Roseltha Goble Diary & Transcription, 1868


Roseltha Goble Diary & Transcription, 1868


Roseltha Goble


Courtesy of Archival and Special Collections, University of Guelph


19th Century, Oxford County, Blenheim Township, Ontario

Date Created


Is Part Of

Roseltha Goble Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript & Typed Transcription


Mrs. R. Goble


The Canadian Pocket Diary for 1868

Toronto: Published by Brown Bros., 66 King Street East.


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Eclipses in 1868.

There will be only Two Eclipses this year. both being of the Sun, and neither of them visible in Canada. The first will be annular, on the 23rd of February, visible in South America, Africa and Southern Europe. The other will be total, August 18th, visible in Eastern Africa, Southern Asia, and Australia. Venus will be brightest June 9th, and again August 21st. Morning Stars.- Venus after July 16; Mars from Jan. 2 to Nov. 13; Jupiter from March 10 to July 4; Saturn, until Feb 24. and after Nov 29. Evening Stars.-- Venus, until July 16; Mars, until Jan 2. and after Nov. 13; Jupiter, until March 10, and after July 4; Saturn, from February 24 to November 29. There will be a transit of Mercury over the Sun's disc on the 5th of Nov., invisible in Canada.


List of Sundays in 1868.

January, ........ 5 - 12 - 19 - 26

February, ....... 2 - 9 - 16 - 23

March, .......... 1 - 8 - 15 - 22 - 29

April, ........... 5 - 12 - 19 - 26

May, ......... 3 - 10 - 17 - 24 - 31

June, ............ 7 - 14 - 21 - 28

July, ............. 5 -12 - 19 - 26

August, .......... 2 - 9 - 16 - 23 - 30

September, ......... 6 - 13 - 20 - 27

October ......... 4 - 11 - 18 - 25

November, ......... 1 - 8 - 15 - 22 - 29

December, ........... 6 - 13 - 20 - 27

January Wednesday, 1 1868 not very cold. Snowing. not enough for sleighing at home all day. a quiet happy day, very like other days. Mrs McIntyre to dinner made P.O accounts.

Thursday, 2 a pleasant day. Mother and I called to see Mrs. Smith - in the afternoon. am glad we went wish we had called before. not much sleighing.

Friday, 3 Jasper and mother went to Richmond. gone all day I have been busy, wrote to Lissa and copied a piece of music for her company in the evening

January Saturday, 4 1868

a considerable fall of snow. not very cold went to covenant meeting. not well.

Sunday, 5 a nice winters day good sleighing. a full Sunday school. 6 of my class present. Elder Patton preached morning and evening no prayer meeting

{along the margin} wrote to Emma

Monday, 6

a beautiful winters day a lovely moonlight night feel very well. Dora went to school. Jasper out with - Elder Patton visiting

January Tuesday, 7 1868

Quilting today a nice day. Went up to Mr Kipps in the evening practising missionary music

Wednesday, 8

another fine day. finished another comforter went missionary collecting in the afternoon got 88 cts. Jasper up to Mr Kipps in the evening

Thursday, 9 The weather is much colder snowing and freesing hard. made an article of small clothing today. Dora at school.

January Friday, 10 1898

very cold to day but clear. Wrote to Father. Stormy towards night Mr Campbell came on the train. Went to Temperance meeting so cold but few out

Saturday, 11 Pleasant but cold. Jasper and Dora went over to Mr Radford's sewing. got a comforter ready to quilt.

Sunday, 12

cold but pleasant not so many at S.S. as usual. only two of my class present. Prayer meeting this afternoon.

Januart Monday, 13 1868

Very cold but clear. Quillted a comforter Jasper went to {Princeton} and up to Mr Kipps in the evening. many {illegible} today.

Tuesday, 14 Still very cold. Pa and Jasper went to Woodstock. We quilted another comforter. am trying to get as much sewing as possible done this winter

Wednesday, 15 a fine winters day washing &c{etc}. Feel very well.

January Thursday, 16 1868

Pa and Jasper went to Brantford. colder than yesterday have not felt very well today. Sewing &c.

Friday, 17

a mild pleasant day. cleaning up my room. Spent the evening with - Mrs. D. Beamer.

Saturday 18

cold and some snow. It snows just enough each day to keep the sleighing good. Very busy all day. Ms. Perren came down in the evening.

January Sunday. 19 1868

A delightful Sabbath. weather fine. sleighing great. both S.S. and preaching well attended. Ms. Perren gave the children an address and afterward preach Truly the Lord hath blessed it.

Monday, 20

A fine day, not very cold missionary meeting in the evening. a success. good speaking, good music, and house filled. Mr Henderson and Stewart here over night. Collection $6.04 althogether $25.54

Tuesday, 21 a pleasant day. Mr. Stewart and Henderson left. Mrs. Chatfield came Pa and Ma away all day do not feel very well

January Wednesday, 22 1868

very cold Jasper, Clara and I went to {Wolverton} cold ride. Good sleighing found all well. home soon after dark very tired. Minnie Rounds married this evening.

Tuesday, 23

Rain and wind and chilleness prevail today feel tired and dull Brethren Missionary meeting tonight I did not go. Mrs Bastido over night

Wednesday, 24 Colder this morning and snowing some. A donation party for Elder Patton today. I left here this morning to go {illegible}. Pa, Ma, Jasper and Dora gone. hope they may have a pleasant day.

January Saturday, 25 1868

Cold and some snow 13 of the donation party stopped last night to tea. 20 in all for tea. Pa and Ma away today. Many gone home. So I was very busy about the house

Sunday, 26

very cold and stormy attended S.S. and preaching. 3 of my class present. very good lesson at home afternoon and evening.

