rain during night cooler. Cyril & I go to Mabel's I to stay a few days.

" 9. Fine. Mabel Howard & I to Port in the afternoon.

" 10. Fine. George & Mabel to town I keep Howard.

" 11. Rainy morning. I go to Eva Baker's on car. She comes to Tempo to meet me.

" 12. Cooler. Fine. Eva & I call at Fannies go to Tempo to meet Uncle Johnny & to Sam's in evening Rains

" 13. Cooler. High N. wind. League anniversary Cyril up to dinner. He Eva, Ed & I go to Ella's and call at Heber's to church & S.S. Home at night.

" 14. Fine. Cool. Rain at night.

" 15. " Warmer.

" 16. " " Louie & I go to Fishman's picnic. Good weather crowd & time. Cryil at night.

" 17. Fine. Warmer.

" 18. "

" 19. Dad & I go to town. Pours rain. Lela & Bernice come at night.

" 20. Fine but tremendously hot. Louie & dad to church Roy Bernice Lela Cyril & I to church at night.

" 21. Fine hot. Roy takes girls down to Flemming's at night

Aug. 22. Fine. Very hot. Lela Bernice & I go to Port in afternoon. Roy & Cyril come in evening. Downpour of rain. Cooler.

" 23. Lorrie goes to Mabel's & then with she & Howard to Aunt Maggies. Lela & Bernice still here.

" 24. Cool but Fine. Roy takes girls back to Dunboyne. Cyril at night.

" 25. Fine cool.

" 26. Louie comes home. Little rain Cyril & I go to town at night.

" 27. Heavy rain during night. Real cold like fall. Dad & I to church. Cyril, George Mabel & Howard here to tea. Go to church.

" 28. Quite windy & cool. Fine. {Above line: Cyril drive to see Mr. Bane}

" 29. Fine. Cool. Cyril in evening.

" 30. " Stayed in bed all day.

" 31. " Zella & Leola here to tea. Cyril in evening. (Ring) {above line: {illegible} to build woodshed}

Sept. 1. Fine. Cool windy.

" 2. " " "

" 3. Grand day. Cool. Fine. Cyril and I go to Dunboyne. Call on Kate McKnight from about 11 to 12 a.m. Then to Eliza's to dinner. Motor to Stalter's bridge and Bruce in afternoon. Eliza's to tea and call on Mrs. Norman from 7 to 8 P.M. Home at 10:30 & get dad's consent.

" 4. Fine. Father brings me to Frome Monday afternoon.

" 5. Fine Began school 30 scholars.

Sept. 6. Fine. Cool. Was at Mrs. C.P. Silions to tea to meet Miss Eva Silion.

" 7. Hot & sultry. Severe electrical storm & rain at night.

" 8. Cool. Fine. Called at Mr. Leeson's to ask for holiday for London Fair.

" 9. Fine. Cool. Go to town. Meet Papa & home. Cyril at night.

" 10. Fine. Dad & I to church. Uncle John, Aunt {Elva?} Florence out to dinner & tea. Cyril brings me to Frome.

" 11. Fine. Hot. Trustee meeting at night at Mr. Down's to get library books.

" 12. Fine. Rainy in morning.

" 13. Grand. Go to Talbotville with Mr. Waite & Mrs. Moyer Meet Cyril & go to London Fair. Good day & time.

" 14. Quite cool & cloudy. Little rain.

" 15. " " Fine.

" 16. Fine. Went to town with Mr. Waite & Mrs. Moyer.

" 17. Little rainy. SS & church. To Mrs. Leeson's to tea & with them to Shedden church. Fine & cold.

" 18. H Fine. Windy. Cooler. Went to Mrs. C. McLean's to tea.

" 19. Very heavy frost during night. Cool.

" 20. Warmer. Fine. Go to Shedden Fair with Mr. R. Leeson's. To Mrs. D. Leeson's to tea.

Sept. 21. Fine. Little rain in afternoon. Go to Mrs. C. McLean's to Ladies Aid & Choir practice.

" 22. Some rain. Cool. Mr. Waite takes me to the car. Go home with dad. Cyril in evening.

" 23. Fine. Cool. Louie & dad go to town. Go out to town with Williams'. I go to Glanworth & Cyril to Alvinston. Motor to town at night with Mr. Van Slyke's.

" 24. Cold wind. Spend day at Glanworth. Go back to town at night. Go to church meet Roy and come to Frome. Little rain at times.

" 25. Fine. Little warmer.

" 26. Rainy morning. Windy.

" 27. Windy. Fine.

" 28. Fine.

" 29. Rainy. Father comes for me.

" 30. Fine. Dad & I go to town. Cyril at night.

"Oct. 1. Grand. Dad & I to church. George Mabel & Howard to dinner. John & Cyril to tea. Go to Central church at night & then Frome.

" 2. Fine. Grand.

" 3. Grand. Go to Mission Circle at Mrs. Bogarts.

" 4. Grand. Go to Mr. Leeson to get information for paper to send to Mr. Smith.

" 5. Grand. Go to choir practice Receieved salary of $170

" 6. Grand. Paid board $13.00

Ael. 7. Grand. Go to town with Mr Waite. Meet Kate Mr Knigks go to Aylmn {small x} to {illegible}

    8. Grand. go alone to Union S.S. Then until Kate and Anna to Melh. church{*under text* little}. Jo Cova {illegible} {illegible} to tea a evening.
    9. Quite cold north wind To Mrs J. Mr Knights to tes Kate. Anna take Ben{illegible} to M.P.R. Station. Come Thomas meet Ray,{illegible} Go to tea. Mailing others to Frome. Have club bay stolen at church
    10. Quite cold Time.
    11.  ..   ..    ..
    12.  ..   ..    .. Go to town with Ms Waits to Teachers Convention held in St. Thomas Colb. Qnal. E.U. Elgin united. Go home to dinner with Florence, stay with her during convention Cyril takes us to evening session
    13. Rainy miserable day cleaning at night. Go down to Mables for tea. at night. Cyril in evening.
    14. Time s. wind stay at mables all day.
    15. Time. George Mable House . I go to church then out home to dinner. I stay to tea and then go with Cyril to the tabernacle and then to from ... Cloudy".' 

Ael 16 Cloudy windy. Quite cool.

  . 17.   ..   ..   ..  ..
    18 {illegible} Go to prayer meeting at {illegible}
    19 Rainy.
    20. Rained nearly all day. Gales.
    21 Cold & Windy. Go to town with Mr Waite Go to Mables to dinner, & tea. Up on car meet Cyril go to tabernacle & home.
    22. Fine. Go to church & Cyril{illegible} I go to Emerys in evening then to home.
    23. Fine. Milder. 
    24  Coludy.
    25   ..  Rainy. High winds.
    26   .. .Cold. 
    27 Fine.  ..  Cyril comes about 1P.M. for me unexpectedly go to tabernacle to meeting on Womanhood or Motherhood.
    28 Fine. Milder. Father & I go to Toronto market. Call at Ms {illegible} To Take Belle a present and see her things.
    29 Grand day. Louise, dad & I to church. Louise and I go to meeting for women in tabernacle. in afternoon. cyril & I at night. he {illegible} tabernacle {illegible} go Cardinal Gretin Church. Then to home.
    30. Mild. Indian Summer. Choir practice.
    31. Th Rainy. Cleaning for night then up as a Blind Begger

For Halloween. Go with girls to call on neighbours.

Nov 1. Belle Dennis married {number?} and day. Mison Girls and prayer meeting at Mrs. S. Slown's

2. me Choir practice.

3. " Go to a quitting at Annie Edgbodin. {illegible} Marel V. Styles Laurier Bogail. I moter to Yonge at Home at Middland.

