David Allan Diary & Transcription, 1875


David Allan Diary & Transcription, 1875


David Allan


Courtesy of Guelph Civic Museum and Archives of the University of Guelph


19th Century, Wellington South County, Guelph Township

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David Allan Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript & Typed Transcription



{Several newspaper clippings are pasted/taped in. Most appear to have been traced in blue prior to being cut out.}

{QUEENS BENCH, - (Present Mr. Justice Wilson.) JUDEMENTS OF FULL COURT. BEVERLEY C. BANKER – No rule. GORDON V. WATEROUS. – Rules absolute to enter verdict for defendant. REGINA V. TAYLOR – The following is the {illegible} of a very important judgment 1. The {illegible} brewer is a branch of trade and commerce. 2. It is business, although domestic, and internal in the Province in which it is carried on, which is under the general control of the Dominion Government, which unlike the Government of the United States, possesses the general sovereignty of the country, subordinate, of course, to the Imperial Parliament, while the Provinces, unlike the respective States of the Union, can exercise their merely delegated powers. 3. The Dominion authority has power alone to tax and regulate the trade of a brewer, and having done so the Ontario Legislature has not the power to restrain it unless in a qualified manner, and for the mere purposes of police to the extent before mentioned. 4. The prohibition to keep, have, or sell beer by a brewer, unless under a license and the payment of a tax for a licenseis an excess of power by the Provincial authority , and is a restraint and regulation of trade and commerce, and not the exercise of a police power. 5. The Ontario Legislature has the power to exercise control in all matters of police, or, in other words, which relate to the good government, health, and morals of the people. 6. It is not altogether quite easy to determine what is a matter of police, and what is a regulation of trade. The police power is in almost every case to some extent, when dealing with persons or with the subjects of trade, a restraint, and in that respect a regulation of trade. 7. The restriction imposed by the Ontario Legislature on brewers not to sell by retail, as defined in the Act of 1874, is not ultra {wires?}, because it is a mere repetition and renewal of the legislation, which was in full force here before and at the time of the Confederation. 8. The right conferred on the Ontario legislature to deal exclusively with “shop, saloon, tavern, auctioneer and other licenses,” for purposes of revenue does not extend to licenses on brewers and distillers, over} {{TORONTO?} WEDNESDAY, MARCH 17, 1875. Which the General Government only, and at all aimes exercises jurisdiction, and which are of a higher and different class than the licenses of retail dealers which are mentioned, and the other licenses have reference to those kinds of licenses before states, such as on billiard tables, livery stables, &c, &c, which are chiefly enumerated in the Municipal Acts.9. The Ontario Legislature has the right to license or prohibit the sale of liquors in shops and taverns, and in other places of the like kind, because it has the exclusive power over Municipal Institutions, and these institutions had before, and at the time of Confederation, the exercise of these powers, and because such power read in connection with sec. 92, sub-section 16 of the Confederation Act is now a matter “ of a merely local or private nature in the Province.” 10. That power is in restraint of trade as well as a matter of police, so that the general regulation of trade and commerce, which is vested in the Dominion Government, must be considered to be modified by the powers which the Ontario Legislature, acting in relation to municipal institutions, may properly exercise.}

{brother, were driving home across the {illegible} between 9 and ten o’clock on Saturday {illegible} the latter party was the victim of a {illegible} and successful attempt at robbery {illegible} stranger jumped on the sleigh{illegible} ately “knocking” the driver {illegible} robbed him of his pocket {illegible} nately only contained {illegible} The horses ran away {illegible} harness in their {illegible} an an easy {illegible} was unkown {illegible} it is not {illegible} ever}

{MARCH 17, 1875 exceptions to this general rule. These are: Clark, Hawks, Powers, Earle, Stephens, and Darling. While the principals fail, the subordinates make money. THE SAGINAW WALLEY – In salt there has been a large increase in the production for 1874, or 971,587 brls, against 810,495 the previous year. This is for the Saginaw River alone, the production of the State being 1,026,979 barrels, an increase of 200,000 barrels. There is a decrease of about 45,000,000 feet in the amount of lumber out as compared with 1873. The table of production includes all the mills along the Saginaw River, and the interior mills in Saginaw County, but excludes a number of important mills in the northern part of Bay County, which are properly considered railroad mills. The decrease in the amount of lumber cut is partially attributed to the fact that four mills were destroyed by fire in 1873, and three during the past year. Seven other mills did not run at all, and a number only a portion of the season. Many of the mills operated, and which were fortunate enough to get an ample supply of logs, show a much better record than during any former year. The statistics of lumber manufacture are condense in the following summary: - {{{see table in scan}}} From the amount of unsold lumber on hand, as given above, should be deducted 30,000,000 feet sold since January 1st, 1875, and 60,000,000 held by manufacturers who operate yards elsewhere, and which is practically out of this market.}

{The Parry Sound Lumber Company’s new mill covers an area of 85 x 108 feet, and has a capacity for sawing from 80,000 to 100,000 feet per day. There in use in the new mill three Turbine water-wheels, which are capable of giving 280 horse power. This mill is certainly the best on the North Shore, and possibly it is equal to any in the Province. The building, also being close to the village, adds greatly to the appearance of the place, as at a short distance, it has the resemblance of a large English cathedral more than a saw mill. In the attic story alone, there are 15,000 lights of glass. In addition to the erection of the new mill, the Company have also extended their tramways, and altogether, they have spent about $35,000 in these improvements, a large proportion of which was paid in wages – in giving employment to emigrants and others who would otherwise have been deprived of work during the winter. We area also glad to learn that the Foreman, M. Else, and all of his men, are members of the Order of Good Templars. The Georgian Bay Lumber Company also intend building a mill on the same principle at Wanbashene, next winter.}

{there is a calendar for 1875 and 1876 below the newspaper clippings}

The Rice Lake Railway bridge is making satisfactory progress. The contractor is makng every necessary exertion, and the bridge will be open for traffic next summer. In view of a probable flood the Bobcaygeon Independent suggests that all the stop logs in the back country dams should be ordered out by the agents of the Ontario Government. {Newspaper clipping-left}

Attempted Suicide 1875 CHICAGO, March 16- A.J. Thomas, for several months an operator in the Chicago Board of Trade, attempted suicide to-day by shooting himself, it is supposed fatally. Heavy losses induced the act. {Newspaper clipping-right}



DIARY 1875.

January Friday 1 1875

This is a fine morning not very cold and enough snow left to slide along with a sleigh very well

Saturday 2

Much the same this morning

January Monday 4 1875

Very fine morning, and good sleighing snow having fallen last night Great excitement about the Election

Tuesday 5

This is a fine morning I had to attend the Court in the judges chambers in the case Queen {vs?} Birmingham for encroaching on the {York?} Road with his fence posts

Wednesday 6

Fine clear morning I went down to order new clothes for {Upper Reels?} for Water Mill {and?} Steam Mill, No9 at head and No10 at tail of {reels}, and to change the upper cloths to the {under reels?} Monthly fair to day

January Thursday 7 1875

This is a pritty sharp morning, and snowing a little now and then I made an agreement with Roth Stewart to take all his pile of clear stuff, that 3 inch plank for fermenting tubs at $22,50 per thousand feet Board measure as if picked out and {only?} the quantity I required at present he would charge me $30.00 per M,and if I chose let me have the balance at $16, 00 per M, so I took the lot and began to haul it home

Friday 8

Fine winter weather, and snowing a little and has been snowing through the night, got all the clear planks home this forenoon

Saturday 9

This is a very stormy cold morning by far the coldest this winter and yet the glass did not indicate lower than 3º above zero at 7am. A good deal of snow fell and drifted the wind strong from the West. We got te wheels of the steam mill finished this afternoon. The water is very {scarse?} and can hardly {chop?} enough for the Distillery.

January MONDAY 11 1875

This is not so cold as yesterday morning, for at 7am it was 9° below zero, and this morning at zero by one glass and 3° below in another, one while different Thermomenters in Town indicated 15° below, fortunately there was very little wind yesterday, for had it blown as it did on Saturday it would have been more dredfull against the wind. We are repairing the colapse valve in the still and took out the copper drop pipe, as it had colapsed half way up and a hole in it where the Steam entered and prevented the charge decending This is my Birth Day having beewn born in Edinburgh in 1808. We got the still started about noon after taking out the drop pipe Peter {Gow Esqr? elected?} to day by aclamation for the local hours of parliament.


This was rather a milder morning the glass showing 1° above zero, The Steam Mill went all last night I yesterday received a letter from Girvan containing the discharge of Mortgage by Mrs Grace McLeare in favor of James Armstrong, Robt Scott, {L?},B, Armstrong, Wm Armstrong, James Massie Mrs Massie his wife and George Armstrong, which Mortgage bears date 24 Nov 1864 {Likes?} A7 folio 22545 Peter Idington here to day


This is a milder morning, Thermometer 27° above zero and snowing quite copiously also several showers during the day I arranged with Ingles to allow my men the use of the plainer at $1,00 per day. And got up the stoves this afternoon


January THURSDAY 14 1875

A very pleasant morning

General Meeting of Wellington Mutual Insurance Co for the Election of New directors &c and all the old Directors were reelected.

Sad tiding to day of the death of John McGivern son of Col McGivern of Hamilton who was killed by the Cars near the Station in Toronto last night when expecting to meet his sister last night, And poor Mr Gray the gardener was killed by a Northern train the forenoon,


This is a fine winter morning, Went down to Toronto by the early train, for the purpose of getting a new drop pipe for the still,

The City seemed dull and great want of activity in trade, and shipping business has not paid the vessel owners at all, One propeller laid up for the winter was $3,000 in debts and many others in the like manner, Was told that Eneas McKay of Hamilton had remarked that his new vessel would have been better on the stocks all the season & not to have launched her.

I got home by 8 Oclock, and brought the pipe with me,


Moderate morning has been snowing through the night and still continuing, the Temperature is 12° above Zero,

We are getting on nicely in jointing the staves in my own Machine, having got them thicknessed at Cossets shop & Ripped them there also, Ingles & Hunters Machine having broken down

I Bought a framers boring Machine with 3 augers allong with it for $6.50 & a 7/8 bit for 50¢ for dowels for Bottom of tuns,

January MONDAY 18 1875

This was a moderate morning 10° above zero after 7 a.m. With a light fall of snow during the night

Had to put in the Copper drop pipe this morg {morning} which took longer time than I expected as it had to be hamered out larger to get it on the tube of the Brass gate.

Had also to stop to clean out the Boiler of the Rectifying House and tighten the ends of the tubes with the expander


This is another fine winter day Tempᵗ {temperature} 10° above zero with a light fine snow

Had to stop the Steam Mill this morning as both pairs of flouring Stones were dull and pasted


This is a moderate morning with light shower of snow

Began to remove the bolting cloth of the upper reels of the Steam Mill

Reports are at hand of the failure of several houses in Montreal

January THURSDAY 21 1875

This is a milder morning with a considerable fall of snow, and continuing

Began to remove the upper reel cloths in the Water Mill bolts, the water is still very scarse and only enough to Grind the Corn for the Distillery, and think it the best time to change them

Montreal 20th 3 business houses have suspended to day, {viz?} MG. and WH. Edson importers of Wines liabilities $70,000,

Chapman, Fraser & Tylee groceries & wines $70,000

Duncan Bell, Manufactures agents $60,000 & several more talked of, Edson offered 25¢ today to his {lendition?}


Rather colder this morning, and blowing more, with another coating of snow

Have got the 2 upper reels of the bolts on and working, and will put on the ones taken off and put them on below as soon as, they are got ready (that is altered a little)


This is a very fine clear morning 10° above Zero a little snow having fallen through the night

More failures reported this morning

Jas Doyle & Co Distillery Goderich,

C Powney, Hardware, Fergus

Asselin Oliver, grocer, Montreal

January MONDAY 25 1875

Moderate weather and settled

Yesterday was a very boisterous day a considerable quantity of snow having fallen. also during last night much more has fallen, so that it is very deep to day in some places,

2 men are still putting on the bolting cloths, and Dobbie working at the bottoms of the new fermenting tuns .


