James Ross Diary & Transcription, 1894-1895


James Ross Diary & Transcription, 1894-1895


James Ross


Courtesy of Wellington County Museum and Archives


19th Century, Wellington County, Nichol Township, Ontario

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James Ross Diary Collection


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James Ross (1869-1953)
1894-1895 Diary
Transcribed by Rural Diary Archive Volunteers
1894 Farm Journal and Account Book
October 8 Monday morning cold and cloudy and remained so during the day. Willie
Sanderson and his father came up home early this morning the former to help up with our
potatoes and the latter to endeavor to sell us one of his diggers. We bought the plow and
digger combined and of our seventeen rows of potatoes we took up nine rows and got
between fifty or sixty bushels. In the evening I went to the R. T of T. Bought of Wm
Sanderson his combined plow and potato digger for $15 payable in two payments one $7.50
the incoming winter and the other $7.50 a year later {in column} @$5.00
9 Cloudy day. In the forenoon I hauled three loads of hardwood to G D. Fergusson
amounting in all to nearly three cords for which I received eleven dollars in the afternoon I
worked at the drain in the field at the north side of railway at Ferndale, while Willie drew out
some manure for Mr Mills then went to Strathross and harrowed some land which we had
plowed out of sod two inches deep. {in column} G 11.00
10 Cold cloudy and very rainy looking all day. I finished the drain I was at yesterday and
Willis plowed in the field in the forenoon in the afternoon we plowed in the same field (no. 3
of Ferndale?) next the bush breaking up a piece of new land in the centre of the field
composed of swamp muck full of roots and some stumps. It is exceedingly slow work and
one is kept busy picking out the roots etc. Wm Shortreed got a pig from us last night and I
went over to see it weighed this morning. It went 84 lbs dressed and at 6 cent a lb came to C
5.04 {this is a farm journal so the 5 appears in a separate column from the 04 }
11 Cold, cloudy and looked like rain and indeed was raining some in the morning later on in
the day the sun shone and the sky cleared but it continued windy and at intervals clouded
over and rained a little. The District Council R T of T {Royal Templars of Temperance} was
held in Fergus to-day. This puts me in mind that yesterday I received from the Whitehead
and Hoag Co. a badge and catalogue of badges in return for which I am to try and get an
order from our Council. The badge is reversible a device which is but recently patented by
the Co. one side is for funeral parade and the other side is for ordinary wear I am well
pleased with it. To return to the D.C. being convenor of the billeting committee I went to the

9:20 train to meet the delegates. There were a rather small number and they were easily
disposed of. We had the
October 11 {1894 written vertically} District Councillor for tea. Willie plowed in field No. 3 in
AM and harrowed at Strathross in PM the land we plowed shallow and intend plowing again
this fall. We delivered 5 pigs which we had previously sold to Cassie for $4.50 per cwt. four
of them had been kept in the pen and one outside along with four others the pen fed ones
were fatter but as they were weighed in a bunch we had no means of finding their respective
weights. They weighed 760 lbs which at $4.50 comes to $34.20 minus 10 cts for weighing C
$34.10 {in column}
12 Raining in the morning and had been during the night. We plowed in field No.3 - finished
the piece of new land and almost finished the rest of the field. Willie brought up eight
chickens from Wm Bergens last night which we gave $1.50 for 1.50 {in column}we also each
got a hat yesterday at 50 cts each {1.00 in column} Wm. Shortreed also got another pig last
13 Cold day and cloudy Dr Robertson superintendent missions of North West preached in
the forenoon and gave a very interesting account of the progress of mission in the N.W.
14 Very cold in the morning a quite thick ice on the tub of water at the new well
Kept cold and windy with occasional glimpses of sunlight during the day. I went to Strathross
with Dick in the light waggon to work at the open ditch across the thirty two acre pasturefield
and took up my dinner. Willie finished the plowing on field No. 3 {unknown symbol} in the
forenoon and in PM he harrowed at Strathross the shallowed plowed sod previously
mentioned elsewhere. I went to the {R.T of T?} concert at night admission ten cents D.10 {in
16 Not quite so cold to-day more sunshine. I worked at the open ditch in the forenoon with
Lucy and in PM with Dick additional. Willie harrowed in the forenoon what he was at
yesterday and in PM he drove up Mary and Bella to the orchard with Cleve and they picked
the rest of the apples a little over two bags the crows having eaten a large number of them. I
wrote out a few thoughts on the debate that is to come off at the {R.I of I?} next Monday
"Resolved that the Negro has suffered more at the hands of the White man than the A.
Indian. Wm. Shortreed took away another pig.

17 Fine sunny day but a cold wind. We took up six more rows of potatoes to-day a good
crop. Father got a letter from Mr Porter St. Joseph Island enquiring if we could sell lot 14 at
three dollars an acre. There is one hundred and fifty nine acres in the lot and we decided to
sell the whole for three an acre or fifty-nine next the lake for three and a half an acre.
October 18 Fine sunny day. We took up two rows of potatoes that were left from yesterday. I
worked at the open ditch at Strathross till about eleven o' clock when Wilson Mills came up
and got Lucy to go to his grandfather Wilson's funeral. In the spring we planted four kinds of
potatoes besides our main crop five pounds of Early Shamrock which yielded a bag and a
fifth ten pounds of North King, yield about the same as E.S. five or ten potatoes of Maggie
Murphy which yielded about 3/4 of a bag the best yield I think of any, and a milk dishful of
Rural New Yorkers yield 1 3/4 bags.
19 Fine day sunny and warm. We harrowed over the potato land again and got about two
bags after which Willie went to Salem with Dick in the lightwaggon and got 500 lbs flour for
$7.00 and a dollars worth of Bran and shorts.{D 8.00 in column}I worked at the open ditch
the rest of the day and Willie started to take up the mangols in the afternoon.
20 Fine day. I continued the open ditch for about 1 1/2 chains in a Northeast direction and at
right angles to the one I was furiously working at and finished yesterday we gave Mr Milne
two pigs worth 3.75 {D 3.75 in column}
October 20 which runs right across the field. Willie worked at the mangols to-day and we
brought a load home with us at night. When we got home we found that Effie a two year old
heifer had not been brought home with the cows and on search being made we found her in
the bush at Ferndale where she calved. A bull calf red and white and a good length which we
have named Sandy.
21 Sunday. Fine day Mr Craig preached in AM from {Jms?} 10:14, 15 and in evening a
discourse from 7th chapter of Esther.
22 Cloudy day rained in the evening. I fixed up the pig stys so as to shut up 5 of the young
pigs now over four weeks old in order to wean them and leave two with their mother. Willie
pulled mangols at Strathross and in PM I brought down two loads. In the evening I went to
{RT of T?} with my new badge and got orders from three brothers.

23 Looked like rain all day, it kept off but rained heavily through the night.I fixed at the
roothouse in the forenoon the floor of which had rotted Willie worked at the carrots. I went up
in PM with team and brought one load of mangols and one of carrots.
October 24 Fine day. I worked at pond at the bottom of green crop land at Strathross pulling
out the willows (*then started to plow across the green crop land through the pond then
across the oat stubble pea land and sod previously plowed shallow which is not well rotted.)
Willie worked at the turnips pulling and shaving them by hand. We brought down the rest of
the carrots about a load and a load of turnips.
25 Fine day I continued plowing and taking out willows. (*when I come to think of it I only
started plowing to-day) Willie worked at the turnips. We brought down a load of turnips at
noon and a load of corn at night. Bought 2 cow ties {D .20 in column}
26 Fine day between cloudy and sunny not cold. I plowed and worked at the willows in the
pond to-day. Willie pulled turnips we brought down two loads Yester Wednesday Louis
{Martyman?} a mason from Everton came to us in the field and gave us a tender for the barn
$1.10 for the whole job. I forgot to put this down for Wednesday
October 27 Fine day. We finished taking the willows of the pond. I continued plowing and
Willie worked at the turnips. We took two loads down to-day. In the morning I took Cleve
down to Dr Anderson as his leg was swollen the nigh hind leg. I got some liniment to rub on it
after washing it with warm water and drying thoroughly rubbing downwards. In the evening I
went down town and got $5.00 from Wm Shortreed as part payment for the pigs and I bought
{C 5.00 in column} in Draines a rat trap for 25 cts and 19cts of snaps and a {whatdoesit?} for
the end of a tug for 5 cts then I went to an auction sale of {Fardices?} books and bought Self
help, the Pilgrim Fathers and facts from Rome for 9 cts the combined expenditure amounting
to {D .58 in column note the 5 is obliterated with ink smudge}
28 Fine sunny day. Mr Craig preached a very practical sermon from Esther 8th chapter in the
forenoon and at night from the text thou art not far from the Kingdom of heaven. I gave 5cts
collection at C.E. at night {D.5 in column}
29 Fine sunny day. I plowed in the forenoon Willie shaved turnips instead of pulling and
Father pulled mustard out of the turnips in AM.
October 29 continued) In the afternoon Albert Sanderson helped us to {shaw?} pick turnips
we started a pit in the field. We put on the gravel box to haul to the pit as it enables us to

unload quickly. We brought down a load in the forenoon and at night a gravel box not quite
full. Thomas Wilkie got the dimensions of our barn to-day in order to put in a tender. I went to
RT of T at night expecting to debate the Negros versus A. Indians to come off but was
disappointed there are only sixteen present. I got another order for a badge Dr Anderson
came up at night to inspect our cows for tuberculosis but said we need not be alarmed as
they had only an attack of bronchitis and recommended that we put in a ventilator and
prescribed a half cupful of mustard of the consistency of cream to be rubbed into Rose's
neck every other night and also one teaspoonful of saltpeter in her food.
October 30 Raining to-day. I wrote a letter to Louis {D.3 in column} Martignom of Everton
asking him to send in a written tender for the barn. Geo. Bowley came over this
October 30 continued) morning and gave in his tender for the barn which i s $135 with board
and $160 without board. Rained more or less all day. I put a ventilator in the stable to-day
and Willie exchanged castings with Beatty Bros Manufacturing Co for the whole landside of a
Goody {name?} plow ours being broken. I advanced $200 on the RT of T per capita tax
which we sent away to-day and 13 cts postage. Bought 2 tie ropes 20 cts and 4 panes of
glass, putty etc {D $2.13 in column} {D .37 in column}
October 31 Cold and cloudy in the forenoon cleared off in the afternoon. I went with Dick in
the buggy up to Wm Clarks to make enquiries about the efficiency of Louis Mantignom as a
mason then I went over to see the cement flow in Jms Richardsons new barn. In the
afternoon we hauled turnips to the pit. We put the cattle in the barn during the night. We got
a clip for the harrows 10 cts. Rained heavily last night. {D .10 in column}
November 1 Cloudy day had rained slightly through the night and rained a little in the
forenoon. I plowed at Strathross in the forenoon with Lucy & Cleve as Dick has a sprained
hind foot. Willie shaved turnips. In the afternoon we had W&A Sanderson and we shaved the
rest of the turnips and hauled to the pit. We sold Goliath to W Shortreed for $25 and gave
him 10 bushels {C 25.00 in column}
November 1 continued) of turnips at 7cts a bushel 70 cts. I went down to Sandersons at night
and {D $.70 in column} paid him $7.50 on plow (see page 1) and $1.00 as time of boys in
full. {D$8.50 in column}
2 Faire and sunny in the forenoon clouded in PM. We hauled turnips to the pit to-day M.
Tobin gave us a tender for the barn to-night $135 for the job and board himself.

3 Rained through the night cold windy and damp day. We finished taking up the turnips to-
day Willie plowed in AM and I covered pits. I bought 10 cts oil of Rhodium and 10 cts shaving
soap. {D .20 in column}
4 Fine day cold Mr Craig finished his discourses on the book of Esther.
5 Cold day. Willie plowed to-day and I covered the pits in AM we took a load of corn into the
shed at Strathross in the afternoon I did sundry jobs. Uncle Willie with Cameron and Nellie
came down in the evening and he went to the Council meeting to see and get his interest
reduced to 5% and was successful. I went to RT &T at night
November 6 Cold day had snowed some through the night and snowed some through the
day. Willie plowed to-day. Uncle Willie went home. I bought a bit and two snaps for it to
attach to a halter for 15 cts. I took the sow to Laings in the afternoon {D1.15 in column}.
Wrote a letter to Louis Mantignom at night informing him that we would accept his offer
provided he signed a satisfactory agreement and guarantee.
7 Cold, cloudy and snowing but slightly during the day Willie plowed. I took 3 bags of mixed
wheat oats and barley to Samples for chop and bought a harne strap cost 15 cts. I hitched
Dick and Duffer {D .15 in column} to-gether and plowed two rounds. Duffer did not go very
well kicked up his heels etc the first round but was better the second. Wrote a letter to Peter
Stewart asking him for information respecting the quality of Mantignom’s workmanship. Sent
stamp for reply {D.6 in column}
8 Very frosty sunshine more or less all day. Willie plowed to-day. We bought up a load of
straw. I made a culvert over the ditch at Strathross where we intend making the lane.
9. Cold and frosty snowing a little all day and got stormy at night. Willie took "Effie" to Fords
and brought up the chop from the mill. We {D.15 in column}We finished the culvert in the
afternoon. Rather frosty to plow although probably not impossible
November 10 Cold day, cloudy. We brought down a load of hay (rakings) and a load of straw
in the forenoon. In PM we fixed up the barn at Strathross to keep the cattle away from the
implements and corn then we hauled two loads of stones to the barn foundation
11 Stormy and wintry like more snow. Mr McInnes preached at night we went to Strathross
and drove the cattle down to the creek for a drink

12 Cold day very frosty especially for this time of year snowing a little. I went to J. Skeoch's jr
with the intention of getting out 100 rafters which I purchased from him in the bush for {$6?}
but gave the contract to Robert Skeoch for $1.00 I went over to Broadfoots new barn to make
inquiries of the Bremners who are working there as to the merits of Louis Mantignom as a
mason and received a satisfactory answer. In PM we hauled five loads of stones to the barn
foundation I went to RT of T at night and received $2.19 for what I advanced in capita tax
and postage {C 2.19 in column}
November 13 Snowed considerable all forenoon had snowed through the night and snowed
a little in PM not so frosty to-day indeed it was a little soft. We with the aid of Mr Milne killed a
pig this morning (the last of the set referred to in the entry of Oct 11) It would dress probably
from 160 to 180 worth at present 6 cts per lb. or say. Rose our jersey calved {C 10.00 in
column} in the afternoon a heifer calf all red. H. Cameron was down to-day with a load of
oats for which he got 28cts a bushel. We hauled two loads of stones to barn foundation in
PM. Received a card from Louis Mantignom in answer to mine of the 6th that he would be up
to sign the agreement on Wed Nov 14/94. Bought 3 ties {D .30 in column}
14 Had snowed more through the night and continued a little in forenoon. Mild and melting
some. We changed the old long sleigh hay neck to fit the bob sleigh and brought down a load
of hay from Strathross and a load of straw from barn.
15 Mild day the snow has nearly all melted away and sleighing is gone. We hauled 3 loads
stones in AM on sleigh and 4 in PM on wagon to barn foundation.
November 16 Mild day clear in forenoon and cloudy in the afternoon with some very fine rain
a little snow falling at night. We hauled six loads of stones to the barn foundation in the
forenoon and in PM Willie plowed and I picked stones out of the ground in the pasture field
ready for picking.
17 Saturday. Fine day frosty. Willie plowed all day. I deepened the ditch at Strathross
running east and west above the dividing lane and to let the water (which we had temporily
made to run across the lane and over the field) return to its old course again. Bo't pair kid
gloves $1.00. We brought down some corn and have now only 4 or 5 stocks left in the field.
The cattle have done considerable damage to it by tramping into the stocks and straggling
the sheaves besides the stocks have settled and twisted to such an extent it is hard to
handle an experience which teaches the necessity of taking in the corn before it had time to
be overtaken by these calamities/