4. Cold. Rainy. Windy. Go to town from Rd. Diman at Mrs. Mey, Choir practice.

5. Grand day. Anniversary Church + I & in morning Mrs. Leeson's to dinner + lee Come home here. Cyal comes and to Mrs. Lawson's in the winning for a little while.

6. Grand mild.

7. " "

8. " " Prayer meeting at parsenage.

9. Rainy. mild.

10. Windy. M. Waite lakes. Mrs. Mayer and I to can. I go to {place} with Ellie Auckland. Meet Cyril. then home. Rainy

11. Fine. Dad + I to market. Meet Cora Wilson in town. She comes out home to stay over night.

12/ Fine but windy. Louis Cora + I go to Labernate at 1020. To Mabel's to dinner to womens meeting in Central church at 4 p.m. to Mrs. Minshall's to tea. Go jabermade at night. meet Cyril + then to home. Colder East wind.

13. Rainy. Little snow.

14. Much colder. More snow.

15. " ". Winty. ground frozen also windows. Went to Mrs. Eddison to prayer meeting.

16. Milder. Fine. Father comes for me. Cyil at night.

18. {name} have our group picture taken.

19. Time autumn day. Church in morning. Cyil & I come to home in afternoon and go to church here all night.

20. Grand day.

21. " " Colder.

22. " ". Prayer meeting at Mrs. John Bernard's.

23. Rained nearly all day.

24. Colder snowy.

25. Very cold + windy. Go to town with M. Wailer Back here.

26. Fine but windy. G to S.S. church to Mrs. R Leeson to dinner. Then go in auto to Muneey {last name} to

look around it. Back to Mrs. Leeson's to tea. Then to church.

" 27 Milder. Fine. Meeting at Mrs. A. McLean to pick out pieces for Christmas entertainment

" 28 Fine. Mission Circle & prayer meeting at Mrs. R. Leesons

" 29 Mild. Rainy. Trustee meeting at Mr. S. Down's. I resign but trustees won't accept my resignation

" 30 Little colder. Cloudy

Dec. 1. Cloudy. Father comes for me. Quite windy.

" 2. Fine day. Father & I to town Get photographs. Cyril at night.

" 3. Cloudy turning to little rain. All to church. {illegible} of 117 new members. Go to Tracey's to dinner & Cyril comes there to tea. Come to Frome

" 4. Cloudy, windy. Very mild. Mr. Leeson calls to get my final decision of resigning.

" 5. Cloudy. Mild. Mrs. Moyer and I go to B. Heidhts to see a centrepiece & Mrs. McLeans to buy some Ladies Aid articles.

" 6. Windy but fine. Mr. McLean and I to Mrs. Man's to tea and prayer meeting after.

" 7. Fine mild. Choir practice

" 8. Fine. Practice for drill

9. Very blustry & cold. Stayed here all day Saturday.

10 Fine but cold. NW wind. SS & church twice

" 11. Fine. {Turning?} to snow Practice.

" 12 Snowing.

" 13. Cold Prayer meeting at parsonage

" 14. Very cold.

" 15. Cold. Choir practice at Mrs. McLeans.

" 16. Cold. Go to town with Mr. Leesons. Heavy fall of snow.

" 17. Some sleighing Cyril comes up with {cutter?} to tea & church.

" 18. Very, very cold foggy.

" 19. {Still?} cold. Blustry.

" 20. Much milder, good sleighing Children give me locket & chain. Entertainment in Cong. church. Good programme, small crowd Snowy.

" 21. Quite mild. Pack my trunk & prepare to leave Frome.

" 22. Blustry cold. Father comes for me. Cyril at night.

" 23. Cold. Father & I go to market

" 24. Cold, east wind. Go to church in morning Cyril here to tea

" 25 Mild day. Good sleighing Roy goes to Bernice's Mabel & George here to dinner. Cyril & John at night.

" 26 Cold, windy East wind.

" 27. Fine Cold.

" 28. Fine Cold Mr. & Mrs. Millson?} {illegible} & Miss Matthews here to dinner & Mrs. Millson & Miss Matthews to tea. Cyril at

2. Mild day. Father + I go to town and then on to home.

3. Very mild. Prayer meeting at Mrs. C. {name}

4. Mild.

5. Turn colder at night. {illegible} pour of rain in morning. Go to Mrs. R. Luson's to tea and then to choir practice.

6. Cold. Go to town and slay at Beatrice to tea and all night.

7. Beatrice + I go down to {illegible} church in morning. Cyil comes to tea and then to {illegible} cold.

8. Bright + Milder.

9. Mild + softt.

10. Colder. Blustry and heavy snow fall. Sleighing again.

11. Cold. Ladies aid me to here.

12. Cold. M. Waite takes me to the car. Meet Cyril in town + we go to Stan meet zella after practice is there home. Snowy.

13. Cold + blustry at night more snow. Home all day.

14. Cold. West wind. to church. Cyril + I go to Mabels to dinner + tea. Alice there {illegible}

15. Little milder {illegible} but very cold.

16. Cold. Went to Mrs. E.Leson's tea.

17. " Blustry.

18. " Very blustry. Blanche Heidht + Fred Blogart married.

19. Cold but fine. Helped Mrs. Me. Lean clean church

20. Fine but cold. Go to toronto Olla's to dinner.

21. Terrible blizzard + cold. Go to S.S. + church in morning In the house all rest of day.

22. Still very blustry + cold.

23. Fine but cold.

24. Fine " ".

25. Terribel blsutry. Go to Mrs. Hell coles to Ladies' Aid.

26. Fine. Father comes for me.

27. Blustry + cold. Wilber house + Ernst Allen at our place. Wilbers father + I go to town.

28. Fine. Snow. Wenst + Dad to church. Cyril in afternoon + to tea to church + {illegible}

29. {illegible}. Rainy day.

30. Grand. Massion Circle and prayer meeting + Mrs. E. Lesson.

31 Fine but colder. Happy.


Feb 1. Much colder blustry Shower at church for bazaar Bitter cold

" 2. Bitter cold.

3. " " & blustry. Stay here all day.

" 4. Cold & blustry. S.S & church.

5. Cold & very blustry.

6 " but fine. Mr. Waite take Mrs. McLean, Mrs. Moyer & I to Shedden I get {paint?}.

" 7. Cold blustry. Choir meets at Mrs. McLeans & gives Mr. & Mrs. J. Bogart a tablecloth.

" 8 Very cold. Ladies Aid and prayer meeting at Mrs. Walkers.

{In crosshatch from Feb. 9th to 11th: Cold}

" 9. Tremendously cold. Had intended going home but phoned to Louie & stayed here

" 10 Bitter cold. Go to town with Mr. Leesons. Visit Dr. {Lipsey?} for my neck.

" 11. Cold but quite bright Go to Mrs. E. Leesons to dinner & tea. Very cold night.

12. Cold. Cold Bustry

13. Little milder. Farewell for Percy Silcox on his last leave.

" 14. Fine. Milder a little. Prayer meeting at Mrs. McLeans

" 15 Fine.

" 16. Blustry all day till about 3 P.M. Mr. Waite takes Mrs. Moyer and I to car. Roy meets me.

" 17. Quite cold and very windy All go to Uncle Johnny's funeral. Cyril at night Dr. {Lipsey?}

Feb. 18. Cold turns bright. George etc. to dinner. Cyril to dinner & tea and John to tea. Go to church and Frome

" 19. Milder hail and rain at night

" 20. Ice storm during night. Go to Mrs. R Leeson's to tea.

