John Ferguson Diary, 1875


John Ferguson Diary, 1875

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January 1, 1875

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John Ferguson Diary Collection


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{Four images on the front of men ploughing, raking hay, harvesting apples and skating}


A mild sunshiny day, an inch or two of snow over the fields but no sleighing, the roads are hard and level, splendid wheeling. J C Snell and family, also Mr G H Golding were here for dinner and the afternoon, we had a nice quiet time in social chat and at table croquet {his version of etc.?}


Hauling firewood from the lower woods this forenoon, having had a light fall of snow early this morning. In Brampton after dinner and attended R H {or A} Lewis' Sale of Cutters, Harness Ic. Ic. {etc. etc.} bought a pair of horse covers @ $8.00. Spent evening at home preparing for Sabbath.


Drove cutter up to S. School this morning at 10 A.M. Supt absent. Mr Woodhall addressed the school on the lesson. Exodus I. 1 to 10th "Joshua encouraged" The attendance of scholars not as large as usual. Heard Rev W Burns preach in Brampton tonight at W M Church text I Corinthians XIV 20th verse a plain practical discourse.


Spent forenoon in drawing five loads of firewood from "lower bush." Drove to Edmonton for to vote for the election of members of Chinguacouy Council for this year, the result at close of the poll _ Reeve, J Bowels. Deputy Reeves _ J P Hutton & E Hagyard Councillors _ A Cunnington & Newson. In Brampton Tonight and attended the Lodge


Mr John Haggest was reelected Mayor of Brampton yesterday.Hauled 12 loads of cordwood from the woods today, about five cords of which will be for sale. Mailed a letter to Mr George Burke of Lamnaraux, Scarboro, Twp. The weather is moderate, and the sleighing only midling.


Completed the task of hauling up the years firewood about 20 cords and 6 cords of first class wood for sale. Started drawing the hemlock saw logs to Brampton Steam saw mill This afternoon took down 2 logs 12 1/2 ft long. The sleighing is not good. Received the first copy for the new year of "Country Gentlemen" printed with new type.


At the same work as yesterday taking down 3 logs of different sizes at three trips to Brampton Mailed a letter to JJ Bunting of Kincardine. The Christian Guardian comes in a new dress with fresh type bright and attractive, a first-class family paper subscribed for and received first copy of "SS" Banner" published at Wesleyan Book Room, Toronto.


With team drew 7 saw logs to Brampton today In four trips. Received the first copy of the New Year of the "Canada Casket" full of good things and improved in appearance. Spent evening in Town Hall, Edmonton at a political meeting, speeches by Misses Chisholm, Fleming & Beynon and kept up until a late hour.


A stormy morning and a very cold day. Made only two journeys to Brampton taking four 12ft logs. At home this evening making the necessary preparations for Sunday, including the study of SS lesson. The thermometer at 7PM shows 10{degree sign} below zero. This being the first cold snap of the year.


Spent forenoon at S. School. Supt pres. {Superintendant present}. lesson Joshua III 14 to 17. "Crossing the Jordan." The attendance was small owing no doubt to the extreme severity of the weather, at daylight this morning the mercury stood at -14{degree sign} below zero. Took dinner at William Lodge. At home this evening reading the "New Canadian Methodist Magazine."


The nomination of candidates for to represent the County of Peel {vertical line scribbled} took place at 1 o'clock today in the Court House Brampton {vertical line scribbled} in the Ontario Parliament. Speeches were made by messers K Chisholm & J W Beynon the candidates and by J Flemming. R Smith J Gordenhanm & S White, a large crowd of people present. Spent evening at the Lodge.


Took three saw logs down to Brampton in two journeys. Brought home from Anthony Bros. Carriage Works a new cutter, swelled box style, price $45.00, it is handsomely painted and fitted up the the seat is large enough for three persons to sit comfortably. Received a letter from JJ Bunting. Weather has moderated the frost has penetrated into the cellars.


Hauling logs continued, was the programme for today, making three trips with four logs. The Annual School meeting took place at the Schoolhouse for the appointing of the Trustees and other business Spent evening in Brampton at the residence of Mr A Morton, where the WM Choir met for practice.


At the same work as yesterday have now 28 logs delivered at the saw mill in a position ready for sawing as soon as the mill starts work. Recieved a letter from Uncle A Ferguson of Bay City. all in good health and prospering in business. Fine weather and food sleighing at present. At home tonight engaged in oiling harness.


Took my first drive in our new cutter, went around to Willow Lodge and thence to Mr B Watsons on business. Spent afternoon in Brampton at Beck's Hotel, at JR Craigs Sale of ShortHorns, Cotswolds & Berkshires JR Page of New York, Auctioneer. The prices were high on cattle and hogs. In company with a load of the members of Safe Grand Lodge we drove to Derry West


Last evening we were too late for the meeting Diary West Lodge and so drove to Mr Golding's residence and spent evening, got home at 4. A.M. Completed hauling saw logs today have taken 32 in all, 3 were basswod and not hemlock. Received yesterday a letter from Aunt Jennie Rice of Oshawa.


At Ebenezer S School today. Supt pres. Sec pres {Superintendant present, Secretary present}, lesson, "Memorial Stones" Joshua IV 4 to 9. A very interesting and instructional lesson indeed. Spent afternoon in W.M.S. School Brampton. The attendance was almost 200 Took tea at Graham House with J E Starr, Heard Rev Jno Hunt preach tonight text Romans V. 21st


The election day, all work suspended on our farm. Drove to Edmonton with sleigh load of voters who cast their ballot in favor of K Chisholm, M.PP This new way of voting results in the day passing off very quiet and orderly. Much the excitement in Brampton tonight bonfires & illuminations in favor of K Chisholm, his majority was 103.


Steady cold weather and good sleighing. Commenced taking cordwood to Brampton, sold one cord for $4.00 and two for $3.75 each. Also brought from saw mill a small load of hemlock lumber. Spent evening in Brampton at W.M. Missionary meeting speeches by the deputation and Rev P Campbell a returned missionary from the Sascatshewan, he made one excellent address.


At the same work as yesterday, making two trips, a load of wood down and a load of lumber up. Spent evening pleasantly at a social given by Mrs Vodden at her residence in Brampton, church shut, the attendance was large amount nearly $44.00. The annual meeting of Co Peel Agrie. Society held today Mr J C Snell was reelected President.


Completed hauling the end wood 6 cords in all, received $22.50. This is not a paying business and therefore will not proceed any further this winter. At home this afternoon oiling and blacking the team harness with coal oil & lamp black. This evening was spent in social chat at our neighbors Jno Learmont.


This forenoon we dressed for beef a yearling heifer, weight 420 lbs Brought two loads of lumber up from Brampton consisting of plank scantling and inch. Spent evening at the missionary meeting in Lion Church, Revs Jno Hunt, Jamison and W Burns were the speakers.


Drove to Brampton twice today for lumber and brought home two large loads. Sold to Leslie & co one hind quarter of beef @ 6 1/2 & weight 109 lbs and to MR Wigley the hide @ 61/2 & weight 5.3 lb. This evening drove Mr Alex Campbell and his trunks over to George Modeland's, 3 29 line, east.


Snow falling nearly all day. Went to S.School this morning, Supt. and Sec pres. lesson. Joshua V 9 to 15. "Preparation for conquest of Canaan" Heard Rev Mr Eastman, A guest for Tract- Society, preach in MM Church tonight. Ezekiel XXVII 3 to 5. was the text. father and mother went to to hear Rev Jno Smith preach tonight in John Stuart church.


