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William John "Willy" Little Diary, 1914-1925


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Friday, May 15

Sept 2nd. for dinner (at Galbrniths) and back to Woodstock by way of Stratford

.. and after having tea at Jeane, left for home arriving about 9.30.p.m.

.. 3rd Finished threshing at Rye crofts and Hendersons. a fine rain at night.

. 4th Mayme and little folks went home in the evening.

.. 5 . Went to Brantford at night taking Louise, Marguerite & Dan & me.

.. 6 . Went to Will McReagies funeral in the afternoon

.. 10 . Finished plowing wheat ground in centre east field

. 11 .. Went to church in Paris and to Grandpa Lee's for dinner, took Jean Love home. having been visiting with us for a few days. a fine rain last night.

. 13 Finished sowing wheat in back 10 acres and 3 acre field field.

.. 14 Went over to Clarance Lees in the afternoon to help fill silo

. 15 Helped Watson McPherson to fill his silo

.. 16 Went to Rye crofts to help fill the silo

.. 18 Helped Frank Reed to fill silo.

. 20 .. Started to cut corn in back field

. 21 Tom Reynolds went to Hendersons silo filling for me.

. 22 . Hartleys and Johnsons silo filling, and they started here about 11 O.clock on Fri. and finished about 10 O. clock on Sat the 24th The silo was heaped up about 2 ft with boards and covers, the fullest we had ever had it, with 2 acres of corn (well eared) leftover

.25th Our Rally Day at S.S. Rev. Mr Adams of Paris gave a very fine talk, using a Watch as an illustration and 3 P's in a Pod.

.. 26 Finished sowing wheat about 7 acres, sowing 1/7 acre plot of Imperial Amber and about 7 bus of Imp.Amber at I bought from Mr Wm Osborne on the Brantford Road.

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