" 21. Quite mild. Prayer meeting at Mrs. Walkers. Roy goes to Hospital

" 22. Quite mild. Ladies Aid met at Mrs. Mc Gugans {Above and in margin: Roy's has operation at {illegible} Gets along fine}

" 23. Fine. Choir practice at Mrs. Down's Severe electrical storm in morning.

" 24. Colder. Go to town with Mr. Waite. Go to hospital to see Roy. Cyril at I at rink at night.

" 25. Quite cold. Home all day. Cyril & I call to see Roy in evening and then to Frome.

" 26. Electrical storm & rain during night. Mild & icy.

" 27. Quite fine. Mission Circle and prayer meeting at Mrs. Walkers

" 28 Fine. Mild. Roy leaves the hospital & goes to Uncle Ben's

Mar 1. Mild. Sleighing going.

" 2. " Mr. Waite takes us to car in democrat. Go to Uncle Ben's to see Roy & Cyril comes for me.

" 3. Colder. Louie & dad to town.

" 4. Cold N.E. Wind. Cyril & I come to Frome in afternoon. Here all evening Snow storm starts about 8 PM.

" 5. Blizzard all day. Cold.

" 6. Fine but cold.

" 7. Heavy downpour of rain at night.

Mar. 8. Mild, Quite windy. Ladies Aid and prayer meeting at Mrs. C Daugharty's.

9. Fine. Pie soual at hall here. Proceeds 39.50. Mild.

10. Mild. Slayed here all day and tea in comforter.

11. Foggy. M.Blder pilled on Home M.P. Rorosing. Church here. S.S. Go Mrs. Leeson to dinner + tea. Mr + Mrs.J. Grillsot there. Cyril comes {illegible} to church.

12. Mild + fine sleighing gone.

13. Little colder. Go to Mrs. E. 14 Lessons to tea. Mr. moore there.

13. Quite fine.

14. Rainy

15. Rain, Sleet.

17. N.U. gale Go to town with R.Leeson's meeting Lourier + Roy and go home. Cyil at night.

18. Blustry with some snow. Louie + I go to church Cyril to tea. Church and home. Cold.

19. Colder. Quite windy.

20. Fine Milder.

21. " Spring like

22. " Ladies Aid at Mrs Chute

23. Rained. Windy. Mild group loron on cas. {illegible} go to church. Cyril in tea church and home.

26. Fine day. Roads quite good.

Mar. 27. Rainy + blustry. Mission Cude + prayer meeting here.

28. Fine.

29. Fine. Mild.

30. Colder. Windy.

31. Cloudy. Wee bit of rain. Stay at home all day and sew. Thunderstorm at night.

Apr. 1. Terrible gale last night. Rain really all day. S.S. and Church here. Roys Leeson to dinner and tea.

2. Rainy all day.

3. Fine. Rainy at night.

4. Fine. Ladies Aid at Mrs Sollons.

5. Rained all day. Intended to go home but too Rainy, Choir p

6. Quite a snow storm. Call up dad at nooN + Roy comes for me about 4 p.m. Cyril at night.

7. Quite windy but fine. Dad Louis + I to town.

8. Fine but cold to Cyril to dinner and tea. Then church at night

9. Cold and Windy.

10. " Cyril + I go in {illegible}

11. Fine. Louie + dad go to town.

12. " Cold. Cyril at night.

13. Little snow.

14. Fine. Cold. Louie + dad to town.

15. " ". to church in morning Cyril to tea to church then home.

16. Cold.

17. Fine Milder.

18. Fine turning to rain at night with {illegible} storm.


April. 18. Really warm. Turning to rain.

20. Fine. M waits took us to cos. Dad comes for me. Cyrol.

21. Fine Dad and I went to town. Go colder.

22. Windy but cool. Church in the morning. Roy and I go around the block. Cyril comes to tea, church, home.

23. Quite cold. Yes, it's off here.

24. Fine {illegible} about 2 p.m.

25. Rained really all day. Prayer {illegible} at Ms. Walker's.

26. Rainy.

27. Fine. Ms. Wal lakes {illegible} is sick.

28. At Mabels she is in bed with inflammation of the veins in her left leg. Fine.

29. Rainy. Roy comes to dinner + takes Howard home with himm Cyril + I come home. Colder.

30. Dry windy. Fine.

May 1. Rain during night + all day.

2. Windy. Cold. Mission + Mrs C.M. Lons prayer meeting at Mrs. S. Down. Cold.

3. Cold.

4. Cold + Windy. M. Waite takes me to can. Go to Mabels. Heavy rain.

5. Rainy. Cyril at night.

6. Fine rain. Louie had + Howard come to dinner with Mabels then i went home with them Cyril at home + to tea.

7. Cold. Fine.

8. Quite cold. Go to Mrs. Leesons to tea.

9. Fine. Mrs. Walker to prayer meeting Otte + Youdy come here.

10. Fine. Windy + cold.

11. " " " Yola Mabels on car. Cyril.

12. Fine. Go to town on car in the afternoon. Bring Howard home George Red. Holstein dies.

13. Fine east cold wind. Louie + dad come to Mabels to dinner. Then all good home Cyril comes {illegible}.

14. Fine.

15. " Warmer.

16. " Quite hot.

17. " Coller {illegible} Mrs. Yumming to Ladies Aid.

18. Rain during night to the morning. Thunder + lightning too cool.


May 26. Rained nearly all day. S.S. and church twice. To Mrs. Roy Leeson's to dinner & tea.

" 27. Rained all day nearly.

" 28. Grand day.

" 29. " "

" 30. " " perhaps.

" 31. Downpour to rain.

June 1. Fine. Mr. Waite takes me to car. Roy meets me & go home

" 2. Windy, fine. Go to town. Cyril and I go at night.

" 3. Rainy forenoon. Louie & I for a auto ride with Kate & Duncan. Cyril & John to tea, to church & Frome.

" 4. Fine.

" 5. Rained. Mrs. Moyer & I go to Mrs. Chute's for tomato plants.

" 6. Downpour of rain and severe electrical storm. Mr. Walker to tea and prayer meeting at Mrs. A. McLeans

" 7. Rained little in morning.

" 8. Fine. Went to Mrs. F. {Daughack?} to tea.

" 9. Fine. Had school all day. Went to woods with pupils after school.

" 10. Cloudy morning but no rain. SS & church here. To R. Leeson's to dinner & E. Leeson's to tea. Go with them to Shedden in afternoon to Oddfellow's service. Cyril comes unexpectedly after church at night.

June 11. Fine. Warm. Inspector Smith here.

" 12. " " L. Atkinson calls.

" 13. " Hot. Rain & electrical storm at night.

" 14. Fine. Warm. Cooler.

15. Colder.

" 16. Quite cool. Have school all day Go to town & to Cyril's with Floyd A. Then he takes Cyril & I home

" 17. Grand day. To our church meet Cyril after to Park for lunch, to Shedden to hear Christian band. To Mrs. Moyer's to tea. Church at night.

" 18. Rainy. Clearing during day.

" 19. Grand. Rain at night.

" 20. Baker picnic. Prayer meeting at Mrs. S. Down's.

" 21. Fine. {illegible} Mrs. R. Leeson {Illegible} to Ladies Aid {Illegible} here.

" 22. Fine. {illegible} took me to car. Dad comes to meet me.

" 23. Rainy. Dad to town. Cyril at night.

" 24. {illegible} dad to church. {illegible} Mrs. R. Leeson {illegible} Bruce to dinner {illegible} back with them to tea. Church at night.

" 25. {illegible}

" 26. Heavy rain & electrical storm. Mrs. Down's to Mission Circle & prayer meeting.

" 27. Fine. Warmer. Mrs. D. Leeson's to tea & all night.

