Olive Philp Diary & Transcription, 1917


Olive Philp Diary & Transcription, 1917


Olive Philp


Courtesy of Private Donor


20th Century, Wellington County, Maryborough Township, Ontario

Date Created


Is Part Of

Philp Family Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript & Typed Transcription



Jan 8/17

To 2230 lbs corn at $2.cent 8565 lbs oats75 ctbu.

$ 56.95

“ 18

 “ 1137 “ oats @ 75 Pd. Cheque.


“ 20

 “ P.O. Box


“ 26

 “ 548 lbs Oats @ 75ctbu



 “ 3 cent Purily @ 5.00 and 5 gals oil 17ct


Feb 5

 “ 1057 lbs oats 75 ct. cheque


“ 13

 “ 840 lbs oats 75



 “ O.B. Henry for milk spouts


“ 10

 “ advocate


“ 22

 “ 1345 lbs Oats 25ct ck. --


Mar. 9

 “ 1395 “ “ 75ct


“ 16

 “ 967 lbs oats. 310 corn cash


Mar 16

 “ acc at Hefkeys



 “ “ “ Pollocks



 “ sawing of logs



“ 5 gals coal oil


Mar. 23

 “ K.O. Naecker for care of grane Lot.



 “ R. Cummings



 “ A. G. N. Luclain for roasters


“ 28

 “ 1 bbl. Sugar 324 lbs @ 8.cent


“ 28

 “ 1180 oats @75 26.03 Corn. 3.28


“ 31

 “ A. G. H Luclain for grane


Apr. 5

 “ 558 lbs oats @ 75 and 141 corn @ 2.30


“ 12

 “ Coal





“ 12

 “ Jas. Scott cheque for oats barley


“ 18

 “ corn 145 lbs 4.10 Oats 1170 @ 80 ct 25.20


“ 20

 “ 2 gals maple syrup @ 1.85 N. Hilborn


“ 24

 “ Mr. Falkner repairs for windmill


“ 27

 “ Jns. Bruce for barley & clover seed


“ 27

 “ Oats 27.80. Corn 7.06 Hen feed 7.70


May 5

 “ Oats 11.12 Corn 3.93  Hen feed 19.74 cash


“ 4

 “ Elora


“ 12

 “ Joe for potatoes



 “ International Stock Food Co.


“ 19

 “ Darch & Hunter


“ 19

 “ To coal oil ct 20ct



 “ Oats


“ 26

 “ Oats acorn


“ 26

 “ Thos. Miller



 “ O.B. Henry for track



June 1

To 142 corn @275 and 990 @ 88  6.79

$ 36.29

May 29

 “ 1 bag potatoes


June 14

 “ Grain 32.10 Potatoes 3.60


“ 14

 “ Wire


“ 14

 “ 1 crate of berries 32 boxes @ 15 Exp..35


“ 14

 “ 8 pineapples @.18


“ 20

 “ 1 BBl salt


“ 23

 “ 2 cwt flour Robin Hood 6.75 C. of West 7.00


“ 23

 “ Wheat 12.60  & oats 12.00


“ 25

 “ Dr. Smilley


July 4

 “ Oats 10.47  Wheat 9.87


“ 7

 “ Hall Tree


“ 18

 “ Grain



 “ Boots 4.50 (Brack) Coat 5.


“ 19

 “ 30 square shingles @ 3.55


“ 23

 “ Fielding for tea


“ 26

 “ E. W. Smith for cherries


“ 25

 “ O.B. Henry Rape seed 30 lbs @ 15


Aug 3

 “ Thos. Miller Shingling


“ 2

 “ Shorts


“ 8

 “ Grain


“ 10

 “ Raspberries


“ 15

 “ Tevine



 “ Pete Willson


“ 23

 “ Shingles 25.00.  Oats $26 #(Moorefield)


“ 28

 “ 1 cwt H. Queen 6.50 1 cwt R. Hood 6.75


“ 28

 “ Tevine 50 lbs @ 24


“ 29

 “ “ 50 “ “ 24 ½


Sept. 24

“ W. Pollock (Threshing)


“ 28

 “ Painting of house 13 days _ _2.50 & 3.00 per day


Oct. 17

 “ Winter coat (?) at Kitchener


“ 23

 “ Coal oil. 5 gals @ 22


Nov. 26

 “ “ “ “


Dec. 4

 “ Taxes



 “ cheese 50 lbs @ 21


Dec. 8

 “ Hefkey



 “ T. Andrews


Dec. 12

 “ 1 cwt flour



 “ coal oil



Jan. 15/17

By 4 quarters of beef 13 cts. & 11 cts./399 lbs & 1 hide 18 cts

$ 57.05

“ 17

“ cash from Will Philp


“ 26

 “ 1 hide 72 lbs 18 cts and 1 h. quarter 131 @ 13 ½


Mar. 12

 “ Twins & calves from bull


“ 22

 “ 7 pigs 1260 lbs @ 1450


Apr. 5

 “ 3 “ 440 “ @ 1515


“ 24

 “ Lark, Dinah & calf


May 5

 “ Donald 1340 @ 12 cts Jim 980 lbs @11


“ 3

 “ cheque from Woodinall Bros


“ 7

 “ “ from Luke Rhaine June’s calf


June 4

 “ “ “ “ “ Ebony’s “


“ 11

 “ cash “ Mr. MeIsaac Maud’s calf


“ 24

 “ “ “ Luke Rhaine Darky’s calf


“ 24

 “ “ 119 wool @65 cts


July 5

 “ 7 hogs 1540 lbs @ 1575


Aug 23

 “ 6 “ 1270 “ @ 18.00



 “ 3 ram lambs $230  Feach, Hamilton & Elliott


Dec. 3

 “ 9 lambs @ $15. cent. 990 lbs



 “ 1 pig


Dec 12

 “ 7 cwt of flour R. Hood

$ 6.00

“ 31

 “ 7 gal. coal oil


Dec. 26

 “ 10 ducks 90 cts



Roosters and old hens


“ 21

 “ 12 geese 149 lbs. @ 21 cts


January NEW YEAR'S DAY (Dominion) MONDAY, 1 (1-364) 1917

Done chores. Then Brock took down a load of logs in morning and brought home lumber. Over to vote in afternoon and Melville + Pa to town in afternoon. Nrohel and Lizzie here for tea.Brock down to xmas tree in hall. Dull and raw. milder.

TUESDAY, 2 (2-363)

Done chores and got Melville's cutter ready in afternoon. Down to bush in forenoon and cut some more logs and put on load. Melville to town and then started for mt. Forest about four o'clock. Georgie and Niao Annis here for tea. Dull and foggey and quite mild. Slaided to jack up old house.

WEDNESDAY 3 (3-362)

Done chores then Brock took down load of logs and brought home lumber in forenoon. Down with chop in afternoon. Do helping move house in afternoon. Got as far as sideroad. Very foggy almost like rain in morning. Colder towards night.

January THURSDAY, 4 (4-361) 1917

Choring and drawing out manure. Mild and foggy.

FRIDAY, 5 (5-360)

Choring all day. Brock over to get size of Haskels rack in afternoon. Rained hard all morning. Turned to soft snow in afternoon.

Epiphany (Quebec) Saturday, 6

Done chores and drawing out manure. Brock and I to town at night. Expected Betty but she didn't come. Fine and mild.

Sunday, 7

Home all day. Fine in morning. Stormed all day afternoon.

Janury Monday, 8 (8-357) 1917

Done chores. Then Brock down for corn for pigs. Got - 50 bu and 12 bags oats $ 56.95. Had a few bags chopped.

Tuesday, 9 (9-356)

Done chores. then down to bush and put on a load of logs. Brock took them down after dinner to get cut for a rack. Da cleaned out colts stall and put manure on garden. fine but rather dull, got very stormy about five. colder.

Wednesday, 10 (10-355)

done chores. at bush in afternoon N.E wind very frosty and cold.

January THURSDAY, 11 (11-354) 1917

Done chores and brock up to Roy's for ropes. Killed heifer in afternoon. Bright and very cold. Coldest weather this winter.

FRIDAY, 12 (12-353)

Cut down beef and Brock took it to town to Noeckers to pay for oats &corn $57.05 in morning. Da done chores. At Bush in afternoon. I up to Georgies in aft. Fine and a little milder but still cold.

Saturday, 13

Done chores. Drawing out manure and took Ram back to Mc Donalds in afternoon. Brock & I to town at night. Thick and quite snowy aft. &evening.

Sunday, 14

Home all day. Stormy and cold.

January MONDAY, 15 (15-350) 1917

Done chores and sifted ashes. Brock down to Mr. Woolners in afternoon with black pig. Mr. P Richardson called also Cecil Walker. Beautiful day.

TUESDAY, 16 (16-349)

Done chores and Da to town in forenoon. Brock over to Arthur fair in afternoon. Gone with philp a ride home. Cold and bright but stormy at times.

WEDNESDAY, 17 (17-348)

Choring round barn all day. Will Philp called in for cutter and paid balance in ram $8. Very stormy all day. High wind.

January THURSDAY, 18 (18-347) 1917

Men choring and Brock to town in morning for oats and got some chopped. Working in Granary in afternoon. Haskel and Harry here for game of cards. Stormed all night and all day.

FRIDAY, (19-346)

Choring and cleaning pens. Cleaning up grain in afternoon. Lovely bright day but cold.

SATURDAY, 20 (20-345)

Done Chores, and clipping young cattle. Brock, Ma and I to town in afternoon. Brock down at night. Rather mild but colder to wards night.

SUNDAY, 21 (21-344)

Home all day. Very stormy day and worse to wards evening and this night.

January MONDAY, 22 (22-343)1917

Choring round barn all day. Stormy and cold

TUESDAY, 23 (23-342)

Done chores Brock up to Harry's in morning. He down helping kill the beef in the afternoon. Lovely bright day but cold.

WEDNESDAY, 24 (24-341)

Done chores and brought up beef. Killed pig in afternoon. Milder and not so bright.

