James Cameron Diary & Transcription, 1860


James Cameron Diary & Transcription, 1860


James Cameron


Courtesy of Queen's University Archives




19th Century, Glengarry County, McMaster's Island Township, Ontario

Date Created

December 21, 1859

Is Part Of

James Cameron Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript & Typed Transcription


Dec the 21st 18?? Mr James Cameron Sir Johns Island Lake St Francis To Day the Mutual Benefit is to Be Drawn in New Jersey to Day chopping 22nd Hiram & Amelia & Francis crossed Hiram Broughs 1 lb candles from A Summers 1/c set my trap for the mink To 1 pair of {illegible}for Hiram at Bakers 2/6 23rd chopping 3/4 of Wood Stormy Day of snow 24th Freezing very hard ice take very well not all shut at Dark Hiram in the house all Day Taking home Wood in the forenor Chopped 1/4 cord in the Afternoon Sunday the 25th Christimas Day crossed the Ice I went Part of the Way Hiram and Frances crossed 26th Hiram Went to Williamstown 27th Went to Charles Tupper Bushed the Road Henery Fishing Eels 28th crossed over Took my Trousers to Henerys Wife to make Boughs of a summer cap 13/9 to 3/4 of Cheese to 31/2 {illegible} lb Seen Angus on the Front Boug Bakers 1 Dozen of Buttons /2 Came home lent Henery my Traps 5 of them gave Francis Laplante an order on a summers for 10/ Went to Williamstown on Thurs In Williamstown on Friday the 30th {illegible} started for home stopt at Charles Alders in the 2nd Concession took Breakfast and treated me well came to the Front Bought of A Summers 2 lb sugar / got my trousers from Henery 1 lb Wool 1 Dozen of Pumkins {illegible}that crossed the Horses

New Years Day Day 1860

Mr James Cameron Sunday Lake St Frances

January 1st 1860 Sunday, New Years George Tupper Birmingham Heneage Street Jo Laplante Big Frank Motty & Wife Peggy & Lewis Bosele William & Henerys & William {Gere?} Phillip Lalonde Charles Tupper & Wife & children all to Dinner

Monday 2nd

Council Day in Williamstown the New Years Ball to Be to night Frank Thrashing Wheat

3rd Allen Birthday

I crosed to Summers Bought of A Sum 1/2 lb Tea -/10 Rory McDougall Lost his horses in the crack saved the sleigh A great many at the Ball Frances to Williamstown to mill I sent a Bushel good measur in the Flour Council to Day in William {Williamstown} 2 Days


Hiram came Henery Fishing Eels with Henery & George


Hiram chopping Drawing wood to the H


Drawing Wood Holy Day Hiram chopping Turning soft


Gave an order to Hiram on A Summers for 3/5 1/2 in Goods Hiram went off I crossed over Bought of a Summers 1 Pint of H Wines 7 1/2 2 lb 14 oz of Butter at -/11 per lb Bought A Lottery Ticket No 1..25..51 Mo B To be Drawn on the 31st of January 1860 A Ball To Be at David Summers to Celebrate the Boys Bound for California on the 12th of January 1860 Bought of Hiram 1 Book 2 Bottles of ink 1 Flute 1 Double Barrel Pistol


Sunday at Home


chopped a Thaw


chopping the Wisha crops with Horse for Francis Matty & Wife came


Thrashing oats a cold Raining

Mr James Cameron Lake St Francis January 12th 1860

Fanning Oats 27 Bushels A Ball at David Summers to night for the Lads going to california


Thrashing Oats


Fanning Oats 32 1/2 Going to Thrash Wheat to Day. Fanned {large space}I started for Williamstown Went to the P.O got my Paper Bid Farewell with David Summers & Sandy Grant Edward Santinee a Bee Moving Davids Barn to Jacobs Island

15th Sunday

Me in Williamstown Seen McF Death in the Paper Died on the 2nd of January D Mc D (F)


Writing Some


came Home Gave her {looks like symbol for British pounds followed by end bracket} on the 16th the Lads started for California Davy Summers Sandy Grant Donald M Gregg Bill McLeod turned Back {Simon Derushi?} a Bee stopt at Henerys all night


came Home took my Trap Burned it in the Fire


Drawing Wood Went to for my Paper Gave A Summers 5/- cash for to send to the Lottery Bought of A Summers 2 silk Handkerchief 2/3 a peice 4/6 of a Dollar Bought of a Baker 1/2 lb candles -/6 lb sugar -/6 Went up the ice to Hamiltons for the first time

20th Drawing Wood

21st Fishing eels with Henery got 22 eels & 1 catfish Agness night

Sunday 22nd

Bill here Mrs Bosele here Evan F brother Lost his horse some say Donald M Donald is married


Farming 1 1/2 of Black sea Francis got not quite the measure taking home Wood {last line on page most words obscured by damage} Laplante

Mr James Cameron Island January 23rd 1860

24th I crossed to Summers Bought of A Summers 1/2 Gallon Syrup 1/9 got the Loan of the Jar to Be Returned Returned the Bottle to Roby no mail came at Nicholsons got nuts chopping a soft maple came home Raining took up my trap

25 Burns Birth Day at home

26" chopping a Little went to store Bought of A Summers 3 lb 6 oz of Butter Almanac which comes to 4/- Bought of A J Baker 1 Bar of soap 1/6 1 lb candles 1/- 2/6 paid for treat 1/3 {and at?} Lancaster Amelia crossed {Wisha?} to Jas


Henerys Boy got the Loan of the axe

28th Shot an Owl Went to Williamstown got a ride from Jim Angun in the Glen a treat at Bakers

29th Sunday

in Williamstown


in Williamstown Andrew Baker & Mac MGreggor there

31st Donald Roach getting Married to Day came home stormy nothing at the Poison the Lottery comes off to Day Found a Horseshoe

1st of February



Went to Williamstown got Bosells harness & cutter got my Papers - Left it in Williamstown stopt at Spinks seen Amelia LaPlante


Came home Bakers a Bee Went to Nicholsons John came my Wheat 1 & 3 pecks stopt there all night


Went to Mill Found Walters cap & Buffaloe on the Ice Went to Groves Mill got my watch from the Watchmaker & he charges me a Dollar not Paid gave me a Glass for my watch carried my Bags home from the middle of the Ice

Mr. James Cameron Island Lake St Francis Feb the 5th

Sunday Frank & Amelia went to church in Williamstown the Sheep Dead 2 strange French Boys here named Laflesh Antoine Bosell here


skinned the sheep Put Poison in it on the Little Island Angus & Johnny McIntyre came Drew 4 Loads for a Beginning Good Deal of Water on the Ice Went to A Summers Bought of 1 Quart of Whiskey 7 1/2 Saleratus -/{6?} 1/2 lb Tea 1/3 1/2 lb candles -/6 not paid (1 pipe 1/2 matches 1/2) paid). Sent out the newspapers A Culdnagon Dead


Duncan Smith came Drawing


Angus came Went to Summers Bought Candles & Potatoes Handsome Weather John McIntyre Broke his Big Whippletree Ice cracking Wishaw Began to go to School at Frashers


Fine Day Drawing Wood Big Frank's child Died Francis came from Jo's Drawing since Monday Waggons going on the Ice Open at the Lower Point


