Albert "Russell" McKay Diary, 1909-1916


Albert "Russell" McKay Diary, 1909-1916


Albert "Russell" McKay


Courtesy of Archival and Special Collections, University of Guelph




20th Century, Ontario County, Reach Township, Ontario

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Albert "Russell" McKay Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript


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Port Perry

Mr Russell McKay

[mathematical equation] 1919 - 1911 = 8


September 1908.

=== Thurs 24 === I got hair cut the 24th of sept 1908. Miss Edith Bond & George Till were married on the 23rd of this month.

{Written in different pen colour five years later}got my teeth fix and a crown put on one of my teeth by Dr Graham Feb 15 1913

October 1908

=== Fri 2 === Little {gcuis?} 259 Davenport Rd, Toronto. I was down to aunt Emma Tue sept 29th 1908 in afternoon. Huntley st bridge was started in sept month, and completed around the 1st {Written in smaller letters in between words diagonally} week of Oct, 1908. {Written in smaller letters diagonally beside entry} the {ilegible}{ilegible}

=== Wed 7 === The {fused?} line & went up to see Miss Roberts was the 24th of sept 1908. 2nd Time was the 6th of Oct 1908.

=== Wed 21 === Filo Cousin of Port Perry was married on the 9th of Oct 1908. {Written in smaller letters above word} 3rd Time. Took Miss Robert to chuch last sunday Oct 18th 08. Latter Day {saints?} church on {sohort?}.

=== Thurs 29 === 4th time I was up to see Miss Roberts was Tuesday October 27th {Written in smaller lettering} & saw Russel Lane and Fred {moreon?} {sealon?} of with me girl, as I was going up to see any girl Oct 27th, 1908. I got hair cut 27th Oct 1908.

=== Fri 30 === Got coal oil 30th of Oct {written underneath} {gol?}. I saw mr {illegible} the fellow that {used?} to work down at g.a. Pens 131 Front st E. I met him at Todds Restaurant at {noon?} and had a quick talk with him. {Written in smaller lettering above} {Fiarso?}. He is going to Montreal to-night, he's going on the Police force. Going on the 10 o'clock train P.M. Oct 30th 1908.

November 1908.

Mon 2. 5th time to up see miss Roberts, was sunday nov 11. PM Took her to the "majestic theater" to hear R.C. Evans preach. Subject "What is man" first sermon of the season in the majestic.

Tue 3. Miss Bertha Winders {19 yrs old.} won in the walking race. Time 1.17.10 Miss Maide Peel second 1.19.40. Miss Mimmie Prince third 1.20.20. Mrs Bertha Grifeth 4th of (illegible) 1.20.25. no of miles to walk 7 1/4

Sat 21. "Started a little change in Living". It reads, "regularily" leaving table feeling though I could eat a quite a bit more. Eat nothing or going to bed. chew food well. And eat nothing of any (illegible) between meals. Eat at 3 different times through the day divided equaly, of time as near as possible. Just to see how long I can keep it. Written and to be started by Russel L Melhay / 39 Queen East - {Torenth?}. Standard from my breakfast - a pretty late one from 20 minutes after ten a.m.

sat 21st of november 1908. I hope I can keep it. I {illegible} I or anybody else will be benefited by following it. Yours R. {five small verticle rectangles drawn} 139 Queen East, Toronto.

Fri. Nov 27. Miss Roberts age. 20 yrs 2nd of sept. 1908. 6 time up to see Miss Roberts took her to the Majestic Theater to hear R.C. Evans. Subject - I fell, is it {illegible}

=== (7) === Time was sunday {written in smaller lettering above & in between words} the 22nd took her to hear R.C. Eavens. subject Ressurection.

=== (8) === Time was Tue 24th of november {written in smaller lettering of to the side} {1906?} very wet night, there was a Taffey pole party up on soho st. Held by R.C. Evans in Latter days saint church {who?}we never went.

I was up to a party at no 8 Waterloo {to?} {Cresent?} mass {heats?} the 26th of nov 1908.

January month 1909

=== Jan 18 === Ellie {Of aynes?} age is 17teen the 15th of May 1908.

=== Jan 18 === The coldest day we have had so far is. 20 degrees below zero eight o'clock the 18th of Jan 1909.

{Written in different colour and handwritting 3 years later, under 5 dots} sat Oct 26th 1912. 10 minutes to 8 o'clock P.M.

{Further down the page, two mathematical calculations - 17+11=28, 1908+11=1919}

March month 1909

=== Thur 4 === Miss Grace Row was married to Mr {Gowday?} of Toronto yesterday march 3 {written in smaller lettering above number} 1908 in the methodist church Port Perry, there was a large crowd there. I was there I fainted in the {written above in between words} large school room 25th of Febuary 1909 in the afternoon about 20 minutes after four P.M. We have lots of snow march the .4. Dad and I got a load of {tuck?} wheat {stsow?} and hay, half of each, Tuesday March the .2. 1909. down to Ben {Bushly?}.

=== Mar 11 === I helped Thomas Jeffery a half day to {draw?} out manure in the after noon mar 10th 1909. We have {drew?} home 13 loads of wood, {drew?} the 13 load in the after noon {ni?} {as?} 9th {raining?} a little, {see?} on days and a half for Thomas Jeffery up Till the 13th 9th man, Today in the morn snowing a little.

=== Wed 17 === Mr {Ehlon?} was buried yesterday March 16th 1909 {written afterward in smaller lettering} in afternoon very {stormy?}. He was in his 86 years 4 month and 14 days. They had {sewiec?} in the house from 12 o'clock. Till one o'clock. {Letcher?} got the funeral. The {fanies?} were Mr Graham {Hofman?}, Mr Kerby, Samson Vickery, Thomas {Tusnes?}.

March Month 1909

Alex Brown, George Patterson instead of Patterson, Alex {Rennie?}. It is a very stormy rough day today, not so very cold.

Eva Turner came home sat mar 13th 1909 from Peterbourgh, and returned sunday night mar 14th 1909 on the 11.20 train from Myrtle.

=== Mar 19 === Father and I drew a load of logs to Carnegie's saw mill Port Perry Mar 18th 1909. From the 8th concession of Reach, west of the centre road.

April Month 1909

=== Wed .7. === I was to a school concert in the afternoon april .7. {arrow pointing toward words written in smalling lettering overhead} in the school. Miss Ellie Smith was the teacher. Weather, very windy.

=== Mon 12. === Aunt Maria Dolphin died April 8. 1909 Wed 9 A.M. She was buried Fri April 9th at 2 o'clock in the afternoon 1909. Father and I were sawing wood in the afternoon down at {midgleys?} today. Fred and {Emmerson?} left for Toronto to-day an on the half past {second?} train at Prince Albert. Emerson was going to {Strathioyamn?} Fred to Toronto. Emmerson is {working?} at Simpson's {Ronthing?} mill. Emerson has fun with {Mecaffine?} up till the 11th {written in smaller lettering above} 1909 of april 7. months.

=== Tue 20 === Ethel May Town died april 17, 09. burried april 19th 1909. age 16 yrs 10 months, deceased died of Tuberclouis. it was raining. Louis Bond {molered?} his suit a {serge?} suit april 19th 1909 in the afternoon at {Ot?}. Stone Port Perry {price?} $16.00

=== Wed 21 === Father and I blasted a {fig?} stone in Mr. Peels field {1?} field east of house. april 20th 1909. Mrs {Dunn?} left for the West mon night 18. o'clock {written in smaller lettering overhead} from Toronto. April 19th 1909.

April Month 1909

=== Tue 27. === Ruebon Bond set some {swan?} {illegible} {illegible} trees out next to us this morning april 27. 1909. Father & I finished cutting corn down to {Finel?} in afternoon april 26. 1909 she {paid?} him in full for cutting all the corn Total for cutting corn $9.00. We moved the engine from Mr. Midgeley to {Fisel?}. Miss Smith was not teaching school mon april 26 1909 on account of {illegible}. and not on Tuesday. Moved Mr Brent from one lot to another april 23rd 1909. about ten o'clock.

May Month 1909

=== Fri 14 === I planted my onion seed on the 13th of may 1909 afternoon. And the lettuce and {raddishes?} and {parsnips?} on the same day. Louis Bond sowed his onion seed the day before mine. I got my hair {cut?} on the 11th of may 1909. Father and I went down to Willards and got a new {red?} and green carpet for the {front?} {room?} on the 10th of may 1909. {Price?} {illegible} {yd?} 65- {in smaller lettering} 91 27 {yds?} $17.50. Father bought William {Combe?} {cutter?} in May 1909.

=== Sun 16 === Louis Bond and I were down to Port Perry {arrow pointing from word in smaller lettering overhead in between words} SAT may 15 1909. it started to rain while we were down there, and it let up a little and we ran till we got to Jack {Whitfields?} {Borealla?} and we staged there till about 10 minutes to twelve. Rained very hard Mother and I moved the {feurean?} upstairs through the south window upstairs it would not go upstairs. We got a new sideboard and {washstoneb?} {written in smaller lettering overhead} SAT may 15 1909 from {Letcher?} Port Perry.

May Month 1909 Concluded

=== Wed 19 === Father and I were over to {Thor?} {Beane?} monday {illegible} 17th 1909. and got a quite a few {suchews?}. William Coombe {arrow pointing to words above in smaller lettering} and family left for Winnipeg Tuesday may 18th 1909 moved furniture. {Traverton?} took a load for him to {Myrtle?}, {swet?} it on the G.P.R. They wait on the G.P.R.

=== Fri 21 === I sowed my peas to-day, and canola yesterday we sowed are sweet corn. and beans.

=== Thur 27 === Fred & I had a {taught?} with miss {Fife?} and Lydia Roberts sunday afternoon may the 23 1909. I was to hear R.C. Evans twice once in morning, and at night sunday may 23rd 1909. He preached the {dedecatory?} sermon of the church at Parisville May 23rd at 230 o'clock 1909. Received a letter from W.W. Coombe Winnepeg. Man. This morn on the 10 o'clock train. I {and?} Charles Grandell {hair?} may 27th 1909. Weather Raining.

May Month 1909

=== May Mon 31 === I took Mrs Calder to Port Perry to-day in afternoon. Father & Thomas Turner started to work at Miss Madden in morning, putting a wall under part of house. I weighed a hundred and fifty sic pounds to-day. I got some strawberry plants to-night from Thomas Turner. Mr Spence of {Crenon?} preached in the Methodist church Prince Albert Sunday may 30, 1909 mom & {wening?}. {Quite?} a few over here in evening to hear him.

June Month 1909

=== WED 2 === Mother and I was over to Solomon Wilson our Landlord Tuesday June .1. 1909 to see what he was going to do about the {arrowing pointing to words in smaller lettering overhead} {fixing?} the place. I finished {pentting?} strawberry in to-day that I got from Thomas Turner.

=== Thur .3. === I finished planting the {gardin?} to-day, it was beans. The longest day of the year is June 21st. The lone shortest day is 21 st of December. The eclipse of the moon was tonight at about 9 o'clock. P.M. I was down to a Band concert which was held in the town hall Port Perry Wed 2. of June 1909. "Aunt Dinahs Pledge." was part of the {haogram?} mother was there too, and mrs Roe and mrs I {meals?}.

=== Fri 4 === I drew our lumber for our {threashing?} machine building from Carnegie to-day it cost for cutting it $1.86. I paid it the day I got it.