Done chores. Then Da cutting up beef and pork and set it out to freeze. Brock is in town in afternoon. Bright but stormy and cold. roads filling up.

FRIDAY, 26 (26-339)

Done Chores and packed beef in snow. Brock to town with one hind quarter and gots some oats and & cut flour. Brought chop home. Da shovelling drifts of snow along line fence. Lovely bright but stormy in afternoon towards evening.


Choring round all day. Brock to town at night real stormy day from east.

Sunday, 28

Beautiful bright day. Brock to church at night.

January MONDAY, 29

Choring and drawing out manure. Haskel here with cow. Very misty and dull. Quite a shower after dinner.


Done chores and drawing out manure. Finished about four. Brock took Harry up some meat. Lovely bright day.


Done chores and packed Clara's box. Brock & I took it down in morning - Choring in afternoon. Dull and raw east wind. Hailing at night. Got Wiley shod.

February THURSDAY, 1

Done chores. Brock down to Jas. Scott's to see about getting some seed barley. At bush in afternoon. North wind, storming a little and cold. Cleaned pipes.


Men choring round all day. Stormy and very cold. Terrible wind storm all night from west: froze plants. Mr. W. Christian died.


Choring. Very stormy day and very cold


Brock to church at night and Da at Hambly's for dinner got mail. Milder and snowy.

February MONDAY, 5

Choring. Brock to town and got some oats and had them chopped. Very stormy day. Sunshine at times but not as cold. Grandpa 8 yrs. dead.

Tuesday, 6

Done chores. Da and Brock to Wm Christian`s funeral in afternoon. fine but cold. a little milder towards night.


Men choring and cutting wood. Rather mild and snowing. quite stormy to wards night and colder. I down to Mc Ewings in afternoon. 29 yrs. old to day.

February THURSDAY, 8

Choring and men at bush. Brock to town at night. Fine but real cold at night north wind

Friday, 9

Choring and cutting wood in bush. Bright day but real cold north wind. Evelyn 6 yrs old.

Saturday, 10

Done chores. Brock & I to town in afternoon. Brock down again at night. Real cold and blowing a little.

Sunday, 11

Art Booth here in afternoon for tea. Brock to town at night. Cold and storming at times.

February Monday, 12

Done chores. Bright and very cold


Done chores. Brock down & got oats and got them chopped in afternoon. Wallace here for tea. Earl Newstead, Elwin & Naskel here after supper. Da 61 yrs old.


Done chores and drawing out manure. Brock to town at night to concert. Wiley broke cutter shaft. Bright but cold wind

February THURSDAY, 15

Choring and finished drawing out manure. Brock down for cutter with team in afternoon. I to town in afternoon. Lovely bright day.


Done chores. Da &Brock at bush in afternoon. Stormy at times but not very cold.


Choring and cutting wood. Very bright and warm like spring. Snow going quickly. Brock & I to skate at night.


Brock to church at night Mild and Bright.

February MONDAY, 19

Men choring round all day.


Done chores and cutting wood. Stormy at times but bright. Brock and I over to Mc Isaac in evening.

ASH WEDNESDAY (Quebec & N.W.T) Wednesday, 21

Done chores and cutting wood. I to town in afternoon. Georgie down in afternoon. Lovely bright day.

February THURSDAY, 22

Done chores and Brock to town for oats and got them chopped. Fine day and mild.


Men choring and cleaning hen house and pens. Ma Brock & I over to Arthur Booths in afternoon with a pair of pillows for Maggie. Soft and bright.


Men choring and cutting wood. Brock & I to town at night Stormy at times and cold north wind.


Home all day. Rather dull and east wind. {Sleeted?} in night. C.H Thompson 36 yrs old. {The last sentence was written in darker ink, probably written at a later point but same person.}

February MONDAY, 26

Men choring in forenoon and at bush after dinner. Dull and midly raining in morning.


Men choring and cutting wood. Bright and colder. Brock up to Harry's for a game of cards at night.


Choring and sifting ashes in forenoon. Both at Art Booths sale in afternoon. I up to Georgie's in afternoon. Beautiful warm bright day.

March Thursday, 1

Men done chores and cutting wood. Ma at Chester Walkers in afternoon. Brock down for mail at night. Nice bright day.

Friday, 2

Men cutting wood and done chores. Fine bright day.

Saturday, 3

Men choring and cutting wood. Brock and I to town at night. Fine but a little colder at night.

Sunday, 4

Brock and I up to uncle Richd's in afternoon. Brock to church at night. Fine but strong east wind.

March Monday, 5

Men choring and Brock greasing some harness in afternoon. Too stormy to go to bush. Colder.

Tuesay, 6

Men choring and cutting wood. Brock and I to patriotic concert at night given by Elora people. $ 250.00. Fine day.

Wednesday, 7

Men choring and cutting wood in forenoon. Brock at Mr.Christian's sale in afternoon and I at town. Brought Evelyn home with us. Pa choring in afternoon. 35 yrs married to day. Will Ellis list Christian's farm $ 5000.

March Thursday, 8

Men done chores. a very stormy day. snow wet

Friday, 9

Men choring and cleaning pens. Brock to town to get oats and chop in morning. Brought home the barley seed that Mr. Scott left in town for ws. Stormy at times. colder and brighter. Message came Loyd hughes had died of wounds. Baby boy at Thompsons. Ralph Edison.

Saturday, 10

Men choring and drawing out manure. Brock & I to town at night. Dull and misty. Thunder and lightening about seven at night and half rain & soft snow.

Sunday, 11

Very dull and thick mist. Bob and Lizzie mitchell here in afternoon and for tea.

March Monday, 12

Done chores. Then Haskel helped take over the twins and their calves and roan bull to Moorefield in morning. Got home about two o ' clock. Evelyn & I up to Georgie's in afternoon. Fine and bright . Thawing in afternoon.

Tuesday, 13

Done chores and drawing out manure. Evelyn & I to Hilborns in afternoon. Fine but cool east wind.

Wednesday, 14

Men choring and greasing harness. Brock & I took Evelyn to town in afternoon. Rained in night turned colder and stormy to wards night.

March Thursday, 15

Men choring and greasing single harness. Quite a stormy day. Hogs 14.50 cent.

Friday, 16

Men choring. Brock down to get oats and corn and get it chopped. and pay up the bills around in forenoon. Florence and Loyd here in afternoon. Brock over to party at Alex Mc Lennan's at night. Bright in morning. but got dull. to wards night. Strong east wind and rain.

Saturday, 17

Men choring. Washing and greasing harness. Dull in morning and very stormy in afternoon and at night.

Sunday, 18

Brock & I down to memorial Service in Hall in afternoon for Loyd Hughes. He killed in France.

March Monday, 19

Done chores. Da and Brock at Wm Rennie's sale in afternoon. Da came round by Drayton on way home. Lovely bright day. East wind at night.

Tuesday, 20

Men choring. Brock took Ma and I to town in morning. Choring in aft. and dug out bees. Harry, Wallace and Haskel here at night for game of cards. Rather windy in morning but nice afternoon.

Wednesday, 21

Men choring and drew out the manure. Brock to town at night to see about shipping pigs. Jean Wilson dead. Beautiful warm spring day.

March Thursday, 22

Da done chores. Brock down with seven pigs in morning $ 14.50 cent.Then helping Haskel take 4 cattle to town in afternoon. Da working on road with Jack in afternoon. Beautiful warm day. Clara 32 yrs. old.

Friday, 23

Brock done chores. Da down to stalion in morning. Took Jean Wilson to Fergus to bury her. Then over to Ike Mc Isaacs with Jrs. Ritch for dinner. Home about Three o ' clock. Brock & I over to Hilborns at night for game of cards. Dull and raining at times. Heavy thunder shower about six o' clock. Very dark night and high wind. Water raining very quickly and coming into stable manure house.

Saturday, 24

Men choring. Brock & I to town in afternoon. Roads vey soft and punched. Snow going quickly. Had to dip out water in manure house. Lovely bright day.

Sunday, 25

Beautiful warm bright day. Snow going very fast.

March Monday, 27

Done chores. Jack up to get some help on road. Brock &Da out in forenoon and Da in afternoon. Brock cleaned pens digging out drain back of manure house. Down to Jack's at night to see if roosters were there. Lovely warm day. Snow going quickly. Wallace Walker started for west.

Tuesday, 27

Done chores and finishing digging drain. Choring and grinding axes. Foggy and dull. Snowy at night.

Wednesday, 28

Da done chores and Brock to town and got some oats and had them chopped. Got bol. of sugar. Choring in afternoon I over to Hilborns at night. Rather cold but bright soft snow at night and mild.

March Thursday, 29

Men choring. Brock went to town about four o' clock for his two leghorn roosters and a young goose. Maria, Lizzie & Sarah here helping quilt in afternoon. Very stormy and snowy in morning but fine afternoon. Roy brought goose at noon. Got it from Harry Elliot. $ 2.25

Friday, 30

Men choring and drawing out manure into corner field. Mr. Wilson the assessor here for tea and all night. I up to Georgie's in afternoon. Brock & I over to Nilborns sugar bush at night. Beautiful warm day.

Saturday, 31

Men choring and fixing sheep pen. Brock & I to town at night. Dull and like rain. Lightening at night snow going quickly.

Sunday, 1

Haskel here in evening. Dull at times and raining in afternoon and evening.

April Monday, 2

Men choring round all day. Cleaned clocks. Gerald here in morning to say good. bye. He is home on last leave. Rained hard all day until near evening when it turned to soft snow. Colder at night.

Tuesday, 3

Men done chores and fixing up fence that was torn down to let the old house out. Cutting wood in afternoon. I walked to town in morning. Mr. Jas. Ritch here for dinner. Fine morning but dull in afternoon. Little flurries of snow.

Wednesday, 4

Men done chores. Then cutting wood in bush. Brock to town at night. Beautiful bright day.

