Clara Philp Diary, 1905


Clara Philp Diary, 1905

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January 1, 1905

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Philp Family Diary Collection


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220 Robt. Philp

Dominion Diary

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Diary for 1905

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New Year's Day (Dominion) (Jan. 1 falling this year on a Sunday.) Monday, 2 (2-363)

Da and Wat took logs over to Moorefield in forenoon. Had dinner there then came home and he and Wat went over to vote for the Municipal Election. Ma and we children at Grandina's for dinner. The boys up here after tea. rather soft morning, but turned colder towards night. Stormy forenoon. Dickson, Reeve; J. Philp, Wetzel, McArthur, Brooks.

Tuesday, 3 (3-362)

Da choring all day Uncle Jim went home on 4.44 train. Stormy forenoon. very cold day. cold night

Thursday, 5 (5-360)

Da choring all day. Ma and Broch at Drayton in afternoon. very nasty cold day. raw east wind rather stormy afternoon, getting worse towards night.

Epiphany (Quebec) Friday, 6 (6-359)

Da choring in forenoon, took shoes off team in afternoon. Mr. Webber came about four o'clock and fixed windmill pump. Here for tea. Uncle Willie here for while in afternoon. Hamp Bishop here looking to buy cattle. Not so very cold, but strong east wind snowing and somewhat stormy.

January Saturday, 7 (7-358) 1905

Da choring in forenoon, took team to Drayton and got team shod, also took a few bags of chop. very stormy afternoon and night not very cold.

Sunday, 8 (8-357)

Clive and I at Grandma's in afternoon. Uncle Willie up here in evening. very stormy at times all day not very cold.

Monday, 9 (9-356)

Da choring in forenoon, over at Henry Hilborn's threshing in afternoon. Miss Stone walked down before dinner Brock drove her home about four o'clock. No school. teacher sick, not back yet. Beautiful morning, but terrible stormy afternoon and night ! Strong wind. not very cold

January Tuesday, 10 (10-355) 1905

Da choring in forenoon. cleaned up some wheat in afternoon. Uncle Willie up to. night. terrible stormy all day but cleared up at night. rather sharp to-night.

Wednesday, 11 (11-354)

Da choring and Cleaning pens all day. Uncle Willie and Ma at Drayton in forenoon. rather fine forenoon, but was terrible stormy and windy all afternoon. hailing at night.

Thursday, 12 (12-353)

Da choring in forenoon. He and Brock took wheat up to Mr. Morrison's and Uncle Richde in afternoon. I over to see Alice Page in afternoon. turned soft in night and was rather icy in morning. got colder through day. Stormy afternoon. Jersey calved. Calf is mine C.P.

January Friday, 13 (13-352) 1905

Da choring in forenoon, Up helping Uncle RIchd kill a beef in afternoon. Uncle Willie and Ma went up to see Aunty Gass in forenoon. Ma stayed up because Auntie had fell the day before and broke her leg up near the thigh. It cannot be set. Brock went up for Ma in afternoon. Will Walker here for few minutes. We three went with them to rink to Bill Richards first carnival. Beautiful day. Uncle Will went back to St. Thomas. Lovely night

== Saturday, 14   (14-351) ==

Da choring and cleaning pens all day. Ma and Brock at Drayton in afternoon. Lovely bright day, but getting stormy towards night. Uncle Rich'd brought down a quarter of beef. very cold night

Sunday, 15 (15-350)

Da drove Ma up to Auntie Gass's in afternoon. She staying all night. I at Grandma's. very stormy all day. pretty sharp wind

January Monday, 16 (16-349) 1905

Will Walker came down this morning. He and Da choring and cleaned up a grist of chop in forenoon. Da took it to Drayton in afternoon. Went up for Ma to Gass's in evening. very stormy all day. and quite cold.

Tuesday, 17 (17-348)

Da and Will done up chores, then farmed up some oats. Mr. Craig and Annie here for dinner. Charlie Hilborn here in forenoon. Paid him $12.50 for threshing. Will went home at noon. Da went up to Gass's for Ma. very fine afternoon. rather stormy forenoon. quite sharp.

