Roseltha Goble Diary & Transcription, 1864


Roseltha Goble Diary & Transcription, 1864


Roseltha Goble


Courtesy of Archival and Special Collections, University of Guelph


19th Century, Oxford County, Blenheim Township, Ontario

Date Created


Is Part Of

Roseltha Goble Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript & Typed Transcription


{Printed Page}







{Printed page listing eclipses in 1864}

{A table showing number of days from any day in one month to the same day in any other month.}

{Interest Table showing interest from $10 to 5,000 dollars for one month and for one year at 6 per cent}

{Table for January 1864}

{Table for February}

{Table for March}

{Table for April}

{Table for May}

{Table for June}

{Table for July}

{Table for August}

{Table for September}

{Table for October}

{Table for November}

{Table for December}

January, Friday 1, 1864

Rout to Bement From Detrout to Toledo. Take the Michigan Southga{te} Road Then The Toledo & Wabash Road to the state

Saturday 2.

Then the Great Western Ill to Bement

Railroad fare to Toledo $ 7,00 Hotel fare Two {illegible} and Bed $2,50

Sunday 3.

From Toledo to state line $2,00 Fare at The Oliver House $2,00 From state line to Bement $2,10

{printed} Jan. Monday 4, 1864

July 17 to postage on letter 10
24 to postage 10
Aug 7 postage 10.
" 14 postage 10
" 17 postage 10
{printed} Tuesday 5.
Aug 3 to Silk for Em $one dollar & 0 cts
Paper & Envelope 10
coloring Flanel $1,00
Buttons 15 Fare to Decatur 70 cts $1,00
lunch {printed Wednesday 6} 10
Sept 5 letter to Nell 10
12 10
slipper $1,25

{printed Jan. Thursday 7, 1864}

Have been reading the Vicar of Wakefield By Oliver Goldsmith Also Cudgoes Cane, Tom Brown of Rugby The Mystery by Henry Wood The story of self Denial by Mrs H. B. Gardiner Have been much interested in it

{printed Saturday 9.}

G Millmine house 109 yds carpet in Halls Cost of carpets $130 new Gold Watch $555 with chain

{printed Jan. Sunday 10, 1864}

July 12 Edward sold $10,00 in Gold at Toledo for $25,00 in Green Backs I sold $5,00 to the Dentist for $12,60

{printed Monday 11.}

Sold $1,0 in silver to Emma for $2,00 Sold $1,00 in silver at Toledo got $2,00

{printed Tuesday 12.}

Have had in Green Backs altogether $41,60 Sept 14 Balance on hand $3, 5

{printed Jan. Wednesday 13, 1864}

Traveling Expenses here $22,60
Postage $0
slippers 1,25
shawl 1,00
Buttons ,14
Fare {printed Thursday 14.} Fare to Decatur ,70
Lunch 10
silk for Em 1,80
Paid Dentist 1 10
{printed Friday 15.} Sept 16 slippers for Rose 1,50
Buttons {,20}

{printed Jan. Saturday 16, 1864}

Sept 21 left Bement Went on free {illegible}an to state line From St line to Toledo in the ding sleeping car $10,40 Toledo to Detroit {printed Sunday 17.} $2,40 Forty cts for Buss ride to Russel House 40 ct from the house to the Boat Fare at the Oliver House $2,50. At

{printed Monday 18.}

At the Russel House $2,75 From Detroit home $4,40, Buss to Institute 50 cts

{printed Jan. Tuesday 19, 1864}

From Woodstock home 52 ct for Emma & Myself

{printed Wednesday 20.}

Took George & Emma $5,00 worth of goods For which he allowed me $10,00 to be applied {printed Thursday 21.} on Newtons account

{printed Jan. Friday 22. 1864}

June 25 1867

Came to Toledo. Fare to Detroit $4,50 Fare to Toledo $2,10 in Green Backs

{printed Saturday 23.}

26 Wednesday warm & dry Went to the Office with Em

27 Wrote home did not go out Mrs Bodman called

{printed Sunday 24.}

28 Feasting on strawberries

28 Friday Went to the Church at 8 in the morning then to the Office & Dentists In the evening to the high school closing exercises

{printed Jan. Monday 25, 1864}

29 Saturday Nell, Dora & I went up Town. Saw the Circus Horses Very warm & dry

{printed Tuesday 26.}

30 Sunday Went with George & Em to Episcopal Church In the eve went to Congregational heard Mr Williams

{printed Wednesday 27.}

July 1st Very warm went to the Dentists Nellie had two teeth extracted Dora three {illegible} it well

