James Cameron Diary, 1870


James Cameron Diary, 1870


James Cameron


Courtesy of Queen's University Archives




19th Century, Glengarry County, McMaster's Island Township, Ontario

Date Created


Is Part Of

James Cameron Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript


{Starting on left page; first few lines illegible}

Went up around the Island {next few words illegible} some Firewood and chopping

17th Went to Summerstown with 53lb of Barley {illegible} Tallow 2 {Muskats?}. Bought AJ Baker 6lb of Barley {/40?} pound 2p 1/2lb Tea 1/6 1/2lb {Tobacco?} pipe -/ 1/2 3 cents of spice Cotton Batting 2 {illegible} 1p spool of Thread/4 2yds of Cotton 1/3 1/4lb Powder -/15 1 Bunch of Matches -/1 1 Doz of {illegible} Worm -/8 2 cents on a paper from John Harpers Weekly William McLeod Thomas Munroe William {Spenk?} George Renshaw all went to Lancaster Depot or to Mr Harpers Drawing the Telegraph Roles away of the Front Lashey here for a Dish to Bail his canoe. Fishing eels him and Henery

18th Tried to go to Lancaster went as Far as {Suses?} Island the ice taken from there to shore Turned Back from there East Wind Shipped about a pail of Water change in the Moon to night. Turned stormy with snow wind changed to the West through the night.

19th Sunday Drifting windy

20th Raining ice Breaking along shore

21st crofsed with 4 Bushels of Wheat Left it with John Hamilton to take to Mill took the Hide to AJ Baker 55lbs took a Few onions to Walter Baker a Fine Day wind Raised from the East {illegible} Burying old John McPherson to Day Heard Walter William Died and heard Jo Fisher Died {"not so" inserted above} Sent a letter and paper to Charlie 56 Market Street Birkenhead Cheshire

22nd wind changed to the West tonight a Terrible {gales?} {Illegible} Down the Big Elm tree up in the {illegible} made {illegible} of wood

23rd piling the Big Elm Gordon {continue on next page on the right}

{First few lines illegible}

George Renshaw a piece of Meat for his {illegible} Dinner. Bought of AJ Baker 6yds of {illegible} for undershirts at 30 cents a yrd {1.80?} 2yds Cotton {illegible} 1 spoll of thread. 1/2lb Tea 1/2lb soda paid the Postage of the Letter and paper did not get {those?} File {illegible} on the Front Semo Living in Walter Bakers Shanty. got a Letter from Charlie. hurted my Boat in the ice. Seen old Mr Kennedy from the Branch.

25 Christmas Day Jim Hopkins and his Boy here for his Whippletrees and chain Lent him my 2 clevises. Brought me some {Tracts?} from Mrs Norman McDonald and compliments.

Sunday the 26th Gordon and I to the head of the Island a fine Day

27th Chopping stove Wood

28th chopping

29th Our {Gingers?} Birth Day. Raining crofsed to Hamiltons with the Bag Bought of AJ Baker 1 Bottle of RRR on credit. got the File sharpened the saw

30th sawing stove Wood.

31st sawing Wood. Windy a Ball at Mrs David Summers tonight a fine Evening.

1st of January 1870 East Wind {to ring?} in the New Year Saturday.

Sunday 2nd Windy from the East

3rd Allans Birth Day very windy Found Perch that was Blew up on the shore with the wind

4 Went to the head of the Island sawing stove Wood seen a Boat crofsing to Hopkins a fine Day snowing hauling and {five?} Raising the oak Log up from the Ground took the Little canoe up on Land

5th Banking the West end of the house with Hay sawing stove wood.

{Starting on left page; first few lines illegible}

{First few words illegible} took a good {Deal of?} {next few words illegible} turned calm Pretty frosty night {the?} house warm and plenty Wood {Burning?} Wood. Seen {Dr?} showed Gordon the {Sun Moon?} and Star I often seen it myself

8th Hugh Ann Birth Day and a cold Stormy Day it is East Wind Ice took acrofs this morning to Christees. I dont now wheather it is taken on the North side of not yet 9oclock now. Water Raising took the oars and Paddles up from the River went around the Lower Point

9th Sunday a Frosty Day water Raising Foxes crofsed Last night

10th {Torofsed?} to Summerstown ice Rough. about 1/2 inch thick But good. Heard that John McPherson in Williamstown was Married to John the Saddlers sister Jim Hopkins crofsed and Thomas Munroe at Summers. George Renshaw got his Elbow out of joint. Bought 1 Bunch of Matches

11th Bushing the upper {Point?} {Road?} Part of the way. Gordon and I Fishing eels got 12 Drew the Boat up from the River a peice Water Raising near shore seen People crofsing to Summer's a Foot

12th Raining Drew the Boat to the West end of the house cutting hay in the Barn East Wind Stormy

13th Stormy Drifting East Wind some cold {Fireing?} my mits run a hemlog sliver in my Finger the Baby Weaned from the Breast one of the Rusters Dead (a Fine Bind he was). a Mock Sun on the Left hand side of the Sun in the Evening

14th very Frosty East Wind cold sawing some stove Wood Feeding the Cattle Extra as it so cold

15th {First few words illegible} hailing soft got 3 eels on the {illegible} sawing wood.

