Mary Agnes "Aggie" Cooper Diary, 1912


Mary Agnes "Aggie" Cooper Diary, 1912


Mary Agnes "Aggie" Cooper


Courtesy of Archival and Special Collections, University of Guelph




20th Century, York County, Vaughan Township, Ontario

Date Created


Is Part Of

Mary Agnes "Aggie" Cooper Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript


{Picture of a House on a farm} {Portrait of a man}

Diary 1912

{Inside front cover sticker with words AWA-NÂș}

Tital: 1912

Aggie 35 yrs old in 1912

Mon Jan 1. New years day. mother and the girle also Willie family here to spend the day. A cold west wind but fine. Lizzie remained.

Tues Jan 2. Fine bright day Lizzie went to Willies we washed and churned. Mr and Mrs Cane called also mr mitherall uncle and aunt Nethe called on mrs morgan.

Wed Jan 3. Fine day cold uncle in Toronto aunties called on mr Graingers mrs Piehett and mr Sittle.

Thur Jan 4. Fine but cold aunt Nethe at mrs Bualkeys w.a uncle took her {ont?} and went for her.

Fri Jan 5. Fine but extremely cold and high wind mr Grainger Sittles and Willies here for tea.

Sat Jan 6. Fine but very cold. 14 below zero and lower in places i went to Toronto walked to car but uncle met.

Sun Jan 7. Very very cold and high wind we did not go to church as it is so cold.

Mon Jan 8. Rather blustery then started to snow about three o'clock we took our hene to the barn. Soft water pump froze.

Tue Jan 9. A very stormy day blowing all day. Uncle aunt nellie and I went to weston took cutter but four sleighing. I remained others got home about twelve. Could not get up the lane.

Mon Jan 29. Rather clormy raining and freezing. uncle at thornhill in the afternoon.

Tue Jan 30. Fine day. mr Gibson called. Frank and mrs Jeasdale Charlie here.

Wed Jan 31. Fina and moderately cold.

Thur Feb 1. Fine and mild. Aunties at W.a. meeting. Uncle took them and drove out to meet them. Mrs Sittle here for milt I let the Range out the first time this year.

Fri Feb 2. Fine but cold and bright the Bear could see its shadow. blustary at night.

Sat Feb 3. Fine but very, very, cold, below zero. David Smellie here to spend the day. I went to Toronto to the Dentist. Stayed at Mothers for tea.

Sun Feb 4. Fine but very, very cold. Uncle and aunt mattie at church. Uncle and I at Concord church.

Mon Feb 5. Fine but very cold. Aunt Nellie at Thornhill. Uncle at {fohnsmo}

Tue Feb 6. Fine and a little milder. I went to Toronto, to Dentist remained at aliee over night.

Wed Feb 7. Rather blustery then cleared. I came home early.

Thur Feb 8. Fine but cold Annie here all day. Uncle took her and I to Thornhill, got my cap and linished it

Fri Feb 9. A cold windy day. Uncle at mr Russelk sale.

Sat Fed 10. Fine but extremely cold. 24 below zero lower in many places. I went to Toronto on the noon car. came back and remained at mothers. I went to The Rink.

Sun Feb 11. Fine and cold but slightly moderating. I walked home from Thornhill. Willies all here for tea.

Mon Feb 12. Fine and moderately cold. Auntie went to Thornhill to make one egg. felly. Uncle at willies in the afternoon. Maryorie here for tea.

Tue Feb 13. Fine and milder uncle at Thornhill in the afternoon.

Wed Feb 14. The Social a fine mild day. Uncle at mr Sittles cutting feed in the morning. We took seven cakes. A ham one pound of butter two loaves of bread so its {jelly?} cleared about too

Thur Feb 15. Fine and mild aunt mattie went out to wash dishes. Annie came with her for the afternoon.

Fri Feb 16. Fine and very mild uncle at mr Russelk sale.

Sat Feb 17. Fine and very mild I called at Willies. Uncle at Thornhill for cutter shafts exceptionally mild.

Sun Feb 18. Fine and very mild sleighing poor on this road. I went to {Jishervilk?}. Uncle aunt mattie and I at evening{eho?} ulice sold farm a few days ago at {00?} am

Mon Feb 19. Fine and very mild uncle in Toronto. We had a few here to play cards. Annie here all night got another egg. Snow nearly all gone on sideroad.

Tue Feb 20. Fine and mild. Annie went home. Uncle got Wystirs.

Wed Feb 21. Very stormy an east wind all day blowing and snowing.

Thur Feb 22. A dreadful west storm n and s roads all filled no evening train up we could not go to Willies.

Fri Feb 23. Fine day uncle made our road through the orchard. We all went to Willies for tea.

Sat Feb 24. Fine and very mild this roads sloppy and snow nearly all gone on it. Maryorie here for tea. Uncle took me to the Rink ice a little esaft. we get three egge

Sun Feb 25. Fine and very mild. Uncle aunt Nellie and I at church. Uncle and aunt Mattie at evening church.

Mon Feb 26 A very stormy day at times an east wind we washed and churned {at?} Camp bell and mr Snider here for {gtoner?}.

Tue Feb 27. A stormy day with west wind. Dr Camp bell here for tea cleared in the evening.

Wed Feb 28. Uncle and aunt mattie went to Toronto auntie remained still getting three eggs

Thur Feb 29. Fine but cold. Dr Scholfield died uncle at wellies then came home and went to Thorn hill to see about grave.

Fri Mar 1. Fine day and moderately cold. Mr and mrs morgan called. We went to mr Johnsins in eue.