This was a very fine day, John & I went down to Galt to { examing?} a pair of Millstones that were ready for us, if approved of & when there could not decide & Telegraphed for Moses our Miller to come down & give his opinion who joined with John in the opinion that they were too open and he therefor ordered another pair to be made


This is a snowing morning, and a good deal must have fallen through the night

Snowing this evening,

January THURSDAY 28 1875

This is a fine morning and moderate weather some more snow has fallen, and still coming down in slight showers,

began this morning to put on the lower cloths on the reels in the water mill (that is those that were upper ones) Duncan McDonald of Montreal (formerly merchant of Toronto) now travels for Lockie & Co


This is a very sharp morning 10° below Zero at 7am with scarsly any wind, Otherwise it would be very cold

The men are finishing the last cloth for the water mill bolts.


This was a very moderate morning, and during the fore part of the day But during the afternoon it got very cold, I took a drive out to the Rocks and found that a very large track has been cut up into wood

February MONDAY 1 1875

This is a very fine winter morning, some more snow having fallen during the night

William and Mr Adams went down to Toronto by noon train, about the gauging of some whisky, Wm {William} went on to Hamilton from there

The Steam Mill has been standing all day for the cleaning out of the Boiler,and to examine the piston,

Judge Gwine opened Court to day for the trial of the contested election between Drew and Higinbotham, when after a short examination of 3/4 of an hour the seat was declared vacant


Very fine weather, most likely to thaw, from the mildness, the snow is deep in some places on the track of the G. Western near Town, there was a delay of the afternoon train going North of from 6pm to 8 oclock,

It is snowing this afternoon


This was a mild morning, and light rain came on early, But yet the monthly fair was well attended, about noon it rained heavier and looked like a regular thaw, but about one Oclock the wind chopped round to the west, and it began to freeze and blow hard and very cold during the evening.

February THURSDAY 4 1875

This is a very cold morning, and has blown a perfect gale all night, and many of the Telegraph wires are down, and all day it has blown a strong Westerly wind and desperately cold, at 7 am it was 2° below Zero, and at noon only 2° or 3 ° above it. so continued the remainder of the day


This is another cold morning Therᵗ {thermometer} at Zero at 7am but the wind was not so strong during the night nor yet this morning


This morning is colder than yesterday 2° below Zero at 7 pm am

Began to hoop the new fermenting tubs, with 1 Bundle of 3 inch Band I got from Bond on trial

this evening at 7 pm it was 8° below Zero

February MONDAY 8 1875

Sabbath morning was the coldest morning we have had for many years at 1/2 past 7 it was 25° below Zero at 8 oclock 26° in the evening at 10 pm it was 12° below Zero

This morning it was not so cold at 1/2 past 6 it was 3° below Zero

Got 3 Bdˢ {bundles } of 3 inch Band and 3 [du?] of 2 1/2 inch band iron from Bond & Co a $3.50 pr {per} 100 lbs

New Policy of insurance to day

John Gore the Quarry man began his contract to cut down the Rock in the Distillery cellar for the new tuns $40,


This is another cold morning, Wind N.West & light (Glass at 10 last night 12° below Zero) This morning at 7 am the mercury stood at 15° below Zero & at 10 am it was 9° below Zero, fortunately the wind is not strong otherwise it would be fearfully cold,

The glass to night at 10 Oclock was 10° below Zero


This morning was 19° below Zero at 7 am but several other thermometers marked 22° below

The day has been very cold, the wind was from the East then N.West in the afternoon equally cold & at 7 it went round to the South West and began to snow and drift,

There was quite a ground swell in the river and Dam was flowing over in the morning and the ice frozen to the bottom of the river below the water

February THURSDAY 11 1875

Very cold morning owing to the wind from the West, but the thermometer does not indicate more than about Zero, And as the day advanced it became of any thing milder, and kept on snowing and continued on till night, so that a great deal of snow has fallen since yesterday evening when it began

Meeting in St Andrews Church School House to night no trains to day


This is another very cold morning 10° below Zero and a cold N.West wind blowing, and has continued all the forenoon below Zero and only at 2 pm did it get up to Zero, The roads are so blocked up on the Grand Trunk that no trains have been run to day

No trains the fore part of the day untill night when the snow plough came down with 2 Engines

John Gore finished his contract to day, but there is more to do on Monday after the stone is all cleared away


This is the coldest morning yet at 7 am the thermometer showed 27° below Zero and little or no wind, during the fore noon the wind got up a little from the N.West, The G Trunk {Grand Trunk} trains are running to day and keeping fair time,

Got the last of the 3 tuns hooped and taken apart for removing

No signs of any change in the weather, but getting colder to night the large quantity of snow adds greatly to the cold,

February MONDAY 15 1875

Yesterday Morning at 7 am 21° below Zero & quite calm at 1/2 past 8 it was 8° below, at 1/4 past 10 PM, and very cold.

This morning at 7 Oclock 20° below Zero and has been very cold all day and never more than 2° or 3° above Zero, and fell off lower at dark and at 10 oclock p.m. 8° below Zero

I hear that George McLean has sold his Mills in Aberfoyle 3 pairs of stones for $20,000

John McNaughton formerly a joint proprietor (With Jas Wilson) of the Galt Mills died there at noon to day aged 54 years, after about 2 years of considerable suffering,


This morning at 7 am 5° below Zero, a considerable difference is felt from yesterday & this fore noon is very pleasant winter day,

I have just recᵈ {received} a letter from Freelton that Archᵈ {Archibald} Stewart Esqr {Esquire} died on Saturday last, funeral tomorrow at 11 am

The Quarrymen have finished their work in cutting down the Rock for the foundation of Tuns

It is reported that a Bank here will loose $10,000 by a speculator in Barley


Stormy morning I went down below Freelton to attend the Funeral of Archᵈ {Archibald} Esqr {Esquire} who died there on Saturday last, the Roads were terribly drifted, and the day was a desperate one there being no protection on these wide plains as formerly when lined with woods on each side of the road, the snow for the most part was level with the fences

In returning home & when about 2 miles from Guelph we upset the cutter, and I got my left shoulder dislocated, but drove up to Dr Herods house and got him down to the Priory with us, when him and James, (my Brother who accompanied me) drew it into its place again the pain was very great

February THURSDAY 18 1875

This I am told is a keen cold day I lay in bed all day as quiet as possible so as to keep the joint home in the socket


Not so cold to day. I got up to Breakfast several callers to see me


Much this same as yesterday

February MONDAY 22 1875

The weather tollerably fine yesterday but I did not venture to go to church. To day was a fine pleasant I dressed and got on my body coat, and overcoat one arm in, and attended meeting of Directors we had before us report of the destruction of Thomas Watsons tannery by fire Had to clean out the boiler of the rectifying house to day & a slight mending of the boiler, also the air vessel of the water pump which had burst by the frost during the nights of Saturday & Sunday A window having been left open was the cause And after having got all ready steam up &c it was found that the water pipe leading under ground from the hose was frozen solid. The afternoon was soft and began to rain


This morning was mild and thought a thaw and light rain in the afternoon, and heavier in the evening. The men have been working all night and to day heaming the water pipe and have made no progress of any account of The hose used will not bear sufficient presence


Thawing to day again, and the streets flooded with water Have been working all day, getting off the water out of the well, shed to construct a light coffer=dam {in the center of this section is an illustration of the well} in the middle of the well and set down a pump in one corner & got if dry so as to get at the bent iron pipe into which we bored a hole to insert a funnell & poured hot water William left home for London on a business tour this afternoon

February THURSDAY 25 1875

This is a cold blustering morning, snow has fallen during the night, yet it is thawing some. After having had on the steam all night it has not come through into the well yet, and am preparing to take a pipe from the tank in the distillery, and had the pipes and elbows &c all laid down at the door, when the steam began to holler & roar in the well, when all of us were overjoyed that the pipe was once more clear of ice. Then we had to remove the coffer dams filled with clay (& dung but the dung was more harm than good) and after getting all the chips dirt &c out as clean as possible, set the pump agoing to pump the water clear, shut down for the night all being tired out. Very stormy night Heard from WIlliam in London twice to day he leaves for St Thomas


Another coat of snow this morning. All the works going on well, and the day is turning out fine. Heard from Wim at Chatham to day

William returned by the 6 oclock train this evening


This is a sharp morning, but clear William returned by the 6 oclock train this evening, begining to freeze hard this evening

March MONDAY 1 1875

This is a very stormy morning, snowing heavy & blowing hard at the same time. (Yesterday at 10 a.m. glass stood at 5 above zero, clear all day & freezing hard in the evening) At noon the storm continues the Galt train went down this morning and the mail train came up but no trains whatever since, the drifts and quantities of snow falling will stop them on all the roads, (my arm is improving & can almost do without a sling.


This is if any thing a hotter morning but it froze hard last night it is 5° above Zero this morning at 7.

Great many baskets of fouls arriving for the Exhibition

{He pasted in a newspaper clipping and outlined it in blue which reads: } “Measrs, Duffield, Waltham, and Snodgrass, of London, arrived yesterday as a deputation to confer with the Minister of Inland Revenue relative to excise on oil. They had an interview with the authorities of the Inland Revenue Department to day, and obtained such concessions as will enable them to carry on their business, for the present at least, without any inconvenience arising from the new system of weighing.

{Beside it is another newspaper clipping outlined in blue which reads: } Both the Town and County of Peterboro' were busily employed last week in considering the fallen bridge over Otonabee. They have decided upon erecting a temporary wooden bridge, the contract for it, indeed, being already let, so that the communication across the river will soon be secured. As to the permanent structure, the decision is not finally made, but it seems to be pretty nearly determined that it shal be a boiler plate girder bridge, similar to the viaduct at Port Hope. The majority of the County Council advocate a wooden bridge in preference, if there is to be a great difference in the cost, and as to bow string girder bridges, public confidence in them seems to have been rudely shaken by the recent accident


This is a very bad morning for the Poultry Show it is snowing and drifting hard from the East and the railways will soon be all stopped

I have dispenced with my sling for my arm it is a great deal better

I have seen the show this afternoon and it is a fine display of all kinds of fouls,

The drift and snow is fully worse than it has been & the snow falling heavier towards 6 o,clock

coal deld {delivered} for $3,90 by the Nairn Co,

March THURSDAY 4 1875

This is a much better morning and somewhat settled like, and looks like a thaw Higinbotham started for Orangeville this afternoon


Snowing heavy at 7 Oclock am Temp 20 degrees it slackened off about 10 and the sun partly shone through the thickness of the air Our Fast day in church It began to snow this evening in going to church and heavier on our return


This morning looks dull & has been snowing last night about 4 inches deep, the glass up to mean freezing say 28 degrees

March MONDAY 8 1875

This is a moderate morning 18 degrees and thawing during the middle of the day opened up the drain in the mill yard to let off the water. have 3 men working at the flood gates clearing away the ice in case of a sudden thaw My arm is a great deal better to day. Mr & Mrs Gardner here from Kincardine


This morning was much milder about 30 degrees at 7 am the snow is getting soft, but not to say slushey yet Have got the flood gates as clear as they can be untill a complete thaw begins. There was a fogg & hoar frost this morning which is a sign of a thaw Have finished the Curb for the 4th pair of stones for the steam mill, and put on the first coat of paint on it.


