Susanah "Susie" Smith Diary & Transcription, 1874


Susanah "Susie" Smith Diary & Transcription, 1874


Susanah "Susie" Smith


Archival and Special Collections, University of Guelph


19th Century, Wellington County, Arthur Township, Ontario

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Susanah "Susie" Smith Diary Collection


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Susanah “Susie” M. Smith (c. 1856)
Diary, 1874
Transcribed by Rural Diary Archive volunteers
Susie's Diary
Susie Smith Mt. Forest
The Canadian Pocket Diary
for 1874
Published By Brown Bros.,
66 King Street East
January. THURSDAY, 1. 1874.
I took dinner at Lizzies She gave the family dinner her seventh wedding anniversary A load
of us went for a sligh ride to Orchardville they all took tea at the white house and left at 1/2
eleven after a pleasant evening nice mild day.
Mother and Maggie went up to the Canada House to fix Sthings in general their servant went
home for a day so or I have all the work to do commenced by getting the Breakfast ready I
had an invitation to Buchans in the evening but Hariet wasnt home so I did not go. I went up
town for my dress it looks very well made up {written vertically: It rained a little in the
I was doing general housework today preparing dinner for tomorrow Robt Clark and wife will
dine with us Agnes Conklin & Cousin Maggie & {Tom?} called in the evening we played
some Euchre, I took a bath and made a frill before I went to bed.
January. SUNDAY, 4. 1874.
The sleighing has all gone plenty of mud high winds I walked to Church wore my new dress
New Bank Clerk ther named Smart E. Stevensons Beau I cold not go to S School it rained so
heavy! none of us went to evening service {M?} & I wrote to Geo. Robt Clark & {Gorge?}
waited till after Tea
Mrs Holtom came over in the afternoon and helped me finish up some sewing Harrie and I
went up to Uncle {Tho's?} in the evenving brought Papa home Uncle Thus got in as council
man election day
disasgreeable afternoon snowing I was stitching to day Mrs Holtom came after dinner Geo
Clark came for me in the afternoon. I took tea at Harkies she had company After Tea I went
to the Assembly Recd a note from Miss Green saying she could not come to the Assembly
January. WEDNESDAY 7 1874.
I enjoyed my self ever so much at the Assembly the floor was so damp after scrubbing it
McDale & I fell flat down while dancing quadrill Harrie went to Church this evening A new
minister as it was late when I went to bed last night I will go early tonight
I put a piece to the top of my black {buster?} skirt Robt Scott came for one of Miss Rye's girls
I put a fire in the Parlor and practiced in the afternoon I made biscuit for Tea Geo Clark
brought a Miss Rye Girl from the Depot that has been returned 4 times
Miss Walker came to sew to day I did not do very much had neuralagy or toothache I dont
know which. Harrie and I played checkers in the evening he beat me three games right strait
along very discouraging indeed
January. SATURDAY, 10. 1874
I slept very little last night with my teeth Papa went up town and got me some toothache &
neuralagy mixture wich eased it a little I made some crull cakes they are very good. Mother
went to the C.H. in the morning. Geo Clarke drove me home after tea. cold day
Same story this morning slept very little was restless turning and twisting all night I did not go
to Church in the morning or SS. but went to Evening Service we had no one company to day
but Geo & Tom. A new minister preached in the Mr Mackenzie read the service soft day but
I slept splendid last night and got up very much refreshed. I worked on my Sofa Cusion in
forenoon, Mrs & Mary Coyne called in the Afternoon Geo Clark came down for a few minits
in the even. I played Checkers with Harrie
January. TUESDAY, 13. 1874.
I swept the Dining room & Mothers room & dusted pleasant day, Alf made Mama a present
of a nice linen table cloth, I got the Horse & Cutter after dinner to make Calls I made four, two
with Lizzie & two with M Coyne, called on M Mackenzie & Mrs. Gilroy Mrs Simpson Mrs
Payne & then came home had tea and dressed for the Assembly Harrie took me
I got up in time for breakfast this P.M. I enjoyed my self very much at the Assembly had an
introduction to Mr McLane. There was a great many there, Miss Walker is sewing for us to
day, It is cold and stormy We did'nt go to Church. we played checkers
it is a sharp frosty day Harrie & Tom Clark went to Clifford and Ayton after Dinner I was to
have gone to spend the afternoon with M Coyne but thought it to cold I made Pancakes for
tea and wrote a letter to Sam in the evening
January. FRIDAY, 16. 1874.
I ironed some in the forenoon & took a bath in the afternoon and dressed, Harrie got home in
time for Tea It has been a nice clear cold day I read the news and storys in the paper, played
Checkers as usual Harrie the winner.
We had a nine O Clock breakfast this morning before we were through Harrie While came in
from Arthur he waited until after dinner Mary Coyne & Susan Moor from Arthur came and
took tea & spent the evening with me Susan told us our fortunes played Poet Cards. Euchre
{hucie?} very plesant evening
I went to Church twice & SS Geo Tom Bob Clark & Jeannie Smith for Tea large congregation
both morning and evening the day was pleasant but the evenning was windy & cold
January. MONDAY, 19. 1874.
first it rained then snowed this morning but not cold I wrote a letter to Sid Papa & Mama went
up town in the Afternoon, I dressed myself I wanted Harrie to take me up town but he
wouldnt so I stiched some and played Checkers
I went to work and did a lot of baking this morning, Geo Clarke drove Lizzie and a couple of
the Children down to spend the day in the afternoon Miss Moor & M Coyne came to invite me
to an Oyster Supper to take plasce this evening It is very cold
I didn't enjoy myself last as much as I expected Miss Collins & Mr Guthrie were all that were
there besides their own I swept all the house and dusted it is a very soft foggy kind of a day
the snow is going fast fair day I went to church in the evening walked
January. THURSDAY, 22. 1874.
I got up early this morning and dressed to go to Arthur Nomination day Pa & Harrie were
going but Harrie backed out it rained so and continued all day I went up town for a few
minuts after dinner called on Miss Ryan Billie came down and {remainder of entry is "cross-
written" vertically} fixed the Pipes and changed the stove in the dining room I made pancakes
for tea
I made a Jelliy Cake and crull cakes in the forenoon for the surprise to my I went up town.
after dinner spent the afternoon with Mrs. {illegible} I left my basket at the C.H and stupid girl
set the cakes on the tea table for the boys so I was fooled out of any basket for the party
{remainder of entry is "cross-written" vertically} We presented the carpet to Mrs Mackenzie
spent a very pleasant even. Had an introduction to Mr Robinson the new School teacher very
nice man
they had just finished breakfast when I made my appearance this morning, then I read some
& Stiched some and wrote a letter to Clara Forster stormy kind of a day I took a bath before
going to bed
January. SUNDAY, 25. 1874.
pretty cold day I went to Church twice, and S School no Company but C House boys &
Enock Emily Stevenson had Mr Smart up in her seat I had a good look at him
Geo Clark came down in the morning to invite me to the Assembly tomorrow evening he took
dinner with us, I went up to Lizzies & took tea walked just for exercise walked home again
with Billie read some &c
Billie is working at the tables making them so that we can extend them without adding other
tables. I swept the Dining Room & Parlor. while I was dressing Sid came from Toronto on the
train he looks very well. he took tea then we all went to the Assembly
January. WEDNESDAY, 28. 1874.
then{?} a splendid crowd at the dance last night Tom Godfrey & several others that were
never there before & Cos George Sal Billie & I drove up town this monring I spent the day at
Lizzis making my marine Skirt, Sid called for me in the evening on the way home we met
Mary Coyne & two {written vertically: Mifs Buchans driving she came down to the white
house & we had {a?} Oyster Supper}
Election day great excitement {Dr-} & Higinbotam running for members I got ready to go
Ayton but it turned out to stormy so went to Uncles Jonas' with Sid when we came back I
invited some company to come to small party to W House tomorrow Wm Leslie up with a
load of apples
I worked steady all day fixing up & baking a little I made a Jelley Cake & stuffed a Turkey Mrs
Holtom came over to sew there was not as many ladies at the party as I invited. Maggie
more gentlemen had a splendid supper oysters 4 cans turkey lots of good {them?} {written
vertically: a little went home at three OClock Sid brought up a box of nice candy from
January. SATURDAY, 31. 1874
Sid came along this morning before seven and woke us all up and we so sleepy, to bid us
good Bye he left on the 1/2 past 8 train I busted around in the forenoon but got lazzy in the
afternoon beautiful day
February. SUNDAY 1.
I went to Church in the morning and to S School. Y. G. & Mr Stark & Tom & Geo Clark took
tea with us. I went to the kirk in the even to hear Rev McNeil preach his Church was
crowded, I got a ride home very clear cold night
very cold day Wm Leslee started for home, I made bread & pies in the Forenoon after dinner
I dressed and traced by Embrydery Harrie & I played five games of checkers after Tea I won
the first two & he won the next three.
February. TUESDAY, 3. 1874.
we had Buckwheat Pancakes for Breakfast this morning first this two years, it is a pleasant
morning I traced some embroydery then It arched and Ironed some cuffs & Collars after I got
through I dressed & walked up town called on Mifs Whelpley to see what day I would {written
vertically: take Music Lessons got a drive home with Harrie}
Billie & Alf strated for Guelph this morning to try and settle some affair between them & Bob
Billie will go to St Caths before he returns he had a telegram from Cs Charlie wishing him to
go, Mother & Harrie went to Ayton to see Mary she is ill I finished the ironing &c beautiful day
{written vertically: Billie & Henry Rolls are up came this even Just before Harrie & Mama left}
It is a beautiful day I took a Bath in the forenoon then after dinner dressed & went up town
Call for Polly & Kate Dunbar They called on Rev Mackenzie I called on M Coyne She
dressed & came with me we called on Mifs Collins 7 Mrs Gardner, We all took tea at {written
vertically: Coynes & then spent the evening at Dunbars}
February, FRIDAY, 6. 1874.
I fixed the velvet for my skirt & partly basted it on in the forenoon I wrote a letter to Laura
Yeomans. I took my first music Lesson from Miss Whelpley & practiced in the evening
I did a great lot of work to day Baking & sweeping & one thing or another Henry Hills took tea
with us Pillie or Mrs Watson staid at Buchan's for tea Harrie went and brought her down in
the evening we played some {written vertically: Euchre had cake & wine}
I got my Hair combed & the beds made before breakfast. Pillie Henry & Harrie & I went to Mr
{Kefshaws?} Church in the morning they went back to Ayton after dinner I went to SS. Enock,
Unkle Thor & Aunt Jane, Beo Clark took tea with us I went {written vertically: to {illegible}}
February MONDAY, 9, 1874.
Tom Clark came down with the news of Cos Charlies death I sorted some candy &
pracaticed in the forenoon dressed & went up town in afternoon made a sponge cake &
some pattie pans for the boys it was pleasant in the morning but turned blustery in the
afternoon {written vertically: Geo. Clark came down in the even. we played some games of
I got up at seven o clock expecting to have the pleasure of driving Harrie to Harriston but
was'nt ready in time Harrie is going to St Kits to Cos Charlies funeral I practiced & made a
frill in the forenoon walked up to my music Lesson pleasant day
I practiced some & sewed some I went for a little drive in the Afternoon then went to Church
in the evening Grand Dramatic Entertainment to night I will not go
February, THURSDAY, 12. 1874.
I swept & Dusted to day & Took a bath & did some stitching Mrs Holtom came over Geo
Clark & Alf came down in the evening played Euchre
It is a soft day and the snow has gone {of?} the fields in some places I did not go to my
music Lesson to day went to Punchams social in the evening a great many there
The old Crayzy Woman paid us another visit this morning I swept the Dining Room Emily
Stevenson came down in the Afternoon to see me I kept her for Tea & all night she told me
all her love stories
February, SUNDAY, 15. 1874.