November 18 Sunday. Cold and frosty. Mr. Horn of Elora preached in Melville at night. I went
to Methodist Church at night and heard the Evangelists the Misses Hall.
19 Monday. The ground is white with snow very cold and frosty and feels as cold as the
middle of winter. I went over to Fonds and saw "Edward" of Gordonville and made
arrangement with him to get shingles for the barn from at $1.25 per square if I choose to
accept. I dug in the side of the hill near Gordon Street at Strathross in search of building
sand. Results a sand which I consider rather fine but will get mason opinion about. Willie
bought 2 stove lids at Beatty Bros.{D .40 in column} for 40 cts regular price 50 cts a saving of
10 cts by being a stockholder. In PM we hauled 5 wagon loads and two stoneboat loads of
stones to barn foundation and while hauling the third stoneboat load came hard upon a knoll
and brock broke it. I was not at RT of T at night.
20 Tuesday. Cold and frosty more cloudy than yesterday. I got material at sawmill for a
{$1.25 in column} stoneboat cost $1.25 on Cr. and bolts for same {$.57 in column} at Minnies
.57 cts Cr and made it. Willie hauled two loads of stones then we brought down a load of hay
in forenoon.
November 20 continued) In the afternoon Willie went over to Malcolm Campbell and helped
him over with some hay which we gave him for him agreeing to give us in return 4 days work
as we require him. {C4.00 in column} In the evening M. Smellie came over and gave us a
{illegible - truss?} for the framework of our barn $1.50 and we to get it raised.
21 Fine in the forenoon in PM clouded over and rained or rather between rain and mist
thawing to-day. I hauled 3 stoneboat loads of stones to B. foundation in forenoon and Willie
cleaned 5 bags of mixed wheat oats and barley for chop. 2PM I took the chop to Simples
then went up to Strathross and hauled 4 loads of stones to barn on stoneboat. Willie took
"Blockhead" {D 1.50 in column} to Fords. I went to prayer meeting at night and at the
Missionary Committee meeting held afterwards at the residence of Mrs Nelem I gave to J.
Donaldson treasurer of said comittee 25 cts for Mission {Spip?} shows {D.25 in column} and
35 cts payment on an agreement to give 5 cts a week for aid Knox College Missionary
Society commencing Sep 1 94 which with 10 cts previously given pays up to Nov 2 {D .35 in
November 22 Thursday. Public Thanksgiving day. Fine mild and cloudy. I went to Strathross
and loosened stones till 10 o'clock then came home and we all went to church except Mary.
Mr. Sparling preached a very good sermon from the text "In everything give thanks" I gave

10 cts collection {D.10 in column} In PM we hauled eight stoneboat loads of stones from
pasture field to barn. Father worked at the plan for the house to-day.
23 Fine day. I brought up the chop from Simple's Mill 25 cts this went to farm and loosened
{D.25 in column} stones. Willie plowed to-day. In PM Louis Mantignom who was here for
dinner signed the agreement for the building of barn foundation wall $115 for job complete. I
took him along {Zowski?} street to show him the large stones: he said they could be used but
that I would need some "headers" from the quarrie for the shed ends. I went to James Gow's
quarrie and learned that enough for the job would cost $5.00 and thus far I did not decide to
take them. I went to the revival meeting held in Methodist church by the Music {unclear}Hall.
24 Frosty in the morning and cloudy cleared off and clouded again at intervals. In PM got
quite stormy and snowed considerable. Willie plowed in the forenoon and I loosened stones
November 24 continued) In the afternoon Willie drove Mother up to James Skeoch's and took
up a few North King and Maggie Murphy potatoes with them. I went to Uncle "Jims" for the
saw which was sharped and got the handle mended cost altogether 20 cts {D.20 in column}
25 Sunday. Stormy and sunny at intervals frosty. Mr. Faizel preached to-day. He is from
Toronto. Gave 5cts collection {D.5 in column}
26 Frosty day got milder - cloudy. We hauled six stoneboat loads of stones to barn in AM
with Lucy and Cleve and in PM I used Dick and Cleve and hauled 4 stoneboat loads while
Willie went to Salem and brought home the rest of the flour he bought on Oct 19 and a bag of
shorts 68 cts {D.68 in column}
27. Windy in the forenoon with occasional sunshine in PM got quite stormy with two blinding
snowstorms snowing a little more or less all day we hauled 11 stoneboat loads of stones to
barn to-day. Wm Clark who is also building a barn came in to see our foundation in PM
November 28 Wednesday. Very frosty cloudy with some sunshine. We hauled stones in the
sleigh from the town line field of Strathross getting in all 5 loads. Mr. Smellie came over in the
evening. We gave him the job of the barn $180 complete.
29 Thursday. Another cold frosty day. I went to J. Skeoch Jr. to see about getting some
stones for headers but was unsuccessful. Willie hauled stones in AM and in PM we both
were at it and drew to-day 5 loads on the sleigh. I bought a pair felt lined long boots {D 1.75
in column}

30 Friday. Cloudy mild thawing some and a little misty. I took some pea straw down town to
put in the fountain to prevent it from freezing. I deposited $60 in post office savings bank. We
took our sheep, five up to Jms Skeoch. We hauled two sleigh loads in AM and two stoneboat
loads in PM of stones to barn. At a meeting of the session it was decided to give Mr Craig six
months leave of absence for his health provided the congregation were willing.
December 1 Saturday. Cloudy mild and thawing some. We hauled 3 stoneboat loads of
stones in AM and 1 stoneboat and 2 sleigh loads in PM to barn. Sold 2 quarts buttermilk to
Mrs J.J. Craig for 5 cts. {C.5 in column}
December 2 Sunday. Snowing a little, frosty. Mr Moody missionary from Africa preached in
our church in AM and in St Andrews to united congregation in the evening.
3 Monday. Frosty, cloudy and windy in AM. Willie and I went to Mills' threshing about 10
o'clock and finished by noon. Willie bought a pair felt lined long boots $1.75 {1.75 in column}
In PM Mr. Smellie went up with us to see the timber and what use could be made of the old
buildings. He says we will have enough sleepers for over the root house. He also advised us
to get a new shed plate as the one we have has a bad knot running through it. We hauled 3
sleigh loads stones to barn. I went to RT of T at night and was re-elected R. Secretary.
4 Tuesday. Fine day a little frosty the sun shone some in the afternoon we hauled three
loads stones to barn in AM and two in PM on sleigh. We got lantern fixed 10 cts and a little
shovel 10 cts. Father is over at {D .20 in column} Mr Milne and W.B&M at Sunday School
Convention meeting
December 5 Fine day frosty. I took Lucy and Cleve down to Wilsons and got them shod 1 set
and 1 new in Lucy and 2 new ones on Cleve's front feet the first time he has ever been shod
(he stood well) costing in at $1.00. We went down to Benhams {D1.00 in column} bush and
brought up enough wood to finish the two cord pile ordered by Dave and which we had
already started which at $3.50 per cord {C7.00 in column} We fixed the straw cutter in PM.
Harry and Ada Wane come down about noon to the county S. School Convention. We went
to the night meeting with them. A most interesting and instructive meeting Mr. Day answered
the questions of the G.D {unclear} and was especially good. I gave 10 cts collection {D.10 in
6 Fine sunny day, thawing and mild. Harry and Ada Wane went home this forenoon. We
brought up a load straw in AM and in PM I loosened stones till Willie came up when we
hauled two stoneboat loads to barn and brought down a load of hay at night.

7 Cloudy and somewhat misty mild thawing and drizzling some in PM. Willie and I loosened
stones at Ferndale in AM in PM I went to church preparatory services. Dr Jackson Galt
preached text "What think ye of Christ" I bought a waggon without box from M. Anderson {D
50.00 in column}
December 8 Saturday. Cloudy and misty all day drizzling in forenoon and in PM rained at
intervals. I brought our new waggon up from M Andersons in the morning and we took it and
the old one up to Strathross in AM. In Pm we put up the door and door post of barn at
Strathross which had been pulled down at haying. Willie bought six 31/2 x 3/8 bolts to mend
gravel box {D.10 in column}
9 (Sunday) Cloudy and snowing heavy flakes in morning cleared off during the day mild. The
sacrament of the Lords supper was dispersed in our church to-day earlier than usual as Mr
Craig and his wife start for a six month leave of absence to New Mexico to-morrow. He
preached from the "Transfiguration" an excellent discourse. There was a very large number
present. In the evening Dr. Dixon of Galt preached to a full church of united congregations a
good full and practical sermon from the text "Ye are the light of the world"
10 Monday. Misty all forenoon in the afternoon got stormy raining or rather drizzling and
freezing coating the trees with mist in the evening turning to snow and continued stormy. We
hauled 2 loads stones to barn to-day from Armstrongs in new
December 10 continued) waggon in AM and in PM it being too drizzlie and stormy to use the
team I made an apparatus for holding leather while sewing it. Willie went down to James
Gows and ordered the stones for the barn shed ends. I went to R.T of T at night. I bought 2
balls shoemakers wax 2 cts 1 ball shoemakers linen 10 cts 1 pair hinges 10 cts 2 harness
makers awls 5 cts and 1 handle for awl 5 cts {D. 32 in column} Willie got hinges for rack
board for keys 10 cts and rip saw sharped 10 cts {D .20 in column}
11 Tuesday) Thawing raining more or less all day too wet to use team. I finished leather
holder and mended some harnesses. Willie went down to see Christmas fair and while down
bought 1 awl 5 cts and 1 harness needle 1 ct {D.6 in column} Peter Spark came down to-day
to attend court in Guelph as a juryman and left buggy and Nell here. I sent a letter answering
some pointed questions to WW Bucannan {D.3 in column} Received a letter from the
Whitehead & Hoag Co stating the trade discount on badges reduced to 10% which I replied
to by asking if they could forward an order of 12 badges all charges prepaid for 75 cts each

{D .3 in column} Willie Bella and Mary went to lecture in basement of St Andrews church
given by Rev Jensen on Holland Collective {D.25 in column}
12 Wednesday Rainy more or les all day snowed a little at night. I changed the shed taking
down the grain bins. Peter Spark came from Guelph to-day there being no cases for the jury.
News received to-day of Sir Jm Thompsons death I went to prayer meeting at night Peter
Remine presiding
December 13 Cloudy day not very frosty during the day but got keener at night. I cleaned up
the shed in forenoon in PM we took up to Strathross a load of manure in new waggon and
brought down a load of hay in old one. Peter Spark went home to-day. Willie bought bottle
English sprain cure {D1.00 in column} Received from Wm Shortreed for pigs sold to him in
October $5 as part payment {5.00 in column}
14 Friday. Fine day. Cloudy in AM but cleared off bright & sunny. rather warm considering
the season. We hauled seven loads stones to barn in new waggon from Armstrongs and two
from our own place. Took up two loads manure
15 Saturday Fine sunny day. We hauled 4 loads stones to-day (all from Armstrongs except
one) to barn. Took up two loads manure.
16 Sunday. Looked like rain in AM and did rain some in PM Mr Wardrobe appointed in Mr
Craigs place preached to-day.
17 Cloudy day somewhat stormy and snowing some. I went down to James Gows for a load
stones (headers) and on the way got Dick shod on front feet 1 new & 1 set 40 cts and got
harness mended {D .40 in column}
December 17 continued) Took down 3 bags chop. In PM went for another load of (headers)
and brought up the chop 15cts and 5 bags dust 52 after which {.67 in column} I went to
Castle's house where a committee meeting was held re distributing Xmas dinners to the
poor. Went to Rt of T at night.
18 Tuesday Fine day, frosty and cloudy with occasional sunshine. We took up a load manure
and brought down a load of hay from barn then a load straw from barn at Ferndale. In PM
Willie and Bella went up to Arthur with Lucy in buggy and I broke some big stones on Forfar
& Gzowski Streets. Went to C.E. Business meeting at Argos at night.

19 Fine day. Frosty in morning and probably all day but the sunshine which occasionally
shone through the clouds thawed the surface of the ground. I took the old waggon up to barn
at Strathross and brought down the new one to Ferndale where I put on a load of stones and
was on the road up with it where Dick's trig broke so I went home. In PM Willie came down
from Arthur and Geo Cameron with him who went to Galt with train. Willie took the trig down
to get mended and while down got the tug that was there paid for it and the martingale I got
December 19 continued) on Monday as well as paying for this one all of which came to 70
cts {D.70 in column} he also got his tooth filled 50 cts. {D.50 in column} We hauled two loads
stones up to barn. Willie brought down from Strathross the heifer we bought from C Kay.
20 Thursday. Misty in the morning cleared off bright sunny day like Indian summer. Took
creamer down to Websters to get a screw plug put in there. Willie hauled a load stones on
waggon from Ferndale to barn and then brought up the creamer which cost $1.00. In PM we
took up a load of {D 1.00 in column} of manure to Strathross then hauled up a load stones
from there then from Townline Field No. 3 Ferndale. I picked stones and broke them.
21 Friday. Fine in morning got cloudy and rained about 10 o'clock cleared off again in PM.
Mild weather. We hauled 2 loads stones up to barn in AM from Ferndale and in PM got a
load on Forfar Street and one at Strathallan. Geo Cameron came from Galt to-day and Hugh
came down and drove him home.
December 22 Saturday. Fine day sunny but frosty. We hauled 2 loads stones to barn in AM
from Ferndale and in PM one from Forfar Street and 2 from Strathross all in waggon
23 Fine day. Frosty Dr Wardrobe read a letter from Mr Craig who is in Raton N. Mexico - no
improvement in health yet.
24 Monday. Cloudy day snowed in PM considerable. We hauled down a load of hay from
barn Strathross and 1 load strain form barn Ferndale. I took down 1 bag potatoes 45 cts and
1 bag turnips 15 cts {D. 60 in column} to help make up a Xmas dinner for 9 or 10 families. in
PM I helped to deliver them together with Jms {Draimie?} who provided the horse and rig.
Bought a china fruit holder as present for A Black who is to be married to J Tumplin on
Wednesday $1.00 {D 1.00 in column} Willie took Bessie to Fords $1.50 and brought {D 1.50
in column} down the sheep from Jms Skeoch $1.00. Took up load manure {D 1.00 in

25 Tuesday. Christmas. Frosty day. The sky has a stormy appearance snowed at intervals
during day sun shone occasionally no sleighing. We drove Mrs Walker over for dinner and
then back in PM. Uncle Jim was also over for dinner. We were all with the exception of Bella
who is at Arthur in at Aunt's for the evening
December 26 Wednesday. Very frosty, cloudy and snowing very fine flakes amounting to
little. We hauled 4 loads stones from Ferndale to barn through Armstrongs.
27 Thursday. A very frosty and cold day, stormy, some sunshine in PM. sundogs at either
side of the sun, a cold stormy appearance of sky. We fixed roothouse to keep out frost then
made a frame to lift stones in AM. In afternoon we hauled 2 loads stones to barn from
Ferndale. Georgine Spark was here for dinner came down with Jms McLellan. Mother bought
a pair spectacles from Pre {unclear}Morris {D 2.52 in column}
28 Friday. Very keen frost, bright sunny day. We hauled 2 loads stones to barn from
Ferndale in AM and in PM 1 load stones then brought down a load hay and brought up load
29 Saturday. Very frosty cloudy somewhat stormy and snowed some especially in PM. I went
to Camerons (Arthur) where I found Bella waiting for me and a little after 3 o'clock we started
out for Wands where we reached a little after six o'clock. the roads are bad and we made
slow progress in the buggy. We spent a very pleasant evening there.
December 29 continued) besides Harry and Ada there were Mrs Howie and Lizzie Wand
sister from Manitoba. Willie bought me a pair mits 60 cts machine oil 10 cts{D. 60 in column}
and castor oil for buggy 7 cts shorts 50 cts {D. 67 in column}
30 Sunday. Frosty day between sunny and cloudy snowed some at night. At Wands Bella
and I in PM we went to Methodist church at Goldstone no preaching the time was all taken
up by Sunday school exercises distributing presents in the evening Harry Bella Ada and
myself drove up to Drayton and heard Miss Doyle preach she was very good and earnest.
Goforth preached at Melville.
31 Monday. Frosty but not so keen as last week. Harry Wand and I went to see two new
barns in the neighbourhood in the forenoon. In PM Bella and I drove home again coming by

