Mary Elizabeth "Minnie" Baker Diary, 1918-1919


Mary Elizabeth "Minnie" Baker Diary, 1918-1919


Mary Elizabeth "Minnie" Baker


Courtesy of Elgin County Archives




20th Century, Elgin County, Yarmouth Township, Ontario

Is Part Of

Mary Elizabeth "Minnie" Baker Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript


Diary 1918

3. C & I to London to see almost hide

After several visits to cofe Mayor's

home aviser aged. Time

4. C & I to London to see Copt. There

Leauri what guation anis is formed

Leslaro to determine home. Famgf

come out to work. Jime.

5. Jime. Hot C to tower in former Uillir here to dermier C mathching

nack for can g cullinate

6. Heaw in first 2 loado h mre a

7. Hime lo te durmmer lehovol hen

8. Jime. Lo te durmerer behave

9. " Warm C. I to fondum weecho lo te leola lo tete Chulds there. alas


10. Jime hrow hay

11. "

12. Lo te burning Vi Vhilds to tea U illiom

wut for me gs Te Surrier

13. Ji mie Hot Haw hoey

14. " " Jo church in. momrer to deads to dirmer Lulotto come warn heatedly. They find dad's nut come here to tea

15. Jime washed a drew hay

16. Cloudry

17. .. C to mill heng wrory here at

18. Jime

19. "

20. .. Ji mahed haying. Los te town among

21. Hot all go te lellis. Curnet ma William here a few minutes with m Uillniam in morning

22. Jime Pick lermis fruit heeijo reccurring machine

23. form

24 Fine. {name?} come out to pick berries. Mr. Williams at night. Co g help Jayle with his hay.

25 Cleaning Wash. C helps Mr. Taylor.

26 Rain Lowie helps pick berries.

27 Lowie go to town. Heavy rain.

28 C a g to church then to Maleb' to dinner + motor to {illegible} etc. To maleb' to tea then home.

29 Fine. Louie help to pick berries Co. g to {illegible} {Lipoy?} at night.

30 Fine. Hot. C o g to London the {illegible} that {illegible} to the discharged. To Lola's to tea/

31. Fine

1 {ink splotch}

2 {two ink splotches}

3 C o. g to town.

4 Co g to church. Had {illegible} Ms.Poge to drink tea.

5 Fine

6 Fine. C to London to get {Battalion?}

7 Fine. Roy helps in afternoon

8 Fine. {illegible} Ben + Roy help {illegible} grain


10 Fine. Man here to repair {illegible" to town at night

11 Fine. To church in morning. John + Lowie to town.

12 Wash. Mr. Williams call.

13 {illegible}

14 Mend + clean windows

15 go to Pat. meeting.

16 Fine. C draws wheat Mr {illegible} call at night.

17 Fine. C o g to market with chickens

18 Fine. to church in morning to Mr.{illegible}

19 Fine. C helps Roy. Bella {illegible} a Baby come out

20 {illegible}. Fine. Bella + Will go back home.

21. Cloudy. Lowie g to Port. to meet {illegible} a other Bakers. Heavy rain in afternoon Cat {illegible" threshing

22 Fine. Wash C at Mr. {illegible} Bake fallen

for supper but don't come until

24. Fine. Cool. Have {illegible} all day bushels oats oats barley. Lowie {illegible}

25. Fine. Warmer. C o g to M. Williams dinner + tea. Mrs Mills. goes there

26. Fine. Mrs Mills. {illegible} Mr. William + {name?} come out to tea. Landford give home

27. Wash + pick plum. {illegible}

28. Rainy nearly all day. Brought {illegible} from a hot day drought. Water almost gone but plenty now. Co g gu m to Mr. Williams to Mrs. Mills still there

29 Fine. Cool. C at Mills illegible} I {illegible} to Mr. {name?} {illegible} for 3.50. Willie comes to help pick plums.

30 Fine. Cool. C at Mills {illegible} W o g to town with plum get {illegible} some {illegible} ground. {illegible}

1 Rain.

2 Fine. Go to {illegible} with Mr. Williams in afternoon.

3. Cleaned up 25 bush wheat {illegible} forenoon. Rainy.

{illegible}. Fine. C o g to {illegible} Anniversary. Annie Fishback to dinner + Cousin Johnny to tea.

4. C draws {illegible" in forenoon a works on wheat ground till C goes to Mr. Horsewell's + gets him and 13 pigs for 117.00. Rain + {illeigble} cost wind nearly all night to mill.

