Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1900-1902


Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1900-1902


Benjamin Reesor


Courtesy of Queen's University Archives




19th Century, York County, Markham Township, Ontario

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Benjamin Reesor Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript


Cover Image Text: Rallying Round The Flag

Oct 1900

Private Journal of B.B. Reesor

Oct 21st 1900 Henry nearly finished Plowing & A nearly finished ganging Mangel ground AM. then they all went to the sale of the late John Byers effects W. Cloudy quite warm there was a fine heavy shower last evening some thunder This is the 43rd anniversary of our wedding

Sunday 28 at home A took Anne to Dr AM she is not very well Benj'n's Fanny and Wilfreds Called AM Ada Hare was here last night W. very fine & warm

29 Henry Plowed some Headlands A finished ganging AM they Picked. some apples & drew all the apples behind the house PM I & Nancy took Susanna to Flavius then we went to Ceder Grove then went to Flavius to dinner I went to Lapp Flats fishing awhile PM Caught a fine Mess of Chubs. W. very fine & warm {illegible} north Clered at {illegible}

Oct 1900 Nov

30 Henry helped JD's thresh till after 3pm A chored AM they took our teams & Thomas's spring waggon & went to J Byers for a Plow that J bought at the sale @$2.50 Thomas went along & J helped him to drive home 4 head of Cattle that he bought at the sale W. Cloudy drizzly nearly all day rain towards evening pretty steady

31 J helped Jesse Burkholder to move with team from Taylor's to Ceder Grove Henry helped JD's thresh awhile then the Engine gave out (it was D Ramers he & A Chored W. very Cloudy & foggy AM fine & Cler PM A went to Herman's this evening to tell him that we Cannot Thresh until Friday

Nov.1 Henry helpful JD's thresh AM J helped R Milroy thresh AM A got horses Chief and Billy Shod AM at Norman Millers he has rented B Elison's shop in Whitevale A took Butter 4 pr Chickens

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Nov 1902

to Lewis's the Machine Came about 2 PM this we set it up in the West barn I got Benj'n his Man Flavius & one hand from Thomas's & threshed the Liberty Oats about {blank space} Bus & the Twentieth Century about {blank space} Bus W. fine AM Cloudy & rainy PM pretty wet towards night

2 threshed all the Ligonio Oats about {blank space} Bus they are a very heavy Sample we got done at 4 oclock. W. a very fine Cler Mild day Davids were here to dinner

3 J & Henry helped McCreight till awhile after dinner A helped Benj'n plow AM they began to pull turnips PM then the began to top them I & Anne went to Markham AM W. very fine & Cler mild

Sunday 4 all went to Meeting at Hebron's except J & Henry they staid with Susanna remarks by Br C sermon on St Luke part of 10th C by C Gayman.

Nov 1900

no visitors after service I & Nancy & Susanna went to Albert Reesors PM & staid to supper W. very very fine Mild & Cler

5 I went to JD's this Morning then I & Nancy & Susanna went to Benj'ns to dinner Henry helped Johny Reesor's thresh all day J & A topped all the turnips then turned all out with the Plows & harrowed them W. Cler but Cool NW wind a heavy squaal of wind & rain this evening, a shower last night

6 A went to Isaac Hoover's Plowing Bee on 9th Markham next lot to Tilman Reesor's Henry helped Johny Reesor's till about 10 AM then he & J drew in 11 loads Turnips I & Nancy went to Br inlaw Saml Hoover's to dinner then went awhile to Peter's to see Grandmother she is pretty well. W. pretty Cool mostly Cler Milder this evening white frost this morning

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Nov 1900

7 Boys Chored AM they put in some sewer pipe on 11th Con & plowed in ditch on Townline north of Meeting house PM J & A went to Dominion Election after dinner W. drizzly rain AM Cler PM Great Celebration in Toronto on Monday the Heroes of the South African War returne and were royally welcomed the war is virtually over there is some Guerillas raiding yet on the part of squads of Boers but General Buller & Lord Roberts are on the Points of returning to England

8 Boys Chored Hermans were here to dinner W. rain & some soft snow AM drissly rain nearly all PM Premier Sir Wilfred Laurier was Triumphantly returned to Power again yesterday by a Majority of about 50 A took Butter & Eggs to Lewis's

9 Boys Chored I walked to Ceder Grove AM Henry brought 500 2 in tiles from Pettys J & A began some Branch drains in field behind Cider house PM W. Cold strong NW wind Cler more Cooler after dark

Nov 1900

drissly east wind rained steady PM there is some Ice forming on the trees

20 A & Henry drained I & J went to SM & ripped some old fence boards to put on the Top of a wire fence at Benj'ns AM J went to Timber Sale at Spencelys PM Henry finished the drain behind Cider house & A went to Unionville with a Bird to get it stuffed we don't know what it is & Dixon was not at home I found it in our Orchard a week ago last Sunday & John Caught it for me it lived until last night. It looks like a small duck, but it has a bill like a Pigeon Some say it is a Diver W. mild Cloudy & foggy all day the boys Picked 6 bags Cider apples after dinner then we turned the cows in the Orchard

21 J made nearly 50 gallons Cider at Lapps AM he brought 500 2 in tiles from Pettys PM A & Henry started a new piece of drain from the lane along south end of Calf Pasture in field behind Cider House W. heavy shower a little hail one Clap of thunder this morning. Clear today

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Nov 1900

a few squaals through the day a little thunder again about noon very strong wind all PM going down this evening a lot of fences blown down I helped Br C Stay the stove Pipe with wire in the Hebron Meeting house

22 A & Henry finished the drain J fixed up fence west of lane south of Cider house & pulled out the broken posts along Pickering Townline & took up some new ones I helped Br C to raise the seat in the Preachers Stand in the Hebron Meeting house J & Henry Plowed water furrows this evening A took Butter to Lewis's toward evening W. very fine today some squaal of rain towards evening

23 A helped Benj'n put in drain Henry & J drew off small stones on all the Plowing fields the boys throwed them on the Centre of the lands as they Plowed the last time I took Nancy & Susanna to JD's then I went to Ceder Grove I brought them home again PM W. fine Cler a rather Cool NW wind not strong

Nov 1900

24 A helped Benj'n finish drain AM J & Henry finished fixing fence along Pickering Townline that was blown down till after 10 AM then J went to Nick Reesor's for a road scraper he scraped Pickering Townline PM all the new Grade was badly Cut up with the Traction Engines it fixed it very well A & Henry drew in the last of the feed Corn along East Orchard fence & Plowed in the drains back of Cider House & Cut a lot of feed W. a sharp raw East wind all day began to snow from East after dark. NB's young folks were here after supper

Sunday 25 at home all day Henry Mary & Anne went to M Barkeys to supper W. snow from East last night & AM Cloudy PM a little Milder this evening Snow did not amount to much, blowed off

26 J A & Henry split wood for Aunt Lizzy Burkholder AM A took road scraper to Nick Reesor's PM J & Henry Chored W. strong NE wind soft drissly at times

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Nov 1900

27 J A & Henry sawed & split a load of 4 foot wood for Aunt Lizzy Burkholder that we sold to her. AM A helped Flavius at drain, Henry plowed a strip Corn stubble East of Orchard where feed Corn was then he & J went to Ceder Grove & to Br S's W. Cler strong wind AM very fine PM JD's young folks were here to supper

28 A helped Flavius finish drain Henry got Mares Jiny & Minnie shod in Whitevale AM they Chored & Cut a Ceder log in old swamp PM & took it to Br S's PM W. strong East wind E Lewis & H Hibbert were here to dinner

29 A & Anne went to Markham & then to Linairs & Paid our Taxes $34.96 they Called at Davids to ask them to help us to Kill Hogs on Tuesday next they saw Herman in Markham & asked him too J brought home the lumber from Mill then he & Henry made a gravel Box AM then A & Henry drew gravel on Pickering Townline PM J drove Benj'ns team there were 8 teams they are working to the north from were it was put on before