Monday, 27

cold but pleasant. feel very well Sewing & working about the house washing day.

January Tuesday, 28 1868

very cold in the morning, but fine this after part of the day Jasper and Newton went to Brantford. Sewing

Wednesday, 23

cold. Pieced a quilt and got it ready for quilting. a fine day

Thursday, 30

very cold. Quilting all day. Mifs {Mrs?} Ward called

January Friday, 31 1868

a beautiful day a little snow storm towards night but a lovely evening Mr Perren lectured on Temperance

February Saturday 1

Mr Perren here till towards night. Elder Patton came went to covenant meeting good meeting. Sewing in the evening. Lizzie {illegible} {illegible} here. A busy day.

Sunday, 2

a fine day but cold. attended S.S. Elder Patton preached morning and evening. good attendance very cold at night.

February Monday, 3 1868

a bitter cold day, Pas and Elder Patton went out visiting. Mr Biggins people over to dinner & tea. Murray & wife. Martha, Emily, and William

Tuesday, 4 Weather moderated a lovely moonlight evening. feel tired tonight bound my quilt. Mr McDermont to dinner. Newton not well

Wednesday, 5 a beautiful day we quilted a worsted quilt today.

February Thursday, 6 1868

Pa and Ma went to Beachville. a very stormy day. Jasper working in the shop. I have been sewing very busily.

Friday, 7 a fine day again pretty cold but very pleasant. I am not well have taken cold in my face. Tooth aches and head aches, sewed some.

Saturday, 8

a fine morning but very stormy tonight. Jasper went to Woodstock this afternoon have not yet returned. Tis almost 9 o'clock the children both asleep "I wish he would come."

February Sunday, 9 1868

Very stormy. quite a deep snow fell last night. rained when we went tto S.S. only one of my class present. I am sick

Monday, 10 very cold. quiliting today. Dora at home. the children very noisy. am so tired and nervous.

Tuesday, 11 Still very cold. Dora went to School. Mrs. Landon and a Mrs. Beaman spent the day with us pleasant visit.

February Wednesday, 12 1868

Day mild and pleasant. Pa ma and Jasper went over to the {illegible} {illegible} went to a missionary ministry I have been very busy and very tired

Thursday, 13

a nice morning. Our folks came home last night about 1 o'clock. Aunt Maria came with them so did not any of us get much sleep during the night aunt went home in the evening

Friday 14

Sewing all day

February Saturday, 15 1868

Sewing. Finished an apron for Clara done some mending & began a rug. Mr. Bolton came by train.

Sunday, 16 a most beautiful day. School not very full. Mr. Bolton preached. Uncle {Name?} and Jenny Iderson to tea. Ma, Jasper & Mrs. Baslido went to Woodstock to church in the evening.

Monday, 17

Snowing windy and cold in the evening. busy doing odd jobs worked at rug. very tired at night.

February Tuesday, 18 1868

a fine day but cold finished the rug. Mr & Mrs. Ellison to dinner. Mr & Mrs. Bates & Mr. & Mrs. Burtch to tea and spend the evening. a very pleasant company.

Wednesday, 19 a beautiful day thawing a little. fine sleighing all the time. have been sewing all day am tired tonight.

Thursday, 20 a beautiful warm day thawing rapidly. Japer and Mother went to Woodstock Mr and Mrs Wm Idersee & John and wife & baby spent the evening here. 6 oclock they are just gone and we must retire. am very well today

February Friday, 21 1868

making a fine shirt. sewing all day.

Saturday, 22

sewing all day, did not quite finish the shirt Mary went home Wellington Gould & wife came in the evening staid over night. very cold

Sunday, 23

cold. attended S.S. and prayer meeting in the afternoon. Baby Emma born at night.

February Monday, 24 1868

a great storm snow . wind & cold.

Tuesday, 25 Still stormy.

Wednesday, 26

February Thursday, 27 1868

Mrs. Haggard came up to see me. feel comfortable

Friday, 28 Mifs {Mrs?} came up to see me. am tired lying in bed.

Saturday, 29 all went to Covenant meeting. Dora stand with me she is quite a little music. Mrs. Bastido came to see me & in the evening Mifs {Miss?}. Haggard came up

March Sunday, 1 1868

Dora staid with me today. sat up a little while. Elder Patton came up in the evening.

Monday, 2

very stormy again.

Tuesday, 3

Dr Benham & Mifs Kipps married today Elder Patton staid Sunday went home this evening

March Wednesday, 4 1868

Went down stairs feel pretty well. baby very good. very tired

Thursday, 5

Weather Moderated

Friday, 6

Rained all last night and all day. Dora sick a very bad cough. fever

March Saturday, 7 1868.

Still raining. Mr Calder came in this evening. Dora better.

Saturday, 8

Ms Calder here kept Dora and Clara home. niether {sic} of them very well Jasper & Pa went to Woodstock after Prayer meeting took Mr C. {illegible} {illegible} to Church.

Monday, 9

Not cold. feel stronger to-day.

March Tuesday, 10 1868

Wednesday, 11

Wrote to Lissa. Jasper went to Herman. Mrs. Miller spent the day with us.

Thursday, 12


March Friday, 13 1868

Sewed a little today my eyes are not very strong. baby fretful Clara not well. rain

Saturday, 14

Rain all day. Ms Sherman cabe by train. Alonzo came in the evening. Am very tired.

Sunday, 15

I did not go out, except for a little ride after they came home from church. {illegible} came over. Alonzo did not go to meeting. Clara very sick at night.

March Monday 16 1868

Rainy again Sewed a little Clara seems a little better.

Tuesday, 17

A letter from Nellie Emma has a little son Wrote to Nellie. Jasper went to Woodstock to-day Sewed a little. Emma very good. Clara sick.