{Continue on right page; first few lines illegible}

{Illegible} at night the West Wind Blew very hard {illegible} {Freeze?} {see?} all {glib?} and slippery Fixing the stable Door cleaning 12 eels Water on the ice

18th Drew the Boat to the Barn sawing Wood. Windy from the West

19th Put the Boat up on the sticks above the Floor Went to the Bush Gordon and I Breaking a Road to the Piles of Fire Wood in case someone may come to Draw for me. took up all the wood and the Butternut sticks. I had split them

20th Went to Summerstown ice slippery crofsing with horses Road not Bushed {illegible} {1/2?} of {Tallow?} to AJ Baker. Paid for RRR paid Peter for 1/2lb Tea. I got from him all But 1 penny Bought 1/2lb Tea 2 plugs of Tobacco 6 Bunches of Matches 3 hanks of Thread. Mr {Strecter or Streetor?} Buying AJ Bakers Fur a crack at hopkins in the ice

21st St Agnefs Day. Very unwell in Bed all Day

22nd Fishing eels I got 20 gave Jim Hopkins 6 Jim Drew 2 Loads of Wood. {Pars?} stopt to Dinner.

23rd Sunday eel Fishers Fishing on Both sides Raining. Very unwell

24th Charles Tuppers Birth Day Semos 2 Boys here Fishing eels I got 4 for them stopt for Dinner NEast Wind cold Drawing hay acrofs on Summers Road cut up a hind {Qr?} of {Beef?} crows plenty

25th cold East Wind Snowing Raining hailing grinding the axe seen 2 Foxes crofsing from Christees Island

26th Went to the Bush Gordon and I met Jim Hopkins coming for his hay turned Back Jim took 2 Loads and Bell Morris took 1. a Bad crack at hopkins on the ice.

{Start on left page; first few lines illegible}

{Illegible} {path?} on the Front to {next few words illegible} {their} all. Bothering George Renshaw {to get about?} Being Married wanting {next few words illegible} for the Big Hicory as {next few words illegible} Dollars for it got 4 papers from {William?}

18th Snowing Raining Water on the ice

19th cold Drifting West wind freezing. James Houghs Birth Day on the 18th {"yesterday" inserted below}

Sunday 20th East Wind Drifting circle around the sun cold

21st Drifting cold Making an axehandle. Grinding the axes

22nd Washington's Birth Day Drifting Blowing snowing Frosty Frosty Last night sawing stove wood. A change in the Moon Last Quarter comes in Stormy snowing

23rd in the Bush Stormy

24th cutting Wood Gordon and I John Hamilton came Down with My Flour and Mill {"Mary Ann {Henejoy?} a Daughter" inserted below}

25th in the Bush Stormy cutting hay in the Barn.

26th Went to Summerstown stopt at George Renshaws all night. John Hamilton Went on a {visit to?} Viponds in Lower Canada

Sunday 27th Wrote a Letter for George Renshaw came home. Races Last Week in Salmon River. Kenneth McDonald sold his horses Saturday

28th a Fine Day chopping some. Nicholsons Lottery to night

1st of March came in Like a Lion {Story?} St Davids Day the Festival of the Welsh I went up to cut some Wood for George Renshaw {sent?} {a?} paper to Charles {Tupper?}

2nd Ash Wednesday {First Day of?} Lent Stormy Gordon and {Jim?} {last few lines illegible}

{Continue on right page; first few lines illegible}

in the Bush chopping Wood for the {House?} Great many eel fishers at the Foot of {illegible} Island

5th I went up to cut Wood for George Renshaw his what is to Be his wife there. took Dinner crofsed to the PO George and I got 4 or 5 papers from Peter Baker. Bought 2 Bunches of Matches Seen Jim Hopkins with a sleigh Load of Indians going with them to St Regis came home Met John Hamilton in the Field. had a Talk about George.

Sunday 6th a Fine Day thawing some East Wind

Monday the 7th Went up to George Renshaws to keep House for him as this is the Day he is to Be Married to Sovira Duffield Peter Baker Best Man and Addy Summers Best Maid Married By Mr McPherson of Lancaster stopt at Mr Harpers all night as there was something wrong with the cars. Went over to AJ Bakers for a gallon of Whiskey that George ordered for me while he was gone. took the tongs to Tom Kennedy to be fixed

8th at Georges

9th at Georges

10th Hoisted the Flag Lewis Blondeau and I as I expect him home to Day they came He sent me to ask John Cameron Dan Cameron Alexander Cameron John Hamilton Andrew Baker all came But Andrew Baker had a very Pleasant evening with George. I bought at AJ Bakers for him 2 Bottles of Brandy 1 Bottle of Gin 1 gallon of Whiskey 1lb of sugar 4 Plugs of Tob 1/4 lb cut Tob 6 {segars?} 4 pipes John Hamilton and I came home together

11th chopping stove Wood

12th on this Day of the Month D McMaster first came to the {illegible} cold East Wind a great {illegible} crofsed this week

{Start on left page; first few lines illegible}

{Sunday?} Stormy East Wind {Drifting} {next few words illegible} {crofsed?} to Summerstown Bought of AJ Baker {illegible} {1/2lb?} Saleratus paid some promised to come tomorrow {illegible} to Peter Grants see if I could get his Pot for sugar making told him to Let George Bosell have it if he {would?} call for it went Down to Roses seen Alexanders Photographs of himself and his Wife got a sticking plaster for Drawing from Mrs Rose came straight from Roses to the Head of our Island. A very fine Day Went to the Bush cut 16 Troughs of Ash Gordon and I {Antwine?} Fishing over at Christees.