June Month 1909

=== June Mon .7. === I got a pair of forks at T.C. Torman's Port Perry in afternoon, a pair of {best?} ones price $4.00 paid. I got them from milton {mcdermit?}, June 7th 1909. I {took?} mrs Calder to Port Perry to-day. I was playing {baseball?} down in Tommy {Boylon's?} field {too night?}. down by {railroad?} I split some wood for miss {Thorne?} to-day.

=== WED .9. === I was working up at Miss Madden to-day, and yesterday afternoon Tue 8th 1909. putting a cement wall under the house.

=== SAT 12. === Father and I bought a piece of old {force?} from Reubon Bond Thur 10. 1909 for 75-{written in smaller lettering} {illegible} it was a picket fence. Louis Bond and I was down to Port Perry to-night and had a couple dishes of ice cream.

=== Tue 15. === Father and I was working at the building up at the {comer?} {illegible} the {cemetary?} to-day. The {volonteus?} left for the {canuph?} to-day. Charles Haynes & {Russel?} Treebell went to the volunteers to-day.

June Month 1909

=== WED 16. === Father and I built the picket fence, from the big gate up to the st Lawrence {true?} pretty {near?} to-day. Brother is 17{written in smaller lettering beside}91 Eggs 18{written in smaller lettering beside}91 to-day or at {present?}. I was down playing ball to-night down at Thomas Boyton's field by the sail road to-night 16 June 1909.

=== Sun .20. === I went for a wheel to-day over to manchester, and down to Port-Perry, and up the {areene?}, it was a very nice warm {brege?} day. Frank Rundle's team of houses with a waggon and {pig?} {rach?} on, ran away {cowering?} down Boe's hill, the tongue came out of the {mick?} {yohe?}, and about the line {funel?} {betrun?} Thomas Jeffery and {Haynes?}, the {tongue?} {started?} the waggon of in the side of the road, and ran into the bank about 3 ft and broke off, the team ran down as far as Brent and wheeled around and came back and Robert

June Month 1909

{Written above line of entry} === June === Balfour said they would have {ran?} over Frank {Rumelle?} if he hadn't of {illegible} them. they {then?} around again and went to Port Perry. It was {meonserous?} for a little while. This acciddent {cured?} set June 19, 1909 at about 3.P.M.

=== June 24. === I got a square table up at {hed?} Vernon sale yesterday June 23 in afternoon. Harty bought it and he did not want it so he {ask?} me if I wanted it, I took it for the same as he gave for it 30 {in smaller lettering beside it, cent symbol?} The excursion to Gueplh was June 23rd 1909 and come back the 24 th {gord?} for 2 days. Father went to Guelph from our family June 23rd 1909.

July 6

July Month 1909

=== July Tue 6 === Mr David Cash died July 1st 1909 A.M. was buried in Prince Albert Cemetary.

=== Haircut === I got my hair cut June 20th 1909. Fred {J MeKay?} left for Toronto July 5th 1909 came down thur the 1st of July. Father and I was down to Port Perry last night July 5th 1909 and got some things of the engine an {axle?} and one thing another.

=== SAT 10. === Father bought a stove at Mrs Ike Wheleler sale on the 6th {concession?} of reach at Bedford's. {Peieev?} {written in smaller lettering above} {illegible} $19.50 regular $46.00 5 months to {pay?} for it. Mr Piles brought it up for him, it was raining a little when we were hanging it in. Father & I and some other men started to {just?} down the cement sidewalk Thur 8th 1909. Eva {written in smaller lettering} M {(*)?} Turner was the first lady that walked on it that {io?} the worth {end?}

July Month 1909

{Written above line of entry} === July === Jennie Medd the second lady.

=== Mon 12. === I was to the {Orangemon's?} walk to-day the 12th of July 1909. big crowd. The 34th segment {written in samller lettering above} {band?} of Whitty played. There was a baseball match {between?} Uxbridge and Port Perry {Jr?} score 2 to 4 in favor of Uxbridge. Harley Graham got his {thrown?} {broke?}. weather mostly fair rained early in morn.

=== Tue 20 === We finished cement sidewalk for 1909 July 20th 09, put it as far as Mr Harty big gate, a few feet past. When we finished Mr Hayes got up in the waggon that was on the side of the road and made a little {spuch?}.

=== Wed Mon .26. === Father & I got the engine to gather, and lit a fire in her and tryed her, and she worked fine, a little Tight.

=== Thur 28 === Prince Albert Garden Party was in the church yard, they had a quite a large

July Month 1909

{written above line of entry} === July === crowd 28 of July. Mable Harty left for the West near north Dakota to-day. 29th of July 1909 thursday day after the garden Party at {P.A.?}

=== Fri 30 === Father & I started to thresh to-day July 30th in afternoon at Peter {Christie?} Manchester

August month 1909.

Walter J Bond and his girl miss Ellen Astles came down home Prince Albert from Toronto, sat July 31 1909. down for 2 weeks.

Jack Johnston started to work for my Father to-day, Monday aug 2nd 1909. alsack threshing at Thomas Walch Manchester Mother and I had the 1st new potatoes out of our garden this year 1909 for supper pretty good size.

Thomas Turner and Abe Portous finished putting boards on the celing to-night Mon 2nd of aug 1909.

Fri 13. Emmersson came home for his holidays left the morn august 4 3nd 1909. and came home here wed night aug 4,working at Strathroy

Emmersson and I put down a piece of sidewalk south of house on the roadside august Fri 13 1909 in aftersome.

I got a pair of white summering shoes aug 13th Fri morn.

[Preprinted in top right corner] 21

August Month 1909 con.


Tue 17 Emmerson left for Strathroy to-day at noon from Prince Albert, going to Toronto for a while first

We got a load of hay yesterday, Monday aug 16th 1090 a ton .900 a ton, from Walter Wier.

[Preprinted at top left] 22

September Month 1909.


Thur 2 Mr Edward Vernon of Prince Albert was burried to-day in Pine Grove Cemetery Prince Albert sept 2, 1909. He died in Toronto. They held service in the church basement Prince Albert Mr Snell Preacher Large funeral. Age 65 years 6 months 6 days. Fine day.

I was working at Walter Wier to-day in afternoon shooking buckwheat and drew in a load of rachins

Mr Walter Wier Birthday is to-day.

Sat 11 I went up to the exhibition sat morn the 4th of sept 1909 came home wed night sept.8. 1909. Large crowds at the exhibition Labor day gate reciepts of people 1500000 people

Fri 17 Mr Thomas Whites barn was burnt sept 14th 1909 struck by lightning about 1 oclock A.M. in morn, a very bad storm, a quite a fire their, I got home about 3.30 oclock in morn.

September Month 1909.

The Prince Albert {illegible} since it was renovated upstairs, was on Sunday 12th and 13th 1909. Tea and {illegible} on Monday the 13th night 1909. Mr Manning of Whitby was thr Preacher that conducted the services on Sunday. I went a {illegible} of apples and a few potatoes on top to Uncle George White Thur noon sept 16th 1909 from Port Perry. Then address was 145 {illegible} at Toronto express up was 60cts Freight would {illegible} been 6-0CT.

Mon 20. I {illegible} Froshett {illegible} and Miss Gibson was was married Wed night Sept 8th 1909. Ellie Hayneis was married in the year 1909. along about the 4 or 5 of July 1909. My Father's birthday is the 20th of Sept {illegible} is 57 the 20th of Sept 1909.

Sept 29. Mr James McBrien School Inspector dies Sun mom sept 19 26 1909 at his son home Prince Albert. was buried in Prince Albert Pine.

[Preprinted top left] 24

September Month 1909

Grove Cemetery south of Pines sept 28th 1909 large funeral, very fine day. His age 76 11 months and a few days.

[a mathematical calculation written in the margin, 1919-29 = 1890]

I was down to Port Perry at Mr E Nicolas Ingram Office, sept 28, 09. as a witness for Mr R.J. Harty, for nocking the boiler and stove pipes, and kettle around the night of the 13th 09.

[Preprinted top right] 25

October Month 1909.

Sat 16 We got a load or rather a ton of {cord?} & 35 lbs from Frank Rundle Port Perry Oct 16th 1909

Emmerson came home from Strathroy sick, Howard with him. Wed Oct 13th 1909. with liver and kidney trouble pretty sick

Flossie Mearning will be 20 yrs of age the 4 of May 1910 29 years 4th May 1919

Tue 19 Howard Brent Left for Strathroy on the noon train from Port Perry Mon Oct 18th 1909.

Mother got a wrapper from D{illegible?} Port Perry dark blue Flossie Mearning brought it up $1.35

WED 20 Father and I was over to Mr Orchard sale west of Utica to-day in afternoon we bought a cow Oct 20/09 Price $26.00

Thur 21. Father and I cut the little stable door through this afternoon, and change the stable a little Oct 21th 09. Wet day mostly.

October Month 1909.

Tue 26

Mrs Barker of P.A. died {tu?} mom the 22nd 1909 at 1A.M. was burried Monday in afternoon Oct 25, 09 in Pin Grove Cemetery P.A. they held service in Prince Albert Church. Fred McKay left for the city to-day on the noon train I picked some apples for {miso Huckberry?} to0day Tue 26 1909. Bertha and Stella Barkley was in here to-day for dinner and Bertha little boy Oct 26 1909 WEATHEREER. FINE

Sun 21

Sun 31

Alex Brown of Port Perry was burried to-day Sun 31 th of Oct 1909. {Obe?} used to live where Thomas Turner is now living

November Month 1909

SAT 13.

Emmerson and I got our hair cut to-day 13 th of Nov 1909.

Mon 15

Father & I ploughed the garden with Charles the Broncoc with Thomas Turner's new plough single horse plough. Weather fine turning colder.

Thur 18

It snowed on the 17 th of Nov 1909 our first for not so very much. I fixed the cellar on the east side under house and also the little {plade?} form from the velandah to the pump platform to-day nov 18 th 1909. I pulled up the leakerod to-day Emmerson is feeling a quite a bit better to-day.

Fri 19.

Mother Father and I were to a W.C.T.U f{rest of word peeled off} him frie social down to Mrs Pan Boe, they had a quite a crowd and a very nice program, for supper we had a Piece of Pumpkin pie and a piece of cake.

Month of November 1909.

and a sandwich, and {saw?} fruit of apples and pears. They made something over $6.00 addmission to get in 10 ct I went down with Louis Bond. Father got a pair of Legging down to Port Perry yesterday now 18 th 1909. Price $1.75

Mon 22.

WE WERE Thheashing at Samson Vickery to-day mon the 22 nd 1909 started at about quarter of hr seven threash about half an hour and it started to rain and freaze and the trees adn fence and everything was covered in ice it rained most all day. It broke a lot of limbs of trees a very bad storm. The ice stayed on the trees for about 3 or 4 days

Month of December 1909.


Thur .2.

I was driving the engine for my Father at Mr McClinetoch's Quaker SS - Bob " "" Father yesterday afternoon Dec 1st - 1909 and finished up at the home place, we were threshing buckwheat, pretty tough I had to go to Port Perry after a fuel expander for to expand a fuel of the engine, I got it that night, and came home, and took it down in the {morn?}, I got {ufe?} a quarter after three to go down. they {illegible} went to High Point to thresh for McCintoch, and I came home Erma Prescott was working there there. WEAThER of Sunday Fine.

Sun .5.

