James Cameron Diary & Transcription, 1859


James Cameron Diary & Transcription, 1859


James Cameron


Courtesy of Queen's University Archives




19th Century, Glengarry County, McMaster's Island Township, Ontario

Date Created

December 23, 1858

Is Part Of

James Cameron Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript & Typed Transcription


December the 23rd 1858

Mr James Cameron Jim John's Island Lake St Francis

23rd Of any time this Fall the fee paid not such a notion as this Morning at the anchor fee partly {?} between there and {?} finished I went to the upper Point to fire my ganet drew {too faded to make out} a drag fixed the ganet at the Lower Point fixed and Drew the Big Canoe {can't make out word} Canoe the Boat and the other canoe all in a Block on the stocks Before the Door. 34 Boat Before the Door at the Upper Point and 1 at the Lower Point making in all 5 canoes + 1 Boat freezing hard ice not taken yet and its night then froze

24th The fel laken Between us and ChusteesBut the cut hole is Before the Door took {line written above} count Day in Williamstown in the afternoon. Between us and Frances{something is written after Frances but it is difficult to read} crows flying about 25 Christmas Day all alone crossed the Ice in the afternon met henery + Jim Nicholson on North Side of Francis Island Went to Henerys no Christmascame home ice not very good Jim Hopkins crossed at Davids Heard of Lewis Bosell gather foot Hunted shot at a gull and killed her as I supposed put out my Canoe and she Began to flutter and went off

26th Sunday charlie came up I went to meet him Henchy Lashy and dim Nicholson came to fish eels

27th charles went to the store for and 12quart of Whiskey 71/2 Bushing the road on the Ice. snowing + Thawing some in the Ice shin a the Little Island

28th charles went home save him a 25th charlie went to Lancaster came up here to tell me about the Baker had Molasses + Bakers bread Bushing the Road to Hamilton

the 25th 1858

Mr James Cameron Sir John's Island Dec East Wind the coldest night this winter as yet, set 2 traps for the Mink at the Upper Point 30th charlie here a Cold Day and night Potatoes frozen some 31st charlie Went to Lancaster Got 5 Loaves 2/1 Firing the old {granary?} Went Down to {?} Charlie Making Candles The {?} Flying around The Ball in Williamstown tonight 1st Day January 1859 Charles here Nicholson's taking away their stack of hay got the Loan of a {Bothe?} charlie went home 2nd Sunday all alone went to the head of the Island 3rd Allens Birth Day council in Williamstown I Went to Bakery Bought of A {Summer?} 1 D worth of sweetys got a paper from Davy Andrew Baker got the molasses out of the Barrell 5c went across 2 q Nicholsons 3 {?} to hunt Rats got the Coat at Bakers {?} {written above line " almanack 4"} Went the upper Point Road Came Back By Francis Island in at Nich at Semours Dan {?} Departed in Williamstown the Road not Bushed at Summer's's but good croping 4th at home cutting wood set out poison 3 Bates for the {?} the Water commencing to Rise on the ice 5th Drawing Drags Angus Came had a Basket of varieties took Back a Broom {?} Baskets of varieties took Back a Broom + Baskets of be history of England for Ellm{?} Horse Rug + an almanack a Roman paper Writing the song of California Bays Ell fishers Down on the Ice

January the 6th 1859

Mr James Camero Sir Johns Island Drawing Drags from the Pitt Point Went to the fish Ells cut 2 Hooles got one 7th chopping Looking for Broom Sticks 8th Went to m{?}amstor heneries Dog here heavy Wind Last night middling frosty after the rain Sunday the 9t{cut off} preaching on the front a very cold frosty Day and the night the frostiest on record with no wind angus came as far as Bosell{cut off} with the horse got 4/4 1/2 in cash from him for the ginger and soap got the cloth got a Basker the Dog met uson the Road near the Roman church She {?}ed Boy wanting the Pistol the Broach to the fixed the Cattle all right 10th a cold Day something wrong with the small Bull, choppig stove Wood 11th very Cold & Wing fit{?} seen a fox night Back of the house the calf Bull Died Skinned him almost impossible clawed Part of the pipes and the top of the Big stove 2 Mack suns in the West before th sun went Down v i Right over her She out holebefore the Door shutting up wonderful 12th Drew home 2 Drages very Cold 13th took my trousers to Bosells Daid for them 2/{too small to make out} George & I went to Fort Covington Bought 2 pipes at a luimmas 10{?} a treated Davids 71/2 David gave us a Ride over to hopkins got my Catalogue from Evans&co {can't make out word} The Dog followed us gave Lukes wife the Clear met John York on the ice Bought {ink blot}amen ginger 6D soap 1/3 Bought of J. Jean sugar 10 1/2 serting 4/7 3/4 Braces 7 1/2 Bought m{too small letters}n mak{cut off} 1/3 sweet 4D got the Broach fixed 7 1/2

January the 13th 1859

Mr James Cameron Lake St Frances Kenneth Mr Donell taking a Load of tea across got a Ride home from him stopt at Kenneths for the first time I was in his new house got a treat came Down to Bosells made supper for gorge & I came home 14th seen the Fox around the Barn 15th charlie here 2 trained up fishing Eels at the Door {the marriage of Laplant Girls, squished above the sentence} Charlie got the Loan of World Commadore and one boy age Round the The Ice with the Rain freezing on the trees coming Down making a have in the Bush 16th Sunday all along slippery walking for the Cattle to the River 17th cast wind + stormy in the forenoon Charles Rose + george Bosellherd took home my trousers had a game of cards 18th Braking the Road to Draw drags the crust about {written above the current line} Walter Bakers Bee a Danel at a gran{can't make out last word} an I 1/4 inches thick 15th Drew some Drgs {a, written above} Went to Nicholsons for a Rope got it took home their Bottle charles to Williamstown John McDonalds wife departed in the glen on the {left blank} of January 1855 20th Old Bull + going Bull Smithehern trading horses gest event of Grey stopt in his Place took out the wheat 3 bushels &ce on and the nest {?} bery fence Day a Raffle to bee at Williamstown to night Lent my Dream Book to Billmuth 21st St Agnes night the faster + stocking night 22 chopping John Nicholton for the Mill The traps stole on george Bosell & him Nicholson 23 Sunday alone 24th tried grey draw well

January the 24th 1859

Mr James Cameron opposite Charlotlender Went to Bakers Bought got J Baker {can't make out word} sugar 7 1/2 paid bought of a summers 1 Quart of syrup 10 paid 25th Burnss Birth Day drawing for 2 Drags paid went to nicholsons for their cutter {written above nicholsons} Clucky here gave 3 pence of salt stopt all night Tehy in salmon River about the traps 26th not very well got ready to go to Williamstown got there about Dusk 27th went to Dundas Street got what I went for stopt at L Smiths chained the Bull Dog 2 came home by Lancaster met Robert McKillop after coming from Montreal came home then went home with nicholsons cutter 28th chopping 25th Dan came Brought my shirt sent him to Bakers for 1 Quart of molasses 71/2 1lli sugar 71/2 Paid Drawing Drags set Poison in the Bush: 30th Watch came home after being away since the 13th of January Dan went of gave him 1 pair a bore katechsm{?} 31st Monday Began to thrash wheat Ihiashs about 2 Bushels

1st of February went to Bakers. Nicholsons came home with the mill Bought of a Summery hint 14 got a paper frome J Munroe John Carey very poorly in to see Campbell the weaver 2nd fanning 2 bushels of wheat Thomas Munroe here for fur 14 Rats 10/6 1e Mink - Jessema, a Bee to Day Drawing 3rd very stormy & wind 4th Went to Charles Supper for his ashes gave him 1/10 1/2 cash for them charles came up with me I went to Bakers 6 Bushels of ashes 5p and 5p Cash to be put to my account which Leaves me in Dept 3/


