James Cameron Diary & Transcription, 1867


James Cameron Diary & Transcription, 1867


James Cameron


Courtesy of the Archives of Ontario


19th Century, Glengarry County, McMaster's Island Township, Ontario

Date Created


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James Cameron Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript & Typed Transcription

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James Cameron (1824-1912)
1867 Diary
Transcribed by Rural Diary Archive Volunteers
of January New Years Day 1867
{pages in this diary are badly worn and torn at the edges so that some words cannot be
Drawing Wood put out some Bushes Between this and Francis Island a Ball at Mr David
Summers to night a Great party at it too
2nd I crossed to Summerstown the upper Point Road 2 treats at Mr Harpers paid this Treat
at Davids not paid 2/6 {2 shillings, 6 pence} Bought of Mr Harper 1/2 lb Tea no paid 2 pence
worth of Pens {illegible quantity} Matches paid Andrew Baker on the Boshure skinning the
Ram put it out put Poison on it {written between the lines is the following } Allens Birth Day
the 3rd
4th Bushing the Road to Alexis Island put Few Bushes at upper Point Road
5th East Wind Storming Old christmas Day old style
Sunday Stormy some seen a Man crossing over the Way of christees
7th The council in Williamstown I went to Salmon River Took Dinner & supper and slept all
night at Hopkins got a Ride up and Down from Jim took 11 Rats to Mr Street {illegible
quantity} cents 2,,20 cents to my account Bought a pair of Boots 3=50 cents Bought of David
Baker 3 1/2 stripeed shirting 30 cents 1,,5 cents 4 yds Cotton 25 cents 1,, 2yds of 1 Kind 30
cents 60 2yds another Kind 30 cents 60 lb Tea cheapest 2/6 Treat 1/ cut Down 2 oak Trees
on the Bank ---ning {front part of word town off} Down Peter Buchannan and George Drew
and Luke --oked on the ice with horse and cutter
8th The baby Hughanns Birth Day a year old to Day came Down from {illegible word} cold
morning it is covering my mits with Leather
9th chopping Stove Wood
10th Drawing home wood

11th Drawing Wood
== James Cameron Island== {Top line of this page molded away, likely the 12th}
Old New Years Day cutting stove wood not very {word torn off}
13th Sunday the White owl eating a Loon near the poi {likely point} I went to see it and Got
the Head he carried the Body of the Loon away when he seen me coming
14th Bushed the Road to Francis Island Down on the LIttle Island south side and on the Little
Island north side a very Frosty night to night
15th a Fortunate Day cutting Fire Wood in the Bush very Frosty Day not much Wind Livinia
Making Mary a Dress
16th East Wind Drawing Wood turned cold to night
17th East Wind Stormy Day Drifting and snowing some towards evening Grinding the axe
Fixing the Damper of the stove
18th cutting Hay in the Barn cutting stove wood made a handle for the Pitchfork very cold to
{Day?} the airhole Before the Door shutting up very much these cold Days
19th chopping stove Wood
20th Sunday a Fine Day East Wind turning cold towards evening cold night
21st St Agness East Wind cold stormy Drifting snow around the cattele shoveling snow Took
in the Beef Barrel to Thaw some Broke the Big carving Knife Reading the Most Noted Pirates
storm ceased at evening great snow Banks
22nd Breaking Roads in the Bush as Deep took 3 logs of Wood home West Wind snowing
some cutting hay on the mow shovelling snow all round stables and Barn
23rd Went to Williamstown Got ride out From James Summers Received a Letter from my
old Friend Charles Tupper and 2 newspapers
24th got a Ride Home from Angus the Races in Salmon Stopt at Henerys coming home
25th Braking the Roads took home a Load of Wood seen a Fox