Nov 1900 Dec

they got some in Collins Pit but quit it & got it in Pettys Pit on the other side of the road I took Butter to Lewis's this evening W. rather Mild & mostly Cloudy

30 Too soft to draw gravel boys Chored AM J went to Timber Sale in the old Tait Swamp A & Henry drove stakes beside Posts along Townline some of the Posts are Sagged or broken I took Susanna for a drive to JD's PM W. fine & Cler a sharp Air

Dec 1 A & Henry helped Flavius fix a Box Stall for his young Cold J fixed approach at Bridge on 11th Con & at Bridge near Flavius AM he & A made a stone walk from Pump to gate at Barnyard W. fine mild Herman's Came to stay all night

Sunday 2 all went to Meeting at Hebron except J he staid with Susanna remarks by C Burkholder sermon on St John first part of the C by Br C Ada Hare & David Hare's daughter Tilly were here to dinner Benj'n & Aunt Lizzy Burkholder were here PM W. mild Cloudy AM fine & more Cler PM

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Dec 1900

3 Boys Chored & brought home some limb wood AM A helped Flavius draw strawstack into barn Henry helped Br S's fix Tumbling dam & J Chored & Plowed back garden PM I & Nancy went to Ceder Grove & Called at Jess Burkholders to see Baby boy Mary was there from Wednesday Morning until yesterday evening W. very fine (like Indian summer

4 Killed our 5 Hogs the whole family helped got done soon after 3 PM W. Cloudy misty mild AM slow steady rain PM rainy yet we got the hogs all cut up before dinner & had the work all inside PM

5 Henry & Adeline helped Davids Kill Hogs J went to J Dinn{illegible} & Came by Br S's & brought Chop home A Cut sumack scrub along where fence was south of bush AM J & A Plowed old Orchard PM W. very fine getting Colder towards evening I salted Pork

6 A & Henry drew stones off fence strip south of bush & began plowing it J took up some tiles in field north of old Orchard & put them in again they were stopped) he took Butter & Eggs to

Dec 1900

Lewis's PM Nancy went with him as far as AB's W. rather Cloudy & Cooler I have very bad Cold in my head

7 Henry & Adeline helped Benj'n Kill Hogs J & A finished Plowing the fence strip AM they straightened some Posts in fence along the Scarboro Townline & took grist Oats to Br S's PM W. some soft snow awhile AM Cleared up PM

8 Boys all with 2 teams helped Flavius Clear up a swale AM J & A Came home at noon Henry stayed J went to Benj'ns to help clean out open ditch it would not work A brought home Chop W. Cloudy Cooler Flavius Fanny & the Children & Ada Hare were here to an early supper Jess Reesor's Children were here to dinner & supper Isaac Reesor brought Pre Abraham Rittenhouse & wife awhile PM

Sunday 9 at home all day Adeline, Mary Anne A & Henry went to NB's to dinner W. snow & wind from NWest last night this morning & awhile AM

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Dec 1900

Clear awhile then snow again snowing fast now bedtime pretty Cold

10 A got Horses Chief & Billy shod J & Henry Chored AM we had Benj'ns to help Kill 6 Pigs PM then boys brought 3 from Thomas's & dressed them for him W. pretty Cold not very much snow

11 Henry drew gravel 5 loads A filled J went to Toronto with Chief & Billy & Thomas's spring waggon Thomas went with him & took his 3 Pigs they sold @ $7.70 per Cwt W. very fine Cler sharp some squaals of snow PM

12 A & Henry drew gravel 9 loads J went to Ceder Grove AM he went to Albert Hare's sale at Belfour PM he bought a Rocking Chair @ 50 cts Alberts are going to Fort William W. Cler sharp AM squaals of snow PM the roads are wearing down fine Br C Called PM Herman Called yesterday PM a few Minutes

13 A & Henry drew 8 loads gravel J filled AM he took Butter & Eggs to Lewis's PM W. mild strong W. wind AM getting Colder PM very strong wind

Dec 1900

some squaals of snow this evening I have bad Cold in my head & nose I went to Funeral of Joseph Scott at 11th Con AM heard today that little Abraham Grove's wife died yesterday

14 A & Henry drew one load of gravel each this morning which finished the grant that have been from 10 to 12 teams drawing gravel now near the old Hoover lane) then they drew 4 loads into barnyard J levelled AM he went to Mr Taylor's sale PM Nancy has very much pain in her arm Thomas's went to Funeral of Grave's wife & we told them to tell Dr to come he came this evening he says it is Inflamation of the nerves she is up & around but Cannot work W. about zero this morning Clear Br inlaw Enos Hoover's David & Esther & Herman Called awhile PM

15 A helped Flavius in Colon Reesor's swamp J & Henry brought 2 loads gravel into barnyard AM Henry went to Ceder Grove PM W. not quite so Cold some flurries of snow Br inlaw Peter Called PM Simon & Jesse Hoover were here to supper

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Dec 1900

AB's were here awhile after supper Nancy is some better she was up and around all day

Sunday 16 at home all day J & Susanna went to Flavius to a Turkey roast I & Nancy were asked to but could not go W. pretty sharp very fine & Cler PM

17 A & Henry helped Flavius in swamp J filled 5 Barrels with snow apples AM he took 1 Barrel to Markham to Dr Robinson & brought our Cistern Pump from A T Moores PM JB's were here to dinner JD's Called PM W. fine & mild Herman Came with 4 Barrels of Apples to stay all night

18 Henry & Herman went to Toronto they took 3 Barrels of our apples along they sold at $1.25 A helped Flavius AM J went to Ceder Grove AM they drove home some Elm wood PM W. very misty & Cloudy began to rain towards evening

19 A took Horse Chief to Whitevale to get front shoes set they were not put on right last week Henry & Mary went to Markham AM they took 2 Geese 2 Turkeys to Wilsons Boys Chored PM W. Cloudy mild thawing getting Colder this evening Henry brought home Chop this evening

Dec 1900

Br S Called awhile PM

20 Boys trimmed & Cut up a young Pine that the wind blew down some time ago north of dam then they trimmed some trees in old bush J took Butter Eggs & 3 geese & 1 Turkey to Lewis's PM W. mild thawing some frost last night

21 A & Mary helped Herman's Kill big hog Henry went to Markham AM he & J Chored PM W. very fine & mild did not thaw much

22 Boys Chored trimmed some trees & cut some wood in old bush J went to see T Bishop & Paid him for the work he done in the spring W. white frost last night very fine today

Sunday 23 at home all day W. east wind began to rain about 8 oc rained till noon very fine & Clear all PM a shower this evening

24 Boys Cut wood & Chored W. mild Cloudy strong westerly wind Calm this evening getting Colder Henry & Nancy went to Ceder Grove AM she is getting better

Christmas day 25 all went to meeting at Hebron except J & Nancy they staid with Susanna remarks & sermon on St Luke part of 2nd C by Br C

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Dec 1900

Flavius Herman's & Benj'ns & MN's were here to dinner M Barkey's boys & Levi Burkholder were here to supper W. pretty Cold NW wind some snow after dark David's Could not Come little Lewis has a Cold so we heard the Dr says they must be Careful & not take him out unless it is fine

26 A helped W Bishop make 2 doors for Benj'ns driving house AM J & A Chored Henry took grist Oats to Br S's AM A brought it home this evening W. ground white with snow this morning very fine & Cler today pretty sharp Colonel Otter & the last of his Men arrived in Toronto yesterday Morning from South Africa there is some Guerilla fighting going on yet but the British are sending out some More Cavalry to try & put an end to it