Wednesday, 18

Cold. Sewed some gas and head ache.

March Thursday, 19 1868

Cold. Mrs William Kipps and Millie spent the day with us. {illegible} came in the evening pleasant visit. baby Emma fretful.

Friday, 20

Cold still. {Mary?} gone home for a few weeks.

Saturday, 21

Very cold. have been busy all day. feel stronger.

March Sunday, 22 1868

No Sabbath School The Brethren Quarterly Meeting. beautiful day walked out some.

Monday, 23

Nice day. washed some.

Tuesday, 24

March Wednesday, 25 1868


Thursday, 26

Washed to-day. very tired. Cold.

Friday, 27

March Saturday, 28 1868

Very busy all day Elder Patton came Covenant Meeting I did not go. Aunt came down. So tired I could not sleep at night.

Sunday, 29.

Went to S.S. glad to meet my class. 6 present baby very fretful all day. feel very tired and unwell.

Monday, 30

Day fine. {illegible} Lewis and the Misses {illegible} spent this afternoon Elder Patton to tea

March Tuesday, 31 1868

Weather fine Herman and Lissa came

April Wednesday 1

Herman & Lissa went up to Woodstock after tea.

Thursday, 2

Very cold snowing baby fretful. Pa and Jasper went to Brantford. Jasper sick when he came home.

April Friday, 3 1868

Cold. Several little snow storms. Mr & Mrs Nelson to dinner

Saturday, 4

Cold. Mrs Bastido's Arbitration several people to dinner

Sunday, 5

Cold and stormy I did not go out Teressa's baby died

April MONDAY, 6 1868.

busy at home baking and taking care of baby.


The funeral of Teressa's baby. Jaspers, Mother and Dora went Mr Haggard, Jenny and Sarah called Cold.


Very cold blowing & snowing, snow like Dec than April. baby very fretful.

April Thursday 9, 1868

Washed some very cold

Walter came

Friday 10

No school. Good Friday washed again a little. Am not strong enough to do a great deal

Saturday, 11

Fine in the morning but very stormy all the afternoon snowing, blowing and some rain. Rev Mr Jackson came to stay over Sunday. Sammy gone home. felt sorry to have him leave, he is so weak & easily led into sin.

April Sunday, 12 1868

Did not go to S.S got Mr Jackson to take my class. No Students came so Mr Jackson preached Good sermon. I walked up Hersey & Jenny up in the afternoon

Monday, 13

A fine day. Mr Jackson left this morning. Mary came

Tuesday, 14


April Wednesday, 15 1868

like Spring this morning not well pain in my teeth and face got cold yesterday some rain.

Thursday, 16

Very windy all day blew part of the roof off the barn. Not well face swollen and painful. Sewing

Friday, 17

Still windy. Dora It is a very windy Day we are house cleaning I am sick {obviously written in daughter Dora's handwriting}

April Saturday, 18 1868

Day fine. h

Sunday, 19

Attended S.S. large School lesson Good

Monday, 20

April Tuesday, 21 1868

Took the carpet up in my room.

Wednesday, 22

House cleaning finished my room Clara sick

Thursday, 23

Clara sick

April Friday, 24 1868

Clara sick had the Dr to see her. Scarletina Cleaning house just as {illegible} can a little at a time.

Saturday, 25

Have finished all the rooms up stairs. day fine. Covenant meeting. Elder Patton came I walked home from Meeting

Sunday, 26

Clara better. I went to S.S. and staid thr- the sermon was finished. I walked home. Very tired Annual Meeting of S.S. Old officers reelected.

April Monday, 27 1868

Fine day. weather continuing cold & dry Mary house cleaning I do not feel well.

Tuesday, 28

Day pleasant. Mr Young to tea Mifs Merihew called sewing some to-day

Wednesday, 20

Rain all day Sewing.

April Thursday, 30 1868

Making over my cloth dress. Millie and Mifs Merihew came in this afternoon. Millie Haid and Somers came in the evening for her

May Friday, 1

Sewing all day. finished my dress & {illegible} rain in the evening

Saturday, 2

Very busy all the morning called in this afternoon at Mrs Merihews. Mrs Beamiss & Mrs Lucas's cold and cloudy. Wrote to Emma

May Sunday, 3 1868

Cloudy morning It cleared up fine Attended S.S. Teachers appointed. Some trouble. I have my class of boys again. Am glad.

Monday, 4

A beautiful day warm and bright Took Emma out for the first time {illegible} and I went up to see Theresa.

Tuesday, 5

A very warm day the heat uncomfortable washing, standing & ironing all day. Very tired at night Jasper went to Paris

May Wednesday, 6 1868

A change in temperature quite cool again. Ironed all the morning cleaned the parlor in the afternoon. Newty to tea.

Thursday, 7

Real cold almost like winter again finished the parlor it looks nice & clean expected {illegible}, she did not come. disapointed {sic}

Friday, 8

A little warmer. worked in garden some Lizzie Radford here. Clara taken sick in afternoon.

May Saturday, 9 1868

Clara very sick all day. Sent for the Dr at night. he was not at home. A Student cam. Mr McEwen

Sunday, 10

I did not go out at all. Clara too sick Dr came.

Monday, 11

Clara still seems very sick. Mifs Merihew called

May Tuesday, 12 1868

Pa and Ma went to Brantford. day pleasant. Lutie came on the morning train Clara some better nice presents for the children from Toledo.

Wednesday, 13

Rain without ceasing all day. cold and very gloomy. Clara not improving much.

Thursday, 14

Rain till towards evening then sun came out A few friends in in the evening to meet Lutie. Pleasant Evening. Music & conversation.