March THURSDAY 11 1875

This is a mild day, and the water droping from the eves of the house Attended the funeral of Mrs Thos Hood (Annie Bruce) who died on the 9th very suddenly of heart disease, she used to visit our house 41 years ago when a little girl


This is also a mild morning a shower of sleet & snow has fallen through the night, and the drops are falling from the roofs Have taken down the upright shaft for as to key on a pair of new bevel wheels to drive the smutt machines the teeth of the old ones being worn quite thin also a spurr wheel on the horizontal shaft the old one having 2 teeth broken out of it


This has been a mild day, the streets are quite wet the water lodging in many places where it cannot get off We had to stop the Engine last night as she kept thumping hard in the cylinder On examination it was found that a nut of the follower of the Piston had burst in peices it was soon repaired & started again Have got the wheel keyed on the upright shaft and put in its place

March MONDAY 15 1875

This last has been a fearful night of thunder & lightning and heavy showers of rain, and the snow in a pulp I went down to Galt by the 9 oclock train to see about the new distillery and found that they just been shipped on board the car, I also made enquiry about the sale of a pair of old ones, to a party in Listowel I also made enquiry about the 18 inch Cylinder that they had on hand, but found that it was engaged to to fitted up in the mill to be rebuilt at Listowel. the streets in Galt were all in a puddle and frequent heavy showers of rain Daniel Lizars Esqr Clerk of the Peace County of Huron died yesterday morning aged 82 years has held the office since 1841. His son Dr John Lizars died in Toronto last week


This is a dry morning so far but as the day advanced heavy showers of snow came on drifting heavy John and a squad of men are busy loading up the Tomestones on three sleighs and taking them up to the cemetery, but the day is very course in the afternoon the Great Western team brought in the new pair of millstones, when after laying down a few large bags of Bran upset them right of the sleigh on to them


This is another stormy morning no thaw to day but showers of snow, with a still breeze, and wintry like This is the longest and hardest winter I can remember

March THURSDAY 18 1875

This is a cold disagreeable day There is considerable anxiety this afternoon as to the result of the Election in North Wellington The news came in to night that Higinbotham was 2 behind Drew


Hard frost this morning, down to zero at 7 am the news from the North is changed for the better after getting returns from the different polling stations which puts Higinbotham on the other side with a majority of 3 votes


More Snow has fallen last night and looks more wintry again Higinbotham and a party of friends from the North arrived this evening at 1/2 past 6 and a party of between 50&60 sat down to an elegant repast at 8 oclock at the Wellington Hotel

March MONDAY 22 1875

Very cold last night Thermometer at 7 am {this part is written above the sentence} 13 degrees below at 6 oclock 7 degrees below zero and at 10 oclock it rose to 22 degrees above, with a powerful sun Wm went of to Stratford this morning Higinbotham started for Ottawa at 5 pm


This is another sharp morning at 6 oclock it was 13 degrees below zero and at 7 am it stood at 7 degrees and rose rapidly when the sun shone through William & John Higinbotham came home from Galt school, by the 8 oclock morning train.


This is a mild morning 34 degrees or 2 above freezing and 2 inches of snow fell during the night The wind due west, with a light drizle of rain for a very short time, but there is not much of a thaw as yet but it is comming on Kingston Court House reported to be on fire this morning

March THURSDAY 25 1875

Moderate weather. Clear and a little thaw The Court House at Kingston was totally destroyed by fire yesterday Had to blow off the side boiler this afternoon as the gasket between the flange of the safety valve and the boiler was partly blown out, after emptying the boiler and refilling it with cold water to cool it, so as to allow a man to get in to hand the bolts, & found it hot after all, however we got it all done in 5 hours


{next to Friday in the title has written in Good} This is a wet dull morning rain & fine sheet But the day was mild though dull and a good deal of water running in the gutters


This is another mild day The gutters in Windham street were flowing very fast, and extra drains had to be cut across the street to {ends abruptly}

March MONDAY 29 1875

Quite mild this morning As the day advanced the streets are flowing fast William went down to Toronto by the 11 oclock train to endeavour to effect some sales. William returned from Toronto by the 7 pm train & found business dull. Merchants overstocked & little or nothing doing


Another mild morning, and the weather spring like & the sun powerful in melting the snow & the streets flooded with water


This is also quite a mild day, the Sun has great power in melting the snow that the streets are running in torrents & the gutters full as if after a great fall of rain the river also rising and flowing over the dam several inches David Kennedy has begun this week to excavate for the addition to the market house, and finds plenty of excellent building sand

April THUSDAY 1 1875

This is a close morning with Temp = {has te written above the equals sign} at 50 degrees and dull and threatning rain At 1/2 past 10 it began a fine steady close rain, and continued to increase and continued pretty heavy till 1/2 past 12, and only very slightly during the afternoon And towards night it began to freeze and dry up and turned out a fine night The water in the Dam rose considerable, but we did not open the flood gates much, as I want to keep the water that the current below may wear away the ice as it is very much more so than ever I saw Began to day to put in the new millstones


This is a very fine morning and dry and plenty of water rolling over the dam We began to take the engine apart and get out the Cylinder to get bored out afresh Had a meeting of the of the Mutual Insurance Co. The loss by Thos Watson Tanner of Fergus, was discussed Great deal of water going over the Dam. Our clerk Mr Alexr Mackenzie has determined to cross the Ocean to Bring home his son he will leave on Thursday


This is another fine morning the water still keeping up in the river I got the Cylinder on boad the car this afternoon for Galt

April MONDAY 5 1875

The water is much the same as Saturday but as the day advances it is greatly increased by the heat of the sun Had to hoist the flood gates this afternoon so as to lower the water and prevent the ice going over the dam as it is far too thick yet not far from 4 feet thick Have been working all day at the coils in the Rectifying still and not yet able to find out the worst cracks the flanges that are turned up at the ends behind the collars are eaten away to extreame thinnesls


Much colder this morning the ground frozen, we worked to 12 oclock last night but did not get the joints to my satisfaction. Had to cut off a peice of the turn up flange of one of the joints and solder on a new wing instead of turning up again as the copper appears to be almost hotter & very thin I went down to Galt this afternoon to give instructions as to what I wanted done to the engine. the water in the Grand River is very high and great quantities of ice and drift wood of all kinds going down at a rappid rate


This was also a cold raw morning it had been raining and freezing as is fell and all the sidewalks covered with ice This is the Monthly Fair not many cattle in to day The water in the River is decreasing

April THURSDAY 8 1875

This is a very fine morning, and the roads are drying up fast, and the ice on the dam melting fast away My clerk Mr Mackenzie left here by the Great Western R.R. for New York by the 2.10 train on his way to Scotland. I went out to see him away Mr George Bruce also for the same distination.


This is a dull morning it has been raining during last night or this morning. another light shower fell about 9 oclock, but did not last above 1/2 an hour. forenoon became fine clear weather


This is a mild morning This afternoon the little boy Grange fell into the canal at the flood gates and was carried through there and down the River at a rappid rate, when John C Mean heaving of it ran down the side of the bank and caught hold of him about the smoke house, he was quite exausted & nearly gone About 10 oclock, or just as I was about to open the office door after the Town Clock had finished striking 10 I heard the Bell begin to toll quicker & quicker & the cry of tine, & started up town & heard on say that Raymonds factory was on fire

April MONDAY 12 1875

A dull morning & looks like rain and only a light shower fell The whole of Raymonds Sewing machine factory was burnt down last night, I at one time expected that the N East wing could be saved but all their exertions were in vane but the greater part of the machines were saved, but there was no time to take down the shafting and many other fixtures


This morning looks also a little like rain, but so far none has fallen The ice is entirely away of the Dam, and the water getting lighter and in the afternoon had to shut down the remainder of the flood gates almost to the bottom so as to keep the water running over the dam Dobbie & Gibson are working at chain for elevating the Dung, the wheels framing &ce Attended a social at the Sabbath School


This is a fine morning, got the three ceder posts hauled in Alfred Stroud called this noon. Have got the 2 rows of old posts taken out, from to make room for the 3 new fermenting turns, and have put in 3 heavy Ceder posts instead with much longer caps or vaultrees, and will be ready tomorrow I hope to lay the pipes & then the bottom of one of the tuns to begin with

April THURSDAY 15 1875

This is a dull morning, pretty cool & looks very much like rain This afternoon, I attended the distribution of Prizes at the Modell Farm, there was a great number there. it came on a heavy rain storm and blew hard and cold


This morning the ground was covered with snow, very cold and freezing, but it went mostly all away in the afternoon


This is quite a cold morning the ground hard frozen and the dam covered with thin ice the glass was 12 degrees above zero at 7 am, and the ground covered with a light coat of snow. It remained cold & hard frost all day Began to set up the first fermenting tun to day The Engine came back from Galt to day, and got it into the Engine House this evening. It is freezing hard again to night.

April MONDAY 19 1875

This is another cold morning 18 degrees above zero there was a light coat of snow on the ground but it soon during the forenoon The ground is hard and ice on the Dam Have been lowering the Engine frame and placing the cylinder on the frame {this next section has a line above and below it, boxing it in} The Cylinder before being bored was 14 1/8 inches and after being bored out was 14 1/8 3/32ds inches {second line} William Fisher arrived this evening from the states


This is also a very cold morning 20 degrees above zero Have done all I can do to the Engine with our own men, & will proceed to Galt to get a man from there to put {word is written over} in proper line and set the valves. {end of paragraph followed by a line} I went down to Galt and got the promise of a man to be up tomorrow morning the water in the Grand River has fallen very considerably, that the Dam having been so much reduced in height there will not be enough of water to supply the factorys on the Race, and those that have engines will have to make use of them


Not much change yet about 18 degrees below at 7 am, When seeing Higinbotham start for Toronto. The man from Galt arrived by the early train and began to adjust the engine, his name is C.W.Haines. The Elevator for the Dung works pretty well

April THURSDAY 22 1975

This is a fine morning not quite so cold The Engineer Haines is very particular in acertaining the exact lead of the slide valve that it is equal on both sides. he tests it by the fly wheel obtaining the half diamter so as to get the full stroke each way.


This is of any thing a dull morning, but during the forenoon it became fine. However in the afternoon it became dull and cold, the wind increased and it began to snow and change into heavy showers of sleet &c and quite cold and disagreable Mr Parker the Saloon Keeper is very ill and not expected to get over it


This is a much milder morning I have to attend a meeting to day at Guthries Office to examine into the funds of the Worsley Estate, but could not for the present arrive at a final settlement The engine was started and ran empty and so far seemed to perform well. The man left at noon. Mr Leitch of Montreal was here and finally settled about the crates of bottles

April MONDAY 26 1875

This is a very fine morning, in fact too fine for we are very much in want of rain to wash the frost fairly out of the ground Johnstone Gibson has gone up the country to see his farm John McPherson is off work with a sore Henry is also off with with a sore hand. likewise the boy that drives the wood to the furnaces is off with a sore neck, boils &c Dobbie & John Allan are at the fixing of the new stones.


