James Cameron Diary, 1869


James Cameron Diary, 1869


James Cameron


Courtesy of Queen's University Archives




19th Century, Glengarry County, McMaster's Island Township, Ontario

Date Created


Is Part Of

James Cameron Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript


1869 {written in upper right corner}

Mr James Cameron {illegible} December 15

Went to Fort Covington left my Canoe at Hopkins no letter stopt at {Less?} all night Bought Tobbaco {illegible} treat A Lynoe croped the Rever from Mr Smarts left Charlies letter with Mr {Strellter?} a {illegible} at Big hall 3 {coppers?} of crackers at {Drees?}

16th Came home got loam of a book from {name?} the Knight of St Johns I got back my {illegible} and {Disusters?} get sea

17th Thrashed 46 lb Wheat

18th Thrashing

19th Tamming Ice took a crop to Christees

20th Stormy East wind

21st Went to try the ice its bad turned back got a Rat

22nd The Ice broke up

23nd Fine Day Commenced to Storm

24th Ice took a very cold cold

25 Christmas Day I croped lot Christmas at John Hamiltons and also at Walter Bakery took Dinner there

26th I croped got a {Reele?} up and down from John Hamiltons bought of Al Baker 50 lb of Flour on credit {1/4?} Tea Tobacco 1 plug got the loan of Hamiltons hand sleigh to take home the Flour

27 Sunday Stormy Day

28th Norman M Donald died. took home the hand sleigh {"28 horses croped" written above text} brought of Renshow 16th Beef George m Lancaster stoped with George all night papering the Post office with Al Baker

29th Came home Our Augusts Birth Day

30th put the stack in the barn

31st a Fine Day Chopping Last Day of the year

1st of January 1869 news years Day stormy East wind

2 chopping

3rd Allens Birth Day

4th Drew the boat up from the River cut a waterhole went to the bush cut a white ash tree

5th cutting

6th Put the Boat up on the {illegible} the {base?}

7th Went to Williamston brought cherees sage {illegible} a treat from Tom Summers left my cain {illegible due to wear on page} out from Donald fells {rest of page illegible}

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Mr James Cameron {illegible} 8th January 1869

8th Hugh Anns Birth Day 1866 III Williamston got some {worm or worn?} losenges from James Burton

9th in Williamston James Ferguson Bushs Sale raining

10th came home got a ride from John {Dingwalls} son to to the front a great {bazzar?} in Williamston all this week got {2/6?} from Dan for Gordon Sweetys Dan went to Montreal last night John Angus got the bag from Pat i left at Ms Harpers

11th Chopping some in the Bush

12th writing stormy some

13th Chop for Ash in the Bush about a load

14th croped {to the?} Post office put a letter in for Charlie postage {15?} got a paper lent it to William M Lead got a letter from A Summers from Chicago bought Al Baker 1/4 tea 1 plug of Tobbaco 2 papers of Matches 1/9 Great croping the road bushed yesterday ice not very thick about 5 incehs promised {name?} some hay

15th putting the Marsh hay to the west side of the barn began to cut the fine hay on the east side filled 3 1/2 bags with ashes Gordon and I on the Rett {pant?} cutting a load of wood a very fine day took home a cedar broom

16th Horses got in at {island name?} Island

17th Sunday cold hard frost tonight

18th very frosty east wind {name?} came drew a load of wood went to {illegible} 3 bushes of wheat 5 1/2 of ashes {1 rat?} 16 off {shin?} bought of {smudged, illegible} Baker 1/2 lb tea 1/3 1/4 lb tea -19 spool thread {-/3} 3 {illegible} of black thread {-/6} cash 36 cents a treat 5 cent 120 cents from Mr Sheeter 20 cents to grande for fiscing teapot 1/2 lb crackers from George Drew {illegible} 2 cents of {illegible} candy at Mr {Congdors?} got 4 almanacks a paper from John {name?} traded his horse bought of Al Baker treat {-/6?} bottle 1/3 of sweetys went to see Mrs Munroe gave {name?} some hay

19th a fine day making hey for the {soap?} weighing the flour {number?} 2 lbs 20th finished {rest of page illegible due to wear}

Mr James Cameron {illegible} January 22 1869

Bushing the road to Francis Island very cold and frosty {name?} come for hay took a load of wood a very very cold frosty night tonight cutting a load of firewoof on the {Patt Point?} water froze in the house tonight

