John Ferguson Diary, 1874


John Ferguson Diary, 1874

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January 1, 1874

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John Ferguson Diary Collection


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January THURSDAY 1 1874

A bright mild day, nearly a foot of snow on the level but no sleighing on the much travelled roads. Spent the day at home, reading and writing, father & mother went to Mrs Freeman's Brampton for dinner. Viney and I went this evening with W. M. {Wesleyan Methodist} Choir to sing at teameeting in Unity Church near Norval "had a good time".


Was hauling cordwood from "other place" bush on sleigh all day, have about 5 1/2 cords hauled. Mr & Mrs J. C. Snell and children were here for dinner & tea. Spent evening at Zion Chursh at the Missionary meeting. Revs W Burns & J G Scott were the speakers, a successful meeting

January SATURDAY 3 1874

Hauling cordwood from lower bush and splitting rock elm fence stakes. Father drove to Brampton for Aunt Jennie Harrington, she has just come from a short visit to Montreal. George Rice of Oshawa came here this evening The January thaw has set in and the snow has nearly all disappeared.


Viney and I drove in the buggy up to S.School this morning The roads are very muddy and weather very warm Supt JR Craig Pres. Sec-Treas JC Snell pres. lesson - Exodus I 7 to 14, "The House of Bondage" Rev JG Scott preached at Zion at 2:30 P.M. A rainy evening staid at home, music & chat..

January MONDAY 5 1874

Chopping cordwood in the lower bush, the high wind last night having uprooted some more trees. A bright warm day and the snow all gone. A lovely time in Brampton tonight over the municipal elections. J Haggert Mayor - K Chisholm, Reeve & DS Leslie, D.Reeve. Spent evening at Lodge. Chronicle by G Golding.


A very stormy day. Not doing much but choring around the barn-yard The Misses Lulu Maine and Hattie Moreland are here spending some of their holidays with our little folks. Spent evening at home reading Wm Stowe's Pink and White Tyranny.

January WEDNESDAY 7 1874

Shipped on early morning train to Stratford two young Berkshires to Mr Henry Hawkins. Our folks went to JC Snell's for dinner Misses Lizzie and Emma and RP Snell spent evening here in social chat. Sleet falling all day and raining tonight. There is sleighing again.


With the help of J Learment we killed and dressed a 4 yr old fat cow it weighed 580 lbs beef, hide & tallow spent afternoon at Brampton at the Reform Convention, unanimously chose Mr R. Smith MPP to be the Reform candidate, he made an able speech, & one from G Beam

January FRIDAY 9 1874

Received last night a letter from Uncle Adam Ferguson Went to Brampton this forenoon and sold to Mrs Vodden a quarter of beef 150 lbs @ 6 {symbol indicating cents} - also to another party a quarter 140 lbs @ 4 {symbol indicating cents} per lb - the hide to T Milner, 64 lbs @ 5 1/2 {symbol indicating cents} - Received from A Hawkins by mail $10.00 for the Bukshines.


Very fair sleighing again but the weather is very mild Spent the day hauling barnyard manure on the orchard field, drew 12 sleigh loads. Spent evening at home preparing for the Sabbath.

January SUNDAY 11 1874

Attended Ebenezer Union S.School this morning, Supt pres. Sec pres lesson Exodus II 1 to 10 - The Birth of Moses" Drove sleigh load of our folks up to JC Snells and spent afternoon and took tea. Heard Rev W Burns preach in Brampton tonight - text John III 14&15 verses.


Was hauling firewood from "other place" woods, very little frost under the snow making it bad to get around in the bush with the sleigh. Spent evening at the Lodge, a large attendance and a good lively meeting. Mailed a copy of "Peel Banner" to Uncle Adam. Received circular from A.C. Thomson about the new Herd Book

January TUESDAY 13 1874

Hauling maple & beechwood to Brampton for Mrs Trueman drew 2 loads to day. Had a visit from our cousins, the Misses Hannah & Mary Pearce & John & Thomas Pearce for the first time in several years. JC Snell and family were here for tea. Spent evening at Ebenezer at a teachers meeting.

January THURSDAY 15 1874

Finished hauling the compliment of five cords for Mrs Trueman and received $18.75 being the stipulated price for the same. Had a call from Robert Crawford of Oshawa. An extremely cold day


Was hauling firewood all day from "other place" bush. AF Campbell came this evening on a short visit. Viney had visitors, the Misses R and E. Carter & E Nichols. Spent evening at Choir Practice. Have always on hand a large stock of newspapers from western States

January SATURDAY 17 1874

R Crawford left here for Oshawa. Took a cord of picked hardwood to Brampton and sold it to Pendleton @ $3.50. A great stir in politics just now the Tories have nominated W Elliott to oppose R Smith. Mailed a letter to RJ Nichols. Was barbered at J.E. Wood's.


Spent forenoon at S.School Supt and Sec pres. lesson Exodus III 1 to 10, The Deliverer raised up. The Canadian Messenger was distributed among the scholars. Miss Jennie Peacock spent the day here Heard Rev W Burns preach a Temperance sermon in Brampton tonight text Exodus XXIII, 2nd

January MONDAY 19 1874

A thaw and a rainy day. Drew two loads of wood to Brampton and sold to W Pendleton @ $3.50 per load or cord. Went to lodge this evening, Chronicle by {W?}. Secretary, the committee presented the petitions to the Council to stop licensing groceries


Drew a load of cordwood to Pendleton. Attended a committee meeting at Dr Moore's Office to arrange for the meeting of the Co Lodge. Spent afternoon and evening writing letters of invitation to attend the Co Lodge to different parts of the Counties of Peel & Halton wrote 13 letters 1 One to Rev J Shaw Toronto

January WEDNESDAY 21 1874

Sold another load of cordwood @ 3.50 making 5 at that price and 5 @ 2.75. J. Johnston G.L. {Lecturer or Lectmer?} was here for tea and staid all night. Heard him lecture on Temperance tonight in Zion, and organized a lodge of Good Templars starting with 13 members. Got home at midnight


Cleaned up 24 bush of peas took 5 bags of peas and oats to Main's Steam Mill. Spent afternoon at the nomination for members of the House of Commons, a large crowd R Smith and W Elliott are the opposing candidates some very {lively?} speakers on both sides of the house

January FRIDAY 23 1874

Drove to Brampton in the waggon this morning, the snow is nearly all off the roads. Mailed two postcards one to Uncle Taylor and the other to Rev J Shaw. Spent evening at Choir Practice and afterwards until 1 o-clock in the morning at a private party at Mr M Gimmerson's


Was hauling firewood from "other place" bush, have about 20 cords home beside what was sold in Brampton. Aunt Jennie and I drove to Brampton this evening on business. The Political excitement is intense. Very cold and freezing hard tonight.

January SUNDAY 25 1874

Went to S.School this morning Supt and Sec pres. lesson Exodus IV 1 to 9 - "Doubts removed". A new library of 60 volumes was distributed among the scholars. Aunt Jennie and I spent afternoon at J.C.S. Heard Rev JG Scott preach in Brampton tonight - text - Luke II 7th verse. AF Campbell was at church and came up here tonight


Was hauling firewood, have all the hardwood that is chopped hauled out. Uncle Taylor walked up from Port Credit and is staying here. Went to the Lodge this evening afterwards to a political meeting in Concert Hall, it was crowded full, J Gooderham G Blair, J Fleming & JW {Beynon?}

January TUESDAY 27 1874

The GL {Grand Lodge?} Lecturer J Johnston Uncle Taylor and I drove to Brampton to attend the formation of Peel Co Temple Had a small attendance but those that were present were active workers. A load of the Oakville people were at the afternoon session. A large Temperance meeting tonight and speeches by Johnston. Scott & Barns & WM Choir.


The Oakville people drove home last night after the meeting was over. The next meeting of Co Lodge will be in Streetsville on Friday 27th of next month Went to Brampton tonight to a meeting for the friends of R Smith, the last grand rally before the conflict of tomorrow

January THURSDAY 29 1974

The polling of votes for the Dominion Parliament took place today simultaneously all over Ontario. Went to Mayfield with a load of voters, then to Brampton tonight to see the fun of bonfires and procession R Smith was elected with a majority of 15 votes over W Elliott the Tory candidate.