15th Semo Did not come Gordon and I cut 18 Troughs cut and split them I went up to chop stove wood for George Renshaw. Got a plug of Tabacco from George him and I over to the P Office. AJ Baker went to Montreal to Day Walter Baker sold 2 cows to the Yankee Drovers. {Isacc?} Blondeau taking over a Load of Hay. A Fine Day turning cold East Wind John Hamilton to cornwall to Day got an Almanack

16th Stormy East Wind and snow not very well. Eel fishers Down at the Kit Kit Island stormy this Evening

17th St Patricks Day the Festival of the Irish Stormy East Wind Drifting {illegible}

18th a very Fine Day went for a Broom snow day taking the snow of the Wood pile cut a Waterhole. Great drifting of snow in the sheds yesterday

19th Heard Ducks doing West this morning a very fine morning every thing Looms Big and comes quite close a Fine Day Went to George Renshaws cut him some Wood Got 2 papers From Charlie 1 of them a Large Australia papers {illegible} 2 pages 16 Leaves Last Day of Winter

Sunday the 20 {First?} Day of spring Johnny and Jo Semo came to chop {illegible} a Fine Day

21st the 2 {Semos?} {illegible}

{Continue on right page}

{Illegible} after I Left the Bush {cleared?} {next few words illegible} {chopped and?} split their tree Raining {22nd?} {Livinia?} Birth Day George Bosell here got the gouge. Snowing Blowing I am to get some cedar for George to make spoils made 30 spoils to Day not very well.

23rd made 5 Troughfs to Day not well Fine Drifting Blowing Snowing

24th not Well in Bed all Day till Evening Filled the 2 Barrels with Water at the Waterhole

25th The Annunciation of the Virgin Mary Went to Summerstown with 10lb 2oz of Tallow Bought of AJ Baker {1/2?} lb Tea 1/6 1/2lb Tea 1/9 1 coarse comb -/5 1 Fine comb -/5 2 plugs of Tabacco -/6 3 Bunches of Matches / {1?} 1/2 a {Hour a?} at Levis Blondeau Last night Little George Snider and Murdy. Grant Old Mr Renshaw up Last night went with Mr Phillips to {Cornwall?} Andrew Baker went to Cornwall with his new {Horse?} John Hamilton to Cornwall came home very unwell

26th John Hamilton and George Bosell here Pete {claning?} about the camp got a Bag of Flour and cornmeal from John Hamilton showed George where to cut Logs for the camp. Found an umbrella that some one Lost in the Wind. Dug with the axe 13 Troughfs very very unwell East Wind some cold seen a Flock of Wild geese near Alexes Island good crust

Sunday 27th cold East Wind Began to Storm

28th Stormy East Wind seen 3 Wild geese very unwell Stable and sheds Blocked up with snow another hen Dead {great?} Dreams about Building Stone houses

29th Went to the Bush Finished all the Troughfs 34 George Bosell in the sugar Bush Fixing the camp with wood the Thief {cant?} caught

30th Dan Cameron Little girl Buried to Day George Bosell coming {next few words illegible} Fine Day very unwell

31st {George?} {the rest is illegible}

{first 3 lines illegible due to wear} Drew me 3 loads of wood about 2 cords lent him the round {illegible} to make troughs heard of Jim HohKind {illegible} his horses George took 1 1/2 gallons of syrup to the house

2nd made about 28{illegible}

3rd made about 25th

4th George took home 2 cakes

5th {name?} Reggy gathering

6th Reggy and I in the Bush George came {illegible} with the canoe on the ice sugared off in the Bush not hard enough made it over in the house {illegible}

7th Reggy sugared it over in the house about {illegible} ice opened at Trainers Island heard {name?} george 14 days of East wind {"14 days of East wind" written above "made mollassies"} made mollassies of {illegible} and Ram 2 1/2 gallons very unwell Peggy Bad with her foot caught 2 eels

8th {illegible} the Bush taking up the trough {illegible} George took the logs of the ice on the bank

9th George and Peggy creped in canoe {illegible} over some of the sugar very fine weather

10th Gordon {something illegible written above "Gordon"} and I gathered 9 hails {illegible}

11th Georges wife making sugar to Day

12th Hat out any little canoe tried for {illegible} got ice going {own?} gordan and {Rete?} croped

13th I went down to {illegible} got to {illegible} got 7 george took {one?} his share {and?} the sugar

14th {illegible} {ellollassest?} Day that a Rat

13th a fortunate Day good friday {"good friday" written over "fortunate day"} High East Wind {illegible} to the Bush to Day very unwell to Day in Bed

16th a fortunate Day took the Boat Down out of the barn to the shore tried it it leaks Bad Let {illegible} to Day Kind of Sour took home their Barrel and {last 2 lines illegible due to wear}

{Next page, first 7 lines illegible due to wear}

22nd Went home with george {illegible} brought him some {illegible} the wood went down with {illegible} Dinner An {initial?} Baker came {illegible} the Word {Boright?} {illegible} 35 cents a yd thread lining and {trimming?} Bought a Pair of Boots 3 1/4 but when I came {home?} I seen 2 holes in them and returned them again and got another pair

23rd St Georges Day {diarist used extra-large letters} the {jest?} of the English went to Slimmer store {illegible words above "went to Slimmer} bought {illegible} a {initial?} Baker {illegible} Lindsey at {illegible} a yd {shool?} {herly?} 13 Rats at 12 1/2 cents But if he {illegible} get {10?} cents for them he will allow it to me But Paid me {illegible} 12 1/2 cents 2 Rats 20 cents a peice 2 sheep {illegible} 100 cents a peice {havel?} up the {tea?} {illegible} received in cash 40 cents a drink {illegible} from Charlie got on Thursday {illegible} from Dan lent 2 {Hapert} to Charlie seen

24th got 3 Rats a {illegible} Day {illegible} {"on the day granny departed" above "Day"} at night

