Diaries in Museums and Archives Across Ontario

Find Out More Start End Township County Ethnicity Occupation Posted on Rural Diary Archive
Adams, Thomas and Sophia 1880 1900 Delaware Middlesex Irish Farmer No
Allan, David 1862 1876 Guelph Wellington South Scottish Miller, Distiller, Farmer Yes
Andress, Henry M. 1861 1861 Lansdowne Leeds English Miller No
Andrew, Amos 1930 1931 Auburn Huron English Farmer No
Arner, Alfred 1907 1909 Colchester S./Gosfield Essex German Farmer No
Atkins, Vivien Agnus Maud 1902 1905 South Dumfries Brant Irish Farm Woman No
Awrey, Mary Ellen 1910 1916 Erin Wellington English Drugstore Yes
Bagg, Solomon D. 1858 1865 Cornwall Stormont English, French Farmer No
Baker, Lenna 1901 1901 Woodhouse Norfolk English Teacher Yes
Barker, Jean 1926 1926 South Dumfries Brant English Farm Woman No
Barnes, William Francis 1834 1836 Norwich Oxford Yes
Barrett, Theobold (Toby) 1911 1941 Woodhouse Norfolk Irish Farmer No
Bauman, Angus 1904 1952 Peel Wellington German Farmer Yes
Beaton, Velma 1930 1988 Puslinch Wellington Scottish Farm Woman No
Beattie, David M. 1925 1989 Nichol Wellington Scottish Farmer No
Beattie, William 1866 1902 Nichol Wellington Scottish Farmer Yes
Beaty, William 1838 1892 Young & Lansdowne Leeds & Grenville Scottish Farmer No
Bell, Reverend William 1817 1849 Burgess Lanark Scottish Reverend and Teacher No
Bellamy, Eliza 1854 1855 North Augusta Leeds & Grenville Irish Married to Miller Yes
Bergey, David 1866 1924 Wilmot Waterloo Swiss Farmer, Teacher Yes
Birdsall, Richard Everett 1852 1877 Asphodel Peterborough East English Civil Engineer No
Boothe, Minnie 1897 1898 Osgoode, near Metcalf Carleton Irish Farm Woman Yes
Bowerman, Deborah 1874 1892 Hallowell Prince Edward English Farm Woman Yes
Bowerman, Vincent 1877 1884 Hallowell Prince Edward English Retired farmer Yes
Bowman , James 1886 1944 Guelph Wellington English Farmer Yes