The snow of yesterday, drifted all last night and has rendered the side-roads and lanes almost impassable. Drove my sister to school in the sleigh this morning. Brought a load of lumber from Brampton this afternoon. Spent the evening at the lodge. four were initiated and officers elected for next quarter.


Mailed two copies of last week "Banner" one to Mr Jno Mason of Missouri and the other to Mr A Ferguson of Michigan Hauled home the last of the 32 logs in all 6855ft of lumber. Took down a basswood log the first of a half dozen for outside boarding. Spent evening quietly at home.


Drawing sawlogs and lumber. Received a letter from Mr Adam Ferguson; relative to Uncle Jno Ferguson's severe and protracted illness, also the February number of SS Banner. Viney and J spent evening visiting at Mr Harry Modelands, Mill St Brampton, had a pleasant time in social chat and games.


Finished the job of leaming saw logs of which three has been 39. and brought home the last load of lumber 8325 ft all told. Two hemlocks that were taken down today were sawn into 3x4 scanthing for fencing. Weather is mild for a few days now.


Up early and away this morning and away to Esquesing with team and sleigh to attend Mr Jales Heath's bee for hauling brick to build his house. Brought a load of 825 bricks, a heavy load because of drifted roads. Spent evening in Brampton at Choir practice and we had a good sing indeed.


Drove sleigh to Brampton this morning and bought a bureau @ $6.25 and a framed picture of the Royal family @ 2.25 from Mr H Burnett. Received at post office the Bible Society Recorder. Spent afternoon at Willow Lodge in social chat. Mrs James Taylor of Oakville came here tonight on a visit.


Drove to Brampton W.M.Church at 10 A.M. to hear the Anniversary sermon by the Rev Dr Ryerson, his text was in Corinthians I 27th verse. a plain gospel sermon. The Dr R. preached this afternoon also. Heard Rev Dr Nelles of Cobourg preach tonight texts I Corinthians VIII 7th verse and II Timothy I 6th verse, te church was crowded, even the aisles filled, the sermon was simple and plain.


Drove our folks to Brampton this morning for a day's visiting among old friends and acquaintances of Aunt Anna Taylor. Spent afternoon in the farm fanning peas &c, &c, have almost 45 bush of peas on hand. This evening at Safe Guard Lodge two initiated and the Offices were installed by GH Golding T.D.


In company with J C Snell and several Bramptonians. Took G T Train this morning for Toronto. Had our dinner and tea at Mrs E Ferguson's Simcoe ft. Had my photograph taken at Ewing & Co Gallery, King St West. Spent evening at the "Opera House" listening to John B Gough, his subject was "circumstances," it was a rare treat to hear his matchless eloquence.


Arrived at home from Toronto at 2 o'clock this morning. There was an immence crowd to hear Gough's lecture last night and every body appeared well pleased with the nearly two hour's lecture. Mrs Taylor started for home via the Railway. It rained steadily all forenoon but is very cold tonight. Working in the farm yard all day


The mercury stands 6{degree sign} below this morning with a high west wind prevailing all day driving the frost and cold through brick and stone walls. On such a day as this we pay particular attention to feeding and caring for the livestock. Was threshing peas with flail and tonight reading The Autobiography of J.B.Gough.


Father drove the girls over to school and from thence he visited Mr Jno Hindle who has just returned from a five year's sojourn in Missouri. Was hauling three loads of hemlock sawed 2ft; from lower bush up to dooryard. Have fully 2 months dry wood yet on hand, piled in woodshed. Spent evening at Choir Practice.


Mailed yesterday a letter containing a five dollar greenback to Uncle John Ferguson of Stuartsville, Missouri. Today was threshing and feeding stock. Drove to Brampton this afternoon and brought some necessaries for the household. The weather for three days has been exceedingly cold the thermometer below zero all the time.


Quarterly meeting at Brampton W.M. Church, Rev W McFadden preached text, Hebrews X 23rd verse, a faithful and energetic sermon bringing tears to the eyes of many in the congregation. This evening the Rev W Burns preached text Zachariah VI 13th verse. This morning the thermometer showed 22{degree sign} below zero, but its moderated a good deal tonight.


A semi-daily trip to the schoolhouse with horse and sleigh, shelling corn around the kitchen fire has constituted this day's work. Drove to Brampton tonight and presided over the affairs of Safe Guard lodge during its session of two hours in duration. Received from Ewing & Co Toronto my photographs 7 in all they are of the card vinette style.


Went through pretty much the same routine of business as yesterday. My little niece and nephews from Willow Lodge have just paid us a 2 days visit. Extremely cold frosty weather, below zero all the time. Went with WM Choir to Mt Pleasant tea meeting tonight speeches by Revs J Pringle, Stobo and Mr James Gooderham of Streetsville


Was threshing peas nearly all day and fanned up 22 bush from rather more than a day's threshing. Spent evening in Brampton at practice of S. School Tunes for the County Convention. At 8 P.M. went to hear Mr Pierce, the lecturer for the Sons of Temperance, speak on temperance and advocate strongly the scheme of Prohibition.


Mailed yesterday a letter to A Ferguson Bay City and one to Mrs C. Rice of Oshawa. About 6 inches of snow fell last night, a high wind today is drifting the snow fearfully, the roads will be almost filled up. Drove twice to the school house and chilled a bag of corn in the car. Had a call from Mr Jas Crawford agent for Musical instruments.


The drifting continued all last night and today almost every lane and road is blockaded with piles of snow, the entire road has never within my recollection contained such mountains of snow. The storm has made ample work for today. Mr. G.H Golding was here this evening, we passed the time in games and conversation


In company with G.H G, started for Brampton early this morning in the sleigh. At H Burnett's we had the chromos "Wide Awake" and Fast Asleep" reframed and bought a small dressing stand. Jas Crawford brought a fine Cabinet Organ here on trial. Received a letter from J Taylor of Oakville. The mercury in Brampton last night fell to 28 degrees below zero.


Drove horse and cutter through the line of snowbanks, a road being shovelled most of the way up to S. School Supt abs {Superintendant absent?}. Sec pres. lesson, Joshua VIII 30 to 34. {"Ebal and Cerizism"?}. Heard Rev. JW Bell preach in W.M. Church in Brampton tonight, text, I Corinthians. II 9th verse, a sermon full of life and showing how to love God and serve him faithfully.


Made the usual trips morning and evening to School House of S.S. No 22, Chinggucousy, with my sisters and a host of children from No 10. Viney and I drove to Brampton this evening and attended the P. Methodist church anniversary address by the resident ministers & singing by the P.M. Choir. Spent one hour at the Lodge one gentleman initiated.


The weather has moderated some at last having been almost steady cold for 13 days, below zero a considerable part of the time. Mrs J C Snell came here for a two or three day's visit and her youngest daughter Bertha Jane Snell. Spent evening at home testing the merits of of a George Word's Organ.


A strong west-wind all day, the snow drifting fearfully, the snow banks rising higher and broader. Drove to Brampton this evening and spent an hour practicing with the S.S. Children for the Convention and two hours with the Union Choir for the evening sessions. Received from A F Campbell at "Conservator" Office 25 cards printed with my name and address


Drove to School House at 9 A.M. through the snow drifts. Spent forenoon at shovelling a path to the Etobicoke through the lane. After noon was threshing peas in barn. Had a visit from M. Treadgold of Brampton. Agent for Musical Instruments.


Threshing peas with Flail and feeding live stock was the order of today. Drove to Brampton this evening and spent two hours in the Treadgold's music shop. Result, the purchase of a piano ( by Weber & Co of Kingston ) worth $375.00 our old melodeon to be taken as part-exchange @ $100.00. Was at the Missionary meeting of Church of England people.