January 1 New Years Day. Tuesday. Cloudy frosty and snowing a little. Willie, Fred, Wilson
Milne and I skated up the river to Jms Richardsons and went in to see his new barn. In the
evening Arthur Jennie Dave Fred, aunty and Annie and Wilson Mills{wonder if this should be
Milne and is an error of text} were in to spend the evening.
2 Wednesday. Frosty sunny and cloudy at intervals. We took up a load of pea straw to the
sheep at Strathross and brought down a load hay in PM we took up the waggon and brought
down put the box on the sleigh and hauled 3 loads stones to barn
3 Thursday. Not very frosty snowed considerably in PM. We hauled a load stones to barn in
sleigh from Strathross then brought down the waggon and hauled 2 loads form creek field
Ferndale then in PM we hauled up a load from Gzowski street 1 from creek field and one
from Armstrongs
4 Friday. Frosty sunny day. We hauled 3 loads stone in waggon from creek field Ferndale in
AM and in PM sold a load hay 1600 lbs to Dave Watson @$7 per ton then brought up a load
{C 5.60 in column} straw from the barn. Weighing hay cost {D.10 in column}
1895 centred at top of page
January 5 Saturday. Cold day. Snowing more or less all day and blowing also. We went
down to Benhams bush in the forenoon and cut up a tree and brought home with us about
half a cord of wood for Dave. In PM we took both waggons up to barn at Strathross and
brought down the sleigh although on account of the wind the sleighing is not good. Mother
got some homeopathic medicine from Mrs. {1.00 in column} Knox and I took 10 pills for my
6 Sunday. Snow fell during the night which would have made not bad sleighing had it
remained but it rained this forenoon and damp all day and thawing. I remained at home this
forenoon an account of my cold but went out in the evening. Dr. Wardrobe preached an
excellent sermon from Heb 11 and a clause of the last verse. "Some better thing"
7 Monday. Frosty morning and evening but thawing slightly during the day snowed a little at
night. General Municipal elections throughout the country Mr. Perry elected Reeve of Fergus.
Alex Shaw drove me up to Cumnock to vote I did not vote in Fergus. Thos Hamilton drove
Father up to Cumnock to vote (over)
1895 centred on top of page

January 7 continued) I cleaned 5 bags oat barley and wheat mixture for chop and Willie took
it down and brought it up again in the afternoon. He also hauled up six loads manure to
Strathross in the sleigh. I went to R.T of T at night was appointed captain in a debate the
subject yet to be decided. Father received a letter from Shortreed Bros. Hilllsdale stating that
he had loaded in a car 5400 ft 12 ft inch hemlock and 6000 18 ft and asking us to send order
to finish their load.
8 Tuesday. Frosty day stormy and snowing at intervals all day cleared off at night got frostier.
We took up a load manure on sleigh then gathered a load stones off plowed turnip land and
took it to barn in AM. In the afternoon we took up another load manure to Strathross in sleigh
then hauled 2 loads stones from Town line at the head of Fords farm going through his field.
Mr. Smellie came over this morning to see what lumber we would send for to make up
carload and we decided on 900 ft dressed and matched 14 feet inch pine.
January 9 Wednesday. Frosty. Fine sunny day. We took up a load manure to Strathross then
hauled a load stones on sleigh from town line at Fords in AM. In the afternoon we took up a
load stones from creek field Ferndale going through Armstrongs over the creek with the
sleigh then hauled 2 loads from Fords (T.L).
10 Thursday. Stormy and snowing all day turned to hail in afternoon. We went down to
Benhams in AM cut up a tree and brought home some wood in the sleigh which almost
completed Dave's cord. In PM we took up a load stones from lane Ferndale to barn then put
the girts in the old sheep house to one side out of the way preparatory to putting in lumber as
a car load of 12 818 ft hemlock came to day from Shortreed Bros. Hillsdale containing.
We brought up 4 bags dust {.60 in column} and 50 cts oatmeal from Wilsons Mill.{.50 in
column} I went to prayer meeting at our church at night
1895 centred at top of page
January 11 Friday. Fine sleighing. Stormy and snowing some. We got up early and hauled 3
loads of lumber from the car (referred to in yesterday's entry) in AM and two loads in the
afternoon on the sleigh to farm.

12 Saturday. Fine sunny day thawing some. We hauled the rest of the car load four loads.
Mary Clyne came here from Hillsburg on C.P.R. Saw Gord and McLean down town at night
and ordered a new shed sill 10X10 37 ft long.
13 Sunday. Cloudy snowing and very stormy not very frosty. Mr. Wardrobe preached
morning and evening.
14 Monday. Stormy and snowing occasional glimpses of blue sky and sunshine. We drove
Mary Clyne up to her Uncle David's as we went to Strathross for a load of hay. In PM Willie
drove father and I up to barn where we measured some of the lumber. I went to R.T of T at
night. W C Lindsay was initiated.
1895 36
January 15 Tuesday. Snowing quite heavy in forenoon cloudy all day. frosty. We brought up
a load straw from the barn and a load hay down from Strathross in am. In the afternoon
Willie Bella Mary Clyne and Wilson Mills went over to Salem and got 500 Ibs flour cost $7.00
and brought home 250 Ibs {in column} 7.00 I went up with them and measured some more of
the lumber. I wrote considerable at my debate to-night {Pulprik?} versus Press of which 2 am
captain of the affirmative to come off next monday night. Wrote a letter to {Ges?} Beatty
requesting him to attend Royal Templar meeting
16 Fine day. Frosty. Sunny at intervals. We went down to Benhams brush and brought up to
Blacks mill two three 14ft logs and a {written in pencil in margin: 3.14 & 1.17} 17 foot one to
get cut for girls and in PM we brought up two 14 foot ones. The sleighing is excellent.
17 Not so frosty snowing more or less all day. We went down to Benhams brush cut some of
a tree and had a log on the sleigh and was putting on another when Dicks {home?} broke
and we had to come home empty. We got two chairs and mended one a new round hook on
and out saw sharped at {Jenplins?} in all cost 5 5 cts then {in right margin: 55} went down
again in PM and brought up 3 logs for home use for fuel. I went to prayer meeting night
{bough?} Cameron was down to see about getting a car load oats
37 1856
January 18 friday Snowy all day but very heavy and thick in the afternoon not very frosty. We
went down to Benhams brush in the forenoon cut two logs and was in the act of putting a log
on the sleigh when Lucys whiffletree broke and we had to come home empty. In the

afternoon we took the wood rock and brought home some wood some cordwood and the
west limbs etc.
19 Saturday. Snow quite deep on the ground from last night. Fine sunny day warm sun but
slightly frosty air. We sawed a log and split some of it in AM. In the afternoon we finished
measuring the lumber and found and found it over 200 ft more than the amount that being
11 00 ft at $10 per M {in right margin: 114 00 3 00} We finished Dave's cord of wood
20 Sunday. cloudy between raining and hailing. Dr Wardrobe preached in forenoon and a
student (Mr Eddington I think his name is) preached at night from the text "She has done
what she could"
21 Monday. Raining more or less all day. We cut wood to-day Jack Johnson and Mrs
Johnson came down to day and on account of the rain remained
January 21 continued) all night. Mr Johnson Mary Mary Clyne Willie and myself went to an
open meeting of the R T of T. I acted as one of the captains on a debate Resolved that the
pulpit has done more for civilization than the press I and Ms Cassidy supported the
affirmative and R mills and Ms McFadger supported the negative. The judges were
Mrs Beattie Mrs Mennie and Geo Lindsay and the decided in favor of the Pulpit (our side)
22 Tuesday. Snowing and very stormy also frosty. We cleaned 6 bags of mixed stuff for
{chop? crop?} in forenoon. Too stormy to work outside Annie and Jamie {Skroch?} came
down in PM and helped with a quilt. I drove them up in the sleigh.
23 Wednesday. Cold frosty snowing and very stormy yet. We put a load of manure on the
sleigh and got as far as town line when we had to turn back on account of the drifts. We went
up the A.S. road and found it drifted also but we got through but had to go through the field to
get to barn at Strathross. I got a chain and whiffletree mended at
January 23 (continued) Templins cost 35cts, Bella McInnes was here for tea.
24 Thursday. Fine and sunny in the forenoon clouded over in PM and snowed some in the
evening. We brought up a load of straw from the barn then went to the old house Ferndale
for a load of hay but before we got there we had to break a road on the town line aided by
Jim Ford and Sam McKee so we only brought a few forkfuls. In PM Willie went up to feed the
cattle himself with team and I went to river to see Jno McFadgen about getting ice, after

which we went to old house and brought home 3/4 of a load the road being sufficiently good
to do so. Went to prayer meeting at night Dr Wardrobe spoke on the coming of Christ.
25, Friday. Fine sunny day in the forenoon and part of the afternoon after which it clouded
over and got quite stormy at night. Willie hauled 4 loads ice 112 blocks in all in 4 loads and 2
packed. Getting the ice from McFadgen for 1 1/2 cent a block amount to $1.56. Mary Clyne is
still here and Clara came from Hillsberg Erin where she is teaching in the 8 PM train.
January 26, Saturday. Very stormy and had snowed a lot during the night. Big drifts and bad
roads. Late trains. Snowing more or less all day not extra frosty but very drifty. We packed
the rest of the ice to-day. Mary Clyne, Clara Mary and I went to call on John Templin Jr and
his better half in the evening. Willie drove us up in the sleigh then came for us and drove us
home. I got a piece of the wedding cake to dream on.
27, Sunday. Very stormy snowing and frosty. The CPR went out to-day to open the road. Dr
Middlemis preached in the morning from the text Jno 11.15 and I am glad for your sakes I
was not there to the intent ye may believe; nevertheless let us go unto him and in the
evening on the subject of prayer.
28,Monday.Frosty not so stormy some sunshine. We cut wood to-day. Clara Clyne went to
the station in the morning but the CPR had never got back since going out yesterday and did
not come in all day so she remained here all night. Mary Clyne took sick about half past
eleven PM and I went down for Dr. Johnson who came up. I went to R T of T at night and
wrote out the quarterly report.
January 29 Tuesday. Fine sunny day, frosty. Clara Clyne went back to Hillsberg to-day the
CPR having come back during the night I went down town and sent away the capita tax on
67 members @ 16 ets each amounting to $10.72. In PM we sold and delivered a load of hay
to M. Smellie he helping us {underlined in green: to load it. 1340 at $7.00 per} ton for which I
received $4.65 Bella did spin.
30 Wednesday. Fine and sunny in the forenoon frosty. In the afternoon got a little stormy and
snowed some. We hauled 3 loads hay from the stack at Strathross to-day May Clyne went to
Guelph on 3PM train on her way home to Brantford. Mr Smellie was over at night and we
finished (Bram & shots ____60 calculating the material for the barn.

31 Thursday. Fine sunny day frosty. We hauled 2 more loads from the stack to-day thus
finishing the third of the stack which we cut down with hay knife. Willie Mary and I went to
hear Dr Jackson of Galt deliver a lecture in our church to night. "Fine and Firemen." a most
excellent lecture. we gave combined collection of 20cts. Willie took down 6 bags chop to
Wilsons and brought it 50cts oatmeal & 4 bags duct up {underlined: 1 30}
February 1 Friday. Fine in forenoon, got cloudy and snowed some in PM. We made
arrangements for bringing the young cattle from Strathross by putting the seven pigs in the
pen next the henhouse and fitting where they were with a stall across the shed in AM and in
PM we brought them down. We also brought down a load turnips and a fox which we killed in
the barn and skinned in the evening. We got 1 Ib 4 in nails and 1 Ib 3 in to fix the stalls etc. 8
{Vertically in left margin: Received a letter from H Waind}
2 Saturday. Fine clear sunny day but Keen frost. We sold 2 loads of hay 1 load con-taming
2210 Ibs {underlined in green: to ms Robinson after per turn} and one to {underlined in
green: Mr Donaldson 2000 Ibs. We} {In right margin underlined: 7 74 7 00} brought the 5
sheep down to-day. I saw Sow and McLean to-night and made an aggreement to get our
stable material etc for $8 per M for 14 ft stuff and under and $9 for longer. Bought a cattle tie.
Paid for weighing the hay 2 oats {In right margin underlined: 20 10}
3 Sunday. Fine sunny day. Frosty Dr Wardrobe preached morning and evening. I remained
at home in the evening.
4 Monday Fine day in AM got a little stormy and snowed some in PM very frosty. We brought
up a load straw from the barn in AM and
February 8 Friday. Another cold frosty day stormy blowing and snowing probably the coldest
day yet although the temperature is not quite so low. ranging from 15 to 8 below zero. Willie
went down to Reids to get his teeth filled and I went down town in AM and in PM I mended
some harness. Bella McJunes have for tea.
9 Saturday Not so frosty to-day from 12 to 16 above zero but very stormy and snowing the
CPR has not been down since yesterday. We blocked the hole in the barn at Ferndale to

keep out the sparrows sawed wood and plastered with snow water the cracks in the ice
preparatory to putting in the sawdust.
10 Sunday. Frosty and cloudy snowing a little and a little stormy. Dr Wardrobe preached
morning and evening from the same text Ex 17:6 and {kon?} 10:4
11 Monday. Not very frosty some sunshine We took up a load manure to Strathrossand
spread it then brought down a load turnips and in PM we took up a load manure spread it
and brought down a load turnips. Went to RZ of Y at night
12 Tuesday. Fine day the sun shone through a thin layer of clouds and thawed the snow a
February 12 continued) We went down to J Skooch for in AM to get rafters but as he had not
enough out we only brought four in the afternoon we went down to {underlined in red:
Benhams brush and brought to Blacks saw mill 2 logs 17 & 14 ft long} respectively.
13 Wednesday. cloudy and a little windy and snowing some not very frosty thawing a little in
shelter. Willie went down to get his teeth filled in AM so I hauled up {underlined in red: 2
loads manure to} Strathross and spread it. In PM we went to Benhams brush and brought up
{underlined in red: 2 logs both 17 ft and a buck to Blacks.} Willie took {underlined in green:
Rosa to Fonds.} Father got a long letter from C. young {in right margin: 1.50)
14 Thursday. Cloudy in AM and sunny in PM. Frosty at night although thawing some in
shetter during day a little stormy. We went to {underlined in red: Benhams brush and brought
up a 10 ft log to Blacks} and in PM we brought {underlined in red: 3.17 ft logs and I. 14 ft for}
girls also a price we bought have for wood. two of the girls we got from {underlined in red:
Days part be having taken some of ours.}
15 Fine clear sunny day Frosty although thawing in the sun. we brought up from Days part of
Benhams bush {underlined in red: 3 girls 14ft and 1 17ft} then brough up the 1 1/2 rich
lumber we
February 15 continued) we got cut out of the 10 and 14 ft logs we brought yesterday. In the
afternoon we brought home for fuel {underlined in red: 3 logs maple}

16 Saturday Fine sunny day. Frosty but thawing in the sun. We brought up a log from
Benhams in AM for wood and in PM brought a load hay from Old house and a load straw
from barn.
17 Sunday Fine day not very frosty sunny Dr Wardrobe preached morning and evening
18 Monday. Not very frosty cloudy snowing some and in PM got very stormy. We cleaned out
the shed and calf stable and I hauled up to Strathross 2 loads of manure there from in AM
and in PM 3 loads 4 of which I spread and one put in heaps. Went to R T of T at night and
made an extemporary speech on the subject "the necessity of learning some occupation"
Bella & Willis went to the D Lely concert.
19 Tuesday not very frosty Between cloudy snow storm and sunshine. We went to Benhams
brush and brought up a load of boys for wood in AM and in the afternoon brought up 3 14ft
girts from Days part and one 17 ft from Benhams
February 20 Wednesday. Frosty clear and sunny in forenoon clouded over in PM and got
very stormy by night. We brought up {underlined in red: 2 maple logs for wood from
Benhams in AM and in {underlined in red: PM brought home a maple log about 2 ft in
diameter} and 3 {underlined in red: small burch logs.} We came over the bridge at night for
the first time for nearly 2 weeks as they are have been raising it and stopped traffic in it
meanwhile. Mrs Word her mother and Mrs Sanderson were here in PM at a quilting bee.
21 Thursday. Stormy all day and snowing not very frosty. the CPR went up but never came
down to-day. We cleaned six logs of mixed stuff for shop in AM. In afternoon we cut wood
sharpened axe and sewed mortingale
22 Friday. Frosty cloudy with occasional sunshine and snowed a little. We hauled up to
Strathross {underlined in red: 2 loads of manure in AM and 3 in} PM put it in little heaps I
sewed some harness. Mary got a letter from M Clyne.
23 Saturday. Frosty cloudy in morning cleared off sunny day, had snowed some during night.
CPR came down last night. We went to Benhams in AM and on the road took six bags of

