My diaries contain references to people still living. What do I do if I don’t want them to be fully publically accessible yet?

Preventing Public Access

Should you be concerned about privacy or have a diary that is less than 100 years old, upon donating to our collection, you will have the option to restrict public access for a specified amount of time or impose conditions on access.

Retaining Copyright

In addition, if the diary is still under copyright, you can retain copyright to the diary or assign it to the Archival and Special Collections, University of Guelph. If you assign copyright to the Archival and Special Collections, they will have the right to license reproductions from the diary. If you retain copyright, they will refer any requests they receive for reproductions to you. Short quotations can be published without permission. All diaries written by individuals who have now been deceased for 50 years are considered to be in the public domain.