Andrew McFarland Learn Diary, 1873-1877


Andrew McFarland Learn Diary, 1873-1877


Andrew McFarland Learn


Private: Courtesy of Catharine Wilson




19th Century, Elgin County, Dorchester South Township, Ontario

Date Created


Is Part Of

Andrew McFarland Learn Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript



1. Sunday wind Sclear .to 2 church wolveston , preactied . Gehen egéson to Zex , DeMoone and urfé peri- in the evening

2. Monday wind Sclear to Belmontriith milk in the scorning piled Boards Bought a Rease combin froer . J. Putmanse for ) 160 have col for let him a 1893 aprig 12 old mashine 8810 Randall drawed manure and took the colti dolions 300 feet fenice tourdish

3. Tuesday wind S S clear to St. Thomas with posts Randall drawed manure to fathers to diner

160 feet Randall drowned in Just Horry To the hop X you're learn and shows to Ding ... ) I Walkerto Lines & Sunday with & clear at hairce Lejonare fourel Go 9 - Monday weine Recteur To J Thomas Took boards took of Rogchanson 11/1000 form to build fenice 4 get mails 102th hinges latch ww lack foog ali from elle kyfough 1867 9 Randall iworked the Road 4 pide courte Bull Will come to Build

10 tuesday wired 9 14 hai marked Rond Randall to help with lease Term at the same todos to direct and lea Brook field-Station

11 Wednesday wind Well,we I not well . Randall twee - Marcire part of the way 12 Thursday wind Italia To Belimasel fors maringot Nori Da choice 810 pais To Boyd son Garrow 88 75cts atwee got shoes from ly cultivate carne afterstone I learn To Ride horse Randall draut mosep

13 fryday wind SE clear To St Thomas Brought jr Johnson home. Bawed $15 from Mrs Finch To cullvers to diner. Randall drawed Manure

14 Saturday wind SW clear cultivated corn fore noon Randall drawed manure and went to Belmont after noon got him a pair of shoes $2.25 cts neckTie and box colars Bargened with R Sleath for a plow for lumber at $13,50 per Thousand plow $18

15 Sunday wind SE clear to 2 church at 3 oclock James Learnd and Charles fergeson To diner W Barn and C Brown and wives To Tea and j Learm and wife and 3 boys to Tea

16 Monday wind SW clear To London got Mashine from Elet gave a note for $55 to be paid the 1st day of january 1874 got points for cultivater got a pair of shoes Randall spread manure joe to help Nub cow to Bull

17 Tuesday wind SE clear cut Thistles Randall and Jane to pick nick

18 Wednesday wind SW clear I was sick Randall drawed wood and went to Belmont fare. Hanah Learn and Leta finch and Adaline

Gracey and Mr D Moore called in the evening Johnson and bay came from Building fence to St Thomas

19 Thursday wind SW clear cultivated corn I Learn to help Randall comenced To plow sumer falowe Bees swarmed spot hefer to Bull let j R johnson have The wool to work on shares 45lb wool

20 fryday wind NW clear cultivated corn forenoon to Belmont afternoon got a plow from Sleath $18 got wagon tire set at Abots $1..50cts Randall plowed

21 Saturday wind SW clear plowed sumer falowe Rand Randall plowed got from Cambell a single harnes for $30 To be paid in lumber at $14 per 1000 R Learn here at night

22 Sunday wind E Rain at home Randall and jane To Maplton George C Learn and George Deacon to Tea father and Mother here at night and Charles Learn jr

23 Monday wind E cloudy Set calage done choars Randall plowed let E Mc have 100 feet boards for $1.50 got from Mother $2. Mother here fathe went home Black cow To Bull Rain at night

24 Tuesday wind E cloudy helped Ev Learn To saw Randall and team To Mothe To EV Learn I Paid her $2

25 Wednesday wind E clear hoed potatoes got a pump from P Tutnam for $7,50 ct Randall plowed D Moore had a Cow To Bull

26 Thursday wind E went To simcoe To fine To S coners Bugners To Tea To Bugners at night To Philips Cullves

27 fryday wind SE To hullville to Barbers To Diner To W cullvers To Tea. To Philips at night

28 Saturday wind S to simcoe to Carlton Cullvers for Diner To To R Willcox, to Tea to Nisbet Cullvers at night

29 Sunday wind SE to Blooms Burgh to Church Elder Slat preached. To philips at night. pide to Bull

30 Monday wind SW Rain all day To john Cullvers To Tea to Malons to Diner to philips at night

July 1873

1 Tuesday wind W Came home David Barber and wife with us

2 Wednes wind W rain Took a load of cheese 30 To Danchestar Station David Barber with me

3 Thursday wind W to Belmont To mill got money for cheese $31. Barber and wife went to St Thomas Randall and jane To E lick Brush here at night Bees swarmed

4 fryday wind S clearn hoed garden to Belmont got the chop 20 bushel let Sleath have 786 fet boards Abot 148 feet bees swarmed D Moore had a cow to B Randall and jane cam home

5 Saturday wind W clear Done choars paid Mrs finch $15 fore noon Randall hlped D Moore cut hay afternoon D Barber and wife here at night gave him $2 for Margret Cullver from E Brush

6 Sunday wind W clear cool To 2 Church Wolverton preached David Barber and wife with us john finch and Siss to diner To prayer meeling at night

7 Monday wind SW clear Mowed fore noon Raked and Drawed in 1 load in the shed after noon Barber and wife and Ann To john Learns here at night

8 Tuesday wind W Rain fixed Barn brdge to church meeting at night Barber and wife here

9 Wednesday wind W cut hay fore noon Raked and put up after noon Ann with barbre and wife To London. Spot cow to Bull

10 Thursday Wind W rain{M Drawed in hay 3 load 1 in Barn 2 in shed to Belmont at night with D Barber got chees 6 lb? 10 cts Dyer

11 fryday wind W clear Drawed hay in barn 5 load lot james Camble have lumber 2144 feet D Barber went home celem stayed

12 Saturday wind SE clear Drawed hay 2 load cut after noon Ann was sick had Dr Cline here Randall To Belmont at night John Stewart had a cow here

13 Sunday wind S clear To 2 church Celema with me Ann sick Reetch preached

14 Monday wind SW rain cut thistles james Shirk called in the evening and wife

15 Tuesday wind W rain fore noon cut hay after noon and put up. David Barber and Margret cullver came here at night

16 Wednesday wind SW cloudy cut hay finshed fore noon Raked and put up Drawed in 2 load after noon W jackson and wife D Barber and wife and Margret Cullver here To Diner

17 Thursday wind W Rain put up hay after noon Rain at night David Barber and wife and Mary Cullver here Lill and Broon cows to B ut

18 fryday wind S rain Took D Barber and wife and Margret Cullver To The Cars for home fore noon Drawed 3 load of hay after noon

19 Saturday wind NW Rain Drawed hay in drive Barn 5 load 1 in Barn Randall Took jane home at night pide cow to Bull

20 Sunday wind NW clear To 2 church Wolverton preached. To W Bass To Diner james Learn and W AugusTine Adaline gracy and jane Stevenson to Tea. Randalls horse Ran away

21 Monday wind S clear Drawed in 4 load of hay Peter Tutnam Set up Mashine. Calista picked cherys Randall took his Bugy to Belmont to get mended Midge hefer To Bull

22 Tuesday wind SW clear cut and Bound wheat Mrs Tralon here and Mrs foster and Ed for cherys let james Camble have joies156 for $2,49 cts not paid

23 Wednesday wind SE clear cut and put up weat EV Learn To help. Mrs Traton To Diner got chery

24 Thursday wind Sw clear hot cut and put up wheat and finished fall wheat Mrs Traton for chereys Calista for cherys here

25 fryday wind SW clear Rain at night Draged fore noon on sumer falowe cultivated after noon Randall Draged Mrs Traton here for cherys

26 Saturday wind SE cloudy to Belmont got the horses shod 6 set 2 new ones Catlarine Leach and jane Learn here at night. balon and wife To Tea

27 Sunday wind S clear hot To Mary jane farqurs funeral john finch and john fergeson and georg Learn to diner. Star cow To Bull

28 Monday wind E cloudy Rain helped EV Learn to line wheat Randall to help Mrs Traton and calestu here for cherys Mrs D Moore to Diner

29 Tyesday wind W clear Drawed in wheat after noon Randall helped EV Learn fore noon

30 Wednesday wind SW clear hot Drawed in wheat finished Randall helped. got from Mrs Bass 10 quarts beryes for $1.00cts

31 Thursday wind SE cloudy Rain cut fence corners fore noon Randall Raked Stable Rain after noon Randall to harietsvill Robert Learn here at nght

August 1873

1 fryday wind SW to Belmont got cheese money $32 . . got from Odle 30 lb sugar $3 and a barel salt $1..65 cts Randall went to Aylmer uncle finch abd Annt Came from Loho Traughton to Diner.

2 Saturday wind SW clear cut thistles fore noon to covnant meeting after noon. Drawed in 2 load of Rakings afTer Tea Randall to help

3 Sunday wind NW clear cool To 2 church at 11. and Night Wolverton preach fore noon Grant at night To hills to Tea

4 Monday wind NW clear Cultivated on sumer falow with flora and pete Ann picked the geese Randall to Lyons

5 tuesday wind SW clear Dug Onions. To church Meeting at night Randall draged sum erfalow

6 Wednesday wind SW clear To swamp To j R john sons to Diner. Randall sawed his Dash Board indians got honey and cherys $1.30

7 Thursday wind SW rain to help finches Thras with Team and Randall

8 fryday wind SW clear Done choars Randall drawed Manure johnsond and boy to tea lill to Bull

9 Saturday wind chang {illegible} clear To 1 church on camita To covnant meeTing Randall To Belmont got his Bugy To mapleTon at night Diner Tea D Ed woods

10 Sunday wind SE clear to 2 church Grant preached

11 Monday wind W rain, clear comenced to cut oats

12 Tuesday wind W cloudy cut oats jR johnson and Sam to help bind and Randall Bound

13 Wednesday wind E cloudy cut oats finished Randall and Sam jhn son Bound Ann sick

14 Thursday wind E clear set up oats Randall helped fore noon to Belmont after noon got from Odle12 yds coTon and {of?} 2 yds print 17 cts bar soap 20. 1 spool 15 cts comb 50 lamp glass 10 cts

15 fryday wind NE clear Done choars Randall to help EV Learn after noon Traded horses with George Apleford

16 Saturday wind N clear Rain Comenced spring wheat Hiram and George Smith to Diner. to john Learns after tea

11 Saturday wind E clear to 2 church Wolverton preached Galaton finch to Diner

18 Monday wind SE clear cut spring wheat Randall Bound

19 tuesday wind S clear cut spring wheat Randall Bound EV Learn helped after noon finished

20 Wednesday wind SW clear Done choars Randall to help EV Learn Draw in oats. let G finch have .50 cts

21 thursday wind SW clear Drawed in the oats 7 acres Randall and joe Drawed Adaline Gracy here at night

22 fryday wind SW clear Drawed in spring wheat Randall and joe to help finished harvest

23 Saturday wind E N clear plowed for wheat Randall helped EV Learn Draw oats in

24 Sunday wind E clear To 2 church Wolverlon preached j Shrink and wife and 2 girls to Diner here the old sow had 10 pigs

25 Monday wind SW rain forenoon to help EV Learn Thrash after noon 296 oats 44 bushel of wheat

26 Tuesday wind E cloudy cleaned wheat fore noon To Belmont to mill after noon 10 bushed of wheat and 12 of chop To wagon to E Mathews to get ex to fergesons at night Colen had his foot Taken of with reaper

27 Wednesday wind E clear cut sowed corn fore noon plowed for wheat after noon

28 Thursday wind SE clear plowed with 2 Teams finch shed to Belmont at get The grist let Hawkins have 200lb flour $ 6 50 let Abot have pears $ 1. 00 Let pots have pears .75 cts got from Odle 1/2 lb Tobaco and heave powder .50

29 fryday wind SW clear to Niles Town To court for a witness for jane Stvenson Bines To Deacon Edwards

Randall put up corn EV Learn hat a cow to Bull

30 SaTurday wind S clear hot cut sowed corn to Belmot at night let Dyer have 9 Doz eggs got 9. bowls Randall got his colt shod to Abots 2 shers

31 Sunday wind SW Rain at home john Learn and wife and john finch to Tea

September 1873

1 Monday wind W clear. cool to ST Thomas to Diner To Charles Learns. put in the Mechants Bank $201 for my self and $45 for Randall Randall to help fawcett Thrash

2 Tuesday wind NW clear Sowed wheat 6 Randall Draged with colts

3 Wednesday wind SE rain at night finished Draging the wheat and furowed out

4 Thursday wind SW Rain to Belmont got wagon got from Dyer chees mong $30. Randall to Belmont to H Lacks sale

5 fryday wind NW clea to james Shirk paid $5 john Denis paid $5 for the preacher got from A Ravy $ 8 helped D Morne to plow after noon with the 2 Teams and Randall

6 Saturday wind NW clear put up sowed corn fore noon To covnant meeting after noon W Marsh way put in Deacon. paid W Marsh for the preaches $24

7 Sunday wind SW Rain To 2 church Wolverton preached john Denis and wife and Magy Black To Diner jane Stevenson ja Alen to Tea Randall to Church Robert Learn To Diner

8 Monday wind SE clear To swamp got posts fixed posts after noon Randall cut sowed corn Turned. on. clover the cows and cattle

9 Tuesday wind SW cool clear to ST Thomas with posts and Trees 7 cherys 5 plums and 1 aple set Them Randall cut corn

10 Wednesday wind SW clear cut corn Randall helped

11 Thursday wind S clear cut corn Randall helped took up 2 skips of Bees at night put 4 in the wood house

12 fryday wind S Rain at night cut corn Randall helped

13 Saturday wind N cool to Belmont paid Mathews $175 got from Odle goods for $174 Calvin Brown and wife and john finch here at night Traded horses with Georg C Learn

14 Sunday wind NW cool to 2 church to prayer MeeTing Browns with us to W Barrs to Diner Randall Drove peTe colt

15 Monday wind S Rain after n cut corn Randall helped Ram after noon Star cow To Bull

16 Tuesday wind NW clear Cut and put up corn Randall helped finishd cuTing. Let SroughTon have 100 feet plank for Road $150

17 Wednesday wind SE cloudy put up corn fore noon finished. to Belmont fore after noon. got from Odle Dyes 1/2 lb tobacoe. 25cts

18 Thursday wind SW clear Drawed. wood killed a pig Done choars got 1 bus potatoes from Sraughton Rain at night

19 fryday wind NW clear comenced To Tharsh spring wheat 84 bushed Aplefords Thrashed Sraughton and bill and D Moore EV Learn and joe john cullver and galaTon finch to help

20 Saturday wind N clear Thrashed fall wheat 124 bushed 108 oats Mashine brake dawn james Learn here at night

21 Sunday wind S clear to Disiple Church E Shepard preached Randall to 2 church SLer preached

22 Monday wind SE Rain to Neal taylors. to Old Mr Taylors funeral D Apeford To London for Repairs

10 Wednesday wind SW clear cut corn Randall helped

11 Thursday wind S clear cut corn Randall helped took up 2 skips of Bees at night put 4 in the wood house

12 fryday wind S Raind at night cut corn Randall helped

13 Saturday wind N cool to Belmont paid Mathews $173 got from Odle goods for $174 Calvin Brown and wife and john finch here at night Traded horses with Georg C Learn

14 Sunday wind NW cool to 2 church to prayer Meeting Browns with us to W Barrs to diner Randall Drove pete colt

15 Monday wind S Rain after n Cut corn Randall helpedRam after noon Star cow To Bull

16 Tuesday wind Nw clear Cut and put up corn Randall helped finishd cuTing let SroughTonhave 100 feet plank for Road $150

17 Wednesday wind SE cloudy put up corn fore noon finished. to Belmont fore after noon. got from Odle Dyes 1/2 lb tobacoe. 25cts

18 Thursday wind SW clear Drawed. wood killed a pig Done choars got 1 bus potatoes from Sraughton Rain at night

19 fryday wind NW clear comenced To Tharsh spring wheat $4 bushed Aplefords Thrashed Sraughton and bill and D Moore EV Learn and joe john cullves and galaTon finch to help

20 Saturday wind N clear Thrashed fall wheat 124 bushed 108 oats Mashine broke dawn james Learn here at night

21 Sunday wind S clear to Disiple Church E Shepard preached Randall to 2 church Sler preached

22 Monday wind SE Rain to Neal taylors. to Old Mr Taylors funeral D Apeford To London for Repairs

23 tuesday wind S cloudy finished thrashing oats 218 bushed David Barber and wife here at night paid for Thrashing $13.75 to D Apleford

24 Wednesday wind SE clear to London to fair David Barber and wife with us Colen fergeson here at night Rain at night

25 Thursday wind W clear to help Soeughton thrah D Moore to help Randall and Colin fergeson To London to fair David Barber and wife here

26 fryday wind S clear to help W Gracey Thrash Randall to help D Moore father and Mother and D Barber and wife here at night. Randall got a pair of boots at W jacksons. $2.90

27 fryday wind SW warm to Belmont to W jacksons To Diner paid him $2.90 got 3 shoes set to Abots David Barber and wife with us Randall to help gracy Thrash

28 Sunday wind S warm to No 7 W jackson preach and to sunday school David Barber and wife and Ann to 2 church at 3 pm Sler preachedjg faucell and wife To diner, john and siss finch james and jane Learn and Miss Godby to Tea.