23 very stormy day West wind and snow blowing and drifting

Sunday 24th Charles {last name?} Birth Day cold day

25th chopping stove wood cold day

26th Went to {Summertown?} brought A L Bakers bottle paid Thomas Summers 1/3 for 4 glasses I had on the 8th of January paid Al Baker for 50 lbs of flour I got on the 26th of Dec bought of Al Baker 1 lb soda {-/6?} 2 plugs of Tob {-/4?} got a letter from John sent to him went over with George {Biershaw?} got the {illegible} got box of matches from him got 2 papers from Dan

27th An {last name?} choping I load in the bush

28th in the bush tried the mare to draw chopping stove wood a fine day a great deal of {hay?} coming acrop the ice seen a fire or a light before daylight below Lancaster

29th a soft day chopping stove wood

30th Raining hailing showering

31st Sunday the marsh hay done in the barn snowing {illegible} papers and a {illegible}

1st of Febry a fine day cold some feeding food hay to the cattle made ready to go home with the mare just some hay on the west side of the barn from the East side Thomas {last name?} wife died Sunday night on the last day of January

2nd Peter Baker and Isacc Blondeau came gave me word to attend the funeral to day I croped to the funeral stopt with Thomas all night heard {Colbourn Grants?} dirty doings with Cate Summers Donald McNichols daughter {name?} to day

3rd A very stormy day {illegible} East wind and snow

4th Stormy {illegible due to page wear}

5th cleaning away {illegible due to page wear}

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Mr James Cameron {Island?} Febry 6th 1869

Saturday cold some

Sunday 7th a fine day drove Sunday water {rising?}

8th Gordons Birth Day a ball to night at Summers's cut down the winter tree the butternut back of the house

9th I croped the snow deep on the ice a fine day bought of A L Baker 1 quart of oil {illegible} 1/2 the tea 1/9 {pins?} -/3 {illegible} tarter 1/4 lb 1/2 lb Tobacco -/1 postage on Newspaper to Charlie -/1 paid all this a great at Summers's paid this seen Mr {name?} the seesor and license {illegible} at Summers heard Coalbourn front was taken and sent to {elail?} offered 3000 dollars to settle about 80 couple at the Ball

10th Ash Wednesday 1st day of Lent went to the {Patt Point?} Gordon and I took home a broom made a door for the sheep place East wind kind of soft seen 2 ducks flying to the West yesterday Semo here for a load of hay drew out of the stable the old mare Semo {illegible} snow and water on the ice

11th fine day {writiing illegible due to smudge} is the time {whalen?} was to be hung {"hung to day" written above} the trial of Colbourn Grant to day

12th A fine day chopping stove wood

13th raining snowing soft East wind

14 St Sunday Valentines Day stormy East wind snow hail

15th Seen 2 horses passing the door stormy east wind snowing drifting

16th clearing away snow banks very bad with the cold

17th Little Jim Mc Dougall here to see if I had hay to sell told me Whalen was hung on the 11th and that Catherine Summers got the Branch Farm for settling with Colbourn Grant 2200 dollars the value of the farm his father died {illegible} running in abundance started to go to Summerstown and I turned back snowing East wind changed to West water on the ice crust not good

18th Stormy

19th Stormy

20th Stormy

21st Stormy

22nd Washingtons Birth fine stormy

23 Very stormy East wind

{rest of page illegible due to wear}

Mr. James Cameron {Island?} Feby 26th 1869

Stormy out down the {hicory?} before the door

27th Stormy cleared up at night

28 cold very hard frost at night last day of February

1st of March the festival of the Welsh snow deep a fine day came in like a lamb Jim and Dan McDougall came to break a track for the loan their hay told me Robert {Jack?} took his sister down to be buried here on the front

2nd came for the hay took a Ton in 2 loads brought me 62 lbs of flour 4 bushes of potatoes the balance in cash lent him the trace chain to leave {illegible} Mr Spinks for me no croping the Summers's Road 1 cutter croped to day had a hard time of it as they seem to go very slow {"Mr James Ding wall very poorly perhaps dead at this date" written above text}

3rd A good many croped Summers load to day a very fine day went for a broom to the {illegible} very unwell in the morning opened the {illegible} fishers the Bosells fishing below Frashers

4th Blowing

5th Cut down the Basswood at the milk house stormy to day

6th Fine turned cold {"{name?} Bosell came to see about the sugar bush" written above text}

7th Cold drifting

8th a great many teams croping for hay Mc Gillwrays men

9th croped to Summerstown bad going on my road bought of A L Baker 1 quart of oil 1/2 lb tea 1/2 lb Tobacco 4 yds calico 1 spool of thread got a letter from John 3 dollars got 2 papers from charlie sent charlie 3 papers sent a letter to John at treat {illegible} in to see A Summerss wife about andrew letter

9th {"10th stormy {slopy?}" written above text} cut down the Elm at the North East end of the old house grinding the acres