" 28. Rainy nearly all day. Father and I to Mrs. R Leeson's to dinner. Mr. Ed {Cascaddendry?}

Father brings me home. Cyril

June 29. Cloudy forenoon but fine in afternoon. Cyril and I to Port to Southwold SS picinic.

" 30. Fine. Windy Louie & dad to town

July 1. Rainy forenoon " " {" " refers to Louie & dad} to church. Cyril & John to tea.

" 2. Warm. Fine. Windy.

" 3. Grand. Warm.

" 4. " " I take Louie to town to go to Port with Oxfords. I go on to Mabel's for dinner & tea Louie comes there and then we come home. Cyril.

" 5. Fine. Dad & I to town

" 6, " Cyril in evening

" 7. " Downpour in evening.

" 8. Cloudy rainy morning Gordon & Eliza & children and Bernice motor up to dinner & tea. Cyril. Go to our church and & go back to Dunboyne with them

" 9. Fine. Eliza & I go to Mrs. J. Whites in afternoon & to tea. Rains Mr. White brings us to Elizas

" 10. Cloudy. All go to Port Bruce to fish Buy some. {above: Call on Anna Simons} Gordon and I go to Dunboyne Union church to practice.

" 11. Cloudy. LIttle rain. Gillott's & I go to Aylmer for ice cream. Go to Turrills then back to Dunboyne to Cora Wilson's to {scribble} dinner and Bernice's to tea. Go to the play Miss {Bushy's?} {boar?} {dinner?} at Union church. Roy and Cyril come down and I come home.

July 12. Fine.

" 13. (Downpour) {above: ?}. Cyril & I go to Summer School.

" 14. Rainy forenoon cleaning about noon. Had a linen shower for Zella from 2 to 5. Cyril and I go to Summer School at night

" 15. Father Louie & I to church at Alma Street. Rained heavily Cyril & I to church at night

" 16. Mary born at 2 a.m. Dad brings me down to Mabel's about 10 a.m. Mr. & Mrs. Cross here. Uncle Ben came in afternoon. Rained at night. (I think)

17. Fine. Go to town on car Meet Cyril get Zella's present. Then go home with his outfit. Louie & I drive over to see Zella's things at night and Cyril takes us back Downpour of rain during evening. Very severe electrical storm

" 18. Grand day. Hot. Go to Zella's wedding at 6. P.M. Wait on tables Cyril brings me back to Mabels

" 19 Very fine & hot. We wash.

" 20 " " " I iron

" 21 " " " " "

" 22. " " " " Cyril to tea We drive to cemetery in evening.

" 23. Fine & very hot. Pick strawberries

" 24 " " " " Wash.

July 25 Fine & very hot. Iron

" 26 " " " Howard & George & I to town

" 27 " " "

" 28 " " "

" 29 " " " Father here to dinner. I go home with him to tea. Cyril & I to church & then back here.

" 30. Fine. Hot.

" 31. " Tremendously hot.

Aug 1. " Little cooler. Mrs. Cross leaves

" 2. " Cooler. Go to town in afternoon.

" 3. " Quite cool. Make print{illegible}

" 4. " " " Go up on car in evening. Go to Aunt Lizzies meet Martha Allen & Roy comes for us.

" 5. Fine. Cool. Dad, Martha and I go to church. Meet Cyril, go to Aunt Lizzies with Martha out to pack for lunch and then to Sadie Siliox's to tea & Frome church. Bad & electrical storm while there {above: Come} {here?} at night

" 6. Cloudy morning but fine later.

" 7 Fine Cooler.

" 8 " "

" 9 " " (Indefinite.)

" 10 " "

" 11 " Go to town on car & to dentist

12. " Louie & dad here to dinner I go home to tea Cyril & I to church

" 13. Rainy.

" 14. " Colin Belorecome here.

" 15. Fine. Hot. Colin & I go to town

" 16. " Cyril at night.

" 17 " Roy comes down in evening

18. Fine. I go to Florence's to dinner & then she & I go to London and out to Aunt Maggies

Aug. 19 FIne. Harold, Clarence, Florence & I go to S. S at Ilderton. Then all but Auntie go to St John's at night. Quite cool.

" 20. Fine day. Har. Cl. Flor. & I go to Lofts for evening. Cool.

" 21. Fine. Aunt Maggie takes us to the car & I get back to Mabel's about 6.30 P.M.

" 22. Fine. Cyril in evening. Rains.

" 23. Rains nearly all day. We all go down to Mrs. Cross's in afternoon

" 24. Cooler. Windy. Florence comes here.

" 25. Fine. Quite cold. Florence. Colin & I go to town at night. Meet Cyril.

" 26 Fine. Warmer. Cyril here to tea & we go to church at Grace.

" 27 Fine Florence & Colin go home

" 28 Heavy rain during night & rainy all day. Harold comes. I go up to town on car. Meet Cyril & Leola & go to Mrs. Green & Mr. Carrier's concert. Rainy

" 29. Rainy. All of Mr. Williams & I go to Port in afternoon. Come home about 9 P.M. & Cyril helps his father do chores. Rainy.

30 Fine. Help shock up oats.

31 " " draw in " {" refers to oats} Cyril tonight.

Sept 1 " " " " "

" 2 Rainy morning. George etc. here to dinner & tea. Cyril to tea & church

" 3 Fine. Cool. Windy.

Sept. 4. Fine. Cyril helps draw in oats

     5. ..Sesla + I go to Toronto train stay at Fair till 10:15 am stay at Y.W.e.A. all night little
     6 Fine. Go to Mrs. Henny Williams in morning. She goes up town with us. Meet Zella (small dot) Will & tohmpsons to lunch. Home on 3:40 train. Cool. Gordon Cyril meet on Mabel & children here.
     7. Fine. Cool
     8.   ,,. Louise & dad to market. Louise & Mable go out to meet Wallie in afternoon.
     9. Fine. Cool. Louise, dad + I to church. John to tea & Cyril in evening.
     10. Fine. Cool. George to dinner & Mable & children go home.
     11. Fine.

     12.  ...Roy goes to the fair.(illegible)
     13.   ...
     14    ... Louise & dad to the fair. Cyril in evening.
     15. Fine. Dad & I to town.
     16. Cloudy morning but grand afternoon. All M. d. Whites here + Marwood Aokton to dinner Cyril to tea. Church at night.
     17. Fine. Louise & I go to Bruce Davis' for plums C 1.25 pears C 15.
     18. Fine. up fruit M.A. Taylorhere after dinner for a cup of tea
     19. Fine. (illegible) Cyril + I to town after dinner. To Leola's to tea Cyril here in evening.
     20. Fine. Louise & dad to town. Aunt Maggie comes in evening.
     21. Fine. Make my wedding cake. Cyril + I to talbertville in evening to see threshers.
     22 Fine. Louise & dad to market. Dad takes Aunt Maggie + I To Toronto. Uncle Ben's to tea. Cyril comes after us.
     23 Fine. Dad, Aunt Maggie + I to church she goes to Uncle Ben's Franks to dinner & Uncle John's to tea and for all night. Cyril comes in evening.
     24 Fine. Louise & I go to town meet Aunt Maggie & Uncle Ben's & go to London. Get my hat & suit.
     25 Fine. Canned peaches
     26.  .. Go to town. Bring Mrs. Hammond home. Cyril at night.
    -27. Fine with heavy rail al night. 
    -28.   .. Girl at night. Roy & John's go to Aylmer Train.
   ..29. Fine morning but rainy afternoon. Glad. I to town and take Mrs. Hammond home. 
     30. Fine. Cold & Windy. Dad sick in bed all day with gripe. Had Dr. Campbell to see him. Cyril to tea.
     1. Rainy at times. Cyril & I to town at night. I get my brown silk dress from Mrs Mann.
     2. Grand day. Mrs. Bennett comes in afternoon
     3. Raining. I go to town. Get my announcements & go to Mable's to help bill silo

Oct. 4 Rainy morning but clears up and finer day. Rains again at night.