Our new piano arrived here early this morning and was set up in the parlour by M Treadgold, the case is finished in rosewood and carved legs the tone of the instrument is good. Sold to K.C.&Co 101 bush barley @90 ยข per bush. Received a letter from Aunt Jennie Rice. Had a call this afternoon from Messers J Crawford & James Haggert of the town of Brampton.


Spent forenoon at S. School, Supt pres. Sec pres. lesson, Joshua XIV 6 to 13, "Caleb's inheritance," Walked to Brampton after dinner and attended W.M. S. School, nearly 200 scholars. Had Choir practice at 4 P.M. in the Vestry. Took tea at Mr Perry's home. Hear Rev J W Bell preach tonight text, John XI 28 & 29th verses.

Monday 22.

Spent forenoon pea threshing &c,&c, manufactured with my jack knife a wooden comb for horses' mane. Had a small shower of rain this afternoon and a thaw is evidently at hand, Drove to Brampton tonight and went to the Lodge no.830, one initiated had a very good meeting, The programme of entertainment being a good one.


Running the fanning mill all forenoon, cleaning peas and oats. After dinner, drove up to Mr Elias Snell's with 16 bush of grey oats and exchanged bushel for bushel of black oats from Co of Grey. Spent this evening in Brampton at a soiree in Presbyterian Church (Mr Pringle's) with W.M. Choir. The speakers were Rev. G Robb of Toronto & Rev P Campbell.


Commenced threshing with flail the Dan U Rourke peas (an early variety). The weather has affected the thaw making it tough work indeed. Quite warm today and thawing very fast. Emma, Ella & I spent evening in Brampton at the singing practice for the Convention.


The seventeenth annual convention of Peel Co S. School's was started this morning in Brampton, W. M. Church; J C Snell Prs. J W Beynon Sec. Was at afternoon session the attendance and discussions on S.S. Topics were good. A fine large meeting tonight, Rev J Potts & Monroe of Toronto, gave splendid addresses.


Attended the Convention today, during its three sessions, mass meeting of children this afternoon, they had addresses by 4 ministers. Tonight Rev Dr Castle and Rev W. Milland & Rev M Wood made speeches on the S. School work to an overflowing house. The Union Choir sang during the evening. The Convention has been the most successful ever held in the county.


The S.S. Convention will be held next winter at Charleston. Today threshing Dan O Rourke peas. At Lion church this afternoon splitting wood and shovelling snow. Drove our 3 yr old horse "Frank" in the cutter for the first time, he made the cutter skip lively. At home this evening, quite a relief after a while weeks run.


At S.School this morning. Supt pres. Sec pres. lesson Joshua, XVIII, 1 to 10, "The land of Canaan divided among the twelve tribes of Isreal," our Supt. treated the lesson in able manner he being quickened in the work by the late convention. Heard Rev W Burns preach in Brampton tonight; text, Luke XXIV, 43&46th. A clear frosty night.


The morning dawned with a fierce storm from the N.E. and the snow has fallen steadily all day. Our folks started the spring house cleaning finding employment for the whole household from small to great at whitewashing, shaking carpets, &c, &c. Spent evening at home much against my inclinations. A young ladies' social came off tonight in Brampton for new organ.


The Social last night was a suc-cess considering the weather, they raised $50. Spent this fore-noon in Brampton, transacting several items of business. Mailed a letter to William Ronnie, Toronto. Completed the job we started at yesterday, the parlor has decidedly a fresh appearance.


The forenoon was spent at pea threshing with Flails. After dinner I drove to Brampton and brought home in the sleigh the Misses Mary and Emma Nichole and A F Campbell. The Misses Rebecca and Emma Carter and GA Golding & A W Dawson, all came to pay me a visit. We spent the evening at music, games, charades and social talk.


Retired to rest at 4 o'clock this morning. Yesterday and last night was very stormy. Our company staid with us until after breakfast this morning, when we all drove to their several homes. Fanned and measured the Dan O'Rourke peas about 20 bush, only a slim yield from 4 bush sown last spring. In Brampton tonight at an Auction sale of Chroms & Mirrors. Bought a Chroms @. 95c.


And still it snows. The neighbours assembled this morning at our place to help us saw with circular saws but the snow storm prevented my work being done. Started threshing the orchard grass with flail for seed. Spent evening at Edmonton Lodge had a nice little meeting.


Mr Guy Bell was here today with his circular saw and we cut with it rather more than 20 cords of fire wood into stove wood lengths. Peel County Lodge J.O.G.T. was held at Campbell's Cross today. The first harbringer of spring arrived yesterday in the shape of a young calf.


Drove up to S. School this morning Supt. Jesus. Sec pres. lesson. Joshua XX chap. "The cities of Refuge," A most interesting and instructive one indeed. , our Supt used the blackboard freely and drew forth answers from the scholars both old and young by his tact in teaching and putting the questions. Heard Rev W Burns preach in Brampton tonight. text Isaiah XXXII 2nd verse.


Spent the day in the barn threshing orchard grass for seed, it is slow work, the seed clings tenaciously to the stem. It has been a fine bright day. Spent evening in Brampton at Safe Guard Lodge, three were initiated we had a good programme of readings and speeches. Spent half-an-hour in committee meeting for a social in aid of WM Church organ fund.


At same work as yesterday and com-pleted one small mow-full. Had a visit from Ms JC Snell and her youngest daughter. Aunt E Ferguson from Toronto is out on a 3 day visit and is staying with us tonight. Mailed a copy of "Conservator" to Uncle A Ferguson, Bay City. Viney and I spent the evening at a small but select party at Mrs JW Maine's.


Arrived home this morning at 2 o'clock from the party, it was a very enjoyable one indeed. Spent this forenoon in Brampton, doing a little business and driving around. Fanned 2 bushels of orchard grass seed, which is all for nearly 2 days' threshing, but the best is yet to thresh. Weather is fine and moderate. Our first lamb's this season on first triplets.


Started operations on the other small mow of orchard grass with the same "poverty stick", it is more tedious work than threshing peas but not as dusty. Had a small party of young people at out home tonight, including Misses FullJames & O'Connor of Toronto. Mr Mackenzie & R R Snell, H F Snell, and four friends from Brampton.


Drove up to Willow Lodge this morning on business. Spent afternoon at a threshing of oats for R Smith, M.P. Drove team to Brampton this evening and hiring Burrows' large pleasure bob sleighs, brought up a load of 14 young people to the "Soiree" at Zim Church given by "Edmonton" Lodge I.O.G.T. A temperance speech by Rev J W Bell & readings by J Stan R W Craig and J A Morton.


Singing last night by Misses R E Morton Jass Crawford & Miss J C Morton. Got home this morning at 1 o'Clock, tired and sleepy. This forenoon was up at Ebenezer helping to clear up the remains of last night's party. This afternoon threshing orchard grass. Spent evening in Brampton. Received a letter from Uncle Jno Ferguson of Missouri, Weather warm and pleasant.

MARCH, SUNDAY 14. 1875

Spent forenoon at S. School as usual. Supt pres. Sec pres. lesson, Joshua XXII 21 to 27. "The Altar of Witness," Our Supt. J .R. Craig, very ably expounded the lesson to the school after which he spoke a few feeling words of farewell, he will leave this neighborhood this week for Toronto Supt. Heard Rev. J W Bell preach in Brampton tonight text, Luke XV, "The Prodigal Son."