Mr James Cameron Lake St Francis Feb 4th Bought of a summers 1 Quart syrup + whiskey which came to 1/3 paid seen Horatio at Bakers 5th Semo came to thrash I sent his Boy after nicholsons cutter did not get it gave the Boy /3 Breakfast charles went home I went to Williamstonw stopt at Bosells got a Ricles from the RailRoad crossing from Mr Gregor Meads a Barbain with Gudgeon Sunday 6th Got a Ride to Framcis Island expecting Semo tomorrow 7th Semow Did not come went to Semows chopping for Walter Baker 8th James Ranald Married I went to Williamstown Brought 2 Bushels of Wheat 5 carpet Balls woold 1 Sheep pelt 1 calf skin asee spy slaps to get fixed Left the far Quart took Home Bread towel 9th came home Before Daylight semow did not come 10th Semow and son Francis came sent Francis to a se{letters too faded, could be m's}urs for Whiskey 7 1/2 paid jant Denee + Big Bill here for the new House treated them 11th Francis went home George came in his place 12th Tanning wheat 4 and near a 1/2 Semow got the Loan of a Bag of 1 Bushel of Wheat sent for the Load of Nicholsons cutter did not get it Went to Williamstown Meet 5 rear on the Ice coming for straw sent Gudgeon got 2, over at Earls got 3 coppers from Dan Je Laplants child Died + another on Sunday take in Williamstown {ink bleed}ront out 1 1/2 Bushels Wheat 2 Baskets 1 Cook Book 13th Came home got 3 loans came up the Glen Road in at Campbells for the Books he was away came Down. By Hamilton on the Ice 14th the St Valentine Celebration at Summerstown Williamstown Lancaster & {ink bleed or mark too thick to make out final word}

14th of Feb 1859

Mr James Cameron Lake St Francis Went to Lemows Lemow Lick could not Trash B {symbol above B that I can't quite make out} I went to Bakers Bought of a Baner half gallon syrup 1/10 1/2 Paid deen Donald Summers Raining. 16th Drawing{?} Drags at Semow put out poison chopping. 17th Charlie here looking for cranberries {words are written over a couple times, hard to make out what exactly Cameron is trying to say. First would could be 'he' and the second could be 'nathan'} sant a nee in the new House 18th i went {sentence squish above says 'James Hughs Birth Day'} to Lemow & nicholsons at the {word is too squished to make out} he cut my hair. 15th went to Fort Cowg{?} Bought o{letters are faded and disjointed, finding it hard to put together} Cmeron 1 Bunch Cotton yarn 6/3 1 lbs sugar 5 cents 1 pennys worth Candy Put my letter in the box 1 down & 18 cents paper{?} all for Mrs Partingtons Carpet Bag of t{?}n mcfses{not sure if this is a name} Evans & co 677 Broadway new York got a Ride over with Dug Rose Henery and Dan De nee on 2 Baywood Logs got a Ride Back from Patrick Buchanan stopt at Lukes had 3 grapes not paid came to Bakers then home got Ready for Williamstown started at 5 oClock sp{this line is written over multiple times so the words are difficult to decipher} Seen Mr pudgeon got the Watch paid 12/6 a Man filled at the RailRoad crossing Seen Thomas V Sandry Mr Donell in 7 rench Mills James Hopkins married some time the fore part of this week to Mrs Jaraux{?} 20th come home Sunday from William Raining some High Wind snow melting on the Ice shawy weather. 21st went to Lemow at night ice slippery Lemow chopping for Peter B Grant Walter Bakers Big Horses came home very Poor from the shoentry 22nd Watch came home the Dog and only stopt one night 22nd went of Thrashed 1 bushel of oats

the 23rd 1859

Mr James Cameron Lake St Francis Febry 23rd Looking at the poison nothing at it but mice mice {?} eating mice Went to Lancaster{?} Bought 1 plug Johaneeap 1 Cake cheese 1/5 19 and tape /2 from a J Baker which comes to 2/ Paid thes Bought of a Summers 1/2 lbs Candles /6 meat{faded} /4 envelope 1/2 comes to /4 1/2 & Paid at Davids 2 Treats 1/7 not paid a Seen wat Glacken Left a Letter for John Canery Seen James Davidson a Quere Lad summers a Bee putting over Logs Left my mits at Bakers Seen clary, very bad with a Cold a Dance in the new House 24th East Wind chopping going the bee at Frashers to Lancaster filling{?} a Waterhole 25th 26 East Wind Stormy Drifting and snowing some cold gathering Rags & Paper Rags found a Mouse or Rats nest in the hay a Tin Barn fall at clea {written above this line is the sentence 'Williamstown Francis Laplante'} 27th I mistook it for Saturday it was Sunday I went to Williamstown stopt at Thomas got a Treat in the P.O got to Williamstown Daster DAvck as usual 28th Came home Lost My Watch either in the House or Raising up the cutter Shaft shingling of Lembow here before me Came home went to Lemows came home began to thrash Oats 1/2 Bushell

1st of March thrashing Wheat 1 Bushel an Indian here. 2nd of March thrashing 1 Bushel Went to the Post Office got a Letter 1 Book of a catalogue 10 {'D' above 10} here to be Paid the soirle{?} in Williamstown Sold Locket came down to Lemoeux my mits Last I Bought a Pair frane to Pay for them 1/3 3rd Court Day in Williamstown I went to Salmon River Paid Luke 6 pence I owe 4 pence Bought of Knichall 4th ginger 2/0 Bought at Baker 1/2 lbs Tea /10 8 got an alm made for nothing

March the 3rd 1859

Mr James Cameron Lake St Francis In Mr Huttons Shop came across to Summers Bought of a Summers 1/2 lb candles 0/6 paid got Phillip Lalonde to come and thrash Bought 1 plug Tobacco /1 {?}ullies commenced the Oats 4th I went to a Summers Bought 1 Quart Whiskey 7 1/3 1 Quart syrup 10 1/2 paid Philli[ went off thrashed 3 1/2 Bushels gave him 1/3 cash Chucky here wanting Tea & salt got it wanting to see if Lemows father might come and Thrash put the straw out of the Barn in the shed 5th i went to Williamstown gave Andrew Summers the catalogue of Books seen A Mckary gave him a hide Brought out the Locket the Book Mrs P{resot fo the word and the next are too faded to make out} Br{faded} fun the Beg Pot and 2 Bushels of Oats Quart of vinegar and 4 lb of ginger 6th Came home went to Simors for to see the old man went to Charlies Charlie came up the old man came Lemow Boy a Drawn oc Tea 9th the Old man thrashing at wheat charlie went home Tom Davies here Brought Cabbage plants 8th stormy The old man and I tannin 2 /ack stroke measure Tom here 9th ash Wednesday Tom crossed I gave him 2 ragons{?} to fire I went to Salmon River Bought 1/2 lbs Tobacco 7 1/2 Twisted Ball 5 cents Paid grange 2/6 {ink blot}ught 250 crackers 6/3 paid Luke 4 Bought of Buchannan 1/2 lbs powder 7 1/3 came hom went to Williamstown Brought out the Beaver skin Tom Kingsmill took out the cabbage Plants got my watch glass Broke

10th 1859

Mr James Cameron Lake St Francis March the

came from Williamstown Semows Wife for straw for Hats Wild geese in the airhole before the Door for the first that came 14 or 15 of them crows plenty ice good yet Went to Salmon River Bought of Mcinkley 3p worth of crackers about 12 lbs Bought of dad{?} Cameron 9 Balls of leverett{?} yarn in Balls at 3 per ball 45 cents Bought of David Baker 1/2 gallon syrup 11 per Quart 1/10 1 pint Whiskey 4P{?} the Loan of a Bottle to be returned helping Allen N {symbol, could be &} Finn's with his Load of Logs the Little River getting Bad but Prople travelling on it yet 11th Fine Day Taerament in Williamstown Black Burds came poisoning crows 12th tanning Wheat 5 1/2 Wheat stroke measure. Went to Williamstown took out 2 Bushles of Wheat took the cotton Balls 8 and 1 Before Ice good get in the channel The Big barn Begin Sunday the 13th came home seen my mumae there Bomen came 14th went to a Summers a foot Bought 1/4 16 candles 3d 1 1/4lbs of nails 4th a seisure at Kennehts Barn of Tea Tobacco Mike Anderson + Bruce up from Lancaster helped Derby with his Boxes{?} to get away Drawing Brick for the school house Archy Grant in a rage about his Bush got the Tablet Paper got a Tose{?} skimer him me and the old man chistel Here meat the store 15th the Ice not good I went to the Little Island Sturgeon Island South Side crows dying with the poison.