29 Monday wind N rain picked up aples fore noon cleaned wheat after noon David Barker and wife here john Learn and wife To Tea

30 Tuesday wind W clear To ST Thomas with David Barber got photograph group for $ 1.37 1/2 . To Diner to charles Learns The womin to faucett frost at night

October 1873

1 Wednesday widn N clear to swamp. Randall drawed wood. frost at night

2 thursday wind S clear Drawed in sowed corn and 1 load of corn and went To Belmont To Mill 18 bushel of wheat got from Odle 20lb sugar and 1 lb Tobacoe $2.50 cts got a buck from john Learn

3 fryday wind E clear Dug potatoes fore noon Drawed corn after noon Ann pick the geese George C Learn To Diner

4 Saturday wind S Rain to Aylmer show To jesa Learns To Tea To Calum Browns at night

5 Sunday wind W cloudy rain at night To Aylmer To church. S Baldwin preached. To Edward Browns to diner at home at night. Rain

6 Monday wind N cool cloudy picked Aples 22 bushed Randall comenced to plow in midle field

7 Tuesday widn W clear picked up Aples 34 bushel Randall plowed W gracy wife to Diner

8 Wednesday wind SE clear picked Aples 12 bushel fore noon let Traughton have 20 bushel aples to Lyons show after noon Randall to show and Ann paid Hughs 48 cts promis to pay T j Putnam $ 20 for bad luck on colt

9 Thursday wind S clear picke Aples fore noon 6 bu to belmont after noon let Dyer Odle have 536 lb flour at $3 per unt let Abott have 1 hundred flour $ 3.25 cts Randall plowed fore noon

10 fryday wind S clear picked Aples fore noon Took Maple boards to Belmont. 738 feet for Dr camble. had D Moores Mare. Randall plowed john Doan had a cow to Bull

11 Saturday wind SW Rain to Belmont let Dr camble have 828 feet boards he paid $21 fore noon To help D Moore thrash after noon Randall help all day

12 Sunday wind NW clear to new sarum to church Elder haycock preached to Diner to E turners Randall at home

13 Monday wind NW cloudy helped D f Moore thrash fore noon to j g faucetts sale after noon got a cow and fork for $ 15 35 cts Ann to j R johnsons got yarn

13 tuesday wind SW clear warm Drawed in corn Randall helped

15 Wednesday wind E clear Drawed in corn finished borowed a horse from john Learn lent him the wagon

16 Thursday wind S E cloudy wind at night plowed fore noon Peter Putnam here to fix pump after noon

17 fryday wind E clear plowed fore noon Randall plowed all day P j Putnam put in the pump ater noon for $8.25 ct got loards {50 tm written above} Erick Smith and wife to Diner

18 Saturday wind SW Rain husked corn Randall To help D Moore clean wheat Cows star Broke her horn

19 Sunday wind SW cloudy at home to gracy to Archa Mcolum john Learn and wife and child charles Learn and wife and 2 children francy Deacon and wife and 2 children to Tea in evening

20 Monday wind NE cloudy snow at night plowed Randall plowed in the 14 Acre field 2 teams kept the horses in the stable at night

21 Tuesday wind SW snow rain husked corn and killed a hog Randalf went to W gracyes at night put cows in the stable

22 Wednesday in SW clear To Belmont fore noon got cheese money $ 25 plowed and Randall after noon 2 Teams. Rain at night

23 Thursday wind SW Rain husked corn Randall To Belmont. Robert Learn Took the horse home

24 fryday wind SW clear husked corn fore noon Randall and Moore picked Aples. plowed after noon 2 Teams

25 Saturday wind SW clear plowed 2 teams Randall helped

26 Sunday wind E cloudy Rain at night to New Sarum To church Elder Haycock preached to Lymans To Diner To EV Learns to Tea. paid j Merlatt $101 for Taxes

27 Monday wind S cloudy plowed after noon husked corn core noon Randall helped W gracy paid $ 8.65

28 Tuesday wind SEWN snow husked corn Randall to help

29 Wednesday wind WN snow husked corn Randall helped

30 Thursday wind SE cloudy rain fixed stable Drawed in pumpkins fore noon husked corn afternoon Randall helped

31 fryday wind SW snow husked corn Randall to help

November 1873

1 Saturday wind SW clear husked corn Randall To help. put the Buck with The sheep turned Them to D Moores

2 Sunday wind SW Rain at home Randall to gladsTone church

3 Monday wind NW snow clear husked corn Randall helped to D Moores in The evening

4 Tuesday wind S clear fixed platform on well fore noon husked corn after non Randall plowed D Moore and wife and Sarah Ann Legg her in the evening. frze

5 Wednesday wind SW clear husked corn Randall plowed frze

6 Thursday wind SW clear plowed Randall went away and left me To do for him self

7 fryday wind SE cloudy plowed finished the 14 acre field Randall to eds

8 SaTurday wind NW cloudy to Sroughtons got 10{bushel?} potatoes fore noon Done choars after noon Robert Learn here at night

9 Sunday wind NW cloudy at home D f Moore and wife and jane Stevenson To tea put up 2 big steers

10 Monday wind W cloudy helped D f Moore kill hogs 2 fore noon plowed after noon in garden

11 Tuesday wind E cloudy snow to Belmont got horses pete and charley shod 4 new 4 set got from Dyer Odele coton yarn 2 bunches $ 3 50 1 lb Tea {50 above}1 lb tabacoe {50 above} wick {2 above} $102 Magenta {10 above} 2 bag {beside} $472 to john pettits at night D Moore with us put up 2 little sTeers

12 Wednesday wind NW cloudy cold husked corn Done choars Randall away

13 Thursday wind NW cloudy to john petitts child funeral fore noon Done choars and Drawed 2 load of wood after noon Randall home at night

14 fryday wind SW clear Drawed wood Randall to Belmont got a bufalow Robe. to Mckelons for $14 75 D Moore fetched grist home from mill for me

15 Saturday wind S clear Done choars Randall to Belmont sent with j Troughton for flax seed 25 cts

16 Sunday wind SW cloudy thawed At home all day

17 Monday wind E cloudy Built a corn crib D f Moore to help. Randall went a way pedling wire j Dean to help him

18 Tuesday wind N clear Made cider fore noon D Moore E Learn to help plowed after noon sold D Moore The geese 13 for $6..00

19 Wednesday wind NW cloudy snow at night Built ash house Randall home at night paid Taxes $26 20 wheat

20 Thursday wind NW cloudy killed 5 hogs salted down 4 in baken D Moore Randall and E Learn To help

21 fryday wind NE snowed fixed sTable. Randall To Belmont sent Money for wire $27.50 $2 for other things

22 Saturday wind SW clear fixed sTable fore noon Randall helped To Belmont after noon got from Dyer pair of slips for Ann 80 cts john Learn and wife To diner he Took his Buck home. Randall got sage to Sroughtons

23 Sunday wind E cloudy snow at home Mother hariet and litle chaley here To Tea Mother went to E Learns Hariet and charley slayed at night

24 Monday wind NW cloudy Done choars Randall to j

Denis s sale george Aplefor and wife jack and jeny To Tea Hariet and charley here

25 Tuesday wind N cloudy helped E Learn kill 2 hogs fore noon Done choars afTer noon Drawed 1 load of wood let p j putnam have a hog 159 lb $8 95 cts haiet to Eds charley away D Moore Took some geese

26 Wednesday wind NW cloudy Done choars Randall choped D Demery and wife Mrs finch and cullver here To tea hareitt and charley D Moore paid $6 for geese

27 Thursday wind NE snow cleaned wheat cut 6 pigs fore noon to Mrs finches to Diner and Tea Ann and Hariet withe me put in sTraw after noon Took in the colts at night

28 fryday wind NW cloudy snow to Belmont let Dyer Odle have 21 1/4 {$113 above} bushel of wheat {$386 written below} let Abott have boards 256 feet

29 Saturday wind N clear Done choars to john Learns in the evening charles Learn and wife with us Ann and hariet went to Eds james Learn here at night Randall home at night

30 Sunday wind NE cloudy at home to D Moores in the evening Ann To Eds charley and hariet went home

December 1873

1 Monday wind NE cold to swamp To D pulins to Sandy currys to E Smiths To Diner Randall a way with wire Hanah Learns child Born at 5 oclock in the morning

2 tuesday wid SE rain all day warm Done choars Ann washed Randall away with wife

3 Wednesday wid SW Rain Done choars. Randall home {bound at night written between the lines}

4 Thursday wind SW clear cold fixed fence Randall helped fence blowed Down

5 fryday wind W clear cold fixed fence piled boards Randall chaped. to george Aplefords in The evening Randall and Ann with met to Tea

6 Saturday wind N clear to Hills to diner to covnant MeeTing in The afternoon Ann at home Randall To Belmont Robert Learn here at night

7 Sunday wind E cloudy at home Randall away Robert Learn here to diner

8 Monday wind E cloudy Rain Done choars had a cold and lame buck Randall home at night

9 tuesday wind SW Rain I was sick Randall chaped and Done choars

10 Wednesday wind W cloudy I was sick geting beter Randall chaped and Done choars sent a leter to Philip cullvers

11 Thursday wind SW cloudy Rain caryed in corn to the crib 142 bushel Randall helped

12 fryday wind NE rain put in sTraw fore noon Randall helped caryed in corn 32 bushel to crib after noon. Mrs Daniel Apleford here To Tea

13 Saturday wind NE snow 4 inch husked corn Randall choared Dick colt had Distemer

14 Stunday wind SW cloudy at home to D Moores To Tea Randall and Ann To

15 Monday wind SW clear husked corn filled The crib 200 hundrd bushel Randall drawed wood for sugar bush

16 tuesday wind SW clear Drawed wood fore noon To Belmont after noon got from Dyer 1 lb tobacoe {50 written above} 2oz nut meg {10 written above} 3 yrds Drill {25 written above} 12 1/2 g 2 yrds coton hired Clark procton half month for $3

17 Wednesday wind SW clear cut wood clark to help in wood house Randall a pedling wire toaly called falls called E Moore here in the eve ning

18 Thursday wind NE cloudy cut wood in The woods Clark to help. Randall Done Nothing Mealum fruit agent here at night

19 fryday wind N cloudy cut wood in the woods clark to help Randall choped after noon. paid to joliff school tax $11 70 sold R tooly 2 steers for $37 to be paid 1 day of february 1874. Elgin Marsh to diner

20 Saturday wind N snow cut wood in the wood house clark to help Randall To Belmont

21 Sunday wind N clear coldat home jack Smithto Tea

22 Monday wind S cloudykilled a beef fore noonto Belmont after noon let George franeis have a quater beef $2 56 Mrs foster a quarte $2 60 and bag aples 50 j Black a hog aples 75ct Abott a hog 75 ct got from Dyer 15 lb sugar $1 50. an 2 lb bisket 20 . 1 and 4 lb Raisons 50 {illegible} 3 lb curants 25 1 lb Tea 50 and 1 oz cin 5 {illegible} 1 aunt {illegible} 6 yds shirTing 120 and 2L drill 63 cts 2 yrs coton 25 cts shod {5 above} returned slips 80cts

clark choped Randall helped To kill beef fore noon chaped after noon

23 Tuesday wind NE clear Done choars fore noon sawed wood after noon clark cut wood Randall to Eds at night Ann made a shirt for clark

24 Wednesday wind SE cloudy snow at night cut wood fore noon Done choars after noon Sent clark procton away at Noon for haveing loused The Bed. Randall to london got home at night

25 thursday wind SW cloudy Christmas day to john Learns To diner Philips here at night john finch to to Tea Randall To finches to diner let john Learn have beef quarter 54 lb

26 fryday wind SW snow cloudy to help finches Thrash Randall To help and team Asa Learn and wife To diner philip here

24 Saturday wind NE cloudy to help finches Thrash with team and Randall philip Done choars

28 Sunday wind SW cloudy at home j Emery and R white to d called D f Moore and wife to Tea Randall away at night philip took horse home

29 Monday wind W Blustery snow To help finches Thrash fore noon Randall to help Done choars after noon Randall to Lyons

30 Tuesday wind W snow Done choars Randall To help George Apleford Thrash. we was To W hills in the evening Ran {crossed out} dall To orwell

31 Wednesday wind SW cloudy Done choars Randall came home at noon the Dick Colt Brake with The Distemper

Janruary 1874

1 Thursday wind SW cloudy Dine choars. To misionary Meeting at night to No 7 john Learn and wife and W Brown To diner Randall away home at night Ed Moore here at Night

2 fryday wind SW fogy Done choars Randall home Thawed Rain at night

3 Saturday wind thawed SW cloudy Done choars. Randall to Belmont after noon Mateland Brown and George Lawer here at night. Thawed

4 Sunday wind SW cold changed at home. To EV Learn in the evening to tea

5 Monday wind NW clear To Harriestsville paid to S Bass $3.00 for taxes paid To john Dafoe 80 cts school tax to Lyons to town Meeting voted for cline Woodworth Stewart and Charlton and Hair Randall to Lyons to vote

6 Tuesday wind NE snow killed a Beef Randall and Ed to help H Herin to diner Bell fasqur and jane Stevenson to tea

March 1874

Dan lost Time Days
28 away to Belmont 1/2
18 April away 1/2
20 Dan sick 1/2
29 Dan away 1/2
30 Dan away 1


1 Dan away 1
2 Dan away 1


4 Dan done road work 1
26 Dan to pick nick 1

July 1874

1 Dan away 1

Agust 1874

26 Dan Drunk 1
27 Dan away Drunk 1

September 1874

5 Dan away 1/2
7 Dan away 1
8 Dan away 1/2
23 Dan away 1/2

October 1874

Dan away 1/2
17 Dan away 1/2
19 Dan away Drunk 1
20 Dan away Drunk 1
29 Dan away 1
30 Dan away Drunk 1
31 Dan away Drunk 1

November 1874

2 Dan away drunk 1
3 Dan away 1
4 Dan away 1
5 Dan away 1
{the 1s in the far right column could just as easily be /s}

June 1874 pair

Dan pair $ 1.00 12 Pair Dan 1.00 26 Pair Dan. 1.24 30 Pair Dan 4.00 August 1874 22 pair dan 1.00 25 Pair Dan 4.00 $ September 1874 Pair Dan 4.00 20 pair dan 2 October 1874 Pair Dan 5.00

November the 1874 Receivew from Andrew learn in full for work dollars and sevently eight cents

                                                                   - Daniel Gracery

I wednesday in N & Rain Dane Chaars let Pq Putman have 90 Bushel en 10lbs wheat for 81 121/2 ets per bushes $10 Raindall to farquers at night.

& thursday in N w claudy to st thomsa got etms a Bani tam ove Shoes to dines to fathers to tea to elder A smiths to new Sasum to meeting in evening slay cock pneachew. to lyman learns at night Randall done chaars.

9 friday in sclaudy snoe to Break faste to lymass came hame fame maan randall to Behmant after mean sale week hid per $275

10 saturday in S Wclaudy snow to Belmant afternoon got from dyer over cau T$6 pair Dyer in full $ 1082 Randaal Drawer 2 load of wood sold yalm learners the old sew for $7.00 11 sunday win N.W snow to new sarumm to church slay rock pneacoches. to poilph Learners to diner gave Dearan New cant $175 for the Raptish Paper.

12 Monday WM claudy to Belmant to mill to WBarrs in the evening Randall to Bahmant Robert and Philip Learn took the old saw home

15 Tuesday in NE snow to yohn Learns got shingles (oao and 3/4)Randall sick

14 Wednessday in NM Bluestery Dance chaar caller to Alack Stwarts in evenning his wife sick. Randall sick

15 Thursday in W Blurstery Done chaars cleanew wheat in the evening Demoane in the evening Demoane to help john Doan monew his house past 16 Friday in Wclear cold To spring field with spring whaet 19 hu 45 lbs sold for $104 Barley & bushed solld for $115 per bushed . Randall Away WY hill and wife hes to tea evening john learm and in wife to tea. pair nutman $55 fon Natc 17 saturday in Selear Drawed weoa with calts fone moan to Belmpnt after fun got table faith and dress and shoes from dyer $5.45 the [air fauceth $1 for paper Randall sick pet Bass heren

18 sunday win SC clear to new sarun to church elder hayeaek Preachew wy hill and wife with us to james warwicks to diner Randall sick

19 Monday in SC rain NW snow Daechaars haw weak old was hoarsse Randeel sick toath aks

20 tuesday in L claudy dane chaars to behmant after moan to old dyesr sale pair dyer $140 fo shoes lyman learn and wife to diner Randall to Relmont to i u learns to tea

21 wednesday S fogy done chaars. ly man an betsey and a map peadles to diner randall away at night 22 thursday in S W Rain done chaars sold duglass the sheep 13 for $48 he pair me $10. D for Moan filer the Buck sew for me randall at home

23 friday in NW Blustery Lane chaars Randell to Behmont learn and wife and yeme hera to tea.

24 saturday in NWbluesd Done chaars Randall went to mapletan

25 Sunday in NW cold at home Randall away mrs d moane and sarah mm legg to tea.

26 monday in S W claudy done chaars Randall came home D gracy here in the evening. hargenw fin to work a year for $160 dug lass took the sheep and pair $38

27 tuesday win Snow Rain Done chaars Randall to doams george emery aw wife an am and elen mj frank and george c learn here to tea.

28 wednesday in NW claudy done choars nelson learn and wife to diner randall away at night

29 THURSDAY IN NW CLAUDY to election votew fpr S day Randall vote for day 30 friday N E snow blustery to Black Stewails wife s funeral W Yacks and wife to diner Randall to finehers to a surprise at night.

31 Saturday un Nclear to Belmant got the horse shad to a balls & set get 25 1/2 lbs to bacoe from dyer hose matches pair galaury 1/2 lbs tea from W yeack son fon 40ets Draw 2 loadwas lower $300 from Randall

Set Ruary 1874 sunday win N L claudu to new sarum to church elder slay cock preached went with Dan gracy to No 4 in evening pair to Deacon New canch $ 1.00 james learn here at night

2 monday wind N E snow done choars Randall and jim heard soaly pair his mate $37.00

3 tuesday in wc claudy to st thomas Randall done chars got from cary 41 yeds caton and 26 print for $9.30, put in the merchan its Bank $306 to dies to fathers

4 wednesday in wealears done choars fane moan to serving field with wheat 34 afternoon, randall away Robert learn here at night.

5 thursday win w clear to spring field with wheat sold to kip for $120 cys 22 bustell got 500 Brant $300 Randall Done choars A Susprize party here at nigght Fathers and mother here and about co persons to the surprise party

I fry day win I snow to lyman learns got oats 26 bushesl en barley 12 Randall done chaars

4 saturday in R Claudy to belmont with oats to chap 26 bushel got from nugant i barell saltan from from dyer 4 lbs lea $ 275 sets paw john G fawcett $ 1250 fon cau Randall to Behmont

$ suunday in Sclear to elder to new sarum

9 monday in NW claudy Drawal Weal Fone Moan put cam after moan David Brown here at night Randall came home.

10 tuesday in Wclaudy snow to whites mill with came for chop fathers and mother here david Brown here Randall to new sarum to tea meeting.

11 wednesday iin Wclaudy to Belmoont pair YG gauces th $1.00 95 th got from nugent i bare saltand pitcher $1.45 lts thase from dyer 25ets gotchap from mill 26 bushell to games shirkes in the evening to tea gets 5 3/4 chees from hin 70cts Randall away

12 thursday wind S thawew Dane chars Drave dcik catt jane learn and llida hilll here at night Randell home

13 Friday wiind S Rain done choars lida hill and jane here Randall home 14 satuday in S wclara done hill went home jane here

15 sunday in S clear than to new sarun to chuch to w jane to new sarum day cock kneak new.

16 monday in NW smuu blus to Andrew cliles got 2 bushel clover seed $12.00 Randall an yane came home.

17 tuesday in w clear cold done choars Randall draw wood in the sugar bush jane here.

18 wednesday in S clear done choars Randall to Belmnt little john learn here james learn here at night

19 thursday n SW rain at mig done choars Randall home mrs moane took her Bird home W gragery Buril

20 Friday in NW clear thawe to will Bushed wheat and 12 af oats to Y fuc westts to diner got cheese macy $2of 76 ots got boats for from $ 1, 75 its Randall home 21 Saturday wind NP snow dave chars Randall home george learn to diner

22 sunday wind L claudy at ome Randall and Jone to PV learn in the evening


Monday in wice storm to mrs thomsons funeral to david moanes shepard pneached Randall to belmat to Y camlder tp work at harness trade mrs lariet moane sick.