A rainy day, with a heavy fog. Spent the day at general choring and fixing up in the barnyard. Spen evening at Willow Lodge, at a social party consisting of Snell's and Ferguson's, and a few select from Brampton, prominent among which were the Craig's. We had a lively and pleasant time and kept up the gay joy of the feast without cessation.


Arrived home this morning at 3 o'Clock, this almost borders a dissipation but spring will soon come and regulate matters. Completed threshing orchard grass seed have 4 bushels of clean seed. The thaw has closed for the present, the March winds are blustering today. On Sunday night last there was heavy thunder. It is past 7 years ago today that I and J Mason left for the States.


Drove to Brampton this morning with peas for chopping and 2 1/2 barels of apples sold to Dawson @ $1.75 per lbs. Received from Ronnie of Toronto his illustrated catalogue of seeds, grain and flowers &c. &c. A small quilting bee at our house today for elderly ladies. Spent evening at Ebenexer S. School teachers meeting. A cold, stormy blustering day, had post tonight.


Drove horses and sleigh at 9 a.m. over to school house of S. S. No 22, with my sisters. Spent afternoon at Mr Jno Learmont helping to haul hay. In Brampton tonight attending the Committee meeting for young mens social and were trimming the venue with evergreens and making extensive preparations for a crowd.


A clear frosty day. Was engaged in threshing rown peas and attending to young lambs {19 in number}. Vinney, Emma, Ella and I spent evening in Brampton W. M. Church at "Young men's Social for New Organ" A large crowd of people, realized $60. 00 Select reading by Craig, Stan, Bell and Spins of "Victoria college" Songs by Missers J.C. Morton and Ella Lowes. Miss B Lowes played a piano.


Another cold snow storm from N.E. To Brampton again today had a settlement with M Treadgold about the piano and made up the last payment of 155$ total paid in cash 355$C. Spent afternoon at the blacksmiths shop getting some repairs on the cutter. Had a business call from J.C. Snell, Esq. tonight.


At S. School this morning. Our new Supt Mr N V Watson was present and took charge of the school for the first time. Mr J R Craig has removed from the neighbourhood. S.S. Lesson, Joshua XXIII "Joshua's warning." Heard Rev J. W. Bell preach sermon on same subject as last Sundays and will preach next Sunday on the same "The Prodigal Son ~ .


Started at 8. A. M. with team & sleigh for Salmonville on the banks of river Credit. Bought at grist mill there 400 lbs of bram @ 1C per lb. Drove from there to Townsend's hive kilns. bought 16 brush of lime @ 13C per bush. Got home at half past two P.M. Spent evening at the Lodge, it was held for first time in our new quarters, the Young Britons Hall, one initiated and a log programme of readings.


Fine bright weather but extremely frosty all night, the mercury this morning stood 50 below zero. Took a horsback ride to Willow Lodge. Spent afternoon at R Armstrong's Auction sale of farm stock and Implements. Received through Post from R Smith, M.P. a Report of all the proceedings of House of Commons on Temperance and Prohibition.


With the team and sleigh we made a road through the snow banks to the other place woods, the snow out there is about 3ft deep on the level and it is no small job ploughing through it. Hauled home two black ash saw logs and chopped down another tree. Mr Edwin Dixon from Amaranth stayed here all tonight. He brought a load down today and goes home again tomorrow.


Hauled to Brampton Steam sawmill four black ash logs 12 ft long to be sawn into material for a picket fence around the garden. Received from Uncle Taylor a copy of "Auberville Angus. This evening I drove cutter up to the residence of John Snell's Sons for mother and Elsie. Weather continues fine, but the snow banks melt very slowly.


Drew to saw mill this forenoon the last black ash log (22 inch in diameter) total number of logs hauled this winter 45. This afternoon I drove Vinny and Susie Campbell around to collect money in aid of Bibe Society. Spent evening at Edmonton Lodge, J.O.G.T. the attendance of members somewhat meagre but the interest of the meeting was well sustained.


Yesterday being "Good Friday" it was observed as a holiday in Brampton, all business suspended and stores closed. Was engaged today in hauling firewood for Jas Sewell from out "other place" woods. Father drove to Brampton and done a little trade in the way of selling eggs and buying groceries &c. Weather is spring like the snow banks are slowly wasting away under the increasing heat of old Sol's rays.


Drove the sleigh full of my sisters and Miss Matilda Snell up to S.School at 10 A.M. Supt pres. Sec pres. lesson Joshua XXIV 1 to 13 "Gods mercies to Israel" A Review of the Luartns {?} lessons which include the whole history of the life of Joshua. Heard Rev W Burns preach in Brampton tonight, text, Matthew XXVIII 6th verse. The Choir sang "Old Easter Anthem" from "Sacred Harmony."

MARCH, MONDAY 29. 1875

Brought from "other place" woods a load of black ash logs, which were cut down by the Indians. Spent afternoon in collecting money in and around Edmonton for the S.S. Organ. Went to Brampton tonight on horseback as the roads are bad, at the Lodge until 10,30 P.M. one initiated and a large meeting. Paid to W.Beynon the money we collected for the Bible Society $8.25


We are having spring weather now, bright sunshine, the snow banks are setting slowly, the roads are breaking up. Finished threshing the peas and fanned the same, 15 bush in all. have about 100 bush of peas now on hand. Have 29 lambs from 20 ewes, they are all feeding well and are an extra good lot, taken all in all.


Made a commencement this morning at squaring the timber for our new building, the logs are all piled up in the wood yard ready for use. In company with JC Snell we rode on horseback down Mr J Gardener's Toronto Twp, Auction sale of Shothorns prices averaged about $10 for male & females A very warm day, the face of the earth and the cellars are flooded with water.


Received yesterday from Uncle A Ferguson "Bay City Chronicle" a daily newspaper. The weather waxes warmer each day. The old Etobicoke makes loud music. Spent two hours today in hauling water from the cellar. John Sewell (aged 16) commenced work today, hired for 7 months at $12 per month. Started splitting our stove wood for next season.


At the hewing of the timber and a job that promises daily work for some time namely trying to clear the cellar of water. The drain is frozen solid for some distance from the outlet. Went to Brampton tonight on horseback with a basket of eggs for sale. Spent evening at Choir Practice, the members do not attend to it as they should.


Doing pretty much the routine of work as yesterday. We received a letter last night from out friends in Oakville. The weather continues favourable and pleasant but not thawing quite so fast. In Brampton the water has been extremely high, the low lying streets are completely inundated. Mr R J Nichols arrived home from Chicago, after two years absence.


Enjoyed a horseback trip to S. School this morning. Supt pres. Sec pres, lesson Joshua XXIV 14 to 18, "Joshua's appeal to the Isrealites," An improvement in our S.S. Room, one corner partitioned off for an infant classroom. Heard Rev W. Burns preach in Brampton tonight, text, Hebrews XI 4th verse. Had an hours conversation with W J Nichols coming home from church.


Completed {crossed out} hewing the beams and plates for the new building Went to Brampton tonight. Spent 2 1/2 hours at the Lodge, one initiated, considerable business was disposed of in reference to our new quarters and our old furniture. The roads are drying up rapidly.


Drove to Brampton this morning for to haul logs at saw mill to be sawed for use today, brought up 400 ft of strips and scantling (blackash) Mailed to Bay City a copy of "Banner" and "Casket". Bought some choice flower seeds at Banniston. At home this evening, quite a relief it is for to spend an evening quietly at home


Drove to Brampton and brought home the last of the lumber, 400 ft, in all 800 ft of black ash. Mailed Spent afternoon at a variety of jobs, such as are prevalent at this season of the year. This evening was passed pleasantly in chat around the old fashioned fire-place and in playing sacred music on the piano.