March the 16th 1859

Mr James Cameron Sir Johns Island Lake St Francis One cutter came Down the Ice I went over to See to the Little Island Ice opened at Francis Ice opened Before the Door Down to the Sturgeon Island Fixing Irons on the Boxes up stairs 19 Panes of Big glass 2 of small glass 2 Big ones Broke 17th St Patricks Day in the flaming{?} tanning Wheat 6 1/2 Bushels thats 14 Bushels the old man Thrashed, not a going to stand for Lemo. Began the oats a fox on the Island laying for Eels got none 1 Catfish Ice moving very slow Robins came cutting the Traverses and Drawing them in one place christee or some one crossed over at the foot of the island 18th Raining Bonum. Mending his Maggasens {written above Maggasens "-or Moccasins"} East Wind Ice moving slow I Shooting commenced Ducks in abundance Lots of Hay and straw pease Wheat oats some corn stalks 15th Thrashing Bonum Ice going Down 20th He and commenced to Lay the first Day of Spring and it Sunday Went to the Head of the Island 21st Shot a squirrel Ice going slowly 22nd shot a Duck 23rd Launched the canoe at the Lower end shot a Duck Charlies here brought 4 Quarts corn I went to Bakers Bought &{?} a. 1 Bar{?} 4 lbs cod fish 8D paid Bought of a Summers 1/2 gallon syrup 1/6 1 plug tobacco 6 for Bonum 1/2 for matches paid. sheets at Bakers 24th went to the Bush for Trader{?} forks for Bonum 25th Raining the Ice not away from the shore yet Bell here for the Ride Canoe to Be returned monday 26th done thrashing Began to tan the oats 16 1/2 Bushels Bonum crossed to Lenow I went up to the store stopt at Sidney's

Lake St Francis

Mr James Cameron March the 26th 1859 Bought of a Summers 1/2 gallon syrup 1/5 + 1 plug of Tobacco /6 which comes to 2/3 on credit and the Loan of the Jar to be returned 27th Sunday at home all alone 28th Bonum here for his grain got 1 Bushel + a peck of wheat got 1 Bushel + a peck of Oats the next stood for the Tobacco I Bought him took1 of Lemows flaits home East Wind set 5 traps{?} the marsh Went to the head Island 25th swallows came stormy south Wind the Big White owl here got a muskrat 2 Indian canoes to Charlies spear {ink blot covering word, could be 'fishing'} in the mud got 1 eel the Ice loose from the oak stick the wind too high to fix it ice going Down mabundance 30th up road the Island 31st set traps in Backmarsh Putting oil on the colt hens wanting to hatch 1st of April got 2 Rats windy weather all fools Day fishing eels got 1 2nd Charles here fishing eels {faded} from came went to F. Carington Bought of Walter Buchannan 5 11 crackers 2/6 shot 1 Quart Whiskey 1/2 gallon mollasses Bought of D Baker 1/2 lbs Tea 1 Box of caps 1/2 canister Powder took gallacher across 2/6 a treat at Davids gave charlie 7 1/2 gave hiram 7 1/2, 2 Charlie + Hiram here. 4th Windy charlie + hiram here seen a canoe Leaving Charlies Laplants here Peter Bosell and Henerys Boy came to see the Place Looking at the Bulls to wanting one thinking of coming this week. 5th 6th charlies went home hiram shot a squirrel fishing eels a {faded, looks like 'Bail' but could be bleed through} Passed the Head of the Island to Lancaster got part of the square shek at the Lower Point Hiram + Rowed{?} + Drawed I {bleed through at the bottom corner of the page says 'September'}

April the 6th 1859

Mr James Cameron Lake St Francis Hiram tapt trees 7th Went to Lancaster Bought of nicholson the Baker Gloaves of Bread 3/5 1 Box of matches stopt at Battenace trapps found a Baswa{?} stick of Timber flatted. fed it to the Light House Making vinegar Hiram went off shot a crow got some potatoes from Charlie made a taste of Mollasses 8th a great storm of snow through the night wounded 2 Ducks did not get them traping for eels fent{?} Tobacco luece on the colt 9th fired a shot at the Big Owl Broke the minute hand of my watch thinking to cross ddi not Sunday the 10th of April Semows 3 Boys here wanting Hay tried there short gun gave them 2 small Bundles Richard nicholson Left Beroes cellar after being almost paid for it 11th Monday alone Let out the Pig for the first time ever he was out since the 12th of august put him in again Snowing and Raining great shooting at Charlies the Ice not gone out of the Bays here yet 12th The Laplants came took their cow dog mare + colt + furniture and part of their seed no hay 4 pugs 4 Hens. 13th I went to Summerstown took 1 fore 7/6 4 Rats 88 cents 11/8 1/2 sold to Thomas Monroe Bought of a Baker 1 Bunch Matches 1/2 Bought of a Summers 1/2 gallon syrup 1/9 1/2 lbs candles /6 Tobacco -11 caps- 5 powder /4 1/2 shot -/6 soap -/5 which comes to 4/4 1/2 Returned the Jar to Davy

the 12th 1859

Mr James Cameron Lake St Francis April Went up to Senors{?} told David Summers he might take the Basswood stick at the Light house nicholsons sent home the canoe Charlie here 13 windy 14th Raining got a Duck 15th got 4 Bats gave Motly 1 plound{?} of Tobacco Motly Drawing the slabs on the Pitt Point Holns not Laying very well Motly got a Ducks nest george Semoir here for the Pickaxe got its got all the Rigging for the Horses Traces{?} Wipple Trees claives Hamefs{?} got 2 Hooks with the Big chain to Draw the slabs on the Pitt Point 16th got 2 Rats wind high george Bosell + Francis Laplante here stopt all night Duncan Rofs poorly 17th Palm Sunday Motty + his wife crossed to Bosells got 2 Rats killed them Dog Me on clay{? could be a name, McOnclay?} 18th Duncans Birthday I went to Salmon River with 8 Rats to streeler 1 Dollar in cash 22 cents for Rats which come to 9/19 + 5/- in cash 13/9 I paid took another pair at 4 Dollars now I owe him for /11 3"9 Bought of Munkler 3 Loaves a /5 per Loaf 1/3 Bought /3 pence worth of cracker Bought of B Buchannan 1/4 lbs Sugar 1 1/2 had a treat at Lukes for 3 of us /6 not Paid Donald Summers crossed over sum old Ranken{?} and Peter Grant slutach{?} after coming out of Jail Left my old Boots at Streeters to Be fixed Walter + {?}gas came in Thomas Boat had a Round of Whiskey Light in the Light House Welland + Geldercle{can't see the last letter as it's off the page} went Down

April the 15th 1859

Mr James Cameron Lake St Francis Angus + Walter crossed over forgot his handkerchief george nicholson here for a canoe did not get one St Lawrence went Down Went Down to Charlies in the Evening Stopt all night took the 2 Bushels of Wheat to Allen Roys on the Morning of 20th got Mr McLean {beneath the 'C' of McLean is a small character that looks like a small 'n' and the 'C' sits atop it} to make a Bolt for the Point of the PLough he paid Bought of the Baker 3 Loaves 1/3 gave Charlie /2 for a treat got cabbage or Ruter Baga seeds from Charlie got peppermint from him Mrs Laplante + Frances came the Bouquet went into Salmon River for the first time got 2 Rats the gildersleve went up with a tow found a Ducks nest Charlie and me 21st got a Ducks nest 4 Eggs Went to Baker's with ashes 1/6 got my accamfet from a Summers 15/- in it gave Thomas 4 Rats 4/4 got a Dollar from Thomas gave Andrew Summers 5p toward my account Bought of a Summers 1/2 gallon syrup 1/6 lbs shot /6 matches /7{faded?} 1/2 lbs sugar /3 got Robert Bruce from Peter Grant got 2 Papers from him Working on the Roads putting on stones Mc{another little 'n' below 'c'}Donell McDougalls son in Law Dead Francis + Motty to Lancaster for flour I stopt at Hamiltons them working at their cellar The falleberry came out of Salmon River the Boston Went Down a schooner anchored at the foot of Hamilton Island

Good Friday the 22nd 1859

James Cameron Sir Johns Island April the Got 4 Rats. piked in the marsh bus Wild Bittern came High Easy Wind 23 Snowing + Raining High high East Wind the Water high cannot go to my Traps charlevoine{?} went up with 4 vessels in Tow salaberry in to the fort The Bouquet in to Salmon River. Schooner at anchor at the Foot of Hamiltons Island yet the Boys getting. Ducks nests Hailstones 24th Easter Sunday Plenty Eggs 25th Went to the Little Island North Side charlie came up Went to Salmon River with ashes Bought of the Baker 6 Loaves 2/6 Bought of Buchannan 1 Watch guard 7 1/2 Treat 2 Went up to Hopkins a Race Bettwen the Ranger + Whitby. 26th Went to Bakers paid out Baker for the administration{tion is written above the rest of the word as it extents off the page} 3/1 1/2 gave a Summers 5p Walter gave e 7/6 sold my Rats to Thomas Munroe 7 Rats 7/6 took home Peters Papers archy grant mortgaging his Farm to the Brockullt{? end of the word is faded} Loan companys agent archy Fraser. 27th Henery + George here I went to Hunt with them to Movile Island shooting at Black Birds set 4 traps the fashion went in to Salmon River 28th got 12 or 13 Rats Went to stuards Point took Drummes{?} on the Island stopt on Courvelle Island 29th got 8 Rats searching for the Big Trap a Long time came Home Rafts going down fine Weather got 6 Rats for my shane John Nicholson there got some Hay Planting corn Making garden Broke the Plough got Bosells

