Elizabeth Philp Diary, 1899


Elizabeth Philp Diary, 1899

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January 1, 1899

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Philp Family Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript


January SUNDAY, 1 (1-354) 1899

Very clear sharp day I took Mother & Aunt Sarah up to Church left her at Bill Lows. Children & I down home for a while Robt terribly troubled with boils on the back of neck Craig here a while

MONDAY, 2 (2-363)

Robt choring fore. & Melting snow very fine day Robt over to vote at 14th & down to Drayton. Commissioners Hamilton & McGowan Township Councilers Reve McDonald.Bob Hamilton Duncan Wooddissee, & Miller Robt at Drayton at night

TUESDAY, 3 (3-362)

verry fine day Robt choring all day

January WEDNESDAY, 4 (4-361) 1899

raining all day Robt choring all day Mother & I started to sew rags on Machine Spot Calved

THURSDAY, 5 (5-360)

Robt choring all day Johnie Craig brought over a quarter of beef Mother & I sewing rags

FRIDAY, 6 (6-359)

Robt choring all day till four Oclock then Both up at a party at Richards Soft snow falling Richd sent for our children All had a good time Maud & Annie {Edmison?} here for dinner

January SATURDAY, 7 (7-358) 1899

Robt choring fearful stormy day Richard & John Walker here for dinner terrible stormy day

SUNDAY, 8 (8-357)

All at home till Evening then down home rather stormy all day

MONDAY, 9 (9-356)

Robt choring fore Ma helping me fix a dress Robt took pig over to Duncans rather cold day

January TUESDAY, 10 (10-355) 1899

Robt took choring all day. Took two {cart?} of flour to Rothsay Chriss and her niece & Cousin here for Dinner beautiful day I {drove?} home aft

WEDNESDAY, 11 (11-354)

Robt choring all day I went down to Drayton aft terrible sharp & cold

THURSDAY, 12 (12-353)

Robt choring fore Duncan here for Dinner took chop to Drayton Eve rather fine day

January FRIDAY, 13 (13-352) 1899

Robt choring fore Isaac Kitely here fore Robt gone to Drayton for chop rather nice day but dull

SATURDAY, 14 (14-351)

Robt choring fore Sold 11 head of young cattle to Bill {Netcker?} for $325 00 delvered them aft. Miserable day raining & freezing

SUNDAY, 15 (15-350)

At home all day Olive gone to Church with Grandpa & Grandma I down home Evening

January MONDAY, 16 (16-349) 1899

Robt choring fore out to Drayton aft, but did not get the money for the Cattle very dine day over to Perkins for the scales

TUESDAY, 17 (17-348)

Robt choring fore Sam here aft farming up his seed oats & took them home rather fine day

WEDNESDAY, 18 (18-347)

Robt choring fore farming chop & took it to Drayton. Clara came home from school with tooth ache. I took her down & got it out very fine day

January THURSDAY, 19 (19-346) 1899

Robt choring fore Walter Smith here aft Took {evad?} of hay to Rothsay aft Then down to Drayton at night very fine day

FRIDAY, 20 (20-345)

Robt choring fore back to the bush on other place looking for cedar with Walt Plant. did not get any fit for a cistern

SATURDAY, 21 (21-344)

Robt choring fore. very stormy At Wilmot Drury wood Bee aft still storming

January, SUNDAY, 22 (22-343) 1899 At home all day. Children & I down home aft. snowing a little

MONDAY, 23 (23-342) Robt choring fore drawing out manure aft very fine day. Ma & I at the rags all day Da & Brock up to Anele Benson fine day

TUESDAY, 24 (24-341) Robt choring fore drawing out manure aft very fine I down to Drayton aft & round to Englishs for butter crock

January WEDNESDAY, 25 (25-340) 1899 Robt choring fore drawing out manure aft rather fine day much colder than Tuesday

THURSDAY, 26 (26-339) Robt choring fore sold a Bull calf to W.G. Lernan for $50 finished drawing out manure terrible storm started up about three Oclock. Craig's Boys here aft I down home Father & Brock gone over to Saint stormed all night

FRIDAY, 27 (27-338) Robt choring fore very cold morning Clara home from school with a bad cold Robt started to fan chop but Mr. North came & staid till 10 oclock pretty cold

January SATURDAY, 28 (28-337) 1899 Robt choring fore fine finished farming chop & took Jr to Drayton Craigs Boys here they had finished cutting 25 cords of wood for us. (paid them $10) Mr North came here evening & staid over till Sunday aft very stormy for a while at night

SUNDAY, 29 (29-336) All at home except the children & I down home for a while. Mr North left after dinner very bright day but cold

MONDAY, 30 (30-335) Robt choring fore Maude Edmison here for dinner Robt choring round aft turned out very stormy

January TUESDAY, 31 (31-334) 1899 Robt choring and took down oats to change for corn attended the annual meeting of the Insurance Co Mother & I sewing rags

February WEDNESDAY, 1 (32-333) Robt choring and getting ready to draw wood Mother & I sewing rags snowing & blowing some

THURSDAY, 2 (33-332) Robt choring and started drawing up wood very find bright day finished sewing Mothers carpet rags

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“Elizabeth Philp Diary, 1899,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed September 20, 2019, https://ruraldiaries.lib.uoguelph.ca/transcribe/items/show/225.

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