Resumed operations on the hewing of sleepers &c. It was a bright shiny day and thawing quite fast the snow banks are getting quite slim. Had a call from Mr Thomas Sharp a common sense Scotch farmer in whose company an hour is greatly improved.


At pretty much the same routine of work as yesterday, hewing and framing sleepers, laying and devising plans for the construction and internal arangement of the building. Had a visit this evening from R.J. Nichols (late of Chicago) chat about that famous city and some of it's wonders formed the principal discourse of the evening.


Spent forenoon in Brampton doing some trade in groceries and other family necessities, also a little gossiping over the counters and at street corners. At home doing a variety of jobs after dinner, picking over potatoes, piling wood, boiling peas for feed to milch cows.


Drove spring wagon to S.School, our Supt pres. Sec. pres. lesson Judges II 11to16 "Israels promise broken" spent afternoon at Brampton W.M.S.School, about 230 scholars & teachers. At choir practice at 4, P.M. using the new organ for the first time. Heard Rev J W Bell preach tonight, text Jeremiah XIV 5th verse.


Mr Jno Campbell spent the day here laying out the timber and we were framing it. Went to Brampton tonight and attended Safe Guard Lodge no33~0 arrangements were made for holding debates at future meetings of the lodge.


A driving mist from the East all day, consequently we did not very much of the framing. Drove spring wagon load of folks to Brampton tonight to hear Rev W.B. Affleck of England lecture on "Lost for the want of a word." He is a humorous speaker and holds the attention of his audience to the close. He sang soup at intervals during the lecture.


Resumed active operations in the churchyard and wound up the framing for the present. Our boy also finished splitting the stovewood. The weather is fine and the roads almost dry. Spent evening at Choir practise with new organ in Methodist Church, Brampton and we made some tall singing.


Spring work started by plowing sod with one team in the field over the Etobicoke, it is a fine trim being highly located. There are snowbanks yet in the lane leading to the work. A cold rain storm set in this evening from S. West. and promises to be pretty legthy.


The weather here suffered from a relapse into winter again, it is freezing sharply all day and some light snow showers. Spent the day at farming. Went to Brampton at 5 P.M. to Choir Practice for the Organ Opening tonight. Fine singers from Toronto to help us throught evenings programme. A Mr Crown from Toronto performed on the new organ.


The church (Methodist) was well filled last night. Rev JB Leutt was the only speaker, Mr G W Coater is a fine singer. Today we wound up the framing job for the present and started the springs operation of building fence


Spent morning at S.School. Supt pres. Sec pres. lesson Judges VI 11 to 18, "The call of Gideon to the leadership of Israel." At home this afternoon reading and at the piano. Heard Rev J.G. Scott of Harriston preach in Brampton tonight, text Revelation XIX 12th verse Rev JGS voice was very familiar and his sermon as good as he used to preach.


Rebuilding a fence on S.W. side of old orchard field, and putting rings in the noses of our Berkshires with the help of our neighbour Mr Richard Watson. Started operations on the garden picket fence. Spent evening at the Lodge, three were initiated and we had a pleasant meeting resulting from a good programme.


Very cold frosty weather, the pumps are frozen every morning. Was fanning up and early, 30 bushels. Working at picket fence, set the cedar posts 12 ft apart and use 3x4 hemlock scantling for the frame on the fence. At home tonight, enjoying a fine open fire in the dining room.


Such weather, the North wind is blowing almost a gale with a clear sky. The roads are dusty. Started chopping some fallen timber in "other place woods mostly tips of trees. Nearly completed the picket fence. Our folks spent the day at Willow Lodge on a visit. Tonight am reading the "Canada Farmer" published in Toronto at "Globe Printing" Office.


Programme - of work for today pretty much the same as yesterday, working on the {illegible} side of the garden, it is a work that cannot be dispersed very quickly! Went to Brampton tonight and I heard Rev W.B Affeck lecture on "Wine water wil and wisdom' in Cirunt Hall the audience was large and the lecture a very humorous one.


Working at board fence, trimming the apple trees and fruit trees and other jobs peculiar to spring work, formed todays' work. The weather is moderating somewhat but the north wind still prevails, an inch or two of snow fell this evening which will take some of the frost out of the air no doubt.


Spent two hours this morning in concert with our new neighbour R. Watson at fixing the line fence between us over the Etobicoke. After dinner today I started plowing over more at the sod, the frost is just barely out. On Tuesday last 20th the mercury stood at 10 (degrees sign) degrees below zero at Ottowa.


Spent morning at S.School. Supt pres, Sec pres, lesson, Judges VII 1 to 8 "Gideos victory over the enemies of Israel." The attendance of scholars is increasing every Sabbath. Heard Rev JW Bell preach in Brampton Methodist Church tonight text Amos IV 12th verse, a very solemn and impressive sermon.


Plowing sod all day on the hill across the Etobicoke. Father was sowing black oats in the old orchard field, the ground works finely but there is frost underlying the dry and almost dusty earth. This evening was spent at the Lodge. Miss Jamie Peacock was initiated, the election of Officers for next quarter took place.


Completed the sod plowing over the {illegible, turned over about 3 acres. Finished sowing and hanowing in the oats also a bushel of early peas. The weather is warm and dry. Went to Edmonton tonight and was initiated a member of Edmonton Grange no 130 of Patrons of Husbandry. Sold to Misses Dawson and Williamson a 2 year old steer and a 4 week old calf @ $42


Sowed 3 acres of peas with 8 bush on the plowed sod. Started cultivating the ground for borby. The Annual County Spring Fair was held in Brampton today, there was a large crowd of people, and a good show of horses and cattle. Received a letter from Aunt Mary Mason. Mrs J C Snell and her little family were here today.


One team using the {illegible} and the other at the roller on the sowed peas. A fine rain this afternoon from the east; which stopped seeding operations tempor-ally. Packed away the pork in dry salt in barrels. Have about 2 loads of shawt and 2 tons of hay yet and bout 100 bush of turnips.


Started plowing the sod field N.W. of old Orchard Field, it is in fine condition, and will no doubt bring a fine crop of peas. This month is departing cold, a west wind all day and frosty tonight. At home reading newspapers tonight. The "Guardian" is improving all the time as a first class weekly paper.


Drove wagon up to Mr Dyer's (near Snell's late) and brought home 26 young maple and basswood trees and planted the same along the front of our farm. At noon today there started a two hours snow storm nearly 3 inches fell. This evening it is raining briefly from N.E. and quite cold. Had my driving team shovel today at Campbells shop.


Walked to Brampton at 9 a.m. to attend the Quarterly meeting in the Canada Methosidt Church. Rev John Shaw of Toronto preached, text Revelations VII 9 to 16 verses. Three functions were announced from the pulpit today, Tork dinner and tea at Mr J W Mains'. Heard Mr Shaw again tonight, text Matt XI 28th verse, A sermon abounding in eternal truth and practical advice.


Spent forenoon fixing the line fence over the creek next to D Wiggins. Plowing sod this afternoon and worked at early to catch up for lost time through the recent bad weather. Yesterday was almost a winters day. Spent evening at the Lodge, three were initiated and officers installed, GH Golding, WCJ, T Duggan, W.L.

MAY, TUESDAY 4. 1875

Plowed nearly an acre and a half of sod. Had the other team at the cultivator on the ground for barley. Father spent the say at Willow Lodge helping to plant a young orchard of one hundred trees. The weather is warming up and the young grass is just struggling up to meet the light and heat.