April 30th 1859

Mr James Cameron Lake St Francis Went to Bakers Bought of a Summers{second 'm' written above 'summer'} 1 Bushel of Barley 4/4 1/2 signed for the News of the Week paid a Summers 3/4 all clear now up to thes Date sold 1 Rats at 10 a peice 5p Molty went to Salmon River for shoes Francis up as Pilot for the Raft got his cant hook 2 time has + George Bosell here set some traps 1st of May got 1 Rat John nicholson + Allen McInmes{?} here for hay 2nd John + George here for hay I went to Salmon River with 1 of Wheat to mill sold 1 Rat 7 1/2 got 1/3 {word is hard to tell since half of it is beyond the page} and Baker Bought of L Cameron {over written word and off the page} 2p) 1p 1 pair of Braces 7 1/2 5 glasses at John Fergusons /10 1 range /2 3 pence worth of Candy at smallmans Bought of Buchannan 1/2 gallon syrup 1/10 1/2 I owe 10 1/2 to Peter a Treat at Plumadoes a Treat at Lukes not paid I Lost or Left my purse or Bag of money seen Jim Fergusons Wife {faded letters or bleed through letters} son George my Bag trap stole I found it 3rd I went to Williamstown met Pat + Charlie speaking to Loney gave clucky a 1/2 took out the Handkerchief + seeds 4th came home Bought of McEdward salts + matches george Bosell + Dug came home in the canoe to Bosells took over for Boy + Dog got a Rat 1 pike a Great smoke gave frass a paddle Bosell + William set another {scribbled word, can't tell what it says} Jo Laplante here

May 3th 1859

Mr James Cameron Lake St Francis Went to Summerstown Brought amelia across 3 Rats to T Munroe 22/3 Bought of A L Baka{?} soap Bar 7 1/2 1 pint Whiskey 4 to 1 Hat a fight Between Francis Tyo{?} + lacop{?} L George Bosell on the Boswre Bosell got Sturgeon for the first san one of the Chiefs talking about a cow John Cameron in a Summers store card playing going on 6th court lay in Williamstown sowing Wheat 2 1/2 of Black Tea + 2 Bushels + not Quite a 1/2 of scotch wheat Thomas Munroe here in the night a Load for .....{words either faded or spot was left blank} Lancaster came up aside shore took a nap at Thomasses Breakfast + Dinner Bought 20g of salts at Lancaster my Paper did not come Bought of William Poppoe Indoan 1 Hat 2 1/2 Bargained for a Butter nut Pank 12 Length 18 inches Breadth 1 pipe 1/2 a Treat 4 {'D' is written after 4, could be bleed through or just faded} got the Loan of nicholsons canoe gave me 2 Rusters 1/2 lbs candles swapt Hats with John Francis + Motly crossed seen old Mrrs Wright nut{?} Hamilton Poorly came home 8th Sunday 9th {ink is very faded the rest of this page} went to Salmon River got my Raise frank Bought Hooks Bought Quart Whiskey 7 1/2 Sugar /6 a treat at Normans 7 1/2 Lukes house on fire 10th went home with nicholsons canoe stopt at lukes{? faded and off the page} on all night 11th at William Lavelletley Raising the House helping the Hone with archy

May the 12th 1859

Mr James Cameron Lake St Francis {this page is extremely faded} came across got Lemows canoe launch{?} a canoe sowing peas 2 Bushels {"6 of pease" is written below Bushels} 1 of ours Walter Baker here with his horse Francis + I crossed Bought a Summers{off the page} 1 lbs{?} Butter 1p got the Loan of the Bowl Bought 1 1/2 worth of sta{?} 13th making ashes making the Harrow Francis and me set out {"Bought 3 Bushels of potatoes" is written above this line} the line for Francis 14th amelia crossed +Jaua{?} with the Hat sowed 1 Bushel of our pease 1/2 Bushel of motly a Summers sent to Torotno for the Paper got a Paper from a Summers 15th Sunday Jo Laplante here {very faded again} + Motly's Brother Bosells here met a place to crossed wit Jo 16th fishing Perch got a good man got a Hen con{?} on then Lens for the first The Ticks Bod from the carpet stuffing Bag 15lbs allowing a Pound to the Bag 17th Jo came with the Line the Experiment Began the south 18th I crossed for Tom came home put the Hooks on the Line 64, 17 of nine 19th Sowed Wheat 7 15 PLanting the corn over planting some potatoes Jo Laplante here and motlys Brother fishing with the light got a good many Tom spinning strings on the Barn 20th Went for Mrs Laplante to Bosells got a Book from George High Wind no sturgeon yet sowing Oats 6 of ours Went to Williamstown stopt at Charlies Tom + F Left the Bag at allen Roys

May the 21st 1859

Mr. James Cameron Lake St. Francis Came to Lancaster from Williamstown met Thomas Munroe down here sailed Hom Fits Stephens & I fishing Perch sowed 2 more Bushels of our Oats 8 all together Done Ploughing sent Home Io's Mare 2 canoes Tom crafted with them for the Paper Batted the Lane got my Overalls stuff in Williamstown 2 Mace Between the {can't make out } 22nd Tuesday after {?} & Wife Fishing Perch & {?} all hight 23rd secor Went home The Watchmake f Birch here on the Upper Point going to the {confefin?} up The Front. 24th Queens Birth Day {fow?} came Went off to Camerons {?} Perch A Party on The Banquet. Stopt at Hamilton Wharf did not get the Right Paper it was the 12th go nay I got Buya & Wife here fishing 23th They went to Salmon River Buga {?} in my canoe Left it at Henerys Bought of A J Baker 2 lbs Butter 2/c Credit John Hamilton on the Experiment took home senior us Canoe no Potatoes 26th Fishing Perch Measuring oats for Salmon River 2 bushels 27 I went to Mill 1 Bushel of Wheat Brought of D Baker- 2 Bushels of Potatoes for 2 of Oats, Ao 1/3 for perch Bought Barley 1 pound 3 1/2 Saleratus 3 to 3 coppers From Mrs Laplante for saleratus 2lb sugar 1/2 crackers 3 Brought of Luke Baven 1 Auger 3/5

lake france 1835

James Cameron 27th of may found the milking man of the {team?} {illegible} & got hooks 43' {diggerent?} kinds make and large paid {buchaman?} what owed 18 cents {mort?} at lukes with the Horn took {lupper?} tom v {tuoht?} all night angus on the front the bougnet a ground the experinment look her {off?} 28 came from lukes {faded word} windy 25 sunday mothy brother here morty v wife croped 30th morty to salmon ruien went to Bakers got no {paher?} yet great playing cards in the ashery brousht over walters bottle to not {illegible} 31st went to salmon river 30 oats got 3 Bushels of potatoes good measure 1st day of june got 1 rickerel on the lume planting potatoes chanue here burning brush {illegible} Bolele here {illegible} went to {illegible} {chustel?} Bought 1 broom v Basket hard broom to give him a {illegible}for the Basket game 34 bucks to {chuler?} for brooms 2nd frank croped with {Amelua?} got 1st {tungeon?} for the {illegible}the reaher indian here for basket v broom {stuf?} 8 {bucks?} on the harvey basket to on 1/3 {illegible} {illegible} {illegible} raining wet the ashes tom v to the bush Baking 3 got {really faded} in the bush the boys went dig {illegible} cella charlie here 4 rent to bakery tom foil bought of a {humen?} 3 {illegible} butter {illegible} 2/9 {illegible}.

june the 3rd 1835

Mr James Cameron {illegible}

Sunday went to Charliestop {tall?} day 6th at charlies came home got his from to {lele?} for him 76 {illegible} 7th at the when the cattle spolied then {bailing?}, the line 8th {illegible} at the oshes Williams wife for straw 9th {moar?} birthday 10th George, William v Pete here with the wind Frank & Morty came playing ball wrote a letter to William {illegible} at night forgot about the basket {illegible} the knife the letter 11th mitty Frank & Philomen went to Churd to {willamdtown?} taking home wood for firs to the male tree very cold taking {ticks?} of the {noft?} from came Bailed {illegible} lime this {huk?} Nancy Ronald Buried {Durian?} {illegible} {illegible} {lele} this week school commience on the front v at Ashleys the week {illegible} on the from 12th preaching on the the front {pot?} 2/{read?} sugar 13th 3{illegible}/nut their Moare here raining {franeld cronoe?} v Meotty v big Frank Join and {fat?} Ashley in the Bush bought of Mrs Laplante 1/6 butter 0/10 baking save a {illegible} to these paid the Butto- 14th {fishing?} caught a pickel went to Lucke line Hooking taking {thus?} Butt home brought the {hingion?} to Luke for the anger {Bivent?} to salmon river brought the from kags rashes of my {illegible} ushes 8 {illegible}6/8 from 60eu 1/6 chance 76 lbs 2/- Mrs Laplante 3 2 cent raggings from 3/- corn 2/6 bought for chance 1 fin kettle 1/10 mug /4 1 tea hot ker {illegible} 2/ Bought.