This is a very fine morning This forenoon is most beautiful warm & bright powerful sun am going to sow Onions this afternoon


This is another charming day, but too dry the water is holding out very well Mr Spratt of Montreal & Toronto called to ask about bran Sowed my Onion seed to day, and also parsnips.

April THURSDAY 29 1875

This is a very fair morning, but as it advanced showed sights of rain, about 11 oclock it began with a light rain, between 12 all done it became heavier and continued on pretty heavy all the afternoon Rev Hamilton Gibson of Bayfield called this afternoon having come down to pay his taxes on lands in Luther I telegraphed to Goderich for account due on Bayfield lands.


This is a wintry looking morning, the ground white with snow & sleet, then a light shower of fine rain and every appearance of a continuance of it. But no rain fell during the forenoon But the wind got up and blew hard all the afternoon there is a good deal of Property changing hands just now Jas Mays sold 40 feet on Windham St at $125..00 per foot front to Wm Stewart merchant James Davie Esqr sold his two houses opposite Chalmers Church for $3,000 to Mr Cutton, who next day sold it to Hearn for $4,000 cash. Mr McClaggen sold two 1/4 acre lots to Hatch for $3,500


This is a cold morning for the 1st day of May at 6 oclock it was about 2 degrees below freezing at 7 it was one degree above freezing, and the ice formed during the night was 1/4 inch thick at 1/2 past 10 it began to snow, then fine hail It then turned into snow again untill it was about 1 1/2 to 2 inches deep in the afternoon began to rain heavy and continued on after dark the wind strong from the East, It really is extraordinary winter looking weather at this time of year

May MONDAY 3 1875

Yesterday 2 May. Ther 35 degree windstrong N.West frequent showers of snow & sleet, dropping from the eves, snow of Saturday laying all over a portion of snow had melted during the afternoon. But at 6 oclock it began to freeze & snow again James Parker, saloon keeper, died at 3 ock {oclock} This morning the wind is due west and the snow disapearing fast, and the sun comming out more powerful than for some days past, the day is turning out fine yet the wind is cold


Very fine morning, and the day was bright and moderate weather but most warm. Mr A. D. Ferrier took his departure this afternoon to Scotland


This is a moderate morning but still a great want of heat we ought to expect at this time of the year This is the Monthly Fair and all looking out for a cow for the mens board it began to rain about noon and continued am the afternoon and evening

May THURSDAY 6 1875

There was frost last night and produced ice 1/4 inch thick and has been raining this forenoon and is rather chilly and raw Have got the new pair of millstones all ready for action now this afternoon, and have after got a waggon mounted with a box to convey away the liquid manure from the cattle sheds, having only to back it up behind the elevator which soon fills it.


This is a very fine morning, yet there has been frost last night and then ice formed in tubs of water at the spring. Higinbotham went down to Toronto this morning by early train. I was present when the first load of liquid manure was elevated & powered into the new box waggon made for the purpose. Neither. Dobbie nor Gibson here to day work slack.


This has been a very fine day, warm in the forenoon, but the South Wind, blew harder in the afternoon, which made it somewhat cooler Have been planting some carrots to day I find that several of the Buckets of the water wheel of the Mill are broken

May MONDAY 10 1875

Yesterday was a great day of rain at least in the afternoon the morning was fine but had strong appearance of rain and it did begin in earnest about 3 oclock, and about 4 it came down a perfect pour of rain & continued. This morning it is dry but the ground has the appearance of having rained heavy during the night and the river has risen rappid, and and at noon was higher from rain in one night than I have seen for 3 years past We had to examine inside of wooden still this morning to clean the air valves, but that did not retard the work much We had a light shower this afternoon


This opened out a very fine morning. The water in the river this morning is much higher than I have seen for a long time caused by rain and there is more natural heat to day than we have had yet, and notice that the asparagus is making its appearance, and the Rhubarb will be ready to cut this week. Busey cleaning the mens beds & taking out the stoves & pipes.


Cold morning from rain during the night strong wind blowing from the N. West, and frequent showers during the day. Mr Kemp the Inspector of the Bank of Commerce has been in town for some days Willies & Nat had a conversation with him to day. I called at Worswicks shop this afternoon and saw a pair of steam engines, made for Sheriff Sutton of Walkertown, they are to be shipped to British Columbia on Saturday first, where he has 20,000 acres of pine land cost of Engines $1350. no boilers

May THURSDAY 13 1875

This is a fine morning, & some what like rain I made up my mind to start for Paris by the afternoon train and got there about 7 pm I put up at Bradfords Hotel, which is clean quiet comfortable house and reasonable charges. It came on a light rain but soon went off


Rather a dull looking morning and about 9 am it began to rain and continued heavy for an hour and more, when I started for the upper town to make enquirey about my lot of land, I saw a Bricklayer who lives near to it, who thought that $100 per acre was as much as it was worth. Mr Whitlaw thought it worth $120,,00 but could not find any one that would give that I left there at 1/2 past 3 & got home (after stopping over a train at Galt) at 8, 40


This has been a cold bleak sort of a day and very little growth yet I went out to the Rocks this afternoon, to see what is to be done as to fencing up where the fire ran through Mrs A Mackenzie recd= a telegram from Scotland that her husband sails for this country this morning

May MONDAY 17 1875

This is a tolerably fine morning, yet not warm as might be expected at this time of the year Busey repairing fences, also light waggon now bottom & sides of Basswood.


This is a beautiful morning warm and fine. Intellegence came that Sheriff Thomas of Hamilton died yesterday morning, aged The Mayor Melvin and a number of our town council went down to Toronto to attend the funeral of the Leut Governor Crawford Mr James Blain called on me this evening on his way home from Georgetown &c, he informed me that all the papers concerning the sale of his mills at Galt and the various water leases, to his Brother Richard, were signed yesterday


This is a very fine morning and one of the warmer days of the season, began yesterday to try to find out where the pipe from the spring to the distillery, and after opening it in several places where it must have been frozen, it is thawed to day but at the crossing at the waste gates it was burst and we are now wrapping them up with canvas & white lead.

May THURSDAY 20 1875

Fine morning and warm Mrs Wm A Fisher was delivered of a fine boy of 10 lbs wt early this morning Andrew Fisher arrived from the States this evening at 6 oclock


This is a charming morning and there is appearance of rain Some light showers of rain fell during the day


This is a fine warm growing morning Busey making my half of the fence between John Thomas Cunningham and myself at the Quarry

May MONDAY 24 1875

This is a dull morning there having been a good shower of rain this morning at 5 am This being the Queens Birth day all work is suspended in town The weather is brightening up and is now fine and warm, and most of the trees in the garden are out in leaf espeaceally the Birches gooseberry bushes


A fine warm day, quite dry, the water in the River is now begining to get scarser Wheat is still on the decline, and yesterday brought it down in Chicago 3 to 4 cents, there was a perfect panic all sellers and no buyers Still working at the fence at the Quarry, but Cunningham has never touched his part of yet.


This is a cool morning, dry and water low A great fire began this evening about 1/2 past 7 in (Galbreaths sadlery shop by Wm Beattie Sadler) at present occupied a Brick building it was fairly gutted but the roof stood to the last and only burnt round the edges but the rest being wooden Tenements 8 in all were of wood were totally burnt up

May THURSDAY 27 1875

This is a fine cool morning, quite dry and water getting short William went down to Hamilton this morning Heard word this forenoon that the Eletia steamer had arrived in N York, Mr Mackenzie telegraphs all well There is quite a mania for buying town lots now William returned from Hamilton this evening


This morning is warm and fine, but very low water in the dam. I am offered $1600 cash for my 8 acre lot near the Catholic Hospital.


This is a wet dull morning, with fine showers but not warm Yesterday & to day, the crab apples, and Russets are in splendid white blossom

May MONDAY 31 1875

Fine pleasant morning, and very dry,

Andrew Fisher started off for Chicago this morning,

Had a meeting of the Directors of the Wellington Mutual Assurance Co to day,

The birch trees are now in full leaf and the Lilacks are in full blossom in the Garden but a number of the plum trees are destroyed by the frost, and some by the Borer


This is a very fine morning, cool & pleasant

William, Higinbotham, started for Toronto this morning, Mr George Sandilands also went down

Mr Alexᵈ {Alexander} Mackenzie my clerk and his son John arrived home to night at 8 , Oclock all quite well,


There has been a slight showr this morning about enough to lay the dust,

The water in the Dam is about running over, this is the monthly fair day, not many cattle in

The Merchant Bank at Elora asks $28,000 for Frazers flour Mill, $12,000 would be given by Mr Eby formerly of Salem

June THURSDAY 2 1875

This is a dry morning signs of rain there has been a considerable breeze to day and shortly after dinner a spark from one of the stalks set fire to the firewood at the back of the Rectifying house, but help being at hand, it was got put out with very little damage, & farther on in the afternoon it caught again in another place which was also observed and put out

Reports from Pensylvania inform us of terrible fires in the woods there of the loss of many lives and a whole villiage, 17 saw mills and over Forty Millions feet of sawn lumber, and a great many cattle,

3 of our men left my employment and went off to England 1 man & wife & the other 2 to Ireland & probably to New Zealand


This morning looks also like rain

Have been drawing out design for tops of turrets of grainary on a full size, and to get them ready and have them covered with Galvanized iron,

I was invited by the Warden (Jas Laidlaw) to accompany the County Council to the Model farm this afternoon to inspect the improvements and the premises and there appears to be a desided, Reform there,


The same dull appearance, as if rain must come is more evident this morning

Mr Stephen Boult died to day at noon

Have found out to day that they eye of the new mill stones, which was cast by Ingles & Hunter had been defective and was filled up with Babbit Metal and has now to be bored out and plugged,

No rain whatever fell to day

June MONDAY 7 1875

This has been a fine temperate day but no rain

Higinbotham, Mackenzie, Wᵐ {William}, and I sat very late to night taking stock of accounts &c


This is a very dry morning, and the water in the Dam very low,

We are getting the Stone balanced to day by the forman Mr Laurie Jur {Junior}, after getting the plugg in the top of the driver he countersunk it then started the Engine and turned the cockhead more to a point to enable the stone to be balanced more easily and when that is done to turn the cockhead more blunt so as to have more bearing

Mr Davis the Inspector is here with the new goverᵗ {government} measure (of Copper) to test the contents of the close receivers,


No rain yet, the River quite low, Dobbie has been fixing the screens of the Steam Mill Smutt machine, and the Millers are facing the stones and will likely have them going some time tomorrow

Davis got the other Receiver tested, and is now making the Rods for each of them of dry cherry

June THURSDAY 10 1875

Fine morning

Higinbotham & I intended to go down to Toronto this morning to see Hon Mr McMaster about Bank matters but there being doubts of him being at home we put it off till further information

There was great appearance of rain this afternoon but it went past


This another very dry warm morning, and no rain

A little after 9 oclock this morning, the fire Bell gave the alarm of Fire and it turned out to be a wooden lean=too Mr Soles cargo stone house (that was built by Samˡ {Samuel} Wright the Baker) & there it caught hold of the stable and burnt that also down,