April Thursday, 5

Done chores. Brock took out three pigs. Choring in afternoon. Mr. Mc Isaac called about six o' clock. Uncle Rich d here in forenoon for rhubarb. roots. Dull morning. Strong east wind and rain there turned to soft snow.


Done chores then Pa took Brock to ten train he gone up to Chatsworth for Easter. Choring in afternoon and wheeled out seeds into orchard and burned them. Snowy and dirty. Very stormy to wards night

Saturday, 7

Pa done chores. Then to Drayton in afternoon with Cheyne for geo. Schieck. I up to Georgie's in evening. Beautiful bright day. Frost at night.

{Wrote Easter in header} Easter. Sunday, 8

Home all day, Lovely bright day but cold wind freezing hard at night.

April EASTER MONDAY (Dominion) Monday, 9

Da done chores. Brock came home from Chatsworth on fine train and walked out. Bright and cold. Very high wind.

Tuesday, 10

Done chores and cutting wood. Haskel brought 1 gal. Maple syrup. Fine and cold. Mr. Isaac Hilborn and a mr. Parke called. Selling fertilizer. Mr. Creighton cassidy buried

Wednesday, 11

Done chores and cutting wood. Bill M c Tavish called about to look at some cows. Brock and I over to Hilborns at night to a taffy party. Fine and bright but quite dull in evening and milder.

April Thursday, 12

{Written in blacker ink except for Walton's death} Done chores and cutting wood in morning. Da filled saw and brought in pork to dry. Brock and I at horse show in afternoon. Dull and turned much colder in afternoon with flurries of snow. Mrs. Wm Walton died.

Friday, 13

Done chores and cutting wood. Dull and cold.

Saturday, 14

Done chores and cutting wood. Very dull and cool with flurries of snow. Brock to town at night.

Sunday, 15

Ma and Brock down to Mrs. Waltons funeral in afternoon. Brock to church at night. Rather dull and cold north wind.

April Monday, 16

Done chores and cutting wood. Real dull and cool. Herb Brian enlisted in navy. Rank of lieut. And on Destroyer "Spray". Mr. Digby buried.{the only naval ship I could find under that name was actually a motor launch}

Tuesday, 17

Done chores and cutting wood. Sunny at times and much warmer. Brock and I over to sugar bush.

Wednesday, 18

Done chores in morning Brock to town. Got oats and had them chopped and got horses shod. At bush for a while in afternoon. Brock over to sugar bush at night Capt Brian came on ten train. He & I up to Gass's and round by Rothsay . Went to five train with him. Beautiful warm day. a few drops of rain Haskel brought 1 gal syrup and got cream milk can for storage.

April Thursday, 19

Done chores and back building line fence between W ilmott and us. Came up about four o' clock when it started to rain. Rained quite steady all evening. Georgie here in afternoon. Brock drove her home. Fine in forenoon and breezy.

Friday, 20

Done chores and building line fence between Wilmott and us. Fine and very warm and windy after dinner. Cloudy to wards evening and thunder shower about eight. High wind.

Saturday, 21

Done chores and working at line fence. Brock & I to town at night. Fine and bright but cool.

Sunday, 22

Home all day. Brock at church at night. Harry here in evening. Fall of snow in night. Clara 3 yrs married.

April Monday, 23

Done chores and working at line fence. between Wilmott and us. Roy and Elwin here in evening. Brock over to Hilborns to get Haskel to help take cattle. to Moorefield. Beautiful day but cool. Frost at night. Mr. Carrigal buried.

Tuesday, 24

Done chores. Da and Haskel led Lark and Dina to Moorefield and Brock took Dinah's calf in buggy. $187.50 for two. Working at fense in afternoon and got it finished. Beautiful bright day but cool.

Wednesday, 25

Done chores. Fixing fence on other place morning and afternoon. Dull and heavy shower after supper. Very high east wind all day and cold.

April Thursday, 26

Men done chores. Then put up wire fence in cow home and cleaning up grain in forenoon. Cleaning grain in afternoon. Roy here for rhubarb in afternoon. I up to Georgie's Dull, rain & snow at times cold wind heavy shower of rain in forenoon.

Friday, 27

Da done chores. Brock to town in morning for chop. Got oats and corn and hen feed. Then breaking up pile of wood by pear tree and put it in woodhouse in afternoon Mr. Mrs. Ses Smith here in evening for rhubarb. Very cloudy and cold. Few flakes of snow.

Saturday, 28

Robt and Brock choring. Brock took Olive to grain to go to Elora got the buggy fixed. Robt started to pile lumber Brock helped finish it after came home from Drayton. Left straightening and wiring fence behind barn rather fine Ritcheson here to buy steers. Offered 12 .00 lb no sale. Brock at town at night.

Sunday, 29

All at home fine evening then Brock went to church. Chris Richards and Emmerson Hambly here afternoon for an hour. Very like rain.

April Monday, 30

Robt & Brock done up chores. Then got out the ploughs and started on the land. Ploughing soil all day by the Elm tree. Very fine morning but looking like rain all day ( I washed )

May Tuesday, 1

Robt & Brock choring and ploughing soil forenoon drizzling rain forenoon men wet when they came in at noon afternoon still raining and turned very cold toward night. Men choring round I ironed & baked pies

Wednesday, 2

Heavy fall of snow through the night high cold wind all day Robt & Brock choring, and Brock took crate of eggs and can of cream in town forenoon afternoon. Men went out to plough Cold and dark looking. Brock got cheque for one hundred dollars from Wooddissee Bro. for old house.

May Thursday, 3

Robt & Brock choring. Then Brock went to help Hode Hilborn to set pasts. There all day. Robt ploughing soil all day. Cold wind all evening. then calmed down. Mr and Mrs. Thompson 13 yrs married.

Friday, 4

Robt and Brock choring. and both ploughing soil all day. Cloudy and cool East wind. Harry Boothe here aft and bought. Donald & Jimmy sold for 12.00 t 11 per lb. I came home from Elora &walked out.

Saturday, 5

Da and Brock took down the two steers, $ 278.50 in forenoon. Then Brock down after dinner for chop. The 2 bags of potatoes from Joe and the seed from Hamilton. Da went out to plough for a while in afternoon. Dull and cold, came on heavy shower. about noon and misting & dull in afternoon.

Sunday, 6

Brock and I up to Uncle Richds in afternoon. Brock to church at night. Rather dull, east wind and looking like rain. few drops in afternoon. Mother 54 yrs old.

May Monday, 7

Started seeding. Da and Brock sowing mixed grain on corn and root ground in corner field. Cultivating as discing in forenoon. Sowed and harrowed it in afternoon. Mr. Rahme here in evening for June calf. 5 days old $ 12.00 oswald brought a setting hen. Fine and quite warm at times. Cloudy

Tuesday, 8

Brock cultivating in corner field in forenoon. Da done chores. Placed in furrows and started to sow. Brock harrowing aftr dinner and Da sowing. Heavy rain came up about three o' clock accompanied with snow. Had to stop and when rain was over went and ploughed sod back by maple tree. Very bright and nice until about ten o' clock. Then cloudy and cool. Warmer in evening but very cloudy.

Wednesday, 9

Done chores. Da ploughed garden then both ploughing sod by maple tree. Finished it at noon. Just ready to go to work after dinner when heavy rain came up. Lasted about an hour. Then took off storm windows. Brock and I to town at night Brock has measels. Bright in morning but dull by noon and like rain. Fine night.

May Thursday, 10

Done chores and drawing out manure to little patch on other place. Brock cultivating and harrowing in corner field and Pa sowing. got it all sowed except harrowing the last time. Fine and cool. very high wind most of day drying fine.

Friday, 11

Done chores. Then both cultivating sod back by maple tree in forenoon. Brock finished harrowing corner field after dinner and harrowing sod. Da cultivated garden patch and riged it up about four o' clock. Put the wire around after supper. Bright at times cool and high wind. Mr. Gamble called to see if we would send cream.

Saturday, 12

Da and Brock done chores. Then Brock cultivating sod back by maple tree and harrowing. Da cultivated garden Datch then Da started to slow the sod. Brock done chores and finished harrowing it. Planted garden in afternoon Da cultivated a strip for potatoes when he finished sowing & put them in after supper. Brock harrowing sod the second time. I to town at night. fine but cool.

Sunday, 13

Sunday Brock to church at night. Fine and warmer.


May Monday, 14

Pa done chores and then went back to disc in furrows in 1st field on other place. Then came up about ten o' clock and got seed drill. Sowing rest of day. Brock cultivating and harrowing in same field and cultivating for barley too. Mr. Schiek & Wes Smith here to rent Duncan farm about six. Mr. M c Isaac here in evening. Fine bright day and warmer.

Tuesday, 15

Pa done chores. Then sowing barley. Brock cultivating and harrowing and also Started to cultivate in back 14 ac. field. Lovely bright day and warmer. Cream waggon.

Wednesday, 16

Done chores and working on back 14 ac. Sowing, cultivating & harrowing. Worked late. Mr. Geo. Arnold here for tea and all night. Hendersons and Grace Brett called this evg. Very smoky all day. Dull at times. and a few drops of rain. Looking like rain warm.

May Ascension day (Quebec) Thursday, 17

Finished seeding done Chores. Then Brock cultivated and harrowed and Da sowed. the rest of the back 14 ac. field. Then Brock cultivating corn & oat ground Da picking up along fences rest of forenoon and ploughing up a piece of new seeded in afternoon. I to town in morning. Lovely warm day a little lite rain in evening and cloudy.

Friday, 18

Done chores. Then both ploughing up the new seeded on other place. Brock took down his buggy to get painted at night. I up to Georgie's in evening. Beautiful warm day. Little smoky.

Saturday, 19

Done chores then Da sowing mixed grain on the ground they ploughed. Brock cultivating & harrowing. Went back and finished after dinner. Then Brock went to town about three for some chop. Me down at night. Very windy that. A slight shower at noon but very threatening looking. Then a very heavy thunderstorm between five and six. Rain.

Sunday, 20

Brock to church at night. Bright at times and much cooler.