We got a load of clover and timothy hay from Walter Wier Fri Dec 3 rd 1909 Price $10.00 2 nd class hay. I got a 100 Ibs of Oil cake flax from Canady Port Perry now 30 th 1909. Price {frer?} 100 Ibs $1.90 I trimed out the St Lawerence apple tree Fri Dec 3rd 1909 at nigh

Month of December 1909


Tue 7

Louis Bond and I went over to Manchester to a Chickenpie social and concert, the social was in connection with the reoping of the church since it has been refixed over. addmission 30¢ mon Dec 6 1909 The supper was in the town hall, and concert in the church. I was cutting some wood for Mr J.C. Campell P.A. or rather some limbs of the trees which fell off under teh ice that was froze on them to-day Dec 7/09 I got 50¢ Pd Mr Sellors barn or and stable is pretty nearly compled all but the doors and windows and stalls to-day Dec 7th 09. WEATher. Snowing and raming, and, wind blowing hard.

Thur .9.

Mr Walter Wier's sale was the 8 th of December 1909 in afternoon sale started about 2 P.M. and through about 3 P.M. large crowd.

The weather for that afternoon was cold and windy The weather for to-day is cold and windy.

Fri 10

I took Charles our horse down and got him sharp shod all around new shoes to-day 10th of Dec 1909. It was snowing when I took him down. I was first horse there.

Sun 12.

We got a ton and 10 Ibs of coal from Frank Rundle Port Perry Dec 11th 1909. Father bought a black and white cow holstein big one Deu to calbe in march about 9 years old, down to Port Perry at an uction sale, some cattle that was brought in on the train. a carload was brought in. Price of her $20.00 date of buying her Dec 10 th 1909 Friday.

December Month 1909.

Wed .22.

Emmerson and I was up to Prince Albert school concert in afternoon WED 22nd of Dec 1909. I down to Port Perry Christmas. Fair yesterday DEC 21th 1909 I got down there about 4 P.M.

Sun 26.

Fred J McKay came home from the city Friday Dec 24/09 night on 5.23 train. Fred and I drove away down near Myrtle to Hemmingways in morning got back about a quarter after one P.M. It was cold and very good cuttering. Sun Dec 26/09

{left blank}

{left blank}

January Month 1910


WE got a load of straw from Ed Fielding Monday jan 3rd 1910 Barley straw WE got 25 bushels of oaht from Ale Gilroy tue Dec 28/1909 We got about 22 bushels of buckwheat from Walter Wier Monday Jan 3rd 1910 The first day of the Port Perry races was Jan 6 / 1910 I was down Louis Bond & I Pretty good crowd not very cold, and some pretty good horses.

Fri 7

Uncle John McKay from North Dakota {Bothinear?} and Uncle Fred McKay from Whitevale came here Monday Jan 3rd A.M. 1910 Took the train at Clarmont and came to Myrtle and got a livery to drive them up from Myrtle to Prince Albert {illegible} charged $1.50 for driving them up here. continued

January Month 1910.

They left here here wed A.M. from P.A. took the 7.30 oclock train. Emmerson sent Lydia Roberts a present, it was a bracelet Jan 8 th 1910 sat nom. I was down to the Port Perry horse races to-day P.M. last day to-day Jan 7/1910 the fastest heat for this year 1910 was 2.16 1/2 sec That going some "Large crowd" "not very cold." "Pretty good horses." Good sleighing

Fri 14.

Father and I ground Oats and buckwheat, and 2 bushels of wheat for ourselves for flour and one bus for Lou's Bond, Thur Jan 13/10 P.M.

Mon 24.

Father and Emmerson went down to Whitby to see Dr Warren. Went down on the 12.15 train and came back on the 3.30 train. Dr Warren said Emmerson had Bright Decease.

{name?} gave him a bottle of medicine, and ordered him to take mineral water. January 21th 1910, Fri. Robert Balfour killed our Charles horse little Browncoe horse to-day in afternoon January 24 1910 Monday. His deceased was Lockgare. Prince Albert held a (Bose Social) in P.A. Town Hall Fri Jan 21/1910 They made $37.00 The Boxes sold all the way from 55¢ to $1.75

Jan 26.

There was a (Box Social) over at Blackslock Tuesday night Jan 25th 1910 A load from Prince Albert wheat a one hore load. Holman outfit in the load was. Frank Jeffery, Clarence Jeffery, Edith Jeffery, Adna Jeffery, and another girl down to {illegible} Jeffery, John Holman

January Month 1910

and Olive Cowen a girl staying down at Thomas White's.

Fri 28.

The (Son of Temperane) District Division was held at Oshawa yesterday afternoon F Thursday Jan 27 1910 a load went from Prince Albert Bankers Livery West {Cauker?} drove the sleigh team There was in the load when it left Prince Alber. Mable Turner, Luella Turner, Abe Portice, Hazel Balfour, Alieen Boe, Effie Smith school teacher. Ida {Obarty?}. Mr Robison and Mrs Robison, {Clarce?} Bond. James Hibly, {Alle?} Smith. George Coomb, Billy Monroe Else {Forman?}. Douglas Taylor. They landed at our {Games?} Prince Albert. {illegible} after one a.m.

Febuary Month 1910

WED .2.

WE got a load of straw barley from Edward Feilding Price $4.00 Sat jan 29/10. Fred Came home Sat Jan 29/1910 on the 7.30 oclock train P.M. for a weeks holidays I was down to Dr Warren, Whitby Monday Jan 31/1910 Went down on the 12.15 and came home on the 4.15 train. Prince Albert and Manchester played a game of hockey at Prince Albert on the beamedow beavermeadow north of the road sat jan 29th 1910 in afernoon score 1 to 0 in favor of Prince Albert Fred & I were down skating yesterday Feb 1 st 1910 tuesday on the Beavermeadow.

Sat 5.

Fred left for Toronto to-day on the noon train 12.15 train {illegible} 5 1910.

February Month 1910

Prince Albert Dramatic Club went to Myrtle last night Feb 4. 1910 the play was "His model wife" They made about $90.00

Feb .7.

I got my hair cut Fri Feb 4. 1910. afternoon.

Mon 21.

Father and I went to Toronto Tuesday February 15th 1910 on teh morning train, and we bought a horse Friday 18th 1910 in afternoon left him there all night, and came to Whitevale Saturday afternoon to Uncle Fred McKay, and left Whitevale for home Sunday. Feb 20th 1910. arrived home about quarter after in P.M. bought him at the {Respoirtory?} on Nelson {at?} Toronto. Price 62 $62.50 {horizontal line drawn across the page excluding left margin} Prince Albert Dramatic Club left for Greenbank to-night Mon 21/1910 to give

February Month 1910.

there play. Weather mild, and lots of snow. The play was His Model Wife.

SAT 26.

Dan Christie brought over 360 Ibs of hay Thur Feb 24th 1910 in afternoon at $15.00 a ton price of 260 Ibs $2.70 Took Mother out for a drive yesterday Feb 25th 1910. Emmerson McKay went to Whitby to-day Sat Feb 26th 1910 on the noon train to Dr Warren. The snow is very deep now, bad for turning out. Weather for to-day Mild, and pretty sunny

Mon .28.

{Ors?} Graham was up to see our {Ohorse?} g "Joe" in morning Sunday 27th of Feb 1910. he had a touch of {coln?}. Yesterday sun was very mild raining in morn and at night.

March Month 1910.

Tue .8.

Mr Fifer of Park Hill near {Samia?} was buried in Pine Grove Cemetery. Prince Albert. North East of Bonds {watery ink stain?} house. about 10 sods, a fine display of flower compose of spray wreathes and pillows value at the lot about $100.00. I got a spry of roses, and Bonds got a lot of them Mr Hardy got a pillow Goearg Haynes got a bunch of carnations, and different others ones A {LaCarnsed?} iron sufbox valued at about $75.00 and a fine casket. the most costly every went down in the cemetery to Mr Ruebon Bond knowelege. {Obe?} was buried in afternoon of Monday Mar 7th 1910. Weather, stormy and rather cold.

March Month 1910.

SUN 13.

We got a one hore load of cornstalks over to Love Perrish is Fri 11th of mar 1910, his sale was Then 10 of mar 1910 in afternoon That is when we bough the cornstalks Price of them $2.00 We got a load of oat straw from Thomas Harris Sat March 12th 1910 Price of straw $2.00 I drove Miss Effie Smith Prince Albert School Teacher in the cutter to Port Perry Mar 5th 1910 in afternoon. Father & I got a cutting box from Alvin {last name}, a borrowed one Mar 12 th 1910 in afternoon. Our sleighing is Pretty nearly done

SAt 19.

Emmerson & I went to Whitby town and back yesterday Fri 18th 1910 We drove teh buggy the roads were good the other side of Brooklyn and pretty good all the way down it was a fine warm day

March Month .1910.

Father was away down to John Lamb, with his sawingmachine cutting wood Thursday March 17th 1910

WED 23.

Father and I was cutting wood down to Thomas Jeffery Monday afternoon March 21st and a couple of hours on tuesday mom March 22 nd 1910 The road were very muddy. He's wood sawing came {no?} $3.00 I was down to a supper and concert Monday night March the 21 th 1910 in the Baptist Church I t was there reopining

April Month 1910.

Fri .1.

Emmerson and I went to Toronto March 25th 1910 and I came home Mar 30th on Wed night Emmerson got a job up there with Sheldon on Queen St East. So he came home on Monday March 28 1910 and came back the same day. He started with mr Sheridan Tuesday Mar 29th 1910 afternoon He got a room at 100 Seaton St in with Oliver Bradley Father and I was back to the White farm back north this afternoon April 1 st 1910

Tue 5

William Perrish and Jennie Pile got married Sat 2nd of April 1910. in afternoon at her own home at Prince Albert I finished ploughing our garden this morning April 5 th 1910 and {Rarrowed?} it.

April Month 1910.

The roads were all pretty well dried up by the 28th of march 1910. A fight between Alfred Smith and Earnest Boyce both live a little west of Manchester store date of fight April 3rd 1910 at night after church on Sunday. over a young lady by th ename of Clara Bond.


Father and I was cutting wood at Alvin hunter on Walter Wier farm Monday April 4th Sat April 2.1910 1910 and tuesday morn we were and on monday we were cutting down at {Bof Hemter?} April 4th 1910.

Fri .8.

Father and I got a load of hay over to the White farm to-day in morn Fri 8, 1910

May Month 1910.

sun May .1.

Miss Lettie Midgeley was married Wednesday April 27, 1910 in afternoon at his own home, to a fellow from Oshawa.

Fri .6.

Father bought a horse from Bof Butson Mon may 2. 1910 an aged mare. Price $20.00. I planted some early Potatoes on the white farm Thur may 5, 1910. in afternoon

Mon .9.

Father and I put some grape vines in this apring. of 1910 The names of them are forom. from East to west 1st 2 are niagra's 2nd 2. are Worden's and the next two are m morse's Early. We put out 4 apple trees this spring on the South side of garden. The name of them are Windsor Chief.

May Month 1910.

WED 18.

Emmerson Mother and I papered the kitchen ceiling and walls Tuesday May 17, 1910 and I painted the woodwork of the kitchen once over to-day May 18th 1910 We finished seeding on the Whitefarm Tuesday May 17th 1910.

Fri .20.

I finished painting the kitchen to-day Fri 20 of May 1910, no of Paint 392 The King was buried to-day Fri 20 of May 1910.

WED .25.

Fred & I and Emmerson put in a new floor in the old woodshed to-day Wed May 25, 1910 Father Fred and I made one of the doors for the new building yesterday Tuesday May 24th 1910.