Sat Mar 2. Fine but cold. Uncle at A scholfields Funeral I did not go to the Rink.

Sun Mar 3 Fine but cold East wind Willie here for dinner. I went to Fisherville. We were at Willies for tea.

Mon Mar 4 Fine but east wind. I went to the Rink with Willies Dr Camp bell here.

Tue Mar 5. Fine but cold east wind we called at {mundeys?} uncle in Toronto.

Wed Mar 6. Fine but moderately cold. Uncle helping Willie in the morning. Dr Camp bell here. Dich in sick. I went to hear Jubilee {lsingere?} mith Willie and Mary.

Thur Mar 7. Fine day and milder. Snow nearly all gone on this road auntie at W.a. uncle went to meet her Mick called.

Fri Mar 8. Fine with exeption of light snow flurries. Uncle helping Willie in the afternoon.

Sat Mar 9. Fine but colder again. Uncle at shop in the afternoon.

Fri Mar 8. Fine with exception of light snow flurries. Uncle helping Willie in the afternoon

Sat Mar 9. Fine but colder again. Uncle at shop in the afternoon.

Sun Mar 10. Fine but cold Maryorie went to church with Uncle and Auntie Willies all here for tea.

Mon Mar 11. Fine day and moderately cold.

Tue Mar 12. Came a little snow then fine aunt Mattie came home mr and mrs Hiram Kiffer here.

Wed Mar 13. Fine and mild uncle helping willie take lop out.

Thur Mar 14. Fine and very mild no sleighing on the road. I called at mr Smellies. Uncle and I drove to the store at night.

Fri Mar 15. Snowing and blowing from the east fell about six feel of wet snow a dreadful day

Sat Mar 16. Fine day the snow very deep.

Sun Mar 17. St Patricks Day. Uncle Aunt Mattie and I at evening church. very mild snow nearly gone.

Mon Mar 18. Fine bright warm day dreadfully sloppy. We washed and churned. mr and mrs smellie {lnr?} and mrs Johnson here in the evening.

Tue Mar 19. Fine and warm water over the road uncle in Toronto. Auntie went to iss Mundeys. I went out in the evening got a little damp.

Wed Mar 20. Fine but turning quite cold all frozen at night uncle and I at Frank Teasdales and Clara Teasdale returned with us.

Thur Mar 21. Rather a rough day an east snow storm cleared in the afternoon. We took Clara away in evening

Fri Mar 22. Fine but cold the sleighing a little better.

Sat Mar 23. Fine and cold. Uncle at Willies and at the mill down to J. We have a calf but dead. I skated at Clarkes.

Sun Mar 24. Fine and milder uncle I at church, the children here all day. Uncle and Aunt Mattie at Wellies in the eve.

Mon Mar 25. Fine and moderately cold mr Brown started to dug the lane, it is very icy and deep. Uncle went to order a car at the station.

Tue Mar 26 Fine at first then came some soft snow. I went to Toronto walked out and home. Auntie called to see mrs White. I called in to ask for {Wm?} {Clarta?}.

Wed Mar 27. Fine and mild. Uncle and I at Thornhill in the afternoon Annie came home with us and uncle took Annie home in the buggy the first time out. Snow nearly gone on this road but big drifts on N and S roads.

Thur Mar 28. Fine and very mild, uncle in Toronto, water over the road again but I could get over alright.

Fri Mar 29. Fine day quite mild, water high our peple taking wheat to the car, mr brown finished lane at noon.

Sat Mar 30. Fine but a little colder, they finished filling the car. Mr Mc Donald has come to Thornhill roads drying in some places, water still over the road, the skating fairly good at the Rink.

Sun Mar 31. Came a little shower at noon, uncle and aunt Nellie at church. Sizzie came home with them and uncle took her home in the evening. I have a cold.

Mon Apr 1. April Fool East wind and cold. we washed and churned, washed some for cleaning. Snowed in the afternoon about 1 1/2 inches, let feeder out.

Tue Apr 2. Fine but cold uncle and aunt Nellie at mr Mc Donalds with butter and eggs.

Wed Apr 3. Fine but cold wind not thawing much. I called at Willies, uncle and aunt Nellie at mr Welshs Progressine Euchre.

Thur Apr 4. Milder with a few squawk. Uncle took Aunties to W.a meeting.

Fri Apr 5. Good Friday, fine and very mild taking snow water over the roads. Robins and Blackbirds. Willies family here for tea, water over.

Sat Apr 6. Fine and very mild, water is down the ditch now. Frogs are out. We set a hen, cleaned clothes closets, took pipes down.

Sun Apr 7. Easter Sunday. Rained heavily untill noon. We did not go to church. Uncle, aunt Mattie and I at mrs Clarkes for tea.

Mon Apr 8. Fine but cold, Easter Monday. Uncle at the Vestry meeting.

Tue Apr 9. Rel covered with snow several inches, very soft, uncle in Toronto roads very bad.

Wed Apr 10. Fine but very wet and muddy. We cleaned the Chamber. Willie came to help carry coal feeder out.

Thur Apr 11. Rained heavily in the morning. We three went to Toronto fine and bright in the afternoon. I got my hat $4.

I called to see miss Duncans in the evening.

Fri Apr 12. Fine day roads bad. Auntie white washed ceilings and we cleaned n.spare room and cleaned feather bed.

Sat Apr 13. Fine but cold East wind. Uncle at Mr Mounts funeral, he brought mother out for tea roads a little dry.

Sun Apr 14. Raining most of the day, uncle and aunt Nellie at church a damp east wind frogs out again.