May Friday, 15 1868

Stilly rainy. Lutie went on the early train She is a fine girl have had a pleasant visit with her. Clara worse at night

Saturday, 16

Rain & clouds all day. Clara better. Dr came. I have done no work this week.

Sunday, 17

Still cloudy. & a little rain. Went to S.S. good attendance Prayer Meeting {illegible} afternoon

May Monday, 18 1868


Tuesday, 19

done no sewing to-day Ironing &c

Wednesday, 20

Sewing all day. fixed a dress for Clara

May Thursday, 21 1868

Sewing all day Fixed over Mother's black silk.

Friday, 22

Saturday, 23

Covenant Meeting I did not go.

Elder Patton and Wallace here.

May Sunday, 24 1868

Very warm. Went to Sunday School. came home and took baby up to the Preaching. Clara not so well. a good congregation

Monday, 25

Queens birthday celebration to-day. A lot of children here all the morning. ball playing &c. went for a ride in the afternoon. Wallace staid till evening. called at Mrs Landons & Dr Benham's

Tuesday, 26

A busy day. Very warm. Sewing. Not very well Clara not well. She does not gain very fast

May Wednesday, 27 1868

Our Great Recognition Meeting day. 14 to dinner & nearly as many to tea. I went to the meeting with baby. Very warm. & very tiresome. {illegible} Good Meeting

Thursday, 28

Baby not well this morning. Out too much yesterday.

Wrote to Lutie

Friday, 29

Sewing to-day. making a dress and sacque for Mother

Weather very rainy

May Saturday, 30 1868

Coloured a dress for myself. got a nice brown. Still rainy. starched & Ironed. very busy all day. The weary week is ended

Sunday, 31

Cold & cloudy. Went to Sunday School. full school. Good lesson. May good seed have been sown. Good Prayer Meeting. May Zion be prospered.

June Monday, 1

Snow rain. cleared up in afternoon. Cut out my brown dress. Mary gone. we are going to do alone a while. called at Mr Burns in Evening. Letter from Lutie

June Tuesday, 2 1868

A fine day. A letter from Emma. she is not well. Would like to go and see her. Very busy to-day sewed but little. Baby not very well yet. Ironed

Wednesday, 3

Quite cold and cloudy this morning.

Thursday, 4

Sewing on my dress

June Friday, 5 1868

Rain. Cleaning &c all day. Finished my brown dress.

Saturday, 6

Rain all day. We are having a great deal of stormy weather tis cold and wet unfavourable for Invalids Mr Campbell came

Sunday, 7

Day pleasant Mr Campbell preached Collection for Institute $5. Had baby at meeting. Quiet all the time.

June Monday, 8 1868

Washing day. Uncle Aunt Eakins Jenny & Lena spent the day with us. Aunt sick and staid over night.

Tuesday, 9

Aunt went home Mother and I went up to Mr Ware's. took tea with them.

Wednesday, 10

Newton and I went to Woodstock. beautiful day. took dinner at Hellen's. pleasant day

June THURSDAY, 11 1868

Called 15 on Annie Merihew. She is very feeble. just waiting and willing to go. Like a weary child read to lie down and sleep.


Day warm Mother and Jasper gone to Scotland to attend the Association. I have been very busy. Emma troubles over

Saturday, 13

Very warm. Very busy and very tired. Mother and Jasper came home.

June Sunday, 14 1868

Very warm. Good S.S. 10 in my class.

Annie Merihew died in the night. Walked home called there. Attended P.M.

Monday, 15

Not quite so warm today. Annie Merihew buried today. I staid at home. Wrote to Emma.

Tuesday, 16

Warm. washing day a woman to do it. cut out pants vest & Bibs for baby. very tired.

June Wednesday, 17 1868

Very warm. 90 degrees fixing my brown dress worked hard to get it done, but failed

Thursday, 18

Very warm went to Brantford took Dora and baby up at 3 in morning a long day. took dinner and tea at Mr Snider's.

Friday, 19

Very warm till afternoon when we had a little shower which cooled the air. Ironed, and cleaned. Jasper & Mother went to Canning.

June Saturday, 20 1868

Quite cool. baking and cleaning. done some mending.

So ends another week. one less

Sunday, 21

Good full S. S. No Preaching. rain all afternoon Quite cold

Monday, 22

Cool and pleasant sewing.

June Tuesday, 23 1868

Washed. Pa & Ma went to a picnic Mifs Merihew called cut a dress for Dora

Wednesday, 24

Finished Dora's dress. Ironed. very warm.

Thursday, 25

Finished a dress for Clara. Pa & Ma spent this day from home. Clara with them. Millie called went to the School House in the evening.

June Friday, 26 1868

Very warm. cleaning all day

Lutie came in the Evening.

Saturday, 27

Very warm went for a ride in afternoon. called at Cousin Lottie's, Mr Kipps. A musical evening Mr & Mrs Flanagan here.

Sunday, 28

O! so warm and dusty went to S.S. 11 of my class present.

Went to English church Princeton in afternoon took Lutie.

June Monday, 29 1868

Weather now comfortable Lutie went home Went to School House in Evening.

Tuesday, 30

A very warm busy day. baking for this picnic. Washing day cleaning and all sorts Jane to help

July Wednesday, 1

Very warm. Picnic came off very pleasantly all went. Called to see one of my Schollars in this evening

July Sunday, 5 1868

Mr Fox preached a very {illegible} man.

Monday, 6

Dora It is a very warm day it is hot and dry we have not had rain for a long time. I am not going to school now. Dora. {obviously written by daughter Dora.}

July Wednesday, 8 1868

Mrs Merihew and Lizzie spent this afternoon and took tea with us. A little cooler

Thursday, 9

A very busy day Jane washing cleaned the cellar

Friday, 10

Mother away vis this afternoon Clara went with her. trimmed a dress and {illegible} for Mother

July Saturday, 11 1868

O so warm Ironed all this forenoon. has almost made me sick.