12th On this day of the Month {illegible} first came to the Island {Antioine?} Bosell and his wifes brother came to make troughfs cleaning away snow from the milk house and the water holes and the Barn and stables not very well with a pain in my side

13th Stormy Semo {illegible} to go to Lancaster with him turned back {rest of page illegible due to wear}

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Mr James Cameron Island March {"14th 1869" written in upper right corner}

Sunday Preaching on the Front seen crows for the first time this Winter East wind, changed to West then to the East and snowing {text smudged and illegible} the 3 boys for hay the wind very high snow balls made on the snow a sure sign of war

15th Went over to Semos to go to Lancaster Henery and I walked down Semos horse not able to keep the road got the Pot from mr Harpers bought 100 of flour 15 / 13 lb Pork at 15 cents {illegible} 95 quarts mollases 1/- treat 1/3 starch -/3 cracker -/3 all paid got a 1/3 from Pot Semos horse got as far as M Dingwalls and then I put the Pot and flour on Jim Y Camerons V Peter Buchannans sleighs took them to archy McDonalds gate antioine took the Pot and Flour from the gate I and Henery carried the Pork and Mallasses not very well the {illegible} playing with Bruce

16th {Lashey?} here gave him an order for George Bosel to get the canoe took his best knife {swords?} gave him a plugg Tobacco 1 bunch of matches took Dinner Antwine came with the flour and the Pot gave him 100 sticks for {spoils?} and the loan of a bag to carry the splits of spoils and the loan of a bag to carry the splits of spoils

17th St Patricks Day in the Morning the Festival of the Irish Henery out before the door fishing {illegible} Bill McHolson here to see if he could buy hay cheap got none Antwine chopping for Walter Baker

18th chopping

19th cut down the Basswood

20th 1st day of spring Frank Laplants child died I croped to the store got some change I left in the Office from A L Baker lent fell 40 cents bought 1/2 lbs tea ward at the store stopt at the wake all night 21st Came home John Angus {illegible} a pair of boots 22nd {rest of page illegible due to wear}

Mr James Cameron Island March

{"23rd 1869" written in upper right corner}

Got a Ride from {name?} {"Ellen a young Daughter" written above text} to Summerstown gave my note to D Baker got my boots mended by Davison 10 cents bought 5 cents worth of crackers brought a letter over to the P.O {post office?} for D Baker a treat at Summer'ss 10 cents got a letter from John with 2 in it bought of A L Baker 1 1/2 {illegible} of Herrings {illegible} 2 lb soap -/8 {illegible} -/6 got the loan of 1/3 from A L Baker 1/2 lb tea I bought Saturday got the loan of a Basket from J Summers sent a letter to John {last name?} and Paper -/4 got a ride down from Archy McDonald to Francis {plane?} Semos got hy here to day Henerys boys got {heavy?} for axe halves to make good croping to Salmon on River thebest this Winter heard {name?} Hopkins died took dinner at Hopkins the boys working gathering wood for to be ready for sugar making

24th {Sam?} McDougall drew Archy Mcdonalds hay cheated me out of 4 dollars

25th {illegible} of the {illegible} I croped to A L Bakers got the 10 dollars that Archy left bought {117?} lb of flour 4 bushel of salt 1 lb tea 10 yds of {Winery?} 5 yds of cotton and lining thread 1/2 lb powder 2 lb shot treat 5 cash table cloth 1 yds for towels salt seen Mr {name?} Dupond wanted to buy 1/2 ton to come tomorrow and take down my flour and salt and 2 bushels of potatoes took home Tom Summers basket got a ride down from {illegible} Nicholson John Angus came at night

26 Good Friday {name?} came for the hay gave him 1/2 ton 2 {baskets?} of potatoes 3/5 cash 5 3/4 dollars John Angus and I took Boss to Willy {its?} raining heard William Lovelletes girl buried yesterday

27th Bought of Burton 1/2 lb tea 1/3 sugar -/5 soda -/4 2 lb barley -/8 tobacco 1/ {illegible} 7 1/2 losenges -/6 got a ride home from Walter Baker took dinner at Walters treated bought A L Baker treat and {illegible} 16 cents got a ride from little {name?} McDougall spoke {rest of page illegible due to wear}

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Mr James Cameron Island April 1st 1869

All Fools day 1st crust this winter Gordon and {page smudged, text illegible} the bush grab birds came seen cranes tracks on the {page smudged, text illegible} George Renshaw here Antwine took over the oil and croped Summerss road trimmed some of the apple tree drew some wood with hand sleigh

2nd Drew some wood from the bush Semo got 2 loads of hay to day Antwine gathering sap and tapping some