May Month 1910.

I got 72 Ibs of buckwheat from Alvin Hunter Sat May 21th 1910 Father and Irwin Johnston went down to move the Matheson engine down near Ashburn to-day May 25, 1910. but they did not move it very far.

May 22

{illegible} by Fred {curly bracket extending from margin to surround the section of normal text after "May 24" H2}

May 24

Father, Emmerson & I went back to the {Hhete?} farm and took a stroll around Dad & I went over to teh {Hhete?} farm again and drove out a herd of cattle ofut the oat field.

May 23

Emmerson & I went down to PortPerry. Emmersongothis hair cut.

May 25.

I saw Halleys comet from our house at Prince Albert Ontario. at 9.30 P.M. (1910) I saw Halleys Comet from our home Prince Albert Ontario at 9.30 P.M. WED night May 25, 1910. in the West it was pretty bright

May Month 1910.

Thurs .26.

Father and Irvin Johnston brought the Matheson engine and thresher to Thomas Turner Prince Albert to-night from Ashburne on his way from Ashburn to here Prince Albert he went into Sender's down east of Prospect and got our Grain Mill it was out doors, The engine was sixteen horse power the work was done on Thur 26th of May 1910. The Fred went back to Toronto to-night May 26th 1910 on the half past five train around by Manills. I was up at Mrs Piles where Miss E. Smith was boarding and had a game of Crokey, score 4-8 in favor of E Smith Thur May 26, 1910.

Fri .27.

Father and I was to Port Perry to-day Fri May 27, 1910 and got some lumber for door of the new building about 6 ft

May Month 1910.

a $1.50 worth and I got 25 Ibs of Graham flour 70¢ Father and I were back to the farm to-day Fri May 27, 1910 and brought home Robt Balfour little light waggon Emmerson got a hen and tw o chickens from Aren Belnap to-day Fri May 27/1910. Price 50¢ Mr Richard Robinson of Prince Albert was {6?} operated on to-day tue or wed May 10 or 11th of 1910 I saw Halley's Comet Last night Fri 27, of May 1910 pretty plain. about quarter to ten or half past nine PM

mon 30.

Father Emmerson and I made the other new {Carge?} door of the new building

May Month 1910

to-day Monday May 30, 1910. Father finished building sidewalks for Miss Tuckberry this morn May 30, 1910. John Cruse had his bycle paddle bent to-day by Aurthur Treebell on horseback I fixed it for him. It was done to-day Mon May 30, 10

Tue .31

Mr Wilms Cook of Prince Albert was buried to-day in afternoon of May 31, 1910 We ploughed the north part of or our garden to-day in afternoon of Tuesday May 31, 1910. Father & I was back to the White farm to-day in morn and farmed the colts in the oat field we put them out and fixed the fence.

June Month 1910.

WED .1.

Our White and black cow calved this morn of Jun 1st 1910 on Wednesday it was a bull calve a white adn a little red spots around the head. Father and I sawed Tomas Barrett wood to-day wednesday Jun 1st 1910 Price for sawing $4.00

Fri .3.

Mother ordered a new black suit skirt and coat black, from Dunk & Mackintyre out Perry yesterday Thurs June 2nd 1910 Price $15.80

Mon .6.

Mother and Father went to Brougham to J.A. White sat morn June 4, 1910 about eight oclock and from there to Uncle Fred on @ Kayan then to Jhon{illegible} White Altona and from there to Uncle Will McKay Saturday the day they went away it was certainly a {illegible} day nice and warm Jun 4, 1910.

June Month 1910

Emmerson first chickens came out saturday June 4, 1910 there was eight of them. Emmerson I and John Holman went ba ck to the White farm on Fri June the 3rd 1910 to shout Groundhogs and while we were over there we caught the black hen and brought her{illegible} home she was certainly wild. n

Sat .11.

Old Mrs Madden of Prince Albert was buried in Pine Grove Cemetery, Prince Albert Ont F Thursday June 9th 1910 in afternoon A very nice warm day. We planted our potatoes on the White farm on the 10th day of June 1910 on a Friday We brought a half a load of straw down home here to P.A. on Fri night June 10, 1910.

June Month 1910.

Mon 13.

Mrs Sheard of Prince Albert was buried to-day Monday June 13, 1910 in afternoon in Pine Grove Cemetery Prince Albert Ontario. {horizontal stylized divider line} We planted our corn on the White farm to-day June 13th 1910 and brought home a load of wood. Rec a letter from George Cook to-day Mon June 13, 1910.

Tue 14

A four leaf clover head was given to me by Miss Effie Smith school teacher at noon about 20 minutes after one on her to teach school, for good to luck on my part. I put it in page 120 It was given Tuesday June 14th 1910. It was a very warm day.

June Month 1910.

Thur .16.

Father & I planted our horsetooth corn to-day Thursday 17th 1910 in our own garden. And we also set out our tomatoes to-day. 16 June 1910 Father Thomas Turner and I loaded our old Engine 14 H.P. and the Mathuson seperate at Port Perry in afternoon for to go to the Waterloo June 16th 1910. It was very warm.

Fri .17.

David Adams was buried to-day Fri 17, of Jun 1910. of Port Perry Mrs Boe sister is to be buried to-day to-morrow June 18, 1910 Miss Effie Smith {illegible} me a 5 & 6 leaf clover to-night June 17, 1910

June Month .1910.

Sat 18.

Father was over to Mr Walker's to-day threshing Alsack his mill and Myer's engine Jun 18, 1910 I got a pair of Horse clippers to-day at night Sat June 18, 1910. Price $1.75 going to clip & Joe.

Tue .21.

Mrs Sampsom Vickey was buried to-day in afternoon June 21, 1910. she died of pneumonia age 62 yrs., 3 months.

WED .22.

Emmerson has purchase a house and lot next to our house from Richard Robertson for $125.00 everything was straighened up tuesday June 21th 1910

SUN .26.

We put the colts in the pasture accross the road Fri June 24, 1910 in afternoon and we put the cattle in the 25th of June 1910 in afternoon.

June Month 1910.

We put in one field of buckwheat on Wednesday June 22nd 1910 north of the root ground.

Tue 28

Father got 382 Ibs of oats from Allan Goode mon June 27, 1910 We put in our 8 acres of buckwheat Mon & tue June 27 & 28 1910. We were using Isa Turner here Mon & Tue June 27 & 28, 1910.

Death. July Month 1910.

July .4.

Mrs {Isahe Fornet?} of Prince Albert died on Fri morn July 1st 1910 and was buried on Sun July 3rd 1910. She was only married about 10 months. We finished sowing our buckwheat all but 4 or 5 rounds on Sat July 3 2. 1910. The 4 acres west of the root ground.

July .5.

Mother payed Mr {Trenum?} $2.00 to-day for a carpet sweeper that she got on June the 1st 1910. payed him on Tuesday July .5. .1910. Nelson Whitfield and I was doing our road 1st day work to-day July 5 1910. Father {redud?} a new rebuilt mill grain separator to-day Tue July 5 1910 from one

July Month 1910.

of the Goodeson Agents. The man from the Waterloo came to fix our engine to-day {illegible} Tue July 5, 1910 He came on the 530 oclock train mon July .4. 1910. I was to a strawberry festival in the Methodist Prince P Albert mon July 4. 1910. Emmerson was there too. Mr McConell back near the gravel {pot?} north was buried to-day July 5, 1910. in Pine Grove Cemetery P.A.

Thur .7.

Effie Smith went home to-day Thur July 7, 1910. John White and his wife came out to-day and brought some cattle out to the farm on there way out they stopped at our place

July Month 1910.

for tea, Thur July 7, 1910.

Tue 12.

We started haying to-day on the White farm on teh 12th 19 of July 1910 the field north of the barn clover. hay. It rained and we had to quit cutting The man from the Waterloo went home sat July 9th 1910. got the engine fixed and run her home from Swans.

Wed .13.

Mr Mclouchlin was hung to-day at Whitby July 13. 1910. I was cutting down hay to-day on the White farm July 13 13 .1910.

July Month 1910.

Thur 28

Fred got 50¢ worth of beef this morn from Ed Balfaur to-day July 28 1910. We finished haying tues day July 28 1910 in afternoon.

Fri .29.

I got Fred Balnap a pair of tan boots on Saturday July 23rd 1910. Price $2.15. Father started to thresh alsack on Thur July 28th 1910 at Johnnie McClintock on Lusher St South. and then we moved to William Parrish Fred was on the 2nd day July 29. 1910. I drew one load of gravel to Prince Albert nearly opposite Mrs Peats from J. Rose gravel pit Fri July 29, 1910. Fred Balmap was with me and it started to

July Month 1910.

rain we got under the waggon till it was nearly over.

August 1910.

Thur .4.

Fri 12.

We got our new separator home from Myrtle it came on the train from {Samia?} to Myrtle Frank Vernon brought it up Tuesday night Aug 9th 1910.

Wed .17.

We started to thresh with our new separator on Mon Aug 15th 1910. at Longue {Geneysonon Quakes?} St.

Mon 22.

Fred and I went after a load of wood on the 8 concessun with Doll and Joe Aug 21, 1910 in afternoon. We change our calf to-day Aug 22nd 1910

WED 24.

Fred and I went after a load of wood today aug 24, 1910

[Preprinted} 65

September 1910.

Tue 20 Prince Albert held a chicken pie social in the Methodist church Prince Albert Mon Sept 19, 1910. Miss Lapp of Little Britain was the Elocutionist.

I took the fellow Mr Paulin over to the White farm to work on Sat sept 17, 1910.

I saved out a load of oat sheaves of 364 and put them in the driving shed.

[Written sideways in the margin] Marriage

Mon 26 Miss Effie Smith school teacher was married on Wed Sept 7, 1910.

Louis Bond and I drove to Bethel to a shicken pie supper and concert. on our way and comming back we brought Olive Cowen and Jessie White, Mon sept 26, 1910.

Minnie Sutcliffe and Dorthy were here for supper.

[Preprinted] 66

September 1910.

Tue 27. I payed for the load of hay that I got weighed sometime ago, to day Tue 27, 1910

I weighed 155 lbs to-day Tuesday September 27, 1910

[Preprinted] 67

October 1910.

Fri.7. Mr. J. Paulin brought his team of horses to the White farm on Tuesday Sept 27, 1910.

Nelson and I took our apples to the vaporator Fri 7 of oct 1910 in afternoon, we got $2.48 a piece.

Sat.8. Thomas Braun bought our old Doll mare to-day sat 8, of Oct 1910.

I sold the red cow to-day Sat 8 of Oct 1910 to Conlin of Oshawa I got $20.00 for her.

Mr Thomas Swift fell from an apple tree near Saintfield and hurt himself pretty bad Sat Oct 8, 1910.

Nelson and I took Mr Paulin a 4 thousand shingles today Oct 8, 1910.


October 1910

Wed 19. Miss Julia Love of Green- Fank was married to day wed 19 of oct 1910 to mr Bagshaw,

Willaim Webster and ammie went over together.

I was down to Raglan to a sale at mr.Rose a very good sale. I bought a picture 33-d oct 18, 1910.

mr Johnston bughesm had a sale to day oct 19, 1910.

Thur 20. Russell Bakon wash mid to miss bryant wednesday october 19, 1910.

Fri 28, mr williom jewell was buriied to day fri oct 28, 1910.

our first snow storm for the year 1910 in fall was on the 28th of oct 1910.