june the 13th 1835

Mr James Cameron sir his island luke st {franciy?} bought of David baker 1/2 Lia /10 {illegible} 1/- all/rice/1 1/2 salt 1/3 {sofreed?} crackers /4 came home the custom provise of {feer?} {illegible} poorly im {luenroot?} Mrs Henery june avery homy 16th Henery wife got {illegible} went the ashes 11th at the what 18th Francis went to William town lent out a basket to granny finished to the maple tree usher the Indians got the {loxing?} the big Lance to go to their raft save torn 1/3 got a aloy Butter from Mrs Laplante on aceompry the 11/1 1/2 to be luking and get wheel is Duem from reciving 2 chairs for one iced 2pm them while washing and reciving this week 19th came with the lance gave some biscuits pork raft went off ronald ms lanelis {illegible} Dehailed this life at {illegible} storm 20th tom focusing the big chair gathering the reshes 21st charlie here him and fishing loft a {illegible} forn went gave charlie his kettle & mug to the fron went to red mans raft {illegible} all night with the boy 22nd came 1/2 home got 2/3 boards home the {maft?} {illegible} & mat crashed {gun?} Duns Birth day broke my hook at the kit kit hand fishing at night caught a pickel or an louce to {rals?} it wale eyed pike 23 corphey charlie looking for the Heiphen most pant of the fore moon fishing hat 40 hooks on the line again and {illegible} the one cooking the last of my frozen {bear?} 6 leaves got a {lungen?}.

The 24th 1835

Mr James Cameron lake it {illegible} June went down to Charlies. Charlie came {illegible} 23rd went to salmon river with wheat & ashes gave chormand boy a little bought of D baker {illegible} Butter /10 1 bun of {joah?} 1/3 starch 3 her paher 8 cash 1 luant whiskey 1 1/2 crackers 4 went down with Charlie Amelia Donell here 26th all day at Charlies came home Walter here 27th got an {illegible} & {illegible} got bot {illegible} form Henery & Ashley 28th focusing the Big canoe flushing {illegible} took Home a load of wood in the canoe fishing perch got 2 {illegible} went with to charlie tom came from Lancaster 29th crossed north forn gave the watch maker D Ashley his {Hanunez?} stoke on {illegible} island mat george there went to francies island ottawa went down for his rivet trees down wonder thunder shower windy gave tom hu bag brought {illegible} 17 hiring & 1 bottle mk drew with the canoe {illegible} going down king tone chace towing a raft charleuse coming u/2 salary coming u/2 30th fishing perch for bait niotty came home 1st july dan came & {illegible} here fishing {illegible} the big Shin 2nd {illegible} went to william town brought 2 stugeon & 2 {eely?} bought jacoye 1 {illegible} 3 save charlie a stugeon bought whiskey Laucarter 6 high south west wind cleaned the stugeon angus took how from Lancaster.

July the 3rd 1835

Mr James Cameron Lake it Francie Charles {illegible} and from William town sailed down the river and sailed home took brakefast on wednesday and above Laucater to 2/6 for cotton balls 4th july went ot bakery bought on credit sugar of whiskey for Lemo hot paid 7 1/2 bunch match 1 & 1 leach pencil 1 1/2 bought a summers {key?} 1/3 credit 1/2 lb {illegible} 3 had the postage of newly of the week for the year 1/4 the saila fighting fill 3th giving our oh {illegible} birth day bot 11 {illegible} killed him 6th ploa June {illegible} on. Brand the saladay got an {ill?} a knee the ottawa chirl & new sea new era a head the log away all day tishing making Ashy 7th a race the wellard papshort boys hoeing & drawing potatoes 8th went to charlie {illegible} & got a stugeon rashevier began tonight very warm day {illegible} Laneuler 9th george for the poker to summer bought of as Baker {ill?} knee 4th hi he & crackers 1 paid bargained about the boat 4 1/2 the tailor left the front a knee the welland & banshee frank went to {illegible} to William came home late town Bakers 10th sunday {illegible} Warm weather the safe hut in the canoe 11th went to bakery with at hes 4 bushels 2/6 to my account 12 night as baker 1 boule pown killen 7 1/2 1lb sugar 6 1/2 cash 1/3 left Hamilton the Beg canoe for sauce 12th of {gug?} went to salmon bought D {illegible} 4 vally 1/6 at mary {illegible} Hint.

July 12th 1859

James Cameron {illegible} got my boots from streeter bought {illegible} sugar 3 1/2 1/4 candles 6 bakes 1/6 to gaced 4 1/2 hold to luke bowen 1/3 had a treat at lukes charlie here hold the grindstone 4/6 to francie hold the joy the math to mothy 2/6 save charlie a Heat for starled for william town got over with bosells 13th fixing 2 hosts at Duncans grave at the tailors {in a drawn bubble, it has written $10 1/2 take each} seen a summers out at the prayer meeting seen landy cooper letting 14th came home Bought of a summers 3 1/3 {illegible} 2/11 {illegible} 2 shoot % buttons bought a baker {ill?} sugar 6 1/2 {illegible} 1/2 got lemon canoe yandy Hamilton {hates?} me aero Lemon went to chicken hisehold to william town friday 13th mowing 16th went to william town august on the front took over when v {jured?} Hugh the round took {illegible} out Charlie went with one out had the red canoe 17th to laplante here {illegible} king {illegible} baying Bale 18th went to Bakery with ashey 2 bushels 1/3 Bought a baker 1/2 gallon {illegible} 1/10 1/2 account whiskey 7 1/2 marine -/1 got the loan of a bottle when comes to 2/6 got credit for ashey 1/3 bought a summer 1lb sugar 6 1/2 lining for {trouan?} Brought the wool to a {hummery?} {hand/hard?} thyeat new potatoes 15th mowing in the calve last time hut in first hay ouston the south west half of the bank old hay N whale Boys & me gathering when grey for the bank indians down.

Mr James Cameron {lar?} July the 20th 1839 cutting the barely Luke {Bouen?} & {sommer field?} here had a round gave luke a paddle luke gave me 22 cents new coin & to laces gave luke the chunk of oak Having Brought the low here francie 4 dollars {maung?} the lower field Back of the garden 21st gathering some hay in the afternoon Began to cut the {wilher?} field 22 mowing the upper field some rain for the fruit this long time join came to fine his came 23 amelia croped {honest?} to basket with ashes 3 bushels 1/10 Bought boker 1 luart of {japrule?} 11 1/2 1/6 crackers 7 1/2 lieguorie & penny paid 24th tim hoop Kind here a begginning and the bush rule of ale kinds 23th harled for {illegible} and tim allen & James hough shooting crows came to charlie save him new coin 1 cent moht at lancaster 4 liveety shooting coming uh the river took dougale gillis a peice up pipe 1/2 26th came down stoft at hough kays working at hay stoft at ms donele shanty above lancaster bride came to charlies stoft all night 27th came home tom {tuemg?} chairs henery here got the earning to fire left my gun rowder caps shots there {illegible} charlies rags 7 1/2 28th went to salmon river with 1 1/2 of wheat 6 1/2 rags gave D mon rae 3/- towards what sowed him to the water maker /10 1/2 bought of J.Cameron 2 lb sugar /10 Bought Baker 1lb sugar 3 1 1/2 crackers 1/4lb candles 3 treat from luke the row of seeing montrey the {shipment?} mrs.lahlante made my overalls {mashly?} Barley 7 Bushells.