{printed Jan. pencilled July printed Thursday 28. pencilled 1867 printed 1864

Tuesday 2 went to the Dentists with Dora & Will at 7 o clock took the impression of the mouth went again at 3 to try the plate in the {printed Friday 29.} mouth

Wednesday did not go out very warm Will, Lutie & Nellie took a ride. In the evening we prepared things for the {Youth}

{Printed Saturday 30.}

4 Our Family started at 7 a m for the Office thence on board a Tug for Presque Isle, had a fine ride & pleasant time, had it not rained

{printed Jan. Sunday 31, 1864}

Friday rather tired went to the dentists in the afternoon Dora had the plate fitted & teeth tied, a sore operation

{printed February, Monday 1.}

6 Sat Morn letter from house, & sent one home went to see Japanese thence to the Saloon got Ice cream weather cooler

{printed Tuesday 2.}

11 wrote home went riding in small boat had nice time

{printed February, Wednesday 3, 1864}

12 went to Dentist weather cooler

15 got a letter from Newton Rose poorly went calling with Nellie

{printed Thursday 4.}

16 went to Dentist Em & I called on Mrs Smith, Parmerby Williams, Hayes, Brasted not at home 1

{printed Friday 5.}

17 came home

{printed Feb. pencilled 67 printed Saturday 6, 1864}

Aug 12 Nellie came home with Dora & Charlie

24 George & Em came

{printed Sunday 7.}

George went back

28 Nellie went


Sept 25 Emma went home

{printed Monday 8.}

{printed Feb. pencilled 1874 printed Tuesday 9, pencilled illegible) printed 1864

Butter 2 lbs 22 44
Meat 15 Berrys 30 45
do 10 peas 8 18
Bread 5 Berrys 20 25
16 {illegible} 10 meat 25 35
Berrys 30 30
{printed Wednesday 10.}
Blacking & Brick {8?}
Onions & Crack 35
17 Berries 18 sugar 30 48
Eggs 18 Butter 44 62
{printed Thursday 11.}
Monday 5 ct Tues 20 25
Wed meat, cherres 75
For Washing 1.00
Thurs Meat 10 Bet 5 15
Thurs Bread 5 5

{printed Feb. Friday 12, 1864}

Friday Bread 5 05
Satu steak 25 25
Butter 40 bean 8 48
Cake 18 Currents 8 15 33
Berries 25
Bread 10 {Bosk} 25 35
{printed Saturday 13.} 166
Ironing 42
total 441
July 3 {printed Sunday 14,}
Monday 0.00
Tuesday Currant 12
Meat 24
Bread 4

{printed Feb. Monday 15, 1864}

Wed Meat 18
Lemons 3/0
Beets 5 peas 10 15
Berries 37 37
Washing $1, 200
{printed Tuesday 16.}
Thurs Potatoes 30
" Beets 5
" Bread 5
Currants 18
Sugar 52 {Ginger} 55
Indigo 15 Vineg{illegible} 5 32
Brille {printed Wednesday 17.} 40
Lemons 2 25
{illegible} Bro{illegible} 30
B{illegible} 15 Meat 20 35
Onions 5 Meat 6 11

{printed Feb. Thursday 18, 1864}

" 76
Molasses, Bread 15
Milk 162
Peas 15 15
Saturday Meat 48
Total {printed Friday 19.} 765
1871 July 20 Returned to Canada Nellie went on the evening Train {printed Saturday 20.}August 14 Oct 13 come to Toledo with Nellie

{printed Feb. Sunday 21, 1864}

Oct 13 Pd gave me $7 1/2 in Gold silver 26 $2,80 ct in American Canada money of my own $4 in Bills & Silver

{printed Monday 22.}

American $1,20 21 Paid Nellie for {Roves} Braid $1,20 Paid for Stamp 25

{printed Tuesday 23.}

{rest of page blank}

1871 {printed Feb. Wednesday 24, 1864}

Oct Paid for Nov 10 Nov for Cord for Clo Cloak , 18

{printed Thursday 25.}

{rest of page blank}

{printed Feb. Saturday 27, 1864}

{printed Sunday 28.}

{printed Monday 29.}

{Page blank}

Page blank excepted for printed dates.