Mon Apr 15. A heavy thunder storm last night, fine and warm started to wash out roads getting dry, washed and churned a vessel struck an Ieebery and over a thousand perished. 1600

Tue Apr 16 Fine and warm. We cleaned Uncles room and ours did not take carpets up.

Wed Apr 17. Fine but cold east wind. Harold Parkinsin here the soft waer pump gomg thawed out cleaned Parlor and spare room.

Thur Apr 18. Fine but dull and showery. Uncle in Toronto auntie cleaned Pantry. We called at mrs Whites.

Fri Apr 19, Fine but cold ice very high wind.

Sat Apr 20. Fine bright and warm. Auntie finished collecting at Thornhill. Uncle & she had tea at mothers. Annie came out I went a pieces. Raked & cleaned orchard Settuce and Onions in all that is dry roads dry.

Apr 21. Fine but East wind, the children here uncle aunt Mattie and I at church Canon Morley speaking roads fine and dry.

Mon Apr 22. A few showers, warm, washed blaukets, Mick started work uncle and auntie at mr K. Kiffers. mrs Clarke here in the evening turning cold at eve.

Tue Apr 23. Fine but very cold and windy I went to Toronto, called at Aunt Sezzies and at the Dentists.

Wed Apr 24. Fine and warmer, the machine came.

Thur Apr 26. Fine but cold stretched Dining Roma Curtaine and put them up a little shower in afternoon Fishers here for chaff and stay dinner.

Sat Apr 27. Fine but cold wind auntie cleaned kitchen word work, we went to mrs James for Duck eggs. Did a little cultivating.

Sun Apr 28. Fine but cold, uncle and I at church, we all have colds

{Newspaper Clipping}


{Sticker} M A Cook (224) 29 Nov 12

{Written in top right} Feb. 10 - 1912

Observatory's Offical Thermometer Gives a Temperature of 19 Degrees Below Zero, But Others Go as {Covered by sticker} as From 26 to 32 Below.


Offical Temperature At the Observatory Colden In 17 Years

19 below at 7 a.m. 18 below at 8 a.m. 15 below at 9 a.m. 12 below at 10 a.m.


Jan. 17, 1840 ... ... ... 19 below Feb. 5, 1855 ... ... ..... 25.4 " Jan. 22, 1857 ... ... ..... 20 " Jan. 10, 1859 ... ... ..... 26.5 " Feb. 8, 1867 ... ... ... ... 20.8" Feb. 4, 1863 ... ... ... ... 19.8" Dec. 21, 1871 ... ... ..... 21 " Jan. 29, 1873 ... ... ..... 18.4 " Feb. 5, 1886 ... ... ... ... 22.8" Feb. 6, 1895 ... ... ... ... 21.2"


Lambton Station, at 6 a.m... 32 below Lambton Station, at 7:30 a.m., 30 below Lambton Village, at 8:30 a.m.. 26 below North Toronto, at 8 a.m. .. 29 below Bathurst, Hill, at 8 a.m. .... 26 below Wychwood Park, at 8 a.m. .. 24 below Bracondale, at 8 a.m. ... ... 23 below Bathurst and Dupont at 8 a. m. . ... ... ... ... ... ... 22 below West Toronto, at 6 a.m. .. .. 20 below Markham and Bloor streets, at 8 a.m. ... ... ... ........ 23 below King and Bathurst street, at 8 a.m. ..... ... ... ... .... 20 below Parliament and Carleton, at 8 a.m. ... ... ... ... ...... 20 below East Toronto, at 8 a.m. ... ... 21 below Balmy Beach, at 7 a.m. .... 22 below Swansea, at 7 a.m. ... ... ... 21 below Storm Signal Station, at 7:30 a.m. ... ... ... ...... ... 15 below Weston, at 7 a.m. ... ....... 24 below Bedford Park, at 8 a.m. .... 24 below Winter's Drug Store, 1492 Yonge street, at 8 a.m. .... 24 below


White River ... ... ... .... 54 below Southampton ... ... ... ... 34 below Cochrane ... ... ......... . 34 below Parry Sound ... ... ...... 32 below Kingston ... ... ... ... ... 24 below Ottawa ... ... ... ... .... 22 below

Coldest in 17 Years.

"This is the coldest day for seventeen years" said the Weather Man to The Star this morning. "The last time the mercury dropped so low was in 1895, when 21.2 degrees was registered. This winter, too, molds the record for cold, last month's average temperature of 13.9 degrees above having been only once beaten, and that over half a century ago, in 1857 when January averaged one degree colder. Last night was also the coldest night this winter, the next coldest day being on January 13th. when the mercury went down to 11.7" The probabillities are: "Fine and very cold today and tomorrow, with light local snow."

{News paper clipping attached}

{postcard attached. Depicting people bathing in a lake, near a shore.} 502 Olcott Beach, Lake Ontario


{line in middle of postcard}

{stamp} H.L. Woebler, Buffalo, N.Y. & Dresden, Germany.

Postage. Domestic 1 C. {line} Foreign 1 C.


{Small written letter/note separate from Diary}

Dear Miss Cooper,

The early part of week is all freed up w {with?} Sat {Saturday?} off - Hoping this will suit you

your sincerely

{R?} McLean{?}


TEL. NORTH 2576.

MM Cooper. {?}

Appointment with R. GORDON McLEAN, D.D.S., L.D.S.






Saturday {underlined} 3rd AT 30 O'CLOCK {-ever-?}.


Mon Apr 29. Fine men started seeding, we washed and churned.

Tue Apr 30. Fine and warmer, I went to Toronto, to Dentist and called to see aunt Naney.

Wed May 1. Aunt Nellie went to W.a in Toronto men seeding Ida Clarke here.