Cold & Stormy Drawing Frank Began to Draw for -/10 per cord Johnny McIntyre Broke his sleigh Started for home in the Evening To 3 Bag of of Oats 1 Brought Down this Morning hard on 40 Cords out now keeping the Maple & Birch apart from the Beech Hens Laying in the House

11th Cutting Roads & Piling on the Bank Frashers Boys here for Sand Francis Drawing 7 I crossed Got a Letter about the Mutual Benefit Bought 1 lb of Poison 1/3 got my Papers Seen John Cameron From California Got 7/6 Cash From Walter Baker Gave Thomas Munroe 5/- I owed him came home Slept all {2 or 3 words obscured due to damage} A Very sore hand Henery

Mr James Cameron Island Feb the 12th

Sunday Jo Laplante here and crew drawing out the Boat Dog went off Bosell sold his mare to Jo

Monday 13th

John McIntyre & Bill Smith came to Draw Went to Summers Bought of A. Summers 1 Quart {H.W 1/5?}

14 St Valentines Day

A Ball at Spinks? a Dinner at Rannald for Chisholm


Went to A Summers to {illegible text} 1/2 Gallon Whisky 1/3 got from Mrs Summers 1 lb Sugar Finished Drawing the Wood They Went Tom Dan's came attorney E Ward


Tom Went of


I went to A Summers Bought 1 Watch Key -/3 got my Paper slept at Nicholsons came to Bosells got my 1 pound in cash came home


James Hughs Birth Day Went to Salmon River Paid Y {Cam...?} 6/13 on Cotton yarn Paid {Dush...?} the Watchmaker at Buchanans 3/9 Paid Walter Buchanan 5/- Bought 1 pair of Mits 1/6 at Buchanan on credit got on the {Bosure?} came to Lukes Stormy Slept all night

19th Sunday

took Breakfast at Lukes 1 treat not Paid Lost my Napkin started and came home


chopping fire wood stormy {word obscured by mold} Frank got his new Horse on the 18th Left my watch to get a Hand on with Dashny Bill Nicholson here for the Broadaxe Frank crosed henerys wifes Brother up water Raising on the Ice


I went to Nicholsons to score timber John came home with me Muskrats plenty coming out of their holes Frank away with the Horse

22 Ash Wednesday

at Home


Jo Laplante here for Motty's hay & oats old Bodell here {Quilting Bee written between the lines} here gave him a h{rest of word obscured by damage} got 2 Bushels of Oats From Motty to pay Bosells 1/{second number illegible} for Motty me Bosells Worthing the {last word on page obscured by mold}

Mr James Cameron Island Feb 23rd

I went for my Paper got a Ride to Williamston from Hugh McGruer a treat at A Summers (not paid) Bought Liquorice 3 cents worth Paid this) Great Lot of Water on the Ice Frank chopping for Arch McDonell Took a letter out to George Ferguson for A Summers

24th in Williamston

25th in Williamston the Dancing School {illegible word}

26th Sunday Sandy gave me a Ride home to the Island got a Bunch of Matches. {2 or 3 illegible words written between the 25th and 26th}

27th The {Daugerian?} Beginning to Day Mr M Martin Frank crossed with the Horse I went to the Little Island south side, Drawing Wood thawing

28th I went to Nicholsons Norman there going to Lancaster. Frances Drawing for William {Laricolette?} Henery at Nicholsons I stopt all night Great going to Salmon River up the Ice Malcolm Dingwalls horses got in the {illegible word}

29th I came home from Nicholsons Frances chopping for Archy McDonell Raining set 2 traps Last day of the month

1st Day March crows plenty Frances crossed Whisha crossed Frances crossed I crossed to Bakers Bought of A W Baker 1 lb Butter 1/{-?} 1 lb Sugar -/6 {illegible} 1/2 lb crackers -/4 got my Prize Gold Stone Valu 2 Dollar at Thomas Munroes Christies at Bakers

2nd Nicholsons here for Staves Frank over the Horse running about with the Bosells got milk from Amelia Lent the Gimlet to George Nicholson Flour came by Frank got 2 eggs from Amelia the Ice got his Boots

3rd Frances & I croped on at Bakers at 4 1/4 I went to Williamstown Raining hard

4th Sunday at night Angus went to Cornwall

5th Court on in Williamstown me in Williamstown

6th I started for home Frances at the Bosells

{written at top of page above title} Feby 18th {omits?} Memory Island 1860

Mr James Cameron March 6th

Bought of {illegible} W Baker 1/2 lb candles -/6 1 Quart Whiskey 7 1/2 1/2 lb Powder -/9 1/2 lb Shot 3 1/4 1 lb Nails -/3 Broke the Bowl Phillip help A Summers with Oats in a Waggon Took Bob home Thrashed the Last of the Wheat yesterday Charlie was here Christies Went to Keynon on the {word cut off}

7th Laplantes left here Robins came Black birds, going the Ice yet Gave Mrs Laplante an order on Baker for 4/- in goods Frances one of my Bags with Flour his it in) got 7 Bushels Some Thunder & Rain & Rainbows all alone

8th I went to Charlies took Dinner got an old {word cut off} from him

9th Friday of the Sacrament in Williamstown McDrawing {word cut off} and some rails for the Fence going to Ice yet

10th Piled about a cord of Birch Started to go for my Paper turned Back crossed at Henerys went to the store (got 5 Dollars from A Summers to be Paid in 3 months concerning the Lottery Bought a Teapot 1/3 (Bought a Pint paid this) got my Paper Bought a pint in the Tea Pot not Paid /4 came to Nicholsons all sound asleep Went to Henery's

11th came from Henerys took Breakfast left the Remains of the Tea Pot Charlie came gave him some R{rest of word illegible} for 2 Rats I {word cut off} From him Sacrament in Williamstown to Day Ice Busted close to shore Had a Hooker for Charlie took a Bite crossing to Salmon River yet Freezing

12th {illegible word} snowing piling Birch at the Lower R{rest of word cut off}

13 Drawing some Basswood for {illegible word} on Ritt Point went to Little Island South side in the {word obscured by damage}

March 14 1860

Mr James Cameron Island

Took the Grey Horse to get the Canoe at the Upper Point Big Bill here for a Dung fork got it I went across with him for the Rooster Set my Traps 5 of them 2 for the Mink Henery fishing eels horses going the Ice yet Nicholsons hunting at Point {illegible word} Walter after sand at {illegible word} Jim McDougall Broke in at Roses this week

15th I crossed to the P.O Sent George Sniders Boy to Careys for the Basket Bottle got it gave the Boy 3 coppers for going {illegible name}raising his barn David Baker {illegible word} I went to Secors Bought of AW Baker 1/2 lb candles -/6 1 pint of Whiskey & Bottle -/4 lock -/7 1/2 1/2 gallon Mollases 1/3 which comes to 2/8 1/2 gave a poor man a penny Pheney by name the writing master left the Front for Williamstown

16th Bill here for the canoe took it over for him on the other side of Francis Island drawing drags Shot a Rat Ice Bad Tapt 3 trees good sugar W{rest of word cut off}

17th St Patricks The Channel open in a strip up above Both sides, took a canoe to the Lower Point with Grey Cording some of the Birch & Maple, seen a weasel very white, went to the Upper Point, got a Rat Wild geese came on the 16th) Ducks plenty fine weather to stand