24 tuesday wind w clear to george learness to dines w moane caller. W gracy and wife and kdaline to tea done gracy in the evening.

25 wednesday in St snoe done choars

26 thursday in SW cald to behmant let slauck irss have 30a feet hoards $4.00

got the griss from the mill jane worker at an dress 

21 friday in SW clear done choars to hills got 2 bags turnips jane worker at an dress

28 saturday wind s clear done choars Randall came home at night

March 1874

Sunday wind S. clear at home Randall and jane to glad stone to church john learn and masgret cullver to diner and S flemins to tea Randall went to Bekmmont at night margret here

2 monday wind Sclear made spindes dones choars margnet clulver here.

3 tuesday wind S W rain Travell the Buckets to the Bush taped co trees and took mar gret to john in the after moan 4 wednesday in NW clear done choars put the Buckets Round to trees.

5 Thursday wind L clear took the kittens to he bush and hund them margnet cullver walked over n johns here at night

6 friday in L claudy Rain done choars margnet cullver here

7 saturday in S W cludy to john learns took marget there fill come home with us randall come home at night

8 Sunday in N snow at home Randall home Dan gracy to diner

9 Monday in N W snow blus dane choars let george let george ap lefond have randa;l harness randa;; went tp behment

10 tuesday wind N blus tery done chars

11 wednesday N Blusstery done chars to george aplefanels in the evening

12 thurday wind Neol blustery done choars

13 fridat wind NW Blustery done chars

14 saturday wind w clear sone choars Trawel wood 3 load Randall came home at night 15 sunday wind S clear thunder at home Rnadall home to D moans in the evening

16 monday wind S cloudy tapew the bush cannenced to boil gracy to worked ofr a year for me $ 160 chapter wines.

17 tuesday wind SP clear getherew sap 5 tuls and boilew suripew dawn dan gracy to help

18 wednesday wind SP cloudy worker in Bush getherew Sap 5 tubs boiler sugarew off 26 lb made moleses 2 galans Dan helhew

19 thurday in NW ckear worked in Bush gethere sap 4 tubs Boiled suagre off 50. Dan Helped

20 Friday wind S clear worked in Bush getheresw sap 2 1/2 tubs boiled dan to help sugared off 89lbs

21 saturday wind NW clear worked in the Bush gethered sap 2 tubs suagred of 26th Randall home janes learn and sarsh legg here at night dan ehaphew in form moan helped in the bush afternoon to belment at night.

22 sunday wind SW clear at home Randall home Dan here Robert learn here 23 monday in blush tery done choars dan chapter sugered odd 21lbs.

24 Tuesday in W clear cab sauce stake cuts fame noar dan spily stakes after naan put the meete to smake jane to Moans at night

25 wednesday in SP clear saves stake cuts Dan to help Dan belmont at night

26 thursday wind S W main forn and night moan N cold snow after drawed sap 3 tubs dan to help. mate lan Brown and Tanpates to jiners.

27 friday wind SW clear Boiled sap getherew 2 tubs dan drawed wood after moon

28 saturday wind clear sawed stake cuts fone moan dan to help dan away after moan to Betmont after moan git from syer goods $$2.25 sugared off 28th Randall home at night

29 sunday wind SW clear at home Rnadall home an to john learns philip ad Rd learn here C moan to tea, catits ta babe brown 10.00

30 monday wind S W clear Dance choars Dan spilt stakes Lenert will and wife to dines changed oats 10 bus.

And came home from johns, troughton and wife to tea fetched the cloth 50 yds pair her $6.25

31 tuesday wind NP clear Drawed staked 436 Dan split stakes

April 1874

1 wednesday wind JW clear to john learns get the wgon fone moan to hills got hungarion seed after mon to john to john learns ann to hills

2 thursday in SW clear Drawed staked 166 fane moon Dan spilt stakes gether w sap after noon father and mother to diner philip learn and wife to tea john finch and randall her at night

3 friday in NW snoe cold boiler sap dan split staked randall and jane event to lymass williams barr and wife berty to tea.

4 saturday NW cold drawed wood & load for moan sawed blackes aftre moan dan to help. pair W Cagams $14,60 Randwall home at night jane away home.

5 Easter sunday wind & snow at home Randall and dan and jane away Randall and jane came home at night

6 monday wind W clear drawes fence blacks fone moan Dan cut Blocks after moan randell to belmount

& tuesday in W clear warm sawed blacks fane moan drawed blocks after moan dan spillt blocks

8 wednesday wiind & clear getheres and Barlew sah Dan cut loacks after oan and went to layolars and bought a marse for $35 after tear ann helped to cary up the surip Nub and black cans had calfer

9 thursday & clear drawed fence black fone moan drawed stakes after moan dan cut blacks put dawn malases 13 gad

10 friday in W clear get 1 load starw from & d learn gethered sap 4 1/2 tubs boiled dan to help i was sick after noan

11 Saturday in N snow cold Done chores Dan suriped Down split wood and killed Blacks calf the black sow to boar we was to D Moores in the evening Randall came home at night

12 Sunday wind SE clear to 2 church to prayer meeting Dan and Jane wiith us Randall to D Moores in the evening

13 Monday in SE clear gethered and Boiled sap 3 1/2 tubs made Molases 6 galons Dan split stakes after noon bass choped wood Richard pullin to tea

14 tuesday in SW clear gethered sap 5 tubs boiled Dan to help went to helmont after tea Ann went to Johns Lyman Learn here at night

15 Wednesday wind N W clear Drawed sap 3 tubs made Molases 5 galons Dant to help Dan spilt stakes afternoon

sugar and Malases 600 lbs.

16 thursday wind E clear to Mapleton got 4 shoes set on horses got from W Appleford hungarian hay 1 tun for $6 Dan split stakes Py Putnam sessed me for $3500

17 fryday wind NE clear gethered sap 3 tubs Boiled let Py Putnam have 8 bushel 19lbs wheat $9.81 side pork 41 lbs $5"13 d paid him in full to date Dan split stakes afternoon

18 Saturday wind E clear to Mapleton for hay forenoon to Belmont afternoon got from Dyer 2 spreads $525 1 1/2 lb tobacoe 75 cts let him have 1 1/2 bushel aples 3 galons Molases 16 1/2 lb buter 10 doz eggs let Y cambele have 3 aples $150 got hitch nanes $1 curcomb 20 cts Dan split stakes forenoon went away after noon Randall came home at night John Hawkin with him

19 Sunday wind E clear to Newsarum to church Haycock preached to dine to Lymans Randall home John Hawkins here. Dan away

20 Monday wind E rain gethered sap 5 tubs Dan to help. Randall went to Belmont

21 tuesday wind S clear Boiled sap Dan thrashed hungarian seed. Betsey culliver here at night John L Learn to Dinner Robert Learn to tea

22 Wednesday wind S clear gethered the Buckets and Drawed in from bush cleaned hungarian seed forenoon Dan split stakes after noon finished Betsey cullver went home

23 thursday wind NW clear cultivated for barley Dan built fence Round corn field

24 fryday wind E clear Drawed stakes forenoon cultivated afternoon Dan built fence Ann to Baleys

25 Saturday wind E Rain snow to the swamp Dan at the fence Randall com home

26 Sunday wind NW at home D f Moore and wife to Diner. froze at night

27 Monday wind NW clear cold sick with a boil bought a Drag of charlton $20 sold him 4 pigs $20 Dan at fence Randall to belmont gone to D f Moores at night

28 tuesday wind W clear cool sick with a boill Dan at fence. Spot cow had a calf, froze hard at night

29 Wednesday wind N cold sick with a boil Dan at fence forenoon away afternoon Midge hefer had a calf froze hard

30 thursday wind S cloudy Done chores Dan away Lyman Learn and wife here at night

May 1874

1 fryday wind W clear cold cultivated to 2 church Meeting at night got a letter of Dissmissial from the church for me and Ann. Dan away

2 Saturday wind SW clear to Wiliam Barrs fore noon got a load of hay Borowed to paid Next winter to Belmont after noon got from Dyer $372 ct worth paid him $680 ut let Camble have 2 bags aples $150 malass $127 cts Let frots have Molases $460 D Wagoner 1 bag aples 75 paid Dan away Randall came home at night got from pratts 1 shovel I pail $225

3 Sunday wind E clear to Newsarum to church haycock preached to Lymans to Diner Randall and Jan to 2 church Sler preached Dan away

4 Monday wind E cloudy sowed Barley spring wheat and grass seede in 7 acre field Dan Draged. Randall went to Belmont Jane to Eds put old Doll to Jacksons horse Sent milk of 3 cows to factory

5 tuesday wind NW clear Draged forenoon cultivated afternoon Dan at fence

6 Wednesday wind NW clear cultivated Dan at fence

7 Thursday wind W SW clear Draged oats in 16 acre field Dan sowed oats

8 fryday wind SW clear warm Draged Dan sowed grass seede Jane came home

9 Saturday wind SW clear warm finished dragging oats Rolled 14 acres Dan at the fence Randall came home at night Pide cow had a calf

10 Sunday wind S warm to Newsarum to church Elder haycock preached Randall and Jane at home to haycocks to Diner

11 Monday wind E clear Rolled 7 acres forenoon Made garden after noon Dan at fence forenoon Drawed old rails for wood after noon Randall to Belmanot

12 tuesday wind S clear took the calves to the swamp forenoon let Sandy cury have plowed ground to put in hungarian grass for 1/2 worked at fence after noon Dan at fence

13 Wednesday wind N clear fixed fence Dan to help

14 thursday wind E clear plowed corn ground Dan at fence forenoon planted potatos afternoon sold empey calf skins got 4 pails from him Rose cow had a calf

15 fryday wind SE clear plowed corn ground Dan planted potatoes forenoon at fence afternoon

16 Saturday wind W Rain Made 2 gates forenoon plowed corn ground after noon Dan at fence Randalll came home at night

17 Sunday wind SW Rain to Newsarum to church A Smith preached had comunion. To Lewis cloeses to Diner the horse was sick Randall and Jane at home Dan away in morning

18 Monday wind NE Rain plowed corn ground Dan at fence and put his Mare to Jacksons horse. Randall went to Belmont to work

19 tuesday wind SW clear finished plowing corn ground Rolled and draged dan at fence, turned the colts in litle field

20 Wednesday in SW Rain Draged corn ground Dan at fence

21 Thursday wind NW Rain Draged and Rolled corn ground Dan at fence

22 fryday wind NW clear Marked corn ground planted 52 Roes D f Moore and Dan to help

23 Saturday wind W clear planted corn Dan to help D Moore helped afternoon. Randall came home at night

24 Sunday wind SW celar at home Randall and Jane to Mapleton Dan away. Rain at night

25 Monday wind W hard finished planting corn Dan helped let John tooly have 1 bushel corn $1 Randall to Belmont

26 tuesday wind W clear plowed in the medowe Dan at fence Let George Smith have 1/4 b corn for 25 cts

27 Wednesday wind S clear plowed in medowe Dan helped Ed Learn saw planted melons at night. to Belmont got from Dyer $403 in goods paid 32 doz eggs $320

28 thursday wind S clear warm sowed corn plnnted beans cucumbers and potatoes Calvin Brown and wife and Mrs Barr and Mrs Hill to diner

6 Saturday in {Weleascold?}

Cleaned oats 83 bushel

henery to {help?} boy here

Randalf come home at

night. paid Mary 837s

7 Sunday {illegible} Eclear cold

to John Learns to Diner

John cullver here at

night charles an Nih

to johns Randalf home at night

8 Monday {in?} NWclear cold

to Belmont got horses shad {8?}

shoes set at Abotts let

Neuman have 497 {lb 812.42?{42 is written on top of line}}

of flour {82.50 cmy? {written between lines}}. got 2 barles salt 83

pair Boots $2,25 Broon 25 {it?}

colas 15. {Iaginaor?} 10. to Ginos

to faucetts John cullver

with me tnaughtan {in?}

wife an 2 children to ten

Randall home at might

John cullver here

9 tuesday in Wclear cold

to Lyons john cullver

with me Drove pony

Randall Drawed wood to

Lyons. home at night

henery Thnashed oats john

Cullver here at night .

10 Wednesday {in?} SE snow {at night written on top of snow}

to {Avan?} to Diner to

Manetts john cullver with

me. Randall {Dnewed?} wood

to Lyons. henery Thrashed


11 thursday {in?} W Bhistory {"cold" is written above line}

Done choars henery Thrashed

oats Randall went to

Lyons. john cullver went away with him

18 fryday {in?} Wclear cold

{drawed?} 2 {"1 1/2 cond" is written above line} load of wood

henery Thrashed oats

john Learn john

cullver Nib and chrles

cullver here to Diner

Randall home at night

pony Run away

13 Saturday {in?} Wclear cold

cleaned oats 98 bushel

Randall and henery and

jack and philip cleaned

14 Sunday {in?} NW clear, cold

at home. Df and Ed Moore

to Diner Randall and henery

to Diner

15 Monday {in?} Wclear cold

Drove Dick cold {"e" writem very small}{qcharley?}

henery thrashed oatss

Randall went away

St pettit and wife {qgish?}

and George Smith an wife

and gist to tea

16 tuesday {in} Wclear cold

Drove Dick and chaley

henery Thrashed oats

philip to school

17 Wednesday in W Blustery {"cold" written above line}

Done choars henery thrase

oats philip to school to

geage {originally "geagel" but the "l" is erased and scratched out} learns at night

John an Robert Learn

to Tea

18 Thursday win W clear cold

to {Pf Moores sald?}. henery

thrashed oats. W Brown

and wife and john Learn

To Diner

19 fryday {in SE?} snow

to Belmont to Mill 10 bush

of wheat get 1 shoe set on

george at Abotts. get 2 {pas?}

Magenty 2oets, condition 25

of Newon. cleaned oats

after 73 bushed henery to

help. henry got his oats 43 4

philip home at night

20 Saturday {in?} Wcloudy {"much" is written smaller and above line}

Done choars. henery cut

wood philip home: here

at night

21 Sunday {in?} Wclear {illegible}

to New sarum To church

haycock preached to

Diner to james Warwicks

philip with us

22 Monday is S thawed {"rain at night" written above the word "thawed"}

to Belmont to mill Let

pots have 100 lb flour {$ 3 m?}

got from Newsnan. {Toets?}

get work to Abotts {yorts?}

paid hostage on 2 papers

to Dyers 40 cts .

23 Tuesday {in?} E cloudy {Thawed?}

to Belmont took the

Roller to Abott to fine

henery at the wood

philip to school

y cook sessed me for


24 Wednesday {in?} S cloudy {"fog" is written above word "cloudy"}

Done choars henery cut

wood philip To school

25 Thursday {in?} NW cloudy cold

Done choars henery an

Winters cut wood

philip to school. let

Winters have 1 bushel

of oats and a Rooster {at 25?}

26 fryday {in?} N clear cold

Done choars. henery and winters cut wood.

james Warwick and wife to Diner. y Shane called

27 Saturday {in?} NW clear cold

to swamp got posts 28

soldy Shane timber {$?} 4

henery and Winters cut

wood philip away at night

John Learn and wife end {9?} boy to diner

28 Sunday is NW clear cold

to No 7 to church Burk

preached. philip away

Ann at home

March 1875

1 Monday in E snow {"cold" is written above "snow"} Blustery

Done choars. philip come

home. Robert Learn to dine

henery an winters to, diner

2 tuesday {in?} W clear cold

Done choars philip helped

henery and George Bass

cut wood

3 Wednesday in E snow - {"= very Blustery cold" written above line}{"drift" written above "very Blustery cold"}

Done choars. henery split

wood {fone?} noon philip home

4 Thursday in E clear mild

fisc spiles. Done choars phib

to help henery an {Nonm?}

cut wood after noon

5 fryday in SE snow

to Belmont got from New

man 2 pails and paper ink

for c5 cts. philip Done

choars. {Nonm?} and henery

cut wood fone noon

6 Saturday in W cloudy cold

to Lyons Diner To Randalls

Nonm and henery cut wood

Randall home at night

7 Sunday in E clear

to No 7 to church W

Jackson preached. philip

with me Randall away

at night. Ann home

8 Monday {in?} W clear mild

to Belmont let Abott have

oats 8 bushel. to y sherks

after father an Mother

here to Diner an. {Degnoat?}

got the house at Lyons.

insured for $400 for three

years for $7.50. ctc {"ctc" written above line}

9 Tuesday an S clear mild

to London with Newon

got carpet from him 48 y {illegible}

for $43 to he paid in oats

at 40 cts per bushel

philip Done choars george

Learn and wife to tea

10 Wednesday {in?} SW clear

to Belmont let Newmon

have 54 bushel of oats 40 {cts?}

per bushel got each $1.00

Ann to {Alas?} finches

henery split wood {"at night" written below line}

11 Thursday {in?} SE cloudy Rain

to john cullvers funeral

Norman henery cut

wood philip Done choars

12 fryday {in?} S clear thawed

to Belmont let Newon have

oats 49 bushel {"40 ct" above "bushel"} and 200 feet

boards $2,40 got Talow 11 lb

thead 1/2 lb tacks 6 packs.

let Menite have 5 bushel

oats $1.95. W jackson

and wife to Diner and tea

Noam and henery cut wood

13 Saturday and S clear thaw

Done choars. philip home

Nonm an henery cut

wood. let Norm have

oats 20 bushel fon $8.00

Randall home at night

14 Sunday {in?} S Thawed main

to No 7 to church Burk

preached Randall an

Sarah ann Legg to

DIner and tea philip


15 Monday {in?}{"high water" written above line} S Rain fogy

to st thomas took out of Merchants Bank $413

to Dine to Lymans

henery Done choars

philip away. got Deed

on Record

16 Tuesday {in?} SW snow {"cold blustery" written above "snow"}

Done choars y smith here

philip came home

17 Wednesday {in?} W snow {"cold" written above line} Blustery

to Lyons paid fuliton

for Ty Putnam $352. {illegible} 5

took up Notes. To johns to jack and philip sawed


18 Thursday {in?} W clear cold

cut wood Drawed in 3

load. jack helped to cut

philip helped Draw

jack went away at 3


19 fryday {in?} E clear {"mild" writtn above line}

to Belmont got home from New

an $2,10 {illegible word on top of line} got Toller freed

to Abotts $5.50 {illegible}

philip Done choars

20 Saturday {illegible} N snow {"cold Blurery" written on top}

Done choars to george Learns

in the eveng Randall

with us philip went

home at night

21 Sunday {illegible} W clear

To john Learns To Diner

Randall home herbert

an William Learn here

at night philip here

22 Monday {illegible} NW clear

fiseed for sugars jack to help and philip Randall

event to Lyons

23 Tuesday {illegible} SE clear

Took the Buckets to Bush

fone noon jack and philip

to help Drawed wood 7 cond

after philip To help

jack cut wood after

24 Wednesday {in?} NW snow {"Blustery" written on top of "snow"}

Done choars philip helped

Jack away

25 Thursday {in?} SE clear

To Belmont to Mill 26 boats

drawed wood 5 cont after

johm Learn an famely

ad sam Legg ad wife to tea

get cheese money $35.50 {illegible}

had {cbne?} $10

26 fryday {in?} SW Rain

to Belmont got chop let

Warden have bag Aples {"75~" written on top of "Aples"}

taper 121 trees in Bush

William Barr an wife

and child to tea

Randall home at night

27 Saturday {in?} NW clear

finished Tapin Bush 205

Trees Burned out kittes

Randall home. to {sane?}

leggs to tea

28 Sunday in SS clear thawed

to No 1 Burk preached

Randall home on philip

29 Monday {in?} S clear Thawed

gethered sap an Boiled 4 {tsps?}

philip and Alvin sites

to help Alvin Sites

come to work for $2.,00 per month

30 Tuesday in S clear {illegible}

worked in Bush {suriped?}

Dawn gethered 2 1/2 tubs

of sap and boiled Alvin

To help Ann sugared of

31 Wednesday {in?} S clear warm

to cheese meeting fone noon

Norm took job Drawing

milk for $ 1C0. cut wood

afeter Alvin To help

Aga Winters To Diner

Ann sugared of $1 lb

April 1875

1 Thursday in S Rain

gethered and Boiled sap 2 {tsps?}

alvin to help the sow

had 10 pigs

2 fryday {in?} NW cloudy

gethered sap 1 tub boiled

Alvin to help

Ann made Molases 5 gals

3 Saturday {in?} S clear

fixed Roller put meet to

smoke Done choars

Alvin choared

Randall home at night

4 Sunday {in?} N clear

at home Randall home

cullver finch to diner

5 Monday {in?} {"SE" written on top} N clear warm

gethered and boiled sap 3 {ts?}

Alvin to help coneneed

to plow

6 Tuesday {in?} E cloudy

plowed Alvin cleaned

stables Mrs Winters

to help Ann quilt

Made Molases 50 lb

7 Wednesday {in?} E cloudy {"sleet" written on top of "cloudy"}

plowed Alvin choared

Randall took Dick colt

to Lyons. sold the pony {"85" written on top of "pony"} $.