Emily & I walked to Church this morning quite a large congregation, only Alf & Geo Clark for
dinner I went to SS. Enock & Tom {Pol?} Clark for Tea I went to evening service Geo saw me
hom wet snow worse than rain
X I dressed in the forenoon & expected Miss Bullock on the train but she did not come After
the train came in Miss Green & Miss Moon came on the Train for the Assembly this evening
& Mr Green drove up in time for tea.
The assembly was splendid after we came home we sat up till four o clock playing Euchre
and talking Mr Green went home then and the girls staid we three slept together we went up
town in the afternoon had some ambrotypes taken {written vertically: Alf Geo Clark and
Enock came down in the evening we had good fun}
February. {written: Ash} WEDNESDAY, 18. 1874.
The girls left on the train this morning Alf drove them up. I went to Church Geo Clark came
down to dinner he drove me up to my Lesson we went to the Depot & met Harrie, I went to
the C House & had a drive home
I picked some raisins in forenoon {this probably means she seeded them; raisins had large
seeds prior to the 1920s} & made a fruit cake after dinner Mrs Clark came to finish the red &
black quilt Harrie & I went for a walk down the road & called on Mrs Gardner then we played
checkers & went to bed
Jennie Lamont came over to make a dress for Mama Election day again Geo Clark took tea
with us I went to my music Miss Walker came down Mr & Mrs R Holtom came over in the
evening. we played Euchre Jennie went home
February. SATURDAY, 21. 1874.
I made bread & Ironed in the morning & made up some starched things after dinner Jennie
Lamont is here & Mrs Holtom I was very busy all day made a Queens Pudding, Jennie & I
walked up town in the evening A Quinn drove us home.
I went to Church in the morning Mrs R & Bob for dinner had a very nice dinner I went to SS &
evening service no one for Tea but Bob & Mary Mr Smart sat with Emily rode home
Mary & Robt left for home after breakfast. Jeannie Lamont came over to sew but we did not
have the machine in very good we brought it up town in the evening to get it fixed Billie got
home from St Caths this afternoon I am learning to Crochet.
February. TUESDAY, 24. 1874.
Jennie is making my wrapper I went to my music Lesson and Jennie went home to finish my
dress on her machine Billie came down at 4 O Clock for me to go to J McLarens to a party,
short notice
I enjoyed myself very much last night there was about 18 couple there had a nice dance
Harrie & I walked up to Church in the evening but there was none we called at Dunbars for a
few minutes A big Dinner a {Neagles?} Hotel to night for the Conservative member
I sewed most of the day Jennie brought me my wrapper it looks very well M Coyne Maggie &
Lily Arthur called in the afternoon Geo Clark came down in the evening Jennie & Harrie
played Euchre .Geo.&I.
February. FRIDAY, 27. 1874.
I went up town in the forenoon to get a music Lesson but forgot my book so didnt take one
Jennie Lamont is here sewing I came home to tea & went to a Social at Uncle Thorn's in the
evening Harrie Alf & I
The Social last night was an awful dry affair I was one of the Candidates for the Cake Mrs
McLaren the other she got it I did a lot of work to day took a bath & dressed in the afternoon
lovely warm day
March, SUNDAY, 1.
soft warm day I went to Church twice & S School, Mrs Mackencie & five others went to
organize a new Church in Luthur Harrie & Papa Mr Orr Miss Deacon & Miss Taylor
March. MONDAY, 2. 1874.
Billie fixed the key of the Meleodean for me this morning Mrs Mcaw is washing After dinner
Harrie Alf & I went to Arthur we got down in time for tea Harrie & Alf went on to Fergus I stay
all night played impertinence they were surprised to see me not expecting
Jonah Green brought up a telegram from Alf telling Harrie to wait in Arthur for him So we
waited but it rained in the evening so we had to stay we took tea & spent the evening at
Moors played charads &c. Jonah is a clip Sarah's Cousin is visiting her.
We got up at seven O Clock this morning had breakfast & started for home we had the
Democrat down as there was no sleighing cold morning I wrote to Sarah after I came home &
Clara Forster & Willie Clark & Sid I went to Church walked up & down lovely night
March. THURSDAY, 5. 1874.
I made Bread this morning it is a beautiful day first like spring Front a fire in the Parlor &
practiced & Embroydered some I rec a letter from Clara Forester stating that she is engaged
to be married to Mr Sanders a Lawer of Stayner good for she
we had Buckwheat Pancakes for Breakfast I filled an apple with Cloves & practiced in the
forenoon, sorted after some letters & dressed & went to my Music Lesson wind walked went
to House & saw there new good, took tea with Lizzie Geo Clark came home {written
vertically: with me Alf brought me a {Galop?} from Guelph}
I made some Ginger Snaps in forenoon sewed & practiced & took a bath before Tea croched
after Harrie had a letter from Lottie first I heard of her since she went to New York
disagreeable day
March. SUNDAY, 8. 1874.
Very Stormy day I walked to Church Mama & Papa drove {Reunion?} Sunday Harrie Billie & I
went to Harkies for dinner and when we were sitting down Pa & Ma came Lizzie had quite a
family not {written vertically: Expecting Miss Whelpley and Jake and Miss Kitchey were there
also I came home after S School Georgie and Maggie were here they had to stay all night for
the storm Bob came out from Ayton we did not go to Church}
Georgie & Maggie are weather bound it is fearful cold and stormy Billie came down in the
afternoon with an invitation to go to a Surprise Party at Dr Dunbars this Evening but we could
not go on account of the severe snow storm we played Dominoes & cards.
Robt, Maggie, & Georgie left this morning I went to Canada House with them then Billie & I
took Dinner with Lizzie, Harkie went to Toronto this morning I went to my music Lesson
Sewing Society at Lizzies Jennie Lamont is sewing for us I practiced in the evening
March. WEDNESDAY, 11. 1874.
Jennie went home as we had no sewing for her. Alf & Billie started for Guelph after dinner to
settle affairs between them & Bob still storming and blowing I wrote to C Forster & S Green
and practiced in the evening
still storming & cold fearful weather I ripped up an old dress & stitched some in the forenoon
Miss Hewitt & Hannah called to invite me to a party to there place tomorrow evening, I wrote
a long letter of seven pages to Cos, Lottie received a paper & letter from Sid.
Mama & Harrie went up town this morning it is still cold & blowing Maggie & I washed the
glass dishes in the dining room I went to my Music Lesson took Tea at the C House, then
went Hewitts party, did not enjoy myself Mag Lily Mary {illegible} A Ross {written vertically: E
Dunbar M McMillin Bob Dunbar A MacKenzie were all the gents it was a cell altogether
Enock saw me home and staid all night}
March. SATURDAY, 14. 1874.
Enock went home to {Sleep?} after Break I made bread and Tarts this is the finest day we
had this week Harrie & I went to Singing School for fun to hear them in the {Galex?} Church I
took a Bath
I had a headache and did not go to church this morning Pa & Ma took dinner with {GC?} I
went to SS & Evening Service Enock Geo & Tom for tea nice soft day
Beautiful day I did a little sewing in the forenoon swept & Dusted &c I was invited to Coynes
first to a party by Mary then they turned it into a surprise party Mrs Simpson & Kate Dunbar
neither Harrie or I went
March. TUESDAY, 17. 1874
St Pts day also Sams birthday. It is foggy & soft trying to rain I walked up to my music
Lesson & home Big dance in the hall to night winding up the Assembly I did'nt go wrote to
Martha Parker instead.
Fair Day Kate Quinn came in in the morning said she would come and spend the afternoon I
took a walk to the rail Road Bridge Kate went home shortly after Len Harrie & I went to
church Beautiful day I went for a little drive in the afternoon {written vertically: the roads are
very muddy rec. a letter from Sid}
I did some sewing in the forenoon and wrote to Sid & sent a little note to Sarah Green with
the Circular of C.S. terms rec a letter from George Billie took tea with us nice day but very
March. FRIDAY, 20. 1874
Jeannie Lamont came to sew to day I ironed in the forenoon went to my Music Lesson
afternoon walked up to {Lyn’s?} called & went to the C House bought new striped print dress
than went to Glanvilles bought Pr of Rubbers walked home for tea Robt out from {written
vertically: Ayton Geo Clark came down we had an Oyster supper an some games of Euchre}
Bob got an early start this morning and so did we. Jennie commenced to sew early and did a
lot of work I sewed most of the day Mrs Gardner called in the afternoon beautiful day I bound
a lot of music in the evening
I went to Church in the mornin it was very pleasant in the forenoon but turned cold & Stormy
in the afternoon, I went to S School took tea at S Gs Lina is sick caught cold. I went to
evening service very stormy coming home
March. MONDAY, 23. 1874.
I did some sewing in the forenoon practiced in the afternoon Alf & Billie started for Guelph
again it is still stormy It calmed off a little in the evening Harrie & I went to Church we will
have service every night this week {written vertically: Rev Mr Bowlbee from Harriston
preached last night & will tomorrow night large attendence for a weeknight}
I practiced in the forenoon, Miss Walker came down I went up to my M. L. {Music Lesson}
Lizzie was there I was early so went to do some shopping I to Tea at Lizzie's then went to C
House went to Church a great many there rec a letter from L {Jeoman?}
I got up before Seven and built a fire in the Dining Room and swept it before breakfast
Buckwheat Pancakes for bre I swept and dusted Parlor & {Hears?} and made to Cocoa nut
Jelley Cakes I sewed afternoon the even turned {written vertically: stormy I did'nt go to
Church Harrie went I wrote a letter to W J Garland}
March. THURSDAY, 26. 1874.
The insurance man came to insure the house & Barn took dinner with us also Alf & Billie they
jsut got home from Guelph Mama went up Town I took a Bath and went to Church, heard a
fine Lesson from Rev Henderson of Orangeville, cold night
I Practiced most of the forenoon went to my M L. 3 O Clock took tea at the Canada House
Georgie & Aggie Hampton called in the store Georgie came to Church with me a great many
there beautiful night Rev Henderson preached a fine sermon
I neaded the Bread before breakfast made Buns & Ginger Snaps after I crochet in the
afternoon went up town after Tea lovely night rec a letter from George &c
March. SUNDAY, 29. 1874.
I went church twice S School Miss Collins came & took Tea with me, & we sat up in the
cusioned seat with Harrie in the evening, Enock, Tom Bob Clark for Tea lovely
I crochet most of the day Jennie Lamont came and staid all night. Billie took Tea windy day.
I sewed in the forenoon with Jennie Mr & Mrs Mackenzie called I went to my music Lesson
and left mother to intertain them took Tea at Lizzies got trimmings for my lustre dress at
Glanvilles went to Mrs Lourie with my dress Jennie wont have time to make it
April. WEDNESDAY 1. 1874.
I baked Jelley cake & corn cake I ironed most of the day Mrs Clark came down to finish a
quilt Jennie will remain all the week I went to Mrs McNeils Parsonage to a Social he Just
moved in the house is fitted up very nicely, but he wants a wife. there was a great many
I went up Town in the morning Jennie, Lina, & Minnie Gilchrist took dinner with us I was very
busy in the forenoon Miss Collins M E Coyne, Ella & Emily Stevenson & Maggie & Lily took
tea with me spent the evening had a very pleasant time Mr Smart & Mr {Luthill?} came down
in the even
Good Friday, I went to Church both morning & even I took dinner at the C. House. Tea at Mrs
K Charles got my dress fitted at Mrs Lowrie I took a music Lesson walked home Jennie
Lamont staid all night
April. SATURDAY, 4. 1874.