An exceedingly cold day. Spent most of the day in the house writing reports of Co Lodge meeting to the local papers and to the "Casket". Spent evening at Zion Church at "Edmonton" Temple No 543 not many present, five were initiated. Snow falling from the N.E.

January SATURDAY 31 1874

Drove sleigh up to Willow Lodge" Farm this morning on business. Spent afternoon in Brampton, doing a little shopping and talking politics. Mailed a letter to TW Casey, Napanee and to AF Campbell a post card Busy writing all evening on Lodge business.

February SUNDAY 1 1874

Went to the Quarterly meeting at Brampton this morning Rev W Barns preached from John XVII, 1st verse. The attendance of people was not so good as usual, it being a very cold day. Spent afternoon at Choir Practice & took tea with Mrs Perry. Heard Rev JG Scott preach tonight text Psalm XLV 7th & 8th

February MONDAY 2 1874

A stormy day - snow falling fast from N.E. Drove cutter up to J Conells this forenoon. Drove sleigh to Brampton at 5 oclock PM and met at the R R Depot. Mr and Mrs George Rice who were married on Thursday last at Niagara Falls NY. - Spent evening at the Lodge Election of Officers, am in the same office - W Secretary.


AF Campbell came up with me last night. Hauled a cord hardwood to Mrs Trueman @ $3.50. - A wedding dinner here at 6 P.M. guests - Mr and Mrs Main Mrs Trueman, Featherston & John Snell Rev W Burns and wife Mr & Mrs JC Snell & Jennie Peacock. Had a pleasant conversation until 11 P.M. when the party broke up.

February WEDNESDAY 4 1874

Had a visit today from Walter Baldock and his sister & Mary Campbell, Alek's daughter - The wedding folks and Viney went to Toronto on evening train Went with WM Choir to a Honey Social on 24 1st line West this evening. Speaking by Revs JG Scott and Sherlock, a crowded house and plenty of honey. The Choir were highly praised.


Was hauling the soft wood from "other place" bush, have {5?} cords this completes the job of drawing wood for the present. Spent the evening at writing up the minutes of the Peel Co Lodge. Edwin Dixon of Amaranth staid here all last night and started for home this morning.

February FRIDAY 6 1874

The principal occupation just now is threshing with the flail used it all day on the peas & with considerable effect spent evening at Edmonton Temple in Ebenezer Church 8 initiated and quite a lively meeting. G{H?} Golding from Brampton was present. A very stormy evening.


Swinging the flail on timothy and orchard grass for {illegible word} the seed pounded out, very slow work, about 2 bush a day. First calf of this season same yesterday from "White Rose" - Nearly a foot of snow came last night, the weather is moderate. At home writing all evening.

February SUNDAY 8 1874

Spent forenoon at S.School Sept and Sec pres. lesson - Exodus VII, 14 to 22 "The first Plague". Was reading this afternoon "Gates Ajar" by Mrs Phelps, a very interesting and unique work. JC Snell and family were here for tea. Heard Rev Mr Eastman preach in Brampton tonight - text Ezekiel Ist Chap. 15 to 19th verses.....


Still at the flailing. Finished the timothy have 38 lbs for 1/2 dys threshing. Started the orchard grass seed. Went to Brampton tonight on foot. Received a letter from Viney of Oakville. Spent evening at the Lodge, four initiated, and a good meeting. Had a short chat with Dawson Morland just from London Ont.

February TUESDAY 10 1874

Received a letter yesterday from RJ Nichols of Chicago. Finished threshing the orchard grass. have about 6 bushels and 2 1/2 bush threshed last fall total on hand 8 1/2 bush, it is very difficult to get clean it being so light, only 14 lbs to bush Spent evening writing up the Lodge work of Edmonton No 543 and Safe Guard No 350.....


Drove up to Joh R Craig's to attend his auction Sale of Blooded Stock, a large attendance of people. John R Page of N York was the auctioneer the Short Horns were all bought by American buyers at high figures the sheep - Cotswolds sold well the Canadians getting a fair share of them

February THURSDAY 12 1874

Robert G Ferguson came here last night from St Joseph. Uncle Adam went on to Toronto. Drew two cords of soft wood to Brampton and sold them to J Campbell of the "Ashery" @ $2.00 per cord. Simon Beattie's Sale of Stock today Very high prices were paid, one cow brought $3420.00


JC Snell called here this morning with his cutter and we went down to Streetsville to attend the County Peel S School Convention It wast not a success this year being poorly attended by the people or by speakers. We took tea with Mr Webb, an old friend that was my SS Teacher 15 years ago. It was past midnight when we got home

February SATURDAY 14 1874

Raining slightly most all day yesterday and the sleighing has gone almost once more. This winter has been a very peculiar one thus far. Spent the day fanning and measuring oats for seed and for next summer's feeding. Went to Brampton tonight, was at Choir Practice.


Went to Brampton WM Church this morning to attend the Anniversary services. Heard Rev Dr Wood preach text Genesis, VII, 1st Heard Rev S Rose preach at 2:30 P.M. text Revelations V, 6th verse Took tea with D Morland at Mrs Trueman's. Heard Rev EH Dewart preach tonight, text, Luke XV 7th Three most excellent sermons especially morning & evening

February MONDAY 16 1874

Threshing crown peas with the flail. RG Ferguson left here this morning for Toronto and then on to Orangeville and Shelburne. Went to on Brampton tonight on foot and spent evening at the Lodge, small attendance of members but had some good readings and songs.


At the same work as yesterday fine mild weather but very little snow on the ground. Spent evening at Brampton hearing Rev Lachlin Taylor lecture in WM Church on "Manitoba", he is a good speaker and handles the subject well making it both witty and instructive.

February WEDNESDAY 18 1874

Still at the threshing. Our folks went visiting up to J.C. Snell's. Drove to Brampton tonight to meet Aunt Jennie Rice from Oshawa. She, Emma and I went to Odd-fellows concert given for the benefit of the poor of the town, the singing was fairly done & the readings excellent, the most of the actors were from Toronto.


Fanned the remainder of the D{rest of word illegible} wheat - 21 1/2 bush and sold it to KC & Co @ $1.20 also cleaned up the barley for spring seeding, have only 10 bush. Rented a box 247 in Brampton Post Office for ten months @ 35 {symbol indicating cents}. Bought of Jesse Perry one bush of fresh lime @ 25 {symbol indicating cents}......

February FRIDAY 20 1874

Cleaning peas with fanning mill - have about 115 bush threshed and cleaned - have 190 bush of oats, having cleaned measured them also. A very mild day very little snow on the fields, the roads are somewhat icy. Spend evening at Edmonton Lodge No 543, had a pleasant meeting, some readings and recitations.


Went to Brampton this forenoon on horseback. Mailed some letters for Aunt Jennie received a letter from Viney. Her health is improving and she is enjoying herself in Oakville. Spent afternoon making preparations for sowing on Monday.

February SUNDAY 22 1874

Spent forenoon at S.School Supt and Sec pres. lesson Exodus XIII 17 to 21 - "Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt"-- JC Snell and family came here this afternoon and we all drove in spring waggon to Brampton tonight and heard Rev JG Scott preach text - Luke XIX 41st A Temperance sermon, going fully into the subject in able manner.


With Guy Bell's circular saw and with the help of some of our neighbours we sawed about 23 cords f wood, 18 of which were hard and the rest soft wood. Finished at 3-oclock rather more than 5 hours at the job. Spent evening at the Lodge rather a dull session.