October 1910.

June 30

I got 720 of coal from COJ Vickery Port Penny on Sat Oct 29th 1910 120 cts lasted 18 days.

Fred came down from Toronto on Fri night Oct 28th 1910.

Wed 16 I got 1440 lbs of coal from Alfort Orchard Port Penny on Wed {illegible} 16 1910.

I got a team load of corn on wednesday


November month 1910.

wed 16

i got a load of comstalks from the farm on wednesday november 16th 1910.

i got 1440lbs of bonell must cool on wed nov 16 19 10. from albert onchard port peury ontario.

wed 30

walter form bond was mariied on the 19 th day of july 1910. to miss ellam astals of toemts.

mr Emmerssm ml day fied on fri nov 23 th 1910 at his own home prince albert in afternoon in afternoon at about 4 o clock.

and was burried on sunday nov 27th 1910 in aftrenoon about 4 o clock. mrs lacter of pot prey the amdertater and mr well led the sevier.

age 22 yrs i month i day

side on the margin (Death of Emmersm)

71 December Month 1910.

Thur .1.

if snowed about a foot deep monday midnight november 28th 1910 good lightning.

january. 1911

Russell and i went under the don river, though the trunk server on jan 23rd

jan 30 russell was operted on for appendientis at the general hospital by dr promrore and he came owt ine feel 24th lolattiny 30 days in hospital.

russell got $ 69 100/100 from hospital feb 27 in for noon.


january month 1911. 

sum .8. ethel me bought was married on wednesday dec 28th, 1910. to bhales patterson at her own home prince albert.

1965 1830 _____ 3795

leulla turner of prince albert was married to edurin harty of prnice albert wednesday january 4th 1911.

father and i was over to the whitee famr to=day january 8, 1911.

fred j, mokary was to a farty up at hasty fred night jan 6, 1911 about 30 people there.

we got 3125 lbs of coal on jan 10th 1911 and 3510lbs before total= 66 35lbs

at ained on jan 11-11

fred was doun to boneskon 11th

73 March Month 1911.

Mon 20. 

Jack Roach of Port Penny broke his leg while sawing wood with the circular saw at Port Penny for Jim on the avenue March 8th on Wednesday 1911.

Archers let it for hine and did not do any good. they told {illegible} he had to go to the for treat-ment.

went to the General on Wed 15th of Mar 1911 in 

Was on Fri 17th 1911.

Miss Flossie Mearing and Erentt Loveirere narried at Prince Alfred on Feb 9th 1911.

Mr Mearing moved from Prince Alfred to Reen on March 22nd 1911

Mrs Luck Gane birth to a son on March 14th 1911.

Fred and Mother went down to Tom Brawns on March 9th. Prince Albert S. O. J. Lodge gone a basket on March 10th.



Dad and fred starlied to saw wood for irm hortop on anemue on march 11th and same a for 3 days march 15 sawed ak cd viekeys and moved to joo stone when it tunned quite cold and windys.

march 16. very windy and cold.

march 17. sawed wood at joo staone.

march 18. sawed " at leo collins

march 20 very stormy and stormy

march 21 sawing at D. Canochan and a willaims.

march 22 sawing w.palmen


march 25 Howard bunt left for saskatoon and arrived there on march 28 29


april 1911

april 3rd we moved the engine and elenes from nedreys to bob me to climate k, roads very good

april 4 very windy and raining and freezing on the trees hohn hotmanstarted to work in the fANK of commner atport perry on april 3rd.


june month 1911,


wed 21.

our red cow gave birth too a pairs of twin calves on may 17th 1911


july month 1911.

wed 12. Mr Allan Hayes of prince prince died on tuesday morn at 2 p.m july 4 1911. and was burried on wednesday july 5.

father sawed our swede turnips this afternoon wed July 12, 1911.

sun 30 Fred and i took our red cow to the bull at James McCoulough McCulloch sat night July 29 th 1911.

i look a load of 10 from Bonds to Raglan at Stanton's Wednesday July 26, 11


october month 1911

fri 6, Frank Vickery south of Prince Albert was married to Barber Curby south of Prince Albert wednesday sept 20 th 1911.



Robert Turner sale was on wednesday october 4th 1911.

i bought a churn for 10ct

Fred and i finished drawing our buckwheat on thursday oct 5th 1911 in afternoon.

I got 6 gal and 3/4 of machine oil at Carnegies on thur oct 6, 1911. in forenoon it rained all the afternoon oct 6. 1911,

fri 20, i sold the white and black spotted holstein cow to Conlin for $22, on thurs oct 19, 1911.

Mr Jack Albert sale was on thur oct 19, 1911.


October Month 1911

Fred finished digging the potatoes on Fri Oct 20, 1911 at the Holman farm P.A. pretty good crop for the year.

Mr Woodger the Minister came to Prince Albert the summer of 1911.

sun 29.

father bought 28 hens@25-a piece $7.25, a pair if scales for $2,25 a mower for $3.00 a scuffer for $1.00 a pair of ice hooks for 30 ct I bought a water trough " 20 ct I " " waggon jack " 15 ct Total for all $14.15

I paid Mr Handcock on Thursday Oct 26-11 when i went after the things Total all $13,40 Abe Turner got 75dl out of the mower

Mr Handcock sale was on Oct 25, 1911. a very good sale.

Mrs Burnett moved her things in our home on the 27th 1911 Fri morn.

Trubells moved out on Thur 26th 1911.

80 October Month 1911.

Mr Reuben Bond bought the Sheard house and orchard the month of mr Oct 1911. for $425.10

Fred and I got a small jag of wood from Ben Bushby on Saturday morn Oct 28th 1911.

81 November Month 1911.

thur 4.

Sat 4.

I drew a load of oats for Ben Bushy for George McMullen Port Perry on Thur November 2nd 1911 in forenoon no of bus 70 and 5 lbs.

Our first snowstorm for 1911 in fall was Wed bright now 1 1911.

Mekay & Sons thrashed on Fri Nov 3rd 1911. 6 hour thrashing

There was a pumpkin pie social at the on Thur Nov 2nd 1911 at night (Nov. 10)

Fri 10. Father brought two cows at Forden sale Port Perry a red cow 3 lits for $39.10 and a white and black cow for $46.0 Fri Nov 10, 1911 I to plough Whites Garden on Fri 10, 1911,


November - 1911

Genswt. 3535lbs tone 1293lbs 2240lbs

Nov 14 hay to G. Holman.

Nov 13 Bought. 1965 lbs of coal.

"13 Sale at S. porteous.

"12 Froze up

"13-14 Yake forze over. very cold and snowing fast and evening oof the 14th

" 15 got a load of word from b bush bu

nov thur 16. bought 1830 lbs of store coal from f turner.

started to form coal on nov. 16 at 10. october A.M

Nov 21 Nov 21 went after gringeri at fred ,arks and got old joe shod seen busky in port pery with load of wood tuw nov 21st mr sinelaires mavel campbelts husfund was furried on nov 21st 1911

thur 30 fred i was to a wood sale of bob haolby wed nov 29. 1911 in afternoon at 2 P.M

i got vietor shod allarmind shaep new show mm noc 28th 1911.



sun 3. father of bought our ayshine cow at fordenis sale port pery on sat afternoon dec 2 nd 1911. for $41.00

I fred was poll clok for promaid elections dec 11 mimie cat has few away since fri dec ist 1911.

dec 17 Holstein calf form 300p.m dec 17 1911 first calf bought acre of wood from frank m aimtock for $12.00 on dec 16

I took mrs.calder down to pork perry on dec 18th at 1.p.m

Dec 25. allam moories farm was burnt accidentially cry wr andrew

mr jas burnett was buried on the 31. 1911

sat 23 father bought a second hand sephoratir from Rumdle for $16.00 sat 23. 1911.

we wore grinding grain at the hohman place and two fage of what on wed dec 13th 1911.


1912 january

jan 1st i was poll clerk for the municipal election at prince albert jan 1st. Reeve crosier & deputty reeve marl & ma jnteper cormanillars dober jonhson peel stone.

Fri 5 father bought a little pair of scales for $2.00 thur jan 4. 1911.

jan 5 jas lang died and was burned on jan 8th it was very rough, stormy day. age 70 yers died of october.

jan sat 13 father and fred got 3 cords of singh 16 min soft wood from october on the fri aftrenoon sat nov fri 12th sat 13 of 1912.

my clothes weighs 19 1/2 lbs on sat dec jan 13 1911 m cloading overcoat, mitts, rubber, maggrains, cap, under coat, sweeter, pants, dwars, socks, 3 pair, shirt and under shirt.

Entertainment in prince albert hall given by so9 lodge on jan 30/12

amount of coal 1965


@$6,50 ton this her 1825=$5.94


february 1912

father bought the place from s.wilson and paid one hundred Dollars $100.00 down on tue feb 6?12.

Fri 9 fathers fred got a load & of canmel must i coal from albert orchard port pery on thur february 8. 1912.

amaout 1823 @$6.50 +$5.94

Sun 11. father Fred got a 3/4 of a cord of 24 min over to miss phicel at $ 4.50 a drunk cord and draw it young price of wood they got was $1.87 1/2 saturday fred 10th 1912 un afternoon.

mrs burnett got a half a ton of. scaranton hard stone coal on fri february 9th 1912.

father got 20lbs of pork frame john warm on tuesday february 6.1912 price of must per pond 12th =$2.40

the wood we got from october was dove on sat might feb 10th 1912.

The coolest might this winter so far was fri night feb 9 1912

De give in mom was 32,


february month 1912

june 27 father bought a couple of awesome of bees over to mr stone's sale manchules on monday february 26th 1912 in aftrer mom a very stromy afternoon

mr treveston bought a con fer $37.00 over there too.

Father fred took some grain down to the mill and got to bag of com ground tpp on monday februaru 26th 1912.

mon mar 4 father fred got a little over a half a double coud of limit wood maple over to miss phive; on thursday feb 29 of 1912 and the other half of the cold on fri mar 1st 1912

father fired went over to stone to get over bee hives and pay for the bus he bought on thursday afternoon feb 29th 1912

father bought a scoup at rundkes sale port perry fri mar 1st 1912 price 45lb


March month 1912

Sat .1. father bought a new williams "sewing machine" down at Bustone sale borella for $2.00 mar 2st 1912.

a very heavy snowstorm on march 15- 1912

wed 20. father sold his sawing machine to m malesom of for $25.00 on sat mar 9th 1912.

our ayrshine cow came in in the 5th of mar 1912 the in mom he went over the hocks.

father I was to boystone sale on the town line tue mar. 19, 1912.

father i was to o said i rain sale on wed mar 13, 1912 bought ten bags at 11th and travel for 10ct

Thomaiin jeffery left P.A for the lowest on sat 16. 1912 fred edith oda jeffrey good-bye at the week 1 1/4 this side of brooklyn.


march month 1912

thomas jeffery car of live clock and furniture lest here from port pery on wed mar 13 1912 on the 6 oclock times going month P.M albert sullivan in charge of car.

roy Good left pork pery with a carload of line stock and funrniture for the west on nre mar 11, 1912 on the the $7.30 time going month.

a couple of engine went off the track 1 1/4 this side of brooklyn on sat 11 a.m mar 16. 1912 

cause of wrek snowplough got of track and broke a rail

i was these.

mon 25. fred father took ginykin cow malvin calter bell on mon march 23, 1912.