Sunday, 12

Very very warm Good S.S. a new Schollar in my class staid to hear Mr Sherk

Monday, 13

O so hot.

Orange celebration at Princeton. some of our folks went down in the forenoon. Sewing all day


July Tuesday, 14 1868

Still extremely hot cant sleep night on account of the heat. Mercury 111 yesterday in the sun and so dry everything seems burning up

Wednesday, 15

So very warm

Thursday, 16

July Friday, 17 1868

Saturday, 18

Covenant Meeting went and took baby Good little Meeting

Sunday, 19

Full S.S. A nice cool breeze. Elder Patton preached. Good Sermon subject Exalt the Lord Communion.

July Monday, 20 1868

Very busy sewing

Tuesday, 21

Sewing. braiding a skirt for Clara.

Wednesday, 22

Mrs Griggs washed. Mr Mrs McLean & daughter to tea. Newton very bad. Very warm. Such long continued & intense heat has not been known for many years

July Thursday, 23 1868

Wrote to Nellie. Jasper Walter & Dora got a fine lot of berries. Put up 13 lbs.

Friday, 24

Not as warm. quite comfortable. But so very dry. air full of smoke Pa and Ma went to Vandeburgh

I busy at home

Saturday, 25

Very busy putting up cherries & getting ready for Sunday.

July Sunday, 26 1868

A cool morning Good S.S. but rather late. I came home and Mother went up to hear Mr Sherk

Monday, 27

Went to Mrs Ryder's in the afternoon took all the children staid to tea. Very dusty.

Tuesday, 28

Weather warm but comfortable busy baking do not get much sewing done

July Wednesday, 29 1868

Nights quite cool and weather more comfortable. but extremely dry and smokey no wind to clear away the smoke & fog. Mother up to Aunts all day

Thursday, 30

Mrs Wolverton spent the day with us. Dora went home with her will stay a week or more.

Friday, 31

Ironing and cleaning

August Saturday, 1 1868

Baking Churning and very busy but got through in nice time

Sunday, 2

A fine day. A Good School. Mr Landon preached. Mr & Mrs Landon Mifs Carrier, Mr & Mrs Hoose, Collie and a Mr Haynes to dinner.

Monday, 3

Nellie came. Charley with her. Attended Teacher's Meeting beautiful weather

August Tuesday, 4 1868

Nice weather. Nellie and I went out in the afternoon. called on Mrs Rutherford. Theresa Lottie and Millie. home to tea

Wednesday, 5

A new woman to wash. have felt out of sorts to day. no energy several calls. have not got much work done

Thursday, 6

Warmer. busy as usual. Cutting out clothes for the children. Making an apron for Clara.

August Friday, 7 1868

Have decided to go home with Nellie in about three weeks will take Clara and Emma with me. Jasper & Nellie went to Brantford

Saturday, 8

baking and very busy not much time to sew. Newton very bad. Poor boy he suffers very much.

Sunday, 9

Mrs Wolverton & Ne{illegible} came and brought Dora in time for S.S. we all staid (except Jasper & the children) to hear Mr Sherk. Good sermon.

August Monday, 10 1868

So cool we have had a fire all day Cut out a wrapper for my self and fitted it have a lot of sewing to do be-fore I go away.

Tuesday, 11

It is raining beautifully this morning. O! how this thirsty earth rejoices.

Wednesday, 12

Milly Kipp spend the day here. Newton very sick.

August Thursday, 13 1868

Lottie and Mr Golding to dinner. Mrs {illegible} called. Nellie went home with Lottie. Alonzo to tea. Not much time for sewing.

Friday, 14

Warm. Sewed a little

Saturday, 15

Warm. I staid home the rest went to Covenant Meeting. Mr Burtch and Lottie to tea Nellie home. Am weary tonight. have been so very busy all the week. A little rain.

August Sunday, 16 1868

I attended Sunday School and came home before preaching Elder Patton & son to dinner.

Monday, 17 Cut out a lot of work and sewed some.

Tuesday, 18

A letter from Ma? Bigger. she cannot go with us to Toledo went to Woodstock today. very tired called at Mrs Cox's.

August Wednesday, 19 1868

Warm, trying to cut but not getting much done. Mrs & Miss Ware to tea

Thursday, 20

Warm and some rain. Grandpa and Cora went to Hamilton. A good day for sewing.

Friday, 21

August Saturday, 22 1868

Sunday, 23

Monday, 24

Cut out my silk dress Henrietta & Ida Snider came. A number of calls. got my waist done.

August Tuesday, 25 1868

got my dress pretty well along. Nellie and Henrietta went to Mrs Landons. Emily Bigger's Wedding day.

Wednesday, 26

Thursday, 27

August Friday, 28 1868

Saturday, 29

Very busy all day. Made a white M{illegible} dress and cape for baby. Pa, Jasper and Newton went to Woodstock in afternoon.

Sunday, 30

A Good School. Felt sorry to say Good bye to my class. Mr Landon preached. an excellent sermon.

August Monday, 31 1868

Such a busy day. Finished a number of little jobs of sewing. Mrs Kipp & Layton to spend the afternoon and a lot of young folks in the evening to bid Nellie Good bye

September Tuesday, 1

Left for Toledo. Charley sick. Train late. missed the connection had to stay in Detroit all night Charley very sick. Clara & Emma enjoyed the trip much

Wednesday, 2

Spent an almost sleepless night with Charley. Left for Toledo at 7. Met George at Wyandotte. arrived Safely found all well here. Charley is very sick

{on bottom of page, vertically written:}

Hack $1.00 Hotel 7.00 Annie 80cts

September Thursday, 3 1868

At home all day wrote to Jasper

Friday, 4

Down town in Morning rode out with Dr. Badman all went riding in afternoon a concert a night. So very tired.