May Monday, 21

Done chores and put young cattle out to grass for first. Da discing and and rolling mangel ground in morning, ploughing it aftr dinner. Brock harrowed corn ground in morning. and discing in afternoon. Brock to patriotic concert at night. Dull and cool. Came on heavy rain about five o' clock. Large flakes of soft snow. raining and cool east wind in evening. Set 3 hens on duck eggs. Brock up to Harry's at noon for them.

tuesday, 22

Choring and making gate. Dull and raining all day. Quite hard at times. Thunder and lightening about six or seven. Cream waggon called.

Wednesday, 23

Done chores. Pa digging bed for flowers and clipping a few spruce. Snowing and very cold all day. Very stormy and wintery looking at night. Brought sheep home.

May Victoria Day (Dominion) Thursday, 24

Done chores. Da over to Tom Millers in afternoon. Brock up to Elwins in morning. Broke up some wood for furnace. Ground white with snow. Snowing at times. Cleared to wards night and froze quite hard.

Friday, 25

Done chores. Brock to town to get Wiley shod in morning. Tom Miller came and Da &he over to see Haskel's rack, then working at one for us. Brock to town in afternoon for bolts. Cloudy at times but brighter and cool.

Saturday, 26

Done chores. Brock to town in morning for bolts. Tom working at rack and put up a new rack on barn for roller door. We to town at night $5.50 to Tom. Fine and warm. Jack Walker here in evg.

Sunday, 27

Brock to Town at night Brock away in morning. Helping Jack Walker find his colt. Got it at M. Jordan's. Haskel & Sadie called in church for first time.

May Monday, 28

Done chores. Then Da ploughed Mangel ground and Brock cultivated corn ground. Da sowed the corn after dinner and riged up the mangel ground. Brock harrowed corn ground and rolled mangel ground. Da sowed mangels after supper. East wind and very lite rain, rather cool.

Tuesday, 29

Done chores and drew out manure for potatoes. Then planted five rows in afternoon on other place in field where mangels are. Mr davis and family called in car after tea Beautiful warm day. Put out heifers to grass.

Wednesday, 30

Done chores. Drew out manure onto garden patch by currant bushes. Ploughed it in and planting potatoes. Brock to town at night Beautiful warm day. Looking a little like rain. Roy's baby born. girl.

May Thursday, 31

Drew out manure to little patch on other place and ploughing for potatoes. Planting them after dinner. Dull & like rain rain. Showers at times all day and heavy rain about fine. Brock took Ma & I up to see Roy's baby.

June Friday, 1

Brock cultivating for rape back by line fence next Roy in morning. Finished about two o' clock &to town for chop. Da working in little patch on other place. discing and finished ploughing in. Clara left Chatworth about 7.15 a.m and got fere about 6.45 p.m Drove Billy in cart. Dull in morning misty but a nice afternoon &evening cool.

Saturday, 2

Done chores & put cows out to grass for first time. Set out some cabbage plants Da discing and rolling in little patch on other place. Planted the eating corn after dinner & some pumpkins We three to town at night. Fine &windy. Looking like rain.

Sunday, 3

W e{A splotch on we} three up to Roy's in afternoon then Ma and Clara up to uncle Richds Mr. &Mrs. T. Henderson & Grace Brett here for tea. We over to Hilborns to telephone to Dr. after tea. Very heavy mist like rain in morning &cold. Bright and warmer after dinner

June Monday, 4

Drawing out manure for turnips on other place. Mr M c Kay. Mr. Gilby &mr. Mc Kay Sr. came about three o' clock for Clara they left about four for Chatsworth. got home at eight fine and warm. Looking a little like rain in evg.

Tuesday, 5

Drawing out manure for turnips. finished I up to Roy's in evening. Warm and showry all morning. Fine in afternoon but showers going round. Got card from Gerald in England. Mr. &Mrs. Mc Isaac & son.

Wednesday, 6

Ploughed and harrowed turnip ground. Then planted potatoes{splotch on potatoes} Clara brought and some onions. Brock to town at night and Roy's to change some eggs. Dull and very strong east wind. a shower about six and rained in night. Thunder &lightening.

June Thursday, 7

Choring and cleaning pens, and working round barn all day. Brock took back Haskel's hen in evg. Bright but heavy storms gaining round. Heavy rain about three o' clock and raining off and on rest of day. Mr. &Mrs. N

Friday, 8

Choring and took back the gate they made for end of lane on other place hung it. Fixed some fence. Planted a row of beets and onions next the mangels after supper. Dull and fine Mizzling rain at times all day. Rather cold, brighter towards evening.

Satruday, 9

Fixing fence on other place in morning. Washed sheep in afternoon. Mr. Bertram called to look at cattle. Brock & I to town at night. Fine and very warm in morning, a little cooler in afternoon.

Sunday, 10

Da and Ma at Mr. Richd Lowes for dinner. Called in to Mc Isaac's on way home. Brock to church at night Lovely day. Fine and cool.

June Monday, 11

Brock cultivated root ground on other place in morning and rolling in back 14 ac. field. Da tearing out line fence between Roy and us. Ma and I to town in morning. I up to see Haskel and Sadie married at 9.30 a.m Mr. Mc Isaac here in evening for Maud's calf. $10.00 Beautiful warm day.

Tuesday, 12

Brock finished rolling back 14 ac. field and rolled root ground. Da taking out fence and cleaning fence bottom and started to plough it next Roy. Brock over to Aitcherson's to see Geo. Arnold. Beautiful warm day.

Wednesday, 13

Da back and finished ploughing headland fence bottom between Roy and us. Then hoeing in garden until noon. Brock rolling in corner field. Both up to Mr. Dilworth with Martha in afternoon. Home about 6. 30 and Da got here about 7.30 led Martha part of way. Fine and warm in morning looking like rain all afternoon. Heavy rain &wind about seven o' clock, raining quite steady all evening.

June Thursday, 14

Brock to town chop &wire in morning. Da trimming spruce all day. Brock choring in afternoon. Fine in forenoon but dull to wards noon. quite a shower in afternoon and colder to wards evening. Preserved a crate of berries.

Friday, 15

Da trimming trees all day. Fixing fence (Brock) Ma to Hilborns in afternoon. Dull and cold, few drops of rain about seven o' clock. Cecil Walker home from west.

Saturday, 16

Brock working on root ground and cut lawn. Da scuffling corn. We to town at night. Fine day.

Sunday, 17

Da and Ma at Jack Ritches for dinner and supper. Mr. Ritch took them for a car ride in afternoon. Thomspon's came about five and stayed for supper. Brock to town at night Fine and bright, rain in night.

June Monday, 18

Da scuffling corn all day finished it after supper. Brock hoeing in garden in morning for a while. Then rolling and discing turnip ground. Brock to Goldstone garden party at night. Dull and sultry. Very heavy storms gaining round all evening. Ma had rain about ten o' clock. Haskel 29 yrs. old to day.

Tuesday, 19

Da and Brock working on Hilborns hill with team all day. Fine but looking like rain after supper thundering. Haskel here for bar and spoon in aft. Hilborns went west this morning.

Wednesday, 20

Da and Brock discing, rolling &harrowing turnip ground in forenoon. Da sowed the turnips after dinner and harrowed potatoes. Brock to town to get some shoes on. Took home Haskels stretcher in morning. Da over at night for sheep shears. I up to Roy's. Fine. Quite cold to wards evening.

June Thursday, 21

Da sheared .18 cheep. Brock doing road work. To town at night for mail. Mr. Hutichson here to inspect four bees, no foul brood. Fine and cool. Little thunder shower about eight o' clock.

Friday, 22

Da leveling gravel on road in forenoon. Scuffling mangels and potatoes in afternoon. Brock doing road work all day. Misty in morning but cleared off and was a nice cool day.

Saturday, 23

Da cultivating rape ground next Roy. Brock to town in morning with wool. Then cultivated lone on other place and sowed millet. Choring in afternoon. Dull morning. Came in rain about noon and raining most of afternoon. Heavy rain after supper.

Sunday, 24

Brock up to Elwin's in morning. Ma and he at cemetry in afternoon. Fine and cool. a little cloudy at times.

June Monday, 25

Ma and Brock hoeing potatoes in garden patch in morning and corn at road on other place. Dr. Smiley out to see cow and lian in morning. Beautiful morning and hot. Dull towards evening and few drops of rain about five.

Tuesday, 26

Men choring round all day. Da fixing scuffler in afternoon. Brock over to Wilmotts for a setting of eggs in afternoon Heavy thunderstorms gaining round in morning we got quite a shower of rain. Cleared up in evening. Mr. Mills here with ditch notice.

Wednesday, 27

Men hoeing mangels. Brock and I up to town at night. Fine and cool.

Thursday, 28

Da hoeing mangels in morning. Brock drove to Elora to J. A. Watts sale of Shorthorns. Elwin went with him. Left about 9.30 a.m and home about seven. Ma choring in afternoon Dull in morning came on rain about noon and wet afternoon. Rained hard in night.

Friday, 29

Da to town and came up to ditch meeting, Brock at meeting in forenoon too. Both helping surveyor in afternoon. Mr Geo. Dickson here for supper. Rainy, cold &windy in morning. Brightened up in afternoon.

Saturday, 30

Da hoeing mangels in morning and Brock helping surveyor. Both hoeing after dinner and finished mangel.s Da scuffling potatoes. Brock washed buggy and cut lawn. Clara and Melville came about 6.30 p.m all to town at night. Fine and warmer.

July Sunday, 1

Terrible heavy rain. Started about five o' clock and rained until about ten. All the fields flooded and ditches full. Brock to church at night and Melville Clara& I over to Hilborns in evening.

July Dominion day (Dominion) This year falling on sunday, Monday, 2

Choring round in forenoon. Da and Melville down town in morning. Brock Clara and I up to Roy's. Took Billy back to other place and pulling mustard in afternoon. All down to Alma garden party. Da over to Wilmotts in evening. Fine and cool.