" 5. Cold windy. Occassional rain. Mabel & children & I drive out home to dinner. I go back with her and come up on car, meet papa & then home. Mrs. {Bunst?} gone. Cyril.

" 6. Cold. Windy. Louie & papa to town. Bring home my cake. Bernice comes at night.

" 7. Cold. Windy Anniversary at our church Roy & Willie go in the morning & Roy & Bernice at night Cyril in evening

" 8. Fine with rain spatterings. Roy Louie & Bernice go to tea meeting Eva & Lulu call in afternoon to see my wedding clothes Cyril comes to Thanksgiving tea.

" 9. Fine, quite cool. Hattie & Violet & their children come out for a while in afternoon. Bernice & I prepare wedding announcement. Leola, Cyril, Langford & Mr. Williams call in evening with wedding presents. Cut wedding cake.

" 10. Grand day. Cyril & I are married & Grace Church parsonage. All of each family except Zella & Will are there. Married as clock strikes 3. Leave at 3.23 for London on L.P.S. Take room at Tecumseh for 1 day @ $4.00

" 11. Grand autumn day. Cyril goes to Barracks at 9 a.m. but too many were ahead of him. Call on W.H. Baker at his work. Meet Harold at his school at 11 a.m. Go to dinner with him at Wong's Cyril goes again to Barracks and takes out his attestation papers. I wait for train at Tecumseh. Leave at 4.25 for Brantford. Go to New Benwell for 1 day @ $4.00. Up town in evening.

" 12. Rained all day. Spend forenoon at Institute for Blind. Afternoon at Massey-Harris Works. Leave at 4.05 for Hamilton. Leave Ham. at 6.30 G.T.R. for Waterdown. Went via Jim's Buggy to Uncle R. Spark's. High wind and rainy. Meet Dr. & Mrs. Vance

" 13. Rainy morning. Went up town with Uncle in forenoon. Went up on mountain with Ed in afternoon and to Dr. Vance's to tea. Grand afternoon.

" 14. Went to church with Uncle. Call to say good bye to Dr. Vance in afternoon and Ed drives us to Hamilton. Have tea at a café and then hunt up Horace Sparks. Go with them to church. Rainy. Meet Mr & Mrs. Driver.

" 15. Fine. Leave at 11.5 for Toronto Go to Aunt Annie to dinner. In afternoon she takes us for

a walk in High Park. Back with her to tea & then back to Hamilton to Horace's.

16. Fine. George, Cyril & I go uptown. In afternoon Lizzie, Cyril & I go up on mountain and at night go to Charlie Sparks.

17. Fine {Cous.?} Charlie Sparks takes us in car out to Stoney Creek, Hamilton Beach & Burlington etc. Go to see C.M.R's off in afternoon. Lizzie, {Cyril & I?} up town to look at sets of dishes. Rainy. Go to theatre and call on Mr. & Mrs. Driver.

18. George, C. & I up town. Get cut glass for Lizzie. Lizzie goes with us to station. Rainy. Leave Hamilton 2.5. Arrive London 5.30. Go to Wong's for supper. Then hunt up W.H. Bakers & stay there all night.

19. Cold Rainy. Visit around Normal. Back to dinner. Cyril go to Barracks & is examined and put in A2. Lizzie & I up town, meet Cyril and buy dining-room furniture at $93.00. Back to W.H. Baker to tea meet Villa & Edgar Cook & we go home with them for the night.

20. Cold but fine. Cyril & I go up to wholesale & buy rugs. Back to Villa's to dinner. Come to St. Thomas, meet Lloyd Atkinson & he brings us out home. Stay a few minutes & then to fathers. Come back here to tea and then back to father's for the night.

21. Fine. Stay at father's all day except for a little while in afternoon we come over here. Mabel etc. comes up to dinner.

" 22. Fine. Louie & I wash then C & I go to town & buy a few things. His people moved out. I drive home {Lucen?} & he the team. Spend our first night here after going to father's for some bedding

" 23. Rainy. Cyril & I go London to pay for furniture. At wholesale buy rugs, {above line: 33 + 12.75} blanket $4.50, curtains $9.50, tablecloth $4.00 napkins $2.75 & linoleum $6.80. {Buk?} home at night.

" 24. Fine but cold. Go back home for some of my things.

" 25. Fine. Cyril & I go to town & get furniture from London.

" 26. Rainy. Here all day.

" 27. Fine. C & I go to town.

" 28. " C & I to church. Go to his father's to dinner. Get home about 5. P.M & bring Langford with us. Back to church at night.

" 29. Fine. Cyril goes to town with chop & I go back to home to pack up I am {illegible}

30. Cold. Father calls for me & I go back home to sew. C. comes to tea.

31. C & I to father's to help thresh. Lulu comes over for me and gives me a miscellaneous shower

at her place.

Nov. 1 Fine but cold. Cyril gets grain from father & goes to town. I go home & pack up more things. Cyril comes about 5 P.M. {for things?}

" 2. Fine. Cyril plows.

" 3. " Willie is here in afternoon. C. & I to town at night.

" 4. Fine. We go to church. Mabel & dad here to dinner. Louie to tea & to church with us. Leola comes out at night to stay.

" 4. Grand day. Mr. Williams out in the morning to dig {pocutiere?}. Leola picking up things & Langford comes out after school. All go back at night.

" 6. Fine. Windy. Wash. C. goes in afternoon to thresh at Mr. Anderson's.

" 7. Iron & bake {above line: & clean} for thresher Cyril to Mr. Anderson's & dad here to dinner. Threshers come at night.

" 8. Grand. Threshing all day. Mabel etc. & Louie here. At night C. takes Mr. Williams home and brings out Leola.

' 9. Thresh all forenoon & till 630. Leola here. I take her home about 4. P.M. & go to Demms about 7.P 6.15 P.M. for Cyril. Grand day.

" 10. Grand. Clean up the house. Wash buggy. Langford here for a little while. Cyril at M. Demm.

" 11. Grand. Go to church. Back to father's to dinner. Dr. & Mrs. {Anfer?} etc. call there in afternoon. Home about 5 & do chores.

" 12. Cloudy. C. at M Demm's & Mr. Tisdales threshing.

" 13. Grand day. Washed. Tisdale finished threshing.

" 14. Grand. Cyril goes to mill & scrapes roads

"15. Drizzly rain. Cyril plows

" 16. Grand day.

" 17. Foggy morning. C. plows. M. to town in morning.

" 18. Rainy. Go to Central church in morning to hear opening of new organ. Call on Archibalds in afternoon. Colder & windy.

" 19. Fine. Washed & cleaned parlour.

" 20. Cloudy. Little rain in afternoon. C & I to town. C is exempted until he ceases to be a farmer. Back to dad's to dinner & then home.

" 21. Mild. Rainy afternoon.

" 22. Rainy day. Got potatoes in cellar. Turns cold at night.

" 23. Cold. Snow on ground. Go to M. W. Taylors after young cattle. I go home to sew curtains. Clean furnace pipe.

" 24. Cold. C. plows.

" 25. Little milder. To church in morning & to Mr. Williams to dinner. {above line: snow}

" 26. Fine. C to mill & colts run away.

" 27. Snowy. C to mill after grist.

" 28. Fine. Louie & I go to Mapleton for church. C & I {to his?} fathers at night to see Zella & Will.

" 29. Fine. Roy here to plow.

" 30. Rainy. R here to plow.