Long Sunday 18th alone got a Rat Ice jamming at the Door

19th Turning the Red canoe, Ice moving slowly Tapt one or 2 trees the Cows going to the Bush Found a nest with 6 eggs and another with 5 Shot a Rat did not get him

20th First Day of Spring horses doing nothing Doing nothing myself Raining moved the Bed to the Room nailing {word obscured by mold damage} partition wall Went to the Upper Point {1 or 2 words obscured by mold} chance at Ducks had {could be more words at bottom of page, but obscured by mold and damage}

== 21st 1860 Island Mr James Cameron March ==

Took up my trap snowing hard a great dam at the Water Log chopping stovewood cattle is hearty and well Seen a Boat going over the Way of Chustees with Messenger I think it is Thomas to {Moses?}Wind high

22 went to the Upper Point took home a Drag of Black Oak

23rd took home 2 ash stocks for oars. Straw Done the {Weasal?} on the Island Ice firm around shore Home Dreams

24th A Fox on the Island seen his tracks this morning Hart Road Blowing about 2 oclock this morning Eggs Plenty crossed the Ice in the Bay to the Pitt Point

25th Sunday Alone all well snowing Drifting & Blowing & Freezing wind Nor-West By South a Little Reading Sleeping

26th at the head of the Island

27th Drew a couple of Drags lost the H{rest of word cut off}

28th Found it the cow Heifer calved

29th Henery & Francis Laplant fishing eels got 80 George {Semo?} here wanting to hire for 7 Dollars a month Brought home the Churn Dasher Brought a Bag but not the right one shot a squirrel cutting down some stuff for fence got an eel from Henery Heard that Cluckey Died Frank Laplantes horse died Wild Geese plenty Ducks plenty

30th Went across for the 1st time this spring Bought of A Summers 1 pail 1/4 Strainer -/10 2 lb {illegible word} 1/3 1/2 lb tea 1/3 2 lb 2 oz 1/{10 1/2?} which comes to 6/6 1/2 (got my Prizes 5 of them {symbol for British pound}1.5) Bought of a I Baker 1/2 powder -/10 2 lbs shot 1/-{illegible word} Sugar 2 lb 1/2 candles 1/2 Whiskey 7 1/2 5/8 1/2 Thomas cross to Salmon River {rest of page obscured by damage}

Mr James Cameron Island April 1st 1860

Sunday went to Little Island south side

2nd a sail went from Salmon River to Lancaster Cutting some Rails Drew some from the Marsh Fence

3rd Went to Bakers Bought of WI Baker 1 pint HW 7 1/2 Mrs Laplante took up the Order for 4/- Bought of A Summers 2 lb crackers 1/3 notPaid {word illegible}) 1 lb {illegible}File -/6 paid)

Jim Hopkins here had Dinner

4th Fixing a place for the sail in small canoe Bought in to Salmon River

5th Angus came

6th Angus & I crossed Good Friday went to the store Dan came Bought of A Summers 1 lb crackers paid got an almanack from A Summers Bought 1 penny worth of {Rens?} paid rainy on the front Sick Donald Ruple in his new Shop now last night shot a Rat Dan and I hunting

7th Charlie here Fishing eels got 1 Broke the spear Wild Geese plenty henery's Boy wanting a Gun Dan making Syrup Fanning the Wheat 4 Bushel just 1 of corn Hired George Semo on Good Friday for 6 Dollars to come on the 9th of this month to Begin his month

8th Sunday Easter Waster Sunday Dan & I alone went Round the Island

9th Monday Dan & I Began to open the Pitt of Potatoes Charlie came I went to Mill 6 Bushels of Wheat 1 of Corn Gave Streeter 3 Rats at 15 cents apeice which comes to 17/3 1 Sheep pelt 3/9 2 Mink at 2/6 - 5/- in all. I gave him {symbol for British pound} 1-6. I {2 illegible words} 7/{11?} yet got my watch a treat at Briggs


Mr James Cameron April 9th 1860

George Semo came here and Dan took in the Potatoes 16 Bushel Bought of Buchanan & Brother 1 lb candles -/9 1 Quart syrup /11 1/2 5 yds cotton 2/ which comes to 3/9 Bought of Norman McDonald 1/2 lb crackers 3 1/2 stopt at Lukes old Lafleur's wife Died

10th killed the Calf Charlie sick Dan went off gave him a Gold stone Pin valued at 15/- Charlie went home Shot a Rat

11th cutting trees on the Pitt Point George & I Semo here got 1/2 bushel of {illegible word} on Georges account at 4/ per Bushel thats 2/-

12th Brought AI Bakers Bottle home George crossed Brought the chain to Kennedy Norman Abrams got the canoe at {symbol for British pound} 1"2"6 to Pay for it the 1st of June cording the last of the wood 1st ploughing Done before the Door setting out Fire Burning the marsh 2 minks on the Island

13th snowing Fixing Whippletrees & harness Ice in the Bay & Marsh

14th Ploughing some the horses Bockey

15th Sunday alone George and I

16th Drawing on the Pitt Point cutting stakes & Withs for the fence Setting fire to the Grass and Brush Fence Got a fox Shot a Rat

17th Skinning the Fox Spreading manure going to plough on Lower Point Cutting the eyes of {illegible word}

18th HughAnn came at Henerys gone Monday with the Wind Pete Antoine & Frank here got a bundle of Hay to 1 Bush of potatoes George got 1/6

19th George crossed for my paper Bought of AI Baker 1/2 lb Powder -/9 1/2 lb Horse shoe nails -/- stops along chasing a wild Goose {several words obscured by damage}


Mr James Cameron Island April 21st

Came from Williamstown. Met Charlie at Suses Island cleaning Perch Henerys Gert went Home with George Salaberry came up went in to Salmon River Welland went Down the St Helene first Boat went Down this year from above

22nd Sunday all alone HughAnn & I

23rd George and 2 Boys came for Potatoes 1 Bushel 1/6 Bought an Auger 2/3 putting out Dung on the peice at the End of the House

24th Went to Henerys at Nicholsons for the Plough got it

25 at the fence on the Pitt Point George Ploughing


Went to look for eggs got 6 Wild Duck Eggs Found a nest in the Barn with 19 eggs in it at the Fences Setting Fire to the marsh again The Boats a Going Down Some snow hard frost at nights now Ducks Plenty cold air curious Weather not much Ploughed The ice in the Marsh yet in Places

27th Went to Bakers Bought of A.I. Baker 1 pair Boots 8/9 1/2 lb tea 1/3 1/4 lb pepper -/3 needles & thread -/3 Bought of A Summers 1/2 Gallon syrup 1/10 1/2 1/4 of Starch -/4 Porter 7 1/2 Knife 1/3 1 lb Butter -/9 sent A Summers 12 Rats & 1 Fox {illegible word} Dan came George took the Harrowteeth 17 of them Got my account from A Summers {symbol for British pound}9"11"10 before to Day what I got to Day some too along with that

Saturday 28thDan went of Charlie came fishing for Purch no bite Fishing for eels Charlie got 5 gave me 2 Brought me the Scythe William Laflet set his line for sturgeon Found 22 eggs in one nest George crossed.