Wednesday, 18 (18-347)

Da and Will choring and Will took a grist to town in forenoon and again in afternoon. quite mild forenoon, but started to storm after dinner.

January Thursday, 19 (19-346) 1905

Da done chores and Will took out a couple of loads of chop. Bill Gass here for dinner and took Ma back with him. Auntie getting a little worse. Will went home to-night. Olive and I went up to Mr. Walker's to a small party. Home half past two. Had a very fine time. lovely night. Nice clear day. not very cold.

Friday, 20 (20-345)

Da done chores. Will took out a grist this forenoon. Drawing out manure to other place in afternoon. Ma came home after dinner. very fine forenoon, but not quite so bright this afternoon. rather mild out. Fred Wilson here in afternoon to by pigs. Did not get any.

Saturday, 21 (21-344)

Da and Will done the chores, then drawing manure all day. Olive and Brock at town in afternoon. Da and Ma down at night. beautiful bright afternoon. not very cold. Auntie Philp, in Drayton was found dead in her bed this morning.

January Sunday, 22 (22-343) 1905

Olive, Brock and I up to see Aunty Gass in afternoon, Ma down to Grandma's. rather sharp and stormy at times.

Monday, 23 (23-342)

Will not here to-day. Da done chores i forenoon, cleaned out pens in afternoon. Ma went up to Aunty Gass's this afternoon. Brock drove her up. She's staying all night. beautiful, bright, clear forenoon. rather dull this afternoon quite raw wind.

Tuesday, 24 (24-341)

Da and Will choring in forenoon. Will drawing manure in afternoon. Da at Aunty Philp's funeral. Bill Gass brought Ma home at noon. Wise Craig here for dinner. Wilmot Drury and A. Schmans here to spend evening. I over to party at Henry HIlborne. Abbey Fallis married to Capt. Smith this forenoon. very stormy afternoon. lot of snow fell turned very cold after supper, with strong wind. Aunty Philp 98 years old.

Provincial Election Day 25.

January Wednesday, 25 (258-340) 1905

Da and Will choring in forenoon. Will went home after dinner. Da went to vote. Too cold to draw manure. very stormy, windy cold day. terrible raw cold wind. roads heavy. Conservative Party have got into power by over to majority. South, East & West Wellington all returned Conservative to power. Downey, Craig and Tucker.

Thursday, 26 (26-339)

Da and Will choring in forenoon . Will and Wat drawing ice from Drayton, brought four loads this afternoon. rather stormy forenoon but very bright clear afternoon. very sharp wind.

Friday, 27 (24-338)

Da choring in forenoon. Wat brought a load of ice in forenoon. Da and Wat. fixing place in shed for ice. very stormy all day. not cold roads very heavy. Will not here to-day.

January Saturday, 28 (28-337) 1905

Da done the chores, and Will went for a load of ice in forenoon. Will brought two loads in afternoon. Wat. drawing also. Brock to town with Will in afternoon. Da up to Uncle Richds with sow in afternoon beautiful clear bright day, but quite sharp.

Sunday, 29 (29-336)

Harry, Earl and Ella Lowes and Jennie Craig here in afternoon and for tea. very fine, beautiful, bright day. not cold.

Monday, 30 (30-335)

Da choring in forenoon. Wat and he packing away at the ice in afternoon. Mike Morris here to sell a cutter. Ma at Drayton in aftrenoon. very fine day, clear and bright. not cold.

January Tuesday, 31 (31-344) 1905

Da and Will choring in forenoon, Watt came over after dinner and finished packing the ice. Da and Will then drawing out manure. Annie Craig gave us our lesson and stayed for dinner. Ma up to see Auntie Gass in afternoon. beautiful bright day. not cold.

February Wednesday, 1 (32-333)

Da and Will finished drawing out the manure and did the chores. very bright day, but pretty cold. Hugh Gibbs have young son to-day.