I made bread & Buns, sewed rest of the day Jennie finished my striped print black & white it
look very nice I stuffed a big Turkey for dinner tomorrow I went up town in the even got new
hat at Glanvilles
Easter Sunday I went to Church & Staid in for Communion, we expected Lizzie & Harkie for
dinner but they did not come Sidney took his Easter breakfast with us though it turned very
stormy in the afternoon
I sewed most of the day and Baked a little I expected the Arthur folks up but they did not
come I went to an assembly in the evening there wasnt many there only a few married folks
soft evening
April. TUESDAY, 7. 1874.
Mama & Maggie up to the C. House & left me to get the dinner, there girl has gone home for
a few days I walked to my music Lesson Took tea with Lizzie went to the concert with Wm it
was very good had an introduction to Mr. McTavish new School teacher {written vertically:
Mrs Strange sang Mary Coyne had on a blue silk Rev Mcheil wasnt there he was to have
given a recitation}
Wednesday, 8
I made a fruitcake in the forenoon, Just as we finished dinner, Robt & Mary came in After
they had dinner Mary & I went up town I got my dress at Mrs. Lowires paid $3.00 for making,
paid Glanville for hat trimmings went to Church in the even, did not go to Stevensons {written
vertically: beautiful day but windy}
Thursday, 9
Mary went to Toronto this morning Jennie Lamont is making a dress for mother I packed my
trunk to start for Toronto tomorrow I went to Mrs J McLarens to a Social in the evening I did
not stay very long got home 1/2 past 4 lots of church people there {written vertically: got a
{Pillopera?} present of {fir?} of kid gloves from Bob Dunbar}
April. FRIDAY, 10. 1874.
Mag, Lily, Mary, M Collins, came to the Depot to say good Bye George Clark & I. we got into
Toronto 1/2 past 3 met several friends went right to Mrs Bradey had a walk through King St I
think I will like Toronto very well
Martha Bradley & I staid in bed rather late, had Breakfast together. After dinner we took a
walk through King St with Leslie of Orangeville. got back to Tea Martha played some I read
&c very windy day
Geo, Sid, Mr & Mrs Bradley I went to a little church in Yorkville, went to St James Cathedral
afternoon Sid & I took Tea at Mrs Allens I felt to tired to go to Church Sid & Mr Allen could not
get into {written vertically: the Metropolitan it was so crowded could not get in}
April. MONDAY, 13. 1874.
I practiced a little after I got my trunk Sid gave Mr & Mrs B. Martha & I George & Miss Leslie
an oyster Supper at his Bach Hall they were spelndid we {wrote?} to Yorkeville
I made a Jelley cake for Mrs B Sid called for me after noon we called to see Mr Edgar he
drove me through King {Ivan?} & Yonge Sts and several other str Mr McCaffry called in the
even to See Martha we had a little dance
Mrs B went down to Bach Hall to fix up a little before she moves Martha & I were baking,
after Mrs B came back she sent Martha & I to {write?} a few in this even we called on Miss
McCaffery we took a drive all took tea at Mrs B {written vertically: The gents came in the
even Sid Geo & Mr McCaffrey}
April. THURSDAY, 16. 1874.
X night
We fooled around in the forenoon went for a drive in the afternoon I wrote a couple of letters
at Bach Hall Martha & I took tea with Sid & washed up the dishes, got back to {written
vertically: Yorkville at 9 Oclock}
Mr & Mrs B went down to the City and left Martha and I to keep House I practiced a little &
made a couple of frills it snowed a little all day so we staid in the house
Martha & I called for Miss McCaffery afternoon and we went through the Lunatic Asylum, we
then walked through Yonge St got to Yorkville in time for Tea Mr McCaffery came in the
evening he {written vertically: showed me how to dance the highland Scottish
April. SUNDAY, 19. 1874
Sid, Martha, & I went to All Saints Church in the morning took dinner at Bach Hall. Martha & I
took Tea at Mr McCafferies We went through the Cemetry in the Afternoon Miss McCaffrey
was confirmed in St. Peters Church in the Evening we all went. I felt tired when {written
vertically: we got back to Yorkville}
Mr Bradley is packing up to go to 430 Yonge St. Sid came for me in the Afternoon to go to
the Depot to meet Miss Collins heard all Mt Forest news from her It rained very heavy. Addie
Leslie called in the Store She & I walked down St. for the sake of having a flirtation but
{written vertically: did not succeed}
We went in the Afternoon to meet Maggie Mackinzie the train did not come in till Six it should
have been in at 3:30. while waiting we went to the new Post Office. Maggie & her Pa came I
went to Yorkville on the car and took tea then came back & called with Sid {written vertically:
at the Church School MIss Buchan called in Sids store then we all called on Addie Leslie I
walked to Yorkville}
April. WEDNESDAY, 22. 1874.
I got up early and walked to 490 Yonge St Sid came with me to the School door I like the
school very well the girls are not as distant as I thought they would be. When I came home in
the even Martha was at Sids and {written vertically: our bedroom furniture moved so I wont
have to go back to Yorkville any more}
Mr Bradley finished moving today Miss Collins called after School and took me away throug
King & Yonge Streets She got an new Hat Martha, Sid, & I sang a little in the evening I like
this house very well took my first drawing lesson
I studied my Cathacism in bed I like school better every day I listened to them saying their
French today I remained near an hour after School to practice Calastantics
April. SATURDAY, 25. 1874.
I wrote the Forenoon & one thing or another Aftere dinner I dressed and Miss Addie Leslie
call for me to go and spend the afternoon with Mrs Harrison I{t} rained + Snowed so we took
the car home, had a very pleasant even
Martha & I "did'nt" go to Churth {Church} this morning the snow has melted into mud Geo &
Sid took dinner with Mrs Bradley Mr McCaffrey came in the afternoon we all went for a walk
before Tea then all went to the Metropolitan Church in the even it was crowded
For school again I got along very well Katie Pellett gave me her Album to write something in
it I spent most of the evening looking through it George came up and helped me with my
April. TUESDAY, 28. 1874.
Mrs Berwick, Miss Leslie, Miss Collins, Carrie Laizzar & Addie Leslie called after school they
kept calling till six O Clock so I did'nt have time to study my lessons afore Tea
After school I dressed to go to Mrs Berwicks for Tea Sid & I Mr Leslie was there, after I got
back to Mrs B. George & Mr McCaffrey was there got to bed 12 O C
Sid took me to the Philermonic Concert I wore my drab dress the hall was crowded they did
nothing but sing George came also Martha didnt
May. FRIDAY, 1. 1874.
I finished my first drawing today I practiced & read my History lesson. Martha went to
McCaffreys to spend the evening Mc came for her she wore her silk dress
Beautiful day A friend of Mrs Bradley came from Guelph to see her I took a bath while Mrs B
Miss B & Mrs Bothwell went to the university & Normal School &c
Sid & I went to all Saints in the forenoon & Holy Trinity in the evening Sid Geo & I took a long
walk in the Afternoon through the park & past the horticultural gardens beautiful day
May. MONDAY, 4. 1874.
School once more Mrs Bockwell was late for the train so we will have to sleep three in bed
tonight Mary Lamont called in the evening, Mr McCaffrey here in evening &c
I studied my lessons in bed this morning and commenced to crochet after school to pass the
time away. Geo came up in the evening &c
Miss Collins, Mrs Berwick & Bella Leslie called after school, Mrs B invited me to her place
tomorrow even McCaffrey & George were here in even I wrote home &c
May. THURSDAY 7. 1874.
I meant what I said yesterday for today that is the fruits of not writing every day I write on
Saturday for the whole week.
I got up early & went to the Depot with Sid After school Sid drove me around by the {Ivan's?}
Wharf & Garrison grounts I got to Mrs B at six O Clock she had four others besides me
We had a splendid time last night at Berwick, this morn Martha & I went down to the City I
got a pr of Kid gloves got an introduction to Mr {West?} in Georges store, I went to see Miss
Humpries with her Sam came over {written vertically: from St Cath Big fire in the city at night}
May. SUNDAY, 10. 1874
Miss Humpries called for me a few minutes before nine to go to hear Grissits Bible Class in
St James Church I remained for Church all took dinner with Mrs Brad took a walk through the
cemetry after dinner I did not go to Church in evening
Sam started for home this morning for a day I commenced another drawing, rec a letter from
Clara Forster with her intended's Photo Mr Leslie called for me and took me to Kings Theatre
Othello was played it was spendid
I went to School as usual Mr Harrie Leslie called in the afternoon Mrs & Miss B went down
City Sid Martha and I spent the evening at Mr McCaffries
May. WEDNESDAY, 13. 1874.
I went to the Depot before School with Sid to bid Addie Leslie good bye but were too late Mrs
Berwick came for me to go & get a hat I did'nt go to school in the afternoon I took Tea & staid
{written vertically: the evening at Mrs Berwicks Sam & Geo came after Tea we played Euchre
Ascension Day & a holiday for us poor school critters, Sid took me to Willow Dale 7 miles
going & 7 back, I dress in the afternoon & went to Miss Humpries to study up my Bible
Lesson Martha's Birthday aged 18. Sam & I went down King St after Tea had an intro to Mr
Allan {written vertically: We danced a little in the evening}
Saml Martha & Mr MCaffry went to Niagara Sam for St Caths the others for pleasure I went
out to do some shopping and staid at Mrs Berwicks for Tea had and intro'n to a Mr Manson
Miss Humpries was with me &c
May. SATURDAY, 16. 1874.
I practiced some and wrote in this book I[t] rained most all day Miss McCaffrey took Tea at
Mrs Bradleys Mrs Berwick called My went to Shebourne by mistake
I got up pretty early and got dressed by Bible Class I took a piece of bread & buter & started
Miss Humpries called coming from Church we got very wet it rained so heavy. I did not go
out again McCaffry for Tea
After School I studied my lessons & practiced some Sid & I went to St Stephens Church we
then called on Mr Edgar pleasant walk had a letter from Sam
May. TUESDAY, 19. 1874.
After School Miss Collins called she staid for Tea I rec a letter from Harrie with the news of
Annie Hewitt's marriage we went to Geo's store for a walk
Great talk & excitement about the examination in the School & going to try for medals I had a
good cry after school. Just a little homesick about getting my washing done troubles. Mr
McCaffrey & Lana Leslie came to spend the evening we {written vertically: played Euchre}
After school Martha & I went down King St I went to Shaver & Bells to get a hat from Miss
Jackson We went for Miss Macaffrey after Tea, to go with us to a woman that does hats over
I fell tired from walking so much
May. FRIDAY, 22. 1874.
I wore my hair up in a little nob to school to day, Wykham Hall grounds look beautiful I went
for a drive with Sid to some nursery for plants Sid & went to see Geo after Tea & Miss
Humpries Macaffrey & Martha on the door step
I packed my trunk & took a bath in the forenoon Sid drove me to the wharf in the afternoon
there was no one on the boat that I knew, I fell very tired when I got to St Caths Sam met me
at Pord {illegible} took Tea & staid all night at Mrs Bessies {written vertically: got a letter from
Alf & a present a pink tie from {Jim?} Clark new pair of Corsets}
I dressed up in my Purple silk & went to Methodist Church. We took Dinner with Hiram &
Martha Parkes, after Dinner we Sam & I walked to Homer saw Mr Parkes & Family took Tea
with Cousin Allie. Hannah was there & all the Children
May. MONDAY, 25. 1874.
I{t} rained very heavy about five oClock in the morning Mr Seymore and A Greenwood got up
a Picnic I thought it would be a failuir when I saw the {rain} but we went and had good time
took Tea at Mrs Bessey's stayed all night at Mrs Brownlees
after Breakfast I prepared to start for Toronto, I had a Gent that went over on Saturday, back
with me I made my self acquainted I was not the least bit sick. Sid & Mr Welsh met me rev
Mr Brawl called Mr McCaffrey call in afternoon
I went to school & after School went over to Miss Humpries to learn a crochet pattern and
study my History lesson Mr McCaffrey took Martha & I for row on the Bay in the evening and
treated us to Ice cream after &c
May. THURSDAY, 28. 1874.