{printed March, Friday 4, 1864} 1871

Frankie died May 30

Nellie died Feb 10th/72

Freddie died July 2

Pa went to Toledo May 10th

{printed Saturday 5.}

George & Emma left home for California May 15

{printed Sunday 6.}

June 18 Clara & I went to Toledo

19 at eve took a walk with the children saw the Rein Deer

{printed March, Monday 7, 1864}

Amount of cash $10,00 in paper, silver 55 American paper $2,75 do silver $2,50

{printed Tuesday 8.}

20 Thursday Irwin took the cars, over to Franks Freddie looks feebile Heat excessive

{printed Wednesday 9.}

21 Went to perrysburg had a pleasant time David Tate went with us

22 {printed March, Thursday 10, 1864} 72

Saturday Morn took the children, Miss B, & Frank Riding went to the cemetery & took a look at dear Nellies Resting Place {printed Friday 11.} Oh how lonely it is here without her P M went out bought Hose, Gloves, & {Tam} 68 ct

{printed Saturday 12.}

Expenses From home to Detroit $4,55 cts Palace fare 75 Orange 5 Print 5

{March, Sunday 13, 1864} 72

Took several rides in the street cars

July 1st very hot, do not feel well Frank Dear Fredie sick spent {printed Monday 14.} the afternoon there, Tuesday morn, went to Franks Freddie died at 2 p m Buried Wednesday at 6 p m

{printed Tuesday 15.}

George & Emma come home Sunday the 7th Took Tea at Franks Friday 12 Saturday left for

{printed March, Wednesday 16, 1864} 72

home at 6 PM by Boat had a pleasant trip to Port Colburn, There took the Cars on the {printed Thursday 17.} Welland Road to St Cathrines Took Dinner at Mr Biggars Saw Miss St John, Mr & Mrs Cook {printed Friday 18.} Got home Monday eve found Newton bad

{printed March, Saturday 19, 1864} 1872

July 2 Freddie B Anderson died Buried on Wednesday the 6th

Oct 4 {printed Sunday 20}

Emma, Frank, Charlie Rose & Mary came On Monday the 7th Frank went home George come on Friday {printed Monday 21.} the 11th They all went home on Tuesday the 15th

Nov 5th Tuesday morn at 7 Newton taken Bleeding

{printed March, Tuesday 22, 1864}

Bled a qt or more got better & was more comfortable Till Tuesday eve the

{printed Wednesday 23.}

Oct Tuesday 29 at 7 a m Newton taken Bleeding Bled a qt or more Then got better & was more comfortable until

Nov {printed Thursday 24.} 5th

Tuesday Eve at 11 was taken Bleeding again & Expired in about Ten Minutes He died with out a struggle Another

{printed March, Friday 25, 1864}

Dear one has gone to rest He was Buried on Friday the 8th Mr Toping preached from the one hundred {printed Saturday 26.} & Sixteenth Psalm & 15th verse Precious in the night of the Lord is the death of his saints

{printed Sunday 27.} {remainder of page blank}

{printed March, Monday 28, 1864 73}

Oct 6 Ellen Golder & Maria Spear left for Buffalo on Morning Train

{Remaining of the page except for printed dates blank}

{printed March, Thursday 31, 1864}

1874 Commenced living in the new house Sept 20

1/2 lb Japan Tea

10 lbs sugar

{printed April, Friday 1.}

had 30 lbs Coffee sugar on hand from store stock Went to visit Uncle Peter Buckbee Oct 2

{printed Saturday 2.}

Come home Oct 7 not well

Oct 10 Eva Titch & Miss Trotter here

Oct 17 Visited James Eakinses with Daniel Goble

{printed April, Sunday 3, 1864 74}

Oct 20 1/2 lb Japan Tea

" 21 Wrote to Mrs Buckbee

" 22 do " Emma

Nov 21 got a letter from {printed Monday 4.} Emma got 10 lbs Sugar 1/2 Tea Miss Sinclair & Dora went to Mr Landons 1 Bar soap

Nov 30 wrote to Emma

Dec {printed Tuesday 5.} 20 1/2 Tea

Jan 11 Went to Toledo Come home March 23

March 25 1/2 lb Tea

April 3 10 lbs Sugar

{printed April, Wednesday 6, 1864 75}

M April 26 wrote to Japan

June 9 wrote to Japan

{Other than printed dates the remainder of the page is blank}

{Pages 54 through to 81 are blank}

{printed July, Saturday 2, 1864 74}

Sunday 9 Central House Very warm indeed

Mon day 10

{Remainder of the page blank}

{printed July, Tuesday 5, 1864}


Tecumse Manchester

{printed Wednesday 6.}


Jackson put up at Hibbard House Took Dennes

July 8 {printed Thursday 7,} 1870

Michigan from Toledo, to Eton Rapids Blissfield, Tecumse, Manchester Napolean & Others