Saturday, 5

At home all day. Emma troublesome. Clara very well.

September Sunday, 6 1868

Attended Episcopal Church in Morning at home the rest of the day. Clara went with Nellie in afternoon.

Monday, 7

At home all day. finished an apron for Clara. Emma gave me some nice trimming for it. She went out with Nellie in afternoon

Tuesday, 8

Went down Town Emma & I. rained we got wet. came home in a hack sewing on Emma's silk dress.

September Wednesday, 9 1868

Sewed some in the morning. Mrs Cribb and Mrs Egleson came. rainy

Thursday, 10

At home all day Several calls.

Friday, 11

A little rain. went out in the afternoon a ride on Street Cars and a walk am very tired.

September Saturday, 12 1868

At home all day finished up some jobs of sewing. A letter from Jasper & Dora. Clara went out with Nellie

Sunday, 13

A nice day. attended Baptist Church with Nellie and staid during part of S.S. went to Episcopal Church in the evening.

Monday, 14

A beautiful day cool and bright at home all day sewing on Emma's dress wrote to Jasper.

September Tuesday, 15 1868

Sewing on Emm's dress Mrs Egleson went away.

Wednesday, 16

Thursday, 17

September Friday, 18 1868

Saturday, 19

Went down Town in afternoon with Emma called on Mrs West a Canadian Lady from Simcoe.

Sunday, 20

Rainy. Em went with me to Baptist Church, heard a very good sermon. Went to hear the large organ in the German Catholic Church in afternoon.

September Monday, 21 1868

A nice day. cool like fall made several calls with Emma went to Theater with George Em & Mrs Cribb in evening Saw Booth in "Hamlet" The first time ever at the theater wrote home

Tuesday, 22

Cloudy and like rain all day. Mrs Cribb, Lutie & I went to the Fair in the afternoon. Saw many fine things. beautiful flowers and pictures &c

Wednesday, 23

Emma Mrs Cribb, Nellie & the children went to the Fair in the morning. George, Lutie and I in the afternoon saw the Cattle, Sheep pigs and some horses. Machinery and fine ladies work very tired at night.

September Thursday, 24 1868

Went with George to see a "Revenue Cutter" before dinner. Rained all the afternoon. Em Mrs Cribb Nellie & George went to the Fair came home very wet.

Friday, 25

A letter from home do not feel very well My head & eyes ache sewing on Nellie's dress. Wrote to Rachel.

Saturday, 26

cloudy and wet. Mrs Cribb goes home to-day Emma and I went to Mattinee saw Booth in "The Lady of Lyons".

September Sunday, 27 1868

Rainy. I took care of the babies all the rest went to church. Nellie & I went to coloured S.S. in the afternoon. rained all this evening.

Monday, 28

A nicce day. went down town with Nellie in Morning. with Emma before dinner saw the Board of Trade rooms. called on Mrs Scott.

Tusday, 29

Up at 4 o'clock left at 6 for home. Met Mrs Packham before I got to Detroit got through at the river all right. Met Rachel and Aunt Amy in London. reached home in safety. All well. Thank God

September Wednesday, 30 1868

Cold and Rainy today busy unpacking and getting settled. I wrote to Emma.

October Thursday, 1

Very busy baking and getting ready for company Had a S.S. Teacher's Social. The Teacher's present had tea. then studied the S.S. lesson.

Friday, 2

Cleaning to-day. dining room & parlour. Made up P.O. {illegible} wrote to Nellie & Lissa am very tired. Emma fretful.

October Saturday, 3 1868

Busy to-day cutting out some work and taking care of baby. Jasper went to Woodstock.

Sunday, 4

Cold, do not feel well went to S.S. Met 5 of my class. Good lesson came home. Attended prayer meeting. retired early.

Monday, 5

Not so cold to-day Jasper gone to the Woodstock Fair. Dora and Clara went to School. Emma better. Sewed a little.

October Tuesday, 6 1868

Jasper came home from Woodstock Pa went to St. Catherines to attend the S.S. Convention sewed some

Wednesday, 7

Cold. Washing day Jasper gathering apples

Thursday, 8

Very cold. snowed a little. Jasper went to the Burford {?} Fair.

October Friday, 9 1868

All but baby & I wen to the Drumbo Fair. Pa came home at night. Mrs Ward helped me part of the day.

Saturday, 10

Elder Patton came Covenant Meeting I went took baby. Pickled onions in the evening

Sunday, 11

Attended S.S. Elder Patton preached. Good sermon. took baby tired did not go to prayer meeting retired early

October Monday, 12 1868

Tuesday, 13

Jasper & I went to Brantford. rained nearly all day left Emma at home

Wednesday, 14

Pa & Ma gone to Buffalo

October Thursday, 15 1868

A very busy day {illegible} Am very tired

Friday, 16

Thrashing to-day Mrs Bastido to stay over night. Made baby a bonnet

Saturday, 17

A little snow. Mrs Bastido went home before dinner. letter from Herman Lissa is very sick


October Sunday, 18 1868

Cold & cloudy, went to S.S. Walter staid to take care of Emma Miller took dinner with us. Attended P.M. Jasper met the children to sing

Monday, 19

Like rain, but only a little mist. Jasper gon to Teacher's Meeting. Letter from Nellie, Frank very sick

Tuesday, 20

October Wednesday, 21 1868

Pa and Ma came home from Buffalo. rained all day. Walter and I working at apples Jasper out getting promises of provisions for a S.S. Social

Tuesday, 22

Pa out today canvassing for the Social very cold

Friday, 23

Coloured red, today very busy cleaning &c Mrs Bastido & Mrs McIntyre {illegible} in the afternoon. Some boys here in the evening to practice music.