25th St {Martins?} Day {diarist used extra-large letters} a fine day north wind got {illegible} and a cat {illegible} let 3 {illegible} thats 13 {illegible} the {illegible} Marsh went a tonight to the nack marsh {illegible} at a rat {dead?} not get him

26th Let the

{remaining lines illegible due to wear}

{Start on left page; first few lines illegible}

{First few words illegible} here took 2 hats gave her some soap 2 {illegible} {"{illegible} 13 eggs" inserted below} {illegible} Hills Light lit up a Barge on hodges {illegible} {on?} to Frashers Point high Wind Finished the soap {corenthian?} came up after Dark

29th {illegible} Sail Boat Went Down {"sent 2 papers to Charlie" inserted below}

30th a change with the Mill I crofsed to Summerstown Brought 5 Rats Bought 1 Peck of Salt -10 cents 1 yds of Linsey -/10 1/2 lb Tea 1/6 Matches -/. a Treat at summers -/5 Planted some hills of Potatoes some Before the Door the rest at the Back Marsh A Lamb for the First

1st of May a Fine Day Gordon and I in the Bush Found an Indian Rubber shoe that some one Lost in the Berries. Got a Duck in the Trap

2nd Working in the garden {"covering the Boat house" inserted above} Planted the Tobacco seed and Tomatoes a handful of Potatoes onions

3 planted 4 Beds of Potato onions red pepper {"Sent 2 papers to Charlie" inserted above}. I crofsed 2 Summertown 4 Rats paid Peter for the tea and soda's got from him Bought 1 peck of Buckwheat 10 cents Needles Matches Brought 4lb of sugar to Peter Grant for the use of his Pot Got the Loan of a Razor from Ronald Angus another Lamb to Day

4th after the calve very unwell Fixing the cedar Logs around the old house set Fire to chips a Great Lot of Towing now

5th Very unwell put a Plaster on my Breast Put the nails again on the calve Digging in the Back garden about 5 hens Laying now the new Lighthouse gives a very poor Light: got 3 Turtles

6th went to Summerstown Bought of AJ Baker Salt Parsnips Cucumbers got the Irish man from Charlie Bought of John Hamilton {illegible} Bag or 100 Weight of Flour at the Price {illegible} now a wash Board 1/3 got for {1/12?} {next few words illegible} {Shower?} at Andrews {Went?} took {the rest of the page is illegible}

{Continue on right page; first few lines illegible}

{First few words illegible} the {Peice?} of our {next few words illegible} {first?} Deal of Manure on the {illegible} the ground after I Planted them set {illegible} Point a Fire dont Burn Well Left too {Long?} {illegible} setting fire to it Lots of Steamers a going {Found a?} stick Belonging to a Wharf

Sunday 8th East Wind William Lavelette and wife and Boy here wanting a canoe {osprey?} went up in the Forenoon {illegible} Went Down in the afternoon. City of Ottawa {went?} up got a Rat

9th splitting ash for oars cut a Tree for oars setting fire on the Pitt Point it wont Burn a Raft {sacking?} acrofs 3 or 4 Times up above Hopkins planted Top onions and parsnips some of them a {hen?} wanting to hatch cold high East Wind cold {night?} for to snow seen a curious kind of Bird in the Bush could not get near enough to {shoot?} him

10th Brittish America Went Down. I {suffer?} with a Load of Potatoes from {Mepina?} as I {heard?} she was going cutting some Brush On the Lower Point putting it where the Bank is wore with the high-Water Trimming the apple trees commenced to Rain Bad with my Breast

11th Brittish America came up a quick trip the {J A?} {McDonald?} Towing Rafts

12th Fixing the Brush Fence some got some Fat pine

13 Went to Summerstown 6 Dozen of eggs 2 Rats Bought of AJ Baker 1/2 Dozen of cups {"1/3" inserted below} saucers 1/2 pound spirits of Turpentine -/{13?} {2 or 4?} yds Cotton 2/6 2 1/2 yds {illegible} Batting 2 Bunches 1/3 Tobacco -/6 hair pins -/1 Lost my {illegible} got a Ruster from Walter Baker Brought 2 sticks for oars to Thomas Munroe seen Ding on the Front Brought G. Renshaw to {a?} Bottle of eel {and?} got a handkercheif of Sarsaparilla at Hamiltons from {illegible} seen Jim hopkins getting potatoes

{Start on left page; first few lines illegible}

{Illegible} {chance?} if the {stemmer?} wants to {come?} {illegible} fled a squirrel {plain trees?} Begginning to {illegible} {the?} heifer Lost the nails that was tied around her mouth somewhere in the Bush Ticks plenty

15th Sunday a Fine Day West Wind Went to the head of the Island Livinia and I Went to the {illegible} Island Found 2 Ducks Nest water high eat a {mils?} of Wild {onions?} to Day

16th Digging the ground for Potatoes

17 Planted Potatoes

18th Went too Summerstown got my knife Bought of Peter 1/2lb of Tea 1/4 of one kind -/9 1/4 of another 1/~ thats 1/9 4lb whitening 4lb 16 cents, 2 steel pens -/1 for matches

19th {Whitewashing?} cleaning the house

20th Accession of Queen Victoria. Randolf Gordon and I Fishing Perch got a good many. Digging at the old house

21st East Wind and Rain Planted a Few hills at the old house

22nd Sunday A Fine Day Gordon and I Fishing Perch Lost my hook and sinker a Large Pike took it away. Gordon Rows with the 2 oars

23rd Gordon Hughann and I to the Kit Kit or Hen Island set fire to it on the Gull Island and Lizard Island Rofs's Island and Charlies Island caught a chub at the Lower End of Rofs Island took a snack at Rofs's Island took Dinner on Charlies Island met Lashey and George Basell coming to set their Lines set 1 out Before the Door