27 J went to Markham & went to Davids to dinner Esther has Tonsilitis she is up & around Henry helped to draw gravel on approach to Bridge at Scarboro School house with team PM

Dec 1900

A took Butter & Eggs & Chickens to Lewis's PM W. sharp, Cler Charles Murison was here to supper he has been living in Michigan near 15 years he Comes home every Christmas

28 Boys Cut feed & Chored & took some wood to Meeting house AM they cut wood in bush PM W. pretty sharp Cler some snow last night

29 Boys cut wood in bush AM they split wood in Woodshed PM J went to Ceder Grove PM Edward Moyers were here to dinner W. very fine NW wind

Sunday 30 all went to Meeting at Hebron except J & Mary they staid with Susanna remarks by C Gayman Sermon on St Luke part of 2nd C by C Burkholder Levi Burkholder & Menno Burkholder girls Henry Lehman & his 3 sisters were here to dinner & JDs Esther & Jacob to supper Henry Mary & Anne were to Johny Reesors to supper W. sharp AM snowed heavy about

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Dec 1900 & Jan 1901

an hour PM over an inch fell

31 Boys drew the last of the strawstack into west barn AM they Chored & A brought home some Chop PM I walked to Flavius PM Karl is not well W. fine AM soft snow awhile PM

January 1st 1901 at home J went shooting AM got a rabbit he went again PM & got another A went to Markham PM he went around by Davids they are getting better the little boys had Tonsilitis too Henry went skating PM & this evening J. A. Adeline & Mary & Anne went to Benj'ns to supper I went to Flavius PM Karl is not quite well yet W. Cler sharp good white with snow, good Wheeling

2 A got Horses Chief & Billy shod J went to Burrows Mare Minnie pretty bad last night J & Henry Cut a fallen Basswood into sawlogs in Flavius bush PM I walked to Flavius AM Karl is doing pretty well W. sharp NW wind pretty Cold

Jan 1901

A fitted storm windows in 2 west Kitchen windows PM

3 A & Henry Cut wood J helped awhile AM we Killed 5 Pigs PM Benj'n helped W. Zero this morning Air from East Milder toda J took things to Lewis's

4 A took 5 Pigs (nearly 600 lbs) & 2 Barrels Snow Apples to Toronto he sold Apples @ $1.70 pr Barl Pigs $7.85 per Cwt ( a few were rather fat) Henry helped a Flavius PM they were Chopping grain by steam J Chored at Benj'n (he was in Toronto JD's Jacob & Esther brought Emma Shirk Lena Cressman Otto Smith & Abraham Good all from Wilmot to stay all night W. about 18 deg above Zero snow awhile this Morning

5 A Mary & Anne took the visitors a visiting to Thomas's & Flavius & to Alberts to dinner then to Br S's & Davids to supper then to Abraham Burkholders to stay all night W. a little below Zero this morning went up got warm fine & Cler

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Jan 1901

J & Henry Chored

Sunday 6 at home, nobody here, W. sharp Cler AM Cloudy PM began to snow after dark very little more snow would make sleighing the roads are very fine & level

7 Boys Chored & brought home a Barrel of Salt from Ceder Grove A & Henry hitched up Mare Rosie PM I took Nancy & Mary to Flavius this morning Mary helped to Butcher Nancy staid too little Eva is sick Dr Came PM he says she is same as Karl was. Karl is better. W. a few in snow last night fair sleighing. mild strong wind through the day Calm this evening I brought Nancy home this evening, Mary staid

8 A & Henry drew 2 Pine logs to Br S's from north of dam ( a tree was blown down AM they drew 4 Basswood logs from Flavius bush PM W. mild Cloudy East wind some rain after dark not raining now I went to Flavius PM Eva is about the same J does not feel well today

Jan 1901

9 A helped Thomas's Kill hogs Henry Chored & helped Pilkey Kill a big hog PM J is not very well I walked to Flavius AM Eva is quite a bit better W. Colder the sleighing is gone the road is icy

10 Boys Chored A took Butter & Eggs to Lewis's PM W. snow & wind from East awhile last night & AM a heavy snow but the wind blew it off the road. Some sleet PM J is not very well yet

11 A & Nancy went to Markham & to Davids to dinner Esther & her boys are doing pretty well Nancy got some more Medicine & told the Dr to come to see J he Came PM he says J's heart is affected Henry split wood I & he took the Pork out of the Brine & put on fresh W. Cloudy Mild AM began to snow Calm & steady after 2 PM snowing yet. Bedtime

12 A Chored Henry drove to Ontario house with Horse Chief & Cutter then went to Toronto to Eaton's & bought a good suit of Clothes @ $9.90 cts J is not so very well yet he keeps in the house on the

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Jan 1901

Lounge most of the time Herman was here to dinner W. mild about 8 in snow not drifted any, very good sleighing Nancy is doing pretty well. Susanna is beginning to do a little work Mary has been at Flavius's all week Eva is all right again

Sunday 13 at home Thomas Called PM Br inlaw JH Ramer's Came PM staid for supper Benj'ns Came after supper & staid a while A went to see Dr AM J is not doing very well he sent some more Medicine & he said J would not be better for some time. W. sharp & Cler, very fine winter day

14 A Chored Nancy & Henry went to Markham& Called at Davids the little boys are getting better J is keeping about the same Br C Br N's Johny Reesor Called AM W. quite Mild some soft snow PM. very good sleighing Susanna goes about quite smart with her Cane she weighs 94 lbs now

15 A & Henry brought some gravel from Adam's Pit for the hens & A took some Chop to Br S's AM I & Henry Cleaned 8 bags wheat then A took it to Spink Mills PM @ 67 cts

Jan 1901

he brought 20 bags Bran for us & 32 bags for Flavius W. quite Mild thawing a little Benj'ns & NB's Called awhile after supper J is about the same

16 Henry & Mary helped Flavius work up a big Hog A chored & went to Ceder Grove & brought home Chop PM I rode with him as far as Flavius W. drissly rain last night & awhile this morning. Cleared up today snow going but it blowed up Colder. This evening is freezing, now it will save the sleighing if it Keeps Cold J was not so well today but he seems better this evening Nancy is not so well this PM

17 A & Henry helped girls Pick 2 pr Chickens & Chored AM A took Butter Eggs and 2 pr Chickens to Lewis's Henry rode with him to SM then walked to Ceder Grove to get some salts Nancy is not so well A went for Dr this evening he Came & says Nancy has La Grippe Herman called PM he took Our light Bob he is going to Toronto tomorrow W. Cler, Sharp, Cold NW wind sleighing pretty good yet

18 A & Henry Chored & brought a load of wood from bush PM W. 4 deg below zero

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Jan 1901

this Morning about Zero today 4 below towards evening Flavius & Benj'n Called this morning AB's Called after dinner Dr Called this evening Nancy is doing pretty well he says J is doing well too Thomas Called awhile after supper

19 A & Henry Chored AM A got Horses Chief & Billy shod Henry Cut wood in shed PM W. 11 deg below Zero this Morning not much above all day Flavius & Benj'n Called today nancy was pretty well until after supper when she was taken with Headache & vomiting Henry went to the Dr he Could not Come he has La Grippe he sent some Medicine she has taken one dose is some easier now near 1100 PM, got worse A went to Dr at near 1200 to see if he Could not Come or Telephone for Dr Fred Nancy is very bad. A Came back about 200 AM AB's Lizzie is here all night

Sunday 20 Dr Came to Breakfast Nancy is resting better. David & Esther were here to dinner Herman & Benj'n & Flavius's Called PM Br N's Br S's Davids Called too PM. W. Milder strong west wind through the day

