Edith "Gertrude" Brown Hood Diary, 1912-1929


Edith "Gertrude" Brown Hood Diary, 1912-1929


Getrude Brown Hood




20th Century

Date Created


Is Part Of

Gertrude Brown Hood Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript


Remember last Two Weeks In september

may 8 Uncle John came out & went back May 11. 1912.

June 1 put up wire Hen fence.

May 18 put cows out.

May 30 papa hurt his back for the second time this year.

June 14 Mamma oiled the floor

June 12.13.14 planted potatoes

June 16 We went down to see the calves but it rained & we came back.

June 15 square party was post-poned on account of rain.

June 29 Jean started to scrub.

June 28 John & me drove papa over to Mr. [Wheman's?] raisin. & Saturday night was school meeting & July 3 Mr [Cox's?] barn raisin. July 12 all stayed home but it was a glorious Twelfth.

13th papa & I went to [?]ville & got rake teeth

July 7. I wore any shoes for the first.

1915 July 29 cut wheat (fall) an

Aug 19th drawed it in

Aug 22nd. started to give cows corn. Aug 15 Eva Tate was here and pennies barn was burned.

Aug 25 red cross meeting at Hoods. If it rains July 15th it will for forty days. Aug 11th Jonathon was married & the 18th Methodists had party. Aug 29 Alex went out for tea


July 11 We had new potatoes " 23rd I had a potato that weighed 9 oz.

July 17 Uncle John & Mr Moor came out in the afternoon about three o'clock. & Uncle John went back July 20th. Papa & John drove him out.

July 23 put cows back flats again & July 20 put calves in the field July 31 We went over to Mr Tate's. July 29 & 30 cut fall wheat and shocked on 31 July. July 24 they scrubbed the church. Finished drawing in wheat Aug 15, 1912 & started to draw Barly in Aug 16.

Aug 16 I put on my new Boots.

Oct 10 we started to draw mangles after Dinner 11 Loads.

Oct 9 We noticed Maggies head swollen Oct 10 I was talking to the teacher about [Mrs Buflet?] May 31st B[?]

70 1/2 x 9 = 630 1/2 Paid In [?] 430 / 702


July 29 cut {wheat} (Fall) one

1926 Sept 5, Alex, John + Isobel motored the Ox, Will Brook Marjorie Mannfield Lanna motored down and one all met at the Ex + had lunch together

1927 Sept, 7 Douglas + Luke John + Isobel, Daddy + Me motored together to the Exhibition

Sept, 8 Lanna + Norman Reid Newton + Harry Bodway.

We sold our black ringer to Boynton Aug 3 (1915)

Aug 6th was our Beef. Weight 430.

1912 lbs.
June 11 Beef & {suet?} 21 lbs.
June  18 Beef althru. {another way of writing altogether?} 25 lbs.
June 25 Beef althru  31 lbs.
July 2 Beef altogether 29 lbs.
July 9 Beef altogether 22 lbs.
July  16 Beef altogether 28 1/2 lbs.
July  23 Beef altogether 21 lbs.
July  30 Beef altogether 22 1/4 lbs.
Aug. 6 Beef althru. Our Beef.  21 1/2 lbs.
Aug 13 Beef althru Thom. 23 lbs.
Aug 20 Beef Althru {(Ashues)?} 18 1/2 lbs
Aug 27 Beef Althru 19 lbs.
Sept  3 Beef Althru. 23 1/2 lbs.
Sept  10 Beef Althru 25 lbs.
Sept. 17 Beef Althru 20 1/2 lbs.
Sept 24 Beef althru.  23 lbs.
Oct 1. Beef althru. (Armon's) 18 lbs.
Oct 8 Beef althru 18 1/2 lbs.
Oct 15 Beef althru 22 lbs.
Oct 22 Beef Althru 18 1/2 lbs
Aug. 6 Weight of run. Beef Ring 440 1/2 lbs
70 1/2 x 9  = 630 1/2 Paid {Ln.?} wg. 430
Weight dressed We{ight}
1st Animal {Was.?} W. Braks. 53 {page cut off, might have weighed more}
2nd. " " W. Hood. 49 {page cut off, might have weighed more}
3rd " " W. Boynton. 52 {page cut off, might have weighed more}
4th " " J. Thompson. 47 {page cut off, might have weighed more}
5th " " J. Calvert.
6th " " W. John's
7th " "
8th " " W. {Al?} Brooks. 410
9th " " D. ash.
10th " "
11th " " W. Brown 478
12th " "
13th " " H. Smith
14th " " G. Padget 476
19th " " W. Ness 399