24th Queens BirthDay But its going to Be kept on the twenty eight. First Thunder heard this spring. Trimmed the {Fern?} or Hard {hask?} tree at the Bank put {the?} manure on the Potatoes East Wind changed to {illegible} Sudden a great Deal of {Towing?} and

{continue on right page; first few lines illegible}

{took?} AJ Bakers {Brans?} and Grant {Potash?} {next few words illegible} about the {Feniant?} 500 in {Malone?} last night {illegible} more {passed?} up through Fort Covington {illegible} going now. Got a Letter From Dan written on the 17th 16 University Street he is well and {illegible} {-{-{-evering?} well no Boats allowed to go in to {Day?} {champion?} went Down Rafts going Down

26th Sent a Letter to Dan got 2 papers and 1 from Charlie. The {Fenian?} commenced {swearing?} to the Frontiers

27th high Wind got a sturgeon From Lashey Wind High

28th crofsed to Summerstown a Battle fought yesterday heard the Brittish at {Munster?} was Demanding his Pasport

29th Royal Oak Day a very very warm Day Went to the Kit Kit Island Livinia {Livinia?} Gordon Randolph Hughann and {any?} {illegible} came up. I went to Na {houtas?} Island or {Cachey?} to to's whatever you call it. Heard a Wild {goose?} Last night it must be a strayed one or one thats hatching

30th potatoes up Fishing Perch very warm

31st Weeding the garden Went to Summerstown with 4 Dozen Eggs Tobacco-/6 1/2lb Tea {1/1?} Fishing {line?} -/6 Matches pipes got a paper from AJ Baker

1st of June Glorious 1st of June Fishing Planted 1 Row of Potatoes and Beans at the old house very warm

2nd shearing the sheep all But one she is with Lamb. Trowling commenced, sheared the other sheep weighed the wool {and?} Divided it. Randolf and Gordon and I to {Alexes?} Island Trowling very warm weather watered the garden tonight

4th of June George the 3rd Birth Day crofsed to Summerstown no mail for {me?} {Helped?} Lewis Blondeau to Barrel up Potash {illegible} {filler?} {gun?} Boat went up {illegible}

{Start on left page; first line illegible}

{get?} {illegible} Randolf and I to christees Island Rain Thunder {and Lightening?} to Day much wanted as to awful Dry times

6th {illegible} cutting Weeds Lashey here

7th I went to {Williams?} fine Day very warm {"Washed the wool" inserted below} AJ Baker {W McLead?} here

8th in Williamstown very {warm?} The Priest of Williamstown arrived from Rome a concert at the convent

9th Marys Birth Day came home from Williamstown high East Wind Bought of Nicholson the Baker 4 Loaves of Bread 1/~ (Brought a cake of sugar to Williamstown) very unwell

10th Planted a few hills of Potatoes seen the other {Nannie?} with her Lamb

11th Raining the grass cutting every thing in the garden and the Potatoes Beans and corn their awful Bad this year Strawberries Ripe chickens coming out caught 11 perch 1 Rock Bafs and 2 Pickerel. put the old cat on the sturgeon Island

12th Sunday a Fine Day

13th The cat came Back. Fixing the Wool for to go to Cornwall

14th Gordon and I went to Cornwall. The First time ever Gordon was in Cornwall sold the Wool Black Wool 24 cents White Wool 28 cents Bought 4 Loaves of Bread 1/3 2 cents of soda Bisquit the current very strong going up against it stopt at the Burnt house {Skenectys?} Point and at Hanagans Point at the grave yard the first ever Gordon was in seen John Nicholson and George up {to Mill?}

15th Went to pay John Hamilton for the {Flour?} I got from him Left 4 Dollars with Johns Wife {illegible} Dollar Bills as John was at Viponds stopt {illegible} coming Back got another 100 Weight from John {next few words illegible} from Tom Davis took Dinner at {Home?}

{continue on right page; first few lines illegible}

Bought {2?} spools of thread 1/2lb soda {illegible} pipe Tobacco. Eat the First sardines {illegible} eat with Pete Baker and {illegible} Donald Lewis Blondeau Talking about the {illegible} promised it to him

17th Went home with Peters Pot went to the store the steamer or {Roussous?} steamer up to John Camerons caribou for to go Looking for Foreigners Fishing in our Waters. A great many on Hamiltons Island. In the evening the steamer came around the Lower end of our Island and Fired 2 or 3 shots at a Boat crofsing to Lancaster with 2 in it then the steamer came up in Front of our Door and spoke to me I was Fishing me and Gordon and Randolph then they went over to Lemays to see if they could see any one trowling caught 3 pickerel 1 pike 1 eel 3 perch Howing Potatoes very warm time. More chickens

18th {Salabery?} a pleasure Trip

19th Sunday Dan Summers here stopt all night with the Wind

20th Gordon Randolph and I to {Mavills?} Island Trowling

21st Went to Summerstown Seen Mr Boydon treated me twice got 2/6 from Lewis Blondeau on account of the Bun Frank Semos Wife a young {heir?} Bought of AJ Baker 3yds of Cotton 1/9 matches Found a canoe Down opposite the Lower end of Hamiltons Island took it in for John. Left my Paddle {with?} him it was an ash canoe {illegible} putting his cattle on {Franks?} {illegible}