26th Stormy Ga-- {rest of word torn of, maybe Gave} Gordon and Mary a Ride
27th Sunday Stormy from the West
28th Semo came to thrash Thrashing the Buckwheat George & Luke came to thrash Left
Semo to thrash all the {word torn off}
29th Semo thrashing I went to Mr Harpers Bought 1 Box of Worm {page torn} 1/3 paid Treat -
/6 -/1 for Maple sugar -/1/2 for pipe storm {likely stormy}
James Cameron Island January 30 1867
Very Frosty Day Semo and I Fanning Buckwheat {19} Bushels commenced to thrash the
31st George gave Semo 2 of Buckwheat took what was coming to him home Semo Fanned
1/2 Bushel of Pease to take home to his children to night
1st of February Semo went to Mill 4 Bushels of Buckwheat for Me and 1 Bushel of Corn took
2 Bushels of Buckwheat for himself Gave him the Horse to take his Flour home this is the
First time for the Horse to cross as yet {means to cross on ice} Fanning the Pease gordon
and I put them once through the Mill soft Day to Day
2nd Semo and I put the pease through again 7.5 Bushels a very poor yeild the Pease all
thrashed cold East Wind Semo went home gave him some Boot Legs and some yarn Semo
here 5 Days this Week for George thats S/4 1/2 for Semos Board George to Pay for him
Commenced to snow Drift and Hail and Rain tonight high Wind Found 8 eggs in the Barn all
Sunday 3rd stormy Raining hailing
4th a Fine Day slippery walking crust Bad for Deers
5th Semo came commenced Wheat Thrashed 1 1/2 Fanned it went home 1/2 Day 1/3 for his
Board thats 10/7 1/2 for his Board Gave Semo some Tobacco a stormy Day East Wind and
6th Tom Davis came from Hopkins

7th I went to Mill with 1 1/2 of Wheat 2 Bushels of Buckwheat Bought of Congdon -/1 of
Licquorice Bought of Buchannan -/1/2 of sweetys paid Mr Briggs 25 cents in Minglers store
for carding of Wool Bought of Congdon 1/2 lb of soda 10 cents got 2 almanacks Bought
Bakers crackers 3 cents worth paid
8th Gordons Birth Day and a Fine Day it is Went to Dundee gave to my account to Baker 6
1/2 of ashes at -/10 5/5 15 Bottles at -/3 3/9 Bought 1/2 lb Tea Green 1/3 To Mr Streeter 1
hide and 2 pelts the hide 4 & 25 or 3 & 25 c am not sure 40 cents each for the pelts thats 80
cents to my accounts in at Bills at the Distillery 9th Raining broke the Road in the Bay took
home {word illegible} bags of wood and Broon {Scottish term for the colour brown} Cedar 1 of
the sheep sick
James Cameron Island Feby 10 1867
Some cold and Frosty
11th seen the Fox Back of wo {wood?} Hoase {Horse?} up through the Bush cut a Load of
12th one of Thomas Munroes sheep Died i skinned her wool to Mr Harpers Bought 5 yds of
Cotton Heard that Alexander McDonald Angus's son on the Point was Dead Kenneth got a
Letter to that effect A Summers in Ogdensburgh Duncan McDougall and I stopt at Peter
Grants took supper then Bought of Mr Harper 1/2 Gallon of Oil 1/3 paid this
13th Thawoing Raining I went to Mr Harpers with 105 lb of Pease 3/9 a Bushel comes to 6/6
3/4 {6 shillings 6 & 3/4 pence} Got a Treat of Rum
14th St Valentines Day a Ball to night at Mr David Summers a Fine Day it is thawing and
Freezing to night which will make good travelling seen Ducks in the air hole before the Door
15th Cold Day Molby had her calf
16th Raining soft
17th Sunday Windy Bill and Emmanuel here came on the Ice from Lancaster took Dinner
had a Team Heard from them that Murdoch McDonald was taken Prisoner to Montreal

18th James Hugh's Birth Day Henery Bosell and antw—{illegible} Here going to Fish Eels
over at christees a cutter passed Down Lancaster and a Double cutter went up from
Lancaster the Door turned storms from the east
19th very w--{illegible} these Days put a Handle in my axe a job to take old one out
20th went to the Bush got very unwell chopped Load chopped some stove wood very very
soar my {illegible} Found an egg in the Barn East Wind very cold to Day d--{illegible} not very
22nd Washingtons Birth Day Luke Bower {last letter unclear} here for Georges Pease got his
2 Bushels Got some sticks for to make shafts Drawing Wood crust cutting the Mares feet
23rd cold some Fine Day
24th Sunday Raining in the Morning turned Fine
25th {fishing?} Henery up 2 Move Fishing Eels at Christees cutting stove wood Looking at
the Boison {Poison?}
James Cameron Island Feby
Went to Williamston stopt for Angus at the store got on the Boshure sent a Letter and 3
papers to Charlie in chester England 2 Treats at Davids seen Robert McKillop Bought of D
Munroe 1 Bottle of Poison 1/3 not paid Bought of Mr Harper 5 cents worth of sweetys called
at Francis Laplante about the Rent at Kenneths got a Cornwall paper Got a Witness from A
Summers wife seen Archy Fraser for the First time I seen him since a very long time
27th came from Williamstown Got a Ride From Andrew Sullivan Tinsmith to A Cameron had
a Treat -/6 Bought of Mr Harper 1 Gallon of Syrup not paid very unwell Got from Doctor
Shaver 1 viol of stuff 4 powders I am to take 1 Teaspoonfull before meals the powders to
Keep the Bowels in Order it works on the same system as the stuff in the viol
28th very very unwell put out Poison snap {snass?} went to it Gave her Milk and Molasses
Good Going on the ice getting some Eggs these warm days
1st of March St Davids Day the Festival of the Welsh strong East Wind Hail Rain & Fine Cold
comes in Like a Lion