This is of any thing a cold morning and there seems to have been some frost

A great many people in town to day to see the great Show

The wind blew pretty strong from the West and the sparks from the distillery stalk set fire to the wood several times

June MONDAY 14 1875

This another very cool morning (and so was yesterday)

The wind is not so strong to day,

Yet we have made a trial of introducing a 1/2 inch steam pipe into the Distillery Stalk to test its power to extinguish the sparks before they get out of the chimney

We have got the new pair of stones started this afternoon and they work very well and the 2 pair takes far less steam to drive them now than what they did before the Engine was bored out and the value fixed say about 55 lbs,


Very pleasant morning but dry, stoped the Steam Engine this morning to examine the Piston to find out what caused a hissing of the Steam at every stroke, and discovered 2 stack places in the rings where rust had collected while standing still and had scratched the inside of the Cylinder sufficient to allow steam to pass,

Nat & I went down to Toronto by the 11 Oclock train to have an interview with the Hon Wᵐ {William} McMaster about my Banking account, (I met sir John A McDonald in the street, soon after that was introduced to Hon Mr Mowat the Primer & McDonald the Leuᵗ {Lieutenant} Governor,

Wᵐ {William} leaves for Stratford during the night


This is a very fine morning, but dry & warm,

But it appears as of old, that one evil never comes alone, The Middle head of the Still gave way & went all to peaces, and have set to work to put in a temporary one, so as to finish the mouth, and untill I get all ready for putting in the new one,

William started for Montreal by 5 Oclock train

June THURSDAY 17 1875

This was a dull dark looking morning, with sure signs of rain for it began slowly about 7 Oclock, and continued a close light shower untill 12 Oclock when it began to brighten, about 4 it became heavy and dull again,

We have got the Still finished and going again, with a new head in,

James in bed from severe Bleeding at the Nose

About 5 Oclock I received a Telegram from WIlliam that he had got there all safe that morning,


This is also a dullish morning but no more rain has fallen

It continued warm all day


Another dry warm morning

William returned from Montreal by the 2,30 train

June MONDAY 21 1875

This is also warm dry morning there has been a fair supply of water this forenoon,

But the new Stone in the Steam Mill is bothering us a good deal


Somewhat of a dull morning, and about 8 Oclock it began to rain, but the shower was very light and did not last more than a couple of hours, and then hardly more than barely to lay the dust


This is a close morning, calm and warm

The fireman & the Carter someway between them drew on the Full amount of water on the Distillery Pumps with such violence as to break the pump rod, last night after the work was over and only to fill the mash tun, And have now set to work to make a new one,

Began to prepare for removing the compounding vessels to the Malt house

{page is folded in upper right hand corner so some words are difficult to read}

June THURSDAY 24 [1875]

There has been some rain through the [illegible] but not a great deal more than to lay the [dust?]

About 1/2 past 5 am the first of Barnams trains of 20 cars and 1/2 an hour thereafter 2 more came on, nearly all of them his own cars fitted up for the purpose for horses, camels, coaches & waggons, also 5 Pulman cars, The ground chosen was down at the Dundas Bridge

It was very warm during the middle of the day, but about 1/2 past 3 the sky became dark and the thunder rolled & lightning flashed, and then a pouring rain from the South West and for a while a regular tornado and the Street flooded quite deep, The manager of the Circus had to lower the large Canvas to prevent it being blown away and that alarmed the spectators very much and all of them got drenched to the skin, but they hoisted the canvas again and performed in the evening again the same as if nothing had happened and during that time more rain fell,

{four lines of text extend into the entry for the next day}

June MONDAY 28 1875

This is a dull morning, but is brightening up as the day advances,

Bank matters again troubling one, Wᵐ {William} goes to Stratford

Death of Sir WIliam Logan, geologist appears in the papers this morning, (London) Also terrible floods in France, the city of Toulouse is inundated in the lower parts & 1000 lives said to lost

I attended meeting of Directors of the Wellington Assurance Co to day,

William went up to Stratford & returns tomorrow

David Startup, came to night,


Fine morning but dull, during the fore part of the day it rained now & then lightly, but in the afternoon it turned out fine,

Mr A.M. Clark Esqr {Esquire} of Toronto, had a sale of Town lots in the swamp, some 12 or 14 were sold varying from $100 down to $65 for less than a 1/4 acre,,

Have been getting on pretty well with the worms & found a great many joints bad


This has been a very fine day, and have got so far with the copper work but it will take all day tomorrow if I can get the men to work on that day, being the Dominion day

Major {written on the line above} General Whyte arrived to night and is going to stay at Higinbothams to night

July THURSDAY 1 1875

This is a very fine morning for the Review of the Malitia {Militia} on the Race course at 1/2 past 9 am

I went out between 10 & 11 and saw a great deal of the evolution, marching & countermarching and the cannon firing every now & then


This is a fine dry morning, and likely to be a very warm day

This has been a very warm day and is beginning to tell on the water in the River

Went down to the Gass works & saw them putting together the new cast iron purifier 4 in number & all put together with flanges & bolts, all the joints truly plained and set with Red lead putty,

Have got all the Copper work done, his time being 8 hours over time and 41 hours regular time board & fare, up & down


This morning is fine dry weather, and all is bustle at the Camp, and the cars are drawn up at the Station to take the soldiers to Stratford & Goderich I took leave of a number of Officers

July MONDAY 5 1875

This is a dull morning it rained last night (and also early on Sunday morning) About noon it became quite dark with heavy overhanging clouds and a little after one it began & rained pretty heavy for more than an hour, and continued heavy all the afternoon

We are busy laying down the new Stones, that is the 4th pair in the Steam Mill,


This is also a dull morning, close and warm and as the day advanced it began to rain lightly but soon became heavy and rained heavy for several hours


This is also a warm day going to be

July THURSDAY 8 1875

completed a fence between Rectifying house & Warehouse


Fine morning and likely to be warm

I went down to Toronto by the early train to look after copper to line the New Mash tun with, and also engaged the coppersmith David Startup to come up for to put in,

I bought 14 sheets No 16 4 feet x 6 feet at 25 3/4¢ per lbs 5 lbs of spelter a 13¢ 35¢ 5 lbs Boxax {borax} a 5¢

Great complaints still about the dullness of trade in Toronto, the freights are so low as 1¢ a Bush for wheat to Kingston


This is a warm morning and the crops looking fine, We cut a great deal of firewood with the good supply of water we had to day

July MONDAY 12 1875

This is rather a cool morning, last night and the night before there must have been a slight touch of frost as the leaves of the squash drooped a good deal However as the day advanced it became very warm and fine as for days past and great numbers of Orangemen began to arrive both by train and waggons, all having fine Bands of Music, and Beautiful banners fluttering in the Breeze which was moderately strong enough for that


This is a dull morning and threatening rain and looks rather bad for the Presbyterian Union Picnic The coppersmith Davide Startup began to work to day and to pay him $3 per day and I find his help, or his offer was $3.50 & find his own help & board them both, which I did not approve of as they generally have mere boys.


This has been a fine warm morning, and going to be a very warm day attended the Examination of the Boys

July THURSDAY 15 1875

Very warm morning William starts for Hamilton this morning


This is a dull morning there having been a fine shower during the night, about 8 oclock it darkened again and began to rain. The men are getting out a dry Elm stick for the rake of the mash tum as I could not get a price of Oak, which I would prefer.


This is a fine morning As the day advanced it is getting very warm

July MONDAY 19 1875

This is a fine morning. But yesterday was dull and there had been a fine shower during the early morning & also about 7 o,clock To day it has been a pleasant day so far as the weather is concerned But Mr McMaster the President of the Bank of Commerce was here and we had a considerable discussion about giving a mortgage on more property than I was willing to give, & how the board may decide I cannot tell. I am notwithstanding going on with the copper lining for mash tun We have quit mashing & only running of the old beer


This is a pleasant morning but very dry and river low The Road & Bridge committee are relaying the Bridge with new top planks, the main 3 inch planking are likely to stand for a couple of years longer, & they have made a new side walk & broader than before


This is also a fine morning by dry. Have taken out the copper of the old mash tun to day, for to work it up into. measure pipes &c A strong West wind was blowing, and the dry brush in the swamp was set fire to by one of the locomotives is supposed, and burned with great furey & had to send men to take down parts of the fence to stop it from running. N. West There was a fire in town last night, and, John Hall furn {furniture?} shop & 2 stables A Bank meeting appointed tomorrow

July THURSDAY 22 1875

This is a warm morning, dry and Dusty {this paragraph is starred} Began to day to take out the old mash tun, and cut out the floor large enough to admit the new one We find the feet of several of the posts rotten and must be replaced with new one. Alfred Stroud here and settled for shop Have a good deal of trouble with the fire on the Bridget Farm John Idington came down by the 5 oclock train & retu=d at 1,20 am Had a meeting at the Bank this evening with Mr Cemp the inspector


Fine morning but every thing dry as tinder Met Mr Cemp again this morning at the Bank and signed an agreement {this line is starred} It was to day we took down the mash tun. Had 3 men out fighting the fire& in the afternoon 2 more to stop the burning of the stump fence, and arrest it from catching the trees, all being so very dry


This is another warm dry morning

July MONDAY 26 1875

Of anything a dull morning, with a fine shower of rain but it did not much more than lay the dust, in the afternoon it became as dry as ever, and the wind got up again and started the fire


This is a fine morning

WIlliam went down to Toronto by the 11 Oclock train, John Idington & wife went by the same train on their way to the Salt Water

John Brown Esqr {Esquire} late of Hamilton here on return from Luther Duncan McDonald


Fine warm morning

Great failure in New York yesterday. The firm of Duncan Therman & Co. Bankers with liabilities of about 6,000,000

We have got the old Still out of its place, and it was not so much decayed as I expected to find it, and might have been used a couple years longer

A great fire to night it turned out to be the large Barn built by Wᵐ {William} Day & now owned by Sherif Grange was entirely consumed, it began about 11 pm

July THURSDAY 29 1875

This is another dry morning, with shortness of water

We have now got the Mash tun into its place and have begun to cut the gutters in the bottom

William went of to x [Goderich and perhaps to] Bayfield by the 6pm train {text was added after by adding an x and writing the rest of the sentence on the line above]


Another fine morning but all too dry

as the day advanced the wind got up pretty strong & had to send men out to watch the fire

We have got all the channels of the Mash tun cut out and have now the strips about ready to put down Have also been taking down the stone wall for to lay the beams on to support the new still,


This is another very dry morning, And have again to send a man out to watch the fire

William came home from Goderich by the 5 Oclock train

August MONDAY 2 1875

The wind yesterday turned to the East and was cool and had the appearance of rain but none fell, the wind was very strong,

This morning is quite cool and as dry as ever, and as the morning advanced the wind is increasing and blowing the fire back from the Barn & burning more fencing

At One Oclock it became alarming, and Smiths house on the East side & Lobans house on the N. West side of the Grand Trunk tack were in great danger in the former case the Steam fire Engine turned out and extended the hose from the Dam to near the house & did good service,

Began to screw down the copper to day


This morning is dull, and a shower seems to have fallen during the night, a little after 7 am it began to rain very light and continued more or less throughout the day

We are getting on well with the copper lining of the Mash tun the Bottom is finished and the side lining is being put in

John C Allans child baptized by Dr Hogg to night

August THURSDAY 5 1875

Although this is a dull morning there has been little or no rain

The mill cow calved this forenoon and does not appear to have any strength to go about

The cow died about 10 Oclock


This is a very wet morning raining hard a considerable time, and also through the night

Beran to the Wooden Still this morning, and got down the bottom and then all the stones round about

The copper smith has got the pipes for the new colums made, & is now making a new pipe for the "blow off", slope,


Dull with a slight drizzling rain at times

We melted off the joint of the old acending worm and filled them with rozen to be ready on Monday to straighten them to a larger diameter & to be added to the large worm

Got all the heads in the still and several tempory hands put on which appears to draw it together pretty well

August MONDAY 9 1875

This Sabbath morning the rain is close & light but got fair afterwards

This Monday morning was fine, I went down to Toronto about copper work and to examine the large rectifying still that formerly was Gooderham & Worts and find it will suit if we can make a bargin

Hee {We?} asks for it as it stands $750


This is a fine morning, and we are setting the blow off valve in the bottom of the Still

Also taking out the old trough, in the roof and putting up the spare one that has been laying out of doors so long, I think was made about the same time as the other

Have also got a new hearing on the line of shafting as the level that drivers the mashins rake is turned the other way,


We had a dry forenoon, but a wet afternoon the first shower about 1/2 past 1 was heavy.