October Saturday, 24 1868

Cold. Went to a committee meeting in the afternoon at the School House took Emma. Decided to have a S.S. Festival and made arrangements for the same

Sunday, 25

A rainy morning. Not many out to S.S. Mr Landon preached went up to sing in the afternoon. Went up to Mr. Beamer's in evening.

Monday, 26

Day pleasant. Newton and Mother went to Mr Millers to dinner. I cut a cloak for baby and got it partly made

October Tuesday, 27 1868

A beautiful day Making soap. finished Emma's cloak

Wednesday, 28

Another fine day Mrs Griggs washed for us.

Thursday, 29

Still fine. Finished making soap. Attended a Committe meeting in the evening. Pa sick. Mrs Bastido to stay over night up late.

October 1868

Friday 30

Still fine weather Finished an apron for Ma and a dress. A fine moonlight night children in bed. Must do a little more work and go {illegible}

Saturday 31

Rain all day long {illegible} busy. baking and cleaning. Emma's baby Franky died at 1/2 past 3. a.m. this day.

November Sunday 1

Cold, attended S.S. {Maid} 15 hear Mr. Sherle {freach} went {life} to sing with the children in afternoon Jenny Martin came {orfr}

November Monday, 2 1868

Very busy. baking, packing &c for Festival done some sewing

Tuesday, 3

Our S.S. Festival came off to-day. weather fine as could be crowded house many things to be glad for and some to deplore. got home in good time. Uncle John, Jenny and Elder Patton here.

{on side written vertically} Franky is dead

Wednesday, 4

Rain before night Jasper away all day finishing up the Festival affair Works part of the day. Forra, Jenny & Walter there. Only Newton Clara & I to dinner.

November Thursday, 5 1868

A rainy day. Dora and Jenny spent the afternoon at Mr Beamer's. Pa & Uncle John away most of the day. Jasper away tonight to a Committee meeting settling up for the tea meeting affairs

Friday, 6

Very cold. Jasper, Dora Emma and I went to Port Burwell. took dinner at Tilsonburgh. arrived at Lissa's about 6 P.M. tired found Lissa up, but weak

Saturday, 7

Jasper, Herman & the children went for a boat ride. I went out to {illegible} the town afternoon They went to Covenant Meeting I staid with Lissa some rain. Warmer.

November Sunday, 8 1868

A rainy day went to church. heard Herman Communion. came home in the rain. I did not go out any more. rain all day Saw Mr Edwards.

Monday, 9

Rained all day increasingly.

Tuesday, 10

Rained all night & part of the forenoon left after dinner. came to {illegible}. Scotts Ingersol. A long ride had a pleasant evening

November Wednesday, 11 1868

Left Dr Scotts about 10 o'clock. came to Uncle Lathrop Green's to dinner. Gramma Green so pleased to see us. called a Wellington's got home before dark. vey cold

Thursday, 12

A busy day. attended Teacher's Meeting at Mr Barber's

Friday, 13

House cleaning. cleaned dining room a girl to help.

November Saturday, 14 1868

Cleaned the kitchen and done a multitude of other things too very tired.

Sunday, 15

Went to S.S. heard Mr Masters try to preach. attended prayer meeting read a little S.S. book in the evening.

Monday, 16 Sewed to day. Mending &c. Washing done. dining room white washed.

November Tuesday, 17 1868

Cleaned ware-room and cellar rained all day cleaned the Parlor

Wednesday, 18

cleaned the store.

Thursday, 19

cleaned all up stairs. Attended Teacher's Meeting at Mr Beamer's

November Friday, 20 1868

So tired I hardly feel like moving at all. Put down Carpets. Wrote to Emma. letter from Nellie. Jasper went to Brantford.

Saturday, 21

A busy day

Mr Smith came by train.

Sunday, 22

A fine day, but very windy. Attended S.S. full class. Mr Smith gave us a grand sermon. Mrs Bastido to dinner. attended prayer meeting.

November Monday, 23 1868

A lovely day. spent the day at Aunt Maria's my birth-day. I am 33 years old. Jasper & Mother went to a Missionary Meeting at Princeton

Tuesday, 24

Another fine day. I do not feel well my eyes pain me

Wednesday, 25

Jasper's birth-day. 34. Had Gussie Hull & Alice Rutherford to spend the night with Dora

November Thursday, 26 1868

Dora's birth-day 9.years.

Went to Mr Kipps in the evening to Teacher's Meeting a lovely night

Friday, 27

Attended Singing School at night beautiful weather

Saturday, 28

A very busy day am so tired. Mrs Bastido and Joseph to tea.

November Sunday, 29 1868

Walked to Sunday School nice day. Good lesson Attend Prayer Meeting

Monday, 30

A cold day

Washing &c done a lot of work

December Tuesday, 1

A letter from Emma Made Emma a {illegible} Walked to singing School in evening weather cold.

December Wednesday, 2 1868

Sewing. did not go to Singing School in evening.

Thursday, 3

Wm Kipp died this morning. Jasper was there all night I took tea at Mrs Merihew's Teacher's Meeting there

Friday, 4

Jasper went to Woodstock busy baking &c Very stormy at night.

December Saturday, 5 1868

Cold and chilly. I went to Covenant Meeting. Not many present. Mr Baldwin came by train.

Sunday, 6

A pleasant winter's day Mr Wm. Kipps Funeral Mr Baldwin preached a good sermon. "We all do fade as a leaf". A great many people present. Solemn day.

