James Cameron Diary, 1861


James Cameron Diary, 1861

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January 1, 1861

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James Cameron Diary Collection


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Feby the 5th, 1861

Mr James Camerson Island {?}

Sold Io an axe 5/- to cut wood for it Io commenced to chop soft Weather to Day Drawing Drags Water on the Ice and Plenty snow churning 6th Io quit chopping thrashing over the Pease stormy Day took back the Axe from him got 4 Bushels of Oats from him, for what he owed me Turning stormy 7th Stormy Io Baking 8th Io to Williamstown Frosty day Stormy Some Went to the Bush cut some Drags cut Down the Big Basswood Tree 9th Drawing some Drags a Beautiful fine morning the Islands Looks close a sign of a storm stormy from the East Change in the Moon Raining through the night, Sunday the 10th thawing & freezing 11th Io came for the cow went to Saburns near McLaughlins with him at Angus M Donell's Raining some 12th A very fine Day Drawing Drags Fanning{?} 1 peck of Pease cleaning the Barn floor Let out the Hens to peck up the Grain in the yard and to get a Washing Warm sun and Raining some Shrove Tuesday 13 Ash Wednesday Freesing a little cutting stove wood 14th {illegible} Day a Ball at David {illegible}'s

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