27 james krishy was maries to mable turners of p.a on wed the 27th of march 1912 at her own home p.a



april month 1912

thur 11 fred, father brouht the pigs dnen from joe hilpatrick on wed april 10,th 1912.

grandma m kay died on april thur 11 - 1912 and was buried on april 13 sat 1912.

Russell lane was married on spril 8th 1912 monday.

father & fred were downts whitevale and altone on spril sat 13th and 14th 15th

we got ours phone in on apeil 13th sat 1912 about faster to fours

i drew a farrel of (minual water) for J.g. Campbell on mom april 15th 1912 in afternoon george luke flewis bond helped.

fred da started to fuild there hen pen to day on thur spril 18th 1912.

i sold an in cubater to a fellow by the mame of maptor for $4.00 on friday april 12th 1912.


april month 1912

sun 21. the titanic the largest ship in the world to date struncks an vieberg on sum at 10.30 o clocks p.m april 14th 1912 and went down a foul 1500 passengers were drowned and a knet 100 saved the length of ship 882 ft6'm it went down in 2 miles of water.

the ship was valued at $10,000,00 and there was $10,000,00 worth of dimonds on it.

milton me derment of pork perry got poisned on saturday morm at pork perry aptil 20 1912.

fred startrd to plough for mr smith on the meaning place at the form of the road on fri afternoon 19, of april 1912.

mr revlim bond of P.A left fpr toronts on sat april 20, 1912.

91 may month 1912

thur .9. father took our 3 calves away to-day thur 9th may 1912, over to allin goode pastire was cavis mill south of wica.

took holestein ginylin cow to full at me cullock on tue might may 7th 1912.

fri 10. george luke cut my hair shot on mom 6th 1912

red cow with left hip knockred in gave birth to a calf this morn monday may 13th 1912.

sold red cow to conlin and took her to port perry on may 14 1912

we got $49.00 for her.

tue 14. i took our ayrshine cow to laltimnore's fall on tuesday may 15, 1912,

fri 17 we got chop yesterday thur may 16, 1912.

they laid the fase of williamson movement on thursday may 16, 1912.

the base a lighted 4 tons.


may month 1912,

ella hall port perry was married on the 15th of may 1912. or near the 15 either one of the 3 14, 15, 16, of may the was married to mrs black burn that used to be in port perry

mon 20. mrs mckinley from the island was burried yesterday on sunday may 19th 1912, in her 55 yeras.luis bind burried holidays faby on sunday may 19, 1912.

they started to put williamson movemnet on thursday mom 1 may 16, 1912 ten october and complicated the job on saturday mom about half past ten on saturday may 18th 1912,the base weighted 4 tones.

lousis burried mrs robison on saturday may 18, 1912

jessie burneth will be 8 years old on the 5 of june 1912.

they were paying $8.50 pg hod to day may 20, 1912 at port pery.


may month. 1912

thur 23 father got 3 pig from mr moove in wednesday may 22, 1912 and on thur may 23, 1912 he got 3 more. the frisol 3 weighed 160 lbs , the other 3 weighed 146 lbs, the white one weights 60, the left black, ear tameroth weighs 41 lbs. the price of the first 3 was $11.00 the season brave $11.00

father got a 100 of shocked at the mill to day on thur may 23, 1912.

ms havis got 2 bags of little potatoes from ms to day at $1.25 a bag.

sat 25. father got 1000 lbs of shorts on saturday may 25 th 1912. 200 hundred of it will be field to the 15 ings.

father fred l shinegled the north side of the hen house and part of the went side on the 24th of may 1912.

leuis bond fred amof merrin leak burried mr bruce and mrs mckimly to day monday may 27, 1912 took them out of the fault ghomed very wet.


may month 1912

father and i went over to see the cattle on allim good ranch on sunday may 26th 1912, looking fine.


june month 1912

sat .1. i set black hen up at mrs jewell on set june 1st 1912. on 15eggs. i were thorfread white wyam dottes eggs

father fought 4 hens from her for $2.25 on sat june 1st 1912 i played for them to day jame 1st sat on 1912.

i bought two hensfrom mrs hunter on thursday may 30th 1912 for $1.00

fri.7 mable harlry of prince albert and bert behelltery of toronto were married on monday jun 3rd 1912 at her our home prince albert on monday june 3rd 1912 at 2,30 o clock P.m quite a few there it was a nice day.

jimmie june 1st 1912,

father bought six hens from rob wallace on fri might june 7th 1912.


june month 1912,

mr sellors cut the bug bamma gillord down accors from the church on the side of the road on saturday june 8, 1912 in morning.

wed .19. father drew tears loads of sand and gravel mixed on twis day june 18th 1912 for the umtery prince albert out $1.75 for drawing it a load.

i set a white leghorn hen on sat jrme 15th 1912 at might in the north west come of hen pen.

james G. Hohman was married on tuesday june 18, 1912 at goodwood and also married a goodwood a girl.

willhmort walked ws married on wednesday june 19th 1912, at her own home port perry he married miss bolters.

Essie migely was married on wednesday june june.

set plimmonth rock her next to while leghnone in the comed on wed might june 19th 1912.


june moth 1912

mon 24, i had eight little while wyandottes chickens come out on sat & sunday june 23rd &24, 1912 and one littlw black me up at mrs jewell.

thur 27. we moved our pigs over to the month side of garden last night wed june 26 1912 pigs.

woker get our calf from red cow for $11.00 there was a garden party at will book prospect m weddnesday night june 26th 1912.

miss piece of port perry was married m wednesday afternoon june 26, 1912, to mr ward from victoria comments.

we got 200 lbs of wheat chop at carne gies mill on sat june 9th 1912. at $1.50 per hundred

i planted the pe as out month of house on sat june 29th 1912 at night


july month 1912,

thur 4. i got my hairs wt on tuesday july 2nd 1912. at pot perry, ont.

i set 3 hens m wednesday might july 3rd 1912.

sat 6. carnegies sent up 200 of wheat chop on sat july 6, 1912 at $1.50

father got $1.18 of oat chop at carnegies on thur july 11th 1912.

i got 200 lbs honts a levelator $1.40 a hundred on monday july 15th 1912.

father got 100lbs of unheat chop at caregives on sat july 20, 1912 and also 3 bags of hen feed coming all to $6.05

father got $6.60 worth of wheat chop at cargivers mill on wed july 24th 1912.

we got a paid of cherry from joe kilpalrick to day wed july 24th 1912, $1.00 paid.


july month 1912.


august month 1912.

i got 600 of stook from caregives m fri aug 2nd 1912, at 140 a hundred.

jimmie had her pups on thurs or fri the 1st or 2nd of august 1912.

she had six pups one died.

frank jeffery & august curby had a picnic to linday on sat august 3rd 1912.

hartry picnic over to chalk lake was as held on mom aug 5th 1912.

james m boulsugh father and i cut our hay down to the jeffery ranch on tuesday and stacked it on wednesday 8 good load joe kilpaterrick stacked it.

black hen halchead i chickens on fri august 2nd 1912 up by luke fence.

father put bew rasoh in the bottom of hid hullen in jully month 1912

fred campbell started to.


august month 1912

work for allane move on tuesday july 30th 1912,

good butter was 25th per lb m the market thue august 1st 1912

i got of shorts at carmegies mill on the fri august 23rd in mom at $1.40 fed.

father moved to peter dimon from home on fri august 23rd to 1912 to thuedat grain the first food of grain threasling

august 1912

Mr.W.P. Solomon from Rose Hansas. came to our place on wednesday evening august 21st 1912

and went away on aug 22nd 1912.


september month 1912

miss evelyn turner of prince albert was married to mr wanlkup on wed afternoon at her own home prince albert m wed sept 4th 1912.

uncle fred and aunt clard were out to own place on sept 12 & 13 and went to port perry fair.

i played jins hortop $2.50 for a cord and a quarter of ador wood on sat sept 28th 1912.


october month 1912

sat 26 father fred & i moved the thusing out fit out of williams trevertons on set oct 26th 1912 A.M to roy thompsons the ground was very wet and mm day we were about mm day we were about 6 homs moving the grain mill 6rds.

jack johnsonston quite on thur might oct 4th 1912.


November Month 1912

Fri 29. Mr Oreal died on Mon morning Nov 25th 1912. and was buried on Wednesday Nov 27th 1912 age 79 years. 1913

Bella McBrien wife of Ralph Debiry died on Feb 28th 1913 and buried on Mar 4th 1913 in Pine Glove Cemetry Prince Albert age 32 yrs

(Death){written in top right corner on top of "Feb"}


March 1914 Month

I got an order from Eatons on Sat Mar 8, 1913 composing two shirts, wrapper, tablecloth, doorstop and some other little articles.


May Month 1913

Wed 7. Fred & l planted out over 1100 strawberry plants. Started on the north side and put in {?} Dunlop first and then New Williams and {name?}

May 7th Wednesday 1913. Started planting from the west end.

Father & i moved Mrs Burnett out of our home to Mrs Armstrong on Mon afternoon may 26th 1913.

I got a swarm of bee on a saturday May 24th 1913.

Father {?} from Beauty Port Perry on May 26th 1913 morn Prince $16.00

We put up a fence m fri may 23rds 1913 between mr luhes md us.

i set 2 hens on wednesday 28th 1913 of may.

we put in the bell phone on the 29th of may 1913 in afternoon.


June month 1913

I sent letter to england on the 5th of june 1913.

I played albert Bent $3.38 for fever wire and 4th for a pieket clamps on , sat might june 7, 1913.

Mr mills plane planening mill was burnt down to day june 18, 1913 on wednesday at mom.


july month 1913

fred took ayrshine cow over to joe peel on friday july 4th 1913. to bull

ayrshine had a calf in monday february 24th 1913.

we had dany rain on friday afternoon july 4th 1913.

fred got a suit of clothing at toronto m ther 1st of july 1913. a light suit piece,

Rusell, louis bond, and fred went to peter for on an excuism on july 9th 1913.

we put a cemnt floor in our house stable on monday & tuesday july 7&8 1913

there was a train week on the G.T.R south of manchester staton on july 10th 1913.


september 1913

miss nellie white was married on septh 11th 1913.


september 1913

fred gibons farm was burnt down on september 23th 1913

there was a train week south of march hesten station on sepy 26th 1913


november month 1913

mon 3 started this morning at i miinute after seven o clock on monday novenmber 3rd 1913. to fuild the union station, tornoto.

december dec 15 bought a pig 145lbs east 1480.


December month 1913

we got a load of straw from alvin hunter in sat morning dec 20, 1913.

i sent on dec 17 1913 E m jan 13.14


january month 1914.

tuesday jan 13, 1914 it was 38 below zess in prince albert 48 at mamallia jat and 40 at seagrave and 35f 36at port perry.

i got formacone liquid m thur january 8, 1914. started to use it on sunday might jan 11th 1914.

Clara stone & clara bond was in our place on thurday might jan 8, 1914 playing lest heir.


jan 1914

june 12 fixed up the bees

feb 1914

feb 4 dad & i went over to uxbudye village

i went to the moving picture a how in the evening of feb 4 1914.

we got our 2nd load of straw from a hunter on feb 2nd and also a load of hay same day


got a load of straw from ed fielding and a load of hay from cemetery on march 9th 1914

miss addie coombjand mr hoskim were married on march 11th 1914

we tap for 29 buckets over at chirsters fush on march 17th 1914

we saved wood at own place on march 16th 1914 and a hunters on march 17th A.M

march 18 it is snowing.

mar April 1914

Miss Vera Goode was married on April 8th 1914 to Mr croozer

Ayrshire cow gave birth to a bull calf "holstein" on Monday April 20th 1914. in morning.