1913 June 3 Ring opened

June 3rd. No. lbs. beef. 22
June 10th. No. lbs. beef. 23
June 17th. No. lbs. Beef. 31
June 24th. No. lbs. Beef. 28
July 1st. No. lbs. Beef. 25
July 8th. No. lbs. Beef. 23 1/2
July 15th. No. lbs. Beef. 22 1/2
July 22nd. No. lbs. Beef. 18 1/2
July 29th. No. lbs. Beef. 25 lbs
Aug. 5th. No. lbs. Beef. 24 lbs
Aug. 12th. No. lbs. Beef. 19
Aug 19th. No. lbs. Beef. 26 1/2
Aug 26th. No. lbs. Beef. 33
Sept. 2nd. No. lbs. Beef. 36
Sept. 9th. No. lbs. Beef. Was sick. No Beef
Sept. 16th. No. lbs. Beef. 25
Sept. 23th. No. lbs. Beef. 25
Sept 30th. No. lbs. Beef. 22 1/2
Oct 7th. No. lbs. Beef. 19
Oct 14th. No. lbs. Beef. 23 
Oct 21st No. lbs. Beef. 23 1/2
499 -478= 21 ]499
1st Animal Was W Ness Weight 530
2nd Animal Was W. {initial too faded?}
{Tansborne?} 571
Boynton 470
Burton 409
The turn's
Jun 1st Will
June 8th Mr Thompson
June 15 Alex
June 22 Mr Vanhorn
June 29 Charlie
July 5 Will
July 13 Mr Thompson.
July 20 Alex.
July 27 Mr Vanhorn
Aug 3 Charlie.
Aug 10 Mr Thompson.
Aug 17 Mr. Will
Aug 24 Charlie
Aug 31 M. Van Horn
Sept 7 Will
Joe  Bond 6 lbs.

{The following was written in the right margin of the page, vertically from the bottom of the page to the top:}

Aug 24 We should have put our beef in but he was sent back + w John put his in + Walter Brooks put his in Aug 31st.

1914 June 2 Ring Opened

June 3rd No. lbs. beef. 26 1/2
June 11 9 No. lbs. beef. 33
June 17 14 No. lbs. beef. 27
June 25 23 No. lbs beef 27 1/2
June 30 No lbs. beef. 28
July 7 No. lbs. beef. 19
July 14 No lbs. Beef. 23x
July 21 No lbs. Beef. 19
July 28 No. lbs. beef. 31
Aug 4th No. lbs beef 20
Aug 11th No. lbs beef 29
Aug 18th No lbs beef 28
Aug 25th No lbs beef 31
Sept. 1st No lbs beef. 28
Sept 8th No lbs beef. 25 1/2
Sept 15th No lbs beef 22 1/2 x 417
Sept 22nd No lbs beef 19 1/2
Sept 29th No lbs beef 24 1/2
Oct 6th No lbs beef 21
Oct 13th No lbs beef. 15
489- 409=80$ 720 Pd. Ln. 489

{The following was written in the right margin of the page:}

($7.20 paid 2nd) 1914

1915 June 1 Beef. Ring Opened

June 1st. No lbs beef. 22
" 8 " " " 22
" 15 " " " 18 1/2
" 22 " " " 23
" 29 " " " 37
July 6 " " " 30
" 13 " " " 31
" 20 " " " 19 1/2
" 27 " " " 24
Aug 3 " " " 30
Aug 10 " " " 22 1/2
" 17 " " " 25
" 24 " " " 19
" 31 " " " 25
Sept 7 " " " 31
Sept 14 " " " 30 1/2
Sept 21 " " " 30
Sept 28 " " " 25 1/5
Oct 5 " " " 30 1/2
" 12 " " " 20


Coconut cookies

1/2 cup Butter

1 1/2 cup w sug.

2 eggs

1/2 lbs shredded co.

2 cups flour

1 1/2 teaspoon B powder

1 teaspoon Vanilla

mix Butter sugar {Beat?}

eggs add W sugar + Butter

add coconut sift B.P {baking powder} + flour mix ingredients

a little salt

drop on Buttered pan with modern oven


May 16 New Marshal mattress

" 16 John + Jim Russel {Thurs?}, went away fishing

June 17 Daddy went to {word faded; illegible}

18 for a visit


May 12 John took Blakie and Lilie down in york sold for $55.+$75=130 May 12 Teacher came over for SS. May 10 let cows out on grass. May 11 Mr Rae was here. May 8 John & I went to city } Conduct No-73} Nov.14 Mary & I went to Buttonville calling at Duncans & Kelley's Nov 16. We killed one pig & 15 chicks came out from under the pig pen Nov. 28 5 Chicks came out from the stable 1916 Feb.8 moved pigs in new pig pen. Jan 15 Alex enlisted & {Mth} he put his sut on {LR?} then he got his watch. he was 18 years. Feb.9th I was at Huvpers {Illegible} Alex came home He & John went to carnival and {Myball?}


May 18th Alex Young. With Rodrick John + Newton with the frame of the old cowstall down.

