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William John "Willy" Little Diary, 1914-1925


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Easter Monday {printed directly in book}

Aug 16th Started to plow for fall wheat in south-east field.

- 17 - Edith, Leme and I drove over to {Brandenton?} S.S. in the afternoon. Anne Williamson went home after a weeks visit

- 20 - Agnes {Agier?} + {Margarite?} Gallen went home after a three weeks visit

- 22 - We all drove to Brantford taking {Mayme?} home after her holidays

- 23 - Drew in last load of Oats off back ten acre field 8 loads and {after some rakings?} after a week of some fine rains. Finished {plowing?} south east field for wheat.

- 25 - {Tea?} + Rhoda {Sharp?} came over for the afternoon.

- 27 - Finished plowing for fall wheat in six acre field.

- 28 - {Eleanor?} Christie came to spend a day of her vacation with us.

- 29 - Took Don + Jack Cullen to Brantford after their {spending?} the summer holidays with us. Went to {Teakle?} for tea.

- 30 Leme's 2nd birthday. Will Millers and Mary {Jane? Love?} came over for the afternoon. Gathered {beandoeks?} around back fields, Started to plow in back field (10 acre) with double plow.

September 2 + 3 Edith + I went to {illegible} Exhibition staying all night at Mary {Love's house? home?}

- 6th Finished plowiing back 10 acre field for corn + {roots?}.

- 10 - Sowed wheat in field {illegible} {Dayills?} barn.

- 11 - Helped Simms to thresh

- 13 - Sowed wheat in young {meshed?} {illegible}

- 18 - Sowed {illegible} of {rye?} On back ten acre field for pasture. Went to St. George in the afternoon to help clean up the {illegible}

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