29th Sunday Watson {word obscured by damage} boat

30th George came Ploughing


James Cameron Island May 1

George ploughing Semos Boys here for George to go to the Priest Charlie here to Dinner

2nd George to Williamstown to Court for McLaughlin

3rd Fixing the Fence on the Pitt Point George came John Craig son here about a Horse Took up my Traps

4th Hugh Ann crossed with Henery Plough on the Lower Point Charlie here Got my Gun Brought me seed corn to plant gave him {illegible word or words} some cups going to set the Line to Day

5th Ploughing on the Lower Point Angus Rankin here George put him across George crossed Finished the Lower Point ploughing. {Written in brackets between the lines} (I got a Sturgeon)

6th Sunday Charlie home with my Gun Gave me 2 {load?} of Shot

Monday 7th George came Fixing the Gate George ploughing Hugh Ann came

8th Sowed 2 oz Pease William Lavelette here taking up his George Harrowing the pease. George to the Raffle

9th I Finished ploughing the Pease Ground George away this Day Began above the Lane Raining some

10th Went to Bakers Bought of A Summers 1/2 lb {word obscured by damage}1/3 Sugar 2 lb 1/3 Bought of A.I Baker 1 Quart of Whiskey 7 1/2 Hat -/6 George Broke the Plough

11th sowed the rest of the Pease which makes 5 in that peice Planted Potatoes in the cucumbers & onions Harrowing the Lower Point Planted the East Peice on the Lower Point with Potatoes about a good {Bushel? plus another word obscured by damage}

{part of left side of page illegible}

Mr. {illegible} {Curion?} {illegible} hay plowed Barley on PittPoint planted about 30 tills of potatoes Baited the line caught a {rich?} 5 catfish Fixing the lane fence George cropped {illegible} Gave him an order for a {illegible} on Bakers Sunday 13th Fishing perch caught a good many {type of fish?} and to the line got 2 flingeon went to the little Island 14th George came sowed the rest of the Peas in a bushel or thereabouts Taking Stones from Before the door harrowing before the door Gave George a Sturgeon 1/3 Went to Charlies George went to Williamstown killed a Sturgeon sent out a 1/2 to them with George drawing sticks from the bust for the fence 15 {Big?} Bell here took some Beans Sandy Grears getting married Gave some corn to Bill Sowed oats 4 1/2 Bushels on the Lower Point 16th sowed 4 Bushels above the Potatoes planted the Potatoes above the House 17th {illegible} Day sowed 2 1/2 Bushels next the Hay {illegible}. Brought the Plough of 3 points took Breakfast told {illegible} to get the Brogdance at {Michaels?} Ploughing some. George {illegible} fixing the fence Sold my watch {for?} 5 1/4 dollars 8 {illegible} Plough {illegible} Powder. Hask shot bag if he raffles it a throw at the {illegible} George ploughing above the {illegible} before the door 19th George getting {illegible} for the {illegible}

{illegible} Island cold day snowing + freezing {illegible} night hard frost Hiram came 21st ploughing Hiram back of the barn got a Sturgeon killed him. George did not come 22 Hiram Ploughing Planting Corn Before the Door about 2 {illegible} George did not come 23 George came Hiram to the salmon river Bought of Buchanion + Brother 5. plates 1 quart molasses 16 1/2 lb tea 11 1/2 soap. 1 lb shot 16 2 hoed one 2/6 the other 3/3 lb of old iron to my credit 1/6 took 1 Bushel of Wheat to Mill got 1 bolt 1 1/2 Bushel of ashes 1/ 10 1/2 bought 2 lb tea Bought of M Street, 1 pair of Boots for Hugh 6/3 left my {illegible} gave 1 calfskin to my account 3/5 {illegible} 3 hence paid George took the wrap bought a plug of tobacco for Tom. 24th Queens Birth Day Sowed {illegible} of oats back of the barn ploughed and {illegible} Back of the garden plough the {illegible} at the East end of the House Pleasure trip on the {illegible} Nicholsons took home the canoe Training in Williamstown {illegible} here Hiram went for my {illegible} got 2 of them 25th Ploughing Williamstown George {illegible} Pat came 26th came from Williamstown Charles all {illegible} George off 27th Hiram went home with {page crumpled} 28th {illegible} fishing sturgeon Hiram {page crumpled} 3 1/2 bushels bought 2 {page crumpled}

I'll slot the {lil?} sugar 1/- to love David Lyo. 4" to 2 1/2 U Butter o/ll/url. nov 4th 2U Butter 1/2 U rapidly -4" 18th 1/2 bus salt 1/1 1/2 lil candy 1/- syrup -/5 kile 1/3 foot 1/6 3"8 1/2 18 starch -/6 (25) 1 goat 37/6 once 6/3 pillo 1/3 L 2"3".0 Pyary -/10 Dec(10) coat 28/5 noce 6/3 halve -/6 /3 randy 1/3 1"17"7 To Francis {lil?} tea 2/5 1 gallon syrup 3/6 i'll to Hirane candles for me. 1/- (28) to 16 ap 13/5 to an order of 10/- to Francis lakeland 10"0 to 7 3/4 of cheese 3 1/2 (31et) to Lil sugar 16 Hary The 3rd 1860 to 1/2 At Sea at 1/8/vell "10 to order to Hinul 3/5 1/2 butter 2lb-14kg 2/5HW 7"1/215 to 2 {filk Haud Kerchief?} at 2/6-3/e 24th to 1/2 gallon syrup/1/5 1/2 at sea 1/3 26 to 3lb 60kg of Butter -/11 her at {aliana?} K/6-4/- 6th 1 Luant Mhuky / 7 1/2 Candles/ 6 at sea 4/32 for Bollug Poison 1/3 (13) to H-wines 1/3 (15) to 1/2 gallon wi/3 sugar the 10th to (L1"3in rash pay in 3 months) sea pot 1/3 run -/4 4"3 30th haut 1/4 Traumen -/10 sea 1/3 crackery 1/3 LU2310 1/10 2 2 6"6 1/2 {porge Llino?} to 1/2 Bilshefs Krale On 2nd to Bughel Rotatocs 1/6 (23)to Bughel Rotatocs 1/6 4th to augst 2/3 (27) to Boots 18/5 Knife 1/3L 2"3 May to an order For Love on Bassea 1/3 14th tungern 1/2'6 water Lt 6"3.

Mr. James Cameron May 29th 1860

Ploughing at the Butternut tree and Potatoes around Birch {illegible} Path Charlie here 30th Ploughing Flower took up his {illegible} 31st Sowed 3 Bushels of oats between the garden Sowed wheat below 1 and a {illegible}. 1st Harrow up above the Barn Pat came Charlie went with him to Bakers Brought me the {Paddle?} sowed wheat better than a Bushel above the lane. {illegible} 2nd {Angus?} + {illegible} came {illegible} man + Wife here hiram took home the oats 7 Bushels sowed 3 1/2 of oats 13 1/2 in the {illegible}. Nicholsons came here 3rd Sunday 4th the Walters horse came {illegible} planting 5 quarts of {illegible, maybe type of corn?} corn Potatoes {illegible} and some beans thats 3 bushels on the set of potatoes. 5th Walters horse came Stewart from the Ottawa here I went to Williamstown trying to take the Bull. {illegible} of {lime?} the {illegible} wife died. 6th took over the {illegible} sowed about {illegible} Bushels of Wheat {illegible} George {crossed?} 7th I {illegible} Hugh, Ann went to Williamstown Ploughing on the lower row 9th Raining 10th Sunday Hugh came Hiram {illegible} Mr. Lerman here I went to {illegible} 2 of wheat 1 pack of salt 7 1/2 1/2 {illegible} of paper/ 6 Gallon Molasses {illegible} east 2 {illegible} 2 1/2 yds cloth {illegible} 7/10 thread 7 1/2 beer