Have been working at the line of shafting in distillery, and also taking out the worm in second worm tub next the heater,

And Dobbie has been in the Mill setting the eye & ajusting the spindle in another I had to Temper the toe which appeared to be soft

August THURSDAY 12 1875

Dry morning

We are getting on with the hooping of the Still with 4 inch Band iron

William went up to London by the 6 Oclock train


Very dry weather, and find that the late rain have not extinguished the fire in the ground out on the York road farm,

WIlliam returned from London by way of Brantford to night by the last train


This is a very close warm morning

The spirits are all done were finished last night, So that the Rectifying still is standing still,

More failures in Toronto

Have got the hooping of the Still done to night

August MONDAY 16 1875

This is a very fine morning, and a light shower fell during the night, I had a Wacthman appointed, to look after some blackgards {word crossed out, illegible} that have been frequenting the cattle sheds at night with Mary Ogilvie in company, he heard and saw them but was not able to arrest them

Have been getting pretty well to day in getting the pipes on doubles, and top of Still, checked out Charger and some staves set to begin with, got the spindle set for the last pair of new stones

WIlliam Fisher began to work at the Distillery


This had been a very fine day, close of any thing, with a few drops of rain but no shower

Have felt a good deal of pain twice to day & found that my Truss had slipped of the right spot, & allowing my bowels to come down,

Dobbie has been adjusting the millstone and ballancing it

This is the first day of the Sauger fest at Berlin

I signed Bond for Compounding Licence to day

J.C. Couper wife with Daughter & her child 6 weeks old (a Boy) came here to day. the latter lately from Illinois


This has been of any thing a dull close day

have got the charger on the still finished,

Have drawn out the enlargement of the copper Still to day and aim about calculating the cost of the alteration,

Dobbie got the stone in the mill balanced and the coggs pared,

WIlliam went down to Toronto at 11 Oclock to attend meeting of Wᵐ {William} Griffiths Creditors,

It began to rain about 5 Oclock and continued for an hour or more,

August THURSDAY 19 1875

This morning had the appearance of a wet day, It keeps fair during the forenoon, but about one Oclock it began and rained most of the afternoon

Booths coppersmiths shop in Toronto was burnt down last night about 7 Oclock loss about $14,00

I am trying to get the line of shafting in the Distillery which has been put in line, finished to day so as to get the pumps going

J.C. Couper came to night, staying at C Davidsons


This is a dull morning, and rainey like

Coupers folks went all off this forenoon home,

some light showers only

A man was shot yesterday evening near the Rifle Range House on the York Road called Yates by one Marks


This is another dull morning,

light showers towwards noon & about 2 Oclock a heavy shower of hailstons came on and then heavy rain, and continued with very little intermission all the afternoon

Have got pretty well with the work to day

The {Montejuce?} is again set, and all the pipes fitted to it

Have resolved to alter the copper Still & not to purchase Booths

August MONDAY 23 1875

Last night was quite cold for the season, and I was told by some that there was frost this morning. But it turned out a very fine day. But notwithstanding all the rain we have had, the supply of water in the River is still very light and could only drive one run of stones all day, the Boiler was being cleaned out Began to day and took down the column of the copper still and brought it to the Blacksmith Shop and took it apart. have been making pattern for air pipes. We went up this evening and bid farewell to Archdeacon Palmer and wife who leave on Wednesday morning


This is a fine cool morning and still working at the patterns yet, it takes three times the time it would take me if I had all my tools and things in order, for they are all to seek when wanted C. H. Finch one of Booths men came wanting to be employed, so I took him on at $2,50 a day and find himself. John Idington here Mr Kemp Bank inspector also when certain documents were read over and signed and John went off n Willies wife was safely delievered of a girl this evening.


Fine morning

August THURSDAY 26 1875

This is a very fine morning getting ready to leave for Toronto at 8 oclock Higinbotham and family start for Southhampton at noon Got a letter of introduction from Mr Wort to see the gass works


Very warm morning The gass company have got the town steamer filling their new tank


This has been a very warm day Have got on pretty well this week with our work, but the copper still is going to take far more work than was estimated at first The new tank at the gass works has given way, and water running out at the sides, all of which is for want of proper ramming and puddling the outside with clay Nat returned to night alone

August MONDAY 30 1875

This is a fine morning, and pretty warm Attended full meeting of Directors of Wellington Mutual Fire Insurance Co. when a considerable amount of Business was done Nat went down to Galt by early train, thence to Hamilton and Toronto


This is a warm dry morning I have not felt so well to day, from downward pressure in my bowels

September WEDNESDAY 1

This is a very warm morning Monthly Fair to day, but the attendance is but small, I was up in town, but felt so very uncomfortable from pressure that I came down soon, have got the copper still in peices & spread on the floor Great fire in Berlin {now Kitchener} to day it began about noon.

September THURSDAY 2 1875

This is a very warm morning, and during the forenoon it was very close & warm about 12 oclock as the noon Bell was ringing the rain began light at first and than became very heavy till about 2 when it seased for a short time and then began again. The cellars on Windham Street were again flooded. Have got the scroles bent to the proper circle and David Startup is cutting out the peices for enlarging the top and bottom Have begun the new goose tub an Oval one {space left blank for measurements} by {space blank again for measurements} long and 7 feet Have all of fine dry 2 inch clear pine. Parker is making a pair of rings for a manhole in side of still 15 inches diameter.


Dull kind of morning, and warm all the forenoon but at 12moclock it began to rain and a little, but in the afternoon it began again and continued for some time This is our Fast Day Startup is getting pretty well with the work he is brazing the rims that goes around the top and bottom of the still, have got the 26 2 inch pipes from Booth for the gooze


This has been a very fine day, dry and cool. Went out with Gideon Hood to examine the farm, and found large patches of the ground has been burnt up quite deep a foot & more in some places. have got the Oval goose tub put together this evening and ready for hooping on Monday all made of the best clear dry pine

September MONDAY 6 1875

This is a fine cool morning and dry with a fine breese for drying the grain that is out The copper smith has begun to punch the holes ready for reviting the head of the still, each of the rings is all brazed together in one peice William started this evening for Chatham by the Great Western I intend on going down to Hamilton tomorrow


This was a very fine morning. I started for Hamilton by the 6,45 train. got an introduction to the manger of the Gassworks there, Mr Littlehales who kindly showed me all through


This is a dry warm morning

September THURSDAY 9 1875

This was of any thing a dull morning with indications of rain, and a few drops fell befor 8 oclock The coppersmith is riveting the rim to the head of the still, and farther on in the day was turning over the edge of the head of the still, this {Allan drew a small diagram of a funnel, of the still's head} the other man is still working at the goose soldering in the upright pipes Had a telegram from William who got to Chicago late last night and leaves there tomorrow morning. It began to rain about 6 pm but only lightly


This is quite a dull cool morning, with a considerable amount of dew on the ground


This is a clear cold frosty morning the side walks are quite white with frost

September MONDAY 13 1875

This was a cool morning but dry got the sides of the Still soldered in the inside all over the heads of the rivits. We got the goose on its place and set up the tub all ready for hooping


This was a very fine morning, and at times somewhat cloudy and looking like rain Have been getting on tolerably well with the copper still and got it all ready for Meeting of Directors Wellington Mutual to day Got the fire started in the distillery this afternoon Went up to Ingles foundry and found that they are now pretty well on with the smoke box & stalk for the chimney Then went on to the Exhibition ground, the attendance was thin, being the first day of the show


This morning appeared cloudy & like rain but it passed off, and the roads continued very dusty. The attendance at the show to day was not so large as at last years show on the 2d day Considerable progress was made to day in riviting the head on the still. the distillery was not lighted to day

September THURSDAY 16 1875

This is a dull morning and a very fine rain is beginning during the whole of the forenoon it rained close and at times heavy yet a great many strangers came by the cars to the show it was more moderate in the afternoon but cold and disagreable. Had a good deal of trouble in turning over the still to prepare it for the bottom Began to Mash, the first time in the new tub


Cool dull morning and chilly after the rain We got the bottom tried on the still this morning, and David is now gathering it together so as to fit more tightly


This is a fine morning, but chilly. It has taken us all the forenoon to get the still turned over on its side and put it in position for soldering round the rivit heads I have to day been seized with an attack of Lumbago which disabled me very much

September MONDAY 20 1875

This is a cool [raw?] morning & must have been frost last night there was some white on the sidewalks

God the bottom of the Still all tinned with a thick coating of solder over the rivits and attempted to raise it up in its place but the joints would not permit it and had to lift the upper ones as well as the floor below,

This afternoon was wet & cold

The papers report 2 feet of snow at Quebec this morning


This was a cool morning

Got a mason from Dobbie to hold up under the copper boiler, he began after dinner


Fine morning but frosty and snow near Goderich the mason still at work under the boiler

began to raise the worm tub up stairs fully 2 feet and have got the pipe from the goose to the worm on

Mrs A & J went out to Rockwood, (about a girl

the Beer pump burst in the main barrel

The mason finished up with the patching a little at the wall under the 3 chamber still

September THURSDAY 23 1875

This was a very cold morning, white frost on the sidewalks, and our gardin Pump frose fast

got the large pipe on that conducts the vapour from the copper still to the column,

I am still troubled with Lumbago


This was a fine dry morning

Have found it necessary to make a new and larger tester at the worms mouth, the old one being only large enough to hold 44 gallˢ {gallons} where it requires to hold over 70

Mrs A and I went down to Fishers MIlls and found Peter Idington going out of doors, they were thrashing to day with 10 span of Horses, Walter had built a large fine Barn with large storage for turnips, and ample room for feeding a number of cattle We left at 2 returned 1/4 to 8,