Dec 11. Cold. Louie & I go to town. Roy here in afternoon to plow.

2. Fine. C & I to church. thresh. Then to {illegible} to dinner to eat {venison?}. Mable etc. there too. To church at night. Take Louie & Willie home from church.

3. Partly fine. C & I to town and close deal with his father about property. At his father's to tea.

" 4. LIttle snow. C & I to town to sign deed. Bring parlour furniture.

" 5. Snowy morning but cleared. Washed & fixed up parlour.

" 6. Quite cold & blustry. Roy, Louie, Bernice & Pearl, Mr. Fleming, Miss Bailey & Mr. Ashton here in evening. East wind.

" 7. Cold.

" 8. Blizzard from east of snow & wind. C & I to town Buy spare bedroom & hall furniture.

" 9. Terrible blizzard. Home all day. High wind.

" 10. Very cold & blizzardy.

" 11. Cold. C takes wheat {above: grain} to town {above: Aylmer?}.

" 12. " C. " wheat to town.

" 13. " C. " " ".

" 14. " Settle spare bedroom.

" 15. " C & I to market with butter. Quite good sleighing.

" 16. Blustry. Cold. C to church brings out his father, Langford & Leola to dinner and tea. Zella & D. to tea also & all to church

" 17. Milder. E. wind. washed C{illegible}

" 18. " Fine. C to town with wheat & gets 500 lbs coal & 500 {jb?} lumber.

19. Father & I go to Mabel's to dinner. Mild. Sleighing about gone. C. to town to get chop & bran.

" 20. Mild. Iron C goes over potatoes. We take Louie's food chopper home & pay C. Taylor.

" 21. Mild turning colder.

" 22. Cold. C & I to market.

" 23. " To church twice.

" 24. " churned.

25. " C & I to his father's for Christmas {above line: dinner}. Zella & Will there.

" 26. Bright & cold. To my father's for dinner. Mabel etc. there. 27 Willie B comes home with us.

27. Fine. Churned.

28. Cold. Washes. Zella & Will come out to tea & all night.

" 29. Fine Cold Z & W go home & C goes to market.

" 30. Cold. C & I to church in morn. 31 Lang. comes out in afternoon.

" 31. Fine. Churn & make up butter.

Jan. 1. Cold but fine. All M'o people here to dinner. Mabel {Horace?} & Mary stay for rest of week.

" 2. Cold. Blustry.

" 3. " {above line: Lang. & Bob Gunn here} All go back to dad's in evening. Very sharp.

" 4. Cold.

" 5. " C & I to market. Lang. goes home.

Jan. 6 Little milder turning to hail & snow. George comes to dinner and takes Mabel home. Gillott's here too.

" 7. Quite blustry. C & I to his father's to dinner. Leola come with us. To Yar. Centre to vote then to Gunn's to exchange roosters & home.

" 8. Fine. Cold. Gordon & Lulu come over in evening.

" 9. Blustry. C takes Leola home.

" 10. " Dad comes to dinner. Hire James Smith for 1/2 day.

" 11. Cold. " " {" " is referring to James Smith} leaves. Gets blustry in evening.

" 12. Worst blizzard of wind snow & cold known for years. Impossible to go to town

" 13. Yesterdays blizzard becomes worse if possible. Stay here all day.

" 14. Very cold. Start to paint kitchen.

" 15. Cold Blustry. C & I to town. Bring home china cabinet. {margin illegible}

" 16. Fine. Finish painting kitchen.

" 17. Cold. Blustry. C goes to Mr. Robert's {sal?} & I to Chorlie {Blevell?}. Roads very badly drifted.

" 18. Cold C & I to F. Burnard's to dinner & to see pantryette.

" 19. Very cold C & I to town.

" 20. Fine. C & I to father's to dinner.

" 21. Fine. Washed.

" 22. " Butchered George C bring washing machine {tea?}

" 23. Cold. D. Archibald here to cut wood in forenoon. C on roads to shovel snow.

" 24. Fine. C cuts wood with Roy.

" 25. LIttle stormy C. to town to draw coal to our church.

" 26. Cold & little wind. C & I to town. Bring home pantryette.

" 27. Cold. C & I to church.

" 28. Cold. High east wind. Drifting.

" 29. " Fine. Louie & Roy call in forenoon.

" 30. Fine. C & I to town in afternoon.

" 31. " John Davis here to dinner.

Feb. 1. " C cuts wood with Roy.

Feb. 2. " Cold. C to town.

" 3. Cold. Stormy afternoon C & I go to church & then to Mabels. I to stay till Tues. afternoon.

" 4. Terribly cold. Quite windy.

" 5. " " Reported {28° or 58°} below George brings me up to Leola's in afternoon. C comes for me at night. Cold & Cold.

" 6. Milder. Heavy soft snowfall.

" 7. Quite mild. Clarence Taylor here to cut wood. Lulu Dennis to tea.

" 8. Quite fine. Clarence T. here

" 9. Blustry & cold. C. to town. Heatless day

" 10. Milder. C. goes out and meets his people after church They're here to dinner & tea. Mild.

" 11. Grand. M. Flemming here.

" 12. Rainy all day. High {water?}.

" 13. Mild. Mr. Flemming here.

" 14. {scribble} ".

Feb. 15 Stormy. Mr. Fleming here.

" 16. C & I to town. Sleighing about all done. M. Fleming cuts wood with Roy. Stormy.

" 17. Fine. C & I to church in morning.

" 18. " Milder.

" 19. Rainy nearly all day. Water very high.

" 20. Cold. C cuts wood with Roy.

" 21. " Blustry. Gordon, Leola Lulu George & Hazel Dennis here in evening to skate. Cold. Leola stays all night.

" 22. Occassionally blustry. C. to town takes Leola back. Mabel etc. here to dinner.

" 23. Fine. C to town.

" 24. Grand. C & I to Dunboyne Go to Mr. J. Norman's funeral & to Bernice's to tea.

" 25. Rainy. Dad Roy & J. Campbell here. {above: C to mill.}

" 26. Colder. Blustry. Snowing. C takes pig to town. Got $18.85

" 27. Fine. I go to Patriotic Meeting.

" 28. Snowy Milder. Dad & Uncle Isaac here to dinner.

Mar. 1. Fine. C draws manure.

" 2. " Mild. C to town in forenoon. C & I go out to Mr. Williams after tea & get Hughie & Kate.

" 3. Grand. Ferguson's here Louie & Roy to dinner. They go home do chores take Kate to church & back here to tea & evening.

" 4. Fine morning but rainy afternoon. C & I take Hughie & Kate to station.

" 5. Fine. C & I to Mabels. Uncle Isaac Christins Mary. Go to "Trip with the Allies" concert at night.

" 6. Mild turning to snow in afternoon. Head {above line: & saw} a robin.

" 7. Fine. Go after Violet Al & Ronald.

" 8. " Violet sprains ankle & Roy takes her home. I take Al & Ronald home in afternoon.

" 9. Terrible Blizzard & rain & sleet. Roy helps C take 3 fat cows to Mr. Renhale's to get weighed.

" 10. Cold. Blizzardy. C & I to my father's to dinner.

" 11. Fine. Windy. C to mill.

" 12. Cloudy morning but fine later. Tap about fifty trees.

" 13. Fair. Tap rest of trees. I go to Patriotic meeting

" 14. Rainy. Snow at night.

" 15. Colder. Fine. I to Louies to sew in afternoon. Tap Roy's {above line: Willie comes home with me} Roy helps to fix arch at shanty.

" 16. Fine. C & I to town. Tap Roy's trees. Pay Mr. Brown $30 for cutting wood.

" 17. Fine. C & I to church. Gladys Mathew's home from church with us to dinner & tea. Ray Millson out to tea. All to church.

" 18. Fine. Washed & cleaned {windows?} Roy & C gather sap. Boil & burn.

" 19. Fine. Hot. Louie comes to clarify syrup. C boils till {10 PM?}.

" 20. Fine. Hot. Clarify syrup & go to Patriotic Meeting.

March 21 Fine. Father brings over {quarter?} of pork & stays to dinner. C & I to Roy's wood sawing bee.

" 22. Fine. Cooler. Sold 3 fat cattle to Mr. Ferguson.

" 23. Colder. Frost. Fine C & I to town. Lela & Bernice come at night.

" 24. Fine. Lela, Bern & I to church and all at night. Roy to tea.

" 25. Fine but windy. Go back to sugar bush.

" 26. Fine. Up to Tisdale's in evening.

" 27. Fine. Go to Patriotic meeting.

" 28. " To Louie's to dinner Louie Roy Norman Kelly & Edna Blewelt here in evening to a sugar off.

" 29. Fine. Cool. Take cattle out to town to Mr. Ferguson. Plant some garden seeds and set a hen. Girls go home. {above line: Gordon Penhale & Willie here}

" 30. Fine. Gordon Penhale here in afternoon. Willie & I fix flower bed, rake {part?} of lawn & wash buggy.

" 31. Fine. C & I to church. To Mr. Williams to dinner & over to M.C.P. shops in afternoon.

Apr. 1. Rather rainy. Mr. Millson's here to dinner & back to sugar bush.

" 2. Fine. Cool. Back to help Louie & Roy buzz wood.

" 3. Fine. Cool. C. takes team over to Millers to get clipped.

" 4. Fine. Gets Queen clipped.

" 5. " " Go to town with Louie have dinner at Uncle Bens. D. Archibald & Roy help C. draw cornstalks.

" 6. Fine. C to mill. Plant sweet Peas & finish drawing in corn.

" 7. Fine. To church twice.

" 8. " Windy. C sows 4 ac. field.

" 9. " " C sows 4 ac. field.

" 10. " Churned. Louie & I to town. I to Pat. Meet.

" 11. Fine.

" 12. Little rain. Colder. Bake & Churn.

" 13. Fine. Louie & I to town in afternoon.

" 14. " " Mabel's etc. & Louie & dad here to dinner. Church at night. {above line: Daylight savings begins}

" 15. Fine. Hot. Help C. roll field. He sows 7 ac. Field. Uncle Ben & Aunt Jennie call.

" 16. Some {rain?}. Wash & iron.

" 17. Heavy {"?} in afternoon. Churned.

" 18. Colder. Cloudy. C to mill. Snow at night. Mr. W. comes out in {car?} we go to Mr. Neville's

" 19. Windy. Go to Knitting tea at {G. or Y.} Church C & I go to father's in evening

" 20. Cold & Windy. Up to Tisdales at night.

" 21. Fine. C & I to church at night.

" 22. Rainy morning. Gather up sap buckets & rake lawn.

" 23. Windy. Clean berry bushes. C takes out hogs. {above line: $19.00} Rain at night. Father here to tea.

" 24. Fine. Colder. Froze at night.

25 Fine. Windy. Worked up field. Hisndas H Choir concert.

" 26 Some rain + wind. Leeta + Maggie Penhale call.

" 27 Fine. Warmer. Help C. + dad does our trading.

" 28 Fine. George etc. with new can call for us + we go to Had's to dinner. Rain at night

" 29 Fine morning with rain in afternoon. wash + fry meat.

" 30 Fine. Mr. Stones here ne minnow

May 1. " Windy. Finish seeding

" 2 " Help Louie paper Roy's bedroom. Mr. Williams comes but for a team to plow his garden

3 Little rain. Plant garden.

4 Fine. C + F to town.

5 " Warm. All to Mabel's to dinner.

6 Fine. Roy here to help draw manure.

7 Fine. Hot. C to mill.

8 .. . Lo Pat. Meet. Cooler.

" 9 " Windy. Housework an upstairs

" 10 " Rainy. "

" 11 " Langford + M. Willians come out for team. Lang stays.

12 Raining Home all day

13 Cloudy morning. Windy Ned.

" 14 Fine. hon.

" 15 To town with Louie + dad in morning Out to cemetery to fix mother's grave. Work team in afternoon Hot.

16. Hot. Work team. George + Mabel He. + Han u + Edith Crim

17 call in evening Call on Mr. P. A. Penhale dad.

17. Fine Hot. Work team in forenoon + fix flowers in afternoon M. Williams etc. out in evening

18 Fine. Hot. Work team a little

19. Zella's daughter Mary lom

19. Very hot. Langford wheels out in forenoon. to church at night.

.. . .20 Fine. Langford wheels into school. Clean cellar.

" 21 Fine. Work team in afternoon

" 22 Some rain.

" 23 Fine. Work team. Cooler

24 .. . Langford plants corn. Mr Williams Stuart Walker + Willie here all day Louie + Mrs Walker come over in evening to see Langford's fire works. Little rain.

25 Heavy rain in morning. C + F to town in afternoon.

" 26 Terrible downpour of rain. in forenoon. Go to church at night. + to Isaac Baker's after for a little.

" 27 C + F washed + put up milk shelf. Little rain in afternoon.

" 28 Fine. G. Lawton have to dinner. Get shanty need to paper + put in white.

" 29 C to mill + I go with Mr Mann to Pat. meeting. Rain in afternoon

" 30 Paper shanty.

" 31 C + F to town. Fine + very hot

June 1 Fine. Plant potatoes.

" 2 " C + F to church. + to dad's

to tea J Facey's & Isaac's there

" 3. Fine. C & I to town to see the Duke of Devonshire & his party Go to park with Mr. Williams in car.

4. Fine. Start to houseclean parlour & dinning room. C gets notice to report for duty.

5. Fine. Ab. Campbell & Mr. Fonger come to shingle south side of cattle barn. M. Williams come out in evening re Cyril's enlistment {above line: C phones to Sarnia}

" 6. Rains occassionally.

" 7. Fine. Washed in afternoon. Go to Mr. Williams at night & mail letters to Mr. Wismer & registrar-general

" 8. Fine. Finish parlour & dining room.

" 9. Occassional rain. Earnest Baker & Joy Wintermute here to tea. Go for a motor ride about block in evening

10. Fine {above line: Cooler} C & I to town in forenoon.

11. " Cooler.

" 12 Cool cloudy. Dad comes over & C goes to London to learn about his order to report.

13. Fine. I cultivate & C plants corn.

" 14. " Mr. Williams takes C to London to report. I got home for the day & dad brings me back at 7 P.M. He & Mr. Williams stay all night. Cool.

" 15. Fine. Dad goes home. Willies comes fo all day & dad at night to do chores.

" 16. Cloudy & cool. Louie Leola, Lang. Mr. Williams & I motor to Carling Heights to see Cyril. Dad & Willie 17 here when we get home. Willie stays all night

117. Fine. Here alone nearly all day. Cut lawn & make feeding coop Mr. Williams goes out home. Uncle Ben calls to see bees.

" 18. Fine. Roy, dad, Willie & I pull mustard in grain. A. Lawton here.

" 19. Fine. Mr. Williams plants corn & I cultivate Mabel etc. come in afternoon & stay to tea. George cultivates

" 20 Fine. Uncle Ben Aunt Jennie & Roy here. Build fence for alf field.

" 21 Rainy. At night go to Louie's to register.

" 22. Cool. Windy. Cultivate corn & go to town at night. Cold.

" 23. Cool. Windy. Cloudy. Mr. Williams & I to Leola's to dinner & I go to London on 1.10 am car. Meet Cyril go to Heights, up towns for tea back to St. Thomas at 7.50, meet Louie & John after church & home. Dad & Willie here to help do chores

" 24. Fine. Wash & hose garden. Mr. Williams goes home to hoe his garden.

" 25. Fine. Cool. Violet calls to see if I got home. A. Lawton here.

" 26. Fine. Cool. Baker picnic. C's birth cert. comes.

" 27. Fine. I go to London to take Birth Cert. to Capt. Hindson. As I get off C is waiting to get on. Both go to Capt. Hindson & come to {Illegible} {from?}

June 15 Quilt 3.00
" 25 " Top 2.00
July 15  Pr. Sheets 1.25
" 22 {above line: 4} Bats pcases {above line: 100 1.00
" Pillow cases 60
" Sheet 88
" Lining 75
" " {illegible} yds 19
" Bat 25
" Sheets - pair 1.25
" Pillowing ticking 50
Nov. 1916 Table cloth 5.00
Dec. 1916 Pair blankets 1.65
Jan. 1917 {17?} yds hand toweling 1.00
" yarn for comforter 2.00
" chintz 2.00
" pair batowels 25
" 4 yds. towelling 56
Jan. 1917 curtain material 1.15
  bed spread 3.00
  Tablecloth 98
  5 yds print for quilt 90
  8 " dish towelling 1.00
  8 bats 1.88
  yarn for comforter 13
April 14 Best Comforter material 3.15
" 14 Bat 30
" 13 Ticking for pillows {illegible}

at 1. P.M. Mr. Williams comes to meet us Go to barn social at church at night. {below line: Mr. Williams goes home.}

" 28 Fine. Clean up wheat & fix fence.

" 29. " Hot. C & I to town.

" 30. " To church in morning. Dad's & Mabel's here to dinner. To church at night to Mr. Millson's {funeral?} {above line: Heavy rain at evening}

July 1. Windy. Cool. Bella & baby Lulu {Eve?} call in afternoon. Mr. Williams Leola, Lang in afternoon & to tea.

" 2. Cool. Fine. A. Lawton to dinner.

{Paid in crosshatch over top from Jan. 14 to Feb. 28}

Jan. 7. Mrs. Leeson's to tea.

" 14. Go home Friday night.

" 16. Come back Sunday night

" 23. Mrs. Leeson's to dinner & tea.

" 25. Mrs E. Leeson's to tea

" 26. " E. A. Silion's to tea.

" 28. Friday night go to Mabel's

" 29 Monday morning come back

Feb. 2 Tea at church

" 3. " Mrs. Edgeworths

" 6. Cyril here to tea.

" 20. " " "

" 25. Go home.

" 37. Come to Frome Cyril here too

" 28 Cyril leaves after dinner

" 24 Mrs. Clarence Daughaily's to tea

Mar 2 Mrs Walker's to tea

Mar. 25 Go home back Monday night

Apr 7 " " " Sunday Apr. 9

{Paid in crosshatch from April 20 to June 2}

" 20 " " " April 30

May 12 " " " Sunday May 14

" 20. " to Auckland " " 21

" 26. " home back " " 26

June 2. " " " " Mon. June 5

{" 11?} 4 Mabel & George here

Sept. 4. Came Mond. to Frome

" 9. Go home Sat.

" 10. Come back Sun.

" 13 Go to fair at London

" 20. " " " " Shedden

" 22. Go home Friday night

" 24 Come back Sun. {below line: 33 6 50 138}

{newspaper clipping} vodka and France that of absinthe, that England had reduced the hours of sale of alcoholic beverages

1. Apr. 1. tablets.
2. Apr. 11. _
3. " 24 _
4. 30 _
5. May Medicine for Cold.
6. 8 neuritis
" 15 Salve.
" 24 medicine fo neuritis
" 29. tablets/td>
June 19 Medicine.
{written in large letters, diagonally across the page} Paid $2.50 Di Say 11 18 25 2 9 16 23 30 - 6 13 20 27 Painting lessons
1 Dec. 4
2 " 11
3 Jan 8
4 " 15
5 " 22
6 Feb. 5
7 " 12
8 " 19
9 Mon. 11
10 " 18
11 " 25
{some addition calculations} P S 15 10 4 15 10 25 {newspaper clipping}5. Here are several {games?} which may appeal to you: Write names of provinces, states, or well-known countries on one set of slips for the men; names of the capital cities on the girls' slips; pass slips in separate receptacles, of course. Or the initials or Christian name of the girls may be written on slips, then folded and passed among the men. Advertisements may be clipped from the daily papers, torn in half, and each player has to find the "missing half" to complete the advertisement. A rather novel way, and quite different from any of the previous suggestions, is to have a "measuring committee." The guests have to (at intervals during the evening, "toe the mark" and have their height measured. Each receives a slip of paper with his or her height marked upon it; when "hunt-your-partner" time comes the slips have to be compared, and those two whose height matches best "couple up," or if preferred, the tallest women and shortest men are mated, to add to the fun. {newspaper clipping}YINBINS. Ans.—1. "Alphabetical answers" is a good fun-making game. Prepare cards with one letter of the alphabet on each, omitting X, Y, Z. Of course, if the company is large, several will have the same letter. A card is pinned on each guest, and it is announced that no one must answer any question except by a sentence commencing with the letter on his card, the another being given before the the questioner can count ten. No two players can question a person at the same time, and no one should give the same answer twice. If a player begins his reply with a wrong letter, or does not answer in time, his card is taken from him by his questioner, who adds it to his, and he then has the privilege of answering with either of his letters. The player who is without a card must seek to win one from someone else by questioning them. Broken Quotations—This is a good "ice-breaker," as to play it, the players have to mix considerably. The hostess prepares familiar quotations, writing them on paper and then cutting them in two or three pants, and pinning them in different places around the room. The guests most find as many quotations as they can, during a certain length of time. The parts being scattered over the room, it is not as easy as it sounds to find even the common quotations. For a large crowd, an Auction Bale causes heaps of fun. Provide each buyer with a little bag containing 50 beans, with which to do his or her purchasing, the wares should be wrapped up beforehand in mysterious packages, and if the auctioneer has a good "gift of the gab" much amusement is created from {obscured by fold in paper}ing and bidding. The list of articles might be offered on the "sale bills": {obscured by fold in paper}ne sent (small cologne bottle); shu-{obscured by fold}r of Greece (empty vaseline bot-{obscured by fold} pair of kids (kid ouriers); the missing link (an odd cuff link); bunch of dates (old calendar); rank and file (onion and a nail file); the lost thread (a piece of string); the tie that {obscured by fold} s (an old necktie); before the deluge (a Noah's ark); a man's delight (a pipe); Black Beauty (a black {obscured by fold}; a diamond pin (a dime and a pin); {what?} every girl hopes for {a match}. Refreshments for a "Hard-Times" {obscured by fold} might consist of baked beans, ham sandwiches, gingerbread, ap-{obscured by fold}e, coffee, and home-made taffy. {Obscured by fold} costumes, there could be tramps, {obscured by fold}rs, organ-grinders, gypsy girls, and so on.
Sept 13
12 15
25 35
2. 173 5
127 25 10
2 1
35 5
93 22.4
{Photograph of a man with a moustache in a suit, captioned "PETER McARTHUR"} Wall of Pa Lorchy Harvester Rise in Blo Lhat Orinto The Bishop Carriage Elizabeth of the Hale The Master's Violin. Daddy Long Legs. Lavender and Old Lace. {some addition calculations}

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Mary Elizabeth "Minnie" Baker, “Mary Elizabeth "Minnie" Baker Diary & Transcription, 1914-1918,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed February 8, 2023,