February 23 continued) stuff to get chopped at Wilems mill we brought up a sleigh box full of
cordwood and the chop with 4 bags duet and paid for oatmeal got me Jan 10 Uncle Willie
and Fred were down to-day we hauled a load hay from Old House in PM. I went to Mrs
Mennies at night to a committee meeting in connection with open meeting to be held at RZ of
Z on Monday.
24 Sunday. Not very frosty Dr Wardrobe preached.
25 Monday. Had been stormy through night and rained a few drops in morning temperature
ranged about freezing point all day thawing some in shelter very windy in forenoon and snow
& storm in PM cloudy most of day with occasional sunshine and blue sky. We hauled up to
Strathross a load manure and brought down a load turnips with some corn on top and the
same in the afternoon. Willis and I went to R Z of Z open meeting at night and heard the
debate. miser versus spendthrift.
26 Tuesday Fine sunny day Frosty thawing some in sun. We went to {underlined in red:
Benhams} and brought up a {underlined in red: load two logs and two smaller pieces a stub
and in} PM I went to Sow & McLean "Thoroughbread" and brought {underlined in red: 12 50
ft 2 in tamerock plank to barn.} wrote a letter to Holton Drew every evening about bricks
February 27 Wednesday Fine clear sunny day in forenoon clouded over in PM rained a few
drops thawing all day but especially in PM. We brought wood in rack from Benhams both AM
& PM
28 Thursday cloudy all day and misty thawing a lot. We went to saw mill for sawdust but got
none so brought up {underlined in red: 5 girls we had cut} three broke a road through
Armstrongs field to haul stones. In PM we {underlined in red: took up a small load stones to}
Barn then a larger one Went to prayer meeting at night. Bot a call tie
1 Friday. Thawing all forenoon got frosty in PM and quite cold and windy by night.we hauled
{underlined in red: 5 loads stones from 7 crudale up to} barn. The sow piged to-day ten little
white ones. Belle We all but father went to Lecture in our church by Dr Smith Kingston on
"Boys I have known" a most humurous talk.
2 Saturday. Fine clear sunny day frosty. We hauled a load hay from old house and a load
straw from barn in AM. In afternoon we brought another load from the old house all that was

left except one {illegible} hundred pounds we left for J. Davis. then I took up a {underlined in
red: load manure} to Strathross and put it in piles. Went down town at night saw Dave
Waters got an order of 3 j Hamilton on him for {underlined in red: $5.60 for} hay received on
Jan 4
March 3 Sunday. Cloudy and mild thawing some in forenoon in PM got quite frosty windy and
snowed some. Dr Wardrobe preached in forenoon from Matt 13.52 Bringing out of his
treasures things near and old and at night Mr Aull of Palmerstone preached in St Andrews
church to united congregation on the transfiguration.
4 Monday. Very stormy day snowing and blowing and pretty frosty also. I went to Sow & Mc
Leans brush in AM and brought to barn the rest of the {underlined in red: 14 ft tamarack
flooring and 10 13ft jousting and 13 12 ft ones} and in the afternoon I mended a martingale
Lucys broke and wrote a letter to CV {illegible} with J Moffet subscription to R. Lamplar also
asking him a question about private communications and wrote a letter to Uncle George
Chucky inquiring about the twice of bricks. & over from Elora at R Z of Z at night
5 Tuesday Fine sunny and frosty by evening and snowed in PM and during the night. I
hauled {underlined in red: 36 14ft 3x4in 33 12ft 3x4 and 228ft 2mitane plank and} in PM 10
{underlined in red: 14ft 3x4, 5. 16ft 3x10, 14 12ft 3x10 {illegible} 15 12ft 3x8 {illegible}} from
Sow and McLean got sleigh bolder mended.
6 Wednesday. 2 above zero this morning Sunny in forenoon got a little stormy in PM and
snowed heavily at intervals with occasional clearing up and sunshine. 2 went to Sow and
McLeans in AM and brought {underlined in red: 19 16ft 3x10 sills 7 19ft 3x10 5 13ft 3x10 1
March 6 Wednesday (continued) 2 PM Willie went to Salem for the rest of the flour which he
paid for on January 15th and took Jim Wilson and myself up to Wm Wilson's sale. I bought a
mower tongue 5 cts some plaster pan's 55cts a cultivator 25 cts a pea rake $1.50 and a
sleigh $1.25 in all the conservatives were expecting some of the {immusterials?} here to
speak but they did not come.

7 Fine day sunny and thawing some. In forenoon I went to Sow and McLeans and brought
the rest of the plank 12ft stuff for barn floor 1232ft and in PM Willie and I went to Wilsons and
brought home what we brought at the sale.
8 Friday Not frosty snowing in early forenoon and all afternoon quite windy also. We went to
Harwoods and brought the rest of the timber home a 26ft frost 10x10 23 ft plate 8x10 and a
24ft plate 7x7 and in PM brought from Sow & McLeans 12 joists 16ft 3x10 and 14 19ft ones.
Bella McInnes was here for tea
9 Saturday clear and frosty in morning got cloudy and snowed in PM and quite stormy. We
went to Benhams and brought up a load 4ft logs 5 of them but remained at home in PM.
March 10 Sunday. Snowing in morning and temperature about freezing point cleared off and
got colder any by evening was very frosty and clear making it possible and excellent for
viewing the eclipse of the moon which took place after nine o'clock Dr Wardrobe preached.
11 Fine clear sunny day and frosty went down to 26* below zero during night. I went to Sow
& McLeans and brought to barn 7* 19ft 3x10 6 12ft 3x10 22 14ft 3x4 and 17 12ft 3x4 and in
PM took {underlined in green: 4230 Ibs hay to Neils McLean's at $7 per ton} at RZ of Z at
12 Tuesday Sunny and clear in early morning then got quite misty and remained so all
forenoon cleared away in PM although still cloudy and snowing a little temperature not
freezing in PM. I took {underlined in green: 2130 Ibs hay to A Sow's at $7.000 per ton then}
went to stack where (Willie and Malcolm and taken of the top and hauled it to Malcolm's) and
brought a load home. And in PM we brought 2 loads home from stack aided by Malcolm
dividing the remaining part in two. I got a letter from Uncle George Chesly re price of brick
March 13 Wednesday. Cloudy mild and thawing some got very windy at night. We hauled the
rest of the section of stack we cut yesterday one load and a load straw from barn and in PM
took up a load manure and brought down a load turnips. Hugh Cameron here in PM. I went
to committee meeting at Ms {Menerve's?} at night {illegible} Royal Templar open meeting.
14 Thursday Very stormy during last night calm and keen frost in morning 10* below zero
sunny day occasional cloudy. I went to Sow $ McLeans in AM and bought home & 19ft 3x10,

4 13ft 3x10 8 12ft 3x8, 2 12ft 3x10, 20 12ft 3x4, 2 14ft 3x4, 6 12ft 4x4, 2 14ft 4x4, and 1 9ft
10x10 cedar and in afternoon {underlined in green: took a load hay to Jackson baker 2240
Ibs at $7.00 per ton came to} An Arabian came here in the evening and is remaining all night.
We went to prayer meeting at night. Dr Wardrobe presided and we had a bible reading on
the inspiration of the bible
15 Friday. Quite frosty in morning. Thawed a very little in the sun during the day. Snowed
some in the evening. We brought up a load wood from Benhams in AM and in afternoon
went to A Armstrong's sale and bought stove 140 harness 175 paid We were all over at Mill's
at night
March 16 Saturday Still very frosty Sunny day with occasional snow flurries. Thawing a little
in the sun. We went to Armstrongs and brought home the stove and harness, ordered a bag
low grade flour for pig feed at Groves Mill In the afternoon I went to Sow and McLeans and
brought home to barn the rest of the timber {vig?} 1 8x10 25ft 1 7x7 24ft and 1 9x9 18ft, 2
10x10 9ft cedars and 3 3x8 12ft tamarack. Wrote a letter to Elora about a RZ of Z visit to
17 Sunday Fine day frosty but thawing in sun. Dr Wardrobe preached morning and evening
18 Monday. Frosty day sunny and thawing some in sun. We reopened the road through
Armstrongs then hauled 2 loads stones up to barn from pile at railroad bridge and in PM we
hauled 3 loads while Will was away with them 2 cleaned 4 bags mixed stuff for chop. Some
sports had a shooting contest at mock pigeons in barn field in PM. We went to political
meeting at night and heard {Meeens?} Charlton and McMullen.
19 Tuesday Fine evening day frosty but thawing in the sun. We hauled 2 loads stones to
barn in AM and 2 cleaned 2 bag chop making 6 which Will took to mill and brought up in PM
in PM we hauled up 2 load stones to barn from crack field.
March 20 {underneath in left margin: peas} Wednesday. Frosty sunny day thawing in the
sun. We took 2 loads stones to barn from railroad pile at Ferndale and in PM went to station
and brought home 9 bushels Potter peas 6 1/3 bushels Multiplier peas and 6 1/3 bushels
Prince Albert peas. We got them from Mr Sanderson who had a can load shipped from near

Barrie and paid 75cts a bushel costing for the 21 1/3 bushels {in right margin underlined:
16.00} We got them for seed then Willie took load manure to Strathross. I was weak with
21 Thursday Weather similar to yesterday. I was unable for work to-day and lay in bed nearly
all forenoon and remained in all day with headache and grippe. Willie took with {McKus?}
help to load a load hay to {underlined in green: Neil McLeans 1720 Ibs at $7 per ton came to
$6.02 and in PM} {written in right margin: 6.02} he brought down a load turnips Myrtle calved
to-day a dark red bull calf which we call Ben Hur.
22 Friday Below zero during night but thawing a good deal in the sunshine which lasted all
day under a clear sky. I was unable for much exertion to-day so Willie run things to-day again
I walked down to Blacks saw mill in the morning to see if we could get any sawdust in the
morning to see if we could get any sawdust but found two teams there already. Willie took up
two loads manure to Strathross and put on half a load which I took up at the last.
March 22 Friday (continued) the roads are getting bare some places and along the town line
where the snow very deep it was plowed on one side to level it but the horses sink through
the loose snow and it is questionable if it is an improvement.
23 Saturday Frosty during night-thawing all day temperature about 46 above zero sunny yet
cloudy and leaden around horizon. feels like a change I remained idle to-day again except
choreing some Willie with Malcolm's help took a load hay {underlined in green: to a Sows in
AM 170 2010 Ibs at $7 per ton and in PM c 7 3 1/2} took a load {underlined in green: to
{Jns?} Woods 1900 Ibs at $7.00 per ton c 6.65} I went to Dr Johnsons at night and got
medicine for enlarged breast also bought 1 bottle {hypl---sides?} $1.50 in all c 2.50
24 Sunday thawing all day. had rained during the night cloudy in morning but cleared off
during day and clouded over again at night I remained at home all day Dr Wardrobe
25 Monday. Raining during night. Between sunny and cloudy to-day and very windy also in
afternoon frequent snow flurries. Thawing all day. We took a jag straw to H. Miloy and a load
home then Willie brought down a load turnips. We got a letter from jack McLellan stating we
could get {smudged} oats and wheat in his neighborhood.

March 26 Tuesday. Frosty last night and a little to-day. Stormy all day snowing at intervals $
Willie brought up another load sawdust in AM it with yesterdays one cost 25cts In {in margin:
D 25} PM we mended harness indoors Willie went to RZ of Z entertainment to-night
committee of {in margin: D 10} which I was convener but smalls to attend. Mary went to
Daery Lecture and entertainment wrote to {Jno?} McCartney about wheat and to Jack
McClellan about oats both reply stamps {in margin: D12}
27 {below in left margin: Goose Wheat} Wednesday. Frosty in morning ranged about 32
above zero all day snowing and got very stormy at night Wilson Mills and Willie went up in
sleigh with Dick and Lucy to John McLellans they got the seed wheat from JNO McCartney
(goose wheat) cost 6.50 but the roads were too bad to go to Mr Binus where they were to get
seed oats hence the came home where they arrived after six o'clock. I mended harness at
home to-day.
28 Thursday. Frosty day very windy and snowing at intervals in AM and in PM got sunny and
not quite so windy. Thawed considerable to-day in the sun {underlined in green: We took a
load hay to McFadger 1190 Ibs @ $7 per ton he c 4.25} paying for weighing and a load
{underlined in green: to Madill 1800 Ibs @7 per ton c 6.40} paid for weighing and in PM a
load to Seo Sow {underlined in green: 2040 IBS @ c 7.65 7.50 per ton $7.65.} Mary got a
letter from D Ross.
March 29 Friday. Frosty and cloudy south east wind chilly thawed some in PM got windy at
night. We took a load {underlined in green: hay to James Sow 1940 Ibs @ $8 per ton then a
load c 1.76} home in AM in PM we brought down a load hay for cows then from barn brought
up a load straw. Willie bought a cop at C Beatties the sleighing is nearly {right margin: D
1.75} all gone in town Wm Shortreed is moving to the farm again
30 Saturday. Frosty day. sunny and thawing some Willie went to Blacks sawmill and brought
up 14 girts to barn in two loads on sleigh then 1 load of the lumber off the girts home in AM
and 2 cut some wood then went to Strathallan with {underlined in green: Hugh Scott and
gave him about 1/2 ton hay which} he was to get weighed and pay for In PM Willie took up
load manure and brought down load turnips. Wm Shortreed altered pigs. I went to Dr
Johnsons at night again

31 Sunday. East wind frosty thawing a little in the sunshine. Dr Wardrobe preached morning
and evening. I remained at home all day with cold.
April 1 Monday. Frosty day cloudy all day raining a little in AM and snowing in PM. Willie has
a bad cold and Bella too. We mended harness to-day.
April 2 {beneath in left margin: Rafters Oats} Tuesday. Frosty. Everything is covered with ice
and glitters in the bright sunshine The snow which fell yesterday together with the ice has
renovated the sleighing on the bare {flaus?}. Sunshine all day and thawing yet still frosty air
Willie was off work to-day with the cold. I went to J Skirchs and brought home 13 17 ft rafters
and 3, 21ft rafters and in PM went to James Burnetts to see about seed oats he wanted
41cts a bushel for them I got 26 bushels Banner {oats?} at JNO Hunters for 35cts a bushel
paid the sleighing of the morning is all gone. {in right margin: 9.00}
3 Wednesday. Frosty day 18 above zero in the morning very strong cold wind in PM
sunshine all day and thawing considerably in the sun. I brought a load turnips from
Strathallan in AM and another in PM from upper pit finishing it. Left about 1/3 frozen ones.
Wrote a letter to Uncle George of Chesley acknowledging weight of his of March 9 {be?}
4 Thursday. Frosty day cloudy with occasional sunshine thawing some. I went to Wm Tindale
to see if he had oats for sale and found he hadn't then came home and mended harness.
wrote a card to Mr {Bines?} we seed oats In PM I cleaned the barn floor and with what grain I
got and same from bin cleared 4 bags for chop
April 5. Friday. 20 degree above zero in the morning but got up to 40 during the day, thawed
considerable to-day. Between sunny and cloudy. I hauled three loads manure from Templins
to Strathallan in AM also sold 5 pigs to Mr. Cassie at $4.85 per 100lbs to be delivered in May
received $100 in them sold 560 lbs hay to Mr. Kelleher (he drew it himself) at $9.00 per ton
and received $2.50 for it. I went to church in PM and heard Mr. {Glasbford?} of Guelph .
Went down town at night and bought 15lbs Red clover 5lbs alfalfa 7 1/2 lbs alsike and 25lbs
Timothy and paid $4.88 for it.

