Getting Started

Transcribing means to type the original handwriting into a typewritten script

How to Locate a Diary and Page of your Choice to Transcribe:

  • Start from the homepage and click “START TRANSCRIBING”.
  • Click on a diary collection, ie “Lucy Middagh Diary Collection“.
  • Scroll down and click on a diary in that collection, ie “Lucy Middagh Diary 1884”.
  • Now all the handwritten diary pages will appear. Press the “Start Transcribing” tab at the center/top of the page to see a list of pdf files.
  • Press the page/pdf file of your choice.
  • Scroll down to “Transcription Tips” and read these before you begin transcribing.  

How to Transcribe a Page:

  • Scroll up to “Current Page Transcription [edit] [history],” press “[edit].” A transcription box appears. Typed words are present if someone else has been transcribing. Press “Detach” on the right of the screen. You can change the location of the box and its dimensions by using Click and Drag. You can zoom in on the handwritten diary page to clarify and enlarge it. The scroll bar allows you to move within the handwriting. You can place the box just below a few written sentences so as to see both, and read and transcribe, at the same time.
  • Begin typing in the transcription box. Quick tips are below the box.
  • When done, proof your transcription. Then REMEMBER to press “Save Transcription” at the bottom of the box to save your work.
  • Rolling over “Transcribe” on the top menu provides more help for transcribing.

Great effort has been made to make this website as user-friendly as possible.  It may, however, take several minutes to get set up the first time but soon you will be able to work quickly and comfortably.  Enjoy your visit and your first try at transcribing.