February TUESDAY 24 1874

Shortly after sunrise I started with team and sleigh for Caledon to get a load of cedar. Bought of A McColl 35 posts @ 8 {symbol indicating cents} each and got home at noon, having made the round trip of 20 miles in less than 5 hours. Very little snow in Caledon this winter


Father, mother and aunt Jennie went to 3rd line East on an all day visit to the {Modiland's?}. Spent the day threshing peas with the flail. Spent evening at Brampton in the stores and chatting with some chums. Uncle Adam came here this evening to spend the night, they are going to live in Bay City Michigan

February THURSDAY 26 1874

Started for Oakville at 10.30 o'clock A.M. with horse and buggy and arrived at the end of my journey at 3 PM. Found the folks all well down there. Spent the evening at a public Temperance meeting, a Mrs Hardy of New York gave a very good lecture she is a fluent speaker. DB Chisholm MP Halton {letter C?} also spoke well. Some very choice music was given


Had a pleasant time in Oakville They are fully alive on Temperance. Viney and I left there at 1 oclock for Streetsville to attend Peel Co Lodge AGT. We had a very pleasant meeting in the lodge room of "Union" Temple, the Co Temple promises to be a success. In the evening we went to a {Social?}. The readings and music were really excellent

February SATURDAY 28 1874

Got home this morning at 1 o'clock, tired and sleepy. Aunt Jennie Rice packed up all her things and went by train to Oshawa to take up her permanent residence there. Spent the day at R Smith's wood sawing {illegible word}. Something uncommon happened here yesterday in the shape of twin calves from "Blossom"

March SUNDAY 1 1874

At S.School this forenoon Supt and Sec Pres. Lesson - Exodus XIV, 19 to 31. "Israelites crossing the Red Sea". Heard Rev John Gardiner Scott preach in Brampton tonight - text - Job XIV, 14th verse. A funeral sermon on the death of a young lady. A beautiful warm day the roads quite muddy.

March MONDAY 2 1874

Was splitting firewood and piling it in the wood house for next summer's use The Township Assessor Mr Watson was here today, we are assessed at $5{8?}50.00 for whole property. Spent evening at Temple, one initiated some good readings.


Was helping J Learment to cut in the bush with the cross cut saw, some maple trees. Regular spring weather snow nearly all gone, raining in showers, and the mud on the Centre Road six inches deep.

March WEDNESDAY 4 1874

Spent the day splitting and piling firewood in the woodhouse. Mr R Lowes had an Auction Sale of Farm Stock the prices paid were not very high. Mailed a letter to R.J Nichols of Chicago. This evening was reading that very interesting little book "Gates Ajar" by Mrs Phelps....


Was threshing peas all day with flail, a very dusty job but am amply repaid for the dirt and labor by the way the peas shell out. Was reading a long article in the "Globe" about the Ontario College Farm how it is to be conducted and managed. It will be a grand institution for young farmers.

March FRIDAY 6 1874

Cleaned from dust and chaff with the fanning mill 30 bush of peas mostly "Golden Vine". Went to Brampton this afternoon on horse-back. Bought at Wilkinson's a grey cotton shirt and neck tie $2.15. Spent evening at Edmonton "Lodge" JC Snell was initiated, had a pleasant meeting.


Raining more or less all last night and this forenoon freezing and loading the trees with ice. Was splitting firewood most of the day. Have had some trouble all winter with "scratches" on the horses' heels, are slowly healing up now, by being dressed with lye and fresh lime. First lambs of the season came yesterday, twins but both dead.

March SUNDAY 8 1874

Viney, Emma, Ella and I walked up to S.School this morning Supt pres. Sec also pres - lesson, Exodus XV 22 to 27 "The bitter waters sweetened". Took dinner at JC Snell's and staid the afternoon. Heard Rev William Burns in Brampton tonight preach text Galatians XI, 7th & 8th verses.


Threshing peas all day and are nearly done the job. Mrs JC Snell was here on a visit it is now good walking across the fields to their place. Revs W Burns & JG Scott were presented with $100.00 each by the members of WM Church on last Saturday. Spent evening at the Lodge. Chronicle by {illegible word} Bunting

March TUESDAY 10 1874

Completed the task of threshing the peas, have 165 bush cleaned and in the bins beside taking to mill 25 bush half peas and oats for chopping. Got home our new iron harrows they have 72 teeth of the best material (painted blue). Received last night a letter from Aunt Jennie Rice and one from Sarah Peacock Tom Mason was married on Feb 24th


Went to Brampton this afternoon and brought home the chopped grain. Was measured for a pr of fine boots two weeks ago and received them today from J Coyne @ 5.50$. Sold to JC Snell 50 Bush peas @ 65 {symbol indicating cents} per bush. Very cold windy weather and rough roads.

March THURSDAY 12 1874

Delivered the 50 bush of peas we sold to JCS. at Main's Mill for chopping they are feeding a great quantity of grain to their stock, fitting them up for the Sale. On my way home from Brampton the horses ran away threw me out and the wheels went over my foot and leg, bruising them severely.


Father went down and brought home the waggon, the tongue axletree and bolster are broken some person having in the meantime stolen the double trees and rod. J Learment and father went to Edmonton Temple, there were 5 initiated & a good meeting. A heifer calf from Coral - A monster lamb of 15 lbs weight

March SATURDAY 14 1874

Still laid up with bruises spent the day in the house reading and writing, it is very wearisome to be confined to the house when one is used to knocking around outside all the time. Had a call from Mr Arch {letter "d" in superscript here indicating short form for Archibald} Bunting Mailed a letter to Aunt Jennie Rice by Ella going to Brampton.


It must be more than a year since I spent a Sabbath entirely at home. My sisters walked up to S.School, the lesson - Exodus XVI 1 to 6th "Manna from heaven". Rev J.G. Scott preached at Zion at 2 1/2 PM to a small congregation. Have been engaged all day reading and music. A fine bright day.

March MONDAY 16 1874

Fanned up a load of spring wheat (Mamoth) and sold it to KC & Co, 45 bush @ $1.12 per bush. J Learment lending us his waggon for the purpose The weather is very fine. Not able to go to the temple to night in body but am there in spirit. AF Campbell called here today but only staid half an hour


Spent the day working at the wagon, got the tongue completed and ironed, it looks as good as ever it did. Had a call this evening from G.H. Golding on a brotherly visit. We spent the evening in social chat.

March WEDNESDAY 18 1874

Bro Golding staid all last night and breakfasted with us this morning. At the same job as yesterday, working on the axletree of rock elm. Father went to Brampton on horseback. Received a letter from the Oakville friends. A very warm misty day. The Etobicoke is raging and mind abounds


Completed the job of yesterday and the waggon is now better and stronger than it was before the accident. Spent evening reading the works of HW Longfellow, his poems always seem fresh and attractive

March FRIDAY 20 1874

Started operations on another wagon axletree for the old waggon. Had a visit this afternoon from R Smith, MP (also Mr & Mrs JC Snell) he intends going to Ottawa on Tuesday next the Parliament will open on 26 {inst? in superscript} Spent evening at Edmonton Lodge, two initiated, a lively meeting and lengthy, after 10 oclock when we adjourned.


Finished the job on the old wagon have them both in good running order now. The weather is fine and bright with smart frosts at night, the roads are exceedingly bad. Mailed yesterday a letter to Uncle TJ Harrington of Carthage Missouri.

March SUNDAY 1874

Rode on horseback up to S.School Supt and Sec pres. lesson - Exodus XVII 8 to 13 "The defeat of Amalek". The "Canadian Messenger" of Montreal distributed among the scholars. Heard Rev JG Scott preach in Brampton WM Church tonight, text II Peter I cap 1st verse. A good sermon expounding the doctrine of "Faith".


An exceedingly windy cold day. Spent it making whiffle trees and attending the stock. Went to the Temple tonight, met for first time in new hall over Greene's new block. The room is large and well lighted, a good turn out of members and a good programe. JJ Bunting bid us all goodbye, he is going to live in Stratford

March TUESDAY 24 1874

Spent the day splitting firewood The high wind has blown down a great deal of timbers in the woods. Spent whole evening writing up Temple work. Wrote a copy of resolution for the "Peel Banner" which was passed at Lodge last night respecting Bro JJ Bunting's departure to Stratford.


Splitting firewood and repairing wagon box and feeding stock was my work for to day. Father went to Brampton for a stock of groceries and sundries taking with him 5 lbs of butter now 30 {symbol indicating cents} per lb. Received a letter from RJ Nichols and Viney one from Oakville

March THURSDAY 26 1874

Attended Mr William Elliott's sale of farm stock and implements on No 10 Centre Road, A large crowd of people and most of the articles brought high prices. Mr and Mrs John Woodhall were here for tea


At the usual routine for work. Cleaned up 20 lbs of timothy seed off the barn floor, it having come out of the wheat chaff. Mr JC Snell was here all day. Viney and I went to Choir Practice tonight and had a good sing. Mr W. Carter Sen{letter "r" in superscript - short for Senior?} died today from paralysis aged 59 years.