5. Cooler. Windy. Cleaning {illegible}

6. C o g got ready + sow 4 acres

7 C o g got ready + sow 4 acres wheat

8. Fine To church. Mr. Williams come out we {illegible} to call on Mr. {illegible} Mr. {illegible}

11. Cloudy. Yet ready to sow wheat but {illegible} after dinner.

10. Rainy nearly all day. Wash

13 forenoon, {illegible} clean windows

14 Fine. {name?} comes out + Co he get wheat {illegible} on 7 acres

15 Rainy all forenoon but Mr + Mrs {name?} Mr + Mrs H Schmitt Mr + Mrs W. Blowett Lowie + Roy to dinner and some to tea

15 Fine. Can corn. C help Roy

17 {illegible} C goes until Roy to Mr. Lowells sale and g to Mrs. Emery

18 Fine. Cool. Wash. C help Roy sow wheat. Uncle Ben at {illegible" son and Mrs Harmond call.

19. how can tomatoes {illegible} C thinking at W.M. Andersons. Some rain.

20 Fine. C at Mr. Andersons get poultry {illegible} for market. Rainy.

21. Rainy nearly all day. C o g to town.

22. Fine Church {illegible} to Lowie to dinner.

23 {illegible}. Pulled bean C to at {illegible}

24 Rain in morning. C picks apples + sells pigs.

25 g to {illegible}. Mr. Anderon's man keeps cut corn in afternoon.

26. Rainy nearly all day. {illegible" keep fix fence

27. Fine. I {illegible}. Pick chickens

28. g to town to market.

29. Fine. C o g to church to Mrs Holman's to dinner + to S.S. rally

30. Fine. Roy keeps cut corn in afternoon.

Od. 1. C. {illegible} at Will Millers. Fine.

2. Rainy C at W {illegible} threshing.

3. Fine C to mill. Cuts weeds in some corn.

4. Thresh in afternoon. Lowie helps me.

5. in forenoon finish threshing about noon 1782 {illegible} Rainy afternoon.

6. Cloudy with little rain {illegible}

to dinner.

7. Cloudy morning but clearing. C at {Penhale's?}

8. Fine. C at Penhale's in forenoon and {h?} I at Louie's in afternoon.

9. Fine. Both at Louie's to help thresh.

10. Fine. C at J. Miller's silo filling.

11. " C cuts corn & I pick hens.

12. " C & I to town. Go out to Uncle Ben in evening to meet Cousin Bob.

13. Cloudy. I stay in bed with a cold till 5 P.M. Roy & Bernice here in evening.

14. Little rain. All of M. William's here to dinner & tea. Help cut corn.

15. Fine. C cuts clover seed & digs some {potatoes?} {above line: Bernice comes to stay}

16. " C cuts corn. Gordon Penhale helps in afternoon. Langford comes out too. Ben & I call on Mrs. Bob Tansley.

17. Tansley & Roy here supper.

18. Fine. Cool quite windy. Cyril & I and Louie Roy & Bernice to Mabel's to tea {illegible}

19. Fine. Cyril takes out wheat & goes to mill

20. Rainy. George, Louie Roy Willie & Ben here to dinner. All leave about 5. P.M.

21. Fine. Warmer. C. at W m Anderson's sale.

22. " C draws in clover seed.

23. " " " " "

24. Cooler. Verne Bessey comes in morning to {illegible}

25. Fine. C to mill. Lang. & I whitewash cellar.

26. Cloudy. C takes apples to M. Robles's for cider & Louie & I get apple butter made.

27. Rainy. C & I to his dad's to dinner. We visit the M.C.P. where he works

28. Rained heavily nearly all forenoon but brighter in afternoon. I can quince & apple and pumpkin marmalade.

29. Fine. I wash. C rakes clover seed field. {illegible} hen house. M.H. agents {illegible} {grinder?}. Leola M. W. {b?}

{Vertically in the right margin from the 13th to the 29th: * A very serious outbreak of Spanish influenza breaks All churches, schools, theatres, poolrooms and public meeting banned for 3 weeks}

come out at night. He & Cyril go to Talbotville to see Mr. Hicks engine. I iron & talk to Leola

30. Fine. C & Verne cut wood. Mrs. Hammond Ab. Violet & Ronald here to dinner.

31. Fine. C. cuts weeds in cornfield & helps Roy draw in corn in afternoon. I go home too.

Nov. 1. Fine. Verne to Mr. Hepburn's threshing & I to Archibald's in afternoon. I plant tulips.

" 2. Verne to Mr. Hepburns till amost noon and then goes home. C to Archibald's till about four. Draw in clover seed rakings & go to town at night. Fine.

3. Fine. Cool. Mr. William's here to dinner. All motor to Mapleton, Belmont, Mr. Gross's Glanworth, Ernie Baker's & Ed Kelley's wherewe have tea. Heavy rain in evening. Mr. James Sr. ill with pneumonia.