May 4 The boys started the foun-dation of the hen house.

" 24 Put up the frame and Newton went up to the Hill for lumber

" 27 Laura + Norman went to Markham Lane ({word faded; illegible})

June 2nd + 3 Mr Jarvis + his two men were here putting up the frame of the implement shed.

fine day.

June 14 Gertie + Laura went down to {be exford?} to the Institute.

" 15 There were 17 of us went to Colonel Deacon's to the Institute meeting had a nice time.


June 26 John, Della, Dorothy Daddy + Mother motored to Barrie and Belle event.

Monday morning Florence + Katie Craig + Laura motored up to see Marjorie + Jack.

Aug 14th Sunday. Douglas + Gertie John + Isobel Laura Della + Daddy motored up to Meaford

Aug 16 Florence Amos Mrs L{word faded; illegible} {Affie?} + Alfred Amos called


June 12 Mrs Booke Mary Rodrick Mrs Burr Laura + Gertie mother motored to Locust Hill to the East P. W. M. J. all day.

June 11 Newton went to Hospital for Appendicitis

June 25 came home 2 weeks


April 6 The Mission Band had the Quilting here it was a beautiful day.

" 19 It rained + snowed all day, was very cold the ground was all covered with snow.

May 6 Kelley's new hall at Buttonville was opened There were about 175 there

June 30th {Ila?} Weighill had her Recital it was very cool.

" 7 Uncle John fell through the barn floor, the boards were loose and {siffed?} with him.

" 16 He was able to come downstairs himself but was very weak.

July 12th (Sunday) John motored Uncle John Daddy + Ma down to Mount-Pleasant to see Uncle Jim's Monument.

July 14 The S.S. held there Union Pic-nic at {Kew?} Beach

" 28 Harvey Colland + man painted the Barn


Sept 1st Mr Mantle + Fleming came back to finish up

" 7 Mr Mantle Fleming + Handy finished all up on Sat Sept 12th.

" 22 Mr Jarvis + his two men came back to work.

Oct 1st The Carpenter's finished {there?} work complete.


March 29 {initial?}. Brook A. Young + Douglas Hood helped the bots to take down the frame of the house stable.

Will Rodrick

Jim Mc{Lunay?}

Bob Pindar

Bob Thompson

Charlie Bryan

Albert Aster

Douglas Hood

{The following three names are in one large pair of curly brackets:}

Mr Frank Jarvis

Art Russell

Allen Ramer Carpenters

We had 23 for supper

It was a fine day we had supper at 5 O'clock

Then it came on rain

John went to {be exford?}

1924 to a Dance.

May 27th We had the Barn Raising

There were about 200 here. I had 65 pies

125 Tarts

20 Cakes

1 Fruit Cake

10 {Dogen Brew's?}

And different kind of cookies

3 Ham's 35 lbs Beef.

The weather became very hot after this we could scarcely stand the heat it kept very hot till June 9th. Then it turned a little cooler.

June 18 The Carpteners finished

" 19 We had a Dance there were around 250 here

It came on rain about 10-30 and rained very heavy. They danced till 2-30

" 29 The first load of Hay went in the new barn.

April 20th Mr Jarvis + Art Russell were here 1/2 day put door on in the {hilshon?}

April 21st The men were not here it was to cold and wet.

" 22 Mr Mantle + Fleming

" 23 Mr Hardy came

" 27 Mr Hardy was here alone

" 27 Mr Jarvis, Art Russell + Allen Ramer took down last Barn it had been up 50 year's

It was a very cold day

Will Brook

Bob Thompson +

Douglas Hood helped

May 1st The men were not here it was to wet.

" 6th The three carpenters were here + took down north Barn

Mr Rodrick

Henry Hooper

Will {Leathes?}

Will Brook

Alex Young

Douglas Hood.

There. were 21 of us for supper

John stepped on a nail and had a very sore foot for a few days

May 19th Mason's finished the wall.

" 19 John + Newton went up to Ratcliff's for lumber

" 22nd Laid foundation of Barn

Ed. Fierheller

Bob Cook

Ernest Lucas

Frank Hand.

Will Clark

Jonnathan Calvert

Henry Hooper

Jack Ash

Alex Young

Gordon {Leaft?}.

Helped to unload first car.

Jack Thompson

Will Brook.

Albert Aster

Charlie Hooper.

John {Broson?}.