March SATURDAY 28 1874

Spent forenoon splitting firewood Went to Brampton after dinner and bought of K.C. & Co. 60 lbs of red clover seed @ 10 {symbol indicating cents} @ lb. 6 bush seed barley @ $1.45 per bush. Got the team harness from Robertson's and the collars all fully repaired, price $5.00 Mr C. F{rest of name illegible} is here on a visit Misses ML Snell & CM Craig are here this evening.


Drove spring wagon up to S. School, Supt and Sec pres - lesson, A Review of the past Quarter's lessons. Heard Rev W Burns preach in Brampton tonight - text II Timothy III 4th and 5th verses. A very faithful sermon on the popular amusement of dancing and its evil results. The church was very crowded.

March MONDAY 30 1874

Our folks attended Mr W Carter's funeral at 10 am in Brampton. Rev Mr Jollife P.M. minister preached the sermon...Hired a boy of 18 years Jos McWilliams for 7 months @$14 he started work this afternoon. Spent evening at the Lodge a lively meeting one initiated. Chronicle by Bro Jas Wideman


Father and mother were visiting our neighbours Mr & Mrs R Armstrong yesterday evening. Today drove up to Quin's shop with our iron plow for repairs. Was {illegible word} the sheep and dressing their wool from straw and dirt. The weather is bright and cold and roads dusty.

April WEDNESDAY 1 1874

Working at the stovewood splitting and piling. Received a letter from Uncle TJ Harrington of Carthage, Mo. Our folks were visiting at Mr JM Jones's, they had a pleasant time. This month starts with a bright pleasant day, but a wintry feeling in the air the roads smooth & dusty as July.


At pretty much the same work as yesterday. Was also rebuilding some fence that was prostrated by the wind. Viney got a letter from Aunt Jennie Rice. A newspaper from TJ Harrington The "New York" Temperance Advocate just come to hand

April FRIDAY 3 1874

Drove team and waggon over to Norval saw mill and brought home 550 ft of culled pine lumber @ $4.00 per thousand and 100 ft pine scantling @ $10.00 per M. Spent evening at Edmonton Lodge, four were initiated including Mr Joshua Modeland, a township councilor, had a good meeting.


Was repairing and fixing up the little front gate. Our boy finished splitting the stove wood. Spent afternoon at JM Jones's Auction sale of furniture and implements - also house and park lots. The most of the articles brought high prices. Minnie and Nellie Jones are here visiting our little folks.

April SUNDAY 5 1874

Drove spring waggon up to S.School. Supt and Sec pres. lesson - Exodus XX 1 to 17 "The Ten Commandments" the "Canadian Messenger" was distributed as usual on 1st & 3rd Sundays in the month, this one has a picture of Hon A McKenzie. J.C.S. and family were here today snow storm tonight from the East.


A wintry morning, nearly six inches of snow on the level. Drive waggon up to R Quin's Shop and brought home our iron plow, $4.00 worth of repairs put on it. Spent evening at Lodge, 4 brothers from Toronto and 7 from Edmonton had a good meeting. Had a select oyster supper before the Lodge opened.

April TUESDAY 7 1874

Hauling rails and stakes to various places repairing and making gates &c . &c. Guy Bell exchanged with us 12 bags of white oats for an equal quantity of our black oats. Had a visit today from Misses Elsie, Emma and Hattie Modeland, three sisters of Dawson Moreland.


Drove spring wagon to Brampton early this morning for a load of men who were going to the Sale of John Snell's Stock. Sale started at 12 oclock by JR Page auctioneer from New York, a large crowd of people present, the principal purchasers were from the United States. on average the prices were good - total $22,000 about

April THURSDAY 9 1874

Commenced laying a new fence of old rails dividing the orchard field in two parts of about 9 1/2 acres & 5 1/2 acres. Sold a 4 yr old cow to Joe Smith for $36.50 for beef. Spent evening and staid all night at JC Snell's, all the talk was about the sale the prices on the Short-Horns were not so high as they expected


Spent the day chopping in the lower bush some large maples and beeches that were thrown down by the wind into lengths for sawing, from 12 to 20 ft according to size. Had a visit to day from Mr and Mrs Jones, they intend leaving Brampton shortly for Bowmanville.

April SATURDAY 11 1874

Spent last evening at the Edmonton Lodge, two visitors from Brampton, JM Joness & GH Golding a very pleasant evening was spent. At the same work as yesterday Viney mailed a letter to Aunt Jennie Rice. The weather is very cold and blustering.


Spent forenoon at SSchool Supt abs {short for absent} Sec pres {short for present} - lesson Exodus XXXII 1 to 6 & 19th & 20th verses - "The golden calf" {long squiggly line} Rev JG Scott preached at Zion at 2 P.M. and renewed the Quarterly tickets. Heard him preach in Brampton tonight text - Job - XXXV 10th verse A good sermon - some thoughts on music

April MONDAY 13 1874

Spent the day in the bush cutting with J Learments cross cut saw into cordwood two large maples. Father was pruning the young apple trees. Spent evening at the Temple, two initiated and several proposed, considerable business and not much under head of "Good of the Order".


At the same work as yesterday Father went to Norval with a grist and brought home 100 ft of pickets and planks. Shot a rabbit last evening that was prowling around the barn, had it dressed for dinner today and it would take a good judge to tell it from chicken in flavor and appearance.

April WEDNESDAY 15 1874

Was building fence in the old orchard field. Had a visit from Revs W Burns and JG Scott, a pastoral call. Went over to Mr McDowell's (4th line West) & bought 8 bush of a new variety of spring wheat for seed called the "red chaff" @ $1.22 per bush. Spent evening writing a letter to RJ Nichols, Chicago.


Spent the day in the woods, chopping & splitting cordwood. Yesterday we took out the butt log of a sound maple tree, timber for two wagon axles and also two bolsters. JC Snell was here for tea tonight, had a settlement with him and was made square by him paying us $35.00

April FRIDAY 17 1874

At the same work as yesterday, have about ten cords of mostly beech and maple, first class wood cut and piled up, used the hand cross cut saw with all the larger logs. Had a call yesterday from Aunt Lizzie F. of Toronto, she sold her house in Brampton to Fleming @ $1600. Spent evening at Choir Practice.


Spent the greater part of the day in Brampton in the Law Office of Messrs {form for Misters plural} Beynon and Fletcher arranging matters and deeds with agents of C.V.R. Company {Credit Valley Railway?}, did not get through with it until Monday next. The weather continues cool and dry.

April SUNDAY 19 1874

Went to S.School this forenoon Supt and Sec pres lesson Exodus XXXIII, 12th to 20th verse "The people forgiven". Spent afternoon and took tea at Willow Lodge, the residence of JC Snell. Heard Rev JG Scott preach in Brampton tonight - text - II Peter, III chap 8th verse.


A rainy day from the N. East Was picking over the potatoes and knocking off the sprouts have about 20 bush of "Early Rose". Drove to Brampton. Ma and I signed the deed to C.V.R. giving them 87/100 of an acre for $41.76. Spent evening at the Lodge, three initiated, a good meeting although it was raining.

April TUESDAY 21 1874

Father drove mother and Viney down to GTR {Grand Trunk Railway?} Depot this morning en route for Toronto to consult a Doctor about Viney's health. Some of the neighbours are plowing but our land is too wet yet. Started digging post holes for the garden fence. Received from K Chisholm MPP, two bound copies of statutes of Local House.


Working hard all day on the fall plowed lands, with the shovel, clearing out the cross drains and letting off a great quantity of water. The ground is very soft yet, the frost being solid in most places six inches below the surface

April THURSDAY 23 1874

Started plowing sod in the old orchard field, the water has a good chance to run off this field by its slope to the Etobicoke {Creek}, and the sod is pretty firm and plows very well. Mother arrived home from Toronto this evening. Viney went down to Oshawa to visit Aunt Jennie. Mr & Mrs JC Snell were here for tea.


Very hard frost, could not plow until noon. Spent forenoon in the woods cutting a large maple with the cross cut saw. Plowing sod all afternoon the plow works capitally this spring. Spent evening at Edmonton Lodge. they elected their Officers for next quarter the members turn out well.