{arrow pointing down to 4, indicating they should be switched} {5 or 6?}. Fine. Wash & clean windows C. has 3 boils coming on his neck.

{arrow pointing up to 5 or 6, indicating they should be switched} 4. Rainy. C finishes threshing at Archibald I start housecleaning upstairs

5. Fine. Houseclean. Take down pipes & clean chimney. Verne comes back

7. Fine. Verne helps Roy draw cornstalk False news of signing of peace {Great?} celebrations in town. Mr. Williams come out for us & Archibald's bring us hom

8. Rather cloudy. C goes to mill & helps me get chickens ready for market.

9. Rainy forenoon Go to market Busy housecleaning.

10. Rainy but clearing. Mr. & Mrs. Ed Kelly & Mr. & Mrs. Ward Aukford here to dinner.

11. Fine. Cool. Great peace celebrations in town. We go in with Archibalds.

12. Fine. Husk corn.

13. " " "

14. " " "

15. " Men {illegible}

16. Fine. Louie & I to market.

17 Rainy morning. C & I go to Mabels and we all go to Gillott's to dinner. Back to Mabels to tea. Verne Bessey does chores

18. Wash Rainy nearly all day. Hire Indian

19. Iron & husk corn Rainy nearly all day.

20. Fine. Iron & husk corn {below: to {count?} in & Church}

21. " Help draw in husked corn. C & I {illegible}

22. " Colder. C & I to town. Clover {seed?} threshers come in afternoon. Here to supper.

23. Hard frost last night Clover threshers here till {1 or 2?} P.M. Little snow.

24 Fine fall day. Cold. Mr. & Mrs. J. White & {illegible} Mr. & Mrs. Holditeli here to dinner and tea.

25 Cold. Fine. Wash. Help finish draw in husked corn.

26. Iron. C goes to town for engine & {grist?} grinder. Mr. {Cockerel or Cocherel?} here to fix {brick?} over doors & windows

27. Fine. Cold. C & Verne draw in {cornstalks?}

28. Cloudy morning. Heavy downpour of rain. S. East gales.

29. Colder. Mr. Honsinger here to put up {illegible} engine. Here to dinner. Mr. Tisdale brings some grist. Kill chickens

30. Very cold & blustry. C & I to town.

Dec. 1. Cold but fine. C & I to church & then to Mabels to dinner. I stay for a few {days?}

2. Cold. Cloudy & some rain. Mabel invites Harry Cron's to tea but they cannot come because of Robbie's cold Verne goes home for good from {here?}

3. Cold. Snows. Mabel washes & I nurse a sore throat

4. Cold Blustry. M & Ge. go to town & I keep {kid?}

5. " Cold better. George brings us all up home to stay.

6. Cold. C gives me {water?} set for birthday present. Go back home at night.

7. Milder, Snow all gone. C. {illegible} go to town {illegible} also there to dinner.

8. Mild Roads very muddy. G comes up to dinner. they all go hoome. {illegible} Lonesome.

9. {illegible} {Indian?} summer day C + Roy plow in afternoon. I wash.

10. {Gales?} from {illegible}

11 stormy

12 Grand day. C + I to Roy {Leeson's?} to dinner.

13. not as nice as yesterday

14. C. I to town.

15. Nice day. {illegible} Mr. Williams to dinner I go to S,S with Seola.

16. Nice day. C {plows?} I take {plaster?} off {illegible} ceiling. C sells two fats calves to mr. Charlton for 12 1/2 {illegible}.

17 Fine. C finishes plowing. I wash + {illegible}

18. C draws manure I {churn?}

19. Colder. Put on {kitchen?} ceiling + go to town.

20 go to town.

21. Fine. Get kitchen straightlined around.

22. Fine. To church in morning

23. C. I to town. Colder

24. Cloudy. Paint kitchen walls. Wash.

25. Rainy Cloudy mild. Roads very sloppy. To mr. Williams for Christmas dinner. Back home for little while in evening.

26.Cloudy {illegible} kitchen Paint walls. C to town. cupboard.

27. Stain cupboard {illegible}

28. Churn

29. Colder. Roads rough. C + I to church {illegible}

30. Fine. C + I to town. {Langford?} comes out.

31 to Mrs. {illegible} in evening.

31. Cloudy. Prepare for {illegible} new years day.

Jan. 1. Rainy nearly all day. All of the William here to {illegible}. Langford goes home.