Lake torine

Mr James Cameron Island Lake at francis july the 29th 1835 fincing torn canoe crophed for the payer peace to smider at home got an {illegible} from henery 30th fom wont off lemos canoe {slote?} fanning Barley francis to carlels a pie nie luke & a party 13- from dundre over on the pitt point took forms line left 2/6 cash with me for tom bought of {Incofas?} wife 2 eels gone one to at the little island north side fishing at night sunday the 31st went to charlies stoft all day august the 1st Lammres day henerys wife here boys croped on 2nd {josuah?} crophed lemo here for the big canoe to go to christeey railing and went to Baker bought of a {Ba?} sugar 6 1/2 Bought of a {lemmon?} {illegible} sugar 6 {illegible} came to 1/9 Bosell Bee the {hutley?} went off got 2 oak stoves {huntery?} at Bosells august 3rd chritee here for the {illegible} the pleasure {illegible} of the salalery hours salmon river went to williams town 2 bushels of Barley to them 1 kept for {illegible} the men came for the oak {luck?} save me 1" 3" on 34 raining heavy sunday the 7th 8th at the hay at Duncavy {illegible} 9th at the hay 10th allen got hurted by james bush horse 10 allen we had {note placed coving bottom left of the paper saying croped of grain Bailey 7th Bushel {illegible} august {illegible}wheat 4 bushels to them 38 fraces of corn 19 fraces got 2 barrels of loose short corn 36 bushels rease 1 pumpkin}.

{hard to tell what the first few letters of the bottom papers sentences were with the paper on top covering it}

Mr James cameron {illegible} july the 20th 1839 cutting the barley luke {bouen?} sommer feild here had a round gave luke a paddle luke gave me 22 cents new coin & tolaceo goue luke the chunk of oak having brought the low here francie 4 dollars making the lower feild back of the garden 21st gathering some hay in the afternoon began to cut the willer feild 22 mowing the upper feild some rain for the {illegible} this long time join came to fine his canoe 23rd amelia cropsed honent for baket with ashes 3 bushels 1/10 bought boker 1 luart of {illegible} 11 1/2 {ill?} crackers 7 1/2 the bush rule of ale kinds 23th harled for the {illegible}allen & james hough shooting crows came to charlie save him new coin 1 cent {mopt?} out lancaster 4 sweetys shooting coming uh the river took doug ale {gillis?} a {puce?} uh pipe 1/2 26th came down {mopt?} at hough kay working at hay {mopt?} at {n im?} donele shanty above lacaster bridge came to charlies stoft all night 27th came home tom {tuemg?} chairs henery here got the ear wigs to fire left my gun rowder caps shot there bot charlies rags.

{on the bottom right there is blank paper on top blocking the 2nd half of the rest of sentences.}

Lake {torine?}

Mr james cameron island lake at francis july the 29 1839 {ficing?} {jenis?} came croped for the payer peace to mider at home got an eel from henery 30th form wont off {lemos?} canoe slole fanning barley francis to carlels a pie nie luke & a party of 13 from dundre over on the pitt point look toms line left 2/6 cash with me for tom bought of {Jacohs?} wife 2 eels gave one to at the little and north side. fishing at night sundays the 31st went to charlies stoft all day august the 1st lammers day henerys wife here boys croped one 2nd {josuah?} croped lemo here for the big canoe to go to christey railing and went to bakers bought of a ba sugar 6 1/2 bought of lummers {ill?} sugar 6 {illegible} came to 1/9 bosells bee the hurtly went off got 2 oak stoves huntery at bosells august 3rd christee here for the joy the pleasure of the salaery & hours salmon river weny to williams town 2 bushels barley to them kept for {mystery?} the men came for the oak {luck?} gave me 1" 3" on 34 raining heavy sunday the 7 8 at the hay at {illegible} 9th at the hay 10th allen got hurted by james bush horse 10 allen {very?} bad 11th 12 13 14 13 16 17 18 19 20 in william where making out accounts 2 lutherlan came with me hut him acrol patheu & charlie went down with them got 1/2 dollars from {lwoy?} blonds hots ale night. 22nd came home from charlies went to bakery bought of a baker 3 sugar 1/6 &2 lle at a lummers for Mrs Laheamte.

22nd August, 1859

Settled up to this date with A. Sumers gave him an order on L. Blands & 3/10 in cash & putting in sonic Pease the Experiment Bastec[unclear] some of her works 24th went to Flovengh Bought of D. Cameron 2 1/2 yards of cloth

Francis August 27th 1839

Mr James Cameron {fire Johns?} island lake & went to bakers settled with {illegible} baker to this date got a recipt bought of al baker 3/4 {yog?} collon 4 1/2 paid got an order from lewis blonde au ona lummery bought order 2 {u?} butter 1/6 1 haur bacices 1/3 {Lli?} sugar 1/2 lurant whiskey 7 1/2 1 lb shot 7 1/2 of powder 10 two {shellungs to get yet on the order a storm of hale money shor a hak mitty francis & and pid to bleleles high {winei?} 1 bore meatchey {oat?} and sunday the 28th walter baker & amelia {lanchute?} home 29th helping francis with the rease & wheat all the {havie?} done now morty & the dog came 20th went to bakers bought of a baker {ili?} sugar /6 1/2 worth crackers bought of a land pile changed the {illegible} returned the plate bought for {framly?} 1/3 salt 2 1/2 lb sugar the tauler on the {bosune?} donald {illegible} started for william town left the canoe at {illegible} late getting in to williams town 31 at williams town till the 13th came home donald {lushles?} {mapple?} 1st of september in william town francie lahlante then went nuchery gim home with him bought of {redlour?} 1 needle 1/n bottle of essence of peppermint bougt a bible for {hughann?} the highland game in montreal alot the 6" or 7th of the month.

settle this all island

18 {went?} {illegible} 1/3 from {us?} Baker 21st {aprit?} from {wine?} 3/- 30th here {kee?} 3/- from {illegible} for the {illegible} 23rd may bought of a baker 2lb butts 2/- 4th of {dune?} bought of a {illegible} 3 lb {butter?} at {illegible} 2/9 4th july bought of a {luminers?} 1 {jack?} knife 1/3 bought of a baker luart {illegible} 7 1/2 11th of {illegible} and baker {ill?} sugar 6 1/2 rain killen 7 1/2 cash 1/3 to ashes 2/6 credit to me 18th 2 ashes 1/3 to {an pace?} 1/2 gal {syrup?} 1 luart whiskey 7 1/2 bottle lent to be {relivned?} 23 {relume?} the bottle 3 bushels ashes 1/10 1/2 luart {syrup?} 11 1/2 crackers 7 1/2 {selled?} the above with baker & lummers James Cameron 13th sept 1839 13th taking in corn came a crop from {nicholsone?} {rock?} {illegible} there stormy weather {illegible} got my 2 {illegible} at the off ice 14th the 2 amelia here with the wind 13 croped over taking in pumkin 4 {rart?} load paid {trout?} a few grains of {low?} on the 14th {now?} 16th went to salmon river save streeter 7/6 cash towards my {delet/older?} bought {illegible} Cameron {llu?} sugar 2 1/2 a {haniged?} 3 dollary at dan 6 {oumerony?} left my {patol?} with {wale?} the toritor to give to the {walcracker?} bought of brother 1/2lb tea 1/1 1/2 1/2lb crackers -/3 1lb sugar 4 1/2 {illegible} bought david baker {ill?}of butter 1/- stoft at lukes the {macesin?} corn ale went to {williay?} town at night brought 3 new eggs {illegible} fork 3 bottles of vinegar got there in the morning 19 18 19 20 the games im {illegible} town in williams town till 29 started for home bought the baker loaves 1/8 stoft at charlies all night 30 came a book to new {illegible} sent a letter to duek at {nicholen?}.

{top is hard to see/read because the words written are really faded}

James Cameron 30th sept 1839 big {flame?}

gave Henery {north?} 1 {dolen?} of reunite oct 1st motty left here to go to {liams?} rivened back 2nd thunder lighting croped with the {lanelias?} to bosell {cut?} the bear {pig?} for the 1st over cut the boys thrashing treat return my {trales?} nailing lana /2 in one {illegible} 3 in the other 4 got 2 rats walter & {smeler?} here had a bottle went salmon river as far as lukes {illegible} all had a hound 7 1/2 3rd treated old cavier keiths cavern bought Dan Cameron {ill?} cent bought {cong don?} {ill?} shot 10 cents sweety 3rd bought cameron 1 buck of cotton yarn 1/6 to be paid bought bakers candles /6 {speaking?} to elli lean about the wood a treat at lukes /9 had diner at lukes my watches {illegible} at the water save him 3/ cash took home my {butt?} weny to salmon river brought luke 3 pumkins bought of {grinds?} streeter 1 pair of fine boots 18/5 bought {mimkler?} - 1 loaf of bread bought the paher from walter bushel 1/2 june -/6 {illegible} to a {cellan glavs?} {seen?} in lean matter the barge glen shee {land?} he would come for wood had a treat at {plumader?} got a {told?} from the {echeume?} behind me lean beat as far heapkins {clukeys?} boy drowned on sunday the 2nd games cameron {illegible} in coming to the Boys thrashing rease the charveys ground yet {illegible} {drumking?} hand owel in 10.