April SATURDAY 25 1874

Drove to Brampton town in the buggy this morning and received a letter from Viney, she is well pleased with the appearance of Oshawa. Plowing in the orchard this afternoon and finished all but the headlands. A snow storm from the east set in this evening.


Fully 4 inches of snow this morning. Went to S.School on horseback. Supt abs. Sec pres. lesson Exodus last chap 17 to 30 "The tabernacle set up" The school was addressed by Mr NV Watson. Went to Brampton WM Church this evening, heard Rev T Sims preach text Hebrews XII 16th & 17th He is a PM Minister

April MONDAY 27 1874

Was engaged in completing the picket fence on S.W. side of garden, used some of the best of the old pailings excepting which the entire fence is new. Spent evening at the Lodge, a large attendance, two initiated the Officers for next quarter were elected mot many important changes made


Was trimming with the saw and jacknife, the young orchard and the garden trees Also chopping in "other place" bush, trees near the railroad have 3 1/2 cords piled up. The weather is very cold, the frost severe at night, a cold North wind. Mailed last night letters to Viney and {I or J} Taylor.

April WEDNESDAY 29 1874

Spent most of the day in Brampton at the Spring Show of C of Peel Agric Society a very good display of horses and bulls, we took the 3rd prize $4.00 on our bull - "Oliver Twist". A very large crowd of people present Nearly as cold as a winter day, blowing a strong North Wester


Plowing sod, finished the orchard field behind the barns {4 long slashes} Our folks went to Brampton and bought at JG {Stead's?} bankrupt sale two pairs of woolen blankets at $4.00 per pair and other things equally low

May FRIDAY 1 1874

It is May but all earth is not gay, there is scarcely any signs of life in vegetation yet, today has been the warmest day this year Was plowing sod, turned about 1 1/4 acres. Rebuilt the part of line fence next Mr D. Wiggins Spent evening at Choir practice in WM Church Brampton. The Officers of Edmonton Lodge were installed tonight by Dr CY Moore


Received a letter from Viney she is in good spirits but very poor health, she thinks Oshawa is a fine place. Commenced the spring seeding by sowing 9 1/2 acres of black oats, 30 bush our new iron harrow works capitally indeed. Had a call from Mr Arthur Norris, he is a jolly Irishman

May SUNDAY 3 1874

Went to Quarterly Meeting in Brampton at 10 a.m. the Rev JG Scott preached, text, Hebrews XIII, 5th verse a very able sermon, after which the lovefeast and sacrament until 2 P.M. Mrs John Snell and Tilly Snell were here for dinner. Heard Rev W Burns preach tonight - text - Galatians VI, 14th verse.


A dull cloudy day - pushing the work lively from the prospects for rain but none tonight. Cultivated the ground befor sowing the "Red Chaff" spring wheat {illegible number} bush of it & 3 bush of "Mamoth" on 5 1/2 acres. Sowed 9 bush of "Mammoth" on the fall wheat field and harrowed it in. Spent evening at the Lodge, a quiet meeting

May TUESDAY 5 1874

Finishing up the shpring wheat ground, rolling the fall what and plowing last season's turnip ground on "other place" Sold to J Crawforth two 2 yr old steers for $68.00. The ground is in fine trim this spring and works up splendidly. Mailed a letter to Viney yesterday containing $5.00


Sowed 8 acres of barley and harrowed it in on "other place", considerable frost in the ground yet below the plowing depth. Bought of Walter {Cation?} 4 bush of early peas a new variety @75 {symbol indicating cents} per bush This was Thursday's business

May THURSDAY 7 1874

Plowing all day at the turnip ground turned over about 1 3/4 acres. Had the other team rolling the fall wheat Spent evening in Brampton in Dr Moore's office at a committee meeting about the concert of 25 {illegible word in superscript} (This is yesterday's programme of transactions) (Sowed 16 bush barley on 8 acres)


An exceedingly warm day Was plowing sod in the field imeediately behind the barns. Sowed grass seed in the following quantities on the barley field. Clover 1 bush timothy {blank space} bush & orchard grass {blank space} bush. Put the roller over the field after sowing it. Spent evening at Edmonton Lodge. 5 were initiated

May SATURDAY 9 1874

At the same work as yesterday, very heavy plowing the ground is getting so dry and hard. Killed and dressed a calf for veal, sold a fore quarter to R. Armstrong 18 lbs @ 5 {symbol indicating cents} and hind quarter to W Campbell @ 8 {symbol indicating cents} 20 lbs. Had a team rolling the timothy meadow and picking off the stones at the same time


Spent forenoon at SSchool Supt abs Sec abs A Woodhall addressed the school on the lesson Exodus XXIII chap "The three great feasts" Heard Rev John Gardiner Scott preach in Brampton tonight - text - John XIX 17th A very warm day mercury up to 85{symbol indicating degrees} in the shade

May MONDAY 11 1874

Still at the plowing of sod the ground is getting harder every day Planted a few "Early Rose" potatoes in the garden. Spent evening in Brampton. Left an order at Wilkinson's for a pair of pants bought a fine shirt at $1.75. The Lodge was but poorly attended tonight


Received a letter last night from Viney she is improving in health slowly and will be home by the 24th. At the same work as yesterday Also started sowing the peas. The weather continues warm and dry. Turned the cattle out to grass as the hay & straw is about fed up.

May WEDNESDAY 13 1874

Finished plowing the sod and sowing the same with peas. 4 bush "Early" & 20 bush "Crown" on 7 1/2 acres...Run out the principal cross furrows with the plow, the sods turning up fresh and green. Had a nice little shower last night but the ground is very dry..End of seeding proper.


TransPlanted 4 horse chesnuts & one sugar maple from the garden to the front lane. Sold in Brampton 6 bush "Early Rose" @ 75 {symbol indicating cents} and bought 1 1/2 bush "Hungarian" grass seed @ $1.25. Mr & Mrs JC Snell were here for dinner & tea, it being their wedding anniversary (AD 1868) Received a letter from RJ Nichols of Chicago.

May FRIDAY 15 1874

Was hauling barny and manure on the intended Hallowfield but will sow something to make green feed for the stock. Washed the sheep 129 in all in Etobicoke. The water was quite warm - Spent evening at Choir Practice. Bought two straw hats @ $1.25 and 20¢ -


A rainy forenoon. spent it painting the bumby wagon whitewashing the cellar walls and making new sett of whiffletrees. Plowing this afternoon with both teams. Another letter from Viney - Planted 13 early tomatoes planted in the garden


Walked up to S. School at 9 A.M. Supt and Sec has pue. bison Numbers III 5 to 3. The Lord's ministers "A small attendance on account of the weather being showery" - Took dinner and spent afternoon at "Willow Lodge" - Heard Rev J G Scott preach in Brampton tonight. and Luke XVI 26th verse. a school prayer meeting after the service.


Quite a heavy rain this morning. Mailed a letter to Viney melossing $5.00 = At noon with the assistance of Robert Armstrong. we built up the fence across the Etobicoke. Sowed 6 bush of crown peas on 2 acres - Spent evening at the Lodge in Brampton. the {?}.


Plowing and preparing ground for corn and rape. Hauling manure on the turnip ground and for potatoes - Put the {hind?} & lat coal of paint of the lumber wagon - Loomed the horses out to grass for the first time for all night -


Spent the day at sheep shearing. clipped 1 yeard father 8. the wool is very clean and shear easily heaviest fleece weighs 12 1/2 lbs. From a {?} love - Bought a bell from an agent @ $10.00 weight 50 lbs made in Markham. Ont payable next January or before if we choose


Completed the wool clipping will have about 240 lbs off 29 sheep. the fleeces of old were bright. expecting which the average will be 9 lbs. Was drilling up the ground for the corn and rape and sowing the same - Weather dry and cool.


Plowing the ground for roots. it is pretty hard but will work up fiercely when freely harrowed. Have nearly one acre of rape sowed 5 lbs of sud. 3/4 of an acre of American corn with bushel 1/4 of an acre of Canadian corn with a dozen ears - Spent evening at Edmonton Lodge


Completed the task of plowing the root field 2/3 acres and harrowed it - Viney arrived at home tonight from Toronto her health improved a good deal. Spent evening in Brampton. bought a pair of frey check tweed pants at Wilkinson's $6.50. a white vest at H.C. Co. @ $2.62 1/2.