Thur May 2. Fine bright day auntie painting chairs.

Fri May 3. Fine and warm, I was at mothers Sadies aid Mrs Clarke and Herbie here in the evening

Sat May 4. Fine men seeding all week we have another calf.

Sun May 5. Fine and moderately warm we did not go to church I went to Fisherville a little shower in the eve.

Mon May 6. Fine and warm, uncle went on fury aunt Nellie home.

Tue May 7. Fine and very warm Willies came and helped to to take Range out in the evening.

Wed May 8. Fine and warm uncle at home.

Thur May 9. Cooler with a few showers uncle on fury Annie came home with him to stay all night miss Phillips and miss Pickett called.

Fri May 10. Fine day and moderately warm, Auntie and I went to Toronto also uncle.

Sat May 11. Fine untill noon then showery, uncle at home all day men put in early potatoes and corn.

Sun May 12. Dull and showery uncle aunt Nellie and I at church. Maryorie here for tea uncle at Willies.

Mon May 13. Rained then cleared and very cold, I went to Mrs Clarkes Ida operated on for appendicitis.

Tue May 14. Fine day but cold, thick ice this morning. I called at miss Picketts in eve.

Wed May 15. Fine but cold east wind mrs Jeasdales called.

Thur May 16. Rained all morning cleared at night.

Fri May 17. Raining from the east then cleared, Mick and Auntie took butter out in the afternoon

Sat May 18. Fine morning uncle at home, Uncle could not put om roots as it is too wet, land partly ready, shower eve.

Sun May 19. Fine but dull and cool fire light all day, mr and mrs Rewe here all day.

Mon May 20. Raining all day from the east shot a skunk

Tue May 21. Raining all day, ground soaked with water, Uncle through on fury, eleven days.

Wed May 22 Rained heavily untill noon then cleared uncle aunt Mattie and I at miss Edeys funeral.

Thur May 23. Fine and quite warm. Aunties and Uncle at {Cenfersnatru?} I was at Miss Duncans in the evening.

Fri May 24. Queens Birthday, all spent day at mothers men at the Hill aunt Mattie walked. Sultry then cleared and a lovely day and quite cool.

Sat May 25. Fine and warm Aunt Nellie at the gardeners for Settice. Dr Camp bell here for dinner. Aunt Mattie called at Sittles in eve.

Sun May 26. Fine bright day, first fine Sunday Uncle aunt Mattie and I at church went to Willies for tea Mattie and I at Jisherville

Mon May 27. Fine and warm, came shower in evening mr and mrs Gibson here for tea.

Tue May 28. Fine day untill evening it rained.

Wed May 29. Raining most of the day, Uncle and Auntie at Thornhill in evening, Auntie at Mrs Riddells.

Thur May 30. Fine day but everything very wet at mary eve.

Fri May 31. Aunt Mattie in Toronto, Marjorie here for tea men firing fences.

Sat June 1. Fine day men firing fences.

Sun June 2. Uncle and Aunt Nellie at church, rainly most of the afternoo. The Bales families also the Breakeys here.

Mon Jun 3. Fine day, had first Settuce.

Tue June 4. Fine and moderately warm, men working at the root land. I took Settuce to Jessi Bowes, and Auntie took to Willies.

Wed Jun 5. Fine but cool, Uncle and I took the butter out in the morning. Aunt Nellie went for the Tomato plants Uncle at mr J.Bowes, Mr Wilcor married

Thur Jun 6. Rained a little in the morning then fine in the afternoon. Aunties at W.A. at mrs Gibsons. Charlie and Grant here for tea. Put in Roots

Fri Jun 7. Fine and very cool, a frost, but did not harm our garden, we put garden seeds in the field. I took my clock to Richmond Hill, called to see miss Pages.

Sat Jun 8. Fine and cool, a frost. I took Settuce to Willies in the eve men are ploughing for peas.

Sun June 9. fine and cool a lovely day Aunt Mattie and uncle at Mr Reives. Aunt Nellie at morning Church. I went to Concord, Norman Richardam took us for an Automobile ride in the afternoon. I went to Fisherville.

Mon June 10. Fine bright. Uncle & m ploughing.

Tue June 11. Fine and warmer. Mick out putting in his garden. Uncle and Auntie at Thornhill in the eve. Auntie getting her dress fitted.

We June 12. A little shower then cleared and cool. Mr Cross here to tea.

Thur Jun 13. Fine day very cool. Ida Clarke here for tea

Fri Jun 14. Fine cool day, I was in Toronto called at Aunt Sizzies men putting in peas.

Sat Jun 15. Rained most of the day. Verner and George Cook here for tea. Clara Teasdale came jin the eve.

Sun Jun 16. Dull and warm then showery in afternoon Clara and I at church. Nelson and mrs Smellie here in evening.

Mon Jun 17 Fine and cool. Clara left, Uncle and Auntie at Thornhill in the eve. Auntie got her dress. I went to see Mrs Brack in eve.

Tue Jun 18. Fine day and a little warmer. I went to get fitted

Wed Jun 19. Fine day very dry and dusty.

Thur Jun 20. Fine day Sizzie came home.

Fri Jun 21. Fine and warmer. I went for my dress. $3.50

Sat Jun 22. Fine and warm very dusty Edgely Pie-nie. I was at Sucy Bowes in afternoon.

Sun Jun 23. Fine and warm. Uncle, Aunt M and I at church. Sizzie here all day all of Willies here for tea, straw berries 15 cts.

Mon Jun 24. Fine and warm. Grant here, men cut yard and Orehand.