On Monday last we planted 16 young apple trees (from Rochester) mostly winter varieties. Sowed 16 bush of barley on a 7 1/2 acre field, hanowed and furrowed it out, seeded the same with 4 bush orchard grass, 1 bush of red clover, 2 bush timothy & 8 lbs of Alsike. Raining smartly this evening and consequently home was the attraction tonight.


Seeding stopped for today by the rain. Was plowing sod this forenoon. Our folks went to Brampton for to make some necessary purchases. This afternoon at fencing and prospecting over the fields and meadows. Recieved a letter from Aunt Jennie Rice.

MAY, FRIDAY 7. 1875

This forenoon was spent at sod plowing in the 10 acre field over the Etobicoke. After dinner we sowed and harrowed in 6 1/2 acres of barley {13 buch} in field in the rear of the barn. Sold to J Milner Brampton Grocer, 12 bags of Early Rose @ $1.05 per bag. At home tonight reading the newspaper.


Plowing sod all day with one team Pruning the fruit trees in the garden Planting onions and other seeds Putting a small fence of wild willow wards around the flower beds to protect from the poultry. In Brampton tonight at Choir practice. Bought of K.C.&Co. 1 pr of black kid gloves @ $1.30 a ivaise straw hat @ 25c, black neck tie @ 50c


At Ebenezer Union S. School this morning Supt pres Sect pres. lesson Ruth I 16-22 "Ruth and Naiomi." There is only this lesson int he series devoted to the history of the remarkable woman. Last Sunday the lesson was about Samson. A very warm day, this evening there was a very heavy thunder storm, it started just before Church Time and consequently home was the refuse.

MAY, MONDAY 10, 1875

The rainfall of last night has proved to be an extra heavy one, the ground is thoroughly saturated. Spent forenoon in sheep-house, decking and fixing up the sheep. The high water in the creek has caried away both of the fences over the same. At Brampton tonight at the special services now being held in Methodist Church, heard Rev W Burns preach text Acts XVII 30. A good prayer meeting afterward.


Trimming garden fruit trees, and willows transplanting horse chestnuts, cherries, and plums, mulching them with sawdust, and washing the apple trees with soap suds also sowing parsnip seed. Plowing sod this afternoon and scarcely dry enough for that work. Father procured from M.M. Elliott a basketful of young strawberry plants for setting.


Sold to J Milner 22 bush of barley @ !.00 per bush also 4 bags of Early Rose @ $1.05. Bought a daily "Liberal" a very neatly printer Toronto paper, full of the latest news, put in a most attractive manner. A drizzling west rain during most of the day, quite cool and frost like tonight. Mr David Smith Senr of Brampton died early this morning at the advanced age of 80 years.

MAY, THURSDAY 13. 1875

Picking stones of the meadows on "other place" in to small piles ready for hauling. Completed plowing for hauling. Completed plowing the sod field. Procured from Mr D Wiggins a dozen small hemlock shrubs and set them in the front yard. Spent evening at protracted meeting in Brampton, Rev W Burns conducted it, there were several seekers after salvation.


Sowed 16 1/2 bush of mixed "crown" and "golden vine" peas on 5 1/3 acres and hanowed it once over. J. C. Snell and family were over here for dinner. today being their wedding anniversary, their seventh. Built a rail fence to protect the young maples planted in the acre pasture plot. Spent evening at Mr Nichols, RJN is laid up with a cut leg.


Some more rain. Spent forenoon hauling rails for to relace the fence over the neck and for firewood. Repairing the cellar chain leading up from the house. Vinney and I went to Brampton tonight to Choir practice, a Mr Scudder of Toronto played the organ in grand style, he will provide the sabbath service tomorrow.

MAY, SUNDAY 16, 1875

At S.School the old church was maily {?} filled this morning, new scholars coming every Sunday. Lesson I learned I21-28 "Hannah the praying mother." Heard Rev J.W. Bell preach in Brampton tonight, text Job XXI 22. At the close of the service there was a good prayer meeting.


Finished sowing grain at last, sowed about 1 1/2 acre of sod with barley, have 16 acres of barley, 9 acres of peas, 9 acres of oats. Started the roller at work on the barley field, it is just up enough to show a little green, the ground if pretty solid. Spent evening at the Lodge, one initiated, one expelled for violation.


Commenced the heavy job of hauling barnyard manure, spreading it from the wagon on the root ground. This was a bright warm day, the willows are justing brushing into leaf. Planted a small plot of "Early Rose." Had a moonlight fishing excursion tonight in our flats but we signally failed to catch any.


At same work as yesterday, drew out 15 loads. Kept the roller at the oats and barley. Any quantity of snow and ice in the yard under manure, which the work some cooler this warm day. At home this evening reading the newsp.


Completed hauling manure on the root ground, put out 3b loads. Rooting {?} the meadows on "other place." Started plowing the root ground across, it is rather cloggy yet, but will work up well in a few days. At Brampton tonight doing a little market business with eggs and butter.


Programme of todays operations {?}, cross-plowing, washing 25 sheep in the "Etobicoke" whose waters are cold yet for so late in the season, brought up from "Campbells" shop two hoops (5ft 9inch in diameter) of iron 3/qinch X 1 2/2 inch, for constructing a new cistern of ash lumber, as the old brick walls have given away. A very refreshing thunder shower tonight after a very warm day.

MAY, SATURDAY 22. 1875

A very warm day for plowing, the heat appeared to affect the houses. Vegetation is now making rapid strides, the wild plum {illegible} blossom. Spent evening in Brampton at Choir Practice. Bought at R Chisholm & Co's store a black felt hat @ $2.10, necktie and collar @ 73c.


Spent morning at S.Shool, lesson I Samuel III 1 to 10, "The Call of the child Samuel," There were 52 scholars and a number of visitors present. Heard Rev Jno W Bell preach in Brampton tonight; tet, Jeb XX 24th verse. A good sermon on the life of Paul.


The "Queen's" birthday, kept as a public holiday. Was plowing all forenoon. After dinner, Robert and Nichols and I drove up to Snell's lake, where a general picnic was held, quite a large crowd of people there were 8 small now brats on the lake a change being made for a ride, The affair passed off quietly and no one drowned.

MAY, TUESDAY 25. 1875

Weather very hot and dry, was cross planting all day and it was a molting job. The plum and cherry trees are well filled with blossoms. Are feeding all the live stock on queen rye by pasturing it. Spent evening at home being tired enough for bed when 9 o'clock came.


Was engaged today in shearing the sheep, the average weight of the fleeces will not be so good as last year, the heaviest 12 1/2 lbs from a yearling ewe, about one day wears away the novelty of this job as it is sore work on the back and knees of the operator.


Have the root ground crossplanted. This forenoon was spent harrowing and rolling the same thoroughly. Started planting potatoes, commencing with Early Rose, having them all cut in halves before planting. The work is driving us because of late season and there is no help but to take it early and late every day.

MAY, FRIDAY 28. 1875

Completed the work of yesterday by planting in all 11 bush of "Early Rose" and 2 bush "Chili's" on hand 3/4 of an acre, put them in with plow chopping in every third furrow. Sowed 2 lbs of "Yellow Marigold" seed on rather more than 1/2 acre. On Brampton tonight at Choir Practice. Mailed a letter on business to Napanee.


Sowed with hand drill 1 1/2 bush of Yankee corn & 1/2 bush Canadian corn in rows for green feed. Planted in hills sown corn, beans and pop corn. Both days' seeding were done in this same field. A slight shower today. The {?}worm is busy working at the barley the day weather being in there favour.