Tuesday, 3

Brock over for Haskel's engine in morning started to saw wood about noon. Wilmott helping and Haskel. Finished about six o' clock. Fine but cloudy.

Wednesday, 4

Da hoeing in forenoon in garden patch then scuffling potatoes in afternoon. Brock to town in forenoon for chop hoeing potatoes in afternoon. Melville getting his car fixed. in town all day. Brock &he to town at night. Mrs. Elwood Roberts. Wain and Ella Roberts called after supper. Fine day a little cool.

July Thursday, 5

Brock to Moorefield in morning with 9 hogs. 1540 lbs $15.75 per cwt. Da hoeing potatoes. Both hoeing potatoes and pulling mustard in afternoon All over to Methodist garden party at night. Melville working at his car in town all day. Beautiful day and night.

Friday, 6

Melville and Da to town in morning. Home about nine then Da pulling mustard on other place in barley until noon. Scuffling corn and potatoes in afternoon. 7.30 a.m home about 5.30 p.m. Clara &Melville left for home about 10.a.m Ma down to <inelligible> in evening Fine and warm. Looking a little like rain.

Saturday, 7

Hoeing potatoes and corn in morning. Choring round in afternoon. Came on rain about noon, and raining most of the afternoon. Brock and I to town at night. Started to rain again about 11 P.M. Rained very hard in night.

Sunday, 8

Brock to church at night. Dr. Macgregor here for tea. Dull in morning. A little brighter in afternoon.

July Monday, 9

Da and Brock piling the buzz wood. Georgie here in afternoon. Sultry and very hot all day. Thundering. Very heavy rain about six o'clock and some very large hail stones. Every place wet.

Tuesday, 10

Brock finished piling the buzz wood. Da in house all day. Severe pain in his side and bowels. Dull. Very heavy rain at noon. and showery all afternoon. Will Mc Tavish called.

Wednesday, 11

Choring and fixing wire fence across pastures. Horses tone it down. Brock over to Haskel's for stretcher. Very wetting mist all day. Started to rain about four o' clock and rained heavy until about eight.

July thursday, 12

Da and Brock splitting and sharpening posts down at bush in forenoon. Brock at Moorefield in afternoon Da cutting grass and weeds. Misting and raining at times.Cleared up to wards evening and was a fine night down to Isaacs Hilborns in evening and sold the bees to Howard $5. per hive.

Friday, 13

Da and Brock building fence along orchard and next hay field. Came on rain about two o' clock and rained rest of afternoon & evening. Very heavy storm went south. Edge Benson in here out of rain. Fine in morning and hot. Howard Hilborn here in forenoon fixing bees.

Saturday, 14

Finished the fence between hay field and orchard in morning. Pulling mustard in afternoon. Brock and I to town at night. Little shower in forenoon but brightened up in afternoon. Lightening at night. Edge Benson came for chop.

Sunday, 15

Mable & George, Roy and Georgie here in afternoon and for tea. Brock to town at night. Fine day.

July Monday, 16

Scuffling and hoeing potatoes in morning Banked up potatoes in afternoon and hoeing corn on other place. Lovely warm day.

Tuesday, 17

Scuffling and hoeing turnips in morning. Da to town with Ike Mc Isaac in forenoon. Came on rain in afternoon as had to stop hoeing. Brock over to Wilmott's for setting of eggs. Quite a heavy rain after supper. Sultry and misty all day. Brock 24 yrs old.

Wednesday, 18

Brock to town for shop in forenoon. Da scuffling and hoeing turnips. Both hoeing in afternoon. Mrs. Roach here for tea (Susan a Walker) Brock over to see Tom Miller at night about putting on shingles. Fine but looking like rain and heavy showers went round.

July Thursday, 19

Brock to Moorefield in morning for 30 square shingles Da scuffling and hoeing turnips. Both hoeing in afternoon. Brock to town at night.Misty in morning but brightened and was quite warm.

Friday, 20

Da and Brock scuffling and hoeing turnips all day. Finished all but one rain. Fine and hot. Looking a little like rain in evening.

Saturday, 21

Da and Brock scuffling and hoeing potatoes and a few mangels. Brock cut lawn. We to town to meet Eleanor on evening train. Fine and very warm.

Sunday, 22

Brock to church at night. Fine and very hot.

July Monday, 23

Da and Brock hoeing mangels. Fielding called with tea. Finished mangels after supper. George Thompson here in evening for swarm of bees. We over to Eli Mitchells for strawberries in evening.

Tuesday, 24

Started to plough rape ground next Roy's. Eleanor & I up to Roy's in evening Fine and very hot

Wednesday, 25

Da and Brock ploughing rape ground by Roy's. Mother & I took Eleanor down to Uncle John's in morning and got Wiley shod/ Brock {greened?} some potatoes. To town at night. Fine and very hot.

July Thursday, 26

Working on root ground, finished ploughing it. Then harrowed, sowed, & rolled it. Brock & I down for Eleanor in evening. Very hot day. Cooler in evening.

Friday, 27

Brock Cultivating corn on other place. da scuffling mangels all day. Brock greened some potatoes. We took Eleanor up to Roy's in evening Fine and not as hot. here cool breeze.

Saturday, 28

Brock cut the first hay on other side of orchard in morning. Da scuffling mangels in morning and finished them. Both in corner field in afternoon pulling dock. Brock down for 3 baskets of cherries to express. We to town at night. Fine and hot. Looking like rain in evening

Sunday, 29

Brock to church at night. Dr. J.r. McGregor here for tea. a few drops of rain early in morning & thunder very hot day and breezy.

Monday, 30

Da racking on other side of orchard in morning and Brock cutting hay back of draining house. Then drawing in afternoon from other side of orchard. Miss Duncan arrived in town. Brock & I down to Hendersons in evening. Fine and very hot. Young tom miller here in afternoon taking off shingles.

Tuesday, 31

Finished drawing in hay the other side of orchard. 16 loads. Jtom and son here shingling barn. Fine and very hot. Brock cut a piece more hay back next bush in morning and Da levelled hay in barn.

August Wednesday, 1

Brock changing pulley in barn and Da rocked hay behind driving house. Started to draw it in but came on rain about three o' clock and had to stop. Very warm in morning. Very heavy thunder storms went round in afternoon but we had a nice shower. Millers here shingling.

August Thursday, 2

Brock to town in morning for chop Da banking potatoes on other place. Then racked piece of field by bush that was cut. Drawing it in after dinner. Uncle Richd brought Eleanor about five o'clock. Brock and I to Slirton garden party. Fine and cooler and a little dull.

Friday, 3

Brock cutting hay. Back by maple tree in morning. Da racking in little field behind driving house in morning. Then unloaded two loads of hay and finished drawing in from next bush. Millers here shingling and finished. Ma and I took Eleanor to morning train. I over to Hilborns in evening to telephone Hendersons. Fine but cool and cloudy at times.

Saturday, 4

Brock finished cutting hay back by ditch. Da raking and both butting up hay in afternoon Brock & I to town at night. Fine and warm.

Sunday, 5

Brock & I up to Chatsworth with Henderson's and Ed. Hambly in car. Mrs. Henderson, Miss Duncan. Grace Brett & Mrs. Gaynor & Janet. Miss Duncan stayed all night with us. Home about 11.15 Caught in heavy rain storm about Durham. Slight shower here about five. Warm all day.

August Monday, 6

Unloaded two loads of hay. Da raking rest of hay by ditch. Then drawing in rest of day. Miss Duncan here. Fine and cooler.

Tuesday, 7

Da racking back by ditch in morning and Brock cut part of alfafa field on other place. then drawing in rest of the day. I took Miss Duncan over to Mc Isaac's and round to Drayton. Fine and warmer. A little like rain at night.

Wednesday, 8

Unloaded two loads of hay. Then Brock to town for chop. Home about two o'clock. Da picking up shingles from behind barn and taking them to the field to burn. Brock helping after he came home. Drew in the last two loads from back by ditch after supper. Thunder storm about 5 a.m another little shower at noon. Fine after dinner but a little cloudy.

August Thursday, 9

Brock finished cutting hay in alfafa field then went back and cut the hay in third field. Da raking second time back by ditch and the alfafa field. Both putting it up after dinner. Cloudy all day. a few drops of rain at times. Finer towards evening.

Friday, 10

Da cutting weeds and greened potatoes in morning. Brock cut half of back 14 ac. field Da raking in alfafa field and third fierld. There both {coiling?} hay in third field. Mr. Danis called in evening also Perce {Naind?} and a Mr. Mason.

Saturday, 11

Da and Brock finished coiling hay in third field by noon. Then raking and coiling in back 14 ac. But did not get up all that was cut. Me to town at night. Mr M c Isaac here in evening a little dull in morning but a fine day.

Sunday, 12

Brock to Lion at night. Lovely cool day.

August Monday, 13

Brock finished cutting the 14 ac. field in forenoon. Ike and peter helping. They drew in from alfafa field in morning. Brock drawing in after dinner too. Finished the third field and got 2 loads from 14 ac. field. Roy here all day. Drew 19 loads. Quite heavy thunder about noon and a little shower. Rather dull at times and still looking like rain. Da raking in 14 ac. field after teea.

Tuesday, 14

Roy Pete Wilson and Hod helping. Da raked rest of 14 ac. field and all helped put it up . Roy and Brock fixed pupmp at low windmill in afternoon. Very misty in morning but cleared up and was quite warm.

Wednesday, 15

Finished drawing in the back 14 ac. Nod here with team. Pete & Roy &Watt in morning. Harry came down after dinner and Brock went over to Hilborns about three o' clock to help in with some rakings. Harry stayed for tea. Brock & I to town at night. Mist in morning but a fine day.

August Thursday, 16

Got out binder and started to cut barley on other place about Eleven. Brock cut until 2.30 p.m just cut part of it. Shocked it in afternoon. Da raking on other place after supper. Thundering all forenoon and dull at times. but fine.