James Cameron Island June 11 1860

Bought of Grindell {illegible} 1 Pair of Boots

17/6 Got the loan of Leeked Fishing {spoon?} to be returned speaking to Duncan McRae about the word {court?} day in Dundee came home Tom came. 12th ploughing got a sturgeon treks bad bought of Charlie Mr Donell 1 bottle of good stuff/10 and the bottle to be returned to Buchanand. Both 13th/ Plough sowing wheat 14th sowed oats 15th Charlie here had an Australia {illegible} 16th Making ashes {illegible} took up there {illegible} 16th I gave my trousers to Reggy to make. Got a sturgeon 17th Sunday the {illegible} went for the Bouquet 18th Charlie + I {" a calve" written above} to Salmon River Bought of {illegible} soap -/6 {illegible} -/6 crackers + cheese + sugar I paid for Potatoes 1/6 Bought of Charlie 1 bottle of stuff 1 1/2 to Be Paid Bought of David Baker 1/2 lb tea 1/2 cash gave him 1 + 3 pecks of ashes got the {illegible} of paper from Morris to Dr. {illegible} 1 sturgeon 19th Charlie went off hoeing corn + potatoes 20th hoeing 21st Tom went to A. Camerons 22nd I went to Williamstown Charlie + I stopt at grears Tom Munroe catching a Dog Fish as we passed 23rd Came home Charlie and I Grammy here 24th Sunday Francis here to Breakfast I went to Charlies took Dinner there David Summers here + {illegible} 25th Monday {illegible} cleaning his corn for the {illegible} Francis here hoeing corn and Potatoes rafts going down Berries plenty Strawberries, Hiram and I to fish at night at the little Island


Mr James Cameron Island June 26th

Raining some croped to Bakers Granny


Mr James Cameron Island July the 21st left Williamstown took the 2 Boys with us stopt at Fergusons Island with the storm. Took Dinner on the Island sailed home Raining some. Hiram {illegible} in the Apples Field. 22 Sunday I went Orange Picking Berries here Charlie went home gave him 2 chickens {illegible} came from Salmon river Lea {illegible} got the {illegible} for {illegible}. 23rd Mowing on the apple field Hiram raking 24th Finished mowing the {apple?} field Went to Lewis Chusters to get him to lake Baskets {illegible} mowing some Below {Lemows?} corn 25th Dog Days Begin St. James Day Put in 3 loads of hay. Found an old canoe took up one of the lines 50 hooks on it flowing Down at the Lower Point Boats {illegible} to Day Mosquitoes Bad ticks Done cleaning up stairs 26th Raining went for a Load of Blocks to the Upper Point mowing on the Lower Point Raspberries plenty yet {illegible} old axe to {illegible} 27th went to Bakers Bought {illegible} 3 lb of sugar / 10 1/2 1 tea Pot 1/3 Bought a summer 1/2 lb tea 1/4 1 {illegible} (Pens + {illegible}{illegible} this). Put some of the Hay in the {illegible} 28th just in 2 loads of Hay Pat came gave me a Bottle Lashey to Salmon River got a Large {illegible} on {illegible} line {illegible} to Pat gave Pat the canoe and mug of salt 29 Sunday got an ESL and a sturgeon Lasheys Line Hiram roped 30th Began to mow the oat field Pat + Charlie came Charlie stopt {illegible} and handle to lewes {illegible} to make mosquitoes bad

Mr James Cameron Island 31st 1860

Went to salmon River Charlie {illegible} to Busher Wheat {illegible} {Poile?} to {grind?} Bought a {eletenth?}. Pain of Boots per human 13/- to men doing my {illegible} 7/6 or 6/3) form the {illegible} at a york farm the {sacperinuet Chaud nuent?} horne {illegible} plenty {ougiltat/et?} went to {Leure Cloud Lees?} got 4 Brooms Leurs. Can we with 2 once {illegible} gathering in the {uphen feild?} 2" {Ruthin?} hay got all The served hay in one Load. {out of?} the oakfeild that a crow cut {some?} a Chirvy for the Bouyo Making some {colesin makfeilers?} Huntery came the {hundred?} even {illegible} the Kut Kut of a {illegible} {Leuls 3 of august?} went to Kut Kut {for?} Boards got a sood Load {making could?} got 1/3 from {larshey?} 2 1/2 for {concern?} {illegible} bird hervies Bikeand choke {cheurue Kipe?} Long Black {Bennied?} gentling Bike. {illegible} Black kevin 1st august 4th done {illegible} making Covid im the {illegible} 6 began the stack. 4th {yenchea?} the stack at the mash hay euthing 8th at the hay some 5th cuting lime {illegible} a funeral at {johnahcgeneee?} {illegible} Died Hiram to the store Boys livent off and Hugham to {illegible} Deers plenty sent at once handle Bought the {kle?} cheap chauntee on the 8th augst.

{number} 1860

Mr James Cameron Island Augst

Bought of a Baker 1 lb of Tea 2/6 1 Bunch of {illegible} 16 to {illegible} 3 yds of striped cotton {illegible} 2/3 to 2 1/4 yds of cloth {illegible} 6/9 thread which comes to 9/5 Bought of a Summers 1/2 gallon of Whiskey {illegible} this all the {Tales?} of the Prince of Wales Tom at Captain {illegible} fishing Hamiltons cutting their oats 10th Francis wife here all alone wind high. Hugh Anne + Hiram come from Williamstown stopt at Nicholsons all night 11th came home {illegible} took away his {illegible} of {illegible} to Salmon River the {Pease?} ripe Looks like rain thought it was sunday 12th Hiram to Summers I went to Bosells to get them to cut the {pease?} Andrew Summers here the Captain of Hamiltons {illegible} sold the Wood to Summers. $100 for the lot of Wood gave Andrew Summers 4 dollar {illegible} I got from Norman Bought of a Summers 1/2 Gallon Whisky 4 1/4 of butter 2/5 Plate 1/2 lb powder Shot 16 {illegible} Bought of a Baker 1 quart of syrup 1 fish to be returned.Tom gave a keg of {illegible} to me 12th Sunday Breaching on the front Hugh Ann went seen Ellen at {illegible} Charlie here Francis {illegible} away to day A summer {illegible} Ferguson here {illegible} of the {crossed out} Hiram + George {illegible} traded coats

Aug the 13th 1860

Mr James Cameron Island

Raining hiram cropped {illegible} to get his trousers made making a Door for the room 14th Making coils 15th cutting Pease {illegible} Boy 16th Henry finished the Pease. Big {illegible} stock {illegible} hay put on 3 Loads of Pease 17th Went to Summers Bought of Summers 1/2 gallon whiskey 1/3 got 3 1/2 Dollars from him. What I got of {Norman?} just a Load of Hay in the stack. put on 6 loads of {illegible} covered the stack 18 Raining cutting some of the oats Behind the Barn cut some above the house. Lost Tom {Grappling?} looking for the line. Hiram went for his trousers Sunday the 19th above {illegible} 20th {Lashey?} from Salmon River I calling for Charlie to go to Williamstown Charlie came {illegible} 22 ear of corn 1/2 Bushel of Potatoes cherries nuts apples {illegible} 1 Broom + Basket 21st came home Hugh Anna at Charlies Charlie stopt to help me at the Pease put some in. 22nd cut some Oats put on the first oats and some pease all the pease in 23 at the oats cutting Behind the Barn the {illegible} aground at the foot of the Island Henry here {illegible} to 1/2 Bushel Potatoes + Milk for the {shear?} 24th Raining cut some of the oats at the {illegible} 25 Went to Bakers Bought of a Summers quart whisky 7 1/2 lb candles -/6 1/6 cotton weak -/4 got my coat