{Start on left page; first line illegible}

{Illegible} Dans Birth Day Set the {string?} {illegible} Fishing

24th St Johns Day Fishing up {at?} {illegible} Bay

25th Went to Summerstown called at Hamiltons till the Rain was over heavy Rain Tunder and Lightning got my Paddle Bought of AJ Baker plug of Tobacco matches Worm Candy got a Paper from Charlie Sent him one Great Fires at Montreal this Week

Sunday 26th Semo and Lewis Blondeau here for the Bun Tom Davis came

27th Tom Went off gave him some papers and Fish got a Knife from Tom Took up the sturgeon him and set it at the Lower Point

27th Fishing taking home wood

28th The L Renaud came up on her first Trip with her colours up east Wind very very warm to Day Raspberries Ripe keeping in the heifer the Dog chained for eating the eggs and Killing the hen and 11 chickens

29th Went to Summerstown with 3 Dozen of eggs 3yds of Bleached cotton 1/2lb Tea {I?} owe {/4?} on the Tea. Matches got 5/- of an Order from Lewis Blondeau Peter Buchannan {L.V.?} Smallman here stopt all night. St Peters Day

30th Last Day of the Month. Fishing

1st of July Dominion Day Went to the Kit Kit Island Gordon Randolph and I great many eel. Flies on the Bushes there

2nd {Salaberg?} a pleasure Trip From Dundee

3rd HughAnn Randolph and Gordon Fishing

4th American Independence. Fishing

5th our John's Birth Day Picking Rasberries all of us in the {illegible} Rain

6th English cherries Ripe Picking {next few words illegible} a few pound of them the Birds {next few words illegible} fast as they Ripen there {last couple lines illegible}

{Continue on right page; first few lines illegible}

stopt at Thomas Munroes all night {illegible} old Mrs Munroe Thomas's mother {illegible} quite a chat with her

8th came home {illegible} Board this morning the steamer a {illegible} at Summers Warf high Wind to Day. Henery Genie passed the head of our Island over to the South Side in his flat Bottomed Barge

9th Windy Gordon and Jana {Hughann} picking Berries got an eel did not bait to Day

10th Henery Genies Boy here. Forgot his axe left it at the shore. Thunder to Day Preaching on the Front

11th Allen and George Grant here came from Hopkins got Towed by the Steamer Adolphus out to Williamstown. Sent out 3 eels with Allen

12th of July. Orangemans Day, Fired 2 shots thats all the Powder I had. Raining wind changing very often to Day

13th Mowing a Road around the Barn put in about 2 cocks of hay Rain this evening heavy Lighning and Thunder May Berries Ripe windy time hens Laying some {now or noise?}

14th Mowed a Road to the River Baited the line took home a Load of Wood from the Back Marsh eat cucumbers hurted my eye

15th Went to the PO got a Letter from Charlie on St Swithens Day no Rain {2 sickenefss?} in the {Letter?} Bought of AJ Baker 1/2lb Tea 1/6 plug Tobaco paper 2 Bunches of Matches treat got the rest of the {Due Bill?} in cash

16 Took up the night {lines?} got 2 eels from Lashey Fishing cocked some hay {illegible} the {Door?} put some in the Barn {illegible} {Salaberg?} a Trip to Lancaster {until?} {next few words illegible} playing {Lashey?} {illegible}

{Start on left page; first few lines illegible}

{night?} George Bosell and wife here {illegible} {Hopkins?} picking Berries got his fork {illegible} {had?} my fork. George Bosell Tapt the vinegar Barrel took out a gallon and 1/2 gallon for us gave him a Ring for his scythe a fine Day Rafts going Down. Rasberries plenty

18th Went for George Bosells canoe george Taking his horse to Francis Island got over 30 Tobacco plants from them. Violets and sweet William at archy McDonalds Sandy Semos henery selling his gun at hamiltons. crofsed to Summerstown with the Letter to be Put in the P.O tommoro. Bought of AJ Baker 50lb Flour 1/2 Bushel of salt. Postage on the Letter to England in the Back shop Kenneth {McLeod?} and I

19th Went to Dundee East Wind sailed all the Way Gordon and I 9 Bushels of Ashes at /10 {"D" inserted above} 5 Doz of Eggs 20lb of Rag at -/1 1/2. 62 of Old Iron Bought of Mr David Baker 3yds of Flannel at 1/10 1/2 4yds Cotton at -/7 1/2yd {Salico?} at 17 cents 1/4lb Tea 1/4lb Powder 1/2lb cut Tobacco -/7 1/2 /1 for sweetys Gordon got some Sweetys from Mr Baker Took Dinner at Mr Donald Suples had a chat with Angus took Down {Mr?} Mavills Flour and ice

20th Went home with George Bosells canoe Bosells all in the Berries very warm

21st mowed some in the grove

22 Mowed a Road in the Bush south and West crofsed to Summerstown in the small canoe. Bought of AJ Baker pair of {illegible} 1/3 Treat -/6 {I?} {Bid?} {goat?} {13 years?} {illegible} {he it?} going to night to

{Continue on right page; first few lines illegible}

Thunder and Lightning wind {next few words illegible} of the {appletrees?} at the {Lancaster?} {illegible}

24th Sunday

25th Walter {came?} {illegible} {Horses?} Semo and {Jessima?} along with {illegible} {get?} a Bottle

26th Mowing a Little {not very?} {illegible}

27th Went to Summerstown -/1 for {matches?}

28th Gordon and I to Williamstown {to?} {highlander?} a ground or the Barges ship {was?} Towing

29th in Williamstown

30th Came home from Williamstown Allen Mary Gordon and myself the circus in Lancaster

31st Allen and I and Gordon at the Head of the Island ressurection of my Big toe at the Big stone took up the tin Box and put it Back again