Jan 1901

Nancy is resting well, but she passed a very bad night none of us went to bed

21 A went to Herman's with Herman's sleigh and brought home our Bobs AM they Killed 6 of our Pigs & one of Benj'ns PM Flavius & Benj'n helped. Dr Called this evening he says Nancy is doing well Br S. Br N & Br C Called today Levi Burkholder Came this evening he's going to Toronto with A tomorrow W. soft wind last night & today it thaws some but the sleighs are running yet AB's Lizzie Called PM

22 A went to Toronto Levi went with hime they had Thomas's spring waggon sold Pigs @ $8.40 per Cwt 2 Bushels King Apples @$3.85 for the 2 Barrels Henry went to Ceder Grove AM Br inlaw Peter's were here to dinner Br N Called JD Called too Dr Came this evening he says Nancy is improving Johny Reesors brought Matty Cook PM she stays all night W. Cler Sharp Sleighs are running yet Our good Queen Victoria is reported very low and not expected to live

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Jan 1901

23 A & Henry Chored & I helped them to Cut some feed AM they drew 100 Ceder pole rails from Colon Reesor swamp PM (we bought them from Flavius PM Matty Cook rode with them to Br C's W. Milder. East wind trees all Covered with frost. the news Came out today that our Good Queen Victoria died yesterday evening at 6:30 PM

24 A & Henry Chored they shot our Mare Tip & Skinned her she had Grease & weed and Could not live they helped girls Pick 2 pr Chickens A took Butter Eggs & Chickens to Lewis's PM W. foggy & mild some drizzle & soft snow this evening Br N's & MN's Called today Br C Called yesterday Nancy doing pretty she is bedfast

25 Henry helped Benj'n cut wood A Chored AM they Cut some first Class wood at Flavius PM Br C Called AM Johny Reesor's & NB Called PM Nancy sat up in bed awhile PM AB's Lizzie Called PM W. Cler & Sharp the soft snow fixed up the slgighing pretty well pretty Cold

Jan 1901

26 A went to Markham to see Dr he had intended to come to see Nancy on Wednesday & has not come yet he said he was sick himself he sent some Medicine. Nancy was up in the Rocking chair awhile AM & awhile PM she seems strong Flavius Children & Jacob Grove J {illegible} were here to supper W. fine Cler sharp JD's Called awhile AM

Sunday 27 A Henry Mary & Anne went to Meeting at Hebron I & Adeline staid with Nancy J & Susanna C Burkholder & Matty Cook were here to dinner Matty stays all night Herman's Called PM W. very fine & sharp air a light fall of snow nearly all day it is helping with sleighing. Adeline Mary & Henry went to B Dillers to supper Nancy was up on the Rocking Chair & on the Lounge all day J is beginning to walk to the barn occasionally Susanna is doing very well

28 Boys Chored Henry went to Ceder Grove A took Matty Cook to Benj'ns PM John Lehman's of Mount Joy & Esther Raymond & her little girl were here to dinner. Flavius Fanny & the Children

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Jan 1901 Feb

were here to supper Flavius Came to after supper W. very fine. NW wind

29 A & Henry sawed {illegible} at Br S's Dr Called this PM he says Nancy is doing well, she was in the kitchen all day sometimes on the Lounge W. fine Cler & sharp

30 A got Horses Chief & Billy shod at Ceder Grove then he & Henry drew home 54 Blocks Ice it is about 15 in thick Br N's Called awhile W. fine & sharp Nettie Burkholder & her Man Alf Ineson Called awhile this evening. they were Married sometime about Christmas

31 Boys brought home last of Ice 16 Blocks then they Packed sawdust around it helped girls Pick Chickens A took Butter Eggs & Chickens to Lewis's PM Henry Mary & Anne went to Davids this evening W. about 4 in snow last night fine & Calm & sharp today sleighing very good. Br C Called awhile AM Nancy doing pretty well J is getting stronger he rode as far as Flavius with the boys this morning

Feb 1 A & Henry helped Flavius Cut Ice AM A took one Cord Green Mapple 4 ft wood to Markham to Dr Robinson PM Henry helped Flavius PM

Feb 1901

AB's Lizzie Br N & Esther Diller Called PM: W. Cler sharp I went with A as far as Flavius & walked home

Candlemas day 2 Henry helped Benj'n saw wood all day A Chored. Herman's were here to dinner Flavius's Children were here all day T Bishop was here to make out a Bill of stuff for a silo we intend to Build one next summer W. sharp, Clear nearly all day. this was a Holiday throughout the British Empire the Funeral of Queen Victoria took place today. Nancy doing well J had a bad spell last night he is not as well today

Sunday 3 M Barkeys & M's Mother & Johny Reesor were here to dinner Henry Mary & Anne went to Peter Reesor to dinner W. sharp east wind strong towards evening, began to snow after dark

4 Boys Chored I went to Hebron to Trustee Meeting there were only myself M Barkey Br N & his son Albert so the three that were appointed last year will serve W. strong wind & snow from east AM wind turned rather north PM

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Feb 1901

A went to Ceder Grove PM Br S has La Grippe he is some better

5 A & Henry shelled Corn we had Albert Shiller Herny Adeline & Mary were to Johny Ramer's to supper Mrs Burrows Called Flavius & Benj'ns Called this Morning W. Cold strong N Wind roads drifted some East & west

6 Boys chored shelled a little Corn J had a bad spell at dinner time A went for Dr he Came this evening he Changed his Medicine W. pretty Cold a little below Zero this Morning

7 A Oiled Harness Henry Picked Chickens & gave J a drive in the Cutter he stood it well Henry took Butter Eggs & Chickens to Lewis's PM I rode with him as far as Br S's he is getting better W. a good deal Milder Cloudy A Henry Mary & Anne took a sleigh load of Our Neighbours to Mount Joy singing school this evening

8 We cut some feed then A took grist Chop to Br S's AM A took J to see Dr he says he is doing well they Came by Davids little Lewis is not very well Esther has Grippe too

Feb 1901

is some better Henry Adeline Mary & Anne went to Herman's to supper Mrs Pilkey was here to supper W. very fine & Cler

Feb 9 Boys Oiled Harness second time (the long tug set) A & Henry went to Ceder Grove & brought home some chop from Br S's W. strong NEast wind & snow from 6 AM untill nearly evening. not very Cold, roads not drifted much

Sunday 10 Henry Adeline & mary went to Benj'ns to dinner & to Jacob Reesor's to supper W. Zero this morning 20 deg above at noon a little snow in the air PM

11 Henry was a at Benj'ns all day. A chored AM he went to Kennedys Bee Cutting Ice PM I & J were at Flavius PM with T Bishop to Consider about overhauling the barn W. trees frosty this morning, rather sharp air all day

12 A & Henry sawed & split the big Maple tree near the townline fence in field south of bush into 4 foot wood AM (they Cut it down a few days ago) they went to Flavius PM and helped him to hitch up his young Mare she goes very well

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Feb 1901

W. pretty Cold, strong NWest wind there was some fresh snow and the air was full of it all day, roads drifted John Mapes 91 year old was buried today he died in Boxgrove

13 Boys Chored, brought a load of wood from bush & cut some feed A wne to Markham for Medicine for J PM he went around by Davids little Lewis is doing well Henry Chored PM W. very strong N Wind 3 deg below Zero this morning not much above this evening windy yet

14 A & Henry helped girls Pick 2 pr Fowls & took Butter Eggs & Fowls to Lewis's AM they went to Colon Reesors Sale PM it was Postponed untill the 22nd on account of bad weather W. a very strong Cold N Wind last night all day not quite so strong PM 3 deg above Zero this morning 15 above this evening the East & west roads badly blocked about the roughest day we have had this winter

15 boys Chored Henry & J went to Ceder Grove AM we cut feed & Chored PM Jacob Diller & Esther were here after supper W. Milder fine & Cler

16 A & J got some boards at SM & took them to D Ramers to get them dressed AM A Chored PM J feels pretty well now Henry & Mary drove to Norway