2. Colder. Little snow. C takes out fat calves. They weigh 1600 {e?} 12 1/2. {illegible} I churn + {illegible} at in shanty. Mr. Walker calls for butter

3. Cold. Fine. {Eve?} {illegible}. I {skate?} in afternoon on pond in field east of {barn?} C. draws {cinders?}

4. Very cold. {Blusty?} w wind. C + I to town in afternoon.

5. Go to church Sunday. Quite cold. {illegible} Sunday without sermon. Men's choir + service to men at night.

6. {Blustry?} with some snow. Wash. Go to {illegible} + give {Copee?} on mr. C {illegible}

7. Some clouds + some sunshine. {Lofter?} with snowy rain at night.


8. Little {blustry?}. Roy helps kitchen + gets grain ground for himself + I. {illegible}

9. Very blustry + Cold

10. High winds. cold. C grinds grain till as he expected mr. {illegible} to come for engine.

11. nice day. Milder. C + I to town in forenoon.

12. cold east wind. C + I to chrch + back home for dinner. Mabel there too.

13. {illegible} day. Pick own apples C, draws wood

14 + helps mr. Tisdale kitchen. Mr + mrs. {illegible}

15 + Ida here in evening.

14. Grand day again. C draws wood. mrs

15. C to H. {Lawston's?} sale. {illegible}

16. mild as spring. C gets 300 of {wal?} and grind {gust?} for m. Tisdale.

17. grand day. C gets a wod of cinders in afternoon. {Louie?} here for few minutes in forenoon.

18. grand day. very mild. C + I to town in forenoon.

19. C + I to church Mr. {Heetton?} preached All of {illegible} here to dinner.

20. Grand day. C gets gravel {illegible} {illegible}.

and grinds M. Tisdale's grist I wash

21. Fine. C takes out {Perkin's?}engine & brings home G. S & M. {6 hr?} C & I here Hon. W. H. Taft lecture in First Mill Church on Clinching the Results of the {illegible} Cool.

22. Foggy. C. works at separate room.

23. Fine. " " " "

24. Colder. Dad & I go to Mabel's to dinner. George at Mrs. Belore's funeral. C starts engine class

25. Grand day. C & Louie & I to town in afternoon. Louie here to tea. C takes grist to Demm's as his engine balks.

26. Fine. C & I to church in morning only. To my dads to dinner.

27. Fine. Mild. C & I weigh pigs in forenoon. Start to hem tablecloth C gave me for Christmas. 28 Go to League. Presentation to Mr. & Mrs. Gundy.

28. Fine. C takes out pigs 10x{220?} lbs x16¢ {scribble}

29. Colder. Little snow. Mr. & Mrs. C. Gundy here to tea. C goes afterr & takes them back. 30 Mr. Honsinger here to re-start engine. To dinner

30. Colder. C grinds Mr. Tisdale's grist in {illegible} and we move separator into new room.

31. Cold. C grinds grist.

Feb 1. " C & I to town. Get Coal oil stove. Coal-oil man brings out 40 gals oil. Lyall Walker here for butter at night stays till 10.30.

2. Fine. George etc. here to dinner.

3. " I wash.

4. " C & I to hear Capt. Robb. We take Louie

5. " C & I to Bernice's card party To bed 5.15

6. " C & I to town. I to Mission Circle social evening & he to his dads.

7. Fine. Little colder. C & I cutting cornstalks.

8. Little snow. C to town. Cora Vrelson comes.

9. Fine. Cold. Cora C & I to church. George {Tinnies?} here to dinner.

{In right margin from Feb. 4th to 9th: Grand weather}

10. Fine. I take Cora to station & C draws {illegible} of baled straw for Mr. Demm.

Feb 11. Fine. C goes for Lister grinder and get it set up.

12. Fine. C works at getting grinder rigged up. Choked up with cold at night.

13. C. in bed all day. Rainy afternoon.

14. C up but not feeling extra. Fixes flue in furnace & grinds some. Roy & Louie bring Heber Down & wife here in evening

15. Heber & Bertha here all day. C. to town call on Mrs. Tisdale in afternoon. Colder. We take Heber's to George Westlakes in evening & stay there till 11.30 P.M. Cold.

16. Fine by spells. C & I to Mr. William's to dinne & tea. I go to S.S.

17. Cloudy. Driving snow storm in afternoon.

18. Fine. Colder Windy. Heber & Bertha here to dinner & I take them back to dad's

19. Fine. Cold. Louie to town and I got with her and go to Pat. Meeting.

20. Fine. Cold.

21. Raw East wind. Snowy forenoon. C & I town from 4 to 6.20 P.M. {Cyril?} to {Louie?} school to school meeting at night.

