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William John "Willy" Little Diary, 1914-1925


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Jan 29. Drove to Paris and took the car to Brantford to attend a {Teacher?} Convention at the Court-Louis. Ms Chisholm gave a very fine address on Consolidated Schools.

- 31 - 22° below zero this morning and a very cold day. a cold {inding?} for a very stable {month?} having guide often {gorde?} below zero. and also some very {stormy?} days.

Feb 1st. Drove over to {Nicoses?} after Sunday School for an hour

- 2nd - A very mild day, We drove to Brantford taking some apples and potatoes + Went to Gulline for tea.

- 3rd. Went to {Farmers?} Club Meeting at the Glen in the evening where Jim Airlins, Dave {Raben?} + myself Debated with the Paris Plains Club on the Subject. Resolved that Free Trade would be a benefir to our Country. We {withheld?} to Tariff side, but the Judges decided that it was a tie.

- 4th. Took load of potatoes to Brantford {20?} bands @ $3.95 per bag

- 6 - Took sick with La Grippe. Managed to do any chores but lay down in the house as much as I could.

- 8 - Baddie + Mrs Robertson stayed for tea after Sunday School.

- 10 - Edite + Leme took sick with the Grippe, Leme getting better in a couple of days, but it was a week before Edith began to improve. Dr Dunton came out in the {illegible}

- 12 - Herb Cunninghand took a load of potatoes to Brantford 22g. {Blackjaw?{ had a fine {illegible} calf.

- 15 + 16, Very stormy days which will the sideroads all up again.

17th. {Hartley?} Johnson came over to {holf?} with 10th {illegible} had a nice {illegible

- 15 + 16