Aug 25th 1860

Mr James Cameron Island

Went to Dundee Charlie {vet?} Bought 1 {illegible} of {slot?}. Rye -/6 crackers -/ 1 1/2 Paid This Bought of the Baker 13/ 1 1/2 of flour Paid it 1 1/2 worth of crackers got the loan of a Bottle to be Returned got some shat from Charlie {illegible} Donald and {illegible} stopt at {Dikes?} got some caps from Luke came home Hugh Ann Lost the Keys alone. Rain Black {illegible} Bad The Prince of Wales arrival in Montreal Charlie with me all this week Sunday 26th Charlie went home gave him the {illegible} gun 27th Raining Tuesday the Prince of Wales went Down on the Steamer Kingston firing 28th Putting in Oats 2 loads good alone {illegible} went to {Christel?} to cock hay Hugh Ann for nuts to {nicholas?} and plums horses Bad 29th Cutting Oats cut 2 sheaves of wheat a Basket from {illegible} took Back the boots 30 Shot a Duck 31 Put in 2 loads of oats 1st of September I went to {illegible} Bought of a Summers 6 yrds {illegible} 1/2 lb powder -/9 3 quarts of Whisky 1/10 1/2 shot tea 1/3 (starch needles paid) Returned all Bakers Tin kettle ,,,, Tom went off gave 6/3 for the {illegible} {illegible} here cutting oats wheat 2 Paddles from Lewis {christee?} 2nd Sunday Went to {illegible} for nuts Promised to come Charlie came Lewis {christee?} here

Sept the 3rd 1860

Mr James Cameron Island

Charlie + me to Summers Bought of Summers 1 1/2 Quart of whiskey -/11 1/2 Bought of Baker 1/2 gallon syrup 1/10 1/2 fine {illegible} -/10 1 cake of cheese. 7 lb at 14 per lb 2/4 {buat?} night reaping wheat Bill Jim Henry George {illegible} Lashey Charlie 4th Hugh Ann and Charlie to Lancaster 1/2 gallon Whiskey 2/3 to cash to Hugh Ann for sugar 1/5 expecting the Reapers to night did not come put in some Wheat for the first 5th putting in oats they came to reap 3 of Henrys 2 of {illegible} 2 of {hicks?} George Bosell Lashey Charlie Isacc Blondeau. 6th putting the 7th stack together 7th putting 8th in wheat + Binding. Lashey Reaping Sunday 9th Rankin here Jacob here went to the Upper point Charlie {illegible} + Henry here 10th Putting in one load of wheat putting marsh {illegible} in one of the sheds Lashey came from Salmon River some corn ripe Butternuts Beginning to fall grapes turning some chilly nights water falling some 1 basket from Lewis wife gave her some salt 11th Charlie went home Went to Henrys for the canoes Charlie Hugh Ann + Charlie to Cornwall at night 12th Raining {illegible} in Cornwall 13th {illegible} here pulling beans 14th put in a Load of Wheat upper field 15th Hugh Ann croped with Lewis. 16 Dan came cutting cornstalks taking in corn some beans ripe {illegible}

the 16th 1860

Mr James Cameron Island {illegible}

Dan here Charlie here horses bad Lashey fishing Pickere; gave Dan Latin grammar Browers Grammar {illegible} Book covers Steamers going plenty Indians plenty Indians at the {muskrats?} choke Cherries yet hazelnuts yet Grapes turning cranberries {illegible} Black cherries good Big hickory nut tree the nuts got a touch of the frost in the Spring no nut on the big {buller?}nut tree at the head of the island. 17th Charlie here hugh Ann came with {illegible} 18th Charlie went home 19th I went to Summers the Barge came Queen Captain Lafave for the wood Henry threshing pease 3 Bushels to get 1 Bushel yet Bought of a Summers 1 lb candles 1/ 1 Bone caps 7 1/2 2 lb shat 1/ 2 lb Butter 1 lb sugar 1 1/2 quarts Whisky -/11 got the Note 50 Dollars settled up to this date got my account Summers here 20th the {illegible} in Williamstown Went to Charlies got 2 {illegible} Jacopo brother Peter + {illegible} Henry here Watson here slept in the Barn 21st Working till the afternoon at the logs got 2 Dollars from the Captain to pay the men for a {summer?} Husking some corn Pete Bosell here at night took in some Butternuts Apples taking a hard one {illegible} croping the line high wind the barge here yet

Sept the 23 1868

Mr James Cameron Island Sunday the Captain went to A. Summers to Buy the wood Bought it for {illegible} 31,,10 the {illegible} went off Hugh Ann to Charlies went to {illegible} Island for nuts Granny here 24th Picking {illegible} took up some of the apples 3 Bags. Put in on load of oats cutting oats 25th Lashey came {illegible} the corn 5 traces 16 traces of Corn Thunder + Lightning {illegible} {+ Ron?} shot 2 squirrels Water high just now 26th high wind threshed 1 Bushel of Wheat. 27th Cut the oats + wheat on the Lower Point 28th Raining 29th Put on a Load of Oats took home Wood made a {dead fall?} for mink hard frost took in the squashes + pumpkins Before the storm. 29th Went to Charlies took Dinner there Nicholsons trying to catch there. Have got some {illegible} first setting of traps for one 30th Went for George {illegible} to go to Salmon River Brought Luke Trowling {illegible} home some squashes 1/2 Bushels of Apples 1st of Oct Bought of Walter 1/2 lb Powder /5 1/2 lb Tea 1/3 1/2 gal Whisky 1/ Soap 1/3

{illegible} st Francis

Mr James Cameron Oct 1st 1860 to Walter Buchanan 55 lb of Oats at 1/6 {illegible} to 5/. cash Wheat {illegible} square Bought of the Baker 5/ Worth of Loaves 13 to the {illegible} Bought of Buchanan 1/2 {illegible} paid. Bought of Norman lb of Rum 2 Bales to be returned 7 1/2 to pay {illegible} Carey bought of Charlie 1 hat 2 1/2 came home. 2nd went to Williamstown George + S Brought 1 Bag of Apples 2 Bags of Bran 1 Bag of Corn {illegible} Bushels {illegible} 1 Basket. 3rd Came home Sam at his corn taking in some of the {illegible} Lewis {illegible} a Bag Charlie here in the morn got the Preserves Wild geese came seen {illegible} Geese going West {illegible} at the {illegible} Bee 4th Raining Mary Ann + Brother + Sister here 5 Began the Potatoes on the {illegible} + at the front of the House George + I to Summers. Bought of Summers 1/2 lb tea 1/6 1 {illegible} of Essence of Allspice /4 1/2 lb Powder 19 Butter 2/10 Sugar 2 lb 1/1 1 lb nails for the new house {illegible} the Potatoes Mary Ann + George Croped. 6th at the Potatoes me + Margaret {illegible} in about 4 Bushels took home a load of wood {illegible}. Wife Uncle + {illegible} Brother here got a Pick of Potatoes + milk some {illegible}