Mr James Cameron sir johns island {illegible} october the 7th 1859 got 1 rat shot a crow and a hook the boys finished thrashing the rease stacking the thaw on the {illegible} shot a 2 men here a raft from the racket one of them a {robidoure?} grinding their axe the chain {illegible} tug went down seen a plover at the foot of the island 8" east wind began to fan the rease 34 1/2 bushels fanning 1 bushel of oats hut in the stack of oats in the barn motty went off paid me my pack of {piase?} the kattmen not the {illegible} my canoe to go to boselle the captain of the barge {lueere?} {belonging?} to evan he {illegible} for to see the hood 9th sunday francie crosed to bosells to lahlunte & wife amelia here jim me {holson?} and henery boy here got a loaf of bread from for my {love?} got the remander of the butter the sugar east wind ice froge in the canoes {tust?} ice {meaching?} on the front line but cool woke the {glall?} my watchgot a rat {taking?} of going to {brockelle?} 10th monday the barge began to load drawing 3 1/2 cords out of the bush save {from w?} 3/9 for drawing left the {culls?} {whale stucks?} paid me 23 1/2 for the wood josuah got hurted {huyh?} ann on the front after {muts?} old {illegible} my donald here with bodelle went to charlie charlie came uh {fucing?} the pack 11 cattle {fan?} in william town charlie and I went a heavy load for the canoe locked very bad.

Mr James Cameron lake {france?} oct 11 1859 took 7 bushells of {peace?} 12 fraces of corn 19 pumkings the bunch of cotton yarn the {slep?} of hops muts apples 2 sleps for killer left the beech block at charlies brought 23 dollars cash gave charlie a /7 1/2 bought at lancaster 1 put /4 let 3 traps {wh?} the river found a stone & feather mrs m dougale on chip wife dud got my {broge?} 4 {butiony?} no book called at the lancaster rost off got 2 {mine?} Lking 7/6 12 came home took my {gun?} from charlie got a bag from charlie took 3 from williams town bosells took their male away 4 {months?} nut 1 day francie took his horse here went to lemmers for my papers bought {undigo?} & candles brought wattery bottle home serving lummons on on the {lashoot?} folks bill mil {liod?} {illegible} charlie the the & maith took a load of culls with lime 13th runting out manue cutting pumking 14th shelling corn 1 1/2 bushels marked the bags a {mapple?} 13th at santa mees of a clock high wind shot a crow morning amelia bosell lere 13th {santanee?} bee on jacoph {plane?} crossed to bakers bought of {oil?} baker 1 luart of whisky & bottle 7 1/2 1/2 {eli?} rowder /9 bought of a lummers 2lb sugar {ill?} shat -/6 sent a letter to D. W.evans new york city broadway paid 3 cents a roffle in williams town on the night of the 14th of a gun seen me {phunk?} at the stone jacop baker down the {challenge?} going down with a raft wild geese.

Mr James Cameron b.f st home mr {jhoundas?} davis here gave here 2/6 for to get at a lummers went to charlies stoft at charlies all night jacop got 2 eel in the mud 17th came up from charlies began the potatoes had 2 bags from charlies 2 from francis 3 of my own measured 13 1/2 in the bags 3 4/2 on the floor of the house whieh makes 20 bushels to take out 4 bushels they hut in the cook house {fucing?} my canoe began to rough before the door 18th 2 bags form nicholsons 1 from {leino?} stoft on francis island all day & all night 19th came home got a plate of butter from mrs laplante for being at the potatoes francis came had his over coat 7 1/2 cut a tree of {hieory?} that was cut down at the head of the island went dwn for charlie {wmd?} could not come with the wind 20th at charlies taking in corn at charlies began to snow took up ale the potatoes at home at charlies tile sunday the 23rd charlie and come up brought the carrots thrashing 4 wheat oats george bosele here 24th hugh birth bay charlie and S to william town with 20 bushels of potatoes bought at lancaster crackers & whiskey 7 1/2 23rd {lacy?} birth day came from william town shot a 3 miles found a bottle stoft at the bakers bought 3 loans 2/1 1 candle 4 1 1/2 about 90 bushels of potatoes am to hay for motty 1/3 to bosele came up from charlies began the 23 bushels of potatoes put 16 busheles in this heap book of the cook house took home thedonald {tinman?} in donald departed on 21st.

James Cameron oct 23rd 1859 James Cameron my birth day in williams 26th out 3 1/2 bushels in the heals at the hog pin so that only makes 21 1/2 bushels in the {hiah?} and 20 that went to williams town to then must lie a--- something some place that would only we 8303 of patotes covered pretty weee measuring the wheat 4 bushels got 1 bushels of it thats 7 bushels for them of wheat 3 1/2 bushels of oats thrashed this time marked this on the 23 of oct francis got hustove on the 23rd here 13 banking the house feeding the pumking to the bills francis brought a sheep yesterday forgot my candles at charlies 27th went to salmon river with my francis {wrist?} high wind wheat oats rashes my boots not finished bought of {bnehands?} & brother 1 lb candles / 7 1/2 perli 2 lb sugar at /5 -/10 2 piped 1/3 paid all this 1 cake of cheese 12 3/4 lb 3 1/- not paid bought of normel men donald 1/2 lb crackers 3 1/2 came to hop kind seen mags me on there came home wind very high coming home francis could not crops to the contraet 28th to laplant & william & pete after {francis?} to crops drawing wood amelia here 29th croped over stoft at {lemoy?} with the bags & at micholions bought of a lummers 2 1/2 butter at -/11 her {u?} 2/3 brought home the rick once took {lemouy?} gun let 2 in and francis went to williams town came home told me about the book rease way got my newpaper playing {cheequnt?} at the stove.

{on the left is a side piece of paper that has word written on it.}

James Cameron Lake Francis oct the 30th

sunday shot an one got 2 rats or bail here {fincing?} one ground on the potatoes francis amelia croped stoft at {mehorland?} all night cracking nuts {holy?} eve {illegible} child dies buried to day holiery on the {boy lemons?} to corn & all with horns 1st of november all {paints?} day {illegible} from {illegible} stoft at bosells for francis 2 {sandians?} reshing eels at the little hand philomen & franics & josuah crissed burning some of the mash 2nd francis came amelia got a large rat the ice thining to take in salmon river to night jim meholson & henery on fergusons island captain frasers raft at lancaster francis went home with bosells making a door for the pig pen 1/2 bushels of pease to soak for the 1st rease gave him platering the house no boats in to the salmon to boats running in the salmon 4th taking home the fence to cave the sheds {diuing?} the floor big frank here going to {beaulornous?} got a rat east wind some snow went to bakery bought of watter 1 butter plate /3 1/2 {u?} shot -/6 bought of julia summery 2 lb butter 2/- 1/2 lb candles returnedandrew bakery bottle got on 13 of october & mattery but 3rd killed the sheep frank croped george bosele and frank came shearned a lueker thunder & lightning houl & rain 6th captain fraser here and his wife john rudholson here wedding crossed snasing a squirrel coming out of salmon river.

Nov 7th 1859

James Cameron Island

ellens birthday francis laplante married and motty croped took 2 canoes for the wedding stoft and while the might motty brothers here and {lester?} 8th croped to m" Doneles with walter baker took home his horse gave me 2nd cash went to see lemo went out to nichlson bush came house went to charlies. Charlies came up boats running gave charlie 1/2 bushel corn to be returned 9th went to salmon river took the gun traded the long gun with dashney got boot {fucuing?} my french water 7/6 for gave me a powder from kam kod treated to a liantcider a treat at lukes gotering nails put a slash in my watch 7 1/2 bought of baker sugar 2 lb 16 cents 1 lb buckshot 7 1/2 spent 2/3 1/2 got yellow were from lukes came home luis {mal?} mathieson came home charlie stoft all night 10th charlie here {horwy?} wind 11th taking home wood charlie went home gave him a squirrel for the first time cleaning out the canoes splitting a {lick?} for an once halve gave another 1/2 bushel of pease to the hog thats 1 1/2 bushels gave him the magnet went down yesterday 12th stormy snowing raining put a handle in one of our old {ouces fucing?} the colys place some wild geese {heping?} went to the head of the island draw up the canoes 13th sunday raining heavy 14th went to williams town bought of in & a baker 1 bottle rouson 1/3 {ill?} shot /6 1/2 not got my paper a {reminder?} in montreal nicholson left there canoe {wok?} home {lemous?} jame n dougale.