{printed July, Friday 8, 1864}

Bought this Diary Have been feeble to day Weather fine Pa gone fishing Got some fine fish

{printed Saturday 9.}

Ginger Cake 2 cup Molasses 2 Eggs 1 Cup Butter 1 {unreadable} True Milk 1 tea spoon {illegible} soda Ginger

{printed July, Monday 11, 1864}

Left Woodstock at 3,30 for Bement, got to Detroit $30 stoped all night had a pleasant ride & good nights rest

{printed Tuesday. 12}

Sept Detroit $,15 got to Toledo at eleven went to the Oliver Hous took Dinner abt 4 Went to Mr Howards Had a pleasant time Took cars at 11 for State {printed Wednesday 13.} line changed cars at State line Met George at Tolono Got to Bement 4 O,cl Very Much Fatigued Found Emma well

{printed July, Thursday 14, 1864}

Feel quite comfortable The weather cool & cloudy Had several calls in The evening sent a paper to Nellie

{printed Friday 15.}

Morning delightful Emma poorly At night Susie & I had a nice walk Em better George went to Millmine

{printed Saturday 16.}

A lovely cool morning The afternon Noon very warm Called on Mrs Hinkle spent an hour they are Methodist peaple

{printed July. Sunday 17, 1864}

very warm. wrote home to pa George Edward & Emma & I had a splendid ride saw Georges {but}

{printed Monday 18.}

Cloudy & cool, but no rain sowed all day Had Ice cream at night very anxious to hear from Home Had Ice cream & Ripe apple

{printed Tuesday 19.}

Very warm no Rain yet Put on a quilt Called on Mrs Wharton George went to spring field

{printed July, Wednesday 20, 1864}

Very cool quilted Emmas silk quilt Had a show in Town Lutie went George & Edward went a s{h}asting Got 3 chickens

{printed Thursday 21.}

still cool got another quilt on the Frames Mary Oliver called Her & Lute had a great spree Em & I walked down to the Office in the Evening

{printed Friday 22.}

very cool Em had a fit sick all day sent for Dr come at noon, got better rested well during the night

{printed July, Saturday 23, 1864}

A lovely day Had Pra{?}y chicken for dinner also cucumbers Finished the quilt Read the rest of the day Mrs D Niles calld also Mrs Whee{d}on Em Poorly {printed Sunday 24.} the first part of the nicht Warm & pleasant Emma quite comfortable George & Lutie went to Church in the morning In the afternoon I went to Methodist Church Had a very good sermon

{printed Monday 25.}

weather still fine No rain since I came The Dr is here Went home on the night Train Emma is {faded}act

{printed July, Tuesday 26, 1864}

The weather rather foggy and unpleasant. Went to the Office but got no letter felt quite disappointed

{printed Wednesday 27.}

Got a letter from home this morning which came very acceptable as I felt very anxious to hear from the Dear ones at home

{printed Thursday 28,}

Went a Chicken hunting with George & Edward & Virgil yesterday, had a pleasant time got 7 chick sent a letter to Rose to day

{printed July, Friday 29. 1864}

exceedingly warm Emma poorly not feeling well myself Feeling anxious about Nellie will be glad to get home again Got letter from Pa & Nellie

{printed Saturday 30.}

slept but little The heat is excessive I am feeling more comfortable about home, since the lettrs came How deeply Mr Cooper must feel The loss of his wife

Called on Mrs Bell {printed Sunday 31.} Wife

Had rain last night cloudy & cooll this morning No Church to day Had a lovely day Took a ride at night with Emma

{printed August, Monday 1, 1864}

Cloudy and cool put on the small quilt got it nearly done Felt poorly in the afternoon, Took a walk Mrs Wharton called George went to Montocello gone all day

{printed Tuesday 2.}

A fine day, finished the quilt Went down town got a new Dress Commenced making it All well and Comfortable

{printed Wednesday 3.}

Went down Town got a silk apron for Emma Had a nice little rain The air seems so fresh and pure since the rain