2nd Fanning some Hay seed a Fine Day {between this line and next is the following:} heard
a crow
Sunday 3rd a Find Day seen the Fox coming to the Island a strange {illegible}--ra or Hound
going all through the Island he is after the fox the Fox crossed Back the Dog did not get him
4th Monday very very unwell took in 3 eggs they Freeze cut {off/of little/cattle?} Wood
5th went to see the poison Srove {Shrove} Tuesday {today?} very Fine Day a Weather
Breeder I suppose {drew} 2 small Loads of Wood Broke on the stack of Marsh hay at the
East End of the Barn took in 3 eggs Ian Hopkins Drawing from alexes Island sleighs going
the ice to Lancaster
6th Ash Wednesday not very well
7th some stormy
8 a Fine Day drew some Wood
9th Went to Dundee a stormy Day Bought of D Baker 10 yds of calico 20 cents 10/- 1 lb Tea
2/6 {pot or bot?} an axe seen Lis and her young son
10th got a ride home From Bill Snap {Snass?} eat the Poison and kiclled {killed?}
{Title is molded and illegible}
Cut Some ash for Troughts Drew them home Went ot Henerys Semos a Fine Day Water on
the ice
12th On this Day of the Month Donald McMaster first came to the Island stor--{illegible} made
9 Troughs to Day Ground the axes
13th cut a Waterhole very unwell The Races in Salmon River commences to day Sand Burns
Sale to Day
14th not very well to day Races to Day took home a Load of Wood Gordon in the Bush
15th Made 3 Troughs split a Few Rails A Good many going the ice to Day the Races to Day
Mended the 2 sleighs for Gordon cutting stove Wood

16th Drew 3 small Loads of Wood very unwell Cut my wrist cutting sugar the knife slipped
the sugar is the only thing that Relieves me of the {pain?} Looking at the Poison a Mink
crossed the Island
Sunday St Patrick's Day Stormy ugly Weather to Day very unwell
19th Henerys 2 Boys came to chop chopped and I Gave them an Order one Mr Harper for
3/9 took por--{illegible} of Limbs My sleigh Broke {In between this line and last was written:}
Kenneth a Fight Wild Geese c—{page torn}
20th First Day of Spring {page torn} Went to get Livinia Boots fixed Bought of Mr Harper 1
bo-- {page torn} 1/- Matches 5 cents paid this sent charlies Letter Back to {page torn}
postage -/7 1/2 got a paper from charlie with 3 songs in it 2 1/ {page torn} got a paper from
Mr Harper took Down a Frenchman na--{named?} Joulliaa with a Load of Flour put him on
the Road {page torn}
Robert Bruces Birth Day 22nd Livinia Birth Day {page torn} Went for her Boots to Isacc
Blondeaus paid 2/6 cold {page torn}
Wind 23rd Gordon and I Lifting the Troufs cut Down some trees at the ca-{illegible} Tapt 1
small Tree
24th a Fortunate Day Sunday Bill & Emmanuel M{page torn} Fishing Eels ice about 3 Feet
thick Before the Door Brought 2 Dz {Dozen?} Herring a Great many Fishing Eels at Alexis
Island Pat & Mr H-{page torn} went to St Regis {a native reserve}
25th Fixing the sleigh Went to Mr Harpers for Pot Bought 1/2 lb soda -/3 Treat -/3/ 1/2 for
sweetys paid this P{page torn} Tom Kennedy a Rod of iron Mr David Summers poorly the
Doctor att--{page torn} old Mr McLeod poorly annunciation of the virgin Mary to Day
26th some troufs to the Bush 12 new ones crust not good Fixed 100 spoils ta--{tapped?} 5
trees I went to Hopkins for the Pot im--{page torn} fetch {illegible} Bad with a Boil on his
{Headline and first line are illegible}
{left side of page is torn and other pages' edges are stuck to it so some words are illegible on
this whole left side of the page}