22. Windy. E. wind. C cuts cornstalks till 4 P.M. when downpour of rain comes.

23. C & I to church in morning. Home rest of day.

24. Grand. I wash C cuts wood.

25. Fine till evening Rainy. Have tickets for concert in Y. Church but storm prevents.

26. Colder. Snow. C & I to hear John Kendrick {Ban?} in First Meth. Church. Cold.

27. Fine. Do up east window up stairs curtains C. butchers & I churn.

28. Cloudy but fine afternoon. Downpour of rain electrical storm & wind from 6.30 to 8 P.M. Louie & I at Orca McNable's to {bee?} tying a comforter. Mrs. O Little there also 29 C. finishes cutting corn stalks

1. Windy. Clearing. C ginds and team belt bring there's. To tour at {illegible} bring Will Velham's home with us.

2. hard. mild & bright. Gill here. To church at night. Gill goes to Leola's.

3. Land mild. Spring buds here. Bennie Pearl. Ray here to dinner & tea. Ray helps wood.

4. Done chum. J. McKewn here to get first payment on grinder & engine. C to {illegible} to get him cut. to banquet at church at night to Jrasen Claus.

5. Snowy cold. Mr + Mrs J. Bainard here to dinner.

6. {illegible}. C to Mr. {Zainly?}: sale. Later me out to Uncle Ben's + C & he go to sale. At Uncle Ben's to tea. Hustle home, do chores & go to first church to her Zeadler {Juintetta?}

7. Cold. {illegible} come at 1.30. C.{illegible} I go to Miss Sharlew. Boys call to deny destroying sap {pan?}.

8. Sonie stayed all night. Goes home about 10.30 a.m. C. I to town in afternoon. Got sap pan mended. Cold east wind. Sleet.

9. Rainy turning colder. Blizzard about 4 p.m till 9 p.m. Louel John & I to first Meth to church + to a musical after at which Miss Sharlow sang at times.

10. Lovely forenoon. Little rain in evening. C draws up furnace wood + ginds and I go up to M. Grehibalds in evening. Mild.

11. Cold morning. Rauby. C goes out to town to see some pigs. Uncle Ben has but too fat. short. To Bob Landsley's to tea.

12. Fine. Ray and Cyril to Mr. Gent's sale.

13. Cloudy. Tap Ray's trees in forenoon and C's in afternoon. Jim Benford slants to work here at 10. {illegible} Louie + I to M.S. at panoray's. Had {illegible} us out.

14. Rainy. C {illegible} over old buggy. at night.

He goes to a meeting at pm. J. Millen {illegible} cutting {hay?} {illegible}. High winds all day.

15. Milder. Rain High winds. C. I to town in forenoon. Willie B + Sybil Walker here to tea in evening.

16. Rainy till evening. C. I to church at night. Roads {illegible}

17. C. up at 2. am to gather sap but rain prevents. Rainy all day. {Gathe?} and fox and. I {foy?} down meat.

18. I chum + fig {doem?} meat. C. boils. Louie Cousin Johnny + Sussie here in evening.

19. Finish meat. Grand day. C at woods. {fine?} shanty roof.

20. Grand day. I take a make head {illegible} + sausage. C + I to Mr. Cohoon's in evening to reception for Harold Cahoon. Mudd.

21.Grand day. C. boiling syrup.

22. Quite cold + wind. C + I to market. {illegible} very rough. Langford + Leola came out in afternoon + go to sugar bush. Leola stays.

23. Grand. Leola C + I to Alma St. chores to the PM. Joffe a converted Russia Jew, goes home and Mr. WIlliam come out to dinner and tea. Harley White calls in afternoon.

24. Grand. C boils all day. I wash {illegible} and clarify syrup. Chum at night.

25. Fine. Jim + I back home to help with bugging. Roy brings me home in evening

26. Cloudy with rain at night. Mabel's 3rd child born about 9.30 a.m. I clarify syrup. Mrs. {Janiley?} here in afternoon. {Illegible} comes up for me in evening. Lied {illegible}

27. Colder. High winds. Help at Mabel's all day. C sells 4 cattle @$385.

28. Cold. High winds. {Illegible} comes down for me and I in the Howard. get home about 6 p.m. Chum in evening.

March 29. Fine day. Pint butter in forenoon C. to town in afternoon.

30. Fine day. C Howard I to church in forenoon.

31. Windy. Jim helps Mr. Lisdale.

1. Quite cold. C ginds Roy's grist. Howard gets burned with pudding.

2. Fine day. {Burning?} wood in afternoon with our engine. Mr. {illegible} saw. Gordon Albert + Roy help.

3. Cloudy. Rain in evening. C draws manure + gather sap.

4. Cloudy. Colder. Bernice Pearl Harley Whete Ida Lennis Ant McConnell Kate Coven and John McKnight. Mr + Mrs Lorne White and Lela here in evening to a sugar {off?} and party.