6, Saturday. Cloudy all day. Raining some in morning and had rained during the night .
Thawing all day but rather slow. I took the sleigh up to barn at Strathallan and brought down
the old waggon and the rack. In PM we took 4 bags mixed stuff to Simple's to get chopped
brought up a load straw from barn then brought up the chop. Willie bought 4 snaps cost
10cts. I received from H Scott 385 for 970 lbs hay I sold him in march 30 . Sold to Andrew
Stevens 620 hay at $9. Per ton $2.70. Went down town at night and bought pair calfskin
April 7. Sunday. Cloudy in morning raining at intervals all day. Sacrament Sunday Dr.
Wardrobe preached . Blackbirds and Robins here.
8. Monday. Raining at intervals all day cleared off at night. The jam on the river came down
to-day doing us harm. I brought down the new waggon to-day . Willie got Lucy shod in
[illegible] foot at Templins paid 30cts. We sawed wood etc to-day. Sold $425 worth hay to
Hugh Scott in PM and sold 2pigs to Mr. Morrison for $4.00. Went to RZ of Z {illegible} at
9. Tuesday. Raining some in morning, cleared off sunny day. Breezy in PM and got windy at
night . 46% above zero to-day. Ms Wilkie helped us to kill a pig in AM and alter two calves for
pig would probably dress 100lbs at 6cts a pound in PM we brought down a load turnips in
waggon. Wrote a little to Robt Munro re resignation R.Z of Z and a reply card to James
Burnett re seed oats.
10. Wednesday. Frosty day 26% above zero thawing in sun which shine all day in a clear
sky. I took up a load manure and brought down a load turnips in AM and in PM brought down
a load hay from barn. Went to dig for sand but found the ground so much frozen. At united P.
Meeting in Methodist Received a 3 lb bag Wallis oats from Ottawa Expressional Station.
April 11. Thursday. Frosty day 20 above zero in morning sunny day thawing all day got
cloudy at night and not so frosty. I took a load of manure up to Strathallan from Wm
Strathross part of a pile I got from him in payment of balance of pig money he owed me
accounting to $2.25. Brought down a half load turnips. Gave Malcolm Campbell some hay off
flour of barn which he hauled away in 4 little loads and received in payment $1.25 and
balance 3 days work to be given when needed. In PM we took up another load manure from
Shortreeds then started to plow in sod field next Lindales and O.S. road . Willie plowed and I
looked to see about erecting a shanty for the masons and framers. Erecting a shanty

12. Good Friday. Cloudy and looked like rain in the morning cleared off sunny hen clouded
over and rained a few drops in PM and gradually got heavier about 50% above zero. Father,
Willie and I went up to Lily place in waggon with various tools. Willie plowed and we laid the
flour and got up the back row scantling of a shanty we are erecting for the masons etc. In PM
Willie plowed and we work at the shanty getting up the most of the four sides until stopped by
the rain when we came home.
(Ploughing) April 13. Saturday. Cloudy all day with the exception of a glint of sunshine now
and then mild and warm 50% above zero got a little cooler at night. I plowed in AM and at
noon brought down a load hay to M. Smellie for $4.75. In PM Willie plowed and I took 2 bags
potatoes down to Mitchell at 55cts per 90 lbs came 10 for which I received 113lbs shorts with
Dick in Smellie's light waggon then went to flax mill and got 3 bags flax seed containing 7
bushels & 8 lbs. sold Alexander 580 lbs hay on account $260.
14, Sunday. Fine day. Dr. Wardrobe preached morning and evening. I went to English
church in forenoon and heard Mr. De Verna . (ploughing; seed oats; Martignori dressing
15, Monday. Ground covered lightly with snow this morning cloudy with occasional clearing
and sunshine not very cold. Willie plowed all day and brought down a load hay at night . I
went to Salem with Lucy in light waggon with 12 bags I got at Ritchie's for 60cts and bo't
{illegible} lbs flour for $ 7.75 then went to J. Burnett and got 25 bushels Banner oats @40 a
bushel $10.00 got dinner and on way home brought 200 lbs of the flour and got due bill for
remainder Louis Martignom and help came to-day and dressed some stones I brought up a
load stones from Gows, Willie went to Dr. Johnsons and got medicine cost 75cts.
(Ploughing) April 16, Tuesday. Cloudy day raining a little in AM got a little closer in PM. Loins
Martignom and John finished dressing the stones and remained all night again. I plowed in
AM and Willie bought plow lines and worked around home. In PM we took up both teams I
had Dick and Duffer the first time, the latter has been hitched since last fall. He kicked and
trotted and then stood still but got better after some rounds. Mary got Martignom to dictate
the French national anthem while she wrote it out. (Ploughing)
17, Wednesday. Fine sunny day with passing clouds and dark blue sky warm although the
air is slightly cold. Martignom and John Parole finished dressing the stones then went away
after going up to look at the piles of stones at barn. I plowed all day took my dinner up. Willie

came up in PM and we plowed in the next filed 2nd from road next Lindales. We did not
finish 1st field it behind too frosty at top. Willie took Rose to Fords. We killed and buried the
black calf of August 3rd /94 as it has been sick nearly all winter. (Ploughing)
18, Thursday. Fine clear sunny day. Frost in the morning but warm during the day. I plowed
all day took up my dinner. Willie came in PM with Dick and Duffer.
(Ploughing) April 19, Friday. Fine clear sunny day. Willie plowed all day finishing front field
and plowing some more in field No. 2. We plowed with Dick and Duffer in AM and in PM I
brought down a load turnips with them in waggon then went to Templins and brought up the
seeder teeth sharpened 9 @ 27cts a piece. Went with Wm Clark down town in his gig at
night to see T Hamilton and J Gow about lime but saw neither. (Ploughing)
20, Saturday. Fine clear sunny day. Willie plowed in field No.1 Lillydale in AM and I in PM at
Strathallan. I put the sow in garden plot thus wearing the pigs then put town line gate at old
house Ferndale on. In PM put on a load turnips which we brought home at night. Father went
to {Binrs?}, Arthur with Lucy in light waggon and brought home 24 bushels of New Zealand
oats for seed and gave 37cts a bushel. Received 35cts from J. Robinson for straw. Bought
yesterday at {Mennies?} 10 2 1/4 in bolts 3 snaps and 1 lb 4 in nails.
21, Sunday. Fine clear sunny day in forenoon and warm clouded over in PM and rained at
night. James Dow preached in forenoon from Jno and in evening from
(Robinson straw for sowing flax; sowed an acre of oats) 22, Monday. Cloudy and colder in
morning after the rain cleared off fine sunny day and got warmer. Clouded over in afternoon
and rained some at night. Willie harrowed all day at field No.1 Lilly dale with Cleve Lucy. I got
Jno Robinson 8 boys to help me clean some chop which I took to Samples in light waggon
with his horse then he got it to take up some straw which we gave him for which he has to
sow the flax. Then I went to Strathallan with Dick and Duffer and brought down a load of
turnips. In PM I went to Samples for the chop then took up 3 bags New Zealand oats and
sowed over an acre and Willie harrowed it over twice. I brought down a little load hay at
night. Went to R.Z. of Z. Brought 50 lbs bran 50 lbs shorts and 20cts oatmeal for which we
gave potatoes. (finished sowing oats in field No. 1 used about 24 Bushels)
23, Tuesday. Cooler weather windy and clouds passing with a little snow flurries in forenoon
in afternoon cleared off. We took up both teams to-day and our dinners and finished sowing
field No.1 Lillydale used about 24 bushels New Zealand oats. I hauled the willows off the
portion of turnip land we did not plow last fall and plowed some of it. Carson Robinson put on

a load turnips for 10cts and Willie brought it home at night. Father finished Robinson's lease
of the seven acres and he started plowing. Malcolm worked afternoon spreading manure.
(ploughing) April 24, Wednesday. Fine sunny in forenoon and cold considerable frost during
night got warmer in afternoon clouded over and rained a few drops. We took both teams and
dinner up to Strathallan and plowed across sod land plowed last fall green crop land and
stubble. Carson Robinson put on another load turnips which we put in the barn for which we
owe him 10cts then at noon we put on the rest of the pit about half a load and brought it
home at night. Lucy and Duffer have sore shoulders and we put castor oil and sulphur on at
night and alm water and carbolic and in the morning. Paid Madie 15cts change of hay
money. (Ploughing& sowed 2 acres banner oats)
25, Thursday. Fine day warm sunny and cloudy looked like rain at times. We took up both
teams and dinner plowed and in PM sowed about two acres Banner oats. Sold G. Barley $.
1.00 worth hay. Bo't 20cts 2 lbs rape seed. (Sowed 4 ac banner oats & ploughed; Smellie &
Youngson at door & window frames)
26, Friday. Fine sunny day warm looked like rain. We sowed rest of the 4 acres banner oats
and plowed some. Smellie and Youngson started to make our door frames to-day. We sold
two young pigs to Sanderson for five dollars allowed it to go in the plow note. We took the
five sheep up to Strathallan.
(ploughing; finished frames)April 27, Saturday. Cooler to-day, east wind, sunny day. We
plowed the rest of land preparatory to putting in the wheat. Willie took up dinner to Smellie
and Youngson and a key 6 in nails. They finished making the frames to-day. I took up a load
manure to Strathallan from Curries, paid 30 cents for it.
April 28, Sunday. Fine sunny day. Mr. Mitchell preached. (Cultivated wheat land & sowed
29, Monday. Fine day, sunny, we cultivated the wheat land and sowed some of it in the
evening. Willie went to Wm Burnets in the evening with Lucy and got 3 bags barley for seed
300lbs cost $ 3.00. We brought down a load hay at night. " Jacob" me of the sheep has two
lambs to-day. Took up load manure. (Finished sowing wheat & hay seed; plowing &
30, Tuesday. Warm day, sunny. I sowed the rest of the wheat and hay seed then harrowed
and Willie finished plowing the piece below the barn in PM he having been harrowing all

forenoon. Robinson paid us 40 cents for straw received on April 22 and got some more to-
night for which he is to sow the flax and cancel the 20cts we owe Carson Clues jumped
through the top stable door and smashed the bottom me to smithereens.
(sowed Wallis oats,1/2 barley on {illegible} wheat land) May 1, Wednesday. Fine sunny day,
not so warm. I went down and got 3 3/4 lb Red clover $725 1 1/4 lb alfalfa @11cts a lb and 2
lb alsike @ 11cts a lb from Mitchell's cost 82cents and 4 1/4 lb Timothy from Steels cost
46cents in all $128 and paid for it. Then we went to Strathallan sowed Wallis oats. I got from
Ottawa then a bag and a half barley on the rest of the land prepared for wheat and seeded it
down. Then we sowed 1 1/2 bags barley and 4 bags oats on the rest of the land from barn
down . Willie went over the seeded down land with the weeder to cover the seed. I had a
very sore eye in PM with dust in it.
2, Thursday, fine sunny day warm. Father and I put up the fences or rather than the gaps we
made in Fords and Armstrongs last fall to haul stones. We also took 4 young cattle up to
Strathallan. We hauled stones off the flax field. Ferndale cultivated it once and harrowed it
nearly own.
3, Friday, Fine in morning clouded over thundered some and rained for about half an hour in
AM, cleared off in PM and got very warm, 83 above zero. Robinson sowed the flax and Willie
harrowed it. I took load manure from Shortreeds to Strathallan put out cattle and fixed fence
and in PM plowed in pea field. Lilly dale brought a load hay at night.
(sowed the Potter peas) May 4, Saturday. Fine sunny day, very warm. Uncle Jim and father
worked all day at the shanty almost finishing it. Willie and I worked at sowing Potter peas in
AM and in PM he finished them with Dick and Cleve. We sowed a bushel. In PM I made a
crib and dug down for water for the masons near barn. Bought a shovel on account at
5, Sunday, fine day, sunny very warm for the season 90% above zero. Mr. Mitchell preached
a missionary sermon in AM and from Jno 3, 14, 15 in the evening . He is very good(set coos
out on commons). (commenced hauling saw)
6, Monday. Fine day, sunny and warm, dark clouds and thunder in PM and rained a few
drops. We started to haul sand to-day. Malcolm and myself went to Geo Mc Ewens and I left
the waggon there for him to fill while I went and got land of Mc Kees waggon as Geo’s pit
was not ready. We got a load from Kays 25cts then 2loads from Geo in AM then in PM we
hauled 4 loads from Geo, making 6 from him @25cts $150. Uncle Jim finished putting door

on shanty etc. Father took cows up to Strathallan and one set 10cts and Lucy one set 10cts.
Annie and Jennie Skeoch brought down a basketful of apples in the evening.
(hauling sand; Rolled wheat & barley) May 7, Sunday, warm day, clouded over in AM and
rained some then cleared off, sunny and warm. Malcolm and I hauled six loads sand from
Geo Mc Ewen and brought home a load hay at night. Willie took up cupboard etc. to shanty
and in PM rolled some of the wheat & barley. Kelleher & Johnson each put in a horse to
pasture. Up to date we have six young lambs.
8, Wednesday, Fine sunny day warm. I hauled 2 loads 50 bushels each lime from J Gow in
his waggon @12cts bushel and in PM brought up the rest of girts from Blacks 13, 14, and
17ft and some lumber off them. Willie rolled all day with colts. He took up teaks dishes. Bella
and Mary etc. in PM. I hauled some big stones to barn. (Rolling {bushels?}: ploughing pea
land; masons commenced barn this afternoon)
9, Thursday, fine clear, sunny day passing clouds very warm. We delivered 5 white pigs
which we sold to Cassie on May 5th they weighted $7.50@ $4.85 per 100, $35.89 received
balance $35.89 paid 10cts for weighing. Willie took up waggon and Bella with table etc. as
we were expecting the masons this morning. Willie finished at pea land in AM. In PM he
masons came and we both worked at the barn, and go he large stones laid on back wall.
Wm Mc Cullah stared to prime the door Jams at night.
May 10, Friday. Sunny warm day. Bella and Willie went up early and gave the men breakfast.
I went up later took up a load stones. We hauled stones to masons with Dick and Lucy and
plowed and harrowed pea land with colts. J Gow put in a mare & colt and a yearling colt to
pasture at $2.00 and $ 1.25 respectively. (Sowed 3 bags of multiplier peas; masons off this
11, Saturday, fine and warm in morning clouded over very dark thundered and rained a
shower then cleared off again a little cooler about noon it clouded over again and rained off
and on till about 3o'clock got very windy and quite cold in afternoon. I sowed about 3 bags of
multiplier pease next the Potter in AM and Willie harrowed after having hauled some more
stones to masons. In PM the masons went home not having worked any since dinner and we
came down. The trees are all perfectly foliaged pear and apple blossoms out and rapid
growth everywhere thus far.

(Frost) 12, Sunday, very windy cold and frost during the night cloudy all day cleared off at
night and got very frosty will probably do a lot of damage to vegetation. Mr. Mitchell preached
both morning and evening.
(Willie harrowed & ploughed) May 13, Monday, very frosty in morning everything frozen, cold
all day sunny in morning but cloudy all day. Smellie came and made a door frame for
roothouse wall and we skidded the timber getting done about 4o'clock after which I hauled
some big stones to masons for end wall facing N.E. and after supper I dug out a sand pit with
scraper just below barn. Willie harrowed pea land and plowed some more. Heard that Barker
Peters died in N.W.2. (Finished sowing the Prince Albert peas)
14,Tuesday , cold day cloudy snowed more or less all AM ceased snowing at noon till about
4 o'clock when it commenced again and kept it all till six when it turned to fine rain. The
masons put up a scaffold on end wall in AM and built some in PM till 4 o'clock. I finished
sowing the peas Prince Albert in forenoon and in PM I hauled big stones to foundation and
some stoneboat loads sand. Willie plowed garden in AM and in PM harrowed the rest of pea
land. I went to look at flax at night and found it dead and will have to re-seed it. The men
were just up when Bella and I got up in the morning on account of disagreeable weather and
not out working as usual.
(Frost) May 15, Wednesday, frosty in morning sunny day cool. Willie hauled stones and sand
to the masons. I took sow to James Lang 's and brought it back to Lilly dale. Then brought up
a load manure in AM. In PM I hauled 2 loads manure from Wm Shortreeds and brought down
a little hay and a few turnips in waggon. Set fire to willow pile burnt the heart out of it. (frost;
framers begun )
16, Thursday, frost during night sunny day cool. Oats and barley look bad. Willie hauled land
and stone to masons all day. I took up load manure to Strathallan in AM then went over and
enlarged the sand pit with scraper and in PM took up load manure from Shortreeds brought
down some hay took up 50 bushels lime from Gows in their ($4.00) waggon took it back after
supper and brought ours home again. The framers came in the afternoon. Smellie Robinson
& Youngson. Bella Mc Limes was up at shanty in afternoon. The sow was lost today we
heard it was up at fangs. (Frost; Rolled peas)
17, Friday, frost during night sunny day cool. I took load manure to Strathallan then drew
sand and stones for masons. Willie rolled peas took seeder over to other barn and brought

down load hay on waggon box. They finished the end wall next road today. Father has had
very sore back has not seen barn yet.
(frost) May 18, Saturday, cloudy in morning. Had been frost during night. Started to rain
about 10o'clock and continued more or less all day. Willie attended masons. I took up load
manure to Strathallan plowed rest of strip we left for water pond. I came home for dinner and
remained all PM in account of rain. Willie brought sow from Laing’s. Nelson Lambert and
Geo Davidson remained at shanty and didn't go home with Martignori & John Parole .
19, Sunday. Rained all day cloudy day with occasional sunshine cool day. Dr Wardrobe
preached in AM from Rev 1:10, and Mr. Mullan preached at night about being rooted in
Christ. (Flax seed 6b•14lbs @ 150 =940)
20,Monday, frost during night cold day and cloudy . Mary and Willie went up to barn in
morning. Willie hauled sand and stones. "Punch" and myself went to Elora. I got 300lbs flour
[illegible] remainder due us then got at Elora flax mill 6 bushels 14lbs flax to sow @$1.50 per
bushel paid $9.40 then we took load manure to Strathallan and took over hay and got dinner
at shanty. In PM I helped haul stones and sand for while then took up load manure from Mc
Fadgens. The masons have the three outside wall finished and are working on roothouse
(Frost; ploughing for mangolds) May 21, Tuesday. Very keen frost during night sunny day
occasional cloudy: cool. Willie and Mary up at masons all day. I took up load 30 bushels lime
from J Gows to masons then plowed at Strathallan for {mangolds?} till noon and in PM.
(Frost; ploughing)
22, Wednesday. Frost during night, Fine sunny day not so cold. Willie and Bella up at
masons. I took up some stones and 40 bricks from Hamilton’s to make the arch then took a
load manure to green crop land and plowed till noon. In PM, took up load manure from Mc
Fedgens the last line to get from him and plowed till night. Jackson & Pich put in a house to
pasture. (Sowed carrot & mangolds seed;2 1/3 rows carrot ;5 2/3 rows mangolds)
23,Thursday, Fine sunny day middling warm. Bella and Willie at the masons I took up the
rest of the manure at Shortreeds one load and harrowed and cultivated the green crop land
for mangolds in PM I rolled it than plowed up twelve drills. We got 1 1/2 lb mangolds seed
37cts and 1/2 lb carrot seed 20cts total 57cts and I sowed it 2 1/3 rows carrot and 5 2/3 rows
mangolds using all the seed. The masons very nearly finished the barn to-night. J• Dix put in
six young cattle to pasture at 66cts a head. Father paid Geo Mc Ewen $3.00 for sand in full.