Feb 1901

I went to Toronto on Trolleys, Herman was here to dinner David Called after dinner ( he was at Thomas's) W. very fine mild & Cler he took Susanna with him

Sunday 17 a & Nancy went to see Grandma Hoover & Peter they are both sick with La Grippe I have lame back the last few days. Ada Hare was here to dinner Benj'ns were here PM W. very fine & Cler up to 30 deg at noon a little Cloudy PM

18 A took a Cord of first Class green wood to Markham to Dr Robinson I & Henry & Benj'n Cleaned 25 bags wheat AM took Pork out of Brine & A & Henry gathered and brought home a load of wood PM A took a sample of wheat to Locust Hill this evening W. very fine & Mild thawing some Henry took Adeline Mary & Anne to Flavius before supper A went to bring them home after supper

19 A took 54 Bus 20 lbs Dawson Wheat to Locust Hill AM @ 66 cts he took 50 Bus PM @ 66 cts Henry helped Benj'n get out a few logs then Benj'n helped us to Clean Wheat AM

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Feb 1901

J took mare Bonnie to get shod at Ceder Grove AM Nancy went with him as far as AB's W. rather sharp NW wind not strong flurries of snow PM

20 A & Henry Chored & helped Flavius weigh some live hogs AM Henry went to Goodyear's sale on 9th Markham with Flavius PM A went to Markham PM to Dr he is getting something to cure Asthma W. sharp NW wind all day I went to Flavius PM

21 Boys helped girls Pick Chickens cut feed & A took Oats to Br S's AM A mended Harness & Henry took Butter Eggs & Chickens to Lewis's PM J went to Locust Hill for Money for Wheat AM he is pretty well these few days W. sharp Cler AM flurries of snow PM the little flurries of snow patch the sleighing very well

22 I & Henry Cleaned last of Wheat about 11 bus & the 20th Century Oats A wheeled the Oats out of west barn on bag Truck the dust of the grain gives him the Asthma J scrapped away he is pretty well just now David's & Russel Came to dinner Lewis is not well enough to Come yet Br inlaw Simon Hoover's Came to supper

Feb 1901

David & boys went to Colon Reesor's sale PM W. Cler Sharp J bought Cider Barrel @ 10cts Davids brought Susanna home she enjoyed her visit with Davids took Anne with them

23 A & Henry Chored & shoveled some snow at Hebron AM A went to a sale at the old Wilkie farm & brought Chop home from Br S's Henry went to R Milroys sawing Bee PM I & Nancy started at 1/2 past 1100 & went to see Mother inlaw & Peter they are both a little on the Mend we Called at Davids a few Minutes got home before 500 W. Sharp & Cler pretty near Zero this morning, nearly Calm

Sunday 24 all went to Meeting except J & Susanna remarks by Br C sermon on St Luke part of 10th C by C Burkholder MN's & Enos Nighswander & then 2 boys were here to dinner W. Cler Sharp air nearly Zero this morning

25 A Adeline & Mary went to Markham AM A chored PM Henry went to Toronto with Levi Burkholder, Levi Came here last evening & staid all night they drove to Norway with his Horse & Cutter & went to Toronto on the Trolley

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Feb 1901 March

AB's were here to supper W. fine Mild thawed a little PM a squaal of snow this evening

26 Boys Chored drew home few loads of limb wood I & Nancy went awhile to Flavius PM Br inlaw John Hoover's were here to dinner W. Cler Sharp a flurries of snow sleighing is still holding out pretty well

27 Boys Chored AM A went to E Craven's sawing Bee PM Henry done Benj'ns Chores Benj'n has our light Bobs to go to Herman's Carpet Rag Bee Mary & Anne went with them W. fine & Cler, very sharp Air

28 Henry helped Flavius cut logs for the addition to his barn AM I & A Cleaned Henhouse & I walked to J Burrows AM A took Butter & Eggs to Lewis I & Nancy went along as far as Br S's they are better but they do not go out yet W. very fine Cler & sharp

March 1 A went to Ratcliffe's SM on Townline between Markham and Whitchurch for Hemlock 2 X 4 Sctg we intend to build a silo he brought 800 ft. the sleighing is thin in places Henry Chored J went to Dr for

March 1901

Medicine for home & Nancy {illegible} both doing pretty well W. sharp raw west wind Cler AM some soft snow PM, pretty mild Br C Called this morning

2 A brought {blank space} ft sctg from Rat{illegible} Henry went awhile to Flavius AM JD's were here to supper W. fine Cler, sharp

Sunday 3 at home Johny Reesor's girls Anne and Lucinda Br N's & Flavius's were here to dinner NB's were here to supper W. Cler, Strong East wind. Snow awhile PM, rain a little while after dark, wind turned NW & turned Colder before bedtime

4 A brought {blank space} Sctg which Mkes 2050 ft Henry Chored & helped to shovel some snow in the drifts east of Flavius bridge PM. W. Mild Cler a strong W. wind thawing the sleighing is going around here but {cut off} says it is good farther north

5 Boys took grist Chop to Br S's & Cut some feed AM A Adeline & Mary went to Br inlaw John Hoover's PM W. Cold Strong wind last night

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Mar 1901

freezing & Cold all day, raw wind

6 A & Henry cut & trimmed some dying trees in old bush AM Henry helped Thomas Clean Oats a few hours PM A brought home Chop W. Zero this morning very cold, raw west wind

7 A & Henry Cut & trimmed trees AM Henry went to Pilkeys sawing bee PM A helped Thomas Clean Oats a few hours PM Br inlaw S B Lehman's were here to dinner W. sharp W. sine The sleighing is getting this on our Townline but it is good farther north

8 A & Henry took 2 loads 38 bags of Mixed grain (wild goose Oats & barley to Br S's to store AM they Chored PM. A Adeline & Mary went to Br S's to supper w. mild squaals of snow AM patched the sleighing pretty well heavy snow this evening the snow is soft, but not thawing

9 A & Henry sawed wood for Ed Craven's AM they took 3 Beech logs to Br S's PM J & Anne went to Markham PM Flavius Called this Morning I went to Ceder Grove AM W. very fine & Mild about 5 in fresh snow good sleighing, thawing some

Sunday 10 at home Henry Adeline & Mary went to Meeting at Widemans they went to Davids to dinner W. rather Cloudy this morning East wind strong AM very strong PM sleet & rain at times trees covered with Ice, good sleighing

11 Boys cleaned a lot of seed Oats and A & Henry helped Flavius fix one of his Pumps J & Anne went to Markham PM J is doing pretty well. Anne has La Grippe is not very bad W. Milder last night Ice all off the trees this morning a little drissly AM a little snow PM Colder this evening

12 Boys drew out some logs that they cut in old bush some of them were in bad position to saw we had a Sawing Bee PM about 20 hands altogether Herman's were here to dinner Davids came soon after dinner but they did not bring the little boys W. sharp west wind Cler, good sleighing.