Friday, 17

Brock hoeing mangels in morning and Da raking back 14 ac. For second time. Drew it in afternoon. Brock & I up to Gass's in evening with picture of herb. Fine day and warm. Brock mowed hay in his orchard in afternoon

Saturday, 18

Da and Brock hoeing mangels and cut the grass round trees in orchard. Mr. Henderson came out for me about noon. Da &Ma down to miss Duncan's in afternoon. Albert. Nettie. Willie and. Elma Chambers motored down from Allenfod. Stayed all night with us. Fine.

Sunday, 19

Albert's over to uncle Sam's for dinner and tea. Back here for night. Brock to church at night. Few drops of rain in morning but fine and warm. Little shower about six again.

August Monday, 20

Finished cutting the barley. Then gathered up rakings and brought them in. Brock to town in afternoon for the chairs bought at Miss Duncan's sale. Da Brock took Haskel's engine home Brock to town to meet Nellie & Lillian on night train. Fine and quite warm. Lightening at night

Tuesday, 20

Da and Brock hoeing mangels all day in afternoon. Drew in barley in morning. Looking like rain in forenoon but came out fine and bright in afternoon.

Wednesday, 22

Brock finished hoeing mangels in morning and hoeing turnips. Da scuffled some turnips in morning then Ike called and they went to town about the Duncan business. Unloaded a load of barley after dinner and hoeing turnips. Brock took Nellie, Lillian & I to find train. Went down with Nellie, she not feeling well. Came back on night train. Henderson and Miss Duncan called in evening. Brock to town at night. Fine and quite warm. Miss Duncan sold hen house to Mrs. Walbi White for $ 100.

August Thursday, 23

Brock to Moorefield with six pigs. Brought home shingles and oats. Da choring all day. Over to Tom Millers in evening and round by Isaac Hilborns. Leveled hay in hay mow in afternoon. Raining most of day.

Friday, 24

Scuffling and hoeing turnips all day. Dull and cloudy. Quite a heavy shower about four and again after tea.

Saturday, 25

Hoeing and scuffling turnips. Mizzling rain at times all day and quite cold. Brock and I to town at night little frost in night.

Sunday, 26

Brock + I to {Faas?} for tea. Lovely bright morning but got cloudy and rain in night. Thunder &lightening.

August Monday, 27

Da and Brock finished hoeing turnips in forenoon and got binder ready to cut. Started to cut in corner field after dinner. Got part of it cut and shocked. fine but cloudy at times and very windy. Looking like rain at night.

Tuesday, 28

Da cutting weeds in garden and round fence. Brock to town for chop. Brought home lambs in morning. Cutting in corner field in afternoon and shocked what was cut. Rain in night thunder &lightening Rather dull all day and little mists of rain at times. Fine night.

Wednesday, 29

Cut flax with mower in morning and then started to cut in corner field about ten. Finished about three and cutting in next field back. Da shocking. Brock to town at night. Fine but cloudy.

August Thursday, 30

Brock finished cutting on this place and went over to other place about eleven and started to cut in 2nd {This is written in the margin with an arrow pointing to it} grain field. Finished it bout four and started in back 14 ac. Da shocking all day. Ma up to Roy's in afternoon. Lovely bright cool day.

friday, 31

Cutting in back 14 ac. Finished about four and came up and cut a few rounds off the 8 ac in field back. Da shocking. Fine and warmer.

September Saturday, 1

Finished cutting the 8 ac. about 2.30 Brock helping Da shock rest of day and got everything put up. We to town at night. Fine and very hot at times. Thundering in evening. Mr. Heinbecker died Prof. of Queens.

Sunday, 2

Thompson's and Miss Fennel from Elora here for tea. Thunder storm about 4.a.m but turned out a nice bright day. Cool at night.

September Labor Day (Dominion) Monday, 3

Drew in rest of barley from other place and put it in barn. Then drawing from corner field and stacking it in front of driving house. Rather dull at times and cool. Fine night.

Tuesday, 4

Finished drawing in the corner field stacking it by side of barn. I up to Roy's at night. Fine and cool

Wednesday, 5

Drawing in from field by maple tree finished it about five o' clock and drew two loads from the mixed grain. Stacking it at side of barn. Brock to town at night Rather dull and very like rain in afternoon. Quite a frost last night.

September Thursday, 6

Finished drawing mixed grain and got 2 loads from back 14 ac. Stacking it on dump of barn. I up to Roy's in evening. Dull and cloudy and very windy and cold in morning. Brighter in afternoon. Frost at night. Mr. Newstead helped on stack for a couple of loads.

Friday, 7

Drawing in from back 14 ac. all day, stacking on dump. Mr. Burrows helped on stack for a couple of loads. Mr. &Mrs. Henderson, here, anne &Rea called about five. Rather dull and looking like rain. A little sprinkle about seven o' clock. Bill Smith buried from station this a. m.

Saturday, 8

Drawing in all day from back 14 ac. Finished it and got one load out of 8 ac. field. Brock and I to town at night. Lovely bright warm day.

Sunday, 9

Henderson brought Grace Brett out in morning. Bill Gass, Maggie Lappen &Marjory Forrest came for tea. Brock to church at night Rather dull and quite cold.

September Monday, 10

Drawing in from 8 ac. on other place. Mr. Newstead helping top the stacks. Got it all in. Mr. Henderson called about four o' clock for Grace Brett. Mrs Henderson had another stroke this morning very cold day and cloudy but fine. Old Carrie dead this morning.

Tuesday, 11

Cut flax and. Unloaded two loads of grain. Then drew in the flax and pulled the peas and drew them in. Then cutting corn on other place with binder. I up to town in afternoon with Georgie. Brock over to Haskels in evening. Got the corn shocked. Quite cloudy and cold.

Wednesday, 12

Da and Brock over helping Haskel draw in until about five o' clock. Brock and I to town and to see Mrs. Henderson. No improvement. Mr. Hines and Mr. Garret came about 11.30 to paint house. Fine and quite cool

September Thursday, 13

Brock to town in morning for supplies for painters and brought rest of feed C. H . Thompson sent up. Da digging at drain back of driving house. Fixing fence and gapes on other place in afternoon and brought home heifers and their calves from other place and divided them. Brock met Jane at train at night. Nice bright warm day. Both stayed all night

Friday, 14

Brock at Haskel's threshing until about two o' clock. Then choring round and took Maggie. Jane and Marjorie over to Robt. Mitchells about four o' clock. Da down for Jane's trunk in morning and working round home in afternoon. Rather dull and looking like rain but only a few drops. Mr. Garrett stayed.

Saturday, 15

Da and Brock at Jack's threshing . Home about five o' clock. Ma , Brock & I to town at night. Mrs. Henderson some better. Little showers at times in forenoon. Finer after dinner.

Sunday, 16

Brock to church at night. Fine bright day.

September Monday, 17

Brock at Wilmott's threshing until about four o' clock. Da went to Masser's but broke down about ten then went back and pulled onions on other place. Getting out fence posts in afternoon. Fine warm day.

Tuesday, 18

Da at Masser's threshing until eleven then threshing on Craig place for Isaac Hilborn in afternoon. Brock cleaning up granary and getting ready to thresh. Fine day and very warm. A little sprinke of rain about four.

Wednesday, 19

Brock to town in morning for paint and meat. Then Da and he back getting out posts and threshing wood. Brock over to Gilmet's to see Mr. Pollock about threshing. Brock and I to town at night. Edge Benson brought Jane &Marjory here after tea. Beautiful warm day. Mrs. Henderson worse.

September Thursday, 20

Getting threshing wood and getting ready to thresh. Mrs. Newstead and Marie Black called. Clara &Melville came about seven o' clock, Melville &Brock to town at night. Fine day and cool breeze. Mrs.Henderson sinking very quickly.

Friday, 21

Threshing all day. Pollock's machine. Clara and Melville left about 9.30 for Brampton. Beautiful bright day. Mrs. Henderson died last night about eleven. Painters here.

Saturday, 22

Threshing all day but didn't get furnished. Brock, Jane & I to town at night. Uncle Willie came up for Mrs. Henderson's funeral. Beautiful bright day but heavy frost at night. Painters here

Sunday, 23

All at Mrs. Henderson's funeral in afternoon. Beautiful warm day.

september Monday, 24

Finished threshing in morning about nine thirty. Then Pa and Brock straightening up after the threshers got away. Brock at Newsteads threshing in afternoon. Jane and I to town. Clara and Melville came about 12 p.m from Brampton. Da working round barn in afternoon. Beautiful day.

Tuesday, 25

Da Working in bush getting out posts for fence between Roy and us. Brock & Melville over to Hilborns in forenoon + to town. Brock down with chop in afternoon and took Jane's trunk. Melville took Jane and I to Clara in aft. Beautiful warm day.

Wednesday, 26

Da and Brock working in bush getting out posts. Melville took Jane to Station and I went along. They left for home about three o' clock. Brock to town at night Beautiful warm day.

September Thursday, 27

Drawing out posts for line fence between Roy and us. Fine in morning but looking like rain. Heavy thunder storm went north about five. Quite a little shower after supper.

Friday, 28

Painters finished. Brock took them to Rhames. this morning. Working at line fence. Digging post holes and setting anchor pots. Fine but cloudy at times.

Saturday, 29

Working at line fence, setting the posts in morning and filling round them with stone in afternoon. Brock and I to town at night. Cloudy and cool. Heavy thunder storm went north but only a little shower here about 8 p.m.

Sunday, 30

Brock to church at night cool and showry all day.

October Monday, 1

Working at line fence. Brock over to Hilborns for wire stretcher in morning. Got fence finished about three and went over to other place and started to cut the corn at road. Dull at times and rather cold.

Tuesday, 2

Drawing up wood from bush in forenoon and threw it in a pile to dry. Cutting corn on other place in afternoon. Dull and cool and looking like rain to wards night.