Up around the trees {page torn} tapped {illegible} to see if could scate did not forget that yet
Fixing the Dipper and the Longhanded pan with Lead
28th Went {sac?} Mr Hopkins with the Handsleigh for the Pot a very fine Day Tapt over 50
trees a good sap Day Made a Fire in the Bush for the First
29th gathered and Tapt some putting out Troughs
30th got 22 pails in the Pots 11 pails in the Barrels to night a Great many going across the
ice to Day
31st the sap is running well to Day Gathering and Boiling a little about 60 pails gathered
altogether now eelfishers over at christees Livinia Gordon Mary Hughann {his wife and
children} all to the Bush this afternoon March Went out LIke Lamb
1st of April all Fools Day all of us in the Bush Began to Rain had to come home and sugar off
about 22 lbs emptied the Rain Water out of the Toughfs {page torn}-n a Horse and cutter
coming up the ice from Lancaster Great many eelfishers Down at the Big Bay
2nd Boiling in Bush Brought home to sugar off 9 lbs a small Jar of syrup Blackbrids Raining
Bad sugar Weather
3rd Gathering sap 45 {in between lines is written:} Killed a snake
4th Seen a hole coming in the ice south side Boiling {page torn}
Bush took it home to sugar off about 20 lbs {Raining?} the birds came and grass Birds Found
a Hen commencing to {word illegible} put her off of them Ducks and Wild Geese plenty Let
out {word illegible} Began to Wean the calve 7 Weeks old now snowing Raining
6th commencing to open the ice at Francis Island {word illegible}-es came swallows I thought
I seen them night hawks {word illegilbe}-d cleaning the Troughfs Tapt 6 Trees Gathered 27
pails and {page torn} not able to chop Wood to make a Fire I am so unwell cows playing the
Devil in the Bush at sap and spoils snakes plenty
7th Gathered 2 Barrels of sap Boiling in the Bush 38 Pails commenced to Rain
9th 5 years to day Married Boiling in the 26 pails

10th Boiled 16 pails {illegible}—rd Loons Skinning the Black sheep of Mrs Munroes {word
missing} unwell Gathered 3 1/2 Pails the Fox on the Island seen a {word illegible} cross 1
Deer the Buck
13th all of us in the Bush
14th Gathered 2 Barrels
{in between lines is written:} Black sheep on 15th 15th Boiling in the Bush Lots of {words
blackened with mold}
16th Cleaning the Troughs our nannie a Lamb
18th our Duncans Birth Day 2 Lambs Dead out in the stack of oats Put out a canoe {words
missing} Lambs
Mr James Cameron Island April 20th
{Many single words are missing down the right hand edge of this page owing to mold}
Gordon and I Boiling 16 pails Grya on the {illegible} Laid out Easter Sunday the Sun Dont
{illegible} this morning all this month in the sugar {word illegible} I wrote the Days of the
month all I was doing on a sheet {?} and it got Blotted So I am at a loss of I S{rest of word
28th First Steamer went Down
29th Gathered some {likely sap} for vinegar as Oscar and LIs here stopt all nigh
30th {word?} Potatoes St Helen {a steamer} and a Propeller went Down
1st of May Heavy snow On the {word illegible} went to Hopkins with the Pot { illegible } a pail
of c Wheat
8th - 9th Oscar and Lis to thrash Trashed 9 1/2 Bushels & I Gave him {illegible}
On the 15th Pat and Thomas Munroe here D--- {word missing, perhaps 'Down'} to Salmon
River Lashey me 100 lbs of B{rest of word illegible} P Buchannan to my account
21st {page folded}