August Month 1915

My Net weight Aug 15, was 118 lbs.

I took Ada down to Robert's sat morn August 14, 1915, took two Baskets of apples down to Off? at half-part mine.

I got hair cut on sat Aug 14, 1915.

Reubin Bond house was burned down on Wed at about 3.15 oclock P.M. when it start. They got everything out. On wed Aud 11, 1915

Father moved his threshing outfit down to Frank Stanton Raglan on Wed Aug 11, 1915 Thresh on Fri Aug 13th 1915.

Roberts got there their phone in on monday August 16th 1915. I was down there when they were putting it in.



October Month 1915

Ada Weatherburn moved down to Port Perry over Howard Stone's tailor shop on Monday September 27, 1915.

Ada was up our place on Monday Oct 4, 1915 and took her dog away

I was down to see Mrs Weatherburn on Tuesday 26 of Oct 1915. I took mother down to see her on Wed Oct 27th I was down to the Dentist Lundy on Thurs Oct 28th and call in to see her again. I went down to Dr Lundy on Fri Oct 29 and got them finished up

Frank Jeffery Louis Bond Fred and I went for about a 25 mile spin down south on sunday morn Oct 31st 1915.

Mary went to Whitby House of Refuge on Wed Oct 27, 1915.


November Month 1915

I was out with Harry Carnegie learning to run a new car Sat November 13, 1915.


December Month 1915

We got a new cook stove Happy Thought at W.L. Parish Port Perry, Ont, on Thursday Dec 2, 1915. They brought it up the same day. Price $65.00

Bought a new extension table from M Litcher on Dec 5th 1918 1915 ?


January Month 1916

Father got a little Queen Heater stove from Monroe Straight on Monday Jan 10 and lit a fire in it on Tuesday Jan 11. 1916.

Bob Butson moved in our home on Thursday Jan 6th 1916.

1919 Feb 22nd down at R. Butson station very sormy weather


Mar 7 Jessie nubbed? the Red Cow

Mar 7 Geo Rose was in our place for ???

Mar 8 Examined by Dr Mellow for Life Insurance, "Mutual Life" Jessie Bunett was down to Wallace's

Mar 10 Helped to move R. Burton ?? to Utica 1919

Mar 12 down to Port Perry and walked up with Helen Bunner and Jessie Bunett

Mar 17 Started to clean and fix the car

Mar 17 Mother Jessie Bunett & I were down to Straits, It was raining Jessie was pulling good

123 March 1919

March 13th Ed Conlin's house caught fire a very cold day last wind

Mar 14 Jim Pearson buried by mother?from Oshawa




The Rance Ranch? Acount for 1919

We Had 30 head of cattle in to paster $103 on Dec 6 a wood sale $169.50 on Dec 8 wood sold 50

The Rance Expeces {Ranche Expenses?} for 1919

Takes $19.38
Save bills $3.50
Auctioneer fee $10.00




Mr Russell Mc Kay


June 5 jessu Burneth 14th Birthday 1918

july 4 girtir Chettilifurgh 14th Birthday 1918

dec 25 Eliza bellnal 16th Birthday day 1918

Feb 23 A burnett 10th birthday 1918

Jan 15 le Cahettlebungh 13th birthday 1918

jan 15 G Burnett 22 nd birthday 22nd birthday 1918

Mar 19 E wallaces 21 birthday 1919

May 4 Of meaning 29th birthday 1919

May 15 Effire Heaym 28 birthday 28th birthday

May 13 Lila heayms 14th birthday 1921



June 7 L. Bond & I motored over to black stock (very cold ) night

June 15 L. bond jessie Burried jesu Bird motherhood 9 motored to oshawa

june 21 louis bond gordon heayn and ceal heayn and heaym and i motors to i ownts (raw)

June 22 came home by markham

June 23 i bond and i wire put in pey jil oovernight.































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Have You Made Your Will? No One Should Neglect It.

It is important that you should do so. If there is no will, your estate, be it ten dollars or ten thousands dollars, will be divided according to the laws of inheritance, and the lawyers may get a big share. Perhaps, also, in the case of your sudden death, your wife or some one depending on you may be left in serious trouble because of your neglect to make plain your wishes by means of a will. The matter of expense for legal fees is now completely removed if you use Bax Copyright Legal Will Forms which are sold for 35 cents. This will form has stood the test and is a castiron legal document, and recognized as such in every court. Anyone can fill out by following the full instruction given with each form. All you do is to fill in the blanks in the manner indicated in the specimen will which accompanies each form, sign, and have it witnessed. Get one today. Get Bax, the only copyright form. Ask your druggist or stationer. If he cannot give you one we will send you complete form, including specimen will postpaid on receipt of price. Bax Will Form Co., 275E College street Toronto









August 1910

I put Mr Parmer's horse in our pasture field Tuesday Wed Aug 3 1910

Nelson Whitfield brought one Frank McClintoch colts home last night Tuesday Aug 16th 1910.

Mr Parmer took his horse out on Fri Sept 16, 1910.

Mr Frank Harrison took there cattle out the 22nd of Oct 1910.




(ginger Beer) white suagr 5lbs;

lemon juices i gill;

honey 1/4 lb; ginger, fruised, 5ozs; water 41/2 gals.

Boil the ginger 30 minute in 3 ozts of water; there add the other ingredients, and strain ; when cool, put in the white of and egg, well featen, with one tea spoonful of lemon essence let stand four days and bottle.

(patience gas Beer) - ginger 2 ozsi allspice 1 oz

cinnamon 1/2 oz; clove 1/4 oz; all fruised on ground ; molasses 2 ofts; cold water 11/2 gals; yeast 1 fit. boil the fulverized articles, for 15 or 20 minuted in the molasses; then strain into your keg, add the water their the yearst; shake it well together and fung fown. of made over might in will be ready for use the next day.

there ought to be a little spcae in the key not filled with the beer im hot waether dream in a fetecher of ice. (born Beer, without yeast), - cold watrer 5 gals , sound nice com i of molasses 2 gts, put all into a heg of this size, shake well and in two or 3 days fermintation will have fem frought on as wire.


as with yeast; keep it tight. It may be flavored with oils of spruce or lemon, if desired, by on it the oils 1 or 2 qts, of the water, boiling hot: The com will last for 5 or 6 makings. If it get to sour add more molasses and water in the same proportion. It is cheap healthy and no bother with yeast. Wines, bouant Cherry, and other berry wines. The juice of the above fruit can be used alone or in combinations to make a variety of of flavors, Express all the juice you can, then take and equal amount of boiling and pour on the pressed fruit, let stand 2 hrs, squeeze out as much as there is of juice and mix. Then add 4 lbs of brown suger to each gal of the mixture; let stand until worked, 3 or 4 weeks, without a hung on fanel sinkly a piece of ganze over hung to keep flies out; when it is done working hang it up , be careful not to have any seeds of in it. If bottled, always lay them on there sides .Grape wine Ripe, freshly picked, and selected, tame grapes, 20lbs; put them into a stone jar and pour over them 6qts, of boiling soft water; when suffieciently cool to allow it, you will squeeze them thoroughly with the

205 hand; after which allow them to stand 3 days on the formace with a cloth thrown over the jar, then squeeze out the juice and add 10 lbs nice crushed suger, and let it remain a week long in the jar; then take of the scum, strain and bottle, leaving a vent, until done fermenting, when strain again and bottle tight and lay the bottles on there sides in a cool place," lamof the opinins opinins that it might just as well stay in jar utill it is desired to bottle, and thus save the trouble of extra straming






I got 2 bushels wheat at the mill on Wed Sept 4th 1912. price $1.00 a bushel.





john marks

written by Russel albert mekay april 7th wed 1909. (first) i come all young people far and mean a dolful story you shall hear i was of a young man just twenty three was landed into eternity. (second) in eighteen hundred and fifty four this young man stood on scugoy shore this young man stood on scugoy shore his gum was resting on a tree and he was waiting game to see. (third) but fhi alas how sad to tell the gun did ship and down it fell the charge went through his hand and head and wow he;s mumfered with the dead, (fourth) and when he saw what he had done he thought hed try and reach his home but grwoing faint from loss of blood he had to set down on a log (fifth) and fearing that alone should die he for some help did loudly cry a young man to the place did come and quickly saw what he had done (sixth) Then he assisted and conveyed he in a neighfurs house was laid them for his parents he did run to tell what happenend there dear son. (seventh) The parents then in greif and woe did quickly fly to his relief with many a ground they then died cry for


they soon saw that he must doe

(8) for many he began to cry saying lord prepare me for to die and jesus showed his smiling face and offered him his pardoning grace.

(9) the mercy that the sought was found which gaxe great joy to all around he saying i'm wow prepared to die i hope that i shall reign on high.

(10) come dear sister kinch and true your dying brother fid adue then round his bed they all did come whilw down their cheeks the tears did rum.

(11) Then they the parting kiss did take while in these words he then did speak he said onto his weeping mother ohi where is now my little brothers.

(12) why don't he come and kiss me too for this iwll be my last advice my spirst soon will take flight to dwell with bhrus un endless light

(13) now month you must faithfull be your son in glory you shall see and father you must mercy seek and then in heaven we all shall week

(14) my work on earth is lamost done i have a glosious victory won.


the love i fell mo tongue can tell my dearest friends fare well, farewell.

a bird in a gilded cage.

(1) The fallroom was filled with fashion throng, it shone with a thousands light passed along was a woman who passed along the fairest of all the sight, a girl to her love then softly sighted there's reaches at her command but she married for wealth not for love he cried. thought she lives in a manion gland (Chouis) She only a bird in a gilded cage a beautifyk sight to see you may think she is happy md free from case she's not there she seems to be, tis sad when you think of her wasted life, for youth cannit mate with age and her beautifyk was sold for an old man's gold. She a bird in a gilded cage.

(2) I stood in the church yard just. at eve, when the sunset adored the west, and looked at the peeople who came to give for loved ones now laid at rest a talk marble momment marked the grave.


of one who had been fashionis queen And I thought she is happier here at rest. then to have people say when seen. Little Bessie

(1) Hug me closer closer mother put your arms around me tight Iam cold tired mother, and I feel so strange to night something hurt me here dear mother like a stone whom my lreast and I wonder Mother why it is I cannot rest.

(2) All the day while you were working as I lay upon my bed. I was thinking thinking Mother of what you said how the kind and blessed Jesus loves his lambs to watch and keep. And I wish he come and take me, in his arms that I might sleep.


Just before the lamps was lighted just before the children came when the room was very quiet I heard some one call my name all at once the window opened. I a field where lamb and sheep some from out of were drink-ing and some were lying fst asleep. 

(4)But I could not see the though I shamed my eyes to see and I wonder if he saw me if he'd speak to such as me.


Im a moment i was looking on a world so bright an fair whhich was full of little childresn and they seemed so happy there.

(5) They were singing sweets mother than can sing our yellow bird and uhile my breath was holiday one so bught from me smiled and i knew it must be jesus, when he said come here my child. come up he little bessie come up here and live with me.