May 24 (fine sunny day warm). Friday. Queen's birthday. They had a {calithumpnom?}
procession in the morning which we went down to see the masons finished the barn to-day
between 9&10o'clock AM and they went to Bremmens. The framers took a holiday to-day.
Annie and Hugh Cameron and Winnie St John were down to-day. Father was up at farm all
day tidying up etc. I went up in PM with team got supper at shanty and brought down some
hay at night. Father paid Martignori $60 part payment on barn.
25, Saturday. Fine day sunny warm. Willie and Bella went up to shanty for the framers and
he picked stones off green crop land in AM. I took up load manure to Strathallan and hauled
3 from pile up there. In PM we finished the rest of the pile 3 loads and Willie went down for a
load and I plowed with Dick & Duffer. Willie took down a load hay in old waggon with new
one behind and I took down Bella in buggy. Gave Nichols and Mennie each a bill of hardware
to figure on. I brought a chopping axe and handle at Nichols cost $1.15.
26, Sunday, cloudy and sunny in AM and in PM thundered clouded and rained about
4o'clock, got colder at night. Dr Wardrobe preached morning and evening. I remained at
home in morning.
(lumber from Gows; 26 rafters) May 27, Monday, cold cloudy day. I went to Gow & Mc Lean's
[illegible] and brought home a tie sill 10x10 29ft long & 1 piece 7x7 8ft long and 1 piece 7x7
16ft long for purloin posts at 4cts a foot then came down and took up the 5 girts we had here
and at barn. In PM I went to J Skeoch and got 26 rafters. Willie drove Bella up to shanty in
morning then came home took up load manure then plowed and harrowed green crop land.
Kelleher put in his horse again. (27rafters)
28, Tuesday. Frost this morning. Sunny day and warm. I went to J Skeoch and brought home
27rafters in forenoon and in PM hauled sleepers into skids and hewed 8 of them. Willie drove
Bella up in morning then came home and took load manure up to Strathallan and cultivated
and harrowed turnip land. (27rafters & 2 Jin poles-flax seed sown, Rev R. W. Craig & Mr.
Crag Returned)
29, Wednesday. Fine sunny day very warm. I hauled big stones in to barn foundation to rest
the sill post on in AM and in PM went to J Skeoch and got the rest of the rest of the rafters 27
and two Jin poles to raise the barn with got home about 9o'clock after hard & wet work. Willie
got Robinson to sow the flax seed again and he harrowed it. I took up a load manure in
morning. Bella up at shanty to-day. Mr.& Mrs. RM Craig came home to-day after nearly six
months absence in New Mexico.

(Sheep washed) May 30, Thursday, fine sunny day very warm. Willie and I washed the
sheep in morning after I had taken up the load of rafters. Then I went up to barn and hauled
in the sills inside the barn and 4 stones which we set for the posts. Willie and Malcolm
hauled manure to-day cleaning out sheds etc and getting up for loads. Bella was up at
framers to-day. (Barn foundation raised)
31, Friday, warm sunny day, I hauled 3 big stones to rest the shed posts on in AM and Willie
hauled up two loads manure. In PM James Mann of Grand Valley came and raised the
foundation of the barn with the block and tackle.
June 1. Fine warm day; sunny. I skinned rafters to-day and Willie hauled five loads manure
up to Strathallan. Father came up and helped with the rafters in afternoon.
2, Sunday. Fine sunny day warm. Mr. Craig home again preached to-day from the text "I am
not ashamed of the gospel Jesus Christ etc.” In the evening, Mr. Hindley of Craigsholme
preached St. Andrews to united congregation subject compromise taken from Pharoh and
children of Serod.
(Youngson & Robinson went to Mc Donald's this evening) June 3, Monday, sunny day very
warm. Willie and Bella went up to shanty and I hauled up 3 loads manure in AM and in PM 2
loads from Felkirs which I got for straw to fill beds. Mr. McColm peeled rafters all day and
Willie helped him (after making a road to haul the timber along the end of the barn.) and they
finished them to-night for which I owe McColm $1.00. Paid Sam Robinson and Wm
Youngson 1.00 went to McDonald's in the evening. Willie and I washed in the river at night.
(Raised half of barn today)
4, Tuesday. Warm day sunny in AM clouded over in PM and rained a little at night looked like
rain many times all day. We raised about half of the barn to-day. Jim Mann and Smellie had
come last night and we didn't know hence were not up in the morning so soon as we might
have been. (Raising in afternoon)
5, Wednesday. Raining mostly all forenoon cleared off some in PM passing dark clouds got
colder. We did not raise any of the barn in forenoon. We raised all afternoon and got it all but
front side and rafters raised.
(Barn raising finished) June 6, Thursday. Cold in morning and more or less all day although a
little warmer at night cloudy in forenoon and cleared off in PM. We finished raising the barn

to-day getting the rafters on between 2 and 3 o'clock. Paid Jim Mann $ 11.00 for the whole
job. (7th June Sowed peas)
7, Friday. Fine sunny day temperate. I sowed 3 bags of our own pease on field No.1 Lilly
dale as the oats are nearly all killed out . Willie brought up load manure and then harrowed
the pease. In PM we planted 4 rows of potatoes 1 row of Early Shamrocks.
8,Saturday. Fine day sunny and moderately warm. We took up two loads manure to
Strathallan and planted 10rows potatoes 1 1/2 being Rural New Yorkers. We left the houses
out in the field to- night for the first time. Paid Gow and Mc Lean $102.80 for timber etc. in full
up to date. Gave Nichols 102.80 order for hardware for barn to-night.
9, Sunday. Fine sunny day very warm. Mr. Craig preached morning and evening. In the
morning from the text "The lord God is a sun and shield he will give grace and glory and no
good thing will he with hold from them that walk uprightly", and in the evening on how to
study the Bible.
(6 bushels peas @ 10cts) June 10, Monday. Fine day sunny and very warm. We planted 6
more rows potatoes in AM and I hauled up 2 loads manure and started to plow the turnip
land. In PM I plowed at turnips land and Willie went to Farrows and brought 6 bushels peas
at 10cts a bushel. $4.20. We washed at the river at night. (Sowed 6 bushels peas; framers
came this evening)
11, Tuesday. Fine day sunny and warm very dry weather. I sowed the six bushels pease we
got at Farrows in field No.1 Lilly dale finishing all the blank then sowed some corn on sand
hill Strathallan in PM. Willie got Lucy's I shoe set. 10cts then brought up load manure to
turnip land and plowed in AM. In PM he brought up a load manure then rolled the pease I
sowed. Jno Willie clipped 4 sheep in the evening. The framers came in the evening. Andrew
Stephens put in his horse to pasture. (Moolie? sold)
12, Wednesday. Sunny day very warm. Bella and I went up to the framers and I hauled
lumber to them all day except in afternoon I went to Miss Skeoch's funeral. Willie took up two
loads manure to Strathallan and finished planting potatoes 4 rows. Sold "Blockhead "
{Moolie?} to A Mills for $30.00 and received $1.00 on it. Mr. Mc Colm took the lumber off the
old barn and sheep house to-day and I paid him$1.00.
(sowed millet) June 13, Thursday. A shower of rain last night. Cloudy this morning cleared off
then clouded and rained a little in the evening. Willie drove Mary up to shanty then I took up

a load manure and he took up gang plow. I helped Jno Willie to shear the lamb we didn't
finish on Tuesday then plowed turnip land till noon and Willie gang plowed where the barley
and oat were killed out with the frost on sand hill etc. In PM, Willie brought up another load of
manure then we sowed some millet, a bushel of which we got from Mitchell and paid 2.00 (54
bushels shingles; sowed millet)
14, Friday. Sunny day warm but breezy. I went up to Gordonville to-day and got 54 bushels
of shingles from E. Fords got dinner at Uncle Dodges. Willie sowed millet to-day. Took Myrtle
to Fords 1.5. We are getting the shingles for $1.25 per square.
(sowed millet)15, Saturday. Fine day sunny. We sowed the rest of the sand hill of millet then
worked turnip land and sowed about 8 drills the first we have sowed. Bought a lb of turnip
seed. Mary was up at shanty to-day the framers started sheeting to-day. Mrs. Clark put in
16, Sunday. Fine day sunny and warm. Mr. Craig preached.
(Commenced shingling barn) June 17 Monday, sunny and warm. Bella and I walked up to
the shanty carrying up basket etc. I brought down the horses and took up load manure then
drilled turnip land. Willie brought up the rest of the hardware from Nichol's then brought 3
loads manure in PM. I sowed more turnip drill. Willie got 3 lb turnip seed at Steele cost 54.
The framers have got the barn nearly all sheeted and are commenced shingling. Smellie
went to {butcherins?}.
18, Tuesday. Sunny day and warm very dry weather. Willie took up six loads manure and I
drilled up 12 more rows and sowed them with turnips. I brought up 23 1/2 square shingles
from Blacks. Robert Ross and wife came here to-day.
19, Wednesday. Cloudy and looked like rain but it didn't come. Warm. Willie took up a load
and a half of manure finishing the turnip land and we nearly finished plowing it. I brought
from Blacks saw mill 7 more bushels shingles making 28 square and 12 2x4 12 ft long
scantling maple and spruce for sling track $12.00 per M also 2 10x1 spruce boards 12 ft long
planed on one side. Robert & Mr. Ross Mrs {Ritchie?} Auntie Uncle Jim and Jamme were up
at farm for supper.
June 20, Thursday. Warm and cloudy but didn't rain. I did road work to-day hauling 4 loads
gravel thus putting in 3 days have to pay for one day yet. Willie was not well, went to Doctor
and got medicine for sore throat. A car load of lumber came from Hillsdale.

21, Friday. Sunny and very warm. We hauled the lumber which came yesterday up to barn
hemlock dressed pine and maple flooring. We took it in 6 loads but havnt measured it all yet.
Our 5 fleeces weighed 43lb @20ct a lb. 8.60
22, Saturday. Warm and sunny. A little shower about 5 or 6 o'clock PM. I made the sling
track to-day and we got some of it up. Willie finished plowing turnip land. Rob't Ross and wife
went away to-day for Brantford.
23, Sunday. Fine day. Mr. Craig preached in morning on giving and in the evening on "The
letter land". I remained at home in forenoon. Gave 50cts to Missionary committee. 24,
Monday. Raining this morning a mild shower cleared off again and remained between cloudy
and sunny. Willie got Lucy Slood at Templins cost 20cts paid 20, a box paint 35cts at Nichols
20cts of cabbage and 2 lbs Swede turnips and 1 lb greystone cost 56.
(finished shingling of barn) June 24, (continued) I brought up 408 hemlock plank at $10.00
per M and 5 more dressed spruce boards 10 by 12 ft @12 per M from Blacks saw mill. We
finished putting up the track in AM. In PM we drilled up 8 drills and sowed 4. The framers
finished shingling to-day.
25, Tuesday. Sunny day. The framers finished for the time being one set doors on roof
finished and portico belles on one mow floor laid and two threshing floors. We finished
drilling the rest of the turnip land and sowed it to-day. Willie gang plowed some more of sand
hill. Hugh Cameron drove his mother down to-day. I bought 25cts worth of paint at Nichols.
Willie bought 35cts worth of paint at Nichols. (Sowed 1/2 B barn & millet)
26, Wednesday. Fine in forenoon till about eleven o'clock when it clouded over and
thundered rained some in PM and again in the evening. We pulled mustard out of front field
and gang plowed on sand hill in AM. In afternoon Willie drove Mrs. Cameron up to station
then brought up half a bushel corn to saw. He got it at Groves paid 35cts for it I sowed the
rest of the 35 millet then it rained and we came home in buggy with Lucy and put her out with
the rest of the horses in field. John Shaw died to-day.
(Sowed corn) June 27. Thursday. Cloudy and somewhat misty in morning cleared off sunny,
got a little chilly at night. I sowed corn on sand hill in AM and went to Wm Clarks raising in
PM. Willie scuffled mangolds and hoed corn etc.

28, Friday. Fine day a little rain after dinner. I was at Clarks raising all day. Willie hoed
mangolds to-day. He also went to Jno Shaw's funeral. Father paid E. Ford $ 33.75 for 27
square shingles.
29, Saturday. Fine day. Willie hoed mangolds. I went to Dunlops for scraper and made a
gangway to one door of barn and hauled in the lumber. Andrew Stephen took out his horse.
30, Sunday. Looked like rain but didn't come. Mr. Craig preached in AM on the raising of
Lazarus. I went to Methodist church at night and heard Robert Wilson preach to the foresters
a good practical sermon from the text" Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart
some mind and strength and thy neighbour as thyself."
July 1, Monday. Douglas Fergusson started to work here to-day to work a month for $12.00.
He and Willie thinned carrots in AM and he got off in PM to play lacrosse. I fixed fence to
keep cattle out of the pease in AM and Willie helped me in afternoon. Father and mother
were up in PM. Willie took "Charlie" to Fords.
2,Tuesday. Sunny day. Willie rut the field below our barn. Dougal finished thinning mangols
and hoed the corn and I scuffled the corn and started to cut the hay in field next town line. It
is very poor. Annie and Maggie Skeoch were here for tea. Father got plan of house from
3, Wednesday. Cloudy day very dry weather the sun a red ball through misty clouds. Willie
cut hay next town line. Dougal hoed potatoes then helped me to fix car of slings. In PM I cut
hay next T. Line. Douglas raked the barn field cut yesterday will {coaled?} it up and after me
took in a small load.
4, Thursday. Cloudy day and dry. We finished cutting the hay next T. Line and rut mustard on
post killed oats next it. We hauled in a load of hay off stack and another after supper half of
field and half of stack hay.
July 5, Friday, warm day, cloudy but no rain. Dougal put land plaster on turnips today. Willie
and I finished taking in the hay off town line field and the stack 7 loads. Bella and Mary were
at church. Mr. Craig preached. Dougal left tonight for a while.
6, Saturday, warm day, cloudy and sunny. Dougal came back this morning and Willie hauled
in 2 loads mustard and a load the rest of the hay in new barn field. Jno Wilkie and I cleaned

the well in forenoon cost 75 In PM Dougal and Will plowed where we cut the mustard. I fixed
up around barn.
7, Sunday, looked like rain and thundered in PM but no rain of any account, warm.
Sacrament Sunday. Mr. Craig preached.
8, Monday, warm day rained a little in PM and in the evening. Dougal gangplowed today.
Willie cut hay next Ford's and Lindale's . Geo Mc kingie put in his cow to pasture.
9, Tuesday, very cool, cloudy in morning, cleared off. Willie bought 12lbs rape seed at 8cts
96 got rake tooth 10cts and {sling?} 20 rape fixed 10. He went over to Salem in PM and got
200lbs flour $5.00. Father Willie Mary and I went up to select a site for the house and staked
it off.
July 9, continued, Dougal harrowed what he gangplowed yesterday in AM and in PM drilled
up the potatoes and went over corn with weeder. We finished cutting the hay we were at
yesterday and Dougal raked up some after supper. Father bought a garden line 100 ft 15cts.
Geo Bowley gave in tender for stonework of house $40 with board.
10, Wednesday, fine day, sunny and warm, dark blue sky passing clouds. Bowley helped us
to stake out the site for house and we bargained with him to build the stone work for $38 and
board and $3 off that for hay I sold him in spring of 94. Dougal raked hay all day. Willie at
hay field, west of barn Strathallan and we got it raked and coaled {pow?} crop. We took in
half of field next Lindale's 1/2 load then brought home waggon to take up straw. Mr.
Cameron came from Galt tonight. (sowed rape)
11, Thursday. Fine day, clouded over in PM and a few drops rain fell. Willie and Dougal
hauled up 2 loads of straw from barn at Ferndale and took in 3 loads hay he cut yesterday
thus finishing haying. I started to dig out the foundation of house today: finished sowing rape
in PM and took over Fords sower. Walter Cameron came down for his mother today.
July 12, Friday, cloudy day rained at intervals all afternoon. Willie and Dougal hauled up 2
loads straw and 3 loads stones to house foundation and scuffled mangols at night. I worked
at house foundation today.
13, Saturday, cloudy day, cool. Dougal scuffled corn in forenoon and helped Willie to haul
stones to house in PM. Willie and I worked at house foundation in forenoon and I almost
finished it in PM. Peter Ross came to Uncle Jims with his two bags tonight. Thomas came