22nd Set a hen to hatch
23rd Shearing the {word illegible, likely sheep}
24th Queen's Birth Day
25th caught 21 Perch Planted pottatoes squashes and pumkins Bob and Ann here
27th Harrowing
28th {Fishing?} {illegible word} and I planted cucumbers
29th Fixing Lane Fr{rest of word blotted out with ink}se Sowe of Wheat
30th Oscar Ascension Day Renaud & Sallaberry went {word illegible}
31 William and Lashey fishing Perch took his canoe to Make
1st of June Gordon and I taking {page ripped} ashore
2nd of June Mr Harper Mr Spinks Munroe Pat Brought me a Letter from Dan Weth
3 put out manure
4th Ploughing Willian helping make a Round or 2 Planted 1 Bushel of seed
5th planted corn
6th sent a Letter to Dan to {word illegible}
7th Mr Laduke here sold him {piece/pine?} $3 Drawing Wood
5th Our Marys Birth Day
10th fixing in Bags
11th Washing some of the wool
12th Lasky {illegible}
13th hoeing and plowing Finished plowing Bob {illegible sentence, badly worn}

Mr James Cameron Island June 16th 1867
{left hand side of the page is molded away and hence some words are illegible}
Emmanuel here Ian Hopkins here from Wilk{something illegible} a pig
17th Semo planted his potatoes and Beans Fixed the Pitt Point Fence
18th The Eves memorable Battle of Watterloo Mr Kimb{rest of word disappears} here Last
19th K Hiram Stephen Grant Hohnback here to night Donald McDonald here
20th I went to Williamstown 25 lb Wool Fish Potatoes Fork Sugar letter newspaper Gun
Barrel J Dinsle Manguin {name?} Killed Last night by the Cars corpus christee
21st came home got a Pig
22nd Our {Dons?} Birth Day Went to Mr Harpers stopt at Roses got a paper from Ian
Nicholson paid for the Postage of the Letter. A Pleasure trip on the Sallabery
Sunday Semos 2 Boys here for Fish
24th took home {?} the ashes from the Bush StrawBerries We{?} Planted some Beans
25th Henery {Genie?}on here stopt all night
26th a Raft calling to me {missing part of word}sons
27th Took the Raftsmen to Mr Harpers {words missing} me 5/- paid D Munroe 1/3 I owed him
for ---ison {likely poison} a Treat at Davids paid seen Old D Cameron ---penter
28the hoeing at the Milk house
29th Went {hill/kill?} Wheat Stopt at D Summers took dinner a Treat 15 cents Bought of D
Baker {words illegible} of Flannel 6 yd Cotton 2yds shirting 7 yds at 200 {words illegible}
Powder to 23 1/2 lbs Rags 1 Sturgeon Bought of {Duncan?} McDonald Swanton Lime -/6
paid this Bought of D Summers 1 Pair of Boots 4 Dollars {or}-ve 2/6 Cash Canada Money
America at Christees {word missing} raft

Sunday June the 30th after strawberries
1 July Our New Dominion Day shooting bred the pig
2nd Lashey and henery fishing {illegible} washing
3rd Got a Sturgeion Mr Laduke gave me $3Dollars put in the Wheat sta{words illegible}barn
put in the pigs
4th July American {last line of entries is illegible}
Mr James Cameron July 6th 1867
{right hand side of the page is molded away and hence some words are illegible}
7th christees house Burnt Picking {Strawberries?} Livinia Gordon Mary Hughann and myself
in the {illegible} field
8th Hoeing Potatoes
9th Hoeing
10th hoeing
11th at B{word illegible}
12th Orangemens Day Mr Baker and B{word illegible} here from Lancaster Gave the children
17 1/2 I went to Mr Harpers Bought Tea Soda Broom Pa{illegible} Bought of A Summers
13th Fixing the Ashes {illegible} the Bags Lashey took away his Barrell Simos {word illegible}
hoeing of Potatoes
Sunday 14th Mrs Summers {Mrs?} Munroe Mrs Spinks Mrs Harper Eliza hamilton and the
children Pat Thomas Mr Spinks Pete Baker
15th Went to Salmon {word illegible, likely 'River'} 1 1/2 Wheat 2 of Provender {dry food, as
hay or oats, for livestock} 53 lb I owe 26 slaves {he likely meant staves; he sometimes