Monday, 7

Snowing all day. Not very cold. attended the Funeral of A Fredonburgh's child. Walked up rode home with Mr Nelms in a sleigh. Sewed some today

December Tuesday, 8 1868

Sewing all day

Wednesday, 9

Very snowy. Dora at home. Emma not well. Made a sack for her. Went to Singing School

Thursday, 10

Very cold. Washing day. Very tired. retired early

December Friday, 11 1868

A cold morning finished a pr of pillow cases. Attended Singing School in the evening. 4th Night.

Saturday, 12

Cold. A busy day cleaning, ironing, baking &c. Mr. J. Laycock to tea. So ends the weary week.

Sunday, 13

Very cold but pleasant early in the day walked to Sunday School and staid to preaching. Very tired when I got home attended Prayer Meeting

December Monday, 14 1868

Snowed all day What nice sleighing we will have. wrote to Newty. done some sewing am tired as usual.

Tuesday, 15

A lovely Morning bright and not so cold how beautiful the out door world looks. the pure snow everywhere & bright sun

Wednesday, 16

December Thursday, 17 1868

Friday, 18

Saturday, 19

Went to Brantford very cold. A long cold ride. left Emma at home. got home about 7 o'clock

Mr Baldwin here

December Sunday, 20 1868

Mr Baldwin preached Not very many out

Monday, 21

Making doll's for Santa Claus

Tuesday, 22

Making doll clothes

December Wednesday, 23 1868

Washing day. Attended Mrs Bastido's Examination. Pretty cold A very cold night

Thursday, 24

A very cold day. Jasper & Newton went to Woodstock busy all day

Friday, 25

Christmas. cold. sleighing pretty good we went to Wolverton took Dora & Emma had a pleasant day. All well there.

December Saturday, 26 1868

At home all day washed a little churned &c

Sunday, 27

A pleasant day I went to S.S. came home & Mother went to hear Mr Sherk. Attended Prayer Meeting

Monday, 28

Nice weather. Emma not well. Very restless nights. Knitting to-day. Pa & Ma went to Mr Nelms. Teacher's Meeting there. I did not go.

December Tuesday, 29 1868

A fine day. Not well wrote to Elder Patton Knitting to-day. went to Singing School a lovely night.

Wednesday, 30

Very pleasant winter weather. Not very cold. good sleighing

Washing day. Not very well. tired.

Thursday, 31

A beautiful day. Took tea at Mrs McIntyre's Bell's birthday. expected company from Wolverton in the evening. they did not come. So we spent our New Years Eve alone.



Ginger Snaps. - 1 Cup Sugar I cup lard & butter. I cup molasses. Soda. Ginger & spices. roll them. bake hard

5. Hanks 7 Hose





1 doz White Wool

Single White Wool

1 yd. B. Cotton Flannel


Cloak for Dora Scharf. Gloves Garnet Braid. Buttons

Cash Accout, January

                                       Received           Paid

1 By P. O. allowance $1.50

10 To Temperance 0.25

14 Mending ring &c 0.38

20 Missionary 0.25

    Cotton Flannel                                      1.88
     Temperance                                         0.10

Cash Account, February

                                           Received      Paid
   Forward                                               1.41

Cash Account, March.

                                            Received.          Paid.

Cash Account, April

                                            Received.          Paid.

2 Book 0.25

     Plants                                                       1.66

Cash Account, May.

                                            Received.          Paid.

Silk Dress 19.00 Baby's Bonnet 1.25

 "      Waist                                                      0.75

Corset Fronts 0.63


Cash Account, June.

                                            Received.          Paid.

Demorest 0.25 Geography .45 Hat .56 Brush Lozo dont Slippers .75 Collection .55 18 Bonnet 2.50 Dress 7.75 Gloves 1.38 Hose 1.12 Braid .50 Embroidery .28 Mens Collers {?} 1.13 Brilliant .50


Cash Account, July.

                                            Received.          Paid.

Cash Account, August.

                                            Received.          Paid.

Silk black Lace 1.50 Gloves .38 Merino . 63 Umbrella 3.75 Trimming 0.18 Velvet 1.25 Hat 7/- .88 Lozodont {?} .50 Corsets 6 pr .75 Trimming 2/5 .30 Buttons .50 Pattern .25 Triming &c .20 Hat .25 Slippers .60 Shoes .63

Cash Account, September.

                                            Received.          Paid.

From Pa 27.00

  "      Ma                                 3.00 for Nellie
  " A. M                                    2.10

My own 2.00 in Silver 3.29 Fare to Detroit 4.45

 "  to Toledo  A.M.                                         2.10

Fringe A.M. 2.50 Silk 5 Hat Fixed .40 Buttons .25 Braid buttons .75 Discount 4.30 Collars .60 {illegible}Detroit 4.40 Yarn .25 Hair .50 Hat 1.50 Discount 2.08 Ornaments 2.00 Basket .50 Book .35

Cash Account, October.

                                            Received.          Paid.

P.O a/c 0.64

Flowers 1.23

B. Shapes 0.50

Embroidery 0.35

Merino 0.75

Shawls 0.80

trimming Lace 0.75

Merino 0.32

Shoes Clara 0.88

Cash Account, November.

                                            Received.          Paid.

Festival 0.25

Shoes Clara 0.88

Merino 0.28

Cash Account, December.

                                            Received.          Paid.

Sack Dora 2.63

Wool .25

Stockings .30

Gloves .28

   "                                                                      .65

Buttons .13

China toys .30

Scarf 1.00



{pencil scribbles}




1 2 {illegible} {scribbled out}




{pencil scribbling}




{more pencil scribbling}

Transcription Progress



Roseltha Goble Diary, 1868.pdf
Roseltha Goble 1868 Diary Transcripts.pdf


Roseltha Goble, “Roseltha Goble Diary & Transcription, 1868,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed October 1, 2022,