home from St Joseph also Nell & Tom with Ross. We let brickwork of house to Elgie tonight
for $90.00 I bought pair boots 1.25
14, Sunday, cloudy day. Mr. Craig preached.
15, Monday, cloudy day, rained at noon and at night. Dougal hoed turnips and Willie and I
opened sand pit in PM. In forenoon I finished house foundation and Willie scuffled turnips. I
went to Moffat at night to see about the house he is to finish complete for $3.00. I got $2.50
from Johnson for two months horse pasture.
July 16, Tuesday. Fine day rained a little in morning. Dougal cut thistles at Ferndale in AM.
Willie sunk crib for water for masons for house. I bought up 58 bushels lime from Kilm. In
PM, I bought up a load of stone 1/4 of a load from Gows. Then we hauled 4 loads stones
from Strathallan and sand to house. Tom Godfrey mixed mortar in PM, we got pattern from
Moffat for barn window.
17, Wednesday, fine day, we worked at house foundation hauling sand and stones. Watt
worked at the stonework in PM. Johnson put in a house to pasture and Curie Robinson a
horse and salt.
18, Thursday, fine day, cool in morning warm day, we worked at house foundation today. I
brought up another load of stones from Gows. Bowley and Watt both building to-day. Dougal
scuffled turnips in PM.
19, Friday, rained some in morning and in afternoon. I hauled 2 loads stones from Ferndale
in AM and in PM hauled stones from place also brought up rest of frame from Moffatts.
Dougal thinned {turnips?} in AM and scuffled in PM. Father and {Messrs?} Grieve Wm Taylor
Alex Taylor Forbes Clark and James Mills were up at place in the evening.
July 20, Saturday, fine day, looked like rain, but didn’t come. Dougal hoed turnips in forenoon
and scuffled corn in PM. I brought up a load of stones from Ferndale then another from
quarry. We hauled 4 loads earth to barn embankment in PM. Kate Clyne came here in
evening train. I bought a poke for a horse cost 40cts.
21, Sunday, rained in morning then cleared off then a little in PM. Mr. Craig preached.
22, Monday, fine day. We hauled 2 loads stones to masons. Dougal hoed turnips I bought
2lbs paris green 55cts and we put some on 1/3 of potatoes after supper we took the poke

23,Thursday, fine day, sunny and warm. We finished paris greening potatoes. Dougal hoed. I
brought a load stones from quarry thus working the cord and Willie brought a load from
Ferndale. In PM I bought up 50 bushels lime then 12 18ft long 2x10 joists and 31 16ft 2x10.
24, Wednesday, fine day, hazy and cloudy, rained a little at night. Lucy was sick this morning
and we got Howie up. She is better tonight. We took up a load stones from Ferndale, I went
to Dunlops and bought a sheep.
July 24, (continued) for $6.00. he was to [illegible] and bring down in the morning. In PM I
brought from Blacks 4 2x10 20ft long joists 12 2x10 16ft and 8 2 x 10 14 ft. Dougal hoed
turnips in AM and in PM went to Lacrosse match between Seaforth and Fergus. Fergus beat
4 to 3.
25, Thursday, fine day, Wm Allan David Watson and myself hauled bricks from the station
and got up 10 loads, emptying a car and some of another. (hauled brick of stone)
26, Friday, fine day, rained at night. David Watson and myself hauled bricks today again. I
got lend of Jim Gows Lime waggon took up a load stones then a load brick in AM. David
hauled 2 loads in AM. In PM, we got Charley Ferguson to help and we got up 4 loads. Allan
also took up a load in morning that he had in last night. Arthur came home to-day from St
Joseph. The masons have the house foundation nearly ready for joists. (hauled brick)
27, Saturday, rained more or less all last night and during the forenoon. Dougal and I
cleaned up in barn in AM and in PM we hauled up two loads bricks. The masons did not
work to-day at house.
July 28, Sunday, fine day cool. Mr. Craig preached in AM and Geo Fergusson spoke in the
evening on the Boston convention.
29, Monday, cloudy day rained a sprinkling in PM and a little in the evening. We got Jim
Monism and Dougal at station and with Charley and myself at farm and Willie driving. We got
up the rest of the loads of brick 4 loads, and in PM I went to Blacks saw mill and brought up
to scantling 2x4, 12ft long and 7 2x10 14ft long. The masons got the house foundation ready
for the joists to-day. The grasshoppers are eating nearly all our turnips.
30, Tuesday, cloudy day, quite cold, rained heavy during last night. Dougal trimmed turnips
in AM and I harrowed the turnip land where the turnips had destroyed by drought, fly and
grasshoppers about {illegible} of the land preparatory to sowing greystones then I went over

the late corn with the weeder. In PM, we hauled earth to the gangway and Willie sowed
greystones 2 Ibs for which he paid 50cts. The Arthur Sunday school picnic was held at Elora
rocks and the Camerons were here for dinner.
July 31, Wednesday. Between cloudy and sunny quite cold and very windy. Dougal hoed
turnips then helped us to load earth on the waggon in AM. In PM, he went to home having
completed his month. We hauled more earth to gangway and finished the connection of the
ditch in pasture field that we couldn’t do last fall for water. Bowley and Tom Godfrey worked
at house foundation in PM. (joists of house laid)
August 1, Thursday. Fine day, cool, Bowley and Godfrey work at foundation to-day and
Moffat and Jim Moore laid the joists. We hauled sand and stones and I got binder ready to
cut.Mr. Hyatt was buried today.
2, Friday, fine day, warmer. We cut the barley to-day. Bowley and Godfrey worked at house
foundation all day. We got 25lbs binder twine at Mennies at 4 1/2cts a lb $1.63.
3, Saturday, Rained a little last night fine day. Bowley and Godfrey worked at house
foundation. Willie and I hauled 2 loads {shaff?} from barn at Ferndale up to new barn and 2
loads up to stable. Paid Bowley $10.00 on house foundation at night.
August 4, Sunday, rained a few drops last night warm day. This being 4th anniversary of Mr.
Craig's pastorate in Melville church. the occasion was distinguished by Rev Dr. Parsons of
Knox church Toronto preaching morning and evening. His morning text was Ephesians 3:3
and in the evening 2 Cor 5;20.
5,Monday, fine day, sunny. Bowley worked at house foundation himself to-day. We took in
the barley in PM 2 loads including rakings. Willie scuffled potatoes. In AM, father, mother and
Bella went to hear Mr. Craig lecture on New Mexico.
6, Tuesday, cloudy day rained about 5 o'clock PM. I got knotter of binder mended at Templin
cost 25 cts in account and Willie hauled sand. In PM, I took some maple lumber over to Elora
to get cut into flooring and brought from Salem 200lbs flour at 225 per 100lbs bran @88cts
and 100lbs shorts @$110 making in all $6.30. Willie scuffled mangoes and corn. Bowley and
Charley Fergusson worked at house foundation painting.
August 7, Wednesday. Cloudy day rained last night. Fergus civic holiday. Willie and mother
went up to Gordonville and got home about 10 o'clock PM. I took up 10 bushels lime to

house and Bowley and Charlie worked all day. Father cleaned up brush etc. around barn and
orchard. I hauled sand to masons in AM.
8, Thursday, fine day, we worked at house area wall etc. in AM and in PM went to picnic at
Mc Allisters, Willie Mary and I got $3.00 from Kelcher for pasture of house. Smith of Erin
brought a load of stone window sills. Mrs. Ritchie's niece arrived to-day.
9, Friday, rained heavily last night cloudy day. I went to Elora for the flooring and took 100ft
of maple boards for which I received $120. My other load cut into 364ft @ $5 per M for
cutting cost $1.82 and I got 54ft @$20 per M $1.08 making 2.90mims. $1.20 and I paid him
in full $150. In PM, Willie started to plow at Strathallan and I did sundries. Bowley finished
house foundation in AM.
10, Saturday, rained last night again. Fine day warm. Smellie and Sam Robinson back again
made door in barn. We got up rest of straw from Ferndale barn 2 loads. I bought a poke at
Nichols in evening cost 35cts. Put it on here. I bought 1000ft lumber from Blacks @ $7.00
per M on account.
August 11,Sunday, rained heavily in forenoon, afternoon and evening at intervals. Mr. Craig
preached in AM. Dr. McKay of Formosa addressed a was meeting of Sunday school
scholars in PM and at night spoke to united congregation St Andrews and ours a crowded
church to the outside doors. (brought up door &window frame, lumber)
12, Monday, misty in morning cleared off five. Farmers at barn. Able & Deans mixing mortar
for house preparatory for starting tomorrow. I got 50 bushels lime from Gows and took up
bricklayers tools. In PM I got 23 16ft 2x10 planks from Blacks and bricklayers planks from
English church then brought the door and window frames for {illegible} floor of house. (House
Commence, Lumber)
13,Tuesday, fine day warm. Elgie and Newman in to-day started building house. I brought up
570ft $ 7.00 per M lumber and 18 2x8 14ft long planks to finish barn floor in PM got pint
shellach at Minnies in account. Willie got 70cts boa painted and linseed oil at Minnies. Willie
got 12 2"2x 10 18ft long elm joists for granary. Willie Beattie helped me to fix the bounder in
PM. Sold A Mills. Bessie and Reddie for $54 received $100
(humber) August 14, Wednesday, fine day warm. Bricklayers at house today, again and
Smellie & Sam at barn. I brought up 5 sill stones and a bound from E. church and 80 beveled

bricks from Dix's. in PM, brought up 220 ft beam of Gilead @$8.00 per M and 70 2x4
scantling and 8 4x4 pieces. (cut wheat)
15, Thursday, fine day. Bricklayers and farmers working today. I brought up trusses in
forenoon and in PM we cut some of the wheat. (finished cutting wheat, sawed 30 April 108
days in maturing)
16, Friday, Bricklayers worked at house today. Farmers away. We cut the rest of the wheat
today and what oats were left below maple grove. Willie got 4 thimbles for chimneys cost
35cts. Smith came with the rest of the stones paid C Fergusson & J {Morrison?} each.
(thunder storm, pulled pease, calf)
17, Saturday, fine day till afternoon when it clouded over and a most terrific wind storm with
thunder and lightning followed by heavy rain and {some?} hail swept the country. The
bricklayers at work till the rain after the storm we found it had washed all the joints of to-day
work. We pulled pease in forenoon till about 11 o'clock when I went to Hodgls and got 10 iron
put in pea rake cost Effie calved to-day a bull calf.
August 18, Sunday, fine day rained some in evening. Mr. Craig preached in AM and Mr.
Moody in evening from text ”we are ambassadors from Christ etc. ” (posts at Blacks, finished
pulling potter peas sawed 4th
May 107 days to maturity)
19, Monday, cool day between cloudy and sunny rained a few drops in PM. Bricklayers on till
3 o’clock then went to Larosse match Fergus and Toronto. Smellie and Sam on today doing
stall posts. I got 24posts from Corbitt @8cts each $ 2.08 and 4 7x7 cedar posts 10 ft long
@$10 per M. 2.35 and at Blacks and brought up rest of windows for house upper story. In
PM, we pulled the rest of the potter pease. Smellie helping us after supper. (lumber)
20, Tuesday, cool in morning, dark clouds passing over a blue sky. Late in afternoon rained
and afterwards a heavy shower accompanied by strong wind thunder and lightning. We help
Smellie to get in stall posts by cleaning away wood & stones and digging postholes. The
bricklayers got house ready for upper joists to-day. I brought up from Blacks sawmill, 2 cedar
posts 7x7, 10ft and one 4x7 , 10ft and 14 square of shingles.
21, Wednesday, fine day very cool. Smellie and Sam finished stable for time being getting in
all the posts. Willie and I digging the postholes. Martignori John & Nelson came to-day to see
if we were ready for him, and went away after dinner, we not

August 21, (continued) being ready. We hauled in a load pease after supper. the bricklayers
were not on to-day. Mrs. Richie and niece Annie Forsythe over in the evening. Father paid
Smellie $28 on account of barn. (4 loads wheat, 4 loads peas (potter))
22 Thursday, cool and Fine. We took in the wheat loads and four loads of pease. (3 loads
potter peas)
23. Friday, fine day, looked like rain but didn’t come till evening. We hauled in the rest of
potter pease 3 loads in forenoon. In PM, Moffat put in upper joists on house. Willie painted
window frames and I got sand out of cellar foundation. Bella and Mary went to Elora with
Lucy in PM to see about Mary eyesight. Bought a poke at Nichols.
24,Saturday, rained considerably last night and more or less all AM till about eleven o’clock
blue sky with passing rain cloudy in PM, we did sundry jobs put a lock in granary door.
25, Sunday, fine day clear bright sky, warm. Mr. Craig preached in morning from text” Behold
now in the accepted time etc. and in the evening from.”
August 26, (cutting oats, scuffing potatoes, pulling peas ) Monday, Fine day sunny and
warm. The bricklayers worked this afternoon and Sandy Able all day. I brought up 50 bushels
from Gows kiln and 21 2x6 12ft scantling 18ft 55 2x6 12ft and 12 2x9 12ft. in PM we started
to cut the remaining oats in Q&R field then Willie scuffled potatoes after supper and I pulled
some pease at top of field. (pulled multiplier peas sowed II May =108 days finished cutting
oats sowed 24 bush an 2.3 April = 126 days)
27 Tuesday, Fine day looked like rain in AM warm day. The bricklayers were on to-day all
day. We pulled the multiplier pease in AM and in PM put 3 horses in binder and cut the rest
of the oats we started yesterday thus finishing cutting for this year. (pulled Prince Albert
peas, saved 14May = 106 days commence flax pulling),
28 Wednesday, Fine day warm look like rain more or less all day and rained very heavily in
the evening. The bricklayers worked all day. We pulled the Prince Albert pease and plowed
some in PM. Robinson had a flax {[illegible} this afternoon pulling our flax. They got
considerable done. Geo little started pulling flax to-day at $4.50 per acre.
August 29, Thursday, Fine day warm. Bricklayers worked all day. I scuffled what turnips are
left of the grasshopers and Willie got sand in AM and in PM Willie scuffled mangols and
some corn and I scrapped of some more earth to get more sand ready for Martignori. Geo