Feby, 25 It rained + was misty

" 26 It turned very cold + blustery

" 27th It was very cold the second car of gravel came.

" 27th 2 Loads Newton

" 2 " Bob Cook.

" 2. " Charlie Hooper.

" 2 . Will Rodrick

" 1 " John McLunay

" 1 " Bob. Thompson

" 1 Cline Burr

" 1 Harold Cunningham

" 28 2 " Bob. Cook.

" " 1 Rubin Sliver

" " 2 Newton {Broson?}

17 Loads in Second car.

Those who helped unload car.

Albert Aster

Bob Pindar

Will Brook

Will Leathers

Jack Young

Henry Hooper

{Lavern?} Scott

Charlie Hooper.

March 26th John took shingles + roof boards off barn. very hot.

April 7th Ploughed out trench for foundation

" 9 Put up windmill

Mr Brown from Toronto + Ken, Prentice

" 13th The Mason's started to work Mr. Fleming + Hardy

" 15 Mr Mantle came

" 13th Mr Jarvis + man here 1/2 day

" 13 " {Levi?} Hood + Alex went down to the city for Lime.

1927 Sunday visitors

March 27 Isabel Scott, {name?} + Ruth Walker. Edith Craig

April 3rd Marjorie Mansfield

" 10 Lucy Gregson

77 McFarland Ave. Toronto

" 17 Lucy Gregson

Ken {Gredicks?}

" 24 Norman Reid

" Jack + Marguerite

May 8 Jack + Marguerite

June 12 Marian Evans

Jack + Marguerite.

June 26 Norman Reid

" " Gordon + Ivy Wilson called

July 24th Mr W. Irvine his two son's called. and daughter {word faded; ?}

" 31st Bill + Annie Larnie.

Jack + Marguerite for tea

Mr Ward + his wife + Jean Larnie called after Dinner and took Annie up to Jackson's point.


Dec, 30 1 Load Sand for the Barn.

" 31 1 " " "

Jan 1st 2 " "

" 3rd 2 " "

" 5 4 2 Team's

" 6 4 " "

" 7 4 " "

" 8 4 " "

" 9 4 " "

" 10 4 " "

30 Loads

Feby 23 1 Load it rained heavy all day {above this line it reads: Newton}

" 24 4 " Newton

" " 3 " Douglas Hood

" " 1 " Jack Young

" " 2. Charlie Boynton

" " 3" Will Boynton

" " 3 Bernard Stiver

" " 2. Cline Burr.

" " 2. Jack Ash.

" " 1 Ed Fierheller

22. Loads Gravel in first car.

Sunday visits

Oct 2 {name too faded to read} + Douglas Dinner

" " Marguerite + Jack Dinner

Nov 20 Mrs Galloway called

Dec, 4th Helen + Mary Rodrick

Dec 11th Alex + Marian


July 19 Ken {Beatrix?} tea

26 " " tea

March 4 Gertie + Douglas Dinner

" 18 Louis Watson

" 25 Isobel Scott

April 8th Bob Thompson Norm Reid

" 29 Jack + Marguerite

May. 6 Annie Laurie

" 13 Jack + Marguerite

" 20 Marian {Evans?}

" 27 Jack + Marguerite + Baby

Alex + Marian

Gertie + Douglas

June 8 Mr + Mrs Woods Douglas + Mildread stayed for tea


May 5 12 butter myself

May 12 28 lbs. 21 Doz. newton & me

May 19 27 lbs. 16 Doz. eggs. myself.

May 26 28 lbs. 23 1/2 Doz. eggs ma & me

June 2 15 lbs. 16 Doz eggs. myself.

June 9 31 lbs. 16 Doz. eggs me & me.


April 22 The Mission Band had two quilts done at the Church


Sept. 6. Della & Dorothy started H. S.

July 31st Mr + Mrs {name faded?} called & mill Hay for {den?}

1927 Jan, 23 Marian Evans

Marian Forman

Sunday Douglas + Gertie

Visitors Isobel Scott

Jack + Marguerite


June 30th Sun, Jack + Marguerite Dinner

Douglas + Gertie

Bob + Jean

Alex + Marian {Roy?}

Louis Stiver. Ken Fredric

Bill Champion. {Bernie?} Hill

Murray Macklin Norman Reid


June 6th We had our W.M.S. at the church Bob here + St John’s Ladies were here + Miss Lynn spoke to us. When I came home I went up to Aunties as she was very sick. Edith + I stayed all night with her

7 I took an {Alechie, or alchie? Meaning alcohol?} treatment

9 “ “ “ one 21st one treatment {Word is curved down the side of the page}

12 “ “ “

15 “ “ “

10 Bob + Jean went to Guelph

10 Newton motored to the Falls

12 Jack & Marguerite were here for tea Laura Newton and myself went to Mr Burnham’s to pick the paper for {Dining R.? meaning dining room?} Then I went up to the Dr and took a treatment.