Miss Humpries called in the evening and She Sid & I went down St I took some fearful
medicine worse tasted than {lenna?} & salts. Mr McCaffrey courting Martha
I went to School this morning but I did not feel very well so I came home and went to bed Mr
Caffrey & Martha went fishing Mr Leslie came and took me for a drive in a covered carriage
then Mrs B & I went to {Leslieville?} through the {written vertically: nurseries Mr Forster &
Lucy came to see us Sid & I walked to the {Hinerican?} Hotel to call on them but they were
out I have the sick girl &}
I got up pretty late Mr Forster & Lucy called pretty early Lucy called to see Maggie
Mackenzie I went to see the market & called on Miss Jackson I came home took dinner and
wrote to Sam & Clara &c Miss Collins called and we went to the northern depot to see Mr
May. SUNDAY, 31. 1874.
I did'nt go to Bible Class this morning But was all ready for church when it commenced to
rain very heavy. I went for a walk through the Horticultural gardens And went to St Lukes
church in the evening very warm day
After Tea Martha & I went to McCaffres and got Miss Mc to go with us I got my Hat after I got
back Mrs Dr Elliott & Mr Pierce called on me McCaffrey staid for a while
Sid went to the Depot to meet Mr Brooke. Martha McCaffrey & I went for a trip to the Lake on
the schooner or vessel very plesant time Mr Brooke called in the evening he is a jolly little
fellow had us roaring laughing all the time
June. WEDNESDAY 3. 1874
I did not see Mr Brooke during the day he did not come up in hte evening Mr Sam Leslie
came through and McCaffrey, Mr L. asked me for a ride on horseback on Friday evening
I got up at 1/2 past six Mr Brooke took breakfast with us he left on the boat I got facing for my
riding Habit Uncle Thomas called to see us in the evening I went over to see Miss {H-?}
very warm day Rev Baldwin called on me, after Tea I put on my Habit so to be ready in time
Mr Leslie came along about eight O C {o'clock} I enjoyed the ride very much McCaffrey &
Martha {walked?}
June. SATURDAY, 6. 1874.
I got up early and after breakfast went to work & washed a white skirt made a Jelley cake, &
{Lily?} Cake had dinner took a bath ironed my skirt went over to Miss Humpries after Tea
staid until after ten
I got up early to go to Bible class at 9 A M but it rained so heavy I did not go I went to All
Saints, Cos Willie & an New York swell took {dinner?} with us at Mrs Bradleys, Sid Geo & I
went to St. Lukes Church took a walk afterwards
They commenced the written examinations to day I could not join in them so I did not go to
school in forenoon Mr {Payntz?} called but I did not see him, I dressed after school went to
Geo store after Tea Sid & I went for walk & had quite a chat with {written vertically: J Brown
in George's store}
June. TUESDAY 9. 1874
Mr Poyntz called to day from Orangeville I did not have the pleasure of seeing him as I was
at dinner when he called. Sid & I walked down to Georges Store I had quite a chat with Mr
Brown we four went for a walk
I went to spend the evening with Miss Humperies but she was not home. Sid & I went to
George Mr Sam Leslie called he asked me to go for a ride next Friday even but I prefer to go
to church we Sid & I went to bid Mrs McCaffrey good bye {written vertically: {one line
obscured} the states tomorrow morning}
I went to school in the morning but did not go in afternoon I went over to Miss Humpries and
brought her to Mrs B. for Tea I wrote to Lizzie and got Geo to write to W J Clark
June. FRIDAY, 12. 1874
I did not get up very early this morn had to fly around to be ready in time for School I took this
book to school & put all the girls names in it Mr Leslie came up in the evening wanted me to
go to the opera but I thought it was {written vertically: too cold he staid until after ten I thought
he would nevery leave}
I got up pretty early, had breakfast and wrote a letter to Sarah Green then Miss Humphries
called & we went down King St. I called to get Miss Jackson trim my Hat got home in time for
dinner Miss Collins & Miss Bell called on me Miss C. took tea & spent {written vertically: Miss
Howall from Guelph came to visit Mrs Bradley She Mrs Caffrey & Martha went Bathing Miss
C & I were walking} {written upside down: the evening got an new pair of boots}
Got up & went to Bible class wore my purple Silk staid for service at the Cathedral I read my
library all the afternoon Geo & I walked away off two miles to St Mattias Church to hear Rev
Harrisons preache Harrie Leslie came a little way home with us
June MONDAY, 15. 1874
I went to School I enjoyed a nice little lecture from Mrs Thompson on the Questions of
Church Scripture History, I was to have gont to take tea with Mrs Berwick but {written
vertically: It rained I went over to Miss Humpries & did up her hair for her to go to a party}
I was to have gone to the Cathedral this morning but it rained the Synod was opened all the
{Church?} school girls were to go It rained most all day, Mrs Sanders & Gussie Forster called
on me She didnt {written vertically: look very {Bredish?} looking Sid George & I returned her
call at the American Hotel in the evening}
I went to school in the forenoon after dinner Sid Martha & I went to Weston did not get back
till Seven in the evening Mr. Sam Leslie called to aske me to go to the Opera but I did not
care to go I went to a missionary meeting at the Cathedral with Sid & F. Brown
June. THURSDAY, 18. 1874
Papa came on the train yesterday I got up early this morning & dressed to go to the depot
thinking Pa was going home but he did not go Saw A number of Miss Ryes children she
was'nt up drove around the city a little Mrs Sanders husband & Gus {written vertically: called
in the afternoon also Mr Edgar & Susie Miss Collins came & staid for tea we took a walk
down to King St}
I went to school in forenoon dressed up after dinner in my purple silk intended going through
the University but it was closed I took tea at Mr McCaffrey's went to the Opera in the evening
while there Sam came in from St Kits I enjoyed the Opera very much
Mr McCaffrey & Miss Skinner made a morning call I dressed & went over to see Miss
Humpries & paid a couple of dollars I owed her I walked to King with Miss H Sam & I called
on Miss Jackson he treated me to Ice cream got a cap for Mama from Miss F
June. SUNDAY, 21. 1874
I got up & dressed for Bible class & called for Miss H but she had gone so I turned back Sid,
Geo, Sam & I went to Church of Redeemer to hear Mr Mackenzie preach he was down to the
Synod, J Brown took tea at Mrs B's I went to St Peters Church
Sid & Geo left for Rockwood this morning to a reunion at the Academy & from there home I
did not go to School sewed all the forenoon & dressed & went to see Miss H She came back
to Mrs Bs with me. Mr S Leslie called presented me with a riding whip, Sam & I called at Mrs
Berwicks on the evening met Miss Poyntz & Mr Manson
I got up this morning at 3.30 so much excited bout going home I had Bella Leslie to
Orangeville & Mr & Mrs McMullen & two children no one met me at the Depot not expecting
me I walked over to Lizzies
June WEDNESDAY, 24. 1874
I got up & helped & talked to Ma all day I took a bath & went to Church in the evening shook
hands with a great many as Geo & I walked up street before service I walked home with
Mrs Perry called for a Miss Rye girl she looks very well. Harrie White from near Arthur took
dinner with us I made a Lily cake befor Tea afterwards I dressed to go up Town but did not
go Alf & Bob Clark came down we played Euchre
we were to have had a grand fishing party to day but it rained I went for a long drive with
Harrie in the Afternoon I went up Town after Tea called at Lizzies got Lemon Pie from her
MCoyne Miss Bird & the boys & I demolished it
June. SATURDAY, 27. 1874
I made some pies & biscuit in the forenoon I dressed after dinner & MCoyne Maggie & Lily
Geo, Sid & I all went to Hastings Sakes for a drive had a very plesant time shook Hands with
Mr {Colclengh?} &c
I went to Church in morning Sid, Geo & I took dinner with Lizzie it is a very warm day I went
to S.S. took Tea at home I went to church in the evening I wrote a letter to Miss Humpries
Robt came out from Ayton
our fishing party I got up & made two lemon pies & ironed my {pink?} dress to wear Jonah
Green & Sarah drove up from Arthur I drove to the grounds with Rev McNeil I had a
magnificent time never enjoyed myself better Rev was very nice all day also Jonah {written
vertically on left side: had an introduction to Mr Manning Bank Clerk} {written vertically on
right side Maggie Lily Sarah & Jonah took Tea at our place}
June. TUESDAY, 30. 1874
I dipped into the water twice yesterday & got my feet wet I have a slight cold today George
left for Toronto this morning I sewed some & one thing or another & dressed & went up town
with Sid to Lizzies
Dominion Day. I switched around in the morning & went up town came back to dinner &
spent the Afternoon driving around I took Tea with Lizzie also Harrie, Aunt Jane, & Agnes
Dulmage I came home after tea Chris Suthhill Alf & Mrs Came down to have some
Circus Day, I was busy until 10 P.M. then I went up town with Harrie & Sid expecting to see
the procession but there was none Lizzie came & took dinner & spent the day with us Harkie
took Tea we expected Agnes & Aunt Jane but they did not come till after Tea Sid & I called at
Rev Mackenzie
July. FRIDAY 3. 1874
I fixed up my trunk in some kind of order & read some old letters I braided some. Robinson
Gardner has a Picnic for his scholars Alf came down, in evening fearful lightenining &
Thunder it frightened us in from the front door
I got up & meaded the bread & made buns I took a delicious bath before dinner I picked
some strawberries & preserved them & made some patty pancakes I dressed after Tea &
went up town with Harrie
I went to the the Auld Kirk to hear Rev Mr McNeill preach Harrie & I. He gets excited when
delivering his sermon Two much for my fancy. We had green peas for dinner first time, I did
not goto S.S; I went to Church in evening though
July. MONDAY, 6. 1974
Jeannie Lamont came to make a black Grenadine overskit & waist for me I fixed the frills
different on my babtist dress. Maggie Lily & Mary Coyne came down on the evening to call
but I got them to stay & have some strawberries Mr McNeill also came we had a nice time
Stawberries & cream music singing &c
I got up very early this morning & was up town by seven O.C. with Harrie Jeannie is still
sewing Rev McNeill has a Picnic to day, out at Woodland Chapel Harrie & I intend going, it
poured rain between 12 & 1. PM we thought it would spoil the Picnic but it did not we went
The Picnic yesterday was not quite a success as a heavy shower of rain sent us home pretty
early Mr McNeill came home in our democrat we went into a barn out of the rain one of Cows
died the think she was struck with lightening last night
July. THURSDAY, 9. 1874
I got up pretty early & wrote a long letter to Miss Collins. I ironed in the forenoon Aunt Jane &
Miss Walker are here I dressed after dinner and went up to Coynes as the Sewing Society
met there, and to Tea there A social to held in the evening there I went over to Lizzies &
dressed for it wore my silk skirt black
The social at Coynes was a grand success last night I enjoyed myself very much they had
dancing of course, staid till 2:35 there is a picnic at North Arthur to day Harrie & a great many
other church people went I wrote to Geo Clark Geo {written vertically: and mix {the?}
I did not get up in time for breakfast this morning I made some sponge cakes in the forenoon
I went to Lizzies to Tea two Miss Godfreys were there Miss Whelpley, Laura Jake & Nat
came after Tea we all went down street had several treats Candy {written vertically: corn
cherries &c Lizzie had Ice Cream for us}