1st of August or Lammas Day Windy Fishing

2nd Marys Birth Day {1864?} {went?} to Hopkins Jim cutting his {pease?}

3rd Allan and I to Dundee to see Mr {Stelbins?} about the Hay Returned R Bakers Bottle

4th Mr {Stelbins?} and 2 Mr Niles. {Morning or mowing?} John creed and {Havia?} came to Mow. Allan Went to Dundee with Mr {Stelbins?} and {Niles?} Paul Gray and White here Fishing George Bosell Reggy and Pete here {Divided?} the vinegar 4 1/2 pails for our share put 2 gallons in a jar for Williamstown. Allan Went to the {Lines?} with {Mowers?} Niles {+?} {Stebbins?}

5th came to {Mow?} John Creed sick

6th Randolph Birth {Day?} {illegible} old to Day. George Bosell {some?} green corn got 2 {next few words illegible} {to?} shot a crane {illegible}

{Start on left page; first few lines illegible}

{Illegible} to William about the {fence?} of Hay {above?} {next few words illegible} their Farm to {Careys?} the tape came off {illegible} {the?} holsons Waggon. Bought 5 cents of Tobacco

9th commenced to Draw the Hay some in the Barn and some in the stack. Took home the {ashes?} Commenced to {Bain Men?} went home Allen and I to Summerstown to 2 cents for Matches

10th Went to Lancaster to 35 lb of Flour 6/3From {Melohson?} Fishing Allen and I coming home Allen got a Large pike Mowed some time {Stebbins?} came to Finish their stack gave me a Bottle and I gave him a Bottle of vinegar put in some of what we cut

12th Raining slowing some

13th putting in went to Summerstown gave a Tow to Tom Davis from the Foot of Hamiltons Island got 2 papers from Dan to 2 cents of {place?}

14th plums and cherries Ripe Livinas very unwell to night up all night

15th Went to Williamstown with Allen Brought with 2 gallons of vinegar {"{Parisha?} and {gallian?} here" inserted above}

16th Mowing Windy Randolph sick Made 12lb plum {pie slices?}

18th Made 18 cocks Henerys Boys wanting scyths and {snaiths?} to cut hay wanting my {Marsh?} on the halves got Wood Terrible Smoke ashes falling almost impossible to see with the smoke

19th a fortunate Day {illegible} in the Moon Putting in hay Drew some {illegible} Went for granny Bosell Windy Mr {illegible} slept in the Barn {illegible} {other?} men

{Continue on right page; first few lines illegible}

Bakers to {buy?} 4 eggs 1/2lb {Tea?} {next few words illegible} Matches {12 quart?} of Whiskey {next few words illegible} got a Box from Andrew Brought {illegible} John Hamiltons Basket from {the?} store

21st Sunday Mrs Bosell {illegible} Gordon and I Fishing very {illegible} with fires

22nd cutting hay {illegible}

23rd crofsed with granny Bosell got some salts Tobacco gave her {some?} soft soap

24th Mowing and cocking Men here from hamiltons Island their from Ogdensburgh Looking for Pigeons. Gordon and I to the Raft the Raft crew cut 2 Hicory {trees?}

25th Rain and Rolls of Tunder with stopping Windy cut the corn {stalks?} Livinia got up out of Bed

26th Mowed

27th Went to Summerstown Tea {1/9?} Tobacco {paid?}

28th Nicholsons here for hay Mr {Stebbins?} {here?} Took away his harnefs

29 Mowing

30 putting in hay

31st Mowing

1st of September {0?} men here. Fishing {Buchy?} and {gokey?} {illegible} gray and an Indian stopt all night with the storm

2nd crofsed to Summerstown Ferried a Man by the name of Oliver sail got 5p Bought of a {Smalling?} 5lb crackers 2/6

3rd Dans Birth Day Gordon and I to Lancaster {Bought?} {27?} Loaves of the Baker genies {illegible} here for the axe he Left

4th {illegible}

5th John Angus's. Birth Day {next few words illegible} the upper Field

{Start on left page; first few lines illegible}

{illegible} {Marsh?} {Hay?}

8th Killed {next few words illegible} 28 cocks

9th Found a {canoe?} {illegible} {steam boat?} channel Ash Found a {illegible} Down Before the Door

10th pulling {sailing?} Gordon Randolph and I Down to the Kit Kit

{12th?} {Fallowing?}

13th at Hay

14th crofsed to Summerstown got a {ohairy?} Semo Brought a Jar of vinegar to {Roses?} Bought of AJ Baker Tea paid

15th Mowing in the Back marsh the steamer {mast?} seaman went Down found a small ash came split in the Bow going Down

16th Began to Mow in the Front Marsh

17th Mowing

18th Johnny Gordon and I to Charles and {Rofs's?} Island Found a stave

19th Making a stack Did not Finish it

20th Went to Dundee Johnny {illegible} 2 Bushels of Ashes 1 Bushel of Onions sheep pelt Bought of {Tyo?} Flour Bought of A Smallman crack Looking at Mr {Stelbins?} Horse offered 11 Dollars to {sew?} him Down and a set of Harnefs to pay him in hay speaking to Mr Smart about the Manure

21st Finished the stack 74 cocks

22nd put in 20 cocks in the Barn

23rd crofsed with {illegible-name?} {Semow?} gave him a vest some Balls {"1st day of Fall Sacrament in Williamstown" inserted above} crofsed over with George Grant John Hamilton and Kenneth Kenneth got in the Boat with Mr Craig and the Rest stopt all night at Summerstown

24th {got?} Mowing a Little

25th Fishing

26th Began another stack of Marsh Hay put in it to Day 32 cocks caught {illegible} in the Milkhouse

27th Finished the stack {40 cocks?} {illegible} {Nest?} one put 15 cocks on the Barn Floor to Day {illegible} what hay {I?} have cut Drew 2 Loads of Wood

28 {illegible} {hay?} in the Front Marsh. Went to AJ Bakers 3 Doz {illegible} 1 Quart of oil plug Tob Matches 2/- {next few words illegible} Went to Williamstown with {Mary?} {next few words illegible} {pot?} at Hopkins.