{printed August, Thursday 4. 1864}

Very foggy this morning I do not feel well Lute & I went to the Hay Yard to see them press Hay, But were disappointed Had a heavy rain with Thunder and lightning {printed Friday 5.}

Finished the Dress yesterday Cloudy and dull all day still feel poorly would like to be at home I find religion in rather a low state not much life about it

{printed Saturday 6.}

Feel very well again Its a lovely morning went shoping for Em In the afternoon Called on Mrs Wharton & Mollie, Also on Mrs Nash at night

{printed August, Sunday 7, 1864}

Got letter from home and sent one back The day warm Mollie called in the afternoon Lutie & I went to Church in the Hall

{printed Monday 8.}

Dreadfully hot Went to Millmine with George & Edward had a nice ride Had Ice Cream in the evening Then Music

{printed Tuesday 9.}

very hot cant work for the heat George sick all day Got a paper from Pa Lutie went to a party at Mr Bells

{printed August, Wednesday 10, 1864}

Still warm George better gone to Millmine I went down town to get things for Emma Called on Mrs Niles, Also Mrs Dustin The evening pleasant but very warm

{printed Thursday 11.}

George went to Springfied on the night Train Came back at One it Rained violently Finished the last quilt

{printed Friday 12.}

Some rain in the morning afternoon fine Lutie & I went to the pl{an}t{?} here Called at Mrs Bells Emma not well

{printed August, Saturday 13, 1864}

The morning fine & cool Emma worse sent Edward to Montocello for the Dr Baby born at 1/2 past 12 Emma smart

{printed Sunday 14.}

Very warm wrote to Rose Felt poorly Went to Methodist Church at 4 Mr & Mrs Nash called

{printed Monday 15.}

Emma & Boy doing well The day very warm Had 10 calls to day I do not enjoy the Meeting of so many strangers as I do not expect to meet {written along the side of the page} them again

{printed August, Tuesday 16, 1864}

The morning Cloudy & dull rains some Had some Calls

{printed Wednesday 17.}

George went away at noone came back the next day The day fine Feeling very Poorly Baby fretful got letters from home

{printed Thursday 18.}

A lovely day Went down Town to get Babys Dress stampd did not get it done

{printed August, Friday 19, 1864}

Cold & Cloudy Wrote to Nell went down town Emma not so well in the afternoon

{printed Saturday 20.}

Emma better went down town got Babys Dress Feel poorly to day Mollie called to see Baby got a note from Nell

{printed Sunday 21.}

wrote a note to Nell Stopt at home all day Edward came to board Emma very Smart indeed George & Lute went to Church {at} Methodist

{printed August, Monday 22, 1864}

Went to Montacello with George Had a nice ride saw Berties Grave The dear little Angel is sleeping Do not like Monticello went to the Dentists afternoon

{printed Tuesday 23.}

Sarah & Jen here They went home I went to the Dentist at ten Having Teeth made After dinner George went to St Louis

{printed Wednesday 24.}

Very warm this morning Got my Teeth in The afternoon They feel rather Clumsy but think I will like them

{printed August, Thursday 25, 1864}

Had a Thunder Storm in the night Emma had a bad chill at 4 & 5 o clock very sick all the forenoon Had the Dr at noon much better in the evening

{printed Friday 26.}

Emma very smart during the day George come home in the morning The day cool and Comfortable Got a letter from Rose also a paper

{printed Saturday 27.}

The weather very cool Emma quite weak but had a good nights rest Mr Luther Bodman came this morning

{printed August, Sunday 28, 1864}

Emma able to be up took dinner with us a beautiful day went to hear Mr Osborn preach Morning & Evening

{printed Monday 29.}

sent letter to Newton A fine day Begun a cap for the Boy went down Town Mr Cooper and Willie have {illegible}te Mrs McMaster

{printed Tuesday 30.}

A beautiful day Emma went out doors for the first Mr Bodman & Edward to dinner

{printed August, Wednesday 31, 1864}

A fine day Had a Republican Meeting in Town to day The speaker had a flow of words But it was not refined Many expressions were harsh and approaching the to vulgarity

{printed Sept. Thursday 1.}

Had a beautiful day Emma very comfortable and Baby very good Lewis and Joseph Bodman came

{printed Friday 2.}

Very warm to day Had a nice ride this morning wrote to pa The time seems long but I hope to get home before long

{printed September, Saturday 3, 1864}

Ecceedingly hot all day Feeling very lonely and wish I was at home It is so warm the perspiration is droping off my face