This is a dull morning, and looks like rain,

a few very light showers fell but not enough to lay the dust

Arthur Hogges died this morning aged 58

I had to go home earlier this afternoon as the Lumbago was getting very painful

September MONDAY 27 1875

This was a cool morning but I was not able to get out of Bed, and was hardly able to turn myself with pains, Yesterday morning about 3 Oclock when I had with great difficulty got my leg over the bed a severe pain seized me in both sides (as seemed to me) at the same moment as if I had been jambed between 2 locomotives & had to fall back into bed again, & has been shifting down to my ancle, and is more like Thiatica {sciatica} We are progressing with the copper work


This is a fine morning and not so cold

I feel a great deal better this morning & was able to get on my clothes after Breakfast and look over the works

I think we will get rid of the coppersmiths in a day or two now,


This is a dull morning, and I among many others was disapointed at not seeing the Eclipse of the Sun at 6 am to 7,30 for I only saw the sun slightly for 2 minutes & then was too low to get a proper view of it, but it was seen at the distillery at that time quite plain for a minute or so,

There was a good deal of rain to day, & a great deal of lightning after dark and Thunder

September THURSDAY 30 1875

This morning was dry, but cold & raw

But through the day several showers & cold

The paper this morning inform us of great destruction of property last night by the Thunder storm many Barns having been struck with lightning

October FRIDAY 1

This has been a dry day morning but cold in the early part, but as the day advanced it became more pleasant

We got the two chargers and the copper still measured to day and all boiled up, to test its tightness, only one small leak in the still was discovered, and the checking of an iron overflow pipe, Mr Reeves of the Grand Trunk freight Department was here to day


This is quite wintry looking morning, all the sidewalks are white with frost and the remains of a shower of hailstones, The first charge was put in the copper still this morning, say 1100 galls {gallons}

We had to stop the distillery to day, and shut of the water from the race to enable us to put in an additional pipe to conduct the water down to the new cold water pump that is to supply the extra demand for cooling the worm & goose, and are trying to get the New Tester finished & put in its place to day while not running,

The Copper smiths got done to day and left for home, We got up the peice of new stalk to day and the spark catcher box in good time to day, also busy putting water pipe for new pump

October MONDAY 4 1875

This is somewhat of a cloudy morning but as the day advances it seems to clear up and turn out fine, We have not got the distillery started yet as the building could not be finished on Saturday night But the Rectifying house is charged and going all right

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. E. Wiman Esqr {Esquire} (of Dunn [Winie & Co?] at 3.30 on his way West

am getting stones drawn over to the river lot,

Our new (Goulds) Pump came to day


This is a dull morning with a slight drizzling rain

Miss Bleaney left Higinbotham this morning for New York

I notice this morning the death in Hamilton of one of my old aquaintance Mr John Fairgrieve on Sabbath evening the 3 Inst Born at Galashiels 11th Aug 1811and came to Canada in 1833 and shortly after became aquainted with him at the Wharf at Dundas.

I went through Mr Raymonds sewing Mach {machine} factory which is now nearly finished, the carpenters are at work completing the benches tables et cetera all round the shops, and a great many of the heavy & light Machines lathes et cetera are being set in their places & the shafting being hunt, & men fitting up One of Worswicks Steam Engines, they are also fitting up a noval heating apperatus with a fan

Count Chaneery is Sitting

{Drawing on the right hand side of the page. Long rectangle in the centre and on either side there are triangle-like shapes that are open at the top. Looks like it was drawn in pencil then traced with a pen. Likely the Noval apparatus, as under word}


This being our Monthly Fair day, has turned out to be at least a very unfavourable morning raining heavy and cold. The fare was poorly attended from the day being wet, between 3 & 4 Oclock it poured down very heavy, There was also some Thunder

October THURSDAY 7 1875

This was a raw cool morning but dry, but yet it continued cold though the sun shone through for the most of the forenoon

About 4 Oclock it began to rain, and continued for half an hour


This is also a cool morning but dry, We had to disconect the water pumps but found nothing in it, and all went on well after starting

Williams wife infant and little George started for Montreal this afternoon at 5 Oclock William Fisher accompanied them


Hard frost last night the side walks & grass all white, This has the appearance of going to be a very fine day, Recᵈ {Received} a note that Mr Alexander wants me particularly to go out immeaditly after dinner Mr Alan & I went out before One Oclock, and found that Mrs Alexander had died at 1/2 past 11 not long after the note to me was written, her age is 65 years

October MONDAY 11 1875

This is a cool morning, with some frost on the planks of the sde walks, we have plenty of water in the Dam, and the water mill going with 3 pair of stones, James Allan has been at the Bayfield all last week to arrange about the sale of his land, Hugh Black of Fergus was found hanging this morning quite dead in one of the Brick houses of the G. Western Station the verdict of the jury was,


This is a dry cold morning, cold Westerly wind blowing, Had to stop for a couple of hours to examine into the coil of the still as it was making much less distilled water than formerly, and on testing it with cold water found out 2 holes in the new coil, sent Harley & Heather 50 lbs more copper a 18¢ Peter Idington & wife here to day

Mr James Blain & Mrs Blain of Galt appear to have sailed to day from Quebec in the steamer Sarmatian. Capᵗⁿ {Captain} Aird, master


Hard frost last night, morter laying out was very hard, but this is going to be a fine clear day, I went out this morning to the Cemetry to if Mrs Alexanders Grave was ready and found all right

George Sandilands died this morning at his Brothers house aged 38 years

October THURSDAY 14 1875

This is a charming morning for this time of the year and will be very favourable for the visit of the Leuᵗ {Lieutenant} Govornor of Ontario to day by the 10 Oclock train

The Governor arrived at the time appointed and after receiving an address from the Council, went up to the Model farm ,

Mrs Mather& her neice from Toronto paid me a visit to day, and I did not attend the reception


This is quite a rainy morning, and very unfit for outdoor work, yet as we are laying down pipes to, and from the Rectifying house, we must push on and get them laid and the trenches filled up


This is a cold raw morning, but no rain, so that we will be able to finish the covering up of the pipes

Had to drill a hole through the Brass piston rod of the spirit pump this morning as the screw into the crophead was too slack and came out,

I attended the funeral of Thos {Thomas} Sandilands but not as far as the Cemetery it was so chilly & raw and flakes of snow falling, There was a large attendance

October MONDAY 18 1875

This is somewhat of a wintry looking morning, but rather less so than yesterday, Sabbath morning 17th, at a 1/4 to 9 small flakes of snow began to fall about a yard apart, there shortly after closer & closer and in 10 minutes after it began, it came on quite heavy, and did not melt at first, at 10,30 Temp 34° and snowing heavy about 1 Oclock it had stopped and became soft,

This forenoon a good deal melted away


This is rather a promising morning, and very little of the snow remaining,

Working at cattle sheds repairs of floors, windows et cetera and Johnston Gibson at spouts for new Mash tuns

Went up after dinner with W Hamilton Tome {Tomb} stone cutter to arrange about cutting letters on the Monument


This is a fine morning, but the Mill Dam had a thin coating of ice over it, which very soon melted away, the day being mild

Hamiltons man began to letter the Tome stone about 11 Oclock, and at 3 Oclock, I changed the inscription and ordered sunk pannels on 3 sides

William went to Brantford & Paris this morning,

October THURSDAY 21 1875

This is quite a mild morning, and not unlike rain,

William returned from Brantford at noon,

And N. Higinbotham and I intend leaving for Montreal by the 5 Oclock train



October MONDAY 25 1875



October THURSDAY 28 1875



This is a moderate morning & not hard frost but it is time to take in cabbage &c which we are doing

November MONDAY 1 1875

Yesterday was a blustering morning with showers of snow and sleet and the afternoon also, likewise the evening

This morning though cold yet dry, and as the day advanced it became milder and the most of the snow melted away, We began this morning to clean out the Boiler of the Rectifying house, and had down the boiler maker from Ingles foundry who lightened the ends of the tubes and also a leak in front of the fire box where a crack was discovered, & he got done by dark, We also took down the shafting & straightened the line of it and put a key into the coupling instead of the steel pin through it,

got up the Hale stove in Priory to day, William went down to Hamilton this morning,


This is of any thing a colder morning & harder frost


There has been a hard frost through the night and the Dam is all frozen over, We have begun this morning to fit up the New water pump for the Rectifying Pump

This is the Monthly Fair Day

November THURSDAY 4 1875

This is a frosty morning the Dam still frozen over But the day turned out very fine, went out to the Cemetery in the forenoon, and then started with Mr A down to Aberfoyle and found the roads very hard


This has been a moderate morning, but the frost has an effect in reducing the water in the Dam


This was a fine mild morning

The forenoon has been milder than yesterday

The mildness of the afternoon enduced me to get some Morter made and pointed up a great many chinks in the logs at the East end of the Priory, We are still working at the new water Pump - All three New fermenting tuns are charged for the first time

November MONDAY 8 1875

Yesterday was a most splended day, mild and Autumn like,

This is a fine morning though dull yet very mild, still the ice is on the Dam yet

I went up with the men with a load of turf for the graves & got most all of them covered a fresh & will finish them tomorrow

We are still working at the new pump,


This is a dull morning, but dry, yet looks very much like rain or snow, the temperature is about 30° to 31°

I went up again this forenoon and finished all the Graves with fresh turf, and likewise covered the grave of the late Mrs George Worsley, and did not leave untill I had completed the whole by 1, Oclock

Started the Steam Engine this afternoon as the water is getting light


It has been raining all last night and this there is a coat of snow on the ground and still falling bot rain and sleet which seems now to melt as fast as it falls

Had to repair the Water wheel of the Mill to day

November THURSDAY 11 1875

A little frost this morning, but as the day advanced it became quite mild and soft, and turned out a very fine day

A Mr Robertson from Glasgow was here to day, he is a flour and Butter Merchant

Have been making some iron Barrels for holding hot ashes when taken out of the stoves

Went out to the Great Western station to meet Alfred Stroud


This was another very fine morning, and as the day advanced it became an exceedingly pleasant day

In the afternoon Mrs A & I went out to see Mr Alexander, and found him but moderately well

Between Steam and water we are running 5 pair of stones at present,


This was quite a different kind of morning cold, and snowing but it melted as fast as it fell, but during the middle of the day it was not so bad, a great many Buggies and waggons in town to day, & there was a well filled market, We have 5 pair of stones on to day also,

November MONDAY 15 1875

Yesterday was quite stormy and a good deal of snow fell, which made walking to Church rather unpleasant, It is somewhat milder to day but slight showers of fine snow is still falling, Which continued during the day off & on Attended our annual Church Meetting for the election of Office bearers & examination of a/cs {accounts}

Peter Idington was here and both called at Gutheries Office & got a statement of afc {account} also a cheque for $151,,15 which Mr Isington took charge of


This is a stormy morning, snow falling pretty heavy but as the ground is very wet, there is less prospect of laying so as to make sleighing,

It is stated to day that Mr J Williamson of the Golden Lion has bought the shop he is in at present for $13,500 from F Chadwick & also the shop next to it from Sandilands for $11,000, so that property is not falling in value.