June 13 We had a very heavy rain

“ 21st Mr Burnham {to be fired? The words are written very closely together.}

“ 22 one bedroom + Dining Room

July 4 “ Picnic at High Park Hern Little was here to go with us

“ 22 Jack + Marguerite Alex and Marian were {Sun?} after noon for tea Alex & Marian stayed all night - Daddy + John with {the following words are very faded:} Hern down on {Mon morn?}

“ 29 Newton with Dorothy Daddy & Ma down to Alex’s Sun, after-noon

Aug 12 Mr Leo Steers + Lizzie McLean Sunday, called in the after-noon


April 29 John + Isobel Laura & Norman went down to Alex in the after-noon for tea

May 1st 300 chicks 54.00

“ 3rd Newton got his new car {Above this word it reads:} chevrolet

“ 6 Newton took Jean & Annie Laurie Daddy & Mother up to see Gertie then over to Unionville + Markham our first ride in his car.

.10th John. Laura Douglas took Gertie down to Hospital

14 Douglas + I went down {In the left margin it reads: operated this date} at night to see Gertie

20 John took Marian Evans Jean + Mother out to Maple and around to Wilcox Lake for a drive Sun, after-noon, Newton


May 20 went up to Marguerite’s for dinner down to Alex for tea

22 Gertie came home from the Hospital, 12 Days

“ 27 All the family were home

30 Mr F. Frisby came to cement the verandah George Deukes put in the {pike, or pipe?}

June 3 Bob Jean Laura Norman

+ 4 John & Isobel motored to {Bala?} and stayed out Mon, night

Daddy + Mother went up to Gertie’s for dinner Newton came up for us and took us down to see Fred Leaf’s {tulips?} they were beautiful


July 22nd The {J. D. S.?} held there {their} Skating Party at Unionville rink then came back to the Church for lunch.

Mar 4th Sun, was a very cold

“ 5 blustery day + Mon, to {too?}

“ 21 Isobel came over and stayed till Sun, on Thurs we went up to see Marguerite at the hospital.

Mar, 28 John got his new car {above this word it reads: pontiac} Daddy Gertie John & myself went to the city.

April 8 Easter Sun was a very cold blustery day Bob + Jean Norman + Laura Della + Daddy went up to see Marguerite in the afternoon and came back here for tea after tea Bob Norman John + Newton

April went to Markham to hear Jonah preach.

9th was very cold to {too?}

10th Daddy John Laura + Dorothy went to the city then Laura went on up to Marguerite

15 came back Sun, morning

11th The Mission Band held there Quilting at the church

13 we had a snow down

14 It rained then the wind got up and blew {word illegible?}

21 It snowed all afternoon

22 Daddy shoveled snow of {Vandorah?}

22 Daddy, John, Della, Dorothy + me went up to see Marguerite & J

24 The ground was all covered with snow driving at night

25 Marguerite came down all day Daddy + John were at {Oshawa?} all day.

1927 dinner then the 6 of us went to Jackson’s Point Mount Albert Udora Leaskdale. Virginia and other parks.

Aug 29 It rained all day.


July 15th Daddy tried {his?} music {Axamalian? Word hard to decipher.}

“ “ Mother had an attack of {Lumhags?} was laid up for two months.

July 27 The Women’s Institute held there cooking class up at the Church for 2 wk’s {weeks}

Mar 7. They intended having a Banquet but on account of the snow storm had to postpone it.

{The following number of entries are written in larger, messier, darker writing than she normally wrote. She also wrote into the left margin, which she typically used for the dates.}

Aug 31 {this sentence is written at the very top of the page and is difficult to read}: it {?} John {?}

Sept {it?} he went home at night & took John down for {exhibition?} and we finished harvesting threshers

Aug 29 (1913) {Stiver, or Steven?} came over to repair manure spreader.

May 1915, 9th Marguerite & I went to Cook’s & met {name?} & Fred at the corner. Frank {crook?} was out to Boyington’s. Ma & Jean went to {a word is written down the side of the page, starting with an M, perhaps a place?}

April 4, 1917. We got yellow goose John’s


Oct 19 Kelley’s Hall at Buttonville was burned down.


May 10th The young people’s to city motored up to U. Square and gave a very nice program and they provided the lunch. John, Laura, Newton, Della, Dorothy {between the lines it reads: were up} she played a selection on piano

“ 14th The first meeting of the young womens Institute was held here there were 21 present - the rain kept some away.

