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William John "Willy" Little Diary, 1914-1925


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Saturday, May 23


Apr 14th Receeded hog-back field with sweet clover. Geroge Lee's came over and stayed for "Good Friday" {Maguestie?} & Lousie came up

.. 15 .. Went to Co. S.S. executive meeting in Brantford.

.. 16.. Avery nice day for Easter Sunday. Took the car to church first time

.. 18.. Jim Stanley & Willie mealing came up for a few days. Went to McKenzie's sale in afternoon.

.. 19 .. Burned brush in the orchard and in the back field.

.. 20. . A cold windy day, went to the Glen in the morning for salt and to Grandma's in the afternoon for 14 bus of seed barley @ $1.00 per bus.

.. 21.. Started to cultivate in the afternoon.

.. 24 T. Reynolds came and we started to work on the the land

.. 28.. Sowed onto in creek field. Started sandy colt to work.

.. 29. Finished sowing mixed grain in back 14 acre field.

May 1st. Sold 5 young cattle to P.E Meggsand took them to the Glen went to S. Trustee meeting at the Glen in the evening.

.. 2nd Help Helped Jim Harthy cultivate in the afternoon

.. 3rd Finished rolling spring grain

May 1st. 18 R. I Red chickens hatched

4th Plowed the garden and planted early potatoes etc.

.. 5.. Took Edith to Brantford Hospital in the morning were our little son "James Adam" was born. Weight 8 3/7 lbs.

.. 6 .. Repraied the {gaurd?} at {culvest?} on Blue Lake creek.

.. 7.. Went to St. George to church in the morning when Mr Bruce of Ayr. preached to the children, and to Brantford hospital in the afternoon to see Edith and the Baby.

.. 8.. White sow had 8 little black and white pigs.