8 Thursday {in?} S clear {"warm" written on top of "clear"}

plowed {Mvin?} Boiled

sap Edwin cullver

and Mother to Diner

Lyman and Randall

here at night

Let phileman have 1 bu {"eom" written above}

9 fryday {in?} SW clear

plowed. phileman at

hen pen Alvin choared

Mother to tea

10 Saturday {in?} SW clear

plowed phileman 1/2 day

at her pen Norm and

Alvin in Bush Mother

to diner. Randall home

at night. Let Ancha

Mcolum have bag of corn

11 Sunday in E clear

to 2 church Lynce {pmeache?}

Alvin home Randall

at home. Nety Learn

here at night

Rose cow had a calf

12 Monday {in?} E clear

plowed fone noon cultivate

after phileman at pen {"l" scratched out}

Alvin choared. Mother

and father to Breakfast

Mother to diner

13 Tuesday in E cloudy

Done choars let Norm have

Barley 10 bushel. phileman {"day" written on top of "phileman"} 1/2

Elder Lyce {between the y and c of "Lyce" the letters "on" are added in pencil} To diner. other

To diner. lill cow had calf

14 Wednesday {in?} SW clear

plowed phileman an

Alvin Boiled sap

Ann laid carpet up

stairs Randall home

at night got 7 hens

15 Thursday {in?} {"after noon" written on top} S Rain

sowed Barley 8 bushel

Norm sowed it

Norm and wife to Diner

Mother To diner and tea

phileman at her 1?2 day

16 fryday {in?} NW cold snow

to Belmont got charley

shod 4 shoes 1 new to

Abbotts let john Learn

have 10 bushel Barley

Mother john ad {Ed?} to

tea Alvin chared.

17 Saturday {in?} W snow {"cold" written above "snow"}

Done choars let phileman

have hag 125 lb $8.75 cts

boards 26 feet 26 cts

Randall home at night

18 Sunday {in?} NW cloudy {"cold" written above "cloudy"}

To 2 church Lynce preache

Randall {and?} Sarah Ann

Legg to tea. Nub {"a calf" written on top} cord had

19 Monday {in?} W cloudy snow

to the swamp Norm {"felt" is erased}

fetched hosts fon me 1/2 day

Alvin huske corn

Mother here Norm to diner Ann washed

20 Tuesday {in?} N clear {"cold" written above "clear"}

Done choars Ann

White washed. pide com

had a calf. Witers and

wife and Duglass to tea

21 Wednesday in N clear {"cold" written above "clear"}

to Belmont fone noon

Alvin husked conn

Mother here

22 Thursday {in?} N clear

fixed fence Alvin tohelp Phileman at pen

let hin have flour 33 lb

let Abbott have oats 9 1/2

bushel traded calves with Edwin

23 fryday {in?} SWNE {"at night" written above "SWNE"} snow

plowed afternoon Alvin

husked corn phileman

finished hen pen his

wife here to tea Mrs

winters here To help Ann

24 Saturday in NW cloudy {"cold" written above "cloudy"}

To Belmont got from

Newon 20 lb sugar 2 yds

carpet. phileman boiled

sap Alvin To help.

Randall home at night

25 Sunday {in?} W clear

to 2 church with us john

Learn and wife To tea

26 Monday {in?} NW clear

plowed phileman ad

Alvin boiled sap in

Bush. Let george Learn

have 25 bushel of oats

{for?} 45 cts per bushel $11.25

to be paid first cheese

sale. Shot cow had calf

27 Tuesday {in?} E clear

cultivated {originally "cultivater" but changed "r" to "d"} for oats ad

sowed 1 bushel. phileman

and Alvin in the bush

Ann boiled Molases

Dawn {the "n" in "Dawn" is smudged} 4 1/2 galons

28 Wednesday {in?} S clear

Draged {"oats" is inserted later} Alvin To help

Norm sowed oats 16 be

Ed Weslake ad wife to teea

29 Thursday {in?} W high Rain

Rolled fallwheat Ann

put Dawn carpet in parler

30 fryday {in?} SW clear

plowed for corn. Randall

and jack to tea

{"May 1875" written in big letters}

1 Saturday {in?} E Rain had

comenced To send

Milk To factory to Belmont

from G cows Alvin went

home at night gave

{jiney?} Aple fond a calf

2 Sunday {in?} NW {"cold" written above} snow

At home Randall

home to diner alvin

come back

3 Monday {in?} SW clear

To Belmont let Newon

have Molases 4 gel 8 lb

let Odle have honey 19

lb eggs 38 1/4 Doz got

from him goods $10.8 {bs?}

helpe Norm Draw load

of hay from fergesons

Randall home at night

4 Tuesday {in?} NWSW clear

Withe phileman to station

for his dog fone noon

plowed after the lurkey


5 Wednesday {in?} SW Rain

plowed Alvin choared

paid by order $2...00 To

Mrs Cites for Alvins

work. phileman at fence

6 Thursday in NW {"cool" written above} clear {fros?}

finished plowing sod

Drawed in things from

the Bush Alvin to help

phileman at fence

Aga helped Ann

7 fryday {in?} E cloudy frost

fisced posts for fence

phileman at fence

Aga helped Ann

8 Saturday {in?} SW clear {"ward" written above}

Done choars set Bery.

{Bushres?} Alvin went

home at night.

Randall home at night

Midge cow had a calf

phileman at fence {"day" written on top} 1/2

9 Sunday{in?} SW Rain

To New {Sarwm?} to church

Slaycock preached

to haycocks to diner

10 Monday {in?} W Rain

Done choars let Dun

can taylor have 2 bu

shel of Barley $1.80

gave j cope a calf

Alvin come at noon

Randall home at night

11 Tuesday {in?} SW Rain

Done choars set onions

Alvin helped went

home at night

. Randall went to Lyons

12 Wednesday {in?} NW Rain

Done choars let Albott

have 2 bushel of oats

Alvin away

13 thursday {in? SW clear}

set onions fore noon

Alvin to help sowed

peas and Draged after

Norm sowed bushel

fone me

14 fryday {in?} SE Rain

husked corn finished

Alvin set strawbry

plants Randall home

15 Saturday {in?} NW clear

Sowed peas Norm sowed

Randall helped to drag Alvin set strawberys

set Duck Eggs 11

16 Sunday {in?} N clear

to {Newsarum?} to church

Hacock preached to

Diner to Lymans

17 Monday {in?} SW clear

plowed corn {gnawnd?}

fone noon Draged oats

for Norm after noon

Randall took trees an

wood to Lyons with

charley ad Dick

18 tuesday {in?} NW clear

plowed corn {gnownd?} and

cultivated for potatoes

Alvin planted potatoes

helped Norm to plow

after noon phileman

at fenece. Let john have

a bushel of potatoes

19 Wednesday {in?} SW clear

Drage corn grownd fore {onod? written on top}

to Belmont after got from

Odle {$5.c6?} w paid $7.75

Randall with us. Alvin

planted potatoes.

star {"star" is crossed out with pencil marking} cow to Bull

20 thursday {in?} SW clear

took 6 cattle to the swamp

marke corn {gnound?}

Rolled the peas

Alvin to help

Brown cow had a calf

21 fryday {in?} SW Rain

planted corn Rolled

the Barley Alvin to

help {phrase written and scratched out in pencil "$11 cheese noey"?}

22 Saturday {in?} SW clear {"hot" written above line}

to Belmont let Odle have

potatoes 7. 3/4 bushed 83 cts

per bushel to johns after

tea Mother and Belsey

here Alvin choared

took 4 bushel wheat

to mill got from Odle

shingle nails 50 lb $250

23 Sunday {in?} SW clear

to New Sarum to

church hackock preache

to Lymans to DIner

james Learn an wife

Randall and Sarah Ann

Legg to tea here

pad to Newcoml $4.00

24 Monday in S clear hot

Draged for Milet Alvin

away. tured the sow

from The pigs

25 Tuesday {in?} NW clear hot

sowed Millet Alvin

helped drag. let Mrs cites

potatoes 2 bushel. h Brat

got them

26 Wednesday {in?} E clear

Rolled oats Alvin choard

Randall home at night

27 thursday {in?} E clear to spring field 10 {Aylmu?}

to Orwell. to peter

Charltons to Diner

got a Bolt of coton 44 yd

got curtens an wimcy

to Aylmer $15.5 cts

28 fryday {in?} S clear to Belmont got pete

shod 4 shoes set to Abotts

let hooved have 3 golons

of Molases $3, co {"cte" written above} let Odle

have 16 1/2 Doz eggs got

from him $4.05 cts

planted Beans {Tumnd?}

out the Bull

29 Saturday {in?} N Rain {"in morning" written above}

to Orwell got shingles

from Wicket 8000

for $2.80 cts per 1000

planted cucumbers

took the sow to Boar

30 Sunday {in?} SW clear

to gladstone church {Lymce?}

preached. Ann home

Randall and Sarah Ann

Legg and Bub to tea

gave W Barr $3.00 to pay insurance

31 Monday {in?} SW clear

to Orwell got shingles

from Wicket 7000 1/3 paid

him $42..00 slub cow had

a calf. W tansley an wife

here at night Randall home

{"June 1875" written in big letters}

1 tuesday {in?} S clear

to kings mill with oats

sold to Steeple for 45 cts

got $35.25 cts tanslet

with me. plated Beets and Melons. {"tel" smudged}

let Norm have 5 bushel

of oats at 45 cts

Randall home tansley

an wife to Diner went away

2 Wednesday {in?} S clear

to George Leggs. Randall

Maried to Sarah Ann

Legg E Shepard maried

them they went to

Waterford. Rain at night

3 thursday {in?} W clear

sowed oats on the {wheetd?}

Calista here. Elder

Rowlan to Diner

4 fryday {in?} S clear

to Belmont ordered

a scraper of Eler {scratched out writing}

Mckelon for the Road

let Odle have 8 3/4 doz eggs

got 1/2 lb starch and chees meg


5 Saturday {in?} S cloudy {"Rain" written above}

to springfield for Randall an wife fone

noon planted over

corn after noon

6 Sunday {in?} S clear

to Disiple church Shepard

preached. to Leggs to

DIner Randall an wife

to tea here father

an Mother here at night.

7 Monday {in?} W cloudy

to john Mckelons funeral

had a infair party for

Randall. george Legg

and wife Sam and wife

Charles and Mary Shepard

father an Mother

an M {Udle?}. janes

Learn and wife here

and John Learn and wife and Robert

8 tuesday {in?} W clear

Worked Road. James

Baley to Diner

Alvin hoed potatoes

Let father have 2 bushel

of oats 90 cts

9 Wednesday {in?} W clear

Worked the Road Norm

had charley. sold calf shin

for 60, cts Randall and wife

home at night. Spot

cow to. Bull.

23 fryday WD {wind} SW clear Drawed wood frank to help. To Belmont got from Odle 12 glass jars and ties Vraces $2,75cts let Odle have 7 dov eggs

24 Satruday WD {wind} S clear to georges ground ciktes Calvin Brown and wife here to diner and tea

25 Sunday WD {wind} S clear to 2 church Lynce preached to W Barrs to Diner frank with us. Bronns these

26 Monday WD {wind} S Rain cut Round the wheat farnk to help. Stewarts picked chryes on shares

27 Tuesday WD {wind} W clear cut and bound wheat franks to help Randall and wife here at night

28 Wednesday WD {wind} S clear Bound wheat frank to help. Randall cut wheat. went home at night

29 Thursday WD {wind} W clear cut barley. frank bound wheat. To Belmont To see Dr Cline he was sick $20 chese money

30 fryday WD {wind} NW clear Raked and put up barley frank and Lew to help To Belmont at night

31 Satruday WD {wind} E clear Raked and put up whet frank to help frank To Belmont got sash. 60cts To Odles he helped Norm after noon. William Learn here at night

August 1875

1 Sunday WD {wind} E Rain To 2 church Lynce preached james shirk and wife to diner here. frank to Eds at night

2 Monsday WD {wind} E cloudy Rain picked cheryes frank lame DR Daniel Cline died

3 Tuesday WD {wind} E Rain Done choars frank lame Norm and john Doan to Diner Randall and wife here at night

4 Wednesday WD {wind} W clear To Dr Clines funeral Randall and wife with us to Randalls To diner frank with us Rain at night

5 Thursday WD {wind} S clear To Belmont To Mill 20 bushel to chop got from Odle 1 pair boots for frank $2..50. picked cheryes after

6 fryday WD {wind} W Rain Down with a lame back frank choared

7 Satrday WD {wind} W Rain To Belmont got grists let Odle have egg 16 /12 dz helon and Nety Learns To Tea

8 Sunday WD {wind} W clear To 2 church pro Crawford preached. john and Mrs Walice here to diner frank home. here at night

9 Monday WD {wind} SW clear too a load of chees 34 To Dorechston station fore noon drawed in Barley after and killed 2 pigs let Hoover have 400lb for $32..00

10 Tuesday WD {wind} SW clear Drawed in Barley and wheat frank to help

11 Wednesday WD {wind} E W Rain finished drawing in wheat and Barley frank to help

12 Thursday WD {wind} S clear comenced to cut oats Randall to diner he got old Bounce from Norm.he Baroue the bugey. frank helpe in ots

13 fryday WD {wind} S clear cut oats frank To help hired jack to help To Belmont got cheese Mpney $28 got umbela from Odle $1.25cts Randall and wife here

14 Satruday WD {wind} S Rain cut oats john H fadon barg and frank to help Randall To London here at night frank away at night

15 Sunday WD {wind} S clear To 2 church Dr crawford preached. Randall and wife with us frank away. Randalls went home

16 Monday WD {wind} NW Rain To Belmont got horses shod 8 shoes set to Abbotts got from Odle box Teaslb 1 lb Tobacoe for $3.85cts finished cuting oats frank to help

17 Tuesday WD {wind} W clear rain at night cut Millet fore noon Bound oats after frank to help. frank went home at night

18 Wednesday WD {wind} W Rain cut Millit. To Belmont Randall got his bugey from Dewaur $100 Randall and wife to diner

19 Thursday WD {wind} W Rain To the swamp Mrs Troughton and hall to tea

20 fryday WD {wind} S Rain Raked and put up the millet frank to help Will Mandaville and Tom Sin cleas here at night

21 Satruday WD {wind} SW Rain finished puting up Millet Alvin to help frank went home paid him $4..00

22 Sunday WD {wind} N clear To 2 chruch j A Baldwin preached Norm and wife with us LYda hill here at night

23 Monday WD {wind} E clear helped Norm Bind wheat

24 Tuesday WD {wind} E clear To the swamp to help Sandy cury thrash had to my share 40 bushel wheat and 18 of oats Eder j A Baldwin and girl to dine Ann gave him $1..00 for chruch

25 Wednesday WD {wind} S clear To Lyons got Randall to help Draw in oats Randall and wife here

26 Thrusday WD {wind} S clear Drawee in oats finished Randall to help drawed in Millet Ann 3 loadto help. 3 load Randall went home noon Ann to Belmont eggs 23 1/3 got sugar $4.36 and 20

27 fryday WD {wind} S clear Drawed in Millet 6 load charles cline to help

28 satruday WD {wind} S clear Drawed in milit 5 load 1 peas cullver finch and charles Cline to help. W hill and wife here at night. let L Tibetts have peas 2 /12 bushel

29 Sunday WD {wind} S clear To 2 chruch Lynce preached Randall and wife to Diner Dick run away. charley stayed at home

30 Monday WD {wind} W clear Raked peas forenoon Drawed in 3 load after Charles cline to helpp

31 Tuesday WD {wind} S clear Raked peas fore noon helped finches Thrash charles cline to help Ann To Randalls after noon Randall and wife here at night

September 1875

1 Wednesday WD {wind} S clear helped finches thrash with Team and 2 henus got telegram from philip cullver that Margret was sick Mrs Fawcett and Mrs Odle here to tea jesa Roberts come to work

2 Thursday WD {wind} S Rain Drawed in peas charles and randall to help comeenced to plow Ann went to Simcoe Randall and wife here at night

3 fryday WD {wind} S Rain plowed chales choard carah Ann here Randall here at night

4 Satruday WD {wind} N clear Drawed peas finished charles cline to help got a letter from Ann Randall and wife went home

5 Sunday WD {wind} S clear To 2 chruch ly preached james Learn and wife here to diner Randall and wife here. Rain at night

6 monday WD {wind} N clear plowed paid charles cline $3..00 sent him away

7 Tuesday WD {wind} S clear plowed. the men put up the gate charle came back

8 Wednesday WD {wind} S clear plowed fore noon went to Bloomsburgh to philips cullvers after to philips at night

9 Thursday WD {wind} S Rain at night came home fore noon plowed after

10 fryday WD {wind} N clear plowed charley choared killed the turkey

11 Satruday WD {wind} E clear plowed Randall and wife here at night

12 Sunday WD {wind} S cloudy cool To New sarum to church haycock preached

13 Monday WD {wind} S clear plowed. charley choard

14 Tuesday WD {wind} S clear plowed finished all draged after noon charles choared Henert Moore to diner

15 Wednesday WD {wind} S clear sowed Wheat 8 bushl Draged charley drged

16 Thursday WD {wind} Rain cleaned wheat cut oats

17 fryday WD {wind} N clear cool snow sowed wheat 20 {written above} Norm sowed after noon charles cline draged