{printed Sunday 4.}

A Cloudy morning, weather cool went to Sabbath School Went to Campelite Meeting in the evening got very wet

{printed Monday 5.}

Dull very busy sewing got a letter from Nell answered it the same evening Much {very faded} that she is going to {very faded}

{printed Sept. Tuesday 6, 1864}

Still dull Had Mrs & Mr Lewis Bodman to Tea I like her very much She is a real Lady, very social

{printed Wednesday 7.}

George very sick all night got better and went to Friends {"esh} with the Bodmans staid all night

{printed Thursday 8,}

Got a letter from Jasper Grandpa Goble very sick I wish I could have been home to see him

{printed Sept. Friday 9, 1864}

A fine day went down Town with Baby Had a nice time Called on Mrs Dustin

{printed Saturday 10.}

A dull morning Baby not so well in the afternoon

{printed Sunday 11.}

Baby very sick. sent for Sibly The Methodist Chapel dedicated Did not go Had a lonesome day

{printed Sept. Monday 12, 1864}

Baby some better writing to Rose this afternoon Got a letter from pa and Rose Feel as though I can not stay here much longer

{printed Tuesday 13.}

A beautiful day Went to Decatur Had a nice ride But did not see the Fair Grounds I regret it very much

{printed Wednesday 14.}

A dull heavy morning Lutie came home from the Fair at ten in the evening The evening delightful

{printed Sept. Thursday 15, 1864}

A fine day Emma making Lutie's Bonnet I am doing house work to day, As Lizzie is away

{printed Friday 16.}

George & Edward went to the Fair Bought the prize {Horses} They are very Beautiful

{printed Saturday 17.}

A Fine day Emma & I made 6 calls Called on Mrs Nash Mrs Hawks, " Bell, " Warton, Scott, and Monroe

{printed Sunday 18, 1864}

Had Frost very cool quite like Fall Feel disappointed No Church to day Not feeling very well this morning Went to Millmine for a ride with the {ne?} Ponies {printed Monday 19.} A lovely day Very busy in the morning Had a severe head ache Could not work after eleven o clock

{printed Tuesday 20.}

Weather fine still feel poorly Called on Mrs {Force}, Not at home Called on Mrs D Niles

{printed Sept. Wednesday 21, 1864}

Took the Cars at one o clock stoped at Tolono half an hour Chica go Branch of Illinois Central Comes in here got to Layfayette took sleeping car {printed Thursday 22.} Got to Toledo at half past Four in the morning Saw Mrs & Mr Howard also Dr Bodman Left at three got to Detroit at 7 o clock

{printed Friday 23.}

Took breakfast at 1/2 past 5 took the Cars at Windsor for Woodstock got there at one o clock Home at half after 5

{printed Sept. Saturday 24, 1864}

All at home Emma sick all night Some better in the afternoon

{printed Sunday 25.}

{printed Monday 26.}

{rest of page blank}

{printed Oct. Sunday 9. 1864}

1870 June 6 Monday Got to London 1 p m Tuesday I got to Detroit 8,15 and Remained till 3,30 arrived at {printed Monday 10.} 7th Toledo 6,15 Frank George & Edward met me took a cab went to Franks, Took Ten went to Georges staid all night {printed Tuesday 11,} & went back to Franks in the morning Thursday 10 morning Nellie had a chill very sick all day & the next, better

{printed Oct. Wednesday 12, 1864}

on Saturday, Sunday 13 went to Baptist Church Stoped at Emmas 12 till Monday 3,20 Em, Lutie, Charlie & I took {printed Thursday 13,} a ride in one of Jonas fine Hacks down the river, then up to Georges office from thence to Franks, Found Nellie & the Boy comfortable {printed Friday 14,} Tuesday 15 Morning pleasant Rain P M called on Mrs Howel in the eve Wednesday 16 15 Morning fine

{printed Oct. Saturday 15, 1864}

Thursday 16 Went up town with Jule come back to Ems stoped 1 hour, then took a Car back Met a Canadian lady & Frank on the {printed Sunday 16.} car Nellie had a slight chill at night Very sick all day Applied cold water to the Borom Saturday night rested badly 17 Went to Ems wrote home {printed Monday 17.} Sunday 18 eve come back to Nells found her a little better Baby fretful Monday 19 very hot

{printed Oct. Tuesday 18, 1864}

Thursday 23 Went to Ems Hack come come at 7 went to cemetery from thence to the Office got Georg