July. SUNDAY, 12. 1874
I went to Church in the morning & S School we decided about having the Picnic, I did not go
to Church in the evening it looked like rain I was sorry afterwards for there was a number of
strangers there Harrie Scott among them Rob Clark & Lizzie Yeomans for Tea
I swept & dusted in the forenoon and took a bath David Yeomans came down after dinner &
invited me up to the there place for Tea the Cherries are almost ripe Mrs McMullen Mrs
McLaren, Kate & Polly Emily & Ella Stevenson, Maggie & S. S. all took tea with they came to
call & we kept them for I had a bid {written vertically: to Tea at Mrs David Yeomans but could
not get away we all went for a drive after Tea}
Lizzies boy came down with an invitation from her to go to Tea rec a note from Mr Colelingh
go to Arthur to the Concert accepted it called on Mrs D Yeomans on my way to Lizzies Mifs T
& B Leslie were there from Orangeville & a host of others Susie Colson Mr Coyne & married
{written vertically: people we had Ice Cream they all took tea there}
July. WEDNESDAY, 15. 1874
I felt very layzy all the morning I ate too much Ice Cream last night bad for my health I got the
lace curtains up in spare bed room & fixed it all up nice, then I was dressed & was ready to
go to Arthur at four O.C. Willie {Colelengh?} he had a nice covered carriage & fast horse &
was very sweet he told me how he loved me {fortune?} & all this kind of thing wanted to kiss
me good night but I could not see the point. I listened to him pouring out his love but did not
accept it
I did not arise in time for breakfast as it was two O.C. when I went to bed last night I ironed
my linen dress & front {polonise?} Mrs MacMullen came down withe & invitation to go to her
place to Tea Harrie & I there was a great many there 26 Willie Colclengh of course, he drove
me home I tryed to keep a continued talk so he would not mention {written vertically:
{illegible} conversation he tried to a couple times but I turned it off so nicely he could not
I got up in time for Breakfast I made some Cookies & packed my trunk in the forenoon
Jeannie {?} is still sewing I dressed & went up town to make some calls took Tea at Lizzies &
walked home & dressed for Mrs McLarene Party she had a very nice crowd Mr McNeill &
W.C. but I was two tired to enjoy myself much we danced {written vertically: She got up a
splendid supper}
July. SATURDAY, 18. 1874
I did not feel much inclined but I did get up at Six O.C. this morning to leave home once
more, Harrie drove me to Harriston & we were there an hour & a half to soon, Sam met me at
St Caths & Took me to Martha Parkes to stay I had tea & talked met Mr Height
I felt very tired all day, I didnt go to Church, Sam & I took dinner at Mrs Besseys & Tea then
we walked up to see Pillie then I came back to Marthas and staid all night it was very warm
all day long
George Clark came up to see us Sam Martha & I all walked up Town & Mrs Bessey while
there we made up our mind to go to Thorold As I did not go this trip with George we took
dinner wtih Mrs J. Parkes they are a very nice couple we got home before Tea Sam & I took
a walk {written vertically: around to the Stevenson house had Ice Cream}
July. TUESDAY, 21. 1874
Mr & Mrs J Parkes called before Martha & I had breakfast I went to Market with Martha then
went to Mrs Besseys & took dinner A {Min-?} & his wife & Sam were all there I went down to
Hannahs on the Stage in the afternoon, took tea with Allie
At Hannahs after breakfast I helped Allie wipe dishes, Robt Called I made thee {three} apple
pies for dinner I called at Peters & Mr Parkes and wrote to Mama I saw Kate Hathaway ang
{and} Jemmie Lambert
I got up early this morning & went up town with Lambert Martha & I dressed & went to Sams
store we went to Welland to visit Miss Crow got there in time for dinner they are a nice family
& have a nice place after dinner we went & had Ice Cream
July. FRIDAY 24. 1874
We started for St Caths this morn at 8.20 Mr Chancy Crow drove us to the Depo with a
covered rig & a span of horses, we staid at Thorold took dinner had Ice Cream we got back
to Marthas at two OC. on stage I went to Mrs Brownlies to Tea & staid all night Sid came
over from Toronto
I got up pretty early this morning I helped Mrs B in the forenoon I went to Market with her and
made some pies I bought 8 yds of drab lawn for a skirt I went to Homer after Tea with Cousin
Allie staid all night at {Timmies?}
no church in Homer until afternoon I{t} rained a few nice heavy showers I went to Church in
afternoon & evening Sid & Sam came down & took Tea with Hannah & walked Home after I
staid all night
July. MONDAY, 27. 1874.
I got up this morning at 7 O.C. and drove up to Mrs Brownlees with George Cole in time for
Breakfast I went over to Sams store sat down & wrote a letter to Martha Bradley while there
Sid starts for Toronto I went to Mrs Besseys to help make my dress {written vertically:
{illegible} came in the afternoon Went home with her & staid all night}
I was very sick this morning at four O.C. but was all right in a couple of hours, It {rained}
steady all day so that I could not go to Mrs Besseys, but Mrs B & I went in the evening I staid
all night there
I came up town called Martha Darkes we did some shopping Martha treated to Ice cream I
wrote to M. Crowe I took dinner at Mrs Besseys for a wonder Mr & Mrs {Br-?} drove us to
Homer Allie Mrs B. & I took Tea at Hannahs I staid all {illegible} {written vertically: Mrs B
home I gave a babtiste Polonaise to Lina Church to be made}
July. THURSDAY, 30. 1874
I helped Hannah bake a little & put the side pleating on my linen Skirt, word came from Town
that Geo Clark had arrived so I went up on the stage but Geo had started for Montreal did not
stay but 20 minits I took dinner at Mrs Besseys, Lizzie, Lillie & Bob Martin all came on this
evening train & after Tea I walked up to Sams Store with Bob Martin it sprinkled rain so I
staid at Mrs Brownlees all night
I made Jelley cake & some pattie pans for Mrs Brownleeand some other chores and after
dinner I walked over to tell Sam I would not go to Port Dalhousie to the Picnic felt tired I went
to Mrs Besseys for Tea & staid all night Lizzie felt tired
August. SATURDAY, 1.
Mrs Charlie drove up in the morning & took Lizzie to Homer Mrs Bessey & I walked after
dinner we called at Mr Lakes All took Tea with Allie I staid with her all night She drove Lizzie
& Mrs Bessey home I read a storey book
August. SUNDAY, 2. 1874,
After Breakfast I read a little while then Allie Lizzie & [I] went to see some sick {wom?} I went
to Hannahs for dinner Sam came down & John Smith? & some ugly Yankee fellow with him
after dinner Sam & I {went?} through the Cemetry & then to {Mrs B-?} {written vertically:
{illegible} Brownlees & staid all night}
I got up at five O Clock and helped Lewis wash I had a great lot of clothes so I thought had
better help & dressed before dinner & went to Homer on the stage took at Lamberts Allie
Bossen & I Allie drove us home we called on Pillie
I slept with Mrs Bossey last night Mr B being away Sam came after we had breakfast I went
up to Mrs Brownlees to help iron {but?} Lewie had all most done I staid [all] day & darned my
stockings & other sewing played some
August. WEDNESDAY, 5. 1874
Mrs Brownlee started for Strathroy to see her sister I packed up & had my trunk brought to
Mrs Besseys Emma Allen came about 2.) P.M. had dinner after Tea She & I walked up to
Brook & Smiths we went to the Stevenson House & looked at them {written vertically:
dancing Sam was there}
Emma & I got up at {4?} ). had breakfast at Mrs Besseys Sam came with a Livery rig & drove
Emma around a little then he & I went to Homer we came up & I went on the stage to the
welland Canal & got on board the Scotia & had dinner the we came as far as Thorold &
Lizzie & Emma got on they took dinner at Mrs J Parkes
We had beautiful weather I slept pretty well last night but it got a little rough this morning I
could hardly dress myself with the packing of the boat I did not get sick Lizzie & Emma went
a little sick we were up early looking around we reached where a couple of passengg
August. SATURDAY, 8. 1874
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August. TUESDAY, 11. 1874
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August. FRIDAY, 14. 1874
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August. MONDAY, 17. 1874
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August. THURSDAY, 20. 1874
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August. SUNDAY, 23. 1874
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August. WEDNESDAY, 26. 1874
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August. SATURDAY, 29. 1874
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September. TUESDAY, 1. 1874
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September. FRIDAY, 4. 1874
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September. MONDAY, 7. 1874
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September. THURSDAY, 10. 1874
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{No entry}
September. SUNDAY, 13. 1874
I got up early and helped get the breakfast made, I made a Queens Pudding All the folks
went to Church Mary & the Baby looked charming, Billie
I swept & dusted in the forenoon I dressed in the afternoon We expect Sam from St Caths
this afternoon for the purpose of being Groomsman for Tom. Bush fires raging all around
fearful smoke
I went up town in the after noon with Harrie walked over to Lizzies & got Laura to come over
to the C {H-?} took tea there when I got home Mrs B & Hannah had returned from Ayton
September. WEDNESDAY, 16. 1874.
Tom Clarke was united in matrimony this morning I got up early & dressed in my Purple Silk
Alf came for me to go to Buchans Jennet wore grey dress looked very nice Aggie {Harper?}
while P Dunbar was to have been {written vertically: Bridesmaid but her little brother died
yesterday after the sumptious Breakfast we saw the happy pair to the Depot I made some
Jelley when I got to house}
Mrs Bessey Hannah & I all took Tea at the C House also Laura Yeomans it rained very
heavy so we did not invite the guests for the paity to see if it will be fine Toomrrow
I Busy preparing for the Party this evening at the White House I worked all day long Mrs
Dolmage Aunt Jane Mrs B & Hannah all for Dinner made more work the Carpet is {&?} the
Dining {written vertically: Room for a dance}
September. SATURDAY, 19. 1874.
I feel a little bit tired this morning the party was quite a success Mr McNeill left before Supper
the rest staid until after 3 O Clock we finished with {illegible} Hiland Shottische
Mrs Bessey & I stayed home from Church Hannah Ma & Papa went They all went to Uncle
Thomase to dinner I went to SS & Churc{h} went up to Lizzies after Mrs B & Han{nah} were
in be when I got back I was in bed an hour when G.G. & Billie came with bad news of Marys
death die{d} at 9 O.C. news by telegram
Mama Papa & Hanah & Mrs Bessey started for Ayton early this morning I staid home {loc?}
did not hear the cause of Mary's death Harrie & I drove out in the afternoon great crowd there
Mrs Bessey & I staid all night at Wydmeyer’s {Hold?}
September. TUESDAY, 22. 1874.
We got up and went to Roberts for breakfast Harrie & I started home after breakfast Mrs
Bessey & Mrs Appelby made the Shrowd the looked very nice when laid out we got home in
time for dinner
I was pretty busy in the forenoon Harrie & I took lunch at twelve & went as far as Uncle
Roberts to meet the funeral there was a very large funeral it reached from Uncle Toms a little
past the big tavern the church was full the corps was opened for friends to see then
proceeded to the Cemetry Mr Parks & Wife Mr Watson Mrs Bessey Hannah H Robert all took
dinner at the White House at four O.C.