Went to S. School this forenoon. Supt abs. Sic peas present Mr N V Watson addressed the scholars on the lesson. Numbers XIV 1 to 10. "{?} unbehist" - Heard Rev W Burns preach in Brampton WM Church to night - text John III. 3rd verse. There is a large congregation. the church being almost filled very fine Sunday night.


Was observed as a public holiday by majority of folks - All the family but myself spent the day at C Snells - Was plowing all afternoon - Viney, Emma & I drove down to Brampton tonight to the Good Templar;s Concert in Music Hall. It was a success the singing and readings were excellent all the performers were from Toronto vicinity and Hamilton.


Yesterday a drizzling rain from the west fell during most of the time - Spent today plowing and working up the root ground. Fitted up the new bell in a neat frame and cover and put it on the peak of kitchen roof. a wire leading for ringing down into kitchen.


Was engaged in planting potatoes nearly all day - planted 9 bush of "Early Rose" and 4 bush of "Garnet Chili" on about 3/4 of an acre - Put them in by plowing dropping the potatoes in every thind furrow, 12 inches apart 30 inches between the rows.


Commenced pruning the old orchard. there is a good deal to cut out mostly dead branches, the apple blossoms are just coming out. the cherry and plum are jading - Finished the line fence next to D. Wiggins. Received a copy of "St. Louis Globe" from Uncle GJ Harrington.


Finished the job yesterday and haulted the branches into a pile in the summer fallow, it will make a respectable bonfire some day soon - Spent evening at Choir Practice, a good turnout and we had a good sing. Bought some fish hooks and lines for to angle in Etobicoke.


Commenced manuring the summer gallow. the manure is extra quality but will only have enough to cover the higher ground. The weather is very warm rain is needed badly for the spring crops. the wire worm is busy at the spring wheat and oats.


At S. School this forenoon lupt and Sec pres. lesson Numbers XX 7 to 13 "The smitten Rock". A fine shower of rain at 11 AM. Mr and Mrs JC Snell and little folks were here for tea. Heard Rev W Burns preach tonight text Proverbs I 20 to end of chapter.

June MONDAY 1 1874

Quite a cool day, could work at the heavy job of hauling manure with a coat on. drew out on the fallow today 18 loads - spent evening in Brampton at Old "Safeguard" No 35 D had a rather slim meeting.


Sowed 1 1/2 bush Hungarian grass sud on 2 1/4 acres harrowed and roled the ground well, it just wants the rain now to make things all right. The Early Roses are just coming up in the garden, rhubarb is abound this season - Spent evening at practice in Ebenezer for an open Lodge.


Finished the manure hauling on the gallow put about 55 loads on it, the yards are all cleaned out except the sheep pens. Received a letter from RP Campbell of "Campbell's Cross". A newspaper from Carthage and other from New York.


Replowed the turnip lot it is now in fine trim - Started plowing the summer fallow with the other team. A prodigy arrived today in the shape of a black lamb, it is nearly twenty years since we had a black sheep. The currant worms potato {?} are here now in full force -


Disscolved 3 lbs of McDougall's tick destroyer in 25 gals of water and dipped all the lambs into the liquid - Spent afternoon at Mr Ben Watson's bee to raise a straw house. This evening at the Edmonton Temple the meeting was open to the public and the little church was filled -


The entertainment last night was readings, dialogues, & music mostly from the members. Spent today at plowing in the fallow - Set out 100 cabbage plants in the garden. the blossoms on the fruit trees are very plentiful -


The weather to day was very warm and attended with several thunder showers. in the early morn there was a heavy mist and thunder. which does not often occur - Spent the day at home at reading. Heard Mr L. Aoltby preach tonight in Brampton - text I Kings XIX. 4th verse -


Both teams plowing all day in the fallow, the ground is dry and pretty hard on the Knolls. it is rather heavy work on man and beast. the "rose" potatoes in the garden are up nicely. The rye is fully headed out first appeared over a week ago.


Completed the breaking of the fallow 9 acres - Mailed a letter to Uncle Adam and to RJ Nichols - Gristed at Main's 11 bush Treadwell wheat & 3 bags of peas. Started to drill the land for turnips - Bought a R. Cleo 5 bush of buckwheat @ $1.00 5 lbs of turnip seed @ 20¢ per lb.


Finished drilling the land for turnips, it is not quite as fine as it ought to be, but it is well manured both fall and spring. Saved the 5 1/5 bush buckwheat on fallow and harrowed it well - Mr & Mrs JC Snell called here tonight. Some prospeets of rain.


Was sowing turnip seed at 4 oclock this morning, put 5 1/2 lbs on 2 1/3 acres, with the old single wheel hand drill. The statute labor for the roads started in our section to day, two of us were on with our shovels. A drizzling, foggy east wind


At the same work as yesterday. Had the team and wagon, there were four other teams, all hauling gravel from Armstrong's pit unto the Centre Road for repairing - Spent evening at Choir practice Received a copy of "Carthage Advance" from Uncle Tom.


At the road work all day and finished up. having put in 9 days work. The roads look well now the ground was dry and loose and easily handled. Mr M Gummerson was path-master Went to Brampton tonight & brought home the guest: Ssister Elsie had a birthday party. 6 yrs old


At Ebenezer U S. School this morning. Supt and Sec Treaa. pres. lesson. Deuteronomy XVIII. 9 to 16 "The True Prophet" or Moses the type of Christ. Heard Rev Mr Matthews preach in W.M. Church in Brampton at 6 P.M. text. I Peter 1st chap. 15th & 16th. A sermon on Holiness and was well delivered -


Had the team rolling the fallow. Was mowing with the scythe the grass in the front yard and on the garden paths. A good prospect of a heavy rain is in view - Spent evening at the Lodge the members turn out very poorly. "Chronicle" by Bro of A Morton.


Raining lightly most of last night and smartly all for-noon. Commenced cutting the rye for feeding the cattle, it is just past the blossom and would average nearly 5 ft in height Working some in the garden at transplanting melons and cucumbers in the lower bush splitting some maple logs. Raining again tonight.


Drove to Brampton this morning and sold K.C & Co 11 bush of spring wheat at $1.15. Father went to Dr. Patillo for advice and medicine, he having been sick for a week past. Was grading and levelling the road down Etobicoke hill. Spent evening reading Carpenter's Comic Readings


Working in the woods, sawing and splitting some fallen trees into cordwood and rails. Doing general job work these days such as, pulling burs straightening up the fences destroying the currant worms and doing a little in the garden A fine litter of eight Berkshires arrived today - - - - -


Was horse hoeing the corn it is doing finely. 4 to 6 inches high spent rest of th day remodelling the flower beds in front yard and hauling leaf mould from the woods for them. Viney and I drove to Brampton this evening. At Choit Practice and had a good sing Mailed "Proguss" to RJ Nichols & "Banner" to Uncle Thomas Harrington.


Drawing leaf mould from lower bush and spreading it on the pasture field. At Brampton all afternoon. Sold to L Milner 246 lbs of wool @ 40¢ Saw a Lacrosse Match between "Excelsiors" of Brampton & "Beavers" of Guelph the former were victors Mailed "Weekly Globe" to Carthage Early peas in blossom and potato bugs arriving daily


Went to S. School this morning Supt abs he having gone on a trip to England. Sec pres. lesson - Deut. the last chapters "The death of Moses". Mr N.N. Watson addressed the school. Heard Rev George Beynon of Yorkville preach in Brampton tonight. text Nalt V 4th.


Drove father to Brampton to Dr Patillo's for more medicine and advice - Took a jaunt over the field potatoes and destroyed the Colorado bugs. they are worse on the "Chili" than the "Early Rose". Spent evening at the Temple. a small meeting and a short session - - -


Hauling the manure out of the sheep-house in to a heap on the rye stubble and mixing it there. load for load, with leaf mould An exceedingly hot day. Viney and I spent evening at "Willow Lodge" pleasantlu in chat about the crops and prospects. . . .


At the same work as yesterday and completed the job. have now a fine pile of manure 30 loads which will make a good compost in a few weeks - - Still cutting some rye for feeding the cattle but the straw is getting almost too stiff and dry to do much good.


Had our man "Joe" pulling up a new kind of weed that has sprung up in the meadows, it has a large white flower with a yellow centre, and it will be a nuisance if not soon eradicated. Spent nearly all day at Snell's lake. fishing had poor luck, caught six small sunfish.