3rd Stormy snowing Henerys boy got the 2 {illegible} to make a canoe

4th Sunday Antwine {name?} and George {last name?} here Antwine boy the Fits made syrup 2 1/2 gallons a piece got the bag in the sugar bush

5th Made sugar at the {illegible} about 8 lb a feast for the children Henery came to get the bush Antwine got tired of it

6th Went to the P.O {post office} got a letter {illegible} it at T Monroes croping the Summerss Road yet Henery made 3 cakes 2 cakes with 15 lb 1 cake with 7 lb and bought of A L Baker 4 lb pork 4 dozen of {illegible} 1 Haddock 1/4 lb ginger 4 pipes treat {page folded, text illegible}

7th Writing a letter to John Henery {illegible} his axe gave him {my?} handsaw a present

8th Henery {illegible} in the {illegible} 33 lb got 1/2 bought we {page folded, text illegible} -/5 1 spool of thread 2 lb of oatmeal -/6 2 combs 1 fine {page folded, text illegible} Walter Baker croped 2 times once for hay and {illegible} 2 passengers woods 1 of them snowing thawing the weather dead

9th Skinned the weather

10th Croped to Summerstown {illegible} good bought of A L Baker 1 pair of boots 2 50 cents {illegible} -/3 oatmeal 10 lb 4 1/2 cents 45 cents 1 slate pencil -/1 1/2 James Grant got his hand cut with the sawing machine very bad came home Henery Bovling in the bush made about 4 lbs took 2 big cakes 9 lb coming to me yet the small cake are for the children tapt 2 butternut trees for sap {illegible} Semo for hay with 2 sleighs seen 2 men up at the airhole I think it is Jim Hopkins very unwell to day {pewits?} or Phebe's came a fine day took {illegible due to wear}

12th the ice opening at McLeans up the front good {rest of page illegible due to wear}

Mr James Cameron Island April 13th 1869

Opened at Francis Island 2 boys croped to the {illegible} Bush {Jessima?} and Carpenter but Henery sent them back quick, as the ice is bad sugared 24 lb to day one of {illegible} sheep a lamb hunters shooting at the airhole taking my small canoe from under the snow a man croped Summers's Road croping with teams the Lancaster Road

14th sugared 24 lb 14th Took the Canoe to the head of the island Henery made 24 troughfs trying for {Ells?} got 3,,,

15th Trying for {Ells?} got 11 to day sugared 30 lbs Henery took 12 lb home to day Henery and Semos boy croped Edward stopt

16th Sugared 36 lb {illegible} and all got 2 cakes of 12 lb each a mistake thats 3 cakes of 12 lb he got

17th No one in the Bush

18th Our Duncans Birth Day boiling 16 pails in mollasses 4 of them ice {Jamming?} got the 2 {illegible}

9th Raining Freezing seen a canoe at the head of Alexis Island East Wind our {illegible} a Lamb 2 of Munroes sheep yesterday dead lambs

29th Going around the Island

21st Watching the Water Logs

22 Water {illegible} coming in the cellar

23rd St Georges Day fired a good manu {Vollies?} gave Henerys Wife 4 lb of Sugar for the use of Archy Mc {page folded, text illegible} Pat gave a piece of pork {page folded, text illegible} wife boiling mollasses {page folded, text illegible} 1 more of the sheep Lamb dead

24th Went to the bush sap running well Thomas Munroe and Pete Baker here to give me word that Granny was not expected to live croped with them wrote a letter to John A Treat at David's Paid for the postage of the letter and the papers I sent to Charlie got a globe from William Ms Lead {illegible} Granny departed about 10 o Clock aged 91 on the 3rd of August Went to Williamston

25th in Williamstown

26th Paid William Gray the Bellman 5/- for tolling the ball took Grannys remains to the front a treat at Davids a treat at store bought Whiskey bottle to be returned came to Henerys got a canoe {illegible} a letter from John {rest of page illegible due to wear}

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Mr James Cameron Island April 28th 1869

Making soap

29th making neats foot oil

30th Mr George Renshaw here took home his harnefs Painted my boat and oars the osprey went down

1st of May I croped over to {name?} bought 3 yesterday calico 1/3 1/2 lb tea 1/10 1/2 2 yds of cotton 1/{illegible} treat -/6 spoke to T Munroe to take over the parcel Sunday