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March 1901

13 Henry split wood A went to Claremont with sleigh to try to buy some sheeting for Silo & got none they had none Cut they begin to Cut in May he got back at noon. Stonehouse put up a National Milk Separator for us today we Can have it awhile on trial to buy it @ $80.00 if it gives satisfaction W. Strong East wind AM began to snow from East PM I went to Ceder Grove AM

14 Boys shoveled snow around the house & took a grist A helped Benj'n Kill a Pig AM A took Butter Eggs & a young Calf to Lewis's PM W. quite a deep snow on the ground north & south roads drifted in place. Some soft snow all day more or less. pretty mild

15 Boys drew some logs to SM. Herman was here to dinner he exchanged about 40 Bus of Oats for seed Elias & Joseph Barkey brought Emma Gibner to visit they were to supper W. rather Cloudy pretty sharp

16 A & Henry helped Flavius draw sand from Tweedies with teams J went PM to see how Ruhana Drudge is she has been Bleeding at the Lungs different times latly

March 1901

She seemed pretty well today W. sharp last night & all day fine & Cler thawing a little in the sun very good sleighing

Sunday 17 I & Nancy went to Benj'ns to dinner W. fine squaal of snow AM Clered up thawed som in the sun PM

18 Boys drew dung on field south of barn AM drew 4 Ceder logs out of the Old Shank Swamp to Br S's PM I & Nancy went to JH Ramer's to dinner W. very fine & Mild thawing the sleighing is thin in places

19 A Adeline & Anne went to Davids to a rag sewing Bee Henry went to Flavius to go to Herman's Sawing Bee but they did not go it was too stormy Snow last night & nearly all day wind from East all day. Mild J & Henry sawed some of the Scantling for the Silo frame PM

20 Boys went to the Shank swamp AM to Cut a Ceder but it was not good. they sawed scantling PM W. Strong East wind drizzling rain PM thawing

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Mar 1901

21 Boys skinned a sheep Cleaned the Henhouse & Sawed Scantlings AM A went to J Burrows' Sawing Bee PM Henry Sawed Scantlings PM W. a very little snow & frost last night below freezing point all day J took Butter & Eggs to Lewis's PM very fair sleighing yet

22 A & Henry drew dung south of bush AM J went to J Thom's sale on the old Thomas Wood place I & A went to Markham PM I got a new pair of spectacles at RA Mason's @ $1.50 W. very fine & Cler sharp Air very fair sleighing yet. J bought a string of Bells & 2 Horse Brushes @ 20 cts

23 A & Henry finished drawing dung AM they chored PM & A brought home some Chop J went to Hermans to dinner W. fine & Cler thawing PM. sleighing going

Sunday 24 All went to Meeting at Hebron except J & Mary staid with Susanna remarks by C Burkholder Sermon on St Luke part of 10 C Br C Joseph Graves were here to dinner J Adeline Anne & A went to Flavius to supper W. rather Cloudy mild & thawing sleighing about gone Creek hig. a good few Buggies at Meeting

March 1901

25 Boys drove through some banks out the Townline, with waggon to make the track on the turnpike the road was along the fence part of the way then A got 4 shoes set at the Ceder Groves shop (A Clemdenig's) AM then he went to John Milroys sawing Bee & Henry went to Herman's sawing Bee PM W. Cloudy Mild all day East wind snow going fast

26 Boys fixed up one drum of our land roller they put in about one half new staves AM they all went to Uncle Josephus Reesor's Sale PM J bought swill Barrel @ 20 cts W. rain till about 10 AM pretty Cler Mild PM a pretty heavy thunder shower last night

27 A & Henry split wood in bush AM they went to T Coxworths Sawing Bee PM W. Cold NW wind all the day freezing tonight

28 A & Henry finished splitting wood AM A took Butter & Eggs to Lewis's Henry Chored & J went to T Hunter's Sale on the 7th Con Pickering with Thomas PM he bought a 3 spring waggon in pretty good Condition @ $3.50 W. Cold NW wind there is lots of snow yet on the 7th Con, all Came in sleighs to the sale. Thomas went with spring waggon Ketura was here awhile PM

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Mar 1901 April

29 A & Henry Cut summer wood in old bush, there were 17 Wild Geese down on our Meadow this PM A & J went for Br S's David & Thomas David has a Good Rifle he fired 3 shots among them but did not Kill any W. frost last night Cold NW wind Cler thawing some though the day

30 Boys split a lot of Posts in Shank swamp AM J & A went to Markham PM Henry drew 2 loads Pine roots from 5th Con near Flavius fence PM W. Cler Cold NW wind Amelia Ernest & Carl were here to dinner

Sunday 31 at home Ada Hare was here to dinner W. Cler Cold NW wind thawing some

April 1 A & Henry Piled Wood in old bush they also tapped 9 trees sap runs well I tapped in door yard & Nancy boiled 2 qts Molasses by adding some sugar J went to Herman's PM to ask him to bring some nails from Toronto he is going on Wednesday Br C Calle awhile PM W. very fine & Cler. Cold wind from north

2 Boys sowed clover seed on Fall Wheat this morning then they brought big load Pine roots from Flavius & brought home the sap from bush there was a big run I boil in the shop & Nancy finished on the stove She made 2 qts more today

April 1901

W. N East Wind sap run prety well froze last night thawing today rain this evening J went to Wonches sale in Whitevale PM he bought a Bureau @ $2.30 Andrew Reesor Called at noon he is taking the Dominion Census

3 Boys Clipped Horses feet & legs and Chored AM Henry helped Flavius draw in logs at SM A took Butter to Lewis's PM W. soft snow last night & AM, drizzly rain PM

4 Henry got Mares Minnie & Jenny shod at Clendennings Ceder Grove then he went around by Whitevale & brought home the Bureau that J bought J got Mare Bonnie shod too. AM A Chored AM J & A went to Glenennings Sale on 3rd Con Scarboro Henry went to Meet Herman at Armadale to bring home our Nails Herman bought the Nails but did not bring them the roads were too heavy I boiled sap in shop Nancy finished on Stove W. fine mild a slight drissle at noon

Good Friday 5 all went to Meeting at Hebron except J & Adeline they staid with Susanna remarks & Sermon on St Mark part of 15 C by Br C Davids were here to dinner with their little boys

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April 1901

little Lewis is fine & smart W. a little frost last night trees dripping Cloudy AM Cler PM Benj'ns were here PM Ketura was here to supper

6 A & Henry brought a load sawdust & finished covering Ice Henry went to Flavius Sawing Bee PM J went to Markham got some Medicine for Nancy & Paid a Balance at Moore's the Pump Maker's I & Nancy made over 4 qts Molasses W. East wind Cloudy all day, sharp Air

Easter Sunday 7 I & Nancy went to Br S's to dinner Amelia Ernest & Carl were here to dinner & supper & stay all night Jesse Burkholder's were here to supper Tillie Burkholder & Nettie Called PM W. fine & Cler sharp wind from north

Easter Monday 8 at home Flavius Herman's & Benj'ns were here to dinner & supper the girls had a quilting David's Could not Come it was took Cold for little Lewis There was a cold raw wind from the north squaals of snow AM

9 A & Henry sawed & split wood J sorted 3 Barrels of Russets AM he brought home some Chop from Br S's PM W. strong N Wind all day, Milder

10 J & A went to Toronto 3 Barrels Russets @ $2.50 26 1/2 Bus Oats @ 34 cts they brought out 9 Kegs nails for us & Flavius & 3 Kets for Andrew Dimma @$2.45 per Keg for 3 in $2.35 for 4 in & $2.75 for shingle nails

April 1901

Henry took the last of our Wheat about 11 Bus to Spinks Exchanged for Flour AM he sawed wood PM W. very fine & Cler but a strong N wind mild

11 J A & Henry drew lumber & Timber from Br S's to Flavius AM J took Butter & Eggs to Lewis's he took Susanna as far as Br C's A & Henry sawed & split some wood & finished a long new ladder PM W. very fine & Cler but a Cool N wind the wind has been in the north a long time the roads are good some teams are working on the fields A & Henry drove Mare Rosie in Cart awhile PM

12 Henry helped Flavius Plow & scrape the Cellar for Addition to the barn J went to Markham for some Medicine for himself he got some in the druggists some of (Pieces) A has lame back he strained himself the other day lifting timbers at the sawmill I went to Burrows this morning to get more Powders for Mare Bonnie she has something like the {illegible} since Monday W. very fine & Cler, wind in the East