Drove to Brampton this morning with father to the Doctor's. Plenty of strawberries in the market now. selling at 12 1/2¢ per quart. Received a letter from Uncle Adam - JC Snell and family were here this evening. At Choir Practice tonight. A fine misty rain but did not amount to much.


An early horseback ride to Mr Guy Bell's on business. left home at 4:30 AM and was back again in time for breakfast. Split the drills in the rape plot and sowed 3 lbs of rape seed on the acre the Hils housing eat the first lot. Was hilling up the corn. some of it is one foot high - - - -


At S. Scool this morning Sec Beas pres. lesson. Deut VIII chap. A Review of all the lessons of past quarter. con-ducted by Messis A Woodhall and JC Snell. The History of lifeof Moses is the most interesting in the Old Testament. At Brampton tonight and heard Rev JC Scott's farewell sermon. text I Samuel VII. 12th - - -


Horse hoeing the potatoes. Cutting thistles with hoe out of Hungarian grass plot Cutting with scythe the grass in the fence corners around spring wheat and barley. Had a call this evening from Mr & Mrs W Main and Rev & Mrs Burns. Our English cherries are ripe. The heat was great the past two days.


Drove to Brampton this forenoon in the buggy. Taking father to the Doctor's. Received by mail July Number "New York" Temperance Advocate Raking up and hauling in the fence corner grass, nearly 1/2 ton. Grinding the mower knives and scythes for to start haying to morrow.

July WEDNESDAY 1 1874

Commenced hay harvest by mowing 3 acres beyond the creek. JC Snell and family here to dinner. We drove to Brampton to see Grand Lacrosse match "Champion Indians" vs "Excelsiors" a lively & hard fought game Bramptonians were victorious Viney and I went to Concert tonight in New Hall over


The singing of Prof. Jones of Galt last night at Concert was the best I have ever heard that is for a man. Misses Barr & Ecclestone of Hamilton also sang very well. Today finished mowing the six acres of meadow and hauled the small loads. The grass is lighter than last year. Weather dry and cool


Hilling up the field potatoes with plow, are growing finely a few Colorado bugs but none to hurt much. Horse raking hay and drew in 3 more loads. The evening set in with a fine thunder shower. A call tonight from R Smith M.I. a neighbourly chat followed.


Had a very heavy rain, it came down in torrents during last night. Spent forenoon at various jobs. fixing the pump in the house well with new bathers on suckers. At the hay, shaking it about and cocking it up this evening. Mailed a letter yesterday to Uncle Adam. Bay City.


At S. School this morning. Sec pres. lesson. Mark I 1 to 11, "The beginning of the Gospel". The lesson well expounded by Mr NV Watson At Leon at 2 P.M. for service the first time for 15 months. heard Rev Charles Smith preach text Philipians II. 5th. Heard the same sermon in Brampton tonight.


Out with mower two acres of grass on the flats which completes that field, except two acres on the hill, to be left for pasture. Hauled in 3 loads, making 10 loads from 6 1/2 acres. Do the after raking with the hand swath rake. Spent evening at home - - - -


Mowing the orchard grass with the scythes, it is a thinner crop than last year evidently killed out some by the severity of last winter and spring. This afternoon had several very heavy thunder showers. The lightening was very active. a large elm tree was shivered all to pieces by it.


Sowed with drill 1 lb of "Yellow Aberdeen" turnip seed on some patches where the other seed had failed. the rest of "Swede" turnips are up well. Raking and cocking up the orchard grass. Hauling two loads of the Hats hay, not much enjoyed by the rain. The weather is very warm mercury up to the nineties


Commenced mowing the field of timothy, a nice even crop but will be easily hauled in. Cleaned the field beyond the Etobicoke, had 13 loads off the ten acres. Raked up the hay that we cut this morning. it was quite dry. Had a visit from Mr H. Mordeland & Moses J Bucham and Egerton Ferguson.


A damp morning but not much rain. Cutting thistles in pasture fields with scythes Drew in 3 loads of excellent timothy hay and 1 load of the orchard grass. Spent evening at Edmonton Temple No 543 a fair attendance. some of the members have violated the pledge and will hurt the influence of the Lodge a good deal.


Weather unsettled, no haying operations done today. Picking the larvaie of potato bugs off the field potatoes. They are just hatching out and will be numerous. Started the job of hoeing and thinning out the turnips, they are growing nicely. Received a letter from Aunt Jennie Rice & one from Mr Wakely o Proton - -


Attended Ebenezer U. S. School Sec. pres. and addressed the scholars on the lesson. Mark I 16 to 27. "The Authority of Christ". JC Snell and family were here afternoon and to tea. A heavy east rain set in about 2 oclock P.M. and did not get to Chuch tonight


The rain of last night and this forenoon was the heaviest of the season, the creek is raised fully one foot by it. At the turnips and various work. Cutting grass with mower afte tea. Cherries are ripe and luscious. Oats and spring wheat are out in head. Green peas in the field


Mowin all forenoon, and horse raking and cocking the rest of the day. Had a visit this evening from Mr J.C. Smith, he is now living in London. Mailed letters to Bay City, Proton, Osborn Missouri. Aunty Bruenan and Aunty Featherstone came this evening on a 3 days visit


Hauled in five loads od good timothy hay, acred in one day without rain. Our visitors are enjoying themselves, they generally pay us some annual visits and are always warmly received by us as two excellent old ladies Ha a very heavy thunder shoeer this evening the thunder was almost deafening......


The frequent showers of late are making growth of spring grain and root crop very rapid. The American corn is nearly six feet high.....Completed the mowing at noon today. Horse-raking this afternoon and hauling in some of the hay cut this morning.


Completed the hay harvest 13 loads off the 10 1/2 acre field total number of loads 25 beside the 2 loads of orchard grass. Drove to Brampton this evening with our visitors Received a letter from RJ Nichols of Chicago.


Working at the turnips all day. are growing finely now. Our neighbour Armstrong started harvest yesterday in the rye. Green peas and ripe cherries & currants are the order of the day. The rasperries are just coming in - - - -


Spent morning at S School. Sec pres. Mr A Workhall addressed the scholars on the lesson Mark I 38 to 45. "The Leper" Canadian Messenger given semi montly to the scholars is an excellent little paper the contents is always fresh and new. Heard Rec Burns preach in Brampton tonight


Ended the job of thinning the turnips, once over them but will need another hoeing in about two weeks. Put the horse hoe through the rape and turnips in half a day, requiring very steady work and a walk of 12 miles. Spent evening at home.


Started cross plowing with two teams in the fallow turning down the green buckwheat, it is about one foot high on average and just coming in blossom Had a visit from Mr and Mrs {?} A Modeland & Egerton Ferguson. Dry weather and cool at nights


Started harvest this morning by cutting with the reaper two acres of rye, it is a fair crop, the straw is quite green but grain is ripe - - Viney, Eggie and I drove up to Snell's lake this evening and had a pleasant boat ride in company with some young friends. fine moonlight made it delightful


At the plowing again today turned under about three acres, pretty hard work on these warm days. Are feeding the Yankee corn to the stock, some of it is over 6 ft high, is very soft and juicy, cattle are very fond of it.


Cutting Diehl wheat with reaper, about {4?} acres is so light and thin that it might have all grown on one acre. Drove to Brampton after tea for groceries and to Post Office Received a lette from Uncle Adam. Spent evening at Edmonton Temple, had a very good meeting. - - -


Had a visitor with us over last night, John Fox. Father's uncle from Mitchell. It is nearly 24 years since he was here before, is a fine looking old man. At the fallow plowing and almost finished in the three days. A very warm day indeed.


Just preparing for S. School when it commenced raining and continued all forenoon. JC Snell and family were here most of the day and passed the time with music, chat and reading. Perhaps not the most profitable way to spend the Sabbath and am afraid not so much worships done.


Completed the cross-plowing and once harrowing the fallow. AF Campbell came on a few days visit, with his stylish new buggy, he has engaged to teach in Brampton day school for a year at $400. Spent evening at home but ought to have gone to the temple as it is election of Officers to night


Gave the turnips the second hand hoeing. they are growing slowly yet as the weather has been too warm for them - - - The harvest comes on very tandily indeed, there being more or less rain all this forenoon, reckon we will get a start tomorrow again. Planted 75 celery plants. . . . . . . . .