2nd Raining

3 Mr William Rose departed some snow about 10 inches on the mountains

4th Throwing stones in the old cellar

5th Mr {name?} here {fornoon?} gave me 5/- Jam to givee him 1/3 back went to Kenneth William Rose buried got 2 letters from John 1 from F {name?} with a dollar in it 1 at Summerstown got the 1 parcel settled with Thomas Munroe all clear a treat 5 cents a great many boats went down to day The L Renard made her first trip up a propeller a ground the america {"or Calvin" written above text} Taking her off set 5 traps broke my {G G L?} spear

6th at Tom Kennedys getting a spear made for {illegible} gave Tom {illegible} for pay

7th {page folded, text illegible} got 27 2 ducks 22 duck eggs {illegible} a knife on the Kit {page folded, text illegible}

9th Sunday went around to the Island went to the {illegible} side Gordon rowed with 1 oar home

10th Mr {name?} gave me a dolalr I paid him his 1/3 back all clear now Planted Potatoes in the back garden Emmanuel here I croped sold my rats at 20 cents 4 {writing smudged} cash Bought of P Baker 2 bowls -/10 2 papers of seeds 1 melon 1 cucumber -10 cents 1 yds of tape 1 1/2 yds of cotton hat -10 cents treats George Renshaw sent Raisins and P Baker to the children

11th George Renshaw came down and we went to Lancaster with Mr Harpers Pot 1 cake of sugar 8 lbs for the sise of the Pot high West Wind stopt a day in Lancaster bought of Mr Harper {sunday?} {illegible} Went to the Depot took dinner at Angus Tobins 1/3 bought of Mr {name?} 2 quarts of Top {illegible} 1/6 1/4 of tea -/9 here after dark came home George landed me on the {rest of page illegible due to wear}

James Cameron Island May 13th 1869

East Wind Mr Dunn here

14th The wind slacked some Mr Dunn got off gave the children each 5 cents the ottawa {aground?} about 10 o clock tonight at the Lower end ofnthe Island Dug the garden went to fish {illegible} Gordon and I got 10 went over to the Ottawa they were here for matches gave them 3 bunches came again for hooks and baits the Highlander came withim a 100 yards and backed out Mr Rosseaus Steamer came up from Lancaster with the wheel in the stern the first I ever seen that way

16th What Sunyday the B {illegible} working at the Ottawa got her off Mr Rousseau steamer went up to day a raft came down anchored before the door sheep came home salted them East Wind and rain

17th Jim {Pimcels?} daughter drowned Mr {name?} pond here high wind Gordon and I around the Island

18th croped to Summerstown at teh Coroners in quest by Mr Duncan Mr {name?} and Dr Rols from New Lancaster I was ordered to get up a {jury?} of 12 Robert Jack Thomas Kennedy Jace {name?} James Grant John J Summers {page folded, text illegible} John James McDonell {page folded} Ronald Angus McDonell P Grant {page folded} Island John Carey bought of A L Baker 50 lb flour 7/6 1/2 lb tea quart oil -/9 1 plug Tobacco {Sweetys?} -/1 to Jack Kennedy got the tongs at Toms Went to Renshaws Island for coals

19th Planted potatoes Mr {name?} here for hay

20th Planted some potatoes {illegible} bad with the tooth ache cut George Renshaw potatoes {illegible} took home some pine caight the first rench yesterday took the {Bon?} out of the river

21st Fishing rench

22nd Fishing

23rd Tim Hopkins here I came with the {illegible}

24th {name?} Birth Day went to Summerstown bought {illegible due to wear} Tobacco got 2 parkers from John {rest of page illegible due to wear}

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Mr James Cameron Island 28th May

Fishing Perch

29th Sheared the 2 Rams

30th Henery and his wife here Went to the Kit Kit Island all of Gordon Mary Hugh Ann {Randolph?} Livinia Rowena and Livinia and myself found 3 {staves?}

31st Shearing the sheep marked {Munroes?} Lambs 1 of the sheep could not catch

1st of June Glorious 1st of June set fire to brush heaps

2nd sheared 1 sheep weighing the wool 20 lb dirt and all for Thomas and the same for myself

3rd Went to Summerstown brought George Renshaw his {illegible} oars Mr McLead catching his sheep. Bought A L Baker 50 lb flour 1 lb tea 1/2 lb Tobacco matches {illegible} for Gordon treat borrowed a 1/4 from Pete paid this Kenneth paid me 2/{illegible}

4th Old George {3rd?} Birth Day I croped with the calve Thomas and I killed it got the rig taken out of my boots {name?} Hopkins came to {illegible} him and {illegible} and old Rankin Fishing at night got 3 {illegible} gave me a sturgeon {illegible} Camerons wife died this evening

