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William John "Willy" Little Diary, 1914-1925


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Sunday, March 7


Feb 20th Went to St. George to get a new wagon box.

.. 21st Started to cut wood at the bush.

.. 22nd Edith & I drove over to Will & Lillouette Millere in the afternoon.

.. 23rd Drew a load of hay to cement works.

.. 27th Went to Paris in the evening to hear Mr Moore of Niagra Falls lecture on Rose culture, he was splendid.

.. 28.. Went to help Bob McDonald to draw in ice.

Mar 1& 2 Helped Herb Cummingham to draw ice > From Blue Lake {indicating both this entry and the entry before} Ralph & Will Burglass came for a visit & stayed over night.

.. 4th Edith & I went to Aunt Nellies for tea and took the paper at the Guild that night the Topie being "Service"

.. 5 .. A very stormy day, after a very fine week.

..6 .. R. Robertson took a sleigh load and we all went down to Ryecrofts for a Social Evening , we had a fine time.

.. 8.. Went to Wesley kitchens sale in the afternoon and made a winter gate for end of lane next Dalzells.

.. 8 & 10 Shipped a carload of hay at L.E. {S. H.} Station to Sam Miller Mill bank.

.. 10.. Went to a meeting in the Bank St. George to arrange for Uncle Andrew & Rhode Sharp came over for a visit and to chance some mixed grain.

.. 9 .. Patroitic campain of St. George & Soth hSouth Dumfries.

.. 1.. Went to Johnsons for a little while in the evening to hear some music.

.. 12.. Mr & Mrs Wolfe came over over for the eveing.

.. 13.. Went to Farmers club at Kitchens School and gave a paper on Spring Preperations from a Horticulture Standfront.

.. 13 & 14 Will Kierle & I cavvasssed this road for the St. Geroge and South Dumfries Patrotic Fund about $11.000 was raised in all.

.. 14th Edith, Earl & I went to Grandpa Lees 70th Birthday Party.

..15.. Went to S. S. Executive meeting at Presbyterian church. St. Geroge.

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