{printed Wednesday 19.}

Went to Langs Garde Friday called on Mrs Scott Saturday morn back to Nellies 25 Got letters from Newton Sunday 26 staid with {printed Thursday 20.} Nellie At {faded writing} went to Ems On Monday went to put in Bay very hot Tuesday morn back {illegible}

{printed Oct. Friday 21, 1864}

Nellies Got home from Toledo Friday July 15/70 1871 came to Toledo May 17 Frankie died 30th

June 16 {printed Saturday 22.} dry 17 fine Rain

{printed Sunday 23.} {rest of page blank}

{printed Oct. Monday 24, 1864}

{Cancelled} Wise Violinist

1876 Feb 7 wrote Emma sent to New Orleans

Feb 8 {printed Tuesday 25.}

Wrote Frank

1876 July 29 Went to Daniel Gobles staid till Tuesday Aug 1st Took dinner at Mr Halls Inger {printed Wednesday 26.} sol the went to London, came home at night

Sept 13 went to Toledo with Mr & Mrs Landon returned on Tuesday the 26

{Blank except for printed dates}

{Blank except for printed dates}

{Blank except for printed dates}

{printed Dec. Monday 5, 1864}

Cream Tea Cake 1 tea cup of sweet cream 3 even teaspoonfuls of pulverised carbonate of ammonia flavor with Lemon roll {printed Tuesday 6.} thin & bake nicely 1 tea cup of white sugar

{printed Wednesday 7.}

{Remainder of page blank}

{printed Dec. Thursday 8. 1864}

Wexford Biscuits Rub 4 oz of butter into 8 oz flour & 6 oz white sugar the yolks of 2 eggs & white of one 1 tablespoonful brandy roll the paste thin cut with a tin cutter wet over the top with egg or sift on white sugar & bake quick

{printed Saturday 10.}

{remainder of page blank}

{printed Dec. Sunday 11, 1864}

Grayham Gems 1 pt sweet milk 3 Eggs 1 cup Molasses 2 tablespoonfuls of lard 1 of baking powder salt beat stiff & {printed Monday 12.} drop in pans bake quick

1877 {printed Tuesday 13.}

Had Green Peas June 25

1878 Green peas June 22 " sowed peas July 16

{printed Dec. Wednesday 14, 1864}

Cheap loaf Cake One & one third cups of flour One third Cup of Sweet milk

{printed Thursday 15.}

one cup of sugar one table spoonful melted butter one egg two teaspoonful of baking powder

{printed Friday 16.}

{remainder of page blank}

{printed Dec. Saturday 17, 1864}

How to wash Point Lace Take a bottle or Round coller put flannel two or three times round & sew it fast Put the lace smoothly {printed Sunday 18.} round. sew it fast. put flannle round & sew fast then roll it around in the suds till clean. rinse well squeeze the {printed Monday 19.} water out Then let it dry nearly Then take off & spread smoothly till perfectly dry

{printed Dec. Tuesday 20, 1864}

To Make Elderbury Wine Pick the buries off the stem Put them in a crock cover with boiling {printed Wednesday 21.} water let them stand over night, mash & strain add 3 lbs sugar to a Galon add cloves, Boil & thim put in Jugs add a little yeast & {printed Thursday 22.} stand till done working then pour carefully off & Bottle cork tight

{printed Dec. Friday 23, 1864}

A Good Tea Cake 1 cup of Sugar half a cup of butter 2 Eggs two thirds {printed Saturday 24.} of a Cup of Sweet Milk, one even tablespoonful of baking powder in two cups of flour {printed Sunday 25.} flavor to taste

{printed Dec. Monday 26, 1864}

Soft Ginger Cake 1 cup of butter or lard 1 " Sour Milk 2 " best Syrup Ginger, to taste 1 spoonful of soda beat {printed Tuesday 27.} thoroughly but soft bake quick & in a large flat dish 2 Eggs or 3

{printed Wednesday 28.}

{printed Dec. Thursday 29, 1864}

{In margin} good

Cream Sponge Cake 3 Eggs 2 Cups of Sugar 1 " sour Cream 1 Teaspoonful of soda & 2 of cream tartar {printed Friday 20.} beat soft & bake in a deep dish 2 cups flour

{printed Saturday 31.}


Elderbury Wine Clean the buries, put them in a crock & cover with boiling water let them stand over night bruise & strain them add three lbs Sugar to each Galon of Juice then boil 20 minutes, skim when cool add a little yeast & let it stand a few days before bottling