Wednesday, 3

Drawing up wood from bush in morning. Da leveling and picking up along line fence in afternoon. Ma, Brock and I to show in afternoon. Brock and I to concert at night. Dull and misty in forenoon and raining most of afternoon

October Thursday, 4

Drawing up wood from bush all day. Dull and cloudy cool. Quite a steady rain after supper.

Friday, 5

Cleaned hen pens and drawing out manure rest of day. Raining at times all day. Heavy shower about eight a. m. Da and Brock back for a heifer in morning that got into Mc Ewings. Colder towards night.

Saturday, 6

Da and Brock drawing out manure all day. Finished about five and brought a load of corn from other place. Gathered in pumpkins after tea. Brock & I to town at night. Dull and cold. Frost at night. Mr. Hugh Montgomery died at Harriston 98 yrs old.

Sunday, 7

Brock to church at night. Mr. Garneau came over to borrow Brock's gun. Dull at times and windy.

October Thanksgiving Day. Monday, 8

{Added Thanksgiving day in Header} Digging potatoes back by turnips and in garden. Brock to town at night Rather bright and cool wind. Squalls of snow and rain once and a while.

Tuesday, 9

Digging potatoes all day. Finished garden patch and the one on other place next corn. Very heavy frost last night but nice bright day. Looking a little like rain at night. Finished potatoes the best potato crop in years. {finished is a little elongated}

Wednesday, 10

Brock took Olive line to train to go to Elora on the nine train. Robt started to top the mangels. Working at mangels all day{a splotch on the letter y} Topping and drawing A little cold but fine & dry.

October Thursday, 11

Robt & Brock working at the mangels all day. Yopping and drawing finished mangels very fine day

Friday, 12

Raining men choring Robt helped pick too ducks. And churned forenoon Brock over helping Wat a while afternoon Robt & Wat gone over to see the ditch at Hussy s and Wilsons. Bro ck gone to town with load of chop and get wood shoes on. Cold rain. Mostly all day. Men choring raining a little about 10 o/c Brock Robt and Wat went to Moorefield to see Scott about the on ard on ditch. Home about five. Finer afternoon.

Sunday, 14

At home all day fine day. Shower about seven evening Brock drove to town to post letters & G. + O.

October Monday, 15

Robt and Brock started to dig 49 rods of open ditch over in Jimmy Wilsons place went away at seven in the morning of and back at seven at night took dinner and horse feed with them. Got along very good Fine day all day.

Tuesday, 16

Brock went over to ditch alone. Robt went up to Roy's to thresh but the machine did not get there till noon so he came home an d raised a row of potatoes in the from that was left and raised those that grew in the garden. Had dinner and then went up to Roy threshing afternoon Very fine day Brock done a good days work at ditch

wednesday, 17

Robt and Brock went over to the ditch hard digging today a Little showers at times. afternoon Ike Mc Issac Mon. Peter, finished Roys threshing and Elwins for us I up to Roys at noon to see how there baby is. Aunt Emma & Mrs Hicks there. Georgie & baby at Brantford

October Thursday, 18

Robt & Brock at the ditch all day a few little showers but quite warm They had a very hard day digging in the ditch Brock went down town at night to meet train Olive did not come Very heavy rain.


{Olive speaking} Very heavy rain early in the morning and a little off and on all forenoon. A little snow about 11.00 Robt + Brock piling mangels in the root house forenoon Brock went up to Newsteads for a load of gravel and got a load of corn for <inelligible> Robt choring around very windy, and cold, and dark looking. Mr. Henderson drove me out in car after dinner. Came up on morning train. Da and Brock over for plough & shovels to ditch about four o' clock.

Saturday, 20

Da and Brock opening drain back of barn and the tile empting in the open ditch. Brock and I to town at night. Mr. Robt. Hamilton here to get a ram lamb, also Mrs. Fach called. Dull and cold. Flurries of snow.

Sunday, 21

Home all day. Dull and cold and snow.

October Monday, 22

Men topping turnips, swedes, ploughed and harrowed them out after dinner and got in two loads. Rather dull day and cold.

Tuesday, 23

Brock to town with chop in forenoon adn got horses shod. Da over to ditch for his axe in morning. Drawing turnips in afternoon {9?} loads. Quite a fall of snow early this morning. Brightened and was fine but looking like rain towards night and a little misty.

Wednesday, 24

Drawing turnips all day. Mr. Henderson called in afternoon for a little while. Dull and threatening rain. Colder at night.

October, 25

Finished drawing in the turnips about nine o' clock. Two loads. Brock took mother to morning train. She gone to Chatsworth. Went for a load of corn before dinner. Drawing up wood from bush and putting it in wood house in afternoon. Dull and cold in morning but came out bright in afternoon.

Friday, 26

Brock left this morning about 6.20 a.m for Harriston to be examined. Class E. Home about six at night. Da putting wood in wood house. Dull and looking like rain. Strong east wind. Started to rain about five o' clock. Wet night.

Saturday, 27

Finished filling the woodhouse by noon. Then took buggy and went over to finish ditch in afternoon. Brock and I to town at night. Dull and misty. Started to rain about five. Turned to soft snow about ten.

Sunday, 28

Brock to church at night. Lizzie, Oswald & Gladys here in afternoon. Fine bright day breezy.

October Monday, 29

Started to plough on other place in back 14 ac. field. Misty and raining at times all day. Very dirty day.

Tuesday, 30

Da and Brock at Harry's threshing all day. Engine not working in morning. Very snowy and windy at times. Couldn't see the sideroad at times. High west wind. Put cattle in stable.

Wednesday, 31

Da and Brock at Harry's threshing. Home about eleven. Da ploughing in afternoon and Brock at Morrison's threshing. We to town at night. Snowy at times and cold.

November All Saint's Day (Quebec) Thursday, 1

Da and Brock at Morrison's threshing in morning. Then both ploughing in afternoon. Bright at times but started to snow again about five. Cold.

Friday, 2

Both ploughing all day in back 14 ac. Mr. Henderson called. Quite dull and cold wind.

Saturday, 3

Both ploughing all day. Brock stopped about five o' clock and went to meet Mother and Melville. Train was late. Brock and I to town at night. Nice bright day and warmer. Frost at night.

Sunday, 4

Melville over to Hilborns in morning. Brock and he back to ditch in afternoon. Dr. Mc Gregor here for tea. Lovely bright day but very heavy white frost at night.

November Monday, 5

Finished ploughing 14 ac. about four o'clock and started along side of turnip ground. Melville out collecting. He and I over to Hilborns at night. Beautiful warm day.

Tueday, 6

Ploughing back by turnip ground. Melville out collecting. Hilborns over in evening. A little colder and not so bright.

Wednesday, 7

Brock finished ploughing back by turnip ground and went to town about eleven for chop. Da started to plough in field behind poplars. Brock home about three o' clock then ploughing too. Melville over to Hilborns to telephone clara in evg. Fine warm day.

November Thursday, 8

Drawing out manure in forenoon. Both started ploughing in afternoon behind poplars. Melville and I to town in forenoon. He started for home about three o' clock with Billy. Fine day, a little cooler.

Friday, 9

Ploughing in morning, then Brock gone to Burrows threshing about two o' clock and Da ploughing himself. Warm very misty and smoky all day. Melville got to Chatsworth about 9 P.M.

Saturday, 10

Da ploughing all day. Brock at Burrows threshing. He and I to town at night very misty. Mild

Sunday, 11

Mr. Henderson, Janet, and Brett here for tea. Lovely warm day. Misty in morning and again in evening.

November Monday, 12

Started{started is in bold} to plough corn ground on other place beside the tunips. Both ploughing all day. Big fire in Drayton this morning about 3 o' clock. Queen's {Hotel?}. Cutting, two barber shops, {Silbs}, harness shop and K.O. Noeckers burned, fire started in Queens. A little misty in morning but cleared and was a nice day.

Tuesday, 13

Ploughing on corn ground all day. Ma and I to town in morning afternoon. Beautiful warm bright day. Wonderful weather for November.

Wednesday, 14

Frozen too hard to plough so drawing out manure and brought res of corn two loads in morning. Finished ploughing the corn ground about four o' clock then ploughing in little patch at road where sweet corn and potatoes were. Brock to town at night. Fine bright day and warm. Mr. Jno. Gilmore buried to day in Arthur.

November Thursday, 15

Da ploughing down manure in field behind poplars. Brock finished little patch on other place and then helping Pa. Both started to plough the sod back of maple tree in afternoon. Very misty and dirty all day.

Friday, 16

Plaughing sod all day. Fine but not very bright.

Saturday, 17

Ploughing sod all day. Howard here to say they expected to thresh in afternoon but didn't Mr. Robt Hamilton came for lamb $23.00 Brock and I to town at night. Beautiful warm bright day. Foggy in a.m

Sunday, 18

Mr &Mrs. Thompson, Ansen and Mr. Elesworth of Ahmie Harbor here for supper. Rainy in morning. Turned colder and snow in afternoon and at night.

Monday, 19

Brock took cream can to town and got chop in forenoon. Da done chores and drew out some manure with Murphy. Brock at Isaac Hilborns threshing in afternoon. Da brought home young cattle and drew out some more manure. We to plough after dinner but frozen too hard. Mr. Fach came for lamb $23.00 Dull and cold all day. Snow at night.

Tuesday, 20

Da done chores and drawing out manure with Stone {boat?} in morning. Brock at Hilborns threshing all day. Ma and I to town in afternoon to mail parcels. Da cleaned goose pen and sheep pen in afternoon. Rather dull and mild.


Brock at Hilborns threshing until about eleven. Then choring until noon. Da ploughing sod in morning. Both ploughing afternoon and finished it. Went a few rounds on sod below pens. Dull and cold, foggy. Came on a little rain about six.

November Thursday, 22

Choring and makig pig troughs in morning. Ploughing in afternoon on sod below pens. Mrs. Chester Walker here in afternoon. Very snowy morning and snowing and blowing at times in afternoon. Colder and quite windy after tea.

Friday, 23

Men choring and fixing centre stable to tie up cattle. Snowy and cold.