Thursday, 2 (33-332)

Da and Will choring in forenoon. Will went home after dinner. I at Drayton all day getting Mrs. Gordon to help me with a waist. very stormy day. strong wind and very keen.

February Friday, 3 (34-331) 1905

Da choring in forenoon. Went to Drayton in afternoon. brought home a hundred of flour. very sharp cold day and night. not storming to-day.

Saturday, 4 (35-330)

Ada Philp 21 years old today. Da choring and cleaning pens all day Mr. Joe Bell came for Ma about ten o'clock this morning. Aunty Gass died very early this morning. Da and I up for a little while at Gass's to-night. Ma staying all night. beautiful day, very clear and bright and sharp. Thermometer registred 20º below zero at half-past six this morning.

Sunday, 5 (36-329)

Brock and Olive went up to Gass's for Ma after dinner. very stormy all day. quite sharp.

February Monday, 6 (37-328) 1905

Da did chores this forenoon. Then he and Ma at Aunty Gass's funeral in afternoon. quite a snowy forenoon, but turned out nice towards evening Uncle Jim came up on noon train. rather raw wind. roads heavy.

Tuesday, 7 (38-327)

Will Walker came down this morning. He and Da done chores in forenoon. Went over after dinner and drew old "Dan" Burrows horse out of stable dead. Then they went to bush and cut wood. Ma went up to Gass's and brought Mrs. Brian down with her for tea. She staying at Grandma's to-night. Olive 15 years old to-day. beautiful fine day. quite sharp. drifting a little. Jack Walker up here to-night.

Wednesday, 8 (39-326)

Wat and Will took five of our pigs and some of their own to Drayton this forenoon. Ma took Mrs. Brian to station this morning. Da and Will did not go to bush. WIll went home this evening. very stromy day. got worse on in afternoon. raw searching wind.

February Thursday, 9 (40-325) 1905

Will came down before dinner. Da did chores in forenoon. Cutting wood in bush in afternoon. Geo. Tucker here in afternoon to see fat cattle. quite soft day. very mild. snowed a little towards night. roads bad.

Friday, 10 (41-324)

Da and Will done up chores then drew up wood from bush till noon. Cutting wood in bush in afternoon. Mr. Corbett here to see fat cattle. Very stormy at times. Snowed very hard at times, then would blow. getting colder towards night. roads bad.

2 Saturday, 11 (42-323)

Da and Will done up chores therr at bush till noon. Will went home after dinner to go to milk-letting. Da scraped away snow from driving house doors, in afternoon. Will called in with milk report to-night. beautiful bright day. duller towards evening.

February Sunday, 12 (42-322) 1905

I at Grandma's for dinner. Olive and I over to Burrow's after tea very stormy all day. East storm changing sound to west at night. very mild all day. little wind getting up at night.

Monday, 13 (44-321)

Will came down to help take cattle (fat) away, but got word that car didn't come. Da choring and cleaning pens. Will went home after dinner. very stormy all day. wind very cold. Thermometer 8º below zero at milking time. wind went down a little at dark. roads very quiet to-day. Da 49 years old to-day. Uncle Jim 32 years old.

Tuesday, 14 (45-320)

St. Valentine's Day. Da choring all day. Mr. Bready and Mr. Steve Moore came here about half past nine and stayed for dinner. very stormy all day. Thermometer registered 22º below zero this morning. moderated a lot towards evening. wind went down towards evening.

February Wednesday, 15 (46-319) 1905

Da choring in forenoon. Da at Drayton in afternoon for sugar. Could not get any as there was none in town. Had no train since Monday. Ma down helping Mrs. Jack Walker quilt in afternoon Charlie, Hosheal, Retta and Cranson Hillborn over here for the evening. very cold wind and quite stormy. roads bad.

Thursday, 16 (47-318)

Da done chores, cleaned pens and went to Drayton in afternoon. Got 100 lbs of sugar. very high wind, went down a little at night. cold day Sarah Burrows here in afternoon.

Friday, 17 (48-317)

Da choring all day. rather fine forenoon, but got terrible stormy after dinner and very windy. not very cold.