5th {illegible} went home to night to {page folded, text illegible}

7th {name?} came to plough James Grant {page folded} hay 12 dollars a ton got a bushel of wheat 1/6 10 1/2 dollars cash George Renshaw Willie Roy Lewis Blondeau along with him planting potatoes and squashes {name?} and I croped paid A L Baker for wheat I got on the 3rd {text smudged, illegible} 2 - 40 cents bought 1 bushel of barley 5/- soda 1/2 -/4 treat -/4 John Hamilton down with us got 5/- from Thomas Munroe

8th Sowed 1 bushel of wheat and about 3 pecks of barley planted 60 hills of potatoes Jim came and took the horses

9th Our Marys Birth Day

10th Planted potatoes at the {illegible} part of the old house

11th Taking up stones {rest of page illegible due to wear}

James Cameron Island June 16th {"1869" written in upper right corner}

{illegible} the fence on the Pitt Pont

17th at the fence the {illegible} Memorable Battle of Waterloo bought 2 {Maskin onge?} 1 28 at the lower end of {illegible} Island the other 32 lb at the south west end of Rop's or snake Island

19th Went to summerstown sold 1 lunge to l Cameron 5/- got 2/6 from T Munroe got 5/- from {LW Dupond?} bought of A L Baker 1/2 {illegible}. Paper {illegible} yds of Calico Hooks of {rye?} got a lot of papers from Dan and Charlie Christy Munroe Went to Corn wall on the {illegible}

20th Sunday

21st Gordon Mary and I to the Lighthouse troubling took out dinner on the Lighthouse John Cameron John McMillan {illegible} Martin here put up their tent

22nd Our Dans Birth Day Spencer tut hill smallman Buchanan stopt here Hagle and Parker stpot in the Tent

23rd a Windy day

24th {page folded, text illegible}

John Cameron and I to the Hog Island

26h Trowling they went off to night

27th Sunday Tyler Lincoln and R Briggs came stopt all day on the {Boshure?}

28th They went off

29th Trowling Fishing Renold {caught?} Peke Pickerel chup 2 Rock Bass {illegible} Perch cut grap for the calf a great many trowling on the River Weeding the garden on 23 Went to Lancaster brought {illegible} 2/- 1/2 lbs Tea lamp 2/6 Tobacco {illegible} lb of flour loaf bread bought of George Semos Musket 41 cents {rest of page illegible due to wear}

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{top of page illegible due to wear}

2nd Fixing a window in the cost {illegible} Hamilton hone with the boat

3rd Last day of the {time?} in Lancaster Gordon and I to Christies fishing {page folded} warm day

4th Sunday American {illegible} {page folded} Johns Birth Day Went to Semos bought of A L Baker 1/4 of Tea 1 1/2 of Ribbon 2 plugs Tobacco 2 pipes got papers from John and {Dan?} and Charlie Johns {Hughinas?} Death in the paper departed on Friday the 25th of June

6th {illegible}

7th Mary and I to Williamston seen Francis piloting a Raft Mary got very sick {ran?} of sea sick went to Mr Harpers with {illegible} book for Mrs Harper brought some Wild {illegible} to the Faulkner bought of her Harpes bottle of Licquor / 7 1/2 crackers sweetys -/1 a treat -/5 Marys very unwell going up the Black River slept the way up mostly at Helens at night took care of children as her and {name?} was at the Concert

8th in Williamstown raining {illegible} went brought his 2 horses to Pasture brought salt to salt them

9th Came {illegible} Allen {"sacrement in Lancaster" written above text} and stopt in Lancaster bought of Mr Harper 100 lb of flour 13/9 1/4 of Tea -/9 treat -/5 cents got home to the Foot of the Island as the stome commenced all night at home but very unwell myself

10th Raining {name?} and Gordon around the Island took home a canoe load of wood fishing at the Little Island Sunday

11th Allen here very windy very unwell myself all the horses at the head of the {rest of page illegible due to wear}

{top of page illegible due to wear}

back of Marsh hay for the straw tick high wind a big fire up the way of David Joe's raining some his barn took fire

3rd Jim Hopkins came to mow {Lashey?} here to night Mag Bosell married on Monday the 2nd to {name?}. Jim and Pars mowing

{4th?} Fred and Charlie came

5th Mowing fishing at night

6th Randolphs Birth Day 2 years old to day cocking and gathering {"made the {illegible}" written above text}

7th cocking and finished all {in?} cocks 174 I went to A L Bakers tonight on credit 1/2 lb tea 1/9 1/4 lb ginger to day the stone -/4 matches -/3 paid bought axe-handle from Lewis Christie -/3 got a paddle from him 1 of the halves. Bought for J Hopkins 1/2 lb Job 1/4 of cash kind box of common {illegible} very unwell seen Semo promised to come Monday Jim Hopkins went home left a scythe with me