doesn't cross his Ts} my {word illegible} to D Summers Bought of Conc Dan pink Boots -/10
20 lb salt at Bakers
16th Got a Spoon and {word illegible} from A Smallman
17th Commenced {word illegible but likely 'Mowing'}
18th Mowing
19th Mowing
20th made 2 coils of Hay got a Lunge
21st Ian Hopkins and Family here Bossy a calf
22nd Went to Emmanuels for Mag Gordon and {word illegible} 2 pikes trowling
23rd Gathering and Raking {word illegible but likely 'hay}
24th Mowing
25th fixing the mow Dug some Baits {word illegible} Mr Daly
26th at the Tent at the PicNic {word illegible likely Gordon} and I George Bosel here for a
Peice of h{rest of word illegible}
27th Taking care of their Tent a very wrest{rest of word illegible}
28th Herrick and Daly here
29th George here M{rest of word illegible}
30th George and all the Family Gathering put in first Hay
31 Cart Wheel Broke I went to Semos Get one from Semo
1st of August Lavnia {word illegible} George Making his stack brought the {wheat?} over
2nd Marys Birth Day
3rd Mowing Road to the Lower Point Caught 23 Pirch

Mag and I picking Berries {words illegible}
5th Went {illegible} Bought {words illegible for rest of this line and a subsquent line at the
bottom of the page that are moldy and ragged}
Mr James Cameron Island Augst 8, 1867
Went for Mrs Rose took Dinner at V Munroe's with Malcour Bought of Mr Harper 1 Quart of
High Wines
9th Went home with Mrs Rose Lashey came John Angus Came Fishing at night 2 Boats
came Loaded with PicNickers about 20 of them all in the Old house
10th Mowing at the Lower Point
11th Lisana Laflesh here Bordon and John Angus Fishing
12th John Angus and I mowing
13th Raining
14th Emmanuel here for Mag Gave her a Dollar for her time here mowing Back of the Barn
15th 16 put in 3 loads
17th D Summers and Laurue and her Mother here John Angus and I cross to Mr Harper
Bought 6/3 worth of Flour Gave 1/3 for to help Mrs Mangum 1/2 lb Tea a French {word
illegible, maybe 'hunters'} here all night
18th Fishing over at christees an Indian came to sleep in the Barn
19 A I Baker here {According to the census another son, Randolph, was born this day}
20th Duck hunting commences {words illegible} Baker passed up put in the Wheat before
{words illegible} door
21st Jo Gaarneau here wrote a Letter for him Les Laduke Making the stack at the East End
of the Barn 55 cocks in it
22nd Crossed with I {or J} A {words illegible} got a Letter for Pat Got a paper from Charlie
Semo paper to him

23rd Cut the Wheat Lower Peice found the sheep hurted Mr Spencer here all night Left some
24th Killed the sheep Went to Williamstown with it
25 Came home Allen and James Hugh picking nuts
26th {words illegible} feed with them Got 2 pigs from Henery to {words illegible} a mess of
Potatotes put in the wheat {illegible}ll but Raking it
27 Thrased a Litle Wheat
{'28' likely} Working at the hay
29 at the hay
30th at hay
31st Went to mill Bought of Baker cotton {words illegible} tea Bought of Norman a Basket 19
paid got 10 cents from Laurue paid this stopd at Lis all night
1st September came home {words illegible}
2nd Mowing
3rd Dans Birth Day
{next line is molded and worn away}
Mr James Cameron Island Sept 13th
{right hand side of page badly damaged so some words are missing or illegible}
Tomatoes Western Berries Ripe Hazelnuts good an Eclipse this evening made 6 cocks of
hay on the Lower Point
14th Mowed some9 chickens
16th at Hay
17 18 19 20th at hay

21st Fishing Lost a {line?} Barge aground at the square Island
22nd Sunday
23rd at {word illegible} and Potatoes
24th 25 Finished the Potatoes
26th cutting Marsh hay in the Back mars Getting Ready to go to Salmon River stopt at Lis's
all night
27th Took 8 Bushels of Ashes {word illegible} salt saleratus cotton Wick Matches Paid
Norman {word illegible} the Basket -/9 speaking to Mr Gillis about the Timber Mr Gillis here a
Good Breeze {word illegible} home Bought of Robert 1 lb Powder 2 lbs shot Lamp {word
illegible} 8lbs LIme from Norman -/8 paid this
28th cut some Marsh hay
29th Raining
30th Wild Geese came {word illegible} ice in the canoes
1st October Drawing in hay {word illegible} the stable Loft Drew some Wood
2nd set the trap for the Wild Geese shot a Duck
3rd a Fortunate {word illegible} Fixing the stove Semos Boys thrashing Beans {word illegible}
the Beets and carrots
4th Semos taking up his {word illegible} 6 1/2 Bushels
5th Raining
6th Gathering nuts
7th Went Ross's Island
8 Got a Letter from John a paper {word illegible} Dan and a paper from Charlie took away the