February Saturday, 18 (49-316) 1905

Da choring all day. Olive and I up to help Winnie Walker, (make flower for carnival), in afternoon beautiful forenoon, little stormy after dinner, but calmed down and was a beautiful night. no travel on the roads.

Sunday, 19 (50-315)

Home all day. very fine mild day. snowed a little in morning. not so bright in afternoon.

Monday, 20 (51-314)

Da and Will choring in forenoon and at bush cutting wood in afternoon. rather fine day. blowing a little at noon. not cold day

February Tuesday, 21 (52-313) 1905

Da and Will choring and cutting wood in bush. Annie Craig gave us our lessons and walked home after dinner. Ma up to Uncle Richard's in afternoon. very mild day. quite foggy all day.

Wednesday, 22 (53-312)

Da and Will choring and cutting wood in bush. I walked up to see Miss Stone in afternoon. N. Perkin here in afternoon. Da and Will went up to Chas. Walkers for evening. rather stormy forenoon, but very mild day. Milder than yesterday. foggy.

Thursday, 23 (54-311)

Da choring in forenoon. Percy and he plowed the road in afternoon. Olive, Brock and I drove down to a Carnival on the rink at night. roads rough. very mild all day, but not very bright. Olive got second prize for "Music Costume"

February Friday, 24 (55-310) 1905

Da choring in forenoon, and drawing up wood from bush in afternoon. Olive and I up to Mr. Walker's to a dance at night. very mild day. not very bright.

Saturday, 25 (56-309)

Da did up the chores. Then Wat, Brock and he took our 5 heifers to Moorefield. Got home about five o'clock. Uncle Richd took 10 head over also. Ma and Olive at Drayton in afternoon. Mr. J. Corbitt, assessor in this afternoon. very soft all day. soft snow falling in afternoon. turned quite a bit colder at night.

Sunday, 26 (57 - 308)

At home all day. I down to Grandma's in afternoon. very stormy all day. quite cold.

February Monday, 27 (58-307) 1905

Da choring in forenoon. drawing up wood from bush in afternoon. Cecil Walker came down from school and stayed for tea. Olive and I went with Walker's young folks to a party at Bill Barrys in Rothsay. Had a fine time. very nice fine day. a little snowy at times in evening. not very cold.

Tuesday, 28 (59-306)

Da choring in forenoon. He and Uncle RIchd at Drayton in afternoon. rather stormy forenoon. lovely afternoon. Olive and I over to a party at Retta Hilborn's (night Hasheal came after us. We came home with McEwings. beautiful night.

March Wednesday, 1 (60-305)

Da and Will choring and farmed up a grist of chop. Will took it to Drayton in afternoon. Mr. Kemp came here in afternoon, he and Da went up to Uncle Richds to pick out a monument Mr. Kemp stayed all night. Played Euchre. beautiful bright day. not very cold. Will Walker came down this morning.

March Thursday, 2 (61-304) 1905

Will took load of chop to Drayton in forenoon and another in afternoon. Da done the chores. Will went home to-night. Da gone over to Burrows to have game of euchre at night. beautiful bright day, but rather cold wind.

Friday, 3 (62-303)

Da done the chores and took a grist to Drayton in forenoon. Will came home with him and helped fill another. Da took it down in afternoon. Ma and Grandma over to see Mrs. Harrison in afternoon. Stayed for tea. rather mild day. cold bleak wind. snowing quite heavily at night.

Saturday, 4 (63-302)

Will came down this morning and took a grist to town. Da did chores. Then took black heifer down to Johnny Brooks after dinner and cut load of ice while Will brought home the chop. Brought ice at night. Brock at Drayton with Will in afternoon. beautiful bright, clear, day. rather cold wind. Mr. North called this morning and left a pump log to go to Uncle Rich'ds

March Sunday, 5 (64-301) 1905

Brock up to Uncle Richds in afternoon. drifting all day. rather a little stormy in afternoon wind rather searching.