Railroad Cake 3 Eggs 1 Cup of sugar 1 cup flour 2 Teaspoonfuls of Cream Tartar dissolved in half cup cold water 1 of soda beat well


{Avilude} A game of Birds

{remainder of page blank}


Cottage Pudding 1 cup sugar 1 Egg 1 Cup Sweet Milk 3 table spoonful melted butter 1 table spoon baking powder stir to a thick batter bake half an hour eat with sauce

Dec {printed MEMORANDA.} 1874

To make ripe Cucumber Pickle

Peal. & take out seeds Then cut in strips put some cloves in the strips Pack in a crock take 1/4 lbs sugar to 1 lb cucumber put in a little vineger boil & pour over the fruit let stand 9 days then boil all together Then its fit for use


Sponge Corn Cake Mix to a cream 1 teacup of butter & 1 of sugar add 3 well beaten eggs 1 scant qt of flour with 3 even teaspoonfull of cream tartar mixed through it well pulverised & 3 teacup of milk to which add 1/2 teaspoonfull of soda If sour milk be used Omit the cream tartar Add 1 pt good corn meal which will make it as stiff as will stir well Beat or stir it thowrily & put in two long tins bake half hour in quick Oven

{printed at top of page CASH ACCOUNT. - SEPTEMBER.}

Mock Charlotte P{urse}

1 cup of butter 2 of sugar 4 of flour 1 of sour milk 4 Eggs 1 teaspoonful of soda Bake as Jelly Cake


Snow drift Cake 3 cups flour 2 of sugar 1/2 cup of butter 1 cup sweet milk whites of 5 eggs beaten to a stiff froth 1 teaspoon of cream tartar 1/2 spoon of soda sift the flour & put it in lightly

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Fruit Dumplings Stir a batter with equal proportions of cream & buttermilk to a stiff batter with flour, soda &c Drop in a patty pan bake quick, open & fill with fruit, any kind you have, are better than rich pastry

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Sponge Cake

Take 5 Eggs & their weight in sugar & one half their weight in flour, Juice of one lemon Beat yolks & sugar to a Cream Then gradually stir in the flour & the whites well beaten watch while baking

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Dec 22

Maria Ehle to Cash $3.

March 22/77 wrote to Japan


Feb 28 sent Newton Box {30} goods $4,25

Mar 16 {B} Money recevd 12 "

The Text of Nellies Funeral Sermon was preached from the 3 verse of the 26 chap of Isaiah

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To Make Cherry Wine

To 1 qt of Juice add 1 lb of sugar stir it so the sugar will dissolve let it stand skim it as long as scum rises Then drain it off & bottle or put in Jugs

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Syrup for Cough Bronchitus &c

1 lb Elecompane Root 1/2 " Cumphy " 1/2 " Mandrake " Pour 1 Gallon of Boiling water & steep down to 1 qt Add 1 pint of Molasses Dose 1 Teaspoonful 3 or 4 times a day

{Elecampane is an herb. The root is used to make medicine. Elecampane is used for lung diseases including asthma, bronchitis, and whooping cough. It is also used to prevent coughing, especially coughing caused by tuberculosis; and as an expectorant to help loosen phlegm}

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been excessively hot for 2 months

July 15 cooler but no rain yet

1871 Jan 12 Emma George & Charlie came went home 20th

1871 went to Toledo Jan 27 come home Feb 27

May 17 went to Toledo Frankie died May 30 at 9 P M

Come to Eaton Rapids

July 8 to Grand "

" 10 come back to Eaton

Wednesday 12 very hot

Cash paid


Apr 22 to Martha 40 ct

1871 July 13 Easton Rapids {C?}rinals Buffalo Mrs Sidway Son & Servant girl Louiville Kentucky Dr & Brother

1870 Commenced seling Milk May 16

June 6th Went to Toledo Fare to London $1,15 ct To Detroit 3,50 Tea ,20 To Toledo 2,00 Fare Home from Detroit $4,65

1871 March 29 Moth? came here

Transcription Progress



Roseltha Goble Diary, 1864 Part 1.pdf
Roseltha Goble Diary, 1864 Part 2.pdf
Roseltha Goble 1864 Diary Transcription.pdf


Roseltha Goble, “Roseltha Goble Diary & Transcription, 1864,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed July 15, 2024,
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