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April 1901

13 J & Benj'n grubbed in big field AM Henry helped Benj'n Man D March hitch up a Colt AM he went well J sowed 8 bags Ligones Oats PM Henry Plowed in furrows east of dam & harrowed after J PM the ground works well A has lame back it is getting better W. very fine & Cler wind in the east

Sunday 14 at home Henry Adeline & Mary went to Benj'n Stover's to dinner Aunt Lizzy Burkholder was here to supper W. Cloudy all day East wind went down without rain

15 I & A & Henry drew in last of our logs at SM this morning 17 then Henry went to help to Move Ineson's house at Belford J & A finished sowing big field & began East of dam I took Susanna to Benj'ns with Mare Bonnie she is getting better I drove her to Ceder Grove PM & then brought Susanna home again W. fine Cler Mild roads like June

16 A & Henry sowed in field East of dam with Ligano Oats J took Cow Silvia to Freemans AM then he drove one team & I & Henry took away lumber at SM PM I went to Clods & brought 2 doz suckers @ 3cts per Doz

April 1901

they Caught over 300 at Kirkham today W. very fine & Cler & Mild

17 A & Henry sowed the Knoll with 20th Century Oats (5 acres) & A finished rolling big field & then rolled the Fall Wheat Henry harrowed field back of Orchard W. strong east wind. Mild I & Nancy & girls Cleaned garden & I dug a bit it is fine & dry Jenny & Nettie Kenney were here awhile after supper

18 A sowed Mixed grain in field north of Orchard didnt quite finish. Henry harrowed & grubbed south of garden J Chored & took Butter Eggs to Lewis's PM W. a slight drizzly rain AM held up after dinner Came heavier awhile towards evening. Cold N. Wind towards night

19 A finished sowing Mixed grain then he sowed barley south of garden as far East as Creek the east side of Creek is too wet Henry harrowed J Chored I went to Flavius this morning. M. Stonehouse & his Brother were here to dinner we bought the separator that he left here sometime ago I Paid him $27.50 Cash & gave him my note for $50 Payable Nov 1st without interest W. a little frost this Morning Cler Cool

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April 1901

20 I A & Henry moved Turnips out of Cellar into Mangel Cellar AM I went to the half yearly Conference at Hebron PM J went to Toronto on Pacific he got one of McLaughlins Electric Belts at $10.00 Abraham Hoover was here to dinner. W. a strong NE wind & soft snow all day some times mixed with rain the snow melted as it fell on the ground but laid on the grass there are 3 or 4 in in place there was some sharp sleet towards evening

Sunday 21 all went to Meeting at Hebron except J staid with Susanna (Mary went to work at Uriah Drudges on Monday last their little boys had the scarlet feever are better again but I guess Mary will have to stay untill they get the house Cleaned) remarks by Br C Sermon on St Mat 25 C by C Burkholder. C Burkholder's were here to dinner W. strong N East wind & rain at times, snow about all gone. Creek pretty high

22 Boys Chored fixed some fence along Pickering townline AM J & Henry brought 1835 lbs of lime from Markham to Flavius @ 32 cts per Cwt PM A helped girls to Whitewash Kitchen PM I took Susanna to Flavius AM and brought her home PM W. very fine & Mild East wind Showrey at dark a little distant thunder

April 1901

23 W Bishop & Jess Shank Came the Morning Boys helped them & they took floor out of Reaper house & Built up A silo about 16 feet high till night I drove Mare Bonnie to Burrows AM he was not at home I drove here to Ceder Grove PM her leg is not well yet W. Cloudy drizzly at times. AM some Cler & warm PM

24 Boys Chored AM fixed some fence PM J & Henry went Fishing with Flavius in Peticoat Creek toward evening at 2nd Con Pickering with our net they caught 29 fine suckers there were a good many caught there yesteday W. warm some drizzle of rain AM & PM J & Nancy went to Markham AM

25 W Bishop & Jess Shank worked at the Silo Building Boys all helped we are raising the building as high as the barn & are putting on a Peak roof north & south the plates are as high as the barn plates I took Butter & Eggs to Lewis's PM Nancy & Susanna went along as far as AB's W. fine warm & Cler. Mare Bonnie much better Herman Called AM for a bag of seed Oats

26 Henry helped Flavius at digging foundation & Benj'n hlepd W. Bishop

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April 1901

& Jess Shank J Chored AM he put on some Grafts at U Drudges & helped dig at Flavius PM W. very fine & Cler I drove Mare Bonnie to Burrows & to Ceder Grove PM

27 A helped W Bishop & Jess Shank finish Silo except sheeting the inside AM Henry was at Flavius all day A was there PM J was at Flavius AM he rolled Meadow PM I & Nancy went to U Drudges PM Ruhana is pretty smart at present the little boys are all better W. very fine & Cler

Sunday 28 I & Nancy started to go to JD's we got about half way when we met B Dillers so we turned back they were here to dinner W. a very lovely & fine day Maggie McCreight & Anne Milroy Called this evening

29 A & Henry went to Flavius this Morning we expected Ellis the Mason to begin the wall he did not Come so boys soon came home again & Henry harrowed the root ground J took some Chop to Br S's & brought a Barrel of Salt from Ceder Grove he Cultivated East of Creek & below Orchard PM I dug some garden for Nancy A worked in back garden W. fine & very warm things are growing nicely. trees are budding the grass is growing

April 1906 May

The Fall Wheat was winter Killed in places but it is Picking up fine

30 A & Henry went to Flavius but Came home again Ellis Came about 9 Oc so Henry went after dinner to help they dug Some garden & dug up some Maple & Ash trees in our bush AM J & A planted them PM from the Graveyard south to the Corner W. warm drizzly rain at times I have very lame back

May 1 Henry helped at Flavius A drew stone off root ground & began ganging J went to Ceder Grove AM with Mare Bonnie AM she is pretty near better he drilled a big stone on root ground & fired it off he had David Reesor's drill he took it to BSS at Ceder Grove & got it sharped & left it at Davids again W. Cloudy AM very fine & Cler PM My back very lame J & A took a load of Stones to Flavius from out root ground this Morning & brought home Chop

2 J helped awhile at Flavius AM he took Butter & Eggs to Lewis's PM Henry ganged in root ground PM Nancy & A went to Markham & to Davids to dinner then went to see Grandmother PM she is quite smart W. fine Shower early this Morning Cler & warm today my back is lame yet

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May 1901

3 A sowed barley East of Creek & East of Orchard AM J brought about 9 Barrles of lime from Markham PM Henry ganged in root ground & Harrowed barley which finishes our seeding what he had sowen before the rain is all green & growing fine. W. Cool N wind fine & Cler back lame yet

4 Henry Made Mangel drills about 3 Acres on east side of field behind Cider House J sowed them with Mare Bonnie she is about all right A rolled the barley below house & north of Orchard I Cut some Potatoes & we planted them along the lane in some short Mangel drills W. ver fine but Cool wind. Mary Came home from U Drudges. She thinks she must go back again on Monday Ruhana is no better the little boys are all right

Sunday 5 at home Henry Mary & Anne went to Meeting at Widemans Br S's were here to dinner Ada Hare was here PM W. very fine growing day. Cool wind AM very fine & warm PM

6 J finished rolling Henry drew stone at Flavius with Mare Bonnie & stone boat they dug garden till noon

May 1901

A spread dung south of bush AM he Plowed PM I went around among the neighbours this morning to ask them to help to scrub the Meeting house on Wednesday. Henry finished spreading dung & dug garden PM I took Nancy & Susanna to Jess Reesor's PM & went to Ceder Grove & brought them home again Jess has been in Toronto about a year on Street Cars as Motorman his family are Moving in in a few days W. very fine & Cler