18 Satruday WD {wind} W clear finished the wheat dragin Drawed in oats 2 load charley to help

19 Sunday WD {wind}E rain at home Randall an wife called

20 Monday WD {wind} W squals fixed Barn and granery killed a pig charley to help. the sow hag 6 pigs

21 Luesday WD {wind} NW cloudy cool helped Norm Thrash with team 1/2 day helped all day and charley to help

22 Wednesday WD {wind} N clear Thrashed for Norm Team and charley fore noon. for my self after limlea Norm shirk frank p Bass Rob Alven Baxter boy g finch j fergeson j Doan N McTaget to help

23 Thursday WD {wind} NS clear Thrashed 290 oats 104 peas. Doan and fergeson Thrashed. limber while Rob finch shirk Norm Alve To help To john Deniss at night he was kicked by a horse paid fergeson $16.84

24 fryday WD {wind} W clear cut corn. Shirk painted Ed culver here to diner and tea. sent a grist to mill with Norm 6 let limber have 4 bus hel of wheat. $4..00

25 Satruday WD {wind} W Rain Cut clover charles choa sold old Bounce marl To Marshel for $25.00 to be paid in six month shirk painted 1/2 day

26 Sunday WD {wind} N&S clear To 2 chruch Lynce preached Randall and wife to tea

27 Monday WD {wind} W clear cut clover and raked charley and limber to help after noon shirk painted

28 Tuesday WD {wind} E clear cut clover finished cutting put up limber and Charley to help after noon

29 Wednesday WD {wind} E clear To Belmont got cheese money $40.00 got boots from Der $3.50. got horse shod 4 shoes set to Abbotts. Raked clover after noon fiished limber and charley to help fetched Randalls bugy home

30 Thursday WD {wind} W cloudy Dug potatoes charley to help shirk painted Ann went to Randalls took flour and bugy To Randall

October 1875

1 fryday WD {wind} NE & NW clear Drawed in 7 loadover charles to help. shirk painted

2 Saturday WD {wind} W clear Drawed in clover 7 load charles and william Barber To help Barber an boy. to diner. Randall and wife here at night

3 Sunday WD {wind} S clear To 2 church 1/2 past 2 orlod Lynce preached. Mother here to diner

4 Monday WD {wind} S clear finished the clover took in the Beans set up the corn charles To help shirk painted

5 Tuesday WD {wind} E cloudy to Belmont got george shod 2 shoes To Abbotts got from Dyer $1 shug and 25cts Bisket let him have eggs 22 doz {unknow character} 8 Lynce and wife here at night got chees money $28

6 Wednesday WD {wind} W Rain to john Learns Mother here at night

7 Thursday WD {wind} W clear Drawed Manure 7 load shirk painted charley choared. Mother here

8 fryday WD {wind} SW Rain drawd Manure 5 load shirk finished paiting I paid him $48.00 Took him home charles choared. froze

9 Satruday WD {wind} SE clear killed a pig. 89lb Drawed Manure 7 load Randall Took a load of wood home. charles cho

10 Sunday WD {wind} cloudy To 2 church Randall and wife and chrles Legg with us Lynce preached charles cline here

11 Monday WD {wind} N snow squals Drawed Manure fore noon 4 load To Sam Leggs Raison after. Charles cline went away paid him $1,,50

12 Drawed Tuesday WD {wind} N clear Drawed Manure 3{or 2} load forenoon to Lyons show after To Randalls To diner

13 Wednesday WD {wind} W clear to Aylmer show judge on horses. To Randalls to tea

14 Thursday WD {wind} SW clear Drawed Manure 7 load

15 fryday WD {wind} W Rain Done choars

16 Satruday WD {wind} N cloudy cool To Belmont got petete shod 4 shoes set to Abotts got from Dyer 6 galons lamp oil 21 per galon $168 1/2 Tobacoe 25cts picked aples 6 buckel George Legg and wife to Diner. Reped the horses in stable

17 Sunday WD {wind} SW Rain snow at home. lame back

18 Monday WD {wind} N clear plowed in wheat feild limber picked Aples 1/4 of day. Randall and wife here at night Randall gave me $65.00 for Deumaw

19 Tuesday WD {wind} W clear plowed limber spread manure 1/2 day. Randall took boards down to lyons

20 Wednesday WD {wind} S clear plowed.

21 Thursday WD {wind} SW clear plowed

22 fryday WD {wind} S clear finished plowing in wheat feild Drawed 6 load manure 3 pumkins limber3/4 day. paid to Dewmaw $65,,00 for Randall

23 Satruday WD {wind} S clear picked Aples. Tibets paid for Randall $13..00

24 Sunday WD {wind} S clear to New sarum to church haycock preached To haycocks To Diner. Randal and wife here at night

25 Monday WD {wind} NE cloudy plowed. sold C hoaver 3 catle for $45,00 he paid $15.00 took 1 away Randall took old charley

26 Tuesday WD {wind} W Rain fore noon plowed after noon

27 Wednesday WD {wind} W cool plowed Randall Tool a load of hay home Pete putnam fixed the pump, 37cts paid

28 Thursday WD {wind} S clear plowed Randall Drawe wood 2 home

29 fryday WD {wind} E Rain plowed. Randall tto diner hoove to white heifer paid $17,00

30 Saturday WD {wind} W squals finished plowing oat feild paid taxes $19.77 stoped to send milk to factory

31 Sunday WD {wind} W snow Blustry at home put cows in the stable at night

November 1875

1 Monday WD {wind} W cloudy To Belmont To mill 24 lb oats to chop. got cheese money $25,,00 paid Dyer $10.49 got 2 box salt. $2,20 litle john paid $5.00 hoover paid $10.00 took the young heifer away gave order to hawks for a suit of clother for $24.00

2 Tuesday WD {wind} SW clear DOne choars. john Luton and wife here to diner john Learns called at night

3 Wednesday WD {wind} E cloudy Opned Dilches sold jackson 2 pigs $16.00

4 Thursday WD {wind} N clear To Belmont got chop let Dyer have eggs 5 doz got capet 6 6 yds for 7 1/2 b of wheat. selled with

Abbot paid him $8.24 jackson took the pigs away let creaner have 2 bags Aples $1,00

5 fryday WD {wind} N clear Drawe in corn. Ann to Lyons To Randalls Randall here to diner

6 Satruday WD {wind} S clear To Belmont let Dyer have wheat 8 bushel 28lb got 5lb nials 25{witten above} 1 condition powder 25{wirtten above} hald lb Tobacoe 30{wirtten above} file 10 butons 6

7 Sunday WD {wind} E clear to 2 church Lynce preached Henery finch and wife here in the evening To Tea

8 Monday WD {wind} E cloudy took in selor potatoes 48 bushel Elder haycock to diner father and mother here at night

9 Tuesday WD {wind} E clear tok in beets and cabage took the sox to Baxter plowed after noon Randall took a load of wood father and mother went to Eds and Notmgh

10 wednesday WD {wind} SW Rain Done choars. pain inn my side at night

11 Thursday WD {wind} SW clear plowed fore noon husked corn after noon

12 fryday WD {wind} SW clear Done choars. Took a note from Norm. for $10 To be paid in 8 month Mother here To diner Randall fetched the horse home.

13 Satruday WD {wind} N storm To philips To diner Randall and wife and Ida putnam here at night

14 Sunday WD {wind} NE snow at home father and Mother To diner Norm and wife in the evening

15 Monday WD {wind} SW cloudy Done choars james smith paid $6..00for timber by jack

16 Tuesday WD {wind} NW snow Blustery Done choars. Mother here to diner

17 Wednesday WD {wind} NW snow 1 foot Done choars. john Learn and wife Robert Arney and Omer To Tea

18 Thursday WD {wind} S cloudy DOne choars sent a letter to philip cullvers

19 fryday WD {wind} S clear DOnne choars killed a pig waid 116lb made a broom Norm helped to to kill the pig

20 Satruday WD {wind} S clear to Randalls plowed his garden fetched home potatoes from Randalls

21 Sunday WD {wind} N clear To 2 church & Lynce preached philip Learn here at night. cold

22 Monday WD {wind} E clear cold done choars

23 Tuesday WD {wind} SW cloudy Rain helped Randall draw logs for wood Randall and wife Ida and Lynce and wif here at night

24 Wednesday WD {wind} N clear helped Randall Draw leogs charles Legg helped let J Lynce have $60..00 Randall and wife went home at night

25 Thursday WD {wind} E clear to st Thomas got from Cary goods $ .60cts got photographs takin got Randalls and wife paid $7.00 pihlip done choars

To fathers To diner got a Rooster from him

26 fryday WD {wind} SW Rain Done choars philip To help D F Moore here to tea

27 Satruday WD {wind} W clear Thrashed Beans philip To help Randall and wife here at night

28 Sunday WD {wind} SW snow Rain at home. Randall and wife went home fore noon philip here

29 Monday WD {wind} N cold DOne choars. philip wne thome. got the Dryed aples from Norms

30 Tuesday WD {wind} E cold snow To Belmont got cheese Money $25,,00 got from pots stove back and 2 leds $1,25

December 1875

1 Wednesday WD {wind} E cloudy Done coars. Randall and wife here at night. line one Befalow skin

Thursday WD {wind} E clear To Belmont let R Nickle have 2 1/4 bushel Beans and Abott 2 bushel got from Dyer goods $3.17 cts Randall and charley Leggs sawed wood after noon

3 fryday WD {wind} S clear helped Randall and charley saw fore noon. choaed after got the bobs framed Norm gave up his 2 notes $26.. Balance back on notes $2..50 cts. Randall and wife went home after noon lmber fixed hen pen

4 Saturday WD {wind} SE cloudy Done choars. went to john Learns got beef 13lb

5 Sunday WD {wind} E Rain at home

6 Monday WD {wind} E Rain fogy Done choars. To EV Learn in the evening To tea

7 Tuesday WD {wind} SE Rain killed 5 hogs EV 3 hogs Norm and ed To help philip here at night

8 Wednesday WD {wind} S & N cloudy cut up the hogs and salted philip choared hogs wait.. 268lb 4,,154lb

9 Thursday WD {wind} NW cold To Belmont got charley shod 4 shoes set the Abbots got from Dyer 1 Doz plates $1,50. sinemen 20 Randall and charley sawed john Learn and wife to diner chirk To diner diner to j Blacks

10 fryday WD {wind} W cloudy To help Dan Baxter thrash philip done choars husked corn. Norm and wife here in the evening

11 Satruday WD {wind} SW snow helped Baxter thrash fore noon. To Belmont after got esons from Dyer 10 cts philip Done choars

12 Sunday WD {wind} S cloudy at home Edward Learn here and philip

13 Monday WD {wind} N snow blustry Done choars philip choard Ed here at night

14 Tuesday WD {wind} W snow Went to sTthomas to court grand jurer To chastes Learn at night

15 Wednesday WD {wind} S thawed To court to chasles Learn at night

16 Thursday WD {wind} W cold snow To court To W cullvers at night

17 fryday WD {wind} W cold To court got pay $7.60cts home at night

18 Satruday WD {wind} W cold DOne choars traded with Norm Drag for a calf charles legg sawed.

19Sunday WD {wind} NE clear cold at home philip went home

20 Monday WD {wind} S clear mild To Avon got 200 feet boards Rented the swam lot to Sandy cury for one year for $35.. to be paid in lumber

21 Tuesday WD {wind} S Rain thawed Done choars. Randall took a load of wood

22 Wednesday WD {wind} SW clear husked corn finished

23 Thursday WD {wind} N clear Done choars. Norm and wife here in the evening To tea.

24 fryday WD {wind} E Rain sleet DOne choars. Cury fetched the Bell colt home to me

25 Saturday WD {wind} N cloudy DOne choars. Geroge Legg and wife Randall and wife ed and philip Learn here To diner Randall at night

26 Sunday SE Rain heavy at home. Randall and wife went home

27 Monday WD {wind} SE clear Done choars. EDs wife here in the evening

28 Tuesday WD {wind} SE clear Done choars.

29 Wednesday WD {wind} SE clear Done choars. had lame side

30 Thursday WD {wind} SE clear, warm DOne choars. Billy Barns cut his foot. S Done it up

31 fryday WD {wind} SW clear warm Done choars. Randall fetched Dick horse home henery Sticks to Diner

Janruary 1876

1 Satruday WD {wind} S clear warm So the horses sweat in stable to George Leggs To diner Randall and wife. sak and wife and D F Moore there to diner

2 Sunday WD {wind} SW clear warm at home To Norms in the evening paid her $1

3 Monday WD {wind} SW clear warm cooler Done choars.

4 Tuesday WD {wind} NE clear cold Done choars got from john Learn 68lb beef and 20lb Tallow $3,25cts john and philip and Arney To Tea

5 Wednesday WD {wind} S rain warm Done choars

6 Thursday WD {wind} N cloudy cold Done choars got from john Learn 60lb flour they called

7 fryday WD {wind} SW clear To Belmot to cheese meeting. got $4.36 chees money. sent for paper paid $1.60 ct

8 Satruday WD {wind} S cloudy warm Done choars. Norm com enced to cut logs for wood

9 Sunday WD {wind} S Rain warm at home all day

10 Monday WD {wind} NW cold To Belmont got a suit of clother from hawkins for $24,,00 Norm cut logs for wood

11 Tuesday WD {wind} W clear cold Done choars. Norm cut logs 1/2 dat

12 Wednesday WD {wind} NW snow squals Done choars

13 Thursday WD {wind} NW clear cold To help galaton finch thrash with team Randall and dick{written below} took a load of wood

14 fryday WD {wind} SW cloudy cold to help galaton finch thrash with team

15 Saturday WD {wind} SW cloudy Done choars Norm at logs W Roberts To help him

16 Sundday WD {wind} SW clear at home

17 Monday WD {wind} SW clear warm Thrashed peas with the horses

18 Tuesday WD {wind} S rain warm Thrashed peas finished Norm and wife here To tea Norm sold to out to D f Moore for $510..,

19 Wednesday WD {wind} W cloudy at night cold helped Norm kill a hog fore noon cleaned 21 bushe peas after Norm To help. Lewis Simpson to diner

20 Thursday WD {wind} W clear cold DOne choars.. To lynces EW Learn and wife here in the evening

21 fryday WD {wind} E clear cold To Belmont got from Dyer 1/2 lb Tobacoe 1/2 lb soda 35cts Sam Legg and wife and Boy here in evening To tea comencd on buter jar

22 Saturday WD {wind} E cloudy To Belmont To mill 10 1/2 bush wheat got jar mustard to Diner To Lewis Simpson

23 Sunday WD {wind} N cloudy at home. Robert called

24 Monday WD {wind} N cloudy cold Done choars to EV Learns in the evening. let Limber have job to mak box $1,50

25 Tuesday WD {wind} NW cloudy snow To Belmont got the colts shod To Abbotts 4 new and 4 old set got Nails 5lb To dyers

26 Wednesday WD {wind} SW cleare choars. Mrs Winters To Diner. Rain at night

27 Thursday WD {wind} SW clear warm DOne choars. Lynce To diner and paid Note $60.00 Randall fetched oats 40 bushel and took a load of wood home

28 fryday WD {wind} SE Rain warm Done choars

29 Saturday WD {wind} SW cold To Belmont Took wagon box to Abbott to iron got limber 25cts sugar and half lb tobacoe. paid Hawkins $24 for clothes left a pictor To Bons To frame

30 Sunday WD {wind} SW clear To No 7 To church Dyer preached To georges to diner

31 Monday WD {wind} S clear Done choars. To Alack Stewarts To tea in evening

February 1876

1 Tuesday WD {wind} SW snow Done choars. Randall took a load of wood home here to diner

2 Wednesday WD {wind} NW blustery snow Done choars. To finshes in evening To tea

3 Thursday WD {wind} SW snow took load of wood for Randall he took 2 Billy 1 Archa Taylor here at night

4 fryday WD {wind} NW clear To Belmont with wood for Norm. Randall took wood 1 load Billy 1 load Archa Taylor here at night

5 Saturday WD {wind} S clear To Belmont let Dyer have butter 45 3/4 48 cts for goods Archa cut Down trees Randall and wife here a night charley legg and Bily took a load of wood

6 Sunday WD {wind} S thawed warm To New sarum To church Haycock preached To diner To haycocks. Rol and Ed and philip and herby Learn here to tea

7 Monday WD {wind} SW clear To harietsville paid the insurance $# 80/100 paid Taxes on swamp $3.00 To shirks in evening To Tea Tilda came with us

8 Tuesday WD {wind} S clear warm Skided logs fore noon 3 put in sraw after Tilda Shirk to sow here. Archa here at night

9 Wednesday WD {wind} E ran sleet Done chors. hired Bill gates for 8 month for $60 1/2 Tilda shirk sowed

10 Thursday WD {wind} E cloudy Rain at night DOne choars. Norm sawed wood 4 cord. Drawed in 2 cord Tilda here

11 fryday WD {wind} S Rain DOne choars. paid Norm for cuting logs $1.50cts

12 Saturday WD {wind} SW clear Done choars

13 Sunday WD {wind} E clear at home Tilda here Billy gates here a night Thunder and Rain at night

14 Monday WD {wind} SW clear warm put in straw Billy gates camenced To work for me for 8 month $60.50 ct

15 Tuesday WD {wind} NW cloudy cold DOne choars Bily to help Tilda sowed

16 Wednesday WD {wind} W snow squals Done choars Billy split wood fore noon to milk meeting To john stewart george Bass too the job to draw milk for $150.00 6 1/2 month

17 Thursday WD {wind} SW snow helped Norm saw with Billy to help fore noon Drawed in 2 cord wood after

18 fryday WD {wind} W clear DOe choars. Billy went hom at night

20 Sunday WD {wind} NW clear To New sarum to church haycock preached To j Warwicks To diner Tillda with us Billy back at night

21 Monay WD {wind} SW Rain at night To help Norm saw with Billy and Team. sold j Mvplale a cow for $40

Randalls wife To diner

22 Tuesday WD {wind} NW snow DOne choars Billy to help Archa Taylor here at night

23 Wednesday WD {wind} N cold blustery Done choars Billy choared Tilda sowed

24 Thrtusday WD {wind} W couldy Drawed wood 6 cord Billy To help Tilda sowed

25 fryday WD {wind} SE clear Drawed wood 9 cord Billy to help Tilda sowed

26 Saturday WD {wind} E clear Drawed wood 6 cord Ann took Tilda home paid her $5,00 Margred cullver and willy here at night. Randall and wife here at night