7th 1860 {illegible}

Sunday Nanald augst {illegible} here moms meet {clip pepsi?} 8th hoilday George {illegible} a lout Reter Bulell Bell is owned went acroly to look for Reter Bought of a {illegible} 5/5 1 Luant Bout 1/3 the cancle can we the ice Reter Came on the Bill {(meet hot?)} Duek 5th her {illegible} at the Potatoes took {an?} the fast of the Wheat oats leo {illegible} 10th {illegible} day {illegible} head ache the Rotala about 63 Beauties of good measure emma at the {illegible} took them all uh {drauzers} {illegible} to day of lemon Rotatoes 15 {illegible} the cook house 8 lemon. Began Bankers the house with the {illegible} when they 3 1/2 days the girl of heruerys worked {illegible} lay a clock george lent them a oat v blanket 4 1/2 {illegible} he arrives 11th focusing the Big Coanoe high wind 12th {illegible} the meat a hes Rotatoes helping us Ban Kung the House 13th {hot a mink?} went to Willian Matthew George {illegible} /80 Rotatoes {illegible} Duek heard of cleuy M Bouncell being {murdered?} about the 1 on 10th of the month

== How == the 14th {oct?} 1860

Mr James Cameron Sunday George + I came home George cropped or here Bought 1/2 Bushel hunt for Potatoes {palol?} {illegible} for cutting oats 1 Bushel potatoe 15th George V Bill Nicholson here George went home 16th {Bamhue?} the house some 17th went for {illegible} at night 18th went to Williams with 20 Bushels Potatoes took the Deers {horses?} out of Lord Byron works {wuts/nuts/muts?} v {illegible} for the Boy Bought at {Lanicauter?} put /3 1/2 {U?} hot /3 the thrashing mile at there place that mat coming home it {lufce?} Day 15th charlie went home cause him {had?} 1/2 Bushel potatoes 20th that a {Dueky va?} Water him on the Little {flame?} {illegible} Petting {illegible} to the Morish before the Door to all wind high 21st sunday ruining {hand change?} in the moon 22nd monday {shelling?} 23rd went to {illegible} Bought of a Baker {hlug?} potatoe 1/2 to cracker /4 Bought of a {illegible} a {summary?} settled 11/2 to the {dat?} rec cash 8/


Mr James {illegible} oct 23rd

Bought of a {illegible} 20 sugar 1/- 1/2 U tea 1/6 begun the {amount?} at ton {kennede?} for {illegible} at {George?} Left my {measure} for {illegible} Booth to Be paid for them got 2 wine {illegible} from a {lummer?} to be returned killing hogs {illegible} Walter fighting {promise?} 10m Kennedy the {fron?} Bolt {recon?} to take anything George {Lemon?} {chop lung?} for evan thrasher Cause House 24th Hugh Butt Day 23th My {Bith?} Day {shot?} a Duek {shot?} a Rat a Very Fine Day {suppose tumry?} Birth Day Wild {george?} Plenty {Captain thrashen?} moving his house rutting out {illegible} on the banking the house {look/took?} home a load of wood {illegible} Hunters around shooting {Bargar?} {illegible} in {alundance?} 26th running {to vilile?} net weather {illegible} this is the 40 days rain 27th went to {Lanicaute?} - called for charlie tookhis {sheer?} to get {tuned?} Bought the Baker 16lb Flour 2/10 1/2 1/2 {U cracker?} 14 Charlie came {uh?} Bought {illegible} {whiskey?} 14 Sunday 28 charlie a sin the {Bushatter} that charlie went home {illegible} 1 Bakset of potatoes {illegible}.

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Oct {25/29th?} 1860

Mr James Cameron Island

{thrashing?} a Bushel of potatoes {illegible} {Bother?} ruining {rolling?} the {loole?} {illegible} the channel 30th Salmon Falkner after a {fun fiseing?} the Fanning mile 31st holy Eve Charlie went to Salmon {river/rivet?} with his gun sold to Luke apples 4/ a treat at Luke's -/3 to Pete's {Bucha?} 1/2 of Bushel of rease -35 that {centall?} to 2 Bus corn 1/6 1 1/4 of Butter {milk?} 1/6 put 2/6 to my account Bought {Bucha?} 1/4 g tea 3/5 cash -/5 rowdy 1/2 -/5 {pew?}/1 1/2 {ca/v?} -/4 got my dail Bought Horman need key 4=/1 {pims?} 3-/ 1/2 shot -/3 {soal?} -/10 Buck shot -/4 Paud Horman Bought {Dan?} Cameron Eli tea -1/3 Bought of sweeter /1 {Paug?} Boots /1 for {movy?} {illegible} got hw. Rease Bushel {or?} Rease/ all {Poud/Pouid?} now cat my watch {tneed?} for nothing my my {Hoatton?} a Ballat {Dance?} {illegible} Baker here Granny {illegible} went to {illegible} Bought of a {illegible} 3/10 20of Ballet 16 cents a {lle v Rlater?} {illegible} {shot?} to got my {lraperl?} a {illegible} Bile {illegible} the {Luartat?} Bakery a treat at David's.

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1st 1860

Mr James Cameron {illegible}

Mary {ann?} Henery came over {about?} {illegible} to {illegible} to come to {thanks} 2" all {souls?} Day Mary {ann?} making {houses?} and {illegible} Taking out of the {cellar rotten?} potatoes the rocheter towing here now with the charlie {levine?} 3 saturday drawing {dragon v log?} some {clouds?} from the pit {rom?} {Bricks nuts runty?} the {countine?} {illegible} move a draw {Mun phy?} {huple?} {illegible} the Day 3 years ago in {1837/1857?} 4th sunday the steamer west ground {illegible} the foot of the {illegible} 3th Lewis Hutee here gave him 3/5 for to get an once at Bakery to {giving?} him 3/6 a corel for chopping and Board him thy {heek?}. {illegible} Day {crop seed?} over save {Hormery?} wife 2 Bushel a apple v /2 pumking went to {ferry?} got my Boots save him 1/2 dollars cash 2/6 owe him 3 1/2 yet 6th {antome Bolell?} for pumking {illegible} v Henery girl croped to the {stove?} sent 3 bags to Walter Baker v 7th Henery Maggie {crossed out word replaced with here} {illegible} 13 {illegible} 8th chance came uh to go to Mile 9th went to Mile for wheat {illegible} come {illegible} corn to {Buehaman?} got paid for it took nothing on credit the time.

