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William John "Willy" Little Diary, 1914-1925


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Thursday, March 19


Nov. 5th Filled our silo to about 6 ft from the top, a very fine day

.. 6 .. Helped R. Aitkin fill his silo

.. 7 .. Filled silo at Jim Aitkins

.. 9 .. Finished silo filling at Simons at noon and went to Watson McPhereson threshing in the afternoon.

.. 10 .. Started to draw in turnips. Mr Reynolds & Mr Johnson helped to {cut off}

.. 11 Edith, Baby & I went to {Alvakes?} for dinner and I drove to the plains S.S. in the afternoon.

.. 14 .. Started threshing at Simons. Harlod Plumstead brought over a load of clothes etc from the Plains S.S. for people of Northern France.

.. 13 .. Held a socail evening here together in for " "

.. 16 .. Finished threshing at Simons

.. 17 .. Finished drawing in turnips about 20 loads in all.

.. 19 .. Father & Mother Lee bought maude Blandil over, who stayed a couple of days.

.. 21 .. Finished threshing at R. Aitkins and started to thresh here.

.. 22 .. Rained all night and all forenoon turning to snow in the afternoon

.. 23 .. Finished threshing 11.10 bus in all 2.40 of wheat 300 of oats & 570 of mixed grain.

.. 24 .. Helped H. Cunningham to thresh, the last of fall threshings.

.. 26 .. Brought six cattle home from the bush.

.. 27 .. Edith & I drove to Brantford in the afternoon taking Leone for the first time. Bought Edith a new Black plush coat.

.. 28 .. Brought Bess home from Lenningtone where she had been pasturing for the past six months. Went to St. George in the afternoon to help pack boxes for the people of Northern France. Five boxes were packed valued @ $547.00

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