May 22 was a fine day very warm

“ 23 rained all day

“ 24 rained till noon then cleared away

25 rained again in the fore-noon then cleared away and was very cool

June 12 Douglas Gertie & {Mac?} Daddy + I motored up to Mary and they were not home


June The girls tried there {their} {C–trance? Word unclear}


July 1st Diamond Jubilee 60 years

“ 1st Della + Dorothy went to R. Hill {Richmond Hill}

“ 1st Norman Laura + Newton went to Thornhill field Day

July 23rd It rained all day

“ 24 John Jean Daddy + I went for a drive down to the city.

July 27 John, Laura, Newton, Della, Dorothy all went to Musselman’s Lake to the young people’s pic-nic.

“ 28 John Laura Della + I went up to Marguerite. Della stayed all Sun.

Aug, 19th Miss Mary Gallaway died was buried Aug 22nd.

Aug 28th Douglas + Gertie

Sun, Dorothy + I went up to Marguerite and stayed for {Sentence cut off by end of page.}


March 26 John, Laura + Newton were up at {Davis? Name.} Birthday party.

“ 26 Douglas + Gertie, Marguerite + Jack + Della were here and we had an Oyster supper among ourselves Jean + Alex were not out as it was to {too} storming it snowed all day. Della & Dorothy went up home with Marguerite and stayed all night. Then John & Isobel Daddy + myself went up and brought the girls home on Sunday after-noon. It was Mission Band Viola & Ruth Walker were here for dinner and for tea Edith Craig was here then we all went over to the young people’s.


April 15th Laura went up to see Marguerite and stayed all Sat, afternoon then she + Jean came down home on Sun, the 16th was Easter Lucy Keyson came out in the morning and stayed till Mon night Easter Sun, Douglas & Gertie Daddy + Mother motored up to Marguerite after dinner and stayed for tea it was very misty coming home

April 12 Started to work on Land

“ 21st finished seeding

May 4&5 They took the old mill down at Buttonville Will Elliott fell and was badly hurt Len Hood took him down to the Hospital in the truck he was there till the Last of July

{In the left margin beside that entry it reads: They had a dance up at the mill Aug 9 John Newton Laura went.}


{This entry begins in the middle of a sentence:} was buried at our church it turned very cold + windy and froze very hard. That night.

April 20th The boy’s took down the old hen house

April 21st Douglas, Gertie, Laura + myself motored down to the city and each of us got new hats.

May the 4th The boys started to work one {on} the land Douglas + Gertie were here for tea. Jack + Marguerite came after tea Marguerite stayed here till Thurs.

June 20th Jack + Marguerite Douglas + Gertie Dorothy & myself motored to Jackson Pt {Point} we left in the afternoon.

July 4th John. Della, Dorothy, Daddy and myself motored to Woodbridge & Brampton in the afternoon

June 20 Della had the measles, we did not have any rain till July 9 when we had a shower.

Dec 11th Mr James Gallaway was buried


Jan 13 The Orangemen had a dinner in the Hall at Unionville Isobel came over in the afternoon and stayed till Mon, night.

Jan 19th Daddy & John motored to the city.

Feby, 14 Mr Leaf took the old Orange Hall down at Brown’s Corner’s. It had been up for 50 years.

Feby 15 The young people of Brown’s Corner’s United church had a skating party at Markham Rink after the skating party they went up to Mrs N. L. Stiver’s and had lunch.


March 7th Jack + Marguerite motored up to Sharon to there {their} new home. On Friday March 11th Douglas + Gertie John + Mother motored up to see them.

Nov, 17th 1926

Laura had her tonsils out she went to St. John’s Hospital came home on the 19th {$}60.00

1929 April 27 got {Clecher? Brand name?} thresher

May 29 got the chickens

July 16 Dorothy went to Grimsby Beach with the {Rer.?} Woods

“ returned


March 30 Ma & Daddy were up at Gerties with the new driver, it was a lovely day. Mar, 31 we had one of the worst storm in many years it snowed & rained all day over lit up. and April 1 it snowed nearly all day it did not rain turning colder at night. The 3rd it snowed all day and at night the wind was very high. The 4th was Easter Sun, it was a lovely day Easter Mon, it snowed all fore noon the afternoon was very nice

April 7th Mrs Hugh Leaf died, was buried on the 9th it was a lovely day the water was {winning?} all over the road up to the bridge.

April 14 John + Ma drove over to see Marguerite in the fore-noon she was sick with the Flu. In the after-noon Mr. W. H. Brown {Sentence is cut off by end of the page}


Oct 6+7 Jack + Marguerite & Baby stayed all night from the M. Fair

14th Jean + Annie Laurie + Art called to see Jean in morning

21st Mrs + Mrs Job & her two sisters called in the afternoon for tea Lorne Dinner Chris Kennedy Douglas Woods Norman Reid Mildred was here from Frid{ay} night.