(6) oh how much i live you mother but i fell so strong to might and the mother pressed her closer to her over furdened breast on the heart so mean to breaking lay the head so was to rest i m the solom hour of midnight in the darkness calm and deep lying on her mother bosom little bessie fell as lup.

she was fred in old kentucky

she was fred in old kentucky when a lad i stood one day by a cottage far away and to that day all nature seemed more grand. for my sue with blushes red had just promised to be wed and i'd come to ask her mother for her hemd, as i told the old old tale, of a love that.


were would fail, the gray haired mother stroked her daughters head and i faneied i could trace just a tear in the her hibd face as she placed her daughters hand in mum and said.

(chums) she was fred in old kentucky where the medow grass in blue see the suns shone of the country in her face and manes too. she was fred in old kentucky tahe her boy your might lucky when you many a girl take jue,

(2) many years have passsed away snce that well remembered day. when to that deare old kentucky home i came and the happy mess of my life was my sweetheart friend and wife. for the sunshine in her heart remained the same. iam sitting alone in place we have long call home.

for yesterday my darling passed away though in tear of joy i think of that day when but a boy that i took her hand and heard his mother say.


Barney mccoy, or come to my arms norah darling,

Iam going far away suck an angel behinds it will break my heart into which i fondly give to you, and ms other one so loosing kind and lure.

(chows) Then come to my arms norah darling bid your friends and was old ireland good bye and its happy we will be in that dear land of the free leaving happy with your barney mecoy.

(2) i would go with you Barney darling but the reason why i told you of before it would break my mothers heart. if from her i had to part and go roaming without you barney meboy

(3) Iam going far away norah darling just as sure there a god that i ador. But remeber what i say that until the judgement day your will never see your barney meboy.


I would go with you barney darling if my mother and the rest of them we there for i know we would be flest in that dear land of the went. Loving happy with you Barney meboys.

(5) Iam going far away norah darling and the ship is now at aaishore in the boy and before the merrories.


Sum, you will hear the signal gun so be ready it will carry us away,

The little girl that played upon my knee.

I long years have passed and gone. since I left this dear old happy home i left an aged father and mother dear for to roam accross the deep blue sea.

(chous) Iam homeward bond. to the the onel love so dear uo move for to roam accross the sea. Iam going home to my dearold happy home and the little gril the played upon my knee.

(2) and fortune smile upon me for while into poverty chain set me free who would not give to me all the comfort that i find in the little girl that played upon my knee.

(3) oh jemie do you remember how can you forgot those happy hours to me how she sighs, when she thinks of the days gone by she's the little girl that played upon my knee.

(4) What means that long dark funeral train sad faces they all seem to be and in the hearse lies the form of the only one I love shes's.


The little girl that played upon my knee.

(5) aand now she's dead and gone to rest and in the cold day her beautiful form lies. How i wish that i was lying by her side shes the little girl that played upon my Knee

(chous) Don't tell her thta you love her Don't says what you well do. Don't says what you will do. Don't promise that you'll wed her just because she's fond of you Don't tell her of the future years. and all that you will go through for her sake do not tell her this newkind is selldone true.

(one) Don't tell her, that you love her a youth was on his way to see his sweetheat fond and true while passing through the old homegate he heard a gentle voice. He turned to greet his best friend matter dear. You're Going to see your sweetheart how becareful what you say Don't break her heart because she's fond of you Don't tell her that you love her if you don't remember. Tom that one man out of ten is seldon true.


(2) Don't tell her that she is all to you on earth unless is true. don't tell her hpw you both will happy.

Don't wisper talles of endless bless because her heart is your's remember i was once a girl like she don't break her heart because she loves you. if you do twill all ccome back to you in future years. Prosperity is one thing lad in life you'll seldom find it's moving hand in hand with sighs and tears.


[poem written sideways on page]

The Telephone Girl

The Telephone Girl sits still in her chair and listens to voices from everywhere. She hears all the gossip, she learns all the news.

She knows all our sorrows, she know all our joys, she knows every girl who is chasing the boys she knows of our troubles, she knows of ours strife, she knows every name who talks mean to his wife;


[continuation of poem "The Telephone Girl", written sideways on page]

She knows every time we are out with the boys" She hears the excuses each fellow employs; She knows every woman who has a dark past; She knows every man who's inclined to be "fast"; In fact there's a secret beneath each saucey curl, of that quiet, demure looking telephone girl.

If the telephone girl told us all that she knows. It would turn half our friends into bitterest foes; She could sow a small wind that would be a gale, Engulf us in trouble and land us in jail,


[continuation of poem "The Telephone Girl", written sideways on page]

She could let go a story which, gaining in force would cause half our wives to sue for divorce; she could get all our churches mixed up in a fight and turn all our days into sorrowing night; In fact she could keep the whole town in a stew if she'd tell a tenth part of the things that she knew.

oh, brother, now doesn't it make your head whirl when you think what you owe to the telephone girl.


I wrote this to day Dec .4. 1909

Recipe for cakes:

Two saucers of Brun & the same of flour a little salt and sugar currants, lard and if using sweet milk, use magic Baking powder and put 2 teaspoonful of the p baking powder and if using sour milk use a small teaspoonful of soda.








Deaths in 1910.

Lorne Stanton burried Jan 5/10. John Disfield burried Jan 6/10. Miss Milliner burried Jan 7/10 Mrs Walter Hockins baby burried Jan 7/10 Mrs Robert Swift burried Jan 9/1910 Mr [space] Real burried Jan 10/1910 Mr Levi Perrish burried Feb Jan 30/1910 Mrs Graham burried


Place of death

Raghan Pretty old Port Perry "' "' Island scugog yong, Port Perry very young Prince Prince Pretty old, died at Beverton, Port Perry Pretty old, on the 7th of reach middle age man Blackstock.


Fri Jan 5 1911

A recerpe for a horse that has information of the bowels or indigestion. give him 1 qt of linseed oil, and in about 20 minutes give him 2 oz of Lod and have a rope and tackle and a horse {lick?} on the end of the rope and lift his front end and then his hind end if he is not any better in an hour give him the same dose of Linseed oil and Lod.

Cancer Cure

Tue 27, of Feb 1912

Make a plaster or poultice of fine salt and the yolk of an egg. Change the poultice about every twelve hours. From 3 to 6 poultices are supposed to effect an extraction of the tumor.



Account with Carnegie. 1909

June .5. sythe stone firl 5 whip 35dl Fri " .11. 70 lbs nails of different kind $2.1o Harmiss oil 15al

Account with Carnegies 1913

Feb 7 to 1 package of Stock food 1.00





oats bouht from J.c berrystone Dec 164 lbs Jan 817 " Feb 11 575 "

45 34

180 1


The days i worked for the Im dependent Telephone co. 1912

Mon 23 Of september 1 day $ 4.00 wed 25 of september 1 day $ 4.00 Thur 26 of september 1/2 day $ 2.00


1912 Jan 5 Bought 2 pigs from martyn wt. 90 lbs price $8.00

Hay 146.72 Potatoes 41.00 Turmic. 1.10 Greebs 40.26 Pature 1.25 Total ______

            $ 230 33

22 25

 6 50



Nov. 30. 1910 

Grain sold

Dec. 19. Fred Silliams 50lbs chop Dec 26 Mr Savage 200 Feb 23 F. Bailey 74lbs boots lbs 94 what Feb 19 WM sellings 2 oats Mar W sellairs 4 Mar 8 Frank Biley 4 lbs oats 2 what Mar 30 Fred williams 110lb april 2 the Boynton

       22 Roff, Hunter 7lbs 
            Carmegers Millizco 16lbs peas 

Gus Rames killed nov 29 1919

$ 70.

   1 76 
    5 60 
    5 25 
   16 00

________ $40 26


Amount of Hay sold- 1911

Mrs Hayer 600lbs Sept 6 G. Holman 1885 Nov 3 I warren Nov 14 " "

      14 G. Holman.  2240lbs
            Ges pattersons (pasturng) 

Jan 6 Geo Mc Millan 21 80 lbs jan 13 geo M Millan 2270 " 17 Geo M Millian 1850 " 22 Ges M willain 2390 " 23 Gep M willan 2115

Feb 16 M Turner 300 Feb 1st mr m carthy 2300 mar wm 15.00 Amount of potatoes sold mrs Burnett 1 bag Nov 18 " " 2 bus turnps " 18 " 2 bus turmps " 18. " Drusn 5 " " " 18 Savage 2 " " Dec 1st mrs macbreen 5 bags Jan 8 (1912) mrs Burnett 2 bags " 15 Reuben Bond. 1 bag. Feb 16 Jennie merdd 1/2 bags Feb 24 Mrs Belnap 1/2 bags 50 mar 19 frank vickery 3lb mar 30 Thos Raines 3 bags aprill 2 Mrs thomas and jel kellpord 3/4 lbs

           D L willaims   1 lbs 

April 11 J.c Campbell 2 bags

           A. turner 1 bags 
           Mrs Butt 1/2 lbs 
           The jew    1 bay 

$3.00 15.14 25& 90& 15.80 1.25 _____ 18 53 19 30 15 75 20 32 17 98 ______ 91 88 2 50 17 25 11 25

$1.25 2.50 25 65 20 6.25 2.25 1.25 50 50 50 10.00 7.50 75 1.00 3.00 1.50 50 1.50


May 21 The four rows of peas sowed to the east are the surprise. The next four are "Extra Early Premium Gem. The carrots are Intermediate carrots

Thos Forman's Hay

Jan 22 Geo McKay 2013 lbs
" 23 Marvin Neal 1985 lbs 15.00
" 24 Mr McCarthy 2190 lbs 16.43
Mar 8 Wm Sellars 1500 lbs. 11.25
" 11 Geo McKay 1790 9480 lbs
April 17 Geo McKay 1000
" 22 Thomas Boyton $1100 lbs 7.50
" 22. Will Treverton 2015 15.00
" 25 Geo McKay 2075
" 25 Mr Woodger 550 4.00
" 27. Thos Boynton 1000
. 171.60
May 15. Geo McKay. 13.63
. 185.23
Sold 10240 lbs 5T 240 lbs $25.60 Use 6920 lbs 3T 920 lbs $34.55 Father payed Tom Forman $47.62 on Wednesday night May 15, 1912 about quarter to six he was eating supper.

2055 1985 2190 1500 1790 1000 1000 2000 2075 550 ______ 16145 16000 ______ 145

945014 8000 ______ 1480

4 1/2 tons lbs

June 18, Sat P.M. 1910 June 10, 1912 1059 P.M. Tue June 11, 1912 1.15 P.M. {hr min written above}

No of the plates my photoes are on is 11359 A.R.Ward 289 Yonge st Toronto Bax Will Form Company 2883 College street Toronto Price 35 dl

got them at a drugstore or stationers

got his shoes set on joe's hind feet at {swans} in morn Fri August 23, 1912 price 30ct

I got victor shod to day all around two new shoes on behind and font one's set on wed sept 4th 1912 price $1.00

Sunday July 13, 1913 2.10 oclock P.M.

Rec course on Jan 12, 1914 N. & S.

I got 2 I got 140 lbs of wheat from Alvin Hunter on Monday, Novenmber 3rd 1913, at noon at 18ct a bus.

january 9th 1914, 230 p.m

9175 250 1725 1725 125 115 300 3100 ______ 14790 60.00 3510 9101 _____ 33401

14790 60.00 3510

100 100 443 _____ 213

2015 1985 2190 1790 1200 _____ 9180



{Back cover}

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Albert "Russell" McKay, “Albert "Russell" McKay Diary, 1909-1916,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed May 24, 2024,

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  220. Albert'Russell'McKay_1909-1916_220.pdf
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