I got up early and made Quaker Cake for Breakfast & meaded the Bread Mrs Bessey &
Hannah went to Lizzies to Dinner I drove them up I Ironed in the afternoon and made the
batter first I ever made I cooked a chicken for lunch for Mrs B & Hannah
September. FRIDAY, 25. 1874
I got up early this morning so as to get Mrs B & Hannah breakfast in time Jemmie drove
them to Harriston I Ironed some in the forenoon took a bath & went up town after took Tea at
C.H. Alf walked home with me I sewed the rest of the evening
I made Bread Buns, & Pies in the forenoon then Papa & I went to Ayton in the afternoon
there at 1/2past six after tea we talked awhile and went to bed the Baby is doing well Mama
& I slept together & Papa & Robt
Papa & Mama started for home after breakfast it was mean kind of a wet day I did not go out
any place to Church Mrs & Mr Langdale took Tea & spent the evening with us
September. MONDAY, 28. 1874
I went to work this morning and helped around they breakfast very late Harriet washed & Liza
& I did the work & minded the Baby I wrote to Emma Alleyn in the evening
We got the carpet of Bob Iron & the Parlor & made two straw tick into mattrasses got a
woman to white wash & got the two carpets on again I got the Tea ready Willie {Caleleag?}
called on me had quite a little chat after he left I dusted & moved al the things into the Parlor
Show day. Mifs Bowre & brother & sister took dinner with Robert best & three others I got
quite intimate with the younger Mifs Bowre & went out to see the things in the Hall but the
crowd was so large I could not get in they all took Tea with Bob after they all left {written
vertically: I felt pretty bored as Harriet was in bed all the afternoon with a sore eye I helped
with dinner & Tea}
October THURSDAY, 1. 1874
Bob came along and pouted us at 1/4 past 5 A.M. I got the breakfast ready had it most ready
when Harrie made her appearance we got the rest of the white washing done and the Dining
Room fixed up I washed out the Side Board & arranged all the Preserves in it
Robt had all the stoves put up this morning & I minded the baby looked around for dirty
dishes & {illegible} some dirty molasses & Hard I made biscuit for Tea Papa & Mama arrived
Just in time for tea. I got dinner ready Ma & I slept too
I did not make my appearance {my?} Breakfast was ready after which Papa & I took our
departure for home & left Mama We got home in time for dinner I made a Jelley cake & some
pattie pans and took a bath before Tea then walked up Town with {written vertically: Harrie}
October. SUNDAY, 4. 1874
I did not go to Church in the Morning nor SSchool I wrote to Ted & George instead Robert
came out in time for Tea Marys funeral sermon was preached this even, it was very well
delivered text 8 chap of Luke
After breakfast Robt left for Toronto I set some coffee cake and made some Cucumber
Caulie flower & Tomatoe mixed pickles in got dinner & let Maggie &Julia pick Potatoes I went
up town in Afternoon did not stay long called at Lizzies & drove up Harrie & played {written
vertically: chequirs and I wrote my litle diary}
I Baked Bread in the forenon after Dinner. Harrie drove the Democrat up with me & my bed &
washstand Jeannie the girl & I went to work & cut out a Leather tick for Alfs bed I have the
sewing machine up
October. WEDNESDAY, 7. 1874
Jeannie & I got to work at making the Carpet for the Parlor Charlie Gilles is papering the front
bed-room & Parlor it will look very well when finished
We are still working at the Carpets I wrote a letter to Mrs Bessey Alf & I went for a walk in the
Social a JC Wilkes this evening Billie is the only one of our family that went Alf & I playd
Checkers then went for a walk in the evening
October. SATURDAY, 10. 1874.
It rained most all day showers every little while Harrie came up town afternoon & I went
home with him I took a bath before Tea Harrie & I played Checkers
I did not go to Church in the morning but went in the evening it is very cold rained when we
were going home I went to the C House
{No entry}
October. TUESDAY, 13. 1874.
{No entry}
Alf & I went to Lizzies instead of going to Church to spend the evening with Laura before she
goes away
Alf & I got up early had Breakfast & went to the Depot to bid Laura Yeoman Good bye as she
leaves for Belleville quite a number out I called at Weltons shop and ordered some tinware
October. FRIDAY, 16. 1874
met Mr Manning I forget what transpired nothing unusual I guess
Jeannie went home with her Mother Just before Dinner to remain until tomorrow evening I
have all the work to do I made Bread & Buns lovely night Alf & I took a little
I went to Church both morning & evening & S School went home for Dinner walked over to
Harkies after Church
October. MONDAY, 19. 1874
Jeannie Lamot is here to day sewing making a new wrapper for me Harrie & Pa came up
from home & {brought?} my Melodeon & a table and I qr {quarter} of Beef we went for a little
walk in the evening lovely night I wrote to Sarah Green
Jeannie Lamont staid til after dinner then went to Mrs TT's I was sewing went for a walk as
Hair Day - I swept & dusted my room & the Parlor then Harrie came up & went home &
helped bake some for thrashing stayed home all night wrote a letter to Sid & rec one Alf
came down & we played a couple of games of Casino lovely night
October. THURSDAY, 22. 1874
I set Bread last night but I guess the cold got into it and was a Lalinr Harrie drove me up to
the CaH afternoon then I went to Mrs YGs to help sew some took tea then we all went to the
Missionary Meeting which was very good
Jeannie started of to the dentists in the forenoon I went to work & made Pumpkin pies Jennie
came back in time for Dinner I made Jelley cake & some pattie pans walked over to Lizzies
took Tea I got my new {game?} set {written vertically: Wm Colclengh called but was not in he
was in the shop afterwards}
I walked down home in the morning with Wm to assist Mama with getting Dinner as we have
the Trashers to day I walked up town after dinner Jeannie Lamont came about 3 PM to finish
my wrapper lovely day {{written vertically: Mifs Tuthill & M Coyne called & took me out for a
October. SUNDAY, 25. 1874
I did not go to chuch in the evening but staid all alone at the C.H. I read to pass the time
away, I went to SS then home Tea walked up to Church lovely moonlight night we went for a
little walk
X Lizzie came in the morning to select a dress I lost a couple of {illegible} with her Walked to
Mrs Lowries Jeannie Lamont came to finish my wrapper. we put the carpet on the on the
passage room, at head of {stairs?} Willie Colclengh called in the evening have a confidental
little chat --
I feel out of sorts a little to day after Dinner Alf & I walked home to let Mama go up to the
Thrashing and did not go I came back in time for {Dinner?} Jeannie Lamont came & staid all
night {written vertically: {illegible} called to invite Alf & I to a party to Mrs Winfields}
October. WEDNESDAY, 28. 1874
After Jeannie left I did some sewing then wrote two long letters one to Geo Clark & one to
Emma Alleyn After Dinner I rec a parcel by express, of my cloths from Toronto I dressed in
my Purple silk after Tea for the party we started at 1/2 past 8 the moon was just rising
I enjoyed myself very much last night we tryed to dance a little but the room was two small I
danced a set of Quadrille with H Calclengh & eight hand reel with me Clane I played Croquet
with Manning & Euchre went to Supper with W Calclen the saw me home. to day
thanksgiving day. I went to Church in the morning
{No entry}
October. SATURDAY, 31.
Jeannie Lamont finish my wrapper I took a bath as usual
November. SUNDAY, 1.
I went to Church in the morning but did not go in the evening I staid at the White House all
at the White House Mrs Stark died at 2 O.C. this morning with the gravel Mary Ann & Ann
are coming {from?} Chicago to the funeral. Billie came down to put the stove up I baked
considerable & tided up the Parlor & I slept very little last night fell out of {ilegible}
November. TUESDAY, 3. 1874
I swept & dusted and took a bath before dinner then came to the C.H.
I came up from home after dinner got the makings of an new dress went to Mrs TGs for
Jeannie Lamont to make it for me met Mary Cayne I had her come in to Tea & spend the
evening we went for a walk & played Casino had some music
Georgie Smith came down early & staid for Dinner she was on her way to Brussels Aunt
Jane came while we were at dinner Bilie got some new chairs I sewed with Jeannie till after
{written on the next page above Friday, 6: Social at Dr Eroyeds this evening}
November. FRIDAY, 6. 1874.
We are very busy at my dress {illegible} up a little before 7 O.C. to work at it and Wm is so
busy fixing the Curtains up Jeannie is blackleading the stove Mifs Tuthill called in the
morning I was baking at the time, Mifs Lauler & {illegible} Maggie came to Tea, played
Casino did not go to the Social until 9 O.C. {written vertically: {illegible} to go without the over
skirt after all we had a very nice time danced & played all sorts of games}
Jeannie staid to day to finish my dress, I sewed all day made a tik for my {bed?} or mattrass.
Lizzie Mrs Dr {Yeoman?} Laura & Hattie Whelpley all called in the evening I swept the sitting
room & tided up a little
I went to Church this morn wore my new dress I did not go to SS Harrie & I went to Uncle
Thomases instead we staid for Tea then Mo Lauler & Maggie came down to our Church staid
a while
November. MONDAY, 9. 1874.
I put my wrapper on this morning & went home to help Ma prepare for company cooked a
turkey and lots of cake Charlie Buchan & Tom called on their way fowling, Guests. John
Deacon Lizzie & Harkie Mary A Deacon Mrs Walker H Mrs Howe
Afternoon I went & asked Mary Coyne to Come to the White House for a walk & spend the
evening I saw Mr Manning in the Store & asked him to come after Tea Mifs Lauler & Maggie
were down we had an nice {written vertically: time I went up to CH after
I put on my wrapper & went over to Lizzies, I then went for Mary Coyne & we did some
shopping I then went & to help her with her wrapper. Alf & I went to Church but there was
none {written vertically: I got my hat up from Toronto}
November. THURSDAY, 12. 1874
Lizzie Laura Whelpley & Charlie all came to C.H. to spend {the?} day & make a quilt for
Lizzie I made a Rolly Polly Pudding for dinner Harkie took dinner with us had a very nice
{tea?} Mifs Lauler Maggie & Charlie all came & spent the {evening?}
I commenced taking Music We went to Uncle Thomas spent the evening Mr Manni{ng} &
Mary Cayne, Mr McLane & to Wm & Mifs Buchan we had a very pleasant time got home
befor 12
I went home with Wm this morning & staid all day baked some & swept & dusted I took a
Bath washed my Head, I read some in even Harrie drove me to CH
November. SUNDAY, 15. 1874
I went to Church in the morning then went home to dinner T.G. & Bob Clark were there for
Tea. I went to Church Mr McLane walked up with us, Alf & I went to Lizzies for walk & talk
I went over & invited Mrs T.G. to Harkies this evening, Lizzie has a family party in honor of
Harkies birth day, H.C. sent over a note saying he would come & have a game of Casino if I
was not otherwise engaged I called & told him I was going to Mrs L.H.
I swept the Parlor & my bedroom & dusted before I went to my Music Lesson I dont feel any
the worst of the Party last night as I left early & the others got wet by staing late as it rained
very heavy I rec a long letter & Photo from Geo went for a {written vertically: walk & play all
Casino in the evening}
November. WEDNESDAY, 18. 1874.
Fair day. Jeannie went to {have?} some teeth extracted I made Jelley Cake & rolley polly
Pudding Harrie White took dinner with {illegible} & Tea, I went to Church then walked home
with Harrie {&?} staid all night
I made some pies & tarts & a Jelley in the forenoon after Dinner I came the CH. Billie drove
me up to {his? word cut off} we were at Tea Mary Coyne called & {illegible} Alf & I to Mrs
Donelleys tomorrow evening went with her to invite the others {asking?} W.C. to come over &
have a game of {casino?} Mr Manning was in the store we asked {illegible} {written vertically:
{illegible} cake & wine after playing 5 hand Game of Casino Lovely moonlight night}
we had quite a fall of snow {last?} night, I went to my Music Lesson found the snow got
around my stockings considerable After Dinner I dressed up & waited {for?} Mary Coyne to
call for me to got Mrs Donelleys to tea & spend the {evening?} we walked the snow blowing
November. SATURDAY, 21. 1874.
We had a very pleasant evening We played Casino, Euchre, & Old maid had an Oyster
Supper, Gents that were there were Mr Manning, Mr McTavish, {Mr?} Colclengh, Alf & W.