Sunday the 8th Caught the sheep Gordon not {well?}

9th Jim came with the Horses high Wind fixed at the North door logs to come in the barn drew my share with the barn 82 and 36 cocks of what I cut myself all on the East side

10th Commenced the stack finished Jim went home left the horses and harness with me {illegible} Barley ripe at home Old Mrs Hopkins poorly took my 3 prung fork to fine

11th Mowing the back garden hazel{illegible} getting good treed the {potatoes} on the 5th fishing got a dozen raining fine black bird getting bad

12th Seen a large fire about dark up at Hopkins

13th Making cocks cutting some in the upper feild got a {rest of page illegible due to wear}

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{top of page illegible due to wear}

Jim Hoplins here for the {illegible} gave {illegible} canoe Gordon and I started for to to Semos turned back Mowed some buck of the old garden caught the Ram

17th Went to Semos Semos boy came home from the Bark Bush stopt at Henerys killed the Ram

18th Went with the wool to Henerys 9 1/2 lb bag and all 8 lbs of wool say Gordon got a top at Henerys

19th Mowing

20th Making cocks shooting {illegible}

21st Went with 10 lb {Tallow?} 1 sheep {relt?} to A L Baker got 11 cents for Tallow a lb {illegible} got the Relt paid 2/8 I owed before bought 1/2 lb Tobaco 1 lb soda 1/2 lb tea matches pipe 1/2 lb powder paid this got 60 lbs flour not paid on credit 1-85 went to George Renshaws got the drawing knife put off a load with George seen Henery in the Bush Lashey croped down to Lancaster with a Woman Passenger

Sunday 22nd Went to Little Island {"A L Bakers Wife a son on 22nd" written above text} Gordon Hugh Ann Randolph Semos 2 boys and Henerys boy came went to fish at night

23 Mowing put in some Captain Frasher here fishing Christee here Broke the sleigh

24th the boys went home came back put in some hay Fixed the Runner in the sleigh let Henerys boy go home

25th Mowing {"cut the barley on 25th" written below text}

26th Putting in {Finny?} Semo here for the scythe Johnny went home with him gave him a Waist cut

27th Mowing gathering cut some Marsh hay {illegible} in the Barley some hay not very well

28th put in some Marsh hay gave {Jo?} the Bun to pay me in Work Jo went home Raining gathered a basket of Hazaelnuts drew some Wood split some ash for Cars

29th Jo brought over a Kitten gave him 2 old scythes to cut {illegible} Began to thrash the barley

{top of page illegible due to wear}

Fired brought them to know where they {illegible}

1st of September {Mowing?} in the back Marsh Mr Spencer here for worms

2nd Mowing and making cocks went to {illegible} planet Gordon and I shot 3 ducks seen Mr Kimball and family camping out treated me to a glass of brandy and sugar Runner and {Rintoul?} on Christees Island

3rd D Mc. Masters Birth Day making cocks

4th cutting some in Front Marsh gathered 2 baskets of hazelnuts

5th John Angus Birth Day Gordon and I fishing got a basket of nuts Mag Henery and her Man and Edward here heard A L Bakers wife had a young son last week

6th Moving Red Hugh Mc{Gallis?} Archy Grant son and Frann and Grears Boy here in a boat going to buy a canoe treated me caught some Perch and Chubb

7th Mowing took up the potatoes one and Butternuts getting good Hazelnuts ripe

8th Made some cocks

9th Mowing above the Marsh Fence Tomatoes getting ripe

10th croped to Summerstown bought A L Baker matches -/1 1/2 2 spools of threat -/2 tobacco -/3 {illegible} this bought of Peter 1/2 lb tea not paid

11th Sumers came home last night looks well heard Big Leurs Christee was drowned stopt at George Renshaws all night seen Anees Hugh and Allen Thomas McDonald and {name?} Mc Lennan came to fish took their horses from Rols Island {illegible} Mc Lennan tailor removed from {illegible due to wear} and Lashey to Cornwall to fish {page worn} from church and 2 from {illegible}

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{top of page illegible due to wear}

the potato onions in the {box?} seen a wild goose going down he must have stayed as its the eariest I ever seen coming

Sunday 12 a fine day day

13th Went to Semos for {To?} went to Dundee 5 Bushels of Ashes 5p 1 Bushel of Barley 3/5 4 Dz od eggs 2/4 bought calico Lonsey starting threat oil starch needles {illegible} cash got my coat at {Runnanull?}

14th Mowing

15th Mowing and gathering

16th went for Johnny Semo him and I to cornwall 20 lb of Wool 1/6 per lb bought of Madden 2 lovaves of bread -/7 1/2 bought at Macks 100 of flour 15/- Left a basket of Potatoes at George Renshaws