27 Sunday WD {wind} E hail snow at home Margret and willy here. Randall and wife went home after noon

28 Monday WD {wind}E snow to john Learns to diner got grass seed 3 bushel from him $5,00 Margret stayed thre Billy thrash Millet see 1 bushel

29 Tuesday WD {wind} NW cloudy Drawed logs 4 Norm helped To Belmont Margret Randall here at night john to tea

March 1876

1 Wednesday WD {wind} N snow Drawed 3 logs To Belmont Randall and willy to london Margret and Sarah Ann here. W Lenard To diner let W lenard have 30 bushel oats got from him 1 3/4 bushel clover seed. Billy choared

2 Thursday WD {wind} N clear Drawed logs 6 to Belmont Norm To help To john Learns in the evening Margret stayed to johns got Billy pair boots and mitons $3..50 cts Billy choared

3 fryday WD {wind} W clear To Belmont got Dick shoe setlel Abbott have bag of aples got pictor from Moore Drawed 1 cord of wood in the Lynces To Tea sow had pigs 10

4 Saturday WD {wind} S clear Drawed in 6 cord of wood paid Norm $2 To johns for Margret Billy went hom at night

5 Sunday WD {wind} SW clear Rain at night at home Margret here

6 Monday WD {wind} S clear Drawed in 6 cord wood Billy to help. Margret here willy went to johns

7Tuesday WD {wind} S Rain DOne choars made Ed one one handle Margret here

8 Wednesday WD {wind} N cold Done chors john Learn and wife To diner Margret here

9 Thursday WD {wind} E clear cut logs Billy to help sold james shirk a cow for $40 to be paid in 8 month Margret here philip and willy at night

10 fryday WD {wind} SE clear cut logs fore noon heled Norm To tap after. shirk took the cow home Margret and willy here Ed Learn here at night

11 Saturday WD {wind} E cloudy at night Rain Took Margret and willy to kings mill station she went home. sent for the home journal paper Billy helped Norm in the bush comenced to boil

12 Sunday WD {wind} NE Rain at home Billy got the pouts. To Leave

13 Monday WD {wind} NW snow cold DOne choars Norm boiled sap Billy gates went away paid him $4.40 cts he quit to work for me

14 Tuesday WD {wind} S clear Done choars. To Belmont hot from Dyer 79cts goods Norm fetched in surip

15 wednesday WD {wind} E clear cold to help george Learn saw wood J SMith To diner

16 Thursday WD {wind} E hail Rain Done choars

17 fryday WD {wind} WN cold Blustery Done choars. Mrs Lyce and girl To Tea. hanah got beans and onions. 25 cts

18 Satruday WD {wind} N clear cold Done choars

19 Sunday WD {wind} SW clear thaw To george Learns to diner Randall and wife here to diner Norms wife had a boy

20 Monday WD {wind} NE snow Done choars. spot cow had a calf. William and joseph Alen here at night

21 Tuesday WD {wind} NW Blustery Drawed logs 3 Black ash joe Alen helped bill went home

22 Wednesday WD {wind} W clear To Springfeild got joe trunk. To Randals to diner hoe with me

23 Thrusdasy WD {wind} SW clear To Belmont got from Dyer $4,20 cts paid him $6.75 put in straw after joe to help joe Alen comenced work for 7 month for $84.00

24 fryday WD {wind} E clear night snowet Done choars joe killed a calf fore noon. Drawe wood 5 cord after got our pictors.

25 Satruday WD {wind} SE Rain Sick with a cold. joe Done choars Let Norm have a ag of aples Ann made candles10 doz

26 Sunday WD {wind} NW cloudy snow at home sick joe DOne choars.

27 Monday WD {wind} W cloudy Was sick joe cut wood and Done choars

28 Tuesday WD {wind} NE snow Blustery I was sick joe Done choars Randall here to dine Norm boiled sap in bush paid joe 25cts

29 Wednesday WD {wind} snow lame. joe Done choars james Shirk and wife to diner

30 Thrusday WD {wind} Blustery Not well. joe done choars

31 fryday WD {wind} W clear Not well joe choped and Done choars. hanah Learn her in the evening

APril 1876

1 Satruday WD {wind} NE clear To Belmont got wagon box got from potts 12 pie tins 12 hooks got from Dyer 1 lb Tobacoe {10 above} 12 yrds cord 1 broom 30 ct. got 1 shoe set at Abbotts. joe choped and choared. star calved let john Denis have a bull $15

2 Sunday WD {wind} SW clear at home Dan Gracey To Tea joe here. Star cow had a calf

3 Monday WD {wind} clear Done choars. joe choped pide had a calf Narm in the bush Syrep 50 lb

4 Tuesday WD {wind} S clear Done chaors joe killed 2 calves. choped after Norm in bush

5 Wednesday WD {wind} S snow rain fore noon shook millet fore noon joe choped after noon Norm in bush fetched Syrep 46 lb

6 Thursday WD {wind} SW clear Done coars joe choped lill cow had a calf

7 fryday WD {wind} NW clear windy DOone choars joe helped sold james Baley a calf 50 cts

8 Saruday WD {wind} N clear Done choars joe choped 1/2 day. went ome after paid him $1.25cts Norm in bush syrip 27lb

9 Sunday WD {wind} E clear to jhon Learns to diner paid him $6.00 joe chopd

11 Tuesday WD {wind} SE clear put in straw joe helped Randall and wife to diner Randall let me have $ 5.00 ct Den finh john cloes and george cutis here in the evening. Norm fetched syrip 45 lb

12 Wednesday WD {wind} SW Rain thunder Done choars joe choped 1/2 Norm fethced syrip 25 lb

13 Thursday WD {wind} E Rain Done choars joe choared

14 fryday WD {wind} W windy squals Rain Done choars joe choped

15 Satruday WD {wind} S Rain at nigt To Belmont let dyer have Butter 25 {25 above} $6.50 cts eggs 9 Doz 70 Mrs Legg and charley To diner joe choped

16 Easter Sunday {WD} wind W cloudy at home joe here 2 boy to diner

17 Monday WD {wind} N clear fixed fence joe to help choared after joe choped jack Smith here in evenig

18 Tuesday WD {wind} N clear To Randalls took a pig and 7 bushel oats meat and flour and butter aples got the horses shod to Denises 4 shoes set. 50 ct joe turned up buckets in bush

19 Wednesday WD {wind} SE clear took the sow to S stewart joe choped sined to Lynce $20

20 Thursday WD {wind} E cloudy comenced to plow joe plowed. Midge cow had a calf. cut the 3 pigs

21 fryday WD {wind} NW clear Done choars. To john Mckelons sale joe plowed Elder Lynce and wife To Tea let him have pork 12 lb $1.50 cts

22 Saturday WD {wind} NW Rain plowed fore noon joe killed a calf plowed after

23 Sunday WD {wind} W clear To 2 church To prayer meeting. joe To Belmont

24 Monday WD {wind] E clear DOne choars turned the colts out joe plowed

25 Tuesday WD {wind} W clear Done choars. joe plowed Narms wife to tea

26 Wednesday WD {wind} SW clear Done choars. joe plowed

27 Thursday WD {wind} S cloudy cultivated for Barley joe plowed. Randall and wife to diner. Rain at night

28 fryday WD {wind} NW clear cultivated joe plowed fore noon sowed Barley after noon joe dragged

29 Saturday WD {wind} W clear sowed grass seede joe draged

30 Sunday WD {wind} N clear cold at home charley Alen To diner bill To Tea

May 1876

1 Monday WD {wind} NW clear Done choars. joe plowed set 2 beds onions ethen comenced to send Milk

2 Tuesday WD {wind} NE clear cultivated joe plowed father here at night Ann to Belmont Took butter 31 lb {16 written over} $5.76 30 lb syrup $3.39 got goods $6,49 cts Balance $2,57cts

3 Wednesday WD {wind} SW clear cultivated joe plowed

4 Thursday WD {wind} W clear sowed oats and clover joe draged

6 fryday WD {wind} S cloudy Rain sowed oats and clover on barn feild joe plowed and draged. To Belmont let Dyes have 39 Doz eggs got shoes $1.25 cts

7 Sunday WD {wind} S clear at home Randall and wife to diner joe here

8 Monday WD {wind} W Rain trimed orchard joe plowed for corn 1/2 day

9 Tuesday WD {wind} W cloudy helped Norm draw in Buckets fore noon joe plowed sowed peas after joe draged Walker to diner

10 Wednesday WD {wind} W Rain trimed trees joe plowed Randall and wife here at night

11 Thursday WD {wind} SW clear sowed oats and peas fore noon set onions after Randall draged. went home after joe plowed for corn

12 fryday WD {wind} NW clear took the sow to Dan Baxters joe trimed trees

13 Saturday WD {wind} NW clear To Belmont let Dyer have 10 Doz eggs $1.00 got from him $4.60cts got from tibets $10 took grist to mill 6 bw joe to Belmont got $30 {faded}

14 Sunday WD {wind} SW clear to 2 chruch joe with us Lynce preached

15 Monday WD {wind} E cloudy Done choars planted potatoes joe plowed

16 Tuesday WD {wind} E Rain looked for the colts joe plowed

17 Wednesday WD {wind} SE Rain to Belmont got grists let Boid have 15.32 lb of wheat for $1.00 per bushel $15.53cts got from Dyer 35 cts goods joe choared

18 Thursday WD {wind} SW clear worked in the garden joe plowed finished Moare house to diner Randall here paid him for Tibbots $10.00

19 fryday WD {wind} SE clear planted potatoes sowed oats and peas joe draged corn ground Ann quilted

20 Saturday WD {wind} W Rain planted potatoes joe to help. Black cow had a calf

21 Sunday WD {wind} W cloudy To 2 church Lynce preached. Randall and wife To tea

22 Monday WD {wind} N clear Done choars joe Draged corn ground

23 Tuesday WD {wind} NE clear Marked corn ground comenced to plant joe helped. Sold Jame Mcphale a cow $32.00 joe Smith To Diner

24 Wednesday WD {wind} SW clear Done choars Ann sick get Mary Ann Taylor wife to diner and tea DrWilson here paid him $2.00 joe planted corn

25 Thursday WD {wind} W clear planted corn joe planted to Belmont let dyes have eggs 20 3/4 Doz got 2 shoes set to Abbotts on charley Dr Wilson called Ann was sick. let C hoover have 2 calves for 60 cts

26 fryday WD {wind} SW clear planted corn joe to help Ann sick

27 Satruday WD {wind} W clear DRaged for millet joe planted corn fiinished paid joe $4.00 Ann beter

28 Sunday WD {wind} S some Rain at home Ann sick joe went home and back Randall and wife called Mary went home paid her 75 cts

29 Monday WD {wind} W Rain Thunder and lightning Burned john Denis barn and killed 4 horses to john Stewarts. Done choas joe choared

30 Tuesday WD {wind} E clear Made soap planted Beans joe draged james Shirk and wife called here

31 Wednesday WD {wind} S clear Worked Raod with team and joe Traughton and boy to diner Wodle called

June 1876

1 Thursday WD {wind} S clear Worked the roas ed road Master worked with team and joe . bill cow to B

2 fryday WD {wind} S clear sowed Millet joe draged

2 Saturday WD {wind} E Rain hard Done choars. Madge to B

4 Sunday WD {wind} S clear at home george Learn and wife to Tea and Robert joe to Belmont Alen tea

5 Monday WD {wind} W clear Top Belmont got from Dyer $7.44 cts paid $2.00 eggs. 20 doz got charley shod 3 shoes to Abbott joe choared. Rose cow had a calf

6 Tueday WD {wind} W clear To StThomas got watch cleaned to Nelsons $1 got goods $32.00 to polacks and crays to DIner to fathers joe choared

7 Wednesday WD {wind} S clear Doe choars joe Rolled d cullver to tea

8 Thursday WD {wind} S clear fixed fence joe to help Randall took a load of wood let Norm have 1/2 bushel of Millet seede for 25 cts nt paid

9 fryday WD {wind} SW clear fixed fence fore noon Norm and joe to help joe rolled the oats after hoed the garden after

10 Saturday WD {wind} S clear hot hoed garden joe cut burs To Belmont let Abbott have dried aples $1.77 Dyer 7 Doz eggs. 72 cts gloves 25 cts got goods $2.85 cts

11 Sunday WD {wind} S clear to 2 church Randall and wife with us Lynce preached Randalls to diner

12 Monday WD {wind} S clear hot cultivaed corn joe helped Tilda shirk here

13 Tuesday WD {wind} S clear hot cultivated corn joe to help Tillda here

14 Wednesday WD {wind} S clear hot cultivated corn joe to help Eagan to diner pide cow to B

15 Thrusday WD {wind} S clear To Lyons To Randalls To diner To swamp Randall with me

16 fryday WD {wind} S clear cool cultivated corn joe to help. Tillda went home at night

17 Saturday WD {wind} S Rain To Old Mr Mcolums funeral. joe away john Lawer and wife and pedler to diner

18 Sunday WD {wind} S clear To 2 chruch Lynce pread To W Barrs To diner Randall and wife here to Tea

19 Monday WD {wind} W clear to Belmont got 2 shes set to Abbotts let cap aroun have prok 17 1/2 bs Dyer 8 Doz eggs

20 Tuesday WD {wind} S clear went to philip cullvers to diner to center to tea to buners to philips at night

21 Wednesday WD {wind} S clear to simcoe to diner To Carlton cullvers to philips at night

22 thrusday WD {wind} S clear To hullsvill To Warons To diner To Babers to To Tead to phileps at night

23 fryday WD {wind} SW clear To Nisbits cullvers to diner To Willcoxs to tea to philps at night

24 Saturday WD {wind} S clear to Simcoe to yongs to diner to john to tea to philips at night

25 Sunday WD {wind} SW cloudy To Bloamsburgh to chruch Simson preached to phips at night

26 Monday WD {wind} SW clear come home to diner to to centes to Tea To Randall home at night

27 Tuesday WD {wind} S rain to Andrew Roberts funeral. George Learn and wife to diner father and mother went home paid him 50 cts

28 Wednesday WD {wind} W clear cultivated corn joe to help

29 Thrusday WD {wind} S clear To Lyons got the horses shod 8 shoes to Denises paid $1.00 sowed Millet for Randall joe cut Thristles. sold joe the pony colt for $26.00

30 fryday WD {wind} W clear To Walter Browns for strawberyes got 10 quarts Randalls with us joe cut thistles

July 1876

1 Saturday WD {wind} S Rain Done choars plowed in orchrd joe haleped

2 Sunday WD {wind} clear at home jesa Learn and wife here at night

3 Monday WD {wind} W clear To Belmont to Mill 26 bushel to chop let Dyer have 11 doz eggs got $1.00 sugar and Rope 70 cts fetched lumber 85 {ofet?} joe cut Thistles

4 Tuesday WD {wind} S Rain Done choars joe helped

5 Wednesday WD {wind} W Rain sold J Hoover a cow for $28. To be paid in four month. Ann sick joe spaded garden

6 Thursday WD {wind} S clear To Belmont got from Dyer 4 gals lamp oil 1 1/2 lb tobacoe $2.21 got cheese money $13 paid patts $2.48cts got frist of chop 26 bush

7 fryday WD {wind} S clear hot to Belmont Drawed 2 load of lumber. joe to john pettits Raison

8 Saturday WD {wind} SW clear hot to 2 chruch W jackson preached Randalls with us

10 Monday WD {wind} W Rain To Avon fetched posts from the swamp cleaned wheat 20 bags joe picked beryes

11 tuesday WD {wind} W clear warm Done choars joe went to Srpingfeild at night

12 Wednesday WD {wind} S clear To Belmont Drawed 2 load lumber let Abbott have 33 3/4 lb pork $3.97cts paid J Camble $2525cts joe away

13 Thrusday WD {wind} S Rain cut thistles joe a way. Randall and wife here at night joe come nack at night

14 fryday WD {wind} W clear To Belmont let Baid and Mcknikle have 43 1/2 bushel of wheat for 100 {per?} bushel $43,50 took note for $40. To be paid in 3 month. got from Dyer 200lb sugar $19. got a kitle from patts $1,20 joe picked beryes fore noon Drawed wood after

15 Saturday WD {wind} NW clear To Belmont to Mill let Abbott have 100 lb flour patts 100lb hoover 19lb Dyer eggs 13 Doz got from poatts #2,60 worth Dyer 25cts joe picked Beryes fore noon Drawed wood after

16 Sunday WD {wind} S clear To New Sarum to church Tomkins preached to DIner james Learns joe at home

17 Monday WD {wind} S clear cut Barlet joe cut round barlet and wheat Bell and jeny Stewart picked cheryes

18 Tuesday WD {wind} S Rain pm finished cuting barley comenced the wheat joe bound wheat

19 Wednesday WD {wind} S clear cut and bound wheat joe to help. Randall and wife to pick cheryes

20 Thrusday WD {wind} W clear Rain put up Barley and cut wheat joe and his father to help johns boys picked cheryes. Ann to Belmont after tea let Dyes have 5 doz 7 eggs got gloves and rosen 35ct

21 fryday W clear cool cut and bount wheat joe and his father to help

22 Saturday WD {wind} S clear showers Rain cut and bound wheat and finished joe and his father to help paid Alen $2,25 cts

23 Sunday WD {wind} N clear To New Sarum to church Tomkins preached joe away

24 Monday WD {wind} N clear To Lyons in forenoon Drawed in Barley after joe to help Randall and wife to pick chereys fathe and mother to diner Ann to Belmont let {os?} have 6 doz eggs

25 Tuesday WD {wind} W clear Drawed Barley finished Drawed 3 load of wheat

26 Wednesday WD {wind} S clear Drawed in wheat joe to help

27 Thursday WD {wind} SE clear Rain at night Drawed whet fore noon finished. picked cheryes after joe mewed{?} fence

28 fryday WD {wind} W clear to john Learns ground the reaper knives to Belmont after tea got Bread joe {manued fend?}

29 Saturday WD {wind} E clear put up hay. went to Belmont got cheese money $38.00 paid Dyed $26.71cts joe to help john Elder Rowland here at night

30 Sunday WD {wind} E clear to 2 chruch Rowland preached To W Barrs To Diner. boy born 29th

31 Monday WD {wind} E clear got Mashine here to thrash Rodgers set

August 1876

1 Tuesday WD {wind} E clear thrashed wheat 128 bushel Barley 100 bushel had to help j Beley S legg E Learn C Stewart j Mckelon D Mckelon E and p Learn joe Alen. Rodgers to thrash W and E and sine Dews paid them $8..00

2 Wednesday WD {wind} SE clear cut peas joe to hlep Lynce and wife to diner and tea. Randalls called

3 Thursday WD {wind} SE clear cut peas joe to help Ann went to Barrs after tea

4 fryday WD {wind} W clear hot cut peas fninshed joe to help. cut and bound oats 1 acre Rain at night

5 Saturday WD {wind} S clear cut oats fore noon joe Bound. To Lyons after got horses shod 7 shoes To Denises paid 90. cts Randall and wife here at night