Tue Jun 25. Fine and very warm. Uncle and Aunt Mattie at Mrs Breakeys. I called at Mrs Sittles in eve. Prop

Wed Jun 26. Fine with a little shower, Uncle and Aunt M in Toronto the latter remained, Uncle shot skunk. Aunt N called on mrs Welcor

Thur Jun 27. Fine and quite cool, very dry.

Fri Jun 28. Fine and very warm, Mrs Miss Reive and the girls here for tea, came in an Auts Aunt M came home.

Sat Jun 29. Fine and warm, men hauled orchard hay yesterday.

Sun Jun 30. Fine and very cool. Uncle, Aunt Nellie and I at Church the boys here for dinner, Uncle, Aunt Mattie and I at Thornhill to hear mr Douglas farewell.

Mon July 1. Fine and moderately warm, very dusty, we were at home all day.

Tue July 2. Fine day. Marjorie here, Uncle in Toronto got a horse.

Wed July 3. Fine and warmer.

Thur July 4. Fine and very warm. Uncle and Auntie took butter out, Thirmdered but no rain.

Fri July 5. Rained a good shower in the afternoon. Aunt Nellie in Toronto. Uncle hired a man.

Sat July 6. Fine and very warm.

Sun July 7. Fine but extremely warm. Uncle and Aunt Nellie at church, Uncle and I at Willies in the evening.

Mon July 8. Fine and extremely warm. Uncle broke mower tongue and had to go to Toronto.

Tue July 9. Fine and very warm. I went to a birthday party at Wilkie Bowes killed a skunk.

Wed July 10. Fine untill afternoon it came a shower doing good. Our people did first cutting of hay. Marjorie here all day. killed a young skunk.

Thur July 11. Fine and turning cooler. Annie and Sizzie here for tea, killed a skunk.

Fri July 12. Fine and cool and no dust. Iwent to Toronto, called to see mrs Mc Elroy and at Aliees.

Sat July 13. Fine and moderately warm, too windy to haul hay

Sun July 14. Fine and moderately warm, Uncle, Aunt Mattie and I at church. Frank & mrs Teasdale here for tea.

Mon July 15. Fine at first and very warm, our men hauling hay. Mr Ireland here to take machine away. Came a thunder storm at 3 o'clock.

Tue July 16. Fine and cool, Eduard helping Willie, our men at the hay.

Wed July 17. Fine day our people at the hay. Eduared over helping Willie to haul in.

Thur Jul 18. Fine day, our people hauling hay. We picked cherries and {cannedsome?}, came a thunder storm in the afternoon.

Fri July 19. Fine and very cool, men could not haul in untill afternoon, Aunt M and I at Miss Duncans.

Sat July 20. Fine and cool, hauling in hay all day. Sizzie here for tea.

Sun Jul 21. Fine and cool and raining heavily untill about eleven O'clock, three little Turkeys out. Willie here for dinner. Uncle, Aunt Mattie & I at eve_ch

Mon Jul 22. Fine and cool went picking berries only got two quarts when preserved. Uncle in Toronto too wet to draw in. Mick cutting the last. I went to miss Vincans got gooseberries 3 qts pt when preserved

Tue July 23. Fine and cool men haying. Aunt M Marjorie and I at pic-nic at mr Gibsons. Uncle came for us.

Wed Ju 24. A little showery then cleared Edward helping Mr Sittle picking peas at mrs Clarkes.

Thur July 25. Fine and warmer, our people stacking

Fri July 26. Fine and cool our men finished haying.. Mick went home at night to do his garden.

Sat July 27. Fine and cool. Uncle at mr Sittle. Edward at mr Graingers helping. I went to Weston on the evening train. We got our Black Currants 12 cts.

Sun July 28. Fine and moderately warm. I was at mr Teasd

Mon Jully 29. Fine and cool, our people helped Willie to finish hay. I came home on the evening train.

Tue July 30. Fine and cool our men got binder out had to bring mr Parkincom. Mr & mrs Sittle here in eve_

Wed July 31. Fine and very cool. Cutting wheat. Uncle and Aunt Mattie took butter out in the evening.

Thur Aug 1. Fine after a little shower. Uncle & Auntie at mr Sittles to tea, finished cutting wheat.

Fri Aug 2. Rained a very little then cleared I was at Willies in the evening.

Sat Aug 3. Fine but very cold. Uncle brought mother out. David here all day.

Sun Aug 4. Fine and very cool. Uncle, Aunt Mattie and I at church, the mr Bales here in the evening. mr Gibson away on holidays.

Mon Aug 5. Fine and cool, Uncle and Auntie took butter out in afternoon, I walked out to Mary Watsons in the evening. Cine Holiday.

Tue Aug 6. Fine and a little warmer men cut a little Barley.

Wed Aug 7. Fine our men hauling wheat, got word Aliee very low. Aunt Nellie went and Uncle and Aunties in the evening. A and L. came out .L. remained.

Thur Aug 8. Raining in the morning. Uncle took Sizzie home in the afternoon.

Fri Aug 9. Fine but sultry then showery. Aunt Mattie Mick home poorly and I in Toronto, called to see Alice.

Sat Aug 10. Showery and dull. Uncle and I at Nelson Smellies in the evening.

Sun Aug 11. Showery all day. Willie here for dinner

Mon Aug 12. Clearing but sultry. Uncle in Toronto, called to see Alice who is very low. A Mason, girls here at I.Bowgs

Tue Aug 13. Fine and moderately warm. Uncle at R.H. for repair

Wed Aug 14. Fine day cutting barley all day I took apples to Marys in the evening. Mrs and miss Wilcox called.