9th Went to F Covington Bought of H {Baker?} 1 peice of Rope 15 cents 2 Treats pair of
Boots paid a {word illegible} 1yd cloth 5/- 8 yds Calico 1"44 5yd Calico 5/- 1yds Linen 12 1/2
Cents {word illegible} Laurue 10 cents 3 cents to p P 1 for pipe stopt at {Bills?} Got a pipe
from Laflesh
10th Hugh Anns {words illegible but likely Birth Day} the Fair in Williamstown Killed the
11 {word illegible} very unwell
12 Raining shot the Big White {Owl?}
Sunday 13th French hunters stauling {stauking, stealing?} my Big Fox
14th the Russels here for the Fox got 25 cents
15th Gordon and I to Charlies Island for butternuts stopt all night
16th Came home got 3 rats Mrs J T Lynch here stopt all night
17th the sticks to {the rest of sentence is lost as the bottom of the page is molded and
Mr James Cameron Island Oct 20th 1867
Sunday 21st Went to mill with 3 Bushels of Provender Bought of Mr Baker 5 yds Cotton paid
this Got Lost coming home
22nd thrashed 50 lb Wheat
23rd Thrashed 18 lb William Lavelette {word illegible} here to teell me about the Parcel come
24th Our Hughs Birth Day
25th My Birth Day Went to Dundee stopt at Jessimas all night 10 cents paid 25 cents on the
Parcel 5 cents Candy carding 5 lb Wool 30 cents Duty Brittish Port 3 cents Bought of Baker 4
lb Tea 1/3 Treat 10 cents crackers 5 cents Bottle to Be Returned came Down to Old Moms
{Hoffmorns?} Place turned Back Wrote a Letter to Mr Lynch

{word illegible perhaps '26th'} and Mr Lynch here and Man sent a Letter John Got a Dollar in
the Letter i Got from him
Sunday 27th Mr Lynch here Gave me 2 1/2 Dollars {word missing} the Bush
28th Went to Hopkins Bought {word missing} stick for 4 Dollars went to Dundee I bought the
3 sticks from Robert for 15 Dollars Bought 2 lb crackers 1/2 lb Tea 1/2 lb Tobacco 3 pipes
{word illegible} 4 peices down
29th went to Bosells then to Laneas Bought 4 lbs Pork 2/6 Bread Crackers 5 cents of salts
Bottle Whiskey 1/3 Bottle to Be Returned took the Elm {word illegible}d pine out of the
Rushes Mr Lynch got a Ducking wet
30th I am very unwell Mr Lynch went to ---arts Bay EEl Fishers coming to Fish Races in
31st I set Fire to the Brush heap it is Hallow Eve cracking nuts
1st November All Saints Day not very well Bad with cold 2 Mr {word illegible}ch went to
Henerys for the stick stormy Day wets wind {?} Took the staves to the River
3rd Bub P Laflesh very rainy east Wind
4th Bub P Laflesh Thrashing {all?} wheat for me Lynch Made the steps
5th Guy Fawkes King the Porch
6th Working at the {words illegible}
7th porch Ellens Birth Day Bought pair {words illegible} shirt {words illegible} tobacco 2/ {roed
illegible} 1 pound
{last line illegible, tattered and molded}
Mr James Cameron Island Nov 9 1867
Bought in Lancaster Pork Coffe Bread sugar setting fire in the Oakfield Burnt some of the
cocks of Marsh hay 2 men came up to hunt on the little Island here at night playing cards