November 13th {monday?}

Mr James Cameron Lake {francis?}

duncan tangular sale council day in william town 16th came home tom came to butchers killed the brown bule 8 ball in him late at work got thomas {manovu?} boat some of {u?} lemmers goods came in the gallary got charlies shirt heard {land?} {shartune?} being married 17th killed the white bule sain edward & angus went off sent 2 trash we pain 1 hand {kinchney?} 1 book gramer french 7 hair of love to left 1 luarter of the brown bule with no {salted?} it mottys wife & emilea here francis croped to {benot?} bush fine day took home joy dog 1/2 busher pease to the hog 18th charlie here gave him his shirt gave him the {hiad?} francis killed his 2 hogs lewis bosele came frank and to a lummers candles 1/- {soap?} 1/6 {syrup?} -/9 knife 1/3 salt 1/1 1/2 {stard?} -/6 a bet on the coat {bittle?} of rorter 7 1/2 hand this another treat 7 1/2 paid this gave lewis christee -/3 borrowed from a baker paid this to walter speaking to francis for an once francis & girl going to get married 19th wet weather {kaiming?} hord old country vessels going up to the lakes seen {wetras?} christee at the head of the island sunday the 20th some snow windy {tala very?} going up a race the {charlevoue?} & a {proheven?} chails bet 21st this day of the month donald {men?} master depairte this life francis croped east wind {salavery?} came out of salmon river taking home wood down up this {barge?} cedan bun 22nd {jane?} m" dougale {mowied?} 23rd bosele and francis come making {plater?} for the cows in the herd maker sick.


Mr James Cameron lake {francis?} nov 24th

francis & reggy croped josuah & went to charlies took dinner jacop & family & crew came there to up a bag of charlies ashes got a 1/2 bushels of corn for what gave him going to slamon river francis & george bosele {tools?} over amelia cow boats running yet chickens dying off with the cold got a rat ducks in the {channel?} new moon and in to day friday the 23rd st.catherines day killed the pig francis came home from {benos?} bush henery girl came home from below she last {yauh?} down for the holiday 26th high wind she huron ground at the {low?} light house cutting brush on the {ritt?} francis thrashing wheat 1 bushel trying to break taking home wood harles out at night 27th {hercules?} took the huron off a race the {herca?} the {hwon?} and the st lawerence emelia baker & william rose here a a bottle of good stuff 2 cutting on the {ritt?} point frank to mile got my borts from {theeter?} 29th {jerose?} met the men at the head of the {illegible} ellm came 4 men bought of ummery 1 coat 7 1/2 once 6/3 1 luart of my {rut?} -/10 1 {bore of pills?} 1/3 once 0/0 my canoe went of 30th bought a {bag?} 3/4 cotton -/3 1 fine come -/6 {standrew?} {avkapple?} at davids stoft at {fed?} all night came home ellen went the lance lewis bosele {hair?} thomas moses blondease here put {passenger?} to frasher {gemow?} a bee {chopp?} sent a letter yeaterday to francis ducked chatuaguay {illegible} 1/2 sweetroy got 2 paper a treat baker -/5.

Dec the 1st 1859

Mr James Cameron lake at francis

Sandy luiden & lewis bosele here from the donee and amelia laplante drawing drougt 2nd opened a ritt of potatoes that shut 6 1/2 bushels ale pattern but about 3 1/2 bushels of good put some ground around the front of the house 3rd angus came and sheilds took {flown?} - 1 bag motty & crew came from the front 1 {potatoes?} 1/6 from a lummers for the men and angus sent {lli?} by mrs laplante 3/- sunday the 4th snowing & stormy the sheep came home the night at storm began to feed the cattle 3 motty went of measuring the men {chophed?} the first 1 man {hopped?} 7 1/2 cords 3 others 17 cords 6th croped over ellen anf took charlies ashes 1 1/2 bushel took a duek got of a baker 3/9 cash bought a {yicket?} and he was to put in the dollar 3/- that 8/9 got from him gave ellen 2/6 cash a treat at davids 7 1/2 bought of a lummers 23 {u?} pork gallon {syrup?} 1/10 1/2 ell butter {ele?} saleratus {ill?} tea 1/10 1/2 broom -/3 {envdoper?}/2 1/2/paid candy {illegible} {u?} -/3 paid 4th the {men?} chopping 8th francis & ellotty came holy day motty thrashing at night {histians?} francis tried his {roft?} took home wood the men broke the wedge 10th measuring their - wood cordy took them acros in the canoe high wind gave them a black 7 bushels got 6 motty 1 morgan {bon?} 78 white horse new jersey.

10th 1859

Mr James Cameron Island

bought of a lummers 1 coat {lin?} once 6/3 handle -/6 for {hira?} 1 h put brandy 1/3 one {hay?} worth of hoar hound candy brought hiran seen key at the store alex ice and wife dies on the on the 6th of dec ellen took my letter book hiram lewis came with me bought the once for hira in me to payfor it and him to pay me in cutting wood at 1/3 her cord 11th sunday fine day east wind 12th stormy day and cold hira in began to {chop?} up on the south west of the bay 18th taking home wood 14th francis croped very cold weather these days 13th choping with hiram sort each 16th chopping mrs laplante and hiram croped a fine day hiram stoft at {hamil stones?} all night my paper it came home cording the wood what we cut between us 3 1/2 all {the/that?} 1 3/4 for each of us he has 3 3/4 cut week francis got {ill?} of tea on my account at a lummers 2/{?} a stormy night ice took remark {ice?} well with the e wind sunday the 18th storm and cold ice took acrop to the kit kit and little island 19th turned soft ice opened again looking for a sleigh-crook for cutting firewood on the bank to him wood owls plenty 20th francis chopping maple tree 1 1/4 me chopping and cleaning 1/2 cord seen a mink up at where we chopping hiram shot a squirrel.

Dec the 21st 1859

Mr James Cameron sir Johns island lake st Francis

to day the {moutual?} benefit is to be drawn in new jersey to day chopping 22nd hiram & amelia & francis croped hiram brought {ill?} candles from a lummers 1/- let my trap for the mink to 1 rain of {mut?} for hiram at bakers 2/6 23rd chopping 3/4 wood stormy day of 24th {freezing?} very hard see take very well not all shut at dary hitam the house all day taking home wood in the {forenow?} chooped /4 cord in the {culer?} moon sunday the 23rd christmas day croped the ice went put of the way hiram and {tranel?} croped 26th hiram went to williams town 27th wnt to charlies {tupper?} bsuhed the road henery fishing eels 28th croped over took my trousers to henery's wife to make bought of a lummers cap 13/9 to 3/4 cheese /3 1/2 per {u?} seen angus on the front {Brug?} bakers -1 dogen of buttony -/2 came home lent henery my traps 3 of them gave francis laplante an order on a lummers for 10/- went to williams town on the william town on friday the 30th {cstairled?} for home stoft at charlies olders in the 2nd {concetiwn?} took breakfast ad treated me well came to the front bought of a lummers {ill?} sugar got my trousers from henery wool 1 dogen of pumkings in that croped the horses.

New Years day {jan?} 1860

Mr James Cameron Sunday lake at francis

January 1st 1860 sunday new years george {sapper?} burning ham {heneage?} to laplante big frank motty & wife {piggy?} & lewis bosele william & henery william {sue?} {philly?} lalonele charles {illegible} wife {illegible} all to {dimer?} monday 2nd council day in williams town the new years ball to be to night frank thrashing wheat 3 allen birthday crosed to lummers bought of a lum 1/2 lb tea -/10 rory {m9?} dougele lost his horse in the crack saved the {sleigh?} a great may at the ball francis to williams town to mile sent a bushel good measure in the {flowr?} council to darp in williams town darp 4th hiram came henery fishing eels with henery & george 3rd hiram chopping drawing wood to the 6th drawing wood holy day hiram chopping turning soft 7th gave an order to hiram on lummers for 3/3 1/2 in goods hiram went off crosed over bought of a lummers 1 rint of H wines 7 1/2 2 lb 14 og of butter at in peril bought a lottery ticket no 1" 25" 51" M B {lole?} Drawn on the 31st of janaury 1860 a ball to be at david lummers to {tolerate?} the boys bound for {raliforma?} on the 12th of janaury 1860 broght of hiram 1 book 2 bottles of ink 1 flute 1 donele bauel pistol 8th sunday at home 9th chopping a thaw 10th chooping the wisha crosed with horse for francis motty & wife came 11th thrashing oats a cold raining.

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