Thur Aug 15. Fine day, finished cutting Barley and hauled in rest of wheat, the mrs Clarkes here in the evening, cold at night.

Fri Aug 16. Fine and cool. Uncle started to cut Oats but machine broke. Sizzie here for tea

Sat Aug 17. Got mr Sittles machine cutting oats but it started to rain at 3 O'clock.

Sun Aug 18. Dull and cloudy. Uncle at Willies went to church in the evening.

Mon Aug 19. Rained early in the morning. Uncle in Toronto Mick came at noon.

Tue Aug 20. Rained a little then cleared cut a little.

Wed Aug 21. Rained a little then cleared started to cut oats at 4 O'clock. Willie & Mercie here for tea

Thur Aug 22. A little showery at first then cleared untill evening a thunder storm, I took beans out to Mothers, Alice Shanklin died.

Fri Aug 23. Fine but very sultry. Dr Camp bell here for dinner. Mushrooms for tea, finished cutting

Sat Aug 24. Showery all day. Uncle and Auntie at Alices funeral.

Sun Aug 25. Very warm and sultry we were at Willies for tea, at Fisherville in the evening.

Mon Aug 26. Rained last night. Mick came at noon. Uncle at the Ev. a dreadful storm at five O'clock.

Tue Aug 27. A fine cool day but too wet to haulin.

Wed Aug 28. Showery in the afternoon, W.Bowes bought 4 pair of chickens 37 lbs at 15 cts $ 5.33.

Thur Aug 29. Fine and very cool started to haul in at Willies at noon. Uncle went to meet Mrs Wallbridge. Sily and little girl also Aunt Nellie in the evening.

Fri Aug 30. Very cool a white frost and ice men at Willies all day grain not very dry Marjorie here for tea Will Allane body found

Sat Aug 31. Rained heavily all morning then cleared a little. We took the Bilboille people to the car.

Sun Sept 1. Very damp and sultry Uncle and I walked to the Gardeners in the evening.

Mon Sept 2. Cool and showery and very damp, grain frightfully wet mr Allan buried mrs and miss James called

Tue Sept 3. Did not rain but damp and foggy all day.

Wed Sept 4. Foggy and then cleared about noon. Aunt Mattie and I at the Exhibition beautiful afternoon came home one the 10 car.

Thur Sept 5. Uncle went to the Exhibition in afternoon came a dreadful storm about seven O'clock several fires occured a very heavy rain.

Fri Sept 6. Rather damp and a little shower in the evening Mr Graingers thrashing James Appelbe, mother and Annie called a great snany apples and pears blown off last night very warm and sultry.

Sat Sept 7. Fine bright day drying but no harvesting all week. Uncle at mr Sittles thrashing home early.

Sun Sept 8. Fine and moderately warm. Uncle & Aunt Nellie at church. Aunt N at Willies in eve. Aunt M & I at Mrs Clarkes.

Mon Sept 9. Fine and very warm. Uncle at Mrs Clarkes thrashing. Hattie St. Clair and young Froger here

Tue Sept 10. Hottest day 930 of the year.

Wad Sept 11. A little shower then cleared, started to haul at noon at Willies, came here at 3 O'clock.

Thur Sept 12. Fine day and moderately warm, the men all here hauling in the Bowes boys here. Annie here for tea, hauling Barley.

Fri Sept 13. Fine day I went to Toronto at noon, the men all here finished Barley and started Oak.

Sat Sept 14. Dull with a little shower, men here they finished all but rakings. Auntie and I went to gardeners and got tomatoes 20 cts.

Sun Sept 15. Raining nearly all day, we were home.

Mon Sept 16. Fine day but dull at first.

Tue Sept 17. Dull but no rain. Aunt Mattie at Mothers and took watch to .R.H. Uncle took me to gardeners

Wed Sept 18. Rained last night all very muddy.

Thur Sept 19. A shower then fine and bright. We are thrashing came a shower first as they finished.

Fri Sept 20. Fine day Willies are thrashing.

Sat Sept 21. Fine but damp Ease wind. Mrs Gibson called.

Sun Sept 22. East wind uncle, aunt Mattie and I at church. Willies family all here to tea. Started rain in the afternoon poured at night

Mon Sept 23. Fine but damp East wind, uncle in Toronto.

Tue Sept 24. Pouring rain from the East.

Wed Sept 25. Fine and warm, Aunt Mattie and I in Toronto. I got brown suit $15 and hat $5. I came home Auntie remained. Mrs Jeasdale here for tea. Frank and wife here in the evening, everything very damp.

Thur Sept 26. Rained a little then cleared. Uncle at mrs Clarkes thrashing in the afternoon.

Fri Sept 27. Fine and colder. Ice this morning. Uncle and Aunt Nellie at barrvile in the evening.

Sat Sept 28. Dull and sprinkling. Aunt Mattu came home. Uncle in Toronto and Mick went home in the aftermore, started to rain heavily in the evening and poured all night.

Sun Sep 29. Fine and cooler with {starting?staring?} wing Uncles and Auntie at Mr Barks. to tea.

Mon Sept. 30. Strong wind with squwawls, washing things for cleaning then cleaned mamas room.

Tue Oct 1. Find day, cleaned upstairs and took up hall carpet. Aunt Nellie called at Mrs {name?} and Mrs Duncans.

Wed Oct 2. Fine and warmer, cleaned chamber, then Auntie and I went to decorate, men hawling wheat at Willies.

Thur Oct 3. Find but colder. Men finished Willies wheat. Aunt Mattie and I at Thanksgiving.