6 Sunday WD {wind} S clear to 2 church Lyon preached Randalls with us

7 Monday WD {wind} N clear cut oats joe Bound john H Smith called

8 Tuesday WD {wind} W clear Bound oat joe to help

9 Wednesday WD {wind} S clear tp help y Baley thrash with team joe to help Mckelon and Stewart Tomkins and wife to Diner here

10 Thrusday WD {wind} S clear setup fore noon joe helped stewart thrash cut oats after To Belmont at nightlet odle have 13 Doz eggs got tea egg nutmeg 12 joe 1 lb Tobacoe {sold?} $1,43

11 fryday WD {wind} S clear Drawed peas 6 load joe to help

12 Saturday WD {wind} S Rain Done choars joe sick To Belmont got charley shod 4 shes set to Abbotts joe got 2 shirts to Nugarts for #2.00

13 Sunday WD {S clear at home Randall charley legg to tea joe away back at night boy with him

14 Monday WD {wind} S cler Drawed in oats joe to help. 9 load

15 Tuesday WD {wind} N clear Drawed in oats fore noon joe to help cut millet after joe bound oats

16 Wednesday WD {wind} NE clear Bound and drawed in oats finished joe to help

17 Thursday WD {wind} S clear cut and put up millet 155 joe to help

18 fryday WD {wind} S clear cut and put up millet 160 joe to help

19 Saturday WD {wind} NW clear Raked and put up millet finished joe to help 60/375

20 Sunday WD {wind} NE clear to New Sarum to church haycock preached to Geo Legs to Diner. frost

21 Monday WD {wind} E and W clear Drawed Millet joe to help 7 To Belmont let odle have eggs 13 Doz 2 got tobaco 2 lb Rive 5 lb colars 1 bs

22 Tuesday WD {wind} SW clear Drawed in millet joe to help 7 load

23 Wednesday WD {wind} S Rain To Belmont to mill with chop 28 b 4 of wheat joe choared Mrs fargur and hanah Learn to tea paid joe 25cts

24 Thursday WD {wind} S thunder Drawed Millet 6 load joe to help

25 fryday WD {wind} NW Rain finished Drawing in the millet joe to help To Belmont hot grist let hoover have 90 lb flour. Randall and wife called

26 Saturday WD {wind} W clear put floore in hog pen joe to help. To Belmont to mill let Aabbott have flour 100lb father and mother to Tea joe went home

27 Sunday WD {wind} W clear To 2 church Rowlon preached Randall and wife To church to diner here joe come hack

28 Monday WD {wind} E clear done choars joe Drawed manure 7 load

29 Tuesday WD {wind} NE clear To Newsarum to church horn preached joe drawed manure comenced to cut corn 30 {text above}

30 Wednesday WD {wind} S ofnain a swer clear To help Sam Legg thrash joe Drawed manure 9

31 Thursday WD {wind} S clear hot cut corn 101 shock joe Drawed manure 10 load

September 1876

1 frysday WD {wind} NW Rain cut corn 69 shock joe drawed manure

2 Saturday WD {wind} clear cut corn 100 chock joe Drawed manure sow had 5 pigs

3 Sunday WD {wind} clear To New sarum To church Tomkins preached To Lymans for diner

$ Mondy WD {W clear cut corn 81 shock joe drawed manure Lyman and wife here To tea john Eck with come to work. joe went away paid him in full $60.35cts

5 Tuesday {wind} W clear cut corn john to help

6 Wednes day WD {wind} E cloudy Rained at night {text written above} To Belmont got cheese money $30. got coton 46 and shoes and other goods from jackson $9.35 let Mcbrane have 13 doz egg got tea 2lb1/4 cut corn after john to help

7 Thrusday WD {wind} E fogy mist Done choars john spred manure. gave order for a map in book stile from coal

8 fryday WD {wind} W clear To London with cheese 36b got boots and ships from Merit $3.50. To diner to gustons. john cut corn

9 Saturday WD {wind} N cloudy cut corn john to help Elder Rowlon here at night

10 Sunday WD {wind} E cloudy Rain {text above} To 2 chruch Rowlon preached. To diner to Deninses. john at home

11 Monday WD {wind} E cloudy cut corn john to help Rowlon to diner Randall took blocks for stable Ann got plums

12 Tuesday WD {wind} E clear To New Sarum To ordinatir Meeting Tomkins preache to diner To Lewises. john cut corn

13 Wednesday WD {wind} SE clear cut corn john to help

14 Thursday WD {wind} NW Rain finished cuting corn john to help. To Randalls to tea Ann to john Learns

15 fryday WD {wind} NW clear Drawed wood fore noon john to help to mill after. Lyman and jane and Randall and here at night

17 Sunday WD {wind} E Rain at home. jane Tonsley here. Randalls went home

18 Monday WD {wind} N Rain Doen choars john sawed wood jane here

19 Tuesday WD {wind} W clear To Randalls with bards To leggs to diner got strawbery plants and set them john to help Tansley and wife to tea went home

20 Wednesday WD {wind} S clear To Belmont To mill let W jackson have 600 lb flour 2.75 cts per 100 lb $16.50 got 1 lb salt $1,10 pants 75 ha 25 Let Mcbrane have 5 doz eggs 55cts Wardes 2 bags aples $5 john spread manure

21 Thursday WD {wind} clear Drawed in corn 100 shock Dug potatoes 17 bushel john to help

22 fryday WD {wind} E cloudy at night rain {text written above} To Calvin Browns to diner to jessa Learns to tea john spread manure

23 Saturday WD {wind} E Rain Done choars john went To Mapleton after noon john Learn and wife to tea

24 Sunday WD {wind} cloudy to 2 chruch philip with me Rowlan preached philip and wife and kity to diner Randall and wife to diner

25 Monday WD {wind} S cloudy Rain at night {text written above} Dug potatoes 7 {or 9} bushel Drawed wood 41/2 cord john to help

26 Tuesday WD {wind} NW Rain hard Drawed wood 4/12 cord john to help

27 Wednesday WD {wind} NW Rain cloudy Drawed wood 1/2 and corn 50sh came to belmont. went to bills at night

28 Thursday WD {wind} SW Rain To London to Western show home at night john husked corn

29 fryday WD {wind} clear done choars john Drawed manure on garden

30 Saturday WD W clear To Belmont got cheese money $26.00 got cloth 3 1/2 yrds $105 from jackson 5ct peper john Drawed manure

OCTOber 1876

1 Sunday wd {wind} SW clear To Belmont to church Mckinen preached. john at home

2 Monday WD {wind} SW clear husked corn [icked aples john comenced to plow

3 Tuesday WD SW Rain to Lyons show john plowed

4 Wednesday WD {wind} W clear husked corn. john plowed

5 Thursday WD {wind} SW clear to Aylmer show john plowed Nolson and wife to tea

6 fryday WD {wind} W Rain to help Ed thrash john plowed. Randall took a load of wood form Norms father and Mother here at night

7 Satruday WD {wind} hail To Belmont got l lb Tobacoe lamp chimney from jackson 65cts. john to help Ed thrash fore noon plowed after hanah and Mrs slevenson her in evening

8 Sunday WD {wind} W clear To 2 chruch Rowlan preached To Eds in evening. froze

9 Monday WD {SW clear picked aples 13 john flowed Elder Rowland to diner

10 Tuesday WD {wind} NW clear Drawed in corn 6 load john to help. Ann to john

11 Wednesday WD {wind} snow husked corn set up corn picked aples 4/12 bushel john plowed. froze

12 Thursday WD {wind} W clear set peach trees fore noon john plowed. picke aples 24 1/2 after john to help Randall took a load of wood

13 Fryday [wind] S clear picked aples 3 fore noon john plowed Drawed in corn after john helped Randall made cider

14 Saturday [wind] NW Rain froze huske corn john plowed finished south field

15 Sunday [wind] NW snow to George Leggs to diner to johns after noon

16 Monday [wind] SW clear Drawed in corn 6 load john to help. Ann to Gilberts for butter 58lb paid $13,50 cts to johns at night calis Ta had a girl baby

17 Tuesday [wind] W clear Drawed in corn 5 load john to help. sent Butter by stage To Wm Meritt 58lb. got socks 2 pair and pair mits for john from jackson $1.50 cts

18 Wednesday [wind] SW clear Drawed in corn 2 load finished drawe in beans made cider john to help

19 Thursday [wind] SE clear killed a pig To Belmont got a jar sent a letter for a ring john plowed Lyman got aples Ann to johns

20 Fryday [wind] S clear rain at night picked apples 10 bushel john plowed

21 Saturday [wind] S clear husked corn john plowed Randall called and got corn

22 Sunday [wind] S clea to 2 church Rowland preached. To johns after

23 Monday [wind] NW Rain all day bought spring wheat from EV Learn for $1 per bushel 15 bushel paid #15 john husked corn

24 Tuesday [wind] W Rain got wheat home to Belmont got for john to jacksons $3.53 cts worth got 1/2 lb Tobacoe 1/2 lbs starch got from patts 1 trap 2 Bolts 1 blacking. from Abbott 1 crew [drives?] got from Boyed & McNide $40.0 and a letter from Wm Meritt $14.50 cts letter from the dutch man with Ring john to Belmont {Unclear entry in parts, longer entries often become jumbled}

25 Wednesday [wind] NW cloudy husked corn john plowed

26 Thursday [wind] SW cludy sqails husked corn john plowed Ed got aples for cider

27 Fryday [wind] W cloudy snow and at night Rain {and at night rain written above and below previous line indicating he returned to his diary to make a more accurate assessment of the days weather}

28 Saturday [wind] E Rain husked corn. john choared fore noon {smudged word} went to away after noon. paid him 50 cts

29 Sunday [wind] E cloudy at home john came back Randall and wife to tea

30 Monday [wind] S clear husked corn. john plowed

31 Tuesday [wind] W clear warm husked corn john plowed

November 1876

1 Wednesday [wind] W Rain warm husked corn john plowed finished the 14 acre field

2 Thursday [wind] W Rain husked corn john plowed 1/2 day

3 Fryday [wind] S cloudy husked corn john plowed

4 Saturday [wind] W clear to Lyons paid H wood $5 for gate To Randalls to diner john plowed

Sunday [wind] E clear To 2 church morning and even-ning Rowlands preached john home

6 Monday [wind] SE Rain husked corn john to help

7 tuesday [wind] SW cloudy hused corn john to help Elder Rowland calle gave him a bag of corn

8 Wednesday [wind] N Rain husked corn john plowed Randall to Diner

9 Thursday [wind] NW cloudy husked corn set peach trees 50 john plowed james Shirk paid $40 EV Learn paid $1.80 cts

10 Fryday [wind] W cloudy To Belmont for noon husked corn after john plowed got from jackson 1 coat john $4.50 1/2 lb tobacoe 25cts

11 Saturday [wind] SE cloudy husked corn john plowed

12 Sunday [wind] SE clear to john Learns to diner

13 Moncay [wind] S cloudy Took beats parsnips and potatoes john to help plowed garden Ann to Leggs and finches

14 Tuesday [wind] NE snow finished plowing cleaned a grist 10 bushel wheat john to help john went away for a tramp paid him 25 cts

15 Wednesday [wind] W clear husked corn Done choars

16 Thursday [wind] SW cloudy to mill 16 bushel of wheat let jackson have 400 lb flour. got the horses shod 8 shoes 4 new to Abbotts

17 Fryday [wind] E cloudy to old Mr Mcmurys funealElder Smith preached. To EV Learns to tea

18 Saturday [wind] E rain husked corn done choars

19 Sunday [wind] SE rain at home

20 Monday [wind] N cloudy to harietsville to see the consel To yellys to Diner. let Ed have 100 [feet?] pnank for raod $1.00 {uncertain words in entry}

21 Tuesday [wind] NE rain fine husked corn

22 Wednesday [wind W cloudy cold To Belmont fore noon got 1 lb tea Botle oil from jackson 85 cts husked corn after

23 Thursday [wind] W cloudy To Lyons Dick horse was sick To Belmont got medison from Dyes .50 cts john came home paid Taxes to Mrs [putonun?] $26.04 cts

24 Fryday [wind] SW cloudy cold husked corn john to help

25 Saturday [wind] SE snow Sold joe jackson 8[,,?] hogs for $95..00 john husked corn

26 Sunday [wind] SE clear snow To 2 chruch Rowland preached. Ann a home Robert Learn here at night

27 Monday [wind] SE snow To joe jacksons got $95.00 To Randalls at night to M fulitons got well made

28 Tuesday [wind] E clear cold To philips cullvers at night

29 Wednesday [wind] NW clear cold To Alma cullvers weding To philips a night

30 Thursday [wind] NW clear cold to Nisbets cullvers to diner to David Barbers at night

Decmber 1876

1 Fryday [wind] NW clear cold came home Diner to Randalls

2 Saturday [wind] N clear cold Done choars john choared took the sox to Baleys{drawing appears to represent a crossing}

3 Sunday [wind] NW clear at home

4 Monday [wind] NE clear husked corn. john choped comenced to feed the horses cut feed

5 Tuesday [wind] NE clear To Belmont to mill got from jackson 2 lb tobacoe and grocerys took note from c.y hoocer for $34 to be paid in 14 days. john choped

6 Wednesday [wind] SW clear To Belmont got grist got from Abbott wedge at 50 got from jackson tick $1.50 got from potts goods 75cts john choped wood

7 Thursday [wind] W snow husked corn john choped

8 Fryday [wind] W clear cold put corn in crib fore noon john to help fixed crib after john choped. EV Learn and wife here in evening

9 Saturrday [wind] NW snow very blus Done choars john choared

10 Sunday [wind] SE cloudy snow coldat home john Learn and wife to Diner. Randall took his cutter home

11 Monday [wind] SE cloudy Done choars put colt in Ann was sick. john hosked corn. a tramp joe grag{ink smudging end of word} here at noght

12 Tuesday [wind] S cloudy thawed husked corn. john thrashed oats

13 Wednesday [wind] S cloudy husked corn john choped

14 Thursday [wind] SW clear Done choars john choped Randall to diner. Mothers here at night George Learn here from Bisty

15 Fryday [wind] W cloudy cold To Belmont to mill got meal 35 lb sent for free press $1.60cts john choped

16 Saturday [wind] W snow Blustey cold faced mitons john thrashed

17 Sunday [wind] NE snow at home George Learn here at night Bisty

18 Monday [wind] W clear cold To Belmont let jackson have flour 200lb let potts have 70lb flour john Thrashed 1/2 and choped /12

19 Tuesday [wind] W cloudy cold Killed a hog 168 lb john to help fore noon husked corn after john thrashed cut sasage meet at night 24lb

20 Wednesday [wind] E cloudy cold to Belmont got fish 1/2 lb of jackson $5.00 from Abott a clevis. husked corn after john thrashed

21 thursday [wind] SE cloudy took a load of oats to Randall john thrashed

22 Fryday [wind] NE snowed sick with a cold john thrashed Ann made cake

23 Saturday [wind] W cloudy sick with a cold john done choars. Randall and wife here at ngiht

24 Sunday [wind] NE clear at home. Randall and Ann to 2 chruch Rowlan preached his wife stayed with me they went home at night

25 Monday chistmas [wind] E snow To George Leggs to diner john done choars

26 Tuesday [wind] W clear To Belmont got over coat from jackson $13.50 got cheee money $50 to diner to Mrs clines john choared lip Learn and wife here for tea

27 Wednesday [wind] W clear To St thomas put in the Merchants Bank $304 01cts got a cap from coyn $2.50 to Lymans to diner Ann To Lymans john choared

28 Thursday [wind[ E snow cleaned oats 26 bushel fore noon to Randalls after too stove there john choared

29 Fryday [wind] E snow Blustery Killed 3 hogs jim wilsey to help paid him 75 cts john helped

30 Saturday [wind] W cold Blustery cut up hogs 3 made sausage john choared

31 Sunday [wind] W clear cloudy To 2 church Mconel preached To george To tea Ed and phil here at night

January 1877

1 Monday [wind] SE clear To Lyons town meeting voted fo fuliton simpson charleton Bentley Ann to johns to diner to Randalls john thrashed oats

2 Tuesday [wind] E clear Drawed 1 load wood sent for the canadian Baptist paper3. $5.25ct to Belmont got chock for cheese$10 Randall here at night john thrashed oats

3 Wednesday [wind] NW NE clear to London paid taxes on swamp. Randall with me left cap to Belts to be cleaned and fixed Lyman and fam to diner Eckworth here at night john thrashed

4 Thursday [wind] SW clear To Enick Sminths to diner to the swamp john Done choars W Eckworth here day and night

5 Fryday [wind] SW cloudy To Belmont got lamp oil of jackson 4gals $2.10 to 23 tea 37 let him have drye Apples bushels 4 and 15 lb paid john 62 1/2 David Mondaville to diner john choared thrashed

6 Saturday [wind] SW clear Done choars john to Lymans. Paid him 10 cts

7 Sunday [wind] SW cloudy to New sarum to church Tomkins preached to Elurners to diner. paid to D Nucomle $1 for organ

8 Monday [wind] N cold snow Cleaned oats 19 bushel and heat fore noon john to help john thrashed oats after

9 Tuesday [wind] SW clear To Belmont to mill 16 bus got from jackson goods $2 let Dyes have bean 1 1/2 $1.50 Abott 1 bushel Beans john thrashed oats

10 wednesday [wind] SW snow at home father and mother here john thrashed oats

11 Thrusday [wind] S and N snow at home Randall and wife here to diner father and motehr went away john thrashed pats and choared

12 Fryday [wind] NE cloudy cold To Belmont let jackson have 614 lb flour $2,85cts $1,7,50 and oats 42 1,60 {and oats written above} got Boots $350. 2 brooms john thrashed oats choar

13 Saturday [wind] W clear cold at home john thrashed oats and choared

14 Sunday [wind] SE clear To 2 church Mconel preached to W Barss to diner john done the choars

15 Monday [wind] NE snow To Belmont with Randall to get frank hawkins David Brown here at night. cleaned oats 28 john choared thrashed

16 Tuesday [wind] W clear To Belmont with G Legg got 1 lb tobacoe from jackson Geroge less annd wife to diner geroge Learn and wife to tea. D brown here. john thrashed oats and choared

17 Wednesday [wind] W clear at home W Barr and wife Levy Smth and wife Cornell and wife a child here to diner D Brown went away john Thrashed oats

18 Thursday [wind] SW cloudy To st Thomas to fathers Birthday party he was 80 years old john done coars

19 Fryday [wind] SW cloudy mild to Belmont to cheese meeting to Wh Odles to tea john thrashed and choared

20 Saturday [wind] N clear Cleaned oats 22 bushel john to help and choared

21 Sunday [wind] SW clear cold To New sarum to church Tomkings preached to Tomkins to diner john done the choars jane Stevenson to tea

22 Monday [wind] SW clear to halls Tomkins and wife to diner john learn and wife to tea john thrashed oats

23 Tuesday [wind] W clear cold To Belmont got the horses shod 8 shoes to abbotts got bobs from him $ 36 let him have Nole and hoover for $34 paid $1.75 To charles Learn to tea john choared