Nov 29 Douglas + Gertie took Daddy + I to the N. W. Fair it was a beautiful day we enjoyed it very much.

Mr Burt Brown

367 Landsdowne {Ave?}


Mr Harvey Brown

217 Garden Ave


Mr Jas Brown

29 Wood Street


{A line is drawn horizontally across the page.}

Alex # 778410

Erons # 778312

Loddie # 778295

Joe #

Mac. #

1927 Sunday visitors + callers

Aug. 7 Douglas & Gertie afternoon

“ 14 Marguerite for dinner

“ 21st Jack + Marguerite called

Oct, 23rd Marian Evans Sat + Sun

Nov, 4 Bob Thompson tea

{A business card was left in the middle of the page and covers the remaining entries.}

“ 11 tea

“ 18 {d}inner

March 25 & Ma

1928. down

ed nearly


{The business card has an image in the top left corner, in a circle. A hand is holding cloth up to a spool of thread. In small letters it reads: It GRIPS as it ZIPS. The business card reads: THE LINE THAT NEEDS NO CLOTHES PINS. Sales Agent


Gormley, Ont.


517 Bayview Ave.

MO. 7562 - Toronto}

1928 May 1st Planted some potatoes







56.70 {under the number 7 was previously written the number 6.}




Meat Brine

Salt the meat put in barrels let stand a day or so. Make brine

to each pail water add 4 lbs Rocks salt

1 ounce salt peter

1 pound Brown sugar

Boil & let cool then pour over meat be sure to cover well.

{The following list of dates and social callers were those that were covered by the business card on the previous page.}

1927 Sunday visitors + callers

Aug. 7 Douglas & Gertie afternoon

“ 14 Marguerite for dinner

“_21st Jack + Marguerite called

Oct, 23rd Marian Evans Sat + Sun

Nov, 4 Bob Thompson tea

“ 11 Bob Thompson tea

“ 18 Jean French Dinner

March 25 John Isobel Daddy & Ma

1928. went from church down to Alex it rained nearly all day Mrs {Iswen?} + Florence over there

{Over the page that contained the numbers and the recipe for meat brine is another business card, or rather what appears to be the back of the business card from the previous page. It reads: A DOZEN OUTSTANDING REASONS Why Every Modern Housewife Will Eventually Own a New ZIP-GRIP CLOTHESLINE

1. Requires no Clothespins 7. Quickly Installed
2. Self-Cleaning  8. Will Last a Lifetime
3. Fast and Simple to Use 9. Rustproof
4. Will not Stretch, Sag, or Break 10. Prompt Prepaid Shipment
5. Entirely Frictionless 11. Guaranteed
6. Very Efficient in Winter 12. No Price Comparison

At the bottom of the card, in Edith’s writing is: 200 ft. 9.95}

Total amount above the 78¢

May 6 first treatment

May 14 second “

{In the right margin it reads:






{The following is written more faintly than normal:}

Cover meat with 4 lbs Rock Salt

each pail water

1 ounce salt peter

1 “ {baking} soda

1 pd Brown sugar

Boil cool


June 4th. J. Coxworth came out in the afternoon + went home {between the lines it reads: in the morning, Pa Drove him to the car.}

June 6th. June 5 papa & him were driving all day Long. & I harnessed molly at night and was driving her around also went over to the {fifth?} for Bicycle. June. 6 went Back with Bicycle June. 6. had terrible Blustery storm & blew silos over June 7 Papa & John went to V.S. for Money.









7 3.78

May 6 Papa Newton & I went to Markham to Dr {Hore?} for the first treatment 1915. had a letter from Uncle John also

May 15 planted potatoes in orchard 2 rows Newton’s along last side &. second hill on the north side of second tree from south & Newton {below this name it reads: (May 15)} planted his mangles

Laura planted her corn on same date.

April 30 Will came over for John’s eggs 1 ½ Doz.

May 14 Will came over for “ 5 Doz.

July 6th we got Lightning {rlocls?} on Bill came over at night Irene Hood phoned down wanting me to go up to Geneva park with her on Monday July 10. 1916)

Oct 15 Teacher came down to see pullets & Oct 17 we made a bargain. Oct 17 Newton was sick Oct 16 papa went to the sale at Stongs & 18 papa went to Padgets for to see potato digger

Dec. 13 W. Ghone came over to see Roosters. & offered 12 ½ per lbs alive

Jan. 4 Mr. C. I. Stiver was here for Dinner.