17th Put in from the Back Marsh 25 cocks of hay began to rain

18 cutting the Wheat

19 Sunday Wind high Johny here

20th putting in hay 1 load of Wheat

21st pealing apples

22nd Gordon Johny and I croped to Semos

23rd turning the Wheat Lashey here for Ash

24th made 6 cocks of Wheat took in 8 Bushels of Potatoes 13 Bushels in the cellar now got from Mr Dunns 7 Potatoes yeilds 131 Good Large sound Potatoes about 1 Bushel ur Potatoes Rotting very bad none of Mr Dunns Rotten

25th I croped to a l Bakers bought 1/2 lb tea 1 plug and 1/4 lb cut tobacco 1 pair of calf skin boots 7/6 Matches paid for the Postages to day of what was Due befpre 1 Doz buttons 15 cents sent some sweetys out to Williamstown with George Renshaw to Mary Saerament in Williamstown seen George Renshaw boat 2 dollars sails oars and all

26th Do Semo here for a gun got it a great many American on pleasure trips on the Islands

27th put up the single stove {old?}

28th Taking up the Potatoes {illegible} Wild {geese?} Plenty Butternuts Falling

{top of page illegible due to wear}

Went up around the {Pland?} {illegible} some firewood and chopping

17th Went to Summerstown with 33 lb of Barley {illegible} {Tallow?} 2 muskets bought of A L Baker 6 lb of Barley /4 a pound 2p 1/2 lb tea 1/6 1/2 lb {tobacco?} pipe -/ 1/2 3 cents of {spice?} cotton batting 2 {illegible} 1 p spool of thread -/4 2 yds of cotton 1/3 1/4 lb Powder -/5 1 bunch of matches -/1 1 doz of {Larrys?} Worms -/8 2 cents on a paper from John Harpers Weekly William M Lead Thomas Munroe William {Spenk?} George Renshaw all went to Lancaster Depot or to Mr Harpers drawing the Telegraph Roles away of the front Lashey here for a dish to bail his canoe. Fishing {eels?} him and Henery

18th Tried to go to Lancaster went as far as Suses Island the ice taken from there to shore turned back from there East Wind Shipped about a pail of water change in the Moon tonight. Turned stormy with snow wind changed to the West through the night

19th Sunday drifting windy

20th Raining ice Breaking along shore

21st Croped with 4 bushels of Wheat left it with John Hamilton to take to {Ville?} took the {Hide?} to A L Baker 55 lbs took a few onions to Walter Baker a fine day wind raised from the East {illegible} Burying old John McPherson to day Heard Walter William Died and heard {illegible} Fisher died {"not so" written above text} sent a letter and papers to Charlie 56 Market Street Birken head Cheshire

22nd {wind?} changed in West to night a terrible Gale {page worn, text illegible} from the Big Elm tree up in the {illegible} made {illegible}

23rd {Piling?} the Big Elm Garden

{top of page illegible due to wear}

George Renshaw a piece of meat for {illegible} Dinner bought of A L Baker to yet of {illegible} for under skirts at 30 cents a yds to 80 2 yds cotton {illegible} 1 spoll of Thread 1/2 lb tea 1/2 lb soda paid the Postage of the letter and paper did not get the file {illegible} on the front Semo living in Walter Pakers Shanty got a letter from Charlie hurted my boat in the ice seen old Mr Kennedy from the branch

25 Christmas Day JIm Hopkins and his boy here for his Whippletrees and chain lent him my 2 {illegible} brought me some Tracts from Mrs Norman McDonald and compliments

Sunday the 26th Gordon and I to the head of the Island a fine day

27th Chopping stow wood

28th chopping

29th Our Anguss Birth Day Raining croped to Hameltons with bag bought of A L Baker 1 Bottle of R R R on {crecht?} got the File sharpened the saw

30th Sawing stove wood

31st Sawing stove wood Windy a Ball at Mrs David Summers to night a fine evening

1st of January 1870 East Wind {illegible} in the new year Saturday

Sunday 2nd Windy from the East

3rd Allans Birth Day very windy found perch that was blew up on the shore with the wind

4 Went to the head of the Island sawing stove wood seen a boat croping to Hopkins a fine Day snowing hailing and fine Raising the oak Log up from the Ground took the little canoe up on Land

5th Bauking the West end of the house with Hay sawing stove wood




James Cameron, “James Cameron Diary, 1869,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed October 1, 2022, https://ruraldiaries.lib.uoguelph.ca/transcribe/items/show/322.