5. Fine. Home all day.

6. Raining " " "

7. " wash

8. " Jean married.

9. " in forenoon.

10. Cloudy. C to town in afternoon. C Howard + I {illegible}. Rainy evening.

11. Fine. Mr. Lisdale's here to tea. Very sleepy.

12. Cloudy. Rainy. C to town.

13. Fine. C + I + Howard to church in morning. To Mabel's to dinner + tea then to church.

14. Fine day. Start housecleaning.

15. Rainy all day. {illegible} during nights. C + I autograph party at church.

16. Rainy nearly all day.

17. Cloudy. Little rain. C + I to town in forenoon with team + wagon.

18. Fine. {Cap?} + Mr. Hermett + Mary James out in afternoon to woods. Here to tea in evening.

19. C sow gran seed + clip hoves. C to town in afternoon.

20. Rainy. C + I to church to Mr. Williams to dinner. Leola + I to {R.R?} back to tea and

then {I?} church. Rainy.

21. Yard day. Wash and clean up yard.

22. " C. works on road graden.

23. Cloudy. Expect Aunt Sily but feau as C.J go in to his dad's in warning. Rainy

24. Regular winter blizzard. Freezes hard. Snow wind. Party at rm. Harris', am. Leucis. Une to the later. Had fair time.

25. Blizzard. Freezes hard.

26. " Wind {hope?} at night, Milde. C J to town in foremosn.

27. Time. Windy. cost C.J. to church in morning lh. Knowles peached. Out to {Oddfettuis?} antenavy church paradein afternoon Church packed. Evad Lulu's Roorse here in evening

28. Rainy forenoon. Help fix fence.

29. {Jine?} fix fence. Cdraus manners.

30. " Help fix fence. Cpoins sauef

May 1. Rain. Cold.

2. Hine. some clouds. Colder. windy. C.J town in afternoon.

3. [Blank]

4. [Blank]

5. [Blank]

6. [Blank]

7. [Blank]

8. [Blank]

9. [Blank]

10. Rainy Duite cold C. J to town.

11. Rainy. C. J to church in morning.

12. Cloudy cool. C. J to Harrison Kelly's {friends?}

13. Land day. Much warmer. C. sarus q

14. Land day. Warm. C sauv

15. Rainy Day. Jim Liadale beingguists.

16. Rained nearly all day. Harryson in P.m

17. Cloudy Cooler Jine rain. Jim. C to town in afternoon with load of wheat. Jim disappearsat 4.30 mirth 31 four money.

18. Jine. Warm. C goes to ben to get rut

Warrant for Jim's arrest.

19. Fine. C draws manure.

20. Rainy all day. C + I to benefit concert at {writing is cut off}

21. Rain. I go over to Mr. Jamely's in afternoon

22. Fine. Mr. Willaims + Mr. {Achferdo?} here to tea. C to {illegible}

23. Fine. Quite warm. Mr. Lansley + I to town.

24. Fine. Put {illegible} of stove pipes. Paint window {illegible}. it. hot.

25. Fine. Ella Harry + children here to dinner + tea. Motor out to park + cemetery. C finished seeding.

26. Fine. Wash + plant little garden

27. ". Go to Mrs. Cyril goes to J. {illegible} for pigs I back home for few minutes.

28. {dice?}. E. wind. Plant more gardens.

29. Hot. C starts to plow for corn plant garden.

30. Very hot. C plows. Lowie + I go out in evening to hear Mrs. Lellie {McLung?}.

31. Scorching hot. C + I to town nearly all day. Mr. Williams comes out at night for pineapple.

1. Very hot. C + I to church & to Leola's to dinner. Mr + Mrs Huntley & Mary {Heyden?} there alas.

2. Very hot. C plows

3. " " {illegible} corn grows

4. " "

5. " "

6. " C + I back home to dinner and get jag of hay. C works at garden

7. C + I to town. C helps Roy in afternoon

8. Cooler huge C + I to church and down to market in afternoon.

9. Hot. I work + help C on corn ground

10. Quite hot. I cut potatoes + George comes up and plants them.

11. Hot. Mr. Williamsthe James here to tea. C gets 4 acres corn planted.

12. Hot. {illegible} in town. C plants garden. Louie + I to missionary meeting at {illegible}

13. Hot. C fixes fence. Get earth from

wood for flower {illegible} {illegible} storm Little rain.