Walked to S.School at 9.30 A.M. lesson. I Samuel IV 12 to 20 "The death of Eli"." A large attendance of scholars and visitors, mostly friends in the neighborhood. J C Snell and family were here this afternoon and for tea this evening. He and father McFadden in Methodist Church, Brampton tonight, a plain gospel sermon.

MAY, MONDAY 31. 1875

Working up the ground for rake. Destroying tent caterpillars on apple trees. Pulling red root out of the meadows. Started plowing the rye field, the stock having pastured it clean off. The woods are now in full leaf. The apple blossoms just opening.


The {?} month of the year. Worked very hard all day at the plowing, it sets up like sod the roots of the rye having pene-trated down fully six inches. This evening, walked up to the Town Hall, Edmonton to attend the semi-monthly meeting of the Grange, one man initiated.


Completed the task of plowing rye about 4 acres. Had the other team hauling manure, using some of it for mulching young apple and maple trees. A great stir in Brampton to day in consequence an election. Trial between Chisholm and Beynon in Court House before Chief Justice Quaker.


Commenced doing the statntelabor on the public roads with team and two hands, Mr S. Huyley being pathmaster, The work consists mostly in hashing dirt from side of road and filling up the holes. A days work is 8 hours, we have 7 days to put in.


At same work as yesterday and finished up our share of the work for this year. The election trial is still going on and daily attracts large crowds of people. Had a pleasant drive this evening in company with a load of Brampton Gord Templars up to "Edmonton" Lodge we had quite a lively spelling match.


Sowed 2 1/2 bush of mixed "Hungarian" and "Millet" grass seed on 4 acres. Sold to Jq.C. & Co 44 bush of "farrow" wheat @ 85c per bush. Bought of Peaker & Rumians 165 lbs of nails @ 3 1/2 c. Bought of R Aitken 9 squares of first class sawed shingles @ 2.00 per square. The evidence given on election trial is completed and the decision to be given by the judge quaker on the 14th mid-.

JUNE, SUNDAY 6. 1875

Spent forenoon at S.School, the lesson I Samual VII 5 to 12th verses "Samuel The Judge and priest of Israel." Spent afternoon at C.M, S. School Brampton, the Bible class is conducted by Mr J G Scott, Also at Choir Practice at 4 PM, Took tea at Mr Goldings. Heard this evening Rev Dr Hayward of Oshawa preach a temperance sermon.


Started active operations at the foundation of the new building. Drew from the banks of "Etobicocke" 4 loads of good sand and also several loads of stones for filling up the trench to the level of the ground. Weather exceedingly dry, although indication of rain almost every day. At 4AM this morning I took a drive to Guy Bells on business.


Commenced building the wall of the foundation, it will not be a long job as its extreme height is 18 inches, the average about 10 inches. Gristed at Marie Hill, 12 loads of mixed "Treadwell" & Mammoth" wheat. At work until {illegible} every evening now, up in the mornings at 4.30 relock.


Completed two of the walls, except some filling between the sleepers and started at the third and last one. The examination of candidates for admission to the High School at Brampton took place yesterday and today, sister Emma tried for admission but the result is not yet known. Some prospect of rain tonight.


At the same job as yesterday, and have the walls so far finished as to put them on the sleepers. The noxious weed called Redwort is very prevalent this season on the meech and in the fall wheat. At odd times we have pulles most of it in our fields.


Completed the mason work today had a visit this afternoon from Mr J C Snell & Miss R.F. Snell from Bumhanthorpe. In company with some Brampton friends we visited Edmonton Lodge tonight and made arrangements for holding a union Picnic at Snell's Lake on Friday next 18 {?}. The heat tonight is very oppressive.


Drilled the ground and sowed 4 lbs of Rapeseed on 14 acres in the field in the rear of the farm yard. This afternoon working at frame work of new building and asking help from the neighbors to {euct} it next Monday. At Brampton tonight at Choir Practice. We had a nice thunder shower last night.


At the S School this morning lesson I Samuel VIII 4 to 9 "Asking desired by the Israelites." The number of scholars is steadily in-creasing and the average attendance better than ever before in the history of the school. In Brampton Methodist Church tonight, a Mr Dracass preached text Isaiah LV 1st verse.


With the help of Jno Campbell we made the final preparations for the raising of the building this afternoon. About twenty of the neighbors were here it was but a short job and no accidents occurred. Spent evening at the Lodge, a large attendance some choice recitations were given three of the brethren.

JUNE, TUESDAY 15. 1875

Spent the day at the outside loading that being the first part of the work to be done. Dipped the young lambs (28) in a solution of McDougall's "Tik destroyer" using two 33-c layers. Spent evening at "Edmonton Grange' Picnic parties from Brampton to Snell's lake are of almost daily occurrence.


At the same job as yesterday and finished it, also have the sheeting for the roof all nailed on. Hemlock lumber is not pleasant to handle, there are so many slivers. Weather warm and exceedingly dry that dust on the roads is three inches deep.


How welcome is the rain which is falling this forenoon from the N.E. lasted about 4 hours and is a great boon indeed. Started at the shingling this afternoon erecting a scaffold for that pur-pose, Had a short visit from J.V. Snell & W Snell this evening Set out celery and cabbage plants.

JUNE, FRIDAY 18 1875

Spent the day drilling up the ground for turnips and sowing the same with hand drill, put 6 lbs of seed on 2 acres. Out folks drove spring wagon to Brampton this evening on business. At home tonight reading the newspaper.


Our neighbor John Tramment being very ill. I went over and put in his turnips for him. Have one side of the new roof completed taking 5 squares of shingles they are not extra good ones quite a few knots in them. Spent evening in Brampton.


At S. School this morning lesson I Samuel, X 14 to 24, "Saml chosen king of the Israelites" Our superintendent N V Watson conducts the school ver satisfactorily to all and speaks well on the lesson. Heard Rev J W Bell preach in Brampton tonight, text, Revelations XXII 14th verse, a very earnest ser-mon being a farewell to evening congregation.

JUNE, MONDAY 21, 1875

Working this forenoon at the last half of the roof, it was very hot the sun's rays reflecting from the bright new shingles. After dinner went over to John Wordhall's bee for raising a barn and shed it is splendidly fun when the men get warmed up to the work in putting on the last timber.


Completed the roof of the cow house taking nearly 10 1/2 squares of shingles and 40 lbs of nails. Picking the Colorado potato bugs, the plants are up about 3 inches high and the bugs are coming in thousands. Early pears are in full bloom the fall wheat just shooting out. At home this evening.


An exceedingly warm day, spent it working in new building, laying down the lower floor with 2 inch Hemlock plank. A considerable quantity of a weed with a large white flower in the meadow, have pulled it up by hand. At home tonight enjoying the pleasure of a quiet hour on the front verandah.


Carpenter work continued, have both upper and lower floor com-pleted. A most refreshing thunder shower came down this afternoon and the ground is swimming in water. Walked to Brampton tonight, Received a letter from Bay City (Mr A Ferguson)


Arranging and building the stalls and boxes in new building. Viney and I drove to Brampton this evening. At Choir practice we made extensive arrangements for a grand picnic to be held at Snell's lake tomorrow health and especially weather permitting.


Spent a couple of hours at Campbell's smithy getting the houses shod. Afternoon with three of my sisters we drove up to Willow Lodge, when a very heavy rain came up from the South and completely spoiled the prospects for a picnic. Staid at J.C. Snell's for tea tonight. The roads are very muddy indeed.