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the 9th 1860

Mr James Cameron {illegible}

Bought of {Buchaiman?} v Brother {illegible}/6 1/2 gallon {wheskey?} 1/- candles 1/2 U -/5 {laleratres?} -/3 paid this Bought of 6. an {canuron Banoah?} 8 cents 1/2 {ll?} tea/7 1/2 paid to 3 cent to Whitney Bought of {Coug?} Don 1/4 {Hoanhound?} -/3 1/2 Paid found a {milk at?} as we was going save Lukes 2 {squashes?} Bought {alinkles?} a mach -/7 1/2 form {illegible} Down the river with us 10th Charlie here east wind cutting wheat holes 11th went home with Henery's {girl?} Henery got a Mink Charlie went home 12th {flushing elly?} got 15 took home {illegible} {Bounds?} from the little {poland?} 13th fishing got 2 {elly?} 14th {focusing?} the {statute?} making hale {falling?} Cameron here for my {mat?} set 20 add from me {salve?} me 13/1 1/2 for then Henery went to Salmon never {13/ / 137?} {hug hunn} went to {willamite?} {illegible} {illegible} v {illegible} here going to {coteau?} 16th Henery v {illegible} fishing 5 {kill help of/or?} potatoes at whatever {nice/rice?} giving 17th went to {le covy?} 1 1/2 of apples 3/5 3 of potatoes oct 1/3 3/5 thats 10 {flullens?} gave {illegible} now look {illegible} thomas {illegible} got my account {illegible} Bakery xx10"82 came down with george {bottle?}.

the 18th 1860

Mr James Cameron Island {illegible}

Sunday Jacob + {Mckay?} here gave them their breakfast. Lent him the spear taking the corn in {illegible}. Monday 19th alone drawing {illegible} 20th {illegible} Put in the Horses Hugh Ann + {illegible} came because I {illegible} them. Monday the 19th 21st 14 {illegible} today since Donald {illegible} Departed this life chopping stove wood Lashey to Salmon River. Threshing some {illegible} for {illegible}. Horse Ducks + {pigs?} plenty {illegible} going plenty 22nd Went to Summers Andrew in Montreal. Bought {illegible} 14 lb of {illegible} at 10 5/10 Candles / nails /6 butter 3 lb 2/6. Robert Donell + Phillip fighting. Charlie here at Bosells with his {illegible} + {illegible} stopt all night (1 1/2 stout Paid) {illegible} Martin down the Mont seen Clary. 23rd Charlie's here grinding the seeds Charlie went Down home to 3 {illegible} some wood Came up the same night to go to Salmon River 24th High wind and cold 25th St Catherine Day Sunday cold Charlie Trowned the {illegible} 26th Threshing some high wind 27th Freezing + cold 28th Snowing some + thawing 28th A very fine day Charlie got his pants Hugh Ann croped Charlie + I to Salmon River {crossed out} to Summers helped Andrew {crossed out}

Nov 28th 1860

Mr James Cameron island

bought of a Summers 1/2 bushel of salt 1/3 1/2 Gallon molasses 1/3 1 quart of Rum 1/5 1 lb candles 1/c 1 lb shot-16 1/4 of tea -/8 1/s Charlie Bought sugar candles Whiskey 14 cash sold his corn + rat Boats Running Ottawa wernt up Traveller went up. 29th Charlie went home St Helene went down threshing some oats for grey all alone shot an owl tonight the Dance at Williamstown to celebrate St Andrews lights in the light House yet. Wild Geese plenty + Ducks 30th St Andrews Day Walter for his horse. William Rose Thomas Munroe {illegible} had a Barrle game Walter + Buster took some wood Raining + snowing Ottawa went down 1st of December threshing oats for Grey Travellers + {illegible} went up a {illegible}, St Henlen went up cattle hearty. 2nd 1st Sunday in Advent a Barge sail'd into Lancaster came down snowing + blowing Monday I don't know about Hills light very dim if there is any at all light {illegible} Johnson. 3rd Huron went up a Barge went down Lashey came killed his hog light on the Cherry Island Drawing Wood ducks + wild {illegible} Plenty allowing me {illegible} 10 for himself and the pig

December 4th 1860

Mr James Cameron Island

Put Lashey to the North of Salmon River gave him 7 traps for 7/6 got 1/3 from him in cash. Threshing some oats for Grey 5th Hugh Ann came farming oats threshing {"light down on the cherry island" written above} Hamiltons Bridge going up to Day a Bee 6th I croped with Hugh Ann gave {illegible} Baker 1 1/2 of Ashes took the Bottle + {illegible} /6 for Sundries out What I owed him put {illegible} to my account + 1/8 + 1/2 ashes thats 3-5. Thats {illegible} I owe him Bought of a Summers {illegible} powder , candles 1/2 lb -/6. {illegible} at Davids 7/ 1/2 got my Bags from Walter + Brought Walters {illegible} home came home. East wind snowing to night told him {Roy?} to get the canoe at Nicholsons 7th at home 8th to Friday here for the sleigh for {illegible} Mr. Donell on his Right name w {illegible} or stone in English came here to thrash taking home drags 9th Sunday I alone 10th commenced to thresh the Wheat 11th thrashing 12th farming 5 1/2 I got of wheat the first farming 13th to farming 14th Thrashing {illegible} canoes hard frost 15th Farming Wheat 5 1/2 + 1/2 of 1/2 Bushel {illegible} peck {threshed?}

Dec 16th 1860

Mr James Cameron {role?}

Sunday {to?} and alone the bay went {more?} the wind very {choug alle?} Ducks Plenty 17th {jo?} began the oats to thrash {Droughts?} the {canvy jo v?} to {Summerty?} heard a {summery?} way married to Catherine {lrait?} {illegible} last week Bought a lemons Butter 4 3/4 whiskey {gallon?} molasses {luant camelley liu?} to {accol?} tea 1/2 Bea 18th a sale of orchy {lrant?} things to day very cold salt wind drawing drags last wind very cold ice taking at the little {lunce?} north side to {ouis?} cold night 19th the ice taking {ucroks?} to {illegible} v from a owry to Charlie ohen at the head of this to {humanlitiy?} Juken to Charlie {illegible} the canoe at the head of the island to {tamug?} hey oats 20 Bushely Began to mow {Jee?} very thin {illegible} hole at the little {illegible} north hole a {neat?} mary male ones {illegible} the sea 20th begun to thrash the {rase?} {illegible} very hard 21st {illegible} a mink rack and the ice taking acrokagain Ducks Before the door 22nd {illegible} the {place?} 11 1/2 Bushel {illegible} came last night snowing sunday 23rd to v {wmung?} the canoe 24th thrashing oats got im 22 the him 3 out yet drawing drag ice taking to night frosty.

23rd 1860

James Cameron {illegible}

christmas day shot a {lousie?} Water {roughing?} on the {illegible} clue to shore {illegible} led over the Ice very Bakery at Henerys went to see {lemo?} his feet very not christmas there heard {Donalel lichled?} {illegible} had the {L?} mall role look uh my {may?} 26th thrash Drawing the canoe charlie here gave him Posion look for one cake 2 bottles milk 1 {frog?} chicken & an {illegible} Duck shot 27th Bushing the road the ice very Bad let 2 raps & a Hook at the chock {cherries?} on the rutt point {oivl?} uh {im?} the new to thrashing 28th Began to fan the oats 31 Bushels 10 Bushels {illegible} the Bore {him?} the big barrel and the rest {illegible} the {loew?} v {illegible} Bags thats 31 bushels he thrased of oats the {see?} {opened?} to here {crolded?} {illegible} day {lauled?} to go {illegible} {illegible}Buck 29th washing let my thrash for the milk {sheauing?} the 30thth caught the milk on the Buck ice all open raining &moving 31st drawing drag to thrashing {rease?} skimming the milk last day the years shooting at night.

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James Cameron, “James Cameron Diary & Transcription, 1860,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed October 1, 2022, https://ruraldiaries.lib.uoguelph.ca/transcribe/items/show/101.