Fri Oct 4. Fine warm day. Men finished pulling Willies peas and started ours. Uncle & Willie at Jim {Mc Elroys?} funeral. We cleaned Parlor and {spare had?} room also Dining Room.

Sat Oct 5. Fine and very warm, finished pulling peas.

Sun Oct 6. Fine and warm sitting out all day. Uncle, Aunt Nellie and I at church. Annie walked home with me and mother drove mr and mrs Breakey called.

Mon Oct 7. Fine but cold and windy, we went to garderners got tomatoes.

Tue Oct 8. Fine day cold with ice I went to mothers to make brown silk waist. Men hauling Willies peas. Aunt Mattie cleared kitchen.

Wed Oct 9. Fine until noon then rained. Hauled our peas in the morning. Mr Campbell here for tea.

Thur Oct 10. A very damp East wind. Aunties at W.A meeting. Uncle cutting corn.

Fri Oct 11. Fine until evening it started to rain and poured all night. Beattie Forbes and mr Smellie called.

Sat Oct 12. Clearing and colder very windy, blowing apples down.

Sun Oct 13. Fine bright day. Aunt Nellie walked to church. I went to Concord. Marjorie here and Clara Jeasdale for tea.

Mon Oct 14. Fine bright day, Charlie and Grant here for tea and to get nuts.

Tue Oct 15. Fine day but cold, cleaned back kitchen. All done now. Men finished corn.

Wed Oct 16. Fine day after a heavy frost. Aunt Nellie in Toronto. Word bridge Fair, ideal day.

Thur Oct 17. Fine day. Annie here all day. We dug the garden.

Fri Oct 18. Fine and quite warm, showery in eve.

Sat Oct 19. Fine but much colder, raking leaves, Heise children here for nuts.

Sun Oct 20. Fine bright day Uncle at Willies in the afternoon. Aunt Mattie and I walked to mail a letter, uncle aunt Mattie and I at church.

Mon Oct 21. Fine day, Auntie cleaned coal feeder raked leaves, men getting in some clover in afternoon.

Tue Oct 22. Fine day until afternoon became showery. Annie Nellie at the presentation at Mrs Atkinsons we mended grain bags, one of our pullets started to lay.

Wed Oct 23. Dull and windy, we put up coal feeder.

Thur Oct 24. Started to rain at noon and fell a great deal the land very wet. Uncle in Toronto.

Fri Oct 25. Clearing but black and dull and dreadfully wet, the boys here for apples.

Sat Oct 26. Fine and bright with a high wind. Uncle and I picking apples in the afternoon.

Sun Oct 27. Fine day Willie here for dinner. Mr Gibson preached his last Sunday at Thornhill we all went to church in the eve.

Mon Oct 28. Thanksgiving. Fine but a little cold. Mrs Vanostrand and Amy here. Willies picking apples.

Tue Oct 29. Fine day and quite mild Aunt Mattie and I in Toronto a beautiful day.

Wed Oct 30. Fine day we were at home men hauling mangels

Thur Oct 31. Halloween, the children here, Majorie stayed all night.

Fri Nov 1. Raining then cleared. Aunt Nellie called at Mrs Whites

Sat nov 2. very cold and un sharle all day.

sun nov 3. Fine and cold, uncle ans aunt Mattiw at church and want to firheruille and dammenee preachecl.

mon nov 4. fine day, aunt nellie at mrs ridelelle {qsthing?} her waist fitted. washed in the house {forsli timie?}.

tue nov 5. Fine day. I have a bad cold. Mr Littles here in {illegible}

Wed. nov 6. Rained heavily in the afternoon and through the night.

Thrus nov 7. Fine but colder. everything very wet. no ploughing. Uncle went to toronto I went to mothers to the five hundred club.

Fri nov 8. I came home in the morning it was fine it rained in the evening.

Sat nov 9. Fine day not very cold. aunt nellie {illegible} for her waist called at miss watery and mr {laurerice}. aunt nattie called at {mams}.

Sun nov 10. Fine and mild I want to {hormlud Prisky} Uncle aunt nellie and I at church.

mon nov 11. Fine and very mild, mrs Banger here for dinner. Uncle finished pulling turnips

Tue nov 12. mild {illiegible} to rain in afternoon. Uncle packing potatoes. rained most of the night.

wed nov 13. Dull and showery. Mick went home. Uncle at Thornhill look out butter dirst since {illegible} packing. bought mother and annie to spend the day.

thru nov 14. Fine but all very wet. mick came back. mr Lawrence here for tea.

fri nov 15. Fine day but cold. aunt nellie sick. uncle picking potatos but got so cold had to stop

sat nov 16. FIne but cold all day. men finished hauling the turnips l put

sun nov 17. FIne but cold. uncle and I at evening church.

mon nov 18 Fine and much milder. I called at marys.

Tue nov 19Fine but mild. mr Fair{fairn?} called.

one moon time and night mind my bangen have for dimonds uncle timiehead lovely amusmint time mount mount stated no mouse in amusmint zaima packing packing

Thur nov 21. Fine and mild. I went to Toronto. roads dry.

Fri nov 22. Fine and mild. auntie and I called on mrs {nelevn?} Smillie and mrs {Forbes?}

Sat nov 23. Fine at first then a slowly east wind. I went to Toronto to order rubber books for uncle.

sun nov 24. Rained last night quite mild with little showers of snow in the afternoon. Winter underwear on.

mon nov 25. Cold and all covered over with snow, washed and churned and brought an Coal {mange?}. Mick not here. Uncle and auntie look butter and eggs out. butter {29?} and eggs {40 cli?}

tur nov 26. Fine but cold. home ploughing yet. one pullet layed 1 1/2 doz eggs. she has stopped and {live?} more started.

wed nov 27 Cold with a few {squants?} Uncle in Toronto.

thur nov 28. Fine but all frozen clean. Uncle helping wellie to butcher.