JUNE, SUNDAY 27 1875

Attended Brampton methodist Church this morning and heard Rev JW Bell preach his farewell address sermon text II John 8th verse. He will spend the coming year at Victoria College. This evening Rev W Burns preached his farewell sermon text Genesis Vi 3rd verse. Mr burns goes to the Stectsville Circuit, he has been 2 years on this station.


Sold to K Chisholm & Co 183 lbs of clam wood @ 33 1/2 c per lb, The sheep have hardly average 8 lbs each this year. W Peakers men put tin eavetroughes on the new cow house, 60 ft @ 12 1/2 c Spent evening at Safe Guard Lodge a good attendance, a debate took place "Resolved that Nature is more pleasing to the eye than Art" Six members s[oke it was de-vided in favour of art.


Had the horse "Charley" shod at Henri's shop No10 .He is a first class work-man for a young man. Had team hauling barnyard momma into a large pile in pea field. Weather cool and showing the ground is filled with water. At home tonight writing an address to be given tomorrow night.


At same work as yesterday and have the yards cleared and today fighting the potato bug, gathering them by quarts and coraigning{?} them into the fire. We are almost master of them for this season. Tonight was spent in Brampton making a presentation to Miss Morton at her home of "Certificate of Membership of Good Templars, three members were there.


Dominion day has been well celebrated this year by picnics & lacrosse matches, laying corner stones of new churches and concerts. Spent the day at home. J C Snell and family were here all day. Viney, Emma and I went to Concert tonight in Brampton in aid of PM J School, mostly Brampton talent, the affair was a success.


Horse hoeing potatoes, marigolds, and corn all growing rapidly now. Making and hanging doors on new building. Drove to town tonight and brought up Miss Jennie Peacock for a 24 hour visit. Weather is cool and dry. Received a "Bay City Tribune" from Uncle A Ferguson


Hilling up the Canadian corn with hand hoe, horse hoeing the rape{seed}. Had a visit today from old friends Mr & Mrs JM Joness of Bowmanville, they are on a short visiting tour among former acquaintances. Drove to Brampton tonight and bought at K.C. & Co, pair of dark tweed pants @ 6.75


Spent the morning at S. School lesson, John I 1 to 14. "The Word made flesh," this half year will include all the gospel of John and will be a most interesting and profitable series of lessons. At Cm S School Brampton at 2 PM. At choir practice at 4 PM. Heard Rev Mr Salton the new minister preach tonight about the life of Abraham.


Horse hoeing the turnip crop. This showery weather is favorable to root crops and they are doing finely. Raining most of afternoon. Walked to Brampton this evening and spent it pleasantly with C M Choir and others at Mr Morton's making a farewell visit and giving a present of gold watch & locket to Miss Morton organist for 4 years in our church.


Shipped to Wm Murray of Chesterfield (near Hamburg) our 18 months old short horn bull Momentum at 8 oclock this morning, via GT Railway. The price $100.00 we received yesterday by express. Today cutting thistle with scythes on pasture fields Ordered $8.50 worth of fruit from Dayton Ohio Nursery, to be delivered next Autumn.


Commenced the hay harvest today, cutting with mower and scythe the young orchard field and an acre of natural grass on the flats. Spent this evening at a Strawberry festival given by Sons of Temperance of Brampton, singing by Prof Dennis of Chicago and temperance speech by Luke Sharp of Toronto.


Shortly after 5 oclock AM, father and mother started on a trip with buggy to Amaranth to visit the friends up there. cutting more grass and raking up that cut yesterday. Drew in the orchard grass two small loads from 2 acres the crop was quite thin and light.

JULY, FRIDAY 9. 1875

Finished moving the grass field over the Etobicoke about 6 acres. Hauled in 3 loads of hay in rather a green state, spreading it well over the mows. The weather is fine but the grass dries slowly, it is so fresh and full of sap. Spent tonight at Choir practice. Miss Bella Lowis has been appointed Organist.


Completed the hay field and have it all raked clean 6 loads or one to the acre. Our folks got home this evening from Amaranth having rode to day from Shelburne 36 miles away. Our friends are in good health and spirits and the country is prospering.


A splendid bright cool day but could not enjoy it because of a slight illness, was kept in the house all day. The first Sunday this year thus spent at home the time hangs heavily, the hours pass slowly. Spent the day at reading and at the piano. Our folks went to Brampton church tonight and Heard Rev Mr Salton preach.

JULY, MONDAY 12, 1875

Started this mower in the 10 acre field on "other place," it is entirely a crop of timothy, not very thick but stands 3 and 4 ft high all over the field promising a good yield of first class hay, the {illegible} men made a great noise and clatter in their march to Brampton today, some of them coming home tonight gloriously drunk.


Splendid weather for hay harvest clear sky and strong west wind. Completed mowing the field we started yesterday and drew home 5 loads of bright Timothy hay. The first cherries are ripe, early potatoes in bloom, the former is an average crop but small in size. Received a letter from Uncle John Ferguson of Missouri.


Began mowing the field of timothy in front of house, it is quite a light thin crop, Horse-hoeing the turnips are growing slow-ly as the weather is dry. Hauled 7 loads of hay and unloaded with horse-hay-fork, it works grandly in this kind of hay, does the work a little quicker and saves a great deal of hardship in the mow.


Finished the ten acre field, have 17 loads of well cured hay off it. Had some visitors today from Brampton old acquaintances and friends. Picnics at Snel's lake are still the rage, almost exclusively town people as this is their season os leisure but not muchly for the farmers. Sold a Buckshine to J Lewell $5.10 ( 2 months old.)


Cutting remainder o front field and started chawing in but a shower put a stop to these operations. Drove to Brampton tonight to Choir Practice. Mailed a letter to John Ferguson, Osborn Missouri. Had a close hair crop at JE Word's shop.


Completed the hay harvest this evening, the last field yielded but 4 loads off 8 acres, total number of loads 28 off 25 acres more or less/ Have 1/2 acre of yellow marigolds which we thinned out today, they are but a thin crop. The Hay crop was well saved this season, except 3 loads it was all cured without rain.

JULY, SUNDAY 18, 1875

At S. School this morning lesson John II 1 to 10, "Jesus at the marriage in Cana of Galilee and His first miracle wrought." This evening we heard Rev {?} Fawcett of Manitoba preach in Brampton, text Luke XXIV 47th. He is still full of the old fine preaching, The Collection was in aid of the Mission at Portage Le Prairie.


Started the job of thinning out the turnips and will take some three days work as they are so thick in the rows; every prospect of a good crop. Made another tour over the potato plants destroying the Colorado bugs of which there seems to be an endless supply this year.


Today with team and wagon we hauled 400 cedar rails and built a fence to mark a lane in the clover field on "other place," for convenience in pasturage. Spent the evening at Edmonton Grange, had a visit from Rev Peter Smith of Sarnia, he brightened us up with a little on the proper working of the Grange.

October, Wednesday 13. 1875. One team plowing all day. "Sewell" had the other team all day moving his fathers things to Brampton. Sold our last ram lamb to J Learment for $10 Have sold 13 ram lambs in Ten days at-an average of $14.00. and 3 ewelambs for $10 each. The nights now are exceedingly handsome.

Thursday 14. Commencement- of the root-harvest-. Pulled by hand topped for loads of margolds of mangalds (yellow globe), excepting a four large ones The most - are small. Weather is beauttiful like Indian summer without- any haze or smoke around the horizon. J C Snell got-home from St. Louis fair yesterday.

Friday 15 Another wel-day. Spent- forenoon working in barn at-various jobs. After dinner we went- to work on the harness and gave it a thorough coat-ing of a "Patent-Leather varnish" making it look exactly like new harness.

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