With the help of J Learnent at the binding we cut and bound five deus of the barley it is very nearly all long enough to be tied easily, the shocks are very thick over the field. AF Campbell takes a trip to Brampton every day and Reeps in supply of the Toronto dalies


Separated the ram labs from their dams, 14 in all docked and put them to pactime on the meadow field Hauled in the one load of fall wheat and three loads of rye. Miss Jennie Peacock came for a few days visit.


Resumed the work of reaping and binding barley, it has not ripedned evenly this season, some spots being dead ripe while others are quite green. Spent evening at the Lodge at Ebenezer they elected their officers for next quarter and initiated a candidate. . .

August SATURDAY 1 1874

The harvest this year will be later than the average the weather having been for the most part cool and cloudy - Finished cutting barley and swath raking the stubble. Started cutting the early peas with scythe. AF Campbell left for home this evening. Received two papers from Oakville.


Went to Brampton this morning to Quarterly meeting. Rev Chas Smith preached. text Phippians I, 6th verse. an eloquent and impressive sermon. Mrs Matthew Peaun from Wyngham came home with us from the church Head Rev Burns preach tonight, text II Corinthians III chap. 9th verse - -


Drawing in the barley from the "other place", commencing at 7:30 A.M. and getting home 9 loads again night, it is of great advantage to have it bound when hauling in time comes and also packs close in the mow. Viney and I spent evenng at "Safe Guard" Temple Officers were installed by Bro Chas Y Norm - - -


Cutting early peas this forenoon and finished the job, not quite 1/2 acres. Finished hauling in the barley, had 12 large loads of sheaves off the 8 acres. The weather is very dry and cool wind from North and almost cool enough for past at night - - - -


Out man Williams gave up work, having put in 4 months paid him his due except withholding $6.00 for damages viz. leaving in harvest time. Was horse hoeing the turnips. Went to Brampton to night to see PT Barnum's great menagerie from New York, a fine collection and variety of wild animals.


Barnum's Show yesterday raised a greater crowd of people in Brampton than over a Fall fair, the Centre Road was almost lined with teams from early in the morning. Spent today at R. Armstrong's helping to thresh barley, wheat and rye.


Binding oats that were cut yesterday with machine, are rather green for harvesting yet, but the grain will take no harm and straw will be better fodder. Viney & Emma were trying to learn to bind but the intense heat of the weather soon drove them to the house.


Helping our nighlour this forenoon J. Learnent to ent and bind spring wheat - Spent afternoon binding oats and cutting peas. the harvest comes on slowly but if the heat of the past two days continues all will be ripe next week. Cousin Lizzie Ferguson came on a visit


Drove spring wagon up to S. School. Sec pres lesson Mark IV 35 to 41 "Power over nature". JC Snell addressed the scholars. Viney and I drove up to Willow Lodge & spent afternoon and evening in music and social talk - - An exceedingly warm day.


A young man Robert Rogers started work with us this morning for a few days @ $ 1.25 per diem. Cutting peas this forenoon, pretty hard work have to be cut off instead of pulling by the roots. Had a short visit from JJ Bunting of Stratford. we spent evening at "Safe Guard" No 350 together.


Had quite a brisk shower last evening which has stopped harvest work for a few hours this morning. Was building a low cedar rail fence around the rape plot. Helping of Learment at wheat binding and utting and binding oats in over old orchard field. Harvest apples are the choice fruit just now


Memorable as the hottest day of this summer, the mercury stood at 100° in the shade of one of the willow in the dooryard. Cutting peas in forenoon. After dinner with help of J. Learment, 4 of bound 6 acres of spring wheat, a very fine crop.


Again without hired help our day man had to go home last night. Was pulling peas all day, cut fully 1 1/4 acres, are pretty ripe and pull easily. Father Emma & Ellie finished binding the oats. Spent evening at No 10 in social chat with the neighbours.


At same work as yesterday After dinner, reaped the 6 acres of Mammoth spring wheat which was sown on the fall wheat field, rather a thin crop, but the grain is very plump and Handsome Weather dry. cool at night and warm did smokey at day time.


Completed binding the wheat and the end of binding for this year. Started brawing in the oats and brought in 8 loads. Emme & Ella helping us in the mow. Was at work binding this morning long before sunrise and working util dark to night.


At S. School at Ebenezer Sec. pres. lesson Mark V 1 to 15. Christ's power over demons NV Watson conducted the exercises. Heard Rev W Burns in WM Church at Brampton tonight test Galatians V 6th verse aplain practical discourse.


Finished hauling the oats had 11 loads of good rise off 9 1/2 acres this is only a medium yield, rats sown after sod require a great deal of rain in fore part of season to make heavy crop. Brought the spring wheat from "other place" three loads the harvest is done on that part of the farm.


Completed drawing the spring wheat, 8 large loads off 5 3/4 acres, the sheaves are very long and heavy to handle. Started operations in the pea field by hauling in seven loads, are very dry and bulk largely in the barn. Very smoky weather the sun looks like a ball of fire.


Ella and cousin Lizzie Ferguson took the train for Toronto this morning. Received from Oakville a large printed bill of Temperance Excursion across lake Ontario on Friday next, also Post-Card from GH Golding. Pulling peas this forenoon and hauled in six loads since dinner.


A slight shower at 8 A.M. 9the first rain for days) hardly enough to lay the dust. At same work as yesterday brought in 5 more loads of peas, 18 in all and there are two loads get in the field. For the past three nights have pulled a ridge of peas after dark.


A rainy forenoon, stopping harvest work for today. Spent forenoon pulling peas with horse rake, it does the work well where the straw is long, but makes a dirty job where it is short. Spent evening at Edmonton Temple. a slim meeting because of the rain.


John R{?} & J.C. Snell arrived in Brampton last night from England, they have brought 90 heep 4 Short Horns 12 Berkshires. Harrowed at the fallow before dinner today After completed cutting peas and brought in 3 more loads had 20 loads off 1 1/2 acres.


Went to S. School at 10 A.M. Sec pres. lesson. Mark V 24 to 34 "Power over disease". Mr. A Wordhall addressed the scholars JC Snell and family here for afternoon and evening. At Brampton WM church tonight heard Rev. James Dixo n preach text Genesis XII chap He was preaching on this Cirenit 16 years ago.


"Harvest home" this evening had 25 loads of peas off 10 acres, in comparison with last year's pea crop more straw but less grain. The harvest have been lengthy but easily disposed of because the grain ripened slowly. Spent the evening at Brampton in Safe Guard no 350.


Yesterday we cut the 2 1/4 acres of Hungarian grass and today horse raked it and drew in 3 loads, very heavy to handle as dries slowly. Started marking the fallow into ridges 14 ft arde. Spent evening in Brampton


Brought in remainder of Hungarian, have six good sired loads. Finished the work of yesterday in fallow At Brampton again to night at a meeting for to get WM S. Scool Practice for Friday next.


Commenced ridging the fallow, worked pretty steady all day and set up fully 1 3/4 acres. Viney and I drove up to Willow Lodge this evening and had a moonlight view of the imported stock, the sheep and Berkshires are fien indeed. Spent afte past evening at Mrs J. Snell's on lot 12. singing chat with the girls


Plowing again this forenoon At 12 o'clock Viney, Emma, & I started in lumber wagon for Brampton to attend with W.M. S. Scholars a picnic at Eldorado Mills on the Credit. Had seats arranged around the out side of wagon and took 30 boys for a load. about 400 at picnic and we had a splendid time.


Plowed nearly one acre this fore-noon. Spent afternoon at Peel County Lodge meeting in Ebenezer Church, a small attendance, representing six Lodges. After a lively discussion it was decided to hold a County Picnic. A public meeting at night, speech by Rev W Burns reading by R Burns. music by the Misses Mary & Emma Nichols.


At S. School this morning Supt pres after an absenc of 2 months in England, sec pres lesson Mark V 35 to 43. Jesus' power over death. Heard Rev Charles Smith preach in Brampton tonight. text John XI 25 & 26 A very pointed and practical discourse.


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Ferguson, 118.pdf


“John Ferguson Diary, 1874,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed June 25, 2019,

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