Kilgour, Ladies Mrs Walker Mifs Goodfall Mary & {G?}.W.C. saw me home I made tarts &
cake & Biscuit in morning Billie is putting an new stair carpet on
I went to Church in the morning & sported my new Hat, went home to Dinner Aunt Jane &
Uncle Tom came down in the afternoon & went to evening service I drove the boys walked
Mr McTavish & I happen to go in at the same time Mary Coyne {written vertically: would think
I was trying to cut her out he walked home with Alf & I}
It rained very heavy during the night & is very sloppy this morning Mama started for Toronto
in company with Mrs Whepley & Granma Yeomans I went out on the Bus to see them off, I
wrote a letter to George Smith and Addie Leslie, and played Casino Jeannie Lamont &
Jeannie Smith were in
November. TUESDAY, 24. 1874.
the snow is very deep this {morning?} I was up to my knees going round the corner to my
music lesson I {present?} an hour in the forenoon Harrie was {illegible} I intended going
home with him {but?} he went without me Jeannie Smith {was?} in for a while I had quite a
chat {with?} Mr Manning in the store we played {Casino?}
Harrie was up Town this morn with Horse & cutter before I was up. after Breakfast I went
home with him Maggie had bread already to put on the pans it was beautiful when baked
made some buns Jelley Cake Sponge Cake & Patie pans harrie & I played Casino
Harrie drove me up to the C House directly after Breakfast lovely {morning?} for a drive they
were at Breakfast {when?} I got home
November. FRIDAY, 27. 1874.
I went to my Music Lesson
I was sewing during the day Jennie Lamont called paid her two dollars for her work Jennie
Smith called we had some singing I had a chat with McLane & Manning in the store
Billie & I started for Mr McNeils Church but their was no service we went on to our own
fearful stormy Morning Snowing we went to Lizzies for dinner Mr Lewes was there I staid till
after Tea went to Church in even snow awful {Mifs?} Lily & Arthur called after Church
November. MONDAY, 30. 1874.
Cold morning I intended going {to?} Lizzies but Christopher Tuthill came to dinner & I went
after Lizzie mixed up Mrs Drs & my & {h-?} own Xmas cakes I came home made Biscuit for
for Tea H.C. over on even to ask me to go to Assemble with him I said I {would?} {written
vertically: {illegible} Alf I was saying Harrie called we played Casino
December. TUESDAY, 1.
I went to my Music in Morn sent Mama her dress & Jennie Smith called for awhile I made
cornstarch cake & pies got an new stove in the dining room I went for a drive with Manning &
Mary Coyne played Casino
Billie is White washing I got to work at a pair of horse {blank?} for Harrie stained one then
walked down home took dinner then drove up town & called for Lizzie we went out calling.
Went to Church in the evening & wrote to Geo Clark & Sid
December. THURSDAY, 3. 1874.
Tom took breakfast with us I made a Jelley Cake & patty pans tided up a little up stairs I went
with Lily & Mary Coyne to the {Towing?} {Lily?} to Mrs Dr Elliots, Mary took Tea with me got a
note from H.C. want to know if he could see me to the assembly I said yes like a goose then
changed my {written vertically: mind sent over a note asking to take back the yes Mifs Lauler
& {Cas?} Mary it came then I was sorry I did not have him come}
Mifs Lauler & Maggie stayed all night we did not get up early the assembly was very nice I
just wore my slate colored dress, We went for a walk after Breakfast & Billie got a livery rig &
we went driving for a while we took Tea & spent the evening at Lizzies the {Mifes?} Casfords
were there {&?} Lane Manning & Enock Wm Manning saw me home
Billie drove Mifs Lauler to Clifford Maggie went home after dinner I went home & mixed 14
lbs butter and other things Harrie drove me up after Tea Mrs T Clark called for awhile
December. SUNDAY, 6. 1874.
I went to Church in the {Morn?} saw the Hon McDougalls daughter went home for dinner Had
chickens & Queens pudding I went to evening Service read some in before bed
Jeannie ironed in the morn I swept & dusted & made the bed we had two centry folks for
dinner I dressed afer dinner Jennie went to Armstrongs to sleep we played a couple of
games of casino
I got up and mixed Bread got the Breakfast ready Jennie came along when Break was over
she washed the dishes I went to my Music Lesson When I came back I had to get dinner
ready unexpected I had four for dinner Chris Tuthill & three others {written vertically: Susie
Mac came and invited Billie Alf & I to a party this evening guess we will go}
December. WEDNESDAY, 9. 1874.
I got up at 8 O.C got Breakfast ready by 1/4 paste I enjoyed myself very much at the party.
W.C. was there but he merely bowed did not speak, I went down to supper with Mr McLaren
Hardware & McLane saw me home. I went to Church this evening Manning & M Coyne were
X I Baked a Cocanut Jelley cake and pies & pudding & stewed apples dressed after dinner &
went over to Lizzies fixed Pocket handkerchief cases for stitching came home to get Tea had
R Holton & wife Mrs Clark called. & Mrs J Colclengh while I was out called
I was very busy in the forenoon Mrs T Clark called for me in the afternoon we made 5 or six
calls we did a little shopping then Mifs Buchan Ton & Jennet all took tea with me at C House
we plad Casino had apples & nuts
December. SATURDAY, 12. 1874.
I opened a Turkey & stuffed it and several other things Lily & M Coyne called to tell me to
Bake for Bazzar Harrie came & took Tea with us at C.H. then I went to Ayton with him did not
feel cold
I went to Church with nans cap on Harriet got us up a splendid dinner Goose & Plumb
Pudding we got home to the White House for Tea I went to Church
Mike Ryan took dinner with us we had a Turkey I went over to Mrs L Hs & Cousin Maggie
called for me to go with her to ask Jennie {Lamouf?} to sew for her I drove down to her place
very cold I took Tea {written vertically: with Lizzie}
December. TUESDAY, 15. 1874.
I went to my Music lesson & had dinner a little befor 12 and went to Lizzies and she helped
me with pocket handkerchiefs cases I am making for the Bazzar I sat up late & finished them
Bazzar day & Fair day & Laura Yeomans wedding day I made Johny Cake for Breakfast I
went to the Bazzar had dinner there & was saleswoman Sam & Mama came home
unexpectedly Mifs Bowie called on me the Social was not very successful
I baked some & was busy all day then in the evening I dressed & went to the Assembly with
Sam we had a gay time I danced everlastingly We got three new pictures in our little CH,
December. FRIDAY, 18. 1874.
I went to my Music but Mifs W not home Sam & I drove home & back again in the afternoon I
had Lily Macking for Tea expected E Dunbar M Coyne Mifs McDermid but they did not come
but all came in the evening to make Bags for Xmas tree also Mr McLane & B Dunbar. we had
Cake & apples
After dinner I went home and Lizzie & Sam I remained and came back I made Jelley cake &
patty pans came to C.H for Tea B Dunbar called to invite me for a drive on Xmas I took a
bath {S-?} & I went for a little drive
I went to Church in the Morning went home to Dinner Enock came to Tea & Bob Clark Enock
told us that W Colten was very sick with Fever I went to E{ve?} Service saw the Brde Mrs
Ross formerly Mifs Hogle large Congregat
December. MONDAY, 21. 1874.
I did not sleep well last night was up at half past two & 5 O.C. thinking it was morning Mrs
Gagen came to wash for me I was busy all day, Sam Billie & I all took Tea with Mrs {S?}
Clark at Buchans every thing very nice we left before nine to go to decorate the Church
home with Tuthill
I went to my Music Lesson then got dinner read and folded up some of the cloths and was
commencing to Iron where Sam took me off to the Depot to Meet Maggie Mack, but she did
not come so we changed {ladies?} Sam took Lily & I went with Arthur I made Jelley cake
after Sams & I took tea down home I made Biscuit for Tea {written vertically: We all went to
help Decorate the Church then went for the Depot and met E Stevenson Maggie Mifs Adams
there Mifs Bell had a great time Kissing}
After I got things straightned {illegible} I commenced Ironing Mama & Sam took Dinner had
Chicken & Cottage Pudding I fixed a goose after Dinner & made a Jelley cake took a bath
dressed and called with Sam on Emily Stevenson, called on Mrs LH then took Tea at the
C.H. went to the Parsonage to help cut cake for Festival I brought 2 Jelley {written vertically:
cakes the Festival went}
December. THURSDAY, 24. 1874.
I did not feel like getting up very early this Morning I have a bad cold after I had Breakfast &
made the beds, Sam drove me home to prepare Plumb Pudding & Turket Mama came to
Canada House in my black I came back before Tea went out after
Xmas Morn, we got up pretty late We all went to Church from C.H. Sam Alf Billie & I Lizzie
Harkie, Robt & Aunt Jane took Xmas dinner with us at home Bob Dunbar took me for a drive
to Durham with a single cutter & span of {horses?} a gay rig. Charlie Buchan & Polly went Mr
Sam Tuthill & Mr don't know his name McLane was tight we {written vertically: took Tea had
a game of Euchre and got home 1/2 past nine}
I was busy all day Mrs M Fayden & Mrs Elliot called also Mrs Stark & Ann to say good bye as
the start for Chicago next Tuesday H. Quesic took dinner with us Jennie Smith took Tea
Maggie Lily Mary Mr Manning Enock all came to spend the evening & practice {written
vertically: {L-?} for the Assembly}
December. SUNDAY, 27. 1874.
I went to {CH?} Mr McNeils Church Stevenson preached in our Church six of us went to hear
his reverence all home for Dinner I did not go to Church in the evening
I got up pretty early made a Johny cake for Breakfast After dinner I went to Glanville gave M
A Orr orders to make me a frill for to wear to the Masonic Social this evening I went & had a
chat with Lizzie Mifs Collins called
I enjoyed myself pretty {mudling?} last evening Sarah Green & Marie were there I wore my
Purple Silk new Frill which looked very nice I had an Introduction to Mr Ross Mifs Hogles
Husband we got home a 2 O. Clock Grand Assembly this evening {written vertically: in the
new Town Hall a kind of half dress affair I wore my black grenadine Overskirt & waist &
{shiff?} skirt I enjoyed myself very much
December. WEDNESDAY, 30. 1874.
Sam left this morning for Toronto, We supplied refreshments for the Assembly last night so I
had four dozen Coffee cups to wipe Mrs Wilson called to invite us to her House this evening
to a party, I had a great time with the Pastor stove I made a Jelley Cake & Pies after Tea I
did not go to the Party too tired
Wm went to Mrs Wm last night & is nearly played out I took a walk over to Lizzies after noon
She combed my Hair for me for the purpose of attending Mrs Dr Elliotts grand Party tonight
New Years eve I wore my silk skirt & Grenadine overskirt waist frill & George came home on
the afternoon train Just in time for the
party it was a full dress affair Mary Coyne was the only one that had on low neck she wore
her Tarlatan Ball dress looped up over her Blue silk skirt & low Blue waist Maggie Mackenzie
wore all white Lily wore over a silk skirt, Mrs McNeill wore white trimmed with blue. Mrs
McMullen wore Blue Silk suit Mrs T Clark wore her garnet silk Mrs Wilson wore lovely Grey
Irish Poplin Mifs McLaren wore black Silk Mifs McDermid wore a mixture of Tarlatan & Blue
Poplin Polly Dunbar wore gray like Jeannets
wedding dress Kate wore Black Grenadine overskirt & waist Mrs Ross Brown silk Mrs Dr
Yeomans black silk Mrs McLaren grey silk Mrs Sherwood Blue silk Mrs Dall Purple Silk Mifs
Bells Black trimms with green tarlatan Jane Whte overskirt & waist four Guests were there
from Toronto Mr & Mrs Henderson of the firm of Henderson & Bostwick and there daughter &
son in law Mrs Moyer she was dressed handsome in drab silk two shades all the ladies had
on white Kids Mr Manning was the only Gent with a Swallow tailed coat Supper was served
up stairs I went with B Dunbar
to supper.