Saturday, 24

Men done the chores and put on storm windowe. Fork down the wire fence round gardens and in the car lane in afternoon. Brock and I to town at night. Fine but very cold wind and frosty.

Sunday, 25

Elwin here for dinner. Brock and he down to Haggerty's in afternoon. A Little fall of snow all day and cold. Brought sheep home from other place.

November Monday, 26

Da done chores and cleaning pens in afternoon Brock to town for {coalaie?} and got Wiley shod, in forenoon. Then at Billy Lowes sale in afternoon. Mr. Irwin Elliot here and bought ram lamb in afternoon $23.00 Bright and cold. Lillian 9 yrs. old.

Tuesday, 27

Drawing out manure and choring. Harry Booth here to buy lambs. Dull and snowing at times cold wind

Wednesday, 28

Done chores and drawing out manure. Brock down to get a lesson on violin at night but Seth was away. Milder and brighter. Mr. Mc Isaac called this a.m.

November Thursday, 29

Done chores and drawing out manure Brock down for mail at night. Rather dull and misty. {Vistury?} Band man called.

Friday, 30

Choring and drawing out manure, cleaning out shed, finished about three o' clock and cleaned up some chop. Very heavy fog all day.

December Saturday, 1

Brock down with chop in morning. Da choring. Then boarding up door in shed in afternoon. Brock and I to town at night. I stayed in at Smith's. Fine day and colder. Heavy fall of snow in morning.

Sunday, 2

Brock to church at night. I came home with him. Fine day. Frosty at night.

December Monday, 3

Men choring round barn all day. Brock to Moorefield in morning with 9 lambs $148.50 and 1 pig $61. Fine and not very cold.

Tuesday, 4

Men choring in morning. Da drew up some wood to cellar in afternoon. Brock took Ma to Mc Isaac's and then went on to Towriss's sale. Came round by Rothsay paid taxes and got cheese. Went for Ma after supper. Fine day but started to snow after supper.

Wednesday, 5

Men choring round barn all day. Grinding axes and setting saw. Mr. Mc Isaac called in evening. Brock down to Hilborns but Seth away. Very snowy at times and cold

December Thursday, 6

Brock helping Mr. Mc Isaac draw gravel for his lane from Newsteads pit. Da choring. Seth here in evening to to give Brock his first lesson on violin. Cold and snowy at times. Terrible disaster at Halifax this morning. American munition ship and a Norwegian collided. Explosion followed. Dead about 4000.

Friday, 7

Brock helping Ike draw gravel from Mr. Arnolds pit. Da choring round barn all day. Lovely bright sunny day. I over to Hilborns in evening.

Conception day (Quebec) Saturday, 8

Men choring in forenoon. Brock and I to town in afternoon. Da picking over onions in cellar. Very stormy day and cold. From east changed to west about midnight.

Sunday, 9

Home all day. Very cold and stormy. Blowing hard from west. Burning wood.

December Monday, 10

Men choring and drew up some wood into cellar in afternoon. Fine and very sharp started to storm again. About four o' clock.

Tuesday, 11

{elongated handwriting not Olive speaking} Choring forenoon Brock took Olive down to {tin?} train, going up to {blarap?}, Brock took load of shop and brought home a {lot?} of flour (Robinhood)Turned out a fine day. Georgie and baby here in the afternoon.

Wednesday, 12

Men choring and started to draw out manure on the other place. Looking like soft weather Brock down town to hear Hugh Guthrie and Dr. Moore Proffessor Johnston of {Yarout?} W.L Lark and others, Union meeting at night.

December Thursday, 13

Choring and finished drawing manure. A fine snow falling all day very {voetting?} Brock gone down to Seth's for music lesson still snowing.

Friday, 14

Done chores and cutting some wood in afternoon. Brock to town in morning. fine and real cold sleighing this week for the first.

Saturday, 15

Done chores and cutting wood in forenoon and. drawing it up in afternoon. Brock to town at night. Fine and cold.

Sunday, 16

Brock to church at night. Fine and frosty.

December Monday, 17

{Olive Speaking} done chores and over to vote. Brock met me at five thirty train. I came home from Chatsworth. Brock down to hear return of election at night. Mc Ewing defeated by 833 votes. Bright day and milder.

Tuesday, 18

Done chores in morning and filled up some chop. Brock down with it after dinner. Mr. Mc Isaac called in afternoon and Da and he went to town. Sold the Duncan farm to harry Schieck for $3000. Milder and raining a little at night.

Wednesday, 19

Done chores and cutting a little wood in bush. Mild and foggy.

December Thursday, 20

Brock done chores and cleaned pens. We picked 15 geese. Started at 9 a.m and finished about 4.30. Brock down for his lesson at night Mild and very foggy all day.

Friday, 21

Da done chores. Brock took down 12 geese 149 lbs @ 21.00 and got some chop in morning. Choring in afternoon. {Jew?} in and bought fowl. Ma up to school in afternoon. A little colder to wards night but mild and foggy.

Saturday, 22

Men done chores and cutting wood in bush in forenoon. Brock, Ma & I to town in afternoon. Brock down again at night for Billie Andrews buggy. Fine and bright but cool

Sunday, 23

Home all day. Rather dull.

december Monday, 24

Men choring and cutting wood in bush in forenoon. Drawing up wood in afternoon. Jack Walker came up about 3.30 to say Brock was to meet Clara and Melville in Arthur at 8.p.m. Went to town about 4.30 and got Wiley shod and went on to Arthur. Train nearly 5 hrs. late. Got home about 12.45 a.m. Misty and raining in morning. Colder and windy to wards evening. roads very icy.

Christmas Day (Dominion) Tuesday, 25

Brock met Uncle Will at ten train and Melville took him back to five train. Bright day with flurries of snow.

Wednesday, 26

Men choring. Melville to town in morning. Brock left about three o' clock to talk then to Arthur. Home about 8.P.M. Da choring and cleaning pens in afternoon. Bright and cold. Roads icy Brought a rooster from Hamiltons $2.25

december Thursday, 27

Men choring and cleaned hen pens and divided hens. Brock down for his lesson at night. Rather dull and quite stormy and cold at night.

Friday, 28

Men choring. Da walked to town in afternoon. Bright and clear and very cold. Mr. Simion Track buried this a.m 82 yrs 11 mos.

Saturday, 29

Men choring all day. Brock & I to town at night. Very sharp and bright.

Sunday, 30

Brock to church at night. Not so cold. Fine.

December Monday, 31

Done chores and filled up some chop in morning. Brock down with chop and got horses shod behind. Not so cold but still sharp.


Cream to Palm Creamery 1917


Jan. 9 1 can cream


Test 26 Price

45 c 9.21

May 2 1 “ “

“ 52 “

“ 33. “

45 7.71

“ 15 1. “ “

“ 60 “

“ 34. “

45 9.18

“ 22 1 “ “

“ 45 “

“ 33 “

44 6.53

June 5 1. “ “

“ 52 “

“ 29 “

40 }\

“ 12 1. “ “

“ 77 “

“ 32 “

40 }/ 15.88

“ 19 1. “ “

“ 78. “

“ 32 }\


“ 25 1 “ “

“ 75 “

“ 35 }.

35 c

“ 29 1. “ “

“ 62. “

“ 38 }/


July 3 1 “ “



“ 6 1 “ “



“ 10 1. “ “



“ 17 1. “ “

“ 44. “

“ 35 }\


“ 20 1. “ “

“ 39 “

“ 36 }


“ 24 1 “ “

“ 48. “

“ 35 }


“ 31 1 “ “

“ 78

“ 35 }/


Aug 3 “ “

“ 53. “

“ 34 }\


“ 7 “ “

“ 53. “

“ 36 }


Aug 14 “ “ 

“ 54. “

“ 33 }/

39c 21.67

“ 17 “ “

“ 39. “

“ 36 }\


“ 21 “ “

“ 50. “

“ 34 }


“ 25 “ “

“ 42 “

“ 32 }

40 c 25.61

“ 28 “ “

“ 56. “

“ 35 }/


Sept 4 “ “

“ 42. “

“ 35 }\

43 c 17.38

“ 11. “ “

“ 78. “

“ 33 }/


“ 17. “ “

“ 78. “

“ 34 }\


“ 25. “ “

“ 48. “

“ 37 }/

44 c 19.48

Oct 2 “ “

“ 68. “

“ 35

47 11.17

“ 23 “ “

“ 76 “

“ 39 }\


“ 30 “ “

“ 77. “

“ 35 }/

46 c 26.01

Nov. 7


“ 19 Drayton

76 “ 


46 11.53

Dec. 8 1. “

76. “


46 11.53



Eggs for 1917


Mar. 10

2 ½ doz eggs

@ .35


“ 24

2 ½ “ “

@ 30


Apr. 14

30 “ “

@ 30


May 2

30 “ “

@ 32


“ 12

30 “ “

@ 38


“ 19

6 “ “

@ 40


“ 25

30 “ “ 



June 9

30 “ “



“ 27

21 “ “



July 28

9 “ “



“ 14

 6 ½ “ “



Aug 11

10 “ “



“ 25

11 “ “



Sept 1

8 ¼ “ “



“ 8

6 “ “



“ 28

6 “ “



Oct. 5

6 “ “



11/19 Haskel and Sadie married at 9.30 a.m Miss Golden and will o' {Ridley?} assisting. Sarah, Gladys & Oswald. Josh & his wife and Clarence there. Went to Thousand Islands for trip.

Sept. 23/19 Mrs. Henderson buried to day at 2 p.m. Mr. Robt Bryden, Persey Irwine. Mr. Davies. Mr. Clarke, Jim { Jr histon?} and Dr. Floth were holbearers. Aged 48 yrs. Very large funeral.

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Olive Philp Diary, 1917.pdf
Olive Philp Diary Transcripts, 1917.pdf


Olive Philp, “Olive Philp Diary & Transcription, 1917,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed December 4, 2023, https://ruraldiaries.lib.uoguelph.ca/transcribe/items/show/136.