7 Boys plowed harrowed & rolled corn ground south of bush J Chored & Caught some Chubs PM I & Nancy went to Hermans to dinner & Called at JB's awhile PM W. very fine & Cler Mrs Burrows Called awhile this evening with her sister Mrs Mary Watson. A Mr Stub representing the Stub Briggs Co of Toronto Called this evening & bought 100 Bus Ligano Oats to be delivered at Locust Hill tomorrow @ 40 cts per Bus

8 A & Henry drew dung on root ground we did not get it all Covered in the fall AB's Jess filled. J went to Markham for the Oat bags. they were not there, they were sent to Locust Hill

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May 1901

so he Came bay Locust Hill & got them we all went to work & filled 40 of them A & J took them up PM they weighed I & Adeline helped scrub Meeting house AM W. fine & warm like rain this evening distant thunder raining a little now 900 the trees are out in leaf & a great many blossoms

9 A & Henry plowed down dung in west part of field behind Cider house J helped to dig garden AM he took Butter & Eggs to Lewis's PM W. fine, but blowed from East drizzly rain towards evening it did not rain last night

10 A & Henry finished Plowing down dung J drove one team while Henry spread dung I went to Ceder Grove AM I & Nancy went awhile to Uriah Drudge's PM Ruhana is some better W. Cloudy awhile AM fine & Cler PM J Ionson was here last night with his Horse: Ashdale:

11 Boys Pulled off the boards on north side of East Mow in East barn adjoining the silo & also on east side of leanto where it joins the strawshed we want the boards for to board up the addition to Flavius barn they harrowed & rolled the Corn ground PM

May 1901

I went to Flavius AM & gave him the money to Pay the mason Ellis for building the wall he finished on Wednesday then I went to Ceder Grove W. fine rain last night Cloudy awhile then, Cler & warm distant thunder PM Cooler this evening

Sunday 12 I & Nancy went to JD's to dinner W. Cool & Cler AM dark & heavy squaals Came up PM a little distant thunder pretty strong wind pretty heavy showers

13 J & Henry Chored & Pulled off some Caterpillers AM Henry sowed feed Corn in west part of field behind Cider house & south of bush PM I went to Ceder Grove for Seed Corn AM Adeline Mary went to Markham PM W. Cool N wind Cler. A brought 700 Hemlock from Ratcliffs @ $10.00 per M

14 Boys pulled down old fence along north end of Calf pasture & dressed a lot of round rails to make a straight fence along there I & Nancy went to McN's to dinner W. Cler but Cool very fine PM Herman's were here to dinner today

15 Boys put in the posts & finished the fence I brought home Chop they plowed & raked the back garden PM

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May 1901

I took Susanna to JD's & went to Ceder Grove AM & brought home $6.00 worth of sugar Granulated @ 21 lbs for lb $ Cooking 23 lbs I & Anne Started after 2 PM & went to Reesors flats & got a fine mess of Mushrooms & Called at JD's & brought Susanna home W. very fine day a white frost last night I don't think there was any damage done Thomas Called this morning & took Nancy with him she Came home after dinner she says they have a young son

Ascension day 16 all went to Meeting at Hebron except J he took Butter & Eggs to Lewis's (Susanna went too) remarks & sermon on Acts part of 1st C by Br C Johny Reesor's & Daniel Ramer & his son Martin were here to dinner Davids were here to supper. W. very fine

17 Henry went to Herman's to fill dung A went to Benj'ns to help to plow & scrape the big ditch from Boyds line south he helped awhile then rain stopped them A cut seed Potatoes PM J & Benj'n staked off some more grading on Pickering townline PM I & Nancy Called at Thomas's PM to see the little boy he is doing well we also Called at Flavius little Eva is not well W. a few fine showers through the day a sharp heavy clap of thunder at bedtime no rain before or after it & no more thunder

May 1901

18 Boys Plowed on Pickering Townline with one team AM A & Henry helped at Flavius with team PM to Clear out the new barn Cellar J got Horses Chief & Billy shod at Ceder Grove PM I took Susanna to Flavius PM & brought her home again I went to Rouge near Scarboro School house & caught a small mess of Chubs AM W. very fine day Flavius Reesor Called

Sunday 19 all went to Meeting at Hebron except J & Susanna Sermon on St Mat 26 & 27 C's by C Gayman & Br C Lords supper was Celebrated no visitors A & Henry Adeline Mary & Anne went to JD's to supper W. a drizzly rain & East wind all AM not heavy Cleared up after dinner slight rain PM

20 A & Henry worked at Flavius all day pulling out granery & building a wall in front of new Cellar I & J took a grist Chop to Br S's & brought a load of Maple lumber to Flavius' PM W. drizzly rain AM Cleared up PM fine & warm

21 A & Henry straightened Posts & fixed fence along Scarboro townline west of lane AM J took Susanna to Herman's & left her to stay awhile then he went to Claremont

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May 1901

to see H White about some Ceder sheeting to sheet silo we Can get it at $20.00 per M. we do not Know if we will take it W. strong East wind prety Cler

22 Boys Chored & worked in shop A & Henry made 2 small stands W. slow drizzling rain from East till about 4 PM I got some Mushrooms on Pickering & Scarboro townline A got a lot on 5th Scarboro Close fog this evening very growing weather the crops are growing very fast the grass is very large the fall Wheat is mostly good

23 Henry helped Benj'n fix fences A began fixing old waggon Wheels he is going to Cut them down to Make Trucks out of our old Waggon & will bolt inch maple on each side of the spokes J went to see Bishop AM I took Butter & Eggs to Lewis's AM I & Nancy went to M Barkeys for some Plants PM W. very warm showers went around north PM

24 Victoria Day (So Called in Memory of our late gracious Queen) A worked at Truck wheels Henry helped Benj'n at fences till awhile after dinner J went to Ceder Grove AM W. Cloudy AM began to drizzle at noon drizzly nearly all PM a little Cooler East wind




Benjamin Reesor, “Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1900-1902,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed August 14, 2022,

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  26. pic_2022-06-02_131356.pdf
  27. pic_2022-06-02_131422.pdf
  28. pic_2022-06-02_131512.pdf
  29. pic_2022-06-02_131540.pdf
  30. pic_2022-06-02_131605.pdf
  31. pic_2022-06-02_131629.pdf
  32. pic_2022-06-02_131658.pdf
  33. pic_2022-06-02_131813.pdf
  34. pic_2022-06-02_131831.pdf
  35. pic_2022-06-02_131959.pdf
  36. pic_2022-06-02_132028.pdf
  37. pic_2022-06-02_132054.pdf
  38. pic_2022-06-02_132116.pdf
  39. pic_2022-06-02_132145.pdf
  40. pic_2022-06-02_132206.pdf
  41. pic_2022-06-02_132226.pdf
  42. pic_2022-06-02_132318.pdf
  43. pic_2022-06-02_132359.pdf
  44. pic_2022-06-02_132418.pdf
  45. pic_2022-06-02_132506.pdf
  46. pic_2022-06-02_132524.pdf
  47. pic_2022-06-02_132535.pdf
  48. pic_2022-06-02_132549.pdf
  49. pic_2022-06-02_132621.pdf
  50. pic_2022-06-02_132928.pdf
  51. pic_2022-06-02_132949.pdf
  52. pic_2022-06-02_133004.pdf
  53. pic_2022-06-02_133042.pdf
  54. pic_2022-06-02_133124.pdf
  55. pic_2022-06-02_133157.pdf
  56. pic_2022-06-02_133243.pdf
  57. pic_2022-06-02_133332.pdf
  58. pic_2022-06-02_133403.pdf
  59. pic_2022-06-02_133433.pdf
  60. pic_2022-06-02_133451.pdf
  61. pic_2022-06-02_133509.pdf
  62. pic_2022-06-02_133532.pdf
  63. pic_2022-06-02_133559.pdf
  64. pic_2022-06-02_133614.pdf
  65. pic_2022-06-02_133635.pdf