Sunday 10th Mr Lynch And me in the Woods Transplanted 2 Trees Mr Lynch and Man
started off Gave me 4 Dollars Left me his adze and crowbar Great Fires in the Marshes set
Fire to the Marsh before the Door
11th Fixing the stable
12th went to Summerstown sent a Letter to Mary and Johns Letter in is paid the Postage
Bought of Mr Harper 1/2 Gal oils teapot 2/- a Treat at Mr Summers -/6 paid all this
13th Drawing Wood
14th Drew some hay covering the sheds
15th Let out the Rams snowing to night East Wind stormy East Wind and snow Jim Hopkins
takingthe cattle from Alexis Island
17th Salaberry {likely a steamer} went Down
18th Killed the hog
19th Drawing wood Boats a Going
20th cold
21st On this Day of the Month Donald McMaster Departed
22nd Drawing Wood Fine Day
23rd a Great many Propellers coming up after being Froze in the Canal 5 or 6 of them went
up Gave him 2 Dollars and 2 Dollars from James Grant 1/2 lb Tea Treat at Thomas Munroes
signing Walter Baker Papers Got 2 papers from Charlie
24th came home from Thomas Munroes ottawa and ospr {word illegible, another steamer?}
went Down Light in the Light house yet Lots Ducks and Wild Geese water very low
25th cutting stove Wood
26th Banking the east end of the ho{word illegible}
27th Whitewashing

28th Fixing canoe & Fishing Eels
29th Went to Mr Harpers Bought 5/- worth of flour 1 package of matches -/7 1/2 Treat of 1/2
Dozen of Envelopes -/3 wrote {missing word} Pat
{last line illegible, ragged and molded}
Mr James Cameron Island Lake St Francis Nov 29th
Old Duncan McDougall's Wife Departed yesterday the 28th Married 60 years Alexander
Hamilton went of Bought of A Summers 4 lb of Barley 18 cents Wild Geese Plenty and Ducks
30th St Andrews Day {font for former is larger and bolder} stormy Windy cold and Frosty
1st of December a Propeller went up Boats Done Running a very cold Day
2nd skinned the calf
3rd Thrashing Wheat
4th Drawing Wood
5 a cold time
6th cold Day
7th Drawing Livinia cut her Finger with the Drawing Knife
8th Sunday
9th Fixing the Stable Door
10th Drew some wood
11th Broke on the stack cold time Hens Freezing
12th to night the Ice took across from here to Frashers Point
13th Went around the Island very very Frosty

14th I crossed to Summerstown Bought 1 lb Tea Broom cotton Wick treat Got 1/3 from Pat
sent a paper to charlie Got 2 from him
Mr James Cameron Island Dec 15th 1867
Sunday Wrote a Letter to John and charlie
16th Went to Dundee and Fort Covington Bushed the Road from the head of the Island to
Hopkins Little Island took Dinner at Hopkins put the Letter for charlie in the Dundee P.O -/7
1/2 paid put Johns Letter in F Covington PO 3 cents 1/2 worth of Candy. Bought of G
Streeter pair of Boots for Gordon 2 Dollars paid a Treat at Normans -/6 Bought of D Baker 8
yds of cotton 5/- 3 yards at -/6 1/6 1 lb Tobacco 1/5 paid this got a Ride down from Bill took
supper there came to Hopkins slept all night got 2 Books from Mary Ann
17th came home
18th Thrashing some {written above this:} the Earthquake this morning
19th Drawing Drags { in agriculture this is a harrow-like instrument that is dragged along the
earth to level it for seeding or spreads manure; in hunting one drags a scent of another
animal along the ground}
20th Got Ready to go to Williamstown Turned Back Put out a Few Bushes at the head of the
21st Went to Harpers Bought 1 lb Soap -/6 Treat /3 1/2 paid andrew for a Treat 15 cents
crackers a -/1 illegible word stroked out {word illegible} of Hopkins home for the Rain took my
Wheat to mill first Horse here on the ice
22nd First Day of Winter Jim came with the Wheat him and the 2 children Reading Handy
Andy Lent Jim the Disasters and Shipwrecks at Sea {a book}
23 chopping stove Wood {written above:} Angus McGloughlin Died
24 Bosells Drew 2 loads of their stack Lent George the hems christmas eve
25th christmas Day stormy cold John Angus McGloughlin Buried
26th Drawing Drags

27th Raining made my Leather Mits
28th Went to Summers town Bought of A Summers 1/4 lb Spice 2 oz of Sesma {?} 2 pipes
Bought of Mr Harper comb -/5 1 worth of sweetys 1/2 Saleratus {baking powder} 1/3 stopt
with Pat all night Hired the School master McDermid to teach on the front wanting L55
James Hopkins across with a horse promised Charlie Rose the Ram
29th {word illegible} Birth Day took Thomas Munros
+{last 2 lines on page are ragged and moldy} howie slept
Mr James Cameron Island 30th Dec 1867
30 Dec 67 Drawing Drags
31st Last Day of the year Shot the Owl got him alive
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