Monday, 6 (65-300)

Da and Will done chores and cleaned out pens, then drawing manure all day. Ma up to Bob Gass for bag of spy apples in afternoon. Just a beautiful bright warm day. Wilmot Drury's party. Did not go.

Tuesday, 7 (66-299)

Da and Will choring and drawing Manure all day. Wise Craig here for dinner. Olive and I at Drayton in afternoon. Mabel came down this afternoon. Alex Duff here in afternoon and took Bull away. very fine day, but got little dull towards evening. very mild. Da and Ma married 23 years to-night:

March Ash Wednesday (Quebec & N.W.T.) Wednesday, 8 (67-298) 1905

Da and Will choring and finished drawing out the manure. Da gone up to Mr. Morrison's and over to J. Irvins to see Toivi Miller. Will went home to-night and was going to see Gregary's and Herb. McLaughlan and see Stewart Malcolson. Brock at Hilborns and McEwings asking hands to wood-bee. beautiful bright day. E.G. Henry called in this evening.

Thursday, 9 (68-297)

Da and Will did the chores, then went to bush and filled trees till noon. Had wood-bee in the afternoon. Had 17 men for tea. Mabel here in afternoon. Mr. Walker came down after tea and had game of euchre. Will went home. very fine day. quite soft and mild.

Friday, 10 (69-296)

Da choring in forenoon and put in props under the kitchen. At Drayton in afternoon. Had our party to-night. TOm Miller played and Stewart Malcasom called off. About 46 here. Broke up about half past three. beautiful night; rather sharp. a little stormy through the day.

March Saturday, 11 (70-295) 1905

Da done up the chores and cleaned out pens. TOok the Jersey down to Bill Richard's in afternoon. Cecil in Walker here for dinner. Will and Mr. Walker drawing home hay from the stack. We straightning up after party. Very fine bright day. rather sharp wind.

Sunday, 12 (71-294)

Ma and I up to church in forenoon. fine forenoon. qite stormy in afternoon, but cleared off and was a beautiful eveingin sharp wind.

Monday, 13 (72-293)

Da and Will done up chores, then drawing up wood from bush the rest of day. Ma over helping Mrs. Burrow paper the north bed-room. Brock went to town for a hundred of flour after school. beautiful fine clear day. 10º below zero this morning

March Tuesday, 14 (73-292) 1905

Da and Will done up the chores then drawing up wood from the bush all day. Miss Craig here and have us our lessons. stayed to dinner. Finished drawing up the body wood. just the limbs now to get up. beautiful bright day. lovely moon-light nights. Wilmot Drury here asking for a party at Bill Well's on 8th P.M. to-morrow night.

Wednesday, 15 (74-291)

Da and Will done the chores, then drawing hay from the stack into the barn. Mr. Walker and Chester helping. They took home a load of hay and straw. Will went home to-night. Ma and Grandma at Drayton this afternoon. Brock over to Wilmot's to say we're not going to party. Hosheal Hilborn went West to-day. Beautiful bright day, quite warm in middle of day.

Thursday, 16 (75-290)

Da did chores in forenoon. drawing limbs up to house from bush in afternoon. Mrs. J. Walker up here at supper time. Sleeting in forenoon and freezing on every thing very slippery. very mild day. dull and dark.

March Friday, 17 (76-289) 1905

St. Patrick's Day. Da done chores in forenoon, then at bush cutting up limbs in afternoon. Ma at quilting at Mrs. J. Walker's in afternoon. very foggy forenoon, cleared off at noon and was beautiful afternoon. snow went in fields quite a bit this afternoon very mild all day.

Saturday, 18 (77-288)

Da choring in forenoon. cleaned out pens and walked to Drayon in afternoon. very dull day. very foggy and showry in forenoon. cleared off after dinner but was still showery. thunder and lightning in afternoon. very foggy at night. roads very soft. snow gone a lot to-day.

Sunday, 19 (78-287)

Olive and I walked up to Miss Stones for dinner and back again in evening. rather dull day. roads bad. raw east wind. turned cold through night and froze.