Mifs Myres - Trenton
Mifs Ada Wilcox - New York
Mifs E Block - Toronto
Mifs C Trotter - Toronto
Mifs K & M Blak Pellat - {Toronto?}
Mifs Pieres 2. Toronto
Mifs Platt Toronto
Mifs Slater - Ottaway
- Mifses Keliees - Ottaway
Mifs Roe - New Market
two Mifs Powells, New York
Mifs De Grassay - {Lyndsay?}
Three Mifs Scotts
Two Mifs Spratts - Toronto
Mifs Lousia Lewis " "
Mifs Lizzie Boyd " "
Hattie Tord " "
Mifs Maggie Smith - Bomanville
Maggie Mackenzie Mt Forest
Rev McCullah two daughters Toronto
We 1st Jany
had a small party at the this evening just for Tea & spend the evening
Ladies Mifs Buchan Mifs Whelpley Mifs Coyne Mifs Emily Stevenson Mifs P Dunbar
Gents Chas Buchan Geo Clark Bille Harrie
Jany Friday 30th
had a party for Sid at White house he came from Toronto to vote for Drew
Ladies Maggie Mackenzie Lily " " Mifs Collins Mifs Stevenson Emily H "" Mifs Coyne Mifs
Gents Mr Tuthiee Mr B Welton Mr E Winkler Mr A Mackenzie Wm Stenvenson Wm Leslie
Geo & Tom Clark Harrie Coyne
{top left of page}
thu or four Ladies invited that didnt come names George Smith Jessie Mclaren Mifs Tuthill
Mifs Whelpley
{top right of page}
Alf, Sid, Harrie, Billie
Remarks had a splendid supper dancing a number of different games & Music
{bottom half of page}
24th Feby
I was at a Party at Mrs J McSaren Hardware had a very pleasant time wore my Purple Silk
she had some friends from Durham 3 Ladies & one Gent Rev Mr McNeil asked me out to
supper but B Dunbar asked me first I was so provoked
{entries written over a table, only one entry was made into the table and it is crossed out.}
Boots {illegible} $21{rest of number cut off}
Thursday 2nd April I had a little party to tea Maggie, Lily, Mary, Mifs Collins, Ella &Emily
Stenveson Mr Smart, Ms Tuthill and Cousins Tom & Geo & C.H. Boys came in the evening,
We had a very pleasant time.
{entries written over a table}
Party at the White House
Sept 18th 1874. In honor of Sam Mrs Bessey & Hannah Sam came up for to act as
Groomsman for Tom Clark Guests that were present Mrs McLaren & Husband Mrs D
Yeomans & Son Mrs Dr Elliott & Husband Mrs Dr Yeomans & Husband Mrs R Clark & Robt
Mrs Bessey Mrs Cole Mrs McTayden J McLaren {firunter?} Mifs Jessey McLaren Mr McLane
Mifs McDermid & Mr W Colclengh Mifs Buchan & Charlie Mifs Coyne & Manning
{entries written over table}
Mifs Aggie Hampton & Harrie {Coyne?} Lily Mackenzie & Arthur Laura Yeomans & Alf Smith
Mifs Hhelpley & Bille "{Smith} Mifs Susie Smith & Mr Rev NcNeill Sam H Smith & Harrie
Smith Jenne Smith & Allie Cole & the fiddler Guests invited that did not come. Mr & Mrs
Wilson Hugh Mr & Mrs McMullen Mr & Mrs Dr Ecroyed Mr & Mrs Harkie Jake & Laura
Whelpley Mr D Yeomans & McTayden Mr & Mrs TT Smith
{No entry}
{No entry}
{entries written over a table}
Teachers & Lady Principal of Bishop Strachan's School of Wykeham Hale
Mrs Thompson L P Rev J Lanctry, Chaplain Mifs Stanley Head Governor Mifs Baby
Governess Mifs Wriht drawing & Music Mifs Weibzahl French German Mifs Nation
Governess Mifs Anderson Music No II Mifs Callaghan head {lads?} teacher in Music Mrs
Gobban Music & Singing Mr Rartier Head Music teacher Mr Hoch drawing Master Mr Pernet
French Master Rev Mr Darling Church History
Mifs Kahlor, Grammar & Arithmetic Dr Davies Senior Arithmetic Mr Andrews Calestenics
Matron Mrs McCornack.
School girls names Mifs A Shaw Morristown N J Mifs Anger States two Mifs Palmers states
Mifs Wilxcox " {states} Mifs Gambot " {states} two Mifs Powels " {states] Mifs King " {states}
Mifs Wired " {states} 3 Scotts " {states} Mifs Hill " {states} Mifs De veber " {states} Mifs Dakin
" {states}
Canadians Maggie Mackenzie Mt. F. Mifs Platt " Toronto 2 Mifses Pears "{Toronto} 2 "
{Mifses} Lanctrys " {Toronto} Mifs Haldron "{Toronto} Mifs Dummond "{Toronto} Mifs
Hubbard "{Toronto} Mifs Ogden "{Toronto} Mifs Best "{Toronto} 2 Mifs Frazers "{Toronto} 2
Mifs H E Pellatt "{Toronto} Mifs C Trotter "{Toronto} Mifs E Block "{Toronto} Mifs B Howatt
"{Toronto} 2 Mifs McCullens "{Toronto} 2 Mifs Reeds "{Toronto} Little Mifs Walker "{Toronto}
Mifs Boyd "{Toronto} Mifs Lewis " {Toronto} {written vertically: Mostly day Scollars}
Mifs Roe, New Market Mifs Powell Toronto Mifses Platts "{Toronto} Mifses Kelies Ottawa
Mifs Slater "{Ottawa} Mifs De Grassi Lindsay Hattie Ford Toronto Mifs Turner " {Toronto} Mifs
Merrick Ada Harding Lizzie McKay Emma Selby Emily Code Maggie Smith Bomanville Mary
Myres Annie Marks Lizzie Windsor
{Note: this does not seem to be the handwriting of the diarist.}
{No entry}
Susan has a Secret so confined, that she declined. to awake my mind as I at first. designed,
But with puckers and Smiles as she her case {elyes?} I am Certain to find what she first
declined to bring to my mind, So like a Book she is bound to look and by her puckers and
Smiles display her well kept. Secret. {Due?} straight shot was my Lot and in the mouth it look
her, she {feared?} and I scowled and {strated?} about and like a he Turkey showed her over
on the leaf
{Note: this does not seem to be the handwriting of the diarist.}
Colour and by way of consolation commenced peeling Sour Apples. So young men who
must in future mischief make be wide awake and men for a bright {illegible} shaught. So
{no?} alarm mud disarm for on shaw {where?} to the {harm?} If {specked?} {Trout?} are well
in live in a Town, why not {spectacled?} seats do likewise Mo Mo fur 10/2/74
{Note: this does not seem to be the handwriting of the diarist.}
Casgrove King are {tommorow?} to come out Slim for a Sardner is Just to tiny what is written
must be {neace?} and drive along to the end of the song or any other man Susan you are a
little Loose just let loose
{haiter?} Boots $ 1.00. cts .10
making of dress . Pd 2.00. 50
Ribbon Pink . Pd 20
Pearl buttons 15
Marine Skirt 200
frill Pd 30
note paper & Envelopes Pd 32
Stamped Embroidere Pd 10
Gliscerine Pd 15
Black velvet 50
Bucks Muslin Pd 18
{Ambrothyphe?} Pd 25
Gloves 100.
Print Wrapper 100
Buttons Pd 10
Ribbon & edging 25
Holland 100
Cocoanut mixture Pd 25
Embroidery Pd 25
Ribbons. Pd 60
lace Pd 10
Print 1.00 50
Copy Book 15
Embroydery Pd 35
12 yds Dress Drab luster 3.00 90
Frill 18
making of above dress & trimmings Pd 5, {70?}
Hat Rd 2, 10
Hair Brush & tooth Brush Pd 1, 10
Globes Pd. 90
Boots 2. 00
Hair Braid 45
Toronto Buckle {40?}
travelling Expences 2. 15
Cuffs & Frill 70
Bracelets 1.00
{Sundries?} 10
Pink Ribbon 60
{?} of the poor 25
for instruction 18$
frilling 10
gloves 1.25
Pote Book 20
{Entries are on a table, but the table is being used incorrectly. For legibility I have ignored the
table format.}
Crochet needle 5
Collar 10
Gloves 10
Summer Hat 4.75
doing over of Hat 35
trimming 1.25
wigging for skirt 25
Boots Buttoned 2.50
Toylet set stamped 50
Star braid 50
fringe needle & spool 50
Grenadine over skirt & waist and lace $1.10
frilling 12
difference in Sash 30
2 yds & a quarter of Lawn {68?}
3 yds of white net 15
expences to Thorold 1.00
and welland 15
six yds of baptice 1.10
edging & lace 35
9 yd of Baptiste $1.12cts
making of Polonaise 75
buttons 30
muscito net 40
figs 10
Boots 3.00
Ice Cream 20
table napkins 1.75
frill 10
travelling expences home 2.65
laces 30
frill 10
Gloves 50
Hair Braid 40
Wrapper 5.00
Marsells 50
large piping cord 50
Buckles 88
making of dress three days 1.25
16 yds of dress goods 3.20
lining &c 100
Hat 5.00
trimming 25
hunk set $50
collar & frill 30
Ribbon tie 35
Boots 3.00
Boots again strong (present) 3 00
Ribbon & velvet 50
Sundries 20
Black berlin wool 12
Xmas Presents 1.40
Frill 1 45
{Written vertically across table}
My dear old Diary this is the only blank space I see and I must say I have gone through
more since I commenced writing in you than I ever did before in on year The past year has
been a pleasant one let us hope the next may be the same
{Written over the table}
An account of what letters I send away and recieve while in Toronto.
{?} Letters
15th A short note from {Rafe?}
6th A my long one from M. Coyne
12th A short one from Cos Maggie
11th A nice long one from Clara Foster
18 from Sam
19 from Harrie
1 from LIzzie
1 " " Wm
" Harrie
" Sam
letters sent
16th April sent letter to Ma & Harrie
May 9th to Mama
" 9th wrote to Laura Yeomans
12th " to Lily Mackenzie
April to Mary Coyne
" 16th to Lizzie
W f Clark
Sarah Green
Mifs S. Smith Toronto Ontario
Letters sent
Mifs S Smith Rochest
Letters Recieved
Mifs S Smith St Catharines Ont
Amidst the church school girls I see none so fair, or pretty as thee nay no not smile, I mean it
all And really wish to make a call
Seeing your handsome features glow Harvey was deeply impressed you know And from St C
he wishes to know Whether Anna is pleased with Acostic or know no
J Harvey
I commenced taking music Lessons 13th Nov 1874
Oh what a farce It is to hear Shuch foolish lines As I begin
This bright space I will invade And leave a verse Without a shade
I am pleased to pen four lines to swell this beautiful gem of {loykeham?} Hall
Susie Smith
{written over a chart - not exactly following it.}
Mama sent 5 dollars Pa sent 1 dollar " gave m 4 dollars when in Toronto Sid - - - 25 Sid gave
me 1.50 Sid paid 1.25 travelling " expences to St Caths " gave $1.00 " gave $2.25
Sam lent me 50cts Harrie sent 5.00 I hather did I so more gave me 8.00 II so did I neither
wen going to {St Cat?} I never enjoyed it so much any more
Mrs B makes yeast with saw potatoes she grates them into the flour
{Completely blank page.}
{drawing of a flower} this kind of a thing for flowers next summer painted Green out of wood
Mifs S Smith Mt Forest Ontario
{three hand drawings of flowers}
Mifs Smith thinks She is an excellent drawer
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