William Fisher came home from Montreal through the night,


There was hard frost last night, the glass stood at 20° at 7 am, more snow has also fallen so that the ground is all covered with snow but by no means enough for sleighing

Have begun this morning to break out stuff for 2 more fermenting tuns of same size as those made last, Wᵐ {William} Fisher is helping with the Tuns

I attended the funeral of the late James Wallace who died at Orangeville & brought to our Cemetery, he was 77 years old,

November THURSDAY 18 1875

This is a cold blustry morning, with occasional showers of snow, there was frost last night which froze the ruts in the roads and made them very rough

Wᵐ {Willilam} went down to Toronto by the 11 am train to meet Guest

We sent all the planks for the tuns up to Stewarts plaining Mill and got them all done in about 5 hours, plained on both sides,

David, Andrew and Annie have the measles


This is a mild morning and the streets are wet As the day advances the snow is melting away

Wᵐ returned from Toronto at 10 Oclock


This is a moderate morning the glass at 32° as the day advanced, it became quite mild and the roads slushy

November MONDAY 22 1875

It froze pretty sharp last night, at 7 this morning the glass stood at 20° below freezing, but became milder as the day advanced

I went up to Raymonds new shop to examine their boiler feed pump has found it far too small for my purpose, I found them taking out their heater out of the ground, which described on the 5th October, And he is not putting in another of the same construction, but 44 inches diam {diameter} instead of 36 inches, and 200 two inch tubes 15 feet long, in place of [illegible word, crossed out] 30 three inch tubes 12 feet long, the new shell is made of 3/16 th pates

M.P. Ryan Esqr {Esquire} M.P. of Montreal has failed


This is a milder morning but dull and dark, and turning to thaw, and after breakfast the mist fell like fine rain, have been at the Foundry looking for a larger feed pump for the distillery Boiler, but on further consideration it was thought that to increase the speed of the present one would do, & have resolved to try that

Called in at the gass works and found that they got their Boiler built in all the pipes round the walls for heating and that they will start the fire for the first time this afternoon


This is a dull cold morning, threatning Snow But as the advances it is getting much colder and the is blowing pretty fresh from the N West

we are getting on well with dressing the edges of the Staves for the tuns

November THURSDAY 25 1875

This was a very sharp morning 18° below freezing, the ice on the Dam strong enough for plenty of skaters taking advantage of the dry day I may say fine winter day though cold

I had to place a Constable in charge of the Bridges farm houses, as Wᵐ {William} Heavar {Hewar?} who was granted leave to live in the house while he was in the employ of the tenant Alfred Stroud but after his services were discontinued he persisted is staying there after the Lease had expired on Sabbath the 21st and began to remove floors & doors from the outhouses which I stopped

Have got all the staves dressed on the edges now & the 2 bottom ready,

Johnston Gibson took away his tool chest this afternoon


This is a wet morning and quite a change from yesterday, and during the forenoon it rained for some time, and the afternoon it also rained and continued dark all the time

The roads are getting sloppy again

Mr Weir from Thorold called, he is from Straven in Scotland


This a somewhat better morning

As the day advanced it became better but clear and cold for some time in the afternoon

Mrs A & I went to see Mr Alexander and found him very poorly

November MONDAY 29 1875

This is a very cold morning, the wind strong from the North & N. West & blew hard all night

As the day advances it is getting colder, the wind is desperately cold

Went out to the York Road farm and allowed Heavar {Hewar?} to take away the things he left, and I got the key of the House,


This is another cold morning at 6 Oclock the glass stood at Zero, and at 7 am it was 3° below

December WEDNESDAY 1

The frost is not so keen this morning and the snow is making its appearance more freely

December THURSDAY 2 1875

This was more of a wintry morning, with showers of snow


This morning the glass was 17° above Zero and turned out a very fine day

This was our Feast Day in our Church


This is a soft foggy morning,and as the day advanced a thaw came on which made the streets sloppy

In the afternoon a drizzling rain came on being short of cut firewood we set to work with a fair supply of water and cut a very large pile of it have not got the first fermenting tun finished after the men having off at other work for 3 days or so,

Mr Alexander is not so well this morning,

December MONDAY 6 1875

Yesterday was a very unpleasant day for walking light rain fell and froze as it fell making the road extremely slippery in going to Church & continued all day,

This morning was of any thing worse having continued raining & freezing during the night and all day, much the same as yesterday

The men took the staves of the fermenting tun appart after fitting the hoops, And laid down the bottom of the next, Dobby was absent all day

It began to snow in the evening and about 2 or 3 inches fell,


There is a fine coating of snow on the hard icy ground but about 9 am a fine rain like wet mist began to fall, and about 10 it turned to rain, which if it continued destroy the prospects of sleighing,

Towards the middle of the afternoon John & I went out to the York Road farm in the cutter for the first time this winter, To examine the ground for the best locality for Building 2 hog pens, & also with the view of taking advantage of the best site for not creating any nucence {nuisance}


This morning began with a shower of snow which made it excellent sleighing,

I went out with Mr Gideon Hood to see if it would suit to build them on the Rocks farm next to the inside creek, But he considered it by far too great a distance to have the slop, And will therefor have to Build them on the nearest farm, I got advice from Guthrie on the Law of nucience {nuisance}

WIlliam and Higinbotham went down to Hamilton this evening,

December THURSDAY 1875

There was more snow falling this morning and a little during the day

Great hurry is making it in the New Town Hall to get properly washed out, the Plastering is finished & all the scaffolding out of the way, the Cheque for Duties to day was no less than $9257,74

William returned by the last train this evening


A little snow falling this morning , and the weather is mild

This is the Fat Cattle Show day and a great many fine large animals were exhibited Oxen, sheep & pigs, and a splended display of Fouls of all kinds, and the day turned out exceedingly fine, which brought a great many people to attend Kennedys Concert for the opening of the New Hall in the addition of the market House,


It is snowing pretty close this morning and will greatly improve the sleighing

And during the day there was frequent showers of snow

December MONDAY 13 1875

Yesterday morning we found a fresh coating of snow

This morning we find a heavier coating which will add greatly to the sleighing which is now very good But as the weather is very mild and the drops falling from the roofs it may turn to thaw yet

Both Alice & Eddy have the Measles,

I had two of the Shortreeds here to day Estimating for the construction of the 2 large hog pens I was about to build on the farm on the York Road, The price of the lumber laid down here from Barry at $11 pr M delᵈ {delivered} out on the Ground is the only reasonable portion of cost, More snow has fallen this evening J.C. Couper was here to day


This is a fine pleasant winter morning, a little snow has fallen during the night, there is a pretty full market to day It is positively ascertained That important documents have been Registered that was promised should not be done without some urgent cause or break of faith,


This is a fine winter morning with a light shower of snow, The wind is from the South East, and frequent showers of snow through the day

This is a cold morning with a light flurry of snow but through the day it got milder

Higinbotham & I went up to Stratford by the 6 oclock train, and was met at the Station by John & his double gray team, the night was cold and stormy and drifting a good deal,


This was a pritty cold morning in Stratford We left by train at 1/2 past 9

Have men out at the farm fixing a pump to clear the lower floor of the Barn of water,

between 5 & 6 the Thermometer stood about Zero


This is a very sharp morning at 7 a little below Zero the middle of the day it was clear and the Sun shone out for a while, The men went out again to deepen the well for the pump at the farm

December MONDAY 20 1875

Yesterday a very cold day, at 8 Oclock it was 5° below Zero and about 11 and we went to Church 1/2° below zero And at 10 pm was again 5° below

This morning at 1/2 past 6 am it was 9° above Zero, and became milder as the day advanced, and after 2 pm it became quite soft on the roads and has the appearance of a thaw,

The men were out at the Barn with the pump again & to bring it in to thaw it,


This is a mild morning and the roads quite soft, and the water begining to drop from the eves, as the day advanced it began to rain lightly and continued so more or less all day

The men were out at the farm fixing the protection for the pump


This is another soft morning & quite mild

And as the day advanced the streets became very slushey and the gutters running with water, the snow is mostly washed of the roads and poor prospects for sleighing at Christmas

Recᵈ {Received} interest to day on Mrs McLeans, Mortgage from Thomson & Jackson $20,,88

Mr Alexander very poorly to day

December THURSDAY 23 1875

Tis is a remarkably fine mild morning the Sun shining out, but the streets and crossing are very muddy, and little or no snow except along the hard trodden part of the roads and the sides of fences in the Country, P Idington came up this morning, He drew, Anguss, Interest, & Thomas & Jackman {vig?} $32 less his $4 advance & I paid her $28, she paid me $4 on a/c of what I advanced, leaving $1,, due me,

The Execution of {blank space} for the murder of his wife took place in the Jaol yard this morning he died without the least struggle whatever Heave been repairing the Steam Mill bridge, Mr Alexander very ill last night some better this morning, Mrs A and I went out in the afternoon and found him on the soffa & labouring hard to get up the phlegm & talked more than he has done to me for 3 week past


This is a very different kind of morning hard frost and the mudd all frozen dry, yet it is dull & dark & were it not for the high wind it would snow

About 1 Oclock it began to rain a fine shower of partly rain & partly fine hail and froze as it fell making the roads very slippery,

Mr Alexander is of any thing a little better this forenoon, The Butchers have opened out to day a splended display of meat of all kinds in the New Market, where there is plenty of room to exhibit it to advantage

About 8 Oclock it rained hard and must have continued for some times,


This is Christmas morning, mild with a little drizzling rain, went round all the works, which were going, And had only returned to begin Breakfast when James came to inform me that the slop pipes next the vats had broken down, I went forthwith & got John McPherson, John & W Fisher was sent for and all was got ready in a short time, the roads were wet & sloppy, We dined at Higinbothams, and towards evening it dried up & froze hard

A great many young folks were skating on the dam till late at night, the ice was fine for it

December MONDAY 27 1875

Sabbath there was a coating of snow of an inch deep had fallen, shortly after a fine shower of rain began and continued both going and returning from Church, & during the afternoon also, between 4 & 5 a heave {heavy} shower came on, with thunder & lightning the water overflowing the eve troughs, and thickned so as to prevent it running, it got dark very soon as 7pm the glass stood at 41° with less rain but dark

But to day it was quite dry and the roads quite hard, but abundance of water running over the dam, Broke the driver of No water mill


There was {bitter?} hard frost this morning, the roads quite dry, the mornings are dark, men can hardly see to work before 1/2 past 7,

William went down to Toronto by the 11 Oclock train

Had meeting of Insurance Directors to day leveed assessment for 5° per cent, appointed delegates to parliament to water Bill now introduced

Got David Startup now on a visit to repair the worm of Gin still


This is another mild morning for this time of the year, the roads are almost good sleighing from the very mist settling on the ground and freezing, but the waggons are more in use for any distance or with a load, David Startup, has been all day at the Gin still,

And as the Beer Pump is getting very frail and bursting out in the sides every little while, & having heard that one Party in Toronto has made some lately I will go down & see what like they are tomorrow before ordering from Cincinatti

December THURSDAY 30 1875

This is also a mild morning like an April one and intend leaving by the early train for Toronto. And William had to leave for Paris & Brantford

In Toronto I found business very dull & not as usual as the last of the year, I went to several of the Engineers shops to see if any of them had made or could make within a short time a forse pump for the Distillery & failed to get any thing to suit

The streets were in a great mess with mudd


This is a very fine morning the glass about 40°, and in the forenoon about 42 1/2 and really charming weather, We are very busy taking stock of the Mill & Distillery,

William returned from Brantford by the noon train & finds that Brown must go to the wall,

{Second page from pamphlet/ad entitled "The Secret of Prosperity!". Corresponds with the following page of the diary. Appears to be an ad for H. D. Edwards & Co. in Detroit, MI}

{Pamphlet/ad entitled "The Secret of Prosperity!". Corresponds with the previous page of the diary}

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