Jan 15. J. L. & I went for a drive down three smith mills & so on. May 12 I drove up to {puinty? puints?}. May 24 put Cows out on Lane. May 24 & 26 put mangles in May 26 I wanted to stop taking music Lesson for a while. May 26 Mary got her tablets from azalia.

May 25th 1913 Grace was here May

May 18 Rhea was here May 25 Marg. Jean & I were over to Aunties

June. 1st. Aunie was over to Aunt Maggies and called in here at night

brought little colts up.

Sept 23 brought big colts up.

Sept 29 Auntie & Myrtle was over.

Sept 30 papa started fall plowing.

Nov. 22 finished our potatoes

Nov. 23 it turned very cold & snow. & froze up for good, Feb 20 Also I went to {Lunar’s? Lunau’s?} party. Feb 22 it rained hard & Feb 14 & 11 & 12 were beautiful april like days. 1913.

Sept 9th 1915 Alex & I were down to the exhibition in the afternoon & evening. We threshed on Tuesday the seventh. Sept 8 1915 the Gospel team came out & stayed until 11th.

Aug 1st Papa went to Van-Horns & Boys went to Walker’s.

Aug. 5 put Heavy fly nets on horses, Aug 5th papa went over to Whites to buy pigs & the 6th boys went after them, Aug 6th upset load of wheat on the lane and John & I went to Unionville at night. Aug 8th. Mrs. Routly was here for butter. and I went to Hood’s at night and I drove papa up to the school meeting That was the night they meas-ured the {fence?} and counted it up. Aug 8 Mrs Routly was here & Aug 12 she was here again Aug 20 Papa was sick & I put cows down the Orchard for the first.

Sept 21st papa stowed wheat.

“ 21st John Laura & I went to Unionville step. {Sept} 28 Newtie & I went.

sept. 25 I went up to Mrs. Sandersons.

Aug 26 We had a very violent storm in the afternoon. Aug 28. Mr. Fleming was here with {Anton?}

Aug 18 Was first for papa to not see some-thing, in Della’s head. 1912 Here.

Feb. 25 1913 Mr. Prentice & Mr. Buse was here all fornoon the piano agent.

Apr. 17 1913 alex started on Land Doll & King april 18 pa & Alex were both on Land pa. had {panel?} + Dolly

}May 6 {below this date it reads: (1913)}11 little pigs arrived one Died. May 15 Mamma was going to the city. May 14th funeral Mr Brook

1916. May 8 pa & I went up to see Mr Hood 9 {The numbers 8 and 9 were written much larger than the rest of the sentence} I planted the dalios & other seeds.

May 7 Rhea was here Mary & {sdd?}, boys came over at night

T. MARCH 7th R. APRIL. 13th L. S.

april 23 in the morning the ground was covered with snow & Hood’s & Wallen’s started on the land

april 25 we started to work the back field and april 30 we sowed oats and finished it

The first of May was nice & warm. 2nd. of May we started to plant {Mions?} in the garden

May 9 was a cold wind & May 13 was very cold & a very strong wind & a few snow flakes. May 16. 17. 18, 20, 21 was very rainy & wet but 19th was sunday and it didn’t rain until about nine O.clock

June 4. 5. 6. 7. was middlin cold but still there was mild days.

Last week or so, of June & July part of first was very hot & dry, July 9th we started haying & finished July 23 in the afternoon

{The following is written very faintly on what appears to be in inside of the back cover of the diary.}

1927 200

May 20 John got {the rest of the sentence is too faded.}

19.29 april 27. I got the Electric washing machine

{Written upside down, in a darker print that the previous lines are:





June {the previous numbers are written over the date, which appears to be 11 or 19} Charles Jarvis started to work here.


5 1/2



{these three numbers were written upside down}


a farmer bought 125 {hu?} of wheat at 500 {This number was scratched out and written over once or twice.}












April 5 it was very warm and april 6 the water never was as high april 7 was raining and it was Easter Sunday churches were all closed a round here then Monday was cold and Tuesday Morning the ground was covered with snow April 12 was the more like a spring day & evening.

April 14 there was a big thunder storm at night & Monday was very close and hot.

{The back cover of the diary. The material appears to be black leather.}

Dates 1912-1929

Dates 1912-1929

Transcription Progress



Gertrude Brown Hood Diary, 1912-1929_001.pdf
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Gertrude Brown Hood Diary, 1912-1929_032.pdf
Gertrude Brown Hood Diary, 1912-1929_033.pdf
Gertrude Brown Hood Diary, 1912-1929_034.pdf


Getrude Brown Hood, “Edith "Gertrude" Brown Hood Diary, 1912-1929,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed May 22, 2024, https://ruraldiaries.lib.uoguelph.ca/transcribe/items/show/378.

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