Little pulled flax to-day. (2 loads peas, Uncle George Brick 550 ) 30, Friday. Fine day sunny
and warm. The Bricklayers finished the house all but chimneys and wat of plaster. We got
sand for house and barn in AM and in PM. Hauled in 2 loads of multiplier pease. Uncle
George of Chelsy was up at farm in afternoon. We brought up 550 bricks from Hamiltons to
make {Vce?} chimneys.
31, Saturday, clouded over in forenoon and rained a few drops about 10 o’clock cleared off in
PM and got exceedingly windy and very cold at night. The bricklayers were on in AM built a
chimney and plastered went away in PM in account of wind. We hauled in 3 loads of pease
in AM and in PM thus finishing the pease in field opposite barn. Five loads multiplier and 3
loads Prince Albert.
September 1, Sunday, Mr. Craig preached in Melville in AM and Mr. Mullan just returned
from old county to united congregation at night in St Chedraus. Fine clear sunny day cool at
September 2, Monday, Fine day sunny and cool. Moffats gang started to put in roof of house
to-day. I brought up 20 14m 2x4 14ft 2x6 30 12ft 2x6 and 25 12ft 2x4 from Blacks sawmill
and nails for Moffat then we brought in a load oats from {frost?} field before dinner. In PM we
finished taking in the out 2 more loads also a slingful of pease we got out of the furrows then
I went to Blacks Mill and bought up 100 ft hemlock sheeting @ $7.00 per M. Stewart and
Colin were up at farm nearly all day. This being “Labor Day” father had a holiday day and
was up at farm.
3, Tuesday, Fine day sunny and warm. I got 5 bushels of lime at Gows Lime Kiln and took up
the farming mill. Willie went to Elora or Salun rather and got 200lbs flour $4.00 and 1 bag
bran 1 bag shorts and some hen feed $1.55. the carpenters got sheeting nearly all on the
house. Geo McLutyre and Tom Steele came from Toronto on bicycles. I start to plow in large
pasture field.
4, Wednesday, Fine in forenoon rained more or less in afternoon. I brought up rest of the
house lumber from Blacks 85 2x4 12ft scantlings 250ft $7.00 sheeting on forenoons load and
in PM.
September 4, continued, 175 2x 1 1/2 12ft strapping 10 3x2 12ft scantling and 8 5x3/4 12ft
spruce ridge boards and 10 6x 3/4 12ft ridge boards. The carpenters worked at home all day.
We started to cut down willows in large pasture field in PM. The firebell send Willie and I peel

mell down town just now to find that a small fire in Beattie foundry had been put out without
the fireengine.
5, Thursday, Fine day Martignori and gang came to-day to finish painting barn. I got 50
bushels lime at Kier then brought up the flooring for upstairs of house, In PM we got sand for
masons. The carpenters finished shingling and Newman and Sandy Able worked all day
finished plastering and put up me chimney. Gorge McLutyre and 3cm Steele up at farm on
6, Friday, Fine day, sunny, Martigrom and gang at work all day also carpenters got floor
nearly laid. Thomas Kerr put deck roof on to-day cost $10.00. Elgire and Newman finished
the last chimney thus finishing their contract. We hauled sand etc. In PM, I took a load flax to
Elora 3430lbs gross. Didn’t weigh the waggon yet.
September 7, Saturday. Fine day rain around us in PM but none here. The masons and
carpenters both worked all day. I took a load flax to Elora in PM gross weight 3740, waggon
1150, net 2590 the net of yesterday’s load was 2280 at $11.00 per ton,2 paid Nichols bill at
night $27.00. received from Curvy Robinson 50cts in account of horse pasture $1.75.
Received from Jackson $4.50 for 3 months horse pasture. Bought necktie 20cts.
(sow pigged 8 young pigs) 8, Sunday, Rainy like all day but didn’t rain much Fine sunny day
and cool, Mr. Cabowm preached in morning on the perseverance of the saints about excuses
for not becoming Christians. Thomas Hamilton lead the singing.
9, Monday, Rained a little in morning and in afternoon. Louis Martignori Nelson and J Oakes
finished the barn to-day. The carpenters worked at hours. I took load flax 2030lbs to Taylors
@$11.00 per ton. Willie attended masons I bound flax. Robinson finished pulling flax.
10, Tuesday, Fine sunny day, we bound and hauled 3 loads flax to-day to Taylors 2070 lbs,
1900 lbs and 1740 lbs at $11.00. We had Malcolm binding in afternoon. The carpenters got
house ready for plasterers.
September 11, Wednesday, fine day very warm, we hauled 2 loads flax to Taylors 2070 and
1840 and got me in and put it in little barn ready for morning thus getting all dry stuff off the
field. We have had considerable trouble shaking the earth off the roots to make it sell.
12, Thursday, fine day cloudy and cooler, t took load flax to mill 190 lbs and settled up with
Taylor. gross receipts $75.13 deduct seed $12.50 net $42.63. we took up to house from

Blacks 50 bunches 4ft faths and 50 4 1/2ft faths. Jim Carleton putting them on to-day. Willie
went to Mills thrashing in PM. Bella and Mary went to Elora and got flax money there $26.58.
13, Friday, very cool in morning and evening warm about noon. Fine sunny day. We hauled a
load of sawdust to home and in PM we pulled about half of the pease next Q.S.Road.
14, Saturday, Sunshiny day but very cool, I got 2 bushels rye at station that Mitchel from
Guelph at 65cts a bushel and sowed it where I sowed rape which was eaten by grasshopers.
Willie cut corn. In PM we pulled more pease. Opened tenders for painting Wm Mc Cullah’s
lowest $ 84.00 accepted. Paid Ms Robinson $1.80 for pulling balance of flax.
September 15, Sunday, rear frost during night, corn, potatoes, etc frozen, cloudy and rainy
like. Mr. Craig preached morning and evening. Mr. Fergusson died to-day
(Beech & Maple) 16, Monday, rained during night, fine sunny day warm. I took Elgies planks
trusses etc. down to English church, and in PM we took up load beech and maple 1 1/2
plank we had here and I opened some more sand pit and Willie cut down corn after supper
we pulled rest of the pease.
(Pig killed )17, Tuesday, fine day. We hauled in 5 loads pease to-day. In forenoon Willie cut
corn and I worked at sand pit. John Wilkie came about 5 o’clock and killed pig white one
which will probably weigh 240 lbs more or less. Jimmie Mac {Mamara?} lathing at house all
18, Wednesday, Rained very heavily last night and cloudy all day. Willie went to Wm Taylors
thrashing with team and get home between 10 &11 o’clock after which we put up the pig. I
got tooth pulled this morning 25cts. In PM we got sand etc. Mary and Nellie went to Elora in
PM and Mary got spectacles al Smiths cost $400. Jim Mac lathing all day. Bo’t shaving soap
September 19,Thursday. Fine in afternoon cloudy and rained a little in forenoon. Mary Auntie
and Maggie McIntyre went up to Grand Valley with Lucy today. We plowed a little bound and
stoked corn and cut millet to-day. Jimmie Mac lathing.
20, Friday. Fine sunny day very warm, we cut corn and bound flax in forenoon and took over
a load corn to barn. In afternoon we took up the load corn putting it on hay with alternate
rows of corn and “hay and straw”. Willie raked up the millet we cut yesterday and I cut corn
meanwhile then we took over to barn a load millet then took in a load pease. Jimmie Mac

lathing all day. Mary and auntie came home at night. Mr. Watson started for St Joe to see
about getting land and is going to look at ours.
21, Saturday. Fine sunny day very warm, we hauled in the rest of the pease to-day six loads.
Jimmie Mac lathing all day. Malcolm Campbell went to Armstrongs and Fords thrashing for
us to-day.
22, Sunday. Fine sunny day. Warm. Mr. Craig preached morning and evening the evening
text was ‘Thou shalt be missed. ”Professor Mailtard led the singing to-day and gave general
September 23, Monday. Cooler and windy at times looked like rain. Peter Stewart and Colin
went away in morning CPR train. I drove them up to the station and their trunks etc. We put
on the rest of the flax a big load then put in horses to feed and I got a dinner then started for
Elora about half past eleven. I got $9.00 per ton and had in 2870lbs and got $12.81. After
getting home we hauled 2 load millet and brought some down in waggon. Jimmie Mac lathing
all day.
24, Tuesday. Cool morning fine sunny day. I took up 60 bushels lime from Gows in AM and
20 lbs lath nails. In PM we hauled in a load millet then I took team with to Wilsons got Dick
shod 20 cts and brought up load sand from Fergussons pit 38cts.
25,Wednesday. Fine day. I got load sand from Fergussons pit in AM. We hauled water for
Mr. Chapman who is mixing mortar today and some sand from [illegible] after which we
hauled in corn to other barn and the rakings of the millet. Jimmie Mac lathing all day.
26,Thursday. Rained very heavily nearly all last night thunder and lightning cleared off in
Sep 26, (continued) morning and remained fine sunny day but cool. Willie plowed and cut the
rest of the millet to-day I cleaned granary stable etc. Chapman and Jimmie Mac working all
day. We took out Johnsons horses to-night.
27,Friday. Cloudy in forenoon and raining a little got colder. I took up a load sand from
Fergussons after having brought 170lbs of dust a Wilsons for 59 cts. In PM Willie plowed and
I did sundry jobs around house and barn. Jimmie and Davy at work all day. Duncan and
Porter came in afternoon.
28, Saturday. White frost this morning cool sunny day rained at night. Willie brought up a
load sand from Fergussons then looked for colts with Lucy in buggy found them about noon

along L-Line. I brought up window sash for home in PM and raked and washed the rest of
the millet Willie got load sand form Gordan Street and hauled in 3 loads corn. Porter and
Jimmie lathing and Davy and Duncan mixing.
29 Sunday. Cold day cloudy and raining at intervals heavy frost in morning. Sacrament
Sunday. Mr. McKay preached morning and evening. In morning from text “And grace for
grace” and in evening from Genesis 12:1-3. Dr wardrobe was also present and spoke.
September 30, Monday. Frosty in morning and very cold all day, cold wind and sleet at
intervals. Moffat fitted window sash in morning. Plasters in all day got 2 rooms upstairs done
Mr. McCullah painting sash in PM. Willie plowed in pea field and I banked house. Bought 86
bushels and 26 lbs vats from J Mc Crown for 24cts a bushel cost $26. 82. He took them to
Semples to get chopped. We went to ordination of Jimmie Pow as missionary to China in
evening. Mr. Lassel presided and {Meson?} Strahan Craig and McKay spoke a crowded
October 1, Tuesday, frosty morning cool day sunny, I took a load of the chopped oats in
morning and plowed till noon then took the rest in PM and plowed in afternoon. Willie went to
Dunlops thrashing for J Hamilton. Plasterers got hall and bedroom down stairs and rest of
upstairs done Mr. McCullah painting in PM chop cost $1.40.
2,Wednesday, fine day, cool, Willie went to Elora and got 20 bushels wine for putty @ 13 cts
bushel $2.60 he also brought 15 bushels for Hodge. I plowed in forenoon with colt and in PM
we hauled in the rest of the lying corn. The plasterers finished today except [illegible] and
some floating Jno Davis thrashed.
3, Thursday, fine sunny day. Plasterers finished and run the putty today. I plowed with colts
and Willie hauled water we took in the rest of the millet one load. Bella Willie and I at show in
October 4, Friday, fine sunny day. We plowed in forenoon and all went to show in the
afternoon except father. Hugh Cameron and Hattie were down to-day and went to the show.
5, Saturday. Fine sunny day, Willie plowed all day and I raked where the millet was and also
the short corn we cut with mower and we took it in on the wagon in the evening. James
Johnson was here in afternoon.

6, Sunday. Fine sunny day. Mr. Craig preached in AM and Peter Scott preached in the
evening from Rom. 8:15a very good sermon. The vote on Professor Maittand as presenter
was No’s 103 Yes’s 100.
7, Monday. Rained last night cloudy more or less all day and rained at intervals. Willie
plowed all day. I cleaned up etc in AM and in PM went to Salem and bought 500 lbs flour @
$1.65 per 100lbs cost $8.25 also 100lbs shorts 85cts $9.10 in all left 250lbs flour there.
8, Tuesday. Cold day frost in morning very windy all day and cold between sunny and cloudy
snowed some in PM and evening. Willie plowed all day finishing pea field and I hauled earth
to barn embankment with road scraper. Dan MacDonald brought thrashing machine ready for
Thursday.Wm Robson took away some plaster I sold to Hugh Black for $2.00 Geo six took
out his six cattle he put in on 23 May.
October 9, Wednesday. Sunny and cloudy very cold, frost in morning ice on water. Willie
plowed all day in front field. I cleaned up ready for thrashing. “Charlie” up in PM plowing. A
fire alarm at night Bea this foundry.
10, Thursday. Fine sunny day cool. We thrashed this forenoon got the wheat oats barley and
1/2 the pease done. Willie took separator to Simples in PM then we took in the rest of the
corn two loads on waggon box. Aunt Aggie came from Toronto tonight in route to Mildmay.
Geo Johnson had another daughter.
11, Friday. Raining all forenoon and in the evening again cloudy all day. Willie lathed cellar.
Aunt Aggie went away on noon train. We drove her up in buggy. Went to Capt Beattie’s
funeral in PM masons workman and volunteers at it. Bo’t 1 lb lath nails at Nichols. Dr James
Ross of Brantford here to-day. Took 2 cats up to barn.
12, Saturday. Cloudy day with occasional sunshine cleared off at night cool and northern
lights. Willie plowed and I banked up barn. We paid J Gov in full balance of lime money $
23.25. Wm McCulluh up in PM painting sash I took him a bag of pease. We brought furniture
from D.Russel’s at night.
October 13, Sunday. Fine day. Mr. Craig preached morning and evening. Miss Wilkie and the
youngest of the Hyatts buried today.
14, Monday. Fine sunny day Frost in morning and a little cloudy in forenoon. Smellie working
at barn to-day again putting stops on window frames etc. We started to take up our potatoes

to-day aided by Charlie Fergusson who is getting 2 bags potatoes a day. We got up six rows
and got about 2 waggon boxfulls and brought 10bags down here besides.
15, Tuesday. Fine sunny day, somewhat cloudy in PM.I brought up windows for barn from
Davees in PM cost altogether $11.78. Smellie and Sam both working to-day. We took up
potatoes today again helped by Charlie, got 7 rows done 2 waggon loads; and a dozen bags
which we brough down at night. I got 18cts worth stuff at Nichols renew nails lathes etc.
16, Wednesday. Cloudy day rained all day at intervals. Smellie and Sam working all day. Wm
Fergusson worked at potatoes in forenoon and 2 hours in PM, Charlie having gone to Grand
Valley. I brought up stuff from Moffats for eves, gable etc. and Jack Moffat and Scott they put
up scaffold and left. We got about 5 drills potatoes 1 1/2 loads. I went to Blacks mill in PM
and got 720ft 3 in Tamarack plank 16ft long to floor the horse stable.
17, Thursday. Frost in morning. Windy cold between cloudy and sunny, rained some in
forenoon. Smellie and Samuel
October 17, continued, up in morning laid sleepers in horse stable for floor then went away.
We picked the rest of the potatoes left from yesterday 12 bags, then put in rest of day filling
in between sleepers in horse stable. Jack Moffat and Scott at eve all day.
18, Friday. Fine sunny day not so cold. We mixed the mortar and laid it on horse stable floor
and Smellie and Sam laid the floor and put up some stalls. Father worked at farm all day
mixing mortar and banking house etc. I went to Sow o McLeans bash in PM but got no
lumber came back to Blacks and took up 15 2x4 elm scantling 12 ft long and 1,2 x2 1/2.
Willie picked 2 rows potatoes in PM got 15 bags. Moffats finished eaves etc. today. Mrs. See
more of Mount Forest here in evening.
19, Saturday. Cloudy day got colder as the day advanced and quite a snow storm about 4
o’clock snowed at intervals all evening. Smellie and Sam at barn to-day. I got 520ft 1 1/2in
elm plank 12ft long 45 pieces 1x3 12ft long or 135ft and 3 boards 11in x 10ft or 29 1/5ft at
Blacks and 5lbs 4in nails 4 in strap hinges and some bolts and wood screws at Nichols. We
took up the rest of the potatoes 3 rows getting 18 or so bags.
20,Sunday. Ground all covered with snow 1 1/2 inches thick and snowed more or less all day
with intervals of sunshine frosty day and got very frosty at night. Mr. Craig preached in
morning on “Faith” and in evening on the appearance of brightness round about Ezekiel1,

December 4/94 Barn Memorando. Stonework ---set to Louis Martignori $115 back wall 70 ft
long 10 ft high 24 m at bottom tapering to 24 at top put large boulders in the bottom of this
wall and let the stonework be built far enough away to allow for the biggest ones to be put in.
Get bond timber put in for silo. Two end walls each 60ft long 10ft high. Get tiles put in near
the top for ventilators, get all necessary bind timber for calf pens box cupboard built in behind
horse stable and timber for harrness {pirs?}. Get iron tie rings built in the stonework.
October 21. Monday. Very cold day. 12 degrees of frost during the night. Sunny day but
frosty air. Snow melted some. Smellie and Sam at barn all day. Willie went to Blacks and got
6 boards 1 inch thick 3ft them 8 in wide and 3 10 inches wide 4 of them 12ft long and the rest
10ft. We sold our 6 white pigs to Cassie and took them to scales they weighed 1010lbs and
we got {3 ¼?} cts a lb and received $37.87cts. I plowed in PM and Willie lathed cellar. I got
50more bolts at Nichols.
22. Tuesday. Fine day, frosty in morning but not so cold as yesterday. Smellie and Sam at
barn all day, rather worked at banking home etc. all day. We took up our carrots and 2 loads
mangols all with shaws on and in PM I went to Blacks and got 17 inch boards spruce 12
inches wide and 12ft long, 26 6 in wide& 14 ft long and 8, 5 inches wide & 14ft long, also, 7,
1 1/2 in inch plank alm {illegible} 12 inches wide and 12 ft long and 7 pieces 2 ½ {illegible} ft
long, also 100 bolts at Nichols. Wm McCullah went to Guelph in PM {illegible} and Fred Mc
Gladdeny {illegible} painted . Mary has been up at shanty ever since Smellie.
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