24 wenesday [wind] W cold clear To john learns to diner john thrashed and choared

25 Thursday [wind] W clear got sheep 6 from john Learn let him have baby To Randalls after john thrashed and choared

26 fryday [wind] SW clear To swamp got posts from sandy cury 26 for $104 to litle johns to tea john thrashed and choared

27 Saturday [wind] SW clear To Aylmer with oats 37 bus got $15. sold to Lewis for 40 cts john choared and thrashed Earnest Learn here at night

28 Sunday [wind] SW clear To 2 church Mconel preache lib farques and jane stevon to diner. to george Aplefands to tea john to john Learns

29 Monday [wind] SW clear thawed to cheese meeting to john stewarts Randall and wife here to tea john choared and thrashed oats

30 Tuesday [wind] SE clear Thawed To Nelson Learns george Learn and wife with us to diner john choared.

31 Wednesday SE cloudyThaw to Belmont to mill 6 bushel of wheat 24 of chop oats peas got from potts 220 sptes from Nugent slips

February 1877

1 Thursday [wind] SW clear To Belmont got grist let hoover have 100lb flour. got from jackson goods $2.55 paid john $171

2 Fryday [wind] E clear Thawed Done choars. went to james Batleys top tea john choared

3 Saturday [wind] NE cloudy Cleaned oats 38 bushel john to help john went to lymans at night Litle john Learn and wife here at n To tea

4 Sunday [wind] W clear Thawed at home john came home

5 Monday [wind] NW cloudy to harrietsville to ensurence meeting got ensured for $2500 paid $5...cts litle john and wife with us to diner to j geleys john choared

6 Tuesday [wind] SW cloudy at home cleaned wheat james learn and wife and Sarah Bolsby to diner john thrashed and choared

7 Wednesday [wind] S clear To Aylmer Ann to johns to diner To Randalls. john choared thrashed

8 Thursday [wind] S clear to Aylmer with Wheat 32.7 bushel got $1.30 cts $41.75 to diner to T charlestons john choared Thrashed

9 Fryday [wind] S clear To Belmont to mill let jackson have honey 17 1/2 $3.32 cts got goods 43.72 cts ad cap $2.25 got Bedstead from Bonn $7 john choared thrashed

10 Saturday [wind] SW clear thawd Tusked corn. went to john Learns. john thrashed oats choared

11 Saturday [wind] SW clear To New Sarum to church Tomkins preached. to john finches to diner paid Newcomb $4..00 for Tomkins. john at home

12 Monday [wind] N cloudy blustery to john Lutons traded 23 bushel of Barley to diner Ann with me john thrashed choared Randall took charley

13 Tuesday [wind] NW clear thawd To Belmont to mill got grist Randall fetched charley home john thrashed choared

14 wednesday [wind] SW clear To Randalls to diner john choared and thrashed

15 Thursday [wind] W cloudy cleaned oats 41 bushel john to help hanah to diner paid john 50cts

16 Fryday [wind] NW clear fixed sples john thrashe

17 Saturday [wind] NW snow Blustery traded Bell to Tom Belmore for Nelley B. john thrashe

18 Sunday [wind] SW cloudy snowat home john at home

19 Monday [wind] NW clear cold at home john thrashed let To Bellmore have barley 8 bushel for boot [Boat?]

20 tuesday [wind] SW clear To swamp. rented Sandy Cury the swamp for 1 year for $40 and road work and taxes to be paid john thrashed

21 Wednesday [wind] S clear husked corn john thrashed

22 Thursday [wind] S clear To Randalls Sarah Anns baby born at 5 oclock Ann to Randalls at night john Thrashed choard

23 Fryday [wind] NW cloudy To Randalls to diner Ann came home let john Learn jr have 2 bus of corn $120 let Aga winters have 2 1/2 lb Butter 50cts john thrashed and choared

24 Saturday [wind] NE cloudy cleaned oats john to help 38

25 Sunday [wind] NW cold To Lyons to cheuch William preached to Randalls to diner Ann stayed to Randalls john at home

26 Monday [wind] N clear husked corn john choped Ann to Randalls

27 Tuesday [wind] SEW clear To R fulitons salee john Thrashed Ann came home

28 Wednesday [wind] SW clear To Belmont let jackson have 6 1/2 doz eggs 12 1/2 cts doz john choped got john 1 lb tobacoe pencil [5/6]8 cts

March 1877

1 Thursday [wind] SW clear Drawed beckets to Bush taped 15 trees john washed the buckets. fthes to diner

2 Fryday [wind] S rain forenoon taped 145 trees after noon john to help

3 Saturday [wind] SW cloudy snow worked in bush taped 47 trees fix boiling place and gethered 2 tubs of sap john to help. frank haw kins fetched dick horse home from Randalls

4 Sunday [wind] NW cold at home

5 Monday [wind] NW cold Boiled sap john to help old Black cow down

6 Tuesday [wind] SW snow Thrashed oats with the horses john to help. Ann sugared off 22lb. Randall to diner. Midge cow h had a calf

7 Wednesday [wind] SE clear cold Thrashed oats john to help

8 Thursday [wind] SE Rain Threshed oats john to help

9Fryday [wind] NW cold snow Blustery To Belmont for Dr wilson Ann to Randalls john choared

10 Saturday [wind] W clear Cleaned oats 82 bushel john to elp. Ann to Randalls

11 Sunday [wind] SW snow To Randalls Ann came home john to No 1 to church

12 Monday [wind] NE snow cold Thrashed peas john to help Randall took the cow home left the colt Elder Rowland to diner

13 Tuesday [wind] S clear Thrashed peas fore noon john to help To Randalls after lill cow had a calf

14 Wednesday [wind] S [and?] N snow Blustery Thrashed peas john to help

15 Thursday [wind] SW clear To Belmont let Dyes have egg 11 doz oats 4 bushel got for john shirting $181 cts got tea 3 /34 lbs to Randalls after john Thrashed peas choared Ann to Eds quilting spot cow had a calf

16 Fryday [wind[ NW snow cold cleaned peas 57 bushel john to help let cullver finch have oats 14 bushel $5.6ts. Mrs finch cullver and liley to tea

17 Saturday [wind] W clear finished thrashing oats john choared. Mrs DaCline and 2 children to tea

18 Sunday [wind] SW snow To Randalls. john home

19 Monday [wind] NW snow To spring field with oats bushel 41. got 43 cts per bushel james Learn with me john choared [old Eckwith?] here at night. Levy and Enick Smith and wives here to diner Thunder at night {names in this entry difficutl to decipher}

20 Tuesday [wind] NE clear To thew swamp. john choped. Ann to Randalls

21 Wednesday [wind] NE snow clear after To Randalls for Ann cleaned oats 12 buchel john choared

22 Thursday [wind] SW thawed To spring field with oats 57 bushel 44cts $25.00 john choared

23 Fryday [wind] W clear thawed To belmont to mill 24 bus to chop. gethered sap 2 tubs after john to help. Randall to diner and yessa Robert to work for him. let jackson have 15 lb of Butter 25cts per lb $3.75

24 Saturday [wind] NE couldy To Belmont got grist boiled sap john boiled. Elder Rowlan Olover cullver and boy and lida and Martha hill here at night pide cow had a calf

25 Sunday [wind] E Rain to 2 chruch Rowland preached. O cullver and boy here. sow had [6?] pigs

26 Monday [wind] N Rain snow Ann sugard 25 lb Done choars john skined the old Black cow Cullvers went away Ann sugared of 25 lb

27 Tuesday [wind] NW clear thawed to Belmont let potts have a hide 50 lb $250. Drawed sap after 3 tubs. john to help Randall and hawkins to diner

28 Wednesday [wind] NW windy Boiled sap john to help

29 Thursday [wind] NW clear wind to Eagans mill fore noon john choared Ann sugared off 25[or 35] lb

30 Fryday [wind] SW clear thawed To Randalls fore noon worked in the Bush afterjohn to help

31 Saturday [wind] SE Rain To belmont got 2 lb tobacoe and 1 of soap from McBrone for $1.14 cts 1 for john john choped

April 1877

1 Sunday [wind] S Rain at home. Neley cow sick Norms wife to tea

2 Monday [wind] NW clear gethered and boiled sap 5 tubs john to help john comenced work for a year for $72

3 Tuesday [wind] NE SE clear Boiled sap john to help

4 Wednesday [wind] SE clear To Belmont got from W Martin timothey seed 80lb for $4.00 order a pair of pants from jackson john choped. Sam legg and wife to tea. Ann sugared off 73lb.

5 Thursday [wind] NW snow gethered sap 5 tubs boiled john to help

6 Fryday [wind] NW clear gethered sap 3 tubs boiled john to help. Ann sugared off 42lb

7 Saturday [wind] NE clear boiled sap Drawed wood john to help Ann sugared off 30lb

8 Sunday [wind] E windy at home joe Alen to tea Ed Learn to diner

9 Monday [wind] NE clear getherer sap 4 tubs Boiled john to help sold peas 2 [& lb?] ten to Ravy 18 to Dunn for 75 per lb Elder Rowland to diner Ann sugerd 40 lb

10 Tuesday [wind] NE clear Boiled sap fore noon john to help john choped after

11 Wednesday [wind] N clear To Randalls got horses shoes set on front feet john choped

12 Thursday [wind] NS clear worked in bush finished let [ER?] Learn have 10 bushel peas [at?] 5 cts per bushel $7.50 traded oats with jim for peas 16 1/2 for 10 jim and wife to diner

13 Fryday [wind] NE clear To Belmont let jackson have eggs 27 doz 12cts got $250 {likley missing period} got seed to Matin got Bushes to Tibeh Let Taylon have 1/2 bapotto taes50 cts john choped {entry unclear}

14 Saturday [wind] SE clear to St Tomas put the Merchants Bank $96 all in the bank 400.0 to Elder Rowlands to diner Ann to philips john choped and choared

15 Sunday [wind] W clear at home Randall and Chaley legg called {uncertain}

16 Monday [wind] SE rain fore noon clear after Cultivated 2 teams john to help

17 Tuesday [wind] E SE clear rain at night Sowed wheat 7 acres john draged

18 Wednesday [wind] E Rain Done choars john choared

19 Thursday [wind] E Rain To Belmont got pants from jackson $3.65 cts john choared

20 Fryday [wind] W clear to 2 church Elder Rowland preached. Randall and wife to diner

23 Monday [wind] S clear Rolled medow john cultivated. sold Mckets Barley 4 bushel. Elder Rowland to diner

24 Tuesday [wind] NW squals sowed grass seede john cultivated Sarah Ann and jessa Roberts to diner

25 Wednesday [wind] N clear Done choars john cultivated

26 Thursday [wind] S clear sowed oats 24 bushel john draged

27 Fryday [wind] E clear sowed oats 14 bushel fore noon john draged rolled wheat after noon

28 Saturday [wind] E Rain To Belmont let Dyes have molases 4 gals $5.44 $1.25 egg 30 doz [10?] got 2lb Tobacoe and comb $ 1.50 john draged oats bin {entry unclear}

29 Sunday [wind] SW cloudy To No 1 To church Dyer preached joe Alen to diner

30 Monday [wind] W cloudy hail To Belmont let Dyer haver peas 6 1/2 bushel $5.50 got salt 3 barels $3.30 wash load 20 Let Norm have barley 10 bushel. let Litle john Learn have oats 30 bushel $13.50 paid

May 1877

1 Tuesday [wind] N cleared Done choars john cultivated

2 wenensday [wind] N clear choared john cultivated

3 Thursday [wind] SW clear Sower pears 6 1/2 bushel Barley 12 bushel let M White have 1 bushel of corn for $1.00 not paid john draged

4 Fryday [wind] SW clear to Belmont let Dyes have eggs 16 [10?] doz [??] of onions $1.05 Ann got Dress. $12.05 john choared Rauy got pens 10 bushel paid $7.50 {entry unclear}

5 Satruday [wind] NE clear made garden john to help planted potatoes to john Learn after tea

6 Sunday [wind] E clear To 2 chruch Rowland preached. john Learn and wife to diner

7 Monday [wind] clear to [swamp?] fore noon let Norm have 10 bushel Barley lent 2 3/4 peas $2.47 1/2cts john cultivated

8 Tuesday [wind] NE clear Turned the cows out to pater. john cultivated fore noon. helped to plant potatoes after Ann to Belmont to get dresse fited

9 wesnday [wind] NE Rain planted potatoe fore noon john to help To Belmont after to mill 16 bushel [chop] and 4 of wheat let jackson have 3 bags of potatoes $2.70 got goods $7.00 for john

10 Thrusday [wind] W clear Rolled john draged corn ground. let john Learn have 8 bushels of peas and 3 /12 corn $7.50

11 Fryday [wind} SE clear To Belmont got frist got from abbott belte rings and plow point john sick took him to DR spencer et jackson have better 24lb crack Randall to tea let him have $20.00 as lent

13 Sunday [wind] SE clear To 2 church a stranger preached. john sick

14 Monday [wind S clear draged and Rolled corn grains let W bare and Cullver finch have 11/2 bushels of corn each john sick

15 tuesday [wiind] S clouldy Masked corn ground let litle joh have 1 busheld of hard corn D Brown 1/2 and Kor, 1/2 Not paid john sick

16 wednesday [wind] SW showrs sick john sick D pery to work Randall wife here got flour

17 Thursday [wind] S showers plowed john plaites corn pery split rails

18 Fryday [wind] SW clear hot plowed pery split rails john sick let D Baxter have corn 1 1/4 bushel $ 1.25 Ann to Randalls

19 Saturday [wind] SE clear hot planted corn john to help to Belmont let Dyer have eggs 35 doz [10?] $2.50 get $1.00

20 Sunday [wind] S clear hot to church Rowland Preached. To Belmont with john to Dr Menlatt Randall and wife and jacot Shirk and wife john finch and wife David Shirk and Lely finch to diner

21 Monday [wind] S&N clear planted corn john and pery to help let john Simpson have 3/4 bushels corn 75 Cullver finch paid $1.50

22 Tuesday [wind] W rain to Randalls sale Bargen with colard for a drill for $70 let him have a harness for $35. frery split rails john finch planing corn

23 Wednesday [wind] N clear cool done choars john drawed rails. pery built fence

24 Thursday [wind] NW clear cool sowed miller planted beans john to help to Belmont after Rondal and wife withe us Ann got her linen Dress

25 Fryday [wind] NW clear To Randalls plowed gardon john choared pery split rails

26 Saturday [wind] N clear Sowes corn and Turnps john draged. pery fine shed dence. paid him $4.00 fish pedler to diner

27 Sunday [wind] W clear To church [Slnanges?] preached. john to Lyman Learns

28 Monday [wind] NE clear DOne choars john piled manure. father and Mother to diner Randalls and Sam Leggs to tea

29 Tuesday [wind} S clear To Randalls father and mother with john [chot?] Nelson Learn here at night

30 Wednesday [wind] S clear Done choars. john piled Manure

31 Thursday [wind] S clear To Belmont got 4 shoes set to Abbotts got can fixed to potts. got Drill from W.Collard $80.00 let Dyer have eggs 12 doz

June 1877

1 Fryday [wind] S clar warm done choar. paid William collard $ 77.50 cts for Drill in full to Belmont. got cheese Money $25 from Davison Neley Mare had a colt

2 Saturday [wind] S showers Some choars john choared sold [Yun?] 3 bushels of millet seeds $3.00

3 Sunday [wind] SW Rain To geroge Leggs to diner

4 Monday [wind] S clear Worker road teams john Sam legg Road Muster

5 Tuesday [wind] E cloudy coltivatec corn john to help to Belmont got charley shod to Abbotts 4 shoes .50 cts

6 Wednesday [wind] NE clear worked road john to an team Mrs [?] Brown and Mrs Bare to tea let geroge hae 1/2 bushel millt seeds

7 Thursday NE clear to St Thomas to diner to rawlands. Calles to charles got Anna bonet got a hat To tea to Weslakes john cut thistles {final entry diffcult to decipher}

8 Fryday [wind] SW clear cultivated corn john to help to Belmont let Dyer have 11 1/2 doz eggs$1,26 got goods $1,70[?] got order from simptson $21.00 Sarah Learn and herbert Nety Sety Clady to diner

9 Saturday [wind] S Rain to henry Roberts got order paid $21.00 cultivated corn after john Learn paid $6.00 Ann got her dress paid $5.00 frank Learn here at nightpaid pery $4.50

10 Sunday [wind] W clear cool to New sarum to church Tomkins preached Ann at home Randals to tea

11 Monday [wind] S clear cultivated corn john to help Nelley Mare to hoe

12 Tuesday [wind] S clear took Ann to kings mill to go to waterford george Emer and wife here at night. cut thistles after noon. paid for frank to charlton[?] $ 14.75

13 Wednesday [wind] S shower cut thistles fore noon john to help john hoed potatoes Ann went home Tandall and wife here at night beed swarmed

14 Thursday [wind] SW Rain went to Simcoe to Ed Cahons at night

15 Fryday [wind] S clear to R Wil coxes and yongs to philips at night

16 Saturday [wind] S clear To Nishet cullvers To philips at night

17 Sunday [wind] S clear to David Barber at night

18 Monday [wind] S clear came home Margret with us to Belmont let Dyes have 17 doz eggs got john shoes $1.25

19 Tuesday [wind] NW clear cut cloves cultivates corn Margret here Dan Smith here

20 Wednesday [wind] E clear cultivated corn john to help Margret here Smith went away

21 Thursday [wind] NW cloudy raked hay cultivated corn john to help Margret went to johns

22 Fryday [wind] N clear cultivated corn john to help to Belmont got goods from Dyes $2.00 took grist to mill

23 Saturday [wind] S clear cut hay and Drawed in 3 load john to help Margret came back from johns

24 Sunday [wind] SW clear at home Margret here Randall and wife to diner Rain at night

25 Monday [wind] SW clear raked hay john to help Margret here

26 Tuesday [wind] SW Rain To Belmont got horses [shat?] 4 shoes wagon hole to Abbotts. paid Bill $ 1.00 Margret here

27 wednesday [wind] SW clear tpo Lyons got wagon and took it to Belmont to Abbott. let Dyes have 7 1/2 Doz eggs got goods $1,89 and paid john 75 Margret here

28 Thursday [wind] NW rain Drawed in har 5 load wnet to lambeth to john Smiths after Margret with us

29 Fryday [wind] NW rain came home to Nelsons to tea Margret with us

30. Saturday [wind] SW rain to Randalls Margret with john choared Bees swarmed

local farm


June 1873 - June 1877




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Andrew McFarland Learn, “Andrew McFarland Learn Diary, 1873-1877,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed June 19, 2024,

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  237. AndrewMcFarlandLearn_1873-1877_237.pdf
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  239. AndrewMcFarlandLearn_1873-1877_239.pdf
  240. AndrewMcFarlandLearn_1873-1877_240.pdf
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  242. AndrewMcFarlandLearn_1873-1877_242.pdf
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