{Continue on right page; first few lines illegible}

{picking up?} their potatoes at {illegible}

1st of October in Williamstown {illegible} {son?} Burned Mr Cliner and Ellen {illegible} 2 children Bill and his mother {here?} Sunday I came from Williamstown

3rd gathering grapes took up the Last of the {illegible} Went to Summerstown Bought of AJ Baker 2 Dollars of Flour on Walters account {illegible} spool of Thread paid this a Treat

5th Drawing {wood?}

6th Drawing Wood {"10 cocks on the barn floor" inserted above}

7th a Fortunate Day {not?} well chopping stove Wood Picked a {Bunch?} of grapes shot a Duck Wounded one did not get him

8th Went to head of the Island Found a stool in the Bushed Went to P. Office no mail for me to Day Left 2 papers at John Hamiltons for Tom Davis {illegible} went Down a new cylinder in her the {illegible} out at A Camerons going on now the Fair out in {Abercandrea?} this {Week?} and the exhibition at Toronto {Island?} {McLeod?} There this Week

Sunday {9th?} {illegible}

10th HughAnn McMasters Birth Day {illegible} Drags Gordon and I

11th shot 2 Ducks {illegible} to Dundee got my Boot Fixed 10 cents {came down?} with {Paro?} Bowen Jim Hopkins {illegible} old Rankin the Blacksmith 2 cents {pistons?} 2 cents for Matches plug of {Tobacco?} great Trying of Boats practicing in {illegible} McCrae gave me 2 newspapers a {illegible} from Mr {Tuthile?} Went to see {illegible} about the Manue Raining {John?} {illegible} {plumads?} Tearing Down the {illegible} Salmon River.

{upper part of the page illegible}. Race in {Dundee?}. Rain and {illegible} {Kat?} skinned the weasel a large {illegible} Dorem raved By the {Heigh?} lauder {illegible} Ottawa all Day {in?} {Lancaster?} Got {illegible} to the Race But Dad not Go event Vind {misspelling of wind?} and Rain {malling?} the {illegible} wood

Left Page

{First three lines illegible} Stone gouge Stone Dagger {illegible} and peices of Broken {illegible} of the {illegible} Make in old {illegible} him that told {me?} the {Balls?} {illegible} a Bombshell {have?} me {illegible} Bells Went to the {PO?} got {illegible} Charlie Bought of {illegible} Baker {illegible} 22 cents 1/2 {the candles?} 9 cents {globe?} for {illegible} Plates 42 cents 1/4 {tea?} 15 cents 1/4 {illegible} 25 cents oil 12 1/2 cents {illegible} Telly {illegible} Hamiltons {Roses a Bee?} {Ploughing hand Cold?}. 14th chopping stove Wood {illegible} Wind 15 chopping and {illegible} Wood 16 {illegible} cutting fire Wood Windy 17 {illegible} A {illegible} the Huron and the {illegible} the Indian taking for {illegible} Drawing Wood {illegible} to Rain {illegible} in the Evening To Snow {illegible} {frost? hand} Last night {illegible} 20th Windy and cold 21st Windy 22 {illegible} way his {illegible} got a Bottle and {illegible} WIndy 24th high Wind 25th chopping Wood {illegible} Went to {illegible - location} Seen Mr {illegible} for the {illegible}got a ticket for the {illegible} for his horses and calves {illegible} Thomas {munroes?} {Sunday 27?} {rest of passage is illegible}

Right Page

James Cameron {illegible} August 1st

1st {illegible} Day {Rulling} in Hay {illegible} 2 Miles came {Fulton?} and Susan {illegible} off Left 2 Dollars {Mimies?} Birth Day 13 years old To Day Warm Weather 3+4+5 6# Randolph's Birth Day 10 years old to Day Till the 19# {Bismarcks} Birth Day 1 years old to day I Did not write any more This month 1st of Sept 3rd Doll's {Alastery?} Birth Day Born 1846 4tht {illegible} Angus's Birth Day Mr {Genie?} Mr {Allen} and his son {illegible} all night 10# Went off to {location} to fish Jambery unwell this morning and all Day 1# Windy Time8 Windy 9th Sunday Angus Cameron here Captain {frasher} and ellis Doug all here Thomas {ellemroe?} and gllens have event down for Captain {Romlten?} 10t 11t 12th Mr Fulton here 13th Finished the Last of the 3 marsh hay stack 83 cock 14th Went to {carding?} mill with {wove?} for Rolls {haid?} 50 cents for {carding?} {illegible} 1 {pan?} of Boots 3,,50 {haidet?} with wool Bought them from {Burdo?} Got a Ride Down from The {Carding?} mill with Jim {illegible - names?} and {illegible} Row 15 {illegible} with ashes {illegible} of {illegible} Cotton {haid?} for{illegible} Get on credit {illegible} my {onions?} to Bill {illegible} Got Lead to Oaks for canoe got a Basket




James Cameron, “James Cameron Diary, 1870,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed October 1, 2022, https://ruraldiaries.lib.uoguelph.ca/transcribe/items/show/323.