Fri nov 29. Fine day all frozen clean.

Sat nov 30. Fine day and bright at home all day.

Sun dec 1. Fine until evening it rained. Uncle aunt m and I at church. mr and mrs settle here for tea.

Mon Dec 2. Rained all morning then cleared we washed and churned. Willies are ploughing again. Jesse Bowes took ill.

Tue Dec 3. Fine day quite mild Aunties in Toronto. Eggs 30 cts.

Wed Dec 4. Fine day after a shower last night. I called at Willies. Uncle went to see Jesse Bowes.

Thur Dec 5. Fine day but dull. Marjorie here for her first visit. Aunties at W.A meeting. Uncle brought Annie home for a while W.finish plough.

Fri Dec 6. Fine day after a shower through the night. Cleared and turned colder. Uncle in Toronto. I called to see Mr Jesse Bowes. Aunt Nellie poorly.

Sat Dec 7. Fine and all frozen clean. Final freezing. Jesse Bowes died this morning.

Sun Dec 8. Fine but cold and windy. Uncle and I at church. Aunt Mattie and I called at Bowes.

Mon Dec 9. Fine but very cold and windy. Uncle and I at Jesse Bowes funeral washed and churned.

Tue Dec 10. Fine and very windy. Uncle and Aunt Mattie at Mrs Herbert Jacksons to tea.

Wed Dec 11. Fine day but cold Mr and Mrs Cane called Uncle and Auntie took butter and eggs out.

Thur Dec 12. Fine but very cold and windy.

Fri Dec 13. Fine and milder, I went to Toronto.

Sat Dec 14. Fine and quite mild roads, getting smooth. Willie and I went to Robert Phillips funeral.

Sun Dec 15. Fine and quite mild with a few sprinkles. Willie here in the afternoon. Uncle and Aunt Nellie at evening church. Mrs Clarke and William here in the evening.

Mon Dec 16. Fine and mild, we washed churned and killed ducks.

Tue Dec 17. A cold east wind very high then milder with sleet. We butchered go through early.

Wed Dec 18. Fine and very mild like spring we made pies and cleaned up Uncle and Aunt Nellie at Thornhill with butter & eggs.

Thur Dec 19. Fine and much colder.

Fri Dec 20. Fine had a little snow last night. Uncle helping Willie. Mr {Grainge?} thrashing Mr Brown in there.

Sat Dec 21. Cold and snowing then cleared at noon. Uncle in Toronto in the afternoon. We washed and churned.

Sun Dec 22. Fine but windy and cold. Henry and Sucy Bowes here for tea.

Mon Dec 23. Fine bright day and mild Willies butchered..

Tue Dec 24. Fine and mild. Aunt Mattie and I went to decorate. Uncle came for us.

Wed Dec 25. Christmas Day. Beautiful mild day. Aunt Nellie at church. Skating Rink opened.

Thur Dec 26. Fine bright day and mild.

Fri Dec 27. Fine mild day, we killed three Roosters. 8 pounds. 7 pounds.

Sat Dec 28. Fine mild day. Uncle and Auntie at Thornhill in the afternoon.

Sun Dec 29. Fine and mild. Uncle, Aunt Mattie and I at church. Mrs Clarke called in the afternoon.

Sun Dec 30. Fine and mild, rained and snowed very soft and sloppy, washed and churned; we get four and five eggs.

Tue Dec b31. Fine and very mild; roads sloppy like spring we went to Thornhill in the afternoon, getting four and five eggs.

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{Back cover of diary}


The most famous of Scottish poets was born near Ayr, January 25th, 1759, died at Dumfries, July 21st, 1796. His parents were peasants of the poorest class, but eager for the moral and intellectual advancement of their children, they lost no opportunity for supplying them with the rudiments of education. Robert, in the intervals of driving the plow and other farm work soon acquired a good knowledge of English, chiefly through reading the Bible, Mason's "Collection of Prose and Verse", the "Life of Hannibal" and the history of Sir William Wallace. Later in life he attempted to learn French and Latin without much success. He and his brother Gilbert were employed by their father as regular labourers, at F7 per annum, until Robert's 19th year, when he went to school at Kirkoswald to learn surveying. During this time he wrote and had printed some of the poems in which he manifested that deep fountain of pathos and humor that was soon to make him famous throughout Great Britain. The poetry of Burns appeals to the human heart. It is so full of passion, so instinct with melody, so true to nature, so artless in grace, that every one must be touched either by its pathos, its beauty or its mirth.



The boniest lad that e'er I saw - Bonie laddie, Highland laddie! Wore a plaid and was fu' braw- Bonnie Highland laddie! On his head a bonnet blue- Bonnie laddie, Highland laddie! His royal heart was firm and true- Bonnie Highland laddie!


Trumpets sound and cannons roar, Bonnie lassie, Lawland lassie! And a' the hills wi' echoes roar, Bonie Lawland lassie! Glory, Honor, now invite Bonnie lassie, Lawland lassie! For freedom and my King to fight, Bonnie Lawland lassie!


The sun a backward course shall take, Bonnie laddie, Highland laddie! Ere aught thy manly courage shake, Bonnie Highland laddie! Go, for yoursel' procure renown, Bonnie laddie, Highland laddie, And for you lawful King his crown, Bonnie Highland laddie!

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Mary Agnes "Aggie" Cooper, “Mary Agnes "Aggie" Cooper Diary, 1912,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed October 2, 2023,

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