April Friday, 7 1905

Da cleaned out the stables, then lying round rest of day.Felt a little better but still very weak. Brock came home sick tonight; quite bright, but cold wind.

Saturday, 8

Will Walker came down this morning. Did up chores and cleaned out pens, then he and Da started to clip "Mark", finished him after dinner and Olive and I went to town. Da and Will {illegible} up some oats for WIll. Very fine bright fay, but cold wind. Had frost this morning.

Sunday, 9

Ma and Brock up to see Miss Stone in afternoon. Da and Ma down to J. Hilbarvis after tea to see old Mr. Mr. Lundy. Olive and J at Grandma's for dinner Dara Burrows here in evening. Lovely bright afternoon. Dull {illegible} rather strong winds, quite warm.

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  124. Philp_Diary_1905_113.pdf
  125. Philp_Diary_1905_114.pdf
  126. Philp_Diary_1905_115.pdf
  127. Philp_Diary_1905_116.pdf
  128. Philp_Diary_1905_117.pdf
  129. Philp_Diary_1905_118.pdf
  130. Philp_Diary_1905_119.pdf
  131. Philp_Diary_1905_120.pdf
  132. Philp_Diary_1905_121.pdf
  133. Philp_Diary_1905_122.pdf
  134. Philp_Diary_1905_123.pdf
  135. Philp_Diary_1905_124.pdf
  136. Philp_Diary_1905_125.pdf
  137. Philp_Diary_1905_126.pdf
  138. Philp_Diary_1905_127.pdf
  139. Philp_Diary_1905_128.pdf
  140. Philp_Diary_1905_129.pdf
  141. Philp_Diary_1905_130.pdf
  142. Philp_Diary_1905_131.pdf
  143. Philp_Diary_1905_132.pdf
  144. Philp_Diary_1905_133.pdf
  145. Philp_Diary_1905_134.pdf
  146. Philp_Diary_1905_135.pdf
  147. Philp_Diary_1905_136.pdf
  148. Philp_Diary_1905_137.pdf
  149. Philp_Diary_1905_138.pdf
  150. Philp_Diary_1905_139.pdf
  151. Philp_Diary_1905_140.pdf
  152. Philp_Diary_1905_141.pdf
  153. Philp_Diary_1905_142.pdf
  154. Philp_Diary_1905_143.pdf
  155. Philp_Diary_1905_144.pdf
  156. Philp_Diary_1905_145.pdf
  157. Philp_Diary_1905_146.pdf
  158. Philp_Diary_1905_147.pdf
  159. Philp_Diary_1905_148.pdf
  160. Philp_Diary_1905_149.pdf
  161. Philp_Diary_1905_150.pdf
  162. Philp_Diary_1905_151.pdf
  163. Philp_Diary_1905_152.pdf
  164. Philp_Diary_1905_153.pdf
  165. Philp_Diary_1905_154.pdf
  166. Philp_Diary_1905_155.pdf
  167. Philp_Diary_1905_156.pdf
  168. Philp_Diary_1905_157.pdf
  169. Philp_Diary_1905_158.pdf
  170. Philp_Diary_1905_159.pdf
  171. Philp_Diary_1905_160.pdf
  172. Philp_Diary_1905_161.pdf
  173. Philp_Diary_1905_162.pdf
  174. Philp_Diary_1905_163.pdf
  175. Philp_Diary_1905_164.pdf
  176. Philp_Diary_1905_165.pdf
  177. Philp_Diary_1905_166.pdf
  178. Philp_Diary_1905_167.pdf
  179. Philp_Diary_1905_168.pdf
  180. Philp_Diary_1905_169.pdf
  181. Philp_Diary_1905_170.pdf
  182. Philp_Diary_1905_171.pdf
  183. Philp_Diary_1905_172.pdf
  184. Philp_Diary_1905_173.pdf
  185. Philp_Diary_1905_174.pdf
  186. Philp_Diary_1905_175.pdf
  187. Philp_Diary_1905_176.pdf