14. Very very hot. C. {9?} to Town {illegible} all day. {illegible} {illegible} {illegible}

15. Very hot. C. 2 to church. His father come out after dinner to let C him can. Out to park + then home. {illegible}

16 Fine. I wash. C washe + {illegible} {illegible}

17. C. {2?} to town in afternoon. {illegible} brings {gust?} in {illegible}.

18. Fine. Very hot. C. {illegible} motor to Bahes picnic at {Springbank?}. Jake dad, {illegible} + Ruy. good time {Ms.?} williams comes out for can in evening + {illegible} with chore.

19. Fine. C. {illegible} hoe garden. C to dental in afternoon + to Mr. {Mami?} barn {illegible}

20. Fine. C cuts grass in old garden {illegible}

21. Hot. {illegible} {illegible} he could {illegible} come {illegible} and we all go back home. {They?} {illegible} is cream + {cake?}. Little rain.

22. Fine. C. {illegible} {Lowe?} Ruy go to {illegible} {illegible} to dinner + tea. {Caston?}

23. Fine. Cool. I wash + cut weeds. C cuts {illegible}

24. Cool. Little rain. {illegible}. {illegible} C cut {thistle?}

25. Rainy nearly all day. C {illegible}

26. Fine. {illegible} lane gate in forenoon. C cutting com in afternoon. I pick {illegible} + {illegible} {illegible}

27 Hot {illegible}

28 Hot {illegible}

29 Hot. To Ella Allins to dinner + tea

30 Hot {illegible}

July 1 Hot {illegible}

2 Hot {illegible}

3 Hot {illegible}

4 Hot {illegible}

5 Hot {illegible}

6 Hot. Mr William's have to dinner + tea. {illegible}

7 Hot {illegible}

8 Hot {illegible}

9 Hot {illegible}

10. Hot day.

11. Hot. Girls here picking cherries.

12. Hot. Lang + I to market in forenoon with {illegible}

13. Hot. Gorden Gillot's + E. Leeson's here, come at night. C cuts {illegible}

14. Hot. I take {illegible} + Florence to station

15. Hot. Dry. C finishes at Lisdales. Lang helps Roy

16. Hot. Dry. C. helps Roy draw wheat

17. Hot Dry. R " " C

18. Hot Dry. finish drawing in wheat.

19. Hot Dry. Peace celebration

20. Hot Dry. To church & back home to dinner.

21. Hot Dry

22. Hot Dry. Mr. Williams + Edna {illegible} to town

23. Hot. I go back home to dye.

24. Hot Dry. Go to Gorden party at Mapleton.

25. Hot. Dry. George + all of us to to dad's at night.

26. Hot. Bennie + I to town in afternoon, at night {illegible}

27. Very hot, Bennie goes home at night.

28. Coller. Cutting oats.

29. Coller. Cutting oats.

30. Cloudy. C + J to Lela's to dinner + tea. Go to Holditch's + to {illegible}

31. Rainy. Cool. Rain did {guit?} a lot of good.

1. Cool. Cutting oats. I to town in afternoon.

2. Cool. Finish cutting harvest.

3. Fine Hot. C + I to church + to dad's to dinner.

4. " Rainy evening. All go to {port?} but come back to {illegible}

5. "

6. "

7. "

8. Fine. Go with Leola to park for tea.

9. "

10. Fine. Hot. to church in morning.

11. " Leeta comes in evening

12. " Rain at night Go to reception for {illegible}

13. " Leeta goes up to Mrs. Lisdales to stay.

14. " Till evening. Mr. Williams brings Mrs.

15. Horace {illegible} & Dorothy out to tea. Rain,

15. Fine, Lizzie + I pick plums. I go to Mr. Putnams funeral. Can plums.

16. Rainy afternoon. All go to town in evening. C {illegible} out {illegible} got soft {illegible}

{In left margins in large writing it says 'Hot very dry / Aug'}

17. Lizzie, Dorothy + I to church in morning.

18. Fine till afternoon. Got ready to go to {writing cut-off} but rain prevents. C takes {illegible} out to Mr. Williams at night.

19. Rainy. I wash + bake for threshing. C draws cinder. Thresher come.

20. Fine. Have thresher for dinner. Leola brings out her S.S. {illegible}, Mabel's here in evening. Thresh {2/2?} what 240 300 barley + oats. Averaged 25 bush

21. Rainy. Go to Mr. James in evening to see Mary Edith christened.

22. Fine. C goes on Elgin Board of {Agie?}. auto excursion to Weldurood. Springton Byron + {illegible}.

23. Little rain. Willie + I to market. Hot. Langford leaves.

24. Fine. C + I to church in morning, hot.

25. Fine. I wash. Cloudy morning.

26. Fine. ?

27. Fine. ?

28. Fine. ?

29. Fine C at Will Miller's Go to Mrs. White's for {illegible}

30. Fine. Hot. Can corn nearly all day. Heavy {cut off}

31. Fine. Louie. Dad + Willie here to dinner.

1. Fine. Louie + I go to Mrs. Lisdales for {illegible}

2. Fine. Make pickles + non. Cat Will {illegible}

3. Fine. C. sows wheat. Louie + I to town. I {illegible}.

4. Fine. Go to see aeroplane at Mr. Lodd's field. Lo Langford's birthday for tea.

5. Fine. C takes out 5 1/2 baskets wheat + brings home coal.

6. Fine. Warmer. C + I to market.

7. Fine. Hot. Gillolt's take us to E. Leason's.

8. Fine, Very hot. I wash.

9. Fine. Cooler. C sows oats for pasture. I to town.

10. Rainy forenoon. C drains water + get ready to go on {illegible} Mr. Williams, Dad Louie + Willie go to {illegible} lain. Call at Uncle John Williams , go to {fain?}.

1919 Sept

Meet Aunt Maggie + go out there. Rainy

12. Fine, cool. Windy. Leave Uncle Boh's 4.30 pm. Reach Aunt Lily's 7 p.m.

13. Fine. C out to Hugh Fergerson's in forenoon. Uncle Edwin takes us to flax mill. then to Ms. Fergeson's to tea + {illegible} in evening. Back to Aunt Lily's.

14. Fine To Alwinaton Meth Church. {Illegible} U. Homelly, Paston, preached to Uncle Milton's to dinner + tea. church. Rainy

15. Rainy forenoon. Call at Edna's school. Uncle {illegible} for dinner, then to Florence + Harley McCutcheon's to tea. Shetta for lecture on Greland to Uncle {illegible}

16. Fine to Uncle Jim's for dinner. Quilting. Call at Mr. Gould's + Mr. {Groal's?}, back for tea to Uncle Jim's. Go with Stanley's to Stella's for evening. Back to Hanley for {illegible}

17. Fine. To Uncle Jim's for dinner + then leave at 2.30 or Zella's. Amin at 4.30 + go to Miss. Tea at Mrs. Bentley's.

18. Fine. To Blenhim in forenoon and all leave for home about 4.30. Annie at {illegible}. William 7 p.m. Have tea and back home for hey. Then home sweet home at 11 p.m.

19. Fine forenoon. But downpour of rain + wind about 4 p.m. till 8 p.m. night. Back to help father's thresh.

20. Fine. C washes can + takes I home. Hotter

21. Heavy rain nearly all day. Bob J. comes in evening + stays all night.

22. Fine. Bob goes home in forenoon, C to {illegible}

23. " Wash C go to harrows + cinder.

24. " Louie + Mr. Burnett call.

25. " C to Mr. Hennis filling oils. I to Mabel's.

26. Fine {illegible} here to tea C. cuts corn.

27. Fine. C cuts corn. To town at night.

28. Grand. C + I to church + S.S {illegible}. Mr. William's here {illegible}

29. Fine, Rainy forenoon, C splits wood. I sew

30. Fine, C shucks corn. I sew.

T. 1. Fine. Cool. Aunt Jenny + Mrs. Chant call.

2. " I sew for baby. C gets wood in shed

3. Grand. {illegible} + I to Mabel's C helps {illegible} fill oils. Hot.

4. Grand day.Hot. C + J to town nearly all day. Uncle Anson + Landford call.

5. Anniversary Rev Iwine {illegible}

6. " concert at night.







13. C. {illegible} for referendum.

14. Rainy

15. Fine day. Roy + Bernice married. All at wedding and to station . Got Mr. William's con.

16. Rainy. Lyle + bride come in evening.

17. Fine " here all day.

18. " Take Lyle + Meldrid to Mr. Williams

19At night. Aunt Annie {illegible}.

19. Home C + I to Mr. Williams to dinner. meth. cemetery.

20. Fine. {illegible} day. Referendum {illegible}. Father masen over to {illegible} with con.

21. Rainy. Aunt Annie comes out in evening to tea. Bernice here in afternoon.

22. Fine. Louie + Willie come to stay in evening

23. C. takes Aunt Annie home. Rainy.

24. Fine forenoon. Wash. Rainy afternoon.

25. Rainy.

26. Fine. Louie Cyril + Willie to church.

27. Rainy day. Mr. Williams barn {illegible}.

28. Fine windy " " {illegible} more barn.

29. " {illegible} + I call at Bernice's

